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Rating: 1/51
WAXAHACHIE, TEXAS -- There is a very rude foreign guy that's the pharmacist. He cussed at me and told me he was going to hang up on me all because I was questioning why no one faxed my mom's doctor to refill her meds. Needless to say I kept saying I would like to talk to someone over him and he kept saying he was the boss that no one was over him. So I asked for manager he hung up on me. So I called back to report him and spoke with store owner that said he was going to take care of it. I was very pleased with their managers there taking care of this. This man was awful.
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Costs of drugs
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Rating: 2/51
VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- My wife had a prescription filled last evening in a WALMART paharmacy (vancouver wasdhintton) which had been charging $15 for a three month supply and was charged nearly seventy dollars (they originally quoted $81) she is on a three month supply progame at a fixed rate and this was such a surprise she just paid it in a daze, non my style, I wanted to go back and make a scene (my style) but she is far more reserved than I am, she asked I do not embarrasss her in a public place but this is about WALMART ripping off a customer and that customer is my wife, I went to WALGREEN's asking about how much they would charge for the same quality and quantity they told me about thirty dollars for three month's worth, our bussines will go to the competitors in the future
Filling a prescription
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VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- I arrived at Walmart and went right to the pharmacy to give my new prescription. There was not a person waiting so I was pleased that my medication would be ready soon.

I went shopping and returned 1 1/2 hours later and my prescription had not even been started. It wasn't because of lack of help, since there were 4 women and a man back there, plus a checker.

I will never go to that pharmacy again. They make Safeway Pharmacy look great.
Walmart Clio Michigan Pharmacy "AWFUL"
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CLIO, MICHIGAN -- It is very sad when you go to a pharmacy to get your meds and have to wait 2 hours. They told me it would be 30 minutes. I was not the only one who had to wait. It was ridicules. I asked what was taking so long. I was told they were busy. The pharmacy at Walmart which I have gone for 10 years in Ohio was wonderful The Walmart pharmacy in Clio, Michigan is horrible. I have had to have 3 scripts filled at different times and it was always the same. The computer was down, someone was on lunch, etc. This past Saturday was the last straw I will not go there again. They have two Indian pharmacists, I am not pointing fingers at races, but they are extremely rude. On Saturday I guess someone was on lunch and I waited for 15 minutes for them to even come and take my script. The pharmacist told me just a moment three times. No explaining that someone was on lunch just you have to wait. When he did come to the window he again said I was just going to have to wait. Finally after I was upset he took my script, and again went on and on..I finally told him to just stop I was mad enough at his rudeness, well he then tried to grab my arm. I am not sure why. I told him not to touch me.. Finally he said it would be 20 minutes due to my saying I hope I don't have another 2 hour wait. While waiting I did some shopping to come back to seeing him tell the girl associate about me. I was not a happy lady. I told her I was not going to bite her head off. Only the rude pharmacist. As I was leaving I told him what I had seen. He tried to get me to come back to the pharmacy by calling ma'am, ma'am...I ignored him..Needless to say this Walmart has lost my business. I will try the one near Burton, Michigan on Belsay Rd...Hopefully I will have better luck. Stay away from Walmart in Clio, Michigan.
Pharmacy is closed during published work hours
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LYNN, MASSACHUSETTS -- I made a mistake of having my prescription filled at a WalMart pharmacy. Sure, it's cheap, and the pharmacist is a nice guy who does a great job. But leave it to the WalMart management to screw up every shopping experience.

The business card for the WalMart pharmacy says that the pharmacy is open 9am-9pm Monday through Saturday. To make sure, I called the number as well, and the opening hours were listed as 9am to 9pm on the answering machine.

Yet, when I got to the store in Lynn, MA at 1:40pm in the afternoon on a Friday, the pharmacy was closed. There on the window there were the same business cards listing pharmacy hours as 9am-9pm, yet the window was closed shut.

A small sign said that the pharmacy will close for lunch 1:30pm-2pm if there is only one person working. There was no schedule showing how many people work in the pharmacy on any given day. People waiting for the pharmacy to open said that this WalMart has been closing the pharmacy in the middle of the day for years - but it never bothered to update its pharmacy business cards or correct the message on the answering machine.
3hrs of my life in the Pharmacy
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CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- Walmart 2020 Gunbarrel Road, # 250, Chattanooga, TN 37421 Dates: 10/12-10/14 2009
Monday 10/12/09 @ 5:37pm I got in line at the pharmacy to pick up my Rx. At 6:10pm it was told it would be 15min more by the cashier. At 6:25 I got back in line. My Rx was ready, however a customer in from of me needed a refund. A CSM was called, where she proceeded to take 45min in attempting to do a refund tying up the only cash register. After 45min, she told the customer that she could not do the refund. By this point I was infuriated and said in a very calm voice I wanted my Rx rung up. She then proceeded to change register tape. I told her I did NOT want a receipt, I wanted to leave. It was now 7:10pm. I only got half my Rx as that was all they had. This was 1.5hrs to get half my Rx. On 10/14, I got back in line at 5:50pm. Told again that it would take 15min. to get the other half of my Rx ready. The pharmacist called for a member of management twice in 30min an no one showed up.
I went to the front, asked for a manager. A CSM took me back to the pharmacy and tried to get my problem fixed. A store manager was called. She spoke to the CSM about what was going on. He explained what I had told him. She walked right by me without a hello or an apology. Needless to say, 1.5hrs later, I finally got ALL of my Rx.
1.5 on 10/12 and 1.5 on 10/14 is 3hrs to get one Rx. Do you see where I have a problem with all this?
My wife and daughter were diagnosed with H1N1 on Friday 10/9. I spent 3hrs away from them waiting for an Rx.
I find this to be unacceptable under ANY circumstances. I was given an apology only from the cashier. It was neither her fault NOR her responsibility to provide an excuse or an apology. That is what they pay their managers for and they failed in that capacity. Please give me one, just one, reason why me, my family or anyone I know, should ever get their Rx's filled at Walmart Pharmacy ever again?
Walmart Pharmacy is a Bad Joke
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Decided to give Walmart a tumble with new prescription. Went in, gave script to pharmacist. They had 6 of the pills in stock (prescription calls for 2 pills per day) They said come back in a few days for the rest. (I live 20 miles away) I said no but I was going to another town with a Walmart so could I have the script back...they said they would put in computer and any Walmart could access it. So I said OK.

2 days later went to Walmart in grand Rapids, MI and asked for prescription....they couldn't find it in computer, had to call Adrian store (15 minutes wasted) then when they found it they didn't have the medicine (fosinopril the generic for Monopril....common as rocks) I told the pharmacist to either get into the drug business or get out because they were pissing off a lot of people.

Then I tried their mail order prescription filling service....days go by, no meds, I call them....what's going on? They tell me can't fill for two more days because of insurance and I ask why they didn't call and inform me of that....duh.

I called Bentonville (Walmart home office) and explained all this to them. They said they would have a representative call me....a month now and I'm still waiting for the call.

Bottom Line....Walmart Prescription service is a bad joke.....avoid at all costs.
Walmart's Pharmacy
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HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND -- I've been shopping at Walmart for as long as I can remember. I have had lots of prescriptions filled at Walmart during those years but this past Sunday ended all ties I will ever have with Walmart again. I had called in a refill on Monday.. on Friday I went to pick it up figuring that they had plenty of time to fill it right? yeah well after waiting in line for 20 minutes it was finally my turn. I gave all the important information and the lady pulled it up.. she proceeded to tell me that they didn't have the medicine and since I had called it in so long ago they should be getting a shipment in the next night by 7:30 I should call back then to make sure. So on Saturday the next night I called them .. after 7:30 and they were closed.. surprise surprise. So I waited till Sunday morning after they opened and to my surprise I spoke with a lady who told me that they still didn't have the medicine as they don't get shipments in over the weekends. I explained very calmly that I had NO pills left. She told me they had none on the shelf and I'd just have to wait. I was getting quiet frustrated as the medicine I take I need to have. If not I could end up in the hospital. I explained to her that I couldn't wait, that it's something I just can't not take as not taking it would most likely land me in the hospital.. she rudely told me it wasn't her problem. they didn't have it and I was going to have to wait or call somewhere else ask them if they had it and then have the other place call them. I repeated what she had told me and asked her why it falls on me when I called this in almost a week ago.. they had more than enough time to get this. She told me very matter of the fact that it wasn't her problem and that I was to either deal or call somewhere else.

I did just that. I have never in my life felt so disgusted by the service. The least she could have done was said would you like me to check with another Walmart pharmacy.. but no I was told to go take a flying leap and she didn't care that I could have died because of their ability to refill my script within a reasonable amount of time.

I won't say all Walmart's are this way but the Hagerstown one is. So patience beware.
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MARION, INDIANA -- I am on several medications which I transferred to Walmart about a year ago. I always call in my refills because taking them in takes too long, both in dropping off prescriptions and waiting for the medications. Calling them in used to save time, but not anymore. The last few times I have gone to the Marion Indiana store, I have waited in line for long periods of time (more than an hour). This week I called in my prescriptions on Saturday. They told me they would be ready for pickup after 5 on Sunday.

They are not open after 5 on Sunday. I was not able to get to the store until today. I stopped at Walmart at 2:05 thinking that I would get my prescriptions before I picked up my granddaughter from school at 2:55. There were about 6 people ahead of me in line and about 4 waiting to be called. There was one person waiting on people and she was deep in conversation with a customer. After about 10 minutes the next customer in line said she had been waiting over an hour and would like to be waited on.

Another clerk came just long enough to get her prescriptions. She then went back to the pharmacy area, not offering to help anyone else. The person in front of me said she had been there 45 minutes. At 2:50 I left to go and get my granddaughter from school. I returned at 3:10 and went to stand in line. The lady that had been in front of me before was still there. She said they told her it would be another 45 minutes.

There were about 10 more people waiting to be called. Most were the same ones that were there before. After about 45 minutes I was finally able to get my prescriptions. The clerk got them, then left to do something else before the transaction was complete. This took her only about 5 minutes but after waiting for such a long time it didn't help any. I cannot understand why they did not have more clerks in that department. People were complaining and upset.

Some elderly persons clearly should not have been waiting so long. One person was charged the full amount for prescriptions because they had not applied his insurance. I went to the customer service area to make a complaint. There was only one clerk and at least 10 persons in line. I made a comment to a supervisor at the front of the store. She said we don't have enough people to work. She then made a rude shrugging of her shoulders like she couldn't care less. She said if you don't like it call 1-800-Wal-Mart.

It seems like customer service is a thing of the past. There are usually only two or three manned lines open. The automatic checkouts used to be okay, but now they don't work right. You have to call for assistance at least once and sometimes after every item. Waiting in line to checkout for 30 - 40 minutes is ridiculous. There has been about a 53% increase in Walmart's prices since the super store opened. You would think some of this would be passed on to customers, but service is bad, clerks are rude, you can't get waited on, they change things around so often, you can't find things, prices are actually higher in the grocery department than at Marsh or Kroger.

I can't wait til the Meijer's comes to Marion and I believe they will get a lot of Walmart's customers if they don't change the way they do things. I know I do not want to get my prescriptions there anymore.
Prescription Refill
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EVANSVILLE, INDIANA -- I've obtained my refills From Store #5372 every month. I called this order in two days in advance because I knew that the doctor needed to be contacted for refills. The computer told me my meds would be ready for pick up on that Thursday however I waited to that Friday (the 13th) to call to see if it was ready. I was told by pharmacy staff that the doctor had not faxed the refill order back. I then called my doctor's office and was told no such fax for a refill had been submitted but they would call the pharmacy which they did immediately. I then called Walmart pharmacy and was told that my doctor had not called. I told the pharmacist to hold and dialed my doctor's office placing us three on conference call. The nurse told the pharmacist that she had left the refill info on voice mail. The pharmacy staff then put us on hold for about 6 minutes while the voice mail , I assume, was checked. The pharmacy returned to the phone to say that they would refill my order immediately. I told them I was on my way. I got there and was told that the medicine was not in stock and would not be available until Monday. I would be without my meds for three days. This may be fine for some meds but this med happened to be ATRIPLA- an HIV/AIDS med- one that is saving my life because I take it faithfully, one that I order from this Walmart pharmacy every month. How could it be out of stock? How could they hold my life on the balance like that? The pharmacist apologized but I'm sitting here writing this letter not knowing how missing this med will affect my life--I'm terrified. This Walmart error could be potentially fatal. Please investigate so that this doesn't happen to anyone else. Signed 'Scared to death'

P.S. The pharmacist said that he would try to locate the med elsewhere and I did the same, to no avail.
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