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Return Policy Without Receipt Absolutely Sucks
By -

I received some high-end hair products as a gift that were purchased from Target. I didn't want those particular items and the purchaser lives out of state so I just figured I would easily be able to exchange the items for something else. WRONG! When I arrived at guest services and notified the clerk that I didn't have a receipt because the items were gifts, she called the manager over. He was very abrupt and stated that with no receipt, I could not exchange the items and he told me to read the return/exchange policy sign.

I told him that I had returned some makeup that I purchased from that exact location with no receipt and was allowed to exchange with no problem. I probably just tossed that particular receipt because I purchased mostly grocery items and didn't think I would need to return anything. But once I got home and tried on the makeup, it didn't blend well and the clerk kindly exchanged it with no hesitation, so why the issue now?

He said that was the policy. So, I proceeded to call guest relations and the representative stated that without a receipt, they were to do an exchange using my license and allow me to exchange up to $70 worth of merchandise. I told the manager this and he said that was not the policy, so the representative requested to speak with him.

The manager refused to speak on my cell phone (even though the 1-800 number was displayed on the screen). He also stated that guest relations could not override the store policy (Even though the policies are one and the same). So the representative said he would call the store. The manager walked off, I heard the phone ring a few minutes later but no one ever said anything to me so I called back. The next representative gave me a reference number and told me to call back on the Target phone since the manager wouldn't speak on my phone.

I did this, got a third representative and gave him my reference number. He stated the same policy regarding using my license number and allowing an exchange, so I asked the clerk to call the manager again. Up walks a different person and she stated the manager that I spoke to initially wasn't there. Interesting how he wasn't there after a matter of minutes.

So she spoke to the rep, tried to argue and asked for the guest relations reps supervisor! The supervisor came to the line and they talked for a while, then the floor manager handed the phone to me. I explained the situation to the supervisor and she asked to speak to the manager again. The manager was trying to be difficult, but evidently the supervisor stated that I will be allowed to exchange the merchandise. So the supervisor speaks back to me and says the manager will exchange the items and take care of it so we ended the call.

An hour and a half later, the manager then tells me that I can only exchange the items for items in that same department which I felt was ridiculous. In most stores unless they are a hole in the wall, typically if you don't have a receipt you get a store credit or can exchange for an item or items of the same or greater value. It doesn't matter what department the items come from. With Target being a larger corporation, I was shocked at the trivialness of the policy. Regardless of what department the item is in, the exchange is still in the store so I don't understand why it matters. Anyway, I had to just find random items in that department which was not ideal.

A couple of items would have been fine, but the items I received were kind of pricey and there were no items in that department in that price point so I had to get a lot of random things to amount to the returned merchandise. If the merchandise was purchased from there then people should be able to exchange it for anything in the store. Also, instead of just returning all of the items in one transaction and then doing the exchange.

The manager exchanged EACH item individually which caused me to have to come out of pocket for the differences because none of the exchange items completely evened out the exchange. It was a total nightmare, and now I STILL have products that I don't want! So I am back to square one and on top of that, I am some dollars short due to having to pay for the differences since I had to be exact or over the amount of the items. Total ripoff.

Target Optical in Wylie, Texas is Myopic
By -

WYLIE, TEXAS -- On 12/30/10 in the Target Optical store located in Wylie, Texas, a salesman sold me a pair of eyeglasses. After selecting only the frame, the salesman took a measurement of my eyes, processed the order, and told me my total out of pocket cost was $137.99. He never informed me of what options were available concerning the type of lenses, UV coating, anti-glare, anti-scratch, etc.

When I asked the salesman why he didn't, he told me I was getting polycarbonate lenses which include all the various coatings. I then asked him how much I was being charged for the coatings and he responded that they were all included in the price of the lenses.

I then again told him that I did not want any additional coatings, and asked how much I was being charged for them. He again insisted that all the coatings were included with "the type of glasses you picked out" and that "they are included in the price of the lenses." All I did pick out was the frame; not the lenses, or anything else because he never gave me the opportunity to do so.

Suspicious of the salesman's behavior, I asked the salesman who was in the store this evening when I arrived to pick up my glasses. He reluctantly admitted to me "you could have got the glasses without getting the coatings, but we won't sell them to you that way because then you wouldn't like the glasses. That's how all of us do it here." When I asked him if I was charged for those coatings he asked me if I had insurance. I told him I did, and he said, "then they paid for it."

The insurance I have is from EyeMed, which is owned by Luxottica, the same Italian company which also owns Target Optical. My policy only paid for a portion of the charges. I was stuck the balance of the charges even though I did not want any upgrades/additional products. Target Optical's sales practices are deceptive, misleading, and blatantly fraudulent. I demand I be immediately refunded the additional fees I was tricked into paying which total $85.

Awful Experience With Target
By -

I received the Jaybird JB-200 Bluetooth Headphones as a gift for my birthday in September of 2009 from my best friend in Boston. She knows how often I go to the gym (6 to 7 days a week) and overheard me talking about how much I liked the Bluetooth headphones I had seen at Target. As a surprise, they were mailed to me here in South Florida as a belated birthday present. Since I had only seen them a few days prior, I know that the cost was about $130. Included in that package was a three-year extended service plan from Target.

I was excited to use them and couldn't wait to get to the gym. I charged the battery as instructed and when completely charged I hurried off the gym. I had to adjust the headphones until they fit in my ear, but after a few moments they seemed to fit. I noticed that I had to adjust them about 10 seconds later, then another 10 seconds and then another 10 seconds; this last through the entire length of my hour and a half long workout. Stubborn as I am, I figured I must be doing something wrong, I reread the instructions and tried them again the next day at the gym; but I kept experiencing the same ill fitting problem.

Since then, I have tried to use them half a dozen times, but have been unsuccessful. These headphones have done nothing but sit and collect dust since then. Yesterday, I decided that since they still have the extended service plan for over another 2 years, I was going to see what could be done at Target.

I walked into the Fort Lauderdale store with my extended service plan and headphones in the original package. I told the woman at the guest services counter my issue. I was then told that I had to call an 800 number, submit a claim, mail the product back to Target and wait for it to be repaired or by chance given a new one. I know for a fact that this was not explained to my friend who purchased the 3 year agreement for me, otherwise she would have never done so in the first place.

Furthermore, the packaging on the 3 year service plan doesn't have say anything about shipping the product back AT ALL. In fact, one would only know what the exact terms and conditions are by purchasing the gift-card-esq packaging then opening the perforated edging and read the conditions which were folded up into a tiny, one inch long, square.

Why would I have to send a product back to Target that does not fit my ears correctly and wait for a 'repaired' one to be sent back to me, when I know they will not find anything electronically wrong with the product. The Jaybird headphones work, but I cannot use them! I am beyond irritated! So am I just to assume that this was $149 ($130 + $19 Three year service plan) plus tax and shipping thrown down the drain? I haven't even told my best friend that these do not really work well, as I know that she not only spent a lot of money on these, but wanted to do something really special for me.

I received a call from a very rude woman in the Target executive team who would not help. After communicating, each time I talked with her to the corporate office, she called a few minutes ago. She told me that Target absolutely would not help and that I should work with the manufacturer. As if that wasn't bad enough, told me to ‘respectfully not contact' the executive team anymore and proceeded to hang up. NEVER AGAIN WILL I SHOP AT ANOTHER TARGET EVER! That was the last dollar they get from me or any of my friends, family or co-workers.

Bad Customer Service!!! Bad Managers Too.
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I was furious on April 4, 2010 at 7 pm because the store on Westheimer and Fondren refuses to take my manufacturer's coupons. They said only one coupon can be used by each customer even though I have 6 coupons for 6 items. The front end manager told me one coupon per transaction. Then I said, "Can I pay for them separately?" He said only one coupon per customer per transaction per visit per day!!! Then I spoke to the store manager name Tynesha. She was no help. She said that "We can not take more than two coupons per transaction..."

Even though I read the coupon out loud and it says "limit one coupon per product purchased on specified item" which means on each specified item I purchased I can use only one coupon. Which mean I can not use two coupons on one item... She said no... But she went ahead and take scan my items... She said, "We have the right to limit the amount of items you purchased." I agree with her but I said, "You can not limit my coupon. If I have 6 items I am able to use 6 coupons." Then she scanned my coupon, the computer says item not found on display. She looked at me and said the computer is not taking it so I can not do anything.

I asked her to read the coupon again and please verify that the coupon is valid for the item I purchased. She agreed that that is the item on the coupon but since the coupon is not taking it she can not do anything. I said, "I know that if the coupon is right then usually you guys take it by pushing k1." She said, "I don't have to" Oh my God... I can't believe what she just said... So I said, "I know you don't have to but it's the only right thing to do if the coupon is valid for the item I purchased..." She said "No ma'am I can't take your coupon..." I said "OK..."

And there is another issue that we have with another coupon I have. The item was on clearance for 1.25 and I bought 2 it comes out to 2.50. But my coupon is for $4 off 2. So she looked at it and said, "We can't take it since the coupon is over the amount of the item..." I said, "Then Target policy says that you are able to adjust the price down to 2.50 and not give me the full 4 off..." She said she can't do that because the item is on clearance... "We don't take coupons for clearance items ma'am," that's what she said next... And I know that is a load of bull... Because I have never had a problem with Target taking coupons for clearance items.

She said, "If this item is not on clearance then I am more than happy to take your coupons..." Hmmmmm... I told her that first you not going to take my coupon because "the system won't allow it and you can't do anything about it." Then you won't take the other coupon because "the item is on clearance and we don't take coupons for clearance items. And plus the coupons exceed the amount of the item so we can't take it." Then she says, "I can't give you free stuff... If I adjust this coupon then you will be getting it for free and if you decides to return the item you will get back the money for these coupons...!!!"

I said, "Why would I go here and go through all this trouble to return an item I got for free..." "I don't know." I took all my coupons back and end up standing there waiting and talking to a manager that doesn't really give a rats ** about her customers nor the corporate policy! So I decided to give a comment so that she will be retrained on how to interpolate the corporate coupon policy, how to treat her customers, how to resolve an issue using her knowledge of the customer service guideline, and how to not judge people who bargain shop trying to save a few bucks. Plus she need to go back to management school...

The first rule is never ever ever starts off a conversation with a customer already have an issue at the time with "No we can't do it and I can't do anything ma'am!" Oh and "I don't have to do it." That's my piece of mind... Please get contact me with any updates... Because obviously the whole store including the cashier, the front desk manager, the store manager is misinformed by the coupon policy... Please, please, please contact the store and let them know the policy... Because this is the only Target close to my house... And it's not even that close... Thank you.

I Expected More, but Received Only Stress and Disappointment
By -

CRYSTAL, MINNESOTA -- I used to shop at Target at least once a week (spending an average between $30-$100 every time), had a baby shower gift registry there, and always filled out their surveys giving them good reviews until this happened. I went to my local Target 3 weeks ago (2/2010) and right before I finished paying, my 2 year old was trying to stand up on the shopping cart seat. I went to sit her back done and in doing so I forgot my purse at the register. I didn't notice my purse was missing until I got home and as soon as I did, I went straight back to Target.

During the ride over there the worst things are running through my mind like "did it get stolen." I had my checkbook, credit card, Driver's License, everything in my purse so I was practically in tears by the time I got to Target. I asked 3 employees: the boy who was bringing in the shopping carts; a cashier; and the customer service rep, all three told me "Sorry ma'am, no one has turned in a purse". I went home very distraught and I canceled everything (2 hours on the phone doing so), I filed a report with the police the next day for my missing purse and I had to get my work ID and parking permit reissued.

I called my mom the next day, she used to work in retail and she told me that the Target employees were supposed to direct me to their Loss Prevention team, she told me to call the Target store and asked that team to review the footage when I was there. I did exactly that and within 20 minutes my purse was found. Apparently the cashier forgot to turn it in to the lost and found and just put it somewhere behind her counter.

When I went to pick it up, the loss prevention guy told me that it was still under the register. I was very upset by this because I went through so much that could have been avoided if the cashier would have brought it to the lost and found. I asked to speak to the manager, I explained to her what had happened and she said that she's sorry to hear that and that the Loss Prevention Manager, Andy, will contact me in 2 days.

When I got a chance to speak to Andy on the phone he said "So you wanted me to give you a call?" very unprofessional. I had to re-explain what had happened and wait on hold for him as he reviewed the footage of the moment I lost my purse. When he finished, he said "So I see you left your purse at the store because your little one got fussy, and you got it back".

I asked him what is the store's procedures for returning customers lost items and as I was explaining to him the stress that I had to go through that night he said in an aggravated tone "You're the one who left your purse here, what do you want me to do about it, it wasn't stolen, you got it back". Upset by this, I thanked him for his time and hung up the phone.

I called Target's Guest Services hotline and spoke to someone in India, they filed a formal complaint I guess. I said I wanted to be contacted by someone in Target about this and the person said that I would. That was 3 weeks ago. I haven't been to Target since and I do not plan on shopping/spending there like I used to.

Target stores and not the same company?
By -

MANHATTAN, KANSAS -- My son's birthday was Saturday, March 13th. One of the things that he wanted was a Nerf Longstrike Rifle. We went to Wal-Mart to see if they had it, and they didn't, so we searched, and found that when you searched for “Longstrike” the rifle came up. We chose to see if it was available in the store, and found that it was, so I called to make sure. Sure enough, the item number 087-11-0002, was available, it was the Nerf rifle. So I drove 25 miles to the Target in our area with my son to purchase it.

When I got to the store, we couldn't find the gun so I went to customer service to see if it was simply misplaced or if it was out of stock. The girl at the customer service desk was very pleasant, and showed us how to look up the item and get her the item number. She then called back to the toy department and they brought up the gun.

Unfortunately, it was the wrong one. Eric **, the toy department manager at the Manhattan, Kansas store told me that the item number I had was for the wrong gun, and also said that Target Stores and have nothing to do with each other, even though they share the name. I told him that we had looked the item up online, had checked availability, and Eric told us that checking if it is available in store doesn't matter, because and Target are two different entities and that they don't talk to each other, it's just the way it is and that there is nothing Target is going to do about it if their customers are unhappy.

If I had a complaint, address it to the customer service number. So I called the customer service 1-800 number (1-800-440-0680) which was given to me by the Manhattan, Ks. Target store. The first and second times I called, I got through the IVR and was hung up on. The third time I called, Kathy answered the line. I explained the whole thing to Kathy, and was told that it was too bad that I had the experience I had, but that Target and were two separate entities and that they really couldn't help me. I asked if Target and were owned by the same company, and she said yes.

I asked if both were connected, and she said yes, and when I asked if that didn't make them the same company in the eyes of the public, she said no, they were two separate companies. Again, I explained that in the eyes of the public they were one and the same, but she said it didn't matter; they were two different companies and that whatever had, EVEN if it said it was available in store, to not believe it unless you called the store. I explained that I had called the store, and that the item number was available according to the store. She then said that since had the item number on two separate items, to call them and order it.

I explained I didn't want to since I couldn't tell which item would be shipped, and she said that this was her point, had it wrong, not the store, and so it was their fault. I asked if there were an executive customer service team, and she said no. I asked if Target had a CEO that was in charge of both areas, and she said yes, but that the call center took the calls for the CEO because the CEO was too busy to deal with this trivia. I then asked for her supervisor, and after several minutes wait Kelly came on the phone.

Kelly (female) told me the same thing, that Target and are two separate entities (which, by the way, I was getting tired of hearing) and that had a disclaimer stating that items may not be available in store. I explained that I had checked with the store, and was told it was available, and she agreed that it should be, but since the website had screwed up the item number, all they had was the other rifle. She also explained that was run by, and that they were going to be changing this because of “customer feedback”.

I explained that I wanted to know what Target was going to do for a longtime customer who had been misled, and she explained again that there was a disclaimer on the website stating that Target was not responsible for information on, and that it was unfortunate, but there was nothing she could or would do, but please do check the website for weekly online ads.

I told Kelly, as I am telling you: I will no longer be a Target customer, since the service is poor, and since the website and the store are two separate things. I will be blogging this online on Facebook, Twitter, and any other website I can find that takes complaints, and I will make sure that people know that Target does not care about its customers.

This is unacceptable. Target and are, to the eyes of the public, the same company. I followed all instructions and drove 50 miles round trip for nothing, and I felt that Target should make sure that the information that they gave BOTH on the website and over the phone were correct. Since I was not aware of the screwup in ID's, I did not do the ID search online, but simply searched for the product.

By -

LIVONIA, MICHIGAN -- I usually LOVE Target. I live in Target... but the past few times haven't been very good at all! Specifically this review is about my visit today... I was searching for a perfect camera for my mother for her birthday. This camera is going to special because it's her very first digital camera. I wanted this camera to be easy to use and up to date... IT WAS NOT ABOUT PRICE. I just wanted to buy the perfect camera.

I saw a camera that was on display. It was a SONY CYBER SHOT. It was black. It had a nice LCD screen and it was very simple and I previously owned a Sony cyber shot myself and from experience it was a great camera for a first time digital camera user... The camera I was looking to purchase today was on display for $99.98. I asked if they had anymore. They said no only the display.

The person helping me had no idea how to get the camera off the display and she asked a manager to come and help her and the manager who was rude and seemed to have an attitude who was named CHRISSY... Could not get the camera off the display either.

We were there a little over a half hour and they could not remove the camera from the display and as she tried she was unknowingly scratching the camera more and more.. I asked if there was a way to find out what other stores may have this camera. Before the other person could answer my question CHRISSY the manager says they may have it - the camera but the price won't be the same and IT CAN'T BE GUARANTEED...

As I said before it's not about PRICE, it's about the PERFECT CAMERA... so the other person locates another store (Livonia, MI) Plymouth and Middlebelt that also has the camera. I take out my phone google the store location and find the number myself and call the store. I began to ask about the camera to see did that have and did they have all the parts to the camera and the person on the phone quickly says "yes we have everything but the box" and I say "are you sure you have everything?" She says yes and the camera is also 30% off of the 99.98 but the store I was at never said that it was on sale for an additional 30% off of the 99.98.

Since the 2 stores close at different times, it was now 9:30 and their store was only open for another half hour and the store I was in was at least 20 minutes away... so I drove all the way over to the that store to buy the that camera. I get to the store with 10 minutes to spare. I literally ran through the store and the guy takes the camera off the display and he says "just let me go and grab the parts" and he comes back and he says "we don't have any of the parts for this camera..."

At this point I was upset. I was irate and I was irritated... I was pissed off. I asked was there anything that they could do and the person at the counter says "oh no, there is nothing we can do.." There was no apology and no so for the inconvenience or anything.. I was sooo disappointed! And yes I had the money to purchase any camera I wanted but it was the fact that I wanted that specific camera... Not to mention I also wanted to buy a memory card and I case to put the camera in.

I have never been this pissed off leaving a Target.. I love Target. It was like a second boyfriend but now I feel as though I have to break up with Target because I'm afraid that customer service is not a priority and making the customer happy isn't either... I plan to tell everyone about my experience. Family and Friends including Facebook and Twitter. How horrible Target's customer service is. I will probably just buy a camera from BEST BUY! Even if a camera is on display it should still be treated as merchandise that is going to be sold. If that's the case why not just put up a fake plastic toy camera as the display? From A BROKEN HEARTED EX-TARGET LOVER!

BAD customer service and dishonor TV warranty
By -

MINNESOTA -- The warranties for the TVs are a joke. I bought a TV - Westinghouse, 2.5 years ago and a 3 year warranty. It was a 32 inch flat screen with a DVD combo. Several months ago the DVD began to have a problem. I called Westinghouse first who told me they could not fix the problem, and they no longer made the TV. Then I contacted the warranty people. AT first it seemed fine then it turned to hell. I am still in it.

First, they told me to send back this rather large TV. I have a torn rotator cuff and a broken a/c. No way I can lift this. I was told it would be no cost to me. SO I do somehow manage to do this and call UPS, who promptly charges me $12.81. I say no and call warranty back. They say there is a fee to come to my door or I can drop it off - no way - I cannot put the huge box in my car. I call exec offices and then warranty calls back and says "OK we'll send a repairman out to you!" What, why not do that in the first place - now 3 weeks have passed with no TV.

So a nice local TV guy comes out and shocker cannot fix the TV. They contact Westinghouse and shocker are told the same things I was told. SO I contact the warranty co to find out how to get my check or gift card to get my TV and ma told another 2 or so weeks for them to re-evaluate the case they might want to send out another repairman. What? So, I call guest services, who says I have to speak to warranty management - some help they are. Susan calls back and says "too bad yea, they want someone else to check it out, they put a call out for USED parts."

Used parts, will fail, so I asked how long with the parts warranty be. She hemmed and hawed and said it will depend on the repairman. I said, "NO if you force me to have used parts in my TV then you make good my warranty...." She said 30 days. I said aha! So this all about not honoring the contract. In 30 days a used part will fail, and after all this gaming it will be 3 plus months and the warranty will be up and you will not honor the contract - this is all about not honoring the contract and giving me my new TV! Ripoff.

SO, it has been 4 weeks, I have to wait 2 plus more weeks at least maybe more and if no part is found another 2 weeks for 2 plus months So, why did I spend this money on a contract to fix or replace if they aren't going to honor it? I will NEVER did that again at TARGET and suggest to others, really consider not doing it as well - they will not take care of you! In fact, guest relations told me they had plenty of complaints about their warranty company = but doesn't seem that they care - they haven't terminated them and they aren't making good the contracts. I paid Target not the 3rd party vendor. My deal is with Target. Bad bad business. And I still have no TV!

Resolution Update 03/15/2010:

WaCa is sending the buyout gift card within the next two weeks. So, I will be purchasing a new TV. Case Solved and closed!

Rip Off
By -

GREENBELT, MARYLAND -- December 20th 2009, I spent over $800 at Target. Unfortunately that was the day it was snowing really badly at midnight when I left the store with three carts of merchandise. The wind was blowing the snow around to the point of the receipt blew out of my hand. I had the receipt in my hand as we were walking out because sometimes you have to show your receipt of course. On this day there was no one there so I just held on to it. As I started loading the things in my truck I stuck the receipt in one of the bags. It was so slippery I slipped a bit and the receipt went flying out the bag. It was pointless to try to look through a parking lot full of snow to find it.

Two of the gifts was for my daughter's bed. I had brought her everything for a complete bedroom and bath update, from sheets to curtains, comforter set, pillows, rugs, everything you could think of. Well she ended up getting one of the things from her Father who is now in Afghanistan (he's in the Army), so I didn't need it and neither did she so I took it back. It had never been opened. Target could tell it had never been opened.

Not only did the original cost $179.00, before tax, but they wanted to give me back $143 and I would have to shop in the same department I bought all the bedding from. I didn't ask for cash back, I was going to just exchange it for a stereo, but they had sold out so I asked that it be put on a Target card. They said I would still only get $143 back since I didn't have my receipt. So I spoke to the department manager of returns, she couldn't help. Spoke to the store manager, he couldn't help. Called the customer care's line which is directly sent to INDIA and where the people I spoke to I could barely understand.

I then asked for the Corporate number, so they gave me the same number. I asked to speak with someone in the states, so I got the American version of the people in INDIA. I calculated that I spend over $2000 a year at Target for at least the last 4 years. But IT WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN AGAIN. How they have the nerve to one not give you back all your money on a card, they appear so greedy that they had to take even more of my money and then as badly as people need jobs here in the states, they are sending business to another country.

There are no signs posted saying that only items under $70.00 can you get a 100% refund IF you have a receipt or IF you paid with a credit card or a Debit card. I was the last customer in that store that night and I know they knew by scanning it, that it came from their inventory and then to say I had to buy something from the same bedding department, there was nothing left for me to buy in that department.

My opinion - it appears Target cares less about customers and more about getting as much money out of us as possible, it's amazing that it is legitimate. I pray TARGET gets all the misery back that they have given out and more. GOOD BYE TARGET and thank you for helping me to save, I will NEVER shop at any Target again!

Target's Unprofessional Security Officers
By -

YORKVILLE, ILLINOIS -- My wife, children and I were exiting the Target in Yorkville, IL after purchasing at least $400 worth of items. As my wife proceeded to exit the store, the alarm sounded. My wife was then told by a Target store employee (female) to come back into the store. While in the exitway, between the doors, a security officer (Steve) approached and requested that my wife take her jacket off. This request was done in front of all the Target guests entering, exiting and shopping at Target which, at that particular time of day (between 11am and 12 pm, Saturday, December 12th, 2009), was extremely busy.

After my wife had taken her coat off, the officer proceeded to run his hands up and down my wife's coat, while still in the exit area, witnessed by customers exiting, entering and shopping. My children were mortified and began to grasp my hand, asking "If mommy had done something bad? Will mommy be taken away?" Another target employee (female), tried to offer assistance by explaining to the officer and my wife that the cause of the alarm sounding probably was attributed to a sensor in her coat embedded by the store where it was originally purchased.

This employee then went on to explain that my wife would continue to have this problem in other stores if the sensor was not deactivated. She began to point towards the register, saying swipe it over there. The security guard then stated to this employee that he did not know the location of the sensor. The employee began pointing to the register area again, stating again, "All you have to do is go to the register and put the coat over the 'black thing' and it will deactivate".

He then rudely requested this employee leave the exit area because she was blocking the exit area. His complaint that this employee, who was trying to provide assistance, was blocking the exit area had no validity because his actions were the cause of traffic being blocking. He had my wife, children and I (with our shopping cart full of merchandise) in the exitway prior to this employee trying to offer assistance.

Upon returning home, we immediately contacted Target and were told by customer service or the operator that there were no available supervisors which I could discuss this humiliating and traumatizing incident that my wife, children and I had just experienced at the hands of "Steve". As of this date, my wife has not worn the coat again. When were are shopping, my children begin to get terrified as soon as we begin to exit the store. I have been a life-long Target customer and very pleased when I heard they were building a new target in our area. This experience has left my family with an unfavorable opinion of Target.

We have and will continue to warn our families, co-workers, neighbors and others of the unfair treatment received at this "NEW" Target. They are very unprofessional, rude and do not have great customer service. To date, I have not received an apology nor a callback from a Target representative. The Target, Yorkville, IL, will continue to lose business if your employees, more specifically, your police officers, continue to exhibit this unprofessional, humiliating and demoralizing service to other Target Guest!!!

I will continue to follow posts of consumer complaints, against this particular Target to see if further incidents, such as the one my family and I endured, become a pattern and seek possibly filing a class-action lawsuit. Beware, TARGET, YORKVILLE, IL, your procedures regarding your customers are being watched closely by the citizens of Yorkville and surrounding towns.

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