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Poor FIOS installation and customer service
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Rating: 1/51

MONTGOMERY VILLAGE, MARYLAND -- Verizon installed FiOS in my house two days after I moved in. The technician tried to drilled a hole from outside into the basement. In the first attempt, he drilled into my newly refinished hardwood floor in the kitchen leaving a long and deep drill mark. His second attempt cut through a wire to the master bedroom and master bath. The technician gave me his supervisor's phone number and said Verizon has money and they would fix it.

While checking his work in the end, I asked him to caulk the two holes on the outside wall. He's willing to caulk the first one. But when I mentioned the second one, he said, "Woman!" What is that?! Isn't it common sense to fill holes on the wall so that water will not come into the house? VZ needs to train their technicians better.

I called the manager and he came to take photo right away and promised to send a handyman to fix the problems. Four days later, a contracting handyman came and he couldn't fix the electrical problem. After applying the stain on the hardwood floor, he realized that the damage is too deep to cover it up. He said the only way to fix it is to resand and refinish the floor. I wasn't happy about it, so called the customer service and was transferred to different departments. Tried contact them online, but was instructed to call the same 800 number. Tired of trying and filed a complaint on BBB website and asked for reimbursement.

A couple days later, a lady with Private Caller caller ID from some customer relationship called and said someone would contact me by the end of the week. No one else from VZ called that week. The following week, BBB forwarded a message from VZ saying that the customer is satisfied with their response. What a joke! I immediately denied it. The same routine went on several times and I learned that I just need to play with them. They tried their best to frustrate me so that I'd give up. But I wouldn't. About two months later, they finally gave me another 800 number to their reimbursement department.

It turned out it's a contracting company handling all kinds of reimbursement. After setting up my case, the representative told me that she would need to review my case and contact me later. A month later, she sent me a letter stating that she hadn't heard from me for a long time and wondered whether I want to close the case. Another same old crap. I contacted her immediately and called her every other day.

Two weeks later, I got my check. The whole thing took place for 3 1/2 months. I read many complaints here and I know how frustrating it could be to deal with VZ. However, please hang in there and play the game with them. I did what I had to do and tried not to get angry. Now I think it's really a joke.

Absolute Dysfunctional Customer Service!
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Rating: 1/51

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- Moved to CA and needed TV, Internet and home phone service. I responded to an ad by Verizon. Learned that Fios TV didn't serve my area and was told that for TV they were lining up people in my area with DirecTV along with Verizon's phone and Internet. I bit the deal, was given a phone number they said would be mine, was given the day and time that both Verizon and DirecTV would show up to connect my service. They didn't show!

I spent five hours on my Verizon cell phone which has limited minutes! I was put on hold numerous times. Lost contact. Call back. Transferred from one contact person to another. None being able to make any sense to the whole scenario. I was beginning to feel like I was losing my mind! At one point DirecTV said they didn't come because the phone number that Verizon gave me was unreachable or fraudulent. Hmmm?????

Eventually Verizon made a three way phone conversation between myself, DirecTV and Verizon. Got it somewhat straightened out with DirecTV. They came out and connected my TV. However Verizon didn't show for another three or four days. The guy that came out was not an official Verizon person but was sent by Verizon. He was around for about an hour or two... couldn't figure out how to put a phone line into my mobile home as concrete would need to be torn up to do so.

Besides that, my mobile home does not have a phone jack and would need one put in to make the connection. Soooo... here we go again trying to get Verizon to do something was another day spent on the phone like before, seemed like every representative had the same spiel.

I was beginning to feel like they were all lying to me. I wanted to cancel my order with Verizon (never signed any papers with them). They said, "Oh we will have another person out to do the work." I waited more days. Another person came out to see about making connections. He spent three hours around the neighborhood, under the house, etc. trying to get a signal from the main Verizon port to my area, but never was able to get one. I decided right then and there that I was finished with Verizon.

After more time on the cell phone I was able to get a couple of cancellation numbers to my order. I kept getting messages on the phone, mail, and cell phone, that I was connected blah, blah, blah... and again I'm calling trying to make sure that my order indeed had been cancelled. One person, and there were many, told me they had the a cancellation number for my internet, but not my phone. So there we go again... this kind of conversation has now happened three times.

Furthermore, yesterday, I get a bill charging me for phone service, and the internet that I never had in the first place. I wonder if someone has my name and address and the strange phone number that was given me in the beginning by Verizon and using it thus I get the bill????? Is that possible????? I'm so furious with Verizon that I can't even sleep! Interesting.

I find out last week that some friends of mine in Huntington Beach having been given this deceptive raw treatment by Verizon and charging them for things that never existed. Hmmmm!!!!????? Don't use Verizon! Someone from Verizon mentioned on the phone to my friends that Verizon has gotten way out of their league and greedy by taking on internet, phone line, and TV service! I believe it!!!! I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

Please Avoid Verizon

ALLENTOWN, PA, PENNSYLVANIA -- When you see VERIZON'S RED logo, the first two associations that should come to mind are red-faced ANGER and red DEBT. This past year, my family has experienced a significant amount of both thanks to Verizon. Following my father's passing, my mother decided to “bundle” our family's services through Verizon in order to minimize costs. Specifically, we purchased the DirecTV/Land Line/Internet bundle along with a 1400 minute “Friends and Family” wireless plan.

Currently a comparable “Triple Play” bundle advertises for $59.99 per month and 1400 minutes “Friends and Family” plan advertises for $89.99. This bundle includes basic local landline, DirecTV, and high-speed internet. When we purchased our bundle and wireless plan, we expected to pay around $150 per month for these services (perhaps even up to $175 per month when taxes were added).

Well after a year with Verizon, we have paid a staggering average of $458 PER MONTH! Note that's over 3 TIMES the advertised amount. In one year, we paid Verizon $5,496.17 for services that were advertised to cost around $1,800 for the year! Is this not insane?! $458 per month for 3 basic cell phone lines (only 1 of which recently was upgraded to internet), basic DirecTV (NOT FiOS), basic internet (NOT FiOS), and minimal landline services! Let me repeat, $5,496.17 in ONE YEAR!

Note that most of these fees are attributed to Verizon's deceptive practices. In fact, Verizon's numerous deceptions are so intricately interrelated. I am at a loss for where to begin. Let's start with the most recent bill we are contesting- November of 2011. In November we were billed an outrageous sum of $636.05. The purported reason for this excessive bill was that our family went over our allotted 1400 minutes at a whopping cost of over $.45 per minute.

The total number of minutes our family used that month: 1279. But wait, 1279 is under 1400 right? Well according to Verizon, our plan was limited at 700 minutes not 1400. Why had our plan changed from the original 1400 to 700?! The answer is further revealing of Verizon.

Earlier in the year we had received yet another outrageous bill (do you see a pattern developing?). The bill was invalid, but Verizon would not refund any of the mistaken fees. (Note: We have automatic bill pay, and unfortunately by the time we recognize these invalid charges and errors, Verizon has already withdrawn the money from our bank account. Subsequently, they are extremely reluctant to refund any of the charges.)

As a consolation though, they did offer a way to reduce future bills- they recommended decreasing our “friends and family” minutes from 1400 to 700. This, my mother was told, would save her $20 per month. Now I love my mom to death, but she can be a tad gullible and easily persuaded by salespeople. The salesperson (and my mother) failed to note our family frequently goes over 700 minutes per month! So the next month an apparent $20 savings became hundreds of dollars in overage charges!

Feeling duped, my mom went into the local Verizon store to request our plan be increased back up to 1400 minutes. The salesperson offered her apologies and stated that our plan was adjusted accordingly back up to 1400 minutes. Well several months later this adjustment never occurred. And despite the fact that Verizon has record of my mom's visit, they are only offering to refund half of the overage charges.

Please, avoid Verizon at all cost. Do not use automatic bill pay because once they have your money, they will probably not refund excessive charges. If for some reason you're still tempted to purchase Verizon's bundle, consider the quality of services you'll be receiving:

Television- Admittedly we do not have FiOS, we have DirecTV. DirecTV is extremely limited in local channel selection (not even their premium packages offer an adequate selection of local channels). For example, I'm a big sports fan and miss out on most of the local professional sports teams' games. And I've never been able to catch local high school or minor league sports teams which are regularly broadcasted through local cable. Oh, and prepare to have a rather large diameter hole drilled through the side of your house upon DirecTV installation (i.e. a hole big enough to see the lawn outside- and no, we were not told of this prior to the installation).

Internet- At the moment I'm typing this (~8pm on 1/11/12) our internet connection has been out for over 24 hours and counting. No there was no inclement weather, accident, or obvious explanation. My neighbor (who does not have Verizon services) has internet connection. I was told by Verizon this outage is due to regular updating. (Fortunately I can use my neighbors' more reliable internet service). But when our internet is working, it typically clocks in around 0.78Mbps download and 0.69 Mbps upload. Generally this is acceptable for casual internet browsing, but it is substantially less than the 1.2-3.0 Mbps advertised by Verizon.

Phone- Well a landline's a landline I suppose. We have bare minimum (no caller ID for example) and it seems sufficient. In conclusion, unless you want to pay nearly $500 a month for a poor television selection, unreliable internet, and the most basic cellular services (i.e. no smartphone), my family and I recommend avoiding Verizon. If you don't believe me, check out their Better Business Bureau rating (F). Let Verizon's RED logo be a forewarning- you're in for a lot of RED-FACED ANGER and RED DEBT with Verizon. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me **.

Don't get FIOS
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BUFFALO, NEW YORK -- I moved in November and wanted to upgrade my television service provider and internet. I choose FiOS because my partner said that he did the research and found FiOS to be the best. When I called Verizon to sign up, I was placed on hold for nearly 30 minutes. Not a good start. Next, I was connected to an operator in new business. She said that she needed to take some information before she would give me any. When she asked for my SS# after a barrage of questioning, I said, "Lady, I just wanted you to tell me about your services and costs."

She was very agitated at my insistence because apparently I wasn't conforming to her managements form of how this was going to go. She told me that the service that I was asking for was $89.99 plus $10 for an extra two TVs. She didn't say a word about installation charges (Time Warner was free at the time) or any other charges. The installation happened and five days later I moved in and was excited to enjoy it. I was extremely disappointed. Internet speed was slower than my former DSL. The channel lineup and functionality are far inferior to my former DISH subscription.

About the same time I was discovering that FiOS was terrible, I received a bill for $103 dollars more than I agreed to. When I called to dispute the charges I was told that I was being charged $109.99 for the basic service ($20 more than the rude sales operator told me) and was also charged for installation of additional outlets. I was never told that I was being charged for that and in addition, the installation guy didn't even have to wire anything. All the wires were already there.

After spending 97 minutes on the phone with a representative and supervisor, I gave up. I told them to cancel it. They said that they couldn't retrieve the recording of the conversation and that it was too bad that their employee misinformed me. It cost me a few hours of my time, enduring the install process, a lot of aggravation and $140 for the privilege of trying Verizon's horrible service(?). I paid it because I have a credit score that I'm proud of and our laws would allow Verizon to damage it if I don't pay them. This is just so wrong. I now have Time Warner internet. They were sooooooo much better than most companies I've dealt within recent history.

Every single employee of that company bent over backward to make sure that I was satisfied. It was easy to get info on the program, easy to sign up, and the end product is great. I went back to DISH for my television subscription. I have had DISH for 8 years now and I have to say that it is damn good. Good price, good packages, and decent customer service. Can't beat it.

Verizon just did not give a ** and that's how they treated me from the first call to the last. I have a Verizon cell phone with a family plan that I have paid $125 a month for for the past several years. As of my contract expiration in seven months, I will be terminating that service from Verizon as well. I am happy with the service but I refuse to give them another dime. So they screwed me. In the end, they are the losers.

Absolutely Worse Customer Service Ever!!!
By -

I canceled my phone, TV and internet service with Verizon because of the myriad of mayhem I had to go through for everything under the sun except to pay them money for the Bill. (Of course!) During my service with them I was constantly encouraged to go "Paperless" so I had to rely solely on logging onto the internet to view my account details.

After cancellation of my service, their customer service (which was already less than acceptable) diminished further on a sharp curve downward. I promptly returned their equipment and was told that the total amount of my bill wasn't the final amount and that I should wait until the completion of the billing cycle to receive all the credits due to the account and view the final payment.

I checked my account on-line weekly to quickly settle the remaining debt. After the turn of the billing cycle, I tried to access the account on-line and received a "Account Change Verification" page where I was asked to enter the phone number and the Account Number before being able to proceed. What a brilliant spark of genius on Verizon's part. I guess they hadn't taken into account that customers that opt fully into their paperless system rely on access to this information through the on-line system which they locked me out of.

Then the worse happens, I was unwillingly forced to go through their dreaded customer support system (the same system that prompted me to drop their service in the first place). Needless to say, I was transferred in an endless loop at least 5 times and no one had a clue about my account, the amount due nor could they advise me on the next steps for resolving the concern.

I received a multitude of apologies without any type of service. When I asked to speak with a manager I was informed that they could transfer me but the managers response wasn't going to be any different. And they were absolutely right, the manager got on the phone and told me they didn't have the information I was requesting but they'd be happy to transfer my call. When I asked to whom, I saw the cycle repeating itself all over again and simply disconnected the call.

I wouldn't recommend Verizon to anyone. In short, I had their service for close to 4 years and simply got tired of the poor business practices. The ONLY time you won't have any problems getting to someone and have your requests expedited quickly is: 1. To add a new service. 2. When you request for service cancellation.

Anything that will generate more revenue or is a threat to continued revenue will be handled very swift. Anything regarding general service after they have you as a customer is pointless. Do yourself a BIG Favor and go with the competitive company in your area. If you know the competition leaves a lot to be desired as well, take this advice as information to choose the less of 2 evils. GOOD LUCK!

I don't know why they call it customer service, should be called (NCS) No Customer Service
By -

ASHBURN, VIRGINIA -- About Oct. 27, 2010 I checked online to see about Verizon Fios, and it said they could provide me with service at my house. I tried to set up service online, and after completing the entire order, equipment I wanted, etc. and went to schedule installation, I was told to call customer service to schedule installation. I was told by the customer service representative " just because the website says we can give you service, doesn't mean we can".

Nov. 12, 2010 I moved in to the new house. Still waiting and calling just to get an answer if they could give me FOIS service at my house in Broadlands/Ashburn, VA ( a very populated area). Still no answer after 2 weeks. My neighbors were calling as well with the same results, no answer from Verizon.

After 3 weeks, I got tired of waiting and just frustrated with Verizons HORRIBLE customer service. I called DirectTV, to set up the TV portion and they were very sorry, and apologized that I would have to wait 2 days to have a tech at my house to install the service. Direct TV installation went GREAT. Still needed internet at the house, but I had to get a WIFI card to hold me over, and planned on returning it before the 30 days and contract kicked in.

Still no answer I went up to a local Verizon store to talk to someone I person at the FiOS desk. Told him I had been trying to get an answer since Oct 27, and as of today nothing. He checked and told me yes he could get service at my house and guaranteed me it was available. Set up and installation date of Dec. 22, 2010, at the narrowed down time of 8:00am - 5:00pm. WOW what a window.

Dec. 22, 2010 I took off work and was at my house waiting, and at 9:00am the phone ring, and it the customer service. We will not be able to make our appointment today. Now, the soonest they can put me on the schedule is Jan. 10, 2011, 2 1/2 weeks away. I get put at the end of the list and have to take another day off work. Not happy at all, I schedule it. I hung up the phone went to my computer and went to schedule it into my appointments and realized I had a conflict.

I went online to the site that has info about my account. And rescheduled the appointment, yet the next available date they had was Monday Dec. 27, 2010, 2 weeks before the appointment they had just told me was the next open date. So I rescheduled it for that Monday, not expecting them to show, but they did. Finally after 2 months to the date I have service, things went off well. The installer was nice, efficient, and on time.

All in all Verizon's customer service is the worst in the entire world. They actual service they provide is for the most part is good, and does what they say it does. If you do not go crazy dealing with Verizon's people telling you what ever they need to just to get off the phone, not returning calls, not following up, and not showing up for the installation, or service calls, and not caring about your time, you might be happy. I have a sour taste in my mouth that I had to force they to allow me to give them money.

I also have a business location that that Verizon scheduled to show up and install service. Showed up a week early, out of the blue, no one was at the construction site to allow them access. Then for the schedule date, no show, no calls. It took me 5 phone calls and almost 2 hours to get it rescheduled.

I also have wireless service, and signed a business agreement to get 8% off my wireless bill. They never turned int he paperwork, and when they emailed me another set of papers to fill out they sent the papers to me with my account number, but some other companies name on it. Why, why do I continue to torture myself. I did have a "I Hate Verizon" bumper sticker made that make me feel BETTER.

Worst Customer Service EVER !!!
By -

First let me start by saying that Fios is the best for your HD T. V. As far as the customer service goes, they are really bad. I had my Fios installed my a technician who told me my Television wasn't a HD television so the premium HD channels I got were not going to work on my T. V. (I have a 55 plasma Vizio 1080p) So when he left, I figured it out my self.

By the way, it took three weeks for the installation. After 8 months (I got the $99 package, Internet, Fios and phone, good deal) I was told my service would be disconnected because they forgot to charge me my Internet service. I was paying almost $150 a month I always pay my bills on time, but the customer service lady told me they forgot to charge me so I either I had to pay the $600 dollars now, or it will be disconnected.

I ask to speak to a manager, she was worst. Told me why didn't I check my bill and see why I wasn't getting charge for the Internet service. I told her I figured since I signed up for the package, and I was paying almost $150 a month. I figured that was everything. She said no, $20 each for the DVR HD box and so on, that I should check my bills and is my fault. I will say yes, it is my fault for trusting a company to do there job and bill you for there services. I usually pay online and that's the end of that. Well, I paid everything, but they still disconnected my service. Called back 3 days later and asked them why? They told me I haven't paid them yet.

Which I proved to her I did. So now I have to wait 3 weeks for another technician come to my house and restore my services. Also they will charge double if you order movies with them, they did that to me 4 times. So I called them complaining about it, the lady I spoke to was nice. Told me because they messed up and I have Internet services with them, they will give me for free Verizon Security (I think you pay $5.00 a month for it).

She said give me your email address and I will send you the link. 3 days later passed I called back and was called a liar, that no one had the authorization to give me Verizon Security for free. (which I was offered, don't even cared about to be honest.) But what type of company calls a customer a liar??

Verizon Customer Service Run-Around and Stonewalling
By -

On Monday 5/17 at 11p our Internet and TV service when down. I thought I would call the next am. At 6am I woke to the low battery alarm audible beep, which had been going off all night according to my son who did not get a minute of sleep. That sound continued for 17 hrs requiring that I medicate our elderly dog for anxiety since we had no choice but to leave her in the house.

Anyway on Tuesday 5/18/2010 at 6:15am I called and spoke to ** who tried to help me disable the battery so the beeping would stop but he freaked on me when the physical equipment setup did not match what he was familiar with, so he put in a service ticket and told me I could call dispatch back at 7:30am to try to get someone out the same day.

I did call back at 7:35 but failed to write down this person's name - anyway this one told me that the service ticket was for 5/19 between 8a and 5p but if he could get someone out on 5/18 he would call me back. I asked him to call either way and he assured me he would let me know but of course he did not bother to let me know that I would have to be without ALL service AND suffer the beeping for another 24 hrs.

At 5pm on 5/18 I called again and spoke to ** who was rude and sarcastic because she of course knew how annoying the beeping sound can be but it certainly is not akin to a form of torture. Never mind that she had never had to live with it for more than a few short minutes whereas we at that point had been tortured with it for almost 18 hrs. She told my husband that our service window on 5/19 was for 8a-12n. He finally disabled the beeping noise himself.

On 5/19 I called at 0730 to find out if we were still going to have a technician arrive between 8-12. Wayne told me that I was second on the list and would hear from the technician "by 10a" - not before but "by" 10. At 1030 I called again. We were still 2nd on the list but the first on the list was taking longer and oh by the way our service window was really 8-5. I spoke to a sarcastic floor supervisor named ** who was as helpful as a turd.

At 2p I called and spoke to **. He said my window was 1p-5p but the tech was finishing up the job and we should hear from him first it was in the next 20-30 minutes and then it was within the hour. At 3:45 I called and talked to ** who said our window was 8a-9p and we were the last stop of the day (really? A 13 hr window of sitting at home with no service whatsoever? Will they pay me back for the vacation day I had to take? And how did we go from 2nd in line to last?????).

I asked for a supervisor. Spoke to the only nice person in the history of Verizon named **, a floor supervisor in the Dallas office who claimed that one of Verizon's core values was NEVER to give the client a runaround or stonewall them on service requests. Right. He said he would follow up with me personally but of course he never did.

At 6pm we received a text stating that the technician was in route and at 6:22 the technician called to say within 10 minutes. At 6:35 he showed up. Within minutes of leaving the phone and internet went out again and of course dispatch was closed by now so there was nothing the representative in the CA office could do for me other than put in a new service request ticket - with a new stay at home window of 1p-5p today 5/20. Oh yeah, I have that much extra vacation time lying around not a problem.

The only positive thing to this entire hateful experience is that the technician who came to our house was a supervisor in our area and he did leave his business card. So we left a message for him which he returned at 1030 pm, after we had gone to bed seething at Verizon. 15 minutes later he had walked my husband through the final steps to getting everything back online. And he claimed he was going to stop today to make sure that on the outside of the house everything was in working order.

I refuse to call and cancel today's service ticket - if the guy who showed up last night is smart enough to call and cancel it then great. But if not, I'm happy to let Verizon waste some of their time and gas after the hassle they put me through and all the lies they told me. Is the domain still available? I am nearly willing to pay for it just because they have the worst customer so-called service and they train their monkeys to lie to consumers.

A nightmare, but an anticipated nightmare
By -

As the title implies my experience with Verizon was ungodly awful, but not one I wasn't expecting. Verizon has earned a street cred of having bad service, but until this point I hadn't really dealt with them personally so all I had to go on was hearsay. I can now say that most of those stories are not only true, but probably are the shortened versions.

Simply put, I wanted FiOs internet installed in my new apartment. OK, so I call up their service line and go through the mandatory automated prompts. That's to be expected and compared to a lot of similar scenarios I've dealt with, relatively painless. Got a service rep, gave them all my info, set up an appointment to have my service installed, great!

So the date to get my service installed comes around and I've taken the day off work to be there. I wait... and wait. The far side of the four hour window I was given rolls around and no one has shown up, so I call Verizon to figure out what's up. Get a different service representative She tries repeatedly to pull up my account. I give her the account number the last representative gave me, my street address, email, phone number, so on and so on and NOTHING brings it up. It's as if it didn't exist. Her solution? Creating a NEW account and setting up another date.

I'm a little frustrated at this point, but the representative insists that I won't have to worry about getting charged twice for a service I wasn't receiving at that point. In the process of setting up this new account I discover that I was either lied to by the previous representative or he somehow grossly miscommunicated with me, because I was led to believe that of the two package options for FiOs that were available only the more expensive of the two offered free WiFi. This second representative told me otherwise and I was able to go with the cheaper plan.

If it ended there I wouldn't be typing here. It goes on. Day before the next installation day I get a call from Verizon just confirming that they are going to be there the following day at such and such time and to please be there and OH! by the way you'll need verbal consent given by your landlord for us to install. Perfectly logical request were it not presented to me on the Friday afternoon before they were coming to install.

The landlord's offices, like most similar offices, close on the weekends and I, like a good many other working class Americans, was in work when I got the message. Good thing I had a lunch break to call my landlord. He contacts Verizon and gives them my address... and once again they have no record of me. The landlord calls me back and I give him my account number.

He gives it to them and they FINALLY are able to find my account... that they listed under the wrong address. See, I live on a street that has a direction tied to it. ie. West Broad Street, South Boulevard, etc. This kind of mistake would have been understandable were it not for the fact that I DISTINCTLY remember the second representative asking me if it was the letter S or the whole word SOUTH in the name of the street. They had me listed on the NORTH address.

All right. That gets resolved. Tech guy calls the following morning and says he's at my door. I go out and no one. Naturally I assume Verizon has once again failed to communicate with the rest of their staff so I call the guy right back and sure enough he's on the north side of the street. He drives to the right address and tries to set up service for three hours, but he can't because the authorization was given for the north address, not the south one.

Since it was a Saturday, naturally no one was available for him to get help resolving the issue. Oddly enough, the tech is the only one I'm not furious with, because he was getting screwed over as much as I was and he did his job the best he could with limited to no help from his superiors.

He reschedules for Monday when everyone gets back in the office. He gets here and the installation process takes less than ten minutes. Great. I have working internet now, but I'm more than a little mad about the delays and all the mess ups on their end so I want to go register a complaint. Ha! The phone lines redirect me from one department to another never really settling on someone who's actually able to help me, the Verizon website claims that, for whatever reason, I can't email them or use their Livechat function both of which are offered on their contact page. Please note that this isn't a software or a user issue.

Literally, after trying the email button it asked for my area code, then disabled the email link and said "email not available." The Livechat merely said that all their techs were busy at the moment so they couldn't even put me in a queue or anything. I'm used to waiting for hours, on a few rare occasions, DAYS to hearing back from online support, but never have I been flat out told that no, you just can't use it.

I work in the customer service industry, so I get all the obnoxious, unreasonable customers all the time. It makes me a lot more tolerant when dealing with others in the field, because I know it gets rough after a while, but this level of utter incompetence makes my blood boil. I'm going to continue to try to search for a way to file a complaint, because at the very least I want my installation fee waived after that many screw ups of such magnitude. Take home message: don't expect to leave happy when dealing with Verizon customer service.

Promise made but not kept and too much time waiting
By -

I am a former Comcast customer. They were OK but I was looking for better customer service. I moved signed up for DSL and ordered Dish Network for TV. They could not get a good view for the dish so I called and changed Verizon to not just DSL internet but also cable. Then I called the representative he said, "I will be right over" and he did show up but little did I know this was a sales call not a hook up.

At that point he sold me on the Fios Cable and internet. I said I did not need the phone. I would use my T-mobile as my home phone. In the mean time the DSL phone automated caller called said your DSL has been hooked up, just enter info when you receive your disk in the mail." I thought this was cancelled. I changed to FIOS???

Well Saturday appointment went fine. They hooked up cable internet. I mentioned the box of DSL stuff what to do with this. He said go to Verizon store to return. No problem, right? NOT! The store did help more but sold me on the bundle and said I could get a netbook for signing up. I mentioned the issue with the cable and internet. They got everything approved for the promotion and called to get a # to return DSL.

Well I paid my bill on time and then they sent me my promotional gift - OH 100 gift card. I have spent the last week and half trying to get this resolved. First day 1 hour 20 minutes online waiting for supervisor to approve then the magic 6 pm time arrived and was disconnected (Magic time you will find out later) then called back now after hours crew said they can not do anything They think I need to go to the store where the change was approved. I needed to know not a I thing.

So of course passed me to another sales representative claiming they were a supervisor. You know they do that don't you? I was a bill collector. WE do that call passing a call. Another voice "Joe talk professional K". Hey they all do that. His response same go to the store.

Went to store next day, spoke with great sales representative ENRICO. He called them, explained she was in here, I did change for her and approved. But had again to wait for supr to approve. Magic time 6 PM click. Again they hung up on us, same issue but when we called back we found out from after hours crew "sales representative talking to Enrico" that they disconnect calls at 6pm to let the after hour crew take over. But now they said they can not change or fix anything, have to contact the m-f 8-5 people. WHAT! I waited 45 minutes and they just hung up again. This is day two. So got another # to call the nexy day.

Well waited few due to labor day. Called today, gave him same old stuff and he asked for the # to the store where they approved. Gave all info again. They do not document well. Held for 20 minutes waiting for supr RIGHT!!! Then Mr Randy came back, "Oh sorry Mrs, you never qualified for the netbook. You were already a customer."

WHAT I just signed up but changed and added items within two weeks. Oh never again trust them. Called my sales representative Enrico he says come back down to the store Friday we will try to fix. K. We'll see what a mess this will be, four days of mess and several hours much frustrations for something I do not really need but they should do. Netbook not that great. I just want them to actually do what they say.

Right customer service not good on the phone in the store. Great face to face, you can not lie or hang up. THEY NEED TO HIRE SOMEONE OTHER THAN 20 SOMETHING'S TO WORK THE PHONES. Thanks for nothing. I think I should just send back the100 gift card. It will expire before I get this resolved. Ha.

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