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Best Buy proved to be the Worst Buy of my entire life
Posted by on
WEST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Do you remember the days before the big chain stores when there was customer service? I can recall going to G. Fox in Hartford, Connecticut and being waited on by a sales representative without sending out a search party. I can also recall a “no questions” asked policy of returning merchandise.

About a month ago, during the crunch time of tax season, I purchased an expensive laptop on sale at a Best Buy nearby. At the time of purchase, I knew that I would not have the time then to set the computer up, install various programs, go out and purchase additional programs (since my older computer had Windows Xp and this new laptop had Windows 7), install these new programs as well, and transfer all of my data files onto the new computer. Such a laborious process often consumes a week’s time if all goes well; otherwise, it could consume an eternity.

So I left the laptop sealed and packaged in what appeared to be a flawlessly intact box, believing that it was better left protected in styrofoam, hermetically seal plastic wrap, and a thick cardboard casing than on a desk, prey to six very curious cats. Of course, I foolishly thought that if there were any problems with the laptop, that I could exchange it at Best Buy for another laptop. How dumb!

Yesterday when I finally had time to set up the new laptop, I opened the box, only to discover that the monitor screen had been damaged, making the computer completely useless. Consequently, I hopped into my car and drove down to Best Buy, expecting to exchange the computer for an undamaged one. How dumb again!

When I attempted to exchange the laptop, the manager on duty regarded me with the suspicion of a Gestapo officer examining my DNA. In spite of my repeated assurances that I had not dropped the laptop–swearing up and down that I had not even removed it from the box–he was as unmoved as an IRS agent seizing the very last dollar from my bank account. I explained to him that I had deliberately kept it in its protective styrofoam, sealed and unopened, and stored it in a safe place in my home, away from any temperature extremes, until I was prepared to set it up. My pleas of innocence were of no consequence. He refused to exchange it.

He did, however, offer to send it back to the manufacturer, adding, with the look of “don’t hold your breath’, that it would be entirely up to the manufacturer as to whether the damaged laptop would be replaced by Toshiba. It then occurred to me that Best Buy was simply throwing me under the bus to the whim of a manufacturer located perhaps in some very far off distant land.

The young lady at the desk, who processed my service requisition to have the laptop sent back to Toshiba for possible consideration of an exchange, explained that unless customers return their damaged laptops within an hour or so after purchase, that they are often regarded with the suspicion of having damaged the laptops themselves. I then regretted not having brought a urine sample. I then looked in vain for a lie detector test behind the customer service desk.

So I decided to post this blog entry to make other individuals aware of Best Buy’s posture toward its customers. There’s an old saying: buyer beware. I would also caution when purchasing anything at Best Buy, be afraid…be very afraid, and be certain to bring along your attorney, a notary public, and two witnesses. Needless to say, I recommend never buying anything at Best Buy. But if you do not mind being regarded as a liar, then I suggest before you purchase a laptop from Best Buy, that you have the sales clerk remove it from the box, plug it in, and then test every possible feature and program on that laptop for hours, if not days, before removing it from the store.

Best Buy proved to be the Worst Buy of my entire life.

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Anonymous on 05/14/2011:
You should have check BB's return policy before you decided to leave your computer in the box for I guess a month since you didn't state the exact number of days it took for you to open the box. BB does not have a 'no hassle' return policy so I don't see where the questions were out of line or unexpected.
azRider on 05/14/2011:
you don't give a time frame for how long you held it. Tax season can be 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. If your professional CPA your doing tax records for months on end. Lets suppose you mean 30 days or so. I'd have to agree with Best Buys actions. they don't know you or what your may have done with it. its not like your friend works there and is going to trust your word. these people don't know you. and laptop screens break very easily, a drop here or a hard close there and poof... you have a broken screen. you should have inspected your goods the same day you got. you could have always repacked. I think you should have looked at it after you got home even if you were not going to use it till 'after tax' season. had you inspected it after receipt there would have been no issue in returning it. so I don't fault BB for being on the loss prevention side of things.
trmn8r on 05/14/2011:
You say "buyer beware". You do understand that it is also "retailer beware" and "manufacturer beware", correct?

With something like a cracked/damaged screen, naturally the suspicion is going to be placed on the customer. How easily and quickly a consumer could wreck and LCD screen, not saying that you did.

I am guessing you are past the return period at Best Buy. All stores have them for electronics, as well as most things. Therefore it becomes a manufacturer warranty issue. Doesn't matter that you left it in the box.

You went to opposite extreme in your letter, by suggesting a computer be checked before leaving the store. That isn't necessary. Surely there is a 10, 14 or 30 day return period.
ncoclub on 05/14/2011:
I agree totally with other posters but I have a few comments/questions. If you knew you wouldn't have time to set up the new PC why buy it when you did? Was it on sale? Your sense of time seems to be a bit skewed to support your argument. I do not believe it would take "Such a laborious process often consumes a week’s time" to do what you claim had to be done to get the new PC up and running for your needs. A few hours at the most. Also you are again trying to skew the argument by making statements like "with the look of “don’t hold your breath" . Who are you to judge someone by the way they look at you? FACTS are what count here. BB, 14 day return policy is clearly stated by numerous signs in the store AND on your receipt. You are just mad because BB didn't break all the rules and just put a new laptop in your hands. Stop winning!!!. No, I don't, or ever have, worked for BB.
Ytropious on 05/15/2011:
Imagine a world where people have 14 days to put a laptop through hell and if they break it it's free insurance basically. That's not cool OP. Why would you wait so long to open it anyway?
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Terrible service
Posted by on
Geek Squad is a real sham. When I bought my laptop early 2009 I also purchased a 3 yr Black Tie Premium warranty. This was complete hardware and software support, in home service, guaranteed a spot in repair dept ahead of any other plans. For the first 1 1/2 years the phone support was great. Since that time it has gone downhill. Every time you call you get a different answer on what your warranty covers and when it expires. It is like all of a sudden they have hired a bunch of idiots.
I called 9/23 for service and they scheduled a tech to come to my home on 9/28 between 8 and 12. I patiently waited 4 hours and when it got to be 12:30 I got quite upset. I called and was told that the person who was to come here called in sick. Nobody even bothered to call me to let me know so I could get on with my life for that day. I finally got to speak with a supervisor in dispatch who due to my inconvenience scheduled it for Sun Oct 2 at 8am. I told him that would be OK with me as I would be home until 9:15.
On Sun I again waited but when it was 8:25 I called to see where he was as I was supposedly his first appointment. I waited on phone for 20 minutes before talking to anyone who would even check on this for me. She comes back on the line and says "he has been trying to call you to come over and your phone was busy". Well, DUH, why didn't he just come here. He knew I was here if he got a busy signal. I asked her when did he try? She says 8:15 and I knew someone was lying as I was not on phone until 8:25. I asked her how soon he could get here and she said that I should call him as he was on another call at that time. I told her I was leaving in 30 minutes and asked if he could come after 5 when I would be back. She said he could come later that afternoon or evening and I should call him to arrange this.
When I called him he told me he could not do that as he didn't work that late. (Then why was I told different???) When I told him my computer is a laptop he says they do not come to home that I have to take it into shop. I tried to tell him that I had the in home warranty but he argued that he worked there 18 years and he knows that is not so.
I call dispatch again and told them what he just said and they said he is wrong since I do have that coverage for my laptop. So again no repair for 2nd time in a row. Dispatch then says that the soonest they could send someone was Tuesday. I demanded to know the time and not a 4 hour window. She said she would have someone call me Mon evening to give me the time.
Didn't hear from anyone on Mon so I called dispatch and find out they have no record of a service call for me for Tues. :( Now they have me scheduled for Thur (tomorrow) but refuse to give me a definite time. Said that the previous supervisor should not have guaranteed the Sun 8am appointment.
I do not appreciate this type of service as when I have something scheduled for an unknow time in the morning I do not sleep the night before. Already lost 2 nights sleep and am in for it again tonight. I did call disparch this evening and told them they need to let the repairman know I will only be here until 12 so they need to be here early enough so I can leave for my appointment.
I have spent a lot of money at Best buy for two 55 inch TV's, top of the line steam laundry set, and a range besides many other small things. They have seen the last of me and my money due to the terrible service. I also had a problem with one of their stores in 1996 and never went back until 2005 and advised everyone to stay away from this store. That store actually closed and is no longer in business.
I have called on other issues to be told that I do not have remote access and they can't help me. This, I tell them, is not true as they have accessed my computer remotely numerous times over the past 2 years. I just have to keep calling back until I get someone who has a brain and knows that I paid a lot for this type of coverage.
Why can't businesses hire people who know what they are doing? Never had problems with businesses 25 years ago like now. Or is it that most people are getting more stupid and can't function in their jobs?
Another time was having problems with computer crashing. It would take too long for home service so I ran it down to the store. When I went in I told them I had Black Tie protection which according to my salesman put me at the head of the line which I needed as I was using the computer for my business. At the store they told me everyone had the same. I do not buy into that as there are lesser priced plans and not everyone who takes a computer in has any plan. Told me I had to leave it but would get back to me in a few hours. I had to call next day as they never called me. They told me it would take altogether 3-4 days to work on it. Told me they needed to replace hard drive. I brought it home and couldn't use it as they had removed all my software and would not put it back the way it was. . After I got it back I had to take it to another tech who charged me. He checked the old drive and there was nothing wrong with it. He explained that he had worked at Geek Squad and their policy was if they could not find a solutiion to the problem within 30 minutes then just replace the hard drive. They did not want to spend the time trying to figure it out.
If I had run my business the way this company does I would have lost all my clients.
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 10/07/2011:
They need to absolutely respect your time more, but IMHO you need to respect their processes and logistics as well. I would be concerned that, in demanding you are getting quicker attention, they are not following their procedures which is causing the problems.
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Defective Sony Laptop
Posted by on
MISSION VIEJO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Sony Laptop on 01/03/11, within a month the HD failed. I lost all my data not to mention time on the phone with Best Buy and Sony trying to get some resolution. All I got from Best Buy was they would send it to Sony for repairs and it could take upward of 3 weeks to get it back.

No offer of a loaner or free repair or even a replacement. I could understand if I had the computer for more than a few months but I had literally one month and three days. Everyone I spoke to from the Manager at Geek Squad to the Corp Office was of no use.

Also, I found out talking to Best Buy Corp office that they give Carte Blanc to the managers over the Stores and the decision making. I was told whatever the decision is of the Manager stands we cannot override their decision.

Then to get on the phone with Sony only find out they transferred me to Japan and took over a half hour to answer the phone once I was transferred. Finally Sony agreed to send someone out and replace the HD but not remove my data. I had to pay OOP for that service with someone else.
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Alain on 02/16/2011:
Apparently the manager doesn't want your continued business.
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Black Friday Fraud!
Posted by on
We received inappropriate and likely illegal treatment at the Simi Valley store and by the Corporate office phone line. A group of us loyal customers, stood in line in front of the Simi Valley store on Wed. November 25, 2009, until Black Friday, November 27, 2009, in hopes of purchasing their advertised laptop for sale in the amount of $197. We were amongst the first 10 people in line who were guaranteed a laptop. We were advised the store had 40 more laptops on a first come first serve basis. On their website, it stated this was a ticketed item and only guaranteed a certain amount of customers to receive this item.

Come 3 am, when the employees were handing out tickets, we were advised that they were not handing out tickets for this item. One of the employees said the reason was because consumers have until 9 am, once receiving their ticket, to come and pick up the item. This allows them to receive their ticket at 3 am and go to another competitor store and do their shopping there before 9 am. By not ticketing this item, it prevents them from leaving the store, therefore, they will shop and spend more in the store.

We were advised that at 4:40 am, they were allowing the first 10 people in the store so they can be guaranteed their laptop, followed by increments of small groups every few minutes. Upon entering the store, we had asked the manager where could we find the $197 laptops. We were advised and directed by an employee to follow the red balloons and stand in line within the red tape. At 5 am, the cashiers would open and then we would be brought out our laptops. This way the first 10 would get their laptops guaranteed.

Little by little, people were flooding in and grabbing items, while we all just watched and waited for 5 am. At 5 am, we were called up to the register 1 by 1. I was the 3rd person who was to get a laptop and my group followed, along with the other families we got to know by spending two nights out in the cold, camping out in front of the store. When I got to the register I was told that they were all out of the laptops. Of course this caused pandemonium amongst all of us who sat out there since Wed, to be guaranteed a laptop! The management team was so unprofessional and advised us that it was our fault we did not receive the laptop and no one told us to sit out there since Wed. Of course this did not sit lightly with everyone.

The employees kept advising that they only guaranteed the first 10 people and the rest was at a first come first serve basis. We kept trying to tell them we WERE the first 10 people and had been sitting out there since Wed to guarantee our spot. The employees were not listening to us and were very rude and condescending, even one manager, Jason, jumped up on a stool and started yelling at us telling us to get out of the store. It even got to the point where they called the police on us.

Now, while sitting outside the store since Wed. afternoon, we got to know the police in the area. They had patrolled by and kept an eye on us, for our safety. They even would come by and have friendly conversations with us about our shopping spree, family, sports, etc. They knew we WERE the first in line. When the employees told the police of the situation, they just shook their heads at the employees and advised us that we had ourselves a civil action case and suggested we take the company to court. The police knew that some of us missed Thanksgiving dinner with our families to guarantee we got a laptop, as a Xmas gift for our children. We can not get that quality time back. Needless to say, the police were on our side and therefore, they just left the store.

A teenage boy who was standing in the line behind us for 2 days, happened to be in the area where they had the laptops and saw people who were at the end of the line outside, grabbing the laptops. He was lucky enough to grab one. He came over to where we were and heard the commotion. He knew we were outside the store for several days, he handed the laptop to a lady who was one of the first 10 people. He knew she should have received a laptop. This teenage boy knew Best Buy was wrong and that this lady should be getting this laptop, not him. For a complete stranger, let alone a teenager, to recognize that Best Buy was in the wrong, was just very upsetting and shows how their company has lost compassion for the American consumers!

When this lady went to purchase the $197 laptop she was promised was the price from Best Buy's advertisement and what was tagged right on the side of the laptop as $197, the employee tried to charge her $297. Again, we all were upset because this was not the price the advertisement announced. The employee advised us that they had optimized ALL the laptops, which is $100 extra, and if she wanted to purchase the laptop and walk out with it that day, she would have to pay $100 extra.

WHAT???!!??? Where in their advertisement did it say, "$197 laptop, $100 optimized - out the door $297". This is plain and simple FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!! This was a scam by Best Buy!! Again, we were trying to argue this amount with the employees, which got us NO WHERE!

We were again told several times that it was not the company's issues and if we had a problem to take it up with their corporate office. When asked for the number, The store manager, Adelyn, rudely stated the number out loud and told us to leave. I had asked her to write the number down as well as her name. She rolled her eyes at me and wrote the number and her name on a card. She wrote her name so sloppy that we could not even read her name. She again told us she was not going to do anything and to leave the store. Of course we were very upset and appalled at the treatment we received from a well known store like Best Buy. We were treated like criminals and forced to leave the store.

We sat outside the store, trying to get a hold of the corporate office and were hung up on. We called back, and were advised it was not their issue, we had to handle it with the store. We even asked them what was the purpose of their corporate office, if they do not handle situations like this. We were even accused of being liars. After all this repetitive abuse, we decided to take matters one step further. We NEEDED someone to listen to us.

The family behind us, knew of a corporate attorney. She got on the phone with him and he advised us we had a class action case against Best Buy since there were several families involved in this matter and we had a store full of witnesses. Which by the way, these witnesses were pretty upset as well at the treatment we received and how this whole situation was handled that they provided us their contact numbers so they can be a witness if we needed them to be. The attorney advised he would take the case and file a class action suit against the company on ALL of our behalves.

We wanted to try to give Best Buy a chance to settle this without going that far. We were not looking to cause trouble, we just simply wanted to resolve this issue and receive an apology for the treatment we received. Again, we tried to call corporate. I spoke to a Shirley. Shirley had called the store to try to get their side of the story. She stated the manager of the store's name was Adelyn. She stated that Adelyn advised her that I had gone to another department to get another item, therefore I lost my place in line. Adelyn also advised Shirley that they only guaranteed the first 10 in line. Shirley got back on the line with me and told me what she was told by Adelyn. Now, this was very upsetting that Best Buy would hire a manager who would lie and try to turn things around like this. This not only makes her look very bad, but this is also a reflection on the company, especially with Adelyn being the store manager.

First of all, Adelyn did not know who was calling and complaining. There was a group of us who were there, we were all upset and we all got on our cell phones to complain to corporate. There is no way she would have known who was on the phone since she never once asked our names to identify us. The only way she would know I went to another department to get something else is if ALL 10 of us who were let in first, went to another department first together to get something else. Which of course was NOT the case! Shirley then advised me that it now turns into Adelyn's story against mine. I had advised Shirley that I know for a fact that I was not the only one calling in and complaining and the others would have the same story as I did. Shirley told me that no one had called in and there are no complaints against this store. Which again was a lie because I was standing next to someone who just got off the phone with corporate with their complaint and there were several others right next to me on their cell phones with corporate as well. I advised Shirley it was not my story against Adelyn's. I told her I know you guys have cameras in your store and if she wanted the truth to pull the video tapes, which will show we went up to the manager and we were directed to stand in a line within the red tape behind the cashiers. I advised Shirley that we had contacted an attorney, as well as the media, and I was calling to give their company a chance to try to resolve this matter before we were to meet with the media that morning. I was then advised by Shirley to do what I feel like we needed to do because there was nothing she could do to help me.

We met with Fox Channel 11 news, in front of the store, a half an hour later. We all expressed our concerns and complained about the customer service and treatment we were provided. We also expressed our concerns on the company's false advertisement. This was fraud, a scam! The news interviewed the store manager, Adelyn, who stated unfortunately they did not have any more laptops to provide us, but in exchange, they would provide each of us with a $200 gift card and a discount on another item in the store. The representative from Fox news approached us and advised us of the offer from the store manager and then left.

When the group (the 8 of us) approached Adelyn to accept her offer, she then told us that she was not giving us each a gift card, she was just going to give one gift card in the amount of $200. This was ABSURD!! AGAIN, we were lied to by their employee, a manager at that!! We, of course argued again with Adelyn and advised her that we did not just stay 3 days and 2 nights in front of their store just for a $200 gift card for the 8 of us. We each were purchasing a laptop. All 8 of us did not stand in line just to purchase 1 laptop!

After a while of complaining to Adelyn, she told us this was all she was going to do for us and we were not going to get anything more out of her. Adelyn advised us to deal with corporate. She stated that by us complaining to corporate, they can do more for us then what she could. Adelyn finally said she would just give two $200 gift cards to two of us and the rest could buy something else at a discount and then work it out with corporate to get something from them.

I was very upset and to the point where I refused to purchase another item from Best Buy! Regardless of how good the deal was, I was NOT going to contribute another penny to a company who has NO respect for their faithful and loyal customers! Therefore, I was NOT going to purchase anything else for a discount. This whole thing has been a scam to rip off the American Consumers!!

We called corporate again and advised once more of the whole situation, and were told there was nothing they can do and it should have been handled in the store with the manager. Corporate even got Adelyn on the other line so they can hear from Adelyn what she wanted them to do for us. Adelyn stated that she did not know why we were calling and she already gave us a discount and gift card. We reminded Adelyn that she was the one who told us to work something out with corporate because she could not give us all the $200 gift card. Adelyn denied ever telling us that. We kept advising her of the whole conversation that took place in the store to refresh her memory and reminded her that she told us to deal directly with corporate to get this issue resolved.

We have gotten nowhere with the corporate office and with the Simi Valley store management. We wrote a letter to the CEO of Best Buy and are hoping they provide us the $200 gift card and discount for another computer, that their manager had promised us on TV. We are still pending the results of this letter. I am so disappointed with Best Buy and I am hoping the CEO can restore my faith in this company. If not, I will boycott Best Buy every chance I get!
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 12/01/2009:
Did the people in front of your buy more than one laptop or were they 'supposed' to be limited one per customer?
PepperElf on 12/01/2009:
I'd recommend going with the lawsuit you spoke of then
Disappointed in Simi Valley on 12/02/2009:
No they did not purchase more than one laptop, there was a limit of one per customer.
Yes, I think it might go that route. I am waiting to hear back from the executives of Best Buy.
Anonymous on 12/02/2009:
I cannot imagine myself sitting outside a store for two days for a 200$ laptop, That’s extreme.It would have to be a pretty sweet laptop.

If what you say is true it does seem like they cheated you guys who were in the front.
Anonymous on 12/02/2009:
Normally, I can pick out what a customer did wrong and advise how to avoid issues in the future. But, if this situation happened the way you claim, I would file the suit.

Make sure you have witnesses and I hope it works out for you. telling ya'll to go to the waiting area only to be told they were all gone is just plain wrong.

Good luck. I can't stand Best Buy anyway and would never spend any money there. They talk to you like you are stupid. Money talks and BS walks. My money is BS as it walked right out the door.
clutzycook on 12/02/2009:
Now that's what I call a legit Black Friday gripe!
Alain on 12/02/2009:
Looks like a job for a Judge.
Anonymous on 12/02/2009:
I buy from HH Gregg and Office Max. BB is horrid, and this just proves it. Is it possible that the employees Dove on those laptops, them and their families? To the OP, was all of this worth saving $100? I am not being smart or nasty. I was just wondering. I have never camped outside in a line like that, never will. I get there when the store opens and hope for the best. I'd rather pay the money that have the headache you now have, with respect.
Oh, and that teenaged boy's momma is raising him right.
MRM on 12/02/2009:
On a Black Friday, I avoid popular items such as laptops and HDTV as they would be sold out or at least having trouble finding them. On a Black Friday, I bought items that are in abundance such as a mp3 player or digital frame.
MRM on 12/02/2009:
Now there are still good sales on laptops before and after Black Friday, granted, they are $50 more, but they are still cheap. No need to worry about getting that one and only laptop on Black Friday. Its not the end of the world ya know.
yoke on 12/02/2009:
I am surprised that BB allowed you to camp out for 2 days in front for their store. Most of what they did was wrong, but the one thing that you can not blame them for is ruining your Thanksgiving. You did that all on your own when you opted to camp out at BB and not spend it with your family.
I would like to hear BB's side of the story.
Hugh_Jorgen on 12/02/2009:
If the local TV station has the manager on camera saying she was going to give each of you a $200 gift card then I would call them back and let them know what happened.

It would be a good follow up story for them. They can show the manager her earlier statement and then ask her why she didn't follow through.
Principissa on 12/02/2009:
I agree with Hugh. If it's on camera she's screwed herself. I'm pretty sure corporate won't be too happy that she lied like that.
spiderman2 on 12/02/2009:
I'm sure the OP has a very valid complaint here, but I think this just highlights what is wrong with this country. Companies that will rip you off when you follow the rules and people who will wait in line for days, missing meaningful events with their families to get "stuff." I think as a country, we seen to have the wrong priorities in life.
MRM on 12/02/2009:
Spiderman, you are on point when people's priorities are not straight. There will be a lot of laptops that will be on sale after Black Friday. Black Friday is just a gimmick to get you into their store.
goduke on 12/02/2009:
All together now..."It's the most wonderful time of the year...."
Slimjim on 12/02/2009:
Not only would I buzz a complaint off to the FTC but you should file a suit, along with everyone else hosed in that line. Store have got to start being held more accountable for screwing people over due to disorganization with their staff and procedures on Black Friday sales.
MaggieMcT on 12/02/2009:
You missed Thanksgiving dinner with your family to buy a laptop?!?!
JR in Orlando on 12/02/2009:
This is the problem with the absurd system of giving out tickets to items on sale. They should simply throw the doors open and let those who get them, buy them. Otherwise, people think they are entitled to the items simply because they showed up early. Here the store told them they were not giving out tickets, yet this poster thought they were entitled to the item because they showed up first. Obviously the laptops were out on display because the teenager got one. But instead of grabbing one, the poster's sense of entitlement leave him standing without one.

The store told you they were not going to give out tickets on this item, you should have rushed in and got one. Your mistake.
redmx3racer on 12/02/2009:
Must have been a special laptop to wait outside for 2 days and miss a holiday with the family.
I'm looking to get a cheap laptop myself, all I need is something basic that I can used to surf the net and use Itunes with. I've found one that will suit my needs for under $300. Saving $100, even if it is for a slightly better brand, is not worth the hassle the OP went through in my opinion.
goduke on 12/02/2009:
The problem with a lawsuit is that it's going to be very hard to prove the alleged guarantee that the 1st ten folks in line outside the door and not just the first 10 folks who got them. I'm sure the employee's version of those conversations are going to be very different. You'll also have to hope that Fox kept that footage (not sure if it ever aired) so you can prove what was said on the camera.

I'm not suggesting that the facts as stated by the OP are doctored or false. But in a lawsuit, you have to actually prove the facts, not just state the facts. At the end of the day, you may have to decide whether or not the hassle fo the lawsuit it worth it. That's a personal choice.

You can also go the route of the Attorney General's Office. You could try the BBB, but that's probably not going to get much juice. It's also not really an FTC issue, although you could try it just to make some noise.
lobo65 on 12/02/2009:
Definitely sounds like a legitimate complaint. I would pursue it further as well. There's no way I would wait that long in line for anything, but if I did, I would be just as mad as you were.
andbran on 12/02/2009:
honestly I would rather spend thanksgiving with my family instead of camping out for any item. when have we placed material items over family? I agree that we need to repriorise.
MRM on 12/02/2009:
Remember this next year when Thanksgiving Day arrives… you only have once in a year to spend time with the whole family, while the laptop will be there every other day, and the price will be a bargain when you get them.
bcd on 12/02/2009:
Adding $100 to the price is clearly a case of false advertising.

The employees probably bought the laptops for themselves and the manager lied to cover for them. Maybe she bought one too.
goduke on 12/02/2009:
The story is in several of the local newspapers. No one disputes that the laptops were all sold to customers. The dispute seems to be which customers should have been allowed to purchase them.
Ytropious on 12/02/2009:
I don't see why Best Buy couldn't have just bumped the claim time up from 9am to 6am. It would have negated this whole problem. Tickets would have been given to the OP and her posse of people waiting for 2 days, and the store would know they wouldn't have had time to leave and go elsewhere before returning to buy the laptop. Seems like that very simple change would have made all the difference!
ChuhBaca on 12/02/2009:
I don't like Best Buy either. In general I try to avoid them, but I haven't been personally wronged by them. It's all the stories I hear about them.

I hope we hear a follow up on how this goes. Definitely contact the news again as a follow up, and maybe contact other media as well. In the end, I think the biggest blow you can strike for all of us consumers is to go through with the civil suit.
Sulsuknjrk on 12/06/2009:
Blew off family for a stinking laptop? and a $200 lap top that's normally $300? Obessed with internet ? had to have your generic little laptop.. You sound very selfish. I wouldn't give you a gift card either. You camped out in front of Best Buy for 2 days? I would of had you arrested.
QContinuum178 on 12/15/2009:
I was under the impression that standard operating procedure at Best Buy is to offer tickets for Black Friday doorbusters in order to prevent situations like this.

Further, I'm concerned that the laptop the young man found and gave up to a woman ahead of him in line was going to be charged $297 instead of $197. If this was the correct laptop, does this mean that the customers who were able to buy it were charged the higher price? Are there any complaints from those customers?

This whole incident appears to have been mishandled from the start. I would suggest finding out if the Fox affiliate has footage of the offer of the gift card.

But, regardless of how cheap the laptop was, I would never have given up Thanksgiving with my family for it.
iknowbby on 12/27/2009:
the laptop you are talking about was a 2 day sale. BBY does not give out tickets for the 2 day items. the HP that you claim was $179 was $599 or $699 depending on the processor/RAM. there was a $179 HP netbook YES but not a doorbuster. the employees told you that you and the other people at the start of the line would be aloud first dibs on the door buster NOT the 2-day sale. when you asked for the "DOORBUSTER" laptop they sent you to CS where the doorbuster laptops were, BUT the laptop you wanted wasn't there because it was a 2 day item. you must have sat around for quite some time while 40 of them were picked up off the floor PLUS you had a 20 minute head start. I think you are not telling the whole truth.

as far the the $100 bucks in services...they have the right to do that, they do it every year. the store is selling items under cost and losing money on every item that goes out the door, its business. if you didn't want to pay the extra money they can find someone that will.

YOU, OP, are the problem with the world today. YOU did not read and comprehend what the ad said and blamed Best Buy then attempted to start a riot. and all of this is over $100...pity.

if you try to bring this to trial the lawyers Best Buy sends are going to crush you. you facts are all out of whack and I believe you are not telling the whole truth and hiding some key facts. I also believe that not lawyer would take this case as is. that poor lawyer is going to fight a HUGE company over a $179 laptop.
Anonymous on 12/28/2009:
Iknow, thanks for the clarification.
mica10 on 01/01/2010:
I don't think we know enough about your puchase. What was the regular purchase price for the laptop? If you take the amount of hours you spent camped out at BB divided by the savings, think about whether that was truly worth your time. Granted, I am quite sure their customer service was less than stellar and I hope you and the others can recover.
LCDLBA on 01/02/2010:
If it is exactly as you stated and you have all of those folks to back it up, I would go with the lawsuit. False Advertising is serious and depending on where you live you may have tort law on your side as well. (Basically you can sue them for wronging you and the time you spent on this situation). I don't shop at Best Buy because we have a Wal-mart next door to it. I would give Best Buy the option of giving you the computer at the $197 price now or having an attorney contact them. Hopefully you still have the circular ad that they placed so you can show them what was stated on the ad.
LCDLBA on 01/02/2010:
iknowbby, sounds like you work for Best Buy and are trying to scare this person away from a lawsuit. For all parties involved, keep in mind this web page is JUST as admissible in court as anything else. If this person IS telling the truth and have all of these people and police officers on her side to tell the story, Best Buy will probably be in for a LARGE pay-out to this person. If it is all as it was stated in the complaint, Best Buy needs to admit they screwed it up and offer up a computer to her for the price listed. If Best Buy DID print terms and he/she missed them...he/she just needs to say so. If Best Buy was using shady/not-understandable advertising complainant need to handle that through local law and with an attorney.
PepperElf on 01/02/2010:
better yet since its after Christmas, is this still an issue?
isn't there an after-Christmas sale or something like that?
Anonymous on 01/03/2010:
LCD, from what Iknwo is explaining, the OP is MISTAKEN and confused. Who would better know, a customer or an employee?
DaveyC on 01/05/2010:
Sounds to me like the OP didn't read the fine print and then went ballistic when she didn't get what she wanted. I would love to see the CCTV of the antics that no doubt went on during the interactions with the store manager. (and the dude on the stool!) :)

Besides, the OP really got what she wanted right? Not really the computer, but the bragging rights that she stayed out for 48hrs to get it. That's why she skipped TG dinner with family.

I'm not a huge fan of BB, but I agree with IKNOWBBY, it seems like there might be a few details omitted here.
zapata on 01/31/2010:
Hello, I had been in Best Buy black Friday 08 and got a desktop at an OK price but thankfully I avoided black Friday 09 because I had a bad feeling about it. a friend who had camped with me during BF08 went on 09 and had an awful experience I'm guessing something similar to what you went trough. I think the best think you can due to get back at them is to look for more people got a bad experience like you did and start a boycott! hopefully you got the information of the people that shared your nightmare that day. my e-mail is if you ever start something. let me know.
zapata on 01/31/2010:
One more thing I also think employees DO BUY stuff for THEMSELVES
in 08 I was aking this employee for a specific coupon which I knew he had in his hand because I saw it as he was scrolling trough them and he pretended that he had completely no idea of what coupon I was asking for. it was extremely obvious that he did not want to give me the coupon. it was after 2 more guys told him that they saw the coupon in his hands that he actually gave it to me.
PepperElf on 01/31/2010:
so how'd the lawsuit turn out?
Anonymous on 01/31/2010:
Zapata, yes employees do probably buy for themselves. I did. I work at ally and waited in line with everyone else for almost 5 hours AFTER working 8 hours on BF for a laptop. AND I got two.
A. Faubion on 12/30/2011:
This entire complaint and comment section has been surprisingly educational.At first I became shocked and disturbed that so many seemed to be interested in turning on the victim like those who due to a rape victim who wears low-cut or revealing clothes. Does the OP deserve this "rape" from BB because she doesn't share your obsessive views about family traditions created by none other than retailers in the first place? Does the choice to camp out in front of the store to guarantee her the first in line opportunity to spend money the way she or he wants somehow make her a criminal? The store was likely thrilled with the free advertising and notice the campers surely brought to their scandalous store.I suggest those who doubt the claims of this complaint take a look at the many hundreds of complaints and the recent class action suits filed by two different states.BB has a terrible reputation for deceitful,tactics practices,misleading or outright lying to customers to get a sale,failing to disclose hidden costs and/or limits on warranties and in store extended warranties,price switching,false advertising,not honoring price matching promises or return policies.
But never mind all that this person deserves all the unfair,illegal,rude and obnoxious treatment that BB and their gang of thieves,liars and bullies hand out because she had her priorities for turkey dinner with her family screwed up. But wasn't she missing out on it for her families sake to provide them with something they needed our wished for? Who are we to decide for her what is more important for her family? Perhaps it is her way of giving thanks to her (or his?) family on Thanksgiving for pitys sake.
The point is that it is really not our business to judge her on her family values here. One cannot make a call like that from one example of behavior anyway. However that being said,the lesson demonstrated here is obvious and I for one appreciate the education.First let me say I think the complaint had good information and attention to important details I was impressed with how well organized and specific it was.Then the comments made me realize the importance of leaving emotion out of the argument.
The secret to making a strong case then
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WOW!! No class-action lawsuit yet?
Posted by on
CRESTWOOD, MISSOURI -- The Bestest Best Buy Story is Below

Let me start off saying that I had a long history with Best Buy before I dealt with them this past year about my girlfriend's laptop.

She had a laptop originally bought for $1900 with a 3 year extended warranty and it was year 2 on the laptop. She started getting a blue screen and after looking at the error code it was very easy to diagnose it was a memory issue.

I told her that we would go to Best Buy, talk to the Geek squad, and that she should expect to not see her laptop for at least a month. We easily duplicated the blue screens and the Geek Squad took it did some troubleshooting (nothing) and sent the laptop out.

After a week out I told my girlfriend that they are most assuredly replacing the harddrive to prepare her for having to install all of her programs again. What happened 30 days later? Ding Ding Ding!

We got the laptop back from the Geek Squad, Best Buy replaced the hard drive, and we then re-duplicated the blue screen issue right in front of the Geek Squad crew. I then told them the memory was bad and to please replace it. (I couldn't or I would void the warranty)

They send it out again. This time the do "extended memory tests". I even talk to the guy working in their repair center on the phone referencing the error code and website links talking about what they mean. He replaces the hard drive again.

The laptop comes back to Best Buy and again we see the blue screen. I tell the Geek Squad guy how to test the memory for this issue. While I am still in the store he comes to me and says that the memory is indeed bad and the tests they were doing weren't extensive enough. They send it out again.

They call us 3 weeks later saying that the laptop issue has been resolved and to pick it up. This is 11 weeks after we first brought it in. We get to the store and Windows isn't even installed on the laptop -- memory wasn't replaced either but we never got that far.

Knowing there was about a 1% change Best Buy would fix the laptop we brought in the receipt and warranty information which states that after the 3rd time the laptop is sent to their service center and was still broke that they would replace the laptop.

We talked to several people that night and they all agreed that we had a "lemon" and that it would be replaced but there was no manager on duty and we would have to come back the next day to get the new laptop.

We show up the next day and the store manager (Crestwood, MO) talks to us and says he will not give us a replacement. He is telling us that the three times the Geek Squad sent it to the service center didn't count because it was never diagnosed or fixed right. HUH?

He then said that I had it sent to the service center when nothing was wrong with it. HUH? The original Geek Squad was right next to us at the time and he confirmed we were getting blue screens and he had it sent to the service center. The manager then said that since the service center didn't fix it right the first 3 times didn't mean it was three separate send backs to the center. HUH?

I am in the business and I know for sure how these things are handled. Best Buy would have to send our laptop back to Sony who would refund Best Buy for the lemon. But this time Sony would see that it was not a lemon but would see that it simply needed new memory (there are notes on all of Best Buys service orders stating that the customer said there is bad memory). So Best Lie didn't want to give us a new laptop because they were not going to be refunded for their total stupidity.

The manager finally agrees that night that we will get a replacement. He said that he would need sign-off from the general manager before doing this. HUH? You need sign-off from your GM to honor a warranty? HUH?

We go back the next night and get a new manager and they act like this is the first time we walked in the store, so we had to go through everything again. They talked to us until the store closed so we had to come back again and you guessed it. We went through the whole ordeal a third time.

We went to the store 17 times. Only on the 17th time when I called the local police and to have a report taken (to use for small claims) did the manager honor the warranty. The cop was actually laughing his ass off because I had the manager boot up the laptop he said wasn't broke and they STILL didn't have Windows installed.

The cop also acknowledged going through the same ordeal with Best Lie. He told me that we would stay there and do a full investigation and only after a half hour of me telling my story so everyone within earshot knew what was going on did the manager cave. (The Best Buy management staff may be ill equipped to handle customer issues but these guys will not break. I have a feeling their training involves elctric shock and warranty information flashing on a projector)

OK so now we have all agreed that the laptop will be replaced. I know it was a long-time ago that I told you the price of the laptop but it was $1900. That being said we went and looked at laptops in the $1700-1800 range. We were told that we would indeed not be getting anything over $1300 because Best Lie would be going by general computer specs to give us a new laptop.

Well the laptop she had had a lot of special add-ons, including a high end video card. Forget that. Also we would be forced onto Vista and half of the software she had wouldn't work with it. And for those of you that aren't techies, Vista requires more memory, processing power, everything, so if you are running the same specs on Vista and XP, XP will be faster.

We ended up getting a Sony for around $1350 that was not anything close to what we wanted but we knew if we walked out of the store this would continue. As we were checking out they tried to sell us another EXTENDED WARRANTY.

We went home went to Sony's website. We got a 4 year warranty $50 cheaper than Best Lie's and covers a screen replacement. Four months later we had an issue with the battery. Girlfriend did some minor troubleshooting on the phone with them and Sony had a replacement battery FedExed 2 days later.

Moral of the story? I will never spend a dime at Best Buy ever again. The only reason you shop from a local store is for the customer service and warranties. Internet sites will be Best Buy's prices and can't have worse customer service. Also buy your extended warranties from the manufacturer. They know how to fix their products the fastest.
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User Replies:
rcdc on 01/07/2008:
Best Buy vs. Consumer Privacy Protection

I think my experience takes the cake, but I am biased.

The short story is the laptop that I left at Best Buy's Tenleytown DC store was stolen from the store (I believe by an employee). The store then created false records to hide the theft, and left me to futily call Geeksquad week after week trying to check the status of my computer. I was then subjected to weeks of lies by Geeksquad and Best Buy Customer Service regarding the repair status of the phantom computer. Most importantly, they failed to meet their legal obligation to disclose the theft and notify me that I was at risk of identity theft during this entire process.

Engagement of the BBB, DC Police, and DC Attorney General's office failed to yield anything more than a lowball compensation offer, so I now suing Best Buy. The full story is on my blog at:
troy2000me on 03/15/2008:
"We go back the next night and get a new manager and they act like this is the first time we walked in the store"

Of course - if you are talking to someone else how the hell are they going to know what is going on?

The fact that it is VISTA has NOTHING to do with Best Buy! I worked at Circuit City at the time Vista came out, we literally stopped receiving XP shipments a month or so before Vista's release, and sent back all stand alone copies of XP. The store had nothing except Vista - the store tried to give you a laptop, Vista is not their fault, it is the current technology.
Scuba Queen on 05/11/2009:
Wow. My experience was bad too. They are awful. I will never buy a computer from them again either. Or anything else for that matter.
gary21 on 09/23/2010:
Amazing story!!! Very similar to my problem with Besy Buy regarding the extened warranty agreement. Apparently, Besy Buy trains their employees to make misleading and false statements to sell the warranty. We were in our 2nd year of the warranty when we accidentally damaged our Sony laptop. Best Buy refused to replace the laptop but offered a $100.00 rebate on our warranty along with additional rebates and purchase a HP laptop for $248.00. I demanded they honor the agreement and they refused. Currently, I have issued a formal complaint with the Arkansas Attorney Generals Office. I am looking for a Civil Action Attorney that will take this corporation to court. According to the BBB, Best Buy has approximately 11,000 complaints filed against them over the past 36 months for mainly warranty issues. I can only imagine the number of unhappy customers who didn't take the time to file a complaint. We will see how Besy Buy will handle this situation. I advised litigation if they didn't honor the warranty. Lets see if they are willing to defend their position in court for $248.00. My guess is they are arrogant enough to litagate and defend their deceptive behavior and policies. Should be fun!!!
Osidan on 11/12/2010:
(Both factory warranty and Best Buys 'Black Tie' service were in place at the time this was written)
Add me to the list of lawsuits vs Best Buy. I have just now returned from a Best Buy where they refused, absolutely refused, to replace my Motorola Droid(from here known as device). It has an issue, this issue has become well known since my purchase a year ago, where it powers down randomly throughout the day. This is not acceptable for a device to act this way and obviously needed to be replaced. Did I mention that this was a KNOWN defect at the time of attempted exchange? I purchased their 'Black Tie' warranty when I got my device and at the time of purchase I was told that I could return it to be replaced for almost any reason, or so they made it sound. To make a long story short I eventually ended up talking to the store manager who had the power to replace my device but did not. He was condescending and sarcastic through the course of our conversation, which doesn't really have an effect on the so called 'warranty' I just did not appreciate it.

To wrap this all up, my next step's will be to contact the BBB, search more extensively for current lawsuits, barring that I will take steps to get one going. Not to get my money back but for their business practice in deceiving their customers, I am upset about the $9.99 for the last year but stopping this practice is more important.
HonestForSure on 01/16/2011:
I hope the posters read this:

Best Buy store personnel do not make the decisions for either continued repair or replacement. They are out of the loop. Look at your terms and conditions, er... fine print. Look at the name of the service plan administrator - it is N.E.W.
The stores, in effect, sell (and I use the term loosely as I'm sure there is factual misrepresentation with every "sales" pitch) the service plans and then wash their hands of them.
In this case, it appears as though whoever handled the repairs were incompetent as well.
Outside pressure is the only recourse as Best Buy corporate is complicit when it comes to anything to do with service contracts. File a complaint with the local BBB - who will contact BBY and the service plan administrator if you list both. Then a nice letter to your State's AG with a copy to Best Buy Legal Dept in the corporate offices will get you some action.
UnhappyCamper on 01/05/2012:
I sure wish I had read how incompetent BB is when it comes to "customer service". The store I dealt with intentionally "mis-diagnosed" the problem with my cpu. I told the tech it was a hardware problem, of coarse Geek Squad "diagnosed it as a "software" problem that wasn't covered by the extended warrant. And quoted an obnoxious price to 'fix" what was wrong with it. I then Filed a complaint with BBB and have received no response from Best Buy. Mind you the complaint was filed over 30 days ago. Tomorrow I'm filing a formal complaint with Small Claims court. How can this happen and BB is supposed to be an accredited business with BBB? I now know the only voice that BB listens to is within a court room. They will never get another dime from me.
maicokid on 01/28/2012:
Unhappy camper. I have bad news for you. The BBB has had difficulty with their ratings in the past. I would seek someone else to assistance. This is the nicest way I can say it.
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Refused to replace a junk product
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
JOLIET, ILLINOIS -- My BBB complaint against Best Buy filed moments ago.... Don't bother buying from them. They do not stand behind their products, their customer service is a joke, and their protection programs do nothing but tick people off. Enjoy the complaint:

Filed against : Best Buy-Joliet 1500 N. Larkin Joliet IL 60435-3769 Complaint Description: On 3/2/2013 I purchased a new Toshiba Laptop, My receipt shows: P845-S4310 P845-S4310 - WIN8/14"/I5/6GB from Best Buy in Joliet, IL. I also purchased a protection and replacement plan, for one year, GSP # 4236175747. On 5/28/2013, my computer would not boot up. I called Geek Squad, and the agent stated I did not have a protection plan and there was nothing he could do for me. He directed me to call Best Buy. Called (888) 229-3770, I was transferred twice, then told again, I did not have a protection plan and there was nothing they could do. I should contact the manufacturer, or go into Best Buy and pay for the repair. I asked to be connected to the Joliet store, and she refused. I then called the store, who again told me there was no Protection Plan in place. Asked to talk to Corporate, and was given the 888-237-8289 number. Called there, was transferred twice more, got put through to "Agent G", who finally believed me when I said I purchased the protection program and looked up my receipt. She said that there was something wrong with the number they had given me and it wasn't showing up in the computer. She directed me to take my computer into the store. I did, they told me it was a failed hard drive, it was the third they've seen this week in a computer less than 3 months old, and it would take 1-2 days to fix. They also told me that I would lose all of my data, because my protection program did not cover that. On 5/30/2013, I checked the status of my repair, and I was shocked to see that it hadn't even been checked in yet. I called the store, who informed me that the repair was on the hard drive, there was nothing I could have done. The hard drive failed and it would be 2-3 weeks before I could get my computer back. I explained that wasn't an option. I use this computer for work, and will be out over $50 per day in lost wages each day I did not have it. I spoke to the Manager, Jessica. I asked for a replacement or a refund. She refused. Called the Corporate number. Spoke to Agent Jessica. Explained my situation. She also refused. Spoke to her supervisor. I asked if I had brought in a product that I had dropped, and it shattered into a million pieces, if it would be replaced. She stated it would. I asked why I should lose over $900 waiting on my computer for the next 3 weeks if it could be replaced. She again refused to do anything further. I was sold a faulty product less than 3 months ago, and they are not standing behind their product or even acknowledging the lost wages this will cost me because of that faulty product. I have been treated as an inconvenience and an annoyance, hung up on, and transferred more times than I can count. Your Desired Resolution: I would like a new computer of equal or lesser value as quickly as possible. If I am unable to get a computer quickly, I would like my lost wages of $50 per day along with the new computer when they do finally fix their mistake.
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User Replies:
BigAl on 06/01/2013:
A reasonable person would believe that you purchased the extended warranty after the problem happened. BBB will do nothing to help you. It is 95% farce. You have zero chance of getting any of your demands met. Now leave me give you a little advice.If a computer is needed in your line of work you need to own a backup computer for events like this because it will happen again.
HonestForSure on 06/10/2013:
BBY or any retailer, has no liability after their return policy period. Mfr warranty is one year. Hard drive failure is covered. Didn't need to deal with BBY. "Protection" plan is irrelevant and a scam. Your recourse is directly with Toshiba.
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Best Buy is "Worst Buy"
Posted by on
OTTAWA -- On June 28, 2011, a Geek Squad technician came to my home and performed a diagnostic and repair at a cost of $394.37. Seven (7) weeks later in August, that desktop PC was slow to respond then did not work. More waiting for an appointment. On August 13, 2011, another Geek Squad technician said the hard drive had crashed. So, on that date, I purchased a new HP Pavilion p7-1042 desktop CPU, monitor, mouse, key pad and printer from Best Buy Coventry Road at a cost of $829.30. I actually got to pick it up on August 16, 2011. Next I had to purchase MSWord OHS 2010 software to replace MSWord 2000 at a cost of $146.89. After the new HP was set up by a Geek Squad technician, desktop icons frequently would not appear when the PC was turned on. Often I had to open in safe mode. No problem said your technician just hit F8 or, F10 or, F11 or, control-shift-ESC to bring up Task Manager. No way did this work. The PC became slower then stopped working. I returned the tower to Best Buy Coventry Road on September 25, 2011. Well, guess what? The hard drive in this piece of crud had crashed after just six (6) weeks.

But then Best Buy (aka Worst Buy) had to send the tower to Toronto for repair. It would take two to three weeks. My data would be wiped from the hard drive. So, I had to buy a flash drive at a cost of $20.33 and have my data downloaded at a cost of $100.89. Would it have killed them to take a new HP CPU out of stock and transfer my data immediately without charge? Apparently it would because on September 25, 2011, I had to buy an Acer AX3990-EB20P at a cost of $489.84 so I could continue to work on my home-based business. And what did the Geek Squad representative at Coventry Road suggest? He asked if I could borrow a friend’s computer or use a library one in the interim. As of October 18, 2011, I still was without that HP Pavilion p7-1042 product. No communication from the genius ‘service’ staff either except to say “often the HP hard drives are dead right out of the box” .

This whole stupid fiasco has cost me almost $2000 because the product I was sold is a piece of garbage and so is Best/Worst Buy customer service. I note their in-store signage says Best Buy is “a dynamic, customer-driven, talent-powered company” that will “ensure your experience with us is outstanding”. Well, it has been outstanding all right – outstandingly negative. And if this is their idea of a customer-driven, talented organization, I sure as hell have not experienced it.

An in-store brochure says “service you can depend on” but the only thing I can depend on from Best Buy Ottawa is low quality products that crap out after a few weeks of use and dumb employees who cannot even think through a problem and reach the simplest of solutions. Why could the data from my very new, very defective HP p7-1042 CPU not have been transferred to another in stock unit without charge? What is your problem? Would that not have been the logical, customer-driven solution?

Because of abysmal quality control at HP coupled with appalling Best/Worst Buy customer service, plus hardware and software charges, I spent time and money driving multiple times back and forth between my home and their stores returning defective product and buying replacement product while trying to run a business. My experience is that Best Buy is Worst Buy.

I want my money back. their initial diagnostic set me up for a hard drive crash seven weeks later, their new HP desktop hard drive crashed after six weeks, they have no appreciation of fast, efficient replacement service and their only intent is to sell more shoddy product while keeping the customer waiting and waiting and waiting. Never shop at Best/Worst Buy.
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User Replies:
HonestForSure on 10/31/2011:
While not familiar with Canadian laws, get a local news Consumer Action reporter on your side to help recoup the money. The store and BBY corporate will not want the adverse publicity and will offer a quick settlement. Doing it alone will involve too many calls and emails that wind up in cyberspace.
ChuhBaca on 10/31/2011:
Don't you wish that the the warm fuzzy phrases that large companies use were more than just words?
At Your Service on 10/31/2011:
I'm neither a Best Buy advocate or complainer, but many of these Geek-Squad specialists don't have a clue as to the real problem behind computer issues. Their diagnostic of a bad hard drive is another way of them saying they don't have a clue as to what the real issue is.

With all of that said, I wouldn't expect them to pull a different unit out of stock to replace the one you began to have problems with. You had the unit for well over a month and, unless some additional service guarantee provides otherwise, they're not going to eat the cost of a used unit.

Within all that same sentiment, I will state I love HP products. Well designed and not typical of having hard drive failures.
Old Timer on 10/31/2011:
This is how the Geeks at Best Buy get their nic name the "Geek Squids". Clueless idiots for the most part. All they care about is getting as much cash as they can out of anyone they can.
Kris10 on 11/01/2011:
This is why I order my computers online through the manufactuerer. Often times, they have discounts on Microsoft products when you're buying a new computer anyway. Also, whenever a diagnostic or repair is needed, I go to a local, small business computer shop. The work they do is better, faster and cheaper than Geek Squad will ever hope to be.
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Squad of Morons
Posted by on
ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- We were interested in purchasing a laptop because we were going out of town indefinitely, and wanted to keep in touch with family and our finances. After an exhausting search, we chose to go to Best Buy. We are both middle-aged and somewhat computer challenged, but figured that with all Best Buy advertises for expertise, why not put our trust in them. WRONG ANSWER!!!!

We spent over 600.00 dollars for laptop and all accessories they told us we needed, and then made an appointment for the Geeksquad to come to install our wi-fi and show us how to use it. They came late, stayed for all of 10 minutes, showed me the on off button, never even gave me my personal code for my in home for wi-fi and abruptly left. I left numerous messages for the person that entered my home with no call back whatsoever. While out of town, I experienced problems and went to a nearby Best Buy only to be told that the problem was easily fixable and he promptly disabled what was appearing to be the problem. I then acquired a virus, returned to the store and they "fixed my laptop" in a matter of a day and returned it to me to the tune of 199.99 dollars for 24/7 Geeksquad services by phone, while laptop is still under warranty, only being 4 months old. Less than ONE week later, I called 24/7 geeks because I couldn't get on Internet,(new service I had to pay 199.99 for) only to be told I had to take it back to Erie store since it was their problem originally and that I would be charged for their help. I was livid.

Upon arrival, they agreed they must not have gotten all the virus, but they wouldn't charge me any additional. Two days later, they wanted to know if I had backup cds for my system that I was supposed to make. I told them their geek was supposed to make those when he was here, and if he didn't, I would have to pay for them too. To today's date, My laptop isn't running at the proper capacity, isn't capable of doing what I told the Salesperson that I wanted it for, and basically, as far as we are concerned, is a money pit of uselessness. Giving them one last chance, We called to see if we could upgrade this and they said certainly, bring it in. Again, we go there only to be told we had to find what we needed online and order it ourselves, they didn't carry it in there store, after I called to see if they could do it, and that they had it to be purchased.

At this point, my husband had enough and began to raise his voice. As he exited the store, the person ask him if he found what he needed and he basically said "a squad of ABSOLUTE MORONS." We hope that anyone considering shopping at Best Buy/Geeksquad, RETHINK IT!!!
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Anonymous on 04/18/2011:
I used to sing Best Buy's praises, but they really let me down the other day. What kind of laptop did you purchase?
Anonymous on 04/18/2011:
I wouldn't let the FREAK squad touch my electronics if they were the last company on earth. Most of them are fresh out of highschool, or college beginners, probably making 7-8 bucks an hour, and coujld really care less about your stuff.
MRM on 04/18/2011:
I wish I could charge my clients that high just to do some tweaking, but I don't.
Anonymous on 04/18/2011:
I'm never disappointed when I go to the Apple store. You may pay more but the product and service can't be beat.
Kurizumaru on 04/19/2011:
Try a little mom and pop store. They usually do better work and don't charge anywhere near as much.
Whiteduck on 04/19/2011:
Think about it... A good, competent PC tech can make more money working about anywhere else. So, why would there be any @ Geek Squad?
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LYNNWOOD, WASHINGTON -- Let me start off by saying I truly do not leave reviews, ever. After my last experience with Best Buy, I want to at least notify people of the supposed "Best Buy". I purchased my first laptop this last Saturday, a Asus. I did not know too much about laptops in general, so I went through Best Buys' reviews a few days before that. I finally came in, and was helped by a very nice Samsung representative. Surprisingly, he answered all my questions about the Asus and complimented it and told me about his knowledge. It was interesting because not one of the salespeople came and offered any help. After about a hour debating whether or not I want to spend $550 on this laptop, I decided to go ahead and buy it. Of coarse, then the salespeople are right there to help. Now I know they don't make commission, but I was disappointed as to feel noticed only when I would make a purchase. Not a biggie, as I went ahead and made my purchase, they convinced me I needed GeekSquad. I don't know how that service is, but I went ahead and did it knowing I am sometimes accident prone. Good program to have. Then they started talking about paying for a service where they re-boot my computer, install all the anti-virus and provide me with Windows Office so I would not have to go out and purchase it for $150. This service was $100, sounded like a great deal considering the Windows Office was $150. They made it "clear" to me that if I was to do all of these things, it would take me on about 9 hours to complete, would pay a lot extra out of my pocket, and I had only one chance to get it right or I would completely be out of luck and have to repurchase it all. This did not sound too appealing to me, so I went ahead and paid them an extra $100 to go ahead and do this. Sounded great to me, although my bill came out to over $1000 from a $500 laptop. So they send me over to GeekSquad, assuring me that they would install everything for me. Well... the actual service ended up being about five minutes. I left, and yesterday I go to log-on to my Windows Office, only come to find that I received a Trial Offer of 60 days... to make matters worst, my anti-virus pops up to tell me it is out of date. Quite shocking and disappointing, I thought I paid them $100 to handle this all for me? So I call Lynnwood Best Buy Management, and I receive Lauren. I told her my issue, and how I felt completely taken advantage of. I am a college student after all, and $100 of NOTHING is a lot for me. So what Lauren told me was, I would need to purchase Microsoft Office for $150 and re-purchase my anti-virus. I told her how I was told none of this and was told by the sales associates that this came included to me for the charge of $100. She told me there was nothing she can do. I asked her what the charge of $100 was for then, and what she told me was labor. They charged me labor for $100, FIVE minutes of labor. I told her if there was any way she can at least take that charge off since I am going to have to go back and purchase the Microsoft Office and Anti-Virus. She said No, that I need to be charged $100 because GeekSquad took the time out of their day to go ahead and do the service. Let me remind you... this was 5 minutes of service that I got some type of Trial Offer and a out-of-date Virus protection. I told Lauren I was quite surprised she showed no care, and was getting annoyed with me. After 15 minutes on the phone, she told me "I have been on the phone with you for 15 minutes and you are not getting the answer you want, so I am going to end this conversation" and hung up on me. I was extremely hurt to know that I am out $100 dollars for the service will have to pay $200+ for Microsoft Office and Virus protection, and on top of that, Lauren, manager of Best Buy hung up on me. Very disappointing, since my family and I had made purchases from Best Buy always. I will not be going back because their Install Service is a complete rip off, and I am out money because of their carelesness. Horrible service from a place I have spent so much money at.
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biomajor on 04/14/2010:
Try your college bookstore for a cheaper version of Office and Antivirus if you want to purchase them, although I do fine with Open Office and Avg :)
Ytropious on 04/14/2010:
Open office and AVG anti virus are free. MOST college campuses have a computer lab (mine has several) and all school computers have ms office on them. Also most computers come with that 60 day ms office trial so it's not like they gave you that. I'm not entirely sure what they did to charge you 100 bucks except maybe remove the bloatware, but come on, that takes NO computer knowledge to do. You say you were helped by a samsung rep but then unhappy that a BB rep did not help. Are they supposed to hover when you are ALREADY being helped? I don't help customers who are already being helped. As for why they stepped in after the fact, the Samsung rep can't unlock things, at that point he needed to transfer you to a BB associate. I don't see a reason to be upset about any of that.
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Best Buy Is The Worst!
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CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND -- This past week my computer has not been working properly. The computer turns on; however, the screen only appears half the time. Seeing that I purchased this laptop from Best Buy, it seemed fitting to take it back to this very establishment to have it repaired. I called ahead to ensure that I didn’t need an appointment to have it looked at and a team member of the Geek Squad assured me that I could come in and receive prompt attention. When I arrived to the store, I waited in line to see a member of the Geek Squad for about 15-20 minutes.

There were about 3 to 4 people behind the counter and 1 customer was being helped at this time. None of the employees were on the phone or assisting other customers, there were simply standing behind the counter chatting with one another. Finally, a young man asked me if I needed help. I then proceed to tell him how long I’ve had the computer and what is wrong with it. He doesn’t even open it and he cuts me off and says, “You need a new screen. It will cost about $700.” At this point, I didn’t feel that a new screen was necessary since it does display half the time.

Granted, I am not a computer expert, but given that this employee didn’t even looked at my computer, I was not overly confident in his suggestion. I tried to explain my story once more and again he cut me off and said, “It is either the screen or a graphic card, both are pretty expensive. Do you have a warranty?” I tell him that I am not sure and without skipping a beat, he shoved the computer back to me (still never having opened it) and told me to take to it customer service. Still a little hesitant, I complied and went to the customer service counter. I told the employee at the customer services counter that I needed to check on the warranty and he said that he can help and that all he needs is the credit card that I purchased my laptop with. I give him the credit card and after he looks for about 30 seconds to 1 minute he stops and just says, “Can’t find it”. I look at him waiting for him to offer me another solution but nothing is said. He simply hands me back my card.

I give it back to him and ask him to look again. He does and then after looking for another 30 seconds he claims that he needs to get a manager. At this point, I feel a little bit better and I think that this situation is going to get resolved. I was wrong. The manager claimed that he couldn’t find it either and hands me back the card. I ask them if there is another way to search for this and he told me no. I then asked, “what should I do?”. The manager proceeded to shrug his shoulders. At that point I left the store because it was obvious that my visit was worthless and a waste of time.

The employees at this store made me feel like a nuisance rather than a customer. I felt as if the employee at the Geek Squad desk was simply throwing a high estimate at me so that I would go away and it was obvious that he could not be bothered with helping me. I am also disturbed that this person seemed to have no working knowledge of the products that you sell and repair on property. The customer service was horrendous and I plan on never returning or making any purchases from this store or brand again. Save yourself the hassle – go somewhere else where they will show you a little respect and provide genuine assistance.
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Developer108 on 05/18/2009:
In general, IT workers suck. Let alone those in big retail stores.
Anonymous on 05/18/2009:
The Geek Squids strike again. Take your laptop to a local owned PC repair shop and get some honest answers to your problem. Best of luck to you!
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