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Verizon Customer Service is a Giant OF TIME
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Rating: 2/51

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- While Verizon internet delivery itself is decent, it seems that Verizon customer service policy is built around the idea that customers buy into the culture of spending large amounts of time on the phone in order to have phone or internet service. I believe internet customer service should be quick -- no long spiels and people sounding like robots on the phone going through their required info until they finally ask you for money. Verizon is not paying me to sit through long periods on the phone, repeating information, just trying to get an inquiry answered.

What they are trained to do is repeat a whole bunch of unwanted information that you already know, like the amount of your last payment, date, etc., and to tell you 'what is due', even though you don't ask for it and have already told them that you already made a payment and were just asking why you got this phone call from Verizon and why your payment might not be showing. If you tell them you didn't ask for the information or already know, they continue like automatons. It's as if they are not trained to hear what you say but instead trained for a sort of bill-collecting. This not only wastes your time, it makes you mad.

First, I don't think I should be getting ANY phone calls from Verizon on my phone, which is used for a business. At the least it's an annoyance but it does feel a little harassing when you're busy. Worse, now I will have to change my number, find a way to block them (block it app?) or call them back and update with a 'new' incorrect number. Also, the information you give the first representative should automatically transfer to any representative you're transferred to, but it doesn't. Instead, it's your cost to sit there and repeat it every time you're transferred.

Verizon Customer Service is awful... Don't switch
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Rating: 1/51

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA -- I switched to Verizon Fios from Comcast in the spring of 2012. The internet was only fast if you had a direct connection but the wireless was awful unless sitting right next to the modem. On top of that when I canceled in the fall of 2012 they said I owed no money and would get a refund. This was a lie because their customer service representative did not know what she was talking about. in early 2013 I got a bill saying I owed more funds.

I called to figure out what it was about I was originally told that it was equipment charges that needed removed from the account but that department could not do it. I got transferred... After 2 hours 50 minutes and being transferred to 5 numbers and speaking to 2 supervisors and being on hold forever I found out that the charge was correct and that the customer service representative from 3 months ago was incorrect. I would have to now pay this out of pocket. What a rip off... It should not have taken that log to get an accurate answer... I advise going to Verizon Fios unless you want the run around and sneak charges.

Great Specs, Lousy Experience in My Home
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Rating: 1/51

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- While FiOS speeds are fast the heart of Verizon is still the old monopolistic phone company, and this shows up in how they deploy new technology and service their customers. My house is spread out and I don't get good wireless coverage in my office over the garage. I paid Verizon to have two additional routers installed so that we'd have seamless wireless. At the time, the techs knew how to configure the additional routers and everything worked flawlessly.

When Verizon came out with Quantum I was pretty excited. We're a family of six and everyone has multiple devices on the network at the same time - so I was excited to get faster speeds. But the deployment was less than ideal! The installed the main internet router (first floor, my wife's office) and that went fine. They told me the other two Verizon routers would need to be replaced to handle the higher speed... okay.

But they couldn't and wouldn't configure the other two routers to get the same wireless coverage. The techs don't know how to do it and won't address the service issue. Since then we've had drop out on some high def TV channels, rebooting of set-top boxes (in the middle of the football game the other day), and intermittent wireless drop out. The service guy came for 15 minutes, said he took out a bad connector and that we were all set... but the same issues persist. Waiting to see if a service person is going to show up or not.

So, in summary, it's clear that fiber optics is the way to go but Verizon still has a long way to go on the field deployment and customer service side. If (when) I have a reasonable alternative, I will be switching. At the end of the day it's not specs or side-by-side speed tests or any other theoretic performance that matters; all that matters is what you experience in your home.

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Rating: 1/51

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY -- I made a request about FiOS in May (shouldn't have done that). The representative assured me that it was in my area. I told her I did not want my account bundled. She spurted out some many lies about the advantages I told her okay. She had a FiOS router sent to me and told me she would follow up with me (her name was **) until it was up and running. Never did.

After weeks of calling Verizon telling them that FiOS is not available in my area, I told them to make sure that they DO NOT bill me for a telephone because I have been a Vonage customer for several years and I enjoy VOIP and their prices. I call Verizon again in June to find out what was happening and to make sure they do not bill me for the telephone. A representative I spoke to told me she can bundle my DirecTV and Verizon DSL and I would get a $10.00 discount per month for doing so. I receive a bill on 7/18/12 for a whopping $502 and change. They billed me for triple play (again cannot get FiOS in my area) and other extreme charges.

In fact, when I went online to see my DirecTV bill for part of June and July (I paid my DirecTV bill on June 1 with a $6.06 balance, it was $12.00 more than my basic package!I call them today and told them to send my bill back to DirecTV and to reduce my bill. They told me that I did have triple play because I have internet (DSL) telephone and DirecTV. I told her I again that I have Vonage. She told me call Vonage to see if they have my DSL number (973-482-5343) and she said they do not even have the number in their database only my Vonage home number which is 973-944-4927.

I call Verizon back to tell them Vonage does not have their number (which a previous customer representative told me to do) and I get put on hold on sent to DirecTV. And, you have no idea what I had to go through to request June and July's bill on paper and sent to my home. By the way, the representative told me that I had to pay for the telephone bill because I have DSL. Fast forward 2012. They are no longer the only boys on the block. Thank God. Bottom line, I should not have to pay for a telephone I can't use because the line is hooked up to the DSl I pay every month and I should not have to pay for FiOS WHICH I CANNOT GET AND THEY ACKNOWLEDGED IT.

Worst Customer Service For Bad Internet Service
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Rating: 1/51

REDONOD BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- Verizon Fios has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. They are so concerned over money than actual good customer service or product! We signed up for Fios and the internet doesn't work properly ie always drops signals. We've been round and round with tech support on phone and had another tech guy come out with new equipment etc etc. But we are just at the point where it just obviously doesn't work here. So instead of just admitting that it just doesn't work in this area and allowing us to move onto a provider that will work. They want to charge us well over 100.00 to "break contract"!

I mean why should we continue to pay monthly for service that just doesn't work and why should we pay to break a contract when the service provided does not work?! My husband has been very patient over the phone and all they keep doing is transferring him from person to person with no resolve; literally on the phone for well over an hour and is now speaking to the 6-7th person. Save your money and time... DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH VERIZON! esp Fios. Sad thing is I think they knew the service in this particular area did not do well and they still offered service here anyway which is a whole other story. BBB will be involved.

Deceptive Business Practices
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Rating: 1/51

WALNUT, CALIFORNIA -- I moved in December, 2011. When I contacted Verizon to get pricing for service at the new house, I was told that, if I bundled TV and internet, I would receive a $300 Visa prepaid debit card 60 days after my account was transferred. I shopped other providers who had better prices but, with the $300 Visa card, Verizon was competitive, so I transferred my account to the new house.

Once we moved, we had numerous service problems, but I was too busy to make a change in provider. The service issues seem to have metered out to infrequent occurrences. I went online to my Verizon account and paid the balance due, on January 6, 2012. The balance due was $63.34.

A couple of days later, I received a Verizon bill for approx. $98. I called Verizon and spoke with ** (supposedly a supervisor). Unbeknownst to me, when the account was transferred, a completely new account was established and the online account was not connected with the new account.

Both ** told me that I would receive a refund of the $63.34 I'd paid on the old account, and that I would receive the $300 Visa prepaid card 60 days from the date the new account was started. It makes absolutely no sense that a new account was created, that the two accounts were not linked, that I was billed at all in January for service that should have ended on December 14th, and that Verizon is incapable of transferring the overpayment from the old account to the new account.

I was assured that someone in management at Verizon would contact me to discuss these problems and errors. Two months later, on March 12th, having heard nothing further from Verizon, I called again. I spoke with ** who was unable to “find” any notes on the account showing that I was to receive a $300 Visa card. ** told me that the $63.34 refund check was issued on January 10th. When I explained to her that, if this were the case, I would have received the check by now, she was unable to explain this. I asked to speak with someone in management.

After holding for 20 minutes, I was transferred to a call center supervisor who was clueless! If I do not receive the $300 Visa card and the $63.34 refund check by noon (PDT) March 16, 2012, I will proceed with filing charges of deceptive business practices against Verizon.

Don't get FIOS
By -

BUFFALO, NEW YORK -- Hi. I moved in November and wanted to upgrade my television service provider and internet. I choose FiOS because my partner said that he did the research and found FiOS to be the best. When I called Verizon to sign up, I was placed on hold for nearly 30 minutes. Not a good start. Next, I was connected to an operator in new business. She said that she needed to take some information before she would give me any. When she asked for my SS# after a barrage of questioning, I said lady, I just wanted you to tell me about your services and costs.

She was very agitated at my insistence because apparently I wasn't conforming to her managements form of how this was going to go. She told me that the service that I was asking for was $89.99 plus $10 for an extra two TVs. She didn't say a word about installation charges (Time Warner was free at the time)or any other charges. The installation happened and five days later I moved in and was excited to enjoy it. I was extremely disappointed. Internet speed was slower than my former DSL. The channel lineup and functionality are far inferior to my former DISH subscription.

About the same time I was discovering that FiOS was terrible, I received a bill for $103 dollars more than I agreed to. When I called to dispute the charges I was told that I was being charged $109.99 for the basic service ($20 more than the rude sales operator told me) and was also charged for installation of additional outlets. I was never told that I was being charged for that and in addition, the installation guy didn't even have to wire anything. All the wires were already there.

After spending 97 minutes on the phone with a representative and supervisor, I gave up. I told them to cancel it. They said that they couldn't retrieve the recording of the conversation and that it was too bad that their employee misinformed me. It cost me a few hours of my time, enduring the install process, a lot of aggravation and $140 for the privilege of trying Verizon's horrible service.(?) I paid it because I have a credit score that I'm proud of and our laws would allow Verizon to damage it if I don't pay them. This is just so wrong. I now have Time Warner internet. They were sooooooo much better than most companies I've dealt within recent history.

Every single employee of that company bent over backward to make sure that I was satisfied. It was easy to get info on the program, easy to sign up, and the end product is great. I went back to DISH for my television subscription. I have had DISH for 8 years now and I have to say that it is damn good. Good price, good packages, and decent customer service. Can't beat it.

Verizon just did not give a ** and that's how they treated me from the first call to the last. I have a Verizon cell phone with a family plan that I have paid $125 a month for for the past several years. As of my contract expiration in seven months, I will be terminating that service from Verizon as well. I am happy with the service but I refuse to give them another dime. So they screwed me. In the end, they are the losers.

Verizon Fios Internet Nightmare
By -

I rarely complain, but wanted to alert others about this nightmare! I switched to Direct TV from my local cable company to try to save money, so I needed an Internet provider. They recommended Verizon, so I went with their service. The price was fair at 30 dollars a month. After installation--the internet crawled at such a slow pace that it was impossible to do anything on the internet. The service turned off daily, several times in a day. I called customer support on four different occasions. They were very difficult to understand because of their limited English, and each phone call lasted at least an hour because I was constantly on hold.

Finally, I called to cancel the service and was told there was no record of my calling technical support within the past few months, so I needed to pay a cancellation fee. I explained how I called several times prior and after each call the service still did not work. They would not wave the cancellation fee, saying it was my responsibility to let them know the service wasn't working, and if I let some time lapse, that must mean it was working. Obviously since I was calling to cancel, I was letting them know, again, that it wasn't working. I asked to speak to someone else, I was told there wasn't anyone else.

I am someone who hates to make waves, I hardly ever even call customer service unless there is a serious problem, and I have never, ever been treated in such a way by someone on a customer service line before. I actually had to hold the phone away from my ear as someone in the disconnect department raised her voice to me telling me there was absolutely no way they would waive the cancellation fee since I hadn't called more recently.

What a waste of my time and money! Please don't make the same mistake. Just get the Internet service from your local cable company. I haven't had a single problem with their service, and the price is exactly the same. The people in their customer service department are respectful and understanding. On a good note, Verizon's automated service called back to ask me to fill out a survey. Do you think they'll value my opinion? :)

Absolutely Worse Customer Service Ever!!!
By -

I canceled my phone, TV and internet service with Verizon because of the myriad of mayhem I had to go through for everything under the sun except to pay them money for the Bill. (Of course!) During my service with them I was constantly encouraged to go "Paperless" so I had to rely solely on logging onto the internet to view my account details.

After cancellation of my service, their customer service (which was already less than acceptable) diminished further on a sharp curve downward. I promptly returned their equipment and was told that the total amount of my bill wasn't the final amount and that I should wait until the completion of the billing cycle to receive all the credits due to the account and view the final payment.

I checked my account on-line weekly to quickly settle the remaining debt. After the turn of the billing cycle, I tried to access the account on-line and received a "Account Change Verification" page where I was asked to enter the phone number and the Account Number before being able to proceed. What a brilliant spark of genius on Verizon's part. I guess they hadn't taken into account that customers that opt fully into their paperless system rely on access to this information through the on-line system which they locked me out of.

Then the worse happens, I was unwillingly forced to go through their dreaded customer support system (the same system that prompted me to drop their service in the first place). Needless to say, I was transferred in an endless loop at least 5 times and no one had a clue about my account, the amount due nor could they advise me on the next steps for resolving the concern.

I received a multitude of apologies without any type of service. When I asked to speak with a manager I was informed that they could transfer me but the managers response wasn't going to be any different. And they were absolutely right, the manager got on the phone and told me they didn't have the information I was requesting but they'd be happy to transfer my call. When I asked to whom, I saw the cycle repeating itself all over again and simply disconnected the call.

I wouldn't recommend Verizon to anyone. In short, I had their service for close to 4 years and simply got tired of the poor business practices. The ONLY time you won't have any problems getting to someone and have your requests expedited quickly is: To add a new service. When you request for service cancellation.

Anything that will generate more revenue or is a threat to continued revenue will be handled very swift. Anything regarding general service after they have you as a customer is pointless. Do yourself a BIG Favor and go with the competitive company in your area. If you know the competition leaves a lot to be desired as well, take this advice as information to choose the less of 2 evils. GOOD LUCK!

By -

They have been giving me ongoing issues since 03/2009. Numerous bills have had billing mistakes. Even my last bill. I have ceased both internet and phone service (bundle) and they confirm it shows ceased in their system and I am still being billed. When phoning in I am transferred to numerous departments all stating that "that" department will be able to stop a bill from coming when I no longer have service. These charges are not legitimate as I no longer have service and have already paid my final bill. All departments state they can not handle and take me to another that think can.

In turn, they can not. I pay my bills directly online to www. Verizon. Com on the date due or a day before and have been billed several late charges because their system takes a few days to update, even though when signed in on their website it shows I paid on the due date. Wait times to talk are high and then the reps that help you are rude, tell you inaccurate information and state they can not help. This should be illegal to take advantage like this.

Additionally, when I signed up for service I had written documentation that my price for bundle was locked in for 24 months. On the 17th month they increased the price and stated it does not show in their system they could not. I do not know how a company is allowed to operate this dishonestly to a good paying customer. Many times I have paid the additional fees just to avoid 1.5 hour call of employees at verizon that prove to be untrained as these issues are never corrected. I really hope someone makes them change this illegal incorrect billing.

Even if you offered credits, it should not be done monthly incorrectly and to be told that their computer does not match the bill with the verizon letterhead or their computer website when signed in under www. Verizon. Com. I am still trying to have them stop billing me as I ceased service with them over 7 weeks they even sent me a box to return equipment and I have but they are still billing me for service.

I have been on a call for 2 + hours and on my 9th representative to correct this problem and still no solution. Save yourself and do not make a mistake. Their internet is no faster than any other cable internet company and at least you will not have to deal with them. They are the worst I have ever dealt with or even heard of any person ever dealing with.

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