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Best Buy Extended Warranty Not Worth Paper it's Written On
Posted by on
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I purchased an E-Machine Computer System about 2 years ago from Best Buy and also bought the "Extended Service Contract" with it as it is a business computer. When I bought the computer they talked me into buying the "Extended Service Contract" and stated that if they had to send my PC to the repair shop I would be given a "LONER" computer to continue operating my business. At the time I thought it was a good idea and went ahead and paid the extra $150.00. Now keep in mind the computer itself was only $500.00. The computer ran fine for over 2 years and then the motherboard went out on it, suddenly, no warning, it just wouldn't start.

I take the PC into Best Buy for servicing thinking that they will give me a loner PC while they send my PC to be repaired. NOT!!!! They acted like I was asking them to give me a FREE computer. I explained that the salesman told me they had a policy to give out a loner PC if my PC was going to be in the shop for more than a few days. The Best Buy technician said the original salesman must have lied to me because they NEVER do that. I explained that using a PC is critical to my business as I sell Bath and Body Products over the internet and without a PC to receive the orders and know where to ship them, my company would be shut down. He acted like he didn't care and referred me to the computer department saying "they have some great buys on new systems".

He said the repair department would only take a week to replace the motherboard. I said "I do have a laptop that I guess I can use in the mean time but it doesn't have any of my historical data or customer credit card files on it".

I pulled the Hardrive from PC sent for repair as I didn't want anyone to see my customers credit card information or any of my business information. My whole company was on that hardrive. Of course I couldn't use the hardrive on my laptop and I pulled it thinking I could just stick it in my "Loner" pc to get me by.

Well, a week came and went and I called the store 2 days after the original promise date, the day they said my PC would be back from the shop. The tech informs me it will be another 25 days as they had a hard time getting the motherboard from E-Machines to replace the damaged one.

Now, I am very angry! Not only was I lied to originally, but they also lied when they said it would be done in a week, AND no one seems to care that my business is so dependent on the use of a computer. I asked if there was a way to speed up the process and could I call someone to see if a manager can speed it up for me. The tech said, NO, we can't contact the repair company directly, we have to go through our corporate office if we need to speak to them. I said, "I find that hard to believe that you don't have a contact number"
To make a long story short, I had to break down and buy another computer system so I could access the files on the hardrive I pulled from the PC out for repair. It was an extra $600.00 as I decided to buy a nicer brand, an HP Pavilion. I figured these are probably better made. I DID NOT BUY THE SERVICE AGREEMENT on the new PC.
I tried on 6 separate occasions to talk to a manager about my problem and no one was EVER available and NO ONE EVER RETURNED MY PHONE CALL!!!!!

I finally got my PC back 45 days later, no one cared that it took so long and their attitude was, "Well at least it was fixed for FREE", I tried to explain that, "NO, it wasn't, that's what I paid the $150.00 for the service contract. Oddly enough, that was the exact price for the motherboard.

My suggestion to anyone reading this. DO NOT BUY A SERVICE AGREEMENT from BEST BUY STORES. Yes, they will fix the problem but they never state that it will be repaired in a timely manner and they act like they are doing you a favor and you should be grateful that the service was FREE. NOTHING is ever FREE, except for air. That's what their salesmen are full of, HOT AIR!

After all the problems I had with BEST BUY, I decided to stop shopping there. There are a lot of "Electronic" stores out there and I think I will buy from a small local retailer next time. They need the money more, I can support the local economy and they probably care more about keeping their customers happy.

Thanks for reading my story.

Lee Brown
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NikkiKitty on 03/21/2005:
The problem with this site is that someone has a bad experience with one store (any store) and they assume that ALL stores within that chain are bad. I'd drive across town to another store if it meant I would get better service than at the one closer to me. You receive different service at different stores. Is it right? No. But it is reality.

I would have been skeptical of the dude who told me that I could have a loner computer. It's not like it's a car. I would have been much more cautious about listening to the salesman and done my homework before I spent the money. I would have gone home and called another Best Buy and asked them if this was something they did at their store or if they knew of any others ones that swapped out computers for loners.

The problem with service contracts is that you have to read the fine print. Again, take your time. Take a copy of the service contract brochure home, or ask for more information specifically related to computer service. Go home, sit down with a cup of coffee, and read it.

virginiasoreback on 03/21/2005:
In spite of your angst and frustration you deserve plaudits for remaining "reasonably" calm "under fire."

I think that if I were "in your shoes" I would have been an excellent candidate for urgent and immediate "anger management" intervention!
CherokeeKid on 03/21/2005:
I'm NOT alone!!! The exact same thing happened to me when I took my $3,000 Sony laptop in because it lost it's video. Only 6 months old. I paid $349.99 for the extended service and have asked it be refunded due to the lies I was told. What a waste of hard earned money!
Fantastibath on 04/07/2005:
Update, I FINALLY spoke with the Tech Manager at the Best Buy store about my problem. He was more concerned that one of his employees gave me a phone number to the repair shop than he was with what the real issue was, I was LIED to and was not happy with the service I received from his company. He acte4d like he didn't care and I said, "I won't be back here to shop", his comment as I was leaving was, "thank god for that", I asked him what he ment by this and he said "I don't need to deal with customers like you". Keep in mind during our conversation I never once cussed at him nor was I rude. I told him he needs to be in a different job if he can't take criticism and being a manager it is his job to listen to customer complaints and try to please the customer. This guy would be better off NOT working with the public. I intend to fuly document my experience with this repair and send a letter to Best Buys Corporate offices about it. Thanks again for reading my BEST BUY BUNCO..................
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Bought four HP Laptops - all four faulty hard drives
Posted by on
Rating: 3/51
PORTLAND, OREGON -- I bought THREE HP Pavilion Lap tops at about the same time for family members----and ALL THREE had failed Hard Drives. I actually had two of them in the tech shop at Best Buy at the same time. One of the three was irreparable, so kicking in a little money it was replaced at Best Buy and is the G6 HP Pavilion that I will now talk about.

The computer that I replaced the third lap top with is a HP Pavilion G6 Series. Purchased it on August 18, 2012. HARD DRIVE Failure, in the shop March 18, 2013.

The SECOND HARD DRIVE FAILURE happened just nine months later on December 8, 2013. I took it back to Best Buy. But by now my one-year warranty for the computer is now out-of-warranty. They did say they would replace the Hard Drive as it had just been replaced in March of 2013. The diagnostic tool on HP said it was a Hard Drive Failure.

The following day I got a call from BEST BUY---They inform me that the problem is not the Hard Drive, it is the mother board. BEST BUY tells me it would not be worth the cost to fix, and just buying a new one would be the best thing to do.

I pick up the HP Laptop from Best Buy. I have to say at this point didn't really trust what was said to me about the laptop. I was told also when picking up my lap top, that the diagnostic tool in HP's are not real reliable.

I get home, decide to look at the hard drive---open it to view the hard drive and lo and behold when it was replaced in March 2013 - it was replaced by a TOSHIBA hard drive.

I call warranty on the nine month hard drive---why? ...I believe because the TOSHIBA was put in an HP product and not a Toshiba product. Called HP---not their problem and that this has to do with where I bought it at which was BEST BUY.

BUYER BEWARE of the WARRANTY specs on your product. They can use replacement parts (where you have it purchased, i.e. Best Buy when you get warranty work done) that are not genuine parts for the computer. HP told me this----

I will NEVER buy another HP product.
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FoDaddy19 on 12/11/2013:
HP doesn't actually make hard drives, there are a few HDD manufactures , Seagate and Western Digital (same company now) are the most well known brands, Toshiba does make HDD's for laptops, they even make the HDD's used in some gaming consoles as well. It's wouldn't be uncommon at all for a Toshiba HDD to be found in any brand of laptop. And the presence of a Toshiba HDD wouldn't cause any damage to your computer, HDD's are standardized and your computer really doesn't care what brand of HDD it has in it. In short your suspicions that Toshiba HDD someone caused a problem with your computer is comically incorrect. It's entirely possible that your computer originally had a Toshiba HDD in it from the factory.

If the HDD is good as BBY claims, and it's your motherboard that failed, (which would not be caused by a replacement HDD), and your laptop is not under warranty then the repair costs are yours unfortunately. I do get how frustrating it would be to have a product fail just outside of the warranty, but it does happen sometimes.

The truth of the matter is that any brand of HDD can fail at any time.

nikalseyn on 12/12/2013:
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Poor Repair Service and Unhelpful Staff
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Rating: 1/51
WOODLAND PARK, NEW JERSEY -- In August 2012 I purchased an Asus G75VW laptop from the Best Buy in Woodland Park, New Jersey. I was wary about purchasing such an expensive item but ended up even opening a credit line with them in order to find this purchase. I have lived in the area all my life and have always gone to Best Buy for my electronics and gaming needs. Two weeks ago the hard drive on the laptop went bad and it would not boot up. After speaking with several customer service reps I found out that I could bring it into the store and they would send it out for repairs for free because it is still under manufacturers warranty.

I took it in and dropped it off. The technician removed the battery and gave it back to me and told me they did not need the charger. Yesterday, April 4, 2013, I went to pick up my laptop at the same Best Buy location. Having no battery or charger the tech was able to plug it in and turn it on. Upon turning it on the screen immediately showed a. exe error which means a program did not work correctly. The technician had already had me sign the paperwork for the "repair" before he turned it on. Before I could ask him about this new issue he turned away and began helping another customer. I had several questions about the repair that went unanswered.

After arriving home and rebooting the laptop the error message came up again. After trying to open several programs that come preinstalled with this laptop I received more. exe errors and some did not open at all. I took my laptop back to the store today, April 5, 2013, and since I did not need the battery or charger the first time I did not bring the charger but did leave the battery in. I was instructed to return home to bring back the charger because they no longer have the charger they had yesterday. I was told that if I did not bring back the charger they would not do the repair and if I did not pick up the laptop it would be recycled.

As I was waiting for a technician another customer brought in a stand alone PC tower with no cords or cables and a technician was promptly able to accommodate him with the proper power supply. This is a laptop and a company that Best Buy frequently sells and repairs on site. After speaking to an Asus representative I also found out that Best Buy strips the laptops and does not include all the appropriate accessories for this model.
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Holly on 06/29/2013:
We had a similar experience with Best Buy. My daughter's Apple laptop was having problems with the USB port not working all of the time. So we went back to Best Buy where we purchased in August of 2011 AND paid $300 for a 3 yr full coverage warranty -- which covered any damage to screen, keyboard etc which is not covered under the standard manuf. warranty. They said they had to send away for an evaluation. and would call us when they had some info. We never received a call and finally called the store. Ironically it had "just come in that day". They told us the mother board had to be replaced and that luckily our warranty was still good for one more month and would give us a brand new one. This sounded fair until we asked to have the hardrive back and they said they were not sure -- it may have been scrapped already! In checking further - they did find it and said they could send it back but to download to the new laptop that we picked out they would charge us $80! Also, it took FOREVER to get service when going to pick out the new laptop - over 20 mins and we had to hunt someone down. When finally getting to the register, the guy was rude, unfriendly and when ringing us up didn't say anything about the extended warranty - which we found out the one from the first laptop "goes away" and doesn't carry over to the free replacement. We were told we had the option to buy another 3 yr extra coverage for $350 and $80 to transfer the info from the old hardrive - plus tax wasn't covered. Net we were about to have to pay over $500 for the "free replacement" - Shocked, yes, so we stood there trying to figure out what we should do - while the employee gave us dirty looks and seemed annoyed. I asked about getting cash back so we could take our business elsewhere but was told we could only get store credit. Finally we took our store credit and walked out - totally dissatisfied and now stuck with going back and forced to purchase from Best Buy - and so the cycle begins again. I will NEVER buy anything from Best Buy in Danbury, CT!!!! or any other store.
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Rude Customer Service..... Screen Who You Hire
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BRISTOL, VIRGINIA -- I went to the Best Buy in Bristol, Va at exit 7 looking for a laptop. Savannah [snip] (I later found out her name) approached me and asked me if I needed any help. I told her I would like to get the Dell (I pointed at it) I believe that one was $349. So she went back to the back I guess to look for it and then came back. she then proceeded to tell me that they didn't have any, but they were getting 12 on the truck. I really wanted to leave with one and the whole time she stood there it was like she was so anxious to leave and go finish her conversation with the girl at the front desk. So I asked her what the difference was between the $399 Dell and the $349 Dell and she told me that the $349 one was faster and just a better all around computer and I repeated that back to her word for word and then ii added"the least expensive one your telling me is faster than the more expensive one"?????? with the biggest attitude she said "yes mam that's what I said" she then walked off. my friend I was with told me to find someone else and see what they had to say but she obviously shrugged me off to finish her conversation because that's exactly where she went after she rudely left me. Then we found Xavier. I asked him the same question about how could you tell the fastest one and he told me that she was very wrong the $399 one was a lot faster than the $349 he actually said she must have been on crack... well he got the laptop for me and we went to pay for and I don't know much about any computer so that's why I brought my friend with me he was so rude with her after I told him that I couldn't afford to pay another $200 and some odd dollars for protection and black tie. I told my friend to tell him because he was not listening to me at all and when she told him he told her that he wasn't going to talk to her he was talking to me and that she could go take a walk around the store. now I don't know the people that you all hire but that would have made 2 times you almost lost my business. I just couldn't believe that someone would treat someone like that and then not to mention when we were about to leave I asked him to tell me what her name was and he told me no and I asked him for a manager and he told me he was going to get one. I worked at Sally's for almost 5 years and if we ever did something like that we would have got fired.
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User Replies:
Suzy on 05/23/2012:
"I told him that I couldn't afford to pay another $200 and some odd dollars for protection and black tie." That's all you needed to have said, once you've said no once and they continue to argue and try to sell you something, then you should have told them at that point to just forget the whole thing and walked out taking your business to someone else where you could have gotten better service.
BigAl on 05/24/2012:
The sad part of this is that the salesman would not get fired for being rude but he would get fired for not selling the extra warranty.
revan on 05/24/2012:
If I have to buy something at Best Buy I order it online and pick it up. There is no dealing with a salesperson and the checkout is fairly painless. All the add-ons they try and sell are worthless. If it was such a great deal for the consumer why are they trying to push it so hard? The great deals are the ones you have to ask for and they pretend not to know what you are talking about.
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Beware of Purchase of ASUS laptops here
Posted by on
OHIO -- I purchased an ASUS laptop at My local Best Buy. I was having a problem with it, so I went online to the ASUS website to see their warranty policy. At first glance, I was very happy to see that ASUS offered a very comprehensive warranty they called their "360 Product Warranty." On closer inspection I learned that IF you bought your laptop computer through Best Buy, ASUS did not warranty your laptop. Something consumers should know up front to say the least! I no longer trust Best Buy for this reason. Seems to be a clear scam to force customers into purchasing Best Buy warranties. Consider if saving on your laptop purchase from Best Buy is worth giving up your manufacturer's warranty before purchasing!
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macdave on 11/03/2011:
It is still covered under the manufacturers warranty, you just cannot buy the extended warranty from asus. That is probably to keep from competing with Best Buy and the Geek Squad.

HonestForSure on 12/23/2011:
OP is reading the warranty incorrectly. Asus laptops have a 1 or 2 year warranty. Best Buy and other retailers do not participate in Asus extended service and accidental damage programs. Your mfr warranty is not affected. Best Buy offers you their Geek/Bleak Squad Black tie Deception Plans if yo wish.
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"Black Tie" service is misrepresentation
Posted by on
KANNAPOLIS, NORTH CAROLINA -- They took more than a month to repair the keyboard on my laptop computer; their communication during the time they had the computer consisted of one single Email with an estimated completion date several weeks prior to the actual completion date.

Black Tie means great service and this is not great service.

When I took the computer in they tried to scare me into paying them $100 to back up my data because 'my data was not safe in their hands'.

When I took the computer in for repair I made a purchase (Ipod charger) that I found for less than half the price elsewhere on my way home while running another errand. I just planned to return the item when my computer was fixed rather than make a separate trip.

On top of taking 37 days to fix my keyboard when I attempted to return the item when I picked up the laptop they told me it was past 30 days so they would not give me a refund or store credit even though I had never even taken the item out of the bad much less out of the packaging. The receipt said no returns after a certain date for "30 day items" but provided no definition of '30 day items" nor any place to obtain such a definition.

The sales people and the store manager were very rude and the store manager even lied to me when I attempted to return the item.

I wish Circuit City had survived instead of Best Buy. I won't do business with them again.

I have found the same type of repair contract available on-line (except with much better reviews) for half the cost of their contract.

I will buy from Amazon in the future; Best Buy won't get any more of my money.
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User Replies:
Alain on 10/18/2011:
I wonder if they are short staffed in their repair department or if they are having so many items coming back for repairs that the techs are swamped. Drop them a line and let them know you're not pleased via
melissafied on 01/06/2012:
I don't understand why people have such a hard time reading simple things like return policies. It wouldn't be a "policy" if they just returned anything at anytime. As a consumer, if there's something I find out I need to return, ESPECIALLY if I realize right after I bought it, I ALWAYS read the receipt so I know when I need to return it. That's my responsibility.
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Best Buy and Geek Squad Run Around
Posted by on
Dec 20, 2010 took phone (Dell Streak $500 Smart Phone) to local store for repair under black tie protection plan. It has water damage and doesn't function. It was sent off for repair.

Jan 05, 2011 received phone back form BB. Got it home, plugged in battery and chip, phone still doesn't work! When I look at the notes on the paperwork the store gave me the technician said: unable to repair your phone no reason given! They shouldn't have given me the phone back!!!

Jan 06, 2011 returned to BB and sent phone off again for an "expedited" repair. Two or three days.

Phone sent to Geek Squad for repair, again. They determine they cannot fix it. They send it to the manufacturer. The manufacturer says the phone has a black tie protection plan and says they have to send it back to Geek Squad. Currently Geek Squad has my phone.

Jan 12, 2011 still do not have my phone. That is 23 days without my phone. So much for the "Black Tie" protection plan.

After numerous calls to Geek Squad, 888 Best Buy, and Geek Squad customer service, I have got nowhere. So yesterday I called the corporate office and spoke with the administrative assistant to the VP of customer care about my concerns. She apologized and took my complaint and said she would call my this after noon. I will wait and see but I won't hold my breath. I also sent an email to Barry Judge a senior VP of the company.

Did I mention that they loaned me a poc cheap phone? Oh, and the kicker; they wanted to charge me a deposit on the loaner phone! They have my $500 phone but they want to charge me a $50 deposit on a $50 phone? Good Grief!

This service is terrible. I wouldn't recommend to anyone the black tie protection plan. It's a waste of money! And its a huge headache.
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User Replies:
karleebarlee on 01/12/2011:
Just out of interest, was the water damage caused by you and they were still repairing it for you? Were they going to repair it for you for free?
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Trunk Monkey's could do a better job!
Posted by on
My good friend who I work for recently encountered this situation. She called Best Buy because her laptop that she purchased from them under two years ago was acting up. She also purchased the best extended warranty they provided at the time. After telling them what was wrong they drew the conclusion that she probably had a virus so for 130.00 they told her they would sanitize and optimize her computer. This laptop is the hub of her business. She owns a catering company and has all her company spreadsheets and data on the computer. So of course she dropped it off for the cleaning and picked it up after the service. The night she got it back it would not turn on and continued to act until the next day she brought it back to complain. The associate told her there was no problem and that they had installed a new hard drive. What? I know she never asked for that and they could not explain to her why it was done. After a few more days of trying to recover company data and records she discovered the battery compartment on the laptop was damaged. And of course her battery would not hold a charge too! When she brought it back they told her the battery had been fried and the compartment damaged by someone trying to replace it. Now the fix would have to come from the manufacturer because the extent of the damage of the battery compartment. All this from a virus cleaning and optimization? I am as confused as you are! First of all someone messed up and fried the battery and probably the hard drive (since they replaced it)and who knows what else?Broke the battery compartment and covered their butts like crazy. We have gone back several times to make them replace the whole computer because now the motherboard is acting up! She lives 40 minutes away and is still making attempts to get this issue resolved in a fair manner. She is absolutely furious at the lack of customer care she has received and demanding a comparable computer in return. Many excuses and put off's later we are know waiting for the manufacturer to get involved. These people have no integrity and refuse to own up to their mistake and do the right thing. They have NO business fixing your computer many of them aren't even qualified to go near one. They seem to hire anyone that has one iota of experience with computers!!Would you hire someone as a doctor because he is really good at putting on bandages? I am disgusted by Best Buys policies. I will buy my daughters' laptop from Wal-Mart first!!
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User Replies:
rockfishing on 01/06/2011:
The Geeks are pretty much useless. Your friend is only entitled to a working 2 year old computer. I would just cut my losses and go to an Apple store.
msnanny on 01/06/2011:
Agree 100% with rockfishing.
leet60 on 01/06/2011:
I agree that the "Geek Squad" is worthless, especially when fixing PC's or Laptops. The first response will always be "you have a virus" even if the computer has never connected to the internet.

Overall, at this point, it would be less expensive to buy a new laptop than to pursue this with them.

One additional note as this device is the "core" of the business, if it is not being done be sure that your friend is backing up her information.
localgod on 01/06/2011:
Now, now, now...the Geek Squad is as useless as the warranty they sold her. But why would you not backup useful information especially when your business is involved? Does everyone believe these electronic contraptions are magical, and all pertinent data is permanently saved? Incidentally, do not have the customer demand anything, they will receive what they deserve...absolutely nothing.
HonestForSure on 01/22/2011:
I'm on your side, but no service company would guarantee the installed software once the hard drive or operating system is cleansed. This information legally needs to be posted where you dropped off the computer or be a part of the sign-off receipt you should have been given.
Your Best Buy "Black tie Protection" is worthless.
On the other hand, if they did unauthorized repairs as in replacing your hard drive, you might have a good case in small claims court - both for the hardware and the cost of replacing your business data and files. File a claim - they'll more than likely settle with a credit for a new computer rather than fighting you (with the continued bad publicity) in court.
Good luck!
ncoclub on 05/11/2011:
I totally agree with backing up data..I purchased a external hard drive/backup from Amazon for $50.00. It automatically backs up all my data daily so I don't worry that all my data will be lost. I haven't heard anything bad about those on-line backup sites..are they any good?
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I refuse to return to Best Buy
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- I apologize in advance, but this may get long...

I used to LOVE Best Buy, let me tell you all why I plan to NEVER go back there again; I hate them with a passion now.
February 12th '05
I went to Best Buy to take in my 17 inch flat panel monitor because only after having it for about 7 months it started to flicker, my screen shifted(couldn’t adjust it back), my "auto adjust" stopped working ever since one of the buttons fell off, and the surrounding buttons stopped working as well.
This was the second time taking in this monitor with this service plan. First time I had several dead pixels and some guy did not even check out my monitor and just told me to get a new one. My monitor was originally $500 but Best Buy at the time did not have any similar ones at the time so I had to settle for a monitor that cost $350--they said that if I didn’t want to lose my service plan, that I would have to stick with the same brand--Samsung.
anyway, so I have this monitor, take it in for the second time this time they said they will need to send it in to the service center--that was totally OK with me. He said that I would get my monitor in no longer than 6 weeks.
*let me make a note that I know the button falling off is a physical damage so I didn’t want that fixed even though all the other buttons were just manufactured poorly and were a little defective I did not care when I exchanged my monitor for this one because I didn’t have doubts of working improperly*
3 weeks later, I called bestbuy to check the status. they just said "awaiting repair"--no one had any updates. 5th week--still same message cam up on their computer and they tell me that no updates have been made since February 24th??? OKAY, right? now I am just starting to get a little worried. its 6th week expecting to get my monitor back. I called, none of the Geek Squad team knew what was going on with my item, so they said for me to call back every 2 days because they should have updates and also that they will call the service center personally and call me back the same day--this happened about 4 times and I still hear no reply. half way into 7th week, I am frustrated now, FINALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME since I turned in my monitor, it was a Thursday, I get a call from a manager of geeksquad telling me that a lady from a service center was going to call me back that day with what was going on. NO ONE CALLS, I call that manager back, he said he will call her and tell her to call me again-he says wait till tomorrow. NO CALL. so I call Best Buy corporate. the customer service person calls the service center and I tells me that "there are physical damages done to you monitor so your monitor has not began repair. There is an estimate of $181. when you pay, they will begin repair" I was like WHAT?!?!?!?! What physical damages--the button missing, if so I didn’t care about that. the mans tells me its a "Cracked/Broken Front Case of the monitor" Hmm what is that? I asked. "its the front framing of ur monitor. OMG! I am so mad now. I had taken such good care of my monitor there shouldn’t be any damages like that. Of course I denied the charges and the man escalated my service item to a high priority item and filed paper work saying the damages were done during the shipping process. Now, he tells me that THAT SAME LADY FROM SERVICE CENTER will call me and talk to me about something. she never called. also the man told me that for me to call him back 2 days later because by then the service center should have the paper work and have a solution to what was going to happened to my monitor.
**I remember the Best Buy Geek Squad telling me that if the repair is too expensive, that they would probably terminate the repair and have be get a new one for the amount I have--$500**
I thought, OK maybe I can finally get something worth the same amount I bought my Original-first monitor for--especially since the customer service guy also said the similar thing.
I have been on the phone with them at least 40 min. at a time 3-4 times a week--not because I am a lil annoying pest, but because they wanted me to call back a lot. its 8.5 weeks, I still hear nothing from them.
I really need my monitor now--so inconvenient because I need to work and do a LOT of school things on my computer. its so hard to go to school/public areas to use computers because I have conflicting schedules.
I am sooooooooo impatient now, that I call and what they finally tell me is that they are going to replace my monitor with another used but repaired monitor...that may sound decent but not good enough for me especially with all the problems they caused for me. I told them, as a consumer, I have personal preferences as to what I want to purchase for myself and all that junk because it is true. they should be like...okay we broke ur monitor, we will give you something else that’s used and repaired...
I was very upset at the whole thing so I called the supervisor of customer relations and basically what he told me that once the store receives the monitor back, that they can decided on whether they want to give me a new one or not if they feel it is not good enough.
So I called Best Buy yesterday (April 26th), and the manager didn't even know what was going on. He looked up my records and had no indications of anything. He said he'd call me back and haven't heard from him yet and still no sign of my monitor--or the used different one they are supposed to give me.
I basically did all the communication with them, one person called me during this enticed time to let me know that someone was going to call me, and I have been told 10 different things, and the corporate is saying that they have no control--its all up to Best Buy store now, but they don’t even know what is going on.
After this, I am NEVER going back.
I feel you all.
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tander on 04/27/2005:
I've had Computers repaired at Best Buy, but never sent out, but what you have said, I know now I would never let them ship anything out to be fixed, it sounds like you have waited long enough for a monitor, and with all the hassle they have put you through, I wouldn't take anything less than a NEW Monitor from them.
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Best Buy Will Screw You They Screwed Me
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Anonymous on 11/06/2009:
Oh crap. You fell for the old, "We'll optimize this with our multi-million dollar computer and take all of the ads off it" scam. What did it cost you, about $150? I shake my head at the legality of this lie. I bought mine at Office Max and they didn't seem more interested in selling me a bunch of crap than they did the actual computer. I'm so sorry for you.
Anonymous on 11/06/2009:
PS. I wrote a review on this about a year ago and had so many BB employees calling me a liar I took it down.
madconsumer on 11/06/2009:
were you being un-reasonable or loud? I find simply by requesting and expecting 'some' type of realistic outcome, I am often accommodated to meet my request.
CSD on 11/06/2009:
How could they remove all ads off a new computer. It is new. And how can a new computer have a virus on it. And why would they purposly put on there
Anonymous on 11/06/2009:
They tend to take advantage of people who know nothing about computers. Do your research before you go out and buy one so you will know exactly what you want and what you need. Without them selling you useless junk.
ticia232 on 11/06/2009:
CSD I was just about to post the same thing.
redmx3racer on 11/06/2009:
The "ads" could be all those annoying free trial offers for everything under the sun that come loaded on your desktop. Not necessarily ads from the internet. The OP's review did nothing for me. (NH)
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
I was told that the stuff allowed by the factory, free ads, blah blah blah, would eat a lot of memory on my new computer. The person trying to sell it could barely tell me about the programs on it, but he could tell me all about the Geek Squad, the extended warranty and the like. To someone who doesn't know enough to call BS on them, it all sounds very good and necessary.
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