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They Lied to Cover Up Their Mistake
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Rating: 1/51

BROKEN ARROW, OKLAHOMA -- Yesterday I went to Walmart to pick up my layaway before the rush. I gave them my layaway number and they pulled it up. I asked for the extended warranty as last month the cashier told me I could add it when I picked it up. At first the guy at the counter told me it had to be added at the time when I put the TV in layaway. After about 10 minutes he said we can add it but we need to cancel it out of layaway then put it back in. Then he said they need to go get the TV to do that. After about 15 minutes he pulled out a card to scan and said we can add the extended warranty without doing all of that. I paid it all off then they went to get the TV.

I stood at the counter about 20 minutes and a cashier said they were getting my TV so please have a seat and sent me over to the side so she could wait on others. After waiting another 20 minutes an employee told me someone put the TV up high and they needed a ladder and someone tall to get it. “Please wait”.

Another 15-20 minutes went by, I'm starting to lose time, been here too long. Here comes another employee, good news they found my layaway and are bringing it up. I waited several more minutes and they brought a TV and said here it is. That was not the TV I put on layaway! The employee said it's the same UPC number. No I know the box had orange on it not a red top. So I asked to check the serial number and the employee said receipts don't have serial numbers on them.

Reluctantly I took the TV home. I then realized they never gave me the payoff receipt. I pulled out the original receipt and the serial number of the TV I put in layaway was on it. So I know they couldn't find my layaway and instead of telling me they covered it up with lies and took a TV off the floor and called it good.

Layaway Ripoff
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Rating: 1/51

PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- I am livid!! After me and my mother in law had been Christmas shopping for three hours I get to layaway and am told that only certain items may be placed on layaway AND each item must be fifteen dollars or more. Are you nodding me? I had about 500 dollars worth of merchandise in my buggy and I was not going to let them pick and choose what I could purchase.

So I turned around and walked out the door and left my buggy with my stuff still in it. I was calling the manager on the phone before I even got out the door. A lot of good that done. I was told "well that's our policy mam". So I will not walk back in another Walmart and give them a red cent of my money again. I am done with them! I even asked the manager to explain to me why that was a policy and what purpose that served for them. All I got was "sorry that's just our policy".

Well Walmart your policy cost you two valued customers that night... me and my mother in law. Also this is NOT posted anywhere in the store until you get to layaway in small lettering on a sign you can barely see.

Layaway a Joke
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Rating: 2/51

EVANSVILLE, INDIANA -- I went to Walmart yesterday to start a Christmas layaway. As I am laying the merchandise on the counter to put in layaway I was informed that if the item does not cost over $14.96 It cannot be put on layaway. Nowhere and I mean nowhere in the store does it state this policy. If I had known this it wouldn't be so bad even though it is a stupid rule, but I found all the turtle figures my grandson had on his Christmas list and because they were $8.88 Each, I had 8 of them, they couldn't be placed on layaway. I then went to Kmart, they don't have that stupid policy there...

Layaway Hidden Fees
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MACON, IDAHO -- My wife and I put up a TV last month. I understand the $5 fee to put the layaway on, besides I used to work for Wal-mart (12 years) and I spent some time in working in layaway. The TV cost close to $1,0000.00 we had to get it out by Dec. 16. Yesterday we saw the TV advertised on the Wal-mart TV for $100 less and we figured we could a different TV for less, so I went to cancel it. When I got up the count I told the cashier I wanted to cancel the layaway and I understood I wouldn't get the $5 back. She then told me, that fee was to put it up the layaway, there's a $10 fee for canceling it. WHAT!!!

I told her I was never told about a cancellation fee, it wasn't on my receipt and I didn't see it posted anywhere. She said it's not the receipt, but it's posted in the front and back here. O looked around and didn't see it posted so I asked her where (yes, I was getting upset. She then picks up a sign (copied) and pointed to the bottom in small black letters on a dark background box (you couldn't read it). I told her how convenient it was. They put it in a dark box that couldn't be read. I plan to contact the manager and got all the way to top if I have to with this one.

Very poor customer service
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MT.VERNON, OHIO -- My daughter and I went to Wal-mart and we shopped for about 2 hours, well we were putting in a Layaway. When we got to the layaway dept. we waited to be helped first of all, then when ** came to the register she looks at my daughter and says loudly $4.26... We need $4.26 to put in your layaway with a smart look on her face. Really could you explain. Why you're shouting this amount at me, maybe ** don't know that I am going through menopause and wanted to just go off on her.

Then they messed up and wanted to return my daughters amount that she paid with her credit card. "No" I said. It takes 7 to 10 days to get you're money back. My daughter spent $500.00 there and shops there every week. I just could not believe that it took them every bit of 30 minutes to get it all taken care of. So needless to say I bought nothing there and not going to.

How Wal-Mart Management treated me
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KENTUCKY -- I have been a Wal-Mart customer for 20+ years, and have always had a good experience with Wal-Mart stores until 9 days ago. My girlfriend had put some items away on layaway for Christmas for her children (she has 2 girls and a boy) and her daughter's birthday. They were under 2 separate layaways, one for Christmas and the other birthday. We got them out on December 5, 2006 (and there were a lot of them: 51 items in one layaway,11 in another€: we had two carts packed full of items), and took them home. We left them in the boxes Wal-Mart had put them in until two days later when we decided to start wrapping them.

As she wrapped them, she marked off who they were for (All the items were gifts for her children). When we started to wrap them, we noticed that her son had not gotten all of his gifts. So we marked the ones that were missing and she contacted the store. One of the assistant managers agreed to lay one of the items up for us. So we went to the store on Thursday evening, we talked with the CSM on duty and told them what had happened and that we had identified a total of 5 items. They informed us we could go back and look for those items.

We searched throughout the toy section for over an hour looking at different UPC€™s, hoping to identify all of the items. We were able to locate another one of the items; one was out of stock, and 2 of them we couldnt match up with the UPC€™s. So we contacted the manager on duty for assistance. My girlfriend explained the situation to her, handing the manager the receipt to look over. Her comment to my girlfriend was (1) It looks like items you have missing are the higher priced items and (2) Our layaway department checks off each individual item and we don€™t make mistakes because we have cameras and (3) she couldn€™t let us have the items.

My girlfriend tried to explain to her that we had already given permission by another manager to get the items, but my girlfriend didn€™t know the manager€™s name. I let my girlfriend talk to her and I didn€™t say anything. This was at the back of the store where electronics is located, not far from layaway section. The manager acted like she didnt believe my girlfriend and asked that we wait an hour until someone came back from their dinner break to verify the story. The manager told us someone would come tell us what they had decided. No one did, so we went up to customer service to inquire about it.

We were told by the CSM that management had decided against giving us any of the items. So then I asked to speak to the Store Manager. She arrived in a few minutes and asked to see the receipt. I showed it to her; she took my name and number and told me someone would contact me in the morning. The next day, I never received a call so I contacted the store. I asked to speak to a manager and the same assistant manager we had spoken to before answered. She informed me that she would get with the Store Manager and call me back. She never did. I decided to stop by that evening at the customer service desk.

I explained to the representative on hand what had happened. She called management and they informed us that they had turned it over to Loss Prevention. She assured me that they would contact me. This was Friday, December 8, 2006. I waited patiently until the next Tuesday morning, when I decided to go back to the store and see if they could tell me anything. When I went to customer service and spoke with a representative, she was very nice. She said she remembered holding one of the items for us and told me to go back and get the other items. I informed her that management was handling it, so she contacted the store manager.

The store manager came up to the front, asked me if anyone had contacted me, I replied no. She went on to say that the tapes had been reviewed and that we had gotten our items. I informed her that I had not gotten all my items and I would be returning all of it. She didnt seem bothered by this and informed me I would not get credit for the items that were missing. Total receipts came to around $970 and the items in questions were around $67.

So I went home, un-wrapped all the gifts, itemized and checked them off and took them back to the store. I also noticed that we had received 4 items which we had not paid for (so much for them not making any mistakes). It was raining and cold that day, but it didnt matter to me.

Once upon a time, Sam Walton had a philosophy of €œSatisfaction Guaranteed and treating the customer right. I am hard pressed to believe that his philosophy still exists in Wal-Mart. I do not feel like I was treated right and neither do many of your employees in that store. All they could do was shake their heads in disbelief at how we were treated. I also think Mr. Walton had something called the Sundown Rule. Management, in my opinion, failed miserably at this one.

I can understand not contacting me one time.. but over and over again they neglected to call me or contact me in any way. I certainly hope you can get something resolved. I am out time, money, and respect from a store I have shopped at for many years. I will not shop at Wal-Mart again until they learn to treat their customers better.

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CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS -- Wal-mart brought back layaway purchase of $50.00 Or more. But what they don`t tell you each item has to be $15.00 Or more before you can put it on layaway so what's the sense of bringing back the program. Since all my items were not priced at above price, I ended up paying for items $209.00 Worth things I should have been able to put on layaway.

Customer Needs Are Not Met
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FORSYTH, ILLINOIS -- How can your company stand behind its policy to do away with layaways to its customers. I used to work for you and was proud of my efforts as an employee to provide service to every customer not just those who could afford to buy something. By taking the choice of layaway from your customers you have truly attacked the poor and struggling population who use this service to buy things that they cannot afford otherwise. How many of us can afford to come in your store and pay $200.00 for a TV unless we have income tax checks or have won the
lottery. I know I can't and my husband works 7 days a week for a large company.

At a time when gas prices are overwhelming the nation, cable companies charge high prices because there is little competition, and Heating bills are sky-rocketing. Here in Illinois my heating bills have doubled to $1200.00 for January and February. The highest I got last year was $600.00 and that was devastating for us on his salary. I had to quit working due to a heart condition. I had two heart attacks and ended up with carpal tunnels from working for you. I loved my job because we always put customers first. It was not always easy either.

Layaway was awful at Christmas time and sometimes the pressure to get the job done made us cranky to the point that a customers suffered. It was hard to have patience with demanding bosses and customers but it was our job to put those customers first. Dropping Layaway was a slap in the face to those of us who struggle from paycheck to paycheck. How can this not plummet your sales?

It was truly a bad business decision on your part and an insult to those of us who were devoted to shopping at your store. How many people have credit cards to charge everything? I do, but I can't afford large items over $100.00. Our country was built on the shop owner who had a heart like Sam Walton did. I can almost guarantee he is rolling over in his grave now knowing what you have done to his stores. You have just made a contribution to the "haves" and the "have nots" are suffering because of it. Congratulations!!!

Walmart doing away with Layaway!
By -

Just got word from my sister who works at Wal-Mart that they are doing away with Layaway! Boy are they going to be losing a lot of money that way...

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