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Crazy Chaotic Experience
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Rating: 2/51

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- We had contracted Lowe's to do a remodeling project. Everything was fine for the most part until it was handed off to the Central Production Office and then the chaos began. The Lowe's Central Production Office is terrible at communicating and coordinating with the store, the contractors and the customer. The best part is how when things go wrong, the Central Production Office starts pointing fingers at the store and vice versa with the customer right in the middle of it.

It's amazing how archaic the methods are that they are using to provide the service. For the majority of their installations, there is a set number of steps in their standard process and they'll gladly tell you what they are to get you familiar with their unnecessarily complex process. But when you ask them to provide a status update, they seem to struggle to figure out what step were on, what steps are left to do or what's going on in any of the steps.

They have almost ZERO project management and that's supposed to be one of key features of the service. If you have them do your job, be prepared to be your own project manager and be frustrated running around in circles talking to multiple different people that don't always talk to each other and end up telling you conflicting things about how to navigate through their labyrinth of a process.

Be prepared to not be notified about significant changes in your project until the absolute last minute unexpectedly and for no apparent reason. Then you'll be expected to re-arrange your schedule and situation on a dime to accommodate their lack of project management and organizational skills. For me, it's not worth it. On the positive side with both this project and single product installation, the positive aspects:

  • Price is generally reasonable
  • The selection of materials is decent
  • The work the contractors do is generally good

However, you'll be expected to oversee your own project and you'll have to pay close attention to what everyone is doing because there will be no one who is really on top of the project. It will likely be frustrating and very time-consuming.

My understanding was that was supposed to be a key feature of this service that Lowe's offers. They definitely don't deliver on that. If that's really important to you, you'd be better off looking elsewhere at a remodeling company that delivers that type of customer service. However, if you have a lot of patience, like overseeing projects and have lots of free time to check and micro-manage everything because otherwise it won't get done right, Lowe's is probably a good option for you.

Kitchen Remodel
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Rating: 1/51

SUGAR LAND, TEXAS -- BUYER BE AWARE OF LOWE'S REMODEL. They are a ripoff!!! Contracted for kitchen cabinets Nov/2017. Cabinets arrived and installation began on December/2017. Cabinets that should had been installed in one day is going into the 5th month and as of April/2018 my kitchen is a mess due to incompetent designs, lack of pieces, and VERY BAD measurements by kitchen designer D...A... Dana. Addressed issues with Lowe's management and received very poor responses and customer service, especially from Ass Mgnt. Jimmy (or Smelly as what his employee's call him.)

As I alluded, we are in the 5th month and are still with an incomplete kitchen. We don't have any running water or electricity for the range, and consequently, my wife and me have to eat out three meals a day, every day. Contacted Lowe's home office in N.C. They also provided me with Poor Customer Service, although very apologetic. There are many more issues that cannot be disclosed at this time. I will update after a settlement is reached with Lowe's. My advice is to use caution when buying from Lowe's.

How Long Does It Take to Re-Do a 10 X 15 Kitchen?
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Rating: 1/51

LAFOLLETTE, TENNESSEE -- Four months and counting... Contract signed with Lowe's mid-Sept. 2017 to remodel 10' x 15' kitchen... Installation of cabinets, sink, small sidebar and stove. It's Jan. 20, 2018 and job still incomplete. Kitchen sink removed in Sept. but had not been replaced by Thanksgiving. Cabinet contractor's crew was great. Lowe's coordination/management not.

No coordination of materials needed to complete job, stove has been sitting on our porch in a cardboard box for 2 months with no one appearing to install it. On several occasions individuals provided by Lowe's have said "not my job". Opinion: Stay away from Lowe's.

Delivery of Appliances Terrible
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Rating: 1/51

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO -- You couldn't pay me to buy another appliance at Lowe's in Santa Fe. Their delivery dept is so inefficient that even on the day of delivery they are unable to give customers any idea of what time the product will be delivered. That is the case even though at time of purchase they claimed I would get a 4 hour delivery window and the day of, a 2 hour window. Other stores manage to be able to provide at least a 4 hour window when the product will arrive so it seems Lowe's simply doesn't care about customer service.

New Ad, Completely Out of Product and No Rain Checks Being Issued
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Rating: 1/51

WOOD VILLAGE, OREGON -- On 9/15/17 went into the Wood Village, OR Lowe's to get bark mulch, on sale in the new ad. Completely out and would not issue a rain check, for a product carried year round. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. POOR STORE POLICY.

Att. Returns Dept
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Rating: 1/51

NEW CITY, NEW YORK -- Do not use Lowe's as a contractor! On June 23, 2015, my life and my son's life was turned upside down causing not only unnecessary stress to us but, causing me to incur thousands of additional dollars in costs due to the construction of the bathroom. On June 23, 2015 I initiated an agreement with Lowe's to remodel a 5X7 bathroom. I paid in full $14,913.00. My son and his wife were supposed to move in to this condominium at the end of August as the bathroom was to be completed in 15 days of actual work or by the agreed upon date of August 15th.

The events of the last 5 1/2 months were perpetuated by the poor and ineffective project scheduling and by the contractor hired by Lowe's. However, it always seemed that Lowe's had the back of the contractor and not us the customer who had paid in full the entire cost of the bathroom renovation prior to the start of the construction. The guarantee of satisfaction we signed with Lowe's on June 23rd 2015 had no effect on the construction. Therefore, after deliberate consideration and consultation it is obvious that the bathroom renovation was not completed to expected and reasonable standards of satisfaction.

5 1/2 months later the bathroom was never completed to expected and reasonable standards of satisfaction. Examples of the extremely sloppy workmanship include: The door and door frame should have been replaced with a quality door as agreed to in initial contract. Door is damaged, poorly spray painted so its surface is like sandpaper and the frame is damaged too so that the correct hardware could not be installed. Old rusted hinges were reused with caked on paint of years of use. The threshold is not the marble one we selected and it is the wrong color. The bathroom is beiges and browns and the threshold is an orange composite material.

The wall and the tile molding was never completed behind the vanity. The grout is coming out from between the tiles in the shower. Instead of regrouting the tiles caulking was used on the surface only. The ceiling has gouges in it from when the bathroom was demolished and the light fixture was removed. The vent fan does not sit flush against the wall due to a wall that is not vertical. The light switch was poorly installed and now it cannot be aligned. Due to the inexpensive door when the towel bars were connected to the door the door was hollow so they could not be anchored correctly.

Other expenses we incurred were my son's 2 months' rent in his Manhattan apartment since the timeline for the renovation changed from the end of August to the end of November. And you can't move into an apartment that has no toilet. (Expense of $3,358.00) Also… ** You have to see the photos of the mess in the apt. Nothing was covered. Everything is covered by a layer of dust. Floors, walls, windows, all the furniture, television, bedding, couches, all appliances and more. In the middle of the living room is a 4-foot pile of bathroom debris (tile, floor, wall board, ceiling, plumbing and probably asbestos & lead too).

The floors were left in such a damaged condition due to the contractor's dumping the demolition refuse into the living room that we needed to scrape the damaged floors for $2,126.00. And finally the couches were discarded because the debris that covered them and it was not worth the risk to use them. Their replacement value was about $1800.00 In all. We are requesting compensation in the amount of $ 22,197.00 without the cost of painting the entire apartment that is covered with dust that probably contains asbestos and lead.

Kitchen Counter Redo
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Rating: 1/51

Do yourself a favor, use other companies than those 2, there is other alternative………..
I feel I have to share my story, so you don't end up in the same situation.

I went to Lowes and planned to redo my counter top and install a farmer sink. I have an extremely small condo kitchen. It shouldn't have taken so much time and be so bad! I have been disappointed, frustrated, mad, discouraged, fed up!!!!!

*The day before Thanksgiving, my husband and I had chosen the new counter top and sink., still, we wanted to order a sample of the counter to bring it home. After 2 weeks of waiting for the sample, we called to find out the product was discontinued. We also had chosen a stainless steel farmer sink but had to return to Lowes to look at other possibilities since they did make it in the size fitting the counter. I took 4 weeks before the sink arrived, and go figure no one called us to let us know it was in store. So we called, went to pick it up.

During the waiting time we went to Stone-Systems of Arizona (counter top) manufacturer to choose a new counter top.
*From Lowes we had a plumber come to our place for measurement and estimate to install the new sink. The first person did not call did not show! The 2nd person came took measurement and 2 weeks later Lowes and us are still waiting for the estimate…..the company (plumber) associate with Lowes never turned in an estimate and dropped us. Another week passes and we are sent another plumber also through Lowes and again never came….really! Another appointment was made and this time again the estimate was not turned in.

Our project kitchen representative came to do the work himself, because so far he felt bad about all the service challenges we encountered. He returned to our place 4 individual times to work on it. Finally the support for our new sink was built (we thought). But, by the time the counter technician came to take the measurement he informed us that the sink was too low and we had to raise it. So at this point I asked a family friend to fix this and paid him $150. For something I already was charged to by Lowes.
At last we are finally ready for the counter top but it will take an additional 3 weeks “Without Plumbing” in the kitchen.

When the counter top people from STONE SYSTEMS of Arizona are due to come, I got a phone call 2 hours prior to the install time to let me know that the counter top is defective, bowed and they could not install. How can this be, after waiting for 3 weeks.

I called Lowes and Stone Systems of Arizona back and they tell me they are trying to find out what happened and they will get back to me in the next 24 hours. The next day I received a phone call from the Stone Systems of Arizona Mgr. which tells me that they are working on a new counter for me and I should have it in the next 5 days. I was a little suspicious as it took 3 weeks to work on the first one and now they could turn around and do it so fast. On the day of the install. I'm at work but my husband is home. I get home after work very excited to see my new counters.

I cannot tell you how many things were wrong about it. It had so many defects on it, it was a joke. I immediately took pictures and called the Stone- Systems of Arizona and invited them to come over and see for themselves what kind of product they gave me, and that is without mentioning that one side of one counter was cut reversed and did not fit!.

Two days later, a representative from the Stone Systems of Arizona came home to take pictures and see the product. She returned and showed it to the GM who agreed it was unacceptable (the least to say). I received a phone call the next day to let me know they would redo the work and suggested that I stopped At Lowes to see a different product stone that look the same, and is the same color apparently and is superior. So I did and went with their suggestion. Again we have to have the plumbing reconnect and disconnect.

I inquired from the manager the date of the new installation, she texted me that it will be the March 15th at 3pm. At 4pm that day, I texted her to let her know no one was at my place and I was worried… find out …she says oh no it's not today, it's the March17th. I responded, look at your text and see the time and date you gave me, I can't believe you guys Disappointed me AGAIN. Now I have to again call the plumber schedule to come and reconnect everything that he can't, and we need to reschedule. So Again another no show!!!

Unfortunately, the timing with the reconnect had to be another five days after we received the new counter because I or my husband could not miss more time from work for people that don't come or show!
The final product is nice but was it worth the headache, the aggravation from the day before Thanksgiving to March 22nd?.................NO WAY!!!

I addressed both Lowes and Stone –Systems of Arizona, demanding compensation and on a product of one sink and counter top of a value of more than $4000.00,for a kitchen counter the size of 25 inches deep x 77 inches long and for 2 stove sides of approx.. 25 inches x 16 inches. They agree to pay for the plumber ONLY!!!!!!!$ 400.00

It does not pay for all the time we took off from work when no one showed up. The aggravation, the headache and they think they were fair!

I wish someone at Lowes would have told me that Stone-Systems of Arizona has mediocre products that should not be on the market as well as better one. I would have taken the best one…money was not an issue!!! All we wanted is a great kitchen and great experience.
That is far from what we got!!!!! I hope my testimony will make you go elsewhere!
For your own sake!

Three Months to Install 100 Feet of Fence
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Rating: 1/51

SEEKONK, RHODE ISLAND -- I contracted Lowe's to install 100 feet of cedar fencing and a pergola add-on. Work began in the beginning of July. When the installer told me he had no experience installing cedar and was familiar with installing vinyl, I should have known this wouldn't go smoothly.

I originally ordered a four foot gate for the backyard. Shortly thereafter I changed my mind and phoned the project manager, Kevin **. I asked how much it would cost to have 2 three foot gates instead. He said it was a 50 dollar difference. I said ok. He said he didn't feel like driving out to Portsmouth from his store in Seekonk so I could sign a change order. He said he'd just go ahead and change the order and not charge the 50 dollars.

When the installers came we discovered that he hadn't changed the order. Lowe's shipped me 2 four foot gates one for the back and one for the front. They also didn't send the posts and lattice for the pergola. Mr. ** tried to convince me to accept the gates I'd originally ordered. I refused, telling him that I would gladly pay the 50 dollars, and if he'd done the change order like he was supposed to, this wouldn't have happened. So... he had the installers use the 2 four foot gates that were on hand to create the back gate and order an additional gate for the front.

By then, my existing chain link fence had been removed. Originally I'd had someone lined up to remove the fence for me, but that fell through. I asked Mr. ** how much more it would cost to add removal and disposal. $450 more. I had no choice but to agree, as the installation date was already here. Instead of removing the posts, the installers cut them at ground level. My husband could have done that himself! I was then left with metal-lined holes in the ground, along with the remaining underground concrete. How can I plant grass and shrubs over that? I paid for removal, and I expected the fence to be removed.

Since all the parts weren't available, they had to halt work and special order the additional gate and pergola parts. They blocked the gap where the front gate should have been with a section of fence. After they left I noticed multiple gaps in the fencing because I heard the familiar bark of my dog. From the street. I'd let her out and she immediately escaped. She weighs 2 pounds. She never escaped when I had my old chain link fence. So... my husband inspected the yard and used old boards and bricks to block the spots where she could possibly escape.

The installers didn't leave my yard in good shape. I have a 4 year old and a dog. They left a saw blade in the yard. They left a red bull can in the sink of my daughter's playhouse. They left packaging from the fence components in the yard. They left the dirt and rocks. They dug up when installing the fence posts behind. The dirt in the front of the house is heavy with slate. They spread that dirt instead of removing it.

How is my grass going to regrow through slate? The pieces aren't big enough to pick up, but they're big enough to ruin my lawn. The yard on the longest side of the fence is higher because they spread the dirt instead of removing it. They also left behind large rocks that they dug up during installation.

Then... I noticed that one of the fence posts in the front of the house was cracked. From top to bottom. Why would someone even install something like that? When I called, the Lowe's manager tried to convince me that it was "a natural variation in the wood." Even after I emailed the photos. How insulting. $5,500 for a fence and you try to convince me to accept a damaged product!

Anyway, I was promised that the missing fence parts would arrive in 2 weeks and the installers were scheduled to return then. 2 weeks came and went with no delivery. The installer called to cancel. Meanwhile, the manager never called to inform me of what was going on. Why the delay? I called. I was promised the gate would arrive on September 12. Nope. No gate, no update from Lowe's. At this point I was promised a call from Dave **, the Market Director. He had someone call on his behalf on September 15. I listed all my concerns and was promised installation the following Friday.

The next week the installer called to schedule. I told them that I was promised installation on Sept 23. They said no, they couldn't. It'd have to be the next Friday. I'm a teacher, and purposely scheduled this work for the summer, when I'd be home. At this point, the work needed to be done on a Friday because I'm back to work and that's the only day my husband would be home to answer any questions the installers had.

On Monday I spoke to a woman at the fence company and gave her a list if everything that needed to be resolved. So... now it's Friday, September 30. I've had no front gate for approximately 3 months. The new gate and pergola parts arrived yesterday.

The installers came today. They installed the front gate and pergola. But... when I spoke to the Market Director's representative and the fence company I asked them not to install the hardware they'd shipped on the front gate. It's the same kind that's on the back gate - a flat lever that you push down. That's fine for the back utility gate, but not for the entrance. They installed it anyway. Now it needs to be changed and there will be additional holes in my new front gate.

They botched up the repair of the gaps under the fence. They lowered a section of the fence so the dog can't crawl under. Now the top of one panel is 3 inches lower than the adjacent panel and the rails facing my yard aren't lined up. There's still gaps at the bottom where the dog can get out. In fact, the front gate is approximately 4-5 inches off the ground. My dog will easily escape. These installers knew when they were here in July that they couldn't leave gaps like that. They saw my dog.

The installers replaced the cracked fence post. But... it came right out. They hadn't cemented it in. In fact, there were tons of leftover bags of cement. They didn't cement the pergola posts in. Those posts are going to rot, just stuck in the ground like that. I need them to come back and cement every post into the ground.

Also, am I getting credit for the unused cement, panels, and posts? The project manager is supposed to know how much to order. I shouldn't have to pay when he doesn't know how to estimate a job. The installers also installed the drop bar on the back gate today. When they left the last time they used a piece of rebar as a substitute. But... the back gate is still not even. That was on the list of things to fix and it's still not done right.

Oh! And... at the time of the contract signing I was promised a 200 Lowes gift card. Mr. ** gave me the rebate form and receipt. Said to mail it in. Several weeks later I got a letter from Lowe's. They denied my submission. Said I didn't make a qualifying fence purchase.

So... I now have an expensive fence that is uneven, has posts that are going to rot, and doesn't keep the dog in the yard. All this after several months of headaches. I wish I could just have you take your fence back. I am beyond angry and discouraged.

My husband and I bought this house knowing we'd be making improvements. This is the first of many projects. We need windows, gutters, kitchen counters and cabinets and several other jobs done. We won't be hiring Lowe's.

Horrible, Installer Do Not Know the Product They Are Installing, Store Manager Is a Liar
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Rating: 1/51

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- The installer did not know how to install Pella Windows which Lowe's sold as only windows they carry. The installer claim to be certified but it was obvious he did not know how to install these windows. Cause lots of damage to home and Lowe's will not take responsibility. They installed a broken window and refused to replace or give credit. Corporate office makes no decisions - they let themselves go by what store manager claims. They plainly steal from their customers, they hire these cheap installers and then would not take responsibility. I will for sure never set foot on a Lowe's store. Even Home Depot treat their customers better I hear, I've never had a problem with them.

State They "Can Not Find $1000.00 Flooring Underrlayment" That Was Returned
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Rating: 1/51

HOWELL, MICHIGAN -- I purchased 1870 sq-feet of Cali Bamboo flooring and was given the according underlayment for the flooring I purchased. My total was $9400.00. It was delivered on September 26, 2015 into the basement of our new construction home. My father who was present when it was delivered said, "This is the wrong floor, this is click-lock - you need tongue and groove so it can be nailed down." So to make a long story short - I returned to Lowe's and told them my dilemma. They said, "We do not give recommendations about products, we only order what you say."

This was because I asked why they would sell me a click-lock floor when I had them look at my blueprints and stated it was a wooden sub-floor. So, I admitted my mistake and they re-ordered the correct floor. I returned home that night and mulled over the fact that they did not mention the underlayment. I was told by my father that we would use asphalt paper, not the impervious $1000.00 dollar underlaymnent.

So I set up the pick-up for the return of the flooring and it was picked up October 1, 2015 at approximately 1:00 pm by the delivery drivers. So after the return I waited a few days and went into the store to ask about the underlayment. They assured me I was not billed on the new order and I said, "That's good but where is the refund?" Lowe's told me to come back and see a separate person the following day.

I returned 3 times and finally got a person who gave me a name of a supervisor. She in turn looked into my claim and stated that they would count the boxes of underlayment to see if it was actually returned to the I have been exercising patience - you see that, it is now NOVEMBER 12, 2015. She called me yesterday and said that the department manager said that it was not returned because "you need it for the re-ordered floor." I told her that "NO I do not need it for a nail down floor - I need asphalt paper - and besides the delivery men did pick it up and wherever it went from my home, I do not know."

So, as I sit here today I have $8000.00 worth of flooring waiting to be delivered and I am also waiting for them to find the underlayment and refund my money. So far the experience has been horrible. I guess you cannot trust ANYONE. I will keep you updated.

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