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Every Visit, Shelves Are Inadequately Stocked. Inventory 101. Walmart, Please Take the Course.
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Rating: 2/51

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I am a regular Walmart shopper both in store and online. But you better watch out, Walmart, Amazon is biting at your ankles. For the largest retailer you can't seem to manage INVENTORY. Every time I visit your store, I can't get several items on my list. Off to Target. In this day and age of computerized everything, how is it you can't figure out what people are buying, what is in demand and what is on (and NOT on) your shelves? Inventory 101. Please take it.

Both in store and online, you don't have things I want or need. And some products are "not available" online, yet you don't stock on your shelves. I don't have time for multiple trips like the average unemployed customer. My time is valuable and it is worth paying more at Target or going online with Target or Hollar stores to get what I need when I need it in ONE TRIP. I will probably go back because I am frugal. But I am exploring other options.

Massive Online Grocery Price Hike Overnight!!!
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Rating: 1/51

CRESCENT CITY, CALIFORNIA -- After grocery shopping with Walmart for many months, I logged into my account one morning recently, and could not believe my eyes. Every single product in my reorder and favorites list had been doubled, and in some cases tripled. They have slightly modified prices on a few items, however for the most part they remain hiked. Imagine suddenly paying $6.00 for 1 small can of corn! $6.00 for a 32 oz. jar of mayo that you only paid a little over 2.00 for.

Worse, when I put a product in my cart, I would come back later and find the price doubled!!! This is very deceptive and greedy. I have written to the main office with complaints, but no reply. Customer service has no answer, except to compensate me with a paltry 5.00 gift card which I will not use. From now on I will only order basic necessities. Watch out. If you are a new customer online, they will get you too!

Merchant Cancelled Then Walmart Agent Lied, No Accountability
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Rating: 1/51

Regarding case **. The merchant for the item I purchased through canceled the birthday present I purchased 5 days after order placement. After receiving a cancellation email and a lengthy phone call, the agent committed to send a $10 electronic gift certificate to cover the additional cost of buying the same product elsewhere at a higher price with rushed delivery.

Finding the electronic gift card did not arrive a month later, I spoke to a very friendly first-line support person who connected me with a supervisor (Chandra) then a tier-2 manager (Ada), who took absolutely no accountability for their team member's previous commitment or rectifying the situation. It is appalling how little Walmart cares about customers or taking accountability. I won't be purchasing the phone I was about to buy when I couldn't find the certificate. Such poor management and I was hoping someone would be able to challenge Amazon. It certainly won't be

Poor Service And False Medication. Refill Wait Time
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Rating: 1/51

RIALTO, CALIFORNIA -- Walmart Pharmacy in Rialto on Riverside Avenue and Willow - I had been very happy with this store until today 2/1/2017. One of the pharmacy cashiers name Arceli told me it would take 20 minutes to get my elderly relative refill ready. I had called early in the morning to avoid waiting since she is elderly and would be walking to pick up. She gets there at 3:45 pm and the story changes from wait a little bit to "we had to send the medication to your doctor" and she won't be in until next week.

Mind you today is Wednesday so we have to wait until next week. How come nobody called to tell us of this. Such a disorganized shop. Well you lost me trinity with your employee there. I will sure be taking my business to Walgreens. More customers will follow me.

As Cheap As It Gets
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Rating: 1/51

SHAKOPEE, MINNESOTA -- If you think Walmart's products can't get any crappier than they are? Think again. Electric tape has been thinned out to the point it breaks off on its own, or adheres to the roll that you can't even unwind it. C'mon. Walmart's unscented baby wipes are now scented but advertising unscented. Walmart brand light bulbs the cheapest ones that are now 5.00 for 4 bulbs burn out the minute you put the new one in the socket. List goes on and on.

Spoiled Christmas
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Rating: 1/51

SAINT GEORGE, UTAH -- I purchased a 1/4 karat sterling silver wedding band set at the Bloomington, Ut Walmart on Nov 19, 2015. It was sent out to be sized up to an 8 from the 7 that it was. We were told that we would get a phone call when the ring came in. We did NOT receive a phone call at all. After 4 weeks we went into the store to find out what was going on and no one knew anything about it.

We spoke with Brett, an assistant manager, who left a message for the jewelry people. Two days later we get a phone call that the ring is in and is the correct size. My husband went in and got it and brought it home to me that night and it was the WRONG size. We take it back to the store and inform them of this and they size it and tells us it's a size 7.5 at best.

Justin, another assistant manager, tells us that he will talk to Brittany, the jewelry manager, and Scott, the store manager, on Monday and get back to us. After he spoke with them they tried to tell us that the ring is a size 8, when it's NOT, and that they sized it in the store and it showed as an 8 on their sizer. My husband wanted them to send it out to be re-sized to the correct size, since someone there screwed up, and that he wanted it half off because it was screwed up.

Scott told him that we can send it out to be re-sized and expedite it but I'm not willing to give it to you for half off, and tried to tell us that we told the person when we bought it over a month ago the wrong size, which we did NOT do, and that their ring sizer is incorrect on sizing.

We returned the ring set, cause this is a bunch of BS, and instead of giving us cash like we wanted, they put it back on our debit card because they didn't have enough in the jewelry drawer and that purchases over $200 have to be put on the card. So now we have NO money to spend on Christmas and I'm out the ring set because these people can't or won't do their jobs right.

Walmart in My Opinion Does Not Care About the Disabled
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, GEORGIA -- My name is Ken. I am a 47 year male and I had a stroke on Dec 27th 2009. Due to the stroke I now deal with chronic fatigue, my right side arm and leg are out of whack, I have back pain and Migraines. I have to use the electric carts when I go to stores like Walmart and others. I have been in a continuous battle for Walmart to keep their carts safe and just charged up for us disabled folks to be able to use. There has been this one cart in particular that I have had the most aggravation with for the past 6 months. It began when I used a cart that slid some when I stood up to get an item on a higher shelf. The carts are supposed to lock in place for safety when you are not pressing the handles to make it move. I told the manager on duty and she promise me she would look into it. To get to the chase this dance went on for 4 more months and then this incident happened to me. I went shopping at Walmart at about 1 am one night and got a few items and went to my car. I sat on the cart and placed the items in my trunk and then with the last bag I had to stand up to place it. I put one foot on the ground between the cart and my car and one foot was still on the cart. Then it slowly began to move and before I could become aware of my situation (for info sake I have comprehension and memory issues so I am slow to get things sometimes) I became wedged under my bumper and the cart in such a way that I could not maneuver my arms or legs to use the handles or push myself up. So I stayed wedged for about 15 minutes until a nice young couple came out and helped me up.

I went inside and spoke to the manager on duty, Shirley, and was promised she would have it fixed. Now also know that she never asked how I was and never asked me to fill out a report. This same dance went on for another month with this same cart and it was never made safe and it was always put back out. I told the managers on duty 3 more times and the last time I threatened to sue Walmart and surprise I got their attention. This time they had me fill out an incident report and the next day I spoke with Billy the stores head whatever. He was kind and supportive and even told me about his daughter being severely disabled and how he would be upset if she was not safe. He promised me that he would see to the matter personally and make sure that the cart was made safe or thrown out. Finally I felt that something would be done to protect us from unsafe carts and I felt sure that this would be resolved soon. I took some time off from Walmart because it just wore me out mentally and physically so a month later I went shopping at Walmart and to my horror what did I see when I walked in the doors, The same cart sitting there but I still thought it had to be fixed so I tried it and to my shock and dismay it was not. It was just as dangerous as it was before as if nothing was done at all. I was mad and hurt and disgusted at Walmart and especially Billy for lying to me and not caring about the disabled and after playing the disabled sympathy card about his daughter.

I went home and fumed and then called billy the next morning. I told him what I thought of him and that I thought that he personally did not care about the disabled at all. He explained that he called the guy that fixes the carts so he did what he said he would do. I told him again what he said to me about making sure it was fixed and again he said he did what he said he would do. I told them that he was a liar because he said that he promised he would make sure it is fixed or thrown out and that he cared about the disabled because of his daughter and again I called him a liar and he just continued to explain that he did what he said he would do so you decide for yourself if he cares about you or someone you know that is disabled in some way.

What I want from this happening to me is for Walmart to care about us and make it safe for us to come to Walmart if we choose. Personally I choose not to any more. I do not believe liars. Thank you for your attention to my situation and I hope that you will make yourself known to Billy at Walmart - 5448 Whittlesey Blvd # B Columbus GA (706) 322-8801.

Please let him know what you think of his concern for the Disabled. No one should have to wait that long for help.

Company Response 02/10/2015:

My name is James, I am a representative from Walmart. We here at Walmart are sorry about your poor experience in one of our stores, but as you may know, our goal is to sell Mass quantities of product as quick as possible, and as cheap as possible, which is the reason why our customer service is poor. The issue you are having with your cart, I'd recommend getting someone over to your local store to fix it. We will not be shipping any new electric carts and accessories for quite a while, since we have recently upgraded the current ones. I highly recommend that if you do not enjoy our stores, please feel free to shop elsewhere. Thank you for buying our products, we really appreciate it. -James

Bait and Switch
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Rating: 1/51

MILLINGTON, TENNESSEE -- On 12-09-2016 I went to the Millington, TN Walmart to purchase a Ruger 10-22 rifle for a Christmas present. After spending 30 minutes trying to get a salesperson to respond to multiple pages for customer assistance Jess finally showed up. I told him what I was looking for and he looked at a sales tag mounted on the gun display cabinet and wrote down the stock number from it.

He then pulled up the available gun list on the computer. He told me he had 3 available. One was a takedown model which I didn't want but he had 2 of the model I wanted and as the price tag in the display case said they were $209. I told him I'd take one and he went back to get it from the gun room.

After paying for and completing the background check paperwork Jess then told me he could not complete the sale. That a manager had to review all the paperwork and do the actual sale. He paged and called a member of management 5 or 6 times.

Finally an assistant manager named Carla showed up. She reviewed the paperwork and then started to ring up the rifle. Instead of scanning the barcode on the rifle box she flipped through a 3 ring binder that had barcodes listed. She chose one and scanned it and the price came up as $266 at which point I objected. When I pointed out the price tag in the case she said that may have been an old tag and that the $266 price was correct. She then added that retailers under federal law was not allowed to drop prices on firearms. I then asked her how Bass Pro and Academy were able to run sales on firearms every week?

I then asked to speak to a manager. Carla called one on her radio. While waiting another customer inquired about the price of a rifle she was buying. By this time Carla and another woman walked up to the register. Jess then used a scanner to scan the other customer's rifle box and it came up at the tagged price. When I asked him to scan my box Carla stopped him. The woman I'm assuming was the manager looked over everything and then declared that $266 was the price and they weren't going to lower the price.

Didn't I want to go ahead and get it? I told her no and I wanted a refund on my background check that I had paid for. It took almost 15 minutes to get a refund. Total time in the store was over 2 and a half hours. Went to an Academy store the next morning and bought the same rifle for $209 and was in and out in less than 30 minutes. Won't be dealing with Walmart again.

Walmart Customer Service Definitely Needs Improvement!
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Rating: 1/51

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO CANADA -- Back in earlier July of 2016, my 85 year old mother who is permanently disabled, including having a prolapsed bladder, heart condition, and low circulation in both of her legs (making her very immobile with her walking) had just bought a package of their Great Value Pink Salmon 700 g from the Walmart location at: c/o Walmart Dufferin Mall Supercenter, 900 Dufferin Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6H 4A9 (416) 537-2561, and had a very bad experience!

First of all, their fish had a very bad odor! It was so disgustingly strong that I could smell it outside of my mother's apartment! Gross! It smelled like a dead body to be quite honest with you! Secondly, when my mother cooked it and took her very first bite, she did not feel very well due to cramping in her stomach, and immediately stopped eating any more of that fish and threw it out! Please note: She could have gotten very sick from their fish if she kept on eating it and thankfully she was smart enough to stop after her very first bite!

Is this the kind of garbage that Walmart makes, produces, and sells to the public? I would hope not, but that was not my mother's experience and I am her personal witness in this case as well! For your information: I am now going to provide you with some vital details that I was able to retrieve from the package of their horrible, disgusting fish for your reference and further review: Great Value Pink Salmon, skin-on fillets, 2 fillets wild caught, 700 g, M5C-C-52677, UPC Code: 6 28915 24305 5, best before: 2018 Feb. 28.

Sadly, the first response that I got came from a Mark in Customer Service who purposely and deliberately misread my letter and changed around all of the wording in my letter to make it look like I was complaining about the smell in one of their stores which was a lie because he just did not wish to deal with my mother's complaint. Can you believe it? Yes, I do have that letter available to view upon request.

Furthermore, the latest response that I received came from Customer Service stating that they have transferred my case to their Escalations Department and will have an answer for me within 24 hours. Well, we will wait and see. For a billion dollar company, I think that they can afford to have better staff to deal with in Customer Service and they can afford to have a much faster turnaround time! Thank you. Angry and upset Wal-Mart Canada Corp. customer.

1 Year Warranty With Strings Attached
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MICHIGAN -- September of 2009, I went to Walmart Vision Center to get new glasses to replace my old one (old one was about 5 years old). They had nice pricing and warranty on custom made prescription glasses. However it seems their warranty is extremely limited and they were able to find all sorts of excuses not to honor it.

I took care of my glasses and only used water to clean them, no solvent of any kind. I also avoided wiping the glasses when there were dirt to prevent scratching. Pretty much the same as I've done for over 30 years. But despite my best care, my glasses seemed to fall apart in just a few months and I am back on my 5 year old glasses.

First issue, just 3 weeks after I got my glasses, there were noticeable blotches on my lenses. Specifically when viewed at certain angle, I could see area of glare where anti-glare coating had failed. While it was still usable, under bright lighting people would notice my glasses looked funny or very unclean, so I took it back. But they wouldn't honor it because the damage to anti-glare coating seems to be "my fault" somehow.

I don't see how plain water can cause so much of the anti glare coating to come off. It looked like the coating was poorly applied or something, and I am positive the issue is factory defect and not customer issue as they claimed. I wasn't happy they wouldn't cover it despite their warranty that covers every defect. My 5 year old glasses still has anti glare coating intact except for where there's a few scratches.

A couple weeks ago (December, only 3 months after my glasses were made), the arm broke off of my glasses. Back to the store I went, and this time they said they will replace the frame. However they ran into a snag: the frame had been discontinued and while they offered any replacement frame of comparable price, they didn't have any frame in stock that can take my existing lens. Worse, they will not replace the lens because that part isn't covered in warranty.

I have tried to deal with them reasonably but they would not replace the lens, and they could not get a new frame that would fit with my existing lens so I am left with broken glasses that they "can't" fix and no way to wear them without having unsightly tape holding the glasses together.

In the past I've had glasses from different stores that lasts me a few years and up to as long as 10 years with nothing more than a few hairline scratches. I am very disappointed that Walmart would sell garbage that started having problem in just a few weeks and be unusable in less than 4 months. And conveniently have clause in warranty that exempts "customer damage" from any warranty repair, even when damage is due to defects. With this clause, the store can easily refuse all repair and simply claim it was customer's fault.

It seems all they are interested is selling glasses to make profit, make a warranty claim that looks good in advertisement, and claim customer damage on every returned glasses so they would never lose money. Well, guess what? Losing customer hurts more. I've told my relatives and friends about this and many have agreed to avoid Walmart. I also took my glasses business back to my previous store. I'd rather pay an extra $50 to have a pair that lasts a lot longer than 4 months.

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