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Why I Will Never Shop Walmart Again!
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH EAST, MARYLAND -- I went onto Walmart.com to order four new tires for my Jeep. I entered my Jeep info and the standard tire size and an optional factory size were both given to me. Since the optional size was about the same size and over $20 cheaper per tire I ordered the optional size. The total was $474 and I had to shipped to the New Castle DE store. The order was placed on Oct 30th. Everyday I checked the status of the order and it always said "being processed". Finally on Nov 7 I click on the "track package" link and I notice the item was delivered to the store and signed for by Tvornes. I call the store and after trying for over 2 hours because no one would pick up the phone a very rude lady told me she couldn't help me because Site to Store wasn't open yet and then she hung up on me.

I then called the customer service # and spoke with someone would all she could do was tell me the tires were there and I could pick them up, I asked about why I never received any emails, as promised by Walmart, to let me know the tires were in? It had been 4 days since the tires were received in store. She told me "I don't know what to tell you". Funny, as soon as I hang up within ten minutes I start to receive a bunch of emails from Walmart telling me my tires are in.

At this point I know there is no way I will trust the New Castle store to install my tires so I call the North East MD store and explain the situation to the auto dept. I am told no problem, bring them in with the proof of purchase and we can install them. I bring them in on Saturday, Nov 17 and then am told that they will not install the tires because they are not the size that is on my Jeep currently. I ask where on Walmart.com does it tell me that. Or when I called and spoke with the auto dept no one told me that? I was told go talk to customer service, can't help you. SO I go up fron to customer service and again, I want to know WHY Walmart.com will allow me to purchase tires for my Jeep but won't install them? If Walmart will only install same size tires then Walmart should have a HUGE disclaimers explaining as such.

Customer service then told me that my only option was to buy the other tires and pay the $20/tire difference. I told customer service I will not pay for their mistake and return the tires. After waiting 10 min for a return, the woman starts saying they can't return the tires. I told her no way, they were just picked up from Walmart on Nov 11 and there is no way that is past when I can return them. Eventually they end up returning the tires as general merchandise so I can get a full refund.

This whole situation proves how little Wal-Mart cares about customer service and they simply want the quick buck. It was nothing but problems from the moment I ordered these tires. Trust me, I will never set foot in another Walmart again! I also will make sure to let everyone I know about the appalling way I was treated when it is without a doubt Wal-Mart's fault!

Refused To Be Accountable
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WILES BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have been a good customer of Walmart, since I moved into the Wilkes Barre area. April 13th, 201: I bought new tires and had them installed on my 1998 Volvo at the Walmart Wilkes Barre Supercenter. There were no other cars being serviced at the time. I left my car in front of the service bay and handed the key to the serviceman at the counter. When I returned to pick up my car, I was told the key was stuck in the ignition lock and couldn't be removed. I tried everything I could think of to get the key out but it was absolutely stuck. The servicemen (2) trying to figure out what they'd done and to get the key out said "this is beyond their skill level and training." I was told to get a written estimate from a Volvo dealer for the repairs. The problem for me was not only having my key stuck in the ignition; that in turn caused the car security to disable the locking system, because the key was still in the car. I had a car that couldn't be locked with the key in the ignition. It was an invitation to being stolen by anyone. I couldn't use the car unless I was prepared to leave it completely unprotected and ready to drive.

When I tried to reach any of the managers I was told I should contact two days later, no one would speak to me (telephoned all day and was left on hold). When I finally got to speak to someone, the final word was the Assistant Manager would telephone me. I never received a call from that manager. I went online and wrote an email to Walmart, which I believe was sent to the Wilkes Barre store customer service department. I got a telephone call that day from "Frank" who listened to the story and said he would file a claim for me. I was contacted by Claims Management (CMI, a wholly owned company of Walmart to handle claims) representative who asked many questions and said he would get back to me.

When CMI finally called me back a week later, "Joe" denied responsibility and required that I get the Volvo dealer to write a finding that Walmart had been negligent and caused the damage to the ignition cylinder where the key was stuck and not just ordinary wear and age. I asked if Joe had taken his car in for service and was returned a car that was disabled and unable for use that he would think it was the car's fault for being worn and old? He denied the claim.

I think Walmart refused to be accountable for the acts of its employees. There is no other conclusion to the facts, unless you believe it was the car's fault.

Bad experience at the Walmart Service Center
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Rating: 1/51

STERLING HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN -- I had to go to Walmart to get 2 new tires for my son on Dec 8. He had a flat and he was at work, so I thought I would help him out. We called AAA and he put on a donut tire and tried putting air in another tire. All the tire shops are closed on Sundays in Detroit. I went to the Walmart on Van Dyke in Sterling Heights, MI. I bought 2 new tires. They didn't have the Viva 1 so they gave me the Viva 2. It was supposed to be for the Viva 1 price. My wait was supposed to be for 1 1/2 hrs. There was 2 other women before me. So we all went inside the store either looking around or shopping. In my case, shopping.

My 1 1/2 hrs went by and the other 2 ladies were done. They told me my tires were the wrong size so they had to rewrite my order. The guy who took my order wrote me up for size 15 when I needed 14's. When he took my order, all he did was complain how his shoulder was hurting. He went to lunch. They discovered he wrote me up for the wrong size. That's when the lady said they didn't have the Viva 1 so they gave me Viva 2. It was her turn to go to lunch along with the other lady who was helping me.

Now I have been there 3 hrs. When it was time for me to check out, the guy who messed up everything in the first place tried charging me some outrageous price. I said no that wasn't what the other lady said the price would be. He went and got his manager which he told him I didn't agree to the price. He looked at it and said he couldn't do anything because it was at roll out price. I was disgusted by the way he talked to me and the way I was treated. I ended up having to pay the price.

The guy that waited on me was waiting on another customer and said he would have to wait 1 1/2 hrs. I said more like 3, 4. He looked at my ticket and laughed and said I wasn't there an hr, even though he knew I was there over 3 hrs, and that's because they had to rewrite my order. The only reason I went there was because there wasn't anything else open and I liked Walmart, until this happened.

The following Friday, Dec 13, I went to Discount Tires in Southfield, MI and got 2 more tires for the front. Those guys there was very nice. They offer you coffee and bottled water while you wait in their comfortable chairs. Your loss Walmart!! If I can help it, I will never go to the Walmart Service Center on Van Dyke in Sterling Heights, MI again. They really need to learn how to treat their customers. I don't understand why they don't tell you what your bill is up front before you even get the work done. They just give you a ticket and you come back and have to pay whatever they write up. To me that is bad business Walmart!

Walmart Mechanic Ruined the Inside of My Car
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LINDON, UTAH -- I had a slow leak in my tire and every place around was closed. So I tried Walmart and they were the only place open so I decided to get the flat fixed there. I asked the man working if he would fix my tire and he said sure and that he would call me when it was finished so I could go shop around while I waited. I handed him the keys and then went to go get some shopping done.

Then after about an hour and still no call (and this should have taken 30 minutes tops honestly), I finally went to see what was up and the guy did he just forgot to write down my number (you couldn't just page me? I was in that exact building -_-) and so then I asked if everything went well and if I was OK to take my car home. He then proceeded to tell me how he couldn't replace it because the car was too low and he couldn't get a jack under it, (honestly I could see that being realistic because my car sits extremely low but THEY SELL LOW PROFILE JACKS THAT WOULD FIT IN THE STORE) and so I sighed and said that was alright and asked for my keys.

But then while he was getting them he started telling me about how he heard my car going when he tried driving it up a ramp to get the tire up but it was grinding on the bottom of my car. So he said he tried a few times to see if going faster would help him clear it but he said the sound was only worse each time. Why the hell wouldn't you stop after the first time my car is scraping all of its weight across the bottom!? I didn't say anything and just rolled my eyes and groaned and took my keys and left.

When I got in the car he had adjusted basically everything you can adjust from the seats, to the mirrors, to the temperature and so my car was a wreck when I got in it. I know that's not a huge deal, but what really bugged me was he was absolutely filthy when he got into my car and so it ruined my seats from the oil, my steering wheel was all slimy and sticky, my shift knob (I have it covered with a hacky sack to make it pop just for fun) was completely ruined too and wet because of how much oil was on his hands and he broke the plastic side off my seat that has all the buttons to adjust it.

I had an hour of my time wasted. He scratched the paint off the bottom edges of my car, he ruined the inside of my car, and I didn't even get my tire fixed. I am likely going to try to get reimbursed for the damages caused to the bottom and insides (mostly the seat but the whole thing needs to be replaced now) of my car. If you are planning to have something done with your car, don't get it done at Lindon Walmart! You'll regret it!

Do not buy tires at Walmart
By -

RENO, NEVADA -- On December 23 my son purchased 2 Goodyear tires from your Walmart store. These tires were placed on the rear of his 4x4 Isuzu Rodeo. On March 16th he was driving in the Truckee CA area on Hwy 80 and felt a sudden bump in the rear of his car. He attempted to pull over right away and luckily there was a turn out for him to stop in. He got out of his car and the entire rear tire was shredded. The tread was literally off the rim of the tire. AAA came out and put his spare on so he was able to safely drive home.

On April 1st (he was working previously and unable to bring the tire in earlier) we brought the tire into the Walmart where we purchased it and were immediately brushed off by the tech. He looked at the tire (did not even attempt to pull the tire out of my son'€™s car so he could see the whole thing) and made a snap decision that my son must have driven on a flat tire and that is why the tread came off. Of course his first question was "Did you buy the hazard warranty?"€ As soon as we said no, the attitude changed and he just shrugged and walked away.

We then requested to see the tire shop manager, who like the tech, did not even attempt to remove the tire from the back of the car to see it in its entirety. He took 2 seconds to say "No, we won't give you a new tire." When asked whether this should be covered under the manufacturer's warranty since the tire was only 3 months old, he brushed us off. Apparently the 25 year old tire manager has enough expertise to be able to just barely look at a tire and determine that it couldn't possibly be a defective tire.

He told us that my son must have run over something to make it do that. We inspected the tire ourselves and there is NO hole in the circumference of the tire. So basically, according to the manager, something hit the rear tire at a horizontal angle (while my son was driving) which caused the rupture of the tire. Really? I don't know about you, but I have been driving for many years and have actually had to drive on a flat tire for a while, and never, ever has a tire done that. I have never seen a tire do that and have never heard of a tire doing that.

The manager just kept saying "You didn't buy the hazard warranty so we can't help you." We don't recall being asked about the hazard warranty when we purchased the tire, however, according to the manager, who apparently is privy to all conversations between sales reps and customers, that we were offered the hazard warranty. REGARDLESS, with or without the hazard warranty, this tire should be covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

We then asked to speak to the store manager, who we were told, was on vacation. After many times of prompting, the tire manager offered to get an assistant manager. When the assistant manager ** (?) walked up, her demeanor was hostile. She in no way shape or form wanted to help us and acted put out that she even had to look at the tire. We showed her the tire, and apparently she is also a tire expert, because without even touching it or attempting to remove it from the car to have it actually looked at, she said "No, we will not help you. You need to call 1-800-Walmart."

I asked her again and again about the manufacturer's warranty because it was such a new tire and she brushed my question off. I can tell you by this time, our level of frustration was high. My son was extremely upset due to the way we were being treated. We were able to get another manager, **, to come out and once again, look at the tire but in no way attempted to get the tire removed to do a detailed inspection.

Time and time again we referenced the back of the work order that talks about Walmart's pledge to the customer. (See the back of your work order!) ** apparently had never read the verbiage on the back and even though we asked about that - we were brushed off again. At no time did anyone answer our question about the manufacturer's warranty.

Why did no one even offer to provide us with the information so we could go to the manufacturer? After ** "inspection" of the tire we were told that the best they could do was give us 25% off a new tire. I am adamant that this tire was defective. All I had to do when I got home was Google "Goodyear tire recall" and lo and behold, as of November, Goodyear has been silently recalling tires due to injuries and deaths caused by "TREAD COMING OFF THE TIRE". I would hope that your tire technicians would be up to date on tire recalls and not just assume that every tire that comes in with the tread off is due to road conditions.

Our family spends on average $1000 a month at Walmart. I am not just saying that, we really do. We love Walmart. We have always have had good experiences. I have family members who work for Walmart. I am very disappointed in the level of contempt that the employees of the tire department and the managerial staff treated us with. I personally have been in the customer service industry for over 25 years and I know what good customer service is and I absolutely will not tolerate poor customer service.

I want a resolution to this matter. I am not the type of person who complains, but I sincerely believe that the staff was rude, not helpful in any way and just wanted to get rid of us. I am prepared to take this to the next level if need be - I will not give until we are given a refund for this tire. As you can guess, our level of confidence with Goodyear tires and Walmart at this time is low. I expect a prompt response to this inquiry or as stated above, I will take necessary measures to ensure satisfaction.

At no time was the tire removed to be inspected. The techs and the tire manager “poked it” a few times to come up with their diagnosis. Goodyear tires have been recalling tires due to the tread coming off the tires. I would like to think that Walmart wouldn't be selling recalled tires and I would assume that their tire techs would be aware of such defects in Goodyear tires and wouldn't just make a snap judgment without inspecting the tire in its entirety!

It is now in the claims department and I was just told that our claim will be denied because we don't have the tire for them to inspect... really? Walmart had 4 opportunities to pull out the tire and inspect it and they did not. Next step... attorney!!

Customer service does NOT exist
By -

PLACERVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- On 8/23/11, I took my Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 (dually) to the Placerville, ca. Wal-Mart tire center. I needed 6 new tires installed, but they had only 5 in stock. Since one of my front tires was damaged and leaking air, we decided to install two new front tires and I would come back for the rear four to be installed once they got another tire in. I also wanted new steel valve stems, but Wal-Mart doesn't carry them. The employee suggested I go get purchase them at a local parts store and then return - at which time they would write up my order and get my tires (and stems) installed.

I did just that - only upon returning to Wal-Mart, there were no employees in the tire dept. I waited, at the service desk, and watched several service workers walk in and out, never even acknowledging my presence. A Dept manager, from the sporting goods dept, walked past en route to the service bays, where I watched her having a conversation with one of the female service personnel. When she came back through, on her way back to the sporting goods area, once again she, nor anyone else, ever acknowledged me standing there waiting to be helped.

Where I was standing required any employee passing by to come within three feet of me. After about 10-15 minutes of this treatment, I turned to another customer, who had also been waiting to be helped, "I guess they don't want my money" and I walked out. After reconsidering, I returned to the same tire center on 8/26/11. There were different employees assisting customers and I felt better this time about my chances of getting the tires I needed.

They took down all the information about my truck, wrote up the work order, took my keys and I settled in for the minimum two hour wait. There were four customers ahead of me with tire installs, so I had been informed it would be at least two hours to complete mine. As before, they still did not have 6 of the tires I needed, so they were going to install the front two at this time. I was in the service area waiting, as I had informed them I would be, as I had no way to drop off my truck. I had to wait for it.

I'd be there for over an hour, when my wife called my cell phone and informed me that ** from Wal-Mart had called my home phone to tell me "something" about not being able to install my tires. She didn't understand what exactly he was talking about and she couldn't figure out why he didn't just talk to me face-to-face, since I was there waiting for my vehicle to be completed.

I approached him and asked what the problem was. He informed me that it was "policy" that they could not install two tires if the tread was too low on the remaining tires. I reminded him that I hadn't come in for only two tires - I wanted SIX tires installed and was going to return when they had the rest of the tires. I understand a policy regarding low tread on remaining tires and I have no issue with that. It's a matter of liability in this day and age.

However, when I pointed out that I WANTED all six tires, but they didn't have all six in stock, he made a statement that just about sent me over the edge... Once again he claimed it was "policy" that they don't do duallies... "Because they don't have the tools to work on them"!

That's just about the dumbest thing he could have said to me. I've been working on cars, pickups, and even heavy trucks, most of my life. My Dodge pickup rear dual wheels require the same exact tools, for removal and replacement, as any single rear wheel pickup. It takes the same size lug socket, it takes same impact wrench or hand tool, and it doesn't take any special training, certification, or specialized knowledge to R&R the rear wheels from a dually pickup.

I WAS LIVID! IF, and it's a BIG if, Wal-Mart's "policy" is to NOT work on dually pickups... Why didn't ANYONE else know about it and bother to mention it on, oh, say the 23rd when I first came in for the estimate??? OR, why didn't ANYONE think to mention it when I brought the truck in TODAY??? Why did I have to sit there waiting, for a truck that was NEVER going to be worked on, for over a GD hour???

Needless to say - Wal-Mart will NEVER, EVER work on any of my vehicles again (and I have purchased tires and oil changes from them many times in the past.) I drove directly to Les Schwab where I purchased 6 new tires and a front end alignment. I hope Wal-Mart enjoys losing a $1200.00 sale, not to mention any repeat purchases from me, and causing me to spend an extra $500.00 at a competitor. I hope this complaint finds its way to the Placerville store management. They need to know how poor their customer service is.

Tire Lube Express Not So Express
By -

SOUTH DAYTONA, FLORIDA -- On January 18th at 2:30 pm I entered the Tire Lube express at store 1391. I did not get waited on until 2:53 pm, at which time I requested an oil change and tire rotation and balance for myself and my husband's vehicles. I was given an approximately time of 1.5 hrs which I deemed reasonable for two cars. Well I came back at 4 pm and was told it would be a little longer. Then 5pm rolled around... still not ready.

So I inquired once again and with a few questions ascertained that my tire rotation had not even been started for either vehicle. I canceled the tire rotation due to the time frame. When I got to my car I inspected it as I always do after any service and discovered that my washer fluid was not filled... or so I thought.

As my husband came around my car there was liquid leaking profusely from the bottom. He raised my hood and discovered windshield washer fluid sprayed everywhere. He re-entered the TLE and they told him that it was like that when I brought it in. However, I used it on my way to Wal-Mart and it worked just fine.

I was not even informed about my so called leak. The hose had been ripped off from my reservoir and after some much heated debate one of the technicians reattached it. So I did not leave until after 6 pm!!! And to top it all off... my receipt shows my tire pressure at ft30 and r30... which in itself is four lbs below the tire pressure recommendation listed on the tires.

But I have indicator tabs on my tires so when the tire pressure is too low they turn white. They were still white when I left and I was told that my tires had had air added to them. My husband had to take my car and put air in my tires after we left Wal-Mart and my front driver's side tire only had 26 lbs of pressure in it!!!

Since there was no manager to be found after all of this, we left and my husband went back to explain the situation to the store manager, ** today. The idea was to bring to her attention the appalling conditions that Wal-Mart customers were having to put up with at this location so that the problems with this dept could be rectified. Her response was less than lackluster. She wouldn't even look him in the eye.

The TLE manager, **, just looked at the receipt and said in an extremely condescending tone, "€œWell it was brought in that way. What do you want, a free oil change?" He was not even there when the incident occurred. How would he know anything? Employees can and do lie... especially if they broke something and don't want to fix it or get in trouble for it. Bottom line it took 3.5 hrs (from time of walking in the door at 2:30 to 5:09 pm when I was checked out, to after 6 when my reservoir hosed was put back on) to get 2 oil changes?!?!

The same technician, **, is listed for courtesy tech, upper bay, lower bay and tire tech for both vehicles. These are separate jobs, and one person cannot and should not have to put up with being the only technician for 3 jobs. If they were understaffed either someone should have came in to help or the TLE should have been temporarily closed so that the dept could get caught up. I don't know what planet the people in this location are from, but it's not planet earth.

This is the absolute worst service I have ever had... anywhere. WE WERE HOPING THAT THE INEPTITUDE IN THE STORE DID NOT REACH BEYOND THE ASSOCIATE LEVEL. Sadly, after dealing with the dept manager and store manager. We were mistaken. IT GOES ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP OF THE PROVERBIAL FOOD CHAIN. I will never shop there again... EVER and I will be sure to tell everyone I know of this horrid experience.

Tires Purchase
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Rating: 1/51

WAUSEON, OHIO -- Deliberately bad service at the Auto Center in Wauseon, Ohio. Totally unprofessional and backwards country bumpkin service! I have always been a good customer to Walmart before yesterday when I came to Walmart to get a new tire on my truck. The tire that I had on was a spare that was in bad shape and I needed a new one put onto my main rim. The spare was going flat but he didn't care. He just told his service tech to throw some air into it, so he did.

The man went to look at my truck and he asked me why it was leaning a little. I told him its nothing to worry about, please just mount and put on my new tire onto my main rim that I had in my truck bed because this spare is dangerous to drive on and I have my kids in the car with me. I was planning to have the lean repaired, but he refused to jack it up and only mounted my tire. He said this is a liability for us very nervously. I said to him, "What is the matter with you people!? This is a liability to me." I told him that I am just asking you to put it on because I only have a scissor jack and it will be tough to get off and the spare is bad, but he kept insisting it was a liability to them.

Even the manager came in and weirdly stared me down for about 5 minutes not saying anything. So I left without saying thanks and I was really upset. I only drove about 2 miles and my spare blew out on a busy road so I had to call my friend. He came out and helped with change it laying halfway in the roadway because we couldn't jack it up in the grass. I had to direct traffic around him due to where we were. I nor none of my friends or family will ever go back there again!!

Goodyear Tires Are Sub-Standard! They Have Blem's!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

WINDSOR HIEGHT'S, IOWA -- I bought 2 Goodyear Viva 2 tires at Walmart ! One of the tires had several Dibits in sidewall, BOTH SIDES, and a year later one dibit BALLOONED outward ready to blow out! Walmart would NOT give me an Adjustment for the Defected tire! Refused! So I took Tire to a Goodyear Franchise Tire Shop and they "YES it's defected/Blem!" Goodyear Shop also said; "We DON'T Warranty Goodyear tires sold at Walmart! They are made special for Walmart and DON'T MEET STANDARDS!" Basically Walmart is selling JUNK TIRES! They just don't GET IT! Cooper Tires gets it NOW! They just got hit here in Iowa a $32 Million Judgment for Defected Tires!

Tire And Lube Express
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Rating: 1/51

LA FAYETTE, GEORGIA -- LATE Friday evening I had oil change and tire rotation done. They were open for business, but did not want to do the tire rotation. I told them that I came for Tire Rotation and Oil Change, so they did both. Time in 06:07 P.M. Time out 06:34 P.M. I then proceeded to drive home. The Tire and Lube at Walmart had closed and 1 Mile after leaving my Right front tire blew the side out, a 4 inch gash.

The next 3 Hours I spent contacting my son and changing the blow out. I work Midnight ‘til 8:00 A.M. so I called Walmart at 8:30 A.M. and told them I thought they might have pinched the side of my tire wall when they changed stalls for oil and then tire rotation. I was told to drive back to store #02988 and speak with a Supervisor. He said no way we did this. I told him they only wanted to do the oil, but when I asked the third time they complied. I still think that my tire was damaged at Walmart.

I offered to buy a set of tires since I now had a broken set. The manager offered no discount, not even on the one bad tire. I drove to a tire store 20 miles away and purchased a set of 4 tires for $300.00 when the only price offered by Walmart was $417.68. I still think Walmart owes me the price of the one tire that came in fine but one mile after service was on roadside three hours. I have always been a loyal customer and spend $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 per year here. BUT RIGHT NOW FOOD LION AND KMART ARE MOVING TO THE TOP OF MY SPENDING LIST. Please resolve this issue so the next valued customer does not suffer as I have.

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