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New IHG Chase Credit Card
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Rating: 3/51

VIRGINIA -- I applied for an IHG Chase Credit Card approximately 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I received an email telling me I had been approved. It referred me to my Chase online account for more information. I saw a new account had been added to my profile with just the last 4 digits visible. Since I need to charge $3000 in the next 3 months, I wanted to start right away with a new charge today. I called Chase and was told they could not give me the card # for 'security purposes'! Really? I had to enter the last 4 digits of my SS # to get to a representative!!

I am very disappointed in Chase... Since I am usually approved immediately when I apply for a new credit card, I was surprised when I was initially treated in such an offhanded manner (we'll let you know within 30 days) and then when approved, not given the number to use right away. I have 2 other Chase cards, pay off my bills in full monthly and have an excellent credit rating!! I would suggest Chase could take some lessons from American Express!

No Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

MASSACHUSETTS -- Had an issue with a payment being applied incorrectly. Called and Spoke to an Account Manager. Told me there was no way he could move my payment to the proper month. Said he could refund my payment then I'd have to pay again in the proper month. Huh??? Oh couldn't refund my payment until I went to my bank and had them send a fax.

Meanwhile.... In a nutshell, I had to make another payment, I'm on a fixed income, makes things difficult for me. We waived the $25.00 late fee, but that's all we can do. BS, my hubby used to work for a bank, they move money in and out of accounts all the time. They wouldn't even try to help me, I was the one that way going to have to do all the work. I've dealt with this bank in the past, I love the AARP card, I just wish someone else offered it. Will probably pay off card and get rid of account.

Offered Credit Card Then Terminated Account
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Rating: 1/51

OREGON -- They mailed me a credit card offer in early January 2020, so I applied for it. I never asked, requested anything. After applying, I was given a high credit limit. I already have 2 credit cards, one is 5 years old, the other is 6 months old, never carried a balance, and my FICO is over 800. Chase immediately put a hold on it. I called and asked why. The lady said it is because the account is new and they want to review it. I checked online a couple days later and saw the account was terminated.

I called later and asked why. This time I was told, quite frankly, I didn't have a long enough credit history, and wasn't worthy of the card. She told me they would also mail me a rejection letter. So there you have it. THEY offered me the card first, THEY offered me the credit limit, I have over 5 years of perfect credit history, no late payments, but Chase still terminated my account before I even used it. Suffice to say, I will NEVER use Chase for anything again. I absolutely hate banks and only use credit unions. I went against my better judgment.

Hold on deposit without reason
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I never knew that a bank has the right to withhold funds from a check deposited into an account. Recently, I deposited a rather large dollar amount check from an investment account into my Chase savings account. I discovered that Chase put a hold on the funds for seven business days. I checked with the investment company and found that the funds were transferred on the date of my deposit. I spoke with Chase bank representatives, both in person, via secure online messages, and via telephone. Even though I provided proof of the transfer, not one person could provide a reason for the bank holding the funds. I've been a Chase customer for more than twenty years. Because of the above, I will be moving my business to another bank.

Do Not Value You
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Rating: 1/51

IOWA -- The worst customer service. I placed an order with the Rustic Flag Company online. It is a custom made product that I was told will take 12-16 weeks to make. Well guess what, the card is charged at that time. Apparently after 12 weeks Chase gives no refunds. The product never arrived, this place scammed about 10000 people. No sympathy from Chase. I read other people explained the situation to their card companies and got refunds. I was with Chase for 15 years and spent tens of thousands every year and they would not refund a couple hundred dollars. Bad investment decision on their part. I would strongly urge anyone to go with a different credit card company. This company obviously does not care at all about their customers.

Horrible, Stressful, Downright Ridiculous
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Rating: 1/51

I started with not so good credit with Chase, and had no problems. I have been late, and I own that, however, I decided to take my credit more serious than ever and that's when I realized they were the wrong ones. I called in to make a payment with a representative who couldn't stop talking about her cats and dogs, though she was friendly, she was not listening as I stated to her to post a payment with account 1 (I had 2 checkings on file). It wasn't until I noticed the amount had never come out, but each time that I called, they said the payment had been received.

2 months later, I receive a statement from my bank showing an NSF fee to account 2, that had been closed for approx one month. I contacted Chase and they still claimed that I was current. By now, I had made 2 other payments. The following month I notice my scores drop, and the reason was for late payment in January. I contact Chase, and spoke to almost everyone who worked there since none seemed to comprehend my issue, after about a weeks worth of calling, and them pulling the recorded call, they find themselves at fault, and send a check in the amount of $70 which covered the 2 pulls from that NSF account.

My issue is now, I must come up with $338 times 2 because my new payment is now due, plus I have to pay what I owed from their mistake... I am livid and argue with each representative demanding they listen to all the calls made regarding this, and give me time to catch up and without any hesitation I was blamed for not ''checking my account'' and the late payment stayed on my credit. Moving forward, I have caught up and paid on time, every time, then recently my vehicle took a total loss (No Gap Insurance) with a balance of 7,500 to pay off on a 2012 Nissan Altima.

This is where things got so ridiculous, until I almost needed a lawyer. My insurance calls in to get pay off, they then cut a check for 4,300 whereas the rest would come out of my problem, I need to rid myself of this loan because I need a new car. These people receive the check, look at it, and lie stating it wasn't endorsed (THOUGH I SIGNED IT IN FRONT OF THE ADJUSTER) and mailed the payment back.

15 days later, after calling several times to be sure they received the overnight check so that I can pay the balance, they explain the lie to me, I have never spoken to so many people in my life than what I experienced speaking to Chase CSR's in one week. Back and forth, lies, disputes, stress, then finally they come out with their truth as being, "We thought the check was wrongfully sent to us, and requested the info from the body shop where you'll be getting repairs." WTF!!? The FREAKING CAR IS TOTAL, THERE WON'T BE REPAIRS. About 3 weeks pass, and my insurance is not wanting to cut another check until they receive the old one, so now I am dealing with once again my credit being affected because interest is accruing, and so are late fees.

2 months later, and I am still dealing with this from the time my car was totaled, they have yet to process the 2ND OVERNIGHT payment from my insurance, I have another late fee on my report, the dept agencies get tight when you request a supervisor as if they are qualified to handle this, when the supervisors show themselves unworthy. My insurance by now has contacted Chase out of frustration and concern, and now I'm working with a supervisor named Berry, Barry (something like that) who insist that when he receives the 2nd check, he will back date it to the original, wipe out all late fees and interest accrued, and contact the credit bureau to correct it.

I feel that is most unfair, while I can appreciate that being done, I don't trust them nor should I have to wait for them to fix their mistake while I'm being incriminated of my credibility. No matter how much I expressed to this supervisor that they are the reason it's prolonged and everything should be at a complete halt, he insist that he will correct it once they receive the check. YOU RECEIVED THE 1ST CHECK AND WERE TOO DUMB TO ACCEPT THE PAYMENT, why should I have to suffer and trust you to be sure my credit isn't affected by your incompetence.

I've dealt with their attitudes and frustrations with me constantly calling, as if they are at a loss, all I've tried to do for 2 freaking months was pay you off. Because of the mistakes, and them wanting to do things ''their way'' even though they screwed up I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY... THEY ARE INCOMPETENT AND INCONSIDERATE of their clientele, and no one should have to pay for a company's mistakes.

For a Billion Dollar Company, They Can Afford Much Better Service!
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Rating: 2/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- *********************************************************************************************************************************
Published on another site:

Back on Wednesday, August 4, 2016 at approximately 5:30 p.m., I went inside of the Chase Branch located at: 3183 Wilshire Boulevard Suite #199, Los Angeles, California 90005 (213) 249-9862 to make a deposit.

Sadly, that Never Happened because the line was like a zoo with so many animals.

It was so crowded that I would have had to wait for almost one full hour to get served.

There is simply No Excuse For It, whatsoever!

They Can Afford To Hire More Tellers to take care of the What I Call It, "Customer Population".

I did complain about it and of course, Nothing Was Done about it!

In my pictures, amongst all of the others that have been taken by various customers, please find examples of exactly what kind of Service They Operate.

I am more than sure that Chase Bank can do much better than that!

Since the line up was Not Getting any better and Neither was the Service, I just left the bank and we will leave it like that.

I most likely will Not be going back to that branch anymore, but I do know that there are other branches where You do Not have to wait that long for decent, respectful, courteous help.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Angry and Upset Chase Customer

Worst Bank Ever-Terrible Customer Service And Poor Response To Fraud
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- Worst bank ever - terrible customer service and poor response to fraud.

Take Money and Do Not Release the Deposit
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Please Share: Chase bank steals from their own customers. For example, a check deposited on 9/30, clearing 10/2 has a 12 day hold on it. Why? In the 80s a 5 day hold was common but now 12 days is happening? What are you doing with MY money? Why don't you possess enough honor to reverse the unjustified OD fees your business has caused?

I also sent them a screenshot of the check that cashed on 10/2. Still not available on 10/4. Theft.

Transactions Constantly Declined Even Though I Have Money
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I have been a Chase, personal and business customer for close to 15 years. For a majority of my time with Chase, things have gone pretty smooth. I have to say, over the last three years or so, when it comes to my business account, it has been nothing but problems and a waste of my valuable time. I own a construction company that deposits a bit over $2m per year into the account. Being that I have jobs all over the state and purchase materials across the nation, Chase is consistently denying my transaction.

Even though I have a $10k per day spending allowance, and typically have more than $100k in the account and am spending under my $10k per day limit, Chase will decline my transactions for "potential fraud." Then, I must call customer no-service, verify my account, explain the purchase and situation, wait to get transferred to the fraud department, because they cannot fix the problem themselves, verify my account again, explain the purchase and situation again and then wait for them to re-activate my card.

I would say this happens at least once per week. It may not seem like much, but 20 minutes (+/-) per phone, once per week over the year, adds up to be a lot of time literally wasted and not focusing on my company. 95% of the time, I am transferred to the fraud department, I end up speaking to a call center in the Philippines and with a no-customer service agent that barley speaks English. Let me tell you, it is always blatantly obvious that they are reading from a script and not one of these reps could care less that this is a major inconvenience. I have escalated several calls up supervisors and to be honest, they care even less than the first level no-customer service reps.

All that Chase tells me (every time) is that they are looking out for me and my money. Which I do not believe for one second, they are looking out for number one, themselves. The other solution that they consistently offer me is, “Just call us before you make a transaction and let us know the amount you are going to spend and we will make a note on the account,” ya, I have the time to do that! I am at the point where I am going to pull every penny, out of every account that I have at chase and go to a new bank. Bottom line, in my opinion, if you are looking to open a business account at Chase, look into other banks before you decide to drop your cash into a bank that you have to call and ask permission to spend your own money.

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