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Rude Customer Service..... Screen Who You Hire
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BRISTOL, VIRGINIA -- I went to the Best Buy in Bristol, Va at exit 7 looking for a laptop. ** (I later found out her name) approached me and asked me if I needed any help. I told her "I would like to get the Dell" (I pointed at it). I believe that one was $349. So she went back to the back I guess to look for it and then came back. She then proceeded to tell me that they didn't have any, but they were getting 12 on the truck. I really wanted to leave with one and the whole time she stood there it was like she was so anxious to leave and go finish her conversation with the girl at the front desk.

So I asked her what the difference was between the $399 Dell and the $349 Dell and she told me that the $349 one was faster and just a better all-around computer and I repeated that back to her word for word and then I added "the least expensive one your telling me is faster than the more expensive one???" With the biggest attitude she said "Yes ma'am that's what I said". She then walked off. My friend I was with told me to find someone else and see what they had to say but she obviously shrugged me off to finish her conversation because that's exactly where she went after she rudely left me.

Then we found **. I asked him the same question about how could you tell the fastest one and he told me that she was very wrong. The $399 one was a lot faster than the $349. He actually said she must have been on crack... well he got the laptop for me and we went to pay for and I don't know much about any computer so that's why I brought my friend with me. He was so rude with her after I told him that I couldn't afford to pay another $200 and some odd dollars for protection and black tie.

I told my friend to tell him because he was not listening to me at all and when she told him he told her that he wasn't going to talk to her - he was talking to me and that she could go take a walk around the store. Now I don't know the people that you all hire but that would have made 2 times you almost lost my business. I just couldn't believe that someone would treat someone like that and then not to mention when we were about to leave I asked him to tell me what her name was and he told me "no" and I asked him for a manager and he told me he was going to get one. I worked at Sally's for almost 5 years and if we ever did something like that we would have got fired.

Best Buy is "Worst Buy"
By -

OTTAWA -- On June 28, 2011, a Geek Squad technician came to my home and performed a diagnostic and repair at a cost of $394.37. Seven (7) weeks later in August, that desktop PC was slow to respond then did not work. More waiting for an appointment. On August 13, 2011, another Geek Squad technician said the hard drive had crashed. So, on that date, I purchased a new HP Pavilion p7-1042 desktop CPU, monitor, mouse, keypad and printer from Best Buy Coventry Road at a cost of $829.30. I actually got to pick it up on August 16, 2011. Next I had to purchase MS Word OHS 2010 software to replace MS Word 2000 at a cost of $146.89.

After the new HP was set up by a Geek Squad technician, desktop icons frequently would not appear when the PC was turned on. Often I had to open in safe mode. "No problem" said your technician "just hit F8 or, F10 or, F11 or, control-shift-ESC to bring up Task Manager." No way did this work. The PC became slower then stopped working. I returned the tower to Best Buy Coventry Road on September 25, 2011. Well, guess what? The hard drive in this piece of crud had crashed after just six (6) weeks. But then Best Buy (aka Worst Buy) had to send the tower to Toronto for repair. It would take two to three weeks. My data would be wiped from the hard drive.

So, I had to buy a flash drive at a cost of $20.33 and have my data downloaded at a cost of $100.89. Would it have killed them to take a new HP CPU out of stock and transfer my data immediately without charge? Apparently it would because on September 25, 2011, I had to buy an Acer AX3990-EB20P at a cost of $489.84 so I could continue to work on my home-based business. And what did the Geek Squad representative at Coventry Road suggest? He asked if I could borrow a friend's computer or use a library one in the interim. As of October 18, 2011, I still was without that HP Pavilion p7-1042 product.

No communication from the genius ‘service' staff either except to say “often the HP hard drives are dead right out of the box”. This whole stupid fiasco has cost me almost $2000 because the product I was sold is a piece of garbage and so is Best/Worst Buy customer service. I note their in-store signage says Best Buy is “a dynamic, customer-driven, talent-powered company” that will “ensure your experience with us is outstanding”. Well, it has been outstanding all right - outstandingly negative. And if this is their idea of a customer-driven, talented organization, I sure as hell have not experienced it.

An in-store brochure says “service you can depend on” but the only thing I can depend on from Best Buy Ottawa is low quality products that crap out after a few weeks of use and dumb employees who cannot even think through a problem and reach the simplest of solutions. Why could the data from my very new, very defective HP p7-1042 CPU not have been transferred to another in stock unit without charge? What is your problem? Would that not have been the logical, customer-driven solution?

Because of abysmal quality control at HP coupled with appalling Best/Worst Buy customer service, plus hardware and software charges, I spent time and money driving multiple times back and forth between my home and their stores returning defective product and buying replacement product while trying to run a business. My experience is that Best Buy is Worst Buy.

I want my money back. Their initial diagnostic set me up for a hard drive crash seven weeks later, their new HP desktop hard drive crashed after six weeks, they have no appreciation of fast, efficient replacement service and their only intent is to sell more shoddy product while keeping the customer waiting and waiting and waiting. Never shop at Best/Worst Buy.

Squad of Morons
By -

ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- We were interested in purchasing a laptop because we were going out of town indefinitely, and wanted to keep in touch with family and our finances. After an exhausting search, we chose to go to Best Buy. We are both middle-aged and somewhat computer-challenged, but figured that with all Best Buy advertises for expertise, why not put our trust in them? WRONG ANSWER!!! We spent over 600.00 dollars for laptop and all accessories they told us we needed, and then made an appointment for the Geek Squad to come to install our wi-fi and show us how to use it.

They came late, stayed for all of 10 minutes, showed me the on-off button, never even gave me my personal code for my in home for wi-fi and abruptly left. I left numerous messages for the person that entered my home with no callback whatsoever. While out of town, I experienced problems and went to a nearby Best Buy only to be told that the problem was easily fixable and he promptly disabled what was appearing to be the problem.

I then acquired a virus, returned to the store and they "fixed my laptop" in a matter of a day and returned it to me to the tune of 199.99 dollars for 24/7 Geeksquad services by phone, while laptop is still under warranty, only being 4 months old. Less than ONE week later, I called 24/7 Geeks because I couldn't get on Internet, (new service I had to pay 199.99 for) only to be told I had to take it back to Erie store since it was their problem originally and that I would be charged for their help. I was livid.

Upon arrival, they agreed they must not have gotten all the virus, but they wouldn't charge me any additional. Two days later, they wanted to know if I had backup CDs for my system that I was supposed to make. I told them their geek was supposed to make those when he was here, and if he didn't, I would have to pay for them too. To today's date, My laptop isn't running at the proper capacity, isn't capable of doing what I told the Salesperson that I wanted it for, and basically, as far as we are concerned, is a money pit of uselessness. Giving them one last chance, We called to see if we could upgrade this and they said certainly, bring it in.

Again, we go there only to be told we had to find what we needed online and order it ourselves, they didn't carry it in their store, after I called to see if they could do it, and that they had it to be purchased. At this point, my husband had enough and began to raise his voice. As he exited the store, the person ask him if he found what he needed and he basically said "a squad of ABSOLUTE MORONS." We hope that anyone considering shopping at Best Buy/Geek Squad, RETHINK IT!!!

Buyer Beware, not all is refundable
By -

MESQUITE, TEXAS -- In my case, I believe that Best Buy has profited from the mistakes of their sales personnel and Geek Squad personnel at my expense. For a bit of background: I am self-employed, working from my home. I use AutoCAD and Adobe Reader every day. I had a computer crash and decided it was time to replace my old computer rather than having it fixed again. I went to Best Buy in Mesquite, TX for three reasons: I would get terrific customer service, I would get direction on what would work for me and I've always been happy with Best Buy in the past.

I told the sales person it has been over 10 years since I bought a computer from a store, I needed my computer for work, I used AutoCAD 2006 and Adobe Reader Professional, I had been warned that Windows 7 had compatibility issues with older software, and I couldn't afford to replace those two programs. I repeated this several times as I wanted to be clear on the issue. I also told the sales person my budget for a new computer package which included a new monitor ($1200.00). In addition, I needed to transfer specific files and settings from my old hard drive to the new computer.

To make a long story short, a computer was recommended, I went to the checkout. The bill was about $200 over my budget, but I went with it. I left the newly purchased computer, the old computer, and a sheet where I specified what I wanted transferred from the old computer with the Geek Squad section of Best Buy. My husband was to pick it up next day after work. Next day my husband picked up the computer (another 120 mile round trip). When I got the computer home and tried installing my software, I found that neither AutoCAD 2006 nor Adobe Reader Professional worked on the computer. I did research on the Internet.

I found that if I had been sold Windows 7 Professional instead of Windows 7 Home Premium, I would at least be able to install Virtual Machine to allow my older software to work. The older software was NOT compatible with Windows 7 Home Premium. This was not conveyed to me at the time of the sale. I had specified what I needed so that I could go home, set up, install and get to work.

In addition to that, I had requested that three folders from my old computer be transferred to the new computer. That didn't happen. (Best Buy at least made that part right with me. They redid the transferral of the folders I wanted, even though this transferral was done in a manner that caused many lost files.) I took the computer back to Best Buy. First it seemed like they were not going to take the computer back. Then when they agreed to take it back, I was told they wouldn't take back the software I'd purchased extra on their advice (Microsoft Office and Kaspersky Anti-virus). They wouldn't refund the cost of making a restore disk (for the computer I was returning).

I don't understand this last bit because I didn't keep the computer and the restore CD would work with the computer when they sold it again. I guess I was naive. I was charged $.99 and $19.99 respectively for: "** ask an agen ask an agent product" "** ask an agen ask a agent 6 month". Both of the items in quote marks are directly from the receipt I have. I requested neither item and was not told I was charged for them or what they were. These charges were not refunded. When I wasn't satisfied with the situation a manager got involved and he told me, as an excuse, that they don't load Windows 7 Professional. Windows Home Premium is their standard.

My response was, okay, so I needed an upgrade. Why wasn't I told this so I didn't waste three days trying to make a computer work that didn't work? The manager acknowledged that I should have been told this. However, he didn't offer to refund any part of the service I couldn't use. To me it doesn't seem right that they profit from their own mistakes! In the end, my refund was short $444.69 of what I'd paid them. I feel I was used, that I wasn't given the correct information, and that their customer service was a lot less cooperative than they could have or should have been.

Okay, if they can't resell the Microsoft Office, which I can't use now that I didn't buy that computer, then refund me back their profit at least. As stated above, it doesn't seem fair that Best Buy profits from their own mistakes. In the case of Microsoft Office, they sold me something that was for working with the new computer. I neither needed it or wanted it for my old computer. It was an expensive lesson. I will not go back to Best Buy ever again. To me it seems that since Comp USA and Circuit City went out of business Best Buy is much more arrogant and a lot less customer service friendly.

I was really, really disappointed with their customer service and their sales representative. I was even more disappointed with their manager. Buyer, beware, Best Buy is not what it used to be. Then again, maybe it is the Mesquite store versus the store I used to go to in Peabody, Massachusetts when I lived there. Whatever it is, I am done with Best Buy.

By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I went to Best Buy in February of 2010 while they were having a 12-month no interest promotion. I told the sales person that I needed a computer and laptop that was on sale. I also stated to the sales person that I wanted the 12-month no interest and he said that I could get the no interest for 12 months while my female friend was standing right there to witness the whole situation. I gave him my Best Buy card not realizing that it was not their store card but a Best Buy Mastercard in which does not offer the 12-month no interest promotion which was not stated to me.

I had been paying my bill every month thinking that everything was alright and that I was not being charged any interest. I got my statement a little over a week ago and happen to actually look at the statement and seen that they were charging me interest so I called the number that was on the statement and the man in whom I spoke to told me that the store must have made a mistake because we do not offer that promotion and I stated to the man that I didn't know that there was any difference in the cards because the sales person had told me that my purchase would be interest free for 12 months.

I went on and asked the man if Best Buy had just tricked me into making a purchase because I told them that I wouldn't purchase the items if I couldn't get the 12 months no interest. He then stated,"no, just take your statement back to the store in which you made the purchase and they will fix the problem for you", so I said, "thank you sir goodbye". I then get my friend who went with me initially to get the items that I purchased and went back to the Best Buy.

I explained to one of the workers and to the manager the whole situation and the manager was very smart mouth and nasty and told me that there was nothing they could do to help me because it was my fault that I allowed the sales clerk to swipe the wrong card. Me and my female friend tried to tell the manager that the sales clerk in whom helped me told me that it would be no interest for 12 months and the manager disregarded everything we said and showed no compassion and had no intentions on helping me with the situation.

I then told the manager that I would have not even purchased the computer if I couldn't get the 12 months no interest, that was the only reason that I came to your store on that particular day. I asked him if I could just return the items I had purchased and he told me "No, we have a 14-day return policy." So I then told him, "You guys tricked me into purchasing these items with a card that you guys knew did not offer the promotion that I was seeking."

Three Strikes and you're out Best Buy and Geek Squad
By -

I can't tell if it is me, I am just unlucky or is my Geek Squad experience representative of what many others seem to find. The service from both a technical and customer service perspective is just awful! I know I am not an unlucky or bad person but my frustration has never been higher. Here is my experience using the Geek Squad. My chronology goes from present backward.

  1. My Acer laptop is back in the shop. I have a full extended warranty and accidental damage plan. Took the computer in on 4/28 with a return date of 5/13. This is my son's laptop he uses at college. The store promised they would expedite as they do not offer a loaner program. So today, 5/24, I go into the Montclair, CA store and inquire about the status of the laptop. The Geek Squad member looked up the order and said it looks like they are working on getting parts but no return date can be quoted (my son's final exams are fast approaching).

I called the 800-433-5778 number at the suggestion of the store employee, given it is way past the due date, to see if they could help. I got to a technician who was very unhelpful and when I asked to talk to a supervisor he refused saying the supervisor could not do anything more for me and he was busy with other customers (Poor customer service). He said he would put me through to the customer service line so I could file a complaint but (not) surprisingly he cut me off. Called back and talked to a person that seemed to be actually trying to help.

When she came back on after trying to get through to the store ("no one answered at the store at 6 pm" she indicated) and she began to arrange a callback to me tomorrow but the phone line went dead (Overall this was good service). I called back and was transferred to the reward zone credit card extension(???). I called back again and was able to be reconnected to the person I started with; It took 20+ minutes for me to renavigate the system twice (Not great service). We will see what happens (I think they should replace the computer but am not sure it is actually should be the technicians).

  1. I have an RCA large screen rear-projection TV which I did not buy at Best Buy. When I called to get service, they somehow referred me to the Geek Squad. I spent some time on the phone arranging for the service and providing all of the product information. I confirmed that they serviced such TVs and they said yes.

The technician arrives and we had to go over the same information I had already provided. He said "I have not worked on these units before." He had to call the service center and get instructions on how to disassemble the unit. After a lot of talk, he quoted me something like $800 for the repairs which I promptly refused. The repair was done at a local TV shop for about $300.

  1. The Acer laptop (same one as above) was sent for repairs due to a faulty screen. Repairs took quite a number of weeks. When I came in to finally pick up the unit, I asked the Geek Squad person to turn on the computer and answer another question I had. The unit could not be turned on and it appeared the same problem (screen back light) and others had emerged. A number of weeks elapsed for the continuing service and the unit came back again. I picked it up and took it home. I tried to start the computer but it did not work again so I returned it to the store the same day.

The laptop finally came back a third time and it has been working fine until now. I can't tell if this is 3 or 5 strikes against the service. Unfortunately, Best Buy only counts it as three times so my replacement coverage does not go into effect. They will probably figure out a way to keep the unit until the end of June when the replacement warranty runs out. WOW!! I have never written such an email except when I complained about the service I described in #3 above. Can't tell if the problem is the Acer laptop or the technical service. I know the customer service has not been great (although I am hopeful with the current person I talked to this evening).

Solution for me: Refund the money I spent for the laptop ($1912.43) or repair and extend the warranty with accidental damage protection for 2 more years. This latter option does not give me much confidence however. Result: Best Buy has lost me as a customer (I say that reluctantly) and as I have spoken to store employees it seems that they really don't care (except the person I am currently working with). I clearly steer people away from the Geek Squad when asked.

My daughter is going to college in the Fall and a new laptop is one of the purchases we will make but as we have shopped Best Buy is not one of the options. I realize that my one purchase will not change the fortunes of Best Buy and I am reminded about that as I speak with a number of their employees.

Ripped Off at Best Buy
By -

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- On 2/24/2010 at 9:05 PM, I have purchased a Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution, top of the line, keyboard & mouse set for $169.99 plus sales tax at Best Buy store # 599 located at: 8923 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11224. It was a 25th birthday gift for my wife. When she opened a box the next day, it was the whole bunch of different items, none of which belong to the item purchased. We brought this back to the store the following day at 1:00 PM, in less than 24 hours. While waiting in line to exchange the product, person in front of us has returned 2 products back to Best Buy.

Store employee failed to even look at the boxes that were returned back to them. I have asked them a question how they are taking the item back without inspecting them. The answer was "The box looks Okay", after which I followed with my situation. At first she said to go, and get another set and called the manager. As soon as we came back to the counter with the replacement item we were met by the Geek Squad employees. As soon as we approached the counter one of the guys said that they can not take it back, and we should contact the manufacturer of the product. I made a phone call to Logitech right there in the store.

Person on the other end listened to what I had to say, and going over the items in that box, suggested that the mix-up happened at the store, because none of the items in that box belonged to that set. It looked like someone shoved old used display products in that box. In about 20 minutes waiting for the store manager ** (Refused to provide his Last Name) has arrived. After explaining to him what have happened, he advised us that there is nothing that he can do for us, and said that this is a Small Claim, and nicely asked us to leave the store. At that time I felt like breaking that old keyboard over his head.

It was a 25th Birthday Gift for my wife, and here I felt so bad and low, it was not even a matter of $185.00 money loss. I came outside, and called Best Buy Customer Relations. They said that this situation can only be resolved by the store manager. My wife went inside the store to talk to him again. After the phone conversation with Best Buy I have decided to call my bank to dispute the charge. Charge was not even processed at that time. It was still in authorization process, and they advised me to call them back next business day.

While my wife was inside the store talking to manager **, he asked her to leave a phone number and he will call her back with his decision within a couple of days. We left the store feeling like **. I have lost $185.08. It was the worst birthday gift ever I could give to my wife, but the Best Buy will lose more than that in the long run. There must be someone in the Corporate Office that can understand what their employees are doing to their reputation. This is very unfair that Best Buy Corporation will allow their store manager ** (Refuse to give his last name - like he was hiding something), treat their customers like that.

I wonder if top Management at Best Buy will agree with his decision at that time. How about good old Business Law: Customer is always right!!!€ And if Best Buy thinks otherwise, Shame On You!!! You will not last too long by doing business like this. In past 10 years I spent at least $10,000.00 at BB. 3/4 of my home electronics were purchased from Best Buy. For $185.08 your company will not see a single penny out of me.

Stuck With a Broken Laptop
By -

My sister-in-law waited in line for 20 hours for a laptop for me during black Friday. She gave it to me and it crashed within 5 minutes of me having it open. The laptop I purchased was only made for Black Friday so Best Buy doesn't carry it in their stores. Since then I have spent over 30 hours trying to get it fixed. Best Buy customer service is terrible. You call their customer service number and you have to wait on hold for 5 minutes before being transferred to an operator who will then transfer you to someone else. On several of my calls the operator would transfer me to the department of their choice while I was still mid-sentence trying to explain my situation.

I then have to wait for 15 minutes to be transferred to the department they chose. About 50% of the time they would transfer me to the wrong department so I am transferred again and have to wait another 15 minutes. (We are up to about 40 minutes at this point and I still haven't been helped.) I have literally talked to probably 50 people total through this whole ordeal and there has only been one guy with Best Buy's 1-800 number that was able to help me. Of course I can't get back in touch with him b/c they don't have extensions. So far, I have spent over a month trying to get my laptop fixed.

It has been serviced at two branch locations as well as the "official service location" for the area and nobody can fix it. They told me it has viruses and spyware and that is why its shutting down. That's funny, b/c it began randomly shutting down before I ever got on the internet. So, if it was shutting down before there were any viruses/spyware the problem must be something other than those, right? That's seems logical to me. I spoke with the store manager at the Grapevine location and he ever so kindly offered to waive the restocking fee and give me my money back for the laptop. Gee thanks, you are so kind.

So your idea of customer service is: my sister-in-law wasting 20 hours of her time, me wasting 30 hours of my time plus gas and wear and tear on my vehicle, and my father-in-law wasting 3 hours of his time all to be back at square one as if the laptop had never been purchased. The manager of the Grapevine store literally told me "I won't switch your laptop out with a comparable one because that would just be a bad business decision on my part. I would lose money." and I responded by saying "So you care more about a smart business decision (saving $200) on your part than customer service and doing what's right?"

He responded by saying something like "Well, I wouldn't say it like that". Heaven forbid that Best Buy take a $200 hit to take care of me by giving me the next comparable laptop. Oh wait, it gets better. Not only will they not replace it but I didn't buy a service plan so they are wanting to charge me $114 to fix it. So, you sell me a defective product and then want to charge me to fix it. That makes sense.

At this point I am very tempted to just light the laptop on fire. I think that would result in better progress than dealing with Best Buy customer service. NOTE TO PEOPLE BUYING LAPTOPS FROM BEST BUY: _____Don't!!!!_____ They won't take care of you if something goes wrong!!!

Biggest Rip Off
By -

LEVITTOWN, NEW YORK -- I bought a new computer a few months ago and then started playing a game that needed more video. I called Best Buy and they suggested a card to go with my computer which they didn't have at that store. They said I can get it online or at another store. I went online and bought the card. Within a few days the video card was making a ton of noise. I shut down the computer and then it wouldn't start again. I called Best Buy and they said the card must be defective and to return it. Meanwhile here I was with a dead computer. They suggested I get a new power supply which cost me more money.

I didn't want to buy another video card - at that point got the power supply and unhappily left the store. Well you can probably guess the rest it wasn't the power supply. I called Best Buy and after a few calls back and forth they agreed that as long as they tested the video card and it was defective they would fix the computer to bring it in. So we go back there and they tested the card it was defective but then they discovered it not only blew out the power supply but the mother board too. The story then changed and they said because they weren't the ones to install it that they don't have to fix it (they knew they didn't install it from the start).

We then called Best Buy again and went round and round even when I said "Listen to the call that says "bring it in if it was the video card that caused your damage we will fix the machine." They refused to help at all. The man that tested the video card and computer clearly stated to us that the video card burned out the power supply which in turn burned out the motherboard. When the representative called the store they said "Well the video was defective but we have no clue what happened to the rest of the computer." I was lied to a total of three times in just one day. All to fit their needs and not mine at all.

We then went to return the power supply that we bought and they wanted us to pay a 25 dollar fee for restocking. After throwing a fit with the store manager they decided to give me back my 25 dollars. I called the corporate office after all this and they said "Oh I am so sorry your computer is no good now. We will send you a 40 dollar gift card to cover your troubles." I won't tell you what I told them they can do with their 40 dollar gift card - use your imagination. I don't understand how a company can get away with saying one thing then when they find out it will be more work then they thought they can change a story and get away with it.

Beware before buying things in this store because if there is anything wrong it is your fault and not theirs. I think that everyone this company ripped off should start some kind of class-action suit and stop them from continuing to do this.

Dirty Sneaky Thieves
By -

MUNCIE, INDIANA -- In December 2008 I received a gift from my daughter that was purchased at Best Buy. I thought wow, until the nightmare began. The stupid laptop from Vista came with more bugs than the average joe like myself could imagine. That wasn't the nightmare, nope. That came when the first manager had to switch the bad one for a so-called replacement. Today I went in to buy a new power cord because my son puppy chewed the one up that came with the laptop. I started the process the day before on the phone with the parts and labor department. They told me I could order the cord for 28.00 dollars.

I needed the cord a little faster and said I would try to get it at the store. Well the guy at the store who tried to help me couldn't find the exchange between the laptops. So, like anyone else would do I thanked him and went to customer service/The Geek Squad where the transaction took place. The two men from the Geek Squad had the same problems as the other guy. They found the original purchase but not the switch between the two laptops. Next, they send out the manager, yes here comes the manager. No apology about our wait or anything to that nature. Nope, he jumps right in stating what he couldn't find and that there should be a receipt in my possession.

I told him they didn't give me one and that I asked the same question. Instead he went on to imply if there was an exchange it would be in his system and he didn't know how I got out of the store without a receipt. I went to say something and he cut me off and told me if I let him finish, then he repeated what he had already said. "If there was an exchange it would be in our system and I have no record of any exchange." To finish what he said "I don't know how you got out the store without one." I then replied, "I am not a thief, that is the second time you have implied I stole that laptop. I'm sure you know you are using a play on words."

I then said "You first should have apologized for our long wait and the problems we were experiencing but no. Instead you came out accusing me of stealing a laptop. I'm sure there is some way you can research your records. I have the box and everything that came with the computer. I have the name of the manager who switched the computers." He got upset at this point and threaten to have me removed from the store because I was getting rude for stating he didn't apologize and "I'm sure you can look up the numbers on the computer to see I didn't steal it."

I turned to a customer to say "I can't believe he is accusing me of stealing a laptop." He told me "If you talk to my customers I will have you removed." I said "I can't talk to customers - OK." I then asked the young man behind the counter who was helping me "Can I have Best Buy Corporate number?" He gesture for me to wait and give him a minute. At this time Mr. hothead told me to leave because I asked for corporate number. I told him as soon as I get the number I will leave. He said "I will give you the number." I said "OK." He said "leave", I said "as soon as I get the number." Then he told the employee not to give it to me. The employee gave it to me anyway.

Everyone, employees, security, and customers were all looking at him like he was crazy. Then I left and called corporate. I can't believe corporate would dare ask me to buy the cord from parts and labor without addressing the problem in the store. I made it very clear I will never buy anything else there. The crooks come in after talking with corporate - I discover they gave me a used laptop in their switch. Yep, you heard it right. My daughter is paying for a brand new laptop and they switched mine with a used laptop. This is the true reason there is no record of the transaction. Beware, of the crooks, scams, thieves and the laptop-switch scam.

I didn't complain about anything but the manager, because all I came to do was get the number to buy a new power cord. They have lost another good customer due to poor management service. They have the worst customer service in the history of this country.

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