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Checking Out
Posted by Sklonadier57 on 02/18/2013
RUSTON, LOUISIANA -- Tonight I visited the Walmart Store (#0023) in Ruston, Louisiana as I have done for the 1,000th time. Upon check out, I explained to the cashier that my mother would be checking out behind me and she would be writing a check. She is 87 years old and lives in a nursing home and did not have her I.D. with her and my name was on her checks as well so could they just take my I.D. They said that was fine BUT when I went to check out with my purchases my driver's Lic. has my first name, middle initial, and last name on it. The cashier refused to accept my I.D. because the driver's Lic had my first name and my checks have my middle name on them. I showed two picture I.D.'s, (Dr. Lic. and Concealed Weapon Permit) and he refused to accept. (I suppose I stole some ladies purse who looks EXACTLY like me.) My master card had the same name on it as my checks.

I have NEVER been treated like that at a Walmart store before. I had to use one of my mothers checks and when I signed the electronic devise, I signed with my middle name and guess what??? He accepted a different signature but wouldn't take TWO not ONE but TWO picture I.D.'s. If Walmart offers a health plan, I would highly suggest that they send this employee to get a lobotomy as soon as possible...

If you're not going to use your brain, you might as well have it removed.
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Posted by BigAl on 2013-02-18:
I've got a better one than that. I took my friend to the local Walmart to buy a microwave oven because the one he had quit working. My friend was blinded in Viet Nam while serving with the Army Airborne. They refused to take his check because he did not have a drivers license. He did have a state issued ID. I requested a manager to intervene in hope to inject some common sense into the situation. Boy was I wrong. The manager agreed with the cashier that a drivers license was needed. To settle the problem my friend said "I'll just use my credit card so there will be no problem" Now at this point in time I had used my credit card numerous times at Walmart and never had to show any further ID but he was told that the credit card also needed a drivers license to be used. Keep in mind that they did this to a person who gave up his eyesight for our country. I could have used my credit card and ended the transaction but by this time my friend wanted nothing to do with being their customer so we left. Since this happened in the evening time I returned to Walmart the next day and asked to see the store manager. When I related to him what had happened he seemed truely remorseful for the incident and promised something like that will never happen again. He took part of the blame because they had recently posted at the registers that only instate drivers license could be used for ID in check cashing transactions and never forsaw a problem like this might occur. When questioned why the credit card was also refused he said at that point the manager on duty was just being a "dick" (his words) and he reassured me that it would be rectified. I certainly hope it has been.
Posted by ok4now on 2013-02-18:
The problem is Walmart not you. Why stress yourself out over these toads? Shop where your business is appreciated and you won't have to deal with this crap.
Posted by sabletaz on 2013-02-18:
Good advice ok4now....
Posted by yoke on 2013-02-18:
For some odd reason walmart thinks everyone has a drivers license and will not accept any other type of government issued ID.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2013-02-19:
And people wonder why I won't set foot in a walmut.
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Self Checkout Mistake
Posted by Troubledagain on 05/14/2009
MADISONVILLE, KENTUCKY -- My daughter was accused by Walmart of shoplifting less than $4 of merchandise at the self checkout. She had purchased $60 in merchandise not realizing she had not scan the item. She was stopped at the door and arrested for shoplifting. She was NOT given the opportunity to correct her mistake. The police were embarrassed to have to arrest her but the Loss Prevention Specialist demanded it. He said Walmart had a zero tolerance policy. We have since learned that is not true. DO NOT USE THE SELF CHECKOUT AT WALMART OR YOU COULD BE NEXT!!!

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Posted by bargod on 2009-05-14:
That's a tough call. It could have been an innocent mistake,but on the other hand anyone can easily "forget" to scan something and then when called on it can just say "tee hee oh silly me I must have missed it" and go back and pay for it. A very fine line indeed.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-14:
Really hard lesson learned for your daughter. You don't state her age. The store employee has no way to know for sure if it was intentional or not.
As much as I can't stand wallyworld, I commend them for taking a strong stance in these matters.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
If someone was going to "forget" to scan something at the self checkouts, wouldn't it be something more expensive than $4?
When I do self checkout, I leave the items in my cart/basket and take them out one at a time to scan them. That way I don't forget to scan something. If I'm buying multiple items of the same product (like soup or kool aid) I scan each item individually so I don't forget one.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
So jkt as you see it since one doesn't know if it's intentional or not Walmart should presume guilt? Guilty until proven innocent?

I know at our Walmart they constantly turn off the bag weighing mechanism because they're prone to calibration and data errors. So if one is happily scanning away and accidentally without malice or forethought bags an item without it registering and without receiving a bagging error than that person should be arrested and convicted of quite possibly a felony. Wow, what have we become?
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-05-14:
what evidence do you have she did not intend to steal the item? her word??

look at our local school council member who was arrested for shoplifting at Walmart, her claim was, she "forgot to pay".

Posted by madconsumer on 2009-05-14:
correct crabby.
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-05-14:
Folks still laugh at me for going through the register, rather than the self checkout line. Problem solved, case dismissed.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
I like self checkout if I only have a few items, or if the lines are long at the registers. But if I'm buying booze, I'll go to the registers. I hate having to wait for an employee to bypass the age verification screen and take the security device off the lid.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
So when the scanner at Walmart charges me 4 dollars more than the actual price because the pricing data in the computer is incorrect then somebody at Walmart should be arrested, dragged out in handcuffs and charged for a crime because how can I or anybody else be sure if the error was intentional or not?
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-05-14:
oh, come on crabby, let's not be Walmart haters .......

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
Touche Crabbie
Posted by Marine 63 on 2009-05-14:
I am a specialist in Loss Prevention and Security and a former Federal Law Enforcement Officer. Wal-Mart Violated your daughters constitutional rights, she was arrested falsely (false arrest) if I were you I would immediately proceed and file a complaint with your states attorney generals office and than proceed to seek restitution by suing Wal-Mart in your county court. Wal-Mart or any other store loss prevention department cannot have a person arrested without proceeding to investigate if indeed there was an error on behalf of the stores equipment, the law states that they have to be 100% sure that the item was stolen before having any person prosecuted. Also, the Police Officers should have reviewed evidence from the Wal-Mart Loss Prevention Team to see if it was conclusive with any verbal allegations prior to the arrest. You might have two law suits, any questions contact me.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-14:
The problem with this is that every man and his dog that gets caught shoplifting probably says the same thing. Walmart is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Letting people make good on purchases that it appears they have shoplifted isn't going to deter anyone either.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-14:
No crabby, do you propose that anyone leaving without paying is not guilty? If you are overcharged, you have a receipt that proves so. Walking out of a store with something you did not pay for is not about a simple mistake, YOU ARE GUILTY of STEALING the minute you walk out with it, regardless if you forgot or not. It's all about personal responsibility. If you are in a hurry, don't have the time, forget, not my fault, not smart enough to be careful to do what you are supposed to stay away from the self checkout.
Again, hard lesson learned.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-14:
Marine, don't get too jacked up about this...its a third hand story without the other side presented.
Posted by bargod on 2009-05-14:
Number one item not scanned at Walmart self checkouts. "Self checkouts for Dummies"
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
If she had multiple items of the same product, it's easy to forget to scan one.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-14:
Marine, Boki is right, it's 2nd hand news, however, the op states that "she forgot to scan the item" that's not equipment failure, that's stupidity. You are saying that if everyone that gets stopped for shoplifting simply states "I forgot to pay", that makes it alright. That's total nonsense. Guy walks out of my store with something he/she did not pay for I will prosecute.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
I'm sure Jkt if this happened to you you'd be so caviler about it. Ya know like if you went through the manned checkout line with a 12 pack under the basket and simply forgot to put it on the conveyor then got arrested, dragged out of the store in handcuffs and convicted you'd be like yeah tough lesson to learn. How about if it was enough to be considered a felony and you lost your concealed weapon permit for life you'd be like yeah tough lesson.

I never cease to be amazed by the complete lack of empathy on this board. Topics like this one always reminds me of that Niemoller poem. Eh, it's not me why should I speak out.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-14:
Crabby, its hard to know what happened without being there...right at the scene. Which the OP wasn't. Neither were we. Empathy is one thing, but we're getting all this from a source who wasn't even there.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-14:
I do sympathize with the kid, but You are missing the point, it's still stealing and costing the honest shoppers money. You gonna believe every Tom Dick and Mary that, oh boo hoo!! it was an accident, I did not mean to do it!! As a "former LEO" Marine has probably heard that a few times.
If that indeed was the case, I would deserve to loose my license, someone that stupid would have no business with one.

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
True Boki. All we can go by is what the OP shared. The story as written is completely plausible and there is no reason I should doubt it. I always assume people are basically honest and that the reviews they post are basically true unless I have reason to think otherwise. I wasn't there. I didn't witness it. Therefore the only thing I can go on is the story as presented and comment accordingly.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-14:
You're a good man, Crabby. I'm a little more skeptical when its the mother of the person accused who is telling the story.

A shoplifter is not necessarily going to tell their mama how it went down..in fact, I imagine a lot of them lie about it to their families. No offense to the OP but there is a lot of wiggle room..and call ME naive but I expect Walmart's security to be doing a proper job and taking it seriously, not just busting people to get their yayas...
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
I'm 100% with Jkt on this. For crying out loud, I use self checkout all the time, and never 'forget' to scan an item.

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
I got caught shoplifting a bracelet when I was 13. I told my mom I tried it on and forgot to take it off and accidentally walked out the door with it. To this day she still believes me.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-14:
Bless her heart. That's what mamas are for..
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-05-14:
Seriously... shoplifting charges for less than $4 of merchandise? Wal-Mart is taking this way over the top. At most this qualifies as petty theft.

I can understand accidently missing an item at self-checkout. The conveyor belts aren't as long as those at regular registers, and some don't even have conveyor belts to take the items out onto. And the bagging area is really small, only having the capacity of two bags full of stuff at a time. When there is non-paid for stuff in the wagon and scanned stuff is put back in the wagon to free up the bagging area, the possibility to accidently miss an item or two is there.
Posted by Principissa on 2009-05-14:
Holy moly, I live in Madisonville! I hate that store with a burning passion and make it a point to drive to Evansville to go to Target.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
Sometimes parents will believe what they want to believe. It makes it easier to get away with stuff
Posted by Principissa on 2009-05-14:
OK guys, since I live in this town, I have to side with the poster, not to be biased, but simply because I know first hand how crappy this store is. I realize we are talking about WalFart, but still, this store is horrible even to WalFart standards.

The cashiers are beyond rude, going to self check-out is the only way to get out of this place without being made to feel like you are a burden. They don't greet you, don't make eye contact with you, and heaven forbid you have a problem with an item price or are missing a barcode. You will be considered public enemy number 1. No joke, it's true.

Management has an even worse attitude than the rest of the employees. Heck help you you complain about something they'll likely throw your butt out onto the curb before acknowledging you. You'd get more sympathy from a brick wall at 90 miles an hour.

The self check lanes here are extremely small, you can't fit more than 10 items at one time on the little belt, and even then they have only two bagging stations that are also very very small. If you have a cart full of items, you will be placing your bags onto the floor so that you can finish your order.

Half the time the scanners don't work. I was in there just today with my friend and she had to pass a pack of diapers over the scanner 12 times before it actually scanned and even then she had a problem with the item not ringing up right. The register would beep like the item scanned and then it wouldn't show up on the screen. (note to poster this was the first self check lane by the door to the bakery/photo/nail salon). So experiencing this myself, I can honestly believe that even if she did scan this item, that these lanes are poorly maintained at best, and I highly doubt that this person would not have paid for this item if given the chance to.

You have to understand where we live, these are honest hard working folks, who belong to a strong and proud community, and I doubt that this girl tried to steal anything.

And before you ask, there is no other store here in town. We have a Kroger, a KMart, a Big Lots, and WalMart, that's it. Nothing else. You want Target or Best Buy, you drive to Evansville or Owensboro, both close to an hour from here.
Posted by Marine 63 on 2009-05-14:
I like the WALFART thats cute, it's more like WAL-SMART we keep filling our shopping carts and they keep getting richer, go figure that out. What we need is a REVOLUTION...
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-05-14:
IF the daughter bought 60.00 worth of merchandise, I seriously doubt she would steal a 4.00 item. One question, did security stop her inside the store or outside the store?
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-05-14:
Principissa, as being able to give everyone a first hand description of the store, you have swayed my opinion completely in the favor of the OP.

If the scanner failed to scan the item and the customer didn't notice, it can definitely put them in an incriminating situation like this.

Voted review and your comment helpful.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
I'm sorry but saying it's justified to treat someone like this over a mistake is not ok IMO. That'd be like saying since we ALL unintentionally break the law while driving, none of us should have drivers licenses.

SC, I find it odd that you only believe the OP's story based on Princi's validation that this is a crappy store. No offense to Princi by any means, but why does her comment make it more believable to you? We see reviews similar to this one all the time, I never know what to really think...I'd like to think that no store would ever treat its customers like this, but then again I'd like to think that no one would ever shoplift.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-14:
jbc, I see your point, but who determines a mistake? It's theft regardless when you go out of the store without paying.
Soaring, it was stated in the post that the kid FAILED to scan the item, that's irresponsible period, not the fault of a mechanical defect or Walfart.
Ya'll willing to accept everybody's excuses for everything?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-15:
jkt, and I see your point too, and no I'm not willing to accept everybody's excuses for everything, but I do know that genuine mistakes happen.

When I was living in Washington, I once drove off from a gas station w/o paying, I was running late to pick up my kid from the daycare and spaced it. I got home and about 20 minutes later a cop showed up at my house. When he asked me if I'd just pumped gas at the Shell station and I said yes and asked if there was a problem, he told me I'd been reported as a drive off. I was horrified and so embarrassed...I went back to pay and the manager told me he knew it wasn't intentional (I was a regular customer there) but that he had to report all drive offs. Should I have been arrested? How do they know I didn't do it intentionally? My point is people do make mistakes and anyone that says they don't is full of it. It happens to all of us. I don't blame the stores for having strict policies by any means, but they are also trained for these situations and to use their best judgment. I wouldn't want that job myself, it would be too hard to tell I think, and it would be easy to get jaded and think everyone was out to steal.
Posted by Marine 63 on 2009-05-15:
You see, there are honest mistakes and honest people...you won't know until it happens to you or one of your family members.
Posted by Starlord on 2009-05-15:
Speaking as a former LPA and police officer (not federal), I would tell them the same thing I used to tell people I wrote tickets to. Arguing with the arresting officer or the citing officer is futile and will result in his noting on the ticket or the booking form that you were argumentative. They will have the chance to tell their story to the judge. I can see how an accident can happen, but you see so amny of those 'accidents.' that you get suspicious of all people.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-05-15:
shoplifting a 4$ item can lead to lifting a 4000$ item. criminals need to practice somewhere.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-15:
jbc, and that's another reason you should use your local stores instead of Walfart (thanks princi) they get to know you and appreciate your business.
Posted by Principissa on 2009-05-15:
I've done similar things to this myself, paid for 200 bucks worth of groceries only to get to the car and forget I had a 12 pack of coke under the cart. Of course I went back in the store and paid, and they thanked me for being honest. I never intended to steal the coke, I just forgot it was under there. There was no malicious intent at all, just a stupid mistake that I fixed and went on about my day.

I'm pretty sure the girl would have paid for the item if given the chance to. I doubt someone would buy all that stuff and "forget" one item.
Posted by Alain on 2009-05-15:
I don't like self check out. If something goes wrong, there's no human to help with the problem (usually). Also, I get a feeling I'm taking helping take a job from a human. I'm just a techno grouch sometimes. Seems like loss prevention could have taken an easier route by just saying pay for it and getting on with the day. If a human checker had been there maybe they'd have said, "You forgot your 12 pack."?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-15:
So Jkt here are your words,

"You are saying that if everyone that gets stopped for shoplifting simply states "I forgot to pay", that makes it alright. That's total nonsense. Guy walks out of my store with something he/she did not pay for I will prosecute."

So let me ask you a simple question. Consider the story that Jbc posted stating she forgot to pay for her gas or fitting it to your previous comment she drove off with something she did not pay for. Do you think Jbc should have been prosecuted for a felony?
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-15:
Not only do I not like self check-out, but I will stare at it like it is evil...
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-15:
I love self check-out. It's a misanthrope's dream come true.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-15:
Actually, no. If you see my response to jbc's post, the difference is that the proprietor new them and that it was a mistake. I have a local grab and run I use all the time. I shortchanged them once and when I realized it and went back and apologized, he said he knew I'd be back.
Being a "regular" at a small business does have it's perks.
That being said, if the proprietor did not know them, yes they probably would have been prosecuted. I know it doesn't sound right, but in today's world you can't trust anyone.
The large chains don't have the luxury of knowing their customers. That's why I try to stay away from them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-15:
So I gather from your comment Jkt that 'intent' is important in that you stated 'propietor new them and that it was a mistake' and I agree. I guess where we differ is I believe that the criminal system should always give the benefit of the doubt to the accused. Ya know the whole it's better to let 100 guilty men walk free than imprison one innocent person and also the basic tenant of our legal system 'innocent until proven guilty'. Yes, I realize that hardcore shoplifters when caught claim it was a mistake but as well innocent people who truly did make a mistake claim the same. That's why in this case I don't see that the mere act of not ringing up ONE of many items constitutes intent in fact just the opposite. Unless there was other evidence that indicated the OP's daughter willfully and with malice of forethought deliberately intended not to register the $4.00 item then basic fairness and justice dictates you'd give her the benefit of the doubt. Intent is indeed the difference between a criminal act and a simple mistake. Goodness help us all if they start tossing people in jail for silly mistakes because I'd be facing a life sentence.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-15:
Point taken.
This is giving me a headache, trying to write seriously so much.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-15:
Jail? Who said anything about jail? If this is a first offense, it will be a hand slap w/ restitution and a lecture from a judge, and probably not even a lecture if the judge is hungry and its lunchtime.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-05-15:
Her comment makes it more believable to me because she is a good-standing member that can be trusted to provide good information.

The wording "not realizing she had not scan the item" seems to me either she missed it due to the limitations I previously mentioned with the register design causing the item to be overlooked, or a failure of the scanner that was missed.

Either way, what happened was obviously unintentional and Wal-Mart really took it too far.
Posted by Marine 63 on 2009-05-15:
We can always call the local extremist group and have them wipe out the problem, just imagine no more WalFart, no more problem….
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-15:
I'm going to take the low road here and put in my three cents for Evil Walmart.

I've been in so many towns that didn't have any mom and pop businesses...not a grocery store, not a drug store, nothing, and then Walmart would pull in and people were just estatic!

No more 100 mile trips to get groceries, the old folks could get their prescriptions, and the kiddies could even get a happy meal.

I'm specifically thinking about parts of Nevada and the Mojave in Cali, but I'm sure they're not the only places by any means.

Even here, we've lost several businesses because of the economy and some new ones just didn't take off, but we can count on Walmart, anyway.

I know the horror stories, I've read several articles and watched one documentary that just BURNED them, but its just my opinion, anytime you get a corporation that gets that big..you get giagantic problems too.

Just my 3 cents.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-15:
+1 Boki
Posted by troubledagain on 2009-05-15:
troubledagain- I did not know there would be such a response. My daughter is an adult. the item was underneath her purse, in the cart.she has never been in ANY trouble and is a respected member of our community.This is America where you are innocent until proven guilty. I will let you know what our lawyer does about this!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-15:
I hope your daughter can prove it was a mistake. Good luck to her!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-15:
Good luck to your daughter. I would be willing to bet that your lawyer has her plead out for a chance to expunge.
Let us know how it turns out.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-05-15:
simply sue em for false arrest !! lol
Posted by Marine 63 on 2009-05-15:
Gee Wiz, how long can we stretch this out...it's going to court and WAL-FART will continue to do what it wants to do, lets stay tuned for the next victim...there's other forums that need our attention...I need to take my MEDS be right back.
Posted by wronglyaccused on 2012-02-20:
What if u ran every item over the scanner had no knowledge of a few not registering until u are walking out the door and somebody stops u and tells u to follow them, wont tell u why until u get there and they tell u that u have unpaid items and they call the police on u, and ofcourse no matter what u say u are guilty.
Posted by Jayfe on 2012-04-20:
The law is concerned with Intention - see link below

Shoplifting Advice

Retail Theft of Merchandise

by Chris E McGoey, CPP, CSP, CAM

Shoplifting is a common crime that occurs when someone steals merchandise offered for sale from a retail store. Shoplifting from retail stores costs merchants an estimated loss of 13 billion dollars per year.

To be convicted of shoplifting, one must "intend" to permanently deprive the merchant of the value of the merchandise. Merchants are often confused about the procedures for lawfully detaining someone suspected of theft from their store. What are the rights of the merchant? What are the rights of the customer? How much force can be used to detain someone who has stolen merchandise?

To answer these questions and more, I have written several articles to discuss the issue of shoplifting and retail loss prevention procedures.

Shoplifting and Loss Prevention Articles
•Shoplifting: Facts
•Shoplifting: Probable Cause
•Shoplifting: Detention and Arrest
•Shoplifting: False Arrest
•Shoplifting: False Imprisonment
•Shoplifting: Excessive Use of Force
•Shoplifter Profiling
• Racial Profiling
• Security Guards Use of Force Continuum
•Loss Prevention Exit Bag Checks
•Employee Theft

Taken from http://www.crimedoctor.com/shoplifting.htm
Posted by lisa on 2013-12-12:
This happened to me last night. I spent over $200 dollars on groceries and 2 things didn't scan. I was put in the back of a cop car and issued a citation b/c it was under $50. WalMart didn't even check all my groceries against the receipt. The 22yr old employee said she saw me try to scan pickles and they didnt' scan along with a can of coffee. I now have a court date to plead my case on margin of error I guess
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Terrible and Unrealistic!
Posted by Mphillips848 on 01/22/2014
CONWAY, ARKANSAS -- I guess Walmart has decided they are only going to keep two or maybe three check-out lanes open while the other hundreds of customers have to use the self-check out locations. However for the consumer this is very inconvenient. The last couple months this is what has been happening and I must say I am very disappointed in the largest and richest retailer. How easy would it be to change retailers and change their new approach to save a dollar.Self-check out is fine when one has only a couple of items, but when one is standing there in a mile long line with a buggy full of groceries is ridiculous. "Profit Over Everything Else" should be Walmart'$ no motto, or I guess "roll backs" will work to! I will do my shopping elsewhere because my time is worth more than Walmart believes it to be.
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Rude Employees!
Posted by Angelicalynn1991 on 12/24/2013
OCALA, FLORIDA -- I was at the register getting ready to pay and I had wine for Christmas. Me and my boyfriend were there together and we got in a fight at the register so he left. Well I go to show her my id for the wine and she said she had to see my boy friends. Well he clearly wasn't there with me anymore so I told her he left and she said she wouldn't let me buy the wine so I told her I would leave and come back by myself and buy the wine he then proceeded to tell me she was going to let my manager know and I was not going to get the wine even after leaving and coming back. Very rude. Mind you my boy friend is older than I am he's not underage or anything. This is the finally straw with Walmart's customer service I will no longer ever be a Walmart customer or anything!
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-12-26:
The reason for that policy is because it's not exactly an uncommon thing for someone who's 21 to buy alcohol for their 20 year old friends. If your boyfriend looked younger than 30 (per the cashier's judgment) then he'll have to show his I.D. as well. It's nothing personal though, they've had this policy for years now.
Posted by Angelica on 2013-12-27:
Yes I get that rule is there for that reason but for me to say I'm gonna leave and then come back she still said I wouldn't be able to buy it.:. This would be a different visit.. And why wouldn't I be allowed to buy it then...she was just rude point blank and Walmart needs to reevaluate their employees attitudes bc no one wants to shop where there are rude employees I'll go else where for all my needs now never again will I go to a Walmart ever!
Posted by ontario_girl on 2013-12-28:
Retailers are allowed to refuse service (including the sale of alcohol) to anyone they choose, for whatever reason they choose. It's not rude
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They Are Rude and Lie
Posted by Marthahansen89 on 10/27/2013
LAKEWOOD, COLORADO -- I had to get oil for my truck so I went to car quest they had a good deal going on and of course they were sold out. Figured I would go to Walmart and have them price match it because there commercial said they price match, they price match anything under 10$ and you don't need an ad, Anyway went to Walmart the Cashier was so rude and did not want to price match a $7 difference and then she accused me of making up the price!!! I was so upset told her to call car quest if she didn't believe me, she didn't do it and denied my price match, I ask for a manager so this guy Recardo was his name he was just as rude, so I went home upset, called Walmart to talk to another manager his name was BLAKE he was rude and said they didn't have to price match for us if they didn't want to if the cashier thought the price match "smelled" funny they had a right to refuse, and he would not price match without the ad..what a [waste] of time for me.. Anyway don't believe there commercials when they say you don't need the ad or else be expected to be called a liar.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-10-30:
Actually you do need an ad. As shown here

http://challenge.walmart.com/lowpriceguarantee/? and _prevTerm=price match and redirect_query=price match and search_redirect=true

"*Our stores will match the price of any local competitor's printed ad for an identical product."

Full details are here

Obviously Wal-Mart would require some sort of proof that the other store is sell X item for Y amount of money. If they didn't then anyone could make up a price. I think it's reasonable to provide them with a copy of the ad if you want the price matched.
Posted by Actually you don't on 2013-11-01:
Actually No you don't. not in Colorado anyway

this is what there website says

*The following are guidelines and limitations:
We will match any local competitor's advertised price.
We do not require customers to have the ad with them to honor a competitor's ad.
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Cashiers Are the Rudest.
Posted by Billijean4444 on 09/26/2013
RED WING, MINNESOTA -- Each and every time we go to the Wal Mart in Red Wing, we see what the true meaning of rude is. The cashiers are so unhappy with their jobs, they don't even look up at you to say hi. And if you want a fish? You have to go search for an employee. The attitudes show, and they make a person who woke up in a cheerful mood, not so cheerful. yesterday we purchased &158.00 worth of goods and one of the nose spray boxes were opened, we asked if the cashier had a piece of tape, and she said "Honey, I don't have no tape". I could go on, but I won't. The reason we go back is there is not a large variety of low cost stores in Red Wing.
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Posted by Alain on 2013-09-26:
We, fortunately, do have some other stores to go to so we stay away from Walmart. Hopefully at some point Redwing might get some alternative stores near you.
Posted by Terry on 2013-10-01:
Hey, she called you honey. Most of the cashiers in our Walmart are very nice. You probably have to go to customer service for tape, but if that was my nose spray box open I would not have bought it. Maybe the someone who opened it, Used it. Ewwwwww
Posted by anon walmart cashier on 2013-10-21:
I think you really hit why people were rude in that statement "The cashiers are so unhappy with their jobs, they don't even look up at you to say hi.".
We're almost all workin' on min wage, or if you're like 2/3rds of my fellow cashiers, workin' min wage at 2 jobs while trying to get a college education. People come in and treat us like dirt for 24-40 hours a week, we struggled to be happy in a terrible work environment we're forced into because happiness is for the financially stable, other things are happening in our life.

Last month my father was hit by a truck who was sppeeding 100 mph through a red light, we can't afford medical bills for but one person in our family right now, I have to chose between rent, gas, or food (and i always end up starving), while working part time at two minimum wage jobs knowing very well that I don't have another day off until december, and after that I get another day off sometime in April, and all on top of my 16 credit hour college weeks. If I'm not talkative or trying to make eye contact while scanning and bagging your items it may be because I"m trying to not burst into tears so they don't send me home and take away some of my paycheck or threaten to fire me.
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Bad Customer Service + Would Not Accept Manufacturer's Coupon As Claimed
Posted by Luvofbeauty75 on 09/09/2013
MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA -- The Walmart in Milpitas CA would not accept the manufacturer's coupons I gave them at the cashier ( I cut 1 of them from the Sunday paper and the other one I printed from the manufacturer's website). Two separate times I had to wait for like 10 minutes for the manager/ upper management, and then all they told me was they know the coupons are legitimate but they are not in their system so they cannot accept it.

OK both times I was holding a crying baby (my baby cried from waiting for them) waiting for an answer but that's what they said to me? I shop at CVS and Safeway too and their manager would still accept my LEGITIMATE coupons (I'm talking about ONLY ONE coupon) if it happens that the coupon is not in their system. But this is not the case at Walmart. Worse still, they made me wait for them for 10 minutes?

Really? And all they said was Sorry? And the 2nd time this lady told me she knew there is a problem in their system, but then she can do nothing? She did not even try to fix the problem or tell this to the upper management? I had to ask her to report this problem and then she simply said "ok" to try to get rid of me!

And when I told them it's their problem and they should honor my coupon because they claimed that they'd accept manufacturer's coupon, she said sorry she cannot do anything about it. OK NOW this is not about the money, but if you claim that you accept coupons, you should do your job. And the staff at Walmart made me feel like I'm wrong to complain?

I'm VERY disappointed about the BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE at the Milpitas Walmart. They made a lady carrying a crying baby for 15 minutes wait there for nothing, plus made her feel like she was wrong to express her own opinion (oh yes, it made me feel like I have a problem that I had to say something when they are NOT accepting the legitimate coupons even they said they would). This is just outrageous. This is NOT how you treat your customers.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-09-09:
If their system didn't or couldn't accept the coupons then there's little they could do about it. It could be an issue with the POS or perhaps their database didn't have those coupons in them, I agree they should have be able to accept them, but there's probably nothing that could've been done on the store level to fix this problem in short time frame. My suggestion would be to go to a different store that could accept them.

As for your child. It's your decision to bring your child along with you when you go shopping. A crying child isn't Walmart's problem.
Posted by luvofbeauty75 on 2013-09-10:
I understand that probably they cannot do anything about it. But being that this is not the first time plus their slow service and poor attitude, this made their loyal customer feel very miserable. They could have told me their system wouldn't allow them to fix it themselves if the coupon was not there and apologize sincerely for keeping me to wait. But they would inform the upper level about this. This is NOT that hard to say right? Also I knew a crying baby is not Walmart's problem (and I did not know that it's not advised to bring my baby to shop?), but it's the long waiting (with the cashier just called the manager and then let us stand there and said nothing!) that pissed me off and the baby. They (both the cashier and manager) NEVER said anything like "sorry to keep you waiting for so long". If you understand me, it's the whole situation and their poor attitude, but not solely the coupon problem. About the coupons, all they said was "sorry we cannot accept the coupons even they are legitimate. It's the system's problem." And they implied that they would NOT tell the upper level, they are NOT even going to try. I mean of course I will go to another store, but if they KNEW the problem and are not even telling the upper level or at least try to fix it, that means they don't care to provide this service to their customers. Oh and it's like they don't accept all kinds of coupons ?

All in all, I am really disappointed about their poor customer service, poor attitude and the failed system.
Posted by geljs on 2013-11-04:
Had a similar experience today, thank godness it was a small shopping trip and my kids weren't with me. But these coupons came off the product in the store, the cashier removed them herself since in the past I had had issue with me removing them. I'm just not going back there are other stores more than happy to take my money and accept my coupons
Posted by OrlandoJr on 2014-01-23:
These are the customers I hate to get behind. If their system does not accept the coupons, move on. The amount saved is minimal compared to the time wasted for everyone behind you.

My policy is that if I would not pay for the product without the coupon or rebate, I don't buy it. There are too many problems with these things, and if I actually save money, I treat it as a miracle gift.
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Wal-Mart Does Not Honor Price Match Guarantee
Posted by Carl.amato17 on 09/02/2013
SPARTA, TENNESSEE -- I went to the Wal-Mart in Sparta, TN to do some grocery shopping. I also was going to use their ad guarantee for one of the items. When I was finished shopping and checking out I mentioned to the cashier about the price match item which were back ribs. She left and when she came back she said that she could not match the item since it was not the same brand as the one in the ad. Now there are 4 Wal-Marts in my area and I have shopped at all 4 of them using their price match guarantee. This Wal-Mart is the only one that has not followed the companies policy. In the store they have a brief description of their guarantee. I also brought in what Wal-Mart has on their own website that explains their guarantee in detail form. In the first section 4th bullet it states that For fresh produce and meat items when the price is offered in the same unit type (lb. for lb. each for each) . There is no mention of product brand matching.

After showing this to the employees they brought over the acting manager on duty to read their own policy. Non of these employees could comprehend what they were reading. Wal-Mart needs to educate there employees on there policies, if not they will lose more customers and end up like so many more of the past big box companies. I have emailed customer service about this and am waiting to see what happens. I am guessing, nothing.
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-09-02:
If they're different brands then it sounds like the other 3 Walmarts aren't following company policies.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-09-02:
I think you might have misinterpreted their policy. If you're buying prepackaged meat, then it still needs to be the same brand I think, and in order to get the price match it has to be sold in the same quantity as the product being advertised. I could be wrong, but that's how I interpret the policy.
Posted by Pete on 2013-09-02:
Different brands are different brands. Some brands are more expensive than other brands.
Posted by John on 2013-09-07:
No matter what you try to price match at Walmart, it HAS to be the exact same brand. When I used to work there people would always get the name brand items and show a generic brand on sale somewhere else and get mad when I couldn't price match it.
Posted by luvofbeauty75 on 2013-09-10:
I don't know about the name brand match. But my local walmart won't even accept manufacturer's coupons even they claimed they would. So I wouldn't even dare to try the price match policy there! I'd just go to another store that would help me manually accept the coupons even it's somehow not in their system (cuz obviously this is how they should do to follow the policy!)
Posted by anon walmart cashier on 2013-10-21:
if they educated the associates more they'd have to pay them more than min wage for their special service. either way we don't require the ad physically (at least not in AR) and often people lie to us anyway.

(i mean like I will have one custmer tell me Aldi's has avocados for 29 cents and like okay whatever i price override that but then 5 customers later another customer says they want to price match Aldi's avacodos for 13 cents and obviously someone is wrong but i can't say anything 'cause accusing someone of that is grounds for termination.)
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Cashier Kept Gift Card That Had Money on It
Posted by Pat8612 on 08/29/2013
BOSSIER CITY, LOUISIANA -- During checkout, I handed two Wal-mart gift cards to cashier because I did not know how much was on them. She kept the cards and put my stuff in bags.

After leaving checkout I realized it was impossible for the 2 gift cards to have exactly the right amount of money to pay for my purchases. She kept my cards and I owed nothing?. Hmmm! I looked at my receipt and was surprised to see there was money left on one of the cards. I went back and explained, she then gave me back one card. I should have asked for both because I can't tell if the card she returned has the money.

I reported the problem to Wal-mart corporate. A few days later I received a call from a Shreveport (wrong store) asst mgr who said security would get with me. Many days have passed, still haven't heard from them.

So be careful with your gift cards. Look at your receipt. Get your card back even if you are told it is empty.
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Posted by cmthru on 2013-08-29:
Good advice. I'll add that you can ask for the cards back even if they have a zero value.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-08-30:
It is wise to treat cards like cash. If you don't know how much is on one, find out.

Since there were two cards, the CSR may have gotten confused - it is hard to say. The best defense is a good offense.
Posted by wowspelledbackwardsiswow on 2013-08-30:
you are not the first....... gift card theft by cashier's at Walmart seems to be a huge issue. Google it.......hundreds of different stories come up
Posted by anon walmart cashier on 2013-10-21:
I always offer to give all gift cards back to the customer, even if they're empty, for this exact reason. (Which is also why I am irate when someone snidely says some thing like "Why would I need an empty card just throw it away" like don't tell me all that just say "no thanks" or something I'll get the message okay).
I have been told to keep cards before that even had money on 'em. All I can do is put it in my cash drawer and its kind of awkward really.

Also real quick if you use 2 cards at the register there is an option to see the balance of your cards at the register. If the cashier is new you may need to tell them that they need to use the "item inquiry" button and either scan the card or hit "shop card" and swipe and scan the card, and it will have the option to view either "BALANCE[ENTER]" OR "HISTORY[TOTAL]". If they hit the [ENTER] button a little reciept will print with the money on the card disclosed in print, but will also show on the cashier's side (if they have a monitor, some stores don't have the fancy registers which is why the slip receipt is handy).

And EVEN IF YOU DON'T look at the balance in stores take both or all cards home and there is an option online to find your balance on the .com!
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Lazy Cashier
Posted by Bluewolfcat1 on 08/24/2013
I simply wanted to buy a bottle of water. All other lanes were really full and one lane was just finishing up. I put down my bottle on the conveyer belt and the cashier told me the lane was closed. Very rudely. I simply had one item to purchase, the cashier could have spared a few more seconds. I left the store completely and didn't buy anything. Horrible customer service, very unkind.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2013-08-24:
Was the lane light still on?
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-08-24:
If there was no-one else in line and the cashier wasn't taking anymore customers at that time, which he/she told you was the case, then you just get in line like everyone else. If the other lines were long and that cashier's wasn't, that should've been a tip off that the line was closed.
Posted by andbran on 2013-08-24:
in the last couple of years retailers are getting stricter about their employes going over their quitting time.
Posted by MamaCat on 2013-08-24:
If the lane was closed, the lane was closed. What if, while you were purchasing your one item, somebody with a full cart got in line behind you and then somebody else behind them? Then the cashier would have been stuck there until there was another lull. With all of the other lanes as full as you say they were, that probably would have been a long time.
Posted by sarah y on 2013-08-25:
A friend of mine who is a long term employee of walmart just got coached for going over her hours by 4 min this is the gods honest truth 4 whole min do you think this right so im sorry your cashier would not ring you up maybe she cant afford another write up. in case you didn't know a coaching is their lingo for write ups
Posted by Chaparrita on 2013-08-25:
The cashier wasnt being lazy. As stated above, Walmart is super strict on breaks and lunches and quitting time.
Posted by Melody on 2013-08-26:
If her light was off at the register she was closed period. "The cashiers that make exceptions get themselves into trouble. Full time employees can't be one minute over or they will be coached and their jobs in jeopardy . Would most cashiers like to make an exception, yes....but not at the cost of their jobs and performance records. Would you be anymore willing to put yourself at that same risk?
Posted by Mark on 2013-09-13:
As a former cashier at Walmart, I can tell you that they are very strict on clocking out on time. And if you are late, even one minute, you can get a coaching. Besides, who's to say that someone else with one or two items wouldn't come up behind you, then another and another? If the light was off and her lane was closed to customers, that applies to you as we'll.
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