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Wrongfully Detained and Intimidated by Wal-Mart Security
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- On January 11th 2013 I purchased a television from Wal-Mart. Paid for it in cash $200.00 and the rest on my debit card. As I was walking away from the cashier's desk the box came open at the bottom, I asked an employee if I could exchange it; as I was right in front of the display that I originally picked it up from to purchase it, she told me to go back to the desk. I went back to the cashier that sold me the television and explained that the box ripped open at the bottom and would like to exchange it since I didn't know if anything might have fallen out and could be missing some parts.

The cashier that sold me the television took it and told me to get another one from the display pile. I asked if I needed to come back to her with it and she said "No, just get another one - you have your receipt." I did just that. As I was walking out of the store two aggressive and forceful Wal-Mart employees accosted me in the foyer and told me to get back inside. I showed them the receipt and explained what happened. They got rough and scared me and ordered me back into the store and directed me to the service desk and told me not to move or go anywhere and left.

The Service desk employee asked me what was going on... I again explained to the service desk what went down, she was confused and thought that I was bringing it back in for a refund or exchange. Now, I reiterated the event and she told me to go back to the cashier and retrieve the original purchase and bring it back to her. Made no sense to me but I complied. I told the cashier that the front desk wanted that original television, she replied that she checked its contents and no parts were missing and re-taped it and put it back on display. She took me there and showed me which one it was.

I took it back to the service desk. The employee opened it and checked its contents to see if I had put anything inside either box, the original purchased one and the one I was stopped at the door with. She then cleared me and I left the store and put the television in my vehicle. I was livid by now. I returned to the store and asked to speak to the manager. Again went through the story and he apologized and assured me that he will have a talk with his security and gave me a $50.00 gift card for my troubles and humiliation.

I contact Wal-Mart immediately upon returning home via their website with this encounter, abuse of power, wrongful detention and intimidation and right down threatening. I never received a response. Few days later repeated the website contact and again no response. I have tried to contact Wal-Mart ever since on a few occasions fruitlessly. I finally posted my complaint on Facebook and on their advertising site and received an acknowledgement and that someone will contact me. Nothing yet.

Worst Experience - Will Not Shop Here Again
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Rating: 1/51

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- I've gone to Wal-Mart on Priest & Elliot for many years and never have had a problem until tonight, I never have dealt with such a bad attitude in a manager. When it takes 15 mins for a manager to get to you when you have a complaint is quite frankly, unprofessional and disrespectful to the customer. Me and my boyfriend, had gone in to purchase World of Warcraft, when we went purchase it there was no employee to be found in the electronics area which meant we had to purchase it in the front. Well this is a inconvenience to us when your employees don't know how to ring up an item.

The employee ** said this is the worst night to come in and purchase something because everyone called out for the Super Bowl. First of all, what does that have to do with me purchasing what I want? And second of all, if the employees all called out why aren't all the employees knowledgeable enough to ring in a specific item? And their only response is "I'm sorry. You will have to come back tomorrow." What kind of customer service are YOUR employees being taught? You all need to take a class if this is what you're providing for your customers.

After a response like that I demanded talking to a manager and after WAITING 15 mins the manager by the name of ** finally arrives and has no interest in what he have to say, does not apologize and just says have a great night! This Wal-Mart is outrageous. Upon waiting for the manager to arrive, the customer behind us had a similar story and let us know, "Oh you will be waiting 20 minutes for someone to get here."

This is unbelievable and your employees and management should feel ashamed about the customer service you provide. The many customers behind me heard the whole conversation and we're surprised at what treatment we got. After my experience, I will no longer be shopping at Wal-Mart and that goes for many friends and family as well as the customers behind us. I expected a sincere apology and something done to resolve this issue but of course that was not done.

Buy Your TV at Best Buy Not Wal-Mart
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH READING, MASSACHUSETTS -- Well just a quick story about Wal-Mart. Have shopped there for years with no issue in customer service. Our television broke down two days after tax free weekend (that's just how my luck rolls). I went to Wal-Mart and saw a Sanyo television for $498.00. I told the sales person that I wanted that model. She returned from the warehouse to say they didn't have that model in stock and then tried to upsell me to a more expensive model. I said no thank you and that that price was as high as I could go.

She told me to wait and went back to the warehouse and came out with an Emerson model. This TV was not displayed nor did it have a price marked on the floor. I purchased that Television for the $498.00 and added on a 4 year protection plan. I got it home, hooked it up and it works fine. I decided to check online at Wal-Mart to see what they charged for that model since it wasn't advertised in the store even though they had it there. Turns out it was a clearance item for $448.00. I returned to the store and pointed out the discrepancy. They replied that they did not match the online price.

That in itself is a point, however they didn't have a price ANYWHERE for this television except online. It obviously had been clearance marked and cleared from the store as well since it wasn't on the floor and there was just one more in the back. Now I have worked in retail and know that employees can move items off the floor for their own purchase. It isn't too far of a leap to see that the store sold these units at clearance and one was put aside for an employee.

So at the store I told the manager that the way it works out is that I could return the TV for a full refund, order it online and have it shipped free to my home for fifty dollars less than what I paid at the store. I asked her how in the world that makes any sense. She replied “Well go do that then.” So I contacted Wal-Mart corporate by phone and they never replied. I then emailed them and they replied back the same thing that the manager did.

End result – Wal-Mart charged me full price for a clearance television without disclosure of the marked down price. I can't return the television now because corporate said there was a 7 day limit on that and they took longer than that to respond to me. My advice. Take any price you find on electronics at Wal-Mart and run over to Best Buy. I am certain they will match it. I should have done that in the first place

Misleading Advertising: Don't Believe Everything You See on TV!
By -

WINDER, GEORGIA -- The Winder, GA store is a total shame to the name of Sam Walton, and I feel sure all Wal-Mart stores are the same. Our country is in a total mess and Wal-Mart is one of the causes for the decline. The majority of merchandise sold there comes from China, where workers are paid only a few cents a day to manufacture. An item that costs Wal-Mart a total of 5 cents may be sold in the U.S. store for $14.99. If that same item was manufactured in the U.S., it might cost Wal-Mart $3, but the jobs would stay in the U.S. and they could still sell that product for $14.99.

The executives are greedy and continue to come up with ways to sell inferior products made by foreign countries to consumers in the U.S. and increase their profit margin, giving little or no thought to the Chinese workers or the Americans who are struggling with job losses and ever-rising prices on gas, taxes, etc. They are only concerned with how much money goes into their own pockets. They do not care about our concerns and struggles. They are greedy, heartless, untouchable predators. You think you are getting a great deal at Wal-Mart? Think again.

I have been doing my own research by tracking prices between Ingles Supermarket in Auburn, GA, and Wal-Mart in Winder. For 4 weeks running, I have saved from $12 to $26 on exactly the same items purchased from Ingles when compared to Wal-Mart. Also, I used to go to Wal-Mart for generic cold remedies, pain relievers, etc. Generics were not available on my last 3 trips to Wal-Mart for the Equate brand multi-symptom cold tablets or Equate mucus relief.

When I finally located an associate to ask if they were out of the products or if they discontinued the items, the associate did not understand the question and stated she would go get someone else. She had not returned after 15 minutes so I left my cart of selections in the middle of the isle and walked out of the store. Rite-Aid was nearby so I bought the items I needed there, where store brands and generics are available at a very low cost.

There is something else I have noticed for almost a year. GV canned vegetables are consistently higher than name brands; same goes for GV sugar... higher than name brand. More often than not, the "economy" size of a product is more expensive per unit than the smaller sizes. What's up with that?

My main complaint here is that Wal-Mart advertising is misleading and wrong. You cannot save $$ at Wal-Mart in the real world, although they pay lower wholesale prices than most any other retailer. They raise prices on items that sell, and lower prices on items that don't sell. Quite backward, don't you think? Not for the predators who think we consumers are sheep who can be "fed and led." They feed us BS and lead us into their traps. Not me, not anymore.

Who is Responsible for Unmatched Bar Codes?
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I drove to Vegas from Los Angeles to celebrate my daughter's six birthday. For her gift, I bought a portable DVD player and an electronic learning tool from a Wal-Mart store near Henderson (LV). The next morning, I was told by my X that our child has both gadgets, and that I better return the portable DVD player and the electronic learning tool.

Before I head back to Los Angles, I drove to Henderson to return these two electronic gadgets. The clerk opened the box for the portable DVD player and checked it thoroughly, to inform me that the bar code on the DVD player does not match with the bar code on the box. I said, "No no no, you're not going to do this on me." I proceeded to tell the clerk that, what she is saying about the bar codes not matching is tantamount to alleging that I am returning something else. Without saying anything to what I have asserted, she called the manager of that department.

The manager stayed on the same reasoning mode and averred that the codes do not match. I told the manager, deductively speaking then, I have purposely drove all the way from Los Angeles to swindle Wal-Mart, by replacing something that which I haven't bought. And, I proceeded asking the manager to check the portable DVD player. He asked why? I replied by saying, if it doesn't work, and, if it is not as new as it should be for any reason, I will then be willing to take the loss.

The manager went back to his initial argument that the bar codes do not match. At this point, my voice changed and I asked the manager, who does he think is at fault for having unmatching bar codes? Is it me or Wal-Mart? He could not answer my question. I then proceeded to tell the manager, I think this is one of the ways how Wal-Mart rejects its customers from returning certain items. He didn't say anything, and I proceeded to mumble a curse word, pointing it at Wal-Mart. That was what I had in mind.

The manager went through the roof. I then told him to take it easy, and that, he cannot make me shut my mouth unless he is an idiot who is taking a curse for a crime. "Get out of my store... Get out..." Hey, I didn't know you were this idiotic, this is not your store, and you don't even make the money that you could have, had Wal-Mart been fair. The idiot manager start calling securities from every angle hoping that I would do something stupid. I can only curse... and I did.

Some of you might have the same experience. If you had, please reply so that we can do something about this unfair practice. I will never ever again shop at Wal-Mart, and I will be as active as I can to convince people to go shop from small stores. May God save America from Wal-Mart.

Bad Customer Service in Morning
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Rating: 3/51

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I go in Wal-Mart in the morning, last month I went to buy a TV, and there were no one working in CS in the morning. So manager walks by and I stop him and said "I would like some help in buying a TV," and said "OK I will send someone over." Waited 15 minutes no one came, so I left and went to hhgregg and bought one.

So today is my baby birthday, so again went to Wal-Mart on the way home want to get him iPad. So again a manager walks by and stop him and told him "I wanted to buy this iPad." He said, "One moment. I will get someone right over here." I waited about 10 mins, walk around and came back - still no one, so left. There were another client looking for something in Toys, no one could help her.

I think I will find another store to go to in the morning. I think they need to work on their customer service, if you are open in the morning you should have someone in the back willing to help the customer, so I guess I will have to give Kmart a try. There is one cashier that work there in the morning. She does her best to help you, I give her a five star.

Worst Customer Service! No Customer Service When You Need It
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Rating: 1/51

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- I was shopping with my daughter for a video and I saw the guy at electronics busy talking to a couple. Their phone was ringing off the hook. Not enough help. Another lady was waiting in line for help. I asked the closest employee I could see for help. He just told me to go to electronics. I did. But there was no one else to help. Why couldn't that one employee take two minutes of his time to help me? Even if it wasn't his work area. That's why I like shopping at Target. They have people who ask if you need help before you need it. We were only there cause my daughter had gotten a gift card for Christmas.

Exceptional, Helpful, and Very Good
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Rating: 5/51

PETOSKEY AND CHEBOYGAN, MICHIGAN -- Just wanted to say that my Christmas Wal-Mart experience was wonderful!!! We started by going to Wal-Mart in Cheboygan Michigan on Thanksgiving night to get the iPad Mini that was advertised, got there and we were in and out with our purchases in 35 minutes! Super helpful employees! Thank you! Then I went to Wal-Mart in Petoskey Michigan at 5 am on the 23rd of December and was in an out in 45 minutes! Found everything on my list and had time to chat with the cashier who really seemed to enjoy her job! I have become a loyal Wal-Mart customer because of this experience! Thank you to the people who work at Wal-Mart for making it such a great experience!

Failure to Accept Faulty TV
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Rating: 2/51

MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI -- Lightning struck our house in July and we had to replace many of our appliances - all of our TVs. We bought a Vizio ($511) from Wal-Mart on Hwy 19 in Meridian, MS. We thought we had a 90 day return program. We were not interested in returning the TV, because we like Vizio. We do not play tapes or DVDS very often.

Recently, we decided to play a tape (color) and a DVD (color) in our tape player. It was in black and white. We replaced the tape player and it was still in black and white. Several people checked the TV and told us it was something faulty with the TV. Today we tried to return the TV and Wal-Mart would not accept it telling us there was a 15 day period of time. Do you know how we can solve this problem? We are stuck with a TV that costs $511.

Return of Flat Screen TV
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Rating: 4/51

LANCASTER, SOUTH CAROLINA -- First of all I like Wal-Mart, enjoy shopping there. This is the issue that I have. My son purchased a flat screen TV for me for my Birthday - had the TV for ninety days. The TV blinked out continuously. Tried to take the TV back. Customer Service gave me a print out to the name of the TV brand and who I need to contact. THE TV WAS PURCHASE from Wal-Mart. I did not go to Sanyo or Emerson to get the TV - it was was from Wal-Mart and I think they should be responsible. I do not want the money. I prefer the replacement of the TV since it was a gift from my son.

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