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Do Not Register At Target!!!
By -

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI -- I am writing this review to hopefully help anyone who might be considering registering for a baby at Target... DO NOT DO IT!!! Since this was my 3rd child I thought I had this registering thing down to a science. I knew what we would really need instead of wants and thought that by browsing at Target that they would have everything that we would need so we decided to go ahead and register. I had lived in a big city with my other 2 children and had always used Babies R Us and honestly can say that I had no complaints. The staff was always very helpful and they seemed to have a selection that couldn't be beat.

But there is no Babies R Us where I currently live so we unfortunately went with Target. From the very beginning we had problems!! When we got home and looked at our new register there were so many mistakes!! Some of the items just had a jumbled title and were price marked at 1 cent!!! Other items said online only even though we had just scanned them in the store!!

Lucky for us we had 2 baby showers. One was in a big city and lo and behold they had a Babies R Us and everything for that shower went smoothly; no duplicates and everything was up to date. But when I went back to my target registry to delete some items, I saw more mistakes!! I went to the store to see what was going on and was shocked to see that a lot of the items that were in the store a week ago were now online only, but of course this wasn't updated on my registry info.

After trying forever to walk grandmas through the "how to buy online" procedure we discovered that it was going to be an additional 60 dollars to ship!!! How embarrassing that someone is trying to buy you a gift and they get smacked with such an outrageous fee!! After apologizing over and over I jumped on Walmarts site and found the exact same thing 15 dollars cheaper and 97 cents to ship to your house or free to a Walmart store!!! How does one company charge 97 cents and another 60 dollars??!!

So the grandmas took their business to Walmart. And I deleted the items from my Target list. It is becoming more gratifying for me to be able to delete things off of the list than it is to receive the gifts!! My Target baby shower is in 2 days and I have told everyone coming that they should just avoid printing the registry altogether and if they want to give a gift it should just be a gift card or go to Walmart or anywhere besides Target!!

I love it when family calls and tells me what they have picked up elsewhere so that I am able to jump online and delete, knowing that that is more of my friends and family's money that they will not be getting!! But just for fun I went to the store and printed my own registry and went through looking for items.

Out of 30 items 6 are actually in the store to date, what a joke!! I also asked a sales person to help and what a shock they had no more idea than I did. My only fear now is all of the reviews I had read about what a nightmare you have to go through if you get duplicate items or need to return anything!! Hopefully I have gotten the word out that no one should use the registry!!

Baby Formula Decision
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Rating: 1/51

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- Well, Target, you blew it big time. In what appears to be the worst marketing decision since New Coke, apparently someone in your marketing area has decided the best way to introduce your new marketing on baby formula is to remove the old Up and Up brand formula from the shelves, in anticipation, replacing the shelves with the much higher priced Similac brands. Guess what? My baby hates you!

You sold us on the Target brand (well, actually my pediatrician recommended it), and just when we thought our sleepless nights were predictable in bottle-making, we have run out of our baby's favorite formula. I'm assuming your marketing chief has absolutely no appreciation for this (no kids? grown kids? Obviously delegating overnight feedings to a nanny? how 'bout not even using Target brand?).

You have definitely lost yourself a brand supporter. In the time it takes for my baby to get used to another brand, and your shelves once again display the panorama of Target knock-offs of every name brand of formula, we won't be switching back. Nor will our friends. Nor will anyone we tell while this ridiculous plan is fresh in our minds. You blew it. Big time. And let down your littlest consumer.

Target Baby Registry - A Waste of Time
By -

I recently set up a baby registry through Target for my first baby. I was excited to start the process, but quickly learned I had set myself up for disappointment. From day one, about half of the items I listed have shown up as "temporarily out of stock" and have never come back in stock. When I selected alternate items to replace those, the new items also went out of stock. Most of the pictures and info about the items have disappeared, making it impossible for others to see what I have listed. I've noticed a few items have had their descriptions changed, for example, I had a set of combs listed and now the picture is gone and a description of a diaper bag shows up.

My mother and mother-in-law both purchased items and selected the option to have them shipped to their homes instead of mine. Even after selecting the option and entering in their own shipping information, both of their gifts were sent to my home. I contacted Target three times through email only to be told to call them instead each time. When I called, they told me it was "obviously a mistake on the customer's part, not theirs" regarding the shipping, despite my having proof that people selected their own addresses. They also told me they had no explanation as to why things were disappearing and appearing on their own on the list and claimed "this has never happened before".

After having done research on this, I can see that that is a lie. The woman claimed she was having a tech team look into the issues, but that was about a week ago and I have not been contacted by anyone since. I told her I was extremely frustrated and that I had told everyone I know never to use a registry through Target for anything, and she got flustered and said I should probably reconsider that. I asked for her name and intend on making a follow up complaint.

Waste of Time, Not Worth Frustration
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Rating: 1/51

ILLINOIS -- Don't register here!!! When we first went to set up the baby registry the scanners didn't work and we ended up manually entering most items at home. Half the time the website was down. Guests to my baby shower had a lot of trouble even accessing the registry because there were so many problems with the website.

Items randomly disappeared from the registry, and the registry still listed things as needed when someone had already purchased them. I also didn't appreciate how many items were unavailable - don't list things on the site if they cannot be purchased! Customer service gave attitude when contacted, and when it came to making returns my husband said it was like pulling teeth.

Worst Registry Experience Ever!
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Rating: 2/51

PONCHATOULA, LOUISIANA -- Do NOT register at Target. For my wedding I was registered at Dillard's and Pottery Barn... no problems. For my first child, I have registered at Babies R Us, Pottery Barn, and Target. Babies R Us and Pottery Barn have given me no issues. I decided to add a Target registry because I noticed items were cheaper and there were more options than Babies R Us for some products. BIG MISTAKE!! I have had problems from the start! I had to email and call to have items removed online. They tried to tell me to change browsers, clear my history. Being that I'm not an idiot... I had already done these things.

After a very strongly worded email, they manually did it for me. Then I got constant texts and calls from friends and family that items kept going out of stock or became unavailable. I was constantly having to choose new items and attempt, with little success to delete the unavailable item. The website was often unavailable or said "sorry there's a problem."

Now here we are, the afternoon before my baby shower, and a friend alerts me that my registry says 0 items when pulled up in the store. So I look online, and I can't login or pull up my registry. So I sit on hold, to talk to a man in another country, who informs me that they are having a "global issue" and it should be fixed in a few hours!!! When I say it's the day before my shower and I've had nothing but issues, he's sorry, but there's nowhere to publicly review my registry experience on Target's website, but I can send an email. And what is that going to do for me? Worst experience ever!! Sorry I even did it.

Up & Up Baby Wash
By -

FLORIDA -- I love Target and I am a regular customer. I am using the Target brand because it is less expensive. But, to my disappointment, "up & up hair and body baby wash" has not reached my expectation lately. I am using it for my children and found out they were complaining that their skin was itchy after showering. I have used it myself and I am confirming the same statement. It makes your skin very itchy and dry.. Since I have stopped using this product, my children are not complaining anymore.

I think Target has changed the formula because it used to be a good product, like Jonson's baby wash. I am very concerned about this product since it is recommended for baby. Baby can't talk or tell what's bothering them. I hope Target will read my message and will remove it from their shelves (recall). I will definitely NOT recommend this product to anyone.

Target Baby Registry Is Such A Scam
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Having a new baby is supposed to be such an exciting time and you want as little hassle as possible...right? If so, then do not use Target's Baby registry. The actual registry process goes off without a hitch, scanners are easy to use and they have plenty of items to choose from. The pricing however is a nightmare.

We registered for a stroller advertised on the shelf at $129.99, no problem, then we noticed the scanner marked it down to $87.48 we thought "wow, whoever buys this is going to get a great deal!" The next afternoon, my mother goes to another Target store near her house and prints a copy of our registry. The same stroller we found to be $87.48 is marked at this Target for $62.48.

Unfortunately they have none in stock, so my mom goes to the Target store we registered at and prints a copy of the registry there, finds the same stroller for $87.48 on our registry and proceeds to take one up to the front with our registry in hand. They charge her the $129.99 and she lets them know that it is advertised on the registry at $87.48, they refuse to sell her the stroller for the price on the registry and although she has proof it is listed for even cheaper at another store, they are rude and refuse to honor the registry price with no explanation.

We call all the Target stores in town and all have different prices though a helpful woman at another store told me that if it is listed at her store on the registry for $89.99, she will have no problem honoring that price, she also told me that failing to honor the registry prices is just "stupid".

As if this wasn't enough, my mom and I compared the two registry print outs and found that at the Target store that had the stroller listed in the registry at $62.48 had other items that appeared to be on sale... silly me thought "alright I really need to get over there and get those items that are at the discounted price". I go, the item is on the shelf listed at $56.99, the registry has it for $39.88, keep in mind, this Target was going to honor the $62.48 price of the stroller if they had one in stock that was listed on the registry.

I continue looking for the other items they show, there are none, there aren't even tags for those items anywhere on the shelves. So I take the one thing I found to the front. I am even up front with the cashier and say that the price listed in the registry is $39.88 and the shelf said $56.99, I explained that this has happened earlier today with a stroller and that they were going to honor the lower prices before.

He proceeds to tell me that it was probably on sale. Um... OK. He goes to customer service where he converses with another guy who looks twelve and then comes back telling me that it must've been on sale before. I ask... "did it go on and off sale between when I printed the list at the kiosk and walked back to the aisle"? I just get a "sorry" from the guy.

Target seems to have no interest in making things right with their customers and seem to want to bait and switch on the at every opportunity. I have not had many problems with Target in the past, but if everyone who buys something off my gift registry is going to be confused and treated unfairly, then I will not bring them any business. I am very disappointed by the way they use every excuse they can think of not to honor prices they list. I have read so many reviews recently and I am just disgusted. I am registering at Wal-Mart tomorrow.

Target's unfair return policies/baby registry
By -

VERNON HILLS, ILLINOIS -- First of all, my husband and I have been loyal Target shoppers for many years. When I became pregnant we began thinking about where to register for gifts. I was prepared to do the bulk of the registering at Target but two friends who had recently had babies, warned me not to due to their unfair return policy. I took their advice and registered for (and received!) thousands of dollars worth of gifts from Babies R Us. I only registered for a few things at Target. Many friends chose to purchase things that I did not register for from Target. I have had several returns to make over the last few months.

The first problem I encountered was when I tried to return an item without a receipt. Instead of receiving a store credit, I was told I needed to do my shopping and bring my items up to the customer service desk and the amount to be deducted. Please keep in mind that I was 8 months pregnant and buying large packs of diapers, toilet paper, paper towels, storage bins. I had to drag these items to the customer service desk where there is no moving belt and a long line. BIG HASSLE! The next time I had to return an item, I was told thatI would have to exchange it for an item from the same department.

I was returning clothing but I needed a cd player so I had no choice but to make a big scene until the manager gave me a store credit. Today, was the last straw. I received an outfit recently that was too small. I took it to the customer service desk and was told that they would not return it for me because I have had 3 returns this year with no receipt. I went about my shopping and wrote my very last check to Target! Target, your policies are unfair and I won't take it any more!

By -

SAN ANGELO, TEXAS -- My wife and I have been dedicated Target shoppers for a long time, but that's about to change. We recently had our first baby and we registered at Target for various baby gifts. After the dust settled from showers and family gifts, we sorted through what we received, pulled out the duplicate items, and made our trip to Target thinking we would apply the resulting credit toward other needed Target merchandise. Although Target does provide customers with "gift receipts," when the actual showers happen most people see what looks like a receipt and they discard it. As a result, we returned from three showers with only a couple of gift receipts from Target.

One item in particular that we planned to exchange was a jogging stroller. The box had never even been opened. The original price for this item was over $90, and the same item was still in stock on the shelves. Of course, we didn't have a receipt for this item. But we didn't want to ask for a receipt from the people that gave us the gift because we would have appeared ungrateful. After arriving at Target, my wife was informed that we were limited to $75 in non-receipt returns. We were told that this new policy was implemented to prevent theft. We did not ask for or expect cash back, but simply a store credit for other merchandise.

Because the stroller was over the new $75 limit, they flatly refused to help us. They would do absolutely NOTHING!! I could not believe it. We had registered for this $90+ stroller, our registry list showed one as being PURCHASED for us, and we still had the UNOPENED original box with Target's label on it. But they still refused to help us. After complaining about this policy, the store manager reluctantly called a corporate office "customer service" representative. This person was not helpful, responding that the policy was in no way negotiable!

Target would have lost nothing financially in doing the exchange for us and would only be assuring themselves of continued customer support from us. If they would have processed the exchange, the store would be receiving a stroller they could sell for $90+ to a new customer and we would spend the credit on something else in the store. But they still refused to help us. We even offered to take a $75 credit for the stroller and let them make an extra $20 profit, but they simply would not do it. Now we're stuck with a stroller that we don't want or need.

Because of this experience, we plan to avoid Target, if at all possible. We have numerous friends also having babies. We have already told many of them about this experience, and we are counseling them to avoid registering at Target. I plan to make a specific point to tell everyone I know not to register at Target, especially for items costing more than $75. My wife and I had also been considering investing in shares of Target stock. We won't be after this incident. A company that fails to provide its long-time customers with fair customer service is on the verge of a down-hill slide.

Target seriously needs to re-think its new anti-theft return policy. My wife is an assistant district attorney; she prosecutes shoplifters for a living. I myself am a business-law attorney, and I believe in honest, good business. A policy that prevents us from making an honest return is obviously overboard.

Update: I contacted Target customer relations about this problem, and they continue to stand by this policy. BUYER BEWARE! I encourage your readers not to register at Target and not to buy gifts for parents-to-be at Target. If they do, at the very least, they should avoid registering for or purchasing any items that cost more than $75. I am writing because I hope to spare other parents-to-be the same frustration that we have encountered in dealing with Target.

I have also posted my complaint on ** and I encourage others with the same experience to do the same. There is another letter posted on that website describing the identical problem. Unless customers make a point to get the word out, Target won't realize that its oppressive policy will cost them money and the policy won't be changed.

Horrible / Stressful Registry
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Rating: 1/51

OAKS, PENNSYLVANIA -- I decided to register at Target because I thought it would be stress free. Nope! The website always has an error, the two stores closest to me system is always "down", and the teenage workers are robotic idiots. I have gone through so much stress with I will never use the registry again, ever. I actually may never shop there again either. Good luck trying to call someone for tech support because unless you can understand broken English, it's impossible trying to get a straight answer which you can understand.

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