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Best Buy
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Horrid Business
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Rating: 1/51

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- We took our PC to BB to have a repair and they never called or (e)mailed. And when we would call they say one thing or another. Never that they had sold or destroyed it, that is until I sent a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. Now they are only offering $300 for my pretty new $800 computer. They are now saying we abandoned it which is not true. We called numerous times and even went to store only to be given the run around. Even corporate lied to us and the BBB. They gave us 6 days to accept $300 and we aren't even in town. This is UNACCEPTABLE!

Geek Squad - the Easy Made to Look Difficult
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Rating: 2/51

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I visited my local Best Buy to cancel the insurance I have on my iPhone. The person helping me attempted to call the 866 number to help with my request, however, the wait time was going to be over 20 minutes. Since I had other appointments I informed the mobile representative that I would prefer to make the call myself when I had more time to wait. By all accounts, this individual was very polite and helpful.

This morning I call the 866 number and was connected to a Geek Squad Protection agent after approximately 20 minutes. Unfortunately, the agent had a difficult time comprehending my request and instead kept asking questions about other phone numbers included on my account. After several minutes getting nowhere, I asked to speak to another agent. At this point, I was transferred and subsequently disconnected.

After yet another 30 minute wait, I was reconnected to another agent. This individual was able to complete my request but was not very customer friendly in the process. I suggest Best Buy take a close look at their Geek Squad Protection agents to assess both their technical and customer service skills.

What a Time-Wasting Rip-Off
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Rating: 1/51

MONTROSE, OHIO -- They are terrible.The whole thing is a scam. There are plentiful small shops that repair computers everywhere run by actual people that know about computers. Check Angie's List or a reliable review site and find a real computer repair place. Geek Squad hires guys that generally know very little about computers. The scam is to get you to agree to pay them $35 to have them send the computer to their repair facility, where you will wait a long time, until finally they come back with an unbelievably inflated repair cost - which may not fix the problem you are having.

Either way, they make $35 and you get to wait, and wait, and wait - both for the repair and then when you go try to pick up the "repaired" product. I only took the computer there because I bought it there as a "Best Buy special edition". That did not seem to help them know what was wrong. What a rip off.

Messed Up Computer
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Rating: 1/51

OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- My daughter has a Chromebook. Recently the screen cracked and we had to take it to the Geek Squad because we have a warranty. My husband brought it in and they said they would call us with information. About 2 weeks later Best Buy called us repeatedly. We missed the call each time because we are busy people. My husband and I are both doctors.

Anyway we took our daughter to the Best Buy and she was excited to get her lap top back. We went to go look at the cameras because she might be getting one for her birthday. My husband came back and told us that the call they had so persistently tried to reach us wasn't about her computer. No it was about my tablet. They wanted me to come into fill out some paperwork.

When he asked about her computer they told him "Yeah, it's not even been processed yet." When he asked why he was told "because we have more important patients than your bratty daughter who is probably spoiled. It will take a few more weeks". My husband wanted to smack her there. Our daughter is not bratty. She is the least spoiled child you will ever meet. It's been 2 months and nothing yet. Needless to say, after we get the computer back we are never shopping there again. Rude and slow is what they are!

Fiasco Buying a Surface Tablet
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Rating: 1/51

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA -- My son recently bought his first computer, a super expensive Surface Pro from Best Buy in Pasadena, CA. We shouldn't have bought it there since we've had nothing but problems w/ the Geek Squad ever since. First of all, the screen cover which was put on had air bubbles. Since he bought a full 3-year warranty, all things are covered, we took it back to have it re-screened. The second screen cover he had put on, after letting it sit the required 24 hrs. to let it set, still has more air bubbles. We're stuck on whether to have them put yet another screen cover on it or just say screw it!!! Bad covers or bad Geek Squad not able to apply the screen cover correctly?

Next, they were supposed to set up an email account for him. Well, when we tried to access that email account (Their password). The password doesn't work. We now have to go back to the store and try to figure this out. He's had the tablet for 6 days now and he's not been able to use it. He's beyond frustrated.

Phone Protection Plan Is A Scam.
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Rating: 1/51

MACEDONIA, OHIO -- I got the Best Buy protection plan for my Android Incredible and one day I got the phone wet. I decided to take advantage of the plan and brought it into Best Buy for repair. The agent I spoke to said the phone and/or battery could be damaged and that he would first send the phone out. They then called a few days later and told me the phone was working? When I arrived, when they put the original battery in the phone, it would not work. They never tested the battery which the original agent knew could be a problem, since the indicator showed it had gotten wet!

Then they sent me a new battery by mail and I was to bring the battery back to Best Buy and pick up my phone. The phone worked but when I tried to charge the new battery, it did not get higher than 2%! I took the phone and battery back to Best Buy and explained that the battery was not charging? They called me the next day and said the phone was ready!

However, when the agent tried to transfer my contacts, the phone would not start because the battery was dead. He tried for 40 minutes to charge the phone and it would not get above 2%: They hadn't done anything! I am now waiting for another battery in the mail and am going to have to make my 6th trip to Best Buy to get the phone, which may or may not be working.

Customer Service IS NOT their concern!
By -

RICHFIELD, MINNESOTA -- I purchased a computer for my son on April 23rd, 2011 at the Best Buy store in Alexandria, VA.

My son decided on the Toshiba laptop and the salesperson said that the only one they had was opened. He said that the reason it was opened was that the tech squad had done the PC setup on it so it would be ready to go for the customer right out of the box. The salesperson said that everything was in the box and charged me for the PC setup.

My son came back home to NJ for the summer on May 20th and he took the laptop to the Best Buy store in Cherry Hill on May 31st for repair. The computer was still under manufacturer's warranty but instead of telling my son that, they sent the computer to their Geek Squad repair center. My son contacted the store a few days later and they said that the hard drive had crashed and that they would need to send it out for repair. The hard drive crashed on on “brand new” computer in less than a month????

Anyway, the store sent the laptop out for repair. And when it came back to the store, the store called and said that we needed to bring in the restore disks for them to complete the repair. My son checked everything that came with the computer and the restore disks are not in there. I went to the Cherry Hill location 3 times to try to resolve this issue only to meet with frustration. On my second visit to the store, I encountered the “Customer Service Manager” (what a joke that was!!) who said that he “WAS TIRED OF HEARING ME DRONE ON”!

When he finally stopped talking over me and decided to look at the receipt, I was told that I paid for PC setup which included the making of the restore disks. The technician wrote down where to look for the CDs in the materials and asked me to have my son look again to see if he could find them. My son said there were no CDs in the box.

I went back to the store a 3rd time and explained that the disks are not there. The Geek Squad Manager said that they could not order the disks because if they ordered the disks for my son's computer, they would have to do it for all the customers.

Based on the fact that my son has not had full use of this laptop since it was purchased in April 2011, I paid for the PC setup and the laptop crashed within 30 days of purchase. I feel that Best Buy Corporation should honor its “commitment to CUSTOMER SERVICE” and pay the $28.99 to get the restore disks from Toshiba and complete the repair to my son's laptop! It is now July 7th, 2011 and my son still does not have his computer!!

By -

My computer (as I was told) had an infection. I went to Best Buy because we have done quite a sum of business here in the past, including two business's personal and grandchildren we have just this year spent over $7,800.. The people were all new, looked and acted like high school help, by that I mean experience-wise, today. I guess you have to explain each breath. My computer was to be done on Sunday evening. I waited till Monday mid morning to call the young man told me, "We are waiting for you to bring us a cord." WHAT when were you going call me?

Secondly if you go into a coffee house for coffee do they ask you to bring your cup? You are running a business and don't have the tools to carry out your services. But you have my money. Tried to speak with a store manager. Got an ass. manager (maybe). She told me "oh no that person made a mistake they are working on it and will call you when it is done." I have tried again to get a store MANAGER or district manager to no avail.

Called corporate. After waiting 6 minutes this person had me go threw all of the previous events. It sounded like she put me on hold or something. When I quit talking there was silence then she said what do you want? I said "are you crazy (as a figure of speech)? I have just explained this whole ordeal to you. I want my computer of course." She said "if you would quit calling me names." I said "wait a minute that's one of the big problems in this world today."

Can you believe this what kind of a business is this, no store manager no district manager. But they do have a cocky representative at corporate and my money. As many people as I have sent to this store over the years is only a small part that I will tell about this experience. STAY AWAY from Best Buy in Montrose, Ohio. I am now 6 days behind in my work but that will be my problem .

Not So Mobile
By -

GURNEE, ILLINOIS -- I updated my phone with Best Buy Mobile instead of my phone servicer because of the prices. I was happy with my phone until the speakers when out and I had no sound. I paid extra to get the Geek Squad Service Plan for the phone and thought this was a good decision given all the features they offered. I took my phone back to Best Buy and was told they would have to send the phone off to be fixed and to check back in 2-4 weeks. I asked if everything on my phone would still be there and was told that nothing would be erased from the phone because the issue was with the speakers.

Then I checked back and was told I had to wait a month from the day I brought it in to get any updates on the status of my phone. So I went back to Best Buy a month later only to be told they were escalating the problem to try to get me a new phone and again I would have to come back. On the third trip to the store I was told my phone was fixed and I took it home. As soon as I got home I noticed that there were wires sticking out of the phone and the screen (which slides up) didn't slide up at all and was stuck.

I also found that everything was deleted from the phone. I had no phone numbers, no pictures everything was gone. I took the phone back to the store (after only having my phone back for about 8 hours) only to be told I would have to send the phone back out for repairs and possibly wait another 4-6 weeks for them to try to fix it. I told then to cancel the service plan because I didn't want to wait another month for something else to be wrong with the phone. I will never buy anything from them ever again.

Poor Customer Service, Poor Management Experience, Poor Product Installation
By -

FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE -- This is a report on the Best Buy store in Franklin, TN. I purchased a remote car starter as a Christmas gift, fully understanding installation was on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, I was the first customer in line on December 30, 2010.

Five hours later I receive a call from the Geek Squad telling me as a "Heads Up", the car may not be ready until the next day, that he (the person calling) would come in before store hours and try to complete the job. He said "they had been busy that day answering the phone and being pulled away to do other jobs". Or, my other option was to come back, pick the car up, and return for installation on another day. He, the installer, said he would call later that day, if, in fact, the install was made.

So, I decided to go by the store and see what the circumstances actually were. Not surprisingly, upon walking into the store, my car was not being worked on. Work was being done on another vehicle, pulled in behind me... and... I saw customers who were behind me in line earlier in the day, driving away with their installation complete.

I wasn't happy, so went into the store to speak with the manager. Of course, he was "too busy" and unavailable, so I was stuck with the Operations Manager. I explained all of it and the response was not "I'm sorry, let me handle the situation"... or anything resembling customer understanding or appeasement. It was "Let me go back and get their side of the story". He came back with another set of excuses, including "the tech who took the car was not trained to install a remote starter"..yadayadayada. And, he again gave me the option to pick the car up and return. Instead, I told him emphatically to let me speak with the store manager.

And that's where it got even more disappointing. **, the manager, didn't give a damn about me as a customer, only giving additional excuses. There was no consideration of my delayed installation, the fact I was lied to, or the fact my car was not being completed. I barf on that store. So I got the car, returned the merchandise and will never set foot in those stores again.

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