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Customer Service (sic) Sucks
Posted by R H Lehmuth on 01/10/2006
ORANGE, CALIFORNIA -- Purchased an A1100 Pavilion in November to supplement my older Pavilion Desktop; what a MISTAKE !!Power supply died within 3 days but the worst was the 2+ hour "conversation with the "Tech" who would not believe I know when there is power reaching the tower - or not; English was about her 40th language - it surely wasn't first or second. Sent the unit in for repair only to have the CD/DVD drive fail within 2 days of return. Quality !! 2 1/2 hours wasted talking with more techs finally convincing them I KNOW when the damn thing does NOT work.
Being a glutton for punishment, I bought another A1100 !! Out of the box, its first message is -
" Hard disc failure imminent" This, so far , has cost me 8-10 hours of talking with the sub-continent to attempt to resolve this. So far, no luck - "we will contact you in 2-3 days". I do believe a formal complaint with the Atty General for the State of California is in order. Maybe if enough did this, HP would get a touch of reality and support what they sell.
I have 4 towers and a laptop-all HP and have bought an HP for each of my 3 kids plus 4 assorted printers. BUT ~~~~~

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Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-02-08:
Most of the pc's that HP, DELL, Gateway etc provide these days use the cheapest components available. The product as a whole is extremely poor.

Despite it being more expensive, I build my own computers these days. I select good quality items and put them together. If you have decent knowledge of computers, then you should attempt it the next time you need a another computer.
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-02-16:
I've been seriously considering switching to Macs. I use to think IBM was the last good PC company out there, but now they are owned by a Chinese company and I don't know if they are the same quality. Soon Macs will be able to run Windows software, which is going to open the doors to a whole new competitive market in PCs.
Posted by obarker on 2007-10-15:


August 22nd 2007 (Wednesday):
My HP Pavilion Laptop crashed. I suspect it is a HP driver issue. None-the-less, I was fortunate as it was under warranty and it shouldn’t be a problem...or so I thought. I tried a couple of numbers 1-800-474-6836, 1-800-633-3600 and found myself talking to a technician from India. He said that if he takes my credit card number I would get much better service. Without this premium plan, service can take 4-6 weeks, but with this new plan I can have my laptop back in 4-5 days. WOW...what a deal, talk about service. He took my credit card details. He said a courier would be around the next day to pick up my laptop. I spent 55 minutes on the phone.

August 23rd 2007 (Thursday):
I waited, no courier showed up.

August 24th 2007 (Friday):
I waited, no courier showed up. So I am thinking this little guy from India has scammed my credit card number from me. I called the same number and spoke to a supervisor. He assured me this would be looked after and couldn’t understand why their technical support person took my credit card number. After much discussion I was able to get the North American Case Managers line 1-800-756-0608 #7. Hopefully they will be able to help me.

August 27th 2007 (Monday):
A message was left for me by a woman by the name of Christina El’s and I called her back at 1-877-917-4380 Ext09 4070. I ended up leaving a message.

August 28th 2007 (Tuesday):
Christina El called and I spoke today (1-877-917-4380, Ext09 4070). After 30 minutes of questions and just before she was about to provide me support I happened to mention that I was calling from Canada and that is when she said she can’t provide me support. WHAT? You tell me this now. She said she would send a request off to Canada for the Canadian people to contact me back. I waited, but nobody called me.

September 4th 2007 (Tuesday):
I phoned Christina El (1-877-917-4380, Ext 09 #4070) again. Told her nobody called me. She was the original person I was given to handle my case. Anyway I thought I would call her again and see if she could do anything for me. She said I could call the head office in Texas 1-650-857-1501, but this is a hoax because the number goes straight to switchboard. I spoke to both Melissa and Paula (twice) at switchboard and they both said they would transfer me to “Executive Customer Relations Office”. Yeah...I already have that number. Anyway after this entire marry go round I have spent another 34 minutes on the phone.

September 5th 2007 (Wednesday):
I spoke to Anna today (1-800-756-0608 #7). She said I need to speak to the Canadian Executive Customer Relations Group and the number is: 1-888-447-4636. Funny enough I spoke to Sandra who is the receptionist and also Paula...who I am quite sure I spoke to the day before but on a different number. Ok, after 28 minutes of this I have given up.

September 7h, 2007 (Friday):
It’s Friday so I am hoping people are more easygoing. I think I might get somewhere here. I called HP Support again: 1-800-756-0608 #7 and repeated my case number. I spoke to Bob who was very helpful and then he transferred me to Henry, Henry was ok but then transferred me to Debra who is the receptionist. Nice girl. Anyway she said she would put me in contact with Ferhan Khan who is a senior case manager and will certainly sort this out. But unfortunately, he is on lunch and I have to leave him a voice mail. As you guessed, he never did call back. After all this back and forth, I am now tired and used up another 37 minutes on the phone.

September 10th, 2007 (Monday):
Today I called 1-800-756-0608, #07 and spoke to Angela in the Executive Offices. I gave her my case number (#7342374916) and she said I must call Canada. She gave me this number: 1-888-447-4636. I explained all the frustration up to this point in time, but she said all she could do was let her supervisor know, but wouldn’t let me speak with her supervisor...actually wouldn’t let me speak with anyone other then a person at the number she gave.

So then I decided to call up Christina El (1-800-756-0608, #07, 4070) and she said the only thing I could do was contract: E.C.R #1247, HP Company, 3000-Hanover Street, Palo-Alto, California, 94304 and send them a letter of complaint. I think I might be able to do better then that. But thanks any ways Christina.

September 11th, 2007 (Tuesday):
Feeling refreshed, I am going to attack this machine again:
I called 1-888-447-4636. The operator wasn’t very pleasant but did say she would transfer me to the Customer Relations department in Chilliwack. I left a message. That lasted 8 minutes.

I thought I would try another number: 1-800-756-0608, #07. This is the number for senior case managers. I was able to reach Scott. He transferred me to Melissa. Melissa said she would transfer me to another number, I asked for the number: 1-888-447-4636. Then I ended up in some awful automated call tree, which I vaguely remember being the one I experienced when I was routed to India. After 20 minutes of this I hung up the phone.

I thought third time lucky and called my friend Christina EL at 1-877-917-4380, 07 then 4070. Remember her? The senior case manager in the US who isn’t able to help me because I didn’t purchase my laptop in the USA. She said she would have someone directly contact me in the department. She said she couldn’t say who would contact me, give me a name or for what department that person will be phoning from. My little chat with Christine lasted another 11 minutes. At least she remembers me by name now.

September 12th, 2007 (Wednesday):
No success yet. So I have decided to fax this narrative to three corporate HP offices within North America. Corporate Headquarters located at 3000 Hanover Street in Pal Alto California (fax: 650-857-5518), HP in 5150 Spectrum Way Mississauga Ontario (fax: 905-206-4739) and HP on 13571 Commerce Parkway in Richmond British Columbia (fax: 604-270-0859). I am hoping to hear back from someone today. Keeping my fingers crossed.

September 13th, 2007 (Thursday):
I contacted Christine again, she said she would contact technical support downstairs and re-escalate the issue. However, she did give me a new number to try: 1-877-917-4380 Ext 94...Now I am starting to get excited. So I called the number, I was put on hold for 9 minutes and then asked to leave a voicemail. What a let down.

I found out today that the Chief Executive Officer and President of HP is a guy by the name of Mark Hurd. He has a venue to filter complaints at: http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/execteam/email/hurd/ so I copied this narrative and emailed it to him. I am hoping that I will hear back from his department???

September 14th, 2007 (Friday):
No news yet....

Monday September 17th, 2007
Received a call from Linda Stoodney (905-206-4750). Apparently she works in the corporate office. I replied to her message and left her a message. At least this time I have a telephone number to call. She did call me back and was very polite. She seemed more concerned about my credit card details being taken from me then the support I was receiving.

I spoke to Justin today as well. He said that he would ship out the necessary restore CD's and a new hard drive for me that day.
This all sounds good. Looks like I should have my laptop up and running in no time.

Tuesday September 18th, 2007
Waiting for the CD's and Hard Drive to arrive. ETA is 5-7 days.

Wednesday September 19, 2007
Still waiting for the arrival of these two items.

Thursday September 20th, 2007
Should only be a couple more days now...

Friday September 21st, 2007
It's Friday...enough said.

Monday September 24th, 2007
Finally the CD's which were promised to me have arrived. Now I only need the Hard Drive and I am on my way.....

Tuesday September 25th, 2007
Still waiting for the new hard drive...

Wednesday September 26th, 2007
It should have arrived by now...So I sent an email to Justin saying that the ETA for the Hard Drive was September 24th. But according to the information emailed to me, the order hasn't been shipped yet? What is the deal.

Thursday September 27th 2007.
Called Linda Stoodney (905-206-4750) since I didn’t hear back from Justin. I let her know that I was still waiting for the arrival of the Hard Drive and if she could give me an ETA for it....Never received an answer from her.

However, later in the day Justin replied to the prior day's email. He said I have been assigned a new ticket number: 7500076950 and no ETA on the Hard Drives... What new ticket number? Apparently the old number 7342374916-6300852347 doesn’t work anymore and my new ticket number is now 7500076950??

Friday September 28th to Monday October 1st, 2007
Relented and dropped this issue for a week. I can't believe I have been waiting for OVER A MONTH! It has now been over 5 weeks I have been at this!!

Tuesday October 2nd, 2007
Called Linda Stoodney (905-206-4750) and left a message. Heard nothing back
Sent an email to Justin to find out the ETA for my Hard drive. No reply from him either.

Wednesday October 3rd, 2007
Still Waiting..... no Hard Drive. No reply to my messages.

Thursday October 4th, 2007
Called and left a Message for Linda Stoodney again (905-206-4750). Still heard nothing back from her.

Friday October 5th, 2007
Still waiting......

Monday October 8th, 2007
Thanksgiving in Canada...Yippee

Tuesday October 9th, 2007
Still waiting to hear back......no word from Linda Stoodney (called her 3 times). Left another email for Justin...nothing back.

As of today, it has been 49 days I have been trying to get my laptop fixed and my warranty has now expired. You can’t say I haven’t tried.

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Worst Computer Ever Owned
Posted by Gsprice on 05/05/2012
From day one this computer has frozen with no warning or reason. It would appear to be at worst while showing video IE. Netflix or utube. but will also freeze up with just the desktop open. I have opened at least 4 cases with HP support for them to tell me there is nothing wrong with the computer. My last call to support I asked for a return auth. number to return the computer for repair. The tech support person informed me that was not possible as they can find no fault with the unit.

I am now waiting for a call from a supervisor from customer service who will determine if I can send back this computer for repair.
I am assuming there will never be a repair for this computer and I will eat the cost and find something else or have one built.
The lesson learned here is NEVER buy HP. They will not honor any warranty, nor do they give a crap.
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Posted by Bill on 2012-05-05:
More than likely there is nothing wrong with the computer except it's under-powered and probably has the minimum ram required. Video requires a lot of ram especially for buffering. If it's a pentium III processor forget about watching videos. It doesn't have enough power. You also need to see what else is running. I assume you know how to activate the "task manager" to see whats going on.
Also, have you checked for viruses?
Posted by sabletaz on 2012-05-05:
Good info Bill.
Posted by Eddie Visitor on 2012-05-22:
I have owned and used HP equipment for many years and have absolutely no problems with anything. It sounds like Bill is right, your unit is seveerely underpowered for what you want to do with it.
Posted by SD Owens on 2012-05-24:
I have the same problem with my HP desktop p2-1013w. At times I feel like throwing it against the wall. I can't even save anything in the hard drive without it slowing it down. The memory always seems to be 20% to 30%. Makes me wonder if I just got a bad computer. I also get this a lot when I am online that the windows are busy. It is so slow loading anything. Working with media takes forever. Hp told me I need to get more Ram memory but I just wondering if that would even help!
Posted by SD Owens on 2012-05-24:
I feel like HP p2-1013w are slow computers PERIOD! I also get this a lot when I am online that the windows are busy. It is not like I have dial up. The memory on the PC goes down to 20% to 30%. Someone from HP said I need to get more Ram memory but I just wonder. At times I feel like throwing the computer againist the wall. Try working with media like photos. It really slows it down. Makes me wonder if I got a bad computer.
Posted by smumma on 2012-09-08:
I am a small repair shop and a customer brought me the p2-1013w and it has a bad ethernet port. The board is smaller than a laptop board and you cannot even add pci cards. This model seems like a really bad attempt at a tower. There is no real power supply, it uses a typical laptop adapter. The case is practically empty. Why even waste all the sheetmetal to build the case. I would not recomend an HP for anyone. I have one from 6 years ago and that was about the last of the good HP computers. The service is also bad. They wanted me to call my internet provider about the internet when I have 3 towers sitting beside it with internet. What a joke HP.
Posted by Luis on 2013-05-31:
Totally agreed with you. HP is the worst computer... After just finished the my warranty many things have problems (audio devie, DVD unit, wireless, overheating, battery plugged doesn't charge, etc, etc) And there is no answer.... Puto HP de la chingada.
Posted by Ash on 2013-07-14:
Dont buy hp
Posted by rudypwll@gmail on 2013-07-15:
I had the same problem my hp p2-1013w I was going to get rid of it but instead I install 8gb of memory and it's running find. I am going to try 16gb's next. Working fine!!!!!!!!
Posted by ROGER on 2014-02-03:
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I am so disappointed, I really Liked HP
Posted by Carols on 03/11/2010
This is a copy of just one of the e-mails I have sent to HP. There is no way to get a message to a person of authority, so this is the best I could do. I am so disgusted/disappointed/frustrated I can hardly stand it. This used to be a really good company, I supported them. Now I don't know what to think!

To: Ms. Rosemarie Thomas, Secretary to the Board of Directors, Hewlett Packard Corporation:

I have used many HP products in the past, and was satisfied. When I purchased my very first home unit I had a horrible experience with my HP Pavilion dv9000 series laptop. From the beginning there were issues with the memory and frequent shut downs. Fortunately I had a warranty and used the support available. I was told by the technicians that the problems I was experiencing were errors I committed in usage. As a casual computer user I took them at their word. I find now that my problems were in reality related to nVidia causing a problem with motherboard, memory, etc. Long story short, my machine went completely out of service just AFTER my warranty and an extension issued by HP had also expired. The unit was literally smoking. At the time I was in a bind, and purchased another machine and placed the old one in the closet.

A few months later, I happened to overhear a conversation regarding the almost the exact experience with the HP Pavillion dv9000 series. The gentleman informed me that HP had promised to do the repairs for free since it was an intrinsic problem with interactions of software and hardware. I was so excited because I really did prefer the Windows XP to the VISTA I now used, and erroneously thought that HP was concerned with keeping long-term customers satisfied. I do believe this problem with products and services is quite widespread, based upon the review of message boards for HP and for your competitors. I have contacted the office of the CEO office previously and received a pre-formatted e-mail response...shoddy service again! I have tried the on-line chat (disconnected 3 times!) I have tried calling (several lengthy phone calls, and the poor men in the off-shore call center were helpless to address the situation, plus the communication was strained due to my inability to understand them at times.)

The most appalling thing that I find with the whole situation is that when I finally spoke to the so-called supervisor, and asked to speak to his supervisor regarding my displeasure...I was told that "upper level supervisors don't talk to customers, I have the authority to make this decision. The best I can do is a repair for about $300.00 US. Your machine failed outside the extension. You should have kept up with the updates on the extension we put on the website (Monitor a website for a product that is no longer functional...that is certainly an interesting way to spend my valuable time!). This is really not our problem, at this point we are doing you a favor." I was also informed that to pay for the repairs I had to verbally give my credit card information to him. It cannot be reasonable in these days of on-line theft for HP to seriously expect a customer to give sensitive financial information by unsecure means!

I paid over $1500.00 US 3 1/2 years ago for a piece of equipment (not to mention the purchase of an expensive printer/FAX/scanner at the same time!!) and you are doing me a favor by repairing it for about half the cost of a new computer today? Even though this is a problem regarding the software and hardware that HP designers chose? I don't think so.

I am requesting again that the repairs be made at no charge to rectify the problems I have experienced.

I have told this story to anyone I know considering a new computer or other technology. I work for a large university and am on a committee for new technology purchases. During our meetings HP has been discussed as an option, but several other people have also not had good experiences with customer care. Bad customer service damages your reputation and in the long run will cost you a great deal of business. In this economic climate bad experiences by even a few people can have a ripple effect on your bottom line.

I am requesting that you forward this correspondence to the appropriate person or persons on the board of directors. In addition, I hope this e-mail may inspire someone at HP to consider a review of your customer service policies, call center standards and to also take a hard at whether or not your choice to operate in this fashion will allow your company to continue to prosper in the future.

Thank you for your attention in this matter, I eagerly await your response.
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Posted by ScubaSteve1163 on 2010-05-01:
The problems from the DV9000 series are fairly well documented and very unfortunate. The most common problem was the poorly designed case that lead to serious over-heating issues. The heat caused the vid card to fry, the processor to fry, and the LCD monitor casing to crack. They only officially recognized the flaw on a handful of models, and not the entire dv9000 series (as they should have done). HP actually doesn't support their own laptops at all after about a year, software or hardware.

I absolutely share your frustration, but unfortunately HP will do nothing. HP's horrid business decision will cost them an enormous amount of future business, which is very apparent from the massive number of angry laptop customers. It might be a small comfort, but HP will loose a considerable market share for this decision. Many people are like you, and will never use their products again.
Posted by Joe on 2011-12-05:
Wow! Thanks for your description of all the work/hassle/frustration you've been through. I'm sure it will save me some time/hassle dealing with them re. my dv9000!
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HP Pavilion DV900 - Repaired Twice By HP With Known Broken Parts
Posted by Fgear on 06/25/2009
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- A little over a year and a half ago I bought an HP Laptop (DV9000) it turns out there was an issue with the companies Motherboards (Actually many HP motherboards have this issue, which makes them fall apart easily. Just search around, there computers are crap). Anyways, I sent in the computer twice, the first time they just reinstalled windows but left the motherboard with known issues installed, the second time they replaced the motherboard with another motherboard of the same exact type (Even though they knew they were prone to breaking). At this point my computer was out of service for nearly 20 days due to sending it in repeatedly. HP then had the nerve to ask me to send it back again! They said "Well it's out of the normal warranty, but we've extended the warranty by two years" as if they were doing me a favor! They had to extend the warranty because there is class action lawsuits popping up over their PC's and way too many complaints. Before they became complete lemons they tried to cover themselves.

Anyways I filed a Better Business Bureau Complaint after telling HP I wasn't sending in my $1500 laptop for a third time! They basically blew me off.

Here is my full Better Business Bureau complaint against HP. Take my advice, buy a different brand, you'll see why below: I am so pissed my plans are to post this 1000 times on various forums and to build an HP Sucks Website with my programming and design Skills.

Complaint Description Posted To BBB - Posted 6/2/2009 9:49:19 AM

This problem extends nearly 2 years! In September 2007 and October 2007 my wife and I had to send a laptop back to HP to be repaired. The unit in question the HP Pavilion DV9000 CTO was known to have a bad motherboard which was to be replaced with a new motherboard model that would not have compatibility issues. On the first occasion they simply did a software reset and sent the item back, on the second occasion they replaced the motherboard with the EXACT same motherboard type originally in the device even though it was known to go bad in a relatively short period of time. They also did not update the bios to even try to fix the actual problems. Now still under warranty in 2009 (The laptop has so many issues with the motherboard they had to offer an additional 2 years on the warranty) they want us to once again send in the laptop for repairs and another motherboard. This has created a loss of wages as my wife uses the device for work and it has already been out of her hands for almost 20 days in total when shipping and repair times are included. HP has in no way attempted to actually fix the device instead relying on old worthless products.

Complaint Summary

Hewlett Packard has continually accepted a laptop back from me that has motherboard issues. The motherboard type is known to be defective.

Resolution Sought

Replace the laptop with a working device (same specs or higher) with a non-defective motherboard and have us send the old laptop back at the time we receive the working device so there will be no lost wages from my wife's engagements. Or Offer a local service call to fix the issue by replacing the motherboard and wireless card with non-defective offerings.

Company's Response

Company's Initial Response - Posted 06/23/2009
Hewlett Packard's Executive Office sent Mr. Johnson an email on 6/18/09 requesting the product #, serial #, proof of purchase and service ticket # (if he spoke with Tech Support). This information is necessary to review the warranty status. This information can be sent to cynthia. ferguson@hp.com.
Initial Response Summary
Hewlett Packard's Executive Office sent Mr. Johnson an email on 6/18/09 requesting the product #, serial #, proof of purchase and service ticket #.

Consumer's Rebuttal

Consumer's Rebuttal - Posted 06/23/2009
The most recent Service Ticket Number is (Remitted for identity protection. HP Pavilion DV9000 CTO - S/N=Remitted for protection P/N=Remitted - HP has already called from corporate and received the Ticket number which has all the device information. The most current ticket is under my name

Company's Final Response

Company's Final Response - Posted 06/25/2009
Hewlett Packard's Case Manager Rodney spoke with Mr. Johnson on 6/2/09 to advise him a repair per the Limited Enhancement Program is the only option on a notebook that is over 300 days out of warranty. Mr. Johnson's last repair was November 2007. Mr. Johnson received a box on 6/3/09 per FedEx #(Omitted). Mr. Johnson advised the Case Manager that he wasn't going to send the notebook to the Repair Center. Mr. Johnson advised the Case Manager he wishes to pursue this legally as he does not want to have Hewlett Packard fix the machine. There are no other options available except the repair per the Case Manager.

That's the end of the BBB Complaint. Basically HP has NO ALTERNATIVE TO FIXING A LEMON DEVICE OTHER THAN TO REPAIR IT 3 TIMES. They will also NEVER escalate your claim. NEVER NEVER NEVER according to their own words listed above. They also will not offer expedited fixes on a third repair. That's right folks be ready to wait 14 days!

Look for this same post 1000 more times and I'll post my new HP complaint site shortly.

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Inferior Product and Atrocious Customer Service
Posted by Steamin on 01/22/2008
40324, KENTUCKY -- In May 2007, I purchased a HP Pavillion dv2000 Notebook. In early November the Notebook stopped working and was sent to Hewlett-Packard for repair. According to HP the problem was "1/NO VIDEO..REPLACE MLB 2/OPTICAL DRIVE CAN NOT MOUNT...REPLACE OPTICAL DRIVE." It was repaired and returned to me a couple of weeks later (November 30th, 2007).

Then on December 11th, 2007 the Notebook stopped working again, and again I sent it to Hewlett-Packard for repair. This time, according to Hewlett-Packard the problem was "NO BOOT==>MLB. However, the Notebook was in Hewlett-Packards possession from December 12th, 2007 until January 22nd 2008. I made numerous telephone calls to HP Customer Service to get a status on the Notebook, but to no avail their service department could not locate my computer by the Customer Service Number or Federal Express Tracking Number. It got to the point where I started writing down the names of each individual I had spoke with and a synopsis of their explanation in regards to my notebook.

On each occasions when I called the 800 number I was connected to another country, and transferred numerous times. Between Customer Services and Technical Support, I was bounced back around back and forth. After becoming irked, I demanded Hewlett-Packard's Corporate number, so that I could write a letter and voice my dissatisfaction with their product and service. (Of course Corporate Headquarter's mailing address is unavailable to the general public.) Finally, I was bounced over to a Case Manager located in California. I was told that HP would look for my Notebook and either repair it or build me a new one. In addition, the warranty would be extended for another year. What good does an extended warranty mean if the Notebook is constantly breaking down? Under the extended warranty it seems that the Notebook will spend more time in their service department than with me.

However, it seems that Hewlett-Packard does not care whether their "out sourced" employees are unable to communicate effectively with the general public or that computers get lost/misplaced while in their possession. Imagine a customer service rep having to "spell the words" they are trying to say. For example, the rep had to spell the word "issue" in order for me to understand what they were saying. I could hear what the rep was saying, but I barely understood them. When I told the rep I couldn't understand what they were trying to convey, people in the call center started yelling and screaming insults in the background. Moreover, imagine calling a case manager and being told that they "just stepped away from their desk or they are on another telephone call." Anyone who has worked in an office environment know the office poli-tricks in order to avoid a customer.

Hewlett-Packard is very much aware of what is going on. They know that their products are build with inferior parts, and yet they will not do anything to alleviate the frustration and burden they are placing on the consumers. Other than "we will fix it so that it can break again" Hewlett-Packard will not address the "issues" regarding the lack of communication with their reps. In other words, Hewlett-Packard is bending some of us forward and some of us backwards having their way.

Nonetheless, upon receiving the Notebook (1/22/08), I learned that now the DVD drive does not work. Which means I will have to send the notebook back to Hewlett-Packard for the third time. Thus, I purchased the Notebook in May 2007, and from November 2007 to January 2008, the HP Pavillion dv2000 Notebook has either stopped working or malfunctioned three times.

It is my wish that enough consumers join together and initiate a "class-action suit" against Hewlett-Packard. They are selling the consumers "inferior products as well as providing atrocious customer service."

When it is all said and done, everyone of us who allow this type of business practice to carry-on, we are responsible for permitting and therefore promoting it.

When will this Corporate Nightmare come to an end?


A Steamin Consumer

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Posted by kp2 on 2008-02-02:
i have had a similar problem with them also. i have had a computer that i bought from hp and had it six months and 3 of the months that i have had it has been sending it back and forth to texas for repair. they have put more money into the system than what is worth. they told me that they didnt care how much money was in the unit and that it will take what ever amount of time to fix it.
Posted by gggrrrrrrr!!! on 2008-02-04:
On my Pavilion dv2000 laptop (dv2255nr), first the wireless card got hinky -- was only recognized about 1/3 of times I booted up, and then would get lost again after machine went to sleep. Then the machine started freezing up, and eventually wouldn't boot up at all. Talked to HP on phone and on on-line chat -- installed drivers, reseated RAM, wireless card, hard drive, lots of other steps. They finally said to send it in.
I did, and they sent it back a few days later with their cute form letter that says how they'd run diagnostics on it and everything should be hunky-dory... but apparently they hadn't tried TURNING IT ON because it was in exactly the same condition as when I sent it! Sent it back -- they sent it back to me... it worked for half a day and then froze again. They said to try a total system recovery. Ha. The machine wouldn't read the disk. Called again -- the tech (in India) said hmmm, let me check to see if we want to try fixing it again or if we will replace -- we'll call you back. No one did.
So, I called again, and someone in the US, for the first time! He told me (a) that policy is strict, they ALWAYS try fixing it 3 times before considering replacement, and he couldn't understand why the other guy told me that, and (b) that particular model is notoriously defective, motherboards failing all over the place... but that the people in India might not know that. He set up another repair ticket.

So I sent it in again, with a delivery date of 1/31/08. On that date, I got a call to tell me it would be 2/14 because of back-ordered parts. I said I wanted to speak to someone about all this -- he referred me to the case manager and gave me a phone number at which he said I could reach said person.

Of course, that phone number turned out to be the same one we all call for technical support. After being routed from one low-level Indian tech to the next, the fifth one told me that the case manager was busy and asked me to remain on hold... I gave that up after 10 minutes, the whole call taking 40 minutes of inane repetition of my name (what do they care?), my problem, serial numbers, etc. I'm getting furious again just thinking about it!

Then I looked on the HP site and looked and looked for where to call or write someone who might actually be able to respond to human questions without a script... and the only thing I found was a suggestions e-mail for the CEO. I wrote to him but don't expect a whole hell of a lot....

So HQ is in California, tech support is in India, the repair shop is in Texas... none of these people talk to each other? This is so insulting. No more HP ever.
Posted by esseam on 2008-02-06:
I have been there!! I bought Compaq Presario SR5233WM the end of December and have had nothing but trouble. When I contacted tech support they gave me several different downloads & updates to try. Nothing worked. After 3 weeks advanced support called me and sent me recovery discs. They said that would solve the problem. No it didn't. Tried to call back to the same person, he told me if it didn't work they would replace the computer, he is no longer employed there. Start over with new rep. She tells me it is past 30 days so they can't replace it. It wasn't past 30 days when I tried contacting them. Just they are so slow getting back to you. I am still fighting with them and now they tell me I need to restore my computer again because I must have done somthing wrong!!
Very angry consumer!
Posted by Seriously Appalled on 2008-03-10:
It is not surprising to me that 75% of people entering comments here are rating HP at 1 star--if I could have selected 0 stars I would! It is seriously appalling to me that President Mark Hurd has apparently established the now infamous Case Manager approach to helping frustrated customers solve their problems.

Where to begin? My daughter received a Pavillion dv2000z laptop in October 2006 as a gift. It worked for a year, so I guess that is better than some people's experience. It broke in October 2007 and was sent off to India, needing a new hard drive. We purchased the 3-year extended service plan with HP express repair (that just applies to shipping, not the repair itself, of course...we found out later). We were told 7-10 days, but it took 6.5 weeks. I was so frustrated I called North American customer service and was assigned a "case manager." My first case manager tried his best to fix things and was very reassuring. He was about to replace our unit altogether when it mysteriously arrived on our doorstep. Aside from having a 6-volt battery put in the computer, instead of the 12-volt we'd originally bought, the computer seemed to work fine. Six weeks later, it broke again. It would shut down mysteriously, then stopped booting up. I called my first case manager again. He said they had switched customer service centers and moved it back to the U.S. from India. He assured me it would take 9 days to get the computer fixed. He rescinded his offer to replace it altogether. Now the lap top has been back in service for over 1 month. It needs a new motherboard. HP is out of motherboards. My first case manager is "on vacation." I have been assigned a new one, who is particularly unprofessional and is very difficult to get ahold of. I have talked to over 7 case managers and they all explain they "report to no one" that "they are the last stop" for deciding how to deal with me and my continually breaking computer. They admit there is a supervisor but he/she "doesn't talk to customers." They tell me that President Mark Hurd set up this system and if I call Corporate HQ, he will just send me back to them. (Incidentally, I have written to his office twice now and received responses thanking me for my comments, but no action). They tell me that Mark Hurd doesn't want them to step up and take care of an upset customer and change his process--he would rather lose a customer. Well, he has lost this one! This is a seriously poor choice in customer service and if he isn't aware this is what his CSR's tell people, I hope he becomes aware. But, there appear to be larger supply chain issues to fix.

I am certainly boycotting HP--this type of customer treatment and faulty product is seriously unacceptable. I am seriously appalled.

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-10:
(Exactly per original.) Samuel Adams (Letter to Elbridge Gerry, 1784)

For it is a truth which the experience of all ages has attested, that the people are commonly most in danger, when the means of injuring their rights are in the possession of those of whom they entertain the least suspicion.*

They know from experience, that they sometimes err; and the wonder is, that they so seldom err as they do; beset as they continually are by the wiles of parasites and sycophants by the snares of the ambitious, the avaricious, the desperate; by the artifices of men, who possess their confidence more than they deserve it, and of those who seek to possess, rather than to deserve it.**
Posted by MRM on 2008-03-10:
Samuel Adams...the name certainly sounds familiar. He is seen on front of the beer cans.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-10:
MRM - RETRACT that statement, sir! You have never ever seen Samuel Adams on a beer CAN.
Posted by MRM on 2008-03-10:
Let me rephrase the statement, the picture of Samuel Adams is depicted on front of the beer can.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-10:
GRRR....MRM--- Samuel Adams only comes in bottles. NOT CANS!
Posted by MRM on 2008-03-10:
Yes, you're right, its in bottles only. Thanks for the correction.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-10:
Just trying to keep it real, MRM. Don't want people going out all over town looking for some Sam Adams in a can.

Stew Team
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-10:
For the record, Samuel Adams was the older brother of Sam Adams and it was his cousin that made the beer and put it in bottles.


Team Lid's Inc.
Posted by voiceoff on 2011-06-30:
HP needs to spend more money on developing better products and less on advertising the ones they have. They also should replace rather than repair their defective products.
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Computer Problems/warranty
Posted by Cam C on 01/28/2006
ALTADENA, CALIFORNIA -- Service sucks as soon as warranty ran out computer went down seven days later. I had to replace power supply and internet modem and still doesn't work properly. in order for them them to tell me what the problem is they want money. If I have to pay then why don't I just pay to have it fixed myself by someone that would give me the service I paid for. My Husband is a tech. and he say's it's my mother board that's the problem kind of ironic that these three things happened as soon as the warranty ran out. I really believe that since they have serial numbers they push a button in there office so they can make it crash to get more money to extend the warranty after I have already spent 1200 for this computer one year and one week ago doesn't make sense to me their service is terrible and a supervisor is never available. Maybe we all need to do a class action law suit against HP products and services if it can be done to Microsoft and apple it sure can be done to HP. They just keep insisting that they can help me if I pay 99.00 for 1 year more of tech support sounds like extortion to me.

This is my second computer from HP the first one I had to return the second week because the power supply went out but thank goodness I purchased it from Costco and any computer you buy from them you have six months to return it for a new one when I called HP they said that I could fix it myself all I needed is a screw driver and tech support would walk me through this I could take out power supply and they would send me another to install myself I told them they were crazy when my computer is only two weeks old again thanks to Costco I returned it for another piece of HP crap that I have now with all the problems if computer had at least lasted two years I would not be complaining now. and every time you call HP you can barely understand thru the thick foreign accents that assist you from customer service and tech support.
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Posted by miketech on 2006-01-29:
Hp is on my list. 1st reason is if you get a camera or printer they force you to install all kinds of HP software on your computer that slows it way down. The second reason is outsourcing. One of the few companies in the world where something is so bad as to make outsouring 2nd.

When calling tech support it depends on who you get. A reason I've noticed while calling tech support just occured to me. Most of them are being timed and have an unrealistic amount of time for a call. It's better for the tech to blow you off in a couple of minuites instead of trying to actually help.

As for your next computer I would suggest build your own. It's incredibly simple. The first one takes ahwile but if you can post to this board you can build a computer.
Posted by Stoudt52 on 2006-04-18:
I would like to start off by saying that there is nothing HP or any other company can sent over the Internet to make your computer hardware break. It sounds like a terrible coincedence that your PC experienced hardware problems just after the warranty ran out. Also, I don't think you can blaim HP for not helping you over the phone after the warranty ran out. The warranty is a specific timeframe. What if HP decided to cut your warranty off a few days early?? Unheardof. Then how can you expect them to honor the warranty after it already expired? Anyway, you are probably better off getting the HP extended warranty for the 99 dollars. Most repair shops charge that for the labor and then you have to pay parts as well. Also keep in mind that if your PC is under HP warranty, you can bring it to HP authorized repair shops such as CompUSA. :)
Posted by R2SoA on 2006-10-01:
Yes, your frustration is well founded! I bought a Compaq Notebook R3240US on 9-20-04 that had a 1 year parts and labor warranty. Almost a year later on 9-7-05 I purchased a 2 Year HP Care Pack extended warranty from HP for $239.99 and mailed registration on 9-10-05.

On 9-30-06 I called to get help with loading hardware, and was advised that my warranty expired 9-20-06, and that it will cost me to get them to help.

It may be a mistake, but HP says the 2 year extended warranty that I bought on 9-7-05, actually was for the period 9-20-04 thru 9-20-06.

Also, shortly after purchase in 9-2004 the DVD burner was defective, and it took 4 or 5 calls before HP told me it was defective and sent me a new burner that I installed. Then, after working with 8MM video home movies for buning to DVDs, and several calls to HP I determined that the WinDvd (full version) that came with my PC was defective and HP or WinDvd did not support it. However, HP personnel led me thru REGISTRY CHANGES and crashed my system, so that I had to Format and reload everything.

HP is great to say I'm sorry, and know how you must feel.

HP would not provide a good copy of WinDvd so that I could burn 1 Hr and 40 Minute DVDs, so I had to buy Roxio Software, to burn a DVD that would be longer than 1 Hr and 3 Minutes(three minutes).

HP never failed to say how sorry they were, about my problems, and thank me for buying HP products, and apologize because they couldn't be responsible and replaced WinDvd that did not work properly.

Your thoughts please.
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Piece of junk computer
Posted by Sharkguy on 11/09/2007
OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI -- I have had this computer for three months and it has been nothing but problems. The day we brought it home one of the programs would not work and a computer tech friend was able to bypass that somehow. Not a major problem but certainly an unacceptable inconvenience. Last week the hard drive failed. HP sent a new hard drive and it would not fit in the machine I had to change out the hard drive bracket and modify it slightly to get it to fit the machine. I had to re-install the operating system with the new disc they sent. This required me to back-up all my files on another computer (my time wasted again).

I finally got the new operating system loaded. The computer now logs itself on, and then logs itself off...over and over and over. I tried to reinstall the operating system and now I am getting an "unrecoverable error has occurred" message. I am now told that I have to send it back to HP for them to service. After reading the complaints on this web site concerning HP customer service, I fear I am sending my machine into "computer purgatory".

I have never had problems like this before with the approximate 15 computers I have purchased in the past. None of them have been HP's however.
I am so disgusted with HP that I will never purchase another machine from them again.


I have a number lawyer friends that might be interested in pursuing this. However, it requires a group of people to sign onto this kind of thing.

Dr. Glenn R. Parsons
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Posted by killerklown on 2007-11-09:
This is why you should just build your own machines. No muss, no fuss.

And how did the second hard drive not fit into the space of the first hard drive? All hard drives are the same, exact size. Unless they sent you an external hard drive...
Posted by MRM on 2007-11-09:
I think they sent him a laptop harddrive and therefore, had to use a bracket to fit into the desktop computer.
Posted by WhineX on 2007-11-09:
I just bought an HP/Compaq laptop, and (surprise!), there's something wrong with one of the switches on it. I'm in e-mail correspondence with HP Support to try and fix it, but I should have read this site before purchasing.
Posted by Skye on 2007-11-09:
I like HP products, and our computers have never given us any problems.

Of course now, I'm sure I just put the "whammy" on us.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-09:
KK, some hard drives now come with a piece that allows them to 'snap' into the enclosure, others use mounting screws. The mods from one to the other are pretty minor.
Posted by WhineX on 2007-11-09:
Bought a Compaq F730. It's more a budget HP, since Compaq really doesn't exist anymore. The tortured English of tech support tells me I'm likely corresponding with someone in India. After 2 driver updates, they're now recomending that I do a full system restore, which will wipe out any files put on the computer since I got it (2 weeks ago). Lovely.
Posted by teddybee_teddybee on 2007-12-13:
My hp laptop has been fine.I've never had any problems with it that I didn't cause. I work with hp equipment that is over thirty years old and still going. My laptop goes with me and stays on night and day plays movies and games no problem. My son has a compaq and the service he recieved from hp was excellent, his wireless card died and they sent him one the next day.
Posted by Gryst on 2008-01-09:
I bought a new "top of the line" m4080n desktop "...designed for Windows Vista..." as advertised by HP. After 8 months it has been mostly crashes and hours on tech support (they are clueless). Sent back to HP who repaired and returned with interior cables disconnected. After more tech support and no result, HP will still not admit its a lemon and replace. Tech support people don't even have the correct specs for this model available. My 20 years of buying HP products is now over due to this experience.
Posted by jerrilynnb on 2008-08-03:
My Pavilion 6308 started malfunctioning with 8 months of purchase. The monitor went out. Once they returned it to me, my power adapter went out. I received a replacement.

My wireless started to go buggy after 12 months. I thought it was my router until I read online about other people having the same problem. I went out and bought a wireless USB adapter and that fixed the problem.

My battery life was short but I thought it was just a natural progression until I read the horror stories last night.

A week after I solved the problem with the wireless, my computer froze up. I took out the battery and unplugged the power cord. When I tried to restart the computer, the screen stayed blank and the system would start and turn itself off over and over again.

I thought it was just the monitor again. I called HP support. They said they would fix the problem for free and give me an extended warranty.

Turns out it's the fan, which explains why the computer was always so hot, and something else that's not covered under the recall fixes. They want to charge me $425. I told them to just send me back my computer. I can buy another computer. It definitely won't be a HP!

Right now I'm just totally turned off by laptops. I would love to see HP being raked over the coals on the news.
Posted by willie on 2013-08-09:
HPs are a piece of junk,6months old warranty is no good. Don't buy extended warranty, no good a big rip off.I had a dell before I bought this HP AND THEI WARRANTY IS EXCELLENT.No hassle with warranyt problems.Just call Dell and the problem is solved.
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HP MS 213 Computer Issues
Posted by MonaB0064 on 06/28/2010
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased an HP MS213 All-in-One Computer in November, 2009. In February (77 days into warranty), I received a blue screen error message followed by an automatic restart and a black screen with "Operating System Not Found." I contacted HP. After several hours and days of troubleshooting, I was sent a new hard drive. It was installed and would not run the Installation Disks. Another several hours and calls to HP and I was finally permitted to return product pre-paid to factory. Approximately 60 days later (May 2010), the computer started going through the exact same scenario - blue screen message - black screen, "Operating System Not Found." I again contacted HP, spent hours on the phone troubleshooting with support and was again permitted to return product pre-paid to HP. The computer was returned to me with a new hard drive, and less than 72 hours out of the box, the computer AGAIN started the same cycle. It was returned AGAIN to HP, returned eight days later with the note "No Defect Found." Twenty six hours out of the box, and it is again popping up a Blue Screen Error Message and reverts to a black screen with Operating System Not Found.

I have requested a new machine from HP on the last two occasions and was told by very apologetic case managers that was simply not possible. I have written a detailed letter to the president of the company, and requested the courtesy of his reply. To date, I not received a response.

In less than eight months, this machine has been returned to the factory three times for hard drives, and had one sent from the factory to be installed by me. I have logged well over 20 hours with Telephone Support trying to resolve the issue. This month alone, the computer has been out of commission 20 of the 28 days. HP support personnel are friendly, polite, and incredibly reassuring, but unfortunately, I am still dealing with the same issues, and requests for a replacement machine have been denied.

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Posted by MRM on 2010-06-28:
You may have a loose data cable connecting to the harddrive/motherboard or a faulty motherboard.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2010-06-28:
Do you have good anti-virus and anti-malware software on there? I have had a similar scenario with co-workers whose machines kept crashing. Everytime we'd fix it, as soon as they got back online they'd go back to the same website, and get the same virus, with the same result.
Posted by MonaB0064 on 2010-06-28:
MRM, hard drive and motherboard both replaced on 1st trip back to factory. Oddly, when computer crashes, I can unplug for several hours and computer will work well for a few hours then start into cycle, almost as if a short somewhere. However, any data cable issues should also have been checked on the multiple trips back to factory.
I am running Norton that came pre-installed on this computer - 5 months of protection left.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-06-28:
MonaB0064, I've got to commend you. You've written one of the best "complaint" letters I've read on this site. It was well worded and well thought out. I can tell you've done your part. I really like HP products, but would side with you easily in this case.

I could tell it generally wouldn't be a virus unless it was changing the MBR of the hard drive, and I'm sure that could be confirmed by reprepping the hard drive. I'm sure tech support has already went that route. They've replace the hard drive and motherboard, so that pretty much rules that out. Sounds like to me they need to replace the unit.

Best of luck and keep us informed.
Posted by MonaB0064 on 2010-07-01:
HP technician sent to my home this morning. Pulled Event Log and documented 6000 warnings, events and critical errors since June 1. HP to replace my machine. Not sure why HP techs did not view Event Log on trips back to factory, but am relieved to have problem validated by an independent technician!
Posted by nellevad on 2012-04-30:
I have had the same problem that you had, except that the problem started just after the warrantee ran out (convenient eh?). I have been through two new hard drives (one from New Egg, and one from a computer shop locally that did a copy of my HD which worked for a while when I took it in to have it diagnosed. I don't think it's worth any more of my time or money at this point. Already spent far too many hours and close to $200 trying to get it working and it just keeps doing exactly what you describe. It's in the shop now to see if the new HD is really bad or just inaccessable. I'm going to send a link to this forum to the shop to let them know what is most likely going on. Thanks for posting your problem.
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Hewlett-Packard Is Selling Extremely Defective Pavilion PC Models
Posted by Cth95mustang on 10/02/2009
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- Hi. I have a story to share about Hewlett-Packard. This topic has become huge. And despite tons of complaints, HP turns it back on loyal customers. And they continue to sell defective products, after tons of complaints about the models.

The Core i7-based Elite Pavilion desktops from HP; namely the e9150t and e9180t models, are highly defective. Just ask me. I'm on my 3rd PC for example. After contacting HP repeatedly about the constant freezing and blue screen errors, HP is still yet to give me an answer.
This isn't the case of just a "bad batch" on the assembly line. We're talking tons of people with faulty PC's. Just check out HP's own forums, and you'll see what I mean.

Here is a brief description of the process I've been through. I bought my first e9150t with the i7-920, back at the end of June. It froze right out of the box, constantly. Not to mention the BSOD's multiple times a day. So being past the 21 day exchange mark, I had no choice but to send it in for repair. It came back to me with the exact same problems. Not to mention a nice scratch on the side of my brand new PC, and it was missing the rubber pieces on the bottom. I'm sure they took great care of my machine while it was under repair.

Next, I convinced HP to send me another e9150t, this time with the i7-950 CPU. Whoo hoo! It did the same as the last. It was even worse than the first one. This one not only had the freezing and BSOD's, but it randomly rebooted, and the back fan ran at full speed 24/7. I again, sent this one back and had HP send me the e9180t model this time, with the i7-975 CPU. It froze at the HP setup screen on the first boot. Upon restarting and logging in, it went straight to a blue screen error. The odds of getting 3 bad machines in a row are astronomical. Not to mention there are plenty of others who are now on their 3rd PC as well.

There is an obvious defect, most likely in the Pegatron motherboard that comes in the e9150t and e9180t models (Truckee v1.03 and 1.04). HP has turned a deaf ear to it's customers. I've contacted the executive office on the phone, sent multiple faxes and emails. Yet HP has yet to even admit that they see an issue to their customers. Tons of us have emailed Mark Hurd, HP's CEO, only to get a call from the executive office telling us they don't have an answer for us. HP has even been reported to the Better Business Bureau about the issue, with no response.

These are high-end PC's that are extremely defective. After contacting Pegatron about the issue, they directed me back to HP, saying that it's their problem. Countless people have said that if HP would only acknowledge the fact that they see the problems and are working on a fix, that would give them peace of mind. But apparently, that's too much to ask of HP. I'm sure they are sweating bullets trying to figure out how they are going to get out of this one.
I'm sorry, but I'm not the kind of person that let's a huge corporation like HP walk all over me. Something has to be done, and I'm not backing down and going away quietly like they'd like me to.

If you'd like to get a glimpse of what's going on, just check out the HP forum for example: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/psg/board/message?board. id=lockups&message. id=2608

Be advised that out of the over 1,000 posts, the moderator on the forum has only posted in reference to advising someone how to Private Message. At no time out of all the posts, has the moderator tried to give advice or help customers going through this mass defect. Comments have been deleted by the moderator. Also, on Expert Day in the forums, a topic called "e9150t, e9180t" was created. Customers asked the "experts" if they knew if HP was addressing these issues. Immediately the moderator told them that they were not posting on the topic, (which was PC Performance), and locked the forum they created. Let me see, how is trying to resolve a huge defect in your PC, not related to PC performance? It's like they are desperately trying to hide this as best they can.

Here are some other articles that I'm sure will interest you as well:

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Posted by MRM on 2009-10-02:
All the three PC that have BSOD or freezing are caused by either software or driver conflict. If it were me, I would have done a clean install of Windows, installing my own customized applications and the BSOD and the freezing would go away.

That makes me wonder if HP ever tests their products before shipping them.
Posted by cth95mustang on 2009-10-02:
Actually there have already been tons of people that have done clean installs of Windows without success. Some have also swapped out the PSU as well. HP even had a BIOS update to the motherboard in August, and that fixed nothing. The motherboard is the most plausible culprit. That is the common factor in each of these models.
Posted by Bilal24 on 2009-11-14:
I would like to know when someone is going to start a class action suit against HP because I'v ebeen getting the run around from James about the problems Ive had. My computer is now dead and I'm being told that I need to show proof that I contacted HP about my problems before my warranty ran out. He is an ass
Posted by Skully on 2012-09-11:
I will never say anything nice about HP ever they SUCK and going to turn them in to the Washington state attorney general for bogus consumer pc garbage
Posted by Pete on 2012-10-25:
well me too, I went to Best Buy and told them I wanted to best,, and I have this one here on a HP Pavilion Elite HPE 112y pc I have send this pc 3 times , the last time they replace a Motherboard-RepairClass-co and still have problems , this time its on all of my usb ports, the last time , too, I call and some techs from India ,tried to help me , they could not do any thing and to my suprise ,I fix it ,even tho I lost some music and pictures,, now I know ,that this hp ,alway keep a memory stick to save your suff , let me know if theres a suit or any thing , at first I told them I wanted a new one and they did not get me one ,I had and still have a mantiance agreetment , it will expire on Feb 2013 , need help , oh and now they ,, have a new CEO Meg Whitman guess since Sept 2011 , help !!!!!
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Purchase will guarantee a wasted afternoon.
Posted by Consumer Thought on 04/17/2004
I just purchased an hp pavilion a510n. Sadly it did not come with a restore dvd. Don't get too excited about using your brand new computer right away, instead, plan to spend the afternoon burning six restore cd's that hewlett packard failed to provided on one or two dvd's.

If something goes wrong, you will be the first to be blamed for not burning the cd's...(see compliments comments)
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Posted by melissa.messner.ni1q on 2004-04-19:
I thought this was a little weird myself; I bought an HP a couple months ago, and searched through the boxes several times before I realized there were no restore disks. Since it was late and I was tired, I left that fun job to my husband, but for as much as we paid for these stupid computers (mine isn't working so hot lately), they could at least provide a backup disk.
Posted by bellbottom on 2004-10-29:
That was my first problem. After setting up my new computer, I tried to burn a restore dvd. It would not allow me. I tried 6 more times and still did not allow me. I finally called HP and thank goodness I got an English speaking support agent. After she helped me with instructions of burning a restore dvd and it still didn't work, she said, "Oh, forget it. I'll just send you the restore dvd's." I received them the next morning by overnight express. That goes to show you how efficient English speaking support agents are.
Posted by Hain on 2005-07-07:
The decision to discontinue including the restore discs came as a result of analysis of customer input; i.e people like you who will complain that the recovery partition is faulty then, when the option is provided to burn your own backup set, complain in turn about that.

We (HP support - a former employer) endured ad nauseum bellyaching from people about how the recovery partition "robbed" them of X percent of their hard drive, is useless, didn't contain information they needed, etc etc so the people in essence, spoke aloud. The decision came to burn your own set of CDs at your convenience, eliminating the need for the partition that people insisted was "stealing" their valuable HDD space.
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