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Best Buy's PSP is a joke
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- 18 months ago I purchased a Samsung 50" HDTV DLP TV from Best Buy (#291 near the Galleria in Houston, Texas) from their extremely pushy and arrogant sales people. They convinced me that the unit would be in dire danger if I didn't buy a 100 buck surge protector and their 4 year PSP plan at another 250 bucks, in addition to the 4000 dollar television.

Only two months later, white spots appeared on the screen. They sent a half-wit out that couldn't speak any English and would not fix the problem, saying it would take a month to get the part in and they'd have to have the TV the whole time. I figured I would just let him leave and schedule someone else.

Two more times they sent someone out, both times they "couldn't recreate the problem" and made no repairs.

The fourth visit was for a loud spinning noise. The technician fixed it on the spot and stated in his service ticket as replacing the color wheel. He saw the spots, but didn't have the necessary tools to fix it. Requested replacement under No Lemon Policy, technician said no. 125 bucks. (covered under PSP)

The fifth visit was because the TV would not turn on, or would turn off after being on for a few minutes. The technician did not have the part and had to order a DMD. Requested No Lemon, technician denied saying the unit had not been "repair" 3 times, only had technician visits. 600 bucks. (covered under PSP)

The returning (different) technician, a week later, would not install the DMD because he "could not recreate the problem", even though the first technician COULD recreate it and signed off on the order. No repair. The TV didn't work the next day.

Same technician a week later, "could not recreate the problem", but cleaned the lens saying that was what caused the white spots on the screen. Requested Lemon, no from technician.

Eighth visit because screen would not come on. Same technician as previous two times replaced the lamp unit. 220.00 bucks (covered under PSP) Requested Lemon, technician said unit had to be repaired 3 times and a 4th service call requested.

Ninth visit because TV had repeating characters all the way across the screen. Needed to order part. I requested a new unit (not Samsung) under the No Lemon Policy. After reviewing receipt, the technician called his supervisor in Dallas who had to issue a ticket number. He then called the insurance company who manages the PSP policy (AIG Warranty Guard, part of AIG) and the lady argued with him about what constitutes a replacement or not and what repairs had been done on the TV AND what each part replaced did and cost. She finally approved the replacement. I was told that the order should be uploaded to the store that I purchased the unit from by that afternoon and to call them to verify and ask any questions.
Around 11am (on a Thursday) I called the store (#291) with questions on how the replacement would work. After spending about 5 minutes answering telephone tree questions, the phone at Customer Service rang for another 10 minutes, and then was picked up and hung back up.

I called back at around 1:30 and went through the same routine. Instead of being hung up on, after 10 minutes of ringing the phone went back to the main menu tree. I tried several different departments, all of which rang back to the main menu after 10 minutes EACH.

At 2:30 I called AGAIN. Same thing as the first time, was hung up on after letting the phone ring for about 10 minutes.

At 4:00 I called yet again. Phone tree... Customer Service ringing and ringing. This time someone picked up the phone, but instead of speaking or hanging up, they placed me on hold immediately. I was on hold for 25 minutes before hanging up.

I called the 1-888 and asked how it would work, that I didn't want another Samsung DLP TV. He said they would issue a voucher for the purchase price of the product if that was the case and I would be able to pick out what I wanted. If the amount was more, I would pay the difference, the amount was less, I would be given a gift card for the remainder. This was confirmed by Seth at the corporate office.

Finally I decided to just go to the store with the television. After waiting in line for about 30 minutes (I can never figure out why there's always 6 people behind the customer service desk ,not to mention the 50 or so wondering around the store talking to each other with nothing to do, but only ONE customer service station opened, even during the Christmas holiday), I told the CS guy I had the PSP and had been approved for a replacement. He asked to see my receipt, and after reviewing it stated that I couldn't get a replacement because it had been more than 30 days since I purchased the item. ??????? What ?????? I again stated that it was covered under the PSP and already been approved for replacement. His response was the same, that replacements were only covered during the first 30 days. I asked to see his supervisor, who disappeared for another 10 minutes and came back with a sheet of paper and my information on it. He told me to go and give it to a salesperson in the Home Theater area.

I did. He tried to sell me yet another surge protector and a 6000 plasma, even though all I wanted was a replacement for the one I had purchased. I had decided to get a 42" plasma from Panasonic (which I had confirmed was available at that store on the Best Buy website) and use the remainder of the amount as payment on a smaller plasma for the master bedroom.

I was immediately told that the Panasonic in question was out of stock, even though I had already confirmed it was there... but would I like a 50" Sony instead? I told the salesperson no and started looking for something else. He came back a few minutes later and said his manager had told him that I could only get a 50" Samsung DLP. I told him I didn't want that, I didn't like DLP, and asked to speak to his manager.

10 minutes later Kyle Tucker showed up and presented himself as "the Manager". I told him what I wanted. His response was that they could only replace like items, that if I had a 50" DLP I had to replace it with another 50" DLP.

I read to him the warranty agreement about the voucher. He said it was at the discretion of the store manager, and that if I wanted to get something else, I could only have a voucher for the amount that the 50" DLP was selling for, which was 2000 bucks! Only 18 months after I had purchased the item, almost 10 service calls later before they would replace the item, and he offers HALF of what I paid for it. Even better was that if I chose something that cost less, I wouldn't get the difference, and if I chose something that was more, I would have to pay the difference. He continued to argue with me. I told him I spoke with both customer service at the 1-888 number AND someone named Seth from corporate and they both told me the same thing. His response was that corporate didn't know what the hell they were talking about.

I tried calling corporate but they were closed. I went ahead and went with the deal, thinking I'd take it up with his boss area manager. When I went to check out with customer service, they refunded the ENTIRE amount of the original purchase (3788.74) but THEN raised the price of the item that I was purchasing (originally 2100) to match the amount of the refund! I also noticed that the "manager" that signed off on the exchange was not, in fact the "manager" of the store, as he had claimed, but the Home Theater Area Manager.

I'm not finished with this yet. Best Buy has horrible customer service, pushy and obnoxious sales staff, and rude management.

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User Replies:
AZJEM on 08/29/2005:
Geeze, After reading your story I wanted to call them myself! With all the bad Best(worst)-Buy stories, we will absolutely never go inside their store. I had to deal with Sears to your degree with a bad item(s) and refuse to shop there as well. Give em hell!
chardonnay on 08/30/2005:
I wish everyone would take the time to write about this company. They never honor NEVER honor their extended warranties. They don't tell the truth and encourage their employees to make the consumer look stupid. Oh how are they getting away with this. How?
Nex on 10/27/2005:
I thought my Best Buy PSP story was bad!! It's not even close to that one. I'm still going after them though. I ain't done yet! Nex
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They Bullied, Harassed, And Blackmailed Me To Get My Repair
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I am now seeking both criminal charges as well as compensation. They bullied and blackmailed me until I called the Police, then they humiliated me too. I took my computer in for repair at the Best Buy store at Kings Plaza on Avenue you and Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn, NY. They sent it out under warranty and I also told them in addition to hardware, the recovery disk never burned right, so I needed a new recovery disk.

It came back, I tried to pick it up today (6/13/13), I owe no money cause all repairs are covered. They refused to give me a new recovery disk even though it did not burn right out of the box. I would not sign papers saying all work was done to my satisfaction because not all work was done and I could not test what was done.

Tech Andrew took the computer right out of my hands saying he was "just going to clean it" but then refused to give it back because I would not sign saying all the work was done right (cannot say it unless I can take it home and test it). Delilia, the asst. mgr., said the same thing.

I called the police. While waiting, I called the Best Buy 800 number. The girl on the phone told me I had to purchase the recovery CD for 40 dollars if I wanted my computer back. I told her I didn't owe anything for repairs, that all repairs were covered, and I was not given a disk, so why did I have to pay. She said if I want my computer back, I have to pay 40 dollars for the disk. I asked her name and said I was going to report her, she said "Go [curse word] yourself, I'm not giving you anything" and hung up on me. I wrote this less than 30 minutes after the incident. Delila was right next to me at the end of call, and I told her what they said. She then said that's correct, I have to pay 40 dollars to buy the disk if I want my computer back. Again I emphasized I owed nothing and no software work was done and I didn't get the disk, but they were blackmailing me. I'm not paying for them to restore the computer, I can do that myself, and they won't replace the recovery disks that never burned right in the first place (won't burn it now cause I get intermittent blue screen issues, so OS is faulty, not making a faulty recovery disk).

When the police came, Andrew and Delilia changed their stories and lied to the police, saying I only needed to sign to say I got the computer. They kept looking at each other and smiling, like it was all some kind of game. It was extremely humiliating, degrading and insulting. I was trying to be honest, and they lied and thought it was funny!

They lied to me, to the police, they took my computer out of my hands forcibly under false pretense, they took my computer hostage and tried to steal it, they harassed and humiliated me even in front of the police, they blackmailed me too. This is not the first problem either. I previously had 150 gift certificate and lost it, and called them immediately. Even though it was not spent yet, they would not replace it because I didn't have the physical receipt since it was a gift, even though I had ALL the numbers written down and could prove I owned it. Not only that, but my last computer also under warranty with them was supposed to be replaced at 4 repairs. I had to bring it in 6 times for repairs before they would replace it, and made 4 extra trips because they would not fix defective repairs (the new screen had dings in it), IT WAS A NIGHTMARE.

And now making things even worse, here it is three days later I just now turned on the computer at home to set it up to do some work, and I got another BAD surprise from them. Here's what they did. When they first turned it on in the store in front of me BEFORE they forcibly took it out of my hands under false pretense, I had both internal drives working fine (its supposed to have 2 internal drive at 500 Gb each, total of 1 Tb storage). After all that fighting and he took out of my hands by force while lying about the reason because I would not sign the papers saying work was done when it was not, now it only shows ONE internal drive. He removed the other drive on purposed because it was working when he first turned it on BEFORE the crap hit the fan. The jerk stole my second drive in spite!!!
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FoDaddy19 on 06/17/2013:
I could be wrong about this, but I *think* if you signed the work order for the computer and BBY sends it away, it means that BBY is responsible for the computer until you sign the form that says you're taking the computer back. If you didn't sign pick up form them BBY is still responsible for the computer and they aren't going to give it until you sign for it, it's a liability issue on their end.

If the unit needed to be restored to it's factory configuration and you did not supply the restore CDs, then BBY has to obtain them from the manufacturer and they are not free and they are not covered under your warranty, so in that respect, you would indeed owe them for the non-warranty part.

I'd also be willing to bet that you didn't lose a hard drive, more than likely when your computer was new it had a 1TB hard drive that was partitioned into two logical drives Likely one partition for the OS and programs and another for the system restore partition. Check and see how much space is on your current HDD, it's more than 500GB, then chances are nothing was taken from the computer.

As for the $150 gift certificate, no company will replace a lost or stolen gift certificate, it's your responsibility to keep track of it.

Anyway if you read the release that you signed when you'll likely see that BBY can hold the computer until you pay for the repair costs (in this case the $40 recovery discs), I'm guessing this time they didn't want to deal with the police or anything so they it go as $40 isn't worth it go to court over. However I say that it's not uncommon for BBY to actually go to court for matters like this. I'm a former Geek Squad employee (who has since moved on to bigger and better things), in the two years I worked for them, I had to go to court to testify on two occasions dealing with disgruntled customers, and each time the customer lost in pretty quick and decisive fashion and incurred significant legal costs (they had to pay BBY's legal fees), the release form you sign when you turn your computer over to BBY is pretty iron-clad and gives BBY tremendous discretion over what they do with it. And I think that you were fortunate that this incident ended the way it did, if this goes to court, I don't see it ending well for you. All BBY has to do is prove that they legal responsibility for your computer (the release form you signed gives them that), and your accusations of blackmail probably won't fly as you owed them money for a non-warranty repair. If they released the computer to you and you signed the pick up form, then they probably will forfeit the $40 for the discs, but your blackmail accustations aren't going to stick as it wasn't blackmail in the first place, as you owed them a debt. If you didn't sign the pick up form, then that complicates things, and they could argue that they never released the unit back to you, and their repairs are still ongoing, and you effectively stole the recovery discs from them. In that case things probably won't go that well for you. Basically, in the best case scenario, BBY will forfeit the $40 cost for the discs and you are left with the computer as it sits, worst case scenario, they determine that you took the computer back without signing for it, and you stole the discs, meaning that you owe them for discs, and possibly the cost of flying their lawyer down from Minn. and whatever rate he/she charges. A lot will hang on how the initial work order you signed is worded. Personally, I definitely would not try to take on BBY in court.
Soaring Consumer on 06/17/2013:
I suggest going back to the police about the matter, also I believe you might be able to redeem the gift card through Best Buy's online store.
Weedwhacked on 06/17/2013:
I agree that your computer probably had only one hard drive (unless you installed another one after purchase).
BestBuySucks666x on 06/18/2013:
I knew what I was saying as far as the drives go, the computer actually is supposed to have 2 physical internal drives at 500GB ea. for a total of 1TB storage, I know the factory specs very well. A good computer with lots of memory, that's why I bought it. When he opened it at first, it showed two drives at 500GB each, It now only has one drive with 500G.

They never gave me the recovery disks, never did anything software related whatsoever, so they should have just given me back the computer. ALL repairs they SUPPOSEDLY did were completely covered, it should have ended there, I would have signed saying I got the machine and would check it out at home once I was able to charge it and work on it, but that wasn't good enough for them. So I owe them not a cent. They just kept changing their stories.

To the former Geek Squad poster, perhaps you were a more honorable person in your position, but what they did in my situation was unforgivable.
BestBuySucks666x on 07/12/2013:
UPDATE: I let Best Buy evaluate the computer at a different store and found they also took a memory chip. I have a record of the meeting word-for-word. Their follow up response was a direct lie in comparison to the meeting. I have concrete proof. I have hard proof of the specs my computer was sold with including s/n's of each part number in dispute. I have hard proof that the computer did have the factory installed drives right until 5/13/13, just before I sent it to be repaired by Best Buy. And I have proof that they had plenty of time to remove the parts while waiting for the police. I have a technician who will verify this. At this time, I am seeking to prosecute each individual involved as well as the corporation for both criminal charges as well as a civil suit.
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Bad Management
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
XHANDLER, ARIZONA -- Firstly I am elderly and disabled. My son bought a 46 in RCA TV for me at Best buy near the Chandler AZ Mall. The store manager there is named Cory. The television developed a 3 inch blurred line on the right hand side and I called the store last night about 8PM and talked to an associate. She told me to just bring the television back to the store since I had just gotten it in Jan and they would replace it with another.

I got a friend to load the TV in my car and took it back to the store this morning. When I got there an associate took the TV from the car and into the store. And associate in the store listened to my complaint and I told him what I was told. He took the TV, plugged it in and waited for the problem to appear. Once he saw what it was he told me there was nothing he could do except send it in for a repair that would take six to eight weeks. I told him what I was told the night before and he said that he would not do that so I asked for a manager. I waited about 25 minutes and the manager Cory came to me and I explained the problem to him, he said nothing but walked into another room in the store and another male came out with a Geek Squad shirt and began said to me “what’s your problem” and I again explained why I was there.

He listened and told me that there was nothing he could do to help me, I noticed that the manager Cory was now standing behind me. I asked this associate if he was the manager and he said no. So I turned to Cory and asked him if he was the manager and he replied he was and I asked him why this other associate was speaking for him. He then began to tell me that he called the evening manager and that manager had no idea what I was talking about and in fact said that he had received no phone call the night before, then the previous associate said that he was the manager last night and he did not receive any such call.

I than asked Cory why he thought I would lie about something like this, specifically being elderly and disabled as it was very difficult to get this large TV back to Best Buy. I asked him why he thought I would go through all that trouble and why in fact he would call me a liar. He responded that it made no difference to him and that there was nothing he was going to do so I should just call RCA and complain to them.

I responded that this was not a good enough solution for me and that I needed them to fulfill the agreement that I had received the night before and to replace the TV now. Cory then got really close up in my face and said “I told you there was nothing I can do.” My son who was there believed that Cory was threatening me and moved up to Cory and told him to back his “ass” up. Cory then turned to my son and told him he wanted him to leave the store and he was going to escort him out now. I repeated that we would gladly leave the store once the problem was solved and to solve it all he had to do was give me another TV and we would be gone.

Cory once more stepped up really close to me as if to intimate me and told me to leave the store now. He said that he would have someone put the TV in my car but he would do nothing else. He told me if I did not leave he would call the police and I suggested that was a good idea because I feel he was threatening me unnecessarily and I would wait for them to come. My wife then insisted that we leave and pulled the car up front and they put the TV into it and I now have it back in my home unrepaired.

I do not have to say much more to explain how I feel about Cory the manager and Best Buy. But it is shameful to treat elderly disabled people in this manner.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 03/18/2012:
The interaction in the store notwithstanding, to me the problem that you describe is a manufacturer warranty issue after a few months.

The way I read your complaint, you spoke with a female associate on the phone, but the night manager is a male. I conclude that you did not speak with a manager on the phone, and it is very unfortunate that she gave you what turns out to be inaccurate information.

The problem with these new large screen tvs is they are heavy and unwieldy and hard to move around safely. Good luck getting with getting it serviced. At 46" I wonder if RCA gives in-home service.
Anonymous on 03/18/2012:
I know which Best Buy you are referring to. The employees are horrible there. That store is one of the reasons I stopped shopping at Best Buy.
Anonymous on 03/18/2012:
I have to agree their customer service is pretty bad. I remember calling them to ask a question about a computer I purchased online, and I was getting bounced back and forth to different departments with a few of them hanging up on me.
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Best Buy Product Misrepresentation; Pathetic Installation Service
Posted by on

My wife purchased a PanaSonic TC-P50G20 plasma TV for my birthday and father's day. She even had Best Buy 'install' the TV so I wouldn't have to.

At the time of sale we were told the TV was internet ready, and, more importantly, that Netflix was available "out of the box", through VERACAST without requiring any additional hardware, etc., (e. g. an additional $400 Blue Ray player which was Netflix ready).

The installation was a joke! I re-opened my Netflix account. BestBuy "allegedly installed" the system (basically taking the unit out of the box and setting it up on the cabinet); I was not happy with the picture, and the installer proceeded to try to convince me that I needed a new cable box, as he slapped the remote into my hand and walked away, as though it was too much trouble to stick around a minute to show me how the thing worked. I contacted the cable company, who was kind enough to guide me through the process to increase to 1080 rather than the lower capacity we were running our old TV at. Bottom line, despite the sales agreement that Best Buy would deliver and setup one box, I (not Best Buy) connected the TV to the cable box with the HDMI cable; connected to the internet via ethernet cable; successfully accessed YouTube and viewed videos; successfully watched DVDs and VCRs. Everything works -- except Netflix does not display as one of the "widgits" in the VERACAST menu.

After reading and trying everything possible, I went to BestBuy to find out how to set up Netflix. (I have a Netflix account). I thought the LAN connection was bad somehow, but wasn't. I thought I configured the system wrong, but hadn't.

I drove 30-miles to the store where we purchased the TV. The BestBuy technician told me that a Netflix "widget" should display when I press the VERACAST button on the control. It does not! I have YouTube, Picasa, Settings, Bloomberg, Pandora, tagesschau, Weather, Skype, twitter and amaz'n video. But NO NetFlix!

The BestBuy sales technician told me that I must have destroyed the Netflix Widget when I was configuring the system, and all I had to do, since I had everything else working with regard to the internet, was to reset all the VERACAST settings to "factory defaults", and Netflix should show up as a "widget" after selecting VERACAST on the control. Oh yes, he tried to sell me an additional $150 "Geek Squad" installation service to come out to the house to get the system working (which they couldn't -- read on, it gets better!). I declined, fortunately, thinking I was probably as adept at figuring out what to do next, and thinking it was always an option I could fall back on.

So, for the next step in the run-around I was getting from PanaSonic and BestBuy, was to trot 30 miles back home, look for any and every possible place to "reset factory defaults". Not surprising, it was just another "how do I get the customer out of my face who already gave us his $2000", so I can get another sucker on the line before they leave the store. Not surprising, there is NO WAY TO RESET FACTORY DEFAULTS to get Netflix to show up on the VERACAST menu; that was just a distraction to get me out of the store.

After exhausting all options, I got back on line to the PanaSonic "support" website for my second "chat" session, asking: "how do I get the Netflix widget to display on the VERACAST menu?". They respond back: "you can't get Netflix because it is not available". Not a clear answer, so I pressed for clarification: not available at this moment because of a technical difficulty, or, not available for the model I purchased? Finally, after pressing for a more direct and less evasive answer, I was told that "when Netflix becomes available, [possibly at some future date] it will automatically show up as 'an option' in the VERACAST menu". They purposely left out 'possibly at some future date' until I pressed further. They also said that Netflix currently is available for Blue Ray devices, BUT NOT for the PanaSonic TV. [But it's interesting that Amaz'n movies are available in the VERACAST menu ... hmmm, could this be a factor?] Okay, after literally having to pry the truth out of the "helpless desk agent" I was chatting with, I finally found out the ever popular 'they' were told TV streaming would be ready by the end of the month, but NOW 'they' have pulled that estimated availability delivery date for TVs to "delayed until some unknown date, if at all". In other words: buy an internet-ready Blue Ray player for $400 if you want Netflix.

So, I've been lied to and given the run-around by false advertisement; false representation of a product by both PanaSonic and Best Buy. I was also told we could access the internet using a wireless router, which also was not the case. In all, I've spent two days trying to get Netflix to work, unsuccessfully following the promises and run-around; and two 60-mile trips to Best Buy; and chat sessions with the help desk. I finally got access to Netflix by using the PC input port option, and hooking my $700 blue ray-capable desktop PC and using the TV as an over-priced monitor by using a VGA 15-pin cable. Ya'd think someone would have suggested this during one of our 'chats', as the ONLY way you can access Netflix 'at this time'.

I am a very UNHAPPY camper right now. Having Netflix available without having to buy a $350-400 Blue Ray device was part of the decision we made, and the salesman knew it -- it was the last question we had clarified before making the decision to spend an additional $400 on the TV we decided upon. We specifically asked: "so we can buy the internet-ready TV and we can get Netflix without having to buy the Blue Ray system, correct?" The salesman answered "yes, that's right". $2000 later, and here we are ... ready to have Best Buy come pick up the system after a completely soured experience. Oh yes, did I mention this was my birthday/father's day present! Happy Birthday from Best Buy?
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User Replies:
Helpful on 07/14/2010:
I don't blame you. That is frustrating. If it's of any help, you can get a full Netflix capable BluRay player for far less than you're stating. Let me know if you need some information on devices.

Best of luck. I agree that Best Buy didn't treat you right with this.
Anonymous on 07/15/2010:
This is just a general statement and no offense is intended. It always amazes me how much money, time, grief and agrivation we Americans put up with just do we can sit in front of a Television.
I surendered and bought the cheapest one I could find, got just regular cable, a $30 DVD player and when we want to see a movie we go to the library for free or Redbox for a buck. It's sometimes nice to spend some extra time with the wife and teenagers talking on our trip. Most of the library movies suck so we end up making fun of it, then play a board game. We talk a lot to each other playing games. I get so much more enjoyment from a $20 board game playing with the family then I would watching an expensive TV . At my age I can't tell much difference with HD anyway.
Venice09 on 07/15/2010:
Chevyfan, that's the best advice. We don't have any fancy televisions either and get movies from the library for free. I have a small TV/DVD combo that was dirt cheap and is holding up very well. I too am amazed at how much goes into watching television. Like you said, it's not worth the time, money, grief and aggravation. The big entertainment centers are nice until something goes wrong. And something always goes wrong.
jktshff1 on 07/15/2010:
VH well written complaint. Good luck
safesinger666 on 07/15/2010:
I do feel your pain. They should have been forward..But the truth is these sales people know about what you know.Difference is they are just there for a paycheck.
Today with the internet it's the consumers obligation to investigate before purchase.
If you want certain options you can NOT depend on a sales person to get you what you desire in a TV or anything else.
You use the internet so you know today there's no reason to not do some homework especially before making an investment of $2,000.
This in no way excuses BestBuy from what they did but seriously there's also no excuse not to do your homework before making an investment like this.
If it was 1970 sure Best Buy should know better Fast forward to 2010 we have all kinds of ways to get info Mobile phones,Pc's,Consoles,Even the Nintendo Dsi.

And you should purchase a BR player that is the only way to get True HD quality video and the Samsung BR only costs like $140 and has Netflix on it too. I know you wanted all this included but it doesn't
michaeltreed on 07/16/2010:
Thank you all for your comments, suggestions, advice.

As it is turning out, my work-around to the runaround, seems to be the more attractive option: Used Panasonic TV as monitor for my dual-boot Linux/XP blue ray drive pc (which I moved closer to the TV Unit), connecting via VGA cable, using VGA splitter to both the TV and my desk-top monitor (turning off whichever is not being used). I have a Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse. I have things hooked up to my pc speakers and surround sound.

This gives me expanded capability and functionality for YouTube, NetFlix, and any other streaming site -- both on Linux or WindowsXP! I can play Blue-Ray disks, or any other variety of CD/DVD. All on my TV.

Now the only thing I have to do is get off my fat butt to turn on/off my computer unless I want to just leave it on (not recommended).

Providing you have the PC, monitor, the solution would require buying a Blue-Ray drive, added memory, a couple cables, and knowing what you are doing! For the unlimited capability you get with the solution (ie, all the capabilities of the Panasonic TV, plus, everything you can do with the computer itself, including programming), the comparison with a Blue-Ray player alone isn't even close. It certainly adds more functionality per dollar spent.

So rather than drinking the kool aid, I made some very tasty lemonade.

That having been said, I will never buy anything from BestBuy again. Period. I don't like being lied to, even when the options of where to buy things is shrinking by the day.
mikeydapilot on 09/27/2012:
Your TV will work just fine with Netflix. You don't need to buy a Bluray player. But you do need to have a router and ethernet cable or wireless adapter on the TV (only the Panasonic adapter or I believe Netgear 3100(?) will work). You do need to "connect" Netflix to the TV with an ID number.
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TV Repair
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ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- This is a letter sent to my local "Best Buy" store in 2005, after they lost our Sony TV for repairs. In reality, they contract repairs to local firms, which are supposed to be authorized, trained service providers. Warranty repairs, tracking, etc. is handled by a third-party agency, N.E.W., located in Minnesota - no where near my home town. In this case it was sent to an unauthorized shop that couldn't figure out the problem, couldn't order parts as an unauthorized agent, and requested that we contact Sony directly to order and pay for the part. Ultimately, Best Buy lost the TV, recovered it, and sent it to an authorized repair facility.

After over two months, it was finally delivered to us. Of course repair shop #2 had lost the power cord, as they claim never to have received it from repair shop #1. They attempted to charge us for a new one but after repeated calls to Best Buy, who had come to know us well, we received a cord and the TV works fine. However, now an unauthorized shop has messed around in our TV voiding the warranty. And all of this was done under their "Extended Warranty Repair" fee.

Store Manager
Best Buy
3741 Ellison Dr. NW
Albuquerque, NM. 87114
As the calendar passes 60 days that our 37” Sony Plasma television has been out for repairs, since October 3, 2005, my anger has subsided to resignation that we may someday resolve the problem. At least now, we are receiving phone messages on our machine regarding the status.

Yesterday, the message was that the necessary part has been ordered and may be received in seven to ten days. After that, we assume that it will only be a matter of a few more days to install and test the unit to assure the repair adequate and, the TV will be returned to us and connected. As expressed to you previously, my concern is that the television has been jeopardized because that it was shipped to an unauthorized repair center, where it remained for several weeks while technicians attempted to diagnose the problem. Only after repeated calls to "Repair Shop 1" were unreturned, did they finally inform us that they were getting no tech support from Sony. We were urged by XXXX at "Repair Shop 1" to call the N.E.W. to push the tech support from our end, as they were having no success. So much for the so-called “service warranty” we purchased with the TV at a cost of $4375.04, September 11, 2004.

Repeated calls after November 15 to the N.E.W. Warranty Co., 1-800-365-0292, yielded only more frustration. Never was I able to speak to the same person twice and repeatedly had explain the situation over and over. Requesting to speak to management only yielded replies of “I am unauthorized to…., I’ll look into it”, and other ineffectual responses. They were unable to give me a status, an expected delivery or repair date, or even confirm if they knew where the TV was at the moment. Being remotely located from the area only exacerbated delays due to time zones and lack of response from "Repair Shop 1". Two requests to replace the TV with a new one were declined by some entity having “authority”.

Finally, my patience had reached the end and I called your stores service department, who elevated the situation to you. After researching the service call, they determined that the unit had been sent to the wrong, unauthorized service provider. They arranged to have it picked up by an authorized provider, "Repair Shop 2". Once again the TV was subjected to transportation, disassembly, diagnosis, authorization calls to Sony to procure the parts, and the wait for delivery. This brings us to where we are today.

At this date I can only express the dissatisfaction and frustration in dealing with Best Buy and N.E.W. The ineptitude of service, lack of communication and accurate tracking, and inability to expedite issues above levels of “authorization”, especially from N.E.W., indicate an organization willing only to pass the buck to get a complaint out of their hair. No one has made any effort to depart from a “business as usual” procedure to expedite the problem, including a replacement unit, compensation, or pressing authorization levels. No one has mentioned overnight delivery of parts or pressing Sony.

Further frustrating the experience is the knowledge that comparable and better televisions were available at Costco, Circuit City, and other local providers for less money, up to $1600. We have also been charged a service fee because a payment was delayed a day by lack of mail delivery on a national holiday. Obviously, the urgency and prompt response works only in one direction.

Our only consolation is that we will never shop in a Best Buy store again. Our teenage son – your future market – is now aware of the problems and inconvenience caused by the abysmal service, or lack of such, on our TV. The time line and notes across my calendar documenting this fiasco has become fodder for conversation and awareness from my office associates. As if this didn’t speak for itself, I have urged them to shop elsewhere for holiday and future purchases of entertainment and computer hardware. As my business includes designing custom residences, many with home entertainment systems, I urge my clients to consider, more reliable, capable resources when designing their home.

Our optimistic hope is that the television will be returned to us in pristine and fully satisfactory condition, with a picture and operation for which Sony is renowned. We expect that the unit will be reinstalled as before, although now the technicians installing it did not remove it initially. We hope that we will experience many years of trouble-free operation, due to the extensive diagnostics the TV has been through. Should the unit require future service I will think twice before considering our so-called service warranty, rather than just dealing directly with a repair provider.

Lastly, when I’m again in the market for any electronics, the first name to cross off my list will be “Best Buy”. Never again….

Jack Logan
jack.logan at
cc: Best Buy Corp. Richfield MN. Via email

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Anonymous on 08/06/2008:
I never waste my time or money on "extended warranties." Waste of money IMO.
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Best Buy Pressure, Store Should Be Called Worst Buy Where The Hell Is Circuit City When You Need Them
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it was around Christmas, Best Buy was running an ad for 46"Sony bravia with a PS3 and a game or blue ray movie for $950 with tax it was over $1000 any way I go in to snatch one up n get to talking to a sales associate and the first thing he asks me is how much do you have to spend. I told him around 7 or 8, ( I didn’t want him to get excited n try selling me some stuff I didn’t want) I had cash in my pocket ready to buy a 46" TV and ps3, so I express interest in this PS3 bundle, it was advertised with a 46" and I think a 50" and a 55", the guy says sure, tells me he’s running back to check n see if there in stock, comes back and tells me sorry all gone but we still have plenty of the bigger size for $4oo dollars more, I'm like out of the question. So Xbox has a similar deal with a smaller TV but its only $750 so I ask about that this jerk off does the same thing, he is set on tryin to get me to buy a more expensive TV. I told him I wasn’t into it and even tried to buy the floor model 46"; if theres no more in stock y not sell the one on display?right? but I can't talk him into it. any way I sever the conversation and leave with no PS3 and no TV, so I call the store a few hours later to try not to arouse suspicion and as ask if the 46" bravia with the PS3 is available and in stock and they tell me they have 8 on hand. wat a douch. it didn't hinder my buying from Best Buy because I didn't visit that particular store on a regular basis theres one closer to where I live that I go to but, right now my PS3 is out for repair and now I'm kind of scared to see what happens after reading all these horror stories, Best Buy really is a bunch of con artists. I never really realized it but every time you go in there you can't buy a pack of batteries without someone trying to sell you a warranty for Geek Squad, or a Best Buy card.

Say what you will about Circuit City but I got some really nice stuff from there for way nicer prices than Best Buy ever had. Hopefully my PS3 comes back without incident.
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Anonymous on 06/17/2011:
I don't like feeling pressured either. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. If that is not accepted, turn around without a word and walk out.
SteveWiginowski on 06/17/2011:
Many places, around Christmas time, will get trucks of items in during the day. It may have been that a truck came in with the TV's that you were looking for. In the hours since you left the store, they may have been unloaded from the truck. It also may have been a mis-informed sales associate on the floor that helped you. I don't believe that they were trying to upsale you, especially when you were going to be spending over $750 already.
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Best Buy: Petty 30 return policy trumps customer satisfaction over an UNOPEND DVD!
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STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- (I originally posted an abbreviation of this in response to a posting by 'Jackadams' about Best Buy's petty return polices)

First, before I describe my experience, I admit this this is lengthy, but is actually regarding a minor purchase (a DVD movie). But my gripe is not so much about getting back my $19.50 as it is the PRINCIPLE of DOING the RIGHT THING, and underscores why so many here have a negative view of Best Buy. I feel especially bad for those that were lied out of hundreds of dollars when they purchased those useless ‘extended warranties’. If BB pulled that crap on me they’d be seeing me in small claims court ASAP!

Now, I know there are some Best Buy stalwarts on here who’ll stand up for Best Buy no matter how poorly it treats its customers and will probably call me a whiner or whatever like the others. Fine – let them stick up for robbing people – but they neglect the principle of the monetary system which is about getting a product or service that SATISIFES in return for your hard-earned dollar!

Whether it’s after 30 days or 60 days or even 100 days, if someone decides they want to return a product in FACTORY-SEALED, UNOPENED condition that no longer satisfies their needs in return for their hard-earned money, there should NOT be ANY hassle because an unopened item (ESPECIALLY a simple unopened DVD movie) should be as good as any other item on the shelf and can be easily restocked. Isn’t keeping someone’s money against their will supposedly a crime in this country if they're not getting something in return for that money? Not in Best Buy’s eyes…After 30 days they just keep your money regardless – even if you wish to return an UNOPENED item! What kind of Bulls**t is that? They’ll smugly claim they’re 'actually doing you a favor’ by offering you a store credit, but what if they don’t have anything else you’d want to purchase or you simply need your money back for something important? They took your money but you’re left with nothing of value to you except for a product you can’t or won’t use– that’s STEALING!

My recent experience:
I purchased a DVD movie on 10/17/07 (The Reaping, single disc release $17.99 / $19.50 with tax) not long before I went away for a week. I work a very busy schedule and often travel and I had to leave town for business. When I returned from my trip I wanted to return the DVD to Best Buy for a REFUND since I NEVER OPENED IT. A simple no-hassle return of an UNUSED, UNOPENED and TOTALLY RESALABLE item right?...WRONG!!! Not in Best buy's petty world (or the Staten Island, NY store anyway).

First off as many here espouse, I agree that being polite and using a little sugar is always better than vinegar when dealing with people. But I've found that in many cases, no matter how friendly or 'sugary' you treat BB customer service reps (of course with the exception of some truly nice ones I've encountered) many take a snippy tack and act like robots who've never had to return something instead of real people once there is a policy dispute, as if doing so will get them 'brownie points' for ‘enforcing the policy’. In reality they're only damaging customer relations and re-enforcing Best Buy's shoddy reputation. The buying public is a generally principled bunch – give the customer a little satisfaction and you’d keep their business. Breaking their so-called, 'God-Has-Spoken' policy once in a while would actually help the store's sales and its overall reputation in the long run by encouraging those customers to return in the future.

So, smiling politely I asked "Can I possibly get a refund for this unopened DVD?"(I WANTED my MONEY back NOT A CREDIT). All I got was the “Well, I can only give you a store credit for this because it's-past-30-days-and-it's out of-the-return-policy-and-the-computer-system- won't-let-us-do-it'...What a bunch of Poppycock!...So you mean to tell me now it’s a COMPUTER that makes BB’s customer service decisions!? Hogwash! My career is in computers - there's always a way to override the so-called ‘system'; – and in retail the store manager would most certainly be able to (such as at Verizon wireless when I recently had to exchange a phone). But the problem is when I asked for the ‘store manager’ in the Staten Island store I got 2 snotty 'managers' (one looked more teenaged than the other) who claimed to be the 'store manager' and to be on the ’same level' (Yeah, right! I'm sure the head store manager wears those blue Mc-Uniforms and not a dress shirt & tie!). So I tried the 44th street & 5th Ave NYC store and also got similarly robotic treatment there as well… All this hassle over a lousy UNOPENED $18 DVD! 30 days is not always a reasonable return window for those of us that actually have to work for a living and have busy traveling schedules. 60 days would be fair, ESPECIALLY at Christmastime! But what pisses me off most is just the petty adherence to 'policy' that always seems to prevail over customer satisfaction at Best Buy over such basic things as returning an unopened item that can be easily resold.

CIRCUIT CITY doe have its share of faults too, but at least I’ve had a MUCH easier time there with returns (and price matching as well). I once returned a DVD WELL past 30 days after purchase and even though the girl at the counter did (VERY POLITELY!) mention to me their own30 day policy, she still TOOK IT BACK WITHOUT A HASSLE and gave me a refund because it was unopened. I was pleasantly surprised and let them know I really appreciated it, which underscores my point. It wasn’t so much the $15 bucks I got back that made me happy, as it was the PRINCIPLE of the nice way it was handled, without any double-talk. They put my satisfaction ahead of ‘policy’. That is why I go back there and go to Best Buy ONLY if I need a small purchase and have no other options.

Hope this helps my fellow frustrated Best Buy victims!
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GothicSmurf on 12/07/2007:
It's always the PRINCIPLE of it isn't it? You were well aware of their return policy and you are upset they didn't break the rules for you? Maybe they were trying to teach you to be more responsible about your time and make an effort to get back in and return it if the money was really that needed.
Tc1073 on 12/07/2007:
$20 or $1000 nobody forced you to buy a DVD from BB, you knew about the 30 day return policy its stated on the receipt once you paid for the item and left the store with the receipt you are following the rules they have stated in print on paper. Don't go to BB if you don't want them to follow their policy, if you don't agree with it shop someplace else. I have had a few dealings with BB and I am not sticking up for them but its your fault not BB's.
heaven17 on 12/07/2007:
So, by your f*ed up reasoning, they should take back anything still in its original unopened package regardless of when it was purchased?
Uh. Yeah.
And I guess anyone who disagrees with you in the slightest qualifies as one of those stalwarts you mentioned?
Let me offer you a clue. No charge.
GothicSmurf on 12/07/2007:
bargod on 12/07/2007:
Did you switch to decafe today?
thensider on 12/07/2007:
I just wanted to let you know that I used to work for Best Buy and there really is NO way to do a cash return, after the 30 days. It simply cannot happened. and while I understand that this is something that was programmed into the computer, there is NO way for a manager to go around it. This is coming from someone who was an Operations Supervisor at two separate Best Buy stores. Once you scan that receipt, the computer has ALL info. tied to the receipt and knows it was after the 30 days. Why not bypass the receipt altoghether? A no receipt return automaticlly puts the refund on a store credit. It is sad that so many people seem to think that people who work in retail stores are out to get them. buddy, we don't MAKE the rules.
killerklown on 12/07/2007:
Principissa on 12/07/2007:
This is why stores have rules with their return policies. Because people just like yourself would walk in off the street with 2 year old merchandise and want a refund. Thirty days is thirty days. Not 31, not 45, not 134. If they do it for you, they have to do it for everyone else.

We all work hard for our money not just you. And I would never ever walk into any store with unopened merchandise after the return period and expect a refund. Call me what you will, but I call it using common sense and basic reading skills.
MRM on 12/07/2007:
Principissa did not mean to offend you. She tells it like it is.
Anonymous on 12/07/2007:
A-MEN! to all the above.
Suusan B. on 12/07/2007:
You, busy work schedule or not, purchased a DVD from Best Buy and in doing so, accepted their return policy of 30 days. Due to various reasons you felt that someone could have hit override on the register and given you a refund even though you were returning the item past the 30 day limit. Here's a tip for you: You're not special and the sooner you realize this fact the smoother the rest of your life will be.
spiderman2 on 12/07/2007:
OMG If I could get people to take back unopened merchandise I would be rich. My MIL never opens anything and stashes stuff in the closest. I bet I could find 50 years worth of gifts in there. I'm going to be rich people!!!!!!
jktshff1 on 12/07/2007:
I don't believe I have ever seen Gothic speechless
bigboxworker on 12/07/2007:
you're insane! Best Buy offered you a store credit!! You should kiss their shoes for that already!!! quit whining and complaining. And refusing a refund after their 30 day return window WHICH YOU WERE CLEARLY AWARE OF is not holding money against your will, you were never coerced into buying the DVD in the first place!!!!
CrazyRedHead on 12/08/2007:
Although I have never bought anything at Best Buy, a return policy is there for a reason, as I have learned at Circuit City. It is clearly printed on there receipt. I have seen many stores with there return policy printed on the receipt, and with a return policy of 30, 60, and 90 days.
cec32372 on 12/10/2007:
Well, I guess I opened a can of worms with my post…
The whole objective of my post was to warn those who might consider making a MAJOR purchase to be aware of the 30 day policy or they’ll be forced to take a store credit. If that makes me ‘Insane’ then so be it.
If I thought I was ‘better than everyone else’ as many here seem to think, I wouldn’t be trying to help others save potential lost dollars!

To Mr. Big-Box Best-Buy Worker and those who accuse me of being ’CLEARLY AWARE OF” the 30-day window, I actually wasn’t aware that you only got a credit after 30 days for UNOPENED merchandise, nor that more than 30 days had passed from when I bought the DVD. I guess ‘Big Box’ expects us little peon-paying customers to bow before him and ‘kiss his shoes’ because Best Buy gave me a ‘credit’ – again a store credit is worthless to someone if that store doesn’t have anything else the’y’d want to purchase. What if you were in my shoes and that happened to you? Would you like it if a store to kept your money if they had nothing else you wanted to buy?

TC10733 - Sorry to hear you’ve had issues with BB as well, and true, no one forced me to purchase there. But then again, no one forces us to buy anything, anywhere, either do they? So in your book, just because someone ‘chooses’ to buy something in a given store, they shouldn’t expect fair return policies? Think harder about what you said…

And those who inanely suggest I think there should be no return limits at all, I do admit I should have worded the “…Whether it’s after 30 days or 60 days or even 100 days,” line towards the beginning a bit better. But that said, if a product is unopened, and it’s returned within a REASONABLE amount of time, there should be no problem. There are many stores that give at least 60 days, and are any of you aware that MACY’S gives a full 180 days to return? (That’s 6 MONTHS!) Quite contrary to some of your impressions that I expect ‘no limits’ on unopened items, I can’t believe Macy’s actually allows 6 months to return stuff, but if Macy’s can be that flexible, so could Best Buy and a many other stores be a little more flexible as well.

READ this line taken from the 2nd to last paragraph of my post which probably none of you even read, judging by some of the knee-jerk, very predictable and shamefully rude responses (I never called anyone ‘pathetic’ - Ally, or a ‘bottom feeding idiot’ - Paks – by all means, disagree all you want, but at least do so civilly).
I quote:
“…30 days is not always a reasonable return window for those of us that actually have to work for a living and have busy traveling schedules. 60 days would be fair…”
So tell me, HOW does that even SUGGEST I’m saying there should be NO return limits?
(Gothic and Ally– In reference to ‘being more responsible with my time’ and ‘finding 15 minutes’, I was actually concluding an important deal that required a lot of back-and-forth travel and was literally on the go for over a month, save for a few hours here and there to sleep at hotels. Waiting a half hour on a Best Buy return line during that time period was simply not an option for me. You can’t manage time you don’t have.)

Also, remember this is just an unopened DVD movie were talking about here, not an expensive piece of electronic equipment, of which I’m well aware that electronics have a relatively short shelf-life with new models often supplanting existing models pretty quickly, so I’d NEVER expect them to take unopened product 6 months later, but at least 60 days would be better. For a DVD that will still be available for months or years to come, there should not be such a restrictive policy…
Anonymous on 12/10/2007:
cec32372, very good post and information, Thank's!
trumania on 12/14/2007:
I'd like to mention that the fact that the DVD was 'unopened' is a moot point. People buy DVD's, copy them, and then reshrink wrap them just so they can return them.

Unopened or not there is still possibility for fraud. Best Buy cuts down on it's losses or potential losses with their return policy.

OP, you're lucky the person at Circuit City did that for you, but... at what cost to the employeee? Especially if you went all over the store announcing the "good service". That employee either got reprimanded for fired for not following company policy. YES, that's right... people can get FIRED for breaking the rules.

I hated it when people would ask me to break the rules for them. They'd constantly say, "It's only one time, you can waive that fee for me, it's only one fee." I wish I could tell them in an 8 hour shift I literally heard half my customers saying that. And that's only one Customer Service Rep, multiply that by the hundreds that I worked with alone.

Be happy Circuit City made a ONE TIME EXCEPTION for you, and don't expect it to become the RULE whenever you go somewhere.

dvp on 12/17/2007:
Are you kidding? What makes you so special.
I agree with the other members. I will say that Best Buy has its problems but you're only adding to them.
Nobody forced you to go there. If an item leaves the store for over 30 days it has to be added back to the inventory when returned. Get organized why don't you.
cec32372 on 12/18/2007:
Hi DVP - Perhaps you didn't see my response to the other members from 12/10/2007:

"Well, I guess I opened a can of worms with my post…
The whole objective of my post was to warn those who might consider making a MAJOR purchase to be aware of the 30 day policy or they’ll be forced to take a store credit. If that makes me ‘Insane’ then so be it.
If I thought I was ‘better than everyone else’ as many here seem to think, I wouldn’t be trying to help others save potential lost dollars!

To Mr. Big-Box Best-Buy Worker and those who accuse me of being ’CLEARLY AWARE OF” the 30-day window, I actually wasn’t aware that you only got a credit after 30 days for UNOPENED merchandise, nor that more than 30 days had passed from when I bought the DVD. I guess ‘Big Box’ expects us little peon-paying customers to bow before him and ‘kiss his shoes’ because Best Buy gave me a ‘credit’ – again a store credit is worthless to someone if that store doesn’t have anything else the’y’d want to purchase. What if you were in my shoes and that happened to you? Would you like it if a store to kept your money if they had nothing else you wanted to buy?

TC10733 - Sorry to hear you’ve had issues with BB as well, and true, no one forced me to purchase there. But then again, no one forces us to buy anything, anywhere, either do they? So in your book, just because someone ‘chooses’ to buy something in a given store, they shouldn’t expect fair return policies? Think harder about what you said…

And those who inanely suggest I think there should be no return limits at all, I do admit I should have worded the “…Whether it’s after 30 days or 60 days or even 100 days,” line towards the beginning a bit better. But that said, if a product is unopened, and it’s returned within a REASONABLE amount of time, there should be no problem. There are many stores that give at least 60 days, and are any of you aware that MACY’S gives a full 180 days to return? (That’s 6 MONTHS!) Quite contrary to some of your impressions that I expect ‘no limits’ on unopened items, I can’t believe Macy’s actually allows 6 months to return stuff, but if Macy’s can be that flexible, so could Best Buy and a many other stores be a little more flexible as well.

READ this line taken from the 2nd to last paragraph of my post which probably none of you even read, judging by some of the knee-jerk, very predictable and shamefully rude responses (I never called anyone ‘pathetic’ - Ally, or a ‘bottom feeding idiot’ - Paks – by all means, disagree all you want, but at least do so civilly).
I quote:
“…30 days is not always a reasonable return window for those of us that actually have to work for a living and have busy traveling schedules. 60 days would be fair…”
So tell me, HOW does that even SUGGEST I’m saying there should be NO return limits?
(Gothic and Ally– In reference to ‘being more responsible with my time’ and ‘finding 15 minutes’, I was actually concluding an important deal that required a lot of back-and-forth travel and was literally on the go for over a month, save for a few hours here and there to sleep at hotels. Waiting a half hour on a Best Buy return line during that time period was simply not an option for me. You can’t manage time you don’t have.)

Also, remember this is just an unopened DVD movie were talking about here, not an expensive piece of electronic equipment, of which I’m well aware that electronics have a relatively short shelf-life with new models often supplanting existing models pretty quickly, so I’d NEVER expect them to take unopened product 6 months later, but at least 60 days would be better. For a DVD that will still be available for months or years to come, there should not be such a restrictive policy…
dvp on 12/18/2007:
Keep rationalizing it will seem better eventually.
Anonymous on 12/18/2007:
Hang in there and stand your ground.
Clowndrower on 12/28/2008:
You sir are the prototypical ignorant, lazy customer who takes no time to READ return policies, and then seems shocked when they're turned away. Your smug McJob comment really makes you seem like a cocky jerk. Go read anyone elses return policies and you will find that a lot of items are NOT REFUNDABLE AT ALL!!! once you buy it , you only have the option to exchange. And as for Circuit City not giving you any hassles returning something, well, these practices could very well be the reason they're Chapter 11. Do your homework before you come on here insulting peoples jobs.
Anonymous on 12/28/2008:
Well, this post is over a year old so I doubt the OP will be back. I don't agree with Clowndrower's choice of words but he/she does bring up a few valid points. Personal attacks on the job someone has should never come up in a post. If it meant putting food on my table and keeping the lights and heat on... damn right I'd get a McJob wherever I could find one.
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Where do I start
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SARATOGA SPRINGS, NEW YORK -- As I just read in someone else's review, if you are going to grab something in stock off the shelf at BB for less than $100 then you may have a good experience with Best Best. My experience with them has been a frustrating one to say the least.
First off we bought a Sony Bravia 46" TV that was bundled in a nice package with a home theater/surround sound and a blue ray DVD player. The price was great, I cannot complain about that. Our first trip to the store was on a Sunday, the day the sale flier came out. We went to the store and were told the TV and the DVD player were in stock but the home theater system was not. The guy waiting on us proceeded to call the other store about 30 minutes away as the computer system indicated there was one in stock over there. An hour, I kid you not an hour later the kid finally gets a call back from the other store. They sold the last home theater system. So we are told that we cannot get the package because if we order it and the home theater system doesn't come back in stock and they decide not to sell that item anymore the entire order will get cancelled and we cannot get the deal after that. They could not get the home theater sent from any other store and he told me if I ordered it at home online the same thing could happen. So I go home and find a store about 2 hours away that has all 3 items in stock. We go there and buy the package, leave with the home theater system and DVR and they set up delivery for the TV (which at that time was out of stock at our local store). We decided not to pick the TV up from the store 2 hours away b/c the package included free delivery and set up. Fast forward 3 weeks. The TV is in, we set up delivery. It arrives and my husband is expecting for the guy to set the TV up. He says oh no you have to set up an appointment with the Geek Squad to do that. What? We were never told it was 2 separate appointments we had to make. So my husband calls BB. They say we have to call an 800 number. He does, they say we are not in their system and won't be until 3 days after the TV is delivered! What! Why would someone order a TV and then wait 3 days to even be able to set up an appointment to have it hooked up. To top it off we have direcTV coming tomorrow and our TV is not even hooked up! Best Buy is a joke for big purchases. It is not worth the hassle. On a side note, I went to BB in the midst of waiting for our TV to come in to sign up for DirecTV through them b/c they had a rebate/gift card incentive. That was a joke, it took over an hour and in the end the guy helping me out ended up "calling" direcTV b/c he couldn't set it up on the computer for some reason. So he calls and can't get through the number is "disconnected". He shows me the screen on his computer where it says to call the number. I say to him, you wrote down an 800 number, this is an 888 number. I had to tell him what number to call. So then he finally gets on the phone w/ them to hand me over the phone and I did everything myself. I could have done that at home!
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User Replies:
TheMightyBoosh on 10/23/2009:
AND you are signing up for DirecTV? Man, you must be a masochist.
redmx3racer on 10/23/2009:
Take the TV out of the box, and plug it in. That is all direct tv will need to complete your installation. Of course, when the Geek Squad comes out they will (or maybe you if they won't do it) have to plug the direct TV box back in when the TV gets moved to its permanent location.

Ytropious on 10/23/2009:
Since when do delivery men become the repair men? They are there to DELIVER the item not set it up, that's your fault for being ignorant. Also TV's are not rocket science. As the person above me touched on, it's not hard to set up, you can do it yourself.
Anonymous on 11/10/2009:
I can't blame the OP for being "ignorant," though. Those people are more trained to sell the Geek Squad than they are the products in their stores and they make everything sound like it's needed and essential in regard to calibrations, set ups, and warranties. Just plug the TV in. I have a 46 inch Sony Bravia as well. It works beautifully and I didn't need anyone to set it up, attach anything to it, calibrate it or anything else. The TV practically sets itself up with a push of a button. It even tells you what you have plugged in each port in the back.
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Extended Warranties are really a partial warranty based on their value.
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FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS -- Here is the condensed story,- Paid $499 for a TV with a 4 yr. $59.99 extended warranty. TV goes bad and they send it off. Three weeks later I am told, it cost more to fix than get a new one. They offer me $199 to replace the $600 dollars spent.

After many calls, and holds, and transfers, I am told by the manager that that is correct, since I bought a cheap TV 3+ years ago, we decide what value to give back to replace it, so you will get a cheap TV in return (his words).

Tax and all of the original invoice was $610.38 The manager was rude and actually called me a thief because I was not happy with $199 they offered. I could go on and on about all of the problems and lack of respect and honesty that I feel has transpired for me but the truth is, I just want each and everyone of you to know how things are done there.

If you take the free magazine for 60 or 90 days, you will get a bill from the magazine and they are hard to cancel. This was a ploy set up by Best Buy and the magazines in question to get that fraction more money because the statistics say some won't take the time to cancel. You can bet there was training on how to get people to accept the magazines.

My experience with the extended or Black "Tie warranty astounds me even more. If you buy any item, you will be offered an extended warranty. You will be told how that they will repair or replace it if anything goes bad, again training on how to sell these warranties.

The problem comes when the item breaks or stops working, (within the allotted warranty period). I found out that what you paid for your device, means nothing anymore to them. They actually have a way of deducting value for the life of the device and even though you bought a warranty on a $500 item, they will tell you now that you can replace it for about 1/3 of your original paid price. They decide what they will give you, you have no say all of the way to and through the store manager

I am going to write, email, and tell everyone at the company and corporate level that I can reach about this very poor policy. If anyone has any contact info, please send it to me .

The manager gave me his email address and the regional managers email but for some strange reason, neither worked.

I will carry this on as far as I can until they apologize and make this right

If anyone has any other info that might help, please pass it on.


Ron L. Hudson
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/30/2009:
If you have a copy of the warranty issued to you when the TV was purchased, read it. See exactly what they will do if the TV is unrepairable.

What's the paragraph on the magazines have to do with your complaint?
bcd on 07/30/2009:
Does the warranty documentation indicate repair/replacement or is it a prorated contract?
iworkatbby12 on 07/30/2009:
The extended warranty is that if we can fix it we give you a comparable model to the one you had, usually it is less, but no that less, if you have a 26in tv, you get a 26in tv with comparable specs to the tv you had before. If you wish to go bigger or smaller or better we give you store credit for the comparable model and let you purchase your dream tv. Now with the magazine's it says on the receipt when it prints out that after the free trial if you wish to continue the magazines the card you used to swipe will be charged, and you sign off for that as well. There was no training, its sales and retail. Sorry for all the confusion, hopefully I explained things alil more for you.
Anonymous on 07/30/2009:
The OP is complaining that $600 was spent when the TV as new. Only $199 is being offered as compensation. BB sold two types of plans. One has a No-Lemon clause which allows BB to offer a replacement - quote 'Technological advances may result in a replacement product with a lower selling price than the original product.' The other plan also offers replacement, however, there are no specifics defined. Chances are the OP purchased the first type of warranty.
Anonymous on 07/30/2009:
There's an investigative report on HDGURU about Best Buy warranties. Be aware that the coverage described in the warranty pamphlet can be very different from the actual service contract.
iworkatbby12 on 07/30/2009:
well there is a PSP and there is PRP, they changed the names but to sum it up the PSP is a service plan, if we can fix it we'll give you a new one, a comparable one, if we can fix it and it break up to 3 times, you get a brand new comparable model, now the PRP is a replacement plan that if something happens to the product(minus accidental damage which I covered in our brand new plan that just came out) we'll give you a brand new product. Technology changes over the years, think of it this way, if your tv broke and you had no warranty your product would not be covered and you would have to purchase a band new tv, we're giving you the credit to give you a brand new product that is the same thing or comparable to the one you had before.
Ron L Hudson on 07/31/2009:
You know, as the common guy walking into the store, with a little reason in mind, I did not expect to get my $500.00 back, I did expect to get one of the upper models of a 19" flat screen which was $200 cheaper than what I originally paid. I bought one of the most expensive offered at that time and was given their lowest priced, to compensate for a defective unit. Best Buy, I think not! And as for the magazine topic, that was another point for everyone to be aware of. It demonstrates the company's ambition and lack of customer care.
Ron L Hudson on 07/31/2009:
Workatbby12, ever heard this? "Would you like 60 days of a free magazine"? Are you saying that the cashier just came up with that? Corporate Best Buy made a deal with these magazine companies. They new what they were doing and pushed them knowing they were free for a while and that a lot of people would not look until billed. Little charges end up as big bucks, the same with defunct warranties. Quick and easy money becomes the downfall of many.
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Customer Service
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PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- On December 19 2008 I went online to purchase a 42" Sony Bravia 1080 LCD flat screen TV. The item was In Stock and Available online but not in stores. So I purchased the item using Best Buy Gift Cards. My purchase price was 1100.00. With the order confirmation I was asked when I would like delivery on my TV. The dates were Dec. 24 through Jan. 4, 2009. I chose Dec 26 because I didn't want the TV for Christmas but wanted it to be installed and in use by New Years Day. On Christmas Eve I received a phone call that said my delivery date was to be pushed back to Dec. 31. I called the warehouse delivery service and they told me to contact Best Buy online. I called the service number of 888-BESTBUY. And of course was put on hold for 40 minutes. When I did get in touch with a representative and told him the Dec 31 delivery date was unacceptable, he told me someone would get in touch with me by phone on Dec. 26.

I waited around all day for delivery of my TV or a phone call. At 8:30pm when I figured I was wasting time, I called the number again. Once again I was on hold waiting for a customer representative I got through to a young woman named Kelsy, who was very rude. After telling her my situation and complaining that I expected delivery on the 26th now I had t wait until the 31st, she said "Why don't you just buy the TV from someone else!" I was astounded. I asked her if she meant that, even though she was employed by Best Buy she was suggesting that I spend my money at another store. Her reply, "I just frigging work here!" Shocker! I told her that her manager may want to know her "loyalty" to the company and asked to speak to the manager. She put me on hold again and I remained there for 15 minutes until I hung and redialed. I asked for a manager. I got a supervisor for customer relations. I told him my story and he asked if I was sure this was what was said.

I laughed and said it's hard to make up, I just frigging work here. I told him that while I was on hold I heard the recorded message say "calls may be monitored for quality and training purposes." I said I hoped that the phone call to Kelsy was indeed recorded. He put me in touch with the warehouse and while he was on the line the warehouse manager tried to contact the manager of the Pittsburgh warehouse to find out about deliver of my TV. They had closed for the evening, but he gave me phone number to call the next day. I told him I would call the number and also told him that this was unacceptable service from Best Buy, I wanted my TV by Monday Dec 29th. I called the number on Saturday and there was no answer. On Monday I tried once again to call the 888BestBuy number and once again was on hold. This was during my lunch hour at work. When I got to a customer service representative Jan, she was very nice and considerate. She read all the case numbers and was very shocked about the response Kelsy gave me as well.

I told her I thought I should be compensated for the aggravation and nuisance I had been having with this delivery nightmare. I told her I should get a warranty agreement on the TV for free. She said she agreed that I should be compensated with something, but unfortunately she did not have the authority to dispense that kind of compensation. She forwarded my call to Customer Fulfillment who could not assist me either and they sent me to Consumer Relations. The manager there told me the best they could do was to give me 70.00 gift card to Best Buy to cover shipping expense on the TV. I said No because I don't intend to purchase anything from Best Buy ever again.

Today while I was at work I received another phone call that said my delivery date was now pushed back from Dec 31st. I called 888BESTBUY once again and demanded to speak to a manager immediately. I got a customer representative who would not put me through to a manager until I told her my story. Finally the floor supervisor, Cory, spoke with me told me he could not do anything about the delivery nightmare. He too, was rude. When I told him that if Best Buy depended on the service side of their business for their bread and butter, they would be bankrupt, he said thank you for calling Best Buy and hung up on me. So now, Best Buy has my money and my TV. I am told the next delivery date for the TV is January 15th nearly 1 month after purchase. You might say, why don't you just cancel the order and buy it somewhere else. Because I purchased the TV with Best Buy gift cards, they refuse to refund cash. They will only refund a gift card. So I would have $1100.00 worth of gift cards from Best Buy that I would NOT use. So I am very frustrated.

I am writing to everyone who will listen. I am telling everyone who will listen and trying to find more places to complain about this company regarding their service and dishonesty regarding IN STOCK/AVAILABLE items and guaranteed delivery dates. We'll see the outcome.
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User Replies:
wowurcrazy on 04/07/2009:
That does seem frustrating. I know that I have wanted to be rude when called with those complaints also but, I know I can't. Honestly though, sometimes it is an issue of the manufacturer not sending enough product. Is there anther TV you would like? Maybe they'll give you a complimentary upgrade?? Worth a shot.
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