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HP Tech Support - Highest Level of Incompetence
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I spent 6 hours with HP last night/morn. Almost one with the on-line chat to fix a software installation issue. This guy asks me the same questions not once but twice, I then knew he wasn't an expert and I ended the online chat. Then I called the 1-800 for support. Wow, support like you will NEVER want again in life. I was trying to get the Photosmart Premium (All in one and 1 week old) to print to the cd/DVD everything else works but this. Tech gains control of my computer (because I trusted that he was an expert) goes in changes some codes, has me to reboot and install the new windows 7 software (at least 3 times). After one and one half hours of waiting for it to install I tell the "expert" that this isn't normal. He tells me that my computer may be having problems. PLEASE! Yeah, probably right after he's screwed it up. Didn't have any computer issues prior to contacting him. After another one and half hours of going through rigorous functions he informs me my computer has issues. By this time I am bouncing off the walls, he transfers me over to the computer experts. I tell them that I had no issues with my computer (2007/hp spent $1900.00- custom built)but this guy tells me that I needed to register my core pack and transfers me to a unit that is what...closed. Now it's 2 in the morning and I had to be in my office at 6 A.M. This morning I get up and figuured out what they couldn't. I called HP to get an address to send a written complaint and was told by the supervisor (Canada)that they didn't accept complaints and I couldn't mail one in. Keeping my cool, because now I am on in the workplace, I asked if there was an email I could send my complaint to and was told no. At this point I knew I was dealing with the highest level of incompent individuals. This is what happens when companies outsouce services, the level of HP Tech support service is in the sewer. I have placed my frustration on FB and twitter. Now I am contemplating cancelling the new HP ($1300.00 dollar) computer that I have on order right now. I guess customer service isn't valued anyomore.
HP does not value its customers
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I have never been one to complain to or about a company nor have I ever made a complaint or written a letter to a company in my life but my experience HP customer service has been inexcusably bad. I have never had a worse customer service experience and I can only conclude that it is by design on their part. I purchased an HP Pavilion from their web site in August of 2008 and have had both a hard drive failure and a DVD drive failure within a year (and one month) of purchase. Both of these failures required that the parts be replaced.
I know that stuff happens and things break. I am willing to work with HP to get the issues resolved in a timely manner and do what ever diagnostics they might require (to a point that I will get into later).
In the first instance, the computer began to freeze up intermittently. The problem got progressively worse. After spending over two hours on the phone with "Matt" at customer service, he was not able to identify the problem which eventually got so bad that the computer would not start up at all.
A second call was made about a week later and I had to give the same information and run through the same diagnosis twice with two different reps. It was eventually determined that the hard drive had failed. I was told that a tech would come to my house on a certain date to replace the hard drive. I double checked the date and time with the representative just to be sure. Well, the part came in the mail that day but no one came to put it in. When I called back to ask why, the representative on the phone became defensive and insisted that I was wrong about the date they had given me. She insisted that they never would have given me that date as there was no way the part would arrive on time. At this point, all I wanted to know was when we could reschedule to put the drive in but the representative was fixated on defending her position that I was not told that a tech would come on that date. She disconnected me and I had to call again. After several hours on the phone trying simply to get a date, the issue was resolved and the representative came when scheduled. I made the mistake of purchasing an extended warranty at that time.
The second issue with the DVD drive is yet unresolved. I called on Oct. 9 and spent two hours on the phone with a representative who never asked the most basic question with a DVD drive..."Can you hear the disk spinning"? which it was not. The problem was clearly mechanical and he finally agreed with me that it was (if it was a software issue, than it would not covered under the extended warranty I had purchased). It became clear to me that the reps that you talk to on the phone have no authority to do anything on their own. He kept putting me on hold to have a "conference" with his supervisor. He then told me that I needed to try a system restore to just to be sure it was not a problem with the drivers which we had just re-installed two or three times. I had just re-installed all of the software and I had already lost a lot of information with the hard drive failure and I was not willing to do it over again when the problem was obviously mechanical. When I told him that I would absolutely not do a system restore he had another conference with his supervisor. He then told me that I would receive a call back within a half an hour and gave me a telephone number to call if I didn't. After 45 minutes, I called back and made quite a lot of noise to "Jeff". Jeff had the gall to tell me that the first representative I spoke with should not have told me to expect a call back within a half an hour because their window for call backs in an hour. It should be noted that I asked to speak with a supervisor several times and was not put in contact with them. Jeff at least pretended to be sympathetic and finally told me that a tech would come to my house to replace the drive on October 15 between 1 and 5 P.M. He initially gav me a date of October 13 for the tech to come. After my previous experience with the hard drive, I made him recheck the information he had to be sure that was the correct date. I explained to him what had happened with the hard drive. He rechecked the information and confirmed that the correct date was the 15th and assured me that a tech would come on that date between 1 and 5.
Well, nobody came and nobody called on the 15th. When I called HP customer no-service and asked why, I was told that the part was unavailable and that was the reason the tech did not come to put it in. They could not tell me when it would be available or when they could fix it. When I asked them why they did not notify me that no one would be coming, again, the supervisor became defensive and had no answer. He told me that they would call or Email me when the part is ready to ship. They offered me nothing else to fix this problem and I have not heard from any one at HP since I called.
HP Nightmare-It has happened to us TWICE
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- We are now trying to reach resolution for the 2nd defective computer received from HP after our first one was sent in for repair twice without being fixed. Now, the refurbished replacement computer's motherboard is bad, and HP Customer Care is stating that since the warranty period began in February 2008 (9 months before we received it), the computer is now out of warranty and they won't repair it for free. Even though the company's website states that the computer's warranty will be extended for 24 months after the original warranty began, which in our case, apparently happened BEFORE we even received it. My husband is in the military and has deployed twice while all of this is going on, which has complicated the situation further. I JUST WANT A RESOLUTION AND A COMPUTER THAT WORKS.

Here is a list of events during the entire process:

1. Purchased first HP computer in 2005

2. First 2 years of ownership-Defective HP Computer: Sent the computer in 2 times for repairs, never fixed properly- they would not agree to replace the computer, simply kept insisting we send it in again.

3. Sept-Oct 10, 2007: Defective HP Computer falls out of warranty. We are finally connected to a Case Manager, who made a decision based on the history that HP would finally send us a replacement.

4. October 31, 2007: HP Replacement Computer still has not arrived. Case Manager cannot give me a tracking number, and never returns phone calls. As far we we know, my husband is scheduled to leave AT ANY MOMENT. He decides to purchase a new computer because he needs to have one while he is deployed.

5. November 3, 2007: I speak with Case Manager, who assures me the HP Replacement Computer will arrive soon. I talk my husband into returning Best Buy Computer #1. We incur a 15% Restocking Fee of $90.00.

6. November 16, 2007: No update from Case Manager. My husband has not yet left, but he still does not have a working computer. I write an email to the EVP of HP's Personal Systems Group, and speak with his assistant. She assures me someone will contact me regarding the situation.

7. November 21, 2007. Still, no update from Case Manager. My husband receives word that he will leave within 3 days. He decides to purchase ANOTHER computer, because at this point we don't think Case Manager will follow through on his promises.

8. November 23, 3007: My husband ships the defective HP Computer to me before he leaves the states. Cost: $20.25

9. November 27, 2007: Case Manager calls and is very polite and responsive all of the sudden. He informs me that the HP replacement Computer is on its way. At this point, my husband has already left. I will have to ship the HP replacement Computer to him overseas, and he will have to ship the new computer to me so I may return it and incur another restocking fee.

10. November 29, 2007: A man from HP's Customer Advocate Dept. calls me. He has received the email I sent to EVP of Personal System's Group, and offers to compensate us for the restocking fees we have incurred, along with the postage to send the HP Replacement Computer to my husband.

11. November 30, 2007: The HP Replacement Computer arrives; I send the computer to my husband.

12. August 2008: The replacement computer has started malfunctioning; the wireless internet and the DVD player have stopped working. According to HP's website, the model has a defective motherboard and is eligible for a 24 month extended warranty and free repair.

13. January 2009: My husband deploys again. We decide to send the computer in once he returns.

14. September 2009: We send the computer in for repair and are informed that the extended warranty has expired because it is only good from the beginning of the warranty period on HP's system, which is February 2007. We did not even receive the computer until November 2007, and were told we had a 90 day warranty good until February 2008. Which should have given us until November 2009 to be able to send the computer back.

How can they say our computer is out of warranty when we didn't even OWN IT during 9 months of the supposed warranty period? How can they get away with this? Now we are faced with the situation of either paying HP $281 for a motherboard replacement or just selling the computer for parts and buying another one.
Resolution Update 09/10/2009:
Resolved-I finally had a phone conversation with the gentleman from HP's Customer Advocate center; he is handling the problem for me and our computer will be fixed. If you can get in touch with these people, it is the ONLY way your problem will be resolved. I am still very disappointed with the way we were treated by several customer service rep's in the service department, who were like robots and would not deviate from script to help us. If you have a serious problem that can't be resolved, I suggest you try calling the EVP of HP's Personal System's Group (you can find him on the corporate website); if you can get through to his secretary, she is the one who forwarded my email and information to the HP Customer Advocate who helped me. GOOD LUCK.
Be Forewarned
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I am a 34 year retiree of Hewlett Packard Company and have read many of the customer reviews concerning HP Customer Service. Because of recent issues with my brand new high end desktop computer that I purchased from HP I have experienced everything that you have all written about concerning HP’s Customer Service. I have cut and paste “one liners” from your reviews and present them below for others to see. I concur with every word said; it’s all true! I suggest that if anyone is considering purchasing from HP that they especially remember the last entry below: “BE FORWARNED”

“Hp does not listen to the customer”; “It has been nothing more than the biggest hassle”; HP did not bother to inform their registered customers…”; “Once they have your money the don’t care anymore”; “The final straw…”; “The run around begins…”; “Displeased with HP customer service”; “They don’t call me back as promised”; “it is obvious that no one is thinking”; “six weeks of troubleshooting with no resolution”; “most inadequate, disrespectful waste of time…”; “I do not have time to call HP every day”;
“basically their warranties mean nothing”; “the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing”; “supervisors are condescending & patronizing”; “a customer service representative should never berate & belittle a customer”; “needs to insure that customers are treated fairly and appropriately…”; “tech support is too ignorant to find & fix the problem… too eager to drop the problem”; “so much for in house service”; “I paid money for an extended service plan and so far I have received nothing but a headache.”; “they didn’t understand the problem”; “how many times will I have to tell my name, product & serial number”; “I feel like it’s a circus when I call”; “the language barrier is ridiculous”; “how awful they are”; “they keep telling me how sorry they are”; “tech support angered me more than the actual problem has”; “it’s been a nightmare…”; “he hung up on me when I asked for a supervisor”; “when I told them to transfer me to the customer survey… of course they hung up on me”; “he won’t listen to me…”; the case managers aren’t technical… and seem unsure how HP support works at HP.” “BE FORWARNED”

Beware of Spanfish
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PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- Almost 4 years ago I purchased the HP printer scanner 1610v All-in-one. I had expected to be able to enjoy printing & scanning as I had been able to do with my previous units. Never, ever did I expect that my scans would be hijacked & held for ransom by Snapfish, a subsidiary of HP.

[this according to the e-mail received from Snapfish]

The recipients of my e-mail received, instead of my scans, an e-mail from Spanfish [spf]saying that they had to register with spf before seeing my scans. They were then told that they could see my scans a specified # of times after which they would be charged for them. If they cared to, they could purchase copies.

I wrote to HP, furious. I received calls from 2 execs, each hedging on the connection between the 2 companies saying that they could get me to techs [from India, naturally, which I hate because I have difficulty in understanding their lilting English]but they couldn't guarantee that the techs could do any good. Well, after speaking to techs & supervisors I was finally able to have the connection to my computer system disconnected from spf. I received a message from Snapfish that it was taken care of. After more than 3 years of peace spf invaded again. In March my granddaughter e-mailed me from Israel that she could not see my scan because she needed a registered name to give to spf. I told her I do not have one, either. I have never registered with spf. I have never agreed to have them poke their noses into my scanner, I have never given them permission to steal my scans. HP had never warned me, as customer, that Spanfish would be invasive when I sent a scan. Once again I went through more than a day of calls to HP who gave me more Indian techs who gave me more supervisors, all denying anything could be done to get spf out of my system.

Finally 1 supervisor admitted there was a phone # for them & gave it to me. I called and got threats that if I disconnected from spf I would not be able to send scans. I raged! Finally there was a supervisor who agreed to disconnect me without disconnecting my scanning ability. Mission accomplished! Until a couple of days ago. When I got an e-mail from spf asking for my registration to see my own scan, I blew!

There was no longer an e-mail address for HP execs that I could find, no e-mail at all. I went to Google to get an e-mail address for spf. [I had been unable to find the phone # I had received last March.]Lo and behold, there was an option to click into for a phone # to call spf. I went to it. The entire site is that there is no phone # to call! What a sense of humor!!

I cleared all the paper from my desk & found the # I had been given in March. I called, after 2 techs, I was told they could not make the disconnect, I had to call HP. They gave me a #. I called. The tech denied that he knew anything about spf, that I had to call India. He transferred me. I was told that there is no spf, that Snapfish is a virus. They bounced me back & forth from the U.S. to India. Finally, someone told me that since I had no warranty or guarantee [I haven't since the 1st year expired]they could not help me. Suddenly, they know how to get rid of Snapfish but since I have no warranty or guarantee, it will cost me. I screamed that since spf came into my computer without a w. or g., they can go out the same way. I finally hung up on somebody and still have spf
in my computer. I have complained to the FTC. They took the complaint but will not act on only 1 claim. I can not believe that there have been no other complaints on this piracy. Have people fallen prey to HP and accepted this theft of one's own property without a fight?

I will try to pursue other avenues. I do not want them to get away with this garbage! Any ideas, anybody? Has anyone else had this problem? Can anyone help me?
Hp Slimline Hard Drive Crash And Cd Rom Problems
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On March 5, 2009 I ordered my HP Pavilion Slimline s3750t PC, monitor and wireless printer along with a two year extended onsite support warranty. The machine was delivered later in March and has been working fine until this past Sunday, May17, 2009. I had the following message on my monitor: Samsung HD642JJ Hard disc failure is imminent please back up and have the hard drive replaced.

I called HP immediately and spoke with Wavar - in India. After doing a few tests as he instructed he agreed that there was a serious problem and my hard drive needed to be replaced on my two month old HP PC. He asked if I had the system recovery discs and did not, so he would also send that out to me with the hard drive. He transferred me to another department and they were to set up the delivery etc. It was at that time I was told that I would have to remove the old hard drive and install the new one. No matter what I said, the technician (who was very difficult to understand) kept arguing with me that it was my responsibility to install the new hard drive and even when I said I had the in-home warranty and that it was only two months old; it would not change that I had to install the hard drive.

When I said I wanted to speak to a supervisor or his manager it took about five minutes for him to come to the phone. He was very rude also. When I said it was unacceptable to have to do all this for a two month old pc and that I wanted a new tower shipped out to me he told me that would take at least 48 for me to hear back from the case manager and they usually do not ship out a new tower when something like this happens. I am so disappointed in every aspect of HP. Never once was I even told that HP is sorry and they stand behind their product. I was instead belittled and bullied for an hour and a half because their product crashed after two months.

So an hour and a half later I am off the phone, I was told the hard drive would be shipped by Fed Ex and the technician would come on Thur. between 8 and 12. On Monday night the in home technician called me and gave me his cell number to call when the hard drive was delivered. The technician came this morning, installed the new hard drive and he was unable to load anything on my machine because now the cd rom reader is not working! He just left and said he would call HP and let them know. They will order the new piece and he will come back after it is shipped. He was very apologetic for the situation, but really was nothing he could do. This has been such a disappointment and totally unacceptable. Would never recommend HP to anyone!
HP Charges for things that are not broken
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COLUMBIA, MISSOURI -- I bought a Compaq/HP laptop back in April 2007 from Staples. Since I bought it the battery quit in less than 6 months, the motherboard went down and had to be repaired in 5 months after getting it, there was a recall on this same motherboard and it had to be fixed free last year. Now, there is another motherboard recall that I did not know about until I called to report the same issues I had going on the last time they recalled the thing (wireless stops working, computer shuts down on its own, video does not work right, and more). I was told I qualified for the recall and they sent me a box to ship it back free of charge on March 23. My order online stated it was under recall and no charge would be made. Now I look online and see that they are not sending back my laptop and want proof I purchased it and to pay $320.50! I called and demanded my laptop be returned NOW! I told them I was not paying for anything as I was told it was being recalled. They said they could not do anything about it until tomorrow because their systems were upgrading! I asked why I could view my own info online if everything was upgrading! I told them I was not paying for anything and that I better get my laptop back or I am calling the Missouri Attorney General and then calling whomever they tell me to call to get my laptop back. At this point I am treating this as stealing! I was told to call back Sunday to fix the issue. I am sooooo pissed off! I am a student and need my laptop that I PAID for! I should not have to use my kids computer when I bought my own.

Part 2: Called HP back today as told to do. The man looked up my info and saw that I was covered under the warranty program (recalled motherboard). The recall extended the warranty 24 months from the first day of the start of my original warranty. So, April 2007-March 2009 is 23 months. The agent said I was not passed the 24 months and it would be free to fix the recalled motherboard. Side note: aren't recalls a free fix anyway??? This must be why they worded it "extended service warranty" HA. Anyway, the agent said the repair center is supposed to call before they charge anything. I told them I never got a call or email either way. He made sure they had my phone number entered correct; they did. I was then given the number to the repair center and was told they were open today. I called and they are only open Mon-Friday....lets see what this place says tomorrow. HP said it was free.
I either want my laptop back in the condition it came in or fixed for free as promised! EERRR

Part 3: I called Hp repair department today and was told that they were fixing the motherboard for free and that the charge was got the power cord and optical drive. They claim that the repair guys could not get one of their disks to read. I told them that my power cord is brand new and that I was playing movies and cds on that drive no problem before they got their hands on it. I told them that they are only authorized to fix my motherboard as told to in the first place from the recall of it. They agreed and said there was not charge and they would send it back when fixed in 7 days. I then called the Computer Center I got my power cord from. They told me that they have this issue from HP a lot and hear horror stories from HP customers on the V6000 series all the time. Right now, HP is losing so much money that they are trying to charge peope for things that are not wrong with the laptops in that series and a few others he named off from them. But, Josh from Computer Center said to bring my cord back in and they will test it in front of me and, if needed, give me another one. I asked Josh what brand laptop to get that was reliable. HE said no laptop these days are 100% reliable, but HP was the worst of them. He told me the Toshiba I found at Bestbuy was probably one of the better ones and to go with that.

I will give this one to my oldest until I can afford to get her a more reliable one. It will at least work for her until I get my next refund from school loans to get her one like my new one. Again, HP laptops suck...maybe their desktops are better. I heard their servers are great! Their repair center and customer service in India is VERY bad. The repair center talks to you like crap. Wow, if you want me to spend money....why not treat me like a customer? Let's see if they give it back or now in the 7 days promised.
Throw-Away Peripherals
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My wife pestered me for an inexpensive scanner/printer so she could archive old pictures and print out copies for family members. In the 80's, my old HP PC was virtually indestructible and I have six HP 1200 B&W printers (about $290 each) that have shown great reliability even with heavy office use.

In early August 2008, I bought her an HP 5250 for around $90. Not surprisingly, the ink cartridges were almost as expensive as the printer ($60). But, I knew most manufacturers of low-cost printers sell them a loss leaders and then make up their profits on supplies. Still, the item was for home use and would be, essentially, a throw-away item. I realized, and accepted the negative aspects of the purchase.

I did not realize I would be throwing it away so soon.

In mid-September, the photo paper feed began to malfunction. It would no longer autofeed the paper properly. Often, it would attempt to feed two pieces or none at all. She was slightly disappointed, but the printer/scanner still 'worked'. Besides, she printed only a few photos a month and the scanner seemed reliable.

In November and December, we began seeing 'previously owned' HP All-in-One printers stacked at Sam's Club. This was not a good sign. My wife commented that 'I must be lucky' because there was always a supply of these 'used' $50 printers on the 'bargain' 'as-is' table.

In late January, the letterhead feed began to make an 'odd noise'. The paper would feed, but it would sounded like a kid's bicycle with a playing card in the spokes. I checked the printer for her. There were no paper jams or slivers of torn paper. Tearing the printer down, only as far as the owner's guide recommended, revealed no obvious broken parts or foreign material.

"It will either live or die", I pronounced. "Keep using it and we'll see what happens."

I was planning a trip to Office Depot, so I checked my wife's HP supplies at the house. She had used about 25 sheets of the 4x6 photo paper, and her original ream of letterhead was down about 100 sheets (50 in the printer). I fired up her Mac and checked the ink levels using the HP maintenance utility. They were almost empty.

The printer was plugged into a live outlet at all times, so the ink should not evaporate that quickly. And, the printer had only seen light use. I deferred buying more ink, as she still had the sealed 'starter' cartridges. Given that the printer was acting up, I was not excited to buy more $60 ink.

Smart move. Last Thursday, she called me from home and told me 'the scanner died'. When I got home, I looked at it. The internal diagnostics reported 'scanner failure' and the scanner would not journey more than 1/2 way across the platen (glass copy plate). I called HP customer service.

'Brad', the HP CSR, spoke excellent North American English with a trace of South Asian accent. He helpfully told me, "This is a software problem. You will need to shut down your computer, re-boot, and restart the printer."

It didn't work.

"You need to uninstall the device driver and re-install it, then reboot, and retry."

It didn't work either.

"You now need to remove the operating system and re-format your hard drive."

"That isn't going to happen", I told Brad. The symptoms were consistent with a mechanical failure. "How do I return the device for warranty service."

"You must ship it to (gave address) prepaid (both ways) and insure the item. If the device is not covered by warranty, you may be charged for labor, parts, and diagnosis. If the problem is not with the printer, you may be charged a diagnostic fee (varies). And, you must ship it in the original box (I still had it.).

I boxed the item up and took it to the post office. Postage and insurance would be $22 each way. So, it would cost $44 and 'maybe' a diagnostic charge, and 'maybe' a repair charge...and CERTAINLY new ink cartridges for $60.

Potentially, well over the cost of a new printer/scanner.

I took the HP5250 home. I took it out of the box. I opened the sliding door onto the small balcony outside my study. I heaved the printer onto the concrete patio below.

It made a delightful crunch and exploded into 5,000,001 pieces.

The HP5250 is truly a 'throw-away' peripheral device. I never had so much fun throwing an item away. I highly recommend my method of disposal (always check the target area first).

But, I do not recommend the HP5250 unless the buyer realizes the device is truly a throw-away. It would be a shame for a kid to save up his/her money, for 'grandma' to buy one, or for a minimum-wage worker to spend $150 (a little over two days of work) to buy one of these devices; and then have it fail within a few months.
Bad Service and Worse Service at HP
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I bought a Pavilion dv 9502 two years ago with a 2 extended warranty. Within 6 months 1 failed with a bad keyboard and the second with a bad hard drive. Both issues were resolved at the place of purchase, no questions asked. Then last month I started having problems with slow start-up, screen going blank, programs starting and stopping seemingly on their own. I called the Extended Warranty help line and after several diagnoses, was told that I would have to get a recovery disc from HP and send the computer off to be repaired.

I called HP to order the disc and was told that for these problems even though my HP warranty was expired, they could help me on a 1 time basis at no charge. At that point a HP tech took over the computer and preformed several functions which seemed to help but not completely correct all issues. But within 2 days the problems returned.

I called the extended warranty company and made shipping arrangements then called HP to order the recovery disc. HP offered a for a 1 time fee to run the recovery over the phone when the disc arrived which I accepted.

While I waited for the disc, an unsolicited e-mail arrived from HP on 5 steps to improve performance. I ran these and it seemed to make things worse.

When the disc arrived I called HP and was instructed on how to run the program and once it started it would take 6 to 8 hours and to call back at that time. 20 minutes later the computer shut down completely leaving a message on a black screen saying BootMngr Missing I called HP and they said this was another problem and now I would have to pay for service.

I called the Extended warranty company and told them I was sending them the computer but while speaking to them was informed that my computer was under recall for these problems.

I called HP and after sometime was told that indeed this was the case. I then called a case manager and said I was not going to pay the service fee and he credited my account and made shipping arrangements.

When I got the computer back some of my programs Spysweeper. Microsoft Office etc. would not load up. The message was that they were incompatible. I called HP and was told that again I would have to pay a fee just to ask why after 2 years this now was the case. After some rather heated discussion, I finally got to a supervisor who did try to help. I got Office installed but had to go to Webroot support that were more than happy to asset.

That was two days ago and this morning went to use Word and got a message that the installation been improperly installed and to repair reinstall the program. And now at start-up a large yellow band appears Seems that issues might be returning.

After numerous hours on the phone with HP TechSupport And no less than seven promises of call backs, none ever came, dose this type of atrocious customer service ring a bell with anyone ?

The Biggest Runaround With Trying To Buy Something
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Recently I just purchased a new Lenovo Ideapad S10 laptop and I needed a carrying case to carry it around. After doing some research I determined that the HP 2133 MiniMate Always-On Case made by InfoCase would fit my needs, as my computer is the same size as the one the case is designed for.

Since InfoCase did not have an online order system, I went to the HP website and found the product (item number A696646, part number FM-2133) for $55.79, and the accessory pouch (item A531788, part number AA-P) for $6.76.

On Monday, January 26, I added these items to my cart and clicked the checkout link. Immediately I got an error generated by my web browser that the website's security certificate was invalid. Knowing the potential risks involved when something like this happens, I chose to wait on it.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, January 27, I tried again and the same thing occurred. This time I called HP's number, and pressed 1 for home user sales. The first representative immediately put me on hold and then the line was disconnected from their end.

I called back, and I told the second representative that I wanted those products. He put me on hold to retrieve the item information. When he came back, I was surprised when he told me he could not find the item in the system. Then I checked, and then I could not find it either. We kept trying to find the item for about 30 minutes before I realized that my cart was in the Small and Medium Business part of the website. The representative recommended that I call the Business Sales department. I did so to find that they were closed.

On Wednesday, January 28, I called the Business Sales department. I told the third representative that I was a home user and that I wanted the products and that the representative from the home user department could not find the items in his system. I was put on hold and the line was disconnected, again from their end.

I called back, and I told the forth representative the same thing. He put me on hold. After 5 minutes he came back and told me that yes, they sold the product, but it would take 3-4 weeks because they would have to special order it. I thanked him and then hung up, feeling that this is an unreasonable time period to receive an item.

After that I called InfoCase, the product's manufacturer. I left a message on the machine of somebody in their sales department.

On the morning of Thursday, January 29, I got a call back from the InfoCase sales department. The man I spoke to was very friendly and helpful and understood my situation very well. He gave me a phone number and a long extension for somebody who would be able to sell me the item. Unknowingly I did not expect what happened next - when I called the number, it was HP. I dialed the extension and left a message for this person, Representative 5.

After waiting all day with no response, I finally placed the order through the website, with security certificate warnings often along the registration process. I finally got to the checkout screen and checked the shipping rates. The shipping calculator indicated $5.00 for UPS 2 day shipping and I selected that. The final checkout screen indicated $62.55 for both products, plus $5.00 for shipping and $4.38 for taxes for a total of $71.93. I selected to put it on a credit card, and I submitted the order.

Immediately I got a confirmation email.

On the morning of Friday, January 30th, I got a return call from Representative 5. We discussed what happened, and we confirmed that the order was placed and everything was all set for shipping in a few days.

For the entire next week, nothing had changed with the order. On the evening of Thursday, February 5th, I called HP's Business Sales department to check the status of the order. After being put on hold, the sixth representative informed me that both items was backordered (despite being told the week before that everything was all set). She said that she would remove the shipping cost for the inconvenience and call me the next morning, Friday, February 6th. This would take the order total down to $66.93.

On Friday, February 6th, nobody called. Then I tried to call and they were closed for the weekend.

On Monday, February 9th, I checked my credit card statement, and I discovered that on February 6th that a hold was placed on the card for $72.29 - not the original total of $71.93, or the price with the removed shipping charge of $66.93.

I called HP and Representative 7 told me that Representative 6 didn't call back yet because she did not receive any information from the warehouse and at the moment there was no estimate when I would get my product. She said that she would change the hold to the correct amount of $66.93 immediately (this didn't happen) and that Representative 6 would call me back when she had more information.

I called the salesperson at InfoCase again. He told me that the main issue is that HP is only placing one order for the product from InfoCase each day, thus only one product is shipped out each day.

So apparently, InfoCase has plenty in stock and HP is intentionally creating this backlog!

The InfoCase salesperson decided to make an exception and let me place an order directly with him and I cancelled the order with HP. I got a confirmation of the cancellation.

On Tuesday, February 10th, I got shipping confirmation from InfoCase. On today, February 12th the pending charge from HP for $72.29 was finally removed. The product from InfoCase arrived today, as promised, and it fits the laptop perfectly.
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