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Best Buy are Crooks and I'm no thief
Posted by on
Here’s a story I hope most people can not relate to. My son went to the Rancho Cucamonga Best Buy this morning to buy a computer. He bought a desk top computer and walked out the door, only to get home, open the box and find it damaged. I witnessed this. I told my son to package it up and return it to the store. He returned to the store and was told the computer he was trying to return was not the computer that they had sold him, not 20 minutes ago. That the computer being returned has the wrong packaging labels and he is trying to return an old computer. This is fraud by Best Buy. They sold a computer to him and now will not except any responsibility for what was in the package. My son bought the computer in good faith and Best Buy clearly is trying to pull a fast one. The General Manager stated there is nothing he can do for my son and asked him to leave the store. He did offer his name and said he would get back to him. This is unacceptable. The General Manager basically said my son is a thief. I immediately called the store to complain and was told by the General Manager not to come down to the store or I would be arrested and removed. Needless to say I went right down. I wanted to return the monitor which was still in the box. I didn’t want to open that box and be stuck with a bogus monitor. I asked to speak to the General Manager and told him right away to” never tell me not to come down to his store” I advised him I was bringing back the monitor that was still boxed and didn’t want to open it being afraid I may be duped again. He was less than concerned. I asked for the name of his boss and the corporate office. After holding for 26 minutes a customer service person advised me that “This happens all the time at Best Buy” and it’s up to the General Manager of the store to decide how to handle. Basically “Buyer Beware”. Best Buy doesn’t care and it’s up to you as the consumer to prove you’re not a crook. My son is out the money for the computer and with no options. We can only hope the General Manager will make this wrong a right. If not, it will be my pleasure to let everyone I come in contact with to know this story. I believe the hard working people of Rancho Cucamonga would like to know the policies of Best Buy. Followed up on next day with the General Manager he explained that he is standing behind his employees and policies, he will do nothing to compensate us. Called Best Buy Corporate office the Customer Relations representative stated they stand behind the General Manager and nothing will be done. Have a nice day. I will be going down to file with Small Claims on Monday. I will do everything in my power to get justice. What ever it takes, it’s the principal. We are not thieves. Best Buy may be a billion dollar company, but I’m one consumer that won’t be scared off by a Goliath.
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At Your Service on 2011-09-17:
Good for you! Please keep us informed as to what takes place in small claims.
trmn8r on 2011-09-17:
As you describe the incident, it is likely that a previous customer is to blame for the fraud, someone who returned that box as "new" and nobody inspected it.

Therein lies the problem. How does your son prove that the box was unsealed when he bought it?
bcd on 2011-09-18:
This report is dated 9/17. The OP wrote, “My son went to the Rancho Cucamonga Best Buy this morning to buy a computer.” Then he wrote, “Followed up on next day with the General Manager ...”

It is currently about 2am (eastern) on 9/18. How is it possible for him to have “Followed up on next day” since the store has not opened yet on 9/18? The time line appears to be flawed.
bob93 on 2011-09-18:
Small claims court - just tell them you are going to file and you will probably get action. If you don't get a refund then file.
Venice09 on 2011-09-18:
"...was told by the General Manager not to come down to the store or I would be arrested and removed. Needless to say I went right down."

I would have done the same thing!

Contact the consumer reporter of your local television station. They would love a story like this and will probably shame Best Buy into giving your son his money back. There is no way I'd let them get away with this.
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Charge for antenna
Posted by on
My complaint begins with the radio and antenna installation I had at the Plattsburgh NY store. My daughter bought the radio for her fathers birthday in July. Soon afterward the reception would go in and out especially when it rained. We went back to the store and spoke to the installation person and he said it could be a pinched wire. Since it was installed at the store I thought they should be the one to repair it or put in another antenna. The service person then informed me I would have to buy a new antenna and pay for installation if I could not find my receipt. I told him he should be able to find installation after a certain date (birthday) with purchase of radio. He looked for it and said he couldn't find it in his computer. I finally gave up. The reception finally got to the point where we wouldn't use the $400 radio and the $188 charge for the service at all because of no reception.( it wasn't even two years old). We made a few other trips to the store to find out if there was another answer ( total of 8 trips in all at $4.00 a gallon for gas, in all to date) with another tech. I asked if there was another antenna that we could use and he said that was the only antenna available, so I didn't have an option if we wanted to use the expensive radio. I was told the same thing over again. Finally I got fed up and went again and asked for the Mgr he said that he would take care of the installation and there wouldn't be a charge. I brought the car in and the tech looked at it and said that the antenna case on the top of the car was cracked and water leaked into the inside where the chips were and it was all rusted. He said he had never seen one like this and I said it probably was defected when it was purchased. (since everything comes from China). He said he would install a new antenna and I should not be charged for it. When I got a call that the car was done he informed me that he spoke to the Mgr and he said I would have to pay for the antenna but not the installation since installation is guaranteed and there wouldn't have been a charge any way. Needless to say I was enraged after all I had been through to get this mess straighten out. When I got to the store I asked to see the Mgr. I was fit to be tied as I had made arrangements to have the car picked up as there wasn't supposed to be a charge. The Mgr informed me that (against the technicians recommendation as he has installed other antenna's with different problems and customers weren't charged and they was an unusual situation) I would have to pay for a new antenna. I told him that the store should stand behind the product that they sell, that I had no other alternative but to have this antenna if I was to use the radio that I purchased there. He was very defensive and not very obligating and we were standing in the middle of the store argueing (very unprofessional). He wasn't offering any other alternative other than to uninstall the antenna. I told him this was fine if there was another antenna that I could use with this radio. He said and the tech confirmed, that this was the only antenna that they have and the only one that would work with my radio. The Mgr came on very defensive, didn't know how to diffuse an upset customer, very unprofessional in his attitude and almost to the point of being rude. He then asked what I wanted, I said I should not have to pay for a defected product that your store carries and you should back your product. I would get better refund and adjustment service for a return at Walmart. He argued with me for about 15 to 20 minutes till I was at my wits end. (This is good customer care, I DON'T THINK So!! I guess customer satisfaction is not in their motto). Finally he said again what do you want. I said then if you won't back your product, I have no other alternative but to keep this antenna the least you could do is give me a discount. He then asked like what. I told him at least half off. By then it was the principle of the situation rather than the monetary value, I wasn't looking for anything just what was right from a good customers point of view (my family has spend thousands of dollars in purchases in this store). I thought the reputation of a store was up most with customer satisfaction with sales and service. If he had offered an 20 or 30% discount I probable would have taken it as a sign of good faith but I was really fed up after almost 1/2 hour him on this topic. I don't think I was being unreasonable to ask a store to back their product when there is no other alternative. I really do hope this gets to the District Manager, as I was told by the Mgr the he owned this store (ha! ha!) and there was no one else I could speak to as I had requested this at the beginning of our conversation. I had worked retail for 10 years and learned how to diffuse an angry or upset person and this definitely was not in the book.
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trmn8r on 2011-06-18:
This was purchased in July of what year? It sounds like it was either almost one year old, or almost 2 years old, if this happened recently. What kind of warranty did the antenna have?

You didn't have a receipt, so it sounds to me like they were doing you a solid in the first place to cover labor.

If the antenna was almost a year or almost 2 years old, wouldn't this be a warranty issue for the manufacturer of it?

If you worked retail for 10 years, you can appreciate the position the manager was in with what you refer to as an "enraged" customer.
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Customer No-Service
Posted by on
The following is an email I sent to Best Buy, not that I expect to hear back from them.

I just visited your store at the River City Marketplace in Jacksonville FL. As I was selecting the item I wanted to purchase (tax software)the sales clerk was very nice and attentive. No problems, so far so good. When I went to the front to checkout, all the registers were closed off and I had to go to customer service to checkout, once again no problem. As I stood at customer service there was only one customer at the counter being helped. There were two other associates behind the counter, one that was carrying on a lengthy conversation with what appeared to be a vendor and another young man that said he couldn't ring me up but he'd get someone. A few seconds later he came out and said he was on the phone and the clerk just walked off. All this time the other associate was just chatting it up, I don't know what they were talking about but it shouldn't matter while there is a paying customer waiting. The associate that was helping the other customer could see I was getting irritated and he interrupted the gabfest going on and asked the other female associate to help me. By this time I was already aggravated and this associate did nothing to make things better, all she had to do was the slightest bit apologetic but instead she was indifferent and seemed as I was an inconvenience to her. Then when she did scan the item it rang up a different price than the posted amount. When I asked her about the different price she said "you got to pay tax". As if I didn't know I had to pay tax, I probably pay more taxes in a year than she makes in a year. I told her I understood that but the item rang up wrong, she looked at me and rolled her eyes as if to say that's not my problem. At this point I was done, I told her to cancel the transaction, I didn't need her attitude any longer, then she said "have a nice day" with a sarcastic tone in my perception. As I left the store I asked the gentleman at the door if there was a comment card or a way to file a complaint. He seemed genuinely concerned and wanted to help but I was beyond help at this point and I do regret not giving him a chance to make things right. I am in retail and I have to say if my customers were treated the way I was by my associates serious disciplinary action would be in order. I know you get plenty of complaint emails and this will probably be deleted and forgotten about. Being in retail myself I understand this is not the kind of comment you want to share with the CEO, but it meant enough to me to share my bad experience with you. I believe it will be a long time before Best Buy gets any more of my business.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2011-03-01:
I stopped reading at the OPs comment about paying more in taxes than the clerk makes in a year. That always leaves questions for me.
azRider on 2011-03-01:
wait, you pay more taxes that she makes all year, and your in retail? the same business she is in? so I guess that means you work more hours than she does cause she is young. if you make so much money, why are you buying tax software? your accountant can't do taxes? I don't know why you got so mad either. if they were ignoring me I'd just set the box down, walk out and go to Target.. oh wait target does not do EFT, that's a different article. what the heck, if you work in retail you need to grow thicker skin. cause customers can be a real pain in the a$$. some times they argue price and walk out.
jktshff1 on 2011-03-01:
What they said.
momsey on 2011-03-01:
Wow, you should have told her the little tidbit about how you pay more in taxes than she makes a year. That probably would have turned the situation around.
Anonymous on 2011-03-01:
I find instead of remaining silent when confronted with bad service like you described it's better to speak up but only if you can remain calm and establish dominance. If it were me I'd said something like "Lose the attitude princess. I don't got time for your nonsense"... You'll be surprised how satisfied you'll be with the results. But you got to remain CALM and COINFIDENT or it will blow up in your face.

Part of the reason so many front line workers today have bad attitudes is because customers are too passive. Just like a dog pissing on the floor you got to call them out or they'll never learn.

Good review.
Venice09 on 2011-03-01:
As a customer, I understand being annoyed when you're waiting and the employees seem to be socializing or doing nothing. But in this case I think you might have overreacted. Since there was only one person ahead of you, the wait couldn't have been too long. I would have been more annoyed about the price being wrong. That should have been resolved without an attitude.

The behavior of one employee would never stop me from going back to a store. That employee could be gone tomorrow.
clutzycook on 2011-03-02:
Best Buy is not typically known for their stellar customer service. If you want good customer service, go to...well, I'm not sure where. :)
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Sorry Management And Employees
Posted by on
WINSTON SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- Well I had the worst experience with Best Buy in Winston-Salem store # 158. Husband went there to get a battery for his celluar which has a service plan with Best Buy and it was like a nightmare. He went in on Sunday the 1-30-2011 at opening at 11am and spent over a hour and a half in this location cause nobody knew what they was doing. He run from Geek Squad to celluar dept. the whole time and never got his battery ordered for him like covered on his plan. Instead he had to ask someone else if they had a battery there to fit his phone and they did so he had to pay 53.86 fora battery that should have been free to him if the employees at the celluar phone dept. valued their customers but they didn't this day. So I called and spoke to a manager on this same day and they said I will look into it and call you back.

Well they did call back but left me a voice mail saying that my husband should have never went though all that and that he would refund us for the battery he bought or order us a new one either way and he would call back on Monday to see what I wanted to do. Well to make a long story short he never called me back I called the manager on Wednesday the 2-3-2011 and spoke to them and I let them know I just wanted a refund and he said OK I have your receipt in my car I will go get it and I said well he paid with a debit card he said well it will have to be a cash refund and I will put it in the mail for you.

Well today is Monday the 7th of Feb and haven't received a refund yet called again to store spoke to manager said they would look to see what had been done and call me back but never clled back. I took it upon myself and call consumer relations for Best Buy the lady their ended up hanging up on me so I filed a report with Better Business Bureau so I will see what happens now. This store needs new managers in it and I also have saved the recorded message from the manager about the refund in my phone. I will not go back to this store again. I have been run around the block for over a week and no refund been given yet. If you have had problems at this store and dealt with the same manager I did then I know you are going though a lot of mess too. I hope the BBB calls this company and I am not letting this go until I get my refund I was promised. The employees at this location are not friendly either in person or over phone so if you want good business don't go here to Best Buy in winston-salem.
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Best Buy Ruined the Holidays
Posted by on
GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- I purchased an LED TV from the Best Buy #251 in Glendale, AZ. on 12/31/2010. Took it home and started the un-packing and assembling of the base stand. When all ready, set it on the stand and removed the remainder of the protective coverings to discover there was a small piece of the trim damaged. Called the store IMMEDIATELY and after a lot of apologies, was ASSURED that the TV could be returned for an exchange. The next morning I called the Best Buy store # 485 in Goodyear, AZ.(which was closer to my home) and after explaining the FULL AND DETAILED story of the slight damage to the TV, I asked if I could exchange the TV at any store or did I need to take it back to the original store. The lady on the phone was very polite and explained that I could exchange the TV at any Best Buy store, provided they had that same model in stock. She even went to the trouble to check the inventory and told me they were out of stock of this TV but the Best Buy store #1109 in Avondale, AZ. had it in stock. I re-packaged the TV and took it to the Avondale, AZ. store (#1109)(which is still closer to my home than the original purchase place). They un-packed the TV and spread all the parts on the floor and inspected the damaged area. The General Manager then told me he could not accept it as it was the store policy not to accept damaged items from another store, although he could not answer as to why he even took it out of the box to begin with if that was the policy. After much arguing, I decided to take back to the original store to avoid the hassle. The manager of that store(#251) told me that after looking at the TV, it appeared that the damage was done during un-packing and assembly and that he would not accept it for a return. How he can make that deduction is way beyond me and is rather insulting. He told me to take the TV home and enjoy the rest of the Holidays and there was nothing I could do about it. I told him that I would in fact take the TV back home, but as far as not being able to do anything about it, he was sadly mistaken. This is absolutely the WORSE customer service I have ever come in contact with. I have contacted my credit card company and have asked for assistance under the consumer protection plan, and will file a complaint with the local Better Business Bureau on Monday. Are you aware of the old saying, 'Everybody needs a hobby'? Well, Best Buy just became mine. The internet makes it so very easy to get a point out to so many.
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User Replies:
olie on 2011-01-01:
Before you spend a lot of time and gas money running around--is this slight damage something you can live with?

I know that we purchase electronics, like TVs, so that we can use them as intended. Like watching TV. As long as the item works, we'd be OK with a little bit of cosmetic damage.
trmn8r on 2011-01-01:
You can spread this story - that is your right. As I read the complaint, the manager's opinion was it was damaged while unpacking. Not knowing anything else, I have no reason to doubt him. A manager should have the training/authority to make such a decision, as user damage *does* occur and they can't take everything back that is damaged.

These tv's come with instructions about carefully laying them on blankets, etc. during assembly.
Anonymous on 2011-01-02:
ridiculous. Companies are just getting stingier and stingier. How can they tell you it was you fault? was the manager psycic? I mean seriously, why couldn't he exchange the TV for you? They would have gotten a credit back on the TV from the manufacturer anyway. This is why I will never buy anything from Best Buy.
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Nightmare purchase
Posted by on
LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- I originally purchased a Sony Bravia Television model KDL46W5100 on 12/3/09 at the Lancaster, PA Best Buy. The TV came as package with a Playstation 3 and a game and movie The purchase just by itself was a nightmare, I called in to the store earlier that day and was told they would put everything on hold for me, so I could pick everything up after work. When I arrived I went to the customer service desk and told them I had a TV package waiting for me, they looked at me like I was a ghost and said they had no idea what I was talking about. Over an hour later of getting pushed to different employees and departments, I was told they did not have any more in stock, but then after complaining about the situation they "magically found one" and I was finally able to purchase the package. I received no apology from anyone for the delay, mix up or the complete waste of my time.

The TV worked great for a little more than two weeks and then started turning itself on and off every few minutes. So I called the Lancaster Best Buy after waiting through ten minutes of just listening to a phone ring waiting for someone to pick it up. The employee that answered(who I later realized completely lied to me just to get me off the phone) told me that my model TV was not in now, but that it would be in the next few days and I could exchange it then. So I waited for two days without being able to enjoy my recent purchase. In the meantime I called the Black Tie protection plan I purchased with the TV and the representative I spoke with informed me this was very rare and he thought I was given a floor model. Which makes perfect sense due to them telling they were out and then magically finding one in the back.

When I attempted to call back into Lancaster I again waited for over ten minutes before anyone decided they wanted to answer the phone, I informed the employee of the situation and he said they are backordered on my model TV and have no idea when they would get more in. Starting to get upset I asked to speak to a manager about the situation and I was transferred to the home theater section, which of course came with another very long wait!! When someone finally answered I asked again for a manager only to get put back on hold again. My timer on my phone was at almost thirty minutes by now!! I finally got a customer service manager named Ray D{removed per forum guidelines} I say his name because his service and complete lack of help or respect for me or the situation have completely turned me off from ever going back to the Lancaster Best Buy again. I admit I was upset when I finally got to him, but rightfully so, there is no reason someone should get the run around trying to exchange a two week old defective product. I told him the customer service in his store is horrible, and no one should have to wait that long to speak to someone and that I have been on the phone for almost half an hour now. Ray gave no apology and simply said they are just too busy right now. (It makes me wonder what kind of company he is hoping to run and model to his fellow employees when you have no time for customers, who kind of are the reason a retail store is even able to be in business). I told Ray my situation and he said that because there are no more TV's left I would have to wait for more to come in or just return it and there is nothing he can do right now. I told him that it's unacceptable to have a broken TV after two weeks and for you guys to not help is ridiculous, I should be receiving a comparable model to fix the situation. We went back and forth over the matter only for Ray to tell me I was being "hostile" and to complain to 1-888-Best-Buy. I never once swore or threatened him so calling me hostile is a joke. At this point I asked to speak the GM, however Ray refused to transfer me or give me the full name of his GM only telling me he goes by Steve. I asked Ray what is your last name because I'm calling back in for your GM to tell him how you have treated me, he refused of course again and said that I needed to take my complaints to 1-888-Best-Buy and that the call was over.

I called 1-888-Best-Buy and lodged a complaint with the customer relations department. The representative called the store back(which must have taken her awhile to get someone to answer the phone there, because it was a very long wait until she got back to me). Once she finally got a hold of Ray we were on a three way call where he offered me a lower model TV (Ray offered me a V series and have the W series) BUT he wanted me to pay $100 for the exchange. I become very upset for two reasons. First off I told him that the TV he is offering me is lower end model than what I originally purchased. Ray however, tried to lie and say it wasn't, before I told I'm on the Best Buy website right now and it says so right here. Ray still being the non helpful "manager" he is would not offer anything else or even a simple apology for the his actions towards me, trying to lie to me, or situation I was in. I told him I'm not looking to take advantage of the situation and get a higher model TV for free but I want something comparable. He finally offered another series TV but wanted $300 for the difference stating he was giving me a deal. I told him this was ridiculous, I didn't break the TV and I was given a defective product. Since you don't have any more of the same TV you should be taking care me of and fixing the situation instead trying to get me to pay even more money to fix your problem. Ray didn't budge and basically said it was either buy the other TV, wait till a new one comes in, or just return it. Ray said he would try to check stock with other stores to see what he could find and call me back in a couple minutes. He called back and found nothing but would not replace the TV unless I put out more money. I realize there are differences in prices with different TV's however a customer should not be told you have to wait until who knows when to get a new replacement or shell out more money to fix the defective product we gave you and apparently don't even stand by. At this point any credibility Ray had with me was completely out the window now, after him trying to lie to me and basically saying either return everything or wait for however long to get a new one.

I tried to call Ray the next day only to again wait for someone to pick it up. After about ten minutes of just ringing I decided to call another location. I called the York, PA Best Buy and guess what, they picked right up right away. The associate was very helpful and transferred me to a manager right away. The manager I spoke to this time was Jeff G{removed per forum guidelines} and he was one of the most helpful and friendliest managers I have ever met. After explaining the situation to him, he apologized repeatedly (something Ray never once did, he just refused to help) and told me he would do whatever he could to fix the situation and take care of me. Jeff informed me the only model TV he had left in stock in the Bravia 5100 series was a Z series the highest model they in that series. Instead of telling me I needed to pay a couple hundred dollars for the difference to exchange their defective product he instead said he would do everything for only $50. I was shocked at first because the customer care I received with Ray had turned me had all but completely turned me off from Best Buy all together. Jeff however just said he wanted to take care of me as a customer and fix the situation. So long story short I was able to exchange the defective TV for a new one, and I was sure this one was not a floor model! The associates Angel and Janelle in customer service were extremely helpful and did the exchange with no problem. One of the other associates who I won't name asked me about the TV and what had happened, after telling him about Ray D{removed per forum guidelines}, he informed there have been a lot of complaints about him from other customers and fellow associates. This was a relief to me to know that I was not the only one, but also sad that more customers have been treated so poorly by Ray.

I live in Lancaster if you didn't guess, however I will only go to the York location which is out of the way, but at least I will be treated fairly and taken care of, I will never step foot in the Lancaster location again. The GM can thank him for losing my business as well as hurting their reputation. A company's best form of advertising is word of mouth and let me just say I have and will continue to tell everyone I know about how bad the service was at the Lancaster location and how rude and disrespectful Ray D{removed per forum guidelines} was. The service I received in York however was amazing, especially the service from Jeff G{removed per forum guidelines} and he kept from returning everything and never shopping at a Best Buy again. Jeff went above and beyond and for that I am extremely thankful
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User Replies:
BEJ on 2010-01-18:
Sounds like your issue with the TV got resolved. It was unfortunate that you had to go to another store location.
Ytropious on 2010-01-18:
"I received no apology from anyone for the delay, mix up or the complete waste of my time."...UM hello, they didn't even have to put one aside. They probably aren't even supposed to. Even if they messed it up they owe you no apology because they never even had to hold it for you in the first place! Also if the TV is broken and they don't have anymore what in the world did you want them to do? They offered a refund or for you to wait for an exchange. In all honesty it sounds like you wanted something free out of the deal. Lastly, you DO realize 2 weeks before Christmas you are not the only one calling the store? Of course you're going to have to wait on hold! You think you're the only one calling the store? NH!
PepperElf on 2010-01-18:
actually I believe they're not allowed to.

I read an incident with BB involving ... I think it was Gene Simmons. He wanted to buy the xbox 360 but felt that standing around in line would cause a bit of a media stir, so he asked them to hold one aside for him and he' buy it the next day.

he came in the next day, paid for it and found out the employee who hooked him up was fired for it. So he graciously paid the man one year's salary for the incident.

goduke on 2010-01-18:
From the standpoint of "the other guy in line" who took to effort to actually go to the store, nothing annoys me more than hearing "we have it on hold for someone who is on their way here."
Ytropious on 2010-01-18:
goduke, me too, which is why I never hold things for customers on the phone.
PepperElf on 2010-01-18:
and like in the earlier post I made, some stores may actually fire you over it

and I'm sure the regular joe-shmo customers will NOT cough up a year's wages should their demands cause someone to get fired
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Posted by on
I am having a problem with Best Buy as well. I submitted a claim at the end of July because the HDMI port on my Panasonic DLP failed and the bulb is starting to flicker.
First, I called in to get my TV inspected and they did not have an appointment until 8/18. I told them that was too far out and they said they could send out a 3rd party vendor and they would call back to set it up. I called them back 2 days later because I never got a call. They said, "sorry" and that they would call back with someone.
3 days later they still had not called so I called them and they said "sorry" again and that they would call back with someone. 2 days later I get a call from a vendor that advised me that they do not work on Panasonics!
I called them back and demanded that the Geek Squad come out to my house. Now it was after 8/18 anyway! They said that they would.
3 days later I get a call from another 3rd party vendor who says that they were dispatched to repair my TV! At that point I just wanted it done.
I told them the problem and they only had the HDMI issue listed, not the bulb, but they said that they would take care of it anyway. They called Best Buy back and started to search for the part.
They called and told the Repair Lady that the part did not exist because Panasonic did not make them anymore. Now, the main issue was because Best Buy did not keep track of what they were doing, Best Buy had to search for the part 3 times because they never documented that they already did it.
Finally, last week the repair person got an e-mail from Best Buy confirming that they could not get the part and they were going to send the request to the review dept (this was after the 3rd attempt to order the part) to replace my TV. I would probably end up with a voucher to replace the TV. She advised me that the process would take 3-5 business days.
I was fine with that because that would mean that I would get the voucher before the labor day sales and I started to look for a new TV. But, of course, Best Buy didn't document it again!
So this week, we find out that they have to reorder the part again!
I called and ask why they have to do it a fourth time when we have an e-mail confirming that they have already done it and they say that they just have to.
They won't accept the e-mail from their own company as documentation. They advised that they will have to go through the process again, and that once they verify the part is not in, the review will take 3-5 days.
I raise hell and get a supervisor, Ben, on the phone. He tells me that he will just get it over to the review dept, but it will still take 3-5 days. I still raise hell and says he will get it reviewed in 4 hours. that was today at 8am. I waited until 3pm and there was no call back.
I called and left a voice mail for him and still dd not get a call back.
I called on my way home from work and got another supervisor, Ricky on the phone. All he would tell me was that there was no such thing as a 4 hour turn around and that the first sup told me "misinformation".
He continued to quote me 3-5 days and said that the department that handled the review of the replacement did not take incoming calls. I asked him to call them and he refused.
I asked him to e-mail them to assist me and he refused. the most he would do was e-mail them to get them to call me, which I doubt they will do. I asked for a customer complaint line and he refused to give me one.
He also refused to give me his manager and refused to transfer me to another sup. I advised him that it seemed like they were looking out for their own interests more than mine as their customer and reminded him that we had a contract together. He refused to do anything that would assist me in any way shape or form other than quote me 3-5 business days for the turn around on the review of my claim.
I ended up calling back and got the corporate complaint line ans spoke to Leanne. I told her the issue and advised her that I was going to be out the sales on labor day because of their mistakes.
I asked her to assist and advised that I just wanted this to be resolved. I advised that I wanted assistance to expedite the process on the review. She started to argue with me! Talk about customer service! The only time I was hearing anything about good customer service from Best Buy was on their recordings when I was on hold!
Leanne went on to advise me that the 3-5 days was the expedited time frame! I said that this was not as everyone before her said that this was the standard time. She said that it was not and that there was nothing that she or anyone else could do.
I asked for the name of the CEO and at first she said that she could not release it as it was confidential. I had to remind her that it was public info and she finally advised me in an extremely rude fashion and we disconnected.
This entire experience has been one of the worst customer service experiences of my life! Every action has bee prompted by me, I will be losing out monetarily because of their inaction and poor handling. All I want is my TV and my time back!
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GPS Receiver missing SD card
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Best Buy Customer Service
Dear Sir (Maddam),

I would like to report my experience with the BestBuy store in Marlborough, MA, more specifically with the store manager.

A few hours ago I purchased a car GPS (Magellan 1212) and after leaving the store I realized that the corner of the package was open. Since I liked the model, I decided to open the rest of the package in order to operate it. It turned out that this unit was missing the SD card. I could not find it anywhere within the package.

I decided to come back to the store in order to return this unit or get an exchange. The customer service told me that if I return it then I would have to pay a 15% restocking fee for that unit. I told her that the unit was sold to me with the SD card missing and if an exchange was not possible then I would like to return it. Since the unit was sold to me with missing contents I do not think I should pay any re-stocking fee.

She called the store manager to attempt to void the fee. The manager initially told me that this unit did not require any SD card (the missing part), but I pointed out in the package contents section that the SD card is listed there. Then the manager removed all the contents of the package. After not being able to find the SD card, he told me that since I opened the package I had to pay the 15% re-stocking fee unless I exchange that product. I told him that was the last unit and that I would like to return it and check in other stores to see if I could find the same model.

He repeatedly asked me if I read the back of the receipt that states about the 15% fee for this class of products. I replied stating that the store sold me a unit with missing contents and it was not my fault. The manager warned me that he was the store manager and he would not bend any rules to resolve my case. He repeatedly stated that there was nothing he could or would do about it. As a matter of fact his tone of voice was demonstrating annoyance while talking to me.
I replied stating that I was very frustrated as a customer. The manager made no legitimate attempt to resolve the situation. I finally asked him if he could look in the store (either in the stock room or on display) for the same model so that we could have this situation resolved. After a few minutes of searching in the store show room only, he said that there was no unit left. I also asked him to find me an SD card for that unit and he aggressively told me that he could not and he would not find nor give me an SD card from any unit in the store, not even the display one.

Since this manager made no attempt to further help me, I suggested for him to find me an equivalent model of another brand. He said that the model Tom Tom ONE 125 was the closest one, but it was cheaper than the one I bought, and he would not refund any difference. It turns out that the manager was wrong since I paid 79.99 for the original model and TomTom in question was 99.99. I told him that since my original purchase was a model with missing parts (which he logged in the system as defective), he should at least give me the closest model available for the same exact price. Once again, this manager insisted that he would not bend any rules for me. He also insisted that if I don’t buy that TomTom, he would charge me the 15% restocking fee and that I should read the back of my receipt. I replied asking: “So I come to your store, buy a piece of equipment with missing parts, try to return it, the store can’t find any equivalent model and I have to pay a restocking fee?” He replied stating that he just follows rules and he does not make them. In addition to this, since he is the store manager, there was nobody else that could help me with my case.

As a customer, I am more than frustrated with the indifference from this store manager that offered no attempt to solve my problem or at least remedy the situation with reasonable options. I felt violated since my only option was to buy a more expensive model. I felt even more frustrated with the type of treatment received since at all times I seemed to be the one that did something wrong. I bought the unit just a few hours ago and I had no chance to use it. I never acted in bad faith nor took advantage of the store policies, such as using the unit for days and then giving it back. Instead, I received a non-functional unit, which was sold as brand new. I understand that the store has policies to discourage customers from using equipment for leisure, such as camcorders and GPS, for a period of time and them return them as new.

That was absolutely not my case. I had no interest of abusing of any policy and I promptly returned it to the store as soon as I noticed the missing part in the package. This was done in just a matter of a few hours. I was extremely disappointed and aggravated with the store manager’s professional treatment since he made no attempt to remedy the situation and he treated me as if I was acting in bad faith at all times. I will certainly take this as my most relevant experience with BestBuy. I will take all the possible actions to file complaints on consumer protection agencies or even in the media, to the extent allowable by the law, since I felt that my customer trust and protection were clearly violated. I will make every attempt to make sure customers like me have more protection against stores like BestBuy.

I hope my words send the right message to consumers and that proper corrective actions will take place in a near future, otherwise this store will be destined to push customers away and consequently follow the course of so many others that eventually went out of business.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 2008-11-29:
yep, this is pare for Best Buy.

great review.

very helpful.
Anonymous on 2008-11-29:
The OP learned the hard way that all packaged merchandise really needs to be examined before purchase. How would the manager know that the OP didn't slit the package open and remove the card? I'm fairly certain the OP didn't do that but one has to look at these situations from the managers point of view. There are people who think nothing of slitting open a package to remove parts then put the package back on the shelf or return for a refund. They are called shoplifters.
MRM on 2008-11-29:
I had a similar situation where I had bought a digital camera that supposedly included a 1GB SD card in the box but it was no big deal to me as SD cards are cheaper these days to replace.
Anonymous on 2008-11-29:
MRM I was thinking the same thing. The only thing I was wondering is if the SD card is preprogrammed with information that is needed to operate the GPS. I think your answer is best answer. :) I think Best Buy actually had these cards for around $9 yesterday in their doorbuster sale. I may be mistaken though.
Ytropious on 2008-12-19:
I didn't think most GPS' come with a bonus SD card. In fact it's usually just a feature, that the GPS can TAKE an SD card, not that it comes with one. Also it should function just fine without it, the SD card should not be the what's carrying the maps.
wowurcrazy on 2009-04-08:
ummmmm. I found nothing to indicate the Magellan includes the SD card with the GPS unit. I know mine has a slot for an optional SD card but, didn't come with one.
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Best Buy At Their Worst
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MONTGOMERYVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Retailer’s failing service standards are a sign of the times
Scott M. Primiano

Granted, they are called “Best Buy”, not “Best Service”. And over the years they have been very true to their title, so much so that we have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars with them on everything electronic, including multiple computers, cameras, telephones, vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, CDs, DVDs, gaming equipment, GPS devices, televisions, and all of the supporting hardware and software. Though we are not their biggest client, we certainly rank among the most loyal and will always bypass the super clubs and discount stores, paying a little extra and going a bit out of our way for the informed opinions and technical knowledge that is a part of every purchase. Like most folks, getting the right gadget is more important to us than getting the cheapest one.

So, no complaints on the pre-sale side. Everything has always been sunshine and buttercups and would probably remain so. Sadly, we’ll never know because we aren’t going back.

Understand, I am humble enough to know that they won’t know that we are missing. I get the fact that our “account” will be replaced by some other customer, probably a disgruntled Circuit City shopper, and life and business will proceed as normal for the boys at Best Buy. Still, this service break down story is a good one that needs telling and certainly is one that we can all learn from.

The saga begins on August 13, 2008. In the middle of watching the first week of the summer Olympics, our 50” Samsung HDTV implodes. Not violently mind you but with enough commotion to let us know that something inside has gone terribly wrong. Our first thought, of course, was to blame the kids. Once this was ruled out and all apologies issued, we learned that our color wheel had shattered and taken out the lamp along with it. “Thank God we have the extended warranty” we said almost simultaneously. Yes, we are those buyers that inherently trust the recommendations of the sales staff. They always recommend buying the extended agreement and we always abide.

Naively believing that Best Buy’s pre-sale integrity was transferable to the service side of things, my wife called immediately to report the catastrophe. Let the phone gymnastics begin. After holding for 20 minutes or so (annoying but not unacceptable) a service appointment was set up for August 19. No Olympics we thought, but at least we’d catch the closing ceremonies. Upon arrival, the service tech pronounced the injury to our Samsung a near fatal one; however, a replacement part would bring it back to life and that the part would be ordered immediately and be in within seven days. This news put an end to our Olympic aspirations; however, we still held hope for the political conventions.

Then . . . nothing. After waiting for the week and after far too many nights of playing solitaire, another call was placed, another holding episode encountered, lots of transfers, more holding, and then, finally, an answer. “The part would be delivered and installed no later than September 2” said with indifference and complete disregard for the fact that we were now 10 days without a tube, we were to miss the political conventions and baseball’s run for the playoffs and were coming close to missing opening day of the NFL

Then things got way out of hand. September 2nd came and we heard nothing. My wife, having calendared this date as most important, called and spent two-hours, yes, two-hours, including hold times and transfers, trying to find out what was going on. Finally, a supervisor was found and we were informed that the part was back ordered until September 14th. “Not to worry”, “it was Best Buy’s Policy that no customer should be without an appliance or a television for more than 14 days”. Ignoring the fact that we were already beyond the 14 day benchmark, the supervisor instructed us to call back (ugh) in “a couple of days”, to get a special number to bring to the store to get a replacement TV.

On September 4th, this call was placed and another two-hour phone adventure began. This time we were informed (curtly and with the type of heavy sighing that let’s you know that you are an annoyance) that “Senior Management had not yet approved the replacement and were holding off their decision until September 6th”. No appeal, no mercy. What about the two-week rule? Turns out the clock starts ticking when the part is ordered and the part wasn’t ordered immediately as promised but instead on August 23. After pointing out that the delay was theirs and not ours, we were informed (with ever increasing distaste) that records are records. Goodbye, good luck, back to lunch.

On September 6th, the required call was placed and, no surprise, another two-hour cat- and-mouse game ensued. This time, we were told that the special number that we needed for the new TV could not be issued until September 12 because it required time to “process”. By this point, my beloved wife was at the end of her rope and requested a higher ranking supervisor. Magic! Processing time was suddenly advanced and on Monday, September 8th somebody would call with the special number.

As you might have already guessed, no call came and after waiting until 4PM we finally made the call. Good news! This call only took 30 minutes (far shorter than the new normal), and the special number was delivered. We were instructed to bring the TV, the power cord, and the remote to the store where we would receive our new TV. Though we had missed all of the aforementioned events, at least we would be able to monitor the progress of Hurricane Ike. With a daughter and granddaughter living in Florida, this was critical.

Want to see something funny? Watch two grandparents hoisting, lugging, and loading a 50’ DLP into a Honda Pilot. I think that our shear determination made it fit. Anyway, off to the store we went, knowing that we’d be coming home with a new TV as promised.

Unbelievably, things went from bad to worse. Upon arrival at our store – really, the one that we always go to – smiles turned into furrowed brows as we entered. Though we had been informed that we would receive a TV of equal value to what we paid for the original, we were now told that “what they meant” was equal specifications. The problem was, new technology had replaced the old and the old was no longer in stock. Not just in our store but in all others. It would have to be ordered and delivered, perhaps taking another week or so.

After narrating the battle we had fought to get Best Buy to honor the warranty that we purchased for just such an event, after pointing out the list of commitments that had been broken, and after featuring the promise that we would not leave the store this night without a new television, a bright young sales person suggested the next model up - a little larger and better yet the price was not more than what we had originally paid. This lad either had some customer service training or was a member of the common sense club. All he needed, he said, was his manager’s approval.

Enter the manager – Jeff. His is the only name I will use because he is the most noteworthy among all of those that we dealt with. Jeff heard us out and said no, we would have to wait . . . again. Though he acknowledged that his decision was discretionary, it was his decision to make and he had decided. “But Jeff, we hauled the old TV all the way here from home (1/2 hour trip) with the promise of going home with a working television! You have it within your power to fulfill that expectation! Look at our account and look at all of the money we spend here! We are very good customers!”

Answer . . . still “no”. Without apology, without sensitivity, and with complete indifference. My wife indicated that she would, unbelievably, pull out her cell phone and call customer service again to get this sorted out. Jeff replied, “Call whoever you wish but it won’t do you any good”, and then just walked away.

Well, he was right. After another hour spent on the phone with customer service, we were told that the store manager could decide any way that he wished and that they could not override his decision. Hearing this was like being shot in the chest, only less damaging and not as bloody. We had been in the store two-hours, had driven ½ hour to get there, missed dinner, and we were now about to drive ½ hour back home empty-handed.

I asked to have Jeff paged so that I could speak to him one more time. Not to appeal (I had given up) but to let him know that he had seriously mishandled the situation. The points that I made to Jeff are the lessons that I want to remind us all of, for they are basic tenants of baseline service.

• Honor your company’s commitments, even if you didn’t make them.

Jeff informed us that the people on the phone were wrong to tell us what they told us. He pointed out the descriptive language buried in the warranty agreement that said “45 Days” without a TV. He argued his point without considering the fact that the “they” that he spoke of, in our eyes, worked for the same company and were his colleagues. Not some disenfranchised group from another world. Regardless of who made the promises and commitments, they were well documented and clearly communicated. Jeff had an obligation to fulfill them and deal with the disagreement internally.

• Look to make a bad situation better, not worse.

This should have been a moment of magic, a chance for Jeff to salvage a relationship gone bad and to reestablish the good will that had been lost. It could have been and should have been a win/win opportunity. We would have been ecstatic leaving the store with an upgraded TV (faith in Best Buy renewed), the cost was the same, and Jeff wouldn’t have had to pay a third-party to deliver the one on back order. Instead we left disgruntled with a commitment never to return.

• Be empathetic, even if you’re not.

Jeff must deal with service issues all day long and has probably grown indifferent to everybody, so I don’t take his stoic responses and need to get back to his administrative priorities personally. However, Jeff missed the fact that what was happening to us was meaningful and damaging. Rather than being dismissive, busy and bothered, Jeff could have recaptured some lost ground by actively listening, by not pre-judging, by thinking though his responses, and displaying some empathy. Even if he had to fake it.

• Be loyal to those that are loyal to you.

As mentioned, we spend a lot of money at Best Buy. We are easy and loyal customers that follow recommendations and, until now, never complain. I was very clear with Jeff that we had some big purchases coming up – our computers are old, we have the old Iphone and want the new one, our Xbox was shot and out of warranty, etc. I went on to say that we were going to take the money that we would otherwise spend in his store, his money, and spend it elsewhere. His only response was a wry smile that said without saying it, “sure you are, I hear that one all day”. The money lost may not be significant to Best Buy, however, me times a few hundred others may become noticeable. Jeff should have come out of the negative ether just long enough to check my account history. Then he might have realized that saying “no” to our request just because he could was not the best decision he would make that day. Again, there was no economic loss to saying “yes”, only damaging consequences to saying “no”. The ego trip cost Jeff a customer for life.

• Look for saints, not serpents.

From the outset it was clear that Jeff did not believe us. His language and his demeanor were unmistakably accusatory. Rather than listen to the service saga that we had experienced and trust that at least we believed what we were telling him, he immediately determined that we were trying to take advantage of him and the situation; trying to get something for nothing. All we wanted was a television – any television! We had done nothing wrong and had correctly done everything that we were instructed to do over these past many weeks. Even at my best, I couldn’t make this story up.

• The customer may not always be right, but the customer is always the customer.

Okay, I didn’t fully understand the nuances of the warranty agreement. So what. I was working with the information that we had been given, abiding by what we had been told to do, and trusting in the people and promises of Best Buy. Clearly, those on the phone didn’t get the finer points of the warranty agreement either. Rather than focus on what the warranty said, Jeff should have turned his attention to what had otherwise been said, and confirmed, by his service team over the phone.

• Never, ever, let a customer leave unhappy.

I was completely amazed by Jeff’s indifference as I walked out the door. I had spent the time to make these points with him while my poor wife labored through the ordering process for the “specification compatible” TV. As I write, we are still TV-less and bitter. Had Jeff exercised his discretion and common sense appropriately, we would have departed the store feeling redeemed, respected, valued, and whole. In spite of the agony required to get there, the story would have a happy ending. As it is, I can count 15 hours invested in this project, a couple of hundred dollars on a weak warranty, some gas, and a lot of grief and we are left with nothing to show for it. As a result, we are never going back. Not to penalize them (they won’t even notice and it’s clear that at least Jeff doesn’t care), but because they will never be able to reestablish the value, trust, and integrity that brought us there to begin with.

Of course this is one service story out of a million that could be told about many companies in many industries. Personalized, professional, and thoughtful service strategies are hurriedly being replaced by automated responses, indifferent providers, and call centers in India.

In the wake of this experience, I’ll ask you, my dear readers, to take a hard look at your service models, people, and platforms. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is distance making us indifferent?

Most service calls are being handled over the phone or through your website rather than in-person. Does this electronic divide insulate your organization too much from the problems and pain felt by your customers? Indifference is a service killer while active listening and taking the time to empathize matter most – even if the problem can’t be resolved. Remind everyone to focus on the client or customer in front of them (literally or figuratively) rather than looking for ways to end the discussion because of concern for the call cue.

2. Does our pre-sale culture of service extend to the post-sale?

If not, you are culturally incompatible and heading for trouble. We all know that it is much easier to keep an existing client or customer than it is to find a new one. And it is a lot less expensive. Regardless of your advertising and marketing programs, your best customers and clients will always come to you from a referral and recommendation from your existing customers and clients. Most of these recommendations hail from satisfying service experiences and not a sale or a bargain. The reverse is also true – bad service experiences travel like a virus and can destroy even the strongest of reputations. And . . . every now and again . . . a guy like me gets upset. Then, Jeff, everybody hears about it.

3. Are service teams empowered and inspired to do the right thing?

In Jeff’s case, he had the power but lacked the inspiration. If Jeff’s staff had been allowed to deal with our situation, no-doubt we would have had a different outcome. One that may not have involved an upgrade. A little investigation by anybody would have revealed that the problem was simple, we needed a TV. We could have used a floor model for a loaner, we would have been willing to pay a little more for an upgrade, we would have probably settled for a smaller TV or a different brand. None of these alternatives were explored and a customer was lost as a result. Encourage your folks to spend the time and explore the possibilities. Let’s not live in a “yes” and “no” service world.

4. Are we investing in service?

Service investments include training, client and customer surveys, and constantly evolving service strategies. The best source for service improvement ideas that keep customers coming back is your front line, not your board room. In challenging economic times, with an obsessive focus on the bottom-line, service is too often viewed as an expense and a place to cut back. The real economics of service tell us that investments made in this area increase revenue by a much greater margin than almost any sales and marketing initiative. Think smart and act smarter. Take the time to listen to your most junior staff and they will tell you what to do.

Finally, don’t be a Jeff and don’t tolerate Jeff-like behavior. Jeff’s indifference to one customer spoiled the reputation of an entire firm in the heart and mind of this customer and, perhaps, in yours as well. Jeffs are caustic and small thinkers; the downfall of too many organizations. Train them, coach them, support them, but do not settle for them.

Side note: This service story is from the Best Buy Service Department and their store in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania. When ordering the replacement TV, the sales person actually had the audacity to offer my wife the extended warranty agreement!

Be well my friends
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User Replies:
oldisgood on 2008-09-09:
absolutely wonderfully written. I enjoyed the way you presented the article. It is too bad more supervisors and managers do not have the moxie that their floor people do. Perhaps, as in other businesses, the workers work their butts off and the lazy get promoted.
Dahliadoo on 2008-09-17:
Excellent and so ABSOLUTELY right on with the customer service commnets. I am going through a very similar process with Best Buy right now. Panasonic 42" Plasma television implodes on a Sunday, call for repair service on a Monday. After being transferred and put on hold 3 different times on waiting over 30 minutes on each attempt the fourth attempt I am told that they are aware that their TV repair line is not working properly! Call back on Tuesday. Tuesdays call brings another 3 calls. First two disconnectd after waiting and the one that gets through is a 45 minutes on hold wait .At least the recording that tells you to wait is working now, The representative says they will send Jared Appliance to fix on Wed. Sept 17 betweem 9 and 12 noon. Take the morning off work but no Jared Appliance shows up. Called Jared at 12:03 they let me know that they canceled and will not service for Best Buy in my area anymore. Jared's insist that Best Buy knows and was supposed to tell me that. Now I call back Best Buy service, wait another 30 plus minutes before service picks up. Oh yes they can see now that Jared can not service me. Out of their area. SOOooooooo now, according to Best Buy, they have put my service request out to "research" AND it will take an additional 2 to 3 days for them to locate someone who will service this Panasonic TV in "my area". Call back then! Now hold on a minute. It is starting to sound like I am in some remote location. I am about 18 miles from Boston. There are TWO huge Best buys stores within 5 miles of me and they must sell a whole lot of Panasonic televisions and service plans at $299 each but Best Buy has no service people in my area? No back up list? No. They need time to find one! So I ask for and get a (after another 15 minute wait) supervisor. She gives me the EXACT same explanation. Clones... OMG! Can this really be true. After 20 more minutes with the supervisor she tells me that time is what they need, no they have no list of back up repair people and yes based on my frustration she will "try" to get the information sooner but no promises. Maybe Friday. Maybe Monday! Call back then. No! I can not call her back directly. No! She has no direct # or extension. Just call the 888-BESTBUY line. What a lesson! What would you do?
SlaterSan on 2008-09-24:
I am in the same boat too, and totally feel your pain. My ordeal with a Best Buy PSP on an HDTV is now in its 7th week (read about it here on 3cents). I've since filed a complaint with the Minnesota Better Business Bureau, if for nothing else for me to feel like something's happening. Like you I was once a loyal Best Buy fan who's now cut up my yellow credit card. Goodbye Best Buy, hello Costco.
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NEW JERSEY -- The fact is I work for Geeks quad my rate is $13.50 That was starter pay. I do know how to troubleshoot hardware and software properly. I can repair a mother board. And I do have a lot of customers who have nothing but respect for me and my team. I live in jersey. Let me explain a bit more about Geek Squad services not from a agent perspective but from a tech perspective. Heres how it works day to day. Theres usually about 6 people at a time wanting to have their computer checked out. Obviously we cannot leave customers waiting for more than 10 min. We can't have our whole team in the front because there are machines already in the precinct that need to be repaired ( turn around time in Jersey for my store is 3-5 days max.) So the idea is you greet the customer listen to there problem, check machines physical condition, then try to quickly diagnose not fix the issue.

Meaning try to get to the root of the issue and offer services that will fix the issue and boost overall performance. If they accept we then have them fill out proper paperwork and explain that we will call them only if we need to ex they paid for a diagnosis and OS repair (removal of viruses and malware) but diag shows that the hard drive has failed both read and write tests. Then we do call and tell them that the hdd is bad and offer to install a new one only after they have agreed to pay for it.

Other wise they get a call when the job is done. (3-5 B days ). Yes sometimes things are not in black an white. For instance a customers unit boots up to the os not found screen. Yes it could be a f*** up in the bios. Yes it could be a detached cable (pc only) but I cannot sit there and do work for free. Once they agree to the diag. ( Which costs 59.00 And takes max. Of 48 hours. We will get to the bottom of the issue.

Another thing you need to understand is that when a unit is sent to Geek Squad city ( the factory like repair center) repairs can take a maximum of 4 weeks depending on what parts are needed. But usual turn around time is 2 weeks. We have nothing to do with your unit once it leave the store. Ex once the unit is out of our hands there is no way for us or you to contact the service center except via escalations and other work e mails. Yes sometimes things do go bad. Ex (unit gets sent back with a defective mobo), you see instead of waiting for the part that you need. U, the customer constantly calls the store harassing us that you cannot live without your unit. So after 3 escalations. The svc tech gets frustrated and swaps your mobo with one from a similar unit. That has passed basic diag. So you get your unit back.

Aren't you happy wrong a week later it dies again. Who's fault is that. You don't want to wait for the job to be done properly even after I have personally warned you of what could happen. So you got what you deserve. You think you would be more understanding when you came back. Wrong!! You throw a fit and make a scene only to get the laptop shipped out again but this time you did not call not once.

You know I'm sure that there are some Geek Squad employees that are incompetent at best. But to talk as much trash as people do is not right. Agents do not get paid on commission or to upsell.

However we do know what the budget for the day is and care about best buys revenue(at least most of us do)so if were down for the day and there a sale on ram, how is it wrong that every machine I inspect to be running very slow running xp on 256 megs of ram I offer an upgrade of ram. I don't see that evil in that. I'm doing my job as a tech.

Another great tip if you can fix your own PC great I'm truly happy for you that's one less thing to worry about but don't go around trashing GeekSquad because they didn't choose your application or because your a tech for apple. If you can do it then don't bring your machine in your wasting our time. If you have questions which a lot of people do we always give the tech perspective on the issue. Like I said our pay is not based on what we make you spend.
If you want an agent to come to your home go online and get a price list. Come to the store for an in depth explanation. The fact is when you deal with a call operator they might not be to keen on the different complex services and pricing. Maybe its there 1st week. Or maybe you aren't clear enough. On what you need done.

Fyi - you need to do one of two things two get hired mostly all stores require a + cert but if you don't have that but have a credible amount of exp. Then during the interview they will quiz you on questions dealing from troubleshooting to very technical questions (relative to the a+ exam). So no not just anybody can become a Geek Squad tech.

Another fun fact,we do not steal your info. Yes I heard that it was done a year ago at some store . But that was an isolated incident. I personally that no tech be hired under the age of 21. I feel that the incident was a result of pure immaturity. But nothing like that has very happened in my store. I hope if you do need the service that you consider Geek Squad as an option. Some services are pricey but remember the prices drop substantially if its in store. If you feel you can fix the issue then attempt it. After what's the worst that can happen. When you feel cornered and boxed in come in to Geek Squad, And talk to an agent

Thank you

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Anonymous on 2008-06-15:
Sorry teks, I ain't buyin'. Several points in your post admit to incompetence and outright wrongdoing by Geek Squad staffers. You may be competent, and honest, but there's a huge problem across the board with Geek Squad in general and Best Buy in particular. Consumers are best advised to go to independent shops with a good reputation among users and forgoing a trip to the Geek Squad 'precinct'.
Anonymous on 2008-06-15:
well said, Doc
Anonymous on 2008-06-16:
A svc tech feels pressured so a mobo gets swapped from a similar unit and shipped back. That mobo fails. In the meantime the customer has paid for a repair yet it's really not repaired. Now the customer has to waste time to return the unit. The real pressure is from management to get them in and out as quickly as possible. That's why there are so many repair failures. I know someone whose kid is a PC wiz. He was hired by Geek and quit three months later. Why? Regardless of his talent he felt pressured by the manager who emphasized sales over actually doing repair work. EX: hard drives should be replaced instead of diagnosing the problem. A 4-week turnaround for units shipped out was typically 6-8 weeks with no guarantee any repairs were properly made. Now he works for an independent shop where he is happier and treated with respect.
jktshff1 on 2008-06-16:
I agree with the others. If you are so sick of hearing the complaints, then go to upper management and complain, or if you are as talented as you state, open your own repair business.
If I need help with mine, there is a local guy that does a great job, quick turnaround. It just takes some looking to find them in your area.
Bust Buy and the Geek Squad is the electronics equivalent of wally world. I wouldn't take a pair of pliers to them to be fixed.
DebtorBasher on 2008-06-16:
But you did make the VW cool!
Thanks for the Info...I used Geek Squad two or three times...I had no problem with them at all. I thought the price was a bit high, but I knew the prices before I OK'd the service on them and I always had my computer back in a reasonalbe amount of time, for the work they did on it.
samtheman on 2008-06-16:
"However we do know what the budget for the day is and care about best buys revenue", you shot yourself in the foot with this statement alone. It says you're more than willing to further BB's bottom line, regardless of time and money costs to the consumer.
teks on 2008-06-17:
I don't agree at all with that samtheman. if you owned your own computer shop,would you not care about how its doing financially, I am in no way shape or form taking advantage,bending the truth, or lying to any customer. I just make sure I OFFER (not demand or push )any service or upgrade that will suit there needs. ex- a computer comes in highly infected with viruses/trojans/adware. after offering the repair I would also offer prevention in the form of internet security. it suits the clients needs. you seem to think that a tech is just that and only that. but if you wanted to run a succecful shop or computer repair business. you would have to understand. where the $ value falls into place. there is a fine line between good business and scams/ripp off, this I know. but can assure you there is a huge difference. I would rather have customers that are loyal and respectful. rather than come only once feel that they have been ripped off and never come back. these are just my opinions
and I have much respect for anyone who offers theres. I have been reading posts for 2 days now and am pretty shocked at some of the things I've found. I DO agree that the company needs a reality check as a whole. when any one company feels like they can do whatever they want,that's when it collapses from the ground up.

well see
Krickey on 2008-07-14:
I only understood about half of that. GeekSquad charges way too much to do something as simple as malware removal.
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