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BAD customer service and dishonor TV warranty
By -

MINNESOTA -- The warranties for the TVs are a joke. I bought a TV - Westinghouse, 2.5 years ago and a 3 year warranty. It was a 32 inch flat screen with a DVD combo. Several months ago the DVD began to have a problem. I called Westinghouse first who told me they could not fix the problem, and they no longer made the TV. Then I contacted the warranty people. AT first it seemed fine then it turned to hell. I am still in it.

First, they told me to send back this rather large TV. I have a torn rotator cuff and a broken a/c. No way I can lift this. I was told it would be no cost to me. SO I do somehow manage to do this and call UPS, who promptly charges me $12.81. I say no and call warranty back. They say there is a fee to come to my door or I can drop it off - no way - I cannot put the huge box in my car. I call exec offices and then warranty calls back and says "OK we'll send a repairman out to you!" What, why not do that in the first place - now 3 weeks have passed with no TV.

So a nice local TV guy comes out and shocker cannot fix the TV. They contact Westinghouse and shocker are told the same things I was told. SO I contact the warranty co to find out how to get my check or gift card to get my TV and ma told another 2 or so weeks for them to re-evaluate the case they might want to send out another repairman. What? So, I call guest services, who says I have to speak to warranty management - some help they are. Susan calls back and says "too bad yea, they want someone else to check it out, they put a call out for USED parts."

Used parts, will fail, so I asked how long with the parts warranty be. She hemmed and hawed and said it will depend on the repairman. I said, "NO if you force me to have used parts in my TV then you make good my warranty...." She said 30 days. I said aha! So this all about not honoring the contract. In 30 days a used part will fail, and after all this gaming it will be 3 plus months and the warranty will be up and you will not honor the contract - this is all about not honoring the contract and giving me my new TV! Ripoff.

SO, it has been 4 weeks, I have to wait 2 plus more weeks at least maybe more and if no part is found another 2 weeks for 2 plus months So, why did I spend this money on a contract to fix or replace if they aren't going to honor it? I will NEVER did that again at TARGET and suggest to others, really consider not doing it as well - they will not take care of you! In fact, guest relations told me they had plenty of complaints about their warranty company = but doesn't seem that they care - they haven't terminated them and they aren't making good the contracts. I paid Target not the 3rd party vendor. My deal is with Target. Bad bad business. And I still have no TV!

Resolution Update 03/15/2010:

WaCa is sending the buyout gift card within the next two weeks. So, I will be purchasing a new TV. Case Solved and closed!

Rip Off
By -

GREENBELT, MARYLAND -- December 20th 2009, I spent over $800 at Target. Unfortunately that was the day it was snowing really badly at midnight when I left the store with three carts of merchandise. The wind was blowing the snow around to the point of the receipt blew out of my hand. I had the receipt in my hand as we were walking out because sometimes you have to show your receipt of course. On this day there was no one there so I just held on to it. As I started loading the things in my truck I stuck the receipt in one of the bags. It was so slippery I slipped a bit and the receipt went flying out the bag. It was pointless to try to look through a parking lot full of snow to find it.

Two of the gifts was for my daughter's bed. I had brought her everything for a complete bedroom and bath update, from sheets to curtains, comforter set, pillows, rugs, everything you could think of. Well she ended up getting one of the things from her Father who is now in Afghanistan (he's in the Army), so I didn't need it and neither did she so I took it back. It had never been opened. Target could tell it had never been opened.

Not only did the original cost $179.00, before tax, but they wanted to give me back $143 and I would have to shop in the same department I bought all the bedding from. I didn't ask for cash back, I was going to just exchange it for a stereo, but they had sold out so I asked that it be put on a Target card. They said I would still only get $143 back since I didn't have my receipt. So I spoke to the department manager of returns, she couldn't help. Spoke to the store manager, he couldn't help. Called the customer care's line which is directly sent to INDIA and where the people I spoke to I could barely understand.

I then asked for the Corporate number, so they gave me the same number. I asked to speak with someone in the states, so I got the American version of the people in INDIA. I calculated that I spend over $2000 a year at Target for at least the last 4 years. But IT WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN AGAIN. How they have the nerve to one not give you back all your money on a card, they appear so greedy that they had to take even more of my money and then as badly as people need jobs here in the states, they are sending business to another country.

There are no signs posted saying that only items under $70.00 can you get a 100% refund IF you have a receipt or IF you paid with a credit card or a Debit card. I was the last customer in that store that night and I know they knew by scanning it, that it came from their inventory and then to say I had to buy something from the same bedding department, there was nothing left for me to buy in that department.

My opinion - it appears Target cares less about customers and more about getting as much money out of us as possible, it's amazing that it is legitimate. I pray TARGET gets all the misery back that they have given out and more. GOOD BYE TARGET and thank you for helping me to save, I will NEVER shop at any Target again!

Target's Unprofessional Security Officers
By -

YORKVILLE, ILLINOIS -- My wife, children and I were exiting the Target in Yorkville, IL after purchasing at least $400 worth of items. As my wife proceeded to exit the store, the alarm sounded. My wife was then told by a Target store employee (female) to come back into the store. While in the exitway, between the doors, a security officer (Steve) approached and requested that my wife take her jacket off. This request was done in front of all the Target guests entering, exiting and shopping at Target which, at that particular time of day (between 11am and 12 pm, Saturday, December 12th, 2009), was extremely busy.

After my wife had taken her coat off, the officer proceeded to run his hands up and down my wife's coat, while still in the exit area, witnessed by customers exiting, entering and shopping. My children were mortified and began to grasp my hand, asking "If mommy had done something bad? Will mommy be taken away?" Another target employee (female), tried to offer assistance by explaining to the officer and my wife that the cause of the alarm sounding probably was attributed to a sensor in her coat embedded by the store where it was originally purchased.

This employee then went on to explain that my wife would continue to have this problem in other stores if the sensor was not deactivated. She began to point towards the register, saying swipe it over there. The security guard then stated to this employee that he did not know the location of the sensor. The employee began pointing to the register area again, stating again, "All you have to do is go to the register and put the coat over the 'black thing' and it will deactivate".

He then rudely requested this employee leave the exit area because she was blocking the exit area. His complaint that this employee, who was trying to provide assistance, was blocking the exit area had no validity because his actions were the cause of traffic being blocking. He had my wife, children and I (with our shopping cart full of merchandise) in the exitway prior to this employee trying to offer assistance.

Upon returning home, we immediately contacted Target and were told by customer service or the operator that there were no available supervisors which I could discuss this humiliating and traumatizing incident that my wife, children and I had just experienced at the hands of "Steve". As of this date, my wife has not worn the coat again. When were are shopping, my children begin to get terrified as soon as we begin to exit the store. I have been a life-long Target customer and very pleased when I heard they were building a new target in our area. This experience has left my family with an unfavorable opinion of Target.

We have and will continue to warn our families, co-workers, neighbors and others of the unfair treatment received at this "NEW" Target. They are very unprofessional, rude and do not have great customer service. To date, I have not received an apology nor a callback from a Target representative. The Target, Yorkville, IL, will continue to lose business if your employees, more specifically, your police officers, continue to exhibit this unprofessional, humiliating and demoralizing service to other Target Guest!!!

I will continue to follow posts of consumer complaints, against this particular Target to see if further incidents, such as the one my family and I endured, become a pattern and seek possibly filing a class-action lawsuit. Beware, TARGET, YORKVILLE, IL, your procedures regarding your customers are being watched closely by the citizens of Yorkville and surrounding towns.

Return Is Impossible and Customer Service and Manager Was Rude
By -

HEATH, OHIO -- My husband purchased me a pair of Merona shoes 4 days ago and gave them to me as an early gift yesterday. Usually he does great at picking out shoes, but I did not like the craftsmanship of these shoes (glue showing at the sides where the sole meets the leather) and they just were not made well overall. I went in today to get our money back, receipt in hand, shoes in box. No--the shoes did not have a tag on them, they didn't when my husband purchased them and they were the last of that size.

The rude girl at the counter, without any eye contact told me that the shoes were well worn and she could not accept them. I told her "they had never been worn, you could tell that from the bottoms, and the heel isn't even scuffed," and I tried to explain that it is the craftsmanship that I'm disappointed in. She didn't let me finish, cut me off and said there was nothing she could do and started to walk away. I asked her to please get the manager.

After about 3 minutes of her doing paperwork, I had to ask her again to get the manager. She disappeared for a while, then a rude "manager" come out, barely looks at anything and say's there is nothing she can do. I asked her to go back and get another pair like the ones I have so that we could compare and I could show her that they are they same. She said that did not need to go to that trouble since she can not accept my return anyway.

I then told her that I wanted to file a complaint. She also never made eye contact during any of that time, and then sent me a person in training who gave me an 800 number to call. He was polite, said he was sorry, and added that he didn't see a problem with the shoes and was a bit confused too (too bad I didn't have him from the very beginning).

I am so upset with the way I was treated, and the fact that I had a receipt with me, and shoes that have never been worn. I know it's only $30, but the fact that you have such a company who behaves this way is very upsetting. I am going to try to return them again, but with a different shift. Maybe a different shift has nicer people working.

I am not sure what calling the 800 number can even do for me. They can't even see the item. Not to mention I'm sure that I'm going to have a problem getting a "real" person on the other end and really don't have the time for that nonsense either. Farewell Target, this loyal customer is now done shopping with you, my husband, father, and mother say the same. I will be passing the word on to everyone I know.

Return Policy
By -

WILLOWBROOK, ILLINOIS -- Let me preface this by saying I had long been a HUGE fan of Target and a very loyal customer. It's no exaggeration to say that I've spent tens of thousands of dollars at Target over the course of the last 15 or so years. However, the incident I am about to relate has completely changed my perception of Target and how it values (or rather doesn't) its customers.

On April 24 I purchase a pair of Mossimo flip-flops for my 14-year old daughter; within 2-3 days of wearing them, they broke- the stitching that holds the tong to the shoe between the toes came undone. (I don't know exactly when they broke because she did not tell me when it first happened and taped them so she continue to wear them.) I do know that at MOST she had worn them 6 days; April 29 was the last day she could have worn them before I tried to return them. She is a member of the band at her junior high; the band was competing in the Hershey Park Music Festival Experience May 1–3, and she left for the trip the morning of April 30.

Saturday, May 2, I went to the Willowbrook, IL store to return the flip-flops; (with the receipt). The sales associate said they could not be returned because they'd been worn. I asked to see a manager; same story. She gave me an 800 number to call. Called on Saturday- was told I'd have to be referred to a “Specialist” who would not be available until Monday 6 am-10 pm.

Called today and was told by the “Specialist” that the store staff are “their eyes” and if they rejected the return that's the end of Target's responsibility and I would have to call the manufacturer to get “warranty” service. (She also told me she would call me back with the number for the manufacturer; she did not.)

Right. Warranty service on a 12.99 pair of flip-flops. Why make me jump through all the hoops- making multiple phone calls- when you clearly have no intention of resolving this issue? Really, what was the point of giving me a number to call AND from there being referred to a “Specialist” other than to waste my time. Why not just tell me “No. Too bad for you. We sell shoddy, poor quality merchandise and we refuse to stand behind it.”

I don't think it's unreasonable for me to expect footwear to last more than 6 days. (Even if my daughter HAD worn the flip flops exclusively from the day we bought them to the day I went into the store to return them- a total of 9 days. I don't think it's unreasonable for me to expect footwear to last at least 9 days, either. And I don't think it's unreasonable for me to expect that if an item I've purchased doesn't last a reasonable amount of time- whether or not it's been used- the store that sold it to me would replace it or give me a store credit.

It's also insulting to continually be told “I'm sorry” when that is clearly not the case; if indeed anyone I spoke to at Target was actually sorry I'd been sold defective, poor quality merchandise, they would offer to remedy the situation. Instead, the situation is, “We have your money and there's nothing you can do about it. We don't care that you're unhappy. We're not in this for your satisfaction, we're in it to make money. If you get screwed in the process, that's your problem, not ours.”

No, I'm the one who is sorry. Sorry I've spent so much money at Target. Sorry I've been patronizing a store that puts so little value on customer satisfaction. Sorry I have no recourse but to write this letter, which is most likely an exercise in futility, based on the number of other complaints regarding Target's abysmal customer service and return policy I've found on the Internet.

Why would I ever purchase footwear at Target again? Why would I purchase clothing at Target? The fact is, I won't. I will stop using my Target credit card. I will make a conscious effort to shop elsewhere. It's not the money. 12.99 is not going to break me. It is the principle of the situation. I expect a store to be willing to back up the products it sells, not take my money and offer me no recourse if I actually USE the product and it turns out to be defective. While looking for the corporate address, I came across the Target Mission Statement which in essence states that they want to make Target a great place to shop by offering great values and great customer service.

Either Target needs to revisit its commitment to its stated mission, or Target needs to revise its mission to more accurately reflect Target's true mission: To make Target a preferred shopping destination for a constantly changing customer base by offering style without substance, in the continuous pursuit of profit, at the expense of our “guests.”

Sick of the Horrible Service at Target
By -

WOODRIDGE, ILLINOIS -- I had some errands to run in Woodridge so I decided to make a trip to the Target store there. I was looking at the Glade Plug Ins and there was a special purchase sale sign underneath all of the double packs. The sign read "Purchase this item and receive the glade oil warmer for free". I looked for five min for the free item and had no luck finding it. A target manager named Nate was walking past the aisle and I asked him for some assistance.

He spent about 5-7 min with me looking for the free product. He then asked another "team member" for a scan gun thingy and he handed me the item that was free. The sign also said "quantity limited". I asked him what the limit was and he didn't know. So I grabbed 3 of the double packs and 3 glade oil warmers (the ones nate showed me were free).

I then asked him "Are you sure. Cause I don't want to get up to the register and have the cashier tell me something different". He assured me. He scanned it and that was the free item. I then did a lil more shopping and went to the registers to pay for my stuff. Surprise, surprise. The cashier said the items were not ringing up free. She called over her supervisor and she walked back and said "no that's not the free item".

I said "the manager Nate told me it was". Then Nate was walking past the registers and I explained to him that the item he assured me and scanned and said was free wasn't. He said "Oh. I was wrong". I asked him since he was a manager if he can honor what he told me. He said "no".

He said he could get me the item that was free. It was the same thing but without the fan. The price difference between the two was $.97. He told me they could not take that loss. I held strong and kept saying "well you scanned this item and assured me it was free". I told him this has happened to me several times at Target and I asked "are you sure" and he continued to say "yes".

I ended up leaving my whole cart of stuff and Nate wrote down the guest relations # for me to call. He said there was nothing else they could do at the store level. I left the store and called the # and that lady told me "OK the issue would be looked at" and sorry for my experience. I asked her if someone was going to call me. She said "no" they handle it at a corporate level. I wouldn't let it go and she just kept repeating herself. She was like well what do you want. I told her I wanted to go back to the store and get the price honored. She told me "Oh. We can't do that".

So I guess I'm wondering if the store can't honor what their managers tell people and the guest relations people handle it on a store level where is the "Guest Service" they stride for. Believe me the total $3 would not make me go bankrupt nor Target. It was the point. I'm so sick of Target and their poor "guest service". It's turning into a Wal-mart.

Ridiculous Return Policy
By -

LEVITTOWN, NEW YORK -- I bought Rock Band 2 from the Levittown, NY Target and went home to try it out. Now this game has a different system for syncing the instruments to the TV than the previous edition and I couldn't get more than 1 instrument to sync at a time. As this is Rock Band and not Rock SOLO, I wasn't happy. So I did some internet searching and discovered that certain TVs, mine being one of them had this problem with the game and wouldn't work.

I was pretty upset to have wasted the money for the first edition at this point because the setup is expensive for just one game. But what could I do? So I went back to Target 1 and a half hours after I purchased the 2nd edition and tried to return it. Now when I bought the game there was no policy either in writing or verbally told to me that said once opened video games could not be returned. My receipt had no such comment written on it saying this either. Yet they wouldn't accept the game.

Now from that point on till every subsequent response I have gotten from them they keep refusing to refund my money. That night I left the game with them at the return counter and while they admit they are in custody of the item, that no new copy will work on my TV setup, and that they did not inform me in writing or verbally of this policy, they simply refuse to refund my money. All of which is admitted on the BBB complaint I filed with them.

Currently my credit card company is handling the matter and I am told that because they have the item (admittedly) and the receipt (which I still have) says nothing about not being able to return the item in question I will be refunded by them.

The thing that strikes me most was how rude the people in the store were with me and how everyone on up their corporate ladder continues to placate me with words but no actions. My wife and I spent on average 2K there a year and will not go back. My extended family almost lived there and spent far more. All of us are now refusing to shop there. Target has shown such a lack of customer care that they have cost themselves thousands a year in revenue because they insist on standing their ground against this return.

And the kicker is, if my receipt had said I couldn't return the item, I wouldn't have even tried! Had the sale clerk said it would be final, I wouldn't have tried to return it. Their vagueness on this policy lasted until I actually showed up to return it. That is not an open policy of communication with ones customer base. And I am not shocked to see how many others on this and other websites have similar complaints. Nor am I shocked that like myself, so many others have been so aggravated that they spend their time to relate their issues with Target.

Management Sucks
By -

CICERO, NEW YORK -- I was in Target last week and me and my fiance were looking at audio CD's in the audio section to take on vacation with us. We saw a George Michael 2 disc set that looked really cool and we decided to buy it. Little did we know the Audio CD was sold out and someone had stocked the DVD version of the disc (which contains videos and won't play in our truck radio) in the audio section.

We found out that we had bought the wrong version of the disc after we got outside in the parking lot and I loaded the disc in the player and it wouldn't work. Since we never left the parking lot, we brought the DVD to the customer service desk and told the girl someone had wrongly stocked the DVD's with the audio CD's and we want our money back because it won't work in our car.

The girl said she was sorry but it was company policy to allow exchanges only for the SAME product if the package is open. I politely asked her, "What good will that do me if it won't work in my cd player in the truck?" I told her, "Someone had wrongly stocked the DVD in the audio section and I'm not paying for their improper stocking."

Little did she care and she then started quoting me half-truth laws about copyright and NY State and how they can get fined 100k for taking back opened audio packages. blah blah blah...

So after I realized she was an idiot, I asked for the manager who turned out to be just a electronics team leader who was completely rude and couldn't care less that this item was wrongly stocked in his dept. He even admitted that they were out of the audio CD and the only thing he had was the DVD which they stocked in the Audio CD section (which HE says they do sometimes).

I told him I wasn't leaving without my money and he laughed at me and said there was nothing he could do for me. So after I told him to go take a leap, I asked for the 800 number to customer service so I could complain.

I called, told them my situation and they asked me to hand my phone to the team leader. They explained to him that a store must take back a DVD, Audio CD or Software item if it doesn't play in our electronics equipment. He then continues to doubt the customer service lady on the phone (like I'm a liar or something) and hangs up on her and rudely gives us a refund.

First, I was in retail for over 15 years and I knew what they were quoting me about laws and copyright were wrong, but since I've been out of the loop a few years I didn't know if something had changed. I find it baffling how these managers are so ill-trained and so rude and willing to lose a customer for life over a $27 item.

I will never shop at Target again and neither will my family. I don't like Walmart but since they are right across the street, I will go there for now on. I have spent over 2,000 at Target in the last 6 months and they will never receive another penny from me.

P.S. My brother was also in the same store last week and he asked for help in furniture and it took over 1/2 hour for someone to help them. He will also NEVER shop there again and will make the switch to Walmart and other local stores.

P.S.S. After our incident, I started thinking back about all my trips to this store and not ONCE did an employee say HI to me when I walked by them. NOT ONCE! I find that quite disturbing and only heightened my anger towards a company and store that I spent a lot of money in and gave me a hard time returning a $27 DVD.

P.S.S.S. I also took note from walking around Target that whoever merchandises their stores is out of touch with what the people want. 25% of the endcaps in this Cicero, NY store were half empty or had open spaces on several of the shelves.

During the NFL playoffs before my incident, I went in to buy soda and snacks and I could not find one endcap with family snack food during the busiest sport time of the year. Either they are in trouble or management is out of it.

Order Not Received by Due Date and Problem With Return
By -

This is the actual list of communications I have had with and Target Corp. This is not a joke. Look at the history of this order and the number of calls I have made. First package ending in order number ** was missing. Ordered on Dec 8, Called twice to alert them that order was probably lost. They didn't seem to think so. See details below. This is probably my 6 or seventh call regarding this order and the replacement order. There were other conversations with representative but I didn't get all their names. Problem in your records.

I called and spoke with Fred and he cancelled order on about Dec 20 and resent what was available. So I did not get the complete order. I received it on Dec 23, order ending in **. On Dec 26 or 27 I had a package left at my door by USPS and it contained the original order that was placed on Dec 8. December 29th I called and was put in contact with the Jamaica call center (no supervisor available). The person I spoke with said the package would be picked up yesterday (Tues the 30 Dec) by FedEx. I stayed home all day and no one came.

Called on Dec 31 and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was on hold for over 25 min. waiting for a supervisor. No one came back on so I disconnected and called back. I then waited 10 more minutes on hold. I asked for a supervisor again and was finally connected to Amber **. She said the only thing she could do was offer me $20 to take the package to USPS and then for me to pay the 16-17 dollars shipping or I would be charged for this package. This was not acceptable to me. I asked for a manager and she indicated none were there and she had no phone number for the corporate office. I can only email.

She finally told me to change the order # from the original # to the replacement order number so UPS would pick the order up from me. I placed the original USPS label in the box with both numbers on it. I told her I would place a note in the box so the receiver would know that the order number was changed per her instructions. So here I am on Jan. 2, still waiting for the package to be picked up.

I told them I didn't want another email asking whether my problem has been solved. I want to talk with someone who has the authority to fix this problem. Not only did I use my valuable time sitting home and at least two hours on the phone (over several days) but then Amber ** told me I was given the incorrect info from the Jamaica call center. Am I frustrated you bet. I order from at least five other companies online and no one had the poor service or delivery that Target had. I would think with today's economy, their efforts to satisfying a customer would be foremost in their mind.

Called Target corporate 12/02/09, spoke with Kevin Target located in Minn. Transferred to his supervisor Merissa in Minn. She stated point blank that Target Corp. can be of no help to me. Not sure what to do from here. The best I can do is alert others to the poor service at and let them know that Corporate Target does not do anything to help.

Targeting the New Scrooge
By -

TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- My daughter got an IPOD Shuffle for Christmas from a Secret Santa. She already had one so I wanted to EXCHANGE it for other items. Not knowing where it was purchased I first went to Best Buy and they told me they would be willing to give me an in-store credit but, from scanning it in their system, they could tell it wasn't from their store. I was on my way to the Apple store for something else so I thought I would try them. They told me that it wasn't purchased from Apple but that it was purchased from Target.

So I went to Target to exchange it. (I had been to Target twice earlier that day to purchase other stuff including a DVD player.) I went to the return counter and told them my story and that I just wanted an in-store credit as I already had items picked out. (I want to mention that this was a SEALED IPOD, never been opened.) They didn't even scan it to see if it was theirs. They just said that without a receipt they couldn't do anything for me.

I asked to speak to the manager. (There was another customer who also wanted return something and they told her that they could only do it up to $39 as a courtesy. She said that although her item was more she would take the $39. They still said NO.)

The Manager just told me the same. It said that it was the day after Christmas and all the other stores had some policy of return different for the holiday. He said they didn't and that I should go back to the giver and get a gift receipt. We, the other person with the return and I, said that that was not proper. He told us that social ethics have changed and to get a receipt and there was nothing he could do. THAT WAS POLICY. I then left but before I did I returned all the items I had purchased that day (including the DVD PLAYER) and informed them that I would not shop there again. He said, "OK."

I then called customer service and just know I got someone in India. They sounded so helpful even repeated my concern, "So you have an IPOD Shuffle that you got for Christmas that is still sealed and want to return it?" This sounded promising. She had an upbeat voice and seemed concerned. I said, "Yes, but I just want to be able to exchange it for other products." She said (very cheerfully I have to add), "I'm afraid without a receipt you can't return or exchange it."

I then asked to speak to her supervisor. She gave me to her and I told her the story. She repeated it back to me. Again had my hopes up only to have them shattered once again with the same song and dance. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she told me to call back during business hours and gave me a case number. On Monday I called back and gave my case number and they transferred me to a supervisor, no longer in India as the accent had changed.

She did the same thing, even went further to ask me the ICD number on the IPOD, and again sounding hopeful she shot me down. I asked for her supervisor and got KEN. Before I told him anything I asked did he have any power to help me, he said NO. But he did tell me that he was the last supervisor I could talk to. I told him that for this $80 item he was going to lose my business (I spend about 85% of my non-grocery shopping at Target) and that of at least 8 others of my family and friends. He said that was too bad and have a nice day.

So now what: I have a new IPOD that I can't return or exchange, an upset daughter. (She just wanted some DVD's.) Target has one very upset consumer who always thought that success of a store was built on the foundation that "the customer is always right" and by the time I reach a supervisor (much less 3!!!) that some action would be done. So I am asking all of you, the consumers, to speak up, before you have NO voice, and DO not shop at Target. Let us Target this Scrooge…

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