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District Manager's take on Lowe's
Posted by on 10/23/2007
This is for all Lowe's employees, past, present and future. Three years ago I was promoted to district manager, so I figured I would offer my thoughts concerning what I read on this site in reference to the operations of the company.

First of all, I would say that I have never been a part of a more hypocritical company than Lowe's. For a company that preaches that excellent customer service is the foundation upon which we are built, the executive management team sure doesn't take the proper measures in delivering on their promise. See theres something that people need to understand when dealing with the executives in the corporate office (and yes, I have met them all). It really is just about them. They will run the company any way they need to in order to claim their enormous bonuses and absurd stock options. They don't care about a single employee because all you are to them is an expense. They will lay off the most talented and skilled employee in the company the instant that its in their best interest. Believe me ladies and gentlemen, this is how we work.

Now I have always considered myself to be a benevolent dictator, and thats how I choose to manage the 13 stores I am responcible for. This means that my employees are people first. They have a wife and kids to go home to the same as I do. When I want something to be done, I adress my employees with respect. See folks, one of the big problems we as a company are faced with is that the members of executive management have very narrow minds when it comes to how they run the company, and believe me, they HATE to be told they are wrong. They preach an open door policy where they say suggestions are welcomed, and while that sounds great in theory, thats not how they actually think. Trust me, you're going to do things their way, or you'll soon be unemployed.

I'll share with you an example. This past year the company changed the bonus structure of the store managers and zone managers in all of the stores. Without going into great detail, the bonuses are now smaller. Now I ask...does anyone think anyone in the corporate office took a bonus reduction? Take a wild guess.

Well anyway ladies and gentlemen, thats about all I have. I thought maybe this would help open some eyes to how Lowe's as a company operates. Obviously, I can never give my real name out, but I'd be happy to help anyone that has questions or just wants to speak out. I check this site a lot, so feel free. Unlike many of them, this district manager actually wants to help employees feel better about themselves and their jobs. If I ever get high enough in the company, you better believe some changes are on the way
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-10-23:
Good post. Seems ya gotta handle on it.
It's about the bottom line.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-23:
Most companies base the actual bonus amount off company goals and the actual amount paid out depends on the results. Is your bonus a set amount each month/quarter and if so, what was the reason that was given that it was being reduced? That is an important detail.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-24:
Justcuz, here is how the bonus structure is laid out for Lowe's managers. Each store is given a sales goal for the year, along with an expense budget. The store manager's job is to attain that sales goal without going over his expense budget. If he reaches that goal, he is awarded 50% of his annual salary as a bonus. If he exceeds the goal by 5%, he then gets 75% of his salary as bonus. If he exceeds the goal by 10% (extremely rare), he gets a whopping 100% of his salary. Sounds amazing right? Now here's what they don't want you to know. The expense budget they lay out is nearly impossible to effectively run the store. Every dollar over your budget you are is subtracted directly off the store sales. So each year, I watch many managers lose thousands of dollars in bonus money because the corporate office sets them up for failure. I just find it funny because in 18 years with the company, never once have I seen an executive shortchanged their bonus. Once again, when it comes to corporate, it really is all about them. And to answer your last question, they do not give a reason why they reduce bonuses. They basically just go ahead and do it because at the end of the day, who can stop them?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-24:
captainmike, thank you for the explanation. A bonus should be hard to attain, afterall it's in addition to your regular salary and is intended to drive excellent performance, but I see your point and if you've been with Lowes for 18 years, you have the experience and knowledge to back up your claim.

Just a thought, I wonder if it would be beneficial to put together a document showing the details of what you are seeing/experiencing and ask for a meeting with the execs to walk them through it? Is it possible that they may not recognize that they are setting their employees up for failure?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-24:
justcuz, very good idea and good advice!
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2007-10-24:
Captainmike, Thanks for your valuable input. I hope you are using a web browser anonymizer or are running through an encrypted TOR network. It would not be difficult for your company to hire "appropriate people" to determine who you are, if you are running in the open. You also do not want to include any data in your posts which can help identify you. You mentioned 18 years with the company, I wonder how many DM's were hired exactly 18 years ago, Get my point? And, most importantly, I hope you are not doing this on a company computer. E-mail me and I will help you get set up so that you won't be found easily.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-24:
DC's right Captain. He'll help you find some free public domain software to mask your identity.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-24:
Thanks Lidman!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-24:
Hey justcuz, you were right and you are welcome.
Posted by theworkhorse on 2007-10-24:
Captain, my captain, kudos. I had worked for Lowe's for over 11 years, I was terminated for a safety violation 10/20/2007. As a department manager of lawn and garden, my department, as you know, was the hardest and most intense department in the store to manage. I had posted a record of comp sales 8 of the 9 years I managed this area. And to add to this, we finished in the top 10 in comp sales in the region 4 times. Many times we accomplished this in spite of inadequate staffing and management interference. This includes LP making up policies that are totally off the wall and failure to provide staff and tools to be able to adhere to policy.
I feel like that the company tries to brainwash employees beginning with orientation and continuing through having morning meetings. The BS runs fast and deep. I would be hardpressed to return if asked.
And what about the recent dispute over overtime pay for department managers. Lowe's had a chance to make things right by paying the affected employees what was, and is , owed to them. They again show their true colors by not doing so. When senior company management, Bob Niblock, makes the salary he makes, plus bonuses, while the putting the screws to the front line employees, what should one think of the company?
Posted by shawnp80 on 2007-10-24:
Tell us something we don't know!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-24:
Thanks for the input guys and the favorable feedback. I don't know if you all are employees or not, but heres a few more thoughts. The Lowes executives are not evil people. But they are a different breed. They are intelligent people (did I just say that? haha.) but extremely concrete in their thinking, and they can't stand being told or being proved wrong, and because of that they are not very open to new ideas (even though they try to make it seem like your opinion counts). Their entire lives revolve around Lowe's, and many of them work 80 to 90 hours each week. Now here is the connection they fail to make. They believe that the "little people" (please nobody take offense) who work in the stores should be as dedicated and hardworking as they are, despite the fact that the Customer Service Associate makes $8.50 per hour and they make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. I'm not exactly sure why they think like that, but keep in mind that many of them have never actually worked in the stores, so many of them are completely blind to the kinds of things you have to endure in the course of your workday. In other words, they live in a bubble.

As always guys, if you have questions or complaints, feel free.

Posted by Alain on 2007-10-25:
Captainmike, excellent review. The corporate folks are completely (by choice) unaware and uncaring about the hourly employees. It's too bad. Some of us used to be great employees doing a fantastic job. Many of us have found better employers that really appreciate us. I've heard customers say we are missed when we leave.
Posted by theworkhorse on 2007-10-26:
captainmike, I wish I could get into a closed chat room with you. You sound like you could be one of my old store managers, one of the few good one's we had. If you happen to be one of these gentlemen, there are only 2 of 11, I am sure that your peaople love you, and go the extra mile. I would have.
Posted by mdovell on 2007-10-30:
I'd have many questions for you captainmike. I'm there (at least for the time being) and have seen many things...if I may ask what do you know on the "settlement" so to speak. If you'd like to email me instead of posting I completly understand.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-31:
mdovell, legal matters are a soft subject, and unfortuneately, are EXTREMELY confidential. Any company official could get into a universe of sh** over discussing details, so my hands are tied on this one. I would still like to hear from you if you have concerns or just want to blow off steam though. I get dozens of emails each day (pretty popular for a district manager, haha) so it might take me a few days to respond, but I never ignore anyone.
Posted by hangingout on 2007-11-03:
this is insightful I was just offered a team leader position with good pay with chance to move into a department head in 6mo. I have been debating weaqther or not this would be a company I could make a career with. I was worried about quality off life, you know, if I would ever get a weekend day of ever or if they treat their employees well, or treat them like nobody's. Get at me captain if you can, would like to talk with you.
Posted by Bunker on 2007-12-01:
Capt. Mike,

Kudos for your post. I share your views as a former Lowe's management and Corp. person. We posted a link to this on our website:


Posted by Irish17 on 2007-12-24:
Ah, I can see clearly now! Thanks
Posted by Coorsdawn on 2007-12-30:
I came across this forum just today and appreciate the insight from CaptainMIke. I have many similar feelings. I was with Lowes for 11 yrs...started hourly and left as Store Manager. Lots of good things aobut Lowes, but th last couple of years were hell. Company and upper management did not really care about employees , family life etc. I am currntly a manager with another company...make just as much money and spend much more time with my family. My wife saw my outlook improve and my stress drop immediatly upon leaving Lowes.
Posted by onmyown on 2008-02-03:
As a widow of a Kansas City Southern Railroad Lower-Eschelon Executive who worked his way up..... Lowes is not the only company that STOMPS on the very people who GET them get those wondeful large bonuses that "Corporate" enjoys!
I keep hoping that there is a special place in Hell for these Corporate Bigwigs that basically rape and pillage their way through their employees lives, they do not care if they have family,if they are ill, just move them ooout and get annother one! Lowes Big Wigs are really showing their greed in their treatment of employees and customers too, but you know, we pay the bills and the check is coming due. The sad thing is when the check comes due, is the Rank and File will pay the bill because the Greedy Ones have theirs!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by onmyown on 2008-02-03:
Capitanmike, WATCH YOUR BACK!!!! You sound like one of the good ones!
Posted by katnkitchen on 2008-08-03:
Reading the review written by Captain Mike, I would like to address a strategical issue for you. I work for the competition and have also worked for Lowe's in the past. I have come into some "attention" recently because of my sales. Lowe's has been in my store recruiting and I have considered crossing the road again. I would bring a considerable amount of sales potential with me. Would you recommend my move or would you say just "stay put". Any thoughts from your position of DM is greatly appreciated.
Posted by youcallyourselfaDM? on 2008-11-10:
I cannot believe you can call yourself a District Manager after making a post like that. I wonder how big your bonus was last year, or what your salary is....you call Lowe's a hypocritical company, but I think YOUR namebadge should say Hypocrite. Maybe you could 3.3 that, sir. I think you should email your RVP this link.
Posted by yeaaaahbaby on 2009-04-21:
Let me give everyone some advice about lowes and there open door policy. The second you submit your claim . lowes will have an investigation team go around the store and see whats really happening, they will try there best to seem like customers and do so for a week before somebody will contact you. If its about a manager doing the wrong thing, they will see if they can get away with it. they will check everything about you. education, finance ( to see if you could afford a lawyer), have coworkers pretend to be your friend and talk to you, while at the same time report what you say to the manager. If they need witnesses , they will get witnesses. they will do what they can to fire you. you work or shop at a company that breaks the law and fires people who speak up or have a different opinion. You have to play by there rules and they change when they start to lose. My advice, find a different job , an honest place of work. people you don't know who have worked for this company know and hide the truth. those who speak out are here on the net. you have a multi billion dollar company with every resource against you. hire a private investigator immediately. lowes ruins lives, i plea to you , dont be next!
Posted by noreally on 2009-04-26:
Captainmike...are you still on here?
Posted by ljshaw on 2010-01-02:
I'm hoping that some of you may be able to help me.

I posted this elsewhere on the site, but apparently this thread is where all the people-in-the-know hang out. I need a way to get some satisfaction. Any suggesstions are appreciated.

My post is long, but I could really use your help.

At the end of November, I visited the Lowe's in Rutherford NJ to purchase flooring for my new home - carpet and engineered hardwood.

Flash forward to December 14 and I'm told that a 2 day job is now a 3 day job because the installer booked a job in the middle of my job.

The installers arrived on time but the owner of the subcontracting company left shortly thereafter.

Day 1 - The carpet installers scratched and marked my walls with the rolls of carpet. The removed my stove to put flooring under it (even though I had told them otherwise) and left the oven in the middle of the kitchen.

Day 2 - they worked 1/2 a day

Day 3 - I had to take a day off of work to be there. The stove was still sitting in the middle of the floor, now covered in filth.

I received 3 calls from the installer pressuring me to sign off on the job. I refused until I was able to inspect it.

I went to inspect it and found a dented board that I asked to be replaced. My decorator found a number of other issues, including both nailing and gluing of the floor - which nullifies the manufacturers warranty.

My stove was still sitting in the middle of the floor, just outside my kitchen.

That night, I got a call from my painting contractor, telling me that the Lowe's crew had damaged one of his tarps, had shoveled garbage into one of the bathrooms, and damaged the bi-fold doors near my bedroom, had ripped out my phone wires, had removed a piece of base molding and had dripped coffee and left sugar packets on the freshly painted window sills.

I called Lowe's immediately and was assured that they stand by their installers and their work, and that on the following Saturday, they would send a rep to inspect the work.

A woman named Michelle came, took pictures and assured me that any fix up work could be done by my painting contractor, and that Lowe's would pay for the repainting, what ever repairs were needed, and a new oven if it had been damaged by the dirt. She also saw the garbage that they left on my front lawn, including chunks of wood and lunch packaging.

I also pointed out that personal items of mine that were stored in the garage had been tampered with.

I confirmed the discussion in an email to her and her boss.

Then I got the nastiest phone call I've ever had - from a man named Chad from their regional office, basically telling me that the problems are minor, and implying that since I didn't see his guys drip coffee on the window sills, that I have no proof that his guys did anything. The Lowe's team also damaged equipment owned by my painting contractors for no reason.

Using logic (why would a painter ruin his own work?) didn't seem to matter.

In addition, the painters had been there for almost a month and not a thing had been damaged, moved or tampered with. The problems arrived the same time the Lowe's flooring guys did.

In the meantime, I had my contractor move the stove back into place and hook it up, and imagine my surprise when I found a damaged piece of flooring that had been hidden by the stove when it was sitting just outside my kitchen.

Yet another inspection was scheduled, and who shows up, but the same rude, condescending guy (Chad) who tried to bully me and once again imply that my painters had ruined their own work.

When I mentioned the promises that Michelle had made to me, they told me that she told them she never said that.

As the left my home, I removed a heating vent so I could put on a new one and discovered about 2 inches of wood chips, wood chunks and other debris that the flooring installers had shoveled down there.

I called the "inspectors" back and watched their faces as their installer pulled out the garbage.

I called Michelle at Lowe's - she is no longer working in the flooring department. Imagine that! She tried to work with a customer and to make a customer happy and apparently they don't like that.

They told me that they have workmen who could fix all the issues, and didn't understand how I would be afraid to use any of their sub contracters after the incredible lack of care their "best" flooring guys showed me and my home.

I had been planning on using Lowe's to install a new kitchen. They lost any possibility of that when they treated me as though I was something that had to be scraped off the bottom of their shoes.

So - how do get to the corporate level to tell them what happened? Do I have to go to my local TV station to complain in order to be treated with dignity? Or is it Lowe's way to bully women?

Posted by 7771 on 2010-07-08:
Well I wasn't a g.m. by any means butr did interview and was accepted to a store manager position whenever the possibilty came about back around 2001.I noticed that from that time on as a a.s.m. that I was severly being harrased by my store manager.He would give myself and my dept.manager impossible task top do and tell us we could not hire ( our sales were by far the best in the district by far and never slowed down .His pitch to me was we had to maintain payroll leverage - o.k - then shift some personel to us in( lawn and gardren ) my jest is this and it is the fact that I and my dept manager working 12 plus a day and alll he would ever talk about was his bonus and how we were going to screw it up.He would even have morning meeting and talk to all the employees about his bonus.Moral never was good after he started that and I hope this manager is no longer with Lowes for when I left the company so did 1 of dept managers as well as our live nursery specialist.
Posted by SCM on 2011-07-17:
My husband works for Lowes now for 2 1/2 years starting the silly system temporary then p/t then earning his way up to a PE.. I have owned my own small business for 20 years he owned his own small retail business for 30 before selling them.
HE is 58 years old. I keep telling him Lowes is the worst offender of your a name in a computer box to them and a social security number. MY husbands sales he is always in the top 4 in his district. Thats not good enough HE is not selling enough Lowers extended warranties and is being threatened to be fired for it now. They offered him another position in the store but he can't take it per his doctors because of his knees and it is to heavy of lifting for him. This is how stupid they are he is a WC claim if in that positon. They hired a little group of one the favored boys there and all his friends now are being hired in that store. I suspect they want a younger guy in my husbands position so this is why they are now pressuring him. I will get a lawyer and I do plan on suing them for wrongful firing if they fire him for not selling the Lowes extended warranties. WE went on line and saw the compliants and why folks won't buy the warranties and my husband is going to the store managers who is the one threatening him they are going to fire him if he does not get his warranty sales up. WE do have money and I am a very knowledgeable business woman as is my husband however he is very easy going so they think he is a gomer pyle type. I told him honey they think your stupid they are in for a rude awakening.. The stress he has been under is tremendous this is the first job he has ever had in his life outside of his owning his own business since he was 19 years old. What an eya opener this is. Lowes does not care for its people and treats them horrible its a sin I can see now a need for unions. I am going to report them to the wage and hour board and I am going to file many complaints with as many organizations as I can because the way they treat people is very very sad and wrong. MY poor hubby was to ashamed to tell me what was going on because they have brow beat him and he was embarrassed to say honey I might get fired he finally could not hold the stress in anymore and I am so relieved he told me what is going on. I am now on a mission. Lowes needs to watch who they knock around they need to be stopped and I am a women on a mission now this is so wrong.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-07-17:
You and your husband have a lot of experience running your own businesses.

Moving to being an employee at 55 years old is a culture shock. I would expect there to be a large amount of stress in this job, and there would be physical requirements. It is a home center.

You say that you have money. Once I decided I had enough, I quit. I hated working for others. Hopefully your husband's situation will work out or maybe he can just stop working.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-17:
Prety much the norm for businesses these days who offer credit cards and extended warranties is to sell them to at least one out of every 3 customers. Employees who don't meet the goal are often let go. If your state is an at-will state there may be no recourse if Lowe's lets your husband go for not meeting the expected sales quota.
Posted by SCM on 2011-07-22:
Interesting to see that if your over 55 your to old to work?? Sad society to think that.
Right to work also has three conditions of firing one is compensation so if your not compensated on the sale or if its not in the handbook?? NOw you tell me is it in the handbook your required to sell so many Lowes extended warranties and we won't pay your to do so????
Fifties is not old I can't wait til you all get there then lets see how you feel the man likes to work... geeze unbelievable..
Posted by late hd on 2012-09-01:
Do you know who the DM is in Indianapolis In? was a store manager for Home depot for 5 years and tring to get into Lowe's.
Posted by HDSpy on 2013-02-13:
Good ethics on your part, But you are not the typical DM, or MD as they are now. Here's my 3 cents. Lowes in the past 2 years has started down a path of destruction. They are becoming the KMart of home improvement. They (Moresville) have crammed it down our throats that they have invested a billion dollars in the company to upgrade it to today's standards. Unfortunately they are not waiting for the investment to pay off. The stores are reducing staffing to bare bones to recoup that money. Thus service suffers greatly, and they hire the cheapest people they can, thus the quality of service suffers. Next, they don't want managers at any level who care about people. Here's and example. We are in our second EOS corporate visit in 2 years. Yes we took the survey and now we are lower than we were before, thus the corporate intervention. First thing said by an employee to the MD and HR, If you were serious about taking care of employees, we would not be having this conversation. They went off and the meeting was over. Guess where the Store Manger went. To another store with an even lower EOS score than us. Guess that will show them!!!!
Posted by courtney on 2013-03-16:
I am a wife of a Lowe's employee. I have seen the effects of all of these things. They will use and abuse whoever is willing to take it. Management says I can not make you do x, y or z (not take a lunch, work off the clock, whatever) but they certainly encourage it, and employees who have work ethic and want to excel are essentially forced into doing whatever seedy management dictates. My husband has been moved to a few different departments to bring them up in their performance levels, is frequently assigned tasks that his zone should be doing and has been asked if he wants to move up in the company. Yet when positions come open, he is passed over. Lowes instead hires people like his current zone who harass people about calling in sick and where they are spending their time (ones who actually get work done like my husband) and openly threatening to fire people for things like taking too long of a bathroom break. Apparently, fifteen minutes is too long and we aren't talking someone who does this all the time, I mean what if they had some stomach troubles. There is no work life balance, stores are always way understaffed and employees expected to do the work of three or more people. To the person who commented about bonuses being a challenge, yes they are but they aren't supposed to cause you to run yourself or your employees ragged in order to achieve them. It's too the point where not only do the employees need counseling, the families do as well. Because when
Posted by bobbet on 2013-04-01:
well now.. that explains things like why my market director has been in the store up everyones butt like it was a popularity contest... with the market directors its all about what they observe in the momemnt..my dh came to me and said that the md came in and took photos of the the associates standing around not helping customers...but the inverse had happened the md observed customers not intersted in buying talking to the vendor rep but they want to hold my specialist accountable what kind of company punishes its sales people??
Posted by unknow on 2013-04-14:
I was in the back and since i was at the new store closer to my house nothing but problems. If your trying to make a living go to school. I was harss also and treated unfiar and found after a year and half later alot of people and store manger gone. Lowes is better then walmart but not by much, the harder working people are expected to work harder while the others arent. I would have stayed with the company if they knew how to treat and deal with employes and they dont care. Lowes is a 2faced company with certain stores. The mangers need more trainging. lowes i worked at was 2788 Pensacola
Posted by The True Lowes on 2013-04-26:
I have read all the complaints on this post and all I can say is that everything here is the truth, I have seen it in my local store. I have seen the harassment, the threats, the lies, the wrongful firings, the customer abuse, when I first started at Lowes it was great, but Tillman was the CEO. In the past 4 years or so I have seen nothing but evil in the store, managers are abusing employees like crazy, it is inhumane the way that they treat the people. Even customers make comments about the moral in the store. It is as if Lowes is trying to drive the company into a death spiral. The employee opinion surveys have gone down drastically in the past few years. I wonder if the board of directors see what is going on or are they behind all of it. I have never seen any company that hates their employees like Lowes does. Most managers that I see and hear about and read about are incompetent, we have a HR manager that is sleeping with an associate and protected by the Area HR because she is her buddy. Not only is she doing that but she is the worst HR manager in the world, another department manager in the store has to straighten out all the problems that she causes. She has threatened people and they have reported her and nothing is done. It is really sad that we live in a world where the companies in America have become like the dictators in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and they punish people like they are slaves. We have regressed back to slavery days in America. Lowes has more evil, hateful people than any other company in the history of the United States. The bible says "Lust For Money Is the Root of all Evil" well that has never been more apparent than it is in today's world....God Help Us All!!..The Devil will have a lot of company when the world ends one day, a lot of Lowes and Walmart people, especially managers.
Posted by Mark on 2013-05-22:
Business is not always fair, and bonuses are just that, bonuses - I've never "expected" one, and always treated it as a "bonus" when I got one.
Posted by Steve on 2013-05-26:
In order to provide feedback about your store experience, please fill out the form below or you can call 1-800-445-6937 Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. (ET) and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (ET) and share your experience with one of our Customer Care Representatives.
Posted by Anonymous on 2013-06-09:
I've worked for Lowe's for 3 years now. There have been ups and downs but I absolutely love it. Most of the comments I've read are about people in selling positions. Guess what... You were warned, before you got the position, of your expectations.
My management team is amazing. Some of the best people you could hope for.
Besides, the philosophy is simple... Make a mistake, ok, learn from it. It's when someone keeps making them that there's a problem.
Posted by John Doe on 2013-06-15:
I see your in tight with management or someone there like you . Yes life is great when someone in upper management is your buddy. I've been there 10 years and I've seen people get Promoted who have no business being a manager all because HR gave them the managers questions to an interview and told him what to say. While others have to actually earn the position. Prior to his promotion he was like cancer in the store bad mouthing everyone from his fellow associates to asm's to store manager. Management even created positions for him. I can see if he was a Hard worker, loyal assoc. or even had a good peesonality but unfortunately none of the above. Everyone in the store was shocked when they heard he was promoted . It use to be a great place to work but now it's constant trash talking coming from management behind employees backs wether it be about their weight their personal life or whatever but its inappropriate from asm or manager in front of other employees. It makes you think what they say about you when your not around. So for an open door policy I don't think so ,if you decide to use that door there will probably be security escorting you out of it.
Posted by Disgusted customer on 2013-06-28:
I spent 1.5 hours shopping at your store in apple valley Ca. and had over 200.00 $ in merchandise and when i was to check out the clerk saw that my card had my wifes name on it and refused it. I explained that i had lost my card yesterday and both cards are identical except for name and offered to show her an expired card with the same number on it when she refused to even look at the card she got quite snotty and i said i would pay cash but this would be the last time in this store since Home Depot is across the street, At that time she walked off with my card and started telling everyone with a red vest on what had happened , I have been embarrassed before but not in a store by a clerk telling the world that i was attempting a fraudulent act. At this time my wife was on the phone and heard all of it i offered to put her on the phone but the clerk was to busy making sure that customers and employees within earshot could hear her.

At this point i said i would never come back to a store that intentionally embarrasses there customers. However i needed several items badly and returned to pay cash when a assistant manager came up and when i told him what happen he did not apologize or solicit my cash purchase he just said the clerk did her job , Since when is a embarrassed customer part of a clerks job.

At this point i said verbatim " this type of customer service is ridiculous and she can kiss my ass" then your manager took offense to a phrase spoken on broadcast t.v. radio and was not directed towards him.HE ORDERED ME OUT OF YOUR STORE AND SAID NOT TO COME BACK.! I have pulled my receipts for 2013/2012 totaling 13,563.82 I gather this does not matter to your company so i have no choice unless an apology at the least is given and on second thought a apology coming from a man who is so thin skinned in a environment of contractors should be looking for a job.After my experience i expect nothing from your company so Good Bye and i have lost faith in your chain so good luck, may Karma pay your store a visit , Treating customers this way has a way of getting around.
Posted by Mike on 2013-07-08:
TO the Dept Manager:
Lowe's Complaint - District Manager's take on Lowe's
I need some help, I was a really good appliance sales specialist I have four customer service hats from the Vice President and hundreds of happy customers to prove it. One day my department manager quit and I was asked to take the Dept. Mgr. class. I did and passes and things were great for a while. Then I noticed the old Dept. Mgr. hanging around the store. Soon I was written up for offering a customer a deal when her fridge wasn't available (not really what I did) the store manager tried to fire me. Then I was accused of offering my mom a great deal on a stove (I didn't and the video evidence cleared me), then I was accused of ignoring a customer (I was working with someone at the time) they tied again to fire me. Finally I was terminated for the Zone Manager finding my down-stocking sheet in the trash.
So I really like the job, the Store Manager has since been fired, (the old dept manager now has my job) Is there any way for me to get a job back at Lowes or am I forever un-hirable?
Posted by lowes employee on 2013-07-08:
Reading the comment above ^^
Sorry this happened to you. I am a head cashier on the front end and we would never ever pull this kind of thing in front of mother customers or other employees. What they did was wrong and should have been more discreet about the situation. But on the other hand, they were just trying to protect the card holders CC. Do you even know how much credit fraud is done on a daily basis in a single Lowe's store? Please do not write Lowe's off forever. They were just doing their job and what was asked of him. Yes the manager should have apologized about how the handled it, but you should have let off a little bit to understand the situation.
Posted by Dottie Coughlin on 2013-07-09:
I went to Lowes to have my kitchen remolded.
On March 1,2013 my plans and contract was signed. I was told it would take about 6 weeksto complete. Great.....Well....here it is July 11,2013
and still no kitchen. They deliverd 33 cabinets on June 10th, and so far no one has come to open the boxes or check out the cabinets. They have ripped out ALL my old cabinets, removed my stove, refrigerator, and sink. I have
no place to cook or eat. I have made so many calls to them and still they do nothing. I live in a Condo and everyone comes by and sees what a disgrace this is and considers Lowes to be a terrible store to shop at. They have no consideration for the customer. After all if we did not shop there, perhaps they would not have a job. I thought that at least Lowes would show some concern. At this point if I do not get help, I think I will call the TV station to come to my condo and see the BIG mess I am in. Imagine from March 1,2013 till July 11, 2013 and can't put a kitchen in.....Why?
I would like to hear from Lowes....
Posted by terry fletcher on 2013-07-12:
worked at lowes distibution center in findlay,ohio i've always been a hard worker so i was wondering why i never made anything above bronse -so i stasted subjecting myself to the hardet trucks they had or nobody else wanted-just too see what was what-now either someone showed me wrong way to use the e2 gun or they are gaming the system and hiding it somehow ,cause it was the same people every month that got gold-if they are gaming the system aren't the robbing lowes and the same time trying to make themselfs look like they are doing a good job i sure would like to talk to the regional manger,my address is in your records-when i was let go was never told way-they just said they didn't need me anymore
Posted by Matt on 2013-07-25:
Why was my girlfriend wrote up for calling out of work. She has sick days but they are not allowed to use them what is the point of even having them.
Posted by Mind boggled on 2013-07-28:
Hubby had a customer come up to him and ask if he begged would he get help. Hubby response was no, then let's go get you help. Near 2 weeks later he is terminated after many years of ASM. Long story short. Come to find out, he had gone to HR regarding some not so good dealings with SM and after doing so, got threated by the very SM he went to HR on. It was actually 3 weeks after that horridness did he get terminated. Craziness more, had another out of state HR say WOW what in the world???? Amongst other suggestions we should take... No other person in the room during term, no other signature other than SM... A lot more to say as to what has gone on and it doesn't look good for SM or HR. He hates what is happening, but really has no idea what to do next. Having a time getting Emp File or any info at time of term... Just confused as to how this is possible, over a response to a question??? Normally ASM's don't get customer compliments and he has recv'd at least 1 every yr since being at Lowes. He is the go to guy when associates and other ASM's have difficult customers (he has always found a way to make the angry customers happy again, par for him being the go to guy). So for term to be for that response as no customer or anyone like hubby said to SM and DM, should have to beg to get help???? When hubby spoke to the area HR, he was told that SM said he had other complaints from customers, funny how there are no documentations to support that. Sooo any suggestions???? We are totally confussed as many of the employees are...
Posted by Anonymous on 2013-08-26:
How do I contact you ?I am a lowes employee who needs to contact you about my store
Posted by user187131 on 2013-08-31:
I really need to contact someone about my experience at a Lowes store that I found to be very unethical. I don't want to post my experience as of yet until I speak with someone. I need a corporate HR person ASAP!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-08-31:
Lowes Corporate Office Headquarters in the USA:
1000 Lowe's Blvd.
Mooresville, NC 28117
Corporate Phone Number: 1-704-758-1000
Corporate Fax Number: 1-336-658-4766
Corporate Email: info@lowes.com

CEO: Robert A. Niblock
CFO: Robert F. Hull Jr.
COO: Rick D. Damron
Posted by Irritated With Lowes on 2013-09-05:
This is the worst company to work for. May not be the in the top 5 but very sure in the top 10..when it comes to retail. So money hungry. Customer service begins on the inside and then given to customers. But when management has no leadership training and only got their position because their momma, daddy, sister or brother works there don't make them creditable. They don't make rational decision here. You have to earned to be liked not be a hard worker. I will never work for Lowes again as much as I love working with customers. I will go else where. There is no need contacting Lowes nor their headquarters because I'm very sure they are all buddies.
Posted by Ed on 2013-09-07:
I worked for Lowes for fifteen years all together, it is one of the worst cyanosis to work for they don't care about their employees, they fire them no matter the hard work they do for the company, I worked in install sales, want to give consumers advise if you purchase a install through Lowes and it isn't done by the time promised or to your satisfaction just argue with the cpo when they call you to see how the install went you will get the labor for free or even the product at a big discount, Lowes don't care they think no money matters they just want to get rid of the fussing, had a window job I was over the customer ended up with the windows for free, just think if Lowes wants too be fair then they have a long way to go.
Posted by Guy on 2013-09-10:
I just did my EOS. I was told it was anonymous so I gave some really negative scores. Now I'm having second thoughts and feel like there may be retaliation. Can management trace my EOS back to me?
Posted by Worst company on 2013-09-15:
Don't work for this company!! They don't care about their employees! They don't even care about firing their valued employee!
Posted by Merlin's Century on 2013-09-24:
I worked for Lowe's and know personally that there is no confidentiality in this company. There were several instances that I discovered HR leaking out sensitive information, the Store Manager divulging confidential information to their ASM's, AOM's, ALPM's, AHRM's, DM's and area marketing managers. In reality, HR is like the Gestapo! The AHRM's are sneaky and the Regional HR's are at best invisible. The minute you tell them something in confidence they pick up the phone. I thought there was something going on and on more than just one instance. So I did several tests
Posted by Disgruntled employee on 2013-10-18:
The way the company is rolling out the PSI program is a joke. Once again the corp management doesn't care about the hard working employees in the company. they just want to hire a bunch of outsiders that will fail because of our culture. So much for advancement from within.... Lowes truly Blows... Worst company ever...
Posted by UnhappyCarpetjob on 2013-10-25:
I went to Lowes to order carpet and spend $7000. they told me to have my house/rooms painted before the installation. the subcontracted cheap labor were nice but damaged my walls, doorways and did a horrible job. Lowes has a 100% satisfaction policy so they say. So far, it has been 6 weeks and guess what...I am at 2% due to the nice installers albeit poor ones at best.

Lowes corporate has denied my claim to have the poorly installed carpet replaced. Subcontractor has been out twice along with management. Nothing for weeks. I called President's office and operations manager Ricky Damron. Let's see what happens.

I am part of a group of over 14000 users in the US and all are being sent this link. They all will be watching. Last time one of group members posted a link to us about his daughters experience at a Dunkin Donuts back room (disgusting habits at this particular store) us "locals" did not go there anymore and spread the "good news" ...needless to say, when community get together, poop happens. That DD is not longer there with a shoe store now.

Lowes beware of the power of this community. We are all watching...and HomeDepot is just across the street. We are retired and ready to sit there each day and weekend with signs in front of your store...stay tuned my community
Posted by FoleyLowes-1 on 2013-12-04:
Please add the area, like the city state. I am wondering if the lowes mentioned across the street from a Home Depot is the Foley, AL Lowes? That Lowes is severely understaffed so that management can try to maximize their bonuses. Customers complain and walk out, employees can't be productive in their departments because they're covering other unstaffed departments. Strange, unprofessional behavior.
Posted by tmlumb on 2014-01-07:
I'm a Pro service specialist for Lowes. I was wrote up for what the zone manager said was "refusing to answer the phone". We have another Specialist, who for the 3 yrs I've worked here, leaves the store at 7:30-8:00 and does not return until 1:30-2:00 Monday- Friday. I've had multiple conversations with store management, But even as I'm writing He is walking out the door.How can i be expected to answer phones and help the contractors that walk up to the desk. Tired of the double standard!
Posted by unknow on 2014-01-17:
DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY they do not care about there employes at all There is no open door policy they do not care. If you need a job i guess but i still would go somewhere else. I heard other people saying if you quit you still might not go back to them. They have favtories and they do not get introuble. The store I worked at was SAD
Posted by Dimples on 2014-02-14:
I worked for Lowe's in OSLG for almost 5 years. I had some personal issues that I had to take care of. Put in for 10 days off 2 or 3 months ahead of time. I was told I was not able to take those days off due to 2 other employee's that had asked for the same days off. So my matter was so important that I told them I HAD to take that time off. I was led to believe that I would be terminated if I did take them off anyway. So I gave my two weeks notice--and did quit about 4 days before those days were up. On my last day of work, after my shift, I went to my locker and took everything out then asked the HR if she wanted to keep my lock and key to give to someone else that might not have one. She said yes. I then cut up my vest in front of her, as an employee at Lowe's knows they have to cut it up. Then I filed for Unemployment due to not being able to find a job. It was denied, so I appealed it, had the phone interview with Lowe's HR and the hearing officer. During that hearing, the Lowe's HR said I was terminated. I was to stunned to say anything back about that, because I was trying to think of how that happened. So I never spoke up about it now I'm trying to figure out what to do. I do NOT want a termination on my record. I was a good worker, was never late for work. Also, the Lowe's HR discussed this with another employee. I thought upper management was not allowed to discuss personal things, about employee's with another employee, I tried to contact Corporate HR but was never able to get a hold of a live person except the one that directs your calls. I was never told verbally, by phone or in writing that I had been terminated. So all the Applications I have filled out about never being terminated have been lies, because I never knew I was. I just don't understand it. And you being a District Manager, I was wondering if you have any suggestions? Thank You!
Posted by Richard on 2014-02-15:
Thanks for your comments. It actually made me feel better about my sudden termination from Lowe's in 2012 for no apparent reason, except for the fact that they could hire a youngster at a lower base rate.

I worked at the Lowe's in suburb of St. Louis as a PSE, and was hired under challenging circumstances, right after the PSE program was rolled out in early 2010. The individual originally hired and trained for the position was terminated when a background check revealed several issues that had not been revealed. I was hired after the program was underway and told train, get up to speed and clean up the mess left behind ASAP.

The store manager at this location was a former cop from a rural area who believed in 'management through intimidation.' I'm a veteran in business and was former COO of several successful companies in the marketing and communications industry, and ALWAYS treated my employees with respect. As a result, we had virtually no turnover. It bothered me a great deal to it see this idiot heap abuse on other employees as he stalked the floor. In fact, during my tenure at Lowe's I never heard him offer a single compliment to an employee for a job well done.

To make a long story short, I worked my tail off under very stressful conditions for 2-1/2 yrs. only to be summarily dismissed for a simple ordering error, during a week in which I produced over $53K in installed sales, a personal high-water mark. My sales were always at or near the top in the district, and I occassionally led the region as well. Frankly, I found the job considerably more stressful than when I was COO of my company, and my compensation was miniscule in comparison
Posted by Irritationsgalore on 2014-02-19:
Well, my spouse has been working at lowes for awhile now, (and sorry for the pronouns to keep this non gender specific but it feels a bit safer) my spouse has been in the same dept for almost a year and is a CSA, performing the exact same job function as a Sales Specialist, with the exception of sales requirements and without the pay benefit and weekends off schedules alloted those who are sales specialist in that dept. recently one of the SS left and a position was posted. From what we have been told it was offered to a CSA from another dept prior to the posting but HR nixed this and required the store manager to hold the minimum 3 interviews which included my better half. There were a total of four interviews made. The original person it was offered to refused the job because he believed it would not be fair as he had no knowledge in that area and after working with **** for several days (yes he had already been relicated within the store to this dept) felt my spouse was the better candidate. Not only did he turn it down, he turned in notice and left the company. The ither two applicants, one had sales exp in some other type of industry but refused the position pay was too low (and it truly is pitiful) and the other was offered a dept manager position within the store instead. My spouse (who is already doing this job and had corp commendations 3 quarters in a row) was refused the position and the position was relisted. Not sure its racially motivated or what the issue is but any suggestions???
Reason given was ***** needed to know more building code!!!! Obviously bullshit! Of all Sales Specialist in the store there are possibly 2 or 3 tops that have any of that type of knowledge plus have email sent out by assistant mgr stating for sales specialist job, they didnt care if you had thirty five years construction experience the only experience you needed was sales! Just curious what next step should be because this is wrong on so many levels!
Posted by Penny Adams on 2014-03-03:
Enjoyed your commets. Now tens years down the road and wanting feed back from you and yes, I am a Lowe's customer
Posted by Penny Adams on 2014-03-05:
I took a 12 level fusion for this monster of a store
Posted by Bill O'Grady on 2014-03-09:
I would only pray that you are my district manager because it sounds like you truly care about your people / employees
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Lowes Has Destroyed My Life
Posted by Tmartin419 on 12/08/2012
ST. MARY'S, GEORGIA -- It is impossible to put into words how angry and helpless I feel towards the Lowes company. I am speaking of the huge hardware chain, the company that sponsors Jimmy Johnson in Nascar, that Lowes.

Last year my wife and I, were shopping in our local Lowes store, in St. Mary's Georgia. We were walking down an aisle and my foot was caught up in some plastic wrap that was left behind when the pallet was removed. The plastic wrap was sticking out into the aisle and was weighed down by a bag of fertilizer. After the fact it looked as though an employee had taken the last bag of fertilizer off of the pallet, leaving it in the aisle on top of the entire piece of plastic wrap that had originally been wrapped around the whole pallet of fertilizer. The plastic wrap was bunched up under the fertilizer but plenty was sticking out from under it.

My foot had gotten caught in it, and stopped very abruptly, I was pushing a basket and fell so fast that I did not have time to soften the fall with my hands. I fell directly on my tailbone, lower back. The pain I experienced was extreme, I could not move, it was a scary experience, I felt pain throughout my entire lower half of my body. At least 10 Lowes employees gathered around me, trying to make me comfortable as I lay on my side. My wife sat by me holding my hand in shock. An ambulance came and put me on a gurney and wheeled me out to the ambulance. It was the most painful ride of my life, they belted me down on my back, gave me an I. V. and a shot for the pain, it did not help at all. the E. M.T. put a mask on my face and told me to breath in as hard as I could and whatever I was breathing in would help with pain, it did not, but it did make me drowsy. They drove me to a hospital 45 miles away. We arrived at the hospital where the doctors took a quick look at me and sent me for x-rays, after giving me some pain medication. It felt like forever, they took every x-ray known to mankind, it was horrific, I would not wish this pain on my worst enemy.

After the hospital stuff, I was referred to Brunswick Brain and Spine Clinic. I went through numerous spinal injections to try and relieve the pain I was feeling. I had numerous MRI's and other tests, this went on for months. I was being medicated with morphine, klonipin, oxycotton, suboxone, and multiple other drugs. I am unable to bath myself, or anything else that require's a back and legs. Finally, the neurologist suggested that I get a surgically implanted Spinal Stimulator to get relief of my pain. We set the date and it was done. A Spinal stimulator is a lead wire that is attached to your spine, about 3/4's of the way up your spine, it is attached with hardware that can never be removed. The wire then comes down your spine, of course under your skin, it is connected to the stimulator and battery, that is implanted in your flesh, a lot of cutting of skin is involved with this operation not to mention the risk of being paralyzed. I now have a controller that I can control the the power output of the stimulator. The stimulator is suppose to block pain signals from the brain. Today I go to a pain management doctor every month, to be monitored, I am still on morphine and other powerful drugs to help with pain. And will have extreme pain for the rest of my life, there is not anything left worth trying for pain relief. I have a wife and 3 children, my wife had a stroke 18 years ago and cannot move her right side of her body. Lucky family aren't we.

I don't sleep, I cannot drive, I cannot, nor ever will I be able to get an erection again, I could go on forever, you get the picture. I am on Social Security Disability, I receive $1200 a month, I am 5% of the man I was before Lowes.

I did get a lawyer to get what I could out of Lowes, what is your life worth? My lawyer called me today, 12-7-2012, Lowes offered me $15,000.......... That don't even cover half my bills, I guess I will have to sue them. In my opinion Lowes is a pathetic company, unwilling or unable to care about their customers, On my mothers grave, I swear Lowes will feel my pain. All I want is to provide for my family, we will lose our house, we have lost our vehicle, if it were not for my family I would be gone from this Hell. All I ask is for your prayers that Lowes stands up and does the humane thing, and compensate me for their mistake that ruined my families world.

If anyone knows of an organization that could help me, make Lowes, compensate me for all they have taken from me please contact me.

Thank You,
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-12-08:
This is a textbook injury case, and I'm sure you will need a lawyer to get anything other than a token from Lowes. They aren't going to stand up and pay all your bills or try to make up for pain or suffering - companies just don't do that.

Frankly, home centers are dangerous places in general. I've spent a lot of time in them, and have come across hazards similar to this. Good luck.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-08:
I really am sorry for your pain Mike. I would hope the very best for you. The truth is that sometimes life deals us the very worst blows and the best thing to do is concentrate on the positive and what you have control over, not the negative.

I don't know how one would come up with a 'fair' amount. That is, I suppose, what the legal system works out. The unfortunate truth is that it could just as easily bankrupt you by paying for attorneys to represent your interest. The choice of a good attorney's office is important. Make sure you do your research and retain one you trust. It sounds like you've done just that. Ultimately, if you trust him/her, trust his/her recommendations.

Best of luck and please keep us informed.
Posted by ok4now on 2012-12-08:
OMG that's quite a story Mike. I can't even begin to imagine the pain and suffering you have to endure. Never would I imagine that a trip to Lowe's would be so life changing. You have now entered a legal battle with this multimillion dollar company that could take years to settle. Their offer of $15K is chump change, don't take it, they're trying to get off cheap.

In this situation you really need a good aggressive lawyer with a proven track record. This case is worth some serious money. Be prepared for a long drawn out fight. I wish you the best.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-12-08:
i would like to see the incident report lowes made. from a safety point of view, "eyes on path/walking working surface" would prevent being injured from someone else's poor habit.

if the poster is going to seek legal council, the council would perhaps prefer not to have this posted on the internet.
Posted by axehandlebill on 2013-01-07:
Mike, get a big law firm not just a lawyer, I had the almost same problem, maybe worse? I finally got 2 million, and I was in a wheel chair but now can walk but not very good. Good luck..
Posted by 1gary on 2013-01-08:
I read your account rather quickly. By what method did you leave the store? If you walked out on your own power, you probably don't have much of a chance with a law suit. If you were taken out of the store by medics, i.e., a 911 call then Lowes has got a big problem. I any case, were I you, I would sit down and talk with a personal injury lawyer. Best wishes and good luck.
Posted by Sassy2 on 2013-01-10:
Lowes will drag this out for as long as possible trying to wear you down and you finally settle for a much lesser amount than you want and a lot of times your attorney will settle for you for what they think is a "good" settlement.I went through this with an auto accident,I wound up almost losing my house and everything I owned and then my attorney sold me out.hope this does not happen to you..Hang in there
Posted by Trrypj1 on 2013-03-04:
Last week my husband that is 71 years old and we both still work, was exiting a Lowe's store in northern Georgia with our son and a empty pallet with plastic still on it was left where people load and unload at that exit and he fell and hurt his back/spine badly. Now he may lose his current job, etc. due to this happening. He is seeing a spine doctor next week, where the emergency room had told him to go there. Pain is there and he has a fractured vertebrae and a compound problem etc. they did xray and a cat scan and next will be a MRI hopefully. He also cannot sleep and is hard to walk, even though they put a back brace on him, his life is probably ruined and more than likely he will lose his job. Seems strange after what happen to you about three months ago they would have made sure employees did not leave pallets laying around both inside and outside where customers are. Sorry for your hurt but they should have not let their employees be negligent again. I agree what they offered to give you is ridiculous when you truly were hurt.
Posted by Robert on 2013-03-18:
Lowes has a habit of hiring, but not properly training their personnel. My experience with them is not as catastrophic as trrypj1, but they made my purchase there a nightmare. I bought a on-sale clothes washer there. I charged it to my credit card, and when I received the bill, there was a $1,000.00 over charge! This problem could not be solved thru the phone, so I had to return to the store and spend two and one half hours with a customer service rep. that couldn't operate a calculator. FINALLY,they did getit strait, (It took four days total,DUH!)
Posted by wayne on 2013-05-15:
i was also injured seriously as an employee walking up to assist a customer when three sliding glass doors 200 lb apiece domino style were thrusted into his that he had already had pulled and then into my head and face breaking my nose almost took off my left nostrile pinning me to the opposite side of the isle leaving me with soft tissue dammage and a neck thats gonna need surgery to ease my pain my way of life has completely change good luck
Posted by Jessica on 2013-07-17:
I was an employee at lowes the time this happened. After a severe investigation that went on, we caught the man, on camera, pretending to fall and tried to put the blame on the pallet. This story is not only false but a small portion of what truly happened. Five witnesses came forward and saw the man pretending to fall while his wife was on the look out for employees. To make this story even more pathetic during the investigation we found that this man had pretended to fall in other stores. This man STILL continues to come into our store and is not only a royal pain in the ass but CONTINUES to pretend to fall.
Posted by Bob on 2013-07-21:
I was going to ask how someone falls on their back when walking forward. Not much point after reading the last comment.
Posted by John on 2013-08-02:
The world is full of people who try to cheat and take advantage companies like Lowes. I would agree with Bob. How does one fall on their back while walking forward pushing a cart. Do you not look where you walk? If this case was valid you would not have hard time finding a lawyer to represent you.
Posted by Gary on 2013-08-12:
I have hated lowes with a passion for years. I was in lowes trying to find help with a question I had. I was trying to get the attention of an employee, and she was avoiding me so I followed her. It turns out she was on a personal phone call. Also their advertisement are fake, they oversell everything and use creative animations to make people think lowes is "cool". Every time one comes on the tv I change the channel. It's has been worth every penny of gas traveling extra miles to go to the Home Depot instead of lowes
Posted by sidney johnson on 2013-08-14:
Posted by jack on 2013-08-20:
people just need to watch were they are walking and pay attention to their surroundings.Do u look both ways before u cross a street?not saying that it is ok to leave crap on the sales floor cause its not but there are people out there dealing with real life situations not b.s.
My experience as a former Lowe's employee is that customers don't pay attention. They walk right under big yellow "Caution: Do Not Enter" signs. They are so self absorbed that they think they run the place. I've seen them climb ladders and shelves trying to get stuff down. I believe Lowe's does a pretty good job of preventing injuries but it's inevitable in a place with huge machines and heavy items on shelves 20' in the air. Especially when most of the customers don't pay attention to bright yellow signs and loud beeping power equipment. They'll typically just run right out in front of you. Probably the same people you see that pull out in front of a Fire truck or Ambulance.
Posted by Danygirl on 2013-10-02:
Thanks Jessica, for letting us all know it was a scam through the investigation...did he not think that Lowes has security cameras?...and the walking forward pushing a cart and yet falling backwards was a stretch For me.
Posted by Ali on 2013-10-02:
I currently am employed at Lowes and what I can say is that I had 6 hours of training(time that was compensated by Lowes) before even being able to run a cash register. I absolutely love my job and get excited to go into work. If you follow the policies it is an awesome place to work. And as far as us "over-charging" We match competitor prices and subtract 10%. FYI
Posted by Michelle on 2013-10-04:
I work at a Lowe's store so I know how safety conscious this company is! After reading all these posts I just want to say SHAME ON YOU tmartin419 for trying to scam your way into money!!! You should have taken the 15 grand because at this point it looks like you won't be getting anything! And thanks to Jessica for letting people know the truth!!!
Posted by Patrick St. John on 2013-11-02:
Never had any bad experience at lowes ,great store . Sounds like you you need a good lawyer. They (lowes) have deep pockets and can afford a lot more than you as far as good lawyers. Take the 15,000 and bit the bullit .
Posted by Jay on 2013-11-03:
My next door neighbor lost the tip of one finger when he shut the toilet area door in the bathroom at Lowes. He was a computer programmer and could no longer type fast so he lost his job. Lowes offered NOTHING! He got NOTHING! You are on your own risk at Lowes.
Posted by Mark on 2014-03-19:
The other problem (besides falling backward while pushing a cart) I found in his story has to do with his wife. He told us early that his wife was shopping with him and sat beside him after he fell holding his hand to comfort him. Later he told us she had a stroke 18 years ago and couldn't use the right side of her body. Maybe she was in a motorized wheelchair but its a stretch for me to think she would be shopping with her husband in the fertilizer aisle at Lowes if she was disabled.
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Price Match Guarantee Is A Fraud
Posted by Mrogge on 03/01/2007
DAVIE, FLORIDA -- I recently visited a Lowe’s store to purchase a Dewalt 18V jigsaw kit. Home Depot sells this item for $249. When making my purchase at Lowe’s I requested a price match. I was told that the Lowe’s store was closing, that it were too late to call. There is Home Depot stores in the area open 24 hours. It would never really be too late to call a Home Depot.

I cam back to Lowe’s the next day. I was aware that although the price difference was only $10 that under the posted low price guarantee I was eligible for another 10% off. What I wasn’t prepared for was the resistance to enforcing your own posted low price guarantee. I feel wholeheartedly that every step along the way Lowe’s had no real intention to stand behind this guarantee.

Upon entering the store I encountered the same cashier that assisted me the night earlier. I followed her to the customer service desk where she asked me if I had proof of Home Depot’s price. I reminded her that one night earlier she offered to call them to verify the price. She replied that she didn’t have the phone number for Home Depot. She also claimed not to have a phone book.

I happened to remember the phone number for the local Home Depot store, but was then requested to call myself. The Lowe’s cashier claimed that Home Depot screens their calls and just wouldn’t answer the phone for anyone calling from Lowe’s. I stood at the customer service desk and called from my mobile phone.

Three stores later I was finally able to find an available Home Depot associate from the tool department. I inquired about the item and its respective price. I also asked to confirm the mfr model number and UPC code. Before ending the call I told the Home Depot associate that I wanted him to give my friend the prices, that she didn’t believe me. At that time I handed my mobile phone over the Lowe’s cashier whom proceeded to verify the same information.

Although the information had just been verified she proceeded to call an associate from the tool department. She asked him to confirm it were the exact same item, same UPC code etc. We walked to the tool department computer. He confirmed it were the same. I walked all the way back to the customer service desk.

The casher requested my receipt and after a few keystrokes asked for my credit card. Before handing over my card I inquired why it were a charge for $237.55 as opposed to a credit for the difference $36.99. (amounts include sales tax). She told me that I first needed to pay for the item at the new price and then she would refund the original price paid, $274.54.

One problem… my original payment was a gift card. If I were going to pay then get refunded, I would end up with a credit card bill for $237 and anther gift card for $274, as opposed to a gift card for the difference of $36.

I requested her to do the transaction in the other order. She refused. I asked for a manager. The manager on duty, assistant manager on duty, and cashier all convened in the managers office at the front of the store. After about five minutes the cashier returned and proceeded to do it the way I requested. She refunded me a gift card for $274 and let me pay $237 leaving me a gift card balance of $36.

This entire process had taken nearly 90 minutes. Every step along the way unexpected barricades were placed in my way. Everyone, as they say, “dragged their feet.” If it were not your intention to stand behind such guarantee you should offer one. In fact, I believe that such avoidance is commonplace, that Lowe’s advertises a low price guarantee that they systematically avoid standing behind. This constitutes false advertising & consumer fraud.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-01:
For all the hassle they gave you I would have walked out and gone to Home Depot. Initially you say the difference was $10, but later it's $36 or $36.99. Either way you wasted a considerable amount of your time doing their job.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-03-01:
I agree - I think when they gave you static about it the night before I would have left it at the register and taken a drive over to Home Depot.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-01:
Yeah, I would have saved my gift card at Lowes for another time, and just bought the thing at HD.
Posted by Justusryan on 2007-03-01:
Agree with above.
Posted by Alain on 2007-05-19:
I'm a Lowes employee. You'll find that Lowes "stretches the truth" on a lot of their services. For example, their advertisements show Lowe's clerks always availible to customers when, in fact, you will almost NEVER see enough help at their stores. As for the 10%lowest price gaurantee, be aware that Lowes (and other stores) that make this claim have stipulations in fine print attached to this offer that will make it inconvenient, at best, to collect on it. Suggestion: Don't always believe what Lowes (and other retailers) tell you! Be VERY skeptical about their claims and offers!
Posted by firelizard on 2007-05-25:
I have had this happen many times in several different Lowes its always a game to them.
They often "bend" the rules for example; you see a item listed at one price on the shelf then at the register it is a different price. This is very common with sale items. If you don't watch the register you lose. When you do catch it then go to the cust/serv. desk you have to fight to get the correct price. I firmly believe this type of treatment is where the phrase "Lowe's blows" came from.
Posted by great-grandma is M-A-D on 2007-07-09:
Lowe's is the absolute worst store for customer service and knowledge on their products...plus refusal to help when they make mistakes and always blame 'you'. have given up on them and will not buy at any of their stores again.
Posted by mdp42217 on 2007-07-11:
There are many stores in my area that advertise price matching. The best thing to do is get a quote of the price and shop around that way you do not need to go through the time for the associate to have to call and confirm the price.
Posted by Jacq2121 on 2007-09-06:
You should have went to HD. Any cashier can complete the "Price Match" transaction at the register w/o a manager or service desk involved.....HD has to call an verify that the price match items are identical however, HD supplies the employee's w/ the competitor's number.
Posted by johnsonjosh223 on 2008-04-04:
I'm a Lowes employee and I've never seen anything like your situation. and no there is no fine print to the offer. Its simple if you see a lower price anywhere else except wholesale than we will match and take ten percent off that's it end of story. As far as Home Depot staying open 24 hours is a lie. All stores are in operation 24 hours with stocking crews, customers are not allowed in store anywhere. I run the Tools department and the jigsaw was $249 at my store.
Posted by MyWayToo on 2009-11-28:
I also have a problem with their policy being enforced. I feel that Lowe's needs to change the behavior of their employees. I feel attacked when I ask for the price guarantee match and I never get the 10 percent handed to me but get a lot of hassle and pain from it. I wish they would remove that policy for the benefit of any unsuspecting and trusting shopper at Lowes. I just bought 450 dollars worth of lumber but got my price match but not the 10 percent off but only got a smirk when I asked for the 10 cents. A local lumber dealer was selling framing timber for a dollar less on each piece I needed and I asked for a match. I got it almost readily without a question as they knew for a fact it was true due to their own inner knowledge of the local store. Hence, no question to me for honesty on my part but what bothered me was the 10 percent incentive they offer also. It just does not happen. Although the first clerk refused to offer me the price match but luckily I knew someone whom knows I buy a lot of items from Lowes helped me out on the price match, otherwise it would have been a battle to get them to match the local store's price. I am happy for it as it was convenient for me to shop there as I need other items and the other store only sold wood framing materials. Yes, it is a fight for the right to get them to honor their policy and this should be more recognized by the FTC.
Posted by Alain on 2009-11-28:
MyWayToo, seems like Lowe's hasn't addressed the original complaint from 3/1/2007 very well.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-11-28:
Me thinks that the customer went to Lowes with the gift card because not everyone has an extra $250.00 to spend.
That being said, if the customer had gotten some sort of verification from HD first, they would not have had the problem.
Posted by maddmatt02 on 2009-12-14:
I have used HD to price match a hot water heater. was EASY. it wasn't even the same brand. HD said they wouldn't match Lowes prices because the water heaters were inferior to theres, but ace had on for only 8 bucks less than HD, and I didn't even have to prove it, the guy just believed me, punched it in, gave me the extra 10% as well, had a manager or something come over to approve and I was done.
Posted by HeartBeats on 2010-04-22:
My question is why you didn't just get your money refunded. Lowes has always seemed VERY lenient in giving full refunds with little or no questions asked. Is it just that you wanted the extra 10% off?
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I should have stayed a puppet for Lowes
Posted by Godfadda on 07/04/2006
TENNESSEE -- I have worked for Lowe’s for four years now but that ended with some trumped up charge. I was due for a vacation. For two years the delivery team was me and my manager. We had things running like silk. That alone saved that store money. Then came the regime change. These pampas little young punks thought they had it al. They thought they could change things for the better. Well, when something is running like silk then why try and fix it. Now I am a hard worker and when they ask me to come in on my days off or go home and come back for a late delivery I did for the fear of losing my job. Now some may just say this was paranoid thinking on my part. I worked on my weekends off with that same fear of being fired and at my age that would mean devastation for my family and that scared me. Another year passes and I now find myself going out on the road with as many as five side by side refrigerators on my truck. I would have to take these out alone and this happened many times. When I refused I was told to do it or they would get someone else that could. Maybe this was a miscommunication on my part. I don’t know who else would go well above and beyond the call of duty but I sure did my part so I thought. I would say “I did it, I took out six side by sides and nothing got damaged or destroyed.” They would say things like “What do you want, a metal?” I am a paranoid person and maybe I just heard those things. I put in for a vacation when they denied it. “Everyone works on the third and forth of July.” They said. I took the 5th, 6th, 7th , 8th and 9th instead. Well on Monday of that week I was asked to do them a favor. “A FAVOR” to go home and come back later that day. I am not a rich man, I work for Lowe’s and gas is so high but I told them I would do it. My being paranoid felt, if I didn’t do as they said I would be fired. Well that night I fell asleep and my family saw how tired I was after working nine days in a row by myself for this company they decided to let me sleep. I walked into Lowe’s, that Next morning. I WALKED IN TO THE STORE TO WORK. They let me load a truck with fourteen deliveries on it. I did and then I was fired for reneging on the favor. You see folks; it is not being paranoid when you think you will be fired to refuse horrendous tasks by the management of Lowe’s. It is the Lowe’s way. Either do it or get out. Oh sure, they have wonderful customer service skills but as for their employees they are nothing short of tyrants. I broke my back for that store and one time I took one of there so called favors back and poof they fire me. Oh well, I have my books I sell like Growing up Goomba as well as a host of others. I also got a better job the very next day. When Lowe’s fired me I shook the manager’s hand and told him “Good Luck.” He will need it for now they have a driver that drinks al day to deal with. He will kill someone and then Lowe’s will pay dearly. That was my rant and don’t mind the grammar please, I am just pissed off right now. Well Shown, I hope you are happy now. You have a delivery team worth a dime now. I know how you always said the delivery team wasn’t worth a dime and now they are. I stuck up for you too Some one told me that you weren’t sh*t but I told them you were. Good luck, you don’t know what you have done.
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Posted by glc on 2006-07-04:
Godfadda: Sorry you lost your job...you sound like a good man, and it sounds like you were taken advantage of. Good Luck and God Bless!
Posted by miketech on 2006-07-04:
Sorry you lost your job, sounds like a blessing to me. Best of luck and for the record I hate big box stores.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-05:
What are "pampas little young punks" ?
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-05:
Ken-I think he meant "pompous little punks". Good luck with your next pursuit poster. Sounds like you gave the company about 4 years too long. Good luck!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-05:
Go to the Labor Board and file a complaint about Lowe's tactics against employees. http://www.state.tn.us/labor-wfd/email.html
Posted by FormerRighter on 2006-11-15:
At Lowe's an employee is just a number not a person. Also at Lowe's it is still the year 1850 and you are a slave on their plantation that can be treated any way they chose to treat you. They know nothing of the 13th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution Of the United States.

Good luck in your future endeavors! It really sounds like they did you a favor!
Posted by kurgun on 2006-12-01:
It really depends on what part of the country you work at, a lowes store. The closer to headquarters you are the worse it is. But that's great because Lowes is running itself into the ground as we speak. There are a number of Corporate tyrants shall we say that are being investigated due to embezzlement. Basically, you know what is about to hit the fan, and this will come as a shock to all the employees, the profound impact this will have. It's exactly what Lowes deserves too, for being such
Posted by debsul on 2007-09-12:
i also worked for lowes for 9 years and ended up getting shafted. its very political, and who you know and for how long.....not what kind of job you do
Posted by Imalowespuppet2 on 2008-02-07:
I have worked at lowes for almost 7 months as a cashier. I hate being a lowes B@*%. I didnt know it was in my job discripton to be a janitor. I mean really where does it say that we are supposed to clean up human feces. Shouldnt we have janitors for that? Not only that,but it's almost like your at thier mercy. As a cashier thier is only so much we can do to help customers. Alot of sales people dont want to help you in getting customers help. So then the customers get pissed off at you. Don't get me started on he head cashiers. They all are all whenches who like to play games,and think they have some kind of damn power. Maybe its diffrent at other lowes stores,but at the one I work at things are really screwed up. The management sucks,Its like highschool where everyone has there own clicks,and unless you smoke weed,or party every weekend your not cool. Give me a break. Everyone so concrened with sleeping with each other and doing drugs that nothing gets done.
Posted by CommentGiver on 2009-10-12:
I've worked for Lowe's for 7 years I'm now being shifted to a different department because I made too many sales in a department that was across the aisle from one of my aisles I was in charge of.. why??? because the idiot that they allowed to be a "department manger".. told me I had to pay "rent" to sell items in his department. He hasn't got the brains of a Billy Goat, has no idea of where anything is located in Lowe's, stays out of his own department so not to be asked questions he can't answer. Because I can tell anyone entering Lowe's where they can find what they want.. refuse to pay "rent" to be in his department and I DO NOT have my head up the corporate tush.. I'm being send to Electrial.. like I know anything about that. I'm going, not a happy camper but Lowe's needs to get Store managers that have some guts and not put employees who are good at their jobs into departments they have no idea about because of some whiny kiss tusher.. .. Get a clue Lowe's. Get a Clue Store manager.. your store is going down hill in morale.. keeping employees happy makes good sales.. NOT allowing crooks to steal and say come back again. Heck Crooks get and make more in one day than I do in a month. Just steal something, walk out the door.. wave your hand.. and it's yours. gezzzz
Posted by CommentGiver on 2009-10-30:
Lowe's "grants" upward movement you are younger than the current store manager. Seems that store managers only think a person can "respect" them if they are younger and male!! I give respect to any "boss" if I see they are the type of "boss" that anyone would enjoy working for. I resent the following overheard by a department manager to a fellow employee..."'Name witheld' said to treat the "older" employees like they were your grandparents" that so ticked me off but if I confront management, they will deny it. I love my job, hate the new management and their hate of older employees. If anyone has a link to a complaint line that employees can make a confidential complaint to corporate in the SE.. please let me know. My life now depends on Lowe's .. I'm too old to go job searching so it seems I have to keep getting the shaft from YOUNG management.
Posted by Dsmash on 2010-10-10:
I dont personally like lowes either. I have worked there for two years and there is a lot of crap that goes on. Honestly though, you brought it on yourself. They cant fire you or even make threats of firing for not doing them favors. I get paid way more then I deserve and I basically do what I want because Im a hard worker and I dont fear my managers. They wont respect you if you dont respect yourself. Im a part time csa and make almost as much the some of the specialist. You go in BOLD and get what you want.
Posted by Christina on 2013-03-04:
My husband worked for Lowes until he died of a massive heart in their parklot!! No one did CPR. No one even knew where he was. He had just worked his butt off and was out of breath. He went on buggie run and that is all I know. Lowes wont tell me what my husband did the last day of his life. They said it was workers comp...sent me cards or him cards to use for medicatin,,,cant use it when your dead! Then I call 4 weeks later to find out why I have not received 60% of his earnings...Workers Comp said he didnt not qualify and that my husband was a sick man HA He had just had cardio work up and stess test, I ask her why she didnt get in touch with me..."I was letting you grieve"..the nerve! Also, I was in the store when his manager showed him how to elect coverages. He choose 50,000 life, short and long term. That was about 2 months before he died. I went in after his death to get his belongs (oh yes they gave me the Lowes vest he was wearing when he died) HR manager tells me nothing was every taken out of his paycheck therefore I get no life insurace. YEP...because she screwed up AGAIN and the benefit dept screwed up I have nothing. I lost my friend and husband. They would work him 10 hour days lifting heavy stuff. One young manager Tim about 19 yrs old told my husband 60 years old to
"get that out to the back", yep just like that. Ron had to life a 100 pound object and carry it to the back while the punk went to his office. No one will tell me what my husband did that day. No one at lowes did CPR or defibulated him. Do they have difibulator, I dount it. So I have been screwed. Lost my husband, life insurance, 401 K was screwed up, the canceled my health, dental and eye insurance effective the day he died. I found out by going to the pharmacy to pick up my nerve and depression pills. They Pharm. told me I had no insurance. Another breakdown I had all because of Lowes. I dont know what to do. Has anybody had their benefits screwed up or denied workers compensation? Thankyou for listening.
Posted by Formerlowesemp on 2013-07-26:
I worked for them in CT for 8 years in shipping. When Lowes first started they treated everyone fairly and with respect. That changed after about two years. Employees were treated unfairly. If you worked hard, you were expected to work harder with no reward. If you were lazy, nothing was expected of you and you were promoted and protected. I've seen it.

Employees were nothing more than bodies to management to throw at a problem and hope it gets solved! The job of management is to make a quick buck by any means necessary.

I've seen employees wjo do nothing, steal time and treat peoe like garbage get promoted and given substantial raises! I've also witnessed these same managers threaten other employees with termination. Since i was looking for a better job, which i found, i began to stand up to managers like this and they couldn't do or say a thing. I came in, took lunch , and left on time all while doing my job in full view of their cameras. When I left, i left on my own terms and they couldn't walk me out as they planned.

I encourage all employees to make a better future for yourself. Find another job, go back to school but most if all, don't let them bully you!
Posted by Toolrunner on 2013-09-29:
Unfortunately Lowe's is just another one of those companies who feels that you should be honored to have a job at the company. Because of the horrible job market a good majority of well educated, highly qualified and/or hard workers humble themselves and need to work there with very low pay for what they are expected to do.

Lowe's covered their behind in their application process. This applies to any position you seek but lets say for example you're young and have very little work experience and decide to apply for a cashier position. Sounds simple enough. You would expect to ring up a customers order. Well, under the "Cashier" description they throw this into the mix and this is on all positions you might apply for.

"Job Requirements

Ability to apply basic mathematical concepts such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and knowledge of weights and measures. Understand and respond appropriately to basic customer and employee inquiries. Read, write and communicate using English language sufficient to perform job functions. Ability to operate store equipment in assigned area (including but not limited to LRT, telephone, paging system, copiers, fax machines, computers, key cutting, panel saw, paint mixing computer, blind cutting, forklifts, pallet jacks, electric lifts, etc.) Ability to interpret price tag and UPC information. Ability to process merchandise information through store computer system, POS register system and complete all required paperwork according to policy. Develop and plan activities to ensure proper completion in a timely manner. Accomplish work through the effective management of employees. Ability to work in both inside and outside environmental conditions. Physical ability to move large, bulky and/or heavy merchandise. Physical ability to perform tasks that may require prolonged standing, sitting, and other activities necessary to perform job duties."

Wow! Seriously? You want to be a cashier but this long list is what could be asked of you to perform at any time they should choose? Cashier's are one of the lowest paid jobs in the store but you could be asked to say, clean the toilets, (don't laugh, I've seen this happen to cashiers) to loading merchandise etc. Regardless of the position you get they expect you to be able to perform every duty in the store which is ridiculous.

Before there was no training. You were just tossed out on the floor and expected to "Do your job". They training they have spent a ton of money on now is worthless. Full-time position? Ha! The majority are part timers and they only promise to give 10 to maybe 20 hours a week. Oh, and by the way, did I mention inconsistent work schedules? You could work anywhere from 6am to 7pm as your start time and with the rotating days you work finding another part-time or full-time job to supplement your income is really hard to do since they only give your scheduled days and hours you work in 2 week increments.

You know the pay is horrible when a large portion of the employees need to take the bus, ride a bike, have someone drop them off or walk to work.

Sure, there are so many people out there that are quick to say, "If you don't like it don't work there". Unfortunately the alternatives are not much better. Times are tough, how about a little compassion for your fellow man/woman. People with degree's are having a hard time finding employment in their field because there just aren't enough good well paying jobs available so instead of just sitting in front of the TV and doing nothing they are taking what they can find until hopefully the job market does pick up again. Personally I don't see that coming soon.

Bottom line is Lowe's doesn't care how hard a worker you are, how knowledgeable you may be or how great you are with dealing with customers needs. Its never good enough and they always expect more out of you because they choose to do nothing about the one that comes in to work just to collect a check, talk or text on their cell phones, chit chat with their buddies all while trying to avoid contact with customers. To make matters worse, they always understaff at the worse possible times.

I think it would go a long way to pay to at least give knowledgeable hard working full timers a fair wage, give the same part timers more hours and stop hiring the hordes of mostly worthless "Week day/Week end" people they call the "We Team". I think they lose more money with the hiring process since the majority of them end up leaving because the low pay and not enough hours to sustain themselves. Also they need to stop trying to run the store on a skeleton crew so the managers can get an added bonus check. Not only does it bring moral down and burn out the employee but the customers suffers greatly. Wake up Lowe's! This is America, not some third world country sweat shop. Have more respect for your talented and hard working employees and they will not only enjoy coming to work but go above and beyond in their work and dealing with customers.

This is a multi billion dollar industry and the upities in corporate make gobs of money while the store level employees scrape by and something else that baffles me is that their computer system (Genesis) for special orders is technology from the mid 80's. Home Depot isn't much better in everything I've previously stated but at least they have an up to date and working ordering system where a customer can be done in minutes while at Lowe's you can be there an hour or more for even a small special order. Oh, and don't try to come in after 3pm or the weekend since most of the time phone calls need to be made to the companies or vendors to see if they have it and/or how much it will cost.

Okay, I'm done. I've vented a small portion of what bothers me about Lowe's and this was my 3 cents! Thank you for listening. =)
Posted by Jim on 2013-11-26:
I had been a frequent Lowe's customer. Yes they , to an extent kiss your butt and suck up to you, but that's all just a phony front. They really just what your money, in order to keep the profits up. For several months, I've rented a room to one of their employees. He's a good kid, never really missed a day of work, and like the person above, became a Lowe's carpet! Stayed over when asked to do so, shorten his lunches, and covered for others shifts when on or off schedule. Lowe's became his life... and during all this time, I taxi'd him to and from work until he eventually got a bike. Neither rain nor snow as they say would kept him from missing work, and to top things off, they would have this kid close one evening, and then open the following morning, while giving him a start at 6:30am, however mandating that he arrive at work promptly at 6am, or he'd be locked out until 7am for security reasons. Question... what sort of imbecile would even draft such a shift? To make matters worse, mostly likely due to this crumbling Obama economy... I know, I know... some of you are probably thinking, "hands off the Pres... he's made of Teflon, and he's never to blame". Back to reality, when the sh@$? hits the fan, everyone ones a target, and it always ends up at the bottom! You know, the little people. I'm a business owner, and I've had my share of political work environmental B.S. These same managers are violating state worker's rights every day, like making wild accusations against the little people, not having certain representatives present at the "court marshal", and stripping these guys away of their corporate assigned working hours, and deciding to trump up B.S. against these little people, or hash up crap from months past and making light of the situation months later. Things that were okay or approved by management then, but are somehow made into an issue months later. I just happen to know a vast amount of little people, in addition to the managers. When you shop as much as I have, you eventually hear collaborating stories, even against the manager's, as like... one top manager sold a huge amount a goods and appliances for pennies on the dollar, and without tax. That's called robbery in my book. Keep in mind, collaboration among several sources. Here's another... one manager decided he would pull a prank against a little person, whiling the little person was assisting a customer, then only to make a complete embarrassment of the situation in front of the customer. Now in my book, that grounds for insubordination and ultimately "your fired"! One little person thought she was right and the customer was wrong, assaulted the customer with her fist... but she was black, and Lowe's probably didn't want to discriminate against her. I've seen little people get screwed for less, or just get screwed for nothing, or rather working too hard and not kissing enough managerial butt... and I've seen other's not canned for their wrongful actions, and/ or get promoted. Point being is this... from what low level twisted play book is Lowe's training their staff? And to top things off, Lowe's management continuously strips hours away from their little people, in order to make bonus for themselves. Nothing says Merry Christmas- Happy New Year like having your food and shelter stripped away from you, so some greedy management team can have their bonuses. I'm sure they sleep well at night. Tis' the season! We see it all around us these days. People being left on or being promoted, over others who are kicked to the curb and spit out for striving to hard of an effort. Reward those who are non deserving and casting out those who have their employers best at hearts. Lowe's surely takes the cake when it comes to mismanagement and mistreatment of innocent individuals, and I sure this goes without saying for the rest of America's businesses and hard working Americans just trying to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads ans for their families.
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Class Action Lawsuit Regarding Mold/Mildew
Posted by More than ticked off! on 12/15/2008
WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- A little over a year ago I had decks replaced by a home maintenance company who used the ChoiceDek product, purchased at Lowe's. In less than a year, dark splotches/spots began to appear, growing darker and darker. I called the company who installed and they said they had not seen anything like it; they called Lowe's, who advised it was mold. I was given instructions as to how to clean the deck, which I did in September 2008, following the directions I was given -- the problem has reappeared.

When the problem first surfaced, my son-in-law told me he had heard there was a Class Action Suit against a composite wood company -- I asked Lowe's and was advised by two employees they had heard nothing regarding this.

I called ChoiceDek directly today, and was advised there is indeed a Class Action Suit against the product, with a Fairness Hearing scheduled for January 2009. I have requested a form to submit a claim, and I have also called Lowe's (where product was purchased) and the Home Maintenance Co who installed the decks -- both of who seemed surprised at the information.

I am furious, because I know how long class action suits take, and the end result is rich lawyers, not resolution for the affected customer.

Needless to say I am really angry, as the reason for using this product was "low/no maintenance." I cannot believe Lowe's is unaware of this problem-- I believe they, and the company who installed my decks, simply hope customers will not bother to pursue the problem so they will not have to address the problem and take any corrective action.

ADDENDUM: According to the website for ChoiceDek, "ChoiceDek available exclusively at Lowe's". For more information, go to the bottom far right of ChoiceDek website and click on "Class Action Settlement". This information would lead one to believe Lowe's would have awareness of the problem since they are an exclusive supplier.
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Posted by macdave on 2008-12-15:
I don't know why you are complaining about Lowe's. I wouldn't expect an employee to know about any legal action being taken on all the products they sell. Even if they know about the lawsuit, they probably cannot comment on pending legal action. Just because a lawsuit is filed does not mean that the product is defective. Apple was sued because the I-Phone's battery wasn't removable.
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-12-15:
are the spot near the screws or nails?

lowes cannot monitor all products they sell. they sell them on good faith. this issue is with the maker of the deck materials.

disclaimer: this opnion is not approved by johninsocal.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-12-15:
I would have titled the complaint ChoiceDek to make your post more accessible to those who have or may buy this product anywhere. Lowes really has no bearing here except they told you they knew nothing about it. In all fairness, the individuals you asked probably didn't.
Posted by George Douglas on 2011-11-16:
So far I haven't received anything from the Class Action Law Suit against ChoiceDek. I have the same problem with what I was told was a maintenance free product. It has black spots engrained in the boards. I clean mine about every three months and still can't get it all out. The settlement, if they decide you are worthy, first just gets you a free cleaning, which I already know will not solve the problem. Even if they decide to reimburse you for the product, they won't pay the tax you paid (6% of the price here), nor the $80 I spent for stainless steel deck screws, or for the hours of labor my brother and I put into building the deck. Neither will they pay for the hours of scrubbing the darn thing trying to keep it mold free as possible.
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Lowe’s Credit Card Promotion “No Payments / No Interest for 12 Months" Actually Costs the Consumer More Because Of How Lowe's
Posted by Discoverhater on 05/23/2006
Beware of “No Payments and/or No Interest” promotions that retailers market to the consumer in order to induce the consumer to come into the store and make purchases with their store credit card. There is always a catch whenever it comes to credit card promotions and the “marketing” is too good to be true. My case will expose how Lowe’s applies payments sp they can earn the most interest from the consumer even though the promotion states “No Payments / No Interest” and the consumer is lead to believe he/she will not be assessed interest on this promotion balance and will have to make a balloon payment at the end of the promotion period. However, this is not how it works.

The reality of “No Payments / No interest” plans is that account payments are applied to the “No Payments / No Interest” promotion balance first. Your minimum monthly payment does not increase. If your account balance is zero prior to making the promotion purchase then you have nothing to worry about as long as you do not make any additional regular purchases during this period and then revolve the balance. The payment application issue is only relevant to cardholders who have a balance and/or revolve a balance prior to making the “No Payments/No Interest” purchase.

Here is how the payment application process works and how the creditor utilizes the account to maximize their interest income.
I am “Joe” consumer and I have a Lowes credit card.
Joe has purchased $1,500 worth of merchandise from Lowes over the last six months.
Joe makes the minimum monthly payment each month.
Joe’s interest rate is 21% on this card.
Joe sees a Lowe’s ad on TV and the ad is touting “No Payments/No interest for 12 Months” on any appliance purchase over $299.”
Joe’s refrigerator goes out and he remembers the Lowe’s ad so he goes to Lowes to buy a $1,200 refrigerator.
Joe uses his Lowe’s credit card to make the purchase and takes advantage of the 12-month promotion.
Joe receives his Lowes bill in the mail a month later. The minimum payment has not increased but the new refrigerator purchase has posted to his account.
Joe makes the minimum payment of $50 and thinks the payment will be applied towards his regular purchase balance.
Joes gets his statement the next month. Low and behold, the payment is credited towards the “No Payments/No Interest” promotion balance instead of the regular purchases amount so therefore Lowes has earned additional interest on the $50 because the payment was not applied to the balance that is used to compute finance charges.
Joe continues making his minimum monthly payment and sees his promotion balance decrease while his regular balance increases. The regular balance increases because payments are not applied to the regular balance but instead to the promotion balance and therefore interest compounds and costs Joe more.

How does Joe rectify this? He calls Lowes credit and tells them to reapply the payment to the regular balance and not the promotion balance. He has to call them each month. At the end of month 12, he will now have a balloon payment and have to pay for the refrigerator in full or he will be assessed finance charges as of day one when he made the purchase.

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Posted by Doc J on 2006-05-23:
All the more reason to use cash. Universally accepted and no fine print.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-05-23:
I was in Lowe's the other day - you should see the size of the guns they are holding to people's heads to make them sign up for this deal. Again, it gets down to rule #1 - read and understand every "deal" you enter into.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-23:
Thanks for the info DiscoverHater. I for one learn quite a bit from your post and appreciate your efforts. Good Job!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-23:
I have had a Lowe's credit card for five years now and have had no problems with them what so ever. I have taken advantage many times with their "no payment, no interest" specials and have had no problems what-so-ever.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-05-23:
I do see what you are complaining about regarding the application of your payments, but this is pretty universal "At the end of month 12, he will now have a balloon payment and have to pay for the refrigerator in full or he will be assessed finance charges as of day one when he made the purchase." I think all of the no interest, no payment deals work this way. You can avoid this by paying off the balance within the number of months allowed. If you can't pay something off in 12 months, you probably shouldn't have purchased it in the first place IMHO.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-23:
A good habit to get into with all credit cards is to at least pay more than the minimum even if it's a dollar.
Posted by wngdheart on 2006-12-01:
Having dealt with this sort of situation at Lowe's myself, this can be easily solved. You do not have to make a balloon payment at the end of your 12 months, when you make a payment either by mail or in your local Lowe's all you need to do is to specifiy which balance the payment is to be applied. If you are sending more than your minimum amount, then just specify that $50 goes on regular purchases, and whatever the additional amount is goes onto your promotional purchase. If you happen to be in the store then ask your customer service desk associate or for the Customer Service/Admin Dept. Manager to place a call for you to the credit center and make sure that the payment is applied to the correct accounts, that way you will also be paying for your promotional purchase along the way, although you don't have to do payments on a "NO PAY NO INTEREST" for 12 months. Only at the end of those 12 months is the interest added to the account, and you can choose to do a balloon payment or continue with regular payments on that purchase as well. This isn't a scam to our customers, it's an opportunity for customers to purchase large ticket items without paying interest, and allowing them time to pay that off. Lowe's also offers many other credit plans as well.
Posted by Jezzicka on 2007-07-26:
ok for one this is wrong....I work at Lowes and when you have a no interest promotion on your lowes card you have to let us know if you want the payment to go on your PROMOTION because if not it goes on UR REGULAR bill...the opposite of what you just said...and considering i work there...i know a little bit more...
Posted by sjbound on 2007-11-06:
Credit 101 - Don't spend money you don't have. It's all about money management.
Posted by hoshde on 2008-04-09:
I dispute the comments that it is the consumers fault for not specifing which account to apply a payment to. Any crediable business (there are few) would automaticly apply it to the account that did the consumer the most good.
Posted by Ihatedebt on 2009-07-14:
I have to disagree with the last posting by hoshde. It is not the consumers fault, if at least when making online payments. I experienced this issue first hand. Unfortunately, when making a payment online, which is how I pay all my bills, there is no option to specify where the payment should go. I called and complained about that as well. In fact, their online account screens are terrible and they don't offer many options like most credit card web sites do. I prefer not go into the store because the is how they get you to buy more. I don't like to mail it in because I can set the exact date when the payment will come out of my account when I pay online. This deal isn't a bad thing if you have all the facts and use it wisely though. Now that I know, I use it often with many businesses.
Posted by MaggieMcT on 2009-07-14:
So, how does Joe expect to pay off a $1200 refrigerator in 12 months, when he's only paying $50 a month?
Posted by omt811 on 2010-07-07:
I do a lot of business with Lowes. Their promotions are pretty simple. Now that the law has changed there is a minimum payment required on all purchases. If you have a promo balance and a non promo balance and you pay 100 bucks....a min payment will apply to the promotion...the rest will go to the regular balance. The big rant at the top of this page was inaccurate. At the time of that sale there was no min pmnt due on promos. Any payments made would first apply to the non-promo balance, then when that was paid down to zero, the payments would go to the promos...Basically it was set up to pay off whatever balance on the account had a finance charge coming up the soonest. I have also been able to call the credit center at any time and have them allocate my payment to anywhere I wanted. If I decided to pay down the promo they would take the payment from my regular balance and put it there...easy. Also, when they move a large 1000.00 pmnt from my regular balance and put it on my promo balance, THEY DO NOT TACK ON EXTRA FINANCE CHARGES for increasing the regular balance...and they could.
Posted by sissy j on 2013-05-30:
If you have so many months to pay for your item or items you bought on there promotional offer than you better do the math on what your payments are going to be. If you purchase something else at a later date that is not in a promotional offering pay the total amount of the purchase along with the monthly amount your already paying and there will be no problems. Never pay just the the minimum that they ask for cause you will never get it paid with out having to pay a lump sum at the end of the promotional period or giving them all the interest that accured from day one if you cant pay it off.
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I Just Want To Make A Payment To Our Lowe's Credit Card Account
Posted by Very ticked on 10/07/2009
I have never seen a web site so hard to use. I just want to make a payment to our revolving account at Lowe's on my computer. I pay 99% of our monthly bills online, but this is the most down right confusing site I have ever encountered. I am sorry, but I will mail my payment or go to the store to make it from now on.

I am very very disappointed in your online service.
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Posted by trp2hevn on 2009-10-07:
Where are you having the difficulty? It looks like you just go to Lowes.com and go to the very bottom of the page under "Services". You click on "Lowe's credit services". It takes you to a page where you can apply online (for credit with GE Money Bank- the issuer of Lowe's Consumer Credit) or for existing cardholders you set up for online account management to pay bills or get your account summary. Granted I have not gone through the steps since I don't have a Lowe's account, but this looks like the page you might be able to use. I'd suggest maybe bookmarking the site once you've logged in. Hope this helps! I love paying my bills online too. It is so much easier.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-10-07:
i'd suggest... if you're having trouble with the site, perhaps calling them up?

The Get Human for Lowe's Visa

Press 0# at each prompt, ignoring messages.

No voice mail after hours.
(but apparently that doesn't matter since they're available 247 according to this site)
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-07:
You are always better off to makew the payment from your own bank's website. That way you control the when and how much, and you have proof of when it was made and received.

When you agree to the terms on a creditor's site, you are often giving them open access to your account which they can and will use when they want.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-08:
We have a Lowes card and pay online. It is EASY. Go to lowes.com, bottom to Credit center. Then either signup or log into your online account. Then pay my bill.

I don't see how you are having trouble.
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The Mower Purchase From ****
Posted by Paramedicnroute on 05/06/2008
GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Saturday I went to Lowes to buy a riding lawn mower.

So I get there about noon. I picked out the mower that I thought I wanted. So I get up on it and sit and start playing around with it. I decide that I don't like where the clutch is because of my hurt knee. So the lady tells me that she has an automatic mower. But they have just come off the truck and they will have to take one out of the cart. So with my purchase of the new riding lawn mower, today I get a cart that you pull behind the mower to move things around your yard. It was a nice crate. About 90.00 in cost. Nice.

The lady in the mower department puts my purchase in the register and I am supposed to tell them at the front about it.

I tell the lady that there is no way I will be able to get a riding lawn mower into my building that has a 42 inch deck on it. So she tells me about these chains that they use that can't be cut with bolt cutters. So she says she will meet me at the front of the store with the cart and the lawn mower. So I head over to get the things I need from hardware. I get to the front counter, and the lady rings me up. I am not paying any attention to the cost of these things because I have a 20% competitors coupon with me which Lowes accepts if it has a bar code. I had paid for 800.00 worth of the mower on one credit card I had with me but knew that one wouldn't hold It all. So then I reach in my purse to get another credit card, one which isn't there. Oh my gosh now I had to run to the bank right down the road to get some cash. So I left my friend standing at the register while I went to the bank. I was back within 15 mins.

Lowes Troy-Bilt Automatic Lawn Mower Engine Lowes Troy-Bilt Automatic Lawn Mower

So when I got back, I ask my friend if he had seen any signs of my mower. He said no I have not. I said oh there comes my cart never mind. The man that was pulling the cart said it wasn't mine. I said oh yes it is. I said I just paid for it and the lady in the back put It on a cart just for me with a gas can. Which happens to be the last cart in the store. He said hold on I will be right back and pushed the cart in the corner of the store where I couldn't get it. After about two minuets this man comes up grabs the cart and heads for the door. I said hey wait that's my cart. The man said no I just paid for it. And I said yeah and you took it off a buggy that had a gas can with it. The man knew what I was talking about. But he said well I just paid for it. Any way out the door he went with it. While the other people there just looked at me going oh my gosh he stole her cart. So then the manager saw what happen and ask if I could use a cart already put together. I said sure, that's a good thing cause then I don't have to put it together.

So then I ask where my lawn mower is? They said we don't know. I told them about the lady saying that she would bring it up to me. They tell me that she has gone home already. So finally they bring up a mower. However it is the first mower that I had sat on and decided against. And I tell them "No this isn't the mower that I want." So then it takes them another 30 minutes before they show up with the right mower. So they decide it cost more money than the first one. So here we go again. Return and repurchase. So then my friend and the Lowes guys put it on the truck. I ask my friend if he can think of any thing else that I should get before we leave Lowes. And he said did they give you the pin that goes in the cart so you can pull it behind the mower. I said no they sure didn't. So I March right back into Lowes to retrieve one from them. The lady had told me that one comes with it. So it took another 30 minutes or so before they find me a pin. I have now been here for over 3 hours trying to get a lawn mower.

Now we take the mower to my house, after stopping by the gas station and filling it up. We get it off the truck. I get on it and start it up. Or at least I thought I was going to start it up. It wouldn't crank and made the worse sound you ever heard. Sounded like you was taking some old chains and clanking them together. Oh my gosh. So I called my neighbor at work. He owns a machine shop. So he says to put it on the truck and bring it to him. Ok will do. Take it to him and they take the top cover off so they can see the motor because he says it sounds like the crank something is messed up. Well to our surprise it was broken and all under there was rusted. Wait isn't this supposed to be a brand new mower?

So I get on the phone to Lowes and get a hold of a real manager this time. I tell her the whole story. She told me to bring it back and she will give me another mower and add an additional 100.00 off the mower for all my troubles. Boy that was a hard days work. Took about 8 hours to get a brand new lawn mower from Lowes. Boy I wish we had a home Depot so Lowes would treat their customers better. Most of my problems were from the lady that didn't do her job well. Then went home with it undone and didn't get anyone to replace her. Boy just my luck. And about 100 miles. Its 50 miles round trip X 2.

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Posted by tander on 2008-05-06:
I was bushed just reading this story. What a ordeal you went through just getting a lawn mower!!
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-05-06:
You are critical of the customer service, which admittedly was not a smooth delivery, but in the end, they did get you set up and gave you $100 for the trouble. You said you wish you had a Home Depot but I don't see you even having a Lowes. 50 miles is the closest place to you to get a decent deal on a lawn tractor?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-06:
It could have been worse,you could have tried to purchase one at Sears
Posted by Mario The Great on 2008-05-06:
or from a local appliance dealer/repair/outsourced by Sears company.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-06:
Paramedicnroute,just to recap,never buy a riding lawnmower from Sears,or an appliance store.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-05-06:
In spite of all your troubles, Lowe's did seem to finally get you taken care of. Stuff happens and when a store mgr steps up and does the right thing, that is to be commended.
I hope you wrote Lowe's a letter stating your problem and the Manager's name that took care of it.
You received a better resolution than most of the complaints about HD or Lowe's here do.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-06:
I agree with jktshff1. I've seen far worse reviews on Lowe's and other companies here. I'm glad I pay someone to do my lawn now, though.
Posted by samuelblueshoes on 2008-05-08:
Well you better be glad you didn't buy it from home depot,the one in Greenville,n.c had 8 on display out front last year,all but one had defects or were returns,even one cub cadet had a wheel located at the front of the mowing deck that was welded on sideways from the factory,a couple of john deere's had most of the wires burn't and a battery exploded on one OH! hope the troy built isn't as poorly built as the ones I looked at in Sam's club.if the attachment of the deck at the front of the mower is brass colored and triangle shaped the deck will wobble and is a piece of ^%#+=4 good luck OH! by the way did they tell you where a factory authorized repair shop was located?
Posted by sharpsh00ter on 2008-07-23:
The 20% coupons are a fraud and every Lowe's store has received communication to NOT accept them.
Posted by Mollyman on 2008-09-27:
If the people don't care, and local management doesn't either, try another store. There are good and bad Lowes stores, but please let the upper management know how crappy certain stores are.
Posted by Doug on 2013-06-23:
So you get a free $90 cart (assembled), 20% off the entire purchase, and another $100 off. Not bad since they accepted a fraudulent coupon, took the time to tell you about the free cart you didn't know about and you were the one who didn't have enough money with you to pay for it. What are you complaining about??
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Defective/Unavailable Tile-Top Table/Poor Customer Service
Posted by Triferh on 05/29/2005
RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA -- In early May 2005 I visited my local Lowes store with the intent of purchasing a set of outdoor patio furniture, specifically the Milan Collection which includes a tile top table and sideboard (Lowes' ad states the tables are for 12"x12" tiles). Not only was my local store out of the tables, but the closest store that had one in stock was 53 miles from my home in Westminster, CA. Because I had a coupon and wanted to take advantage of the 10% off and the zero percent interest/no payments for six months deal, my local Lowes said I'd have to do one transaction and buy the whole set at the Westminster store (i.e., necessitating two trips in my small SUV to get it all home).

I called the Westminster store and they agreed to put the set (1 table, 4 chairs, 1 sideboard & 1 chaise lounge) on hold for me if I could pick it up by the next day. The following day I had my best friend who lives nearby meet me at the store to assist in transporting the set. When I arrived I found all pieces they put on hold for me EXCEPT the table! The employees insisted another customer climbed a ladder and carried it off to the checkout line (they claim that happens often, but I'm now of the opinion that *in stock* table never existed and/or was returned to the manufacturer).

That's when the serious runaround began. I was fed several different stories including the occurrence of a fire at the manufacturing plant in China and a manufacturing defect in the product. They then said they'd have a table shipped in from Virginia, followed by "we found one closer in Palmdale so we'll have it sent to your house from there. We'll call to let you know the day of delivery."

After not hearing from anyone for several days, I called Lowes' Customer Service Department and was told another store in California had 10 tables in stock (why didn't someone in California tell me that?!) I checked with that store. Not only did they not have 10 tables in stock, but they claimed they had to have one shipped from Oregon for one of their customers! That's only one example of the miscommunications and poor management exhibited in Lowes' personnel. For this one transaction I have had multiple telephone calls between no less than four Lowes stores. I could not understand how all these stores could be "out" of only the tables, but had plenty of the other pieces in stock.

I think I've figured it out. When I brought the sideboard home, assembled it and attempted to insert a 12"x12" tile, I found the openings for the tile to be 30cmX30cm (smaller and harder to find in the U.S. than the advertised 12").

After several conversations with store personnel who promised they would find me a table, a week ago I was told they won't be getting any newer, correctly manufactured tables for at least two to three months. The manager said the tables are not sold out, but rather are being returned to the manufacturer because of a "defect." Of course they didn't call me (they have 3 phone numbers for me), I had to call them.

The manager promised to give me a loaner table from another set and would exchange it when the new ones arrive. He agreed to cut my tiles down to 30cmX30cm at no charge. I was okay with having a temporary loaner table even though it didn't match the rest of the pieces. Until today when I called and gave them over an hour notice and they said they would have the loaner table ready and would put together another sideboard for me to make sure the holes matched up right (the one I had would not fit right).

I spent 45 minutes in the store waiting for the two pieces to be brought to me. The manager I had been dealing with was on the premises, but would not come out to talk to me until I'd been there 40 minutes. At about the same time the employee who was supposed to have been putting the sideboard together came out and said he hadn't even started it. That's when I lost it. I had dinner reservations that I was going to be late for at that point and decided I'd had enough from Lowes. I managed to secure a refund on the two items after more haggling and inconvenience, but when I asked if he could have someone pick up the other pieces from my house to take back to the store he said it was "doubtful." If I can't return the rest of the useless pieces to my local store, I will be forced to drive another 106 miles roundtrip (my fourth!) and will end up with no patio set!

I have been keeping decent notes throughout this ordeal and am employed by a fairly large Los Angeles-based law firm. One of my partners has agreed to help me with letter writing to Lowes, but I'd be interested in hearing from anyone (successful or not) who has filed suit against them. I'm not sure what legal remedies I have, if any, but suffice it to say I'm angry enough right now that I will spend the time and energy in order to find out.

I do know Lowes is guilty of knowingly and willingly selling products they know are defective. They easily could have said at the beginning that there was a manufacturing problem with the table (the centerpiece of the entire set), that they're returning the defective products to the manufacturer, and the set would not be available for a few months.
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Lowe's Blows
Posted by Leviathan860 on 05/11/2010
EAST PEORIA, ILLINOIS -- The reason Lowe's employees act like you're interrupting them is because you are. The corporation has set it up so all floor associates are customer service associates, there to help customers, but as soon as you get there they have a list a mile long of things you have to do. If you spend much time helping customers you won't get your list done then they'll call you "lazy."

A thing I noticed repeatedly there is they would have sales on items and then not stock them, but they always had plenty in stock of a similar higher priced item. Corporate managers do that but we're the ones that have to live with angry customers. You might as just throw away your ad because it's just a bunch of bullcrap.

Another thing that got to me was the layers of management. I had a supervisor, department manager, and zone manager who all had different things they wanted me to do. I worked my butt off trying to make everyone happy and but of course I'm not two people so it didn't work. I brought this up to the biggest manager there and the store manager and was basically scolded for having to talk to them. They took no accountability for causing this problem and wouldn't admit it was a department wide issue, not just an issue that came up with me.

I once got called back into the HR office because the store manager asked me how I was doing and I said, "Ok, I guess..." The HR manager asked me if I was going to treat customers like that. I explained to her the reason I was upset is because I didn't get to go to break until 6 hours into my shift which is illegal in my state and she said that happens sometimes. I guess Lowe's just doesn't have to follow the law.

I was hired with 5 other seasonal workers all to be in the outside lawn and garden department. It was me, another girl, and 4 guys. Us two girls were never trained on the fork lift but all 4 guys were trained immediately. We all had the exact same job title. I said I wanted to learn because I had heavy equipment experience anyway and the HR manager said I didn't need to know. They also gave us two 30 hours a week and all the guys 39. Every week.

They also acted like seasonal employees will be hired on as long as they don't goof off but then later told me they keep 5-6 out of 30 people.
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Posted by Ytropious on 2010-05-11:
When I go to Lowes most of them bombard me for help, I never have to ask anyone. There are usually employees standing around so it really doesn't look like they are busy or you are interrupting them, maybe it's just you or your store? Also where I work we only keep 1-2 seasonal employees, the rest don't deserve the 1-2 months they got in the first place.
Posted by localgod on 2010-05-12:
Agreed Ytropious, when I hire seasonal associates (especially for Lawn and Garden) they are told they are hired for the season (usually 90 days or less). I'll hire 6 to 8, if 2 or 3 stick, it's because they impressed someone. Your job is first and foremost customer service related, but there is downtime between customers where you are expected to perform routine tasks (shelf maintenance, stocking, trash removal, etc.). Managers occasionally provide conflicting directions, follow the manager that gives you the best chance of remaining employed (usually the Manager on Duty/Zone Manager/ASM). Always put your best face forward; and regarding breaks, sh*t does happen, communicate effectively with your Manager on Duty, and these little nuances generally disappear. I have never refused a break for a hard working associate.
With respect to the other complaints, wait until you are retained as a permanent associate before you make complaints (especially gender/race bias). Managers will not retain complainers unless your issue is egregious. Good luck!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-12:
If you feel there is some sort of discrimination going on between the male and female employees, as your post indicates, and the HR dept is not acting on your concerns properly, then take it to the next level. Unfortunately, posting here isn't going to solve your problem because likely this is a one-off situation with your particular location.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-12:
What law requires "when" you must take your break? Never heard of one? Maybe I'm just ignorant, but I'd love to see the statute. From what I gather, the law requires an employee to be given 2-ea. 15-minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch for an 8-hr work period. It never specifies "when" you must be given those breaks, just so long as they are given within your 8-hr work period. Granted, most companies split them up evenly throughout the day, but as localgod stated, s*** happens!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-12:
(820 ILCS 140/3) (from Ch. 48, par. 8c)
Sec. 3. Every employer shall permit its employees who are to work for 7 1/2 continuous hours or longer, except those specified in this Section, at least 20 minutes for a meal period beginning no later than 5 hours after the start of the work period.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-12:
Is that state or Federal Stew?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-12:
Our company, along with several others, roll the two breaks into one with the 30-minute lunch and give the employees one full hour for break.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-12:
State - Illinois, which is the applicable to this Lowes.

A lot of states have similar statutes and some if memory serves get pretty detailed about breaks and lunch periods.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-12:
Yeah, I'd expect that from a state that can't decide whether to annunciate the "s" on the end of it's name or not. LOL!
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-05-12:
Our company has one 15 minute paid break for 4-6 hour shifts, and after 6.5 hours you get a 30 minute unpaid lunch, only one. We do not get 2 15 minutes AND a 30, I wish though! Unless you're a manager it's rare to work 8 hour shifts anyway.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-12:
Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that Kit-Kat bar...There, that's 3-breaks for ya! ;)
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-12:
We have have people here who work straight 8's with the only down time being a very restricted paid 20 minute lunch period. They love it. I'd imagine it would piss them off royally if the GOV tried to rescue them from their plight with statutory break & lunch period definitions.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-12:
You can please some of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, and all the people some of the time, but never all the people all the time.
Posted by leviathan860 on 2010-05-13:
Stew's never worked on a factory line that can't allow one person to go to for a bathroom break without the whole line shutting down.

Some people need to at least use the bathroom once or twice in an 8 hour shift. Many also enjoy the chance to eat, get something to drink, take medication, smoke, make a phone call, rest their feet for a few minutes. Some doctors and scientists might even say the human body wasn't made to stand 8 hours a day straight, 5-6 days a week.

You can say whatever you want about Lowe's, I agree some stores are better and worse than others, but a place that systemically disregards the break laws is probably breaking other laws and not respecting it's employees rights in other regards.

And to tell you the truth, it seems like a place like Lowe's with it's turnover rate as high as it is would have spots for seasonal employees. Out of 30 people if only 5 or 6 are worth giving a job to that's pathetic on Lowe's ability to effectively hire and train employees.
Posted by Paul on 2013-01-18:
Typical uneducated Lowe's manager....doesn't know the difference between "nuance" and "nuisance". Worst place in the world to work!!

Posted by localgod on 2010-05-12
Agreed Ytropious, when I hire seasonal associates (especially for Lawn and Garden) they are told they are hired for the season (usually 90 days or less). I'll hire 6 to 8, if 2 or 3 stick, it's because they impressed someone. Your job is first and foremost customer service related, but there is downtime between customers where you are expected to perform routine tasks (shelf maintenance, stocking, trash removal, etc.). Managers occasionally provide conflicting directions, follow the manager that gives you the best chance of remaining employed (usually the Manager on Duty/Zone Manager/ASM). Always put your best face forward
Posted by Ricky on 2013-04-25:
I've worked at lowes and it was great at first. But as you try hard you don't get a thank you or anything really, but when you try for better positions they just push you aside and help someone fresh off there 90 days and promote them to manager. Not to mention the same ol added truth that everyone talks about someone in the store. So I left what a weight lifted off of me damn I feel so much better got a better job and make more at the new job. Did lowes prepare me for this job, he'll no I had the qulifications all along lowes just didn't care to see it in me, there loss. When I go into that same store they ask when I'm comeing back
Posted by jo jones on 2014-04-09:
I tried to call several phone numbers and all I got was this stupid automation. There should be a live person. I spent 20 minutes and NEVER got thru. I will tear up my Lowes card. Any organization that is so secret and would hire automation because they are too cheap to hire a human CANNOT BE TRUSTED. I WANT NO MORE OF LOWES. FORTUNATELY THERE IS A HOME DEPOT NEARBY. All I wanted to do was speak to someone about my statement and I took my entire lunch trying this.
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