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Impressed With Target Portrait Studio
Posted by on
This was second visit to the Target portrait studio. The first was my daughter's 6 month pictures. We were very pleased at that time with the service and quality of the pictures, and the price was very reasonable.

This time around we were in for my daughter's 1 year pictures. She is a bit more active nowadays and really was not in the mood to sit still. The photographer was very patient and creative in her attempts to get some good shots. It only took about 15 minutes and she had enough great shots that we were happy with.

Then she asked us to give her 10 minutes while she got our pictures ready. We came back after doing some shopping and she ran through our pictures on the computer. We picked them out and ordered in about 5 minutes and was out the door.

They should be ready in 1 week for pick up. Not bad. Most folks don't know Target even has a portrait studio, so I thought I would share my experience with them.

Both my wife and I would recommend them to anyone. Our 2 experiences were at 2 different Targets, with 2 different photographers... and we were very pleased with both.

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Anonymous on 10/22/2009:
As always excellent review Sparticus.
Anonymous on 10/22/2009:
We took my nephews to Target to get pictures taken, and I agree, the staff was awesome. We even got a few free pictures because they had to close the studio for a few days to remodel so we had to wait longer to get the pictures back. Great review.
Anonymous on 10/22/2009:
Never would have even though of using a Target Portrait Studio. When the subject of childrens pic's comes up we may have abother option to look at. Thanks Spart.
Anonymous on 10/22/2009:
Super, we printed coupons online for pictures at Target.
Anonymous on 10/22/2009:
Perfect L'yaya, thanks!
Sparticus on 10/22/2009:
Thanks everyone. Yup, we got a 50% off coupon online for the portraits. Makes it very affordable...
Anonymous on 10/22/2009:
(VH) Thank you, Sparticus.
MRM on 10/22/2009:
Sparticus, you haven't gave us an update on your netbook thread. Have you reach the conclusion on what netbook you will be buying?
Sparticus on 10/22/2009:
As a side note, I also had a return that day with no receipt and it was purchased beyond the 30 days. They gave me store credit! I guess you get like one return a year with no receipt... so that was pretty cool.
Sparticus on 10/22/2009:
MRM - Have not decided yet! Going to Best Buy today to play around with both the 9 inch and 10 inch models. See if the 10's are too big... or the 9's are too small...

I have been leaning towards the Asus 1002HA (Aluminum casing) model. Seems to be a solid choice. Just not sure on the 10 inch size yet.

I'll post this to my other thread as well!
MRM on 10/22/2009:
That'll be cool!
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Poor etiquette
Posted by on
PEORIA, ARIZONA -- This letter is to address the poor customer service my family received from your portrait studio on December 30th, 2006.

I received a message in January from an employee who works out of this studio advising that the pictures did not turn out and that my family could come back in for retakes and they would throw in 3 free sheets. I appreciate the incentive of adding additional sheets at no charge, although what an inconvenience to get a family of six back in for retakes. I must admit this is not my complaint though. No time during the message did she once apologize for the inconvenience. I returned the call to her. Unaware of my situation I explained to her how disheartening this was that the pictures did not turn out. I explained to her that two of my children live out of state so there is no way at this time that these pictures can be redone. Something she would not know of course, but an apology would have helped the situation. Again, no time during our conversation did she offer one. Her question to me was, “When can you come in for a refund?” Then she advised that she was able to do it over the phone so there was no need for me to come in. Our call ended. I thought about it for a moment and called back to ask for her manager. She began to say, “There is nothing she can do”. I informed her that I understand that her manager can not get my pictures back but I still want the phone number. She gave me a number. I have called this number three times and left messages each time with no call back. You can only imagine my frustration. I do not know who I need to speak within regards to this unacceptable customer service. I realize that the pictures are gone. But employees, especially at a portrait studio, have to realize that pictures mean the world to people and when they are lost, damaged, etc. it is upsetting. The only thing I am trying to get across in this letter is that two words would have made a big difference. “I’m sorry” may have retained this customer. I will no longer utilize this portrait studio nor will I recommend it to others.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/14/2007:
For pete's sake, you went to a departmnet store for family photos! Those folks know more about running a cash register than portrait photography. You shouldn't expect much more than getting your money back.
MRM on 02/14/2007:
I really don't see anything worth complaining in this review. The employee had told you the pictures did not came out right and she offered you free photo retakes. Things happen. Another solution is to go to another portrait studio such as Sears or Walmart while all of your families are still in area. Toodles...
spiderman2 on 02/14/2007:
There is such a HUGE quality difference in pictures taken by a true professional photographer and a discount store one. Of course, there price is quite different too, but sometimes you get what you pay for.
familytravel on 02/14/2007:
Next time go to a professional portrait studito, like Sears or even better. I don't really knoww what else you expect....I know an apology would've helped but at least you got your refund.
heaven17 on 02/15/2007:
I just don't get this whole "I didn't get an apology' thing. Yes, no doubt, getting one would be really nice, but you sound a bit needy. They offered you what seems to me to be a very reasonable solution to the situation, and I'm sure this kind of thing happens to every photography studio no matter how professional they might be. I just don't see any basis for complaint here.
Aloe on 02/15/2007:
A professional studio would have been a safe bet...
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Portrait Studio
Posted by on
WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased pictures at your Washington location on November 24, 2000.

I am complaining because the clerk was very rude and impatient. I had taken my daughter and my nephew to have their pictures taken. I was not happy with the first pose that was taken because the babys shirt was in his face. We were told after the pictures were taken that we had to take the first pose as our package. I think this was not clearly disclosed before the pictures were taken or we would not have gotten them. I have had pictures taken at Big K before and they redid the pictures until we were happy with the pictures.

To resolve the problem, I would like to have my money returned or have a credit given to have pictures retaken.

I look forward to receiving your written reply explaining what you will do to resolve this problem. I will wait until January 19, 2001 before seeking help from appropriate consumer agengies. Please contact me at the above address.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/01/2002:
Then have your pictures done at Big K.
Anonymous on 01/06/2004:
Hold up bit*h...We at Target do not OWN the portrait studio! They are owned by someone else and just in our building. Fix your face, you must feel STUPID NOW!
Photo_Gal31 on 03/12/2004:
Wow... I'm a photographer, not only in my home but also for a large company... First of all, the first "ACCEPTED" pose (accepted by the customer) should have been the package portrait. It is their satisfaction that keeps them returning and gives you a paycheck and job... I understand we all have bad days... but that customer is there for your photography not for your attitude. #1 Rule: Customer satisfaction. Word of mouth means a lot and her word of mouth just cost you a bunch of business! Not a very good "3 cent" advice by telling them to go elsewhere or by the name calling. If I was the consumer, you would have lost your job.
jsnyder482 on 10/05/2004:
I agree with photographer gal! I have worked as a retail manager and have felt all of the frustration expressed above by the Target clerk. HOWEVER, a certain amount of maturity and common decency kept me from showing such a pitiful and childish outburst. This clerk should not only lose her job but also consider learning some manners. You sound trashy & no, if I was the consumer I would not feel stupid. The consumer is not only right, but much more well spoken and credible. If you have nothing nice to say, keep your mouth shut. You made a fool of yourself with your nasty comments.
BettyBoop2004 on 02/02/2008:
I work at a target photo studieo it is not all of them that treat there coustomers like that I have had many of my coustomers tell me that I am a grate phtotographer and unlike this target I try to make my costomers happy even if it means to take some more pictures that the family wanted to take after the sit was over and they did not like the pictures that I took.
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