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Motherboard/battery problems
Posted by on
Purchased a laptop from a Wholesale company on 02/09/09 along with a 3 year service agreement. On December 8, 2010, the fingerpad begin to get hot and began to melt; only power was from the battery. The only way to stop it from melting was to take the battery off. I called the service company and was told to send the laptop, battery and recovery disks back to their company. They received the computer on December 17th. I was told that the motherboard was bad and then they were having problems finding parts for the laptop as HP no longer manufactured that particular part. I sent an email to the CEO at HP because I felt that there was no way that the motherboard should have failed in less than 2 years. He turned my information over to the headquarters in California. I received a call from a gentleman out of California, however, I was told that there was nothing that they could do because my 1 year warranty had expired. He offered to fix the problem but at a price. I paid over $700 for this laptop that did not last even 2 years. I felt cheated for the amount of money spent out for the purchase. I continued trying to find out what was going on with my laptop and felt as if I was being given the run around. Finally on January 11, 2011, I received my laptop back. It appears that some parts from a lower model was used in the repair of my laptop. I was not told this but I received an email thanking me for purchasing a "1135nr" computer. To this day, I have not been contacted about using other parts to repair the laptop. I was/am very disappointed in HP and feel that they no longer stand behind the product that they manufacture. This was my work computer as I own my own business and needed for my business. I have 3 computers in my home (all HP) because I thought HP was a brand that you could trust. I will no longer purchase any computer/printer from HP as any of the 3 begin to be replaced. As of now, I will tell anyone to beware of HP products because the quality just wasn't there.
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warddw1526 on 02/02/2011:
Assuming the notebook was a new purchase, or at least a newer model, the parts should be available. However, if the manufacturer's warranty has run out, through HP you are out of warranty with them. Your extended agreement through someone other than HP is a matter with the warranty company.
patiokitty on 04/18/2011:
It sounds like they replaced your notebook due to not being able to find parts. A word of advice: never purchase a computer through a wholesaler in the future. Many times they are selling you outdated equipment, especially when it comes to computers. And, only purchase extended warranties directly from the manufacturer as in a majority of cases extended warranties from dealers or third-party companies are NOT registered with HP and actually require you to contact that third-party company for support after the first year of ownership - even if the third-party company tells you that it's an HP extended warranty.

You did not say what model your notebook was, but generally if HP cannot get the parts that is a sign that you got a very outdated model - I ran into this issue myself when I used to do tech support for HP many years ago, and it was a big problem then and it apparently exists today, unfortunately for you.
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HP TouchSmart Computer is Garbage
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OK, the HP TouchSmart looks high tech, and has some great features, but...

The first TouchSmart I ordered was pretty much dead-on-arrival. It had so many problems that even Indian tech support was surprised. After spending a good 30 hours on the phone with tech support, I finally convinced someone that the computer had to be returned. I was talked into getting a replacement and accepted the offer.

The replacement worked for about a month and then developed a problem that prevented it from booting. It never got the blue HP start-up screen. I spent another 20 hours on the phone with Indian tech support - running diagnostics (multiple times), updating the bios (multiple times), unplugging peripherals (multiple times) and nothing work. One tech wanted me to reformat my hard drive - even after I told him that the problem occurred even when booting from a diagnostic DVD that did not invoke Windows. Another tech suggested I unplug the computer when not in use and then plug it back in to use. Seems that something stays charged when the computer is left plugged in that prevents booting. That worked, but obviously wasn't solving the underlying problem.

Many more hours of my time on the phone got me to a case manager in Canada. By then the 30-day return option had passed so the only option I had was to get it repaired.

"Luckily" I purchased a 3-year in-home repair contract and HP sent me a new motherboard and arranged for a technician to do the board swap. I used the quotes because it turns out that motherboards in TouchSmarts can only be replaced in the factory. So what good is the in-home repair contract?

I sent the computer off to HP and it took more than 3 weeks to get it back. The good news is that they didn't reformat my hard disk which was a possibility. The repaired computer worked for exactly 2 days and then stopped booting. So I'm back to unplugging it and left a message for the case manager to call me.

Given that 2 separate TouchSmart computers failed and that HP cannot repair them, my guess is that the TouchSmart was either poorly designed or the Chinese factory that builds them has little or no quality control.

Stay away from HP, and save yourself a lot of grief.
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trmn8r on 01/04/2011:
I feel your pain that you didn't decide to bail by the 30 days. I had the same problem with Dell, which I believe is 21 days now. At least you know not to buy another. I'd suggest you avoid Dell also.
jktshff1 on 01/04/2011:
Never had any problems with mine.
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Posted by on

Mr. Hurd,
My reason in writing you this letter is out of much disappointment and, admittedly, outrage. I have never been treated as badly nor received such lack of help as I did by your "customer service" staff, regarding my Officejet 6210 All-In-One printer/copier/fax/scanner, etc.

I went through your website's technical support, which is free, I might note. But, to my great amazement, a technical company,such as your's, doesn't offer any help with Apple computers.

I, finally, called the company and was transferred to customomer service who asked for my credit card number. When I asked what for, I was told that due to the end of my warranty, I would have to pay a thirty dollar fee, in order to speak with someone.

Just the fact that you offer FREE tech support online for PC users, but not for Apple users, is unfair and excriminatory, in its own right.

If you are going to offer free online support, you should make it available to everyone, not just PC users. I find it extremely maddening that I could get the help I need in just a few
minutes, online, for FREE if I used a PC. But, because I use an Apple, I have to be punished and pay $30. Would you find that fair if it was your own issue, Mr. Hurd? I hardly believe that you would happily pay for a service that is free to others.

Furthermore, Mr. Hurd, if your company sells Apple-compatible products, you should also offer assistance to those people. We are paying customers too, sir. That fact should not be overlooked. Why is it, sir, that you don't offer online assistance for Mac users?

Also, you should have better customer service training available to your staff, and especially to their supervisors.
As I said, I truly and honestly have never spoken to such rude, inattentive, and unhelpful customer service representatives before.

Your company is not a small one Mr. Hurd. Being that you are
such a large, renown company, I expected top level customer service, as I would get from any of the billion dollar companies out there.

I assure you, I have never worked for any company, big or small, or shopped with a company, that didn't

The first rule in customer service is that the words "no" and "cannot" are to be deleted from your vocabulary. Not under any circumstances, do not say those words - ever!!

I am UNHAPPY to say that between the 6 different customer service agents I was transferred between, and have spoken with for over a two and a half hours, your "customer service" staff AND supervisors, ONLY had those words to say to me. Over and over.

I am sure, Mr. Hurd, that you did not become president of such a giant company by telling people that you cannot help them, for everything they say.

No, less, your staff hardly listened to me because they were too busy insisting that they "couldn't help me or do anything for me". I couldn't get a word in edgewise, and I told them so, which I thought would resolve that particular issue. Which, it did not.

I also thought you might like to know that out of the six people who spoke with me two of them actually had the nerve to hang up on me, while another simply put me on hold and never returned. Two out of the three people I just mentioned, were "supervisors".

Apparently, neither the staff, nor the supervisors know your name or their own. I find it very offensive that when I asked to speak with the supervisor's higher up, the only response was that HE WAS the highest management available.

Mr. Hurd, I find it hard; no, I find it impossible to believe that in such a large company with so many employees working there, that the customer service supervisor (not even manager) is the highest level of management available to speak with.
When asked to be transferred to your extension, the only
response I got was that they cannot and they don't even know your name.

I, find it hard to believe that your own employees do not even know their employers name. I've known EVERY president for EVERY company I've ever worked for; even the presidents of the ice cream shop I worked for, at the age of 15!

Mr. Hurd would you return to an ice cream shop where the staff had treated you rudely and had given you an attitude? I certainly would never return to that shop, even though its only a $4 scoop of ice cream.

I'll tell you another thing, there is no lack of ice cream shops, nor technological companies that sell printers. I could easily go to another brand, as there are many, many others, to buy my printer.

In fact, I'm so offended at the lack of help I received and the rude way I was treated, that I am going to return my HP printer; as Costco takes anything back, anytime, and I'm going to exchange it for a different brand.

To make it all the more clear how uhappy I am at the kind of treatment I received from your staff, I have asked my father not to order the 28 new printers he is about to buy, for his company, from HP.

So, Mr. Hurd, does it seem worth it to you to rudely insist on not being able to wave the $30 dollar tech support fee, in exchange for the thousands of dollars and 4 loyal customers you have now lost?

I find it hard to believe that if the situation was posed to you, $30, compared to customer loyalty and thousands of dollars, that you would have hung up on me. Twice. I most certainly do not believe that you were offerred the position of president by making those types of foolish decisions.

I also want to let you know that two of the agents I spoke to, would not let me speak to a supervisor. Only after I insisted for at least 30 minutes, did the employee go talk to his supervisor, who "did not have time" to speak with me,
no matter how many times I insisted. That, most certainly, does
not speak much about your company. Even more adamantly, now, do I not believe that HE was the highest level of management available to resolve my issue. Not with the number of employees I can imagine you employ.

Whether you agree with my position on the fee or not, should absolutely not
deter you from understanding my point of view regarding your employees, and the level of customer service that your company provides.

I would rather pay an extra $100 dollars for the SAME EXACT product
from a different brand, than pay $30 to speak with someone on the phone at your offensive company!

Thank you for your time, Mr. Hurd.


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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/11/2006:
OK, so what was the problem, exactly? What did you need the support for?
Achilles1 on 11/12/2006:
I have an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier/fax but the scanner is not working so I get an error message telling me "the scanner is not connected check your software connections"
It's a simple thing to fix. All I needed was for someone to tell me how and where I should move the file to.
I think it's unfair that PC users would get the same technical support online as they would on the phone, however, online it is free and they don't offer that service to Apple users. Would you want to pay $30 for help that others get for free?
Thanks for your interest and response. I would really appreciate it if you would help me out by circulating this to others!
Thanks again!!
esseam on 02/10/2008:
I also am having issues with tech support. A completely different matter, but I was wondering if I can get the address of this Mark Hurd to send him another letter. The more he gets it might wake him up.
Anonymous on 02/10/2008:
This is where Mark Hurd hangs out all day:

Hewlett-Packard Company
3000 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA 94304-1185 USA

Phone: (650) 857-1501
Fax: (650) 857-5518
Anonymous on 02/10/2008:
Esseam, just a heads up, Hurd does not like his company called HP-He11, LOL.

Lid's, that could explain a lot with all the melt downs HP seems to have.
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Posted by on
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- I am extremely disappointed with HP and its practices when a customer needs service / replacement with defective devices. I spend countless hours / almost 30 days with your outsource company dealing with un trained, emotionless agents that just make my situation worse, when I finally reached a case manager it was no better as he tried to replacement a lesser value monitor than what I originally purchased.

I was never told until just recently that HP doesn't repair defective devices. . So instead I received a used and out of warranty monitor that was also defective. I have emails and voice mails from my case manager indicating that if I sent back the 2509 monitor, he would ship out the 3rd 2558 monitor, then two days later he changed his mind..

Purchased brand new Desktop & Monitor 2/17/2010.

Discovered monitor was defective, reported it and it took HP over 30 days to finally send out a replacement. I was told my monitor would be repaired instead,

Replacement that was sent was also defective and it was used and out of warranty. when I complained, I was sent a lesser value monitor without all of the features that I had purchased. I was then told my model is not made any longer, I was also told that HP could only send a refurbished unit. I was told they would send out another monitor like mine IF I returned the lesser value model, I said no problem, then HP changed their minds and demanded both monitors. I stated that I could not be without any monitor since when I sent my new monitor it took over 2 weeks to receive.

HP replaced my w2558hc monitor with a lesser value monitor 2509 that didn't have the features that I paid for.

I was originally told to send my monitor and that it would be repaired however I learned recently HP doesn't repair monitors. I was sent a used and out of warranty monitor. I have asked HP numerous times that they dropped the ball and I need the same model shipped to be and insure that its inspected and comes with a 1 yr warranty. I also offered to have an HP tech come to my house with a working unit and in return I will give to him the 2509 monitor along with the defective 2558hc.

All of my requests have been refused and HP demand both monitors be shipped back before they send out the true replacement Ms Carlisle threatened to send this matter to collections to get their monitor back. They refuse to OVERNIGHT the next replacement I was with no monitor for over two weeks in March when I sent out my brand new monitor to them (w2558hc). I never refused to send back the other 2509 monitor however HP still refuses to send another replacement until both monitors are returned. Carlisle keeps reciting that HP has met its obligations and have acted in good faith throughout the process, which couldn't be far from the reach truth. She also threatened me with sending this matter to collections as I was holding their 2509 monitor "HOSTAGE".

Here is what I'm asking for HP to do:

Insure to me that the replacement has been fully inspected.

Guarantee one year warranty. Replace a missing remote control that was inside my original monitor w2558hc and expedite shipping and stop threatening me and instead make right of their wrongs towards me. more than 3 months have gone by and still no resolution only on HP's terms. I have lost trust and concerned the next replacement will be defective and then they will do nothing after that.

HP said NO, I suggested they send out an HP tech with a unit that's been verified trouble free and in return I will give both monitors to him, I was denied again. HP isn't willing to accommodate any of my above requests.

I am hoping someone will take out the time and read this complaint but even more so, resolve this issue once and for all. This complaint has been forwarded to the BBB, FTC and the Attorney General's office and now I'm consulting with legal counsel for further recourse if this matter is not resolved.

Ms Carlisle (Consumer Relations) is the contact person for this case 650.857.1501

Does anyone have the resource or names of high executives within the HP Organization. Having a case manager and dealing customer relations is completely a waste of time, they only recite HP POLICY, and NO we can't to anything you ask of them!`
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User Replies:
samsung1 on 05/24/2010:
my son bought a hp desk top and printer when Circuit City stores were open got home open every thing up and printer was 4 years old went back to Circuit City to return would not take back almost got in fight with manager called Circuit City 10 times would not do any thing called hp it took a little time but they sent me new printer I sent one that bought at Circuit City back to hp they are a very good company
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Customer Service
Posted by on
LAKE ZURICH, ILLINOIS -- This is a letter sent to HP concerning my complaint. Since that time I have been assigned to another Case Manager that refuses to make contact. I have sent numerous emails to the CEO Mr. Hurd and always promised a contact but still no responses. Appears HP just wants to string you along until total frustration set in and you quit. I would not recommend any HP products based on my ongoing customer service problems.

18 December 2009

Hewlett-Packard Company
3000 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA 94304-1185 USA
Corporate Complaint Department

An HP Mini 110 was purchased from Best Buy 14 October 2009. It stopped working within 4 days. Returned to Best Buy and they confirmed it was non-functioning. They did not have a replacement and suggested contacting HP directly. This time frame was when HP was changing over from XP models to Windows 7 and new models and Best Buy did not have any inventory for either model.

I discussed the situation with a Case Manager “J” and advised that I was departing to Asia for business and needed the Mini replacement before 9 November. Due to the model change over she could not get and guarantee that a replacement would arrive in time.

Case manager “J” and I discussed that my only option to get a working Mini before departing was to return to Best Buy, returning the non functioning unit and get and pay for an upgraded model and that she would send a replacement upon my return to the USA after December 1st.

I sent an email to Case manager December 1st advising my return and available to discuss replacement. I did not get a response so called the Case management line December 4th and was advised that Case manager “J” was no longer on this case as more than 30 days had elapsed and I would need to work with Case Manager “M”. He gave me a new Case number and claimed he would look into my complaint. I did not get a reply so called again December 11th for Mike. At that time he advised that no replacement would be available, as policy had changed since my initial contact with Case manager “J”.

I alluded to the email from Case manager “J” promising a replacement but Mike made all kinds of excuses as to why it could not be done. Conversation ended with his disconnect.

I expect HP to honor its commitment for the replacement documented in the email from “J”. I would not have paid for the second model from Best Buy if I thought HP would renege on its replacement offer. Rather I would have taken a refund and looked for a different manufacturer to meet my time deadline.

I currently own four HP printers and a fax machine and have purchased HP replacements when needed. HP has always responded with positive results when problems required a replacement, until this instance.

I am requesting a corporate review of my complaint and compliance to the commitment made by Case Manager “J”. Should a decision be made not to honor her commitment than I request an immediate refund and I will return to HP the Mini in my possession and allow me to purchase another more functioning brand.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/08/2010:
After 4 days you should have demanded a refund from Best Buy.
warddw1526 on 03/09/2010:
I am not sure I am reading this right. HP told you to return the defective unit to the store, and get a different model. And then they would send you a free replacement? Why would they send a replacement for the first machine that was replaced (by you getting a different model) at Best Buy? I could see them helping with the cost difference
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I can't believe how HP treats it's customers and I'm not the only one!!
Posted by on
I decided to order a DV7 3020ea laptop from the HP website after having had a bad experience with a mainstream electronics retailer where I ended up getting a refund. I thought I would order directly from HP and maybe I would receive the best service, how wrong I was. Anyway I ordered the laptop on the 1st Nov, it wasn't in stock but on website it stated usually dispatched within 2 weeks. Got an email confirming the order, then got another email a few days later on the 4th Nov stating that the laptop should be in stock by the 5th and normally is dispatched within a couple of days. On the 6th I received another email informing me that the logistics dept were not able to get this item in stock due to complications and that they would have a better picture of when it will be in stock on the 10th. Got another email on the 9th stating that it will not be stock on the 10th and estimated date now is the 20th but I would be informed if in stock earlier. I happened to go onto their website the next day and saw that it was in stock, called them and they said it had come into stock that Tuesday morning and that it will be shipped out the same day. Received the laptop on Wednesday the 11th which was good. I opened the box took the laptop out, something didn't look right, the protective covering on the lid had loads of bubbles in plus there were dirt marks on the lid, it has the moonlight finish so these marks were very noticeable. Opened the lid some keys had a small amount of dirt on them, and screen looked OK however I hadn't switched it on yet. Took the battery out and lifted the laptop over to put the battery in. There were 3 deep scratches on the underside, I put the battery in and switched it on, the initial startup screen was black and that's when I noticed a dead pixel near the middle of the screen. Needless to say I wasn't happy, after paying £1000 for the laptop the condition was totally unacceptable. Called HP straight away who gave me a ref number and post sales said that they would contact logistics to arrange for a new laptop to be sent out and this one to be picked up, this would happen within "48 hours" of that call. I said OK packed up the laptop and resealed the box and package. The next day Thursady the courier came to pick it up, but no one from HP called me to let me know also there wasn't a replacement laptop. Anyhow I let them take it and I phoned HP who said that the girl that was dealing with it was on lunch and she will call me back, she didn't. She emailed me later that day telling me that she had already informed me that it would take 48 "working hours"
for logistics to contact her back, (from 48 hours to 48 working hours) my concern was that judging by their performance so far the laptop could get lost in their returns as the post sales representative had not arranged for the pickup. I replied to her email and she replied back saying that she had not arranged for the courier to take it back and they had made a mistake, so who did then I didn't!!
48 hours pass by and still no contact by them re a replacement so I rang again on late Friday afternoon, this time I was told that the warehouse had recorded the return but they still have not arranged for a replacement, even though it is in stock. I was getting pretty frustrated with the whole thing now and wanted to know the day I will get my new laptop. I was advised that the girl who was dealing with my order was going to email me letting me know. I got an email but she said that logistics would probably get back to her next week Monday or Tuesday, it was Friday. That was it for me, I emailed her to cancel the order and get a refund, no reply from her so I called HP and spoke to someone who said they will put the refund through the next Monday and it will take 5 days to be deposited back into my account. I'm quite worried about that as I just cannot trust them at the moment. The condition of the product was unaaceptable and there was damage to it and their customer service is worse, they just don't care. I have been put off HP for life now, looking at buying Toshiba.
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HP Tech Support - Highest Level of Incompetence
Posted by on
I spent 6 hours with HP last night/morn. Almost one with the on-line chat to fix a software installation issue. This guy asks me the same questions not once but twice, I then knew he wasn't an expert and I ended the online chat. Then I called the 1-800 for support. Wow, support like you will NEVER want again in life. I was trying to get the Photosmart Premium (All in one and 1 week old) to print to the cd/DVD everything else works but this. Tech gains control of my computer (because I trusted that he was an expert) goes in changes some codes, has me to reboot and install the new windows 7 software (at least 3 times). After one and one half hours of waiting for it to install I tell the "expert" that this isn't normal. He tells me that my computer may be having problems. PLEASE! Yeah, probably right after he's screwed it up. Didn't have any computer issues prior to contacting him. After another one and half hours of going through rigorous functions he informs me my computer has issues. By this time I am bouncing off the walls, he transfers me over to the computer experts. I tell them that I had no issues with my computer (2007/hp spent $1900.00- custom built)but this guy tells me that I needed to register my core pack and transfers me to a unit that is what...closed. Now it's 2 in the morning and I had to be in my office at 6 A.M. This morning I get up and figuured out what they couldn't. I called HP to get an address to send a written complaint and was told by the supervisor (Canada)that they didn't accept complaints and I couldn't mail one in. Keeping my cool, because now I am on in the workplace, I asked if there was an email I could send my complaint to and was told no. At this point I knew I was dealing with the highest level of incompent individuals. This is what happens when companies outsouce services, the level of HP Tech support service is in the sewer. I have placed my frustration on FB and twitter. Now I am contemplating cancelling the new HP ($1300.00 dollar) computer that I have on order right now. I guess customer service isn't valued anyomore.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/27/2009:
Did you ever think to try fixing it yourself first? You know: google the problem and see if there are any fixes?

As for the chat, the tech probably was not incompetent. He may have simply accidentally closed the chat window and did not see what you had responded with. Hence, the asking again.

With the tone and attitude of your complaint, and the comments you made about the chat and the techs incompetence, I am betting you used the same tone with the techs.

A little patience and calmness go along way. Remember, they can't SEE your problem. They aren't in front of your computer. So they want you to try the things they know and most common fixes first.
warddw1526 on 10/28/2009:
But they could see the problem because they remotely took control of the computer.

There is the option of asking for a supervisor when speaking to a rep on the phone. I know that they exist, and if they do not satisfy you, you could ask for a case manager. They may not be able to get a case manager on the phone for you, but one should call you back.
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HP does not value its customers
Posted by on
I have never been one to complain to or about a company nor have I ever made a complaint or written a letter to a company in my life but my experience HP customer service has been inexcusably bad. I have never had a worse customer service experience and I can only conclude that it is by design on their part. I purchased an HP Pavilion from their web site in August of 2008 and have had both a hard drive failure and a DVD drive failure within a year (and one month) of purchase. Both of these failures required that the parts be replaced.
I know that stuff happens and things break. I am willing to work with HP to get the issues resolved in a timely manner and do what ever diagnostics they might require (to a point that I will get into later).
In the first instance, the computer began to freeze up intermittently. The problem got progressively worse. After spending over two hours on the phone with "Matt" at customer service, he was not able to identify the problem which eventually got so bad that the computer would not start up at all.
A second call was made about a week later and I had to give the same information and run through the same diagnosis twice with two different reps. It was eventually determined that the hard drive had failed. I was told that a tech would come to my house on a certain date to replace the hard drive. I double checked the date and time with the representative just to be sure. Well, the part came in the mail that day but no one came to put it in. When I called back to ask why, the representative on the phone became defensive and insisted that I was wrong about the date they had given me. She insisted that they never would have given me that date as there was no way the part would arrive on time. At this point, all I wanted to know was when we could reschedule to put the drive in but the representative was fixated on defending her position that I was not told that a tech would come on that date. She disconnected me and I had to call again. After several hours on the phone trying simply to get a date, the issue was resolved and the representative came when scheduled. I made the mistake of purchasing an extended warranty at that time.
The second issue with the DVD drive is yet unresolved. I called on Oct. 9 and spent two hours on the phone with a representative who never asked the most basic question with a DVD drive..."Can you hear the disk spinning"? which it was not. The problem was clearly mechanical and he finally agreed with me that it was (if it was a software issue, than it would not covered under the extended warranty I had purchased). It became clear to me that the reps that you talk to on the phone have no authority to do anything on their own. He kept putting me on hold to have a "conference" with his supervisor. He then told me that I needed to try a system restore to just to be sure it was not a problem with the drivers which we had just re-installed two or three times. I had just re-installed all of the software and I had already lost a lot of information with the hard drive failure and I was not willing to do it over again when the problem was obviously mechanical. When I told him that I would absolutely not do a system restore he had another conference with his supervisor. He then told me that I would receive a call back within a half an hour and gave me a telephone number to call if I didn't. After 45 minutes, I called back and made quite a lot of noise to "Jeff". Jeff had the gall to tell me that the first representative I spoke with should not have told me to expect a call back within a half an hour because their window for call backs in an hour. It should be noted that I asked to speak with a supervisor several times and was not put in contact with them. Jeff at least pretended to be sympathetic and finally told me that a tech would come to my house to replace the drive on October 15 between 1 and 5 P.M. He initially gav me a date of October 13 for the tech to come. After my previous experience with the hard drive, I made him recheck the information he had to be sure that was the correct date. I explained to him what had happened with the hard drive. He rechecked the information and confirmed that the correct date was the 15th and assured me that a tech would come on that date between 1 and 5.
Well, nobody came and nobody called on the 15th. When I called HP customer no-service and asked why, I was told that the part was unavailable and that was the reason the tech did not come to put it in. They could not tell me when it would be available or when they could fix it. When I asked them why they did not notify me that no one would be coming, again, the supervisor became defensive and had no answer. He told me that they would call or Email me when the part is ready to ship. They offered me nothing else to fix this problem and I have not heard from any one at HP since I called.
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User Replies:
bcd on 10/17/2009:
That is sloppy and incompetent support. Keep hounding them about getting that optical drive replaced. Good review.
Anonymous on 10/17/2009:
In warranty or not?
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HP Nightmare-It has happened to us TWICE
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- We are now trying to reach resolution for the 2nd defective computer received from HP after our first one was sent in for repair twice without being fixed. Now, the refurbished replacement computer's motherboard is bad, and HP Customer Care is stating that since the warranty period began in February 2008 (9 months before we received it), the computer is now out of warranty and they won't repair it for free. Even though the company's website states that the computer's warranty will be extended for 24 months after the original warranty began, which in our case, apparently happened BEFORE we even received it. My husband is in the military and has deployed twice while all of this is going on, which has complicated the situation further. I JUST WANT A RESOLUTION AND A COMPUTER THAT WORKS.

Here is a list of events during the entire process:

1. Purchased first HP computer in 2005

2. First 2 years of ownership-Defective HP Computer: Sent the computer in 2 times for repairs, never fixed properly- they would not agree to replace the computer, simply kept insisting we send it in again.

3. Sept-Oct 10, 2007: Defective HP Computer falls out of warranty. We are finally connected to a Case Manager, who made a decision based on the history that HP would finally send us a replacement.

4. October 31, 2007: HP Replacement Computer still has not arrived. Case Manager cannot give me a tracking number, and never returns phone calls. As far we we know, my husband is scheduled to leave AT ANY MOMENT. He decides to purchase a new computer because he needs to have one while he is deployed.

5. November 3, 2007: I speak with Case Manager, who assures me the HP Replacement Computer will arrive soon. I talk my husband into returning Best Buy Computer #1. We incur a 15% Restocking Fee of $90.00.

6. November 16, 2007: No update from Case Manager. My husband has not yet left, but he still does not have a working computer. I write an email to the EVP of HP's Personal Systems Group, and speak with his assistant. She assures me someone will contact me regarding the situation.

7. November 21, 2007. Still, no update from Case Manager. My husband receives word that he will leave within 3 days. He decides to purchase ANOTHER computer, because at this point we don't think Case Manager will follow through on his promises.

8. November 23, 3007: My husband ships the defective HP Computer to me before he leaves the states. Cost: $20.25

9. November 27, 2007: Case Manager calls and is very polite and responsive all of the sudden. He informs me that the HP replacement Computer is on its way. At this point, my husband has already left. I will have to ship the HP replacement Computer to him overseas, and he will have to ship the new computer to me so I may return it and incur another restocking fee.

10. November 29, 2007: A man from HP's Customer Advocate Dept. calls me. He has received the email I sent to EVP of Personal System's Group, and offers to compensate us for the restocking fees we have incurred, along with the postage to send the HP Replacement Computer to my husband.

11. November 30, 2007: The HP Replacement Computer arrives; I send the computer to my husband.

12. August 2008: The replacement computer has started malfunctioning; the wireless internet and the DVD player have stopped working. According to HP's website, the model has a defective motherboard and is eligible for a 24 month extended warranty and free repair.

13. January 2009: My husband deploys again. We decide to send the computer in once he returns.

14. September 2009: We send the computer in for repair and are informed that the extended warranty has expired because it is only good from the beginning of the warranty period on HP's system, which is February 2007. We did not even receive the computer until November 2007, and were told we had a 90 day warranty good until February 2008. Which should have given us until November 2009 to be able to send the computer back.

How can they say our computer is out of warranty when we didn't even OWN IT during 9 months of the supposed warranty period? How can they get away with this? Now we are faced with the situation of either paying HP $281 for a motherboard replacement or just selling the computer for parts and buying another one.
Resolution Update 09/10/2009:
Resolved-I finally had a phone conversation with the gentleman from HP's Customer Advocate center; he is handling the problem for me and our computer will be fixed. If you can get in touch with these people, it is the ONLY way your problem will be resolved. I am still very disappointed with the way we were treated by several customer service rep's in the service department, who were like robots and would not deviate from script to help us. If you have a serious problem that can't be resolved, I suggest you try calling the EVP of HP's Personal System's Group (you can find him on the corporate website); if you can get through to his secretary, she is the one who forwarded my email and information to the HP Customer Advocate who helped me. GOOD LUCK.
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bcd on 09/09/2009:
Don't pay HP to repair the computer. That would be rewarding them for poor service and support. You should continue to push them to repair the unit under warranty because you have had it less than two years. February 2007 is probably the date of the computer’s original purchase by a previously dissatisfied customer. Good luck. Good review.
SOON2BXHPUSER on 10/15/2009:
I have the same problem with my HP DV9205US. I was given the same line from HP NON-Customer Service about the extra warranty they gave and is now out of warranty????? They told me the extra warranty started from the date when to so called bad batch of laptops were manufactured, which ade no sense to me at all. Then they also offered to fix it for me for a discount!!!!!!! $259. I already paid for this damaged pile of junk that I can not use after a year and a half. I thought I would pay for something nice and hev it be what I wanted. They sure proved me wrong. I asked them, "So are you telling me HP only makes their laptops to last for a year?, even if you pay twice as much?? They said all they can tell me is I am out of warranty and it was nothing they "Customer service" could do about it. I'm on my way for some sort of satisfaction.
Highly Pissed Customer!
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Be Forewarned
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I am a 34 year retiree of Hewlett Packard Company and have read many of the customer reviews concerning HP Customer Service. Because of recent issues with my brand new high end desktop computer that I purchased from HP I have experienced everything that you have all written about concerning HP’s Customer Service. I have cut and paste “one liners” from your reviews and present them below for others to see. I concur with every word said; it’s all true! I suggest that if anyone is considering purchasing from HP that they especially remember the last entry below: “BE FORWARNED”

“Hp does not listen to the customer”; “It has been nothing more than the biggest hassle”; HP did not bother to inform their registered customers…”; “Once they have your money the don’t care anymore”; “The final straw…”; “The run around begins…”; “Displeased with HP customer service”; “They don’t call me back as promised”; “it is obvious that no one is thinking”; “six weeks of troubleshooting with no resolution”; “most inadequate, disrespectful waste of time…”; “I do not have time to call HP every day”;
“basically their warranties mean nothing”; “the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing”; “supervisors are condescending & patronizing”; “a customer service representative should never berate & belittle a customer”; “needs to insure that customers are treated fairly and appropriately…”; “tech support is too ignorant to find & fix the problem… too eager to drop the problem”; “so much for in house service”; “I paid money for an extended service plan and so far I have received nothing but a headache.”; “they didn’t understand the problem”; “how many times will I have to tell my name, product & serial number”; “I feel like it’s a circus when I call”; “the language barrier is ridiculous”; “how awful they are”; “they keep telling me how sorry they are”; “tech support angered me more than the actual problem has”; “it’s been a nightmare…”; “he hung up on me when I asked for a supervisor”; “when I told them to transfer me to the customer survey… of course they hung up on me”; “he won’t listen to me…”; the case managers aren’t technical… and seem unsure how HP support works at HP.” “BE FORWARNED”

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Anonymous on 09/08/2009:
I have owned computers for the past 20 years, and have experienced such things with different companies. However, MANY many problems can be solved if people would attempt to become familiar with their product. Most of the time, it isn't the computer, it is the USER. Always get the warranty paperwork.

I have had nothing but wonderful interactions with HP and my brand new computer. (I upgrade every 5-7 years).
Cheri on 08/03/2011:
My new Pavilion Elite Purchsed in March 2011 has been returned 2x and still crashes, Internet stops working, DVD/CD drive will not open with the external button, can not retrive last back up I ran when I sent it back 2 weeks ago. Do not ever bother calling 1-888-586-7727 the technical service number HP sent with the last repair. YOu get GAM BOUAGARD voicemail and I called 6 times with not one returnrd call. I finally got a Joke of a case Manager that called me 40 hours after I got the new COS number and he was not even prepared. Gary did not even read the notes to know what I have been through. This guy told me that part of the warranty says that after purchase the customers should do what is instructed by the INDIA service department no matter how long it takes, even if it involves removing the Hard- Drive as it only takes seconds to do and is within the REASONABLE effort as staed in the warranty. Then he told me since it has been over 90 days he had to get special permission to replace it. I told him I do not want any HP computer just my money back so I can purchase a MAC. DO NOT BUY HP FOR ANY REASON. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.....
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