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Unsatisfactory Customer Service Experience.
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Rating: 3/51

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased Lowe's windows in the late fall of 2022. Due to the pandemic, they arrived later than expected but I was told that they would be installed in February. The man who installed them, Lonnie, did an excellent job however, whoever ordered them ordered the wrong bottom sash for the doublehung windows that I ordered. I thought that this was being corrected and was waiting to hear about this. I learned after a month that no one had ordered the correct bottom sash. I then again waited for another several months for them to arrive and for someone to contact me to install them.

Throughout this process, I had to call Lowe's installation multiple times. My friend, who works at the store where I purchased the windows, directly intervened for me with their installation department to get a response to me. They were kind but the situation continued and continued.

Finally, the bottom sashes were installed. However, a year later, I am waiting again with multiple phone calls to Lowe's for the last piece of the job ie to install a missing window stopper and two screens that were marred. Again, I am waiting for someone to arrange this. I love the windows. The man who installed them did a great job but I have had to call Lowe's multiple times to get these steps down and only the intervention of my friend, ended in results to move this job forward. I am now waiting again for an installer to call me to arrange the date for the final aspect of this job. The main Lowe's customer service tells me that they are calling me but I have not heard from anyone.

A Nightmare and A Fiasco
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Rating: 1/51

ESSEX, VERMONT -- This window project is a fiasco and a nightmare!!!! The windows were purchase through not the Lowe's store!. The windows were too big, not the correct ones that I ordered, but the incorrect ones were installed anyway. Most were broken or defective. I have slept only about 2-3 hrs a night, tossing/turning and nervous at night since this project started in August 2021 and the installing 1/12/22. This project will never end. I can't take this anymore. I have got all my home stuff tucked away for 8 months now and we can't live like we used to. After calling you people about 12 times so far and the installers 12 times, I am getting NOWHERE, Someone should get this ball rolling soon. This project should have been done in 3-5 days instead of 8 months.

I thought The coordinators oversaw the whole project including the Installers. Everyone is doing what they want and not doing what the customer wants. I feel like getting my total money back and going with another company...If I don't get results soon am going to call the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. First of all, I never knew that the installers lived about 150 miles (3hrs) away in NY. No one ever told me this. This is crazy!!!! I need someone up here in VT. They come up for 1-2 days, spend 3-4 hrs and then go back to NYork for 25-40 days. Then come back up again for 3-4 hrs and go back for another 30-40 days.

In Nov/2021, Coordinator said windows would come on 11/8, so I took off all the curtains, shades, hardware, - windows never came. - Finally came on 1/12/22., From 11/8/21 until now, our furnace ran and ran with big heating bills and we are still cold every day. The windows finally came, but they were wrong ones -- NEW CONSTRUCTION instead of the FULL REPLACEMENT ONES. I mentioned this to people but were installed anyway. The coordinators said I would get compensated for all the windows in the end.

The Full replacement windows are what I paid for. The windows that Sales coordinator Amelia set me up were Full replacement windows with triple pane, E-low glass extra strong vinyl in the contract. Wrong windows came in, so I hope I still got the Triple pane, E-low glass, and all the other extras I paid for. How would I know if I got all these extras I paid for? The installers installed some windows in but are only partially done. None of the windows are fully done. Some of the windows came with wrong dimensions/sizes and had to be sent back. Some were defective or broken and I have to wait to get new ones to replace them.

I also have 2 more windows that leak air really bad and need replacing and keep my furnace running and running. I told the installers about this, and they were suppose to come up and check these windows and reorder them and replace Sliding doors, but they have not come up to check and reorder them Because they have not been up for more than 40 days. THEY SHOULD BE CHECKED AND REORDERED!!!! I had to put duct tape on these windows to keep out some of the cold air.

Also, the Sliding doors came, but have been sitting in my garage for several months now. I have been trying to get them out of my garage and get them installed, but No one wants to take control to get happening and that still has not happened!! It would be nice to find out if the Sliding doors, and the other 2 windows are defective, or broken, or OK instead of waiting until summer and then having to wait 3-4 months for Pella to build some more..

I have the window trim sitting in my garage for a month or more instead of installed on my windows..The Tyvek was around the window surroundings, but not completely, so I had to put some duct tape on the surrounding. This whole project has went through the winter with storms, and my furnace vent beating moisture against my windows with no outside window trim to protect them against the Moisture and wind, so I may get mold under my siding, or around my windows, but I won't find out until years later and if I do, I will sue.

It has been 4-5 months since the installers started installing the windows and it has been one thing after another. Two of My neighbors have had windows installed from other companies and TOTALLY completed in 3-4 days. I can't take this anymore -- My wife is handicapped, summer is coming and I won't be able to put our air conditioners in the new Pella windows now, because there is a middle part in the windows for the sash and also most of the windows are defective or broken or wrong size. What am I going to do for air conditioning?

Fencing Installation
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Rating: 2/51

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- The fence was installed and beautiful. However, my ground is clay like and they left clumps of my clay dirt all along the fence. They "tidied it up" leaving a 2 - 4 inch trail of dirt/clay all along the fence. But in some areas, mostly corners, it literally came out 12 - 16 inches and other areas 6 - 9 inches. It took me months and a lot of work to get the dirt/clay absorbed. I even had to shovel some of it up and put it in the garbage.

FYI - I had every other post a "cap" light. It has been 3 - 4 years and I have already had to replace 4 of them at $30 a pop. Also, my 2 gates have settled and they literally drove it into the post. I just had to call them and they informed me that the warranty is only a year. So I get to figure out how to reset the gate and get the screw out! This is posted as a FYI and what to check and look for to help you!

Lowe's Deck Installation
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Rating: 1/51

MECHANICSVILLE, VIRGINIA -- Working with Lowe's to get a deck built at our house has turned out to be a nightmare. We have had to micromanage every aspect of the process, and we are really wishing we had gone with someone else. The materials were on order for 2 months, which is expected; but once the materials were in, it was another 2 months before the contractor could work us into our schedule; when the contractor actually started, it turned out that only some materials had been delivered, and not all the right ones had been delivered. It took another 2 months to get a second delivery of materials and get the contractor back on the job. All of this required a lot of phone calls on my part to coordinate who was getting what materials when and how.

Once work started, we found numerous instances of where the contractor was working off of a different set of plans than the ones we had agreed on with Lowe's and signed a contract with Lowes for. In several places, we had to insist that they build it according to the plans that we had with Lowe's, not the plans they had drawn up that they thought were good enough. It turned out that the 2nd delivery of materials still were missing crucial components, and he could not continue work without those materials.

When it came to whether or not the stairs should be resting on a footing, (as the plans from Lowe's showed them), or resting on bare ground, (the way the contractor expected to build them) the contractor decided that he would not be completing the job, because he didn't want to work on a Lowe's contract anymore. That left us with a job that was half finished, and no clear plan for how it would get finished. I have had to micromanage every step in this process, and even Lowe's is saying that they don't know what to do now, because their subcontractor is refusing to come finish this job.

Great Experience
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Rating: 5/51

WYANDOTTE, MICHIGAN -- Lowe's did a Great Job, Tracey from Sales was Very Knowledgeable & Kind. Because of COVID he explained there would be a wait on Materials. Well last week they Installed the Fence & Grant Did an Excellent job, Very Professional He arrived Early everyday & Made great Progress… I'm Very Pleased with The Workmanship & Most Important the Fence. Thanks again Lowe's/Pro Fence.

Fence Installation
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Rating: 1/51

GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI -- The sales person came out and gave me a quote, the fence installer showed up and that is when things went awry. The guy that came out was the brother of the fence contractor, and when I saw him outside my home I went out and asked if he was there to install my fence, the attitude started, he answered at 7AM. Which with the condescending tone I thought the answer was inappropriate. After I moved my pickup, and car to give them access the boards, and gate to enter the back yard, which is why I asked him the initial question, he entered the back yard and informed the fence may be as high as 3-5" off the ground in areas, which was strange in my opinion. We discussed that for a while and he and two other men got to work.

I asked him to set the posts at 6" center off the existing fence line of the neighbors, in places it is almost a foot off the line, as I discovered after the fence was installed. There were 20 boards extra delivered, but instead of using those the brother of the contractor installed 17 badly stained boards, some with almost 45 degree angles on the bottom. When my wife asked about the stains she was told the rain would wash the chemical used in treating the boards off. This did not happen. When I attempted to contact the sales person, and installation coordinator, to this day 3 months later neither has responded.

After 3 weeks of calling and emailing them, I got ahold of another install coordinator, and a work order was created which according to contractor was never sent, after another call, the contractor showed in over a month after the install, and took photos, and then I saw the attitude ran in the family, he said if Lowe's would pay him to replace the boards he would. He let me know that he would not stop what he was working on to do it though, and that he would do it if it rained where he had a job, but it wasn't raining here.

Lowe's called and said the boards would be replaced. I have called customer support, and the store repeatedly, and the ugly boards are still there for us to look at each and every day. DO NOT use Lowe's Installation. The install was June 16, 2021, and as I write this today September 18, 2021 nothing has been done.

Lowe's installation services
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Rating: 1/51

RENO, NEVADA -- In short, I would avoid Lowe's for any installation work. Here's what happened to me. I hired Lowe's in April to replace a fence on my property. After agreeing to their contract and paying them in full for the project, Lowe's basically just blew me off. I had materials sitting in my driveway for over 5 months while Lowe's kept kept saying they'd be doing the work in 2 weeks. Every 2 weeks would bring another promise of 2 weeks and this went on through those 5 months.

When it became obvious that Lowe's was not interested in doing the work, I asked for a refund. And while they agreed, they spent another month trying to obstruct that as well. When they did refund the money, they shorted it for permit fees on a job they were never going to do in the first place. Hiring Lowe's for a simple fence replacement ending up costing my family over $250 and nothing to show for it but a wasted summer. If you're looking to waste your money and time, Lowe's is for you. Look somewhere else if you actually want to get your job done.

Countertop Installation
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Rating: 1/51

ALTAMONT, MISSOURI -- I had ordered new countertops for our home. The measure appointment went fine but the installation was a complete disaster. It required me to take 3 vacation days, drive two hours each time and waste each of these days doing nothing. I was not contacted about the first missed installation and only after multiple emails and phone calls on my part did I get the second and third install appointment. Had I not done a ton of extra work I would still be waiting for the countertops. After all of this Lowe's was only able to offer me a 10% refund. That didn't even pay for the gas I used driving to all of these missed appointments. I will NEVER use Lowe's again, they clearly do not care about their customers, just the bottom line.

Horrible Experience, Not Reliable.
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Rating: 1/51

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- The contract we signed made it clear the installation would take place anytime between May 20 and June 20. We called and were told not to worry. They would call us any day to confirm the day. It was June 19 and nobody had contacted us. So we called the installer and said there had been some issues and the installation would have to be postponed until the second week of July. We told them we needed install before that date because our vacations were already planned, and my daughter's birthday was the first week of July, so needed the fence by then, as the contract we signed stated.

He then, as a favor,, said he would come and install it on June 28th at 9:00 am. Lowe's left the materials on my driveway on the 26th, blocking our garage, but since it was going to be a couple of day it was not an issue. However, we later noticed that the material left were uneven in color and quality. Some of the rails didn't even have a bar code, which was a red flag as they look they were left over from other project, and were dark, humid, and some of them were thicker than other, even when they should have been the same. We thought to ask the installer about those and get them replaced.

On June 28th we prepared everything for them to come, but it was 9 am, and nobody showed up. We waited until 10 am and the installer said that he was in the middle of a problem and that he would call us back. He never did, but instead, someone from Lowe's called saying that the installer's helper had some family issues and would not be able to come and wanted to reschedule for another 10 days. Even after presenting our formal complaint to the Lowe's supervisor, he said that the installer told him he would do it in 0 days, but it would take him anywhere between 4 to 5 days to complete the job, when he said it would take him between 1 1/2 and 2 days.

We even wanted to be flexible and allow Lowe's to continue with the agreement, we only requested to change the installer, but they told us he was the only installer they had. Well, he'll keep on giving you a bad name but you don't seem to care. Regarding the wood quality, Lowe's explanation is that they always send extra wood in case it is needed. I find it hard to believe since 50% of the rails were like that, so I think they just wanted to get rid of them and wanted me to pay for those. I ended up requesting a refund, so I ended up wasting our summer time with no fence at all, and lots of stress. Zero communication, and store and installer not reliable. I always liked Lowe's, but this is it. Worst experience ever.

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Rating: 1/51

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- I signed a contract for impact windows and a roof on March 9th, 2021. I don't have either one yet. The roof project has delivered aggravation, frustration anger, broken appointments and apologies from the corporate BUT NO ROOF. I have been given 7 different installation dates for my roof each time no one showed. Today was the 7th time the roofer failed to show up.

I needed a permit and approval from the City of Lake Worth Beach and their historical board. Lowe's only submitted the paperwork last week, the week of July 12th, 4 months after I signed the contract. They charged my Lowe's credit card back in March for both projects. My experience with Lowe's is the worst you can imagine!!!!

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