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Avoid Geek Squad
By -

OXNARD, CALIFORNIA -- I trusted the name Best Buy. I never had an experience with Geek Squad though. I felt it would be a good referral. I took my uncle's computer in to be repaired after the OS seemed to be corrupted and was not booting appropriately. I was told it would be 200.00 to do an assessment, repair, re-configure, install updates and drivers. I felt this was fair considering all that was included.

I later called to get the status of the computer and was told the OS was completely corrupt and the only option was a complete re-install of the OS. I was then told that a backup of the system was 99.00. I was a little taken back when the only data on the machine was perhaps 5MB max in the My Documents folder. I then asked how much a new drive would be and how much would it be for them to install the new drive, put a fresh OS install on the drive and then make the existing drive a secondary drive to access the files.

I was told by ** that this would be 70.00 and the OS and drive installation was included in the 200 originally paid. I felt this was a good deal considering it was 99.00 to back up 5MB worth of data through DOS. We then had a new hard drive (existing was 4 years old) and a slave drive in the machine for later use if need be. I was told that my uncle only had to come in and pay for the hard drive.

My uncle proceeded to go to Best Buy and paid for the hard drive. This time a representative named ** was in contact with him and told him he did not need a new drive and that they could salvage the existing drive. This was true, though not what was asked for and instructed to do. Even then ** still proceeded to sell my Uncle a hard drive. My uncle is not technical, nor does he have any knowledge about computers only to click here and click there.

Now he had a ** tell him that he did not need a new drive and that he could fix his computer, he DID not tell my uncle he did not need to buy a new hard drive. Simply, he took advantage of someone who was not informed or had the knowledge to make an informed decision. The manager (**) did not step in and discuss what I had discussed with him, and they proceeded to charge him the money he paid SPECIFICALLY for a new hard drive as data services backup.

My uncle proceeded to get the computer back without the hard drive and actually without a working modem. I called Best Buy twice and spoke to ** to try to resolve the situation only to be told simply, there was nothing they could do and my Uncle would have to come in and pay for a new hard drive. Also, they did him a favor by discounting the backup services from 99.00 to 70.00 which was the price he paid to SUPPOSEDLY get a new hard drive.

** then proceeded to say that he would only discuss the situation with the customer and that the customer stated I was to blame for it. Simply it seems he was not willing to take responsibility for the situation. Again, I was guiding my uncle along this process so he would not be taken advantage of. It seems as though Best Buy thought it best to still exploit the situation and take advantage of someone rather than work with someone to give the best service.

I hope this saves someone from experiencing the same fate. I feel we were taken advantage of, ripped off, and told you have 'better' options irresponsibly. To experience perhaps the same, take your computer to Geek Squad in Oxnard, CA and speak with ** or **.

Geek Squad Service Errors
By -

OHIO -- Right now there is a huge issue in the Geek Squad. I was actually warned to stay away from Best Buy because of their lack of concern in doing the job right. I should have listened. What happened to me personally is beyond anything I could have believed unless I went through it. Here it is...

I took my computer to Best Buy to get a wireless pci LAN card installed. The Geek Squad guy said it would be 50.00 and then when I got there he said it was $80.00. So when I told him the difference he changed the price to $50.00. The next day I picked up the computer and the wireless card did not work nor did the router they told me to purchase, $39.00. I then tried everything to get this to work and nothing.

So I had to call Best Buy and they refused to tell me anything and told me that the reason it would not function is because the wireless pci LAN card had to be configured to operate correctly they told me that this was only possible if they came out and charged me an in home service fee.

I was angry about this because it was never mentioned to me that this was a requirement of having a pci wireless LAN card installed. So I ended up having to bring my computer back into the Best Buy Geek Squad which was not a good thing but I did not know what else to do. So I had talked to the manager of the Geek squad and he said to bring it in to test it. I was told it would take about an hour. The manager told me he would place the info in my file and other techs would see it and know what to do.

So I drop off my computer and 3 days later no one has called me back. I contact the Geek squad and asked them why no one has called me and they told be they were running a diagnostic, which shows nothing in error that they did, of course. So I told them what the manager said to me and none of that info was in the notes of my file and the manager had gone on vacation a day after he told me to bring in my computer.

So now I am so upset I take my computer home and call the company that made the pci wireless LAN card to ask them what to do. One of their tech support walks me through the process of testing their card and it is found that the drivers were not installed with the pci wireless LAN card. It was not receiving a signal because the Geek squad put the hardware in and nothing else. The computer did not recognize the added hardware.

I contact the corporate portion of the Geek squad which had "agents" speak to me about this issue. All they did was work to cover themselves while leaving me looking like the one who was at fault. I was on the phone with Best Buy and the Geek Squad for several days,... more than 4 hours total.

The Store Best Buy and their Geek Squad are only looking to cover their people in wrong doing at the full cost of the customer. I actually had to take the computer to another Best Buy in order to get information that proved that the first Geek squad was in error. They told me that there was no way that the Geek squad in the other location did the right thing and in saying that I thought I could trust them.

I left my computer there and then when I picked it up they said that there was a hard drive problem and that was why their pci wireless LAN card did not work. So I contacted the corporate office again (4th time) and they refused to give me a refund for the LAN card or the router because it was a problem with my computer, not their service or their agents.

I forgot to mention that when I talked to their Geek Squad agent in their corporate office they spoke extra loud and tried to drown out my statements when they did not agree with what I said about something being very wrong in their Geek squad. Every word out of the mouth of this agent was in a means to say that I as a customer was wrong and their Geek squad was right. I believe the reason they did this was to make sure in the midst of failing companies they would cover their company at the expense of the customer, and to cover their jobs.

I have since cancelled my credit card and account with Best Buy. I will never purchase from this company again because they were willing to steal from me to cover themselves while knowing that their employees are doing wrong.

Geek Squad
By -

SOUTHHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI -- August 7th of 2008 I returned a bad gateway monitor. It couldn't be sent off so I was told to get one from stock and there wasn't much to choose from so I got a Samsung 25 inch. Tech said he was sorry he didn't have many monitors to pick from but he didn't keep monitors for power users. I'm no power user..

I had troubles with the Samsung monitor from day one but I thought it was my video card or motherboard, I used trial and error to finally nail down the problem as the monitor. I returned to Best Buy November 17 and was told it couldn't be repaired, to get another monitor from the shelf. So after about 45 minutes or so I got the only monitor my size they had that would work. When I got to the service desk they then told me the Samsung could be sent off after all. So I said "OK. I have no choice, go ahead." There was nothing else he said he could do and once again gave me a very insincere "I'm sorry about that."

The estimated completion date was 11/20/08.. I realize it could take longer than that so I waited till 12/01/08 to call the Geek Squad and was told it was ready and sitting in the floor ready for me to pick up, he was looking at it. I said thanks and went about getting a way up there. I'm disabled and can't drive so I got my son off work to drive me up there.. It's 80 miles to Best Buy from where I live, then 80 miles back.

Well when I got there they told me there was just the two geeks working and neither talked to me. I called Best Buy and hit the extension for the Geek Squad and before I left they asked me my phone number before telling me it was there. It looks to me like it was never sent off if it was sitting in the floor and rather than telling me the truth they came up with they didn't know who I talked to. I just don't believe I was done right from the start, why would they lie?? If it was just 2 of them it had to be one of them.

Also the young man had a smug attitude, he was always very sorry but there was nothing he could do to help me. I asked him if he could ship it back to me so I wouldn't have to have my son take off again and he couldn't even do that.. I asked to speak to his boss and he told me he was the boss. He was really young to be a boss. I went to Best Buy to get a monitor so if I did have trouble I could get it quickly repaired or replaced.Now I haven't had a monitor that's worked right since August and I'm out the money for the video card and new computer plus a wasted trip to Best Buy and now its 12/17/08 and I still don't have a monitor.

Geek Squad-The High Price for Terrible Service
By -

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- The Geek Squad at the Overland Park Kansas Best Buy provided me with one of the most awful if not the absolute worse customer service that I've ever experienced as a consumer. I brought my laptop to the store on October 20, 2008 as it was crashing with blue screen errors, and I was unable to resolve the problem on my own.

The Geek Squad employee at the counter ran a test on the laptop to confirm that it was a software problem, and not an issue with the hard drive. He then explained the options available and the cost. The charge to diagnose and repair the computer was $200.00. This seemed high to me, but I thought that it would be worth the price to have the repair done right.

In retrospect, I should have run for the door when they insisted that I pay in advance before they even started any repairs. However, I paid the $200 and expected a call within at least a week. The week went by with no call so I stopped by the store to check on the laptop. The Geek Squad employee searched for about an hour and could not locate my laptop. He could not tell me if repairs were begun, if it had been shipped off site, he had absolutely no information. He apologized and told me that he would call that evening after locating.

There was no call so I went to the store the next day, and a different employee seemed perplexed that I would suggest the laptop was missing. He told me it was right on the bench being worked on as we spoke. He apologized for nobody calling to tell me the laptop was found. I suspect that they did not start work on it until that day.

A day later, I received a call from the Geek Squad telling me that there was a corrupt memory module in the laptop and asked me if I wanted to have it replaced. They quoted a price of $50 for the memory and $40 to install it. I told the employee that I was shocked they would want to charge $40 to install a stick of memory when I had already paid them $200 for the repair. I told them that I would be willing to buy the memory, but I would certainly not pay an extra $40 for them to install it.

On October 31, the laptop was finally ready. I decided not to purchase the memory from because at this point I lost confidence Best Buy and decided to never shop there again. My advice is to stay away from the Geek Squad. They are too expensive, and when you pay in advance, it takes away their incentive to get the repair done promptly. The manner in which they treat the customer is deplorable. They seemed to lack the basic social skills necessary to communicate with the public, and they seem oblivious to the importance of keeping people informed.

As one who manages people for a living, I know these types of problems are the result of poor management. It is a top-down issue where employees are not given proper training and/or the corporate culture apparently does not value the customer.

Customer Service Or Lack Thereof
By -

HAMILTON, OHIO -- On 8/2/08, my daughter dropped off her computer for extended warranty repair which we purchased when we purchased the computer. She was told that it would have to be sent to the repair center and would take 2 weeks for it to be returned. She asked if the data on the hard drive would be lost and they informed her that they could not guarantee it but they could back it for $100. She borrowed the money to have the data backed up and was told it would take 24 hours for it to be ready. It took 6 days for the data to be ready to be picked after my daughter checked on it several times.

When she inquired why it took so long, they would not/could not give her an answer. Since it took 6 days to back up the data, which meant it wasn'€™t sent off to the repair center for 6 days. On 8/15/08, I went with my daughter to check on the status of the computer. We asked the customer service rep if her computer was ready, he told us no. We asked when it would be ready, he said he did not know and could not tell us.

I asked to talk to a manager at that point, 10:15AM, and was told none was available, that they were in a meeting. I left my cell phone number with the customer service rep and asked him to have the manager call me. The manager never did call me. I called the store that night and asked to speak with a store manager and was told that there was no store manager present at this time, approximately 7PM.

I asked to speak to any manager present. When a manager answered the phone, I explained to him everything that had happened and the poor service my daughter had received and expressed my anger. He put a Geek Squad member on the phone to tell me the computer was fixed and ready to ship back to the store. He then hung up the phone.

I called back to the store and requested to speak to the manager again. I told him I wanted my daughter'€™s money refunded for the poor service she received. I was told by the manager that he would not refund her money and that I could talk to a store manager, which magically appeared at the store. He told me the same thing and told me it only took 3 days to download her data.

My daughter received her computer on 8/20/08 with scratches all over the cover of the computer. She was so happy to get her computer back and get out of Best Buy; she left without even complaining about it, which would not do her any good anyway! I have spent well over $6,000 at this store in the past 2 years. If this is what Best Buy considers customer service, I have spent the last penny in any Best Buy store. This is one of the worst examples of customer care and customer service I have ever witnessed.

They Lost My Laptop & Won't Return My Calls!
By -

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I have searched the internet and found many stories of Best Buy customer abuse. Here is ours. Please excuse any typos. Before the start of law school I purchased a Gateway laptop at a Best Buy on the advice of a salesperson there. Last November the laptop had so many problems that I had to replace it. I visited the same store and the salesperson told me that Gateways were poor computers. This annoyed me but I purchased a fairly expensive Sony Vaio because of the company's reputation. At the end of December I noticed that it had a cracked screen. So my fiancé took it into another location of Best Buy to have it repaired on December 30th.

He had a few runarounds with them. The facts of which I am not certain. Then I received a call from Best Buy (it was an automated message) that my laptop was ready to be picked up. We drove to the store and the laptop was unrepaired. It took them forever to find the laptop and then they told us that we had refused the estimate. This is completely untrue and in fact we had never received a phone call from them at all until the one notifying us to pick the laptop up. My fiancé was very frustrated because, in part, of his recent issues with the company relating to this repair. So he asked to see a store manager.

He had dealt with the repairs division manager before and that was not helpful to him at all. A manager came over and he was very rude. The staff rolled their eyes at me when I was signing the new repair order because I actually read what it said. Then when they printed out a contract to give us it was pretty much blank because the printer was out of ink. When we complained and asked for a readable copy we were made to feel like we were being ridiculous and were told that they could not print us a clear copy because they had no ink!

A few weeks later I received an automated message from Best Buy that said that the laptop would be shipped back via UPS within 5 business days. I assumed that this meant shipped back to Best Buy since that was the agreement and at no point was shipping to my house ever discussed. On Monday my fiancé called Best Buy and again they could not find the laptop. Getting fed up with Best Buy he called the corporate customer care line and spoke to a representative.

She was helpful to a point and filed an official complaint against the store itself (or so she said) but then she started trying to tell my fiancé since they shipped it to Sony we had to take it up with Sony as they were liable. He asked for a supervisor and put me on the phone. The supervisor again tried to tell me that Sony was liable. But then I explained that I did not think so. We had left the laptop in their care. I have no agreement with Sony. Then she said something like, “of course”, which makes me wonder if she was deliberately trying to trick me.

She asked what I wanted and I told her that I wanted my repaired computer as soon as possible and if they could not do that I wanted another of the same make, year and model. She said the latter was out of the question and went to see where the computer actually was. When she came back on the line she said that according to the tracking number she had, Sony had shipped it via Federal Express and it was delivered on the 8th.

I told her that was unacceptable. Shipping to my home made no sense as the repair bill was over $600 (she agreed that made no sense). That shipping to my house was never discussed and never even mentioned and it goes against their regular business practice. That I never had anything shipped here because I live in a city row home and that no package was received. She said she would try to find a solution for me and get back to me in 24 hours. I never received a phone call from her. So 48 hours later I phoned the corporate customer service number.

I spoke at first to a new service representative and she could not find ANY record of any of my dealings with them on this mater no matter how she searched. The supervisor was not available as she was “helping another customer”. I was transferred into her voicemail and left her a lengthy message. Now it is February 22 and I have not yet received a return phone call. I am trying to let as many people as I can know about this. There are so many problems with the company's story. I received the phone call about delivery after the 8th and from the company, even though the company made it sound as if Sony unilaterally decided to mail the laptop to me.

She had a tracking number all along and still behaved as though she didn't know what was going on or where my laptop is and I was on the phone with her for almost an hour. She seems to have known that I shouldn't have to deal with Sony. She did not return my call. She was not available to talk and the records of all of this have “disappeared”. Don't shop at Best Buy!

Best Buy Hell Week 1
By -

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- Well, Monday morning my computer decided to lock up and once I got it to turn off it no longer would turn on. Purchased Best Buy extended warranty so off on my 30 mile trek to the Best buy. I had some other minor issues but wouldn't take the computer in for those as I know Best Buy Service is not known for its speediness and I need my computer. I had to purchase the backup data service for $99.00 and made them a list of all the items and files I needed to back up. (Surely they can read and all will be fine). The girl told me it should be done today or tomorrow at the latest so I make the 30 mile trek back home.

I call late Monday afternoon to see if I can pick it up in the morning but it hasn't been started. I call Tuesday afternoon and it still has not been started. I call and ask for the manager Wed. and get the Geek Squad manager who says it will be ready today. It was, but I had an appointment that evening so I had to pick it up on Thursday. I trekked the 30 miles there and purchased an external drive to back up our other 4 computers so this does not happen again. Then 30 miles back home only to find out that my tax files and accounting files were not on the discs they gave me.

Calling Best Buy again, girl says she will look into it and call me back. An hour later I call the store back only to have all extensions say this number is not a working number. Bad move for Best Buy. I call Customer care and file a complaint. I call the Geek Squad and file a complaint and they manage to get the store manager to call me back. They look and the files were on my list but not transferred.

So now I have to make a decision, the computer has been shipped to the repair center so my options have the repair center send the computer back so they can copy the files or let it go through repair and hope they don't mess with the hard drive. Those files are a must so now I have to wait for the repair center to receive the computer so they can turn around and send it back to the store so they can fix their mistake and then resend it to the repair center.

Aggravated and with plenty of time on my hand I set out to find Best Buy corporate phone number. I find that and then I find the list of Officers. I place a call into the Executive Vice President of Retail Channel Management and leave a voice mail. Not satisfied with that I call the number for the President and CEO of Best Buy. I get his assistant and explain my ordeal to him who assures me he will send an email to the repair center and the store to expedite the shipping and handling of my computer. Will it happen? I'll update with Best Buy Hell week 2.

One thing after another!
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I made a purchase over a year ago for a 19" monitor. I purchased the warranty because Best Buy boasts the best in warranty protection. Within two months my monitor quit working. I took it in to the Castleton store Geek Squad for repairs. They accepted the monitor and told me that someone would contact me shortly. That is when the nightmare began. After a month I did not hear back from Best Buy so I decided to call and check up on it. First of all, they said they could not find me in the system. (It was listed in their system improperly, which is only the start of the problems.)

When they finally did find it, they said that there was a problem with the account and that they would need to investigate it and call me back. Several days passed without a call so I called them back. Again they said they were still investigating it. All I could get out of the agent was that the monitor had been shipped to the manufacturer and was deemed unrepairable. When I asked what was going to be done, they said they needed to look into it further and would call me back. Again days past without a call so I called back yet again. At this time I was informed by the agent that according to their system I was issued a 22" widescreen monitor as an exchange.

I explained to the agent that no such exchange took place, but he said there was nothing he could do. After several phone conversations within store managers I was basically informed that nothing could be done for me at store level and that I would need to contact Best Buy customer care. After speaking with a customer care agent, I was told that with all the conflicting information on the account, he could see that there was definitely something not right with the account.

First of all, the exchange was for an upgraded 22" widescreen when I brought in a 19" regular screen. This meant that I would have been charged the difference in price for the upgrade, which means there should be a signature somewhere on file. Second, it showed the exchange took place on the same day that I brought the original in, yet the original was not deemed unrepairable until after it was sent to the manufacturer. He said he would look into this and get back with me. YET AGAIN I never received a call.

After several attempts with Best Buy customer care, and writing emails and letters to their corporate customer care departments, I gave up on Best Buy doing anything to resolve this issue. I wrote a complaint to the BBB, and my State Attorney General's office. The State Attorney General's office deemed this a valid complaint and forwarded the concern on to Best Buy. After several weeks I finally got a gift card from Best Buy for the purchase price of the monitor/warranty. Of course they did not issue me the refund that I requested but sent a gift card forcing me to do business with them again.

When going to use my gift card, I decided to buy a new monitor to replace the one Best Buy had stolen. It was available online for $279 but I had an in-store coupon for 12% off. None of the stores in my city carry this monitor and when I called Best Buy to ask if the discount could be applied online since it was not available in-store, I ended up holding for 30 minutes just to find they would not honor it. Just another way Best Buy is ripping off customers. After I redeem this gift card to replace the monitor Best Buy stole from me, I will never do business with them again, and I advise you do the same.

Excellent Service By Johny ** Of The Geek Squad
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

SALEM, OREGON -- He answered all our questions, cleaned everything up, and was thorough.

Geek Squad Cannot Get Parts for Pc They Sell
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- I took my Dell PC to the Geek Squad to have repaired. They made me sign a piece of paper and Then told me it had to be shipped to be repaired. Did not tell me the cost or that I was paying for shipping. It took 11 days before someone called me to tell me that they could not get parts to fix it. I asked them why do you sell Dell PCs, He could not answer. He told me that it would cost more to fix it than what I paid for it. I asked him how he knew what I paid for the PC. Again, he could not answer. I did not buy this Dell from them. Okay send it back...

It took only 2 days before they called me back to say I could pick it up where I had dropped it off. Why only 2 days to return. Was it ever shipped in the first place? So I went to pick it up. Took 20 minutes for them to bring it out. I asked to speak to a Manager and when he finally showed up; I asked him why they take Dell PCs to fix if they cannot get the parts. He stuttered and said they had no way knowing if it can be fixed or not. "Um excuse me but then why are you taking PCs to be fixed if you don't know that you can?". He stuttered again, said he did not know.

I asked why I had to pay shipping fees when I was not told that I had to pay for shipping? He stated I had signed the paper.. I asked him why I was not told before I signed and he said they were not required to tell me... I asked him why there was no proof of shipping on the paper and he said, "I had to look up the confir. number on the paper". I asked, "How did I know if that was MY PC being shipped" and again he had no answer.

I knew I was going to lose my $40.00 to these people for their incompetence, so in a last ditch effort I asked if they would waiver the shipping fees towards a new PC purchase from them. I flashed the hard earned cash I had on me to buy a new computer and he laughed at me. So all in all, my experience with the Geek Squad was horrible. I took my Dell PC to a local repairman and he fixed it within 3 days and it cost a $100.00 dollars. So why can he get parts but Best Buy cannot? BTW, I bought another PC for my son at HH Gregg the same day. Nice people!

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