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"How a $1.15 error cost one Target store over $8000 a year in sales?"
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MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- A difference without distinction! That's what you'll run into if you ever have a problem with Target's branded charge card. Several weeks ago I received a letter from Target. It stated that my Red Card account had been incorrectly credited approximately $50 due to some unexplained internal error. Fine, except on the next month's statement there was an interest charge of $1.15 for my "borrowing" that $50 while it was showing as a credit in my account.

So now I have to take time out of my busy day to get this cleared up. Not only didn't I want to pay the interest charge, but with so much identity theft going on I wanted a true explanation as to what prompted Red Card to credit my account in the first place and then charge me a fee for it. Here's what I did and what I want to share about Target and the Red Card: (1) The Call Center is way off shore. By that I mean I couldn't cut through the CSR's accent and I don't believe she could understand me… not to mention the static and poor sound quality on the cheap VOIP lines.

(2) After 3 disconnects and over 2 hours I got my $1.15 back. However I felt I was scolded for this being my fault. CSR said if I hadn't requested the original credit this would have never happened and Red Card was doing me a favor by letting me off the hook. Remember, I never requested the credit in the first place and had received a letter of apology from Target alerting me to their error and apologizing for the mistake.

After my scolding, I became even more concerned about identity theft and requested an explanation and details surrounding that mysterious credit. I was told only one person in the universe could answer that question: **. I asked to be transferred to ** and got his voice mail. I left my daytime number and my cell phone number, but ** only called back my daytime number at 7pm and left me a voice mail and a return number to call him back.

In his message he also scolded me for not leaving my home number so he could cross reference my account info before he called. When I returned the call to his direct line, guess what? Back to square one. I got another low-level CSR who wanted to start at the beginning again before transferring me to **. Nonsense. I hung up.

(3) I called my Target store to discuss with manager on duty. She said she would research and get back to me. (4) Three days later no response so I stopped by store. Manager said she had been off on scheduled break and left note for another manager, so nothing had been done. She would get right on it.

(5) Later Manager notifies me Target Red Card is a different company from Target Retail and there is nothing they can do to help me find out what happened. They cannot even request a person with authority at Red Card contact me.

Not the same company??? Wait a minute. They're the same company to me. What are they doing to distinguish themselves as different entities? The Target cashiers are the ones who pushed the card on me every time I checked out, they have their name & logo on the card, and the call center answers phone as Target. Surely Red Card adds a little something to Target's bottom line.

Not believing what I was hearing I crafted the following email and sent to,, and a few other email addresses I guessed at. "How can a $1.15 error cost one Target store over $8000 a year in sales?"

$8000 is approx how much my household spent at our local Target pharmacy last year. That doesn't include the tens of thousands we've spent on RX over the past several years. Nor does it include all the toys, bicycles, groceries, home goods, cleaning supplies, toiletries, etc. we've purchased. Every bit of that business is about to depart forever... all because of a buck and some change. Your store manager says she is helpless to resolve my issue. Call me if you're interested in discussing retaining my business or even if you're just curious. Or you can simply wait until I share my experience on the internet.

I can't say I was too surprised but the Next Day I heard from **. I had to call her back so the number was good. She told me she was not in customer service but actually in the corporate office. But ** only repeated what the manager had told me. Credit Card and Target are separate entities. If I wanted answers I was on my own. I requested that she have someone from Red Card call me since I did not want to start with a low-level CSR again. Nope. Please call that same number (you've already spent hours getting the run around on).

You would think even if Red Card was another company, Mr. (Just google Target CEO) ** or his board might have some clout to push Red Card to contact me. But ** and CEO Bob decided to stand their ground without escalating my issue. So me, my cash and my insurance walked with our $8000 of business.

So beware. Don't sign up for or use the Red Card. When this unknown Credit Card company makes an error on your statement, or if you suspect identity theft, you are on your own. You are at the mercy of some offshore CSR whose Americanized name will be Mary or Eric but will barely speak or understand English.

I guess $8000 wouldn't mean much to CEO who Forbes reported made $39.63 million last year. But ask the part-time pharm tech how many hours she'll be cut back due to the loss of revenue at her pharmacy (She told me her hours were based on # of scripts filled. Our 10 RX per month would be tough to replace and she expected to be cut back). I wonder how many retailers would chomp at the bit to acquire an $8000/yr account. Not Target. They are having a record year. The board will be too busy deciding how many bonuses to pay themselves and how much more they can charge their employees for those official red shirts they're required to wear.

Red Card Late Fees
By -

As usual upon checkout I received the same old, "Would you like to apply for..." Normally I just politely say "no," but this time I got the hook. "You will get 5% off this purchase and all future purchases when you use your "Red Card." I knew my credit was still good, so I filled out the application and approved immediately. Saved almost $5! I was a happy camper!! Got my first bill in the mail and went online and set up online payment and paid entire balance. Just got an email today saying I could see my statement. Statement! I didn't owe Target anything, or so I thought.

First time I tried to sign on, my password was rejected. I then had to go through the "forgot user name" process and type my card info in only to find I had it right in the first place. When I finally got to my online account I saw that I had a $26.16 balance. How could that be? I paid the entire balance as soon as I got it? I went to "View statements" and see a charge for "Fees Charged" $25 and "Interest Charged" $1.16

WHAT? I called customer service immediately and after wading through the menu got a hold of an American customer service representative I say this for the benefit of previous posts that refer to "**" reps. I asked why I was charged a "Late Fee" when I paid my bill as soon as I got it. The polite representative said the payment was received one day late. I told him the bill was sent out late. He offered to refund $13 and make the balance $12.

I said, "No way, I want to cancel this card right now and I'll NEVER shop at Target again." I was not as polite as the representative. He said he would see what he could do. He came back and said Target would waive late fee and interest. Interest on a late fee! Can you imagine that?

I will from now on use my Red Card and receive the 5% discount and immediately pay the bill online making sure of course that there is not a pre-existing balance and my payment is not credited to the previous month so the onerous Red Card will have the opportunity to charge me the dreaded Late Charge plus Interest. Read the other reviews of people who paid too early. I can't believe this company.

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MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- For being a customer friendly store the credit card division is not. Being sued for nonpayment on a credit card. I contacted them about my situation. Went to a non profit Debt management program to help me with my credit card bills. Target sent my account to a Law firm for collection. They called. Asked all kinds of questions that I should never of answered. I found that out after the fact. They demanded payment. Unreasonable payments. I told them that I couldn't make such payments. That's why I went to DMP. They told me that they don't work with DMp.

If I didn't pay they would sue me and put a lien on my house which I told them too much information about my personal finances. They think I have a lot of equity in my house so they are going that route. I have tried twice to get a equity loan. Turned down twice. They wanted proof of that. Not an easy firm to deal but I guess no firm is when they are hired to get your money. I have gone to court. The Judge was very nice. He gave me another 30 days to try to work something out. Sent them a proposal to pay a smaller amount in a lump sum to get them out of my life. Have not heard a thing.

I called them right after my court appearance to try to negotiate with them. They told me I had too much equity in my house. They won't budge. I will never have another credit card in my lifetime. They are such a trap. They are like loan sharks after your money when you fall on hard times. Just want to let people beware of Target National Bank. If you have trouble paying that account you might see yourself in Court. One thing that I have learned is not let those guy intimidate you. They are doing their job like they are trained to do. The system needs to change. We are not criminals.

Court is not where these cases need to be and taking up the judge's time to handle real criminals. I was making every attempt to pay this bill. I did not abandon it like some people do and I am treated like this. It is appalling. They need to rethink the way they go about this process. Please rethink in letting your customers to use DMP in this hard economic times.

Red Card - Huge Hassle and Really bad customer service
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Rating: 1/51

COON RAPIDS, MINNESOTA -- Finally was guilted into the Red Card since I shop there three to four times a week. From the start, I have had PIN issues... even though I made a simple choice. All you get is the shrug of the shoulders and "call the number on the back of the card." What's worse, is they then declined my bank card.. I look like a stupid loser -- three times. Every time I call, I am "disconnected" until I sit on Zero. When I get an answer - all I can say is ATTITUDE and this person was NOT Minnesota nice. The best was "Your zip code shows Minneapolis - not Coon Rapids - I cannot help you." Great company.

Red Card Accounting Office Cost Me $600
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Rating: 2/51

FRIDLEY, MINNESOTA -- Last year I noticed a withdrawal from my checking account by using Target's Red Card. I hadn't been in the store on the day of or day before the withdrawal showed up in my account. I called Target and asked to speak with an individual in accounting. My mistake was not getting the individual's name. But according to this male accounting person, "No, I hadn't made any purchases in that amount, even dating back to the first of the month." So I called my bank and put a stop payment on the amount.

Six weeks later when I went to use my Red Card at Target it was declined. Turns out that banks, unlike checks when a "Stop Payment" is put into effect, they will put the stop payment on the ENTIRE bank debit card. I called Target, asked them why they let six weeks lapse before contacting me, allowing $600 worth of charges pile up. Nope, they don't do that. They were 'nice enough' to drop the fees down to $300. That made me feel OH SO MUCH BETTER - yea right!

So no don't trust Target's RED CARD and their accounting department. AND do read the fine print on any or all of your debit cards.

Very slow to post payments
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Rating: 1/51

CUMMING, GEORGIA -- My complaint with the Target Red card is that they are slow to process payments. I use my card weekly and weekly I have the full balance paid to them from my checking account. I noticed the payments were not being posted and I was told by more than one representative that they would hold my payment up to 15 days (3 weeks!) "in case my bank wants the money back". I was invited to bring cash into the store to make my payment or schedule a conference call with my bank (for every payment) so they could make sure the bank didn't want the money back.

I am baffled by this. I pay all my bills online and no one else holds the payment in case the bank wants it back. I have excellent credit, so no problem there. I find this a huge hassle for 2012, it sounds like something from the dark ages. I will take my business elsewhere to avoid this hassle. I felt like they couldn't care less when I talked to them.

Rude phone call regarding late payment of Target Visa Card
By -

MINNESOTA -- I received a phone call on January 19, 2012 from Target Financial Services regarding a late payment. The female was pushy and rude and did not inform me of payment options. I pay online and had planned to pay the first of next week when I got paid. She was so pushy, talking very fast, that I made a mistake when agreeing to a date for payment. She had an accent and did not treat me with respect. I have a good payment record with Target. I have corrected my payment date online. Your company needs to help your "shark attack" employers with social skills and appropriate tact. I do not plan to use this Visa card again when my account is cleared!

Target Credit Card Will Get Ya! They SUCK!!!
By -

Please Boycott Target, they are arrogant SOB's. They have the reputation of a nice neat and clean store that is better than Walmart and others, but that is as far as it goes. If you have to deal with them on anything the customer service is just awful. The corporate office has their people standing firm when it comes to anything in the customer's favor. It doesn't matter if you have been a loyal customer, when you need something or help they suddenly change their tone. I have been a loyal credit card customer of theirs for 3 years. I began with a 9.9% rate, used it when I needed to and all was well.

They even get you to believe they are doing you a favor by offering 5% more off if you use the card. What they don't tell you is sooner or later they are going to up the rate to 20.24%, even though I have always paid on time and most of the time more than the minimum due. Tonight I was going through my credit and doing a makeover as people have told me it is what I should do. EVERY CREDITOR I called helped me out and lowered the rates in some way. When I called TARGET, nothing!!! Plain and simple, she told me very rudely that there was nothing they could do for me and that the only thing in the system was a 9.9% for 6 months.

I am one of the victims of downsizing and have kept up quite well and always paid my bills. Now that things are getting tight I now need THEIR help. Like I said everyone did except TARGET. I said to the lady that I was trying to keep from having to NOT pay something and have enough for everyone to get something towards my debt.

She said "I'm sorry, there is nothing we can do". I then said "so you would rather get nothing than help me at all". Again "sorry sir, there is nothing we can do for you". So, they will get nothing when I am out of money. I assure you and her superiors that this is true. I am surprised they are in business with customer service like this. TARGET SUCKS!!!

Stay Away From Target Credit Card
By -

The Target Credit card engages in activities that no other credit card I have ever had engaged in. Target will hold your money when you make a payment that they consider "large" (in our case $1,000). Even though Target has the money from your bank, they will hold on to it and deny you available credit for over two weeks. We have never had a returned payment or any other problem with them. We have never had any other card do this. Target has our money, but will not allow us access to use it for over two weeks. They say they do this to everybody. Beware!

Credit card policy stupidity
By -

I applied for and was issued a Target Visa several years ago after being talked into getting a card by the Target cashier to save 10% on a purchase. I was given a $6500 credit limit. This is actually a low limit compared to my other credit cards because I am fortunate enough to be able to pay my balances each month and make a good income from my full time job. Recently I started using the Target Visa again after they instituted the 5% savings and also added a substantial grocery section to my local Target in Montgomeryville, PA. I have only used the card twice recently and when I went to pay for my groceries today, my card was declined twice.

The cashier apologized but said that there is nothing that they can do locally. I therefore paid for the groceries with my debit card and left. I called Target credit card services when I got home and was told that since I had not used my card in a while, the limit had been reduced from $6500 to $200. I asked to have it reinstated to $6500 and was told that could not be done until the account got reviewed over several months of usage.

I asked if they could just run a credit report with my social security number to check my payment history on other cards and other things to aid them in increasing the credit limit but they said that Target does not work with credit reporting agencies that way. Well, it is going to be hard to use the Target Visa card very often for my groceries with just a $200 limit as I usually spend at least $100 each week with the inclusion of cleaning products, toiletries and pet food. Oh well, it is Target's loss.

As soon as I get the bill in about a week, I am going to pay off the Target Visa and cancel the card altogether. I might start shopping someplace else out of principle. The only complication is that I own Target stock - which makes this situation even more ludicrous.

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