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Best Buy's PSP is a joke
Posted by Danes75 on 08/29/2005
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- 18 months ago I purchased a Samsung 50" HDTV DLP TV from Best Buy (#291 near the Galleria in Houston, Texas) from their extremely pushy and arrogant sales people. They convinced me that the unit would be in dire danger if I didn't buy a 100 buck surge protector and their 4 year PSP plan at another 250 bucks, in addition to the 4000 dollar television.

Only two months later, white spots appeared on the screen. They sent a half-wit out that couldn't speak any English and would not fix the problem, saying it would take a month to get the part in and they'd have to have the TV the whole time. I figured I would just let him leave and schedule someone else.

Two more times they sent someone out, both times they "couldn't recreate the problem" and made no repairs.

The fourth visit was for a loud spinning noise. The technician fixed it on the spot and stated in his service ticket as replacing the color wheel. He saw the spots, but didn't have the necessary tools to fix it. Requested replacement under No Lemon Policy, technician said no. 125 bucks. (covered under PSP)

The fifth visit was because the TV would not turn on, or would turn off after being on for a few minutes. The technician did not have the part and had to order a DMD. Requested No Lemon, technician denied saying the unit had not been "repair" 3 times, only had technician visits. 600 bucks. (covered under PSP)

The returning (different) technician, a week later, would not install the DMD because he "could not recreate the problem", even though the first technician COULD recreate it and signed off on the order. No repair. The TV didn't work the next day.

Same technician a week later, "could not recreate the problem", but cleaned the lens saying that was what caused the white spots on the screen. Requested Lemon, no from technician.

Eighth visit because screen would not come on. Same technician as previous two times replaced the lamp unit. 220.00 bucks (covered under PSP) Requested Lemon, technician said unit had to be repaired 3 times and a 4th service call requested.

Ninth visit because TV had repeating characters all the way across the screen. Needed to order part. I requested a new unit (not Samsung) under the No Lemon Policy. After reviewing receipt, the technician called his supervisor in Dallas who had to issue a ticket number. He then called the insurance company who manages the PSP policy (AIG Warranty Guard, part of AIG) and the lady argued with him about what constitutes a replacement or not and what repairs had been done on the TV AND what each part replaced did and cost. She finally approved the replacement. I was told that the order should be uploaded to the store that I purchased the unit from by that afternoon and to call them to verify and ask any questions.
Around 11am (on a Thursday) I called the store (#291) with questions on how the replacement would work. After spending about 5 minutes answering telephone tree questions, the phone at Customer Service rang for another 10 minutes, and then was picked up and hung back up.

I called back at around 1:30 and went through the same routine. Instead of being hung up on, after 10 minutes of ringing the phone went back to the main menu tree. I tried several different departments, all of which rang back to the main menu after 10 minutes EACH.

At 2:30 I called AGAIN. Same thing as the first time, was hung up on after letting the phone ring for about 10 minutes.

At 4:00 I called yet again. Phone tree... Customer Service ringing and ringing. This time someone picked up the phone, but instead of speaking or hanging up, they placed me on hold immediately. I was on hold for 25 minutes before hanging up.

I called the 1-888 and asked how it would work, that I didn't want another Samsung DLP TV. He said they would issue a voucher for the purchase price of the product if that was the case and I would be able to pick out what I wanted. If the amount was more, I would pay the difference, the amount was less, I would be given a gift card for the remainder. This was confirmed by Seth at the corporate office.

Finally I decided to just go to the store with the television. After waiting in line for about 30 minutes (I can never figure out why there's always 6 people behind the customer service desk ,not to mention the 50 or so wondering around the store talking to each other with nothing to do, but only ONE customer service station opened, even during the Christmas holiday), I told the CS guy I had the PSP and had been approved for a replacement. He asked to see my receipt, and after reviewing it stated that I couldn't get a replacement because it had been more than 30 days since I purchased the item. ??????? What ?????? I again stated that it was covered under the PSP and already been approved for replacement. His response was the same, that replacements were only covered during the first 30 days. I asked to see his supervisor, who disappeared for another 10 minutes and came back with a sheet of paper and my information on it. He told me to go and give it to a salesperson in the Home Theater area.

I did. He tried to sell me yet another surge protector and a 6000 plasma, even though all I wanted was a replacement for the one I had purchased. I had decided to get a 42" plasma from Panasonic (which I had confirmed was available at that store on the Best Buy website) and use the remainder of the amount as payment on a smaller plasma for the master bedroom.

I was immediately told that the Panasonic in question was out of stock, even though I had already confirmed it was there... but would I like a 50" Sony instead? I told the salesperson no and started looking for something else. He came back a few minutes later and said his manager had told him that I could only get a 50" Samsung DLP. I told him I didn't want that, I didn't like DLP, and asked to speak to his manager.

10 minutes later Kyle Tucker showed up and presented himself as "the Manager". I told him what I wanted. His response was that they could only replace like items, that if I had a 50" DLP I had to replace it with another 50" DLP.

I read to him the warranty agreement about the voucher. He said it was at the discretion of the store manager, and that if I wanted to get something else, I could only have a voucher for the amount that the 50" DLP was selling for, which was 2000 bucks! Only 18 months after I had purchased the item, almost 10 service calls later before they would replace the item, and he offers HALF of what I paid for it. Even better was that if I chose something that cost less, I wouldn't get the difference, and if I chose something that was more, I would have to pay the difference. He continued to argue with me. I told him I spoke with both customer service at the 1-888 number AND someone named Seth from corporate and they both told me the same thing. His response was that corporate didn't know what the hell they were talking about.

I tried calling corporate but they were closed. I went ahead and went with the deal, thinking I'd take it up with his boss area manager. When I went to check out with customer service, they refunded the ENTIRE amount of the original purchase (3788.74) but THEN raised the price of the item that I was purchasing (originally 2100) to match the amount of the refund! I also noticed that the "manager" that signed off on the exchange was not, in fact the "manager" of the store, as he had claimed, but the Home Theater Area Manager.

I'm not finished with this yet. Best Buy has horrible customer service, pushy and obnoxious sales staff, and rude management.

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Posted by AZJEM on 2005-08-29:
Geeze, After reading your story I wanted to call them myself! With all the bad Best(worst)-Buy stories, we will absolutely never go inside their store. I had to deal with Sears to your degree with a bad item(s) and refuse to shop there as well. Give em hell!
Posted by chardonnay on 2005-08-30:
I wish everyone would take the time to write about this company. They never honor NEVER honor their extended warranties. They don't tell the truth and encourage their employees to make the consumer look stupid. Oh how are they getting away with this. How?
Posted by Nex on 2005-10-27:
I thought my Best Buy PSP story was bad!! It's not even close to that one. I'm still going after them though. I ain't done yet! Nex
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Liars & Thieves - I Will Never Step Foot In A Best Buy Again!
Posted by JulieMN on 02/16/2009
EAGAN, MINNESOTA -- I purchased a 32" Samsung LCD TV and a 4 year warranty in Eagan, MN on 2/14/09. I hooked it up that evening, watched it for a couple of hours (the picture was great) and decided it was esthetically too big for the room. The very next morning I CAREFULLY packed it back up and returned to the store. When I told customer service that I would like to return it, she said that they had to check it first and took the TV away, out of my sight. I didn't think anything of it until they came back 15 minutes later and told me that the TV was damaged by an impact! I couldn't believe it. There was absolutely no way that could have happened. They took me back to where they had the TV and sure enough there was damage...but NOT by me! I told them that the TV was in perfect condition and the ONLY way that had happened was someone from the Geek Squad just damaged it and they were trying to pin it on me! There were numerous tools on the counter and I KNOW that's what had to have happened...that one of those tools dropped on the TV screen. Needless to say, they would NOT return it because of their "policy"! I now have a TV that THEY DAMAGED and out $500+!!

What kind of multi-million dollar company does that to their customers! I'm obviously not the only one. Shame on you Best Buy! I will tell everyone I can NOT to patronize your company!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-16:
Great post! A lot of people, like you, would allow a retailer to wheel off the returned item to a place out of sight...where this sort of thing could happen. "Where are you going with my...?" After all, you still own it until the return is completed. VH!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-16:
Thanks, admin...nuff said.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-02-16:
Frankly, this is a very helpful post to me. I'm one of those people who would have never thought anything of them removing my return from my sight...now I know better!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-16:
Thanks here too admin! Threats should never be tolerated.
Posted by Principissa on 2009-02-16:
Same here Boki. I'm in the habit of opening things after purchase in the store (video games, dvd players, game consoles) but I never thought anything of them wheeling merchandise in the back. Won't do that anymore!! :)
Posted by sabletaz on 2009-02-16:
Good post.
Posted by old fart on 2009-02-16:
What did admin delete..???
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-02-16:
File a police report for the vandalism of the TV. What they did would be on camera and the police would use that as evidence.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-16:
OH! I never would have given that a second thought. thanx for the heads up; now i know not to let someone walk off with ANY item until the return is processed.
Posted by MRM on 2009-02-16:
A 32' tv too big for the room? It cant be that big compared to a 42' tv. I would have just kept the 32' tv and just get used to it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-16:
32 inch is a standard size tv these days.
Posted by golkd239 on 2009-04-23:
why did you give up. I would have not left the store until they refunded me the money. When you let them get away with stuff like this you empower the idiot employees to keep doing it. It's like when banks charge ridiculous service fees if no one calls BS they are gonna keep doing it. Next time you need to try harder to get your refund and have them look at it in front of you!!!!! when i bought a TV that was to big for the TV stand we had they checked it in front of me... i don't trust anyone, even fellow employees...
Posted by Marine 63 on 2009-05-15:
I hear the same thing from people...I'm not going to do business with that store again...guess what you'll be back because there isn't another store like it within 25 miles.
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Best Buy - Dont buy ANYTHING here
Posted by BradS on 04/18/2005
INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI -- Here is a recent Email to BestBuy over my 6 month old Plazma TV that just stopped working and my subsequent efforts to get it fixed. By the way, its April 18th and there is no end in sight. I sent the email because I have talked to several different managers, service managers and store managers and have received the run around about this problem. I have been lied to, treated poorly and have not received ONE proactive call on their behalf



Questions or Comments: On August 8, 2004, I purchased a Daewoo 42 inch Plazma TV from your Independence MO store. On Friday April 11, 2005 the TV stopped working. I called your service number that day and requested service. The serviceman came to our home and said that he would have to "order a couple of parts". He left no service statement and did not make any effort to contact us back after the parts were ordered. After Several weeks, we began calling to find out what was going on, after many calls, we found out that the parts were in but the serviceman was just not returning his calls from the service department (or emails). He returned today and advised that the company had only sent one of the parts and this one (when installed) did not fix the TV. He also does not indicate that he has ANY idea what is wrong with it or what it will take to fix it, only that he will have to order more parts. After receiving this information my wife called the service number, corporate and the store. The results were less than acceptable. first, the serviceman ordered only ONE part, not two. The store reported that they have no authority to replace this TV with another (even if Im willing to pay more) and corporate advised that they (the stores) do have this ability. So, Ive been lied to at least twice by your representatives.I was also NEVER told that the 1 year warranty on products of this nature is not applicable if you trust the salesman enough to purchase the service plan (which I did). Our conversations with your store representatives, service people and store managers have not yielded any results to date and there is no end in sight to this fiasco. There is a 10 day waiting period before ANY complaint will be recognized concerning repair correct? HOW MANY TIMES? Regardless, the repairman has NO CLUE what is wrong with this unit.I will say this, I have made several large purchases @ Best Buy over the years and usually purchase gift cards for many of my 500 plus employees during the Holidays. I can say that if this is the way you do business, I will NEVER buy from you again and insure that everyone I have contact with knows why. I have a $2000.00 Paper weight.. . .


Thank you for contacting Best Buy about your Daewoo television. I'm Eric with Customer Care.

We're sorry to hear that you did not receive the service that you expected with the repair of your television. Best Buy strives to provide our customers with the highest level of service, convenience and selection. We value receiving your comments so we may use this feedback to improve the shopping and service experience for all our customers.

Thank you for sharing your comments with Best Buy. Please don't hesitate to contact us with additional questions or concerns.

Best wishes from Best Buy,
Eric and the Customer Care Team

My thoughts:

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Posted by AZJEM on 2005-04-20:
Looks like they gave you the 'el cheapo' generic form letter. After all the bad reports on BB we are not about to set foot in that store.
Posted by bestbuyfraud on 2006-01-17:
I have had an even worse experience with Best Buy's service, but rather than detail that, I would like to propose a course of action. I have seen thousands if not more complaints against BB's practices but as consumers we are pretty much just screwed, we have almost no recourse against them. I would like to suggest that each of us spend some time in BB stores. Go to the high dollar items like big screen TV's and appliances and blend in with the other customers. At every opportunity tell someone considering a puchase to run for their lives they are fixing to get screwed. Quietly do whatever it takes to cost them a few sales on high dollar items. You may get kicked out but you will get some satisfaction. If we propagate this strategy to other web sites we may get several thousand people doing this and cost them big time. We need to start guerilla warfare against them because we have no other recourse. Please get this idea aroud the web and to other dissatisfied customers. If we get enough people involved we can hurt them. Most of our complaints ar not worth taking to court and they know that. This is a way to get a little even. Please spread this idea around and let's go 'shopping' at BB. If you are seriously PO'ed this is worth your time.
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Extended Warranties are really a partial warranty based on their value.
Posted by Ron L Hudson on 07/30/2009
FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS -- Here is the condensed story,- Paid $499 for a TV with a 4 yr. $59.99 extended warranty. TV goes bad and they send it off. Three weeks later I am told, it cost more to fix than get a new one. They offer me $199 to replace the $600 dollars spent.

After many calls, and holds, and transfers, I am told by the manager that that is correct, since I bought a cheap TV 3+ years ago, we decide what value to give back to replace it, so you will get a cheap TV in return (his words).

Tax and all of the original invoice was $610.38 The manager was rude and actually called me a thief because I was not happy with $199 they offered. I could go on and on about all of the problems and lack of respect and honesty that I feel has transpired for me but the truth is, I just want each and everyone of you to know how things are done there.

If you take the free magazine for 60 or 90 days, you will get a bill from the magazine and they are hard to cancel. This was a ploy set up by Best Buy and the magazines in question to get that fraction more money because the statistics say some won't take the time to cancel. You can bet there was training on how to get people to accept the magazines.

My experience with the extended or Black "Tie warranty astounds me even more. If you buy any item, you will be offered an extended warranty. You will be told how that they will repair or replace it if anything goes bad, again training on how to sell these warranties.

The problem comes when the item breaks or stops working, (within the allotted warranty period). I found out that what you paid for your device, means nothing anymore to them. They actually have a way of deducting value for the life of the device and even though you bought a warranty on a $500 item, they will tell you now that you can replace it for about 1/3 of your original paid price. They decide what they will give you, you have no say all of the way to and through the store manager

I am going to write, email, and tell everyone at the company and corporate level that I can reach about this very poor policy. If anyone has any contact info, please send it to me ronlhudson@gmail.com .

The manager gave me his email address and the regional managers email but for some strange reason, neither worked.

I will carry this on as far as I can until they apologize and make this right

If anyone has any other info that might help, please pass it on.


Ron L. Hudson

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-30:
If you have a copy of the warranty issued to you when the TV was purchased, read it. See exactly what they will do if the TV is unrepairable.

What's the paragraph on the magazines have to do with your complaint?
Posted by bcd on 2009-07-30:
Does the warranty documentation indicate repair/replacement or is it a prorated contract?
Posted by iworkatbby12 on 2009-07-30:
The extended warranty is that if we can fix it we give you a comparable model to the one you had, usually it is less, but no that less, if you have a 26in tv, you get a 26in tv with comparable specs to the tv you had before. If you wish to go bigger or smaller or better we give you store credit for the comparable model and let you purchase your dream tv. Now with the magazine's it says on the receipt when it prints out that after the free trial if you wish to continue the magazines the card you used to swipe will be charged, and you sign off for that aswell. There was no training, its sales and retail. Sorry for all the confusion, hopefully i explained things alil more for you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-30:
The OP is complaining that $600 was spent when the TV as new. Only $199 is being offered as compensation. BB sold two types of plans. One has a No-Lemon clause which allows BB to offer a replacement - quote 'Technological advances may result in a replacement product with a lower selling price than the original product.' The other plan also offers replacement, however, there are no specifics defined. Chances are the OP purchased the first type of warranty.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-30:
There's an investigative report on HDGURU about Best Buy warranties. Be aware that the coverage described in the warranty pamphlet can be very different from the actual service contract.
Posted by iworkatbby12 on 2009-07-30:
well there is a PSP and there is PRP, they changed the names but to sum it up the PSP is a service plan, if we can fix it we'll give you a new one, a comparable one, if we can fix it and it break up to 3 times, you get a brand new comparable model, now the PRP is a replacement plan that if something happens to the product(minus accidental damage which i covered in our brand new plan that just came out) we'll give you a brand new product. Technology changes over the years, think of it this way, if your tv broke and you had no warranty your product would not be covered and you would have to purchase a band new tv, we're giving you the credit to give you a brand new product that is the same thing or comparable to the one you had before.
Posted by Ron L Hudson on 2009-07-31:
You know, as the common guy walking into the store, with a little reason in mind, I did not expect to get my $500.00 back, I did expect to get one of the upper models of a 19" flat screen which was $200 cheaper than what I originally paid. I bought one of the most expensive offered at that time and was given their lowest priced, to compensate for a defective unit. Best Buy, i think not! And as for the magazine topic, that was another point for everyone to be aware of. It demonstrates the company's ambition and lack of customer care.
Posted by Ron L Hudson on 2009-07-31:
Workatbby12, ever heard this? "Would you like 60 days of a free magazine"? Are you saying that the cashier just came up with that? Corporate Best Buy made a deal with these magazine companies. They new what they were doing and pushed them knowing they were free for a while and that a lot of people would not look until billed. Little charges end up as big bucks, the same with defunct warranties. Quick and easy money becomes the downfall of many.
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Vizio Smart TV Nightmare With Best Buy
Posted by Ejalcantara2002 on 12/02/2013
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- On October 10th unfortunately I purchased a Vizio Smart TV in Best Buy store located at Dadeland Station, Miami, Fl for $ 869.98 plus another 219.51 for offshore shipping. As I am international customer to check or inspect the TV in the store at the moment of purchasing is was not a options according with Best Buy sales policy.

The product itself is suppose to have a one year warranty ???? According with the sale staff and the start Vizio guide but after this situations I am along wasting more than $ 1.000. Now I am receiving a TV with a factory screen defective.

I remark received a very well package with excellent in and out conditions but clearly with factory defective.

I am trying my best effort in order to re send the product back to Florida with a very expensive cost.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-12-02:
If you are outside of the return policy timeframe then your issue is with Vizo not Best Buy. Shipping costs are usually the responsibility of the consumer, but it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Posted by saj80 on 2013-12-02:
This sounds like an issue to take up with Vizio, not Best Buy. The manufacturer's warranty is via Vizio, so you need to contact them before returning the television set.
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TV Got Knocked Over
Posted by Lisa.dunay on 07/19/2013
MANAHAWKIN, NEW JERSEY -- I also bought an extended warranty for my 32 inch Insignia I called Best Buy and explained that the TV got accidentally knocked over and the inside screen broke. the sales representative on the phone told me to bring it in with the receipt. I brought it in and was then told that the warranty doesn't cover broken screen but when I bought warranty they told me everything is covered.

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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-07-20:
According to their website the warranty covers manufacturing defects with the TV, as well as damage from things like power spikes. It does not cover accidental damage. If your screen somehow broke without help from someone knocking the TV over, then it would be covered. But if someone did knock it over, then that wasn't a problem with the TV, it was caused by whoever it was that knocked it over, and therefore wouldn't be covered.
Posted by Susan on 2013-07-20:
What do the terms and conditions of the extended warranty you purchased say about broken screens?
Posted by BigAl on 2013-07-20:
Dear Lisa, to help you realize that your stance on this so called "scam" let"s change your tv to your car. You buy a car and add an extended warranty to your purchase. During the extended warranty period you wreck your car damaging the grill and radiator. Would you take your car to the repair center and demand it be fixed because the cooling system no longer works? Suppose you did not knock over your tv but the house caught on fire and melted your set. Should that be covered under warranty also? I could go on but I hope you got my point. Sorry about your tv.
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-07-20:
You are supposed to read the warranty contract and terms before you purchase it. Take a look at it and see what it says about damage.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-07-20:
Best Buy's black tie plans are supposed to cover accidental damage. Which plan did you get?
Posted by lisa.dunay on 2013-07-22:
not sure what plan it was but I asked when I bought the warrenty and the sales women told me that it covered accidental damage as well as unintentional damage
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Indifferent on-Duty Managers Wouldn't Return a $5 DVD
Posted by Fanteart on 07/10/2013
LAKELAND, FLORIDA -- The DVD didn't have sound. I tried two DVDs of the same movie; I had the same problem with both. The managers played the DVD without issue on their DVD player, so they treated me as if I were a crook. They refused to give me the $5 refund because it was a rebate. According to one manager, "Best Buy gave me the money." It was a rebate after I spent $600!! I'll never shop at Best Buy again because of the poor customer service. Next time I'll give another retailer my $600.
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Posted by Fred Roberts on 2013-07-10:
It played on their DVD player but you neglect to say where you tried to play it in your home---a DVD player, computer, etc. I suspect the inability to properly play the DVD has something to do with you because it played fine at Best Buy. You are wrong on this and I suggest you take a good look at your set-up(s).
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-07-10:
The problem is not with the DVD. The problem is with your equipment. Therefore you were not entitled to refund. This is not bad customer service.
Posted by Yusten on 2013-07-12:
If it's "just a $5 DVD" then why bother returning it? Toss it in the trash and move on.
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Refusal to Excahnge Defective TV, Out of the Box
Posted by Sbfromct on 07/09/2013
WATERFORD, CONNECTICUT -- I purchased a TV. The box had a small dent in it. When I went to assemble the TV, the screen had some marks on it and was defective. It was apparent also that the TV had been repackaged. Best Buy refused to exchange it. They accused me of damaging it. I did not - I handled it very carefully.

I had to buy a new one, and the new box also had dents. They claimed they would never let a box out of their store with dents - obviously a false claim.

I am suing them in small claims court. I have given them a lot of business, and was very disappointed with how they treated me.

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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-07-09:
Thank the scammers for how skeptic all businesses are these days.
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-07-09:
I thought you could return something to BB within a certain time-frame? I stopped shopping there a few years ago, but I know they used to have a fairly good return policy if you decided you did not want something you bought.
Posted by No entitlement attitudes please on 2013-07-18:
Check for "merchantability" laws in your state and bring it with you to court. Also look up any similar lawsuits. .. you can use it as precedence and win.
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They Bullied, Harassed, And Blackmailed Me To Get My Repair
Posted by BestBuySucks666x on 06/16/2013
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I am now seeking both criminal charges as well as compensation. They bullied and blackmailed me until I called the Police, then they humiliated me too. I took my computer in for repair at the Best Buy store at Kings Plaza on Avenue you and Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn, NY. They sent it out under warranty and I also told them in addition to hardware, the recovery disk never burned right, so I needed a new recovery disk.

It came back, I tried to pick it up today (6/13/13), I owe no money cause all repairs are covered. They refused to give me a new recovery disk even though it did not burn right out of the box. I would not sign papers saying all work was done to my satisfaction because not all work was done and I could not test what was done.

Tech Andrew took the computer right out of my hands saying he was "just going to clean it" but then refused to give it back because I would not sign saying all the work was done right (cant say it unless I can take it home and test it). Delilia, the asst. mgr., said the same thing.

I called the police. While waiting, I called the Best Buy 800 number. The girl on the phone told me I had to purchase the recovery CD for 40 dollars if I wanted my computer back. I told her I didn't owe anything for repairs, that all repairs were covered, and I was not given a disk, so why did I have to pay. She said if I want my computer back, I have to pay 40 dollars for the disk. I asked her name and said I was going to report her, she said "Go [curse word] yourself, I'm not giving you anything" and hung up on me. I wrote this less than 30 minutes after the incident. Delila was right next to me at the end of call, and I told her what they said. She then said that's correct, I have to pay 40 dollars to buy the disk if I want my computer back. Again I emphasized I owed nothing and no software work was done and I didn't get the disk, but they were blackmailing me. I'm not paying for them to restore the computer, I can do that myself, and they won't replace the recovery disks that never burned right in the first place (won't burn it now cause I get intermittent blue screen issues, so OS is faulty, not making a faulty recovery disk).

When the police came, Andrew and Delilia changed their stories and lied to the police, saying I only needed to sign to say I got the computer. They kept looking at each other and smiling, like it was all some kind of game. It was extremely humiliating, degrading and insulting. I was trying to be honest, and they lied and thought it was funny!

They lied to me, to the police, they took my computer out of my hands forcibly under false pretense, they took my computer hostage and tried to steal it, they harassed and humiliated me even in front of the police, they blackmailed me too. This is not the first problem either. I previously had 150 gift certificate and lost it, and called them immediately. Even though it was not spent yet, they would not replace it because I didn't have the physical receipt since it was a gift, even though I had ALL the numbers written down and could prove I owned it. Not only that, but my last computer also under warranty with them was supposed to be replaced at 4 repairs. I had to bring it in 6 times for repairs before they would replace it, and made 4 extra trips because they would not fix defective repairs (the new screen had dings in it), IT WAS A NIGHTMARE.

And now making things even worse, here it is three days later I just now turned on the computer at home to set it up to do some work, and I got another BAD surprise from them. Here's what they did. When they first turned it on in the store in front of me BEFORE they forcibly took it out of my hands under false pretense, I had both internal drives working fine (its supposed to have 2 internal drive at 500 Gb each, total of 1 Tb storage). After all that fighting and he took out of my hands by force while lying about the reason because I would not sign the papers saying work was done when it was not, now it only shows ONE internal drive. He removed the other drive on purposed because it was working when he first turned it on BEFORE the crap hit the fan. The jerk stole my second drive in spite!!!
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-06-17:
I could be wrong about this, but I *think* if you signed the work order for the computer and BBY sends it away, it means that BBY is responsible for the computer until you sign the form that says you're taking the computer back. If you didn't sign pick up form them BBY is still responsible for the computer and they aren't going to give it up until you sign for it, it's a liability issue on their end.

If the unit needed to be restored to it's factory configuration and you did not supply the restore CDs, then BBY has to obtain them from the manufacturer and they are not free and they are not covered under your warranty, so in that respect, you would indeed owe them for the non-warranty part.

I'd also be willing to bet that you didn't lose a hard drive, more than likely when your computer was new it had a 1TB hard drive that was partitioned into two logical drives Likely one partition for the OS and programs and another for the system restore partition. Check and see how much space is on your current HDD, it's more than 500GB, then chances are nothing was taken from the computer.

As for the $150 gift certificate, no company will replace a lost or stolen gift certificate, it's your responsibility to keep track of it.

Anyway if you read the release that you signed when you'll likely see that BBY can hold the computer until you pay for the repair costs (in this case the $40 recovery discs), I'm guessing this time they didn't want to deal with the police or anything so they it go as $40 isn't worth it go to court over. However I say that it's not uncommon for BBY to actually go to court for matters like this. I'm a former Geek Squad employee (who has since moved on to bigger and better things), in the two years I worked for them, I had to go to court to testify on two occasions dealing with disgruntled customers, and each time the customer lost in pretty quick and decisive fashion and incurred significant legal costs (they had to pay BBY's legal fees), the release form you sign when you turn your computer over to BBY is pretty iron-clad and gives BBY tremendous discretion over what they do with it. And I think that you were fortunate that this incident ended the way it did, if this goes to court, I don't see it ending well for you. All BBY has to do is prove that they legal responsibility for your computer (the release form you signed gives them that), and your accusations of blackmail probably won't fly as you owed them money for a non-warranty repair. If they released the computer to you and you signed the pick up form, then they probably will forfeit the $40 for the discs, but your blackmail accustations aren't going to stick as it wasn't blackmail in the first place, as you owed them a debt. If you didn't sign the pick up form, then that complicates things, and they could argue that they never released the unit back to you, and their repairs are still ongoing, and you effectively stole the recovery discs from them. In that case things probably won't go that well for you. Basically, in the best case scenario, BBY will forfeit the $40 cost for the discs and you are left with the computer as it sits, worst case scenario, they determine that you took the computer back without signing for it, and you stole the discs, meaning that you owe them for discs, and possibly the cost of flying their lawyer down from Minn. and whatever rate he/she charges. A lot will hang on how the initial work order you signed is worded. Personally, I definitely would not try to take on BBY in court.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-06-17:
I suggest going back to the police about the matter, also I believe you might be able to redeem the gift card through Best Buy's online store.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-06-17:
I agree that your computer probably had only one hard drive (unless you installed another one after purchase).
Posted by BestBuySucks666x on 2013-06-18:
I knew what I was saying as far as the drives go, the computer actually is supposed to have 2 physical internal drives at 500GB ea. for a total of 1TB storage, I know the factory specs very well. A good computer with lots of memory, that's why I bought it. When he opened it at first, it showed two drives at 500GB each, It now only has one drive with 500G.

They never gave me the recovery disks, never did anything software related whatsoever, so they should have just given me back the computer. ALL repairs they SUPPOSEDLY did were completely covered, it should have ended there, I would have signed saying I got the machine and would check it out at home once I was able to charge it and work on it, but that wasn't good enough for them. So I owe them not a cent. They just kept changing their stories.

To the former Geek Squad poster, perhaps you were a more honorable person in your position, but what they did in my situation was unforgivable.
Posted by BestBuySucks666x on 2013-07-12:
UPDATE: I let Best Buy evaluate the computer at a different store and found they also took a memory chip. I have a record of the meeting word-for-word. Their follow up response was a direct lie in comparison to the meeting. I have concrete proof. I have hard proof of the specs my computer was sold with including s/n's of each part number in dispute. I have hard proof that the computer did have the factory installed drives right up until 5/13/13, just before I sent it to be repaired by Best Buy. And I have proof that they had plenty of time to remove the parts while waiting for the police. I have a technician who will verify this. At this time, I am seeking to prosecute each individual involved as well as the corporation for both criminal charges as well as a civil suit.
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Worst Customer Service in US
Posted by Shakir32 on 06/13/2013
Bought TV and other items. Went to exchange due to faulty equipment. They did not exchange the item rather they showed their rude attitude. When asked for the Store Manager she showed up with angry mood and as if we are begging something from her.

I would suggest everyone think twice before you buy anything from BEST BUY.

Worst customer service and items they sell.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-06-13:
More information would be helpful. On what grounds did they deny the exchange? Were you outside of the return policy window?
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