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Roof Leaking
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Rating: 1/51
GEORGIA -- The rook around my chimney is leaking buckets of rain water. The roof was put on 2011'. This is not the first complaint, we had leaks in the roof so bad had to fix the ceiling inside the first time. Now it is leaking bad around the chimney.
Run A Round about New Roof
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MONROEVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- On Sept. 21, 2011 I met with a Sears representative about replacing the roof on my house. I felt I was getting a good deal with reputable people. I was told I would be contacted within 2 weeks as to when the job would be started. I made a down payment on a Sears card. After no contact in a month, I called the sales representative He told me someone would contact me that day. I called again
after no contact in 2 days. I talked to his supervisor. No return call as

promised. I talked to another supervisor. Was told the foreman would call me
by the end of the week. No call. In the mean time I get my credit card statement with the payment due. After six weeks I' no closer to getting a new roof and I'm expected to pay for something I don't have.
Overly persistent Sears Salesman
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We will be installing a new roof on our home and are in the process of taking bids. The first company we called was Sears Home Services. Not only did the sales representative book a 7:30pm meeting because it "was all he had", he revealed later he had slept in till noon and was able to stay home until 6pm. After boring us for 2 hours with his presentation he finally got to the actual cost. When we explained to him that we wanted to seek other bids for work he wanted to know why because Sears is the best, the other companies may be out of business in 30 years. Its good to have a sales pitch. However, when a potential customers tells you they are seeking other options let it be. After interrupting our dinner and staying on for 3 hours on a Friday night we had had enough and are seriously not considering Sears for the work at all.
Leaking Roof
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ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Since I paid twice what other estimates were to get a high quality roof with a 30 year warranty from Sears, it has leaked non-stop. I finally gave up last year after over 50 calls to their customer service dept, one Fed X letter to their president (got a return form letter). Sears maintains that they can't come and fix the roof until I prove interior damage. Then, after I show them interior damage, they say that my homeowners insurance must pay for it (pocket doors, ceiling crumbling, ruined wood beams and floors). The company that installed the roof is no longer in business. The last time Sears sent a contractor out, this fellow blamed the leaks on the flashing, which Sears doesn't cover under their warranty, and quoted me $1200 to fix it.

I hired an attorney but after $750 worth of research on class action suits against Sears for this same problem, I told him to quit...he said it would cost several thousand dollars to go after Sears. I haven't shopped at Sears since I got the defective roof and I hope you won't too.
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