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Awesome Experience
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Rating: 5/51

LYNNWOOD, WASHINGTON -- I went in to get my Mom's prescription because she had just got two of her front teeth removed. I went in and gave the technician the prescription and she told me it would be ready in an hour to pick up. So I spent exactly one hour shopping around in Walmart when they texted me saying my medications were ready to pick up. I went and got what I needed and the pharmacist explained how and when to use the Meds and I left without any complaints. I received a very well treatment as a customer going to this pharmacy. Excellent Customer Service.

Wal-mart pharmacy real pharmacy?
By -

I am A.D.D. I am prescribed the drug called Adderall. I'm on the generic because it's a lot cheaper and Wal-mart do have good prices but they never have this drug in stock. Last month I called them to see if this drug was in stock, they were snotty to me and said, "No. It's out of stock." I called another Wal-mart in my town 3 miles down the road same day and they told me they are out of stock. Fine I go to Walgreens and of course they have it. They are a pharmacy duh! They do carry drugs here you can get with a prescription from a doctor.

A month goes by I called the two same Wal-marts and it's out of stock. Why wasn't I surprised? This time one of the managers in the pharmacy gets really nasty with me on phone. I simple said "Do you ever carry this or what?" and the guy went nutso on me. He said, "Look it's on backorder and we simply don't have it." And I asked him when they were getting it and he said, "I don't know" and hung up on me. I go to Walgreens again and can you believe it they had it.

I'm glad Wal-mart isn't the only pharmacy in town or I would be screwed I cannot concentrate or function properly at my job without my meds, very stressful and a lot going on I cannot be slipping up. I'm not losing my job for these idiots over at Wal-mart. I had another prescription for Wellbutrin a year ago and the lady in pharmacy said "This is a really new drug I don't think we have it." A really new drug? It was released in 1996 new??? 13 years ago? Who are these people working in the pharmacy, I probably know more about these things than they do for Christ's sake.

If you have an illness that needs to be treated with a drug and the drug prescribed to you is Adderall, Wellbutrin, Oxycotin or something along these lines something you can feel type drug, they won't have it in stock.... Why??? I'm sure they make enough of these drugs to have in stock at all times I'm sure. These drugs are known to give drug abusers a high, some kind of buzz so Wal-mart is against this and orders a very small amount.

That is fine, but what about the non abusers people who need these drugs to function??? People who have a freaking prescription??? It's not like they are handing these drugs to anybody, you must have a prescription so carry the damn product. People rely on these things to function in everyday life. I hate how Wal-mart tries to play big brother. I realize they have such good morals and want to play big brother but you don't worry about that OK you just worry about your illegal workers cleaning the floors at night OK... I'm so tired of this place, bunch of Nazi's....

WalMart Pharmacy - Overland - Boise, Id - Stinks Big Time!!!
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Rating: 1/51

BOISE, IDAHO -- Pharmacy associates do not listen to what you tell them such as, "I no longer have health insurance" instead they bill the insurance company for your prescriptions. 3 Months after you tell them, "I do not have insurance. Do not bill the insurance company" And then not to take accountability for their actions. Even when you have paid the full price.

Maybe they are billing the insurance companies to get extra money. But it is absurd to tell the pharmacy associates on more than one occasion that you do not have insurance, to remove it from your file. And then to have them turn around months after you have told them... To bill the insurance company for your prescriptions. The pharmacy staff for the majority is downright rude.

Then to top things off, they filled a prescription. You requested for it to be cancelled and they never did it. So you end up getting billed by an insurance company because of their negligence to listen to your requests, by filling a prescription you requested to be cancelled and never picked up. So how on earth could they bill that prescription if it was not picked up???

Individuals need to be replaced and the pharmacy is the first place I would start in eliminating positions as they simply don't care with the exception of a couple people. Other than that they are airheads who do not think, do not listen, and go against what you tell them.

To ** with Wal-Mart!!! What really gets me is that they have an easy pay spot where you are to go to drop off & pick up prescriptions. Only to go to pick up a prescription and they tell you to go down to the other line to pay when they are standing there doing "nothing". It is not like the easy pay line is backed up. They are just down right "lazy and incompetent" wanting other associates to do their work when you are in the right line.

There is no sense in having an "easy pay" line when they refer you to another line and they are not doing anything at all other than standing there. Then they make you the butt of their jokes by telling other associates what they told you to go to the next line. Wal-mart stinks. Not so much the store as the pharmacy associates and even some of the pharmacists. There are some people who care about but the majority of individuals are airheads and couldn't care less about you as a customer.

Do not, do not, do not go to Wal-Mart pharmacies. Even though they say their prices are the lowest. They are not necessarily so. Picket Walmart pharmacies. I know I will never go to them again as they stink big time!! I sure hope the director of the pharmacy for Idaho reads this as it is so very true. Their mistakes end up costing you as the customer big time money. Because they did not clean the wax out of their ears and listen. Listening is not part of their skills. Do not go there!!!

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MARION, INDIANA -- I am on several medications which I transferred to Walmart about a year ago. I always call in my refills because taking them in takes too long, both in dropping off prescriptions and waiting for the medications. Calling them in used to save time, but not anymore. The last few times I have gone to the Marion Indiana store, I have waited in line for long periods of time (more than an hour). This week I called in my prescriptions on Saturday. They told me they would be ready for pickup after 5 on Sunday.

They are not open after 5 on Sunday. I was not able to get to the store until today. I stopped at Walmart at 2:05 thinking that I would get my prescriptions before I picked up my granddaughter from school at 2:55. There were about 6 people ahead of me in line and about 4 waiting to be called. There was one person waiting on people and she was deep in conversation with a customer. After about 10 minutes the next customer in line said she had been waiting over an hour and would like to be waited on.

Another clerk came just long enough to get her prescriptions. She then went back to the pharmacy area, not offering to help anyone else. The person in front of me said she had been there 45 minutes. At 2:50 I left to go and get my granddaughter from school. I returned at 3:10 and went to stand in line. The lady that had been in front of me before was still there. She said they told her it would be another 45 minutes.

There were about 10 more people waiting to be called. Most were the same ones that were there before. After about 45 minutes I was finally able to get my prescriptions. The clerk got them, then left to do something else before the transaction was complete. This took her only about 5 minutes but after waiting for such a long time it didn't help any. I cannot understand why they did not have more clerks in that department. People were complaining and upset.

Some elderly persons clearly should not have been waiting so long. One person was charged the full amount for prescriptions because they had not applied his insurance. I went to the customer service area to make a complaint. There was only one clerk and at least 10 persons in line. I made a comment to a supervisor at the front of the store. She said we don't have enough people to work. She then made a rude shrugging of her shoulders like she couldn't care less. She said if you don't like it call 1-800-Wal-Mart.

It seems like customer service is a thing of the past. There are usually only two or three manned lines open. The automatic checkouts used to be okay, but now they don't work right. You have to call for assistance at least once and sometimes after every item. Waiting in line to checkout for 30 - 40 minutes is ridiculous. There has been about a 53% increase in Walmart's prices since the super store opened. You would think some of this would be passed on to customers, but service is bad, clerks are rude, you can't get waited on, they change things around so often, you can't find things, prices are actually higher in the grocery department than at Marsh or Kroger.

I can't wait till the Meijer's comes to Marion and I believe they will get a lot of Walmart's customers if they don't change the way they do things. I know I do not want to get my prescriptions there anymore.

You Should Shop at Walmart - Especially Here!!
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Rating: 5/51

COUNTRY CLUB HILLS, ILLINOIS -- My source for medications (RightSourceRx) failed to deliver. Walmart allowed me to pay cash for emergency medications. Cooperative, supportive, friendly, will do what they can to assist you. I thank God for the presence of Walmart in my community. Way to go Walmart.

Horrible Management
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Rating: 1/51

WOODBURN, OREGON -- What hasn't happened at this "pharmacy?"

  1. Shorted Prescriptions
  2. Privacy Violations
  3. Prescriptions not ready when notified they were
  4. Extreme long lines waiting for a clerk
  5. Unprofessional, untrained staff

Discounted prescription prices here are not worth the risk. I would suggest Bi Mart or Safeway Pharmacies in the area.

My Prescription Was Short And They Blamed Me ?
By -

MORGANTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- First, I have to say I have enjoyed the convenience and low prices of Wal-Mart for over 15 years. I have also been a patron of the Wal-Mart pharmacy, due to cost savings, for just as long. Yet, I was startled when I found they acted as if I was in the wrong, when I could not have been. It hurt my feelings and left a really bad taste in my mouth regarding customer service. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT WAL-MART AGAIN AND I WILL ALWAYS BRING AWARENESS TO THIS ISSUE UNTIL I AM EITHER RETURNED MY PORTION OF THE $120 COST OR seven tablets.

I do not need to go without my medicine (actually I just reduce the amount by half to make up) and I do not deserve to be treated as if I am some sort of drug addict. I would think a company larger than over 150 nations would have it together. I would be wrong to think this. Here is my story.

I picked up a prescription Wednesday and my bottle of medicine only contained 23 of the 30 tablets. I understand that medicine is something that has to be heavily regulated and society today really abuses the system. Yet, I am not an addict, I am very ethical, I am honest, and I am a good and loving husband to a great wife of almost six years. I live my life in a way as to be of the most benefit to my fellow man. I called the Wal-Mart Pharmacy and told them of my situation.

The pharmacy technician told me she and the person who filled the prescription were working and I did receive 30 tablets. At this point, I have informed my doctor and also attempted to talk with Wal-Mart, yet on the fourth call, the pharmacy told me they would review the security tapes and call me with information. At least they stopped blaming me.

I have not heard from Wal-Mart yet and at this point I am planning on taking a half tablet for a few days. Yet, I paid the full price of over $100 and I expect to either be treated fairly or to boycott Wal-Mart. I have some pull in the information and technology area and I have thought about setting up a website just to make people aware of the poor treatment and bad service I received.

Prescription Refill
By -

EVANSVILLE, INDIANA -- I've obtained my refills From Store #5372 every month. I called this order in two days in advance because I knew that the doctor needed to be contacted for refills. The computer told me my meds would be ready for pick up on that Thursday however I waited to that Friday (the 13th) to call to see if it was ready. I was told by pharmacy staff that the doctor had not faxed the refill order back. I then called my doctor's office and was told no such fax for a refill had been submitted but they would call the pharmacy which they did immediately.

I then called Walmart pharmacy and was told that my doctor had not called. I told the pharmacist to hold and dialled my doctor's office placing us three on conference call. The nurse told the pharmacist that she had left the refill info on voice mail. The pharmacy staff then put us on hold for about 6 minutes while the voice mail, I assume, was checked. The pharmacy returned to the phone to say that they would refill my order immediately. I told them I was on my way. I got there and was told that the medicine was not in stock and would not be available until Monday. I would be without my meds for three days.

This may be fine for some meds but this med happened to be ATRIPLA- an HIV/AIDS med- one that is saving my life because I take it faithfully, one that I order from this Walmart pharmacy every month. How could it be out of stock? How could they hold my life on the balance like that? The pharmacist apologized but I'm sitting here writing this letter not knowing how missing this med will affect my life--I'm terrified. This Walmart error could be potentially fatal. Please investigate so that this doesn't happen to anyone else. Signed 'Scared to death.' P.S. The pharmacist said that he would try to locate the med elsewhere and I did the same, to no avail.

Walmart Clio Michigan Pharmacy "AWFUL"
By -

CLIO, MICHIGAN -- It is very sad when you go to a pharmacy to get your meds and have to wait 2 hours. They told me it would be 30 minutes. I was not the only one who had to wait. It was ridiculous. I asked what was taking so long. I was told they were busy. The pharmacy at Walmart which I have gone for 10 years in Ohio was wonderful. The Walmart pharmacy in Clio, Michigan is horrible. I have had to have 3 scripts filled at different times and it was always the same. The computer was down, someone was on lunch, etc.

This past Saturday was the last straw I will not go there again. They have two Indian pharmacists, I am not pointing fingers at races, but they are extremely rude. On Saturday I guess someone was on lunch and I waited for 15 minutes for them to even come and take my script. The pharmacist told me just a moment three times. No explaining that someone was on lunch just you have to wait. When he did come to the window he again said I was just going to have to wait.

Finally after I was upset he took my script, and again went on and on..I finally told him to just stop I was mad enough at his rudeness, well he then tried to grab my arm. I am not sure why. I told him not to touch me.. Finally he said it would be 20 minutes due to my saying I hope I don't have another 2 hour wait.

While waiting I did some shopping to come back to seeing him tell the girl associate about me. I was not a happy lady. I told her I was not going to bite her head off. Only the rude pharmacist. As I was leaving I told him what I had seen. He tried to get me to come back to the pharmacy by calling "ma'am, ma'am..." I ignored him.. Needless to say this Walmart has lost my business. I will try the one near Burton, Michigan on Belsay Rd... Hopefully I will have better luck. Stay away from Walmart in Clio, Michigan.

3hrs of my life in the Pharmacy
By -

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- Walmart 2020 Gunbarrel Road, # 250, Chattanooga, TN 37421 Dates: 10/12-10/14 2009. Monday 10/12/09 @ 5:37 pm I got in line at the pharmacy to pick up my Rx. At 6:10 pm I was told it would be 15 min more by the cashier. At 6:25 I got back in line. My Rx was ready, however a customer in front of me needed a refund. A CSM was called, where she proceeded to take 45 min in attempting to do a refund tying up the only cash register. After 45 min, she told the customer that she could not do the refund.

By this point I was infuriated and said in a very calm voice I wanted my Rx rung up. She then proceeded to change register tape. I told her I did NOT want a receipt, I wanted to leave. It was now 7:10pm. I only got half my Rx as that was all they had. This was 1.5 hrs to get half my Rx. On 10/14, I got back in line at 5:50pm. Told again that it would take 15min. to get the other half of my Rx ready. The pharmacist called for a member of management twice in 30 min and no one showed up.

I went to the front, asked for a manager. A CSM took me back to the pharmacy and tried to get my problem fixed. A store manager was called. She spoke to the CSM about what was going on. He explained what I had told him. She walked right by me without a hello or an apology. Needless to say, 1.5 hrs later, I finally got ALL of my Rx. 1.5 on 10/12 and 1.5 on 10/14 is 3 hrs to get one Rx. Do you see where I have a problem with all this?

My wife and daughter were diagnosed with H1N1 on Friday 10/9. I spent 3 hrs away from them waiting for an Rx.
I find this to be unacceptable under ANY circumstances. I was given an apology only from the cashier. It was neither her fault NOR her responsibility to provide an excuse or an apology. That is what they pay their managers for and they failed in that capacity. Please give me one, just one, reason why me, my family or anyone I know, should ever get their Rxs filled at Walmart Pharmacy ever again?

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