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Price Matching Is A Joke At Crowley Store
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Rating: 1/51

CROWLEY, TEXAS -- It's funny that Walmart advertised you don't need competition store ads for price matching. Each and every time I try to price match, the cashiers give me a very hard time. Most say they need a ad or flat refuse to honor Walmart policy. Some of the cashier's have stated the general manager will fire the cashier if they give a price match for any item over $3.00. And it seems impossible to use more than three coupons even if you buy the product on the coupons.

I have called the corporate office and was told a regional manager would contact me about price match complaint. I have been waiting for weeks for that call. I called back six times still no return call back from a regional manager. It appears to me this is fraudulent way to conduct business. At least it is false advertising. I will be contacting the Texas attorney general's office consumer fraud division maybe they have better luck in getting a return call from Walmart regional manager.

It seems that if you price match a lot the cashiers try to embarrass customers. One cashier tried to embarrass me saying that she could not honor my price match without an assistant manager and I would have to get out of line till the manager could come to check out the ad. She was very rude and I refused to get out of line. She said that she would call the cops. I stood my ground and started recording the situation with my cell phone. When I did that amazing thing she no longer needed a manager approval. All the customers in my line were mad at how rude she was then several wanted to talk to that manager including myself. Which the cashier refused to call for us.

Terrible and Unrealistic!
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Rating: 1/51

CONWAY, ARKANSAS -- I guess Walmart has decided they are only going to keep two or maybe three check-out lanes open while the other hundreds of customers have to use the self-check out locations. However for the consumer this is very inconvenient. The last couple months this is what has been happening and I must say I am very disappointed in the largest and richest retailer. How easy would it be to change retailers and change their new approach to save a dollar.

Self-check out is fine when one has only a couple of items, but when one is standing there in a mile long line with a buggy full of groceries is ridiculous. "Profit Over Everything Else" should be Walmart's no motto, or I guess "roll backs" will work too! I will do my shopping elsewhere because my time is worth more than Walmart believes it to be.

Rude Employees!
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Rating: 1/51

OCALA, FLORIDA -- I was at the register getting ready to pay and I had wine for Christmas. Me and my boyfriend were there together and we got in a fight at the register so he left. Well I go to show her my id for the wine and she said she had to see my boyfriend's. Well he clearly wasn't there with me anymore so I told her he left and she said she wouldn't let me buy the wine so I told her, "I would leave and come back by myself and buy the wine."

She then proceeded to tell me she was going to let my manager know and I was not going to get the wine even after leaving and coming back. Very rude. Mind you my boyfriend is older than I am. He's not underage or anything. This is the final straw with Walmart's customer service I will no longer ever be a Walmart customer or anything!

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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- At the risk of being ridiculed. On November 7, 2013 I walked into Walmart and saw a bike that I liked (Schwinn Varsity 1300). I bought the bike and took it home. When I got home I showed the bike to my daughter. My daughter kiddingly asked me if I had purchased the bike for her. I asked her, "Why?" She said that this was a lady's bike. I wasted no time and I took the bike back to Walmart in the same condition as when they had it, all stickers, price tag, everything attached. I explained to several people what had happened. They asked me for my receipt. I looked for it all over the place, but was not able to find it.

They looked at their computer, but according to them the bike wasn't coming up. They would not take the bike back nor give me credit for it. I asked to speak to management but they would not budge. Today my bike sits in my garage in the same condition as when I first bought it; stickers and all. I may have to sell this bike at a loss just because management was not willing to give me a break.

This Walmart Made a Decision to EXCLUDE a Number of Local Stores on the Walmart Price Match Policy
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Rating: 1/51

PASADENA, TEXAS -- I purchase groceries and other items from Walmart EVERY week and spend at least $200 a week there. I only use the price match for one item - grapes. Last week I took my grapes to the check-out with other items and was told "we no longer price matches from 'these' local stores" and the cashier had a list of them taped to the back of her badge. I asked the supervisor on duty if the store had notified customers with a sign or some type of notice and she did not have an answer.

They will not miss my money but they should not have denied me a $4 break on grapes when I routinely purchase groceries and other items from their store. If a particular stores determines to CHANGE the Walmart corporate policies, they should at least have to notify customers with some type of grace period or posting in the store. Instead, they SURPRISE you at the checkout counter and then, feel good at it, I guess. I believe that is an awful way to treat loyal customers. I am re-thinking my loyalty to Walmart because of the actions of this local store.

They Are Rude and Lie
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Rating: 1/51

LAKEWOOD, COLORADO -- I had to get oil for my truck so I went to CarQuest. They had a good deal going on and of course they were sold out. Figured I would go to Walmart and have them price match it because their commercial said they price match, they price match anything under 10$ and you don't need an ad. Anyway went to Walmart the Cashier was so rude and did not want to price match a $7 difference and then she accused me of making up the price!!! I was so upset told her to call CarQuest if she didn't believe me, she didn't do it and denied my price match, I ask for a manager so this guy ** was his name he was just as rude, so I went home upset.

Called Walmart to talk to another manager his name was ** he was rude and said they didn't have to price match for us if they didn't want to if the cashier thought the price match "smelled" funny they had a right to refuse, and he would not price match without the ad... What a waste of time for me... Anyway don't believe their commercials when they say you don't need the ad or else be expected to be called a liar.

Store Does Not Honor Posted Return Policy

CHIPLEY, FLORIDA -- I had purchased a number of items for a church event. Our participation was unusually low and I tried to return several of the items at the end of the weekend. These were several bags of chips, a bulk can of cheeses sauce, a case of sodas, and two boxes of multiparty large candy bars. The value was less than $150 for everything. I was told by the lady at customer service that they do not accept return of food items. I asked for a manager.

Two assistant managers came and explained they did not accept returns of food items. I explained these were only purchased a day or two before, I had the receipts, and I had returned items at other Walmart stores. I was told this is the policy. I asked if it was a national policy, I was not given an answer. I asked if there were signs posted saying there are no returns for food. They said no. I said I would like to see their policy. They did not answer. They then asked if there was anything else I needed.

I asked about media ads saying they accept returns and the sign in the service area explaining the policy. They said this was their policy at the Mariana and Chipley Florida stores. They said it was due to safety concerns. I asked if someone could buy clothes, contaminate them and return them, they said this was the policy and asked of anything else that I needed. I explained that I did not feel this was right due to no notification and it being contrary to signs in the store and national advertising. They again asked very sternly if there was anything else I needed. I said I would not argue, rather would take it up with corporate.

I then asked the lady at the desk if I brought back a case of beer, if she would take it back, She said no. I told her she needs to read the sign behind her, that it listed the return policy for alcohol. She said she would not discuss this with me.

My first concern is that the assistant managers gave no flexibility, even for the canned items. They did not answer my question about the origination of the policy or about the corporate and advertised policy. They gave nothing of consideration other than to listen, state their policy and end the conversation. Note, I had not raised my voice or gotten disruptive.

I am also concerned that the advertisements, signs and store past precedent is that Walmart takes back items as long as you have a receipt and do so within the correct time period and state policy, yet I was not able to make a return. These items (not fresh perishables) were bought by me for a church event and now I am out of pocket for things I do not need, based on making purchases under their stated policy. I am also concerned that this is a store policy and goes against the corporate policy. I might also note I help with several events a year and we purchase from our local Walmart instead of buying from a commercial service.

I registered a complaint on the Walmart website and it said an email was sent to the store manager. I also registered a complaint with the Florida Department of Consumer Affairs. I have never received any reply from Walmart, not even a letter saying too bad. The state tried to mediate but sent me a letter saying the store refused to participate.

Having worked in retail and grocery sales, I understand and could even agree that returns of grocery items should be limited. My concern is I was not told the truth by the posted policy and advertisements about returns. The local store has a policy that contradicts the national policy and does not state this at the store. I am also concerned that the store did not reply to my complaint in any way.

I have been a fan of Walmart, met Sam Walton several times and defended Walmart and the retailing ideas Sam Walton established. One time I refused to walk a picket line in front of a Walmart while a member of a meat cutter's union. This is not the Walmart I want to shop at.

This Is Regarding All Wal-Mart Stores, Not Just Super Centers
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TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- Wal-Mart has a policy of randomly checking ID on MasterCard purchases. Their explanations are as inconsistent as their ID checks are. I am told they check one ID in every 1000 MasterCard purchases. And that they do this for the consumers protection. Well, I get asked for ID on nearly every other purchase! If I could be so lucky in the lotto with those odds.

I have been told by WalMart associates that MY credit card issuer has requested that I show ID, as my purchase at "that given moment" is "most-likely fraudulent, or questionable at best". This is after my card was accepted just fine and transaction completed. I always swipe my own card.

I have been told that if I cannot show ID, I cannot have my groceries, that I must return them. While other times that I don't have ID, some cashiers tell me it is okay, then hand me my receipt. Some cashiers call on a manager, make me wait, hold up the line behind me, then the manager says it is okay and hands me my receipt. Sometimes I am told, "no ID, no purchase", and am forced to return all of my items after my transaction has been completed without any issues.

My purchases are mostly always groceries, and I shop at SuperCenters and Neighborhood Markets in my area, which includes Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, and occasionally, Sand Springs, Oklahoma. The amount of the purchase has never been an issue, they have asked for ID on small and large dollar amounts.

The issue is that WalMart ONLY frequently, but randomly requests ID on my MasterCard purchases. Never on any one of my other credit cards. WalMart has NEVER asked my husband for his ID on the same card. We each have our own card under the same account, yet I am the one who always gets asked to show ID. Not with every purchase, but this does happen very frequently.

I never purchase alcohol or cigarettes, so that is not my case for them requiring ID. And each and every purchase that I make using my MasterCard goes through without a hitch. Never a problem there. (FYI to those who might want to criticize: I PAY MY CREDIT CARD OFF EACH MONTH, so hush up, please.) WalMart employees tell me this is for my own protection, that they are blocking theft. But really, they are actually preventing me from using my own card if I do not have ID on me.

I talked to my bank and they do not--ABSOLUTELY DO NOT advise WalMart to check IDs, as WalMart has always stated. My bank has told me that if they do any card actions on a purchase it is to advise the store to retain a card, then call the police. But never to badger a customer for any sort of ID, especially when the card has been accepted.

My bank also tell me that WalMart is notorious for doing this, making up their own rules as they go along, not complying with the MasterCard terms and conditions. My bank also told me that credit card theft is not happening like that, that people are not stealing cards and making grocery purchases. That there is more a chance of card theft by the employees who are asking to see the credit card and IDs, thus retrieving the information off front and back of said card, then seeking more information from a driver's license.

Keep in mind that with every purchase I am swiping my own card. The store employee never as much as holds my card, much less views it. Perhaps most employees are honest, but WalMart, as well as any other business, certainly might hire someone who knows the art of this type of stealing. And that only takes once. So their random ID checking cannot be proving anything essential.

I do not have to show my ID to any WalMart employee with a credit card purchase. Especially when the card has gone through successfully and transaction completed. And the one WalMart which I have been frequenting for many years, they even acknowledge they recognize me - yet they continue to badger me about ID. And to think that WalMart stores your credit card and personal information within their system! Yet, they continue to frequently, though randomly, insist on ID. I have been made to return groceries after not having an ID, after my card was accepted, transaction completed! And I have returned groceries out of sheer anger over that same scenario.

Some cashiers have had the audacity to question my driver's license when there is absolutely nothing wrong with it and it has a photo ID. Some cashiers have said they will accept a health insurance card as a form of ID. Wow, those have social security numbers!! Some cashiers have chastised me publicly. When they hold up a line to chastise my driver's license, which is completely legitimate, and I am nearly a 60-year old grandmotherly woman, I cannot help but wonder who they think the WalMart thieves really are?

And why is it that a thief might spend 2 or 3 hours doing a major grocery haul, being seen on nearly every security camera, then go to the checkout and be filmed checking out with a supposed fraudulent card? So now WalMart is labelling us as America's Dumbest Criminals? I would think if I was going to steal anything, I would want to get the heck out of Dodge as quickly as possible, and hopefully not be videotaped in so many angles doing it!

But what bothers me most is that never has my credit card been denied. It has always gone though. Never does any WalMart employee hold on to my card to make any transaction, never have I made any tobacco or alcohol purchases to deem an ID. And, never does WalMart ask for my husband's ID, nor my adult son's ID on those MasterCards.

WalMart ONLY asks for my ID when I use my MasterCard. Their random checks prove nothing other than to cause me delay and upset, to rick exposure of my credit card number, and possibly my ID in theft by them - or any of the customers close enough to read my information while an employee is holding it. When I swipe my own card nobody else can even see it.

WalMart's ID policy is very inconsistent, and they do not even follow their own policy. It simply depends on whomever is waiting on you and whatever they decide to do. I am told that the inconsistency is because some employees are new and therefore do not know what they are saying. This only proves that their employees are not trained enough to know what they are doing when it comes this situation. If they were trained, there would be no inconsistencies.

I have encountered cashiers that simply do not like it if you question them, if you do not have ID, if you cause them to have to think of what to do, if you disagree with them, if they must call over a supervisor/manager, and so on. And that cashier will further make your experience poor, because those associates seem to take it personally. As if they are going to show YOU who is 'boss', as if this were a stand-off game that they are allowed to play on you.

Overcharged for Item ($7.48)
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Rating: 1/51

PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- I bought groceries from the Neighborhood Market Walmart on 6670 Mobile Highway in Pensacola, Fl on 10-10-14. I was overcharged $7.48. I called the store and told them what the cashier had done. They said they would refund the money if I brought the receipt into the store. I explained I lived an hour away. They said they could not help me. Why is it my problem to fix when they made the mistake? I offered to fax the receipt but the manager said that would not help. I guess I am out $ 7.88. What great customer service!!!

Walmart employee cashier RUDE!
By -

250 WILDCAT DRIVE, CALIFORNIA -- From what I remember, you could check out at any register and never be turned away. Well a girl who was checking out this customer (yes she had her light off) yet she took that customer then turned off her light, but this Walmart has employees who do not know the rules of the business. I just was too tired to raise hell.

The girl was checking out this lady I was in this line which had 4 people ahead of me with baskets full and there was one more register way across the store opened. The girl check out this lady so I got out of the line with one item in my hand. I told her I only have one item and she said "I'm sorry I can't take you I'm closed." I said "All I have is one item." She said, "Well if I take you then I have to take others." I said "so." She, "I'm Sorry." When I turned to look at the line I had gotten out of which had like 5 more people which made it like now about 10 people ahead of me. I just dropped the item and left the store. Went home!

WOW I started thinking about this and I should have raised hell. Just so you know, I am going to be a up on you guys about opening your register once I see the line going into the where people walk with their baskets to get into the register. You people that work at Walmart and treat customers bad are the reason you have customers who get what they want so believe me I will be getting what I want when I want it. Now if you don't like your job then quit and let other have that job that want a job and can handle people. Thank You.

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