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Bait and Switch
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Rating: 1/51

MILLINGTON, TENNESSEE -- On 12-09-2016 I went to the Millington, TN Walmart to purchase a Ruger 10-22 rifle for a Christmas present. After spending 30 minutes trying to get a salesperson to respond to multiple pages for customer assistance Jess finally showed up. I told him what I was looking for and he looked at a sales tag mounted on the gun display cabinet and wrote down the stock number from it.

He then pulled up the available gun list on the computer. He told me he had 3 available. One was a takedown model which I didn't want but he had 2 of the model I wanted and as the price tag in the display case said they were $209. I told him I'd take one and he went back to get it from the gun room.

After paying for and completing the background check paperwork Jess then told me he could not complete the sale. That a manager had to review all the paperwork and do the actual sale. He paged and called a member of management 5 or 6 times.

Finally an assistant manager named Carla showed up. She reviewed the paperwork and then started to ring up the rifle. Instead of scanning the barcode on the rifle box she flipped through a 3 ring binder that had barcodes listed. She chose one and scanned it and the price came up as $266 at which point I objected. When I pointed out the price tag in the case she said that may have been an old tag and that the $266 price was correct. She then added that retailers under federal law was not allowed to drop prices on firearms. I then asked her how Bass Pro and Academy were able to run sales on firearms every week?

I then asked to speak to a manager. Carla called one on her radio. While waiting another customer inquired about the price of a rifle she was buying. By this time Carla and another woman walked up to the register. Jess then used a scanner to scan the other customer's rifle box and it came up at the tagged price. When I asked him to scan my box Carla stopped him. The woman I'm assuming was the manager looked over everything and then declared that $266 was the price and they weren't going to lower the price.

Didn't I want to go ahead and get it? I told her no and I wanted a refund on my background check that I had paid for. It took almost 15 minutes to get a refund. Total time in the store was over 2 and a half hours. Went to an Academy store the next morning and bought the same rifle for $209 and was in and out in less than 30 minutes. Won't be dealing with Walmart again.

Walmart Customer Service Definitely Needs Improvement!
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Rating: 1/51

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO CANADA -- Back in earlier July of 2016, my 85 year old mother who is permanently disabled, including having a prolapsed bladder, heart condition, and low circulation in both of her legs (making her very immobile with her walking) had just bought a package of their Great Value Pink Salmon 700 g from the Walmart location at: c/o Walmart Dufferin Mall Supercenter, 900 Dufferin Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6H 4A9 (416) 537-2561, and had a very bad experience!

First of all, their fish had a very bad odor! It was so disgustingly strong that I could smell it outside of my mother's apartment! Gross! It smelled like a dead body to be quite honest with you! Secondly, when my mother cooked it and took her very first bite, she did not feel very well due to cramping in her stomach, and immediately stopped eating any more of that fish and threw it out! Please note: She could have gotten very sick from their fish if she kept on eating it and thankfully she was smart enough to stop after her very first bite!

Is this the kind of garbage that Walmart makes, produces, and sells to the public? I would hope not, but that was not my mother's experience and I am her personal witness in this case as well! For your information: I am now going to provide you with some vital details that I was able to retrieve from the package of their horrible, disgusting fish for your reference and further review: Great Value Pink Salmon, skin-on fillets, 2 fillets wild caught, 700 g, M5C-C-52677, UPC Code: 6 28915 24305 5, best before: 2018 Feb. 28.

Sadly, the first response that I got came from a Mark in Customer Service who purposely and deliberately misread my letter and changed around all of the wording in my letter to make it look like I was complaining about the smell in one of their stores which was a lie because he just did not wish to deal with my mother's complaint. Can you believe it? Yes, I do have that letter available to view upon request.

Furthermore, the latest response that I received came from Customer Service stating that they have transferred my case to their Escalations Department and will have an answer for me within 24 hours. Well, we will wait and see. For a billion dollar company, I think that they can afford to have better staff to deal with in Customer Service and they can afford to have a much faster turnaround time! Thank you. Angry and upset Wal-Mart Canada Corp. customer.

Poor Service And False Medication. Refill Wait Time
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Rating: 1/51

RIALTO, CALIFORNIA -- Walmart Pharmacy in Rialto on Riverside Avenue and Willow - I had been very happy with this store until today 2/1/2017. One of the pharmacy cashiers name Arceli told me it would take 20 minutes to get my elderly relative refill ready. I had called early in the morning to avoid waiting since she is elderly and would be walking to pick up. She gets there at 3:45 pm and the story changes from wait a little bit to "we had to send the medication to your doctor" and she won't be in until next week.

Mind you today is Wednesday so we have to wait until next week. How come nobody called to tell us of this. Such a disorganized shop. Well you lost me trinity with your employee there. I will sure be taking my business to Walgreens. More customers will follow me.

Debit Card Purchase No Pin Required
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Rating: 1/51

WHITE LAKE, MICHIGAN -- When making a purchase today, 8/18/16 I did not have to provide a pin number for my debit card since the purchase was under fifty dollars. I called corporate and they stated that is their policy but no one could explain why this is so. The only answer that I received was that it speeds up the process. This means that if your debit card is stolen or lost whoever finds it could go to Walmart and make numerous purchases under fifty dollars before you report the loss. There is no other retailer that I deal with that has such a policy. I will no longer shop at Walmart or Sam's Club unless they change their policy. I am sure that most people are not aware of this policy.

Rudeness From a Two Bit Security Guard.
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Rating: 2/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- About a month ago, my four grandsons were going to visit me for the weekend. They range from six to twelve and unlike me, they have some insatiable appetites and that was the sole reason to visit Walmart to save a few bucks. I didn't need a buggy so I was looking for one of those totes that you carry around to no avail. So I approach the guard to ask where are they. She gives me this look like I was piece of "you know what" and replies by saying, "We ain't got none" then rolls her eyes. I started to say something but why feed into her ignorance. Haven't been back since and they aren't much cheaper anyway.

Spoiled Christmas
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Rating: 1/51

SAINT GEORGE, UTAH -- I purchased a 1/4 karat sterling silver wedding band set at the Bloomington, Ut Walmart on Nov 19, 2015. It was sent out to be sized up to an 8 from the 7 that it was. We were told that we would get a phone call when the ring came in. We did NOT receive a phone call at all. After 4 weeks we went into the store to find out what was going on and no one knew anything about it.

We spoke with Brett, an assistant manager, who left a message for the jewelry people. Two days later we get a phone call that the ring is in and is the correct size. My husband went in and got it and brought it home to me that night and it was the WRONG size. We take it back to the store and inform them of this and they size it and tells us it's a size 7.5 at best.

Justin, another assistant manager, tells us that he will talk to Brittany, the jewelry manager, and Scott, the store manager, on Monday and get back to us. After he spoke with them they tried to tell us that the ring is a size 8, when it's NOT, and that they sized it in the store and it showed as an 8 on their sizer. My husband wanted them to send it out to be re-sized to the correct size, since someone there screwed up, and that he wanted it half off because it was screwed up.

Scott told him that we can send it out to be re-sized and expedite it but I'm not willing to give it to you for half off, and tried to tell us that we told the person when we bought it over a month ago the wrong size, which we did NOT do, and that their ring sizer is incorrect on sizing.

We returned the ring set, cause this is a bunch of BS, and instead of giving us cash like we wanted, they put it back on our debit card because they didn't have enough in the jewelry drawer and that purchases over $200 have to be put on the card. So now we have NO money to spend on Christmas and I'm out the ring set because these people can't or won't do their jobs right.

Oil Change Gone Bad - Ruined Engine - Don't Think There Is Video
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Rating: 1/51

CARTERSVILLE, GEORGIA -- My son took his 1997 Honda Accord to Walmart Tire and Lube Express in Cartersville, GA this past Friday, Dec. 5th for an oil change. Upon check out, he was told his tires were due for a rotation, but other than that, all was well. She checked this on the receipt.

Shortly after leaving the service center, he heard a loud knocking coming from under the hood and then noticed the oil light was on. He pulled over and called me. I told him to check the oil and he said it wouldn't even register, the stick was dry. I told him to wait and I would call Walmart. The Walmart service manager said he would go check it out. After waiting 2 hours, my 17 year old son decided to walk to a truck stop and purchased 2 quarts of oil. He put them in the oil reservoir thinking maybe the man wasn't coming.

When he turned on the car, he realized the knocking was still there so he called me again. I told him to be patient the man was almost there. Upon arrival (2 hours after I called), the service manager told my son to back the car closer to a ditch so he could get a better look underneath the car. He told my son he really didn't know what was wrong with it and called me. He told me that Walmart would have it towed by Martin's Garage to my home, and that Walmart would pay for the tow and then file a claim. He told my son, "Evidently we forgot to put all the oil in the car. Don't worry we'll get you back on the road as soon as possible and we'll pay for everything." He took pictures of the car, the engine, the 2 empty oil containers, and the receipt. He never gave the receipt back to my son. Two hours later, the tow truck showed up and brought my son and his car to our home. He went all the way to Walmart first to get paid and then brought him home - which means my son was stranded from approximately 3:30-7:30 PM.

On Monday, Dec 8th, I received a call from the insurance agent. The insurance agent, Joshua, told me that Walmart had a video showing oil was added, and after reviewing the receipt, it appeared that the car had a knocking when we brought it in, a leak in the transmission, and a cracked windshield. Therefore, Walmart nor the insurance company would be able to help us or pay for any repairs. This was never verbally mentioned at all while at the service center or while stuck on the road. The car does have a crack in the windshield, but prior to this service visit, we never heard any knocking or saw any leaks. We had no trouble with the car at all prior to the service visit.

In addition, I called the service manager back and discussed further with him. Since he clearly heard the knocking sound when he made the road visit, I asked him, "Considering the loud knocking sound you heard, would you have changed the oil or serviced the car?" His answer was an emphatic, "No not me personally. I would not have serviced that car with it sounding like that." We are at a loss for words and completely stunned. I can only assume that the paperwork may have been changed since the only copy we had was taken back to Walmart. We have not seen a copy of the video but plan to request one.

I'm not really even sure what to ask other than we plead for you to help us try to get some kind of repair help and/or compensation for my son's car. This is his only mode of transportation to school. He was seeking a job, but without a car, is now at a standstill. We also would appreciate your help in investigating this service center to see if this has happened before or is just common practice. We are just so disappointed and in disbelief. We had a great running car, took it in for an oil change, and now the car is not drivable. We believe the engine is ruined.

Goodyear Viva2 Tires
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Rating: 1/51

BELEN, NEW MEXICO -- OK so here is the deal. I purchased 5 Goodyear Viva 2 TIRES from a tire shop in Albuquerque. The tires were practically new they only had about 1000 miles on them and were never really used much. I purchased them and they did give me a 3 month warranty and I was on my way. The thing is when I purchased the tires, I brought the rims because my truck was on jack stands waiting for the tires at home. So anyway I purchase the tires come home put them on and didn't even go anywhere in the truck until the next morning. The next morning I get ready to run errands and then go out there and one tire is flat. Since then I had flats now and then as the tires get more use. Now recently I had a blowout and yes the tire was patched I believe by Walmart, if I am not mistaken it was fixed there. Even if I didn't buy them at Walmart I still took them there for repairs. Anyway the belts are coming apart from the inside.

What I find happening not only with these Goodyears but years ago I had where they give a good smooth ride when new and seem to be nice for a year or so then the sidewall bubbles out or the inner belts start coming apart. The walls are too soft as the tire wears and comes apart. This is why the ride is smooth on those tires. Yet they have no durability at all for a 2WD Toyota Truck which is very dangerous at high speeds. I had many cars in my life and many used tires as well as new. I know tires are not made the same and are probably outsourced in some way but I can say this: STAY AWAY FROM GOODYEAR PRODUCTS.

I also have a pair of boots which are made by Goodyear and they are comfortable to wear but are looking so ugly being that I have worn them indoors on carpet more than outside at all. They were never work boots but sure look like they have been run over by Goodyear Tires. I have also had Goodyear Belts on that same truck I had to remove because they squealed so badly I had to take them off and put GATES. The problem with GOODYEAR is they spent more on making the Blimp Safe that they IGNORE the Quality Control of these tires and DO NOT CARE about CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS. This is where it gets very tricky. I had a representative by the name of LAURA handle my claim and I explained to her that I did not purchase the tires at Walmart and she still sent me there and they told me since I didn't buy the tires from them that they can't do anything. On one hand I understand, HOWEVER those tires were still new when I purchased them and they are defective.

My advice is hold out if you can and DO NOT BUY ANYTHING UNDER A MICHELIN. TOYO, YOKOHAMA, MICHELIN are just simply better tires if you can find or get them. Discount tire is a better place to buy the tires because they hire better technicians in the shop and though I have no complaints with the service techs at Walmart now. I have in the past had a problem where they broke my lug nut and said NOTHING to me. Instead he clocked out and left but that was on a vehicle years back. Walmart is not a place to buy tires or even many Electronics I plan to make a Video and Pictures soon. They are dangerous tires and now even though I plan to get them more than likely at discount I may bet used ones until I can afford to purchase Michelin's. Also whatever model you guys choose to purchase. GET THE MODEL NUMBER AND DO YOUR RESEARCH. Just because its a Michelin does not mean its not an outsourced one or one made poorly. Make sure its high rated with a consistent reputation.

No Electronic Wheelchairs Were On Floor And No Foot Rests On Any Wheelchairs
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Rating: 3/51

BECKLEY, WEST VIRGINIA -- A few days ago, for the third time in past two months, I took my 92 year old father to WalMart in Beckley, WV. Yes, it would be much easier and quicker for me to just pick the items up for him and I would prefer that, however, he enjoys the trip out and likes to pick out his own groceries. At any rate, there was no electric wheelchair available during either of the three trips and there was not a foot rest on any of the wheelchairs.

The first trip, I was able to place his cane across the wheelchair and he was for a while able to put his legs over top the cane so that they didn't drag the floor. However, that is uncomfortable for him and he couldn't do that for long. So he either has to hold his legs up (again that can't be done for long) or walk his feet on the floor in front of the wheelchair. So third time I thought enough was enough, I mean REALLY - WALMART not providing decent wheelchairs!!!

So, while my father was getting his hair cut in the WalMart salon, I went in search of a wheelchair with foot rests. None to be found. A WalMart Associate asked if he would like to use an electric wheelchair. I said that would be wonderful. I was then advised that all electric wheelchairs were in the 'back' being repaired. (And I was informed by an Associate that management had already been made aware that the electric wheelchairs had not been available for quite some time). So I asked to speak to a manager.

I was told to go to Customer Service and ask for a manager. That assistant manager, after listening to my requests for a wheelchair with footrests, called for another manager. That assistant manager ** gave me to understand in no uncertain terms that it was not mandatory for WalMart to provide wheelchairs, that they were provided as a COURTESY only and that the reason they were all broke and/or being repaired was because customers were so abusive with them.

So, instead of leaving WalMart as we should have, we got creative: I put the shopping cart in front of the wheelchair and he propped his feet on the lower part of the shopping cart and pushed the cart in front of the wheelchair. It worked out quite nice. AND would you believe that as we were checking out an hour and half later, the motorized wheelchairs that had been in the back getting repaired were getting plugged up!!! All of a sudden, the motorized wheelchairs were fixed!!!

However, principle is: A billion-dollar company like WalMart should be bending over backwards to make sure that there are decent wheelchairs available for disabled customers. I am not talking about the motorized wheelchairs - we would have been more than happy with a regular wheelchair if it had footrests. I do not think for one minute that abusive customers stole footrests from wheelchairs and it would take some heavy-duty abuse to break a footrest!!! Does not speak well for WalMart at all. So back to Krogers we will go!!

This Is A Complaint
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Rating: 1/51

MISSISSIPPI -- When ordering online, it doesn't tell you how many come in a box and you can't see it when you blow up the picture of the product. Usually I buy a variety box at Sam's but the chocolate peanut butter is horrible so I decided I would order a whole box of just the ones I like. I pay around $18.00 for a variety box of 12 at Sam's. They are not telling you how many on and charging $21.00 for six bars. What a rip off.

I just saw in the Q&A section that someone asked how any was in a box. I sure hope that if there is a Hell that Walmart burns in it. I have the gastric sleeve surgery and I need this product. From now on I will just order from It is much cheaper and they have more flavors.

Oh and because of some kind of glitch in the ordering system it said I could NOT have it sent to my home it had to go to either the store in Biloxi or the store in Pass Christian. When I tried to explain why UPS delivered a package there to the store that should have been sent to my home, the store associate in electronics talked down to me like I was stupid. I even explained it again to him when I went to pick on the package and he wouldn't listen he just kept trying to make me think that I did something wrong.

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