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Would Not Sell Sale Items and Made You Feel Like a Criminal
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APPLE VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- I went to Super Target on highway 18 wanting to buy 9 Xbox 360 games and 3 Wii games. So after waiting 20 min for someone to help me I got 6 of the games I wanted, then the questions started, "are you a reseller?" "No" I said, "my mom and grandma want 8 games for their grandchildren for Easter presents and I want the other 4" (yes I am a gamer). He then said something rude like that's what Christmas is for not Easter.

I then asked if he could please get me few more games and he got them. On the way to the register he said I am going to have to call my manager about these games (waiting another 5 min). ** the manager then shows up and then he starts questioning me, "are these for resale?" "No" I said, "these are Easter gifts." ** then replies "I am only going to let you buy 1 of each title." "OK, but then I need to find another game that I do not really want because its buy 2 get 1 free."

"Oh, is that why you're buying this many games?" ** says. "Yes" I said, "it's a good sale and they make great gifts better than candy." "I am only going to let you buy 3 titles," he said. "3 only," I said, "I at least need 8 for gifts for my mother and grandmother" (who were standing right there beside me). "No" ** said, "I will not let you purchase any more than 3." I then said "there is no limit on the ad can I purchase 6." "No, which 3 do you want (not in a nice tone)?" I said "none," and I walked out leaving the games and a basket full of items that my mother had in front of the store.

I spoke to the customer service lady in front of the store she tried to get an explanation but the best answer I got from her was ** said no. She was at least nice she said she could not do anything that ** is manager right now that the store manager ** will not be here till Monday. They were so disrespectful no one should shop in that store. I felt I was doing something wrong like I was stealing from them. I have never had a store not want my money before.

1 hour wasted and I will never go back to the super Target on Hwy 18 again. BTW I drove 6 more miles to the other Target on Palmdale and had no problem getting all the items I wanted, the little old lady in the Electronics Department (did not catch her name) that helped me was so nice. She even asked me if I wanted more games after I had 12.

It's their loss I spent over $700 in another store. I can't wait for the super Walmart. I will never go to this Super Target again. I have always loved Target but the treatment I got was uncalled for, all I wanted was to buy their sale items.

UPDATED! Online Order Disaster & Still Unresolved 3 Months Later
By -

Oct 9, 2011 I went through to shop Target online. I found the item I wanted and gave all the information required and paid with my non-Target Visa. I received the order confirmation and it stated that an email would arrive with the shipping and payment confirmation. The original notice stated that item was estimated to be delivered by 10-12-11. No other email messages came after the first so I stayed home 10-12 to take delivery of item which I paid "expedited/express" shipping (extra fee) for. The 12th came and no delivery. Went online to track item only to see "NOT SHIPPED YET" which really upset me.

I proceeded to the contact page to inquire and I was met with a myriad of email message errors and an inability to submit. I called customer service and waited at least 25-30 minutes to be helped. I got nowhere with that call and decided to go ahead and CANCEL the purchase instead. The representative stated he had made a memo on cancellation request but that I should call 'during the regular business hours' to request again. Again I tried to use site's email form to explain that I hadn't received item, etc. I called and the CSR couldn't 'find' order # in her computer system.

Now about 10-15-11 I went onto a competitor's site and purchased the item there. I received the item by 10-19! I had to go out of town and had to wait to try Target again to get a resolution. I came home to discover an email message dated 11/07/11 letting me know the item I'd ordered on 10-09-11 had shipped!

I called during business hours on 11/08 & I asked for a supervisor, and got one who gave me a reference # and his name and stated he noted the cancellation on my file but went on to say that there was no way he could intercept the shipping process as it was already in transit. I was told I could REJECT the delivery and the item would be sent back to the store AND ASSURED ME I WOULD RECEIVE 100% REFUND for item + s&h.

I followed those steps he gave and rejected the UPS delivery on 11-13. I tracked item at UPS and saw that item was shipped back to sender on 11-14. I wrote email to Target OUTSIDE of the website and inquired about refund. NO RESPONSE. I called again, 11-16 asking when I could expect reimbursement. I was told that the item hadn't been received but that once it had been processed I could expect refund in 7-14 business days.

It is entering holiday time at this point. After 11-23 it was nearly impossible by phone and impossible for a certainty on website. I tried 12/09/11 to use site's email link/form. Error message was to 'enter VALID questions & comments' and no matter how I reworked the syntax and arranged the inquiry's semantics I was unable to submit the inquiry. The pressure to get through on phone only grew worse and I gave up, deciding I'd try AFTER the Christmas holiday.

I am writing this on 01-15-12. I have not been refunded my $251.47 and have gotten no reply to previous email. I have NEVER been so infuriated or completely abandoned by a business or entity such as this in my life. I was laid off on 12/01 and have no income short of the bank balance on this Visa debit card. The card I used to pay for this nightmare and has not been refunded. I need help. I need my due and I cannot get anywhere.

I will never go into or shop through another Target-owned entity in the future. I will indeed spread the word and write to anybody who'll listen, talk aloud to anybody who may be able to help, and advise my peers to stop shopping at Target as well. This will eventually hurt them one day, even if it's one person at a time.

Resolution Update 01/28/2012:

I called Target on 01-27-2012 in a final attempt to get the refund issue resolved. The first representative I spoke with was unable to determine if the returned item was received and she gave me another Reference # for my case. She then transferred my call to a different CSR; my hopes had begun to fade again in getting any help AGAIN. The next CSR, after a lengthy explanation from myself about the entire timeline and ensuing ordeal to resolve the problem, WAS ABLE TO ACTUALLY FIND all needed information, acknowledge receipt of returned purchase, AND RESOLVE my problem! I started crying I was so relieved! She apologized and admitted I should NOT have had to go through all that trouble and effort to get this problem fixed. She guaranteed that all money would be refunded AND is sending me a $20.00 gift card for the store. Later that same day, I received e-mails confirming I would be receiving both the refund to my Visa and a Target gift card within the next 7-14 days. Hallelujah! I told that CSR I had all but given up hope, sure I would be forced to go to a higher 'power', or die trying to get this fixed. I could not thank her enough for her ability to hear me through and find the info needed to fix the problem. I felt she was sincere in her apologies and felt she restored my faith in the company to some extent. I do wonder, though, if the store would have noticed or found the unrefunded purchase return on its own at some point. Also, will it see eventually, the problem its online contact link has? I do hope so.

Underhanded and Untrustworthy

I used to order items from occasionally and never had any problems in the past. It had been quite some time since I'd purchased anything online from them, so with Christmas coming up I decided to order three gift cards online rather than face going to the store this close to the holiday. I ordered them on the 15th of December.

According to the site, gift cards are usually shipped within 24 hours. I checked back on my order the next day and it hadn't shipped yet. That didn't worry me, because sometimes when you order late in the day it takes an extra day, so I waited.

By the end of the third day, they still hadn't shipped. I had paid online using PayPal, so just to be sure I logged into PayPal to make sure the payment had gone through. I had received a confirmation email from them, but it couldn't hurt to double-check. PayPal showed the payment as confirmed, but not yet processed by Target and it was in a pending status.

This struck me as very odd. Usually payments are processed very quickly. I went to to send an email, and now there were security certificate errors all over the site. I sent an email using their online application to ask about the status of my order, but never received a response (not even one of those automated "We've received your email and will get back to you"-type responses). But I waited. When I didn't receive any sort of acknowledgment, I sent another email on the fourth day. Still no response of any kind.

On the 20th, nothing had changed. My order still said that it hadn't shipped and that the estimated delivery was the 21st-23rd, but clearly that wasn't going to happen. So I called and reached their customer service line. Before I talked to a person, I tried using the automated order checker they have on their 800 number, which told me that my items would be shipped on December 17th. I hit the button to talk to a person and explained the situation. I asked that the order be canceled because it appeared to be stuck in their system and that I would just bite the bullet and go to the store for the cards.

The "customer service" person told me that orders could only be canceled within 30 minutes of placing them. She assured me that my order would ship on December 17th. I had to point out to her that the 17th was three days ago. I asked her again to cancel, and she said that she would send "a request to cancel" and that I would be notified of the "decision" within 24-48 hours.

The next morning (the 21st), I received an email telling me that my order had been shipped on December 15th (which is the same day that I ordered it, you'll recall). I checked the order history at, and the site also says that my order shipped on December 15th. PayPal shows the payment completed on December 20.

I cannot believe that the December 15 ship date is accurate. Who ships an order the same day that it was received and doesn't get around to actually processing the payment until five days later? It appears to me that when someone received my request to cancel they pushed the order through the system and the wrong shipping date ended up on the order.

The estimated arrival was also changed from 12/21-12/23 to 12/15-12/23, which is clearly impossible. The items were sent via USPS, and if they WERE miraculously shipped late in the day on the 15th, there was never any chance that they would arrive the same day, or even the next day (Which they clearly haven't.). Last, but certainly not least, the place where the tracking number should have been in my email was blank. Either it was left out, or they sent it USPS without one, which would be incredibly unwise, especially as we're talking about gift cards.

I have never received a response to any of my emails, nor has anyone communicated with me about my request to cancel. At this point, I feel that Target is behaving very underhandedly. I was willing to put the whole problem down as some kind of system issue, but the way they have handled it thus far has ensured that I will never order from their site again.

Having a 30 minute window for cancellations is absolutely unacceptable. Responding to a request to cancel, especially when the order has neither been shipped nor the payment processed, by shoving it out the door feels deceitful and underhanded. They have done nothing to address my problems or concerns. They have simply demonstrated to me that all they care about is taking my money. I will be documenting when the cards arrive, if they ever do, and update.

Terrible Service for Toy Return... Employee Opens Toy and Accuses Me of Opening It!
By -

So I go to return a single toy @ the Target in Mountain View on Showers. I take the toy out of the bag and give the employee the receipt. He starts to examine it and sees the bottom where the plastic bubble connects to blister has a slight detachment and sticks his nails and fingers and pries open the toy a more so on the bottom and corner. After which he tells me since this is a collectible that it is opened. HE JUST OPENED IT HIMSELF! What an idiot. I have to tell him that he just did it himself because all the deluxe transformers on the blister cars are like that, meaning the bottom has a slight space where the factory machines don't completely seal it.

It's very small, yet he had torn it open with his nails. Anyone would have seen that all the tape and glue on sides and top were all intact and the insides were untouched. So he gets on the walkie and calls for a supervisor or something. Wait and it takes forever. He finally gives up and decides to do the return, either cause he knows he opened it or cause of the long line forming behind me. Then he can't find it on my receipt despite it clearly being on there and calls a manager again.

Finally, one comes, and she says I returned it already which I haven't. I had bought 3 of the same toys just different characters, and had returned 2 the day before, so there was still 1 more on the same receipt that hadn't been returned. The stupid employee, he mentions it's open, and again I have to tell her I never opened it, and the employee had done that himself. They tried to do it as a no receipt return but said I would lose 2 bucks. I said, "I paid 11.99 so why should I lose money when it is clearly on the receipt?!"

Anyway, I wasn't going to take the toy back since the stupid employee had opened it, and luckily I had another receipt on me of another same toy (again, different character), so I used that to do the return. I didn't want to use that receipt because that was for a purchase I made more recently. I may try to return the actual toy from that receipt I used with the older receipt they refused to use, despite it not being expired, just out of principle.

In the end, the employee was a pure idiot for accusing me which I took great offense when in fact his ignorance cause himself to stupidly open a toy that was never opened in the first place. And lastly the inability to return my toy even though it so clearly is on the receipt is utter nonsense. They don't want you to return and treat you like a common criminal, then try to steal 2 bucks by saying they can return it with my ID. Some of the worse customer service I have ever experienced.

Easton Shopping Center in Columbus Ohio
By -

I used to work for Target for over eight years until I was terminated. I had blew the whistle on co-workers smoking in the employee restrooms which are a violation of the Ohio state laws, smoking in a public place. I had been a target by bullies that constantly talked trash because of the incident. A co-worker employee and supervisor named ** had always passed negative remarks about me to the new arriving co-working supervisors.

These statements were for example,"He's not a team player" and other negative remarks. I ended up becoming one of the most hated employees in the Target 1072 store location. I was told off by a co-worker and he had lied and had said that I had pushed him because I had whistle blown the smoking incident. This individual should have been fired for arguing at me, but management did not terminate him. I was given a final write up and was told that I was a liar by the supervisor whose name was **.

A whole year had gone by and I was constantly harassed by co-workers. I was also asked to get in the trailer all the time by ** who apparently had a problem with me. I had to get a doctor's excuse to prevent from getting in the trailer all the time. When I had complained to the human relations supervisor and the other supervisors about the harassment, the other co-workers would lie.

I was eventually fired because of a punk whose name was **, he was going around the store spreading rumors that I was gay. I had gotten tired of taking people's mess at that store and had said to **,"I'm not scared of you." ** had an audience and he had shown off. A co-worker, whose name is improperly spelled named ** had gone to get help, but no one had come. ** had made remarks like,"Did you forget to take your medication," "You need to take the blank out of you but" and so forth.

I was fired two days later because of the incompetent supervisors and these supervisors using their own personal opinion in these matters. So I was fired for arguing with another co-worker, that management had allowed to act inappropriate for such a long time.

But ** did not get fired when he had gotten in my face and had made comments around an audience This target 1072 store also shows favoritism towards the hours unfairly and had hired family such as husband, wife, and personal friends on the job. Most of the hirings are of people that work at the store knows.

Broken merchandise stays on the shelves all the time unnoticed because workers are too lazy to take the items down. I had worked at the Lennox Shopping Center Target for six years unharassed, had made employee of the month, but a trouble maker at Easton shopping center Target Store. I was a hard worker but made out to be a troublemaker by people of authority that did not like me.

I had even made a complaint to the Ohio Civil Right Commission that had made matter worse. Team leader ** is another co-worker that tried to make matters difficult to get rid of me. ** had very poor management skills and is another source of my termination. Because of these incidents, I would never shop at Target again.

Not the Place for Value or Good Customer Service
By -

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- DO NOT SHOP AT THE VISTA RIDGE, LEWISVILLE, TX STORE!! I shop there quite frequently for several reasons. They have always given superior customer service, the products are always of a higher quality and the atmosphere is clean. Well not tonight!

Last week I was there purchasing an item that I found at Wal-Mart for a cheaper price. At the checkout I told the lady about the cheaper price that I found. A manager came over and explained to me that they did price matching but only if the item was in a printed ad. Of course, I was excited to find this out. I buy all kinds of things from Target and these days, like the majority of us, I watch what I spend and try to find coupons to maximize my spending power. That day I happily purchased my item without having the price matched (because this day I did not have the printed ad).

Several days later I went back and purchased just a few items that I was able to get matched because I brought in my printed ads. WELL, TONIGHT WAS DIFFERENT! At the checkout, the lady smacked her lips, huffed and sighed when I explained to her what I wanted to do. She told me that Target did not price match. I explained to her that I had been told by a manager last week that they did. She called over the manager for tonight. He immediately told me that Target did not do price matching. So I responded with, "Even though there's a sign that says you do?" (I noticed the previous time that I came that it was there).

He thought for a few moments and snatched the ad from my hand. He scrutinized every item that I had and said "No, we don't price match this one because... and this one because... and this one because..." Some of my items were produce. He told me that they don't price match produce because they don't have brand names on them. He pointed his bony little finger at the pineapples in the ad and said, "See, these don't say what brand they are." Well, let me tell you something. Neither did the pineapples at Target!!! Nor did the cantaloupes or onions!!!

At this point I was still trying to be cordial and accepted the fact that HE was not going to let me price match those items. Let me also point out that the oh so gracious checkout lady was on top of the world as she kept smacking her lips, sighing, huffing and giving me the sassy "UMM, HMM."

I pulled out the items that were going to be at regular price and put those up front and let her know that I still intended to purchase those items but at the regular price. Of course, I should have expected her response. She continued to smack her lips, sigh and huff as she reluctantly began to ring up my items. The manager, who was still standing there, I guess to "monitor" my purchase gave me the response that put the icing on the cake.

I stated to him that I had been to Target before and had items matched. He, in a very sassy gruff said "No you didn't". Well, let me tell you something. There is no store worth shopping at where you get called a liar in front of the other customers!!! After all that harassment, that was it. I left and drove straight to their competitor, Walmart who happily rang up my purchase, price matched or not, I got my items.

Let me reiterate, the items that I intended to purchase included both price matched and regular priced items which I honestly informed them of. This experience has pointed out the obvious. Target employees are not honest, the service is misleading, and they obviously don't need the business.

Return Policy Without Receipt Absolutely Sucks
By -

I received some high-end hair products as a gift that were purchased from Target. I didn't want those particular items and the purchaser lives out of state so I just figured I would easily be able to exchange the items for something else. WRONG! When I arrived at guest services and notified the clerk that I didn't have a receipt because the items were gifts, she called the manager over. He was very abrupt and stated that with no receipt, I could not exchange the items and he told me to read the return/exchange policy sign.

I told him that I had returned some makeup that I purchased from that exact location with no receipt and was allowed to exchange with no problem. I probably just tossed that particular receipt because I purchased mostly grocery items and didn't think I would need to return anything. But once I got home and tried on the makeup, it didn't blend well and the clerk kindly exchanged it with no hesitation, so why the issue now?

He said that was the policy. So, I proceeded to call guest relations and the representative stated that without a receipt, they were to do an exchange using my license and allow me to exchange up to $70 worth of merchandise. I told the manager this and he said that was not the policy, so the representative requested to speak with him.

The manager refused to speak on my cell phone (even though the 1-800 number was displayed on the screen). He also stated that guest relations could not override the store policy (Even though the policies are one and the same). So the representative said he would call the store. The manager walked off, I heard the phone ring a few minutes later but no one ever said anything to me so I called back. The next representative gave me a reference number and told me to call back on the Target phone since the manager wouldn't speak on my phone.

I did this, got a third representative and gave him my reference number. He stated the same policy regarding using my license number and allowing an exchange, so I asked the clerk to call the manager again. Up walks a different person and she stated the manager that I spoke to initially wasn't there. Interesting how he wasn't there after a matter of minutes.

So she spoke to the rep, tried to argue and asked for the guest relations reps supervisor! The supervisor came to the line and they talked for a while, then the floor manager handed the phone to me. I explained the situation to the supervisor and she asked to speak to the manager again. The manager was trying to be difficult, but evidently the supervisor stated that I will be allowed to exchange the merchandise. So the supervisor speaks back to me and says the manager will exchange the items and take care of it so we ended the call.

An hour and a half later, the manager then tells me that I can only exchange the items for items in that same department which I felt was ridiculous. In most stores unless they are a hole in the wall, typically if you don't have a receipt you get a store credit or can exchange for an item or items of the same or greater value. It doesn't matter what department the items come from. With Target being a larger corporation, I was shocked at the trivialness of the policy. Regardless of what department the item is in, the exchange is still in the store so I don't understand why it matters. Anyway, I had to just find random items in that department which was not ideal.

A couple of items would have been fine, but the items I received were kind of pricey and there were no items in that department in that price point so I had to get a lot of random things to amount to the returned merchandise. If the merchandise was purchased from there then people should be able to exchange it for anything in the store. Also, instead of just returning all of the items in one transaction and then doing the exchange.

The manager exchanged EACH item individually which caused me to have to come out of pocket for the differences because none of the exchange items completely evened out the exchange. It was a total nightmare, and now I STILL have products that I don't want! So I am back to square one and on top of that, I am some dollars short due to having to pay for the differences since I had to be exact or over the amount of the items. Total ripoff.

Target Optical in Wylie, Texas is Myopic
By -

WYLIE, TEXAS -- On 12/30/10 in the Target Optical store located in Wylie, Texas, a salesman sold me a pair of eyeglasses. After selecting only the frame, the salesman took a measurement of my eyes, processed the order, and told me my total out of pocket cost was $137.99. He never informed me of what options were available concerning the type of lenses, UV coating, anti-glare, anti-scratch, etc.

When I asked the salesman why he didn't, he told me I was getting polycarbonate lenses which include all the various coatings. I then asked him how much I was being charged for the coatings and he responded that they were all included in the price of the lenses.

I then again told him that I did not want any additional coatings, and asked how much I was being charged for them. He again insisted that all the coatings were included with "the type of glasses you picked out" and that "they are included in the price of the lenses." All I did pick out was the frame; not the lenses, or anything else because he never gave me the opportunity to do so.

Suspicious of the salesman's behavior, I asked the salesman who was in the store this evening when I arrived to pick up my glasses. He reluctantly admitted to me "you could have got the glasses without getting the coatings, but we won't sell them to you that way because then you wouldn't like the glasses. That's how all of us do it here." When I asked him if I was charged for those coatings he asked me if I had insurance. I told him I did, and he said, "then they paid for it."

The insurance I have is from EyeMed, which is owned by Luxottica, the same Italian company which also owns Target Optical. My policy only paid for a portion of the charges. I was stuck the balance of the charges even though I did not want any upgrades/additional products. Target Optical's sales practices are deceptive, misleading, and blatantly fraudulent. I demand I be immediately refunded the additional fees I was tricked into paying which total $85.

Awful Experience With Target
By -

I received the Jaybird JB-200 Bluetooth Headphones as a gift for my birthday in September of 2009 from my best friend in Boston. She knows how often I go to the gym (6 to 7 days a week) and overheard me talking about how much I liked the Bluetooth headphones I had seen at Target. As a surprise, they were mailed to me here in South Florida as a belated birthday present. Since I had only seen them a few days prior, I know that the cost was about $130. Included in that package was a three-year extended service plan from Target.

I was excited to use them and couldn't wait to get to the gym. I charged the battery as instructed and when completely charged I hurried off the gym. I had to adjust the headphones until they fit in my ear, but after a few moments they seemed to fit. I noticed that I had to adjust them about 10 seconds later, then another 10 seconds and then another 10 seconds; this last through the entire length of my hour and a half long workout. Stubborn as I am, I figured I must be doing something wrong, I reread the instructions and tried them again the next day at the gym; but I kept experiencing the same ill fitting problem.

Since then, I have tried to use them half a dozen times, but have been unsuccessful. These headphones have done nothing but sit and collect dust since then. Yesterday, I decided that since they still have the extended service plan for over another 2 years, I was going to see what could be done at Target.

I walked into the Fort Lauderdale store with my extended service plan and headphones in the original package. I told the woman at the guest services counter my issue. I was then told that I had to call an 800 number, submit a claim, mail the product back to Target and wait for it to be repaired or by chance given a new one. I know for a fact that this was not explained to my friend who purchased the 3 year agreement for me, otherwise she would have never done so in the first place.

Furthermore, the packaging on the 3 year service plan doesn't have say anything about shipping the product back AT ALL. In fact, one would only know what the exact terms and conditions are by purchasing the gift-card-esq packaging then opening the perforated edging and read the conditions which were folded up into a tiny, one inch long, square.

Why would I have to send a product back to Target that does not fit my ears correctly and wait for a 'repaired' one to be sent back to me, when I know they will not find anything electronically wrong with the product. The Jaybird headphones work, but I cannot use them! I am beyond irritated! So am I just to assume that this was $149 ($130 + $19 Three year service plan) plus tax and shipping thrown down the drain? I haven't even told my best friend that these do not really work well, as I know that she not only spent a lot of money on these, but wanted to do something really special for me.

I received a call from a very rude woman in the Target executive team who would not help. After communicating, each time I talked with her to the corporate office, she called a few minutes ago. She told me that Target absolutely would not help and that I should work with the manufacturer. As if that wasn't bad enough, told me to ‘respectfully not contact' the executive team anymore and proceeded to hang up. NEVER AGAIN WILL I SHOP AT ANOTHER TARGET EVER! That was the last dollar they get from me or any of my friends, family or co-workers.

Bad Customer Service!!! Bad Managers Too.
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I was furious on April 4, 2010 at 7 pm because the store on Westheimer and Fondren refuses to take my manufacturer's coupons. They said only one coupon can be used by each customer even though I have 6 coupons for 6 items. The front end manager told me one coupon per transaction. Then I said, "Can I pay for them separately?" He said only one coupon per customer per transaction per visit per day!!! Then I spoke to the store manager name Tynesha. She was no help. She said that "We can not take more than two coupons per transaction..."

Even though I read the coupon out loud and it says "limit one coupon per product purchased on specified item" which means on each specified item I purchased I can use only one coupon. Which mean I can not use two coupons on one item... She said no... But she went ahead and take scan my items... She said, "We have the right to limit the amount of items you purchased." I agree with her but I said, "You can not limit my coupon. If I have 6 items I am able to use 6 coupons." Then she scanned my coupon, the computer says item not found on display. She looked at me and said the computer is not taking it so I can not do anything.

I asked her to read the coupon again and please verify that the coupon is valid for the item I purchased. She agreed that that is the item on the coupon but since the coupon is not taking it she can not do anything. I said, "I know that if the coupon is right then usually you guys take it by pushing k1." She said, "I don't have to" Oh my God... I can't believe what she just said... So I said, "I know you don't have to but it's the only right thing to do if the coupon is valid for the item I purchased..." She said "No ma'am I can't take your coupon..." I said "OK..."

And there is another issue that we have with another coupon I have. The item was on clearance for 1.25 and I bought 2 it comes out to 2.50. But my coupon is for $4 off 2. So she looked at it and said, "We can't take it since the coupon is over the amount of the item..." I said, "Then Target policy says that you are able to adjust the price down to 2.50 and not give me the full 4 off..." She said she can't do that because the item is on clearance... "We don't take coupons for clearance items ma'am," that's what she said next... And I know that is a load of bull... Because I have never had a problem with Target taking coupons for clearance items.

She said, "If this item is not on clearance then I am more than happy to take your coupons..." Hmmmmm... I told her that first you not going to take my coupon because "the system won't allow it and you can't do anything about it." Then you won't take the other coupon because "the item is on clearance and we don't take coupons for clearance items. And plus the coupons exceed the amount of the item so we can't take it." Then she says, "I can't give you free stuff... If I adjust this coupon then you will be getting it for free and if you decides to return the item you will get back the money for these coupons...!!!"

I said, "Why would I go here and go through all this trouble to return an item I got for free..." "I don't know." I took all my coupons back and end up standing there waiting and talking to a manager that doesn't really give a rats ** about her customers nor the corporate policy! So I decided to give a comment so that she will be retrained on how to interpolate the corporate coupon policy, how to treat her customers, how to resolve an issue using her knowledge of the customer service guideline, and how to not judge people who bargain shop trying to save a few bucks. Plus she need to go back to management school...

The first rule is never ever ever starts off a conversation with a customer already have an issue at the time with "No we can't do it and I can't do anything ma'am!" Oh and "I don't have to do it." That's my piece of mind... Please get contact me with any updates... Because obviously the whole store including the cashier, the front desk manager, the store manager is misinformed by the coupon policy... Please, please, please contact the store and let them know the policy... Because this is the only Target close to my house... And it's not even that close... Thank you.

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