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Target Does Not Care About Elderly and Disabled
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SALINAS, CALIFORNIA -- Do not shop at Target if you want to be treated with courtesy and respect. I saw a woman fall at the Salinas, CA Target store, due to a trail of soda that had spilled from the first cashier stand all the way into the main lobby. There was no announcement to call for clean up or to warn customers of the hazard, no caution cones, the response was very slow and consisted of a young man dragging a paper towel by his feet to sop up the spill. After checking out, I courteously asked for help as I am 60 yrs. old and disabled, awaiting surgery on my foot, and I was having trouble walking.

The supervisor asked one of the young staff members to help me. I could tell by the angry look, and muttering under his breath that he did not want to help me, he did not come, so I asked for someone else to help me with the large number of bags to my my car. The supervisor asked another employee, she did not help either, she kept talking to the supervisor, totally ignoring me. The young lady at the cashier finally offered to help me, but the supervisor told her no, to take her break. I was in so much pain and being totally ignored so I asked what was wrong with the store, "why is no one willing to help?"

At that time, the first employee (the angry one) came and rudely told me he would help. We walked in silence to my car, me pushing the cart. I felt totally humiliated, so I called corporate office, where after talking to 2 people who did not know what to do and spoke incoherent English, finally transferred me (after numerous requests) to an English-speaking Director of Customer Relations. She promptly told me that Target does not have a policy of helping customers take their merchandise to their cars, that stores used to do that a long time ago, but that is not done any more.

I enlightened her by telling her that was incorrect. I had been to Costco and Safeway, who had promptly and courteously honored my request. I explained to her that I was not some lazy person, I had worked hard all my life, but was going through a temporary disability.

She reluctantly took down the information, I told her about another elderly customer who was upset because she had been told a product was in stock, only to rush in and find that it was not. The representative told me that it was not the store's policy to check the aisle for the product, they just check the computer. If those one or two are sold by the time the customer goes to get it, oh well tough luck! The area where we live is primarily rural, and we have to travel 30 or even more minutes to do our household shopping, let alone the expense of the gas.

Bad Customer Service
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HEADQUARTERS, MINNESOTA -- My mom had bought me a pair of Christy Fringe Moccasins for Christmas because I saw them on the site and loved them, I thought they would be perfect to wear to work since they look nice with dress pants and they would be comfortable as well. I had forgotten I had them for a while and then decided to start wearing them at work. I am a receptionist and I pretty much sit at a desk all day, I don't do a whole lot of work on my feet or walking around constantly. I never wore them outside, I wore a different pair of shoes to work and then changed them.

After two days of wearing them, I noticed that one of the slippers suddenly felt incredibly loose. After I examined it, I noticed that the stitching on the left side of the shoe had come apart. I bought the correct size and they fit fine, so I knew it wasn't a sizing issue. I also knew it wasn't from overuse, since it had only been 2 days! I went onto the Target website, I noticed that there were quite a few reviews for the same thing, at least 11 out of 16-17 people had the same issue as I had.

My mom had to find the receipt and after she finally found it, I discovered that it was past the 90 days for returns, but given the circumstances, I figured they would make an exception, since it was obviously a common issue. Nope. I wrote Target's Guest Services from their website. The associate that wrote me back pretty much said "Nope, you're past your 90 days, sorry. Nothing we can do." I understand they have a return policy, but when your product is of poor quality and you have others who can verify it, you shouldn't argue with someone about returning them.

I can't believe they are even still selling these, knowing that there have been so many with issues. I can only imagine how many others have had the same issue and not reported it. I would be so embarrassed to have a company and to know that I had a product that was such poor quality. I believe that everyone who is experiencing issues with these should be able to return them with no hassles. They should have a recall for these.

This is Target's problem and they have dealt with it in the worst way possible. They would rather argue with me rather than just give me my $20 and make me happy. I have sent a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and I will make sure to post this review everywhere I possibly can. I shop at Target more than any other store, but after this customer service, unfortunately I will not shop there again.

Target's Lousy Return Policy
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VISALIA, CALIFORNIA -- Buyer Beware! Target's return policy doesn't allow a consumer to return an electronic item for any other reason unless it's defective. So in other words if you open the box and try it and don't like it for any reason, sound, picture quality, product functions, etc. you're out of luck. I don't know of any other retailer that has such a poor return policy.

I spoke with Nate at Target's customer service department and he verified this is a corporate policy. He said he'd pass along my concern but truthfully didn't seem all that caring about my views on their return policy. In fact he was short and I basically felt I had wasted my time and his. His lack of customer service and no care attitude was disturbing. I suppose my only option is to shop at other competitors that are more consumer friendly. Target USED TO BE one of my favorite stores.

Why Drivers License Is Needed for Cash Return
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I recently bought an item at Target and paid cash. When I got home, I discovered it was the wrong item. Six hours later, went to the same Target and went to return counter. I had the item, unopened, and the cash receipt. I told the clerk why I was returning it, produced the receipt and then she wanted to know why I brought it back so soon! The next step was to ask for my drivers license. I then balked. I asked what on the receipt tied my DL or my name to the purchase. She said sometimes people steal items and then come back in and want cash! I replied that I could hardly steal an item and the receipt at the same time.

She then said the problem was leap day (the 29th of February--this was the 2nd of March) and the computers were fouled up! I asked to see a manager. After about 10-15 minutes, no one showed up and the line was beginning to form. Finally the clerk relented and gave me my money back. My question is, and I wanted to ask the manager, are returns tracked by DL numbers to keep up with how many times a person returns items? I would love to know. At any rate, goodbye Target!

Target Targets Handicapped Shoppers
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SARATOGA SPRINGS, NEW YORK -- I have noticed a serious problem at the TARGET chain of stores. I am a handicapped person and often use the MART CARTS at whatever store I am shopping at so as to not have to deal with things like slippery floors, items dropped on floors, other shoppers and their kids, and to spare my remaining leg from too much strain. I live in Upstate New York and there are several TARGET's nearby. I was shopping in the GLENS FALLS store last winter (when my artificial leg was being made and I had NO LEG to stand on) and when it came time to leaveafter I had spent my money in their store!--I was going back to my car and was followed and screamed at by a TARGET security guard. He told me that I could NOT drive the Mart Cart to my car. I informed him that I was handicapped and needed to drive the Cart BACK to my car just as it had been driven out to allow me to get into it earlier, when no one had paid any attention.

I was screamed at and followed to the door. My daughter who had gotten the Cart for me was at the car and could hear the guy screaming. He stopped at the door and I went to the car and left. I wrote this off as a weird guy trying to be tough. Then this summer I again was at a TARGET this time in COLONIE New York. Again my daughter got a Cart and brought it to the car, again we shopped, and AGAIN as we were leaving (on a clear dry day) we were accosted by SEVERAL Target employees who were standing around the entrance smoking and told we could not take the Cart to the car.

As I could not juggle our packages (in the Cart basket) and my daughter was dealing with a diaper emergency I told them that we would return the cart as soon as I was done with it. We were at the car and they were still screaming at us, and one was pointing to her friends and laughing at me. I remembered that the receipt had the number for the store on it and I called. I was told that the first person I spoke to was the Store Manager. She seemed sympathetic but then for some reason decided that she was NOT the store manager and passed me on. The person I now spoke to was totally un-caring about the treatment I had received and declined to do anything although I asked to her to have someone come to the parking lot. I had to go to a doctors appt and could not wait any longer and left.

This past week I needed to do some further shopping and went to the SARATOGA SPRINGS store. Again my daughter went into the store to get a cart. She was told that she could NOT have a cart. That she was NOT to take one to allow me to shop. She managed to convince the "Store Manager" that she really was going to get a handicapped person from the car and she was ESCORTED by the CART BOY to the handicapped area of the parking lot and allowed to let me use the cart. When I went into the store my daughter told me about this bizarre behavior. She pointed out the Cart Boy to me and I asked him what the problem was. He could not tell me and I told him that anytime he wanted to try to walk on a fake leg he was welcome to borrow mine. A few minutes later my daughter pointed out to me the "Store Manager'. I got her attention and asked her what the problem was. She was very insistent that we NOT discuss this out in the "Public" area of the storewanted to hide somewhere out of the eye and ear of the shoppers. I refused. She finally admitted that she was NOT the Store Manager and I demanded to see the actual Manager. Another woman showed up with a young man. I was told SEVERAL different stories about WHY I could not use the cart. One story was that they were not allowed to have the carts go BEYOND the Handicapped spacesI do not know why this would be an issue but I have many times needed to park somewhere OTHER than the handicapped spaces and STILL needed to use a Cart. Another story was that they will NOT let the cart out but THEY will come out and GET THE HANDICAPPED PERSON AND GET THEM INTO THE STORE AND PUT THEM INTO THE CART. I asked what their medical expertise was and if they were Physical Therapists. I was told that the first alleged "Store Manager" had at one time WORKED IN A HOSPITAL. I told her that NOW she worked at TARGET and her medical expertise wassuspect-- at best. I declined to have them attempt to get me OUT of the cart. I was then told by the young man--some sort of "Security"--that the reason I could not use the cart was that "Target does not own the parking lot". Huh???? I was getting a bit sick of these morons so I told my daughter--who had needed stuff from Targetthat I was going to leave. I was offered the "Corporate Guest Relations" number which never arrived. I was then ESCORTED OUT OF THE STORE by the Security boy and the "Store Manager". Needless to say this was more than a bit embarrassing. The Cart was snatched from under me in the parking lot and the Security person attempted to PICK IT UP. As he weighed about 79 pounds he was unsuccessful at this and dropped the front end narrowly missing my car. He then picked up the front end and dragged it back across the parking lotwhich it had successfully crossed with me ON IT mere moments before. When I got home I called
TARGET Corporate numbers and discovered that ALL TARGET employees seem to have been educated at the same school. Very rude and I was told that they provide the Carts as a service and they really don't care how you get into their store but you ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THE CARTS unless you are already in the store. I asked repeatedly HOW you were supposed to get INTO their store IF YOU ARE HANDICAPPED. Presumably if you HAVE some way to get INTO the store you would use THAT METHOD TO GET AROUND in the store. If you have NO other way to get in and around, you would use their Cart. I asked point blank HOW this person would get from the car to the store and I was told my call was no longer of interest to her! I was then passed to a "Supervisor" and the call was from the same script. I asked for HIS supervisor and I was told that "Allison" was her name BUT that she does NOT speak to the public. Hmmmma CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE THAT REFUSES TO SPEAK TO THE CUSTOMERS?????? And none of these people were at all interested in taking a name etc. I will follow up on this on Monday as I have found some more Corp numbers etc but I would be intereste4d in knowing if anyone else has had or knows of similar TARGET problems. And to those crabby people who will comment that if I am handicapped I MUST provide at all times some means of self transport. I HAVE a wheelchair, and a motorized scooterNEITHER or which I can get out of the car by myself and the two people I travel with-my husband and my adult daughterboth have serious shoulder injuries that preclude them at times from being able to drag or lift or push things especially with me in them. And unless my two year old grand daughter is stronger than she looks I am stuck. I hope people understand that this is not about ME but about the treatment a store sees fit to extend to it's allegedly valued customers.

Terrified by Store Surveillance
By -

WOODLAND HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- In approximately February of 2007 (it's taken me over a year to talk about this experience), I was shopping at Target as I normally did. I used to spend $700 per year at Target; it was my regular place for household supplies.

This one day I noticed that I kept bumping into another customer -- a well-dressed young man that did not have a cart but was talking on a cell phone. I figured his significant other must be shopping in another aisle. I continued to see him, aisle after aisle, and noticed that there was no significant other. I just chalked it up to strange. However, when I got to the cash register, there he was again, 10 feet in front of the cash register, talking on his cell phone in a voice loud enough for me and everyone else in line to hear. He was saying things like, "It's definitely her, the coat, the purse... she's at the cash register now." I couldn't believe what I was hearing, and stared at him as I paid. I looked back at the 5 women in line behind me, wondering if any of them looked like an obvious thief. No one did, and they were looking back at me! And I was looking at the cashier, and she was looking at me -- I really wish I had simply confronted the guy at the time, but I wasn't certain he was talking about me -- and since in my 40 years of shopping, I've never had a similar experience, it just didn't fully register that I had been followed and humiliated as though I were a thief. (Of course, there was no accusation, since there was nothing to base it on besides a profile!)

Several months later, I saw a report on the television news that Target has "state of the art" surveillance and works closely with the police, FBI, etc. Not so state-of-the-art, people. I am average height, average weight, average hair color and style, average aged, black pea coat, jeans, black purse. Was that really the extent of the profile and the basis on which I was treated this way? And have they really communicated my profile to local and national law enforcement on this basis? Or are they telling law enforcement "she's here, come quickly, the one you're looking for -- the lady with the black coat and purse"?

Since that experience, I have been afraid to return to Target. I shop elsewhere, or send my significant other in my place. What if I am falsely accused or investigated, or what if my "profile" has been entered into some national law enforcement database, for no other reason than I shop at Target? I have a career in banking; the FBI already has my fingerprints. I worry that even a smear on my FBI record could make me unemployable.

My significant other encouraged me a year ago to return to the store with him, and go meet the manager and talk this out. I wasn't up for that, but I did agree to return with him and see if I would be followed again. It gave no comfort: the profile would be of a woman shopping alone.

I have returned to Target alone maybe twice. I used to love to browse there, but now I'm looking over my shoulder and asking myself if I look like a thief, and I'm wondering where the guy with the cell phone is. My guess is that he was a French management trainee (he had a European accent) trying to earn his security merit badge so he could complete his rotation. He was far too well-dressed and European to be a regular store security guard in Los Angeles.

Today (April 2008) I finally screwed up the courage to go into Target and ask to speak to the manager, to share my experience face to face. It was Saturday morning, and I was told that there is no top manager at all, the top security manager will be in Monday but has no regular hours, and there are 5 managers who could be called store managers, but none of them supervises Security. The store manager I met looked to be less than 30 -- I would be shocked if she was in charge of a multi-million dollar store. Customer Service suggested I call "Guest Relations" at an 800 number. Really? Guest Relations? Like Disneyland? I think I need "CSI" or "Criminal Minds".

I thought about sharing my story with the local newspaper, but realized that Target is probably a major advertiser for them, and they won't want to disturb that relationship.

I would love to share my complaint with ten other people, but to be honest, this is such an unheard of experience among the people I know, that no one would believe it, or they'd ask if something about my clothing might have made it look like I was stealing. This only adds to the bad feeling.

Today, as I summarized for Customer Service why I wanted to see the store manager, my voice was shaking as though I were about to give a public speech. This thing still really upsets me.

So here's the kicker: this week Target sent my (male) significant other a $25 gift card. I asked why, and he said, "because I used my credit card there". Really? You used your credit card there? Wow, I must have done that 400 times over the past 20 years. I guess my gift card's going to be REALLY BIG when it gets here, especially since they need to thank me for referring you.

What can I conclude but -- either Target likes him a whole lot better than me, or maybe Target has lost so many of its core customers that it needs to purchase relationships with new ones.

Watch your same store sales Target. When your top store manager is actually your security manager, and your employees know more about profiling customers than the features, benefits, or location of the merchandise – what are you saying about your store's “guests” and the principal activity of your business?

Online Return & Exchange Policy for Purchases & Gifts
By - Return Policy

We will issue a full refund for most items returned in new condition within 90 days of the shipment date. Please note that all returns to Target must include either the original receipt or a Gift Receipt. Exchange Policy

While we can replace damaged or defective merchandise, we can't exchange items. In order to get exactly what you want as quickly as possible, simply return the unwanted item for a refund and place a new order for the item you want. Visit our Online Returns Center for return options. When we receive your return, we'll issue a refund. If the item was sent to you as a gift, we'll send you an e-GiftCard for the amount of the refund.

We're unable to honor previous sale prices or promotions when you place your new order.

Receipt Required for All Returns

Please note that all returns to Target must include either the original receipt or a Gift Receipt. If you do not have the original receipt, Team Members may be able to locate the original receipt information if you purchased the item with a credit or debit card and if you present this card at time of return.

Gift Givers are strongly encouraged to include a Gift Receipt whenever a gift is purchased. Gift Receipts do not display any price information and make it easy for gift recipients to return their items if necessary. Gift Givers are able to request as many gift receipts as they would like during checkout at any Target store. Gift Givers are able to obtain as many Gift Receipts as they like after time of purchase by bringing their original receipt to Guest Services in any Target store. Gift Receipts for items purchased through are available at any time through the Online Returns Center.

To return an item purchased on

Most items on can be returned to a Target store or by mail. To find out if your item can be returned to a Target store, you can visit our Online Returns Center. The "Method of return" drop-down box will let you know where the item can be returned and allow you to choose which return method you'd like. You will need the order number or a gift receipt/packing slip in order to return a purchase from If you choose to return your item to a store, shipping and handling and gift-wrap charges cannot be refunded.

To return an item by mail:

You can mail your return to us in just a few simple steps.
Visit our Online Returns Center to print a return mailing label. Here's how:
Click on the "My Account" link at the top of any page.
Click "Return items" under "My Recent Orders".
Enter the requested information, including how you received the item, the reason for the return and the quantity.
Print a postage-paid, pre-addressed return label.
Pack the items along with the packing slip securely in a box. You can use the box the items arrived in or another box, if you prefer.
Affix the shipping label to the outside of the box.
Leave the package for your mail carrier to pick up.
If you can't print a shipping label, or if you need to return an item that weighs over 70 pounds, Contact Us. For your convenience, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund amount. If the return is a result of our error, you won't be charged for return shipping. Mailing labels created in our Online Returns Center are valid for domestic returns only.

To return a purchase or gift to a Target store:

To find out if your gift can be returned to a Target store, on the "Additional Information" tab in the product's description or visit our Online Returns Center. The "Method of return" drop-down box will let you know if the item can be returned to a store.

You can return an item to a store in just a few steps:

Visit our Online Returns Center and obtain an online receipt or gift receipt.

Bring the following with you to a Target store:

Your new and unused item and all product packaging and accessories.
Your receipt or gift receipt.
A form of personal identification.

If you are returning your item with a gift receipt, you will receive a store credit for the original purchase value of that item. The store credit can be used in any Target store.

Find the Target store closest to you using our store locator or call 1-800-800-8800.

The following items cannot be returned to a Target store:

Items that have been replaced because they were defective, damaged or incorrect.
Books, DVDs, videos, CDs, music cassettes and vinyl records purchased from the store at must be returned by mail within 30 days of ship date.
Items purchased from the store at (with the exception of Books, DVDs, videos, CDs, music cassettes and vinyl records) must be returned by mail within 90 days of ship date.
Also, please note:

Music, movies, videogames, software and collectibles purchased on must be returned unopened.
Camcorders, digital cameras, portable DVD, portable electronics, framed art, gas-powered scooters and hot tubs purchased from are subject to a 15% restocking fee.
Returns on TVs 40 inches or larger cannot be accepted without original packaging.
GiftCards, e-GiftCards, pre-paid music, game and phone cards cannot be returned.
Holiday and seasonal merchandise on clearance at the time of return will be refunded at the clearance price.
Refund value for each item returned will be reduced to reflect value of free gift or discount.
Other restrictions may apply.
To return an item purchased at the store at items may not be returned to a Target store.

All purchases made online at the store at must be returned by mail to Books, DVDs, videos, CDs, music cassettes and vinyl records purchased from the store at are easily returned within 30 days of ship date via the Online Returns Center. Items that have been removed from their plastic wrap cannot be returned unless they are defective.

Target Extended Service Plan Return Policy

You can cancel your Extended Service Plan and obtain a full refund within 90 days of purchase, as long as you have had no claims. Visit our Online Returns Center for instructions and/or a prepaid mailing label, or call 1-800-591-3869.

After 90 days, please contact WaCA at 1-866-469-6356.

All other returns or exchanges — including those without a receipt — will be offered manufacturers' warranty and repair assistance at 1-800-303-0308.

Policy on Defective Merchandise
By -

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- On July 30, 2007, my husband purchased a Men's 27” Mountain bike from Target's Shingle Creek Store in Minneapolis, so he could enjoy an after dinner ride with our children. After riding it about 10 times over the course of a month, the chain fell off while he was out with the kids. This past Sunday, and within the 90 day return period, he returned it to the store for a credit or replacement. He came home with a repair ticket, as that is Target's policy-repair only on bikes. He wasn't given a completion date, as their bike repairman only comes in on Fridays. If the repairman has the part, he will fix it, if not, he will order parts; and there is no estimate when the part will come in.

I felt this was not good enough; a retailer like Target would want to take care of their customers, so I went over to the store to speak with a manager about this defective bike. At no time during any of my dealings with Target personnel was I anything but rational and calm, because I know nastiness will get one nowhere. The manager showed me the bike Hubby returned, I identified it as ours, and was told that Target's POLICY was repair only on broken bikes, as they do not accept a return on used merchandise.

He and I went around and around the point, my position being that we bought this bike in good faith, it had a defect that would not be discovered without actually using the bike, and any responsible retailer would either refund or replace. Again, we went round and round, his point being that they could not replace the item because they could not resell a used bike after they had it repaired. I asked him if our $400+ per month business was worth losing over an $80.00 bike, his reply was he would hate to loose any business, but POLICY was POLICY.

He finally did offer to replace the bike from one in stock, and went to get one. He came back with a bike that was a different model, and asked if it would be acceptable. The replacement bike had the plastic envelope on it, with the price tag, but he did say that this bike from the floor looks like it has been used, and pointed out to me the dirty tires, scratched frame and wear on the seat stem. I asked him why could he bring to me a used bike from the sales floor, when he couldn't offer me a credit for my broken bike, repair or return to the mfg. the broken one.

Also, if it were against POLICY, why would he try to pass it off as new a used bike, like his store was obviously doing with this used bike from the floor? I also mentioned the fact that when we purchased our bike, there was no owner's manual for it, which leads me to believe my husband was sold a used bike in the first place. The lame answer I got from him was someone needs to be trained in Target's POLICY on defective merchandise. Take it, or leave it was his final offer. But, this story gets better.

I told him that we had paid for the bike with a credit card check, he has the bike, and I have a repair claim ticket. He could keep the bike; I would initiate a charge back through the credit card company. At that point, he tried to get me to remove the bike from his store. I told him no, keep it; I have the paperwork, and the grounds for a charge back. Being a customer service professional myself (who was trained to never, ever utter the word policy), I decided to give Target Corporate the chance to turn me into a satisfied customer. The first C/S rep I spoke with listened to my story, took all the information from my sales slip, and put me on hold. She was very professional, and I actually thought she was going to issue me a credit. She came back on telling me she had to transfer me to a specialist. The Specialist again took all my information from my receipt, my name, phone number, address and firstborn's blood type, and had me reiterate my story. She listened to it all, and instead of offering me a refund, said she would have to call the store where the bike was purchased.

Again, I was on hold. When she came back, she said she spoke with the Team Leader I had spoken with on Sunday. She explained that a Team Leader is the manager of the entire store, and had the final authority over a customer's issue, and that per POLICY he had handled mine correctly. I told her that I feel the way Target handles defective merchandise is very poor customer service, and the POLICY makes purchasing anything there a bargain of bad faith. She also reiterated the company's POLICY, said she would pass my comments along to management, and asked if there was anything else she could do for me.

I told her that yes, there was. She could pass on to management my comments regarding the music they play while one is on hold for customer service. It is the same music Target uses in their commercials; a scratching, screeching, howling cacophony of rap music which in no way projects a professional image, or is soothing to someone who is calling a legitimate business seeking resolution to a problem. This to me has become the anthem to Target's retail presence: a greedy company grasping at keeping ‘A Little Bit More, A Little Bit More' pennies of it's profit margin at the expense of many dollars in customer good-will.

The real kicker in all this is the Hubby paid for the bike with a check that the credit card sent in a statement. That form of payment offers no consumer protection by way of charge back, and further, is subject to a $10.00 service fee. Live and learn. So, Darling Husband will have to go back to Target, and tell the Team Leader that he wants the bike after all. No doubt it will be pushed to the bottom of the repair list, and the part will have to be ordered from China. No doubt it will be shipped on the slowest boat available.

On a personal side, Target is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since we have moved here, we have found attitudes and policies like Target's to be the norm, rather than the exception. Minnesota Nice is just a marketing ploy. Spend your hard earned dollars with companies that are based anywhere else. I will miss Target's Archer Farm's bakery goods.

Underhanded and Untrustworthy

I used to order items from occasionally and never had any problems in the past. It had been quite some time since I'd purchased anything online from them, so with Christmas coming up I decided to order three gift cards online rather than face going to the store this close to the holiday. I ordered them on the 15th of December.

According to the site, gift cards are usually shipped within 24 hours. I checked back on my order the next day and it hadn't shipped yet. That didn't worry me, because sometimes when you order late in the day it takes an extra day, so I waited.

By the end of the third day, they still hadn't shipped. I had paid online using PayPal, so just to be sure I logged into PayPal to make sure the payment had gone through. I had received a confirmation email from them, but it couldn't hurt to double-check. PayPal showed the payment as confirmed, but not yet processed by Target and it was in a pending status.

This struck me as very odd. Usually payments are processed very quickly. I went to to send an email, and now there were security certificate errors all over the site. I sent an email using their online application to ask about the status of my order, but never received a response (not even one of those automated "We've received your email and will get back to you"-type responses). But I waited. When I didn't receive any sort of acknowledgment, I sent another email on the fourth day. Still no response of any kind.

On the 20th, nothing had changed. My order still said that it hadn't shipped and that the estimated delivery was the 21st-23rd, but clearly that wasn't going to happen. So I called and reached their customer service line. Before I talked to a person, I tried using the automated order checker they have on their 800 number, which told me that my items would be shipped on December 17th. I hit the button to talk to a person and explained the situation. I asked that the order be canceled because it appeared to be stuck in their system and that I would just bite the bullet and go to the store for the cards.

The "customer service" person told me that orders could only be canceled within 30 minutes of placing them. She assured me that my order would ship on December 17th. I had to point out to her that the 17th was three days ago. I asked her again to cancel, and she said that she would send "a request to cancel" and that I would be notified of the "decision" within 24-48 hours.

The next morning (the 21st), I received an email telling me that my order had been shipped on December 15th (which is the same day that I ordered it, you'll recall). I checked the order history at, and the site also says that my order shipped on December 15th. PayPal shows the payment completed on December 20.

I cannot believe that the December 15 ship date is accurate. Who ships an order the same day that it was received and doesn't get around to actually processing the payment until five days later? It appears to me that when someone received my request to cancel they pushed the order through the system and the wrong shipping date ended up on the order.

The estimated arrival was also changed from 12/21-12/23 to 12/15-12/23, which is clearly impossible. The items were sent via USPS, and if they WERE miraculously shipped late in the day on the 15th, there was never any chance that they would arrive the same day, or even the next day (Which they clearly haven't.). Last, but certainly not least, the place where the tracking number should have been in my email was blank. Either it was left out, or they sent it USPS without one, which would be incredibly unwise, especially as we're talking about gift cards.

I have never received a response to any of my emails, nor has anyone communicated with me about my request to cancel. At this point, I feel that Target is behaving very underhandedly. I was willing to put the whole problem down as some kind of system issue, but the way they have handled it thus far has ensured that I will never order from their site again.

Having a 30 minute window for cancellations is absolutely unacceptable. Responding to a request to cancel, especially when the order has neither been shipped nor the payment processed, by shoving it out the door feels deceitful and underhanded. They have done nothing to address my problems or concerns. They have simply demonstrated to me that all they care about is taking my money. I will be documenting when the cards arrive, if they ever do, and update.

Terrible Service for Toy Return... Employee Opens Toy and Accuses Me of Opening It!
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So I go to return a single toy @ the Target in Mountain View on Showers. I take the toy out of the bag and give the employee the receipt. He starts to examine it and sees the bottom where the plastic bubble connects to blister has a slight detachment and sticks his nails and fingers and pries open the toy a more so on the bottom and corner. After which he tells me since this is a collectible that it is opened. HE JUST OPENED IT HIMSELF! What an idiot. I have to tell him that he just did it himself because all the deluxe transformers on the blister cars are like that, meaning the bottom has a slight space where the factory machines don't completely seal it.

It's very small, yet he had torn it open with his nails. Anyone would have seen that all the tape and glue on sides and top were all intact and the insides were untouched. So he gets on the walkie and calls for a supervisor or something. Wait and it takes forever. He finally gives up and decides to do the return, either cause he knows he opened it or cause of the long line forming behind me. Then he can't find it on my receipt despite it clearly being on there and calls a manager again.

Finally, one comes, and she says I returned it already which I haven't. I had bought 3 of the same toys just different characters, and had returned 2 the day before, so there was still 1 more on the same receipt that hadn't been returned. The stupid employee, he mentions it's open, and again I have to tell her I never opened it, and the employee had done that himself. They tried to do it as a no receipt return but said I would lose 2 bucks. I said, "I paid 11.99 so why should I lose money when it is clearly on the receipt?!"

Anyway, I wasn't going to take the toy back since the stupid employee had opened it, and luckily I had another receipt on me of another same toy (again, different character), so I used that to do the return. I didn't want to use that receipt because that was for a purchase I made more recently. I may try to return the actual toy from that receipt I used with the older receipt they refused to use, despite it not being expired, just out of principle.

In the end, the employee was a pure idiot for accusing me which I took great offense when in fact his ignorance cause himself to stupidly open a toy that was never opened in the first place. And lastly the inability to return my toy even though it so clearly is on the receipt is utter nonsense. They don't want you to return and treat you like a common criminal, then try to steal 2 bucks by saying they can return it with my ID. Some of the worse customer service I have ever experienced.

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