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Missing Laptop
Posted by Blcook06 on 08/31/2007
LEXINGTON PARK, MARYLAND -- I purchased a HP Pavillion laptop from Best Buy exactly one year ago along with the 3 yr warranty. A month and a half ago I turned it on and Windows wouldn't load, it kept trying tho. I had had no problems at all with this laptop. I took it in to my local BB Geek Squad and it took them over a week to find out that the hard drive had failed. It was supposedly sent "somewhere", I have never found out where, I repeatedly called and finally was told that after 2 weeks at "somewhere", it had been sent to "somewhere else" and hasn't been seen or heard from yet. I have called repeatedly and when they DO actually answer the phone, no one ever has an answer for me...and they NEVER call back when they say they will. I've called the 800 number and tonight I told them if it wasn't back in 2 weeks I would file a claim at small claims court.

I don't know what else to do but I have learned my lesson. I will NEVER deal with BB/GS again...EVER.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-31:
Yes, Geek Squad is rip-off. You get better service from local PC repair shops.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-31:
You have been had by the crooks and idiots at The Geek Squad. There are hundreds of complaints all over the Internet about them. A number of them were just fired for stealing the files off hard drives, trust you had nothing of great importance on yours?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-31:
I use PGP. It is a good way to protect your data in a public env.
Posted by MRM on 2007-08-31:
The next time you're having computer-related problems, talk to someone that you know such as friends, relatives, or my3cents.com as they may know more about computers than the inept Geek Squads.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-31:
Geek Squad uses a central repair facility for anything that can't be easily fixed in a store. I've read some horror stories about the facility but also some posts from people claiming to work there about the working conditions. Expect to wait about two months before you see the laptop again.
Posted by ThinLazyAmerican on 2007-08-31:
Just buy one of those $400. laptops during Black Friday after Thanksgiving.

I would also suggest a back-up HD. Such as an Western Digital "My Book" External HD.

Back up your Laptop on a regular basis and on the day it breaks, remove the laptop HD, batteries and memory. Recycle the laptop and batteries.

Sell the used memory on eBay and use the money towards another cheap laptop.

You can salvage your used laptop HD by buying an external HD case and use it as a portable storage HD.

Forget about computer warranties, you will never get your money's worth out of them.

I have three $400. Black Friday laptops! They all work great!
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Best Buy Extended Warrantee Not Worth Paper it's Written On
Posted by Fantastibath on 03/21/2005
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I purchased an E-Machine Computer System about 2 years ago from Best Buy and also bought the "Extended Service Contract" with it as it is a business computer. When I bought the computer they talked me into buying the "Extended Service Contract" and stated that if they had to send my PC to the repair shop I would be given a "LONER" computer to continue operating my business. At the time I thought it was a good idea and went ahead and paid the extra $150.00. Now keep in mind the computer itself was only $500.00. The computer ran fine for over 2 years and then the motherboard went out on it, suddenly, no warning, it just wouldn't start.

I take the PC into Best Buy for servicing thinking that they will give me a loner PC while they send my PC to be repaired. NOT!!!! They acted like I was asking them to give me a FREE computer. I explained that the salesman told me they had a policy to give out a loner PC if my PC was going to be in the shop for more than a few days. The Best Buy technician said the original salesman must have lied to me because they NEVER do that. I explained that using a PC is critical to my business as I sell Bath and Body Products over the internet and without a PC to receive the orders and know where to ship them, my company would be shut down. He acted like he didn't care and referred me to the computer department saying "they have some great buys on new systems".

He said the repair department would only take a week to replace the motherboard. I said "I do have a laptop that I guess I can use in the mean time but it doesn't have any of my historical data or customer credit card files on it".

I pulled the Hardrive from PC sent for repair as I didn't want anyone to see my customers credit card information or any of my business information. My whole company was on that hardrive. Of course I couldn't use the hardrive on my laptop and I pulled it thinking I could just stick it in my "Loner" pc to get me by.

Well, a week came and went and I called the store 2 days after the original promise date, the day they said my PC would be back from the shop. The tech informs me it will be another 25 days as they had a hard time getting the motherboard from E-Machines to replace the damaged one.

Now, I am very angry! Not only was I lied to originally, but they also lied when they said it would be done in a week, AND no one seems to care that my business is so dependent on the use of a computer. I asked if there was a way to speed up the process and could I call someone to see if a manager can speed it up for me. The tech said, NO, we can't contact the repair company directly, we have to go through our corporate office if we need to speak to them. I said, "I find that hard to believe that you don't have a contact number"
To make a long story short, I had to break down and buy another computer system so I could access the files on the hardrive I pulled from the PC out for repair. It was an extra $600.00 as I decided to buy a nicer brand, an HP Pavillion. I figured these are probably better made. I DID NOT BUY THE SERVICE AGREEMENT on the new PC.
I tried on 6 separate occasions to talk to a manager about my problem and no one was EVER available and NO ONE EVER RETURNED MY PHONE CALL!!!!!

I finally got my PC back 45 days later, no one cared that it took so long and their attitude was, "Well at least it was fixed for FREE", I tried to explain that, "NO, it wasn't, that's what I paid the $150.00 for the service contract. Oddly enough, that was the exact price for the motherboard.

My suggestion to anyone reading this. DO NOT BUY A SERVICE AGREEMENT from BEST BUY STORES. Yes, they will fix the problem but they never state that it will be repaired in a timely manner and they act like they are doing you a favor and you should be grateful that the service was FREE. NOTHING is ever FREE, except for air. That's what their salesmen are full of, HOT AIR!

After all the problems I had with BEST BUY, I decided to stop shopping there. There are a lot of "Electronic" stores out there and I think I will buy from a small local retailer next time. They need the money more, I can support the local economy and they probably care more about keeping their customers happy.

Thanks for reading my story.

Lee Brown
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Posted by NikkiKitty on 2005-03-21:
The problem with this site is that someone has a bad experience with one store (any store) and they assume that ALL stores within that chain are bad. I'd drive across town to another store if it meant I would get better service than at the one closer to me. You receive different service at different stores. Is it right? No. But it is reality.

I would have been skeptical of the dude who told me that I could have a loner computer. It's not like it's a car. I would have been much more cautious about listening to the salesman and done my homework before I spent the money. I would have gone home and called another Best Buy and asked them if this was something they did at their store or if they knew of any others ones that swapped out computers for loners.

The problem with service contracts is that you have to read the fine print. Again, take your time. Take a copy of the service contract brochure home, or ask for more information specifically related to computer service. Go home, sit down with a cup of coffee, and read it.

Posted by virginiasoreback on 2005-03-21:
In spite of your angst and frustration you deserve plaudits for remaining "reasonably" calm "under fire."

I think that if I were "in your shoes" I would have been an excellent candidate for urgent and immediate "anger management" intervention!
Posted by CherokeeKid on 2005-03-21:
I'm NOT alone!!! The exact same thing happened to me when I took my $3,000 Sony laptop in because it lost it's video. Only 6 months old. I paid $349.99 for the extended service and have asked it be refunded due to the lies I was told. What a waste of hard earned money!
Posted by Fantastibath on 2005-04-07:
Update, I FINALLY spoke with the Tech Manager at the Best Buy store about my problem. He was more concerned that one of his employees gave me a phone number to the repair shop than he was with what the real issue was, I was LIED to and was not happy with the service I recieved from his company. He acte4d liuke he didn't care and I said, "I won't be back here to shop", his comment as I was leaving was, "thank god for that", I asked him what he ment by this and he said "I don't need to deal with customers like you". Keep in mind during our conversation I never once cussed at him nor was I rude. I told him he needs to be in a different job if he can't take criticism and being a manager it is his job to listen to customer complaints and try to please the customer. This guy would be better off NOT working with the public. I intend to fuly document my experience with this repair and send a letter to Best Buys Corporate offices about it. Thanks again for reading my BEST BUY BUNCO..................
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WOW!! No class-action lawsuit yet?
Posted by Djmceltic on 01/07/2008
CRESTWOOD, MISSOURI -- The Bestest Best Buy Story is Below

Let me start off saying that I had a long history with Best Buy before I dealt with them this past year about my girlfriend's laptop.

She had a laptop originally bought for $1900 with a 3 year extended warranty and it was year 2 on the laptop. She started getting a blue screen and after looking at the error code it was very easy to diagnose it was a memory issue.

I told her that we would go to Best Buy, talk to the Geek squad, and that she should expect to not see her laptop for at least a month. We easily duplicated the blue screens and the Geek Squad took it did some troubleshooting (nothing) and sent the laptop out.

After a week out I told my girlfriend that they are most assuredly replacing the harddrive to prepare her for having to install all of her programs again. What happened 30 days later? Ding Ding Ding!

We got the laptop back from the Geek Squad, Best Buy replaced the hard drive, and we then re-duplicated the blue screen issue right in front of the Geek Squad crew. I then told them the memory was bad and to please replace it. (I couldn't or I would void the warranty)

They send it out again. This time the do "extended memory tests". I even talk to the guy working in their repair center on the phone referencing the error code and website links talking about what they mean. He replaces the hard drive again.

The laptop comes back to Best Buy and again we see the blue screen. I tell the Geek Squad guy how to test the memory for this issue. While I am still in the store he comes to me and says that the memory is indeed bad and the tests they were doing weren't extensive enough. They send it out again.

They call us 3 weeks later saying that the laptop issue has been resolved and to pick it up. This is 11 weeks after we first brought it in. We get to the store and Windows isn't even installed on the laptop -- memory wasn't replaced either but we never got that far.

Knowing there was about a 1% change Best Buy would fix the laptop we brought in the receipt and warranty information which states that after the 3rd time the laptop is sent to their service center and was still broke that they would replace the laptop.

We talked to several people that night and they all agreed that we had a "lemon" and that it would be replaced but there was no manager on duty and we would have to come back the next day to get the new laptop.

We show up the next day and the store manager (Crestwood, MO) talks to us and says he will not give us a replacement. He is telling us that the three times the Geek Squad sent it to the service center didn't count because it was never diagnosed or fixed right. HUH?

He then said that I had it sent to the service center when nothing was wrong with it. HUH? The original Geek Squad was right next to us at the time and he confirmed we were getting blue screens and he had it sent to the service center. The manager then said that since the service center didn't fix it right the first 3 times didn't mean it was three separate send backs to the center. HUH?

I am in the business and I know for sure how these things are handled. Best Buy would have to send our laptop back to Sony who would refund Best Buy for the lemon. But this time Sony would see that it was not a lemon but would see that it simply needed new memory (there are notes on all of Best Buys service orders stating that the customer said there is bad memory). So Best Lie didn't want to give us a new laptop because they were not going to be refunded for their total stupidity.

The manager finally agrees that night that we will get a replacement. He said that he would need sign-off from the general manager before doing this. HUH? You need sign-off from your GM to honor a warranty? HUH?

We go back the next night and get a new manager and they act like this is the first time we walked in the store, so we had to go through everything again. They talked to us until the store closed so we had to come back again and you guessed it. We went through the whole ordeal a third time.

We went to the store 17 times. Only on the 17th time when I called the local police and to have a report taken (to use for small claims) did the manager honor the warranty. The cop was actually laughing his ass off because I had the manager boot up the laptop he said wasn't broke and they STILL didn't have Windows installed.

The cop also acknowledged going through the same ordeal with Best Lie. He told me that we would stay there and do a full investigation and only after a half hour of me telling my story so everyone within earshot knew what was going on did the manager cave. (The Best Buy management staff may be ill equipped to handle customer issues but these guys will not break. I have a feeling their training involves elctric shock and warranty information flashing on a projector)

OK so now we have all agreed that the laptop will be replaced. I know it was a long-time ago that I told you the price of the laptop but it was $1900. That being said we went and looked at laptops in the $1700-1800 range. We were told that we would indeed not be getting anything over $1300 because Best Lie would be going by general computer specs to give us a new laptop.

Well the laptop she had had a lot of special add-ons, including a high end video card. Forget that. Also we would be forced onto Vista and half of the software she had wouldn't work with it. And for those of you that aren't techies, Vista requires more memory, processing power, everything, so if you are running the same specs on Vista and XP, XP will be faster.

We ended up getting a Sony for around $1350 that was not anything close to what we wanted but we knew if we walked out of the store this would continue. As we were checking out they tried to sell us another EXTENDED WARRANTY.

We went home went to Sony's website. We got a 4 year warranty $50 cheaper than Best Lie's and covers a screen replacement. Four months later we had an issue with the battery. Girlfriend did some minor troubleshooting on the phone with them and Sony had a replacement battery FedExed 2 days later.

Moral of the story? I will never spend a dime at Best Buy ever again. The only reason you shop from a local store is for the customer service and warranties. Internet sites will be Best Buy's prices and can't have worse customer service. Also buy your extended warranties from the manufacturer. They know how to fix their products the fastest.
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Posted by rcdc on 2008-01-07:
Best Buy vs. Consumer Privacy Protection

I think my experience takes the cake, but I am biased.

The short story is the laptop that I left at Best Buy's Tenleytown DC store was stolen from the store (I believe by an employee). The store then created false records to hide the theft, and left me to futily call Geeksquad week after week trying to check the status of my computer. I was then subjected to weeks of lies by Geeksquad and Best Buy Customer Service regarding the repair status of the phantom computer. Most importantly, they failed to meet their legal obligation to disclose the theft and notify me that I was at risk of identity theft during this entire process.

Engagement of the BBB, DC Police, and DC Attorney General's office failed to yield anything more than a lowball compensation offer, so I now suing Best Buy. The full story is on my blog at:

Posted by troy2000me on 2008-03-15:
"We go back the next night and get a new manager and they act like this is the first time we walked in the store"

Of course - if you are talking to someone else how the hell are they going to know what is going on?

The fact that it is VISTA has NOTHING to do with Best Buy! I worked at Circuit City at the time Vista came out, we literally stopped receiving XP shipments a month or so before Vista's release, and sent back all stand alone copies of XP. The store had nothing except Vista - the store tried to give you a laptop, Vista is not their fault, it is the current technology.
Posted by Scuba Queen on 2009-05-11:
Wow. My experience was bad too. They are awful. I will never buy a computer from them again either. Or anything else for that matter.
Posted by gary21 on 2010-09-23:
Amazing story!!! Very similar to my problem with Besy Buy regarding the extened warranty agreement. Apparently, Besy Buy trains their employees to make misleading and false statements to sell the warranty. We were in our 2nd year of the warranty when we accidentally damaged our Sony laptop. Best Buy refused to replace the laptop but offered a $100.00 rebate on our warranty along with additional rebates and purchase a HP laptop for $248.00. I demanded they honor the agreement and they refused. Currently, I have issued a formal complaint with the Arkansas Attorney Generals Office. I am looking for a Civil Action Attorney that will take this corporation to court. According to the BBB, Best Buy has approximately 11,000 complaints filed against them over the past 36 months for mainly warranty issues. I can only imagine the number of unhappy customers who didn't take the time to file a complaint. We will see how Besy Buy will handle this situation. I advised litigation if they didn't honor the warranty. Lets see if they are willing to defend their position in court for $248.00. My guess is they are arrogant enough to litagate and defend their deceptive behavior and policies. Should be fun!!!
Posted by Osidan on 2010-11-12:
(Both factory warranty and Best Buys 'Black Tie' service were in place at the time this was written)
Add me to the list of lawsuits vs Best Buy. I have just now returned from a Best Buy where they refused, absolutely refused, to replace my Motorola Droid(from here known as device). It has an issue, this issue has become well known since my purchase a year ago, where it powers down randomly throughout the day. This is not acceptable for a device to act this way and obviously needed to be replaced. Did I mention that this was a KNOWN defect at the time of attempted exchange? I purchased their 'Black Tie' warranty when I got my device and at the time of purchase I was told that I could return it to be replaced for almost any reason, or so they made it sound. To make a long story short I eventually ended up talking to the store manager who had the power to replace my device but did not. He was condescending and sarcastic through the course of our conversation, which doesn't really have an effect on the so called 'warranty' I just did not appreciate it.

To wrap this all up, my next step's will be to contact the BBB, search more extensively for current lawsuits, barring that I will take steps to get one going. Not to get my money back but for their business practice in deceiving their customers, I am upset about the $9.99 for the last year but stopping this practice is more important.
Posted by HonestForSure on 2011-01-16:
I hope the posters read this:

Best Buy store personnel do not make the decisions for either continued repair or replacement. They are out of the loop. Look at your terms and conditions, er... fine print. Look at the name of the service plan administrator - it is N.E.W.
The stores, in effect, sell (and i use the term loosely as I'm sure there is factual misrepresentation with every "sales" pitch) the service plans and then wash their hands of them.
In this case, it appears as though whoever handled the repairs were incompetent as well.
Outside pressure is the only recourse as Best Buy corporate is complicit when it comes to anything to do with service contracts. File a complaint with the local BBB - who will contact BBY and the service plan administrator if you list both. Then a nice letter to your State's AG with a copy to Best Buy Legal Dept in the corporate offices will get you some action.
Posted by UnhappyCamper on 2012-01-05:
I sure wish I had read how incompetent BB is when it comes to "customer service". The store I dealt with intentionally "mis-diagnosed" the problem with my cpu. I told the tech it was a hardware problem, of coarse Geek Squad "diagnosed it as a "software" problem that wasn't covered by the extended warrant. And quoted an obnoxious price to 'fix" what was wrong with it. I then Filed a complaint with BBB and have received no response from Best Buy. Mind you the complaint was filed over 30 days ago. Tomorrow I'm filing a formal complaint with Small Claims court. How can this happen and BB is suppose to be an accredited business with BBB? I now know the only voice that BB listens to is within a court room. They will never get another dime from me.
Posted by maicokid on 2012-01-28:
Unhappy camper. I have bad news for you. The BBB has had difficulty with their ratings in the past. I would seek someone else to assistance. This is the nicest way I can say it.
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Best Buy Poor Service= Damaged Computer
Posted by Mainerisme on 08/12/2005
SOUTH PORTLAND, MAINE -- My Hp Laptop suddenly stopped working and I took the computer in for repair under my extended service plan. I was told it would most likely be several weeks for the repair to be completed. Three weeks passed so I called to check on the status. The representative told me the delay was due to my computer being damaged during shipping to their service center. I was told the case was cracked, left front speaker was damaged and the LCD also had scratches. I was told they would replace everything and I wouldn't be able to tell any damage was done.

Yesterday, 8/11 I was informed my computer was ready. When I arrived at the store the geek squad representative proceeded to take my computer out of a box, when he did screws fell out. I also noticed deep scratches on the casing. Upon inspection of the computer it was clear they put on a used case which didn't fit properly on my model and most of the other damage was still visible also the computer was dead (would not turn on). Needless to say I wasn't happy. The geek squad manager came over and was of little assistance. He was very argumentative and had the nerve to say "what would you like me to do?" Does anyone at Best Buy under stand what customer service is? Especially considering my computer was destroyed while in their care?

I've wasted several hours on the phone with various people at Best Buy where I am told I should wait for my computer to be fixed and to stop being unreasonable. What does one do in this situation? I'm without a computer with little faith it can be restored to it's original condition.

I will no longer shop at Best Buy due to their poor customer service and their lack of concern for a customers property.

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Posted by tander on 2005-08-13:
I agree Best Buy lacks in customer service, and their return policy completely bites.
Posted by Cooksie75 on 2007-10-15:
The Geek Squad Leader also told me to stop being unreasonable after they charged me $250.00 for a data transfer that was NEVER done.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-15:
Geek Squad = bottom feeding idiots.

Your probably out your laptop now sorry to say. If you need computer repairs find a local PC repair shop with a solid reputation and stay away from the chain stores except to buy something they are selling at a great price.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-15:
I'll second what Super has to say.
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computer repair
Posted by on 11/03/2003
SKOKIE, ILLINOIS -- The "Geek Squad" that works on computers that have problems are the rudest and least respectful people I have ever met. I took my computer in on a Thursday and they told me it would be ready on Friday. I never got a phone call and kept going in and asking when it would be ready because no one would call me and the best buy workers couldn't get in touch with the "Geek Squad" when I would call. One employee told me "No one told you to come here". I am very upset about this and finally got my computer back on Sunday afternoon. Only take your computer to Best Buy to be fixed if you want to be treated like CRAP!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-03:
It only took you a couple of days to get your computer back plus you constantly call these people Geeks, and they're the rude ones?
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-03:
I am not calling them geeks. They call themselves the "Geek Squad". It's on their shirts.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-03:
Oh. Oops. Sorry.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-04:
Our tech team works on their own schedule, not the customers. If you need to get your PC up and running so that you can continue surfing for porn, fix it yourself.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-04:
instead of taking your computer to best buy you should drop it off your roof. its about the same the geek squad will do. and they will charge you for it!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-05:
I understand that it takes time to fix computers. Maybe if they would have told me how long it would take in the first place, or at least called me to tell me it takes longer, then I wouldn't be complaining. Apparently their customer reps are just as rude.
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Worst Customer Service Ever FULL OF LIES
Posted by Chev95rolet on 02/17/2006
HAMILTON, OHIO -- I always thought Best Buy was the best place to buy electronics. Not any more. I got a Gateway laptop from them on 1/8/2005 and I bought the service plan to go with that. In October of 2005 I took the laptop back to Best Buy because it would not stay charged. The adapter in the back kept coming lose. They had to send it off for repair and was supposed to be sent back to the store. One week later there was a box sitting on my doorstep. It was my laptop. I am suprised that it was not stolen. Anyways, I used the laptop until December when the same problem happened again. I took the laptop back to the store again on 12/30/2005. I was told that I would have the laptop back on 1/11/2006. I went to the store on the 11th to see if it was back yet. It wasn't and they didn't know the status of it. They said that I could call back in a couple of days to get the status. I called and was told that the computer was shipped from the service center and would arrive in a couple of days. I called 2 days later and was told it was still at the service center waiting to be repaired. I kept calling and calling. Finally yesterday 2/16/2006 I called and was told that the computer had been back at the store since January. I asked them why nobody called me and was told that they tried but the phone number didn't work. I asked them what number they had and it was my home phone number. I know that the number works because I checked the answering machine everyday to see if they called. I also left my cell number with them but they didn't have any record of that.

I went to the store yesterday to pick up my laptop and the adapter wasn't with it. I was told that I didn't give them the adapter when I turned in the computer and they didn't have any paperwork of it. The funny thing is that I had the papework of the service order at my house and it said that they had the adapter and there was a post it note on my computer stating that they receive it with the laptop. The geek squad guy asked me if I wrote that note. I told him that I didn't and that it must have came from the service center. I went home got the paperwork that I was given when I dropped off the computer and returned to the store again. They searched the room for the adapter and could not find it. I asked if I could have one off of the shelf since they didn't send mine back. He checked with the manager and came back to the front and told me that they had to call to get me an adapter. The manager could not even come over to talk to me to begin with. When the geek squad guy came back I told him that I wanted to speak to the manager. I explained my situation to me and he didn't even care he told me that I needed to be patient. I had been patient for a long time and was not going to be patient anymore. I am supposed to go back today so they can call and get me an adapter. We will see how that goes.

I have not seen customer service that was this bad before. After reading all of the other complaints I don't know how they are still in business. Something needs to be done about their customer service. Once you buy something there, they forget who you are and do not want to help you with anything. They figure they got their money out of you and you don't matter anymore.
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Posted by KateM on 2006-02-17:
The Geek Squad is the biggest joke! Like anyone who REALLY knows computers is going to work for Best Buy for $9 an hour!
Posted by tander on 2006-02-17:
There is way too many complaints on here about the "geek squad", your right though, who is going to know anything about computers,when there being paid $9.00 an hour?
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-02-21:
Geeks could just be people who like electronic gadgets and play games.. not neccessarily people who know how to fix complicated computer issues. People who really know how to fix computers are earning 20/hr as a field engineer.
Posted by Sirk on 2006-04-14:
At my store in CA, the geek squad people get upwards of $13-15 starting, and if they're full time, senior, or sup., they MUST be A+ certified, so I think that most of them know their stuff. Also, since it was Best Buy's fault for losing the adapter, they should've comp'd you a new one off the shelf that day. That's what I would've done if the manager was being a b*tch, which some can be.
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Another Useless Extended Warranty
Posted by Jdmask on 05/13/2004
MESQUITE, TEXAS -- On March 15, 2004 I took my laptop to Best Buy because it would not send a signal to video out Best buy sent my laptop back by UPS went I got my laptop back it wouldn't turn on I took it back to Best buy, the techs at the store looked at it & had to send it off again to have it repaired this was on March 27, 2004, when the unit was returned to the store they told me the unit was fixed & ready to pick up. when I got to the store they told me there was a charge of $108. I asked why & they said the techs said there was damage to the unit, I told them that I had just got the unit back & there was no way. The next day they called & told me the charges was removed & I could pick up the unit it had been fixed when I got to the store I tryed turning the unit on & again it wouldn\'t start, they again sent the unit off for repair this was on April 21, 2004. I have called to see if my laptop was ready yet & have been told that there is water damage to the unit & that it was not fixed the first time that there was a note that there would have been a charge of $675. to repair the unit I told them when I came I came up there to pick up my laptop that I was told was fixed there wasn't any thing about this told to me. I have been talking to James Watson & Steve Collins @ the store in Mesquite # 972-681-3180 & I have also talked to Lisa Beach @ 952-238-6191 they have told me there is nothing that they are going to do about this & that my laptop is on the way back to the store unrepaired. I told them that I would be contacting the BBB & they told me that wouldn't matter that it would not change what they are doing or not going to do. I also told them that I could not belive this I took the unit for a simple problem & I can't even use the unit now that they have managed to trash my laptop
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Posted by Griz on 2004-05-13:
Sony products have really gone down hill. To avoid all the hassel you should shop at Circuit City. Costomer service is great and they are so helpful. The City Advantage plan covers a lot of things the manufactor won't cover. They do have problems getting the problem fixed the first time, but they will replace it for you if they don't get it right.
Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-05-14:
Posted by bestbestbuy on 2004-05-14:
That's funny..too bad Best buy doesn't send laptops back via UPS, you have to pick it up in the store. Sounds like a phony post! And what's up with your horrible grammar? I could barely stand to read that.
Posted by Vince Tatum on 2004-05-25:
I can relate to the problems this person is having. I purchased a Sony Vaio for my family for Christmas on 12/21/03 and was guaranteed the computer would be in the store by 12/24 at the latest. It finally arrived 12/28 and had not had the requested Virus protection added. About 3 months passed by and I could no longer connect to the internet. I took it to Best Buy to get it fixed. When it was returned to me it would not turn on at all. I brought the computer back to the same Best Buy only to have them tell me it is junk and I need to buy a new computer. I did have the extended warranty but I had gotten the computer on sale and could not get a comperable one since they did not carry the computer I purchased. For me to get something comperable I would have had to spend another $700. I called Sony directly and they told me that the computer can be fixed and they are sending a call tag and I will have the computer back within 10 days at no charge. Since Best Buy is not honoring the warranty and fixing the computer I asked for my money back for the extended warranty. I don't want to say they laughed at me but that is basically what happened. I am going back there today for the last time to speak to the General Manager of the area stores. I live in Minnesota where the company is based and will be sending notice to the BBB and the MN Attorney General's Consumer Protection department. To this day no one and Best Buy has been able to tell me why they can't fix the problem.
Posted by GeekSquadRetired on 2006-02-10:
Vance my friend you are full of it.

#1 even if you have the PSP during the first year Best Buy sends your laptop to the Manufacturer for repair. The PSP just pays the shipping to them that first year. So if it came back not fixed it's because Sony said it was unrepairable.

#2 The comparable unit issue is a tricky one because most people don't understand that comparable doesn't mean price it means spec. An it also does not mean you will get a Sony!! The PSP states clearly that you will be given a brand new laptop with the same or better specs. not brand, not price.

#3 Read it before you buy it, READ IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT, READ IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT.
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Extended Warranty - DON'T PURCHASE!!!!!!
Posted by Kiwilover2000 on 09/04/2004
RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- This is a copy of the letter I sent to the Attorney General in California.

I am a 66 year old grandmother and I have been unjustly treated.

I purchased a Hewlett Packard computer from Best Buy in August 2001. My daughter that knows about computers went with me. The salesman from Best Buy kept telling us about the extended warranty plan. We were told that the plan covered the computer for 3 years, and that no matter what, if Best Buy couldn’t fix it, they would replace it. So I paid the extra for the extended warranty.

In September 2003, my computer started having problems. I rang the Best Buy Warranty phone number and within a week they sent a technician out and replaced my hard drive. Having done that he attempted to install the operating system back on the computer. He was unsuccessful. He stated the disks were bad and that I would have to get a replacement for them. In October 2003, I contacted Best Buy (Case# 5977640) and was told that it was a “HP” problem and that I would have to contact Hewlett Packard for a new set of disks. I called HP and was told that my system was obsolete, so they no longer carried the disks for my system. I called Best Buy back and was told that it was not their problem. Between calling Best Buy and Hewlett Packard, I spent several days on the phone. No one wanted to claim responsibility. I again called Best Buy and reminded them that I purchased the extended warranty that is a ‘repair or replace’ warranty. The person at Best Buy informed me that the salesman gave me the wrong warranty. I told them that this is what I was sold, and they should stand behind the warranty.

During all this time I had been in contact with my daughter (who was with me at the time of the sale and who now lives in New Zealand). I had her on 3-way conversations while speaking with Best Buy and Hewlett Packard. My daughter said to bring the computer with me to New Zealand when I was going to visit and that she would reload the operating system for me. But that I should continue to contact Best Buy and ask to speak with supervisors and if I didn’t get anywhere to go straight to the top. Once I got back from New Zealand, the computer worked fine for a few days, I was even able to get back on the internet, but then it suddenly started having problems again.

I again contacted Best Buy and continually got the “hold please” or let me try to find my supervisor, or we’ll have to call you back. I have been contacting and not getting anywhere for eleven months now. I still have NOT gotten any help from them. They told me to bring the computer to the store where I purchased it. I did, and they told me they would check it out. They called me to pick up my computer, when I went in to get it, they told me, “they could restore it for $100 for I could take it home and restore it myself”. I told them I would do it myself. The young man actually laughed at me and stated, “you can try but you will get an error when you do.” And lo and behold I got an error when I tried it again. By this time my warranty was almost expired. They were trying to string me out until it had.

After the warranty was expired, a man my husband works with said he would take a look at it. He didn’t have it 24 hours and told us the problem was the memory was faulty. He replaced the memory and it is working fine now. I called Best Buy back and requested they pay for the memory that had to be replaced. I was told, “Oh well, if you had taken it to a reputable company, we would reimburse you”.

I am so furious that companies are allowed to continue to do business like this. I have found many similar experiences from people having the same types of problems with Best Buy and their so called “extended warranty”. I am tempted to paint a sign and stand in front of the store telling people not to purchase any extended warranties, because Best Buy does not live up to them. I will make sure that everyone I know, does not buy things from Best Buy.

I purchased the computer from:

Best Buy Store
3900 Tyler Avenue
Riverside, CA 92503

Any assistance you could give would be greatly appreciated, not only by myself, but any other UNSUSPECTING possible customers.

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Posted by Unsatisfied on 2004-09-03:
First of all, I can't believe you actually got your daughter on the phone in New Zealand so she could fight your battles for you. Secondly, obviously your daughter does NOT "know everything about computers" because the problem was very obvious and she did not even come close to diagnosing it. And thirdly, pay attention to what you buy. As a responsible consumer, you should get everything in writing before handing over the money. Had you read Best Buy's warranty information, you will see that things like memory and software, among others, are NOT covered! So you really have no claim at all whatsoever.
Posted by NannyTo3 on 2004-09-04:
Apparently 'Unsatisfied" must work for best buy since she choses to defend a horrible company..Give me a break "unsatisfied" shes 88 and just trying to work through a problem that best buy ,as usual, was screwing up. They ahve had my computer for over a month and still can't get to the bottom of the problem,,,get real unsatisfied best buys sucks period and especially in the customer service department.
Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-09-04:
Ive never had a problem. Ive had to exchange a laptop twice in the last 5 years...both smooth transactions.
Posted by jml1243 on 2004-09-13:
Here is reality. I used to be a manager for the so called BestBuy company. Reality is that if the store wished to take care of the customer they could have. They choose not too, and the other thing is that comments putting others down on this website for trying to get someone to help them solve an issue with BBY is a great idea. Because 90% of the time it take more than one person telling someone in that company that something better be done.

Last comment is to the person that wrote this problem, I will tell you that as a fmr mgr for them, you unfortunitly were another person that they decided hey who cares about her problem, she'll be back to shop with us again because no one can beat our offers. I will comment on that as well, trust me as a mgr for another comp in the same field that there is another retailer that can match and beat BBY in price, and we usually do on a weekly basis.

Posted by AZJEM on 2004-11-02:
I would first like to add a correction in the ladys defense. She is 66 not 88. Anyways, Why would she know before hand if there was going to be future problem with memory or anything else that the policy says they do not honor. She was lied to, scammed and strung along just for the sake of a dishonest buck. And, good for her daughter for helping her in anyway she could. Maybe she doesn't know all there is to know about computers but obviously neither do the store employees for giving her a load of cr*p for information everytime she tried to get help.
Posted by AZJEM on 2004-11-02:
P.S. I just went back and read about how they told her the employee gave her the wrong warranty. The employees ID number should be on the receipt and he/she should be held accountable for the problem. Shame On this store.
Posted by lagrl on 2006-08-14:
A similar thing happenned to me. I bought an HP monitor from Best Buy that stopped working two months later. Best Buy told me "this is an HP problem" because I'd refused to buy their silly extended warranty. I contacted HP and they mistakenly tried to tell me it was out of warranty. Really? I asked. I just bought it two months ago. They said that Best Buy had it sitting on their shelf for over a year. And they sell it to me for $100! An old tube monitor. I then go back to HP and they say, you're right, it's in Warranty but still have not received a replacement.

What kind of company is Best Buy that sells crap at a high price and it stops working two months later and there's nothing you can do!?? This is in CA too. It's outrageous.
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“Loss of Bargain;” Best Buy/HP
Posted by Virginiasoreback on 03/21/2005
CINCINNATI, OHIO -- First; to be "fair and balanced" - I have purchased more electronic equipment from Best Buy than from any other company; and this is not a “frontal assault” on Best Buy. But, the company is rumored not to have “squeaky clean- hands;” at all times.

This “Essay” is about an unnecessary loss of a rebate “bargain.” It occurred about two years ago.

Subject: Forfeiture of Rebates in the amounts of $150.00 and $100.00; offered by Best Buy and Hewlett Packard, respectively.

The rebates represented incentives associated with the purchase of an HP Pavilion ze 5200 Notebook PC at the Best Buy Store #153… The Computer was delivered by mail and was received on April …

The amounts paid were: $2,002.39 (cost of computer plus tax); plus $264.99 for a “3 Year” Service Plan; all paid in full on March… (VISA).

Some of the requirements for the rebates were found to clash with each company’s demands. Both companies demanded receipt of the same original UPC (bar code) found on the box container.

Inquires made to Best Buy and to HP resulted in the declaration by HP that the requirement to submit the original UPC bar could not be waived. And, although “timely” requests for clarification were made to Best Buy – there was a “protracted stall” before an e-mail response was received. Best Buy offered to accept a copy of the UPC bar; but “latches had run;” it was too late!

It is my observation that:
1. Best Buy knew or should have known that an inherent conflict resided in their Rebate offer.
2. Best Buy failed to draw conspicuous attention to this conflict.
3. Best Buy failed to make it transparently clear that they would defer to the Manufacturer, HP; that is: Best Buy would accept a copy of the UPC bar in place of the original.
4. Best Buy was phlegmatic in response to inquiries to clarify or to rectify the UPC bar dilemma.
5. Best Buy’s business practice, in this instance, deprived me of the value of a promised and anticipated bargain; the rebates.
6. The poorly constructed Rebate offer redounded to the (pecuniary) advantage of the Company and to the detriment of the trusting customer; me.
7. It is not known if the entrenched conflict was or was not intentional but, the pattern seems to have the color of slick sleight-of-hand.
8. The need to be "suspicious" of Best Buy's "self-serving" motives should not have to pre-occupy a Best Buy customer.
9. I was responsible, ultimately, for looking out for “my-own-interests!”

1. Pay close attention to rebate expiration dates; and terms, at time of purchase.
2. Try to anticipate possible conflicts” at time and point of purchase.”
3. Be aware; that although a product is purchased in a store but will be mailed from the “factory,” the “rebate clock is running” – no mater how long it take to receive delivery.
4. Be cynical; and assume that the company would be “pleased” if you fail to apply for the rebate; it will not be your advocate.
5. If the instructions about ‘proof of purchase,’ BAR codes,’ serial and model numbers, etc., are confusing (they, often, are to me) don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications or for explanations.
6. If you “screw-up” - as I did - chalk it up as the tuition cost for a bitter lesson learned. “Don’t be a Dummy like me. And, I hope not to be a repeat offender!
7. Etc.

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Posted by NikkiKitty on 2005-03-22:
Another thing I could add to your list of lessons learned- you would have gotten your computer faster if, instead of your home, you had it delivered to the store and went to pick it up. I ordered a computer from Best Buy and had it with in a week.
Posted by virginiasoreback on 2005-03-23:
Your suggestion to expedite delivery time and thereby receive a useful benefit is an excellent idea.

When I'm in a similar position, as before, your suggestion will rank at the top of my "to do" list.

I thank you for the tip.
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rebate b.s.
Posted by Carolyn.ruhle on 03/16/2004
i am still waiting for 300 of the 350.00 of rebates that were with the bundle "DEAL",NOTHING BUT RUNAROUNDis what ive gotten so far ,ill keep you posted. buyer beware!!!!!!
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Posted by parker on 2004-03-16:
if you ever buy anything with a rebate buy some KY because you will need it after they shove the rebate weiner in your azz.
Posted by carolyn.ruhle on 2004-03-20:
so far im getting my ky ready looks bleak!!!!
Posted by colleen0701 on 2004-03-26:
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Save your money...If you think you are gonna get the BEST BUYS REBATES ha ha ha...I got stiffed cuz the store had the wrong sku #...I made 3 trips over there to correct it and finally gave up..Wasn't worth the time,gas money and aggravation for $15.00 rebate... I have saved a lot of money as I promised I would not shop there again,and I haven't..Be Determined !! Don't give in to the urge and shop elsewhere !!! You;ll be happy you did
Posted by Zakk on 2004-04-25:
My guess is that Best Buy (and stores like them) count on about sixty percent of the people either not caring to fill out the rebate forms, or not owning the intellect needed to do so. Stores who bundle products like this and lead you to the marriage of rebate and consumer, will generally leave you at the alter. Find a business, even if it is a smaller one with slightly higher prices, that sells you a product that has a price on tag, that is not soaked with rebates. It will be worth it in the long run.
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