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This is regarding all Wal-Mart stores, not just super centers.
Posted by on
TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- Wal-Mart has a policy of randomly checking ID on MasterCard purchases. Their explanations are as inconsistent as their ID checks are. I am told they check one ID in every 1000 MasterCard purchases. And that they do this for the consumers protection. Well, I get asked for ID on nearly every other purchase!

If I could be so lucky in the lotto with those odds.

I have been told by WalMart associates that MY credit card issuer has requested that I show ID, as my purchase at "that given moment" is "most-likely fraudulent, or questionable at best". This is after my card was accepted just fine and transaction completed. I always swipe my own card.

I have been told that if I cannot show ID, I cannot have my groceries, that I must return them. While other times that I don't have ID, some cashiers tell me it is okay, then hand me my receipt. Some cashiers call on a manager, make me wait, hold up the line behind me, then the manager says it is okay and hands me my receipt. Sometimes I am told, "no ID, no purchase", and am forced to return all of my items after my transaction has been completed without any issues.

My purchases are mostly always groceries, and I shop at SuperCenters and Neighborhood Markets in my area, which includes Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, and occasionally, Sand Springs, Oklahoma. The amount of the purchase has never been an issue, they have asked for ID on small and large dollar amounts.

The issue is that WalMart ONLY frequently, but randomly requests ID on my MasterCard purchases. Never on any one of my other credit cards. WalMart has NEVER asked my husband for his ID on the same card. We each have our own card under the same account, yet I am the one who always gets asked to show ID. Not with every purchase, but this does happen very frequently.

I never purchase alcohol or cigarettes, so that is not my case for them requiring ID. And each and every purchase that I make using my MasterCard goes through without a hitch. Never a problem there. (FYI to those who might want to criticize: I PAY MY CREDIT CARD OFF EACH MONTH, so hush up, please)

WalMart employees tell me this is for my own protection, that they are blocking theft. But really, they are actually preventing me from using my own card if I do not have ID on me.

I talked to my bank and they do not--ABSOLUTELY DO NOT advise WalMart to check ID's, as WalMart has always stated. My bank has told me that if they do any card actions on a purchase it is to advise the store to retain a card, then call the police. But never to badger a customer for any sort of ID, especially when the card has been accepted. My bank also tell me that WalMart is notorious for doing this, making up their own rules as they go along, not complying with the MasterCard terms and conditions. My bank also told me that credit card theft is not happening like that, that people are not stealing cards and making grocery purchases. That there is more a chance of card theft by the employees who are asking to see the credit card and ID's, thus retrieving the information off front and back of said card, then seeking more information from a drivers license.

Keep in mind that with every purchase I am swiping my own card. The store employee never as much as holds my card, much less views it. Perhaps most employees are honest, but WalMart, as well as any other business, certainly might hire someone who knows the art of this type of stealing. And that only takes once. So their random ID checking cannot be proving anything essential.

I do not have to show my ID to any WalMart employee with a credit card purchase. Especially when the card has gone through successfully and transaction completed. And the one WalMart which I have been frequenting for many years, they even acknowledge they recognize me - yet they continue to badger me about ID. And to think that WalMart stores your credit card and personal information within their system! Yet, they continue to frequently, though randomly, insist on ID.

I have been made to return groceries after not having an ID, after my card was accepted, transaction completed! And I have returned groceries out of sheer anger over that same scenario.

Some cashiers have had the audacity to question my drivers license when there is absolutely nothing wrong with it and it has a photo ID. Some cashiers have said they will accept a health insurance card as a form of ID. Wow, those have social security numbers!! Some cashiers have chastised me publicly. When they hold up a line to chastise my drivers license, which is completely legitimate, and I am nearly a 60-year old grandmotherly woman, I cannot help but wonder who they think the WalMart thieves really are? And why is it that a thief might spend 2 or 3 hours doing a major grocery haul, being seen on nearly every security camera, then go to the checkout and be filmed checking out with a supposed fraudulent card? So now WalMart is labeling us as America's Dumbest Criminals? I would think if I was going to steal anything, I would want to get the heck out of Dodge as quickly as possible, and hopefully not be videotaped in so many angles doing it!

But what bothers me most is that never has my credit card been denied. It has always gone though. Never does any WalMart employee hold on to my card to make any transaction, never have I made any tobacco or alcohol purchases to deem an ID. And, never does WalMart ask for my husband's ID, nor my adult son's ID on those MasterCards. WalMart ONLY asks for my ID when I use my MasterCard. Their random checks prove nothing other than to cause me delay and upset, to rick exposure of my credit card number, and possibly my ID in theft by them - or any of the customers close enough to read my information while an employee is holding it. When I swipe my own card nobody else can even see it.

WalMart's ID policy is very inconsistent, and they do not even follow their own policy. It simply depends on whomever is waiting on you and whatever they decide to do.

I am told that the inconsistency is because some employees are new and therefore do not know what they are saying. This only proves that their employees are not trained enough to know what they are doing when it comes this situation. If they were trained, there would be no inconsistencies. I have encountered cashiers that simply do not like it if you question them, if you do not have ID, if you cause them to have to think of what to do, if you disagree with them, if they must call over a supervisor/manager, and so on. And that cashier will further make your experience poor, because those associates seem to take it personally. As if they are going to show YOU who is 'boss', as if this were a stand-off game that they are allowed to play on you.
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User Replies:
momsey on 02/11/2011:
Yet another reason to stop shopping at Wal Mart.
MRM on 02/11/2011:
The only way I'll stop shopping at Walmart is when they go bankrupt and close the store. Until then, I shall bow down to the almighty retail giant.
ontario_girl on 02/11/2011:
I get your frustration. But how would you feel if your card had been stolen or lost and someone was using itto ring up huge charges? Then you would be mad as all heck that no one asked to see ID.
Anonymous on 02/11/2011:
Ditto momsey. Find another store that appreciates your business and doesn't enjoy putting you through the wringer to buy some groceries. It's common knowledge that most credit card thieves aren't going to run out and stock up on macaroni...they're going to go after big ticket items.
PepperElf on 02/11/2011:
Also sometimes your credit card company issues the "Check ID" request.

And as angry as you are... would you be happy if they never checked ID and someone stole your card to go on a shopping spree?

Or would you be mad that the clerks didn't automatically know it wasn't really you?
yoke on 02/11/2011:
They are doing it for your protection.
I don't see why you would have to put all the items away if you refuse to show ID, just leave the basket and let them do it.
Anonymous on 02/11/2011:
"They are doing it for your protection. "

Absolutely incorrect. The account holder is never held resposible for charges they did not authorize. ID checks afford no protection to the cardholder.

In all my years of shopping at walmart going back to the 70's I have never once been asked for an ID to use a credit card.

I think PepperElf is right. Somebody somewhere is sending out a checkId request.
momsey on 02/11/2011:
Pepper, the OP said she has spoken to her credit card issuer and they didn't issue the check ID request. I believe it because why would they have just the OP show ID and not her hubby with the same credit card?

If WalMart's motives are completely benevolent (they're doing it for the OP's protection), shouldn't she be entitled not to be protected in that way? They're not doing it for her. I'm not sure why they're doing it (since they don't do it to everyone), but it's not for any benevolent reason.
PepperElf on 02/11/2011:
omg LR said I was right? ... is hell frozen over? *grin*

and I still wonder... let's pretend the OP gets her way and never gets checked again. great ... if it's her using the card.

however if the card gets stolen, again what happens? will she be happy if there isn't a check then.

it just seems like some people want employees to always magically know it's Them and not check. Until its a thief. Then the employees are supposed to magically know it's not Them.

I say... be careful what you wish for
Smithsonian on 02/11/2011:
PepperElf: NO, that is inaccurate. My credit card company NEVER, absolutely NEVER has issued an ID check. And they do not do that! I called then just yesterday to inquire their policy. If there is any type of concern, they request a card to be deatined and the police called in. So your post is entirely inaccurate.

And to OntarioGirl: My bank, USAA, does a mighty fine job of taking care of and recognizing very early on if there is any danger of my credit card number being stolen. As for my card itself, if I have it in my hand, it is not stolen. Furthermore, my bank has already told me that this is not the issue at hand. People are stealing credit cards from people and doing grocery shopping for 2-3 hours, sniffing their fruits and feeling their melons and reading labels for ingredients and taking all the time in the world to be videoptaped. Stop misreading the situation at hand. WalMart is wrong. And please explain why you think it might be that they only check one in every 1000 credit card customers, and not each and everyone?

Just because WalMart does this doesn't mean it is right, or useful.
Anonymous on 02/11/2011:
Smithsonian, I still think the clerk is getting a check id notice on the register whether it be from your bank or the walmart computer or something else in the cloud. It's either that or the walmart checkers are out to get you. I'm not saying they're not but I'm thinking the Check ID message is more likely.

What do you think?
PepperElf on 02/11/2011:
some companies do.
also some corporations require id checks for purchases over a specific amount.

the thing is... if you ever lose the card or it gets stolen, those id checks may help stop an illegal purchase. just because someone complains to the store about "how dare you ask me for my id" ... it doesn't mean they're actually the real card holder.

so if someone argues that and wins... and they're not the card holder, you could end up being responsible for the bills they rack up on your account.

but hey... if you want that, by all means, enjoy.
Smithsonian on 02/11/2011:
yoke: I never said I had to put the items away, goodness. I said they tell me that I have to return the entire purchase. That means I must go to the service desk where an employee must take back each grocery item individually as a return, then issue a total credit to my credit card. So ridiculous. And check with your MasterCard on this policy of checking ID. WalMart is wrong.
Smithsonian on 02/11/2011:
LordRothchild: You are correct. WalMart is geting a check ID on their system. But is NOT from the credit card, it IS from within their own system. It is because they randomly check MasterCard purchases. It is WalMart doing it. And they do not check every MasterCard purchase with every person. But, it is still wrong. MasterCard has issued agreements and WalMart simply refuse to follow them. Mastercard can dishonor their agreement with WalMart for not complying.
Mrs. V on 02/11/2011:
One question for the OP. Are you buying any sort of medications (OTC or scropt)? I know that is the only time I am ever asked to show my ID at Wal-Mart (with or without using a CC).
Smithsonian on 02/11/2011:
PepperElf, no, they are not stopping anything. You are also protected by your credit card. And as I stated, not all employees follow the rules and this is what I am saying, that WalMart is proving nothing by randomly checking ID's on MasterCard purchases.
Anonymous on 02/11/2011:
I never get ID checked either, other than occasional booze checks.

I'm fine with that..Cap One (and I'm sure other companies have the same option) offers a "transaction alert" feature - I get an email any time my card is used, with the details of the transaction included. I don't need Walmarts half a*sed excuses about ID checks for my safety.

Anonymous on 02/11/2011:
Smithsonian, Sounds like walmart tagged your card for some reason. Perhaps USAA can help by closing that card and issuing you a different one with a different number. It's worth a shot.


I absolultely love USAA almost as much as I love my iPhone.
Anonymous on 02/11/2011:
I had my debit card info stolen recently and the thieves bought $250 worth of small items; gas, food, alcohol, Redbox movies. Not all thieves buy big expensive items.
Smithsonian on 02/11/2011:
Will someone please tell me what an OP is? Also, as I stated, I am not purchasing anything other than groceries and toiletries, maybe some thread r a magazine... you get it. I never buy any prescriptions at WalMart. And I know that when you do pick up a script, you must sign-off for it at the pharmacy even if you take it to another register. That would not be the reason.
Anonymous on 02/11/2011:
Smitty, OP means 'Original Poster' which in this case is you.
Smithsonian on 02/11/2011:
LordRothschild, one particular employee has informed me that WalMart is doing this to be sort of vindictive. But WalMart tells me they do not have the capability to do that. I surely don't know who is correct on that one, but is is interesting one of their own has told me so much in such great detail. And when I presented that to WalMart, they were only interested in obtaining that employees name instead of addressing the issue. I will not release her name because it does not matter if she is correct or not. And what if WalMart fires her? I don't think so...not going to tell on her. But even if I get a new card from USAA, what if I fall back into their random check and we just start all over? Interestingly, I NEVER get checked on ANY of my other credit cards - not ever.
Smithsonian on 02/11/2011:
Thank you on the definition of OP. I am new to this and that meaning actually never crossed my mind. Also, please, I prefer not to be renamed.
Smithsonian on 02/11/2011:
littleshorty; I am sorry for your loss. My complaint is not about a debit card. My complaint is about a MasterCard. They work differently. And MasterCard has regulations that the merchant is supposed to follow, or Mastercard can revoke the merchant rights.
PepperElf on 02/11/2011:
ID checks are now vindictive? I think that employee was just blowing smoke up your rear end.

That would mean that employees somehow had a magic button that required an ID check... and that they specifically were targeting YOU. And that somehow these employees even had the time to remember who you were - among the thousands of other customers - to target you.

Oy... that's one of the more... interesting... conspiracy theories I've heard of late.
jktshff1 on 02/11/2011:
Simple solution, carry your ID. How is it that you have the credit card and not ID?
MRM on 02/11/2011:
Smithsonian, I was responding to Momsey at the top of the post.
Ponie on 02/11/2011:
jktshff1-- +100!

These facts, phone calls, conversations with employees, etc., just fall too neatly into place.
yoke on 02/11/2011:
smith, why would the transaction go through and then Walmart ask for ID? Usually they ask for ID before the transaction is finished, in case of ID theft. Why not just show ID rather than have to go through the hassle of going to the service desk to have everything returned?
Any time I have been asked for ID it has always been before the transaction is finished, never after.
yoke on 02/11/2011:
jktshff1 +200 I wonder the same thing, why not just show ID. How does one leave home with just a credit card?
PepperElf on 02/11/2011:
ponie + ∞

trmn8r on 02/11/2011:
My understanding was that with Visa and Mastercard, the merchant agreement states you may only *require* ID IF the card is not signed. In other words, you may otherwise ask for it, but not decline a purchase if it is not produced.
ChuhBaca on 02/11/2011:
This is strange that you are being singled out. I would however, gladly show my ID for every debit or credit transaction if I knew it would help to catch some id thieving scum, even if I am protected by my credit card against fraudulent purchases.
Skye on 02/11/2011:
I don't shop at Walmart. But I do get asked for ID when making purchases and I have no problem showing it.

I don't think it's a bad thing for a store to check to make sure you are the card holder, considering how much fraud and ID theft is out there.
Smithsonian on 02/11/2011:
When your credit card has gone through and the purchase was completed, there is no reason for WalMart to randomly come back and ask for ID. And WalMart is not protecting anyone is this practice. They are doing it randomly. Basically it is like saying we are attempting to "protect" you when we feel like it, and we don't protect you when we don't feel like it. And they aren't protecting my card, they are only stopping me from using my own card. No other retailer has ever done this, not ever. When I notified my bank about what WalMart said to me, that my card was being flagged as fraudulent, I was informed that WalMart does not have the right to do this. That my bank does not operate this way. If a card is truly marked fraudulent, my bank requests it be detained and the police called. If WalMart is really into protecting the consumer, then they would be demanding ID check on any and all credit card purchases. There has never been any reason my card should have been singled out, and my bank assured me they do not work that way. I have a problem with WalMart's ID check on several levels. The associates have already proven they do not follow the rules. Some decide to overlook it. Some decide to grill a person about their ID, when in fact there is no reason for that to be done (in my case) and even the manager thought that one was just wrong, that the associate was being a jerk, and apologized for that. But to sometimes let it go while others, not, then to say I can show an insurance card with my social security, while oter times demanding a photo ID, while other times never asking for any ID. Then you are going to tell me the cashier is now trained to do investigative ID checks on a card and ID that are mine, in good standing, there is no fraud here and there never was, that these clerks are so knowledgeable? I know they aren't and WalMart has already poven it by their inconsistencies. It just depends on the person who checks you out.
Smithsonian on 02/11/2011:
PepperElf, why do you reword what is said and take it somewhere else? I was staing what a WalMart employee was telling me. I also said I have no idea if that was truth, period. So please stop taking this in your own direction.

To voke: Why would anyone leave with just a credit card? Who said anyone leaves like that? Sometimes I do not have my purse in the store with me. Sometimes I leave it hidden in my locked, alarmed vehicle. That is why. And because my bank said that I should be able to freely swipe my card without having to interact with the accociates. Many people neve have to show their cards, and I don't know if WalMart can 'single me out'. Maybe they can, maybe they can't. Until they can prove one way or another, I don't know what to believe. But I do know my Mastercard tells me WalMart is not allowed to ask for ID.
Skye on 02/11/2011:
Maybe you should carry the letter from Mastercard, that says they are not allowed to check or ask for ID.

When they ask for ID, whip out your letter, which says asking for proof of identity is not allowed.
Smithsonian on 02/11/2011:
trmn8r: they wouldn't even know if my card is signed or not since they never even see or hold my card. I swipe it myself and that is that, transaction goes through. Anyway, for that matter my card IS signed.
Smithsonian on 02/11/2011:
Skye...carry the letter from Mastercard? WalMart already knows this and that is also a part of what that long-time employee has mentioned.
Skye on 02/11/2011:
My cards say, "see ID", on the back. As I've said, showing ID is to protect you. I know it really aggravates you to have to show it, but think of how much more aggravation you'll have if you become a victim of identity theft.

Skye on 02/11/2011:
Maybe NOT everyone who works for Walmart knows this. Carrying the letter would just be beneficial on your behalf.

Just my 2 cents.
Smithsonian on 02/11/2011:
Ponie, what are you talking about? What is your point? There is one employee who has told me a few so-called 'inside things', not people, just one walmart employee. And what phone calls do you refer to? I would think my credit card issuer would know. There is nothing to support your insinuations. I think you just don't get it.
Smithsonian on 02/11/2011:
Skye, I get what you say. The issue is that WalMart is very inconsistent with their policy, and I hope to bring this to light and would like to make change. Some people are saying this is for the protection of the consumer, but your credit card company already does that. Maybe I'm not talking it well enough, but I do know that if WalMart is inconsistent in their own policies, and if one employee is ignoring while another isn't, yet when some employees say they think I "look alright, just go on" and any and all of their inconsistencies, this is not protecting anyone. And when I have to return my groceries on a transaction which has already completed and approved, and my card is mine and I am the one using it, there is something very wrong with their system. It is mostly card numbers that are taken in the tens of thousands when a store computer is hacked into, and many of those numbers that are taken may never be used before the bank finds out and cancels the credit cards and re-issues a new card to the owners. Many of these crimes involve using the card numbers on the Internet without ever having had an actual card in hand.
Smithsonian on 02/11/2011:
Skye, identity theft and fraudulently using a credit card are not one on the same. WalMart is not stopping identity theft. (I do not have check ID on my card as you say you do). I do know that I am not responsible for fraudulent charges. My bank and credit card are very good. And twice they have notified us that a store computer was hacked into and that our cards were on the list of tens of thousands of numbers stolen. Also, they were able to stop some overseas charges. WalMart is not proving anything and they have not protected me whatsoever.
Skye on 02/11/2011:
I wrote on the back of my card, where you would sign it, "see ID". Then I show my license which has my photo on it, along with my signature. They match up my license signature to the receipt I just signed. Though we all know half the time, those signatures end up looking as if we had been drinking while we were signing.

I get what you are saying. I don't know why they are inconisistent every time you shop there. Does this happen at the same location, or at many other locations?

yoke on 02/11/2011:
smith, since your ID was in your car all you had to do was tell the cashier that your ID was in your car and you will go get it. What is the big deal, why are you getting rude with the posters who do not agree with you? I have NO problem with anyone asking me for ID. I would rather them ask then have to deal with IDtheft down the road. I had credit cards taken out in our name by my brothers ex wife. It was a pain to get taken care of. Had ONE person asked for ID it would have been taken care of weeks earlier.It was a Bob's Store that finally asked for ID and when she could not produce any in MY name was she arrested.
leet60 on 02/11/2011:
"I have been told that if I cannot show ID, I cannot have my groceries, that I must return them."

You are a much nicer person than me Smithsonian, if they told me that the groceries would have remained at the cashier.
ontario_girl on 02/11/2011:
I get that at my work, Skye, in the signature space. "Please ask for ID" or "See ID". I think it's fantastic because those people are taking their own steps toward theft and fraud prevention.
LetitGoShopper on 02/18/2011:
I know this is kind of a late post but here it goes. Whenever a credit card is used on a purchase over $100 total, whether its a debit card converted to credit or an actual credit card. The computer automatically prompts "Compare Slip and Card Signature". Now what that means is the cashier is supposed to compare the signature on the back of your card to the signature on the bottom of your receipt. But being that most people don't even sign the back of their card or they scribble a signature. So that being said most cashiers find it easier to just ask for ID. So the next time you make a purchase over $100 watch the screen and you will see that it doesn't say ask for ID it says Compare slip and Card Signature, and simple sign a legible electronic signature and have your card signed and turned to the back for the cashier to compare that way they don't have to see your card number and its technically what they have to do. I can use my discount card and my credit card yet it always prompts to compare signatures. Also its a myth about stolen cards, if somebody uses a stole card the computer does not tell the cashier to keep the card and call the police it just simply denies it and the thief will only think the cardholder cancelled the card. And its crazy if true if they made you go to customer service and return each item considering the fact a whole transaction can be cancelled within a matter of a minute.
John on 08/03/2013:
A teller at Cushing, Oklahoma walmart demanded MY id because my WIFE was buying Cigarettes.
Yes, we are both well over 18, My Wife had already showed her id when the teller demanded to see mine as well. Claimed it is walmart policy.
After talking to her manager ,then to cooperate managers ,I received a call from Shannon, the manager of Cushing Walmart who verified that yes, that is their policy, though in over 30 years of shopping in that town and until 5 years ago buying cig's and beer along with everything else I get at walmart I had never saw it happen before two days ago.

I am sure this is a violation of our 4th amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution.
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Walmart employee cashier RUDE !
Posted by on
250 WILDCAT DRIVE, CALIFORNIA -- From what I remember, you could check out at any register and never be turned away.

Well a girl who was checking out this customer (yes she had her light off)yet she took that cusatomer then turned off her light), but this Walmart has employees who do not know the rules of the business. I just was to tired to raise hell.

The Girl was checking out this lady I was in this line which had 4 people ahead of me with baskets full and there was one more register way across the store opened.

The girl check out this lady so I got out of the line with one item in my hand. I told her I only have one item and she said "I'm sorry I can't take you I'm closed I said "All I have is one item" She said well if I take you then I have to take others" I said "so" She "I'm Sorry" When I turned to look at the line I had gotten out of which had Like 5 more people which made it like now about 10 people ahead of
me. I just dropped the item and left the store. Went home!

WOW I started thinking about this and I should have raised hell. Just so you know, I am going to be a up on you guys about opening your register once I see the line going into the where people walk with there baskets to get into the register. YOu people that work at Walmart and treat customers bad are the reason you have customers who get what they want so believe me I will be getting what I want when I want it. NOw if you don't like your job then quit and let other have that job that want a job and can handle people. Thank You
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User Replies:
ChuhBaca on 12/27/2011:
Her light was off.
Kris10 on 12/27/2011:
As a former Cashier at a particularly busy Giant Foods in PA, sometimes you HAVE to turn away customers when your light is off. If she didn't, she may have NEVER gotten out of there. I say kudos to the cashier. Sometimes it's tough to stand up for yourself when faced with a customer who wants to check out, even with only one item. If her light was off and there was only 2 other registers open, then you should have checked with CS to see if they would have taken you.
JayByJay on 12/27/2011:
"From what I remember, you could check out at any register and never be turned away."

Where do you remember that from? Because you're remembering it wrong. And in this case it's perfectly reasonable that she couldn't take you on her register because she was probably going home!
Anonymous on 12/27/2011:
Indeed Chubaca. It's no different than any other establishment shutting and locking their doors at closing time. At some point, they have to have a cut-off and stop ringing up customers. At Walmart, that point is usually when the light gets switched off...which it was.
Kris10 on 12/27/2011:
I just reread your review. You even say that she said she was sorry! What more did you want from a cashier? Do you stay overtime at work and not get paid for it? Because I guarantee you, if she'd stayed 5 more minutes to check you out, she wouldn't have been paid for it. Walmart is horrible about those kinds of things.

Also, I'm going to quote something you said, "so believe me I will be getting what I want when I want it." It's that kind of self-entitled attitude that has those cashiers not wanting to stay late just for you.

When I was a cashier, I only stayed late once. I didn't get paid for it, but it was for one of my best customers who was always pleasant and complimentary.
JayByJay on 12/27/2011:
Hell, if she stayed 5 more minutes to check you out she probably could have been written up or fired.
trmn8r on 12/27/2011:
I fully support the CSR's actions here - she responded courteously and professionally.

It may have gotten interesting if you had "raised hell" over this situation...
bcd on 12/27/2011:
It may have been the end of her shift. Maybe she needed to pick up a child from daycare to avoid a late pickup penalty (which many daycare services charge).
yoke on 12/27/2011:
Walmart is the only store I know of that will actually close registers when there are long lines of customers waiting to check out. Stores NORMALLY will open registers when there are more than 3 customers waiting, not Walmart they instead close registers. If it was the end of her shift then management should have had someone there to replace her, not just shut down a lane. walmart was 100% wrong here.
Glad the OP left without giving walmart their business.
CowboyFan on 12/27/2011:
Not only does the op expect special treatment, she expects the clerk to take her ahead of the 4 other people in line in front of her when the registered closed. Kris10 is right about this entitlement belief. People somehow think they are the exception to the rule.
Skye on 12/27/2011:
Why not contact Walmarts coporate, and see what they tell you, what protocol is when the cashiers lights are turned off.

It's never personal, it's just business. Was the self check available? That may have been an option for you to ring up your one item. I know I know, why should you have to, but it's again, just a suggestion to avoid being aggravated.
Anonymous on 12/27/2011:
If the light is off, then the register is closed. I've seen some grocery stores not only turn off the light, but they put a chain behind the last person in line so nobody else can walk up and stand in line. That cashier was probably going on break, lunch, or clocking out. Some places are very strict about taking breaks and clocking out on time. Busy or not, the cashier had every right to turn you away. I work in a high volume call center. If I waited til there were no calls on hold to take a break or clock out, I would never get off the phones.
Starlord on 12/27/2011:
I have spent many years studying the human animal. Contrary to what you believe, it is standard operating procedure to turn the light off before you get to the end of the line. If they operated the way you seem to think it should,they would never reach the end of the line, because people would still be getting into the line. As we have told so many in these forums, not getting your way does not make the employee rude.
cgim2012 on 03/10/2012:
Actually everyone is kind of wrong, and kind of right. At walmart the CSM's are told to shut off the light and put up a sign marking the line as closed well within a reasonable time to let the cashier finish the line before the break/lunch or clock out time. Then the CSM is supposed to be the one to turn away people from coming into the end of the line. BUT yes the light was off, and believe me, one extra person no matter how small the item or line can easily make that employee late to clock out, which they can get fired for. BUT they can also get fired for not taking that last person if the CSM wasn't doing their job. It's a total double standard.
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Cashiers Are the Rudest.
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Rating: 2/51
RED WING, MINNESOTA -- Each and every time we go to the Wal Mart in Red Wing, we see what the true meaning of rude is. The cashiers are so unhappy with their jobs, they don't even look up at you to say hi. And if you want a fish? You have to go search for an employee. The attitudes show, and they make a person who woke up in a cheerful mood, not so cheerful. yesterday we purchased &158.00 worth of goods and one of the nose spray boxes were opened, we asked if the cashier had a piece of tape, and she said "Honey, I don't have no tape". I could go on, but I won't. The reason we go back is there is not a large variety of low cost stores in Red Wing.
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User Replies:
Alain on 09/26/2013:
We, fortunately, do have some other stores to go to so we stay away from Walmart. Hopefully at some point Redwing might get some alternative stores near you.
Terry on 10/01/2013:
Hey, she called you honey. Most of the cashiers in our Walmart are very nice. You probably have to go to customer service for tape, but if that was my nose spray box open I would not have bought it. Maybe the someone who opened it, Used it. Ewwwwww
anon walmart cashier on 10/21/2013:
I think you really hit why people were rude in that statement "The cashiers are so unhappy with their jobs, they don't even look up at you to say hi.".
We're almost all workin' on min wage, or if you're like 2/3rds of my fellow cashiers, workin' min wage at 2 jobs while trying to get a college education. People come in and treat us like dirt for 24-40 hours a week, we struggled to be happy in a terrible work environment we're forced into because happiness is for the financially stable, other things are happening in our life.

Last month my father was hit by a truck who was sppeeding 100 mph through a red light, we can't afford medical bills for but one person in our family right now, I have to choose between rent, gas, or food (and I always end up starving), while working part time at two minimum wage jobs knowing very well that I don't have another day off until December, and after that I get another day off sometime in April, and all on top of my 16 credit hour college weeks. If I'm not talkative or trying to make eye contact while scanning and bagging your items it may be because I"m trying to not burst into tears so they don't send me home and take away some of my paycheck or threaten to fire me.
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Bad Customer Service + Would Not Accept Manufacturer's Coupon As Claimed
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA -- The Walmart in Milpitas CA would not accept the manufacturer's coupons I gave them at the cashier ( I cut 1 of them from the Sunday paper and the other one I printed from the manufacturer's website). Two separate times I had to wait for like 10 minutes for the manager/ upper management, and then all they told me was they know the coupons are legitimate but they are not in their system so they cannot accept it.

OK both times I was holding a crying baby (my baby cried from waiting for them) waiting for an answer but that's what they said to me? I shop at CVS and Safeway too and their manager would still accept my LEGITIMATE coupons (I'm talking about ONLY ONE coupon) if it happens that the coupon is not in their system. But this is not the case at Walmart. Worse still, they made me wait for them for 10 minutes?

Really? And all they said was Sorry? And the 2nd time this lady told me she knew there is a problem in their system, but then she can do nothing? She did not even try to fix the problem or tell this to the upper management? I had to ask her to report this problem and then she simply said "OK" to try to get rid of me!

And when I told them it's their problem and they should honor my coupon because they claimed that they'd accept manufacturer's coupon, she said sorry she cannot do anything about it. OK NOW this is not about the money, but if you claim that you accept coupons, you should do your job. And the staff at Walmart made me feel like I'm wrong to complain?

I'm VERY disappointed about the BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE at the Milpitas Walmart. They made a lady carrying a crying baby for 15 minutes wait there for nothing, plus made her feel like she was wrong to express her own opinion (oh yes, it made me feel like I have a problem that I had to say something when they are NOT accepting the legitimate coupons even they said they would). This is just outrageous. This is NOT how you treat your customers.
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 09/09/2013:
If their system didn't or couldn't accept the coupons then there's little they could do about it. It could be an issue with the POS or perhaps their database didn't have those coupons in them, I agree they should have be able to accept them, but there's probably nothing that could've been done on the store level to fix this problem in short time frame. My suggestion would be to go to a different store that could accept them.

As for your child. It's your decision to bring your child along with you when you go shopping. A crying child isn't Walmart's problem.
luvofbeauty75 on 09/10/2013:
I understand that probably they cannot do anything about it. But being that this is not the first time plus their slow service and poor attitude, this made their loyal customer feel very miserable. They could have told me their system wouldn't allow them to fix it themselves if the coupon was not there and apologize sincerely for keeping me to wait. But they would inform the upper level about this. This is NOT that hard to say right? Also I knew a crying baby is not Walmart's problem (and I did not know that it's not advised to bring my baby to shop?), but it's the long waiting (with the cashier just called the manager and then let us stand there and said nothing!) that pissed me off and the baby. They (both the cashier and manager) NEVER said anything like "sorry to keep you waiting for so long". If you understand me, it's the whole situation and their poor attitude, but not solely the coupon problem. About the coupons, all they said was "sorry we cannot accept the coupons even they are legitimate. It's the system's problem." And they implied that they would NOT tell the upper level, they are NOT even going to try. I mean of course I will go to another store, but if they KNEW the problem and are not even telling the upper level or at least try to fix it, that means they don't care to provide this service to their customers. Oh and it's like they don't accept all kinds of coupons ?

All in all, I am really disappointed about their poor customer service, poor attitude and the failed system.
geljs on 11/04/2013:
Had a similar experience today, thank godness it was a small shopping trip and my kids weren't with me. But these coupons came off the product in the store, the cashier removed them herself since in the past I had had issue with me removing them. I'm just not going back there are other stores more than happy to take my money and accept my coupons
OrlandoJr on 01/23/2014:
These are the customers I hate to get behind. If their system does not accept the coupons, move on. The amount saved is minimal compared to the time wasted for everyone behind you.

My policy is that if I would not pay for the product without the coupon or rebate, I don't buy it. There are too many problems with these things, and if I actually save money, I treat it as a miracle gift.
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Wal-Mart Copy Paper Not Scanning
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Rating: 1/51
GOODYEAR, ARIZONA -- Have you ever gone to a register with a product that did not scan or needed a price check? Yes, this is obviously annoying, but usually handled relatively quickly (if the service is good). Today, at Wal-Mart, I had the worst response to a product not scanning. I was in the 15 or less isle (with a growing line of equally annoyed customers). My case of copy paper was not scanning. The cashier and manager had told me that they were unable to sell me a case of copy paper. I informed them there were two cases on the shelf and the price was located beneath the case. The manager went to get the sticker, scanned the price and I thought I was on my way. The cashier stopped me and asked me to wait for the manager to double check the price. Mind you, this was after I purchased the product. I waited for the manager to come back. He stated that he was unable to give me the case and that I had to purchase the reams individually. I asked the manager to get me the 10 reams of paper at similar cost to the case that stored the same 10 reams. He did and I had to exchange my case of 10 reams of paper for 10 individual reams of paper. The total cost difference was an extra charge of 79 cents that I did not have to pay. A bit moronic, but there it is. I completed a survey with extremely low scores for cashier customer service. It was a complete waste of time.

The worst part of the experience was that I had paid for a product and was treated like I was trying to underpay for something that was clearly labeled in the isle. Maybe I'll stick to online shopping for copy paper. The deals are pretty much the same. Have you ever experienced something similar?
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Checking Out
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
RUSTON, LOUISIANA -- Tonight I visited the Walmart Store (#0023) in Ruston, Louisiana as I have done for the 1,000th time. Upon check out, I explained to the cashier that my mother would be checking out behind me and she would be writing a check. She is 87 years old and lives in a nursing home and did not have her I.D. with her and my name was on her checks as well so could they just take my I.D. They said that was fine BUT when I went to check out with my purchases my driver's Lic. has my first name, middle initial, and last name on it. The cashier refused to accept my I.D. because the driver's Lic had my first name and my checks have my middle name on them. I showed two picture I.D.'s, (Dr. Lic. and Concealed Weapon Permit) and he refused to accept. (I suppose I stole some ladies purse who looks EXACTLY like me.) My master card had the same name on it as my checks.

I have NEVER been treated like that at a Walmart store before. I had to use one of my mothers checks and when I signed the electronic devise, I signed with my middle name and guess what??? He accepted a different signature but wouldn't take TWO not ONE but TWO picture I.D.'s. If Walmart offers a health plan, I would highly suggest that they send this employee to get a lobotomy as soon as possible...

If you're not going to use your brain, you might as well have it removed.
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User Replies:
BigAl on 02/18/2013:
I've got a better one than that. I took my friend to the local Walmart to buy a microwave oven because the one he had quit working. My friend was blinded in Viet Nam while serving with the Army Airborne. They refused to take his check because he did not have a drivers license. He did have a state issued ID. I requested a manager to intervene in hope to inject some common sense into the situation. Boy was I wrong. The manager agreed with the cashier that a drivers license was needed. To settle the problem my friend said "I'll just use my credit card so there will be no problem" Now at this point in time I had used my credit card numerous times at Walmart and never had to show any further ID but he was told that the credit card also needed a drivers license to be used. Keep in mind that they did this to a person who gave up his eyesight for our country. I could have used my credit card and ended the transaction but by this time my friend wanted nothing to do with being their customer so we left. Since this happened in the evening time I returned to Walmart the next day and asked to see the store manager. When I related to him what had happened he seemed truly remorseful for the incident and promised something like that will never happen again. He took part of the blame because they had recently posted at the registers that only instate drivers license could be used for ID in check cashing transactions and never foresaw a problem like this might occur. When questioned why the credit card was also refused he said at that point the manager on duty was just being a "dick" (his words) and he reassured me that it would be rectified. I certainly hope it has been.
ok4now on 02/18/2013:
The problem is Walmart not you. Why stress yourself out over these toads? Shop where your business is appreciated and you won't have to deal with this crap.
sabletaz on 02/18/2013:
Good advice ok4now....
yoke on 02/18/2013:
For some odd reason walmart thinks everyone has a drivers license and will not accept any other type of government issued ID.
jktshff1 on 02/19/2013:
And people wonder why I won't set foot in a walmut.
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Worst Cashier, Disgruntled And Would Not Acknowledge Me
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Rating: 1/51
Wal-Mart is not my favorite store. I only shop there because they are convenient and they have lower prices on everyday food Staples. My shopping is confined to the grocery area, so I'm in and out quickly. I found a short line for checkout and placed my items to be scanned. The cashier looked miserable and never said a word. Would it be too much effort to say "Hello" or "Thank You?"

When the total rang up the cashier just stood there, waiting for payment but never saying the amount owed. I had to read it off the scanner. Okay, I realize I'm not at Macy's or Kohl's, who provide great customer service, but this was ghetto. Wal-Mart needs to train their employees better and pay them a decent wage to provide better customer service.
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User Replies:
leet60 on 01/29/2013:
I do not ever expect a lot from Walmart employees; but at a minimum being acknowledged and basic courtesy should be the normal course of business. I believe you hit the nail on the head whey you said they should be paid a decent wage. Walmart is notorious for low wages and poor treatment of their associates.

I simply try to kill them with kindness as one can never be expected to know what is driving a poor attitude.
MRM on 01/29/2013:
Its not just Walmart, but there are other stores that don't greet me at the checkout. If they don't greet me, then I would initiate the greeting. Not greeting me doesn't bother me at all.
clutzycook on 01/29/2013:
I wish my local Walmart would bring back the self scanning lines. My transactions are not complicated and the computers are generally friendlier than the humans.
Anonymous on 01/29/2013:
Sounds like a typical Wal-mart employee to me. Eh it don't bother me any I don't go there to interact with the employees. Well unless I need help with is a different story lol they run for the hills
JR in Orlando on 01/29/2013:
Other people have personal problems, just like I do, e.g. The cashier's baby might be sick, her husband left her, her mother was found to have cancer. It is not so important how other people treat me in those situations, as it is how I treat them. Perhaps a cheery smile and warm greeting will help the cashier have a better day.
MRM on 01/29/2013:
Awesome advice JR!
trmn8r on 01/29/2013:
I expect precisely 0 (zero) in customer service at WallsMart, and on the rare occasions I find myself in that establishment, my expectations are usually met.

For this reason, in addition to the fact that the fruit vegetables and meats looked like a government experiment, I decided to shop elsewhere. I pay maybe 3% more, but it is well worth it. I feel like a human being after I leave my grocery store, and I don't have to wonder what country or star my apples came from.
Anna Molly on 01/30/2013:
Trmn8r's comment was spot on, perfect even, with my opinion of walmart.

JAKFK on 02/02/2013:
JR in Orlando took the words right out of my mouth, almost verbatim.
Susan on 02/03/2014:
Maybe the cashier just had a bad cashier right before that and that put them in a bad mood
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Customer Check Out
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ROUTE 30, LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- The Walmart Store on Route 30 (Lincoln Highway East), Lancaster, PA. This store does not serve the customers. The clerks talk to their friends while checking out customers (not the one being checked out), added another customer's items on my bill. To top it off yesterday I was in the 20 items or less register line. An obnoxious woman was ahead of me and I thought she was in the line across the aisle as she had 2 full grocery carts of items in the 20 or less line. Unfortunately she was in the 20 or less line and put her items up on the non-rolling counter. The clerk apparently was her friend and checked out 2 full cart loads of items in this 20 item register. The obnoxious woman said loudly "people should expect to wait in line at Walmart"! Yes, usually there are busy lines but she should not have been in that line. While the clerk slowly, I mean very slowly checked out the numerous items while talking freely with this obnoxious woman, apparently a friend since while checking me out she continued her conversation and told her to call her later. The cashier rang up the next customer's Coke on my bill. She then told me they are required to check out anyone coming to the 20 item or less line, even if they have 2 full carts of items. I checked with a manager and Walmart policy is to check them out. Meanwhile the rest of us with fewer than 20 items had to wait. All the other registers were busy too since there were only about 4 registers open around noon time on a FRIDAY! Sam Walton must be rolling over in his grave. We certainly cannot count on Walmart to serve the customer who just wants a few items and a quick exit. If I had to return to work, I would have left those items there and walked out. My next shopping trip will be to Target. I worked at a retail store previously and we had to tell people coming to the Express Line if they were over the number of items, explaining politely that this register was only for 20 items or less and they would need to go to another register. But then we had enough open registers to handle a Friday, not just a few. Walmart better think about improving customer service. No wonder Lancaster County people do not want them to build another store in our County. Now I understand.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/14/2012:
Does this Walmart have self checkout lanes? I use those if I only have a few items to purchase.
biomajor on 07/14/2012:
This sounds like almost a typical day at Walmart. I also shop elsewhere for everything.
yoke on 07/15/2012:
This is the norm for Walmart.
oldisgood on 07/15/2012:
I, too, shop elsewhere - anywhere else. Walmart used to be good, but in my opinion, it is going to be the next discount store to be going out of business. Not this year, but in the near future. There is too much competition for people to put up with the long lines, rude employees, bad produce, and questionable meats.
CowboyFan on 07/16/2012:
When people have that many items in the 20 items or less lane, I confront them and tell the clerk not to check them out. If the clerk's will not enforce the rules, then the other people in line need to start speaking up.

The best thing I ever heard about someone with too many items in the check out lane is to ask them: Did they go to Harvard and can't count, or did they go to MIT and can't read. I thought that was funny.
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Poor policy
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
SAN JACINTO, CALIFORNIA -- The following has happened to me three different times at three different stores. The good news is Walmart policy is consistent. The bad news is it results in people, me included hating to go to Walmart.

Everything is OK until I get to the Check out. I pay for my items, the cashier scans them and puts them in their lazy susan type of contraption. The cashier then puts the bag(s)on top of this rotating unit. Since I bought two different type of items and I see two bags, I assume I have everything. No, I get home only to find out I have to drive all the way back to get my merchandise. Granted, I should have checked to make sure I have everything but there should be some responsibility on the cashier's end to make sure I have all my purchases. I really hate Walmart because of this and will go anywhere else if I can.

The last time I was there, another customer was at the register for the exact same reason so, this method of check out needs to be resolved. You would think all of the manager brains could figure this out.
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User Replies:
Skye on 04/12/2012:
What did the manager tell you, when you complained about this?
andbran on 04/12/2012:
IMO you should be completely responsible about getting your merchandise. since I always use a cart I put the bags in as soon as they take it off the carosel. their only job is to scan, bag, and collect payment.
trmn8r on 04/12/2012:
I sympathize with your situation, but the first time I saw this contraption, I realized it was up to me to make sure I had my bags. The tipoff was the cashier rotated it away from herself towards me, so there no longer was any way for her to know which bag was which.

I expect horrible customer service at WallsMart, which is why I don't shop there. This contraption blends in nicely with their "we couldn't care less about you" motif.
Anonymous on 04/12/2012:
I always give the carousel an extra spin to double check I got everything. It takes just a few seconds and is faster than having to drive back to the store
trmn8r on 04/12/2012:
I give the carousel a spin to mess with the cashier's head, and because I'm immature.
Anonymous on 04/12/2012:
I hate that carousel, I can see how someone can forget their stuff using that thing.
trmn8r on 04/12/2012:
I'm surprised Seinfeld never did a bit about the carousel. "What's the deal with the carousel? Have you SEEN one of these things?..."
DebtorBasher on 04/12/2012:
And WHY is it called a 'carousel'? It doesn't play music...it doesn't have big plastic animals with poles stuck through their necks.
Anonymous on 04/12/2012:
It spins.
DebtorBasher on 04/12/2012:
So does your head, but no one calls it a carousel!
Anonymous on 04/12/2012:
No, they call it pretty.
The Triplets boy boy girl on 04/12/2012:
It is your responsibility to make sure you took everything you purchased. Mistakes happen we bought a whole bunch of Easter candy, one chocolate egg was not in the bag we went back and got the egg. But it is your responsibility to make sure you took everything with you as well. People need to learn how to take responsibility for their mistakes.
onlooker on 04/13/2012:
the carousel makes it easier to pack the bags and get your money - and get the next source of cash through the check out.
No bagger, no nothing - so as noted one must be mindful of what one is doing - at all times especially at walmart which is designed to separate you from your cash. (and fulfill your shopping needs)
CrazyRedHead on 04/13/2012:
Once you have paid for your stuff it becomes your responsibility. I always spin the wheel to make sure I got everything, I even speak up and ask "Did I get everything?" That usually reminds the cashier if she sat anything on the floor. When doing this I have never left anything behind, although there is room for a first time as I can be kind of absent minded at times.
Churro on 04/13/2012:
I do the same as CrazyRedHead which tells you this is a broken process when you have to interrogate the cashier in order to insure you got everything you paid for. Wal-Mart really needs to look into improving this process.
trmn8r on 04/13/2012:
It isn't a broken process if you understand how it works. The OP says it has happened 3 times at 3 different stores, but the process is identical at each store. A regular shopper, and thank heaven I am not one, would get to know the routine. I've left a bag behind at Wegman's once or twice - it can happen if you aren't paying attention.
Churro on 04/13/2012:
It's a broken process.
Fiddle T D on 04/13/2012:
I agree with most and not with others on this complaint. Bottom line, be proactive and check your purchases before you leave the store. I'll just have to say - this one's on you.
The Triplets boy boy girl on 04/13/2012:
I just like it when people don't want to take responsibility for their actions. Besides spinning that thing is fun.
furnman on 04/13/2012:
What is the old saying, if it happens once shame on them, if it happens again shame on you. Knowing this is a flawed process I always double check to make sure nothing is left on the spiny thing.
trmn8r on 04/13/2012:
I am not diminishing the review, because the OP has a right to suggest that they change to another method, but this is only a flawed process as someone else described if the consumer doesn't take their goods with them. This can happen at any store with any setup except where they hand the bags directly to you.
Churro on 04/13/2012:
And a broken clock is right two times a day. SO?

It's a flawed process.
Fiddle T D on 04/13/2012:
I'm siding with Churro on this one
SteveWiginowski on 04/13/2012:
The reason this is a flawed process is because it's new and people aren't fully used to it. They are used to someone else bagging their items and handing them the bags or having them put into a cart. This process relies on the customer to be responsible for their own bags. It's not how things have been done before, so people may forget their bags.
Nohandle on 04/13/2012:
Quite a number of years ago I shopped at a new grocery store for me. They also utilized the carousel type of contraption. I loaded my cart with my purchases and was headed for the door when the cashier called out to me that I had forgotten something. I don't shop there often but all it took was that one trip to remember to double check each time I left that store.

I've almost walked out of other stores without all my bags so I can't blame it all on the type of arrangement at the checkout. Try not to shop if you are in a rush. That's been my experience each time it happened. Darn, I'll tell a cashier to charge me for a packet of postage stamps that they can't give you until they open their register at the end of your total transaction. Yep, they will forget to give them to you and I'll forget to remind them if I have a cart full of groceries to attend to.
Starlord on 04/14/2012:
It is not a flawed process, but a logical and easy to use device. The cashier places your merchandise in the bags and rotates it as he or she fills the bags. Your job is to take the bag off of the carousel and place it in your cart. Usually, bags placed on the platform above the bags contain things like eggs or medicationsIt is not the cashier's job to see that you retrieve your merchandise it is yours. Want to get in good with the employees? If you see a large bag, like dog food or charcoal, or any large package on the lower rack, and the cashier doesn't notice it, ask her if she has seen Bob. Crystal worked at WalMart once and that is their code for check the bottom of the basket.
jmk on 04/21/2012:
I used to work for Walmart and when those carousels were installed the cashiers were trained to place all bags in the shopping cart for the customer or hand the bag(s) to them and this would alleviate any bags left behind. I'm not saying everyone complied but we(management) would make sure they were reminded constantly about the proper procedure. If/when I go to any store I always check and ask the cashier if I have all my bags even if they hand them to me.
whythelongfaces on 05/14/2012:
I pay attention to what and how much I buy and grab my bags when they spin the carousel. I also do not talk on my cell phone while at the checkout, so I have plenty of time to pay attention.

I also price match everything so I am the person you do not want to be behind lol.
Dahnoo on 08/12/2012:
I see validity in both sides. I too have had to go back after tearing through my house looking for a missing bag that doesn't exist. The thing is I always ask "do I have all my bags" before I leave. They nod, I will give a cursory glance, and headout. If all the cashiers do is scan and bag, well, I can do that myself. Just put up the auto check out. I use those all the time at the markets. You know - all or nothing at all.

The other day, a woman almost walked out without two of her bags (one of which I could see being her fault - it was out in the open, but then tucked near the cashier (it was not a carousel, it was a linear straight through area on the side of the store's check out area)was a 2nd bag. You couldn't see it from the customers vantage point. I was off to the side and pointed it out.

I'll take the heat for it - as I do see that point. But I don't have x-ray vision. You are sort of forced to move quickly as when they complete your transaction, another batch of stuff comes heading your way from the next person.
Oeyeso on 10/26/2012:
Our Walmart employees act offended when we ask. They have also started ringing someone else so if I "give the wheel a final spin" I risk hurting the cashiers hand or busting the next customers eggs or whatever. If I have a cart full I can't exactly go item by item and check before I leave. I have left something before, called and asked, their reply..."We don't have any idea. Everything that gets left gets put back on the shelf". Well now... that's a plan! Devise a contraption that spins so you don't see your stuff on the other side, provide ZERO customer service, everything they don't give us, they RESALE!!! There aren't many companies that can sell one item multiple times! What if the family helps unpack and two days later you realize that "item X" got purchased as planned but just never made it home! Why haven't the criminals of the world picked up on this?!? Criminals buy an expensive item, take it home say they never got it, get another one. Bring the first one back get their money back and "WALA" it's free. It's no wonder there are so many criminals! Seriously the process does not need to have this many loop holes!!! Either post a sign that requires us to "give the wheel a final spin"( without the eye-roll of the cashier) or make it part of the cashiers standard operating procedure to do so.
chicagodaisy on 11/19/2012:
You people saying "take responsibility for your stuff" have obviously never shopped at my Walmart. The cashier starts scanning and bagging the next customers stuff as she's handing me my receipt.
We customers don't do the spin here. The last 5 items on my receipt didn't make it home tonight.

Smitty103 on 06/16/2013:
This is so infuriating to the customer. I believe it is the bagger's responsibility to make sure that the purchaser has all the bags in their possession. It would be illegal for the purchaser to go behind the counter to make sure he or she got all their stuff. It is also a waste of gas for the purchaser to go back to the store. The bagger is the only one who knows if all the bags are picked up or not. I think it is totally the bagger's fault and I will not go back to a store if the bagger cannot put the bags in a place where I can retrieve them.
MesquiteMom on 08/22/2013:
When this happened to me last night the cashier told me that was all and was already putting the next customers items on the spin thingie!
broken system on 11/12/2013:
Just got home an hour ago, it is almost 10:00 pm. I just realized I did not get the greeting card and two mini toothbrushes. Very small items, which could have easily gone inside the sack with the 4 other things. Why is it that every item needs one sack? I could have easily carried a small greeting card and two little tiny disposable tooth brushes along with the other items. I am too tired to drive back across town and get this stuff. Last time I did this, same thing, I just left it. How much money does walmart make restocking sold items, that is what I wonder?
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A cashiers look at things
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ROGERS, ARKANSAS -- I couldn't help but notice there are a lot of complaints about different things on this site. I thought I would say something as well. As a cashier I know I try my hardest to make my customers happy, but I can't do that for every single customer.

I sometimes find myself in odd situations were my mind and my heart want me to voice an opinion, but my jaw stays locked, my lips sealed. It could be for any reason, not wanting to hurt someones feelings... I think to long on the subject or I'm scared I will get fired. Like today for instance.

A woman came through my line at Walmart. When she went to swipe her card she noticed the option for Spanish on my card reader. For some reason this upset her. She went off on how this is America and that everyone needs to learn English to be here. Mind you she started using some not very nice language. Behind her there actually was a Hispanic family with two little boys.

Without missing a beat I thought well mam' what language do you speak? Do you speak native American? What country does your language come from? All that came out though after a bit of a pause was I think they are pretty helpful as I handed her the change. I remember she looked at me in disgust as if me thinking that was horrible. As if I was un-American for appreciating something like that.

After she left I stared down at my register for a moment before checking out the family that was behind her. I couldn't help but think that I love how the USA is a melting pot... and it makes our culture so much richer having all these different cultures around us. we have so many different types of people. I know I would personally love to know other languages and know other cultures. Lifting my head all I could do was smile apologetically at the mother of the two boys as I started cashing her out.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 08/14/2011:
I agree 110% with you!!

I understand how difficult it can be when the average person is a negative nancy. I bet you so want to tell people to go kiss a dead fish some days.

I found this very helpful!
Anonymous on 08/14/2011:
Somewhere along the way, a vast majority of customers picked up the misconception that they are God, and that everyone else is beneath them and only there to serve their every want and desire at the snap of a finger.
Anonymous on 08/14/2011:
Working customer service is hard and it can be difficult to stay quiet and not voice our opinions. I commend you for not telling that rude woman off.
At Your Service on 08/14/2011:
Fantastic story. Thanks for posting.
madconsumer on 08/14/2011:
this is not a story, it is the point of view from a walmart cashier.
jktshff1 on 08/14/2011:
"I love how the USA is a melting pot" means that people assimilate into the society and the people that have to press Spanish aren't.
madconsumer on 08/14/2011:
jkt, it is a north/south America thing. I am sure in spain, it says for portuguese, press ......
clutzycook on 08/14/2011:
Depends, jkt. If they just got off the boat and are still in the process of learning, then I'm all for it. It's the ones who are here for 20 years and refuse to assimilate even a little bit that burn my cookies.
ontario_girl on 08/14/2011:
No issues with immigration here but when I have to hold up my line for twenty minutes playing the guessing game "What Does the Customer Want?" because they don't speak a word of English, those customers in line begin to get a little angry. And who do they take it out on? Yours truly.
Old Timer on 08/14/2011:

In So Cal we speak something called Spanglish. You know just enough Spanish to mix in with English to get your point across. Most of us (still) don't speak fluent Spanish, but you have to know enough to get a fast food order correct. But what is really start to piss me off is having to understand different dialects of Hindi, Spanish and Philippine if you need CSR assistance.

I'm an American, I live in America, I speak English, is it too much to ask for an English speaker when I call an American company about something? Guess so, sad...
Anonymous on 08/14/2011:
There are a lot of Mexican Americans in California and some try to assimilate, some don't. One of my co-workers speaks perfect English but he says that he uses the Spanish option on ATM's, at the grocery store card swiper, etc, simply so he doesn't make a mistake on his finances. If it puts his mind at ease and doesn't affect anyone else, then who cares if a person uses that option? As long as my English option is there, then I couldn't care less what other languages can be chosen.

OT, you and I agree on that subject. Outsourced customer service pisses me off.
jktshff1 on 08/14/2011:
I don't really care what they do in Spain or South America for that matter.I am anti illegal immigration I am not anti immigration, and have high respect for those that jump in learn the language and truly assimilate or jump in the melting pot if you will.
Skye on 08/15/2011:
+1000 Jkt!

Good review OP. The lady who went off on you forgot you weren't the one who makes the rules for the store, as to what lanquage someone has a choice from, when it coms to using the card reader. The card reader should have several languages to choose from, if they are going to offer a lanquage choice.

hard_working_cashier on 08/15/2011:
Thank you. I'm glad you guys liked the review.
jugrotie on 11/26/2011:
I started working at Walmart in southern Alabama, and I have always been nice to the customer's who talk to me and have conversations with me.

However, after I checked out a very large fellow in a wheelchair, a fit tanned man came up after him. He blatantly says "shame, he's too young to be in a wheelchair. I can't stand fat people. There's too many fat people around here, it's disgusting."

Normally I would just say nothing and smile, but having an overweight husband I felt a sense of disgust on how this man can be so hateful and blatanly insulting to other customers.
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