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Best buy scam for damaged items
By -

NILES, ILLINOIS -- My wife just bought a 40 in flat screen Samsung-- brought it home- took it out of the box-- and it had a crack at the bottom, above the Samsung label with spider veins that ran up the screen. Of course it did not work. She called Best Buy, and they said to bring it in. When she brought it in-they REFUSED TO TAKE IT BACK OR CREDIT OUR ACCOUNT. They said that the box was not damaged and we needed to contact Samsung and kept pushing the number into my wife's face.

After several calls with rude inept managers at the Best Buy in Niles Illinois-they still refused to take this back- I have called customer service and have heard nothing from them because they have no customer service. I finally called Visa and they are issuing a full credit. I will continue to let the Northshore area of Chicago know of this and to not buy from Best Buy as they will not provide any hint of customer service when it comes to returning a damaged TV. Boy they can be nice and cheerful as they talk you into the extended warranty, but tell you nothing about what happens if you leave the store with the item.

There is nothing on the receipt and they don't tell you to open the box in front of everyone at the store to inspect the shady dealings that they have at Best Buy. If everyone stood in line opening their boxes to be purchased, that may send a sense that that something was up with their products because there is and they don't want that to happen do they? Also there are many comments online describing the same rude, inept behavior.

This must be a new tactic for them to rid themselves of damaged merchandise--that probably got damaged in house. I wonder if they train their staff to react this way as the story seems to be the same across the board. We will only go to ABT in Glenview from now on. You will never experience this insanity with ABT.

Overselling /under delivering
By -

I'm not exactly technically naive, nor am I a Geek. I bought an HDTV from Best Buy yesterday, an LG 47" that was on sale packaged with an LG Blue Ray player for $1299. The salesman checked the inventory and informed me that the only TV left was an "open box" which was brand new and I would be given a 10% discount on this portion of the purchase which was $119.99 off the price. Well that sounded fine and so we proceeded to check out, where he then tried to sell me the Best Buy calibration, which he insisted was necessary to get the HD quality I was expecting.

Well, I'd never heard of this, so despite the hard sell and the demos of calibrated vs. uncalibrated Sony hdTV's in the background, I declined. I've since done some research and can find no indication that calibration is necessary. (By the way, this Geek squad service is $300 at the time of purchase, $500 otherwise. At this time he proceeded to sell me the HDMI cables that are necessary to connect the TV to the satellite box and the blue ray player. I thought I'd need about 8 feet of cable, so he added to my purchase 2 cables, a monster cable costing $129.99 and another of lesser quality costing $79.99.

At this point I was totally frustrated and confused and accepted his recommendation. I did some research on CNET, which is a great review site, and in their view there is absolutely no need to buy these expensive HDMI cables. They run their own testing lab using inexpensive cables which cost 10% of what I was sold.

Needless to say, those cables are going back today. By the way, the open box discount turned into $50 at the register for some reason he explained as the computer not allowing a discount below cost. All in all a very frustrating and unsatisfactory experience. These hidef TVs have become commodities of late, sold at Walmart and the like, I can think of no reason to go to Best Buy to buy one, certainly not for their expertise.

The Disappearing Reappearing Disappearing Service Plan
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I purchased an 52 inch LG Plasma TV from Best Buy on the Southside of Indianapolis. At the time of the purchase they offered an service plan that would cover any repair/replace the TV past the warranty period. At the time I didn't know if I wanted to buy it at that time. The salesmen informed me that I had up to 30 days to come back and purchase the plan. After thinking about it for a day or 2 we decided that after spending almost 3000.00 on the TV the plan look like a good idea. So I went back and purchased a wall mount and the preferred plan.

That was in 1/14/07. Well in June of 2009 the TV just stopped working. I called Best Buy to have it serviced. They said since the TV was too large to bring in they would send a Geek Squad member out to service it. When I asked how much that would cost, the lady at Best Buy said, "There will be no cost, you have a service plan until 1/14/2001."

The tech showed up a few days later and said that he would need to order that parts and would be back on July the 7th. He left me a receipt that shows the cost and under the process it stated covered under service plan. On July the 7th the tech arrived and replaced the parts but the TV still did not work. He told me that the plasma unit was bad and they would replace the TV.

That's when my service plan disappeared. I was informed that he could not find my plan. I called Best Buy 1-800 number and the representative informed me again that I had a service plan. I call the tech back and he stated unless I could show him the original receipt he wasn't going to honor it and hung up. I once again called Best Buy 1-800 number and was once again assured that I had a plan. She asked me to wait awhile. She took care of the problem.

Next thing I know I was transferred to Best Buy corp. consumer relation division where he stated that yes the system shows I had the plan but he was unable to located the date I purchased it. He then said he would call the Geek Squad and get it taken care of.

After an hour on hold he came back and said that Geek Squad said my plan was invalid and they would not replace the TV. The representative said all that he could do was log a complaint and send an email to them. I find it hard to believe that I had a plan when only parts needed replaced but it disappeared when they had to replace the TV. Loyal Best Buy customer until now. I have canceled by credit card and will never shop there again.

Best Buy/Shameful Customer Service
By -

LADY LAKE, FLORIDA -- We were unfamiliar with Best Buy until they opened in our area about a year ago. We have since purchased many items for our home and used both cash and credit. Yesterday, a Saturday we were in the store at 8:45 pm. We were interested in a particular TV. I am unfamiliar with how their sales work, for how long etc. The man that helped us was helpful but I felt like I was being rushed.

I explained there was not enough time for me to get this TV on that night but I would come back tomorrow to get it. He said to me in a very chipper voice "Be sure and look at the sale paper." I really took it that he was saying it was going on sale or something else like it was going on sale so I left the store upbeat prepared to buy it the next day. I would have bought it then but I didn't want to cause a problem at closing time.

I returned the next day only to find the TV was more. The same salesman came up to me and asked could he help me. I said I was in here last night talking to you and he said "Yes you sure were." I then said "and today it's 200 dollars more." He said "Yes, it sure is!"

"I told you to look at the sale paper." I said "I thought you were trying to tell me it was going on sale!!" If I had known it was going off sale I would have bought it last night!! He just shrugged and said that's the way it goes. I was flabbergasted!! I then went to customer service and explained what he had said and he said "Oh! The salesman have no idea what's going on sale and we can't change the rules. If you want to purchase it you can and if it then goes on sale for less within 30 days of purchase we can give you a refund!!" The thing is I had no way of looking at the sale paper for the next day as it wasn't published yet so why did he tell me to check the sale paper?

Upon entering the store that day the first thing I noticed was an elderly man at customer service just giving them hell. From what I could here he was upset over something he bought and a salesman lying to him about a question he had asked straight out before he bought it. Apparently this is common practice for Best Buy.

Horrible Service!!
By -

DENTON, TEXAS -- Our TV has broken now for the fourth time! The bulb on the TV continued to bust and Best Buy refused to place our TV because it was only the bulb. So finally when it broke for the 5th time they checked the TV for some other reason why the bulb might be busting. They finally realized our Light engine was broken and that they would need to order the part. I talked to the service dept that Best Buy sent out to our house and they requested our TV be replace considering it had broken so many times and because the part was going to be very expensive to replace.

They called back a day later letting us know that the part we needed was no longer made and that there were not other parts that would work with our TV. I called up to best buys customer service to see what now could be done b/c the part was no longer available. Best buy then told me that they didn't even have that info and they would have to get back to me. So later on I had to call again hearing nothing and they told me that the part was available through another vendor and that they would overnight it since we have had so many problems. I called back the next day expecting my part to be in and the part had not even been ordered yet.

I got in contact with another manager and they told me again that the part was not available and he put in a request to get it replaced. Then I called the next day to check status and they told me that the part had been ordered and that it would take 8 days to get the part in. I have been lied to several times by several supervisors up at Best Buy and we have gone so long without our TV. This has gotten to the ridiculous point. Since when is it OK for Customer Service supervisors to lie to there consumers?

The names of the supervisors are **. Supposedly they are not allowed to give out last names. I have never been treated so horribly by a store. After this is over we will never go back to Best Buy again! They were not even able to show me in the warranty where it said they were not able to replace my TV.

Liars & Thieves - I Will Never Step Foot In A Best Buy Again!
By -

EAGAN, MINNESOTA -- I purchased a 32" Samsung LCD TV and a 4 year warranty in Eagan, MN on 2/14/09. I hooked it up that evening, watched it for a couple of hours (the picture was great) and decided it was esthetically too big for the room. The very next morning I carefully packed it back up and returned to the store. When I told customer service that I would like to return it, she said that they had to check it first and took the TV away out of my sight.

I didn't think anything of it until they came back 15 minutes later and told me that the TV was damaged by an impact! I couldn't believe it. There was absolutely no way that could have happened. They took me back to where they had the TV and sure enough there was damage... But not by me! I told them that the TV was in perfect condition and the only way that had happened was someone from the Geek Squad just damaged it and they were trying to pin it on me!

There were numerous tools on the counter and I KNOW that's what had to have happened... That one of those tools dropped on the TV screen. Needless to say, they would not return it because of their "policy"! I now have a TV that THEY DAMAGED and out $500+!! What kind of multi-million dollar company does that to their customers? I'm obviously not the only one. Shame on you Best Buy! I will tell everyone I cannot to patronize your company!

Best Buy's PSP Is a Joke
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- 18 months ago I purchased a Samsung 50" HDTV DLP TV from Best Buy (#291 near the Galleria in Houston, Texas) from their extremely pushy and arrogant sales people. They convinced me that the unit would be in dire danger if I didn't buy a 100 buck surge protector and their 4 year PSP plan at another 250 bucks, in addition to the 4000 dollar television.

Only two months later, white spots appeared on the screen. They sent a half-wit out that couldn't speak any English and would not fix the problem, saying it would take a month to get the part in and they'd have to have the TV the whole time. I figured I would just let him leave and schedule someone else. Two more times they sent someone out, both times they "couldn't recreate the problem" and made no repairs.

The fourth visit was for a loud spinning noise. The technician fixed it on the spot and stated in his service ticket as replacing the color wheel. He saw the spots, but didn't have the necessary tools to fix it. Requested replacement under No Lemon Policy, technician said no. 125 bucks (covered under PSP).

The fifth visit was because the TV would not turn on, or would turn off after being on for a few minutes. The technician did not have the part and had to order a DMD. Requested No Lemon, technician denied saying the unit had not been "repair" 3 times, only had technician visits. 600 bucks (covered under PSP).

The returning (different) technician, a week later, would not install the DMD because he "could not recreate the problem", even though the first technician COULD recreate it and signed off on the order. No repair. The TV didn't work the next day. Same technician a week later, "could not recreate the problem", but cleaned the lens saying that was what caused the white spots on the screen. Requested Lemon, no from technician.

Eighth visit because screen would not come on. Same technician as previous two times. Replaced the lamp unit. 220.00 bucks (covered under PSP). Requested Lemon, technician said unit had to be repaired 3 times and a 4th service call requested.

Ninth visit because TV had repeating characters all the way across the screen. Needed to order part. I requested a new unit (not Samsung) under the No Lemon Policy. After reviewing receipt, the technician called his supervisor in Dallas who had to issue a ticket number.

He then called the insurance company who manages the PSP policy (AIG Warranty Guard, part of AIG) and the lady argued with him about what constitutes a replacement or not and what repairs had been done on the TV AND what each part replaced did and cost. She finally approved the replacement. I was told that the order should be uploaded to the store that I purchased the unit from by that afternoon and to call them to verify and ask any questions.

Around 11am (on a Thursday) I called the store (#291) with questions on how the replacement would work. After spending about 5 minutes answering telephone tree questions, the phone at Customer Service rang for another 10 minutes, and then was picked up and hung back up.

I called back at around 1:30 and went through the same routine. Instead of being hung up on, after 10 minutes of ringing the phone went back to the main menu tree. I tried several different departments, all of which rang back to the main menu after 10 minutes EACH. At 2:30 I called AGAIN. Same thing as the first time, was hung up on after letting the phone ring for about 10 minutes.

At 4:00 I called yet again. Phone tree... Customer Service ringing and ringing. This time someone picked up the phone, but instead of speaking or hanging up, they placed me on hold immediately. I was on hold for 25 minutes before hanging up.

I called the 1-888 and asked how it would work, that I didn't want another Samsung DLP TV. He said they would issue a voucher for the purchase price of the product if that was the case and I would be able to pick out what I wanted. If the amount was more, I would pay the difference, the amount was less, I would be given a gift card for the remainder. This was confirmed by ** at the corporate office.

Finally I decided to just go to the store with the television. After waiting in line for about 30 minutes (I can never figure out why there's always 6 people behind the customer service desk, not to mention the 50 or so wandering around the store talking to each other with nothing to do, but only ONE customer service station opened, even during the Christmas holiday), I told the CS guy I had the PSP and had been approved for a replacement. He asked to see my receipt, and after reviewing it stated that I couldn't get a replacement because it had been more than 30 days since I purchased the item. What???

I again stated that it was covered under the PSP and already been approved for replacement. His response was the same, that replacements were only covered during the first 30 days. I asked to see his supervisor, who disappeared for another 10 minutes and came back with a sheet of paper and my information on it. He told me to go and give it to a salesperson in the Home Theater area. I did.

He tried to sell me yet another surge protector and a 6000 plasma, even though all I wanted was a replacement for the one I had purchased. I had decided to get a 42" plasma from Panasonic (which I had confirmed was available at that store on the Best Buy website) and use the remainder of the amount as payment on a smaller plasma for the master bedroom.

I was immediately told that the Panasonic in question was out of stock, even though I had already confirmed it was there... but would I like a 50" Sony instead? I told the salesperson no and started looking for something else. He came back a few minutes later and said his manager had told him that I could only get a 50" Samsung DLP. I told him I didn't want that, I didn't like DLP, and asked to speak to his manager. 10 minutes later ** showed up and presented himself as "the Manager". I told him what I wanted. His response was that they could only replace like items, that if I had a 50" DLP I had to replace it with another 50" DLP.

I read to him the warranty agreement about the voucher. He said it was at the discretion of the store manager, and that if I wanted to get something else, I could only have a voucher for the amount that the 50" DLP was selling for, which was 2000 bucks!

Only 18 months after I had purchased the item, almost 10 service calls later before they would replace the item, and he offers HALF of what I paid for it. Even better was that if I chose something that cost less, I wouldn't get the difference, and if I chose something that was more, I would have to pay the difference. He continued to argue with me. I told him I spoke with both customer service at the 1-888 number AND someone named ** from corporate and they both told me the same thing. His response was that corporate didn't know what the hell they were talking about.

I tried calling corporate but they were closed. I went ahead and went with the deal, thinking I'd take it up with his boss area manager. When I went to check out with customer service, they refunded the ENTIRE amount of the original purchase (3788.74) but then raised the price of the item that I was purchasing (originally 2100) to match the amount of the refund! I also noticed that the "manager" that signed off on the exchange was not, in fact the "manager" of the store, as he had claimed, but the Home Theater Area Manager. I'm not finished with this yet. Best Buy has horrible customer service, pushy and obnoxious sales staff, and rude management.

FRAUD! Paid for $1000 Television and Got a $700 Television
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Rating: 1/51

DUNWOODY, GEORGIA -- FRAUD!! My husband and I paid for a Panasonic Viera model #TC-P50ST60, a $1000 television, bought at the Best Buy at Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody/Atlanta GA. When the television died (within the warranty period) and we contacted Panasonic for repairs, we found out it wouldn't be covered because the television on the receipt did not match the television Best Buy actually gave us. The television they gave us (model #TC-P50T60) was identical in appearance, but was only $700 because it did not have 3D (we had never attempted to use the 3D so did not realize it was missing).

So now I am out not only $300 for the difference in what I paid for and what I received, but also $1000 because the repair will not be covered under warranty and the set is useless. Best Buy refuses to assist us, although I was told by a local employee that they can simply check their inventory records for the week we bought the television to see if there is a discrepancy. Best Buy won't even do that. BUYER BEWARE!!!

Vizio Smart TV Nightmare With Best Buy
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- On October 10th unfortunately, I purchased a Vizio Smart TV in Best Buy store located at Dadeland Station, Miami, Fl for $869.98 plus another 219.51 for offshore shipping. As I am international customer to check or inspect the TV in the store at the moment of purchasing, it was not a options according with Best Buy sales policy.

The product itself is supposed to have a one year warranty??? According with the sale staff and the start Vizio guide but after this situation, I am along wasting more than $1.000. Now I am receiving a TV with a factory screen defective. I remark received a very well package with excellent in and out conditions but clearly with factory defective. I am trying my best effort in order to resend the product back to Florida with a very expensive cost.

Refusal to Excahnge Defective TV, Out of the Box
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Rating: 1/51

WATERFORD, CONNECTICUT -- I purchased a TV. The box had a small dent in it. When I went to assemble the TV, the screen had some marks on it and was defective. It was apparent also that the TV had been repackaged. Best Buy refused to exchange it. They accused me of damaging it. I did not - I handled it very carefully. I had to buy a new one, and the new box also had dents. They claimed they would never let a box out of their store with dents - obviously a false claim. I am suing them in small claims court. I have given them a lot of business, and was very disappointed with how they treated me.

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