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Very Bad Service
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Rating: 1/51

CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- For 4 years used a Chase, and always they try to give the service, 10 days ago the blocked my account, they said that need to verify any deposits, and freeze all my money. Every day try to resolve this case, but the agents and supervisor only said, "You need to away and we not can to do nothing." After 10 days I called other time and only say me that they decided to cancel the relations with me, but not give a clear explanation, but the big problem was that the cancelled the accounts to my family members and my ex-wife. It's crazy. Only said, "This is the decision and you need to away other 15 days for your money." Never recommended this bank in my life.

Shocked at Their Privacy Policies. This Branch Is an Identity Thief's Dream Come True!
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Rating: 1/51

GARNERVILLE, NEW YORK -- I had the WORST experience at the Chase Bank located at 58 W Ramapo Rd., Garnerville, NY. (I have to say that the tellers at this branch have ALWAYS been a pleasure to work with and this review is certainly no reflection on them.) I went in to get something notarized and waited over 30 minutes. The long wait time was certainly annoying as I sat and listened to ** talk loudly and incessantly to the couple she was serving, but I figured this was their idea of friendly service.

What I found absolutely UNACCEPTABLE is the way this couple's private information was broadcast across the bank. I know both of their names, how much money they make jointly, their home address including apartment number, his mother maiden name and the approximate time their cards are due to arrive in the mail. I guess the couple are lucky that I am not a thief because the bank employee would have made my job very easy, if I were one of the bad guys.

In this day and age of identity fraud, I was absolutely flabbergasted at the unprofessional and dangerous business practices being displayed right in front of me. If they care so little about this couple's privacy, how in the world and I supposed to feel safe about how my information is handled?

**, the Chase employee in question, could tell that I was very annoyed at the situation but it was her belief that my frustration came from having to wait so long. I was fine with letting her believe this was the reason for my frustration until she then curtly told me that if I had called and made an appointment for notary services, then I would not have had to wait. I replied that I DID call and if making an appointment ahead of time was such a great idea, then perhaps the person on the phone should have informed me of that option.

She went on to make a quip about how it was 20 minutes until 6 (I arrived at 5:15) and that I was lucky that they even had a notary available to help me. I informed her that during my phone call I was assured that a notary would be available until 6:00 on that specific day. So I guess now I am supposed to feel lucky that there was even someone there doing their job?

So the privacy of personal information is obviously NOT a concern (what I witnessed has to be against the policies and procedures of any banking establishment) and I as customer who tried to do her due diligence and called ahead of time is somehow left feeling that I should feel fortunate that she even bothered to help me at all. So why am I banking with this establishment? I have no idea but I know a lot of other banks that would welcome my business.

The difference in customer service between Chase and competing banks is an eye-opening experience. The times they are a changing. I guess when you bank with an establishment for over 15 years, they just assume you will never wrong they are.

Worst Customer Service of Any of the 8 Banks I've Dealt With
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Rating: 1/51

SANDY SPRINGS, GEORGIA -- When I dealt with Chase, I was in college. I had many signals to warn me of the poor decision on my part by opening an account with them. The first was when I had to deposit my checks in person before my direct deposit started. I was in an accelerated school which meant I was in school from 8 AM to 4 PM with a job right after. So I was in line at the bank with every other busy human being at lunch instead of eating. This was mostly a complaint on whoever managed the two branches I visited.

Either they were cutting corners or didn't care, but these centers were always understaffed. I remember clearly standing in line one lunch with 3 employees trying to take care of us. One at the window and the other two at the counter. The one at the window then announced loudly she was going to lunch, leaving the other two to deal with our growing line. I don't blame the lady. Employees have to eat too. I blame the management as I remember the looks those others in line with me gave her that only hurt the brand's image. No matter how fast they tried, I ended up having to leave 45 minutes in with only two people in front of me to get back to school on time.

The second was a whirlwind of unfortunate events that brought to light how much Chase is really about your money and nothing else. I worked at a job that required you to go through a temp agency. Due to the nature of the job, they could not disclose the job's location until you were actually hired. Once hired, your paperwork stayed at the temp agency for security reasons. Well that temp agency lost my scanned ID one day. Some ass-hat somewhere up the chain looked at my last name (**) and stopped my direct deposit and sent me a warning letter that I needed to get my green card renewed asap.

It just so happened at the same time, someone had stolen my card number for my Chase account. I check my account everyday, so as soon as I saw 2 new charges pop up that weren't mine, I immediately called Chase to have my card terminated and new one sent to me. By the time the card was terminated, I had over 16 transactions. Some little, like coffee, some larger, like cell phone plans (which at the time were not the cost of what we have now). Still, because my paycheck had been stopped, I went into deep overdraft territory and like most banks, Chase charges by the transaction.

I had over $180 in overdraft fees. It took me 2 and a half days to work with my temp agency and bank to get them to see that I really, really, really was an American citizen and that those charges were not mine. Chase retracted the charges; however, they were not going to retract the overdraft fees. Their customer service basically told me in a polite-ish way that I should have managed my money well enough to have avoided those overdraft fees. Because, you know, a broke college student with a missing paycheck needs to just hurry up and get that mystery cash savings together.

My last and final sign was the next day, I went in early and missed a class to close my account at Chase. When I reached the front of the line and was asked how I could be helped, I told them I'd like to close my account with them. The man immediately started typing. I was a statistic. Not a customer. Otherwise there might have been service. "We're sorry you're leaving us. Is there something we can do to change your mind? I apologize that you are unsatisfied with..." Nothing. The man finished typing, opened the drawer and handed me what was left of my money after their stolen $180 and told me to 'have a good day'.

I went to Washington Mutual after that. Talk about customer service. These people were always fully-staffed for their needs. Their people were friendly, remembered my name, went above and beyond to serve you. If there was a long line of waiting people, even the folks who normally handled mortgages and whatnot in the back would peek their heads out and offer to help anyone who was waiting. It was amazing.

I was so crushed to hear WAMU was bought out by Chase. It crushed my soul. As an older adult, it was a depressing view into the monopolized world of business and how big business could ruin the best things. Today, I won't even go to a Chase ATM. My current bank refunds my ATM fees but I refuse to give that sorry excuse for a financial institution a dime of my money, much less a $3 ATM fee.

Took More Than a Month to Deposit a Check.
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Rating: 1/51

OREM, UTAH -- Received a check as a graduation gift and tried to deposit it on June 1st. I was told that it would be a week until my funds were ready, waited two weeks and saw none of my money so I visited the branch. Apparently they were unable to contact the maker of the check because they had been trying the wrong phone number and when given the correct one, they still continued trying the wrong one. I asked the maker of the check to visit the branch to verify his identity, but it was “confidential”. He left a copy of his ID and his *CORRECT* phone number. Still, no one called him.

Savings account was closed, card was canceled, and I had no access to *ANY* of my money. Not only the check that I had tried to deposit, but also my previous funds, so I had no way of eating until given an ATM card days later. At this point it had been a month since I deposited the check. It was suggested that I ask the maker to cancel the check and instead give me a money order, but upon contacting his bank, he realized the money had been withdrawn from his account on June 2nd (a month ago).

I threatened to bring my attorney into this and that's when it finally seemed like anyone began *TRYING* to help me. The maker was contacted by my banker and the fraud department, his identity was verified, and I was told that I would have the money deposited into my account in the next 48 hours. Waited three days, still nothing. Visited the branch again, possibly for the 10th time in the last month and a half, and was told it would be another 48 hours. Waited four days: nothing. Two days ago, it was deposited.

It's nice to know that it takes them nearly a month and a half to deposit a check. I have been utterly patient, kind, and understanding while waiting for *MY* money to be given to me. What angers me the most is that for whatever reason, Chase thought it would be a good idea to withdraw the money from my uncle's account but refuse to give it to me, merely to "prevent fraud". Well, that's fraud. He didn't write the check for Chase, but it was still taken and held onto for much longer than necessary.

Chase Bank Should Have Returned Check Instead of Paying Check
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Rating: 1/51

UNION CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I had always declined overdraft protection so I was surprised to see my checking account with two overdraft fees for a check nearly 7K that was cashed. The check was never intended to be cashed. I had an agreement with a home improvement business that my nearly 10K contract would all be paid by my American Express credit card. My 30% initial payment was paid by American Express. The 70% final payment was to be paid after the closing date statement of my American Express and then I would receive in exchange the check back when I paid with my American Express credit card.

However, the day after I signed the check, I cancelled my contract with the business so the check was supposed to be returned to me within 10 business days following receipt of the cancellation notice. Instead the sales project consultant deposited the check with no services rendered. I am now out of nearly 10K. I am angry that the funds that I had reserved to pay my bills are in the hands of a business that I will now have to sue. This would never have happened if Chase Bank had returned the check instead of paying the check.

Took Three Months Before District and Marketing Manager Spoke With Me
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Rating: 3/51

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I was told that I could receive $125 if I put ten thousand dollars into a brand new Savings Account for 90 days, not 120 days. I was misinformed and misled about the terms of opening this type of Savings Account and even worse, I was pressured to open the account and I was given a deadline that was just one week later extended.

It seems to me that Chase wants to have their cake and eat it too! They are short on the details and when they say there's a deadline, they pressure and even coerce you to buy their current promotional product. And then adding insult to injury, they extend the deadline for some of their promotions after they have pushed you to meet the previous deadline.

Lastly, if you don't have huge amounts of money in more than one account, your checking and savings account don't bear any or just marginal/minimal interest. Chase is for wealthy people who can afford to put large sums of money in checking and savings!

Could Not Apply Overpayment to the Highest Interest Rate and Changed to the High Rate Unwillingly
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Rating: 1/51

INDIANA -- I don't complain too much, but: So I paid back an large Chase overdraft payment the very next day (due to my error of having the wrong day by just one day on an automatic payment). Chase says that I paid the overdraft back TOO soon (before their closing date) and the computers could only apply my payment to the lower interest rate instead of applying it to the higher interest rate like they're supposed to. So NOW I'm forced to have my payment refunded back, pay the high interest 19.5% rate for 25 days, then pay the payment AGAIN after the closing date so their computer knows where the payment is supposed to go.

MORAL: Before you decide to pay back an overdraft, CALL Chase Bank and ask them if their computers can handle the payment at that time! This is all perfectly clear to me now. Their computers only do what is best for the bank, and not what's best for the consumer. BTW - If I hadn't caught it on my statement, they would have kept charging me the 19.5% for the rest of time.

Great Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- My wife and I have been with Chase for about 5 years. We went to them after some extremely rotten dealings with Wells Fargo, with whom we had been with for more than 20 years. We have a checking account only with Chase, along with a debit card, no credit cards whatsoever. Since being with Chase, we have had nothing but great service from their personnel in our neighborhood. The branch we use is located in the Fred Meyer (Kroger) store near our home. The people there are helpful, friendly, and always seem happy to see us and to attend to our questions and problems.

About a year ago, I inadvertently got involved with a credit monitoring outfit in Texas, believing that they would get a one-time $30.00 fee for their report. Instead, this credit monitoring outfit hit our account for $30.00 three months in a row. We went to our local Chase bank and told the representative there about this. We were told that we would be getting back all but the original $30.00. Instead, after just a very few days, less than a week, we had all the $90.00 back in our account.

The only thing the representative at Chase asked of us was to let him know when and if the money was returned. Whatever anyone else might say about Chase, they have treated my wife and me with the utmost respect and great service.

Disputing Charges/NSF Fee Reversals
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Rating: 1/51

OREGON -- I've never dealt with such rude, uncaring people as I've experienced with Chase's claims/disputes department when I called to dispute charges on my checking account. I opened up a checking account with Chase when I received an insurance settlement and was treated like a queen at the local branch. Over this last year, however, I lost my job and trying to support myself and two children.

I called to dispute charges which also caused NSF charges on my account, which were reversed initially. After this, the merchant credited my account when I left town to care for my terminally ill grandmother. (I couldn't get internet access or cell service where she lives.) Chase debited my account a few days later without any notification to me, which caused numerous NSF charges and I wasn't even aware of it.

I called the claims/dispute unit and asked to have the NSF charges reversed due to their debit without notification to me; plus I had no ability to even view or check my account by phone while out of town. I was told by Chase the charges were scheduled to be credited to my account the following day; no problem! This not only "didn't" happen, but it caused even more NSF charges to accumulate. I called Chase again and was told they didn't know why the reversal hadn't happen and promised me it would happen; including reversing the "accumulative" NSF fees which occurred from it.

My grandmother passed away recently, but when I checked my account, no fees were ever reversed and even more NSF charges had accumulated over time. I called Chase Claims/Dispute unit again, was told (quite rudely) Chase wouldn't reverse the NSF charges and they were not sure why the other Chase employees made this statement, even though they could read the notes and knew these statements were made to me. When I asked to speak a supervisor, she put me on hold and then said her supervisor's "system" was freezing up and she couldn't view my account info. I was asked to call them back in 2 hours.

When I asked why they couldn't call me back, as it was a problem with Chase's system, I was told they "can't" do that. I've never dealt with a company that takes absolutely NO responsibility for the info and promises made by their own employees. I didn't have any access to internet/phone while I was providing 24 hr. care for her, which couldn't be helped. I have no regret taking care of my grandmother until she died which allowed her to stay in her own home. I DO regret setting up my account with Chase Bank

Since Nov. when I went to stay with her, I've incurred over $1400.00 in NSF charges which my kids and I cannot afford. Based on the "profit" Chase has made off of my situation, you would think they'd treat me with courtesy and respect since they don't get that much profit off of their customers in such a short time frame!

I should be returning to work in a month or so, thank goodness. :) Until I get back on my feet again, we have no money, when there should be well over $1400.00 in my checking account. Thank you Chase, for providing such caring, compassionate, trustworthy banking services for our family during our most difficult time...

Chase Bank Stole My Money
By -

MANDEVILLE, LOUISIANA -- A STORY OF BAD BANK PRACTICES. Do not do business with this Chase Bank, they steal your money. In 2006 I deposited a check in an ATM with Bank One that was acquired by Chase; I had the receipt and the deposit slip. They put the money in my account and a day later took it out, claimed they never received the check. I called them and they said contact fraud department, so I filed a claim.

Weeks go by and many phone calls and they refuse to give me my money back. I even faxed over the company that wrote the check, proof that Chase Bank cashed it. I immediately I closed the account like a normal smart person would. They refused to stop charging me NSF fees after they lost my check.

The collections department was calling me over and over, harassing me. I told them I refuse to pay NSF fees when you lost my check. I checked with a lawyer and he wanted to charge me more than the check to get my money back. I wrote it off… Later in 2010 I started a new business technology company in Mandeville, Louisiana and I was talked into opening a business account with Chase again. I put over 15,000 dollars in this account kept finding errors, and one day right before Christmas, I am missing over 1000 dollars - says on the statement transferred to another account.

I called every department, no one could tell me where my money was or where it went. I told them I refuse to put more money in the account until they showed me where my money went. They promised me they would somehow freeze the account until they get me that information. Weeks later I see they lied, I had a credit of 00 deposited and the took it all with NSF fees - over 300 dollars in NSF fees.

I went to talk to the Mandeville manager in person, his name is **, because after many phone calls, he would not return my call. I was told he was the only one who because Chase Bank made a mistake and the lady I spoke with did not freeze the account like she said she would. ** was the only one who could reverse the NSF fees.

Even after admitting to me he did not call back and admitted he failed to freeze the account, he would not return my NSF fees and refused to close the account because the NSF fees brought the account to a negative balance. He cursed me and told me to leave the bank. He lost his cool, as I was walking out he said he is going to close my account in a very angry voice. I said, "good, what do I need to sign?" and he said nothing. The day after, I see he still did not close my account and more NSF fees are to be acquired.

Please as a nation of good people DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CHASE BANK, YOU COULD BE NEXT. I lost over 2900 dollars because Chase Bank took my money and now they refuse to give it back. Please if anyone has a similar story, write it down and let other people know about banks that take your money. I will be starting a web blog and collecting similar stories on this website.

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