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Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMISBURG-CENTERVILLE RD. DAYTON, OHIO -- We've been to Target Optical before and had a great experience. This was our first time using this location and it was not a good experience. The reason it was so terrible was because of an employee named Ms. **. While bad customer service is not a rare thing I was still surprised at the rudeness and reluctance of Ms. ** to do even the basics of her job. She was unfriendly from the moment we walked in and when we presented her with our insurance card she refused to input our insurance information into the system.

She said, "I don't have time for that. I can give you a receipt after you pay and you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement." I explained to her that Target Optical was 'in network'. She again refused my insurance.

While my daughter was having her eyes checked I called my insurance company. I was told that Target Optical is covered, it is in network, and that "It's her job to input your insurance information. I'm sorry you have been treated this way by one of our providers. What is her name? We need it because we will be filing a report on this. You do not have to pay up front. You have a $10 copay and 80% of your glasses are covered. Tell her she must take your insurance card. Do not give them any money until she does and tell her to call us if she still has a problem."

I walked back into the Target Optical department and told her what I was told. I was met with a huff. She was not pleased. She then told me that sometimes it takes 25 minutes to get the verification back and that's why she said she told me that she didn't have time.

Then she had the male employee, (who was very pleasant and I have absolutely no complaints about his professional customer service) handle the verification. He made a quick phone call to my insurance company, asked for a faxed verification and received it back in less than 10 minutes. I will state again, I had no problem with his customer service.

He was professional and pleasant. Ms. **, on the other hand, gave some of the rudest customer service I have ever encountered. Because of her we will not be using this Target Optical location ever again. We will drive miles out of our way to avoid encountering the type of unprofessional behavior that we encountered from Ms. **.

Lenses Have Very Poor Quality and Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- The lenses began to blister and tarnish after a few months of use. After using insurance (and paying for it) guess what??? The lenses had the same problem. Quality poor, I never make my glasses with Target again.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

CALIFORNIA, MARYLAND -- Have been waiting four weeks now for my prescription glasses. No wonder they make you pay in full when you order them. After waiting the two weeks and not hearing from them, I called, was told "We will call you when they arrive." I explained it had already been two weeks. Put on hold. Response was that they didn't know why, but the "lab" cancelled my order. They would be in by the end of the week. Got another call, they have been shipped, will be in on Tuesday. Another call, they will be in on Thursday. Well, today is the following Tuesday. They are again saying they have been shipped and expected by Thursday. I think I'll just get my money back and go elsewhere.

Target Optical Should Not Be in Business
By -

MISSOURI CITY, TEXAS -- Don't buy your eyeglasses here if you want to protect your sanity and avoid stress and horrid customer service, and if you want to be able to SEE anytime soon!!! After reading internet reviews on Target Optical (after I had my own horrible experience) I believe this sector of the superstore should be permanently and forcefully shut down with no option to re-open EVER because it is doing nothing but harm to the good name of Target Superstore.

Target Optical employees are receiving a free paycheck; they are being paid to be completely useless. I had a wonderful visit with the eye doctor at Target Optical in Missouri City, Texas. Due to her friendliness I decided NOT to take my prescription to Eyemasters and further support the nice doctor by buying from the attached Target Optical store (BIG, HUGE, DREADFUL, MISTAKE).

Target Optical Missouri City, TX must be a self-service store because I had to do everything myself, the one thing the employee was useful with was asking me How I wanted to pay... "PAY FOR WHAT, WE HAVEN'T DISCUSSED ANYTHING!!!" NO one in the store greets you as you enter, they don't tell you they will be with you shortly, you have to ask fellow customers in the optical store what the procedures for knowing when it's your turn. There is no sign in sheet so customers just have to self-operate on the honor system because the employee couldn't care less about informative customer service.

Unlike Eyemasters, Target Optical offers zero assistance in frame selection and frame fit, I sought out feedback on the look of a pair a frames I was trying on and I received no feedback other than the employee telling me where a bigger mirror was located. At Eyemasters the staff sits at the mirror with you and helps guide you to the right frame for your face, at Target you're on your own until it's time to pay.

I was offended by the lack of assistance, but my brain failed to tell me to leave the horrible place, so I ended up just selecting whatever. After saying "I guess I'll take these," the employee asked me how I wanted to pay. "PAY FOR WHAT?" There wasn't one word uttered about lenses or the cost of lenses or the type I wanted (At Eyemasters there is an informative discussion on lenses and price before payment is requested, not to mention there is also customer service provided with the fitting. In comparison Target Optical fails miserably and should not be considered a professional business, it's a complete hack job).

After signing my credit card receipt is when I was informed that I had to wait a WEEK!!! And that was just an estimate. Eyemasters takes an hour and the prices are a $8 difference, Target Optical has no value in service, product or savings, why is it in existence???

After a week I HAD TO CALL the WORTHLESS store, and the WORTHLESS sales associate couldn't even answer a simple yes or no to whether my glasses were ready for pick-up, I was told she would call me back, but I NEVER RECEIVED A CALL. I kept my phone near me for 8 hours but no call, the next day came and went with no call. You have to physically go up to the self-service operation to get half-witted information.

Day 1, I left not knowing what the hell I just bought. No one thought it relevant to explain that you have to wait a week or more to see and that all calls for information are the customer's sole responsibility, because the job of a Target Optical employee is just to take payments and be a presence. My nightmare has not yet ended, but I'm hoping they have a full refund policy because I fear wearing anything from this zero customer service, incompetent place will only make me an angry person as I will constantly be reminded of the rip-off that is Target Optical.

2 Years in a Row Where Expectations Have Been Exceeded
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Rating: 5/51

TIMONIUM, MARYLAND -- Target Optical in Timonium has been the best place that I've ever dealt with regarding prescription glasses. I literally just had my eye exam done 2 days ago and just got a notification that my glasses were ready to be picked up. I've had a better than great experience with them 2 years in a row and I highly recommend Target Optical in Timonium looking to buy glasses. I will say that as a man their selection of glasses is a little limited but for what I paid I'm ok with that.

Prescription Glasses
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA METRO, PERIMETER LOCATION, GEORGIA -- I suggested to my son that he go to Target Optical for an examination and glasses. What a terrible mistake! He got the exam and ordered glasses a month ago; and they still have yet to be mailed from the factory. He called several times and got no satisfaction; I called twice and got no satisfaction. The office manager was a little to nonchalant for me with her useless explanations.

First they claimed his frames were on backorder; then they claimed the frames were finally in. Two weeks later still no glasses. Why weren't the lenses prepared ahead and waiting on the frames. Why did no one let him know? I will never use Target Optical again. I rarely complain, but when one is spending $400.00 on an exam and glasses, one should expect a lot better service.

Target Optical Has Poor Quality Products and Customer Service
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- After spending over $1,000 in frames and lenses I have found that the lense scratch resistant coating used must be of low quality as the lenses scratched easily. When I returned for a replacement all that was done is offered a discount on a new set. Why spend good money after bad? Additionally, the $300 plus titanium frames broke just after the warranty expired (coincidence?) and again my only recourse was to buy a new pair.

But what really got to me was the less than friendly customer service representative. I understand that they have limitations but why don't they do it in a more friendly, customer centric way? You would think by their approach that they are the only place to purchase eyewear. For this consumer they are the last place I will purchase eyewear.

Go Elsewhere!! Target Optical in CA
By -

COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA -- I am a big fan of Target. I love the store and its products so I was very disappointed by my experiences at Target Optical in Costa Mesa, CA (Harbor Blvd). I had an eye exam and ordered contacts there and they were rude and took almost a month to send me the contacts! I contacts I FINALLY received were awful, causing my eyes to be blood-shot. I have worn contacts for over 10 years and never had any issues until that point.

When I went back to order new contacts (against my better thinking, but again I love Target and it is close by so I thought I'd give them a second chance - shouldn't have!), the receptionist/assistant lady was SO RUDE! Saying my prescription was 6 days expired, she refused to help me unless I paid for another exam. No way; not again! So, I went through 1-800 contacts and the representative called Target Optical to verify my prescription and she too said the Target Optical person was rude!! Save your money and go elsewhere.

Wow What a nightmare

HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY -- I had eye surgery last year. I had very poor vision. I went to target optical to have an exam and order glasses and contacts. The doctor had strong small of onions on his hands as he was examining me. I complained. He kept trying to sell me bifocal lenses that were twice the price. Finally I got glasses from a guy who was rude, not knowledgeable and lied about calling me many times. I finally got my glasses. My eyes changes after a few months. Went back because I had already paid for glasses, exam and contacts.

This time the doctor told me he called in my contact prescription the same day. After 2 weeks of not being able to see I called the district manager. I was told the dr didn't call in the lenses until 1 week later. I was hung up on by staff and told they were busy with customers. What was I? This goes on and on. I now find out my glasses were even ordered wrongly. Wow these are my eyes. Never go to target optical again. Ignorant, rude, and unprofessional people.

Once should have been enough
By -

My daughter got her eyes checked and ordered new lenses for her glasses. The lenses were incorrect not once, but twice and we had to return to the store at least four times before the lenses were correct. Three times to have the lenses put in; the last time the person did not even heat up the frames and forced the lenses out and in; and once to have one lense tightened because it did not fit the eye hole correctly.

These frames are no longer available either. I feel this may have been due to the person not heating the plastic frames as she should have done. One of the visits I spoke to another customer having the same "wrong" prescription in his lenses problem. I would not recomment Target Optical to others and we will be finding another eye clinic in future.

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