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Best Buy proved to be the Worst Buy of my entire life
By -

WEST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Do you remember the days before the big chain stores when there was customer service? I can recall going to G. Fox in Hartford, Connecticut and being waited on by a sales representative without sending out a search party. I can also recall a “no questions” asked policy of returning merchandise. About a month ago, during the crunch time of tax season, I purchased an expensive laptop on sale at a Best Buy nearby.

At the time of purchase, I knew that I would not have the time then to set the computer up, install various programs, go out and purchase additional programs (since my older computer had Windows Xp and this new laptop had Windows 7), install these new programs as well, and transfer all of my data files onto the new computer. Such a laborious process often consumes a week's time if all goes well; otherwise, it could consume an eternity.

So I left the laptop sealed and packaged in what appeared to be a flawlessly intact box, believing that it was better left protected in styrofoam, hermetically seal plastic wrap, and a thick cardboard casing than on a desk, prey to six very curious cats. Of course, I foolishly thought that if there were any problems with the laptop, that I could exchange it at Best Buy for another laptop. How dumb! Yesterday when I finally had time to set up the new laptop, I opened the box, only to discover that the monitor screen had been damaged, making the computer completely useless.

Consequently, I hopped into my car and drove down to Best Buy, expecting to exchange the computer for an undamaged one. How dumb again! When I attempted to exchange the laptop, the manager on duty regarded me with the suspicion of a Gestapo officer examining my DNA. In spite of my repeated assurances that I had not dropped the laptop - swearing up and down that I had not even removed it from the box - he was as unmoved as an IRS agent seizing the very last dollar from my bank account.

I explained to him that I had deliberately kept it in its protective styrofoam, sealed and unopened, and stored it in a safe place in my home, away from any temperature extremes, until I was prepared to set it up. My pleas of innocence were of no consequence. He refused to exchange it. He did, however, offer to send it back to the manufacturer, adding, with the look of “don't hold your breath', that it would be entirely up to the manufacturer as to whether the damaged laptop would be replaced by Toshiba. It then occurred to me that Best Buy was simply throwing me under the bus to the whim of a manufacturer located perhaps in some very far off distant land.

The young lady at the desk, who processed my service requisition to have the laptop sent back to Toshiba for possible consideration of an exchange, explained that unless customers return their damaged laptops within an hour or so after purchase, that they are often regarded with the suspicion of having damaged the laptops themselves. I then regretted not having brought a urine sample. I then looked in vain for a lie detector test behind the customer service desk. So I decided to post this blog entry to make other individuals aware of Best Buy's posture toward its customers. There's an old saying: buyer beware.

I would also caution when purchasing anything at Best Buy, be afraid…be very afraid, and be certain to bring along your attorney, a notary public, and two witnesses. Needless to say, I recommend never buying anything at Best Buy. But if you do not mind being regarded as a liar, then I suggest before you purchase a laptop from Best Buy, that you have the sales clerk remove it from the box, plug it in, and then test every possible feature and program on that laptop for hours, if not days, before removing it from the store. Best Buy proved to be the Worst Buy of my entire life.

Bought four HP Laptops - all four faulty hard drives
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Rating: 3/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I bought THREE HP Pavilion Laptops at about the same time for family members - and ALL THREE had failed Hard Drives. I actually had two of them in the tech shop at Best Buy at the same time. One of the three was irreparable, so kicking in a little money it was replaced at Best Buy and is the G6 HP Pavilion that I will now talk about. The computer that I replaced the third lap top with is a HP Pavilion G6 Series. Purchased it on August 18, 2012. HARD DRIVE Failure, in the shop March 18, 2013.

The SECOND HARD DRIVE FAILURE happened just nine months later on December 8, 2013. I took it back to Best Buy. But by now my one-year warranty for the computer is now out-of-warranty. They did say they would replace the Hard Drive as it had just been replaced in March of 2013. The diagnostic tool on HP said it was a Hard Drive Failure. The following day I got a call from BEST BUY - They inform me that the problem is not the Hard Drive, it is the motherboard. BEST BUY tells me it would not be worth the cost to fix, and just buying a new one would be the best thing to do.

I pick up the HP Laptop from Best Buy. I have to say at this point didn't really trust what was said to me about the laptop. I was told also when picking up my laptop, that the diagnostic tool in HP's are not real reliable. I get home, decide to look at the hard drive - open it to view the hard drive and lo and behold when it was replaced in March 2013 - it was replaced by a TOSHIBA hard drive. I call Toshiba.... no warranty on the nine month hard drive. Why? I believe because the TOSHIBA was put in an HP product and not a Toshiba product. Called HP - not their problem and that this has to do with where I bought it at which was BEST BUY.

BUYER BEWARE of the WARRANTY specs on your product. They can use replacement parts (where you have it purchased, i.e. Best Buy when you get warranty work done) that are not genuine parts for the computer - HP told me this. I will NEVER buy another HP product.

Return Policy Is Laughable
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Rating: 1/51

METAIRIE, LOUISIANA -- Last week we bought 2 laptops, a printer and a tablet from Best Buy, over $2000 in products. The tablet was a gift for my son who only received it yesterday. After 6 hours of use at his desk the screen cracked, not dropped just cracked. Called manufacturer. Their advice was to return to Best Buy before trying to exchange through them. After 2 trips to Best Buy we still have a tablet that does not work, first time was told we purchased it 8 days ago and they only exchange products with cracked screens within the first 2 days. Talked to a manager at another store who said since it was a gift he would exchange it.

Arrived at store only to be told by same manager that they would not exchange it because it had been used and it was a condition of abuse, again never dropped and only used for 6 hours. Customer service rep and manager were rude and did not want to hear that it was a gift or what manufacturer said. Also was rude when my son mentioned that there are several reports of screen issues on the internet.

Price Match Promise Is A Lie
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Rating: 1/51

BLAINE, MINNESOTA -- I went to Best Buy, to purchase the Google Nexus 7 tablet. Walmart was having a pre-Black Friday sale price of $100 less than Best Buy. After the sales clerk told me she could match Walmart's price; she spent the next 40 minutes trying to find absolutely any reason to deny the price match. Even though, all of the specs matched, this clerk managed to find a single number discrepancy in one of the specs. She then proclaimed the devices weren't the same and she couldn't price match.

After my protest, she had the brass to tell me not to just go to Walmart because they had poor customer service! There is a reason Best Buy is so much financial trouble! Save your time, if you find a better price at a different store, just go buy it there.

Irritating, Tiresome, Time Consuming,
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- My computer was freezing, disconnecting, shutting down. 1St trip to Best Buy they hooked it to diagnostics said it was fine took it home. Not. 2Nd trip they kept it. Called days later said its fixed. Not. 3Rd trip sent it to manufacturer replaced hard drive said fixed. Not. 4Th trip sent it to manufacturer said fixed. Not. 5Th trip. By the way was 8 months old at start now 11 months old. Take it back after having a fit - gave me store credit got a different computer. Now 3 weeks old computer won' t hook up to internet. Replaced modem - 3 cords says no network driver then install driver says no network adapter. Explored updates.

There are updates for February and June of 2013. I got this computer August of 2013.. In the past 2 yrs I have returned 2 phones 1 month apart a ps3 and an mp3. Do they sell anything that works???? It is a shame they ran other electronics stores out of business then jack up prices and sell 2nd hand junk! After this I will travel distances not to buy a damn thing from any Best Buy.

What Customer Service?? - NonExistent - Rude
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Rating: 1/51

RICHMOND, TEXAS -- Best Buy customer service at Grand Parkway continues to decline. The store is outdated and the bad experiences I have there never cease to amaze me. I just took a student there interested in buying a laptop. They had 15 people there to help the iPhone customers while we waited for more than 20 minutes and never did get help. Even after asking at the front of the store and them radioing someone, a customer just walking into the department not waiting at all was greeted by a blue shirt. Went back to the front again and the manager greeted me with excuses. Seems that Best Buy is about the same as WalMart when it comes to customer service these days!!!

Buying New Computer
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Rating: 1/51

MEDFORD, OREGON -- July 11, 2013. I went to Best Buy looking to purchase a NEW computer. When I took it to my computer guy to have him put my programs from my old computer on it he found that the new computer that I had just purchased NEW had someone else assigned to it. He showed me the couple's picture and email address. He asked me if I knew these people. I said no. When I took the computer back the person asked me why I returning the computer. I told him "because you sold me a used computer". He said "oh".

Then I could not receive my money back right there. They had to snail mail a check because it was more than $500.00. How many other people have purchased a new computer and paid a new computer price only to maybe get a refurbished one and not being told it is refurbished. I am very disappointed in this store.

Came Through in the End
Rating: 5/51

MONROEVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- We bought a Dell laptop for my daughter when she left for college last year. We also bought the 3 year comprehensive warranty - thinking it would be nice to not have to worry. After the screen cracked this summer, we went to the Geek Squad at Best Buy. They said it was probably fixable and sent it in for repair. They checked in with us several times during that process - keeping us up to date on the repair. Unfortunately, they determined it was not fixable and gave us a credit for a replacement product.

After shopping for several weeks and checking numerous sources (not just Best Buy), we found that the credit would not even come close to buying a comparable Dell. We called Best Buy and explained the situation. Long story short - Jim at Monroeville worked with us and came up with a good compromise. We went from frustrated customers to happy. Kudos to Jim.

Deceit, False Statements, Frustrating Worthless Manager
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Rating: 1/51

NEW BRAUNFELS, TEXAS -- We went to buy a laptop and they were out of stock, so the salesperson ordered us one online and had it shipped to the store. We shipped it to the store, instead of our home, so that they could install "Office" for my wife. They handed us a card with the product key on it and told us to hand this to the person when we picked up the laptop and they would install it for us.

When we picked up the laptop, we did as instructed, and were then told that it would be $20 extra to install it. We told the person that we were told the extra $120 we paid included installation. She went and got a manager. The manager kept saying "I understand" when we told him what happened, but insisted we pay the extra. After several minutes of going back and forth, he offered to give us 50% off installation. He said installation was $29.95!

I told him we were just told that it was $20! "I am sorry for the misunderstanding," he said, "but it is $29.95". We couldn't believe it. We called the corporate office and they said they wouldn't override the store manager. The sad part is the girl who helped us originally, offered to install it if it would make us happy, which we said "it would", but she was told not to by the manager on duty.

We were very good, loyal customers before this, but now we see that they no longer care about their customers. They just need their $'s. I have since spent 5 total minutes installing "Office" on the laptop, but it should have been done at the store like promised.

By -

LYNNWOOD, WASHINGTON -- Let me start off by saying I truly do not leave reviews, ever. After my last experience with Best Buy, I want to at least notify people of the supposed "Best Buy". I purchased my first laptop this last Saturday, an Asus. I did not know too much about laptops in general, so I went through Best Buys' reviews a few days before that. I finally came in, and was helped by a very nice Samsung representative. Surprisingly, he answered all my questions about the Asus and complimented it and told me about his knowledge. It was interesting because not one of the salespeople came and offered any help.

After about an hour debating whether or not I want to spend $550 on this laptop, I decided to go ahead and buy it. Of course, then the salespeople are right there to help. Now I know they don't make commission, but I was disappointed as to feel noticed only when I would make a purchase. Not a biggie, as I went ahead and made my purchase, they convinced me I needed Geek Squad. I don't know how that service is, but I went ahead and did it knowing I am sometimes accident prone. Good program to have.

Then they started talking about paying for a service where they reboot my computer, install all the anti-virus and provide me with Windows Office so I would not have to go out and purchase it for $150. This service was $100, sounded like a great deal considering the Windows Office was $150. They made it "clear" to me that if I was to do all of these things, it would take me on about 9 hours to complete, would pay a lot extra out of my pocket, and I had only one chance to get it right or I would completely be out of luck and have to repurchase it all. This did not sound too appealing to me, so I went ahead and paid them an extra $100 to go ahead and do this.

Sounded great to me, although my bill came out to over $1000 from a $500 laptop. So they send me over to GeekSquad, assuring me that they would install everything for me. Well... the actual service ended up being about five minutes. I left, and yesterday I go to log-on to my Windows Office, only come to find that I received a Trial Offer of 60 days... To make matters worst, my anti-virus pops up to tell me it is out of date. Quite shocking and disappointing, I thought I paid them $100 to handle this all for me? So I call Lynnwood Best Buy Management, and I receive **. I told her my issue, and how I felt completely taken advantage of.

I am a college student after all, and $100 of NOTHING is a lot for me. So what ** told me was, I would need to purchase Microsoft Office for $150 and repurchase my anti-virus. I told her how I was told none of this and was told by the sales associates that this came included to me for the charge of $100. She told me there was nothing she can do. I asked her what the charge of $100 was for then, and what she told me was labor. They charged me labor for $100, FIVE minutes of labor.

I told her if there was any way she can at least take that charge off since I am going to have to go back and purchase the Microsoft Office and Anti-Virus. She said "No", that I need to be charged $100 because Geek Squad took the time out of their day to go ahead and do the service. Let me remind you... this was 5 minutes of service that I got some type of Trial Offer and an out-of-date Virus protection. I told ** I was quite surprised she showed no care, and was getting annoyed with me.

After 15 minutes on the phone, she told me "I have been on the phone with you for 15 minutes and you are not getting the answer you want, so I am going to end this conversation." and hung up on me. I was extremely hurt to know that I am out $100 dollars for the service will have to pay $200+ for Microsoft Office and Virus protection, and on top of that, **, manager of Best Buy hung up on me. Very disappointing, since my family and I had made purchases from Best Buy always. I will not be going back because their Install Service is a complete rip off, and I am out money because of their carelessness. Horrible service from a place I have spent so much money at.

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