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Poor Consumer Help and Does Not Stand Behind Products
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Rating: 1/51
LAUREL, MARYLAND -- On June 4Th contacted Lowe's about my air conditioner. I was told we needed a new furnace and heat pump. A few days later a salesman from Lowe's and another man who said he was with Trane came to our house. I am 65 in very poor health and need air conditioning for COPD, heart problems, etc. my wife is 73 and we have our house up for sale since July and have a contract on it. On June 12Th or the 13Th the furnace and heat pump cost us $5482.00. Prior to signing the contract my wife did not go over the full content of the sales assessment or sale sheet. We put $500 on a debit card, $3030 on our Lowe's credit card and the rest on our Capital One credit cards. I am on a small social security, when I was declared disable in 2007. My wife has a small pension from the Federal Gov't. We signed the forms believing everything was on the up and up. On one of the forms it said reuse lines and in another space it read reuse/flush existing lines. We were under the impression that everything was good to go. On August 24Th, 2012 I went to my family room and water was slouching in my carpet. My wife called All Pro who installed the furnace and heat pump made an appointment and a friend of ours said you have a leak get a plumber. My wife called All Pro back and cancelled the service call. I contacted a Plumber Fred and Son and he was at my house in 40 minutes. He cut a piece out of the ceiling and the ceiling was dry he cut a piece of dry wall from the wall where the pipes are and he saw the water coming back in from the condensation line. He said you need to flush the line and have it snaked out. He charged us $120 for the service call. I then went to the phone book and called Michael and Son's they came out and charged us $89 for a service charge and they said the same as Fred did. I looked at All Pro Services bill and it said heating and air conditioning also plumbing and fitters. I called back All Pro and asked a lady name Louise to send someone out and was sorry for the mix up. A service man showed up looked at the wall and the leak and stated we don't do that kind of work, his name was Jerry. I said to him how in the hell am I going to sell this house to a lady who put a contract on it. I will loose the house. He said I do not get into those kind of issues. I called my realtor and put her on a speaker phone and he walked into another room. At this point it cost $209 for two estimates I called Lowe's on several occasions and all I got was from them someone will call you back. This was on a Thursday from 10:00am til 4:00pm then I asked for the Corporate Office I must have spoke to 12 different service providers. I called All Pro Services back and asked to speak to Bill he is busy call back. An hour later I called and was told to send him a fax so I went to Staples and sent him a fax, still no reply. On Friday I called All Pro Services again and a lady named Laura told me Bill was out of the office. I called back 2 hours later and was told by some man that Bill was busy.

Finally I called the Lowe's store back and spoke to an assistant Manager and he told me he discussed this with his Manager Frank and he provided me with a claim number and a phone number and to call the next day. On the 26Th I called and was transferred to the legal department and spoke to a John [snip] who was not polite or how are etc. in a business. I asked him about the claim number I submitted to him and his reply was "it was denied". I told him my situation about my house and that the work was not done properly then Lowe's and All Pro Services should stand behind there work and word.

I was so up set I could not do anything that day and passed out from the aggravation and my blood pressure was 188/108, I was in bed 402-A at Laurel Hospital as my wife had to call 911.

I was released from the hospital 21/2 days later and I called the store again and spoke with a Donna who gave me a new complaint number. I can and John got on the phone and I told him I have a new claim number and he said I am denying that. I asked if he was a lawyer, a heating and air conditioning person, a plumber and electrician and he said no to all of them. I asked him then how do you know who to approve and not to approve. I have contacted the BBB, in Washington, DC area 2 TV channels 7 on your side and McGinty's mailbag on channel 9. I have also posted on Angie's List, Consumer Complaint Agency. My home insurance is not paying for a plumber but is replacing all my carpet, paint the entire family room, had a restoration company to bring in large fans and a dehumidifier til Tuesday. Not only did I pay the $120, the $89, the $250 deductible plus $503 to the plumber and $25 to Consumer Complaint agency. I called Lowe's credit card Company GE money and told them I am disputing my balance on my bill. If the Corporate office is willing to reimburse me $989 for what I have paid out of pocket I will be glad to pay the balance of my bill.
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Lowes Has Destroyed My Life
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ST. MARY'S, GEORGIA -- It is impossible to put into words how angry and helpless I feel towards the Lowes company. I am speaking of the huge hardware chain, the company that sponsors Jimmy Johnson in Nascar, that Lowes.

Last year my wife and I, were shopping in our local Lowes store, in St. Mary's Georgia. We were walking down an aisle and my foot was caught up in some plastic wrap that was left behind when the pallet was removed. The plastic wrap was sticking out into the aisle and was weighed down by a bag of fertilizer. After the fact it looked as though an employee had taken the last bag of fertilizer off of the pallet, leaving it in the aisle on top of the entire piece of plastic wrap that had originally been wrapped around the whole pallet of fertilizer. The plastic wrap was bunched up under the fertilizer but plenty was sticking out from under it.

My foot had gotten caught in it, and stopped very abruptly, I was pushing a basket and fell so fast that I did not have time to soften the fall with my hands. I fell directly on my tailbone, lower back. The pain I experienced was extreme, I could not move, it was a scary experience, I felt pain throughout my entire lower half of my body. At least 10 Lowes employees gathered around me, trying to make me comfortable as I lay on my side. My wife sat by me holding my hand in shock. An ambulance came and put me on a gurney and wheeled me out to the ambulance. It was the most painful ride of my life, they belted me down on my back, gave me an I. V. and a shot for the pain, it did not help at all. the E. M.T. put a mask on my face and told me to breathe in as hard as I could and whatever I was breathing in would help with pain, it did not, but it did make me drowsy. They drove me to a hospital 45 miles away. We arrived at the hospital where the doctors took a quick look at me and sent me for x-rays, after giving me some pain medication. It felt like forever, they took every x-ray known to mankind, it was horrific, I would not wish this pain on my worst enemy.

After the hospital stuff, I was referred to Brunswick Brain and Spine Clinic. I went through numerous spinal injections to try to relieve the pain I was feeling. I had numerous MRI's and other tests, this went on for months. I was being medicated with morphine, klonipin, oxycotton, suboxone, and multiple other drugs. I am unable to bathe myself, or anything else that require's a back and legs. Finally, the neurologist suggested that I get a surgically implanted Spinal Stimulator to get relief of my pain. We set the date and it was done. A Spinal stimulator is a lead wire that is attached to your spine, about 3/4's of the way up your spine, it is attached with hardware that can never be removed. The wire then comes down your spine, of course under your skin, it is connected to the stimulator and battery, that is implanted in your flesh, a lot of cutting of skin is involved with this operation not to mention the risk of being paralyzed. I now have a controller that I can control the power output of the stimulator. The stimulator is supposed to block pain signals from the brain. Today I go to a pain management doctor every month, to be monitored, I am still on morphine and other powerful drugs to help with pain. And will have extreme pain for the rest of my life, there is not anything left worth trying for pain relief. I have a wife and 3 children, my wife had a stroke 18 years ago and cannot move her right side of her body. Lucky family aren't we.

I don't sleep, I cannot drive, I cannot, nor ever will I be able to get an erection again, I could go on forever, you get the picture. I am on Social Security Disability, I receive $1200 a month, I am 5% of the man I was before Lowes.

I did get a lawyer to get what I could out of Lowes, what is your life worth? My lawyer called me today, 12-7-2012, Lowes offered me $15,000.......... That don't even cover half my bills, I guess I will have to sue them. In my opinion Lowes is a pathetic company, unwilling or unable to care about their customers, On my mothers grave, I swear Lowes will feel my pain. All I want is to provide for my family, we will lose our house, we have lost our vehicle, if it were not for my family I would be gone from this Hell. All I ask is for your prayers that Lowes stands up and does the humane thing, and compensate me for their mistake that ruined my families world.

If anyone knows of an organization that could help me, make Lowes, compensate me for all they have taken from me please contact me.

Thank You,
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Does Not Stand Behind Their Advertisements
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BRISTOL, VIRGINIA -- On the Lowes Website, the Bristol Lowes has the James Hardee Cedarmill Lap Siding, Item # 26892 for $1.83. I wanted to buy 138 pieces, however the Bristol store only have four pieces and refuse to sell anymore than four pieces at the sale price. They have more of the same identical item in stock, but they refuse to sell it to me at that price. The sale ad did not say that this item is discontinued, or limited quantity. I contacted the Corp office and they basically told me that they did not have to honor their ads. Now they have replaced that ad. It is identical ad except now the board is on sale until July 15th, 2014. Why are they advertising and extending the sale date for a product they refuse to sale?
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A Grave Injustice to a Dedicated Employee
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POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK -- I was a Project Specialist for Exteriors for Lowe’s in Poughkeepsie, NY. I was fired on May 16th 2014. I feel there was a grave injustice given to me because of some vendetta that the Store Manager Christian had for me. My sales were always in the top 3 in the market. My closing ratio was 30% my sales were over 89% of plan YTD. My margin was 29%. In 2012 my year started in June and I ended up with $459,000 in sales for the Lloyd and Poughkeepsie stores. In the full year in 2013 I had sales of $690,000 for two stores. For 2014 I was already at $247,000. That’s over 1.3 Million in sales as a PSE.

I enjoyed working for Lowe’s. I was proud to work for Lowe’s. I started out as a part timer in the flooring dept. I had my own business and wanted to have a full time position in the winter when my Mobile detailing business would be slow. After the season was over I applied to a position down in building materials as a full timer. In January of the following year I became a traveling PSA. In this position I was responsible for building displays and doing the plan-o-grams for the area market stores. I worked at this position for 3 months and was asked by the store manager in Poughkeepsie, David to apply for the PSE position. I researched it and decided to apply. I secured the position as a PSE for the Lloyd store and the Poughkeepsie store. There was not much training. The first week I went to another store and trained with the PSE in Chester. I was there only a couple of days. I didn’t learn much because the PSE in Chester didn’t do much. He was playing video games on his computer. I decided to come back to Poughkeepsie and go out with Mark Simpson who was the PSE I replaced. From the beginning I learned the price sheets were not followed too closely by our contractors. There were always additional charges that cost either the customer more or less margin for me.

Unfortunately I learned from the mistakes I made. I had one customer order windows and an install that I sold. The contractor went out to measure and when he gave me the measurements, it didn’t indicate if it was a rough opening or exact. I didn’t know the difference then. I ordered the windows and they came in ½ inch too big. The customer cancelled the sale and the Lloyd store was left with the windows to sell at a deep discount. After this I now understood the difference between rough opening and exact opening. I talked with the contractors to only provide me with the exact opening so this would not happen again.

Another mistake I made was when I ordered a couple of trapezoidal shaped windows. I measured from inside and designed the window that way. The windows came in and they were wrong because the manufacturer builds the window from outside dimensions. The windows that came in were the exact opposite of what I needed. We took a loss on those windows. We reordered them and everything was fine.

Other mistakes that were made were from a result of the fence contractor not giving me a list of materials from his detail. He always refused to go and detail a job as he is expected to do. Our one fence contractor came from Matamoras, PA. Then the next contractor came from Saugerties. I can understand why they didn’t want to come out just to measure. But I still needed a list of materials for the job so I could order the right materials. Many times this was not provided to me. I sold a chain link fence and after not receiving a detail, I figured out what we needed and ordered all the materials. I spent about 2 hours trying to figure out what I needed all the brackets, and bolts, and bars, top rails and line posts and end posts and gates and gate posts. All the materials were to be in black. I spent so much time trying to get it all right I forgot the simple thing like cement. Everything was delivered to the customer and the contractor called upset because there was no cement on the job to install. He had to make a trip to the store to get the cement needed for the install. As a result of this it tarnished our relationship. I asked the install manager that they double check my order for these things and if the guy that was loading these for delivery would use common sense to notify us if he saw a fence for an install but did not see cement he should notify someone. From the very beginning I had issues with certain contractors. In Poughkeepsie we used Mid Hudson Fence for installing fences. They would give me a list of materials that included much more than what was needed for the job. At the end of one of the jobs we had two pallets of materials that had to be returned to the store and refunded to the customer resulting in a lower margin on the sale. This contractor also told me he uses Lowe’s to keep his guys busy in the slow times. In the busy times he was putting my customers off for 2 months which was unacceptable to me, so I stopped using him.

There was one incident where I sold windows in a basement. When the contractor went out he was charging an additional cost per window to remove the frame out of the concrete surrounding it. This was an additional $450. I didn’t realize that this was something that had to be done. I never had any training on this. I learned by making mistakes. I was written up for this because the store took the loss. It wasn’t a loss it was a reduction in margin.

There was another time with a fence sale where the contractor asked for more money after the fact because there was a hard dig. The area below the soil was full of boulders. The expense was an additional $1000 that caused my sale to lose money and I was written up because of this. Apparently I should have known there was a hard dig and charged for it. My manager told me to add an additional $1000 to all the fence proposals because we didn’t know if the contractor would charge us for a hard dig or not. As a result of this my fence sales declined because we were no longer competitive in the market. We were getting beat by Adams fence almost every time. But I didn’t know what the contractor was going to ask for after the job was done. He refused to go out and detail the jobsite after the sale as he is under contract to do.

Then the last one was a job to do siding on an old hotel, converted into a camp that was now owned by the Seventh Day Adventists. For this job I went to the site and measured, did my drawings and sent everything to a contractor to do a second measure and a list of materials and the labor that he would want for the job. After this I was able to create the estimate. Although the price was higher than her other bids she went with Lowe’s because of me and the reputation of Lowe’s. We ordered all the materials and when they all came in the contractor wanted to meet with me at the site to go over the job. I asked my install manager to come with me, because I was expecting an issue. The contractor looked at the job and asked me about how the windows would be finished off. He said we are putting the j channel on the edge of the concrete and then the camp would paint the concrete around the edge of the windows. I said no we are wrapping the windows and doors. He started to give me more materials that he would need to do the project. The customer wanted to have the wires that were exposed under the deck of the second floor boxed in so they would not show. The customer thought this was all included. I never discussed this except to say we could probably do something to hide the wires, I would let her know. After this meeting with everybody I found out that the contractor now wanted an additional $4800 in materials and another $10000 for the labor. Paul one of the ASM’s was able to get him to do it for $6000 additional labor. As a result of this, the job became unprofitable and I forfeited my commission. I was also written up on this and this became my final warning. The final warning meant that if I had another error within a year that I would be separated from the company and terminated. I was not able to transfer, to another store, to ask to have a different position in the store. It just seemed to me that he wanted me out of the store and out of Lowe’s.

That termination came on May 16th. There was a customer of the store that ordered a fence install and wanted the Arborley panel we sell for $45.00 a panel. After waiting almost two weeks after the sale for a detail from the contractor, I figured out the materials myself and ordered everything. The customer called and was upset that the install was taking so long, so when the merchandise came in the contractor came to the store and picked it up. He told the customer that there were 4x4x8 posts missing. But I sold the 5x5x8 vinyl posts that did not need 4x4x8 wood posts. The customer called the store and said this was not what he ordered. I told him it was exactly what he ordered. He said he wanted the fence to look like his neighbors. He told me he wanted the fence panel that was priced at $45.00. I pointed it out to him in the book when I sold it and he said yes that’s what he wants. Apparently what he meant to say is that’s what he wants to pay for it but he wants the better fence like his neighbor for the price of the one we stock. Here’s a little background on this customer. I have been to his house 3 times. Once for a fence, once for a deck and once for an HVAC quote. Each time turned out to be a waste of time. He also has been caught stealing in the store by me and our LP. The customer was asked not to come back to the store. But he still showed up in my project tool for a fence. I told him he could come in for a refund and he could go to Home Depot and buy his fence. This is what I was fired for. I never stole anything, no sexual harassment, customers loved me, everybody in the store saw me as a hard worker, and for this I was fired. People who were fired for stealing, doing drugs, all have the same in their file. Fired from Lowe’s

I am also a customer of Lowe’s and have spent a lot of money in the store. As long as Chris is manager in the store I will not be a customer of Lowe’s. I will now be a customer of Home Depot.

He motivates everybody with fear. I don’t motivate this way. I get motivated by positive reinforcement. If I feel I am appreciated I work harder. You can’t manage individuals all the same, you have to find out what motivates them and use that. Let’s face it most of the people working at Lowe’s is there making between $9.00 and $15.00 an hour. They have to feel appreciated to want to come to work. I feel he wants people that can’t think for themselves, just do what he says. You talk to any of the employees that have been there a while and they all are afraid of their jobs. There has been a lot of turnover in the store. Many employees left to go to the Lloyd store so they wouldn’t have to work with [Chris]. My original ASM Jason transferred out of the store because of him. Jason and I worked well together. He went out on calls with me like he is supposed to. My current ASM has never gone out with me. When he left it became difficult to work with Chris.

When I was written up on final I asked for a copy of the letter I signed and he refused to give it to me. Paul was my witness to this. He was the ASM that sat in with us. I later found out from the NYS Dept of Labor that I am entitled to anything I signed in my folder. I also found out that if I signed something it was not agreeing with what was on it, but agreeing I received a copy. I would like a copy of everything I signed in my folder.
Nothing but issues
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MONACA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to Lowes on June 5th at 4 pm to meet with a commercail sales employee and go over the order for a new front porch. While going over order the employee explained that he didn't know much about the "hidden link" as it just came in a few weeks ago and he hadn't had time to go over it but told us that was what we would need to hide the screws on the decking. He told us that they didn't make vinyl railings that go out at a 45* angle and tried to help us figure out a way to rig it to make it work. About 1/2 hour later, while going through designs for columns he finds the railings that we needed. He went to ring us out, and I told him that I had a gift card that I wanted to use. Too late he had already put it on my charge. He refunded and re-rang, but did it as a carry out, so once again we had to go through the whole order process. He told us the wholeorder would be delivered on June 12th. On June 4th at 4:30 pm, I called commercial sales employee to tell him that I needed to make a few changes to my order.
I needed to replace the 10' railing with a 6' railing and I also needed to change the design of the columns. He said it wasn't a problem and I asked him to call me back with the credited amount. He called back on June 6th in the late evening to get my socail security number to run the changes through and said that he would call me with the difference, which he never did. The order was delivered on June 12th. The delivery drivers dropped all of the wood on the grass at the edge of the side walk. My 56 year old mother and I had to move the wood so no one would trip over it. I noticed that 4 of the 20' ChoiceDek decking boards were damaged and called the person dealing with the order right away. He said that they would pick them up on their next trip out. That is the point that he told me that the columns were not in. When the drivers came back, I asked them about the railings. They hadn't a clue as to what I was talking about and said that there were no railings on their delivery sheet. I called Lowes back and it was at that time that he told me that they were on back order from the company. I said that he told me the entire order was to be delivered in the 12th and that I had someone that had taken a week off of work to help us out and now he didn't have anything to do without the railings. Saturday, the deck was to be started when it was realized that 12 of the boards that were ordered were not supposed to be treated, they were just to hold up the roof. So, in a truck with a 6 foot bed, the person that was building the deck had to bring back 12 footers that were hanging out of the back of his truck. When he went to return them they gave him a hassle about crediting my account. They finally did. On Monday, June 15th, I stopped in at Lowes and spoke to a female (one of the store managers). She told me that the railings would be in on Thursday the 18th and she assured me that they would call and set up a delivery that morning, and she would also give us 10% off of our or
der for all of the issues that we had delt with and would also refund us the delivery charge. I called her later that evening to see is she could possibly go through the damaged boards and see if there was just one that we could use. We could use the in store boards for the rest. She would call me back... She never called. Thursday, the 18th no one callsabout delivery. I called them at 9:15am and spoke to another male(I think) in commercial sales. He goes over all of the delivery schedules for the day and we are not on the list. I explained to him the story and he said that he would check into it that our order was not in. He also said that he would check on the decking boards. Someone called my home and spoke to my mother and told her that the whole order would be there tomorrow the 19th. I called back and spoke to a male (store manager) and told him that that wasn't good enough, I was promised that my order would be there today and I am paying someone $200.00 per day to do this job. And the 10% off that the other manager had offered was
just going to cover the 2 days that he has been at my house with nothing to do. He would not give me any more than 10% off and told me that I would need to call the 1-800 number after I asked for the corporate offices phone number. He said that the decking boards were in and I wanted clarification that it was indeed the new boards and not the old boards. He assured me it was the new boards. I said that I expected to not be charged for the new boards. He agreed to that. At 4pm, I called and spoke to employee to set up a pick up on some items that were not needed. And asked him about the truck that was supposed to be delivering our items. He said that it had not come in yet.. I said well it's kind of funny considering the work day is almost over. He said as soon as the truck gets back today that I will have my order. It is now 7:42 pm and I still haven't received my shipment. Now 2:25 am the next day, still not shipment
District Manager's take on Lowe's
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This is for all Lowe's employees, past, present and future. Three years ago I was promoted to district manager, so I figured I would offer my thoughts concerning what I read on this site in reference to the operations of the company.

First of all, I would say that I have never been a part of a more hypocritical company than Lowe's. For a company that preaches that excellent customer service is the foundation upon which we are built, the executive management team sure doesn't take the proper measures in delivering on their promise. See theres something that people need to understand when dealing with the executives in the corporate office (and yes, I have met them all). It really is just about them. They will run the company any way they need to in order to claim their enormous bonuses and absurd stock options. They don't care about a single employee because all you are to them is an expense. They will lay off the most talented and skilled employee in the company the instant that its in their best interest. Believe me ladies and gentlemen, this is how we work.

Now I have always considered myself to be a benevolent dictator, and that's how I choose to manage the 13 stores I am responcible for. This means that my employees are people first. They have a wife and kids to go home to the same as I do. When I want something to be done, I address my employees with respect. See folks, one of the big problems we as a company are faced with is that the members of executive management have very narrow minds when it comes to how they run the company, and believe me, they HATE to be told they are wrong. They preach an open door policy where they say suggestions are welcomed, and while that sounds great in theory, that's not how they actually think. Trust me, you're going to do things their way, or you'll soon be unemployed.

I'll share with you an example. This past year the company changed the bonus structure of the store managers and zone managers in all of the stores. Without going into great detail, the bonuses are now smaller. Now I ask...does anyone think anyone in the corporate office took a bonus reduction? Take a wild guess.

Well anyway ladies and gentlemen, that's about all I have. I thought maybe this would help open some eyes to how Lowe's as a company operates. Obviously, I can never give my real name out, but I'd be happy to help anyone that has questions or just wants to speak out. I check this site a lot, so feel free. Unlike many of them, this district manager actually wants to help employees feel better about themselves and their jobs. If I ever get high enough in the company, you better believe some changes are on the way
Brutally Bad Customer Service at Lowes!
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GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLORADO -- I wanted to purchase a GE Profile Gas range from Lowes for which I placed an Order at the Store

Phone: (303) 220-8737
Fax: (303) 220-8562

1) The day I made the purchase I was told that They can get the Gas Range on the following Friday.

2) The day after I made the purchase I got a Call from an associate at Lowes Thanking me for the Purchase. That's when I was told that the Range would be there the Following Friday (28th Of April 2006) and Since I had requested the Delivery and Install on a "Saturday" he said That, that was possible and would be done that way.

3) So came Friday(28th April 2006) and I called Lowes and No One Had any clue as to when my Unit would be delivered. In fact the Install Service Rep gave me the Phone number of the Installer and asked me to schedule an appointmwnt with him directly. I left the installer two messages. He finally called me in the evening and told me that He was not working for Lowes anymore. I asked him, since When? and he told me "Since about a month ago". So I called back the Insall Service Dept of Lowes and the Guy (cannot remember his name) told me that " This was news to me!". No one was aware that their installer (at least whom they thought was their installer) was no longer working for them.

4) I made repeated calls that day and then Saturday and then Sunday which is when I had the Worst Customer service Experience Ever by The Install Rep named "Gary" . His Tone was the most Rude I had ever Heard and rather than solving my problem he was trying to intimidate me. He constantly kept on saying " if you interrupt me once more I will disconnect the call Okay" And then I said "Yes" To which he repeatedly kept on asking me me "Okay?? Okay??" Just intimidating me in the most DisRespectful fashion.

5) So Then I yelled and ended that conversation. I was extremely frustrated by then and called Lowes Main Customer service number: 1-800-445-6937 So that I could cancel my order. The lady who answered my call was good and she redirected me to the Operations Manager of that Lowes Store named "Anissa".

6) Anissa offered me a 10% discount so that I did not to cancel my order, which I didn't. She told me that the 10% discount was for the inconvinience caused to me.

7) I also Asked her that I cannot take any more days off so I needed the Delivery and Install on a Saturday. She promised to call me on the following Monday (May 1st 2006) which she didn't. So I called instead at 5:00pm and I was told that she was out for lunch (yes at 5:00pm) and that I should call back later. I specifically asked the Customer Service Rep who answered the call as to How long she would be working there and I was told till the close of the day (10:00pm). So I called back at about 8:45pm and I was told that she had left for the Day.

8) So then I called the following day (Tuesday - May 2nd 2006) to talk to Anissa and I was told that she was in training and that she would be back in on Wednesday May 3rd. I left a message for anissa with the Customer service Rep with my name and bunch of other relevant details about my order.

9) So then I called on May 3rd (Wednesday) and she was not in that day too. I asked for the Store's manager and got to talk to Bill, Which I was later on told that he was the Store's Zone Manager. Explained the Whole situation again to him and he promised to get it resolved. He also told me that he will Definitely call me back that Day.

10) I did not receive a call from himthat Day. So I called up the very next morning (Thursday May 4th 2006) and spoke with Bill and he said he had called and even left me a Voice mail. I am still waiting for that Voice mail till date). I am sure he dialed the wrong number. Anyway He told me that He is still trying to figure out who the installers are.

11) The next day (Friday 5th May) I called up the store again and spoke with Anissa and she told me that Michelle was working on getting the installers figured out since there was some messup with the installers. She kind of indicated to me that the ball is out of my court now. Please be calling Michelle which to me is a great indicator of Poor service.

12) Its 8th May (Monday) today and I have still not heard about my Order.

13) So I made another call (Don't even know what Date now. and spoke with Michelle in the Install Department. She told me that I would have to work directly with the Installers which was now even more frustrating to hear. So I told her that I have dealt with enough of this and I need answers upon which she softened her tone and told me that she would find out what's going on with my delivery and get back to me (I think another tactic to get rid of a customer rather than helping one).

14) I waited for about 2 hours for Michelle to call me back but nothing. I was by then running out of patience and being given the Run Around. I then made a call to the Lowes Main Customer Service Number again and told them about my problem. They went over my Order and the Notes so far and apologized to me about the treatment given to me so far. This was the first time I think someone from Lowes as a Company had apalogized to me for the Bad treatment and service that I had got. They said they will look into the matter.

Guess what? Michelle called me back within about 5 minutes of me making that call to Lowes Main Customer Service. She told me that She contacted the Installer who Sub contracted with another Install Company in Colorado. This Subcontractor installer did not get a copy of the Insall Order. So she contacted the Main Install company and they too did not receive the install Order but Michelle remembered faxing it to them. Another Mess at Lowes? Someone dropped the ball somewhere AGAIN! So she Faxed them the Install order again.

15) At this point I was so frustrated that I just wanted to order the same GE Gas range from Home Depot. So I ended up making a Call to the main Customer Service Line at Lowes again and asked them to cancel my order. They transferred me this time to the Store's Manager (don't remember his name). This time it was the Store's Manager and not the Store's Zone Manager. I requested him to cancel my order. He asked me to explain to him why I wanted to cancel my order upon which I told him "NO Sir, I will not Explain this Whole thing again. I have already done this three times. I just want my order cancelled". He then I guess found the Notes on my Order and started going through and stalling me. He asked me if this was a special order upon which I said I don't think so. So since there was no way to save this order he asked me in that sarcastic tone, "U sure you want to cancel this order? I said yes, he said OOOOOOKaaaaaayyy. Yeah Just like that in that tone".

It seemed like at that Lowes store no one seemed to care about my problem. Everyone just wanted to give me Some BS answer and get off the phone as quickly as possible.

As the old axium goes, if you make your customer happy you've made one person happy. But if you mistreat your customer, he will share that experience with 9 other people. Or maybe worse, on a forum board or Boards on the internet.

BTW I have ordered a the Gas Range from Homedepot and I cannot even BEGIN to describe the Difference in treatment and the smoothness of operations (with the 10% discount) between the two stores. Home depot was WAY WAY WAY Better in service Quality and Customer care. I think they understand what the Word Customer Service means whereas Lowes in my opinion Absolutely does not.

Note: I will not be doing business with Lowes anymore. My experience in Totality was Extremely extremely Poor.

Do Not Purchase Sensa in Minnesota
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Stone Systems installed Sensa granite in our kitchen purchased through Lowe's. They initially installed the granite pattern going in all different directions. It was like someone cut the pieces with their eyes closed. Also, we were told there would be one seam in the kitchen and there are two. After much arguing with the company, they redid the direction of the granite so that the direction of the pattern of the granite was improved. However, they left a seam so large that it sticks out like a sore thumb and they also installed a piece with a very large chip in the front of it. It was such a nightmare dealing with them that I gave up.

After being upset for months I contacted Lowe's again to see what could be done. After asking Lowe's for help to get the vendor to improve the look of their work, the vendor finally sent out two repairmen. The same two that installed the granite. They cut out the chip filled with epoxy and replaced it with another chip of granite and then took a marker to make it look like part of the slab. They then refused to try to fix the seam and when Lowe's (who was at the house during this repair) told them that was what they were here to do, they ran out to their truck and called their manager without telling us and out of no where she shows up to protect repairmen and argue with me that this is the best job they could do. She also asked us if we had previously called for a service call on the chip. In other words, trying to make it look like we chipped it and asked them to fill it in. It was installed like that, shockingly. They will argue with you and make you feel like you are an idiot. I was told last week that they would go back to their plant and look for a color match on the granite and call me on Tuesday.

It's Thursday now and no word from them. They were supposed to pull the granite out and smooth out the seam and put it back in. This is the best that we could get them to do. This hassle cost me $3,000. Save yourself the hassle and make sure that the granite that Lowe's or any body else sells you is not Sensa.
Lowe's is the leader in home improvement chains
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FARMINGDALE, NEW YORK -- I have been dealing with Lowe's and some of their competitors for many years. One of the aspects of any business that impresses me the most is sound and accurate customer service, returning phone calls and following up on defective products such that the customer is not sitting at home with a non functioning product for an unreasonable amount of time. My experience with Lowe's is that they never dismiss a customer or send him reeling all over the place to other departments that create confusion as the trail goes on. If you have a product issue with Lowe's they will follow policy but solve it as quickly as possibly so you are not burdened with an aggravating situation at home. While Lowe's stores are well appointed, cheery and bright, stocked with any home improvement product you would want, I cannot say this about some of the others I have dealt with. A few days ago I switched my entire account to Lowe's, they have earned my business.
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Japanese Beetle
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AMES, IOWA -- The garden center is loaded with Japanese Beetles laying eggs for you to take home with the plant you are buying to wreak havoc on your garden, lawn etc. Then they get to sell you the insecticide to TRY and get rid of the Japanese Beetle. They do not care about what damage it is causing you, they are making money from this.
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