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No safeguard against unauthorized withdrawals
Posted by on
SAN MARCOS, CALIFORNIA -- Do not trust Chase Bank if you're concerned about safeguarding your money against unauthorized withdrawals by ACH clearing houses for auto-payments. I provided written notice of cancellation to Chase & the vendor, but withdrawals have continued for months & they won't reverse them. I've tried written disputes, Stop orders, zero-ing out my acct. (resulted in a negative balance & $34 overdraft fee). Twice I even called Chase's 800# to dispute charges that were still pending (within 24hrs.) & they still allowed them to go through. Next will be a complaint to the Office of the Comptroller of Currency. Know your rights- read FRB Regulation E! And put your money elsewhere.
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trmn8r on 05/03/2011:
Was this an automatic payment that you set up *from* your Chase account, or an automatic billing that you authorized a company to *withdrawal* from your Chase account? What company is it that you were paying each month?

What are the dates involved? When did you cancel the autopay? How many months were you billed after you requested cancellation? What efforts have you made to contact the company that got the money, and how have they responded to your request to get the money back?

Automatic payments are great, until you want to stop them.
yoke on 05/03/2011:
The issue is with the vendor and not Chase. Since they were notified to stop and continue to put in the withdrawls it is on them. What company is it for? Do you owe them money?
Cwazychicken on 05/03/2011:
That is why I never give any site (like clearing house), my bank account in fear of them being able to bill me anytime I want and my bank not being able to do much about it. Did you give them your bank account info?. Did you contact them to stop billing you? I assume you probably have done everything you can to put a stop to it, but some of These kinds of companies tend to take advantage and bill people non stop any ways, and its hard to cancel them. If you can't do anything, may have to open a new bank account. Hope it stops for you.
ASAP on 05/04/2011:
The relationship was with "merchant services", ie- credit card processing co. (Intuit/IMS). We had to give them bank routing info in order to receive payments. Problem was after we canceled their service (written notice to Intuit & Chase). They continued for months to withdraw monthly fees without authorizn. We caught the errors & reported it to Chase, but they allowed further withdrawals. Plan to close the acct. as soon as we receive refund (if ever) but so far Chase has stonewalled.
smbarerg1 on 09/12/2012:
Hey ASAP if you're still around these boards did Chase ever refund the money?? My dad had the same issue with them and it is a PITA to fix.
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Chase Bank Stole My Money
Posted by on

Do not do business with this Chase Bank they steel your money, In 2006 I deposited a check in an ATM with Bank One that was acquired by Chase; I had the receipt and the deposit slip. They put the money in my account and a day later took it out claimed they never received the check. I called them and they said contact fraud department so I filed a claim weeks go by and many phone calls and they refuse to give me my money back I even faxed over the company that wrote the check proof that Chase Bank Cashed it. I immediately I closed the account like a normal smart person would. They refused to stop charging me NSF fees after they lost my check.

The collections department was calling me over and over harassing me I told them I refuse to pay NSF fees when you lost my check. I checked with a lawyer and he wanted to charge me more than the check to get my money back. I wrote it off… Later in 2010 I started a new business technology company in Mandeville, Louisiana and I was talked into opening a business account with chase again. I put over 15,000 dollars in this account kept finding errors, and one day right before Christmas I am missing over 1000 dollars says on the statement transferred to another account I called every department no one could tell me where my money was or where it went I told them I refuse to put more money in the account until they showed me where my money went, they promised me they would somehow freeze the account until they get me that information, weeks later I see they lied, I had a credit of 00 deposited and the took it all with NSF fees, Over 300 dollars in NSF fees I went to talk to the Mandeville manager in person his name is Eddie, because after many phone calls he would not return my call, I was told he was the only one who because Chase bank made a mistake and the lady I spoke with did not freeze the account like she said she would Eddie was the only one who could reverse the NSF fees even after admitting to me he did not call back and admitted he failed to freeze the account the would not return my NSF fees and refused to close the account because the NSF fees brought the account to a negative balance. He cursed me and told me to leave the bank he lost his cool, as I was walking out he said he is going to close my account in a very angry voice I said good what do I need to sign and he said nothing, the day after I see he still did not close my account and more NSF fees are to be acquired.

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Inat on 02/04/2011:
ya know, I've been a Bank One / chase customer for about about 15 years and NEVER have I had a problem with NSF, "stolen money", etc. EVER - you know why? b/c I keep track of my money and NEVER depend on their ATM balance statements, etc.
Skye on 02/04/2011:
Is there a possibility, someone else removed the money? Does your statement show Chase took the money from your account? I'm just asking, because I totally understand your anger and frustration. Did you have overdraft fee's that added up, therefore, they took the check to pay them?

You said you were willing to write off the first amount of money, why, I don't know, but why would you choose them again after the fiasco with the first stolen/missing check? I think certain details may be missing.
Anonymous on 02/04/2011:
I certainly would be taking them to small claims court to get my money back.
saj80 on 02/04/2011:
A receipt does not prove or disprove that the money was actually put into the ATM. I can go to any ATM that accepts deposits and enter an amount, insert a blank envelope, and get a receipt stating a deposit has been made. However, these deposits are not accepted until verified. You can waste your time via a small claims court action, but without solid evidence that the money was actually in the deposit envelope (I hope you didn't deposit cash, because you have no proof then), you don't have a chance of winning. You need to contact whomever sent you the check and see if it has cleared their account. If it has, it will have tracking numbers that can be used to see where it was accepted and deposited.
Obsfucation on 02/04/2011:
It happens every single day Saj.
Eric on 06/17/2011:
Call the media, such as ABC, Channel 11, disclose to the public
kw34 on 01/16/2013:
I just checked my Chase accounts online and found out both my checking and savings account have been closed. There's no online record of either account even existing on their webpage. There was approximately $2500 in both accounts and now I have no idea where that money is now.
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Worst Customer Service of Any of the 8 Banks I've Dealt With
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SANDY SPRINGS, GEORGIA -- When I dealt with Chase, I was in college. I had many signals to warn me of the poor decision on my part by opening an account with them.

The first was when I had to deposit my checks in person before my direct deposit started. I was in an accelerated school which meant I was in school from 8AM to 4PM with a job right after. So I was in line at the bank with every other busy human being at lunch instead of eating. This was mostly a complaint on whoever managed the two branches I visited. Either they were cutting corners or didn't care, but these centers were always understaffed. I remember clearly standing in line one lunch with 3 employees trying to take care of us. One at the window and the other two at the counter. The one at the window then announced loudly she was going to lunch leaving the other two to deal with our growing line. I don't blame the lady. Employees have to eat too. I blame the management as I remember the looks those others in line with me gave her that only hurt the brand's image. No matter how fast they tried, I ended up having to leave 45 minutes in with only two people in front of me to get back to school on time.

The second was a whirlwind of unfortunate events that brought to light how much Chase is really about your money and nothing else. I worked at a job that required you to go through a temp agency. Due to the nature of the job, they could not disclose the job's location until you were actually hired. Once hired, your paperwork stayed at the temp agency for security reasons. Well that temp agency lost my scanned ID one day. Some asshat somewhere up the chain looked at my last name (Rodriguez) and stopped my direct deposit and sent me a warning letter that I needed to get my green card renewed asap.

It just so happened at the same time, someone had stolen my card number for my chase account. I check my account everyday, so as soon as I saw 2 new charges pop up that weren't mine, I immediately called chase to have my card terminated and new one sent to me. By the time the card was terminated, I had over 16 transactions. Some little, like coffee, some larger, like cell phone plans (which at the time were not the cost of what we have now). Still, because my paycheck had been stopped, I went into deep overdraft territory and like most banks, Chase charges by the transaction.

I had over $180 in overdraft fees. It took me 2 and a half days to work with my temp agency and bank to get them to see that I really really really was an American citizen and that those charges were not mine. Chase retracted the charges, however, they were not going to retract the overdraft fees. Their customer service basically told me in a polite-ish way that I should have managed my money well enough to have avoided those overdraft fees. Because, you know, a broke college student with a missing paycheck needs to just hurry up and get that mystery cash savings together.

My last and final sign was the next day, I went in early and missed a class to close my account at Chase. When I reached the front of the line and was asked how I could be helped, I told them I'd like to close my account with them. The man immediately started typing. I was a statistic. Not a customer. Otherwise there might have been service. "We're sorry you're leaving us." "Is there something we can do to change your mind?" "I apologize that you are unsatisfied with..."

Nothing. The man finished typing, opened the drawer and handed me what was left of my money after their stolen $180 and told me to 'have a good day'. I went to Washington Mutual after that. Talk about customer service. These people were always fully staffed for their needs. Their people were friendly, remembered my name, went above and beyond to serve you. If there was a long line of waiting people, even the folks who normally handled mortgages and whatnot in the back would peek their heads out and offer to help anyone who was waiting. It was amazing. I was so crushed to hear WAMU was bought out by Chase. It crushed my soul. As an older adult, it was a depressing view into the monopolized world of business and how big business could ruin the best things.

Today, I won't even go to a Chase ATM. My current bank refunds my ATM fees but I refuse to give that sorry excuse for a financial institution a dime of my money, much less a $3 ATM fee.
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 11/18/2013:
Sounds like you'd better get thee to a credit union.
nikalseyn on 11/18/2013:
I have been with the same bank---now Chase__for decades and the only problem I have with them is a decided lack of personnel lately, just like your experience.

Your big mistake was in closing out your account before you cleared up the overdraft charges. If the overdrafts were not caused by you but by fraud, then you should have just left the account open until you resolved these charges. Then closed the account. As mentioned, tho I suspect a credit union account would be much better for you.
ok4now on 11/19/2013:
My overall experience with Chase Visa has been good. They gave me a $20K credit limit on the card with a 12% interest rate. Usually I pay the entire balance off each month to avoid the interest charge. Recently I made several large purchases totaling $5k. I called customer service asking for an interest rate reduction, they refused alienating a good customer.

Just transferred the entire balance to my C.U. Visa at 2.9%. Sorry Chase you lost a customer.

Comments Basher? I know you're reading this.

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Chase does not protect their customers from fraud
Posted by on
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I have become the victim of fraud on our checking account. Chase, not only won't return our money, they are demanding payment of $400 in overdrawn funds. I apologize for the length of this report but felt the length is necessary to adequately explain our situation.

We opened an account with Washington Mutual over a year ago with $110. We then received $100 "bonus" for opening the account. Since that time there has been $210 in the account and we have NEVER used this account. The ATM cards sit in our desk drawer. As most everyone knows, Washington Mutual was bought by Chase. If my husband and I are guilty of anything, it's that we don't closely monitor this account because we never use it. We've been meaning to close it but just hadn't gotten around to it.

We then moved on May 1st. Through all of the chaos with moving and getting our mail forwarded several weeks went by before we opened any of our mail. All of our important bills are on automatic payment. On May 25th we opened our mail to find a letter stating that a hold had been placed on a recent deposit in the amount of $1500.56 on April 27th. This sent the alarm bells off immediately since we have never used this account. We then found our bank statement and found that there had been multiple deposits and withdrawals. Our initial thought was that our account had gotten crossed with someone else because of the deposits. We also found our ATM cards right away.

My husband immediately called Chase to find out what was going on. The representative on the phone was completely rude and actually told us, "How do I know you didn't do this?". He could not help us and told us to go into our local branch.

My husband went to the local branch the next day. It took two people to finally figure out what was going on, but it did in fact appear that someone was fraudulently using our account. Chase had switched from Mastercard to Visa and had mailed new cards on April 20th --- WE NEVER RECEIVED THESE CARDS. Now, we have a locked mailbox --- how someone got a hold of our cards and pin numbers I will never know. There was an initial withdrawal of $200, multiple balance inquiries (a tell-tale sign of fraud), multiple deposits, and withdrawals. We were able to obtain copies of all of the deposits --- all of the checks were clearly stolen and our signatures were forged for endorsement.

My husband filled out all of the paperwork to file a claim and was told that I would need to return to the bank to sign the paperwork as well as both of our cards were used. I went into the bank of June 5th and completed the remaining paperwork. At this time we also asked to see the ATM videos --- she told us that it was not us on the video (duh, I could have told her that) but they were not allowed to show us the videos unless we have filed a police report. We were assured that we had done everything we needed to do and that our money would be returned to us.
Later that we week we began to receive multiple letters from Chase. They had approved some of the claims but not all of them (each transaction required a separate claim). We received three cashiers’ checks, in the amounts of $14, $36, and $6. We then called the person at the local branch for an explanation. She contacted the fraud department for us. When she got back to us she explained that she couldn't get an exact answer as to why our claims were denied but she thought that the fraud department believed we had given our cards/pins to someone else. So here we are again, back to square one, still with no money! She then told us that there was nothing more that she could do and that we would need to contact the fraud department directly.

We then contacted the fraud department and asked to speak to a supervisor. We explained the entire situation to the supervisor and after a lot of pressure he finally agreed to review the case again. However, his attitude was nothing but appalling. He treated us like criminals! I nicely explained that we at least deserved an explanation as to why the claims were denied --- particularly because they had approved 3 of the transactions but none of the others. Clearly, if Chase believes our account was fraudulently used for three transactions they must believe all of the transactions were fraud. He then told me that I was wrong, and that Chase had denied all of the claims. I have the letter right in front of me and read it to him - "Our research indicates that the transaction was processed incorrectly or was not authorized" and I have a cashiers' check in my hand! He still insisted that I was wrong and that Chase had denied all claims and they would want that money back. Are you serious? Have I gone absolutely insane ?!?

The only answer he would give me as to the reason for denial was that research revealed that the transactions were processed correctly and that it was within Chase's policies and procedures. I asked for a copy of the policies and procedures. I was told that Chase does not share its policies and procedures with customers. Again, are you serious? What kind of company doesn't share its policies and procedures with customers? I was told that if I wanted to see a copy of the investigation I would have to subpoena the documents.

So here we are, six weeks later, and we can't get our money back. So at this point I'm ready to give up. We really only lost $200 and it's probably not worth my time to fight it anymore. BUT then, just when I thought this situation couldn't get any worse, the saga continues. The collections department is now calling me and my husband daily and they want the $400 in overdrawn funds on the account. If we do not pay, we will be reported to the ChexSystems --- this will impact our credit rating and our ability to establish an account with other financial institutions. This is absolutely ludicrous. We have done nothing wrong. I am NOT going to let this go and feel it is my duty to fight this unfair practice for myself and fellow consumers. We have since filed a police report for the initial fraud. I will also be reporting Chase to the Attorney General, the California Department of Financial Institutions, and will also file a small claims suit against them.

Two of my family members and one of my co-workers have already closed their Chase account since hearing about our ordeal. I warn all fellow consumers that Chase can't be trusted and your money IS NOT SAFE!
Stay tuned as this story unfolds....

Update: 8/1/10; Chase has responded to complaints through the Office of the Comptroller and BBB. They have again denied our claim, stating that we had to given our PIN to someone else. I have contacted several news agencies.
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User Replies:
msnanny on 07/20/2010:
Wow. What a mess. Good luck getting it figured out!
clutzycook on 07/20/2010:
So you opened this account but never used it? Why? Hope you get this mess straightened out but methinks you may have to get a lawyer to do so.
goduke on 07/20/2010:
A lot of banks have a time limit on the ability of someone to dispute transactions due to fraudulent activity. If someone had, in fact, been using this account fraudulently for over a year, that may explain why some of the transactions were not able to be voided.
ellaella on 04/12/2011:
I'm guessing you don't have identity theft protection as part of an insurance policy? You may wish to add it to your homeowner's or renter's insurance, if your company provides this service. This is such a gross error on Chase's part! I wouldn't worry so much about Chase's threat to send the account to collections though. Sometimes the collection agency can be easier to work with than the company. I had medical bills once that I was paying off on a payment plan. The hospital sent my account to collections in violation of our written agreement, even though I was making timely payments. They even sent statements to the collections agency that I had already paid in full as shown in the hospital's own payment system. I called the collection agency to explain the errors and mailed a letter documenting everything, along with copies of the payments, to them via certified mail. I was never contacted by them again and I never received anything on my credit report. Be proactive, stay persistent, and don't let Chase bully you by their silly little threats.
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Chase closing my account
Posted by on
LONG ISLAND CITY, NEW YORK -- My husband and I have a small business. For about 15 years we have had our business account at Chase. The location was very convenient and the manager, tellers and customer service people were all very friendly. The last few years things have gone down hill. It started with the manager leaving. Even though we are a very small company he always treated us with the same respect as larger companies. For a while there was not manager and then a new one every month or so. The current and previous managers have lasted longer, but their attitude is not one of how can we help you rather what can you do for us.

A few months ago we decided to move our account to another bank. The manager we liked so much was at that location and we felt very comfortable there. We did not close the Chase account right away in order to give ourselves a chance to change over automatic payments, credit card deposits and the like. At the beginning of this month I went to the bank to make some final transactions. The teller called the manager over who then asked me to come to the customer service area. I was told that our account was closed. I asked why and received no response other than your account is closed. I asked the manager to please find out why and she went into a back room of the bank. I waited for several minutes and then saw her in the teller area talking and laughing with one of them. She then came out and gave me a number to call for more information. I asked if she couldn't call right then, but her only response was your account is closed and have a nice day.

I went back to our office and called this number. The answer I was given was "your account is closed" and that I would receive a letter explaining everything. I was very frustrated. There was money in the account and I was unable to get it. I was told I would receive a check when they finished the closing process.

A few days later I did receive a letter stating that the account would be closed 10 business days from a certain date. That date was one day before I went to the bank and was told it was closed. It also stated that 5 more business days after this a check would be issued for any money still in the account. The letter did not give any reason for the closing. I asked why I wasn't given any warning and was told that Chase decided to do things that way. I asked what had prompted the closing and was told Chase has rules for having an account and I had done something against those rules. I asked what specifically I had done and was not given any reason.

I explained all this to the manager at my new bank. He was surprised and told me they cannot hold my money and that I should make a fuss and also to call the executive offices. I called the branch and after asking several people got the number for the executive offices in our city. Unfortunately I received no further help there. In fact the representative I talked to was very rude. She gave me the same answer "your account is closed" and could say nothing further. I called back a second time and this person was a little nicer, but no concrete answer. I find that I have no choice but to wait for them to send us the funds they are holding.

I feel Chase is acting like a bully. I am the small guy and the big bully is doing whatever he feels like. I did nothing wrong and am being punished for some reason. Once this is over I will be glad to be rid of Chase.

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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 01/18/2008:
You did not state how much money is involved or how long they have blocked you from access. If it has been more than 30 days you may want to get an attorney. Possibly even file a police report for theft. Maybe then they will be a little more forthcoming with a reason for closing the account. Another possibility is to file a small claims case against them. That will get their attention.

These are only possible courses of action. How much money is involved, how long it has been, and their reason for closing the account will determine the best way to go.

Good luck. Keep us informed on what happens.
Principissa on 01/18/2008:
What I don't understand is how they can close a person's account and not give them an explanation. It is your money, and unless you have pending transactions, they have no right to keep it from you. I am going to agree with chuck here and say that depending on what the final balance is on the account that you seriously consider contacting an attorney.
bizmom on 01/18/2008:
Thanks for your response. It is not a large amount of money as we were using the new account as our main checking account(Under $2000.00). But to us as a very small business it is a lot of money. It has only been one week since this happened. They said that in 10 business days(from 1/9/08 as stated in the letter I received on the 14th) the account would be officially closed and that in 5 business days after that a check would be sent.

The executive office had told me to read the rules for having a business account. As with most people I don't think I ever read this from cover to cover and I could not find a copy. I went to the branch and got a copy of the rules. Under a section headed closing accounts it states that the bank or the account owner can at any time with or without a reason can close the account. It states that if there is money in the account it will be returned to you, but it does not give a time period. So I guess they can do this and not tell you why. But it does not say this cannot be done without warning. If I had received this letter and been given the 10 days to clear everything it would have been fine.
spiderman2 on 01/18/2008:
I would contact the banking department in New York to find out if they are acting legally or not. I find it very odd that they will not give you an answer.
Let us know if you ever get an explanation from them.
madconsumer on 01/18/2008:
I think something is missing in this review. banks do not close accounts "just because".

calamity on 01/18/2008:
You need to contact the "Comptroller of the Currency". They pulled this same garbage with my ex-husband, and they tried to hold a check for over 8k for close to 20 days. They first tried to allege that it was a fake check, and when AES Suntrust got involved and got ugly with them, they changed their tune. They had showed the funds as available online, so I had paid half a dozen bills via online transaction, only to have all of them returned unpaid, with resulting fees of over $375, not counting the fees he was charged by the companies that were paid. They were rude, condescending and evasive at the local branch, and after we called the comptroller and then the Executive branch of Chase, over and over, he finally got what was left of his money. They refused to refund the fees, and they treated him like a criminal for depositing a student loan check from a reputable lender. They are crooks, clear and simple.
Madtypist on 01/20/2008:
I am no fan of Chase and will be looking in to see the excuse you are finally given for why they closed your account. What I know from my experience with Chase is no matter how long or good of a customer you have been of theirs, if your credit rating ever takes a dip, if you are a customer of Chase's, be prepared for your dip to go down further. I was a customer of theirs for 17 years, they previously had been my all time favorite company but after the merger with First Card there was a transformation. They raised my rate to 29.9% ONLY because I was considered a "poor risk" based on my credit score. I paid as much as I could to them each month (more than the minimum payment) and each month they lowered my credit to my outstanding balance keeping me at 100% up to my credit with them. I finally was able to borrow from a family member to pay that sucker off. They first FROZE my account for 10 days (because of the "suspicious" large payment and then when that cleared they closed my account. "You have enough credit with Chase." [I had another card with them that had been my original Chase before my First Card turned into a Chase.]
AT THE SAME TIME I was getting pre-approved refinance offers from Chase. [My house then and now has a ton of equity in it.] As soon as my credit score bounced back up to "Good" (taking longer than it would thanks to Chase) I refinanced easily with Wells Fargo. Now that my score is back up to Excellent Chase has raised my remaining account with them another $8,000. I do not use that card -- will NEVER use anything with Chase on it ever again.
So my guess is they are doing the same thing with you, closing your account because they have decided you are no longer of used to them. Bully is right, they were the ONLY bank during my financial crisis (my business had a very bad six months -- I was never late nor over my limit with ANY of my cards -- including theirs -- I simply had to use my cards during that time to pay my expenses. They were the ONLY bank that did this to me.)
I do think with Chase it is nothing personal but they have set themselves up with letting numbers and computers do their business and there is now no room for "customer relations". As you see, they have absolutely none. I actually suspect the humans you think you are talking to are really robots. No matter what you say to them, they keep repeating the same response.
sumoact1 on 01/21/2008:
I think you should write the BBB about what they did and how they treated you. let them shake e'm up
bizmom on 01/21/2008:
I appreciate all the comments and advice. I will try complaints to the BBB and other the agencies suggested and let you know what happens.
screwedbyChase2 on 02/04/2008:
Chase has gotten too big for its own good. The bank and its employees behave like bullies simply because they are bullies.

Withdraw your money while you can. If it's there long enough, they will take it out in fees.

The good thing about banks is that there are plenty of them! Go to a bank that really appreciates your business. There are still a few good ones out there. :)
bizmom on 02/05/2008:
I did finally receive a check from Chase for the total we had left in the account. No one ever told me the reason for this, though. But I am glad to be free from Chase and I will not have to deal with them again. By the way we are using HSBC and find them to be very professional and friendly.
ezex on 03/31/2008:
Hi, yes , the same happens with 2 business account on BANK OF AMERICA< and yes yes it JUST because,
no explanation I been calling all day, and went to the branch, and they don't want to disclosure to me any information.
Kimmy on 09/17/2012:
any update as to why they closed?
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They won't take my money as a deposit!!!
Posted by on
I just signed up with Chase for online banking. I was with USAA but they won't let me scan checks with my phone since I'm not in the military? Chase lets me scan checks with my Android so I thought I was good to go.

I went to scan my first check for $1200 to get some money in the new account setup 3 days ago. The Android App said can't deposit this amount it's too much. So I went to their FAQ page and there is nothing there stating that there's a limit to check amounts. I called there Tech Support and said the limit is $1000 and that can't be changed. Now I have to write out 2 checks!!

I asked what's my account number for the back of the check? They said we can't tell you over the phone.

I asked where can I see it online? You can look at your statement'll have one in 20 days.

I asked if I could answer 5 security questions to get the account number. They said our policy is too not tell customer their account number.

I asked how can I get you take my money? They said go to an ATM.
I don't have my ATM card yet. They said you should have it shortly. I asked what is shortly, the mail already came today. They said 7-10 days.

I said you want me to wait 7 days to put money in my account?
I said I think you should change your policy, it's broken.

I live no where near a Chase Bank, I'm trying to do on-line banking but you won't get me access to my account for 7-10 days?

They put a Supervisor Salvador in Houston on the line and he didn't resolve anything but stonewall me.

Does someone out there want to be my bank please?

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User Replies:
clutzycook on 03/26/2011:
As much as I LOVE online banking, I would never go with a bank that didn't have a brick and mortar branch within reasonable driving distance of my house or job for the very same reason you're outlining here.
macdave on 03/26/2011:
Why can you not just transfer the 1200 from your USAA account? When I opened accounts at my last 2 banks that's how I got money into them to start.
Skye on 03/26/2011:
I have to agree with cc and macdave.

I also love my mom and pop branch, and never ever had any issues with my bank, and they are all over the place. I avoid large banks that deal mainly with corporations. Banks are supposecd to make things accessible and easy for customers, not make things worse.

trmn8r on 03/27/2011:
I use online banking primarily, and I agree with clutzy. I only bank with banks that have a branch near me. Actually, several branches in the area, so that I can easily get to one if I need to.

In this age of wireless, people are getting accustomed to doing things instantaneously. But, opening a bank account does come with delays as well as rules. This has not changed.

Privacy concerns have dictated that all companies considerably tighten the disclosure of information such as account numbers. The only ones that don't seem to follow along are the state and local tax authorities (go figure) - they still print my SSN on mailings.

When I opened my PNC account 5 months ago, it took 3 weeks to get it working right due to an electronic glitch. Things happen. I hope it works out for you as you move forward.
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How Chase Steals from you without you knowing - Blind Sighted
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I applied for a FREE Savings and Checking account in mid December of 2009. Understanding the terms of FREE. Just recently I looked at my account and notice a $6 fee that was charged on my account labeled "service Fee". The red flag caught my eye and I started to look for further fees that were similar on both my savings and checking account to realize that I've been charged the $6 fee each month. When I browsed through my Savings account the same thing happened.

I called into their customer service department to get it resolved. Unfortunately, their customer service department is so terrible and have been trained to say the same thing over and over regardless of what you tell them, was quite unhelpful. They were more frustrating than anything.

Let's start with my savings account. When I applied for the Free account, I was told that as long as I maintain a $300 balance, I won't be charged. Which is in any case for any bank. EXCEPT CHASE. Twice I withdrew money from a different ATM and was charged $2 each which I understand however, I was charged a third $2 fee because I went to another ATM inserted my card and withdrew the money which they had charge from the note above. So instead of charging for just withdraw from a different ATM you also get nicked for putting your ATM into a non Chase ATM. What kind of rule is that? On top of this, I was charged a $6 fee each month since January. Why? Because I transfer money from my checking to my savings and vice versa more than 4 times in a month. Did you know that? What happened to maintaining my $300 in the savings at all times and not incur a charge? They completely blind sighted me on that.

Let's move to my FREE Checking account now. I was charged $6 each month because I did not use my ATM up to 5 times a month. If it is a FREE checking account and they are obviously using my money for something else, why are they charging me for not using my ATM? On top of that I would get charged an extra $6 if I were to use my ATM to withdraw money from their bank more than 4 times! So either way I get charged! Blind Sighted yet again.

In December when they made the mistake of charging me $2 I called to ask to get it reversed. The reversed it but out of "customer courtesy" as though YOU in this case, ME did something wrong because they chose to steal my money and if I did not catch that they would have gotten away with it.

I have never encounter such bad customer service in my life with any bank. For everyone who does bank with Chase be careful of the blind sighted charges that can accrue over time. I was fortunate to have caught it ahead of time and ended up losing $36.
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Anonymous on 03/24/2010:
That's tricky when opening account with banks. What they say is a "free" checking account... might have strings attached.
Like at BOA. They have a "free" checking account... BUT, you have to have direct deposit in order to have that checking account. Otherwise you incur a $6 dollar service fee. So, in essence; it's not actually free.
Anonymous on 03/24/2010:
"Understanding the terms of FREE."

But, did you actually read and understand what their checking account entailed?

It does state online what their "free" checking account entails.

Monthly service fee: None with direct deposit or if 5 or more debit card purchases are posted to your account during each statement period (withdrawals from the ATM or cash advance transactions do not qualify); otherwise $6 per month

Transaction Fees
$2 each for any non-Chase ATM withdrawal, balance inquiry or transfer. $3 per ATM withdrawal outside the U.S2
A 3% exchange rate adjustment fee applies to Debit Card purchases and cash withdrawals made outside the U.S. in a foreign currency.
Other miscellaneous fees may apply.

Anonymous on 03/24/2010:
"I was told that as long as I maintain a $300 balance, I won't be charged. Which is in any case for any bank."

I'd make sure that was correct before assuming EVERY bank does that.

What it lists on the Chase website about your savings account:

Transaction Fees

$3 per withdrawal in excess of four per monthly statement cycle (waived for savers under 18 years of age).
$2 each for any non-Chase ATM withdrawal, balance inquiry or transfer. $3 per ATM withdrawal outside the U.S2
A 3% exchange rate adjustment fee applies to Debit Card purchases and cash withdrawals made outside the U.S. in a foreign currency.
Transaction limits apply. Under federal regulations, you are allowed up to six pre-authorized withdrawals per monthly statement cycle, (including telephone or electronic transfers), no more than three of which may be by check or similar order payable to a third party; $12 per preauthorized withdrawal or check above limit. There is no limit on deposits or the number of withdrawals you can make at an ATM, by mail or at a Chase branch.
Other miscellaneous fees may apply.

It's better to do the homework on what banks offer in the way of checking and savings accounts before by going based on of what someone tells you. They could leave out the important details.
TurboFox on 03/24/2010:
Yes I read the terms and conditions on the checking and savings account. I do have direct deposit to the account and should not be charged but yet they charged me still. I've never been with a bank that has so many policies and reasons to stealing your money.
Anonymous on 03/24/2010:
"I do have direct deposit to the account and should not be charged but yet they charged me still."

Hmmmm... with that being said... I'd say pull your accounts with Chase. If you're still being charged the service fee even though you have one of the two "or's" done... there's something wrong. Even with reading up on what their accounts entail; that's a lot of bs to go through just to have a no thrills checking account.
Anonymous on 03/24/2010:
Just reading the terms and conditions as posted by bearkakitten I'd say pull your accounts. Holly smokes a limit on free withdrawals from a savings account. You got to be kidding me.

Join in on the grassroots movement of customers dumping the big banks in favor of local community banks. You'll get far better terms, better service and your business will be appreciated. Make the switch today. You'll be glad you did.
momsey on 03/24/2010:
$2 for a non-Chase ATM BALANCE INQUIRY!?! Outrageous. Yeah, dump 'em.
bcd on 03/24/2010:

Did Chase violate the written policy?

The term is “blindsided” (not blind sighted) which refers to being hit on one’s blind side.
TurboFox on 03/26/2010:
Thanks everyone for your comments. I feel very violated by Chase. When I opened the account no where said I was to be charged as my comments above stated. Somewhere along the line the policy must have changed. I've asked them to send me a copy of the policy and highlight where it stated that.

With many banks, I'm not sure if you guys have experienced this before but if it is something you are not aware of and even if it is your fault (in my case it's not my fault) they will reverse the fee no matter what as part of customer service. In this case, the customer rep and the supervisor were like robots repeating policies to me and when I say I will cancel, they didn't seem to care one bit. I do not recommend Chase to anyone and have told friends and family.

I did dump both my accounts and now seeking a new bank that won't charge me for nonsense fees.
whocares91 on 10/15/2010:
The limit on transfers/withdrawals on the savings account is a federal regulation.....not a bank policy
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Chase Banks cares not about the consumer
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TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- I was a Washington Mutual customer prior to the Chase Bank takeover. I enjoyed banking and dealing with Washington Mutual. Chase Bank has been nothing but extremely poor service. I applied for a Loan Modification in February of 2008. I was advised in 2010 that the modification was denied only when I called in to check the status......Chase Bank never mailed anything out when they took over. This cause my loan to be delinquent by six months. The representative from Chase Bank informed me that my options were to catch the note up or short sell. I was furious as I have put so much into my home. I am currently working to catch up my loan payments and I have reapplied for a modification. Yeah what a joke!

Recently, I was written a check by my tenant who wrote the check in error. I did not review the check as my tenant has been living in my rental property for nearly 5 years and has an excellent rental history. However, he wrote the check incorrectly putting in the dollar amount but did not correctly write this figure in the handwritten dollar amount line on the check, so his bank cashed the check for the lesser amount. Within the same month I had written myself a check from my Chase Credit account. The bank (Chase) inputted the amount incorrectly. This caused me to be charged several non-sufficient funds charges as well as my mortgage and other expenditures being returned as not paid. I called Chase Bank and the advised me that they would correct the error after they verified the check document I deposited. Several days later I attempted to use my ATM card only to find out that Chase Bank had closed my account. The phone representative I spoke to at first was a real snot so I asked to speak with a supervisor who advised me to contact my home branch manager and discuss what happened with him, and he could override the decision to close my account. I drove nearly 70 miles to my home location and the manager was interviewing and not available to meet with me. I left my telephone number and he called me. I explained to him what had happened and he kept rudely asking so what do you want. I advised him that I had spoken Norma while visiting the bank and he was interviewing. I asked him to speak with Norma first to answer all of his questions as I was at work and if he would call me back. Well Mr. Ochoa did call me back to advise me that there was nothing he could do and he gave me the number to customer service 1(877) 691-8086 at which time I spoke to supervisor by the name of Quintin. Quintin advised me that only the branch manager could overturn the decision. At this point I felt like I had done something wrong and or committed fraud. Several days later, I received a letter advising me that my account and related accounts were being closed in 10 days and I would receive my funds in about 15 days as well as Chase Bank was going to report me to Checx reporting and credit bureaus. Never have I ever been so disrespected. I have had checking accounts since I was 14 years old and I am now 48 years old without incident and/or problem.
Chase Bank sucks.....they are truly one's worst nightmare. If you are smart you will stay as far away from Chase Bank as you can. This bank truly belongs to the devil.
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Anonymous on 03/01/2010:
Even if Washington Mutual still existed it could be that they would have denied your loan modification also. You need to realize that banks are not customer-friendly, they're out to make money and look good to their investors. It sucks, but there's nothing you can do about it. I'm not on the bank's side but just pointing out the facts.
Anonymous on 03/01/2010:
When we did our modification, we had to keep up our payments until the loan was approved. Our mortgage is held by SunTrust. If we had defaulted on our loan, we would run the risk of a foreclosure. This is the FIRST thing they told is during the application process for the mod.
Anonymous on 03/01/2010:
So, you applied for a modification and just stopped paying your mortgage? Did I read this correctly?
bcd on 03/01/2010:
You were delinquent by six-months because you failed to pay on the loan not because Chase declined your loan modification request. Don’t blame the bank because you deposited a check that was written for the incorrect amount. This is an unfair review of Chase Bank.
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You couldn't pay me to use this creditor/bank again!
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I've been a Chase Visa customer since 2001 and have never had a problem, never missed a payment, never had any fees levied against my account, and although their customer service policies have been growing less and less tolerant over the years, 2009 has hit is new low for this banking giant.

My unhappiness began when Chase acquired my happily ever after WAMU checking and savings accounts through the merger. I have ALWAYS loved WAMU - their customer service was amazing, benefits great, and they never charged you for anything - if they did, they were always open to reverse fees with courtesy credits! I loved that bank!

Then we moved cross country from the west coast where WAMU was the best and entered the midwest where Chase rules the land. Since we could only access our accounts through local Chase branches, we spent many hours weekly depositing inside the branches - it would take up to 45 minutes just to make a deposit because the representative didn't know what they were doing. It was very frustrating. We were assured that by opening a Chase originated checking account, our WAMU merger account issues with not being able to use ATMS to make deposits would be alleviated. Thus, we opened a Chase checking account - they gave us $100 bonus (with tons of fine print and rules) and sent us on our way! Never had it been so difficult of a process to GIVE a bank my money before.

Around this time, we received notice that our long held Chase Visa account would be changing APR from 8.9 fixed to 15.9 variable -- no, this was not due to any fault of our own, just Chase's overhaul of all customer interest rates and terms in an attempt to beat the deadline for fair credit practices in 2010. Needless to say, we paid off the credit card balance immediately and closed the Visa account. 3 weeks after the account was closed, we received a BILL for the interest for the weeks AFTER the account was closed - yes, they charged interest after there was a zero balance. Knowing this was an error, I called Chase customer service - there was absolutely no plausible explanation they could give to me except their interest was compounded daily since we closed mid-cycle, if we had waited to the next month with zero balance, we would have been assessed zero interest charges. Anyway, I GLADLY paid the $20 in bad interest charges just to get rid of them once and for all - I imagine this is how they will make most of their money from now on - people paying off just to get rid of them!

So now the WAMU account should have been taken care of as well as the Visa...but no, they kept the WAMU account open and despite numerous requests to close it, have continued to keep it open with zero balance. Whatever. Now we are down to that stupid Chase originated account we were told we HAD to open to make any deposits in under an hour in our new state of residence. The account must remain open 6 months or they charge you the $100 "bonus" back - and considering their bank statements close on a different day each month, it's difficult to judge when to make your 5 debit transactions in order to prevent the $6 monthly fee for their "free checking"...*sigh*...

I emailed them to request the exact opening date on this Chase account so I could close it exactly 6 months to the day, now they are refusing to tell me what date my account was opened on. Luckily, I'm smarter than they are - oh yes, I just looked back at the statements and was able to determine the date of opening. I cannot wait to be able to close this last tie to Chase...what was neutral bank which serviced it's customer on a neutral basis, has become, in my eyes, a predatory giant looking to snag every penny in your pocket regardless of what ethics are lacking in such actions.

My recommendation? JOIN YOUR LOCAL CREDIT UNION! You earn interest on your checking account for FREE and they actually invest in your community, rather than spending money all around the world in places you would NEVER want your money being used as support. On top of that, you can actually go talk to a person face to face instead of being forced to climb the rungs of a perpetually never ending ladder on phone with a larger "bank" or creditor.

Until I am free...I am counting down the days until I NEVER EVER will use chase or any of their affiliates again! I'm off to research all they have their fingers into so I can be certain not to support them or the businesses they thrive off of...
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Anonymous on 12/23/2009:
Chase is EVIL. I had the same issue with Chase as you did regarding the APR raise. Just get rid of them entirely like I did. They have awful business practices.
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WaMu Was Great. Chase Makes Me Hate.
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I was skeptical when my beloved WaMu was getting bought out by the shadiest bank of all...JP Morgan Chase. Well I should have listened to my instincts and run for the hills.

Issue #1 - Credit Cards

Credit Card #1 - I made a purchase on and they had a promotion going where if I was approved and paid with their credit card, I 'd get $30 back. Great deal considering I have excellent credit and my purchase was only for $30.80. I was approved for the card, paid, and received my order a few days later.

I was supposed to receive the actual card and statements from Chase. Well they never came. I was worried they were going to add a ton of charges to the card for not paying the $0.80 left from my purchase.

I contacted Amazon multiple times and all they would tell me is to contact Chase. I tried, but they make it impossible. You have to have an account to email them, but you need your CC number to create the account, and you have to have the actual card to know the full number. I Googled 'Chase email addresses' to get an email so I could directly email them. In my first email I stated that I could not make an account because I don't know my card number. I don't know my card number because they never sent me my card that I was supposed to receive 6 months ago.

They just sent me an email telling me to create an account if I wish to speak with them.

I email 2 more times and got the same basic answer.

I finally just gave up.

Credit Card #2 - I have had 2 credit cards with WaMu. The first one was solely for the benefit of tracking my FICO score. The second one was the exact same card, but came with a 0% interest for a year offer.

Then everything moved to Chase. And although they promised nothing would change, those were BLATANT LIES. First they wouldn't honor my 0% interest, which again, was the ONLY reason I got that card. I kept explaining 'I have the TOS in my hands. It says my 0% interest is good on all purchases made until Jan 2010' the customer service representative just argued with me and said I wasn't reading right. HELLO?! I can read perfectly fine. So I told them to cancel the card right that instant and I'll give my money to Bank Of America (I have a credit card with BOA).

Credit Card #3 - My minimum payment was ALWAYS $10. No matter what my balance. I repeat ALWAYS $10 and it was ALWAYS due on the 5th of every month. Not with Chase. Oh no...the first payment was due on the 22nd. The second was due on the 24nd. The third was due on the 8th. What the bleep??? This caused me to miss my payment, as I thought it was due around the 22nd now.

I called customer service and the representative just told me 'It's normal for your due date to fluctuate by a few days' I told her I am aware of that but it is unacceptable to be changed by almost 20 days. Especially when the first two payment with Chase had a due date late in the month. Moving to the beginning when I am not aware is not acceptable. AT ALL. She wouldn't reverse the late payment charge. Fine I'd deal with it that one time.

THEN Chase raises my min payment to $45. Remember, this card has ALWAYS had a $10 minimum payment. They refused to lower it, so I told them to shove it and again cancel my card and I'll let Bank Of America have the money.

Issue #2 - Savings Account
After WaMu converted fully to Chase, I signed up for a savings account. I was told that as long as I have it directly pulling at least $5/month from my checking account, there would be NO fees and NO minimum balance. That was a crock of s#$t. I looked at my statements and sure enough Chase is charging me a fee every month. I went to the bank and was told it was because Chase does it different than WaMu and I have to have a $300 minimum balance at all times. I told her this was not what I was told by the branch manager when I signed up for it. The refuse to reverse the fees.

Issue #3 - Checking account
In the last 4 years, I have only overdrafted one time. ONE TIME!!! WaMu would reverse the charge because I had such a good history.

Chase on the other hand....
I have a business account and a personal account. I have to write checks from my business to myself to keep track of my income for tax reasons.

I deposit $700 in my business account and know my balance is well above what I am about to withdraw.

I write myself a check from my business to ME for $1000. A day later when I look at my accounts online I notice they charged me a $39 overdraft fee on the business account. Why? Because they didn't actually deposit my money before I deposited the check to my personal account. Even though I was standing RIGHT THERE!!! Utter BS. I go back to the bank and they actually refuse to reverse the charge.

I'm am on the verge of taking ALL my money out of this bank. It makes me so sad that WaMu got ripped off and bought out. I never had problems with them.

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Anonymous on 08/07/2009:
Bank of America is exactly like Chase. Go to a smaller bank.
madconsumer on 08/07/2009:
great review.

did I miss where this review is about bank of America?? I thought it was about Chase Bank!!
BokiBean on 08/07/2009:
"They refused to lower it, so I told them to shove it and again cancel my card and I'll let Bank Of America have the money."

OP will probably regret that decision too...BoA is no better.

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