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Problems again with pharmacy
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ALAMOSA, COLORADO -- Two weeks ago I dropped off 6 prescriptions at store# 0869 in Alamosa, CO. One scrip required pre approval from my insurance company. I had to make 2 trips back into town for a total of 100 miles. No big deal, but my problem started when I registered for online access so I can re-fill online when I need to. Walmart's website took my information and what happened afterwards was too stupid to comprehend. The website stated the following: patient can't be found, date of birth is incorrect, prescription numbers invalid, and store number can't be found. Bear in my, I had just had 6 pres. filled with 3 re-fills on all of them totaling a years worth of prescriptions. I then called Walmart's customer service number 6 times and was told by 5 reps that I'm not in the system. One representative said she found my info but can't understand why I'm not able to access my prescription history. I was told I have to go back to the store and talk to the pharmacy manager and have them re-set my account. I went in this morning and talked to the manager and he said he had no idea what I was talking about. I had also e-mailed Walmart 4 times and kept getting the same response that I must input the correct information. I called Walmart's main HQ in Bentonville, AR and was hung up on when I tried to explain the problem. The store has my info on file correctly, as the pharmacy manager went over with me to ensure the correct info was in the system. Looks like I'll be transferring my prescriptions to another company since not one single person is willing to help.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WAXAHACHIE, TEXAS -- There is a very rude foreign guy that's the pharmacist. He cussed at me and told me he was going to hang up on me all because I was questioning why no one faxed my mom's doctor to refill her meds. Needless to say I kept saying I would like to talk to someone over him and he kept saying he was the boss that no one was over him. So I asked for manager he hung up on me. So I called back to report him and spoke with store owner that said he was going to take care of it. I was very pleased with their managers there taking care of this. This man was awful.
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Darrell27 on 05/17/2012:
As in most retail establishments, store managers have no say so over the pharmacist. Unfortunately for you, even a complaint to Walmart's HQ is a waste of time. Walmart stopped caring about its customers years ago. Do yourself a favor, get your mothers prescriptions elsewhere.
clutzycook on 05/17/2012:
usually it's the patient's (or their representative's) responsibility to contact the doctor when a refill is needed.
raven2010 on 05/17/2012:
I don't know about walmart, but Target has a program where they "auto fax" your doc when you run out refills.

Anonymous on 05/17/2012:
Did you ask them to fax it or just assume it would be done?

CVS and Target will fax re-fill requests. My husband's back dr requires the pharmacy to fax over the request. When we were going to CVS, we had ask them to do it every time. I wish I had known that Target has an auto program, I would switched to their pharmacy a lot soon.
oldisgood on 05/18/2012:
I also would assume the doctor needs to fax the pharmay, not the other way around. Did you even ask your doctor to fax in the refill?
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Costs of drugs
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- My wife had a prescription filled last evening in a WALMART paharmacy (vancouver wasdhintton) which had been charging $15 for a three month supply and was charged nearly seventy dollars (they originally quoted $81) she is on a three month supply progame at a fixed rate and this was such a surprise she just paid it in a daze, non my style, I wanted to go back and make a scene (my style) but she is far more reserved than I am, she asked I do not embarrasss her in a public place but this is about WALMART ripping off a customer and that customer is my wife, I went to WALGREEN's asking about how much they would charge for the same quality and quantity they told me about thirty dollars for three month's worth, our bussines will go to the competitors in the future
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JISCal2 on 03/23/2012:
I'd go back and ask them why the price difference? Did they bill a third party insurance plan last time? Is your wife on a Part D plan and if the generics are not all tier 1, could she be in the plans 'donut hole'? You are definitely entitled to an explanation. You don't have to cause a scene for that. It is a valid question.
Skye on 03/23/2012:
Making a scene will just get you escorted out of the store.

Do as John says, and ask them why the price difference? You have the right to know, and you also have many other pharmacies to choose from, if you aren't happy with Walmart. It's always good to shop around for the best prices for everything these days.
madconsumer on 03/23/2012:
one thing to consider, is generic or name brand.

when I was prescribed a sleeping pill, I tried them for a few days, but felt more comfortable using benadryl. cheaper, and has the same effects.
wijsone on 04/21/2012:
Bear in mind that all the pharmaceutical companies have raised prescription drug prices on an average of thirty-seven percent this year alone. You can do that when you have a monopoly. I have one prescription with Walmart that cost $198 in Nov. 2011 and is now $231 in April. The same medicine at Walgreens is $270. Good luck with Walgreens, I left them to go to Walmart.
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Filling a prescription
Posted by on
VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- I arrived at Walmart and went right to the pharmacy to give my new prescription. There was not a person waiting so I was pleased that my medication would be ready soon.

I went shopping and returned 1 1/2 hours later and my prescription had not even been started. It wasn't because of lack of help, since there were 4 women and a man back there, plus a checker.

I will never go to that pharmacy again. They make Safeway Pharmacy look great.
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Anonymous on 01/10/2012:
Just because there was no one there doesn't mean that there were not prescriptions to be filled. Doctors also fax prescriptions in as well as e-prescribing. Not to mention the refills phoned in. Now, if they told you it would take 10 minutes and it still wasn't ready within the time you waited, then I would be mad too!
Anonymous on 01/10/2012:
What John said. Pharmacies are always busy filling prescriptions. People usually do what you did: drop it off and come back later to pick it up.
I love my son on 01/11/2012:
Did you tell them you would be waiting for prescription? They fill the ones people are waiting for or coming in to pick them up first..
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Rude Pharmacist
Posted by on
MARLIN, TEXAS -- I had gone online Saturday morning and requested a refill on one of my prescriptions. I requested that it be ready by 4:00. Since we had to run some other errands around noon I called just to check if it was ready. He stated that "I am working on it right now." We decided to wait until later to go and at 4:00 we went to the local Wal-Mart. After waiting in line for 5 to 10 minutes, I was again informed that "I am working on it right now." When I said that I had called 4 hours ago and received the same answer he told me he was working alone and he would get to it. When I asked what time it would be ready he stated that it would be ready when he got ready to fill it. I came home and went on-line to move all my prescriptions to another pharmacy, and Wal-Mart has the nerve to wonder why they are losing customers!!! Guesss I should have mentioned that this man has been reported numerous times even by fellow co workers. There are no clinics or doctors offices open on the weekend, so we are not talking that he was just overworked. Also, five minutes after I got home there was an email telling me my prescription was ready. Wal Mart is about 1 mile from my neighborhood, so if he would have just told me it would just be a few minutes, I would have waited.
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Anonymous on 04/09/2011:
I really don't see where the phamrmacist was rude. Just because he told you something you didn't want to hear, doesn't make him rude. I'm sure Saturdays are Walmart's busiest day and they had hundreds of other orders to fill besides yours.
Anonymous on 04/09/2011:
If he was working alone and having a hard time keeping up, he still should have been polite about it and given you a more definite time frame when it would be ready.

Everyone has bad days, but you still have to be professional.
Anonymous on 04/09/2011:
Not only was it rude, he told an outright lie. I don't think the customer would have minded as much had the pharmacist said at noon that he was swamped and couldn't have it ready until 6 for example. Saying he was working on it at noon gave them the impression it would be ready at 4 and nit only did he fail to apologize, he had a 'tude. They would see no more of me.
Anonymous on 04/09/2011:
I am sure they were slammed, but they should not tell a customer they are working on something, and then when the customer comes to pick it up 4 hours later, say the same thing.

He should have told her initially when she called that he was working alone on a very busy day, and was not sure when it would be ready.
trmn8r on 04/09/2011:
In my limited experience with pharmacies, if you are standing there and the pharmacist says he is "working on it", it should take 5 or maybe 10 minutes.

Granted, you were told that over the phone earlier, but when you are standing there they usually make sure to get to it promptly.

How was the pharmacist "rude", and how do the alleged reports by fellow employees factor into this?
Ytropious on 04/09/2011:
He's working on everyone's prescriptions OP. If a lot of people put fills in before yours, he isn't going to work on yours UNTIL he gets to it. I don't think he was rude here.
Venice09 on 04/09/2011:
Do you know what he was reported for, and does it matter? If it bothered you that he was reported numerous times, then why were you still going there? I would have switched pharmacies long before having a problem if I didn't like the pharmacist. And just because doctors offices and clinics are closed doesn't mean pharmacies aren't busy. Plenty of people need renewals, just like yourself.

I have a feeling he was telling everyone he was working on it now, which is wrong. He should have given you a more accurate estimate of the time your prescription would be ready.
raven2010 on 04/09/2011:
A quick google search foun Falls Community, shaw clinic and MG clinic open on Saturday.....
Venice09 on 04/09/2011:
Thanks for checking, raven. I had a feeling that something would be open on Saturday.
Anonymous on 04/09/2011:
He said it would be ready "when he was ready to fill it". That is no way to speak to a paying customer. If that isn't rude, I don't know what is.
Anonymous on 04/09/2011:
Contact corporate.
Venice09 on 04/09/2011:
I agree, blue. He was probably overworked and short-tempered, but he shouldn't speak to customers that way.
momsey on 04/09/2011:
I agree that it was not right to tell the customer that he was working on the prescription when he clearly wasn't.
momsey on 04/09/2011:
For anyone saying the pharmacist did nothing wrong, you really and truly wouldn't be ticked if he told you at noon that he was working on your prescription and then it still wasn't ready four hours later (at the time requested)? I really find it hard to believe if anyone says that.
trmn8r on 04/09/2011:
momsey - I guess I am used to waiting at the pharmacy, at least short periods of time.

The last two visits, I dealt with a similar thing. Should be ready in 30 minutes. Get there in 30 minutes, and it's "we're working on it right now" (translation: we just started working on it)

I guess my expectations on this topic are just low. Yeah, if they said 4 hours earlier they were working on it, it should be ready.

They need to improve their excuses, at a minimum. If they want to go above and beyond, they might consider actually improving their customer service. Remember, it's WalMart.
Anonymous on 04/09/2011:
Trmn8r, maybe you need a new pharmacy! I understand what you mean though. That's the way it is at Walgreens sometimes, but they are never rude and usually hurry to get it ready when I get there. I like Targets pharmacy. There, I can shop while waiting and kill 2 birds with one stone.
trmn8r on 04/09/2011:
"When I said that I had called 4 hours ago and received the same answer he told me he was working alone and he would get to it. When I asked what time it would be ready he stated that it would be ready when he got ready to fill it."

I missed the rudeness the first time I read the letter. There is no call for it, but I think I know why it happened. Nuff said.
momsey on 04/09/2011:
I very rarely wait at the pharmacy. I usually drop it off and come back and it's ready.

But, waiting some time is understandable. But when they say they're doing it and that turns out to be a flat out lie, that's not understandable.
ok4now on 04/09/2011:
Rite Aide now promises to fill your prescription in 15 minutes or less. If not they will pay you $5.00. Not big bucks but I never collected from them. They always have it ready.
Anonymous on 04/10/2011:
Excellent review. The OP was not being rude. The pharmacy clearly was.
ChuhBaca on 04/10/2011:
I see how he was being rude. Basically, his answer was "I'll get to it, when I get to it." That's not an acceptable way to address a customer.

Did you attempt to reach the store manager? How is Wal-Mart going to know if they have an employee chasing off customers if you don't tell them?
Anonymous on 04/10/2011:
I recommend finding a new pharmacy and stop going to Walmart.
Anonymous on 04/10/2011:
The pharmacy I go to can take a day to fill your routine RX's and about 20 minutes to fill while you wait. I wouldn't have minded if the pharmacist said it would be ready the next day, but to tell me he/she was working on it when they weren't is wrong. I would definitely find a new pharmacy. There is no reason to put up with this kind of behavior.
FlShopper on 04/10/2011:
I think if the pharamacist had been honest and told the OP at noon that he was working alone and that the prescription might not be filled until much later in the day, the OP would have been OK with that. A little bit of honesty, as opposed to just saying whatever might shut the customer up, would've gone a long way in this case.
Inat on 04/10/2011:
if you went to school for 6-8 years and was working in walmart having wal-martians tell you when they wanted their prescription filled, you would be rude too :)
jktshff1 on 04/10/2011:
Inat, if they have that attitude, they went to school for the wrong profession. "I'm working on it" get scrip...find on shelf....count.....put in bottle...put label on it. 6-8 yrs of schooling should make them faster and more efficient.
Use a local pharmacist..they do better.
Anonymous on 04/10/2011:
JKT, do they even have local pharmacies anymore? seem like its all dominated by the big chains.
momsey on 04/10/2011:
They're very rare, Wally, but there's one not far from me.
Anonymous on 04/10/2011:
I found the pharmacist at my Target to be very nice I had a question about a medication I was taking he explained everything to me in detail and even gave me detailed information about it also.

different story at Walgreen's anytime you ask them something its always like you are bothering them and they don't want to talk to you.
momsey on 04/10/2011:
My Walgreens is great. Most times if I'm dealing with the pharmacist and not just a tech, he or she will ask if I have any questions about the meds. They've also been really patient and helpful with me when I have questions about OTC meds.
Venice09 on 04/11/2011:
For some reason, we have a a lot of pharmacies here, and after going through them all and being completely dissatisfied, we settled on Stop & Shop. We've been with them for over ten years. They're not perfect, but the customer service is excellent. And they are accurate, which is really the most important thing.
13YEARSINRETAIL on 05/08/2011:
I am a pharmacist and this pharmacist was wrong in this situation. To say it will be filled when he is READY to fill it is wrong.
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Pharmacy is closed during published work hours
Posted by on
LYNN, MASSACHUSETTS -- I made a mistake of having my prescription filled at a WalMart pharmacy. Sure, it's cheap, and the pharmacist is a nice guy who does a great job. But leave it to the WalMart management to screw up every shopping experience.

The business card for the WalMart pharmacy says that the pharmacy is open 9am-9pm Monday through Saturday. To make sure, I called the number as well, and the opening hours were listed as 9am to 9pm on the answering machine.

Yet, when I got to the store in Lynn, MA at 1:40pm in the afternoon on a Friday, the pharmacy was closed. There on the window there were the same business cards listing pharmacy hours as 9am-9pm, yet the window was closed shut.

A small sign said that the pharmacy will close for lunch 1:30pm-2pm if there is only one person working. There was no schedule showing how many people work in the pharmacy on any given day. People waiting for the pharmacy to open said that this WalMart has been closing the pharmacy in the middle of the day for years - but it never bothered to update its pharmacy business cards or correct the message on the answering machine.
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User Replies:
BEJ on 02/23/2010:
We frequent our CostCo pharmacy for one time rx needs. They too have this same policy stating they may be closed for one hour between the hours of 12-1330 if only one person is working. We call before we go to find if it is open. Even the phone message for them states this. Did you give them a call before going down?

topher63076 on 02/23/2010:
OK so walmart should break the law and not give the pharmacist his half hour break that he is required to have. The law in Massachusetts states that an employer must provide a thirty-minute meal break during each work shift that lasts more than six hours. This one half-hour meal break is unpaid
Anonymous on 02/23/2010:
topher, That's not what the OP is stating. The OP is saying that if the pharmacy is going to be closed for a lunch period then walmart should state as much on the advertised hours the pharmacy is opened. That makes perfect sense.
goduke on 02/23/2010:
Oh, come on Stew. Don't go using that logic thing on us.
Anonymous on 02/23/2010:
Agree with Stew. Just communicate is all the Op was asking.
Anonymous on 02/23/2010:
Can Walmart do ANYTHING right? MG!!!!!!
Either do a little shopping for 20 minutes or go to Walgreen's.
You wouldn't want this pharmacist filling your 'scrip' on an empty stomach would you?
Now you know. Problem solved.
skelly39 on 02/23/2010:
Lady, I don't think the OP was saying the "sap" shouldn't eat. I think he's saying they should at least put a message on their voicemail stating they would be closed from 130-2 for lunch. Wouldn't be that difficult for them to do...
Anonymous on 02/23/2010:
zz, maybe this OP was on their lunch break too and couldn't wait 20 extra minutes. The OP states that they called to make sure of the hours. The answering machine should have been updated to mention the possibility of closing down for lunch. You people kill me.
Anonymous on 02/23/2010:
exactly skelly39
goduke on 02/23/2010:
It sounds like the OP was dealing with maintenance meds, but imagine if you had a sick child in tow. 20 minutes could be a very, very long time.
topher63076 on 02/23/2010:
I don't know if they all have the same recording when you call about refills but I get my prescriptions filled at walmart and when you call the refill line it states that they may be closed for a half hour if there is only one pharmacist working.
Anonymous on 02/23/2010:
She called and got the VM. That should have been a red flag.
In a fast paced world you got to be proactive and not assume that the world is open to cater just to your needs at all costs.
If it was a timing issue you should talk to a PERSON NOT A MACHINE, brainiacs.

Sheriff, you slay me with your simplistic remedies. Stick to sports.
goduke on 02/23/2010:
If Walmart thinks it's o.k. to inconvenience their customers in order to avoid having a person to cover a lunch shift, why don't they just close the entire store from 12:00 - 12:30 each day in order to give the employees a lunch break?
Anonymous on 02/23/2010:
GD, that could be the most asinine reply ever posted on this site and I would expect better from you.
Anonymous on 02/23/2010:
ZZ, what have I told you about butting into adult conversations? Just because you missed GD's brilliant point doesn't make it asinine. Heck, if anything it makes it intelligent. Now sit back and LEARN.
Anonymous on 02/23/2010:
It is a false negative. A proposal that would never happen. Thoughtless.
Shall I go on, Langston?
goduke on 02/23/2010:
ZZ, google reductio ad absurdum, and then we'll discuss what we learned in our freshman logic class.
Anonymous on 02/23/2010:
GD: Okay, and that backs up what I am saying about your proposal don't you think?
Anonymous on 02/23/2010:
GD, When it comes to ZZ you got to get all dog whisperer on him. Calm assertiveness, a quick pinch and a SHHHH. Anything else just confuses him.
goduke on 02/23/2010:
Not at all. If it is o.k. to close part of the store for a part of the day, then logically it should be o.k. to close all of the store for part of the day. The customers should just "learn to be patient."
Anonymous on 02/23/2010:
Keep it up Stewart!
GD, do you have any idea how much money they would lose.
It makes NO SENSE.
Your premise reeks of absurdum.
Anonymous on 02/23/2010:
So, you're saying GD... that because the pharmacy closes for just 30 minutes... then the rest of the store should just close for 30 minutes.
Anonymous on 02/23/2010:
That's what I gather, BKat.
Twisted thinking, huh?
Nohandle on 02/23/2010:
Hold it people!! The OP had a business card in hand stating store hours for the pharmacy. He called and received a recording of the same business hours. I would personally expect that particular department to be open for business during the stated hours. In no manner did janyep say he felt the employees shouldn't have a lunch break. He simply stated other customers had told him this particular pharmacy had closed during that period for years. Forget the business card, that might be from years ago. Update the telephone message. How hard could that be?
Anonymous on 02/23/2010:
Exactly Nohandle. I don't know how ZZ can read the same complaint as you and I yet jump off onto some spiel about lunch hour laws. His logic gives me a headache. I think that's why he does it.
skelly39 on 02/23/2010:
Hey, Stew, how come your last comment changed?
Anonymous on 02/23/2010:
You hold it, PEOPLE!! If the OP couldn't get a LIVE person on the phone they shouldn't have assumed that the place was open and had a back-up plan.
I would think that a change of the VM would not be of high priority.
The OP now knows the procedure so the problem is resolved.
Now stop making yourselves look silly.
goduke on 02/23/2010:
What I'm saying is that if the answer to the pharmacy being closed is that it is an acceptable customer experience and that the customer just needs to suck it up and deal with it, why would it not be an equally acceptable customer experience to close the entire store for 30 minutes and tell the customers to suck it up and deal with it? If you say that it's not o.k. to close the store for 30 minutes, then why would it be o.k. to close the pharmacy for 30 minutes when it's supposed to be open?
Anonymous on 02/23/2010:
ZZ, So anytime I call a place and get a VM I'm too assume they're closed? So I'm to assume in a one man operation like this WM pharmacy that the pharmacist drops what he's doing to answer the phone? Really??? And this makes sense to you? Lord son just how many domestic violence shots to the head have you received this year?
goduke on 02/23/2010:
Giving accurate info to the customer should be a priorty in a pharmacy. If I can't count on you to do something simply like accurately tell me what time you are open, how can I count on you to properly fill an Rx for my sick kid or elderly parent?
Nohandle on 02/23/2010:
If in fact, according to other waiting customers, the pharmacy department had done this for years then the recorded message should be changed and business cards updated. That's just my humble opinion. I deal with a locally owned pharmacy. Seldom I receive a recorded message. First of all it states business hours THEN to leave your number and you will be called back. I would think if my local pharmacy decided to change the operating hours the message would be changed as well.
Anonymous on 02/23/2010:
Like I said, the pharmacy should be open during the times posted and stated on the VM.
Any exclusions or changes should be promptly posted in a conspicuous place and stated on an updated VM.
Business 101 folks.
ticia232 on 02/23/2010:
All you people saying he must put a message or something on saying when
he is going to leave. I present to you, my friend (no it's not as important
as meds).

I worked at 7-11 in TX and many times I would be the only one there so I would put the closed sign when I went to the bathroom.

I can't tell you how many people told me that we should publish the times when we would have to go bathroom.

ticia232 on 02/23/2010:
Starlord on 02/24/2010:
The pharmacy requires special schooling, and you can't just grab an associate and stick them in the pharmacy. Also, most often, they don't know they will only have one person in the pharmacy until the other person who should be there calls off sick or whatever. In Arizona, you are required to be given one half hour for lunch and two fifteen minute breaks. When I worked for the sheriff's jail, I often was printing an inmate with one hand while eating a bologna sandwich with the other. Eventually, there was a legal action by the detention officers and deputies to force the county to obey labor laws. The fact the OP got the answering machine displays a significant point. If there is only one person working, they do not answer the phone.
goduke on 02/24/2010:
In other words, you should have more than 1 person working in the pharmacy.
vaRed55 on 03/14/2010:
Well damn, at least they actually had a sign posted! I've been to places who were closed on for whatever reason, but had their doors wide open (either cleaning or socializing) and "Open" sign merrily a-blinking. NOTHING even remotely alluding to the establishment being closed. I used to work in WM Pharmacy back in the days when pharmacists got NO lunch, just the staff. My boss was a diabetic, and every time he'd open up his lunch, we'd experience a massive customer rush. He and I were the only 2 staffing the entire place. Finally, he collapsed on the floor and had to be rushed to the hospital b/c of his blood sugar. There was NO choice but to close the place down until a back-up pharm could be rushed from another location. Regardless of what the 'written hours" were, if I saw a "closed for lunch" sign, I'd just make myself useful until lunch was over. Geez!!!
13YEARSINRETAIL on 05/08/2011:
I agree the poster is not against the pharmacist getting a lunch but angry that walmart cannot figure out how to update their phone message about the pharmacy being closed for the lunch.
By the way, Walgreens and CVS do not give their pharmacists lunch breaks (even if more than 1 pharmacist is working, a lot of supervisors do not promote the pharmacists getting a lunch break). They get away with it by having pharmacists as salary employees and as part of management, but even managers can leave for lunch.
Shiny on 03/25/2012:
Keep in mind there may have been an emergency. A few times we normally would have had two pharmacists, but well, if one of them has to take himself to the ER because he is having chest pains, sorry for the inconvenience, but we have to close for lunch in that instance. *rolls eyes*
james on 05/02/2013:
at least they allow them to eat, the Big Three do not allow a break, they have the pharmacist eat as the count pills and they are lucky if they get to pee
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3hrs of my life in the Pharmacy
Posted by on
CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- Walmart 2020 Gunbarrel Road, # 250, Chattanooga, TN 37421 Dates: 10/12-10/14 2009
Monday 10/12/09 @ 5:37pm I got in line at the pharmacy to pick up my Rx. At 6:10pm it was told it would be 15min more by the cashier. At 6:25 I got back in line. My Rx was ready, however a customer in from of me needed a refund. A CSM was called, where she proceeded to take 45min in attempting to do a refund tying up the only cash register. After 45min, she told the customer that she could not do the refund. By this point I was infuriated and said in a very calm voice I wanted my Rx rung up. She then proceeded to change register tape. I told her I did NOT want a receipt, I wanted to leave. It was now 7:10pm. I only got half my Rx as that was all they had. This was 1.5hrs to get half my Rx. On 10/14, I got back in line at 5:50pm. Told again that it would take 15min. to get the other half of my Rx ready. The pharmacist called for a member of management twice in 30min an no one showed up.
I went to the front, asked for a manager. A CSM took me back to the pharmacy and tried to get my problem fixed. A store manager was called. She spoke to the CSM about what was going on. He explained what I had told him. She walked right by me without a hello or an apology. Needless to say, 1.5hrs later, I finally got ALL of my Rx.
1.5 on 10/12 and 1.5 on 10/14 is 3hrs to get one Rx. Do you see where I have a problem with all this?
My wife and daughter were diagnosed with H1N1 on Friday 10/9. I spent 3hrs away from them waiting for an Rx.
I find this to be unacceptable under ANY circumstances. I was given an apology only from the cashier. It was neither her fault NOR her responsibility to provide an excuse or an apology. That is what they pay their managers for and they failed in that capacity. Please give me one, just one, reason why me, my family or anyone I know, should ever get their Rx's filled at Walmart Pharmacy ever again?
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User Replies:
Eloise on 10/14/2009:
I know exactly what you mean, and it is outrageous. I waited in line for over 30 minutes to pick up a Rx at Walmert (my regular pharmacy was out of my med.) They had only 2 out of 4 open and it was 5:30 pm. Don't you think they should know that they might be busy right after people get out of work?
Anonymous on 10/14/2009:
The pharmacy only has 2 registers. If they were busy I can see how you would wait awhile Our pharmacy is one of our busiest areas. If YOU knew it was busy at 5:30 pm when people get off work why would you go right then? There are other pharmacies open.

You had customers in front of you. Receipt tape has to be changed. You may not have wanted a receipt but if there was something wrong with your RX you would have complained that you didn't get one.

Also, did you do anything to protect the people around you since you have been exposed to H1N1 by your family?

I know it is frustrating to be in a busy store, but think how we feel. We are working as fast as we can to get everyone out and have to deal with crabby, antsy, impatient people, ALL of whom think and act like they are the only ones who matter.
goduke on 10/15/2009:
We're already seeing a really hard seasonal flu outbreak in many areas. Lots of folks are looking for flu shots as well as flu meds like Tamiflu, etc., which is causing a lot of delays at providers and at pharmacies.

Sorry your family has been hit by the H1N1. Hope they get better soon.
MaggieMcT on 10/15/2009:
I don't use WalMart pharmacy, so I'm just asking -- can't prescriptions be called in so they can get it ready before you arrive?
PepperElf on 10/15/2009:
that's a good point Lady S

In many cases you're actually put under quarantine if you've been exposed...

that's a case where I would have suggested phoning in and using a drive-through.

had a kid in one of my computer classes last year who suspected his dad had H1N1. they told him "if you think you might have it don't come in"

his response was that "I don't care if I get anyone else sick!"

which is the wrong attitude to have.
Eloise on 10/15/2009:
1. In regards to the H1N1 'contamination', you are not contagious until you yourself comes down with a fever. Just because you've been exposed doesn't mean you can 'give' it to anyone else.
2. Why shouldn't she be able to come into pick up her Rx when the store is busy. Walmart knows that there are a lot more people coming in because of flu and cold season. They should have scheduled more people to work.
3. Management should have made themselves more available.
Disaster Worker on 10/15/2009:
I had a similar experience last week at Walmart whereby I dropped off a script and it took about 4 hours to get filled. However, the difference is when I gave my script to the Pharmacy Tech, she said upfront how behind they were.

Regarding infection, I'm in healthcare and a certified Infection Preventionist. You are contagious when you are running a fever and remain that way for approximately 24 hours from when the fever breaks. H1N1 is a hard strain of influenza, but most that are dying with it already have serious underlying medical conditions. Most healthy adults can fight this infection, but the key is to keep hands washed at all times and DON'T get out into the general public until you are fever-free.

I know this was a difficult situation at Walmart, but all healthcare workers are really being overtaxed and working very long hours right now. There are a lot of other people sick with illnesses other than Swine Flu as well, so adding thousands to that mix can overtax the best pharmacy. We all need to show a little patience and expect long waits at all pharmacies this season.
PepperElf on 10/15/2009:
maybe it's a Texas rule then...

my boyfriend's sister was in the hospital in a different state and their mom went out to visit.

upon returning, the family apparently is now under quarantine until they test to be H1N1 negative... because there was an outbreak at that hospital. so just the act of going inside the hospital put the mom on the list, and then her family ...
JR in Orlando on 10/15/2009:
One reason: Low prices.
Anonymous on 10/15/2009:
Eloise, we can schedule all the people we want. That does not change the fact that only the pharmacist can dispense meds. We currently have only 2 on staff.

Customers can then take their meds to any register in the store to cehck out. They don't have to do it in the pharmacy area. Sometimes people have to wait in a busy store. It is a fact of life.

I have never understood the mentality of people who can take 3 hours to shop but complain about 10 minutes in line to check out. (Not just the OP but people in general)

We had a woman come our store last week at our busiest time. She complained to a manager that the store was too busy and how did they expect her to be able to shop in such a crowd. Those of us who heard her just stared at her like the doofus she was.
lobo65 on 10/15/2009:
Wal-Mart pharmacies are always very crowded. I changed to a local CVS, and have never had to stand in line thus far. They've treated me well too.
Eloise on 10/15/2009:
In my case the meds were ready before I got in line. They only had 2 out of the 4 registers open. If they know they are going to be busy then they should make sure that all 4 registers are maned. It's called common sense.
Anonymous on 10/15/2009:
El, does your Walmart only have one pharmacy window? Ours has two, and a register in front of each one. If the registers are busy or not opened, you can take your meds once they are dispensed to any register in the store to check out. You do not have to check out in the pharmacy area.
Eloise on 10/15/2009:
Lady, we don't have any window like the one you mentioned. You have to wait in line until you reach the counter. Once there you can either pay there or at the register. We do have two windows to turn in new Rx's, but they won't distribute any completed Rx's maybe they should. It would speed things up.
Anonymous on 10/15/2009:
El, actually using one window to take scripts and one to dispense is a good idea. I think that is how it is done at our store. Keeps from having trouble with the wrong person getting the script.

On a side note, I was at our little hometown pharmacy today before work to pick up grandmas meds, and it was PACKED. So yea, it is a busy sick season.
Eloise on 10/16/2009:
Lady, can you call up my Walmart and explain to them that they need to shape up and fly right. Please!
Anonymous on 10/16/2009:
El lol...They don't listen to me at my own store. :)
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Walmart Pharmacy is a Bad Joke
Posted by on
Decided to give Walmart a tumble with new prescription. Went in, gave script to pharmacist. They had 6 of the pills in stock (prescription calls for 2 pills per day) They said come back in a few days for the rest. (I live 20 miles away) I said no but I was going to another town with a Walmart so could I have the script back...they said they would put in computer and any Walmart could access it. So I said OK.

2 days later went to Walmart in grand Rapids, MI and asked for prescription....they couldn't find it in computer, had to call Adrian store (15 minutes wasted) then when they found it they didn't have the medicine (fosinopril the generic for Monopril....common as rocks) I told the pharmacist to either get into the drug business or get out because they were pissing off a lot of people.

Then I tried their mail order prescription filling service....days go by, no meds, I call them....what's going on? They tell me can't fill for two more days because of insurance and I ask why they didn't call and inform me of that....duh.

I called Bentonville (Walmart home office) and explained all this to them. They said they would have a representative call me....a month now and I'm still waiting for the call.

Bottom Line....Walmart Prescription service is a bad joke.....avoid at all costs.
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User Replies:
Skye on 06/26/2009:
Did you ever get your RX filled by anyone other than Walmart?
madconsumer on 06/26/2009:
"I told the pharmacist to either get into the drug business or get out because they were pissing off a lot of people."

and you wonder why they 'lost' your prescription?
Anonymous on 06/26/2009:
Why is that customers think that they are entitiled to be mean to pharmacists, sales associates, customer service agents, fast food workers, cashiers, etc? With people like you, it's no wonder customer service is going downhill.
steve101 on 06/26/2009:
You get what you pay for.
Blogger5 on 06/26/2009:
Let's see....I went to one store and they didn't have any pills. then I went to the next and 1) they couldn't find the prescription in the computer and made me stand around for 15 minutes while they searched and 2) then didn't have the pills any way and I'm supposed to be rude when I tell them either to get into the pharmacy business or get out?

And then they screw me around with their mail order part of the business and you think I'M rude???

Are you clowns for real? Any pharmacy worthy of the name would have handled all three visits differently and they could have had my business for a long time....instead they blew it three times and then didn't bother to follow up when I reported it to their customer service department so they could clean up their mess.

Maybe you think that's service....and no I wasn't rude to them, just honest. By bringing this to their attention I gave them an opportunity to correct the situation....for every one person who explains a problem there are a hundred who just stop buying.
*Brenda* on 06/26/2009:
I think the consumer is completely entitled to express his satisfaction with a business. Walmart handled this wrong wrong wrong (as usual).

I use CVS and they tell me right away if they are out of a medication and they also give me a call if they can't fill for a few days due to insurance. Walmart just sucks.
indyrxtech on 12/08/2009:
Hm. well, now, I've only been a tech for 4 years, but fosinopril isn't really one that I see that often. Lisinopril yes, but not that one. 1st: They offered to give you an initial fill to get you through until they could get the rest of your prescription in stock and you said no.
2: Not all walmart pharmacies are connected like everyone thinks. It takes a lot of searching through the host system to find a person and link the profiles and pull their profile to the store. 3: once again, the new store did not carry the medication, and this time instead of just accepting that your doctor put you on an uncommon drug and waiting until the drug came in (usually next day unless it was after order cut off time) you chose to insult the pharmacist. 4: it is the PATIENTS responsibility to monitor their medications not ours. At my store we average 400-500 scripts a day. We do not have the staff nor the time to call every person who comes in who's insurance does not cover their medications that day. insurance in most cases will not cover medications until you are down to 3 or less days left.
John Doe on 04/08/2012:
Not sure how you think Fosinopril is "common as rocks," given that you're not a pharmacist. In fact, it's rarely dispensed, and you were lucky to have found a pharmacy that could have at least given you a 3-day supply to get started.
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Walmart's Pharmacy
Posted by on
HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND -- I've been shopping at Walmart for as long as I can remember. I have had lots of prescriptions filled at Walmart during those years but this past Sunday ended all ties I will ever have with Walmart again. I had called in a refill on Monday.. on Friday I went to pick it up figuring that they had plenty of time to fill it right? yeah well after waiting in line for 20 minutes it was finally my turn. I gave all the important information and the lady pulled it up.. she proceeded to tell me that they didn't have the medicine and since I had called it in so long ago they should be getting a shipment in the next night by 7:30 I should call back then to make sure. So on Saturday the next night I called them .. after 7:30 and they were closed.. surprise surprise. So I waited till Sunday morning after they opened and to my surprise I spoke with a lady who told me that they still didn't have the medicine as they don't get shipments in over the weekends. I explained very calmly that I had NO pills left. She told me they had none on the shelf and I'd just have to wait. I was getting quiet frustrated as the medicine I take I need to have. If not I could end up in the hospital. I explained to her that I couldn't wait, that it's something I just can't not take as not taking it would most likely land me in the hospital.. she rudely told me it wasn't her problem. they didn't have it and I was going to have to wait or call somewhere else ask them if they had it and then have the other place call them. I repeated what she had told me and asked her why it falls on me when I called this in almost a week ago.. they had more than enough time to get this. She told me very matter of the fact that it wasn't her problem and that I was to either deal or call somewhere else.

I did just that. I have never in my life felt so disgusted by the service. The least she could have done was said would you like me to check with another Walmart pharmacy.. but no I was told to go take a flying leap and she didn't care that I could have died because of their ability to refill my script within a reasonable amount of time.

I won't say all Walmart's are this way but the Hagerstown one is. So patience beware.
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User Replies:
memoryx57 on 02/12/2009:
I don't use WM for my meds so I'm not sure how they operate. Your best bet would be to find a local pharmacy and avoid the big chains. You'll get much better service and they would appreciate your business. I've had the same thing happen to me as you describe and the pharmacy has always let me know if they didn't have it. They either call around locally to see if they can find it for me or either air it in overnight. I've never been told to find it myself. If one of them told me that you can bet it'd be the last cent they would ever see from me.
Disaster Worker on 02/12/2009:
Didn't they tell you to call "by 7:30" but you called after 7:30? I know it can really be frustrating and I hope you have your meds now. I get tickled that each time I go to Walmart to have a script filled, no matter how busy or slow they are they say it will take 1 hr to fill. I think that's the way they get you to stay in the store and spend money in the general goods area.
yoke on 02/12/2009:
Why did you wait 5 days to pick up your meds? Had you gone when you first called it in they would have had time to get the meds in, but by waiting until the last minute you need to take some of the blame. Many pharmacies will not fill the order until the patient gets there, even if called in.
Principissa on 02/12/2009:
That is unacceptable on their part. They knew when they filled it that they were out, they of course have your information on file so there was no excuse whatsoever to not call and inform you that those meds were not available.

I have a prescription I fill monthly and I always call five days in advance to fill it. It's easier for me and if they don't have the meds I have enough pills to last until they get them in.
BokiBean on 02/12/2009:
If this happens again, call your doctor. He can get your script to another pharmacy so that you at least have your meds, and you can work out your walmart issues during business hours. Don't let this make you crazy, your blood pressure could go up. :)
jenjenn on 02/12/2009:
You can transfer your 'script from one pharmacy to another too.
Starlord on 02/13/2009:
If they have none of the medication in stock, what do you expect? Do you think the pharmacist to stick their finger down their throat and barf you up a supply of pills? Yelling at them does not produce pills magically on shelves that have none of the drug in question. I do my pharmacy by mail and get three months of meds for the price of two, and they are very prompt. The insulin is packed in a styrofoam box with an ice pack, and delivery is so quick the ice is still rock-hard on arrival.
photogirl9600 on 02/13/2009:
I hope those of you slamming the OP never find yourself in a similar situation. I have been in a situation like this myself and it is very frustrating, not to mention a bit scary, when you know you may wind up hospitalized if you do not get the medication you need. She is not to blame here. She called this script in plenty early as to make sure the meds would be ready for pick up when she got there. Many pharmacies have the call ahead refills to help shorten your wait at the counter. If they did not have this medication when the refill was called in, then they should have been placing an order for it that day.

If you are trying to fill a medication that is on the $4 list try Target, they offer the same list was Wal mart. If it's not a $4 med then may I suggest CVS. They were kind enough to "float" me some of the medication I was waiting on till my shipment came in so I wouldn't have to go back into the hospital. I have found the pharmacists & other employees there to be the most helpful & caring I have ever come across at any pharmacy.

I hope all is well with you now! :-D
Anonymous on 06/24/2009:
Don't call in a script and wait 5 days to go get it. The Pharmacy does not hold meds indefinitely. If you needed it that bad you should have gotten it sooner. Don't pull the "if it were you" card with me. I would have gotten my meds BEFORE I needed them.
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Not as Bad as you think
Posted by on
I have worked for Wal-mart Pharmacy for a year and a half now. I have read numerous complaints about Wal-mart Pharmacies. My question is why do you still go if all you do is complain. Wal-mart was the original company to start the $4 generic program. Don't you think that might cause just a little more business? Customers wait in line and huff and puff thinking were not doing anything but we're working our a$$es off. If you are told it's going to be a 30 minute wait it's because there's at least 10 customers ahead of you. Just because no one is around the Pharmacy area doesn't mean that we're not busy. This is a big misconception that all we do is take your RX, throw 30 pills in the bottle and sticker it. First of all we have to scan the Rx into the computer, imput all the info, verify that it is correct, have the pharmacist check it, fill it, have the pharmacist look it over and bag it.

Also transfers always take one to three hours because we have to fax them and wait for the other pharmacies response. My pharmacy usually fills 250-300 prescriptions a day with only one pharmacist and about 2 or 3 techs so were not just sitting around doing nothing.
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User Replies:
miketech on 01/26/2008:
Every time I get medication at any Pharmacy I can't believe the wait and just general attitude of the staff. My cousin was a retail pharmacist and she said the working conditions were horrible so she went to a hospital to work, much easier and less hassle she says.
With all the profit in Pharma I don't understand why it has to be so rough on the customers and the staff at the same time rough on the customer.
I know from recent experience that after an hour or two at the doctors office and then wait at the Pharmacy for an hour, if you are sick you're about mad when it's over.
Ponie on 01/27/2008:
I don't understand all the complaints about pharmacies, either. I have two regularly taken medications. When I need refills, I always call a few days before I'm out. When I have a new RX, unless I'm told it will only be 10 minutes, I drop it off and either go back later that day or go in the next day.

One exception to this was the 8th of January when I was behaving like a two-year old and fractured a couple of ribs. It had to be filled immediately. But the person who took me for the X-rays brought me home so I could moan and groan to my heart's content and he took it to the pharmacy. When he brought me the Tylenol 3, a half hour later I was in la-la land. Bring on them there drugs! :)
Principissa on 01/27/2008:
The only problem I have ever had with a pharmacy was at Wal*Mart. And that was one time. I take two medications on a daily basis and like Ponie I call 3-4 days before I am out for my refill. When I get a new prescription I have my doctor phone/fax it in. And it's usually done in an hour of the call or fax.
RPh on 06/07/2008:
Fresh out of pharmacy school, Wal-Mart was my first employer. Like the original poster, I too would explain the classic question ("Why do you take so long to pour pills into a bottle?") by describing all that we had to due to fill a prescription--it was A LOT more work than most people would realize. It's only now that I've left Wal-Mart did I realize exactly how correct I was.

Now that I work at another pharmacy, I realize just how much work and just how long a prescription really should require. At my current pharmacy, most prescriptions are filled in under five minutes. If we make someone wait more than fifteen minutes, we ask their forgiveness for such an unacceptably long wait. When I was at Wal-Mart, we would occasionally have someone's prescription filled in as little as twenty minutes (although it was a very rare occasion). So what are we doing that makes us so amazingly fast? Nothing special--honestly.

I firmly believe that Wal-Mart views their pharmacies solely as a means to lure people into their stores and hold them captive for at least 30 minutes. Their executives have done the math. They realize that for every minute they're able to make someone wait longer, the more likely that person is to purchase more goods--and make the store more money. Because of this, filling a prescription at Wal-Mart requires about 10 extra, unneeded steps. These steps have been put into place under the guise of "safety". In reality, though, these extra steps increase prescription wait times at Wal-Mart so that their customers will be trapped in the store for an extra amount of time. And guess what? If they don't have enough medication to completely fill your prescription, you have to return again to purchase more items. They're rewarded with another shopping trip.

This probably sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it's really common sense if you think about it. If Wal-Mart really didn't view their pharmacies this way, then why would they have started the $4 generic program. Studies have estimated the cost for a pharmacy to dispense a prescription anywhere from $5 to $13. This doesn't even include the cost of the drug. As a former Wal-Mart pharmacist, I estimate that they lose about $13 on every $4 generic they fill. Obviously, this program is just one more extension of this "pharmacy as a loss-leader" concept.

The worst part about this--what makes me the angriest--is the effect these beliefs have on the employees at Wal-Mart pharmacies. This desire to prolong wait times stems from very high up on the corporate ladder--no one at the store level has any desire to make people wait at all. In fact, they'd fill prescriptions in under five minutes if their system would allow it. Sadly, however, it won't. Because of this, these employess have to endure gigantic amounts of stress and countless hours of abuse from (rightfullly) angry customers. Ironically, from what I've seen, this increased level of stress actually leads to a much higher error rate.
no_tropics on 10/03/2008:
Why do we continue to go there?
I’ll tell you.
In case you are unaware, economically most people are feeling the pinch.
And a large number of folks don’t have health insurance.

So sometimes people opt to go to the pharmacy with the lowest prices, Or the pharmacy closest to where they live to avoid driving long distances which adds to the cost.
Apparently Wal-Mart the corporation understands this or else why bother reducing prescription prices.
That doesn’t mean customers deserve what they get as far as customer service.
I might not like waiting but I don’t complain because a place is busy. Or because there are 4 people behind the desk. I don’t argue when you inform me, a doctor’s prescription slip is required, or you only accept certain types of payments.
Patients don’t go to the pharmacy out of boredom, or because they want to make customer service miserable.
People visit the pharmacy because their doctors wrote them prescriptions for some sort of ailment.
The medications help alleviate pain, keeps them alive by managing their blood pressure, or cholesterol, or heart problems, reduce stress, improve concentration,..any number of things.
Most people with prescriptions are filling them because they NEED them.

Often the lack of clear concise information we receive as customers from service persons in the pharmacy as to why someone’s prescription isn’t filled, has a customer asking more questions to understand.
We don’t work there: we don’t understand the process involved.
If you say my medication was ordered but not delivered , my first instinct is to ask possible reasons for that. I don’t ask to make your life difficult, or to suggest you did something wrong.
I ask because I need my medication which helps me function .
If the reason (as an example) is the manufacturer is having a problem filling orders for the stores, than once I know that, I can logically evaluate whether I can afford to wait a week to see if the medication is delivered or if I need to consider going elsewhere. Or if I should visit my doctor and have them write it for something else.
If the reason is your warehouse has discontinued the item, then I definitely need to know that , rather than wait another week and then find out I am now out of medication and if I had asked a week ago, I would have known to take it elsewhere.
Or the price went up considerably so your buyer is looking elsewhere for a better price.
I don’t ask because I just want to make you work. I’m not there because I’m bored and shopping for something to distract me : I’m there for medication.
If I didn’t need my medication out, I would not be coming in and waiting in line and then spending hundreds of dollars.
And if I understand why a medication takes a week to be ordered and delivered, or why it might not show up, my experience is smoother because I’m not frustrated & your experience with me goes more smoothly.
But I will say this: I resent when customer service acts as if I am not entitled to a clear explanation of what has transpired.
And when I don’t get an answer and ask again so I understand, the person says I am being rude.
It’s not rude to ask the what the delay might be for an ordered product – IT IS RUDE when customer service decides I’m being rude by asking for an explanation of the situation.
Let’s try this : if on payday your boss said to you “pay checks weren’t delivered”, and volunteered
no additional information, would you say OK and go home, or do you think you might ask to find out when your paycheck might come in ? [it’s a different situation, I know, but I’m using it to point out something that is important to you, so you understand that my medication is important to me]

If I ask “do you know why something might not be delivered?” and you repeat “ I told you it might not come in “ , do you honestly feel that type of response is improving the situation?
It doesn’t let me know why or what to expect - frankly that type of reply sounds defensive, the second or third time it’s repeated , it sounds like you have no idea why and absolutely no concept of why I would want to know and that makes me wonder about the proficiency of the people handling something I will be ingesting.

My experience with you has NOTHING to do with the older persons who came in earlier today and who cannot hear you, or despite signs posted ask questions you have answered lots of times.
I’m sorry if you’ve had a long day, didn’t get your lunch break, have financial problems, have a crummy boss; I work too, I have the same problems or similar ones going on in my job, my life.
And while I know there are some people who seem to live to complain, don’t treat everyone like we all come in complaining for no reason.

My question back to you is Why do people who are impatient, or don’t deal well with people
well chose jobs working with the public?
I worked in customer service for over 30 years. I never once told a customer I didn’t have to deal with them because I thought they were rude . I never hung up on anyone, or put them no hold and left them there because I did not feel like dealing with them ,even though there were times I would have liked to.
Why ? because it was my job to HELP the customer; how I treated them directly related to the experience they have of company I work for & their decision of whether they wish to continue to do business with it.
If their experience was favorable, they return and tell others about their experience. That translates into revenue which means I had job security, pay raises, promotions, bonuses.
It was never part of my job description to decide how I felt the customer should act and then use that to determine whether or not I would help them.
juniper/usury on 10/18/2009:
My biggest complaint with Walmart pharmacies, at least here in AZ, is that they make their Pharm Techs clean the bathrooms. I don't want someone cleaning the bathrooms then handling my meds! I'm not a germaphobe but that is just wrong, gloves or not, just gross
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