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Poor service and cart at my Local Wal-Mart eye care center
Posted by on
2545 IL RT 26 S, FREEPORT, ILLINOIS -- The eye Dr. is outsourced and rents the space in Wal-Mart, however, there are 3 other employees at the eye care center that are employed by Wal-Mart. Since I had lost my newest glasses while traveling I viewed it as an opportunity to try WalMart for new glasses. My initial eye exam was on 3/10/2010 at my local WalMart in Freeport, IL. It took 3 weeks for them to come in. One of the WalMart employed women assumed they weren't tight enough and so screwed the ear pieces as tight as they could go. I wore them for 2 weeks during which time my eyes continually watered and burned. I'm an avid reader and reading was uncomfortable. I had considered perhaps this was just an adjustment to the new lenses, but the discomfort was such that I returned them to Walmart.

I was given a second exam and told that there was a change in the right eye. That the watering was due to "something" in my eye, as though I could have had foreign matter in my eye and not know it; for two weeks? Secondly I was told I have beginning cataracts, which was news to me, but which also caused my reading problem.

My lost glasses were prescribed in October of 2009, there was no mention of cataracts at that time. In any case my concern about a vision change in only a couple of weeks let me back to Shopko, where I've always had excellent service and no problems.

Kathy at Walmart called me and told me that I could save money but asked which prescription to use. I'm not certain what happened to patient privacy but Kathy knew I have another eye exam at Shopko. The obvious thing to do was get new lenses following the last exam that I had done at Shopko. That Dr. also showed me and told me about the cataracts. They were just beginning and so far the eyes were compensating by spreading light throughout the back of the eye ball instead of the normal straight line. That it would be many years before I needed to worry about cataracts.

The second pair of glasses arrived at WalMart. Kathy said I also had a new pair of frames because the other ones were stripped. I'm assuming they were stripped when Kathy tightened them too much. I again felt something was wrong and took them to Shopko to be checked. The lens in the left eye were 10 degrees off where the bi focalis formed. I could not shut my right eye and read at all with my left. Letters were fuzzy and difficult to make out. I again returned them to WalMart and asked for my money back. I was told I would likely not get a refund because Walmarts prescription was not followed. Firstly, their eye Dr. could not give me a good prescription. Not only that, tried to make me feel that it was my fault that I was having problems. I am a single person on a fixed income and insurance no longer covers glasses. I got a new pair at Shopko with the prescription that Dr. gave me and have no problems at all.
Do not get glasses at Wal-Mart. I feel taken advantage of, and I'm out $325.00 for something I can't use.
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Starlord on 07/03/2010:
Where was there anything about a cart?
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Did Not Feel Like A Valued Customer, Left Angry And $158.00 Poorer
Posted by on
PLYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- Visited Walmart Vision Center in Old Colony Place and the technician was rude, spoke to co-worker throughout the process. Barely acknowledged my existence. This was my 1st pair of glasses and did not appear to have the time to answer questions, actually sounded angry in her response to a question. Bay State Eye Care who did the eye exam was no prize either. Heard one of the technicians complaining on the phone about how long someone took to pick their glasses out. Felt a lot of regret after I paid the $158.00 but I need the glasses to drive. Not a professional or welcoming place start to finish.
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tammio74 on 01/03/2012:
The Vision centers in Walmart are not Walmarts they are independens renting space. I hope this helps.
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Beware Of The Vision Center. Quality And Customer Service Is A Disaster!
Posted by on
80021, COLORADO -- I brought my brand new designer frames in and asked if they could fit them with lenses. They said no problem. The cost would be $80 per lens and a $20 processing fee, for a total of $180. After I gave them my money it was nothing but trouble. The first week I got a call that the lenses had to be sent back due to quality issues. The second week I drove to pick them up only to find out that it was the wrong prescription. The next week I got a call that the lenses came in too big. Two weeks after that I was told that they were in, went down to pick them up, only to find that the lenses were full of debris and when one of the attendants cleaned them up they ended up scratching the lenses due to the poor lens cutting job.

By this time I had had it. I must have spent over $30 in gas driving back and forth across the county over the month and a half they had my frames. The manager's reasoning (Andrel) for giving me a refund was that she was having to eat all the costs on these lenses and it was not worth it to her. Never mind that NONE of this was my fault. The manager was more interested in the bottom line than customer satisfaction. So, I went in to return the lenses yet again and the manager was not in. The vision attendant (Amanda) was extremely uncooperative and told me that she could not give me a refund because the manager was out to lunch and that I would have to wait for 30 minutes. I then asked her to call another manager to which she replied that another manager would not be able to help me. I then *insisted* that she call a manager to which she replied, "I really don't understand what the problem is with the glasses." Ummm, do they *train* these people in customer service???

Once again, I insisted on speaking to a manager. She picked up the phone and told me that there was no other manager in. So, I got up, walked down to customer service, and low and behold, there I found a manager!! Imagine that? A manager in a store! The manager was extremely sympathetic and issued me a refund of $160, to which I interjected that I paid $180. Amanda, the lazy, unhelpful attendant piped in that $20 was a non-refundable processing fee. To which I responded, "for what? Are you saying that I should pay you for holding my frames for a month and a half and continually putting in defective lenses???" Thank goodness the kind manager was still there and promptly refunded me the additional $20.

So, for all that hassle I lost $30 in gas, hours in time, gained a high degree of frustration, and got my $250 designer frames back with scratches and off-kilter hinges which I am uncertain can be repaired. Everything they say about the Walmart Vision Center is true. They suck!!
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Anonymous on 04/12/2008:
Very interesting complaint. If I may ask, where did you purchase the frames? Why couldn't the seller fit lenses to them? Look for an optician (not the same as an optometrist) in your area. They will be able to fit the frames with lenses and may be able to re-tighten the frames. I would no more take $250 frames to the clowns at WalMart optical than I would take a Mercedes to their auto center.
trumania on 04/13/2008:
When I bought contacts from the WalMart Vision Center they screwed up on one eye and got the prescription wrong even though the script came from the WalMart optomitrist. When they noticed it was wrong (after waiting 2 weeks for the contacts to come in) they made me go get another prescription which was a hassle. They didn't even apologize and made me wait another two weeks for the contacts. I was livid.

I now go to an optometrist near my house, which is a lot more expensive, but the customer service is A LOT better. I didn't know what my insurance covered and they called and figured it all out for me. They even refunded money because they overcharged me and they acted like it was nothing! Sorry Walmart you have a lot to learn.
proudmother on 05/15/2008:
Why would anyone buy "designer frames" and go to Walmart's to get cheap lenses? That's the question I would like to know.
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Rude Customer Service To A 5 Yr Old
Posted by on
MT VERNON, WASHINGTON -- My daughter took my 5 yr old grandson to a Vision Center in the Walmart Store in Mt Vernon Washington. They needed to pick up his glasses. They went in the Vision Center As my 5 yr grandson is a little shy as this is a new experience for him he's wide eyed,and he is excited ,about getting his new pair of glasses. Here Comes Diane the Walmart Vision Center employee She told my grandson "Can you see better with them or without them . She was in a grumpy mood, my grandson froze and didn't respond.

Then she said it louder "CAN YOU SEE BETTER WITH THEM OR WITHOUT THEM" as if he is now deaf. In a rude and condescending manner Diane Walmart Vision Center Employee Mt Vernon Wa. Told my daughter "DOES HE SPEAK ENGLISH. DOES HE SPEAK ENGLISH IN A ANGRY TONE OF VOICE. my daughter tells Diane Walmart Vision Center Employee , of course he does. my daughter tells my 5 yr old grandson "tell her if you see better with them them or without them ",and he looked at diane, and nodded yes .

At this point 5 yr old grandson is now terrified . Diane Walmart Vision Center Employee Mt Vernon Wa. Grabbed her paper work in a disgusted manner, and Stated "YOU KNOW THERE IS A CHARGE FOR THIS". Yes my daughter responds as she is getting her Visa card out of her purse and Diane tells her RUDELY "IS THAT A DISCOUNT CARD" by then my daughter has had enough, and tells her the "insults continue and your behavior is hurtful towards me and my child." As my 5 yr old grandson looks on.

That makes Diane WALMART MT VERNON VISION CENTER EVEN ANGRIER " I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR PROBLEM IS BUT I SEE THOSE KIND OF PEOPLE EVERYDAY I DON'T KNOW IF THEY SPEAK ENGLISH OR SPANISH. OR WHAT LANGUAGE THEY SPEAK. By then my daughter just wanted out of the Vision Center. The experience for my 5 yr old grandson was a sad experience he experienced rude, derogatory and condescending behavior at the hands of Diane Walmart Vision Center Employee Mt Vernon Wa.
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Anonymous on 10/19/2008:
I am assuming that you are posting this complaint as it was told to you by your daughter, and you were not present?
I'm not doubting the experience was bad, but I know that things can escalate when they go from Mom to Mom to print.
Anonymous on 10/19/2008:
That seems very unprofessional and rude, your daughter should have made a complaint.
Anonymous on 10/19/2008:
I'm sorry that your daughter and grandson had a bad experience, but your post is condescending to us, the My3Cents members as we read it. We knew her name was Diane and we knew that she worked at the Mt. Vernon WA location after the FIRST time that you wrote it. We are not stupid. We get it! Something tells me from the attitude that you are showing in this post that this story is a bit dramatized.
madconsumer on 10/20/2008:
welome to the real world.
Principissa on 10/20/2008:
She could have just left. I've done it before. And I'll do it again. Went to Pearl Vision when my son got his first pair of glasses, and the woman treated him like he was an idiot. HE WAS 4!! I left a 500.00 pair of glasses there that day and never looked back.
jktshff1 on 10/20/2008:
I don't want "discounted" glasses and I don't want them in an hour...take your time, make 'em right.
Hugh_Jorgen on 10/20/2008:
I agree John - the way she keeps repeating "Diane Walmart Vision Center Employee Mt Vernon Wa" makes me wonder if this is come generic WalMart bashing letter picked up from an anti-WalMart site and posted here with the help of a little search and replace work.
yoke on 10/20/2008:
Sounds to me like Diane treated the family unfairly. She assumed they did not speak English and she assumed that they were on some type of state aid. I would have given Diane the glasses and left.
Ponie on 10/20/2008:
Why did it take three prompts from Diane Walmart Vision Center Employee Mt Vernon Wa. before your daughter told her 'shy,' 'excited' son to speak up? Didn't she realize Diane Walmart Vision Center Employee Mt Vernon Wa. was asking him a question? Perhaps she thought Diane Walmart Vision Center Employee Mt Vernon Wa. was talking to someone else. BTW, who was the employee and what was the location of the store? This looks like a cut and paste job from ROR. I think Diane Walmart Vision Center Employee Mt Vernon Wa. is your daughter's ex-boyfriend's current girlfriend.
yoke on 10/20/2008:
Diane should be able to talk to children,that is part of her job, not demand from them. The child was shy and she was rude to him. She should have asked the mother the first time to ask if he can see better. My daughter used to be like that and if you talked to her in a way that she felt like she was in trouble she would clam up and shut down.
Anonymous on 10/20/2008:
I agree with you Yoke in the fact that Diane should be able to communicate properly with whomever her customer is. My issue is that had it been my child I would have spoke up right away to help ease his apprehension. It just seems with the way the poster is adding drama to the story that the daughter did not handle the situation well, either. Plus, the OP was not at the store and does not know what really happened. This is all second hand information.
yoke on 10/20/2008:
Being in a similar situation that the OP is describing with my daughter I do know how frustrating it is. In my situation I had to try to get my daughter to open her mouth up while she was being "yelled" at by a dentist. Had the dentist said to her can I look in your mouth she would have done it, instead the dentist snapped "open up".The dentist would not lay off and it got her more upset. I was trying to ease my daughter, at the same time trying to help the dentist. It was frustrating. Not only are you trying to calm your child down, your are trying to please an adult who is acting like a child.
DigitalCommando on 10/20/2008:
Customer: Can you provide us with friendly service?"
Store employee: "I'm sorry, Diane Walmart Vision Center Employee Mt Vernon Wa. is not programmed to respond in that area, highly illogical, highly illogical, further input required!! Insert 2 more quarters now to avoid session termination!"
Anonymous on 10/20/2008:
Stay away from Wal-Mart!
DebtorBasher on 10/20/2008:
There's no excuse for this whether it is a 5 year old or a 95 year old. They are customers and if the employee's are having a bad day, they need to keep it off the work floor. Kids are sensitive at that age and they don't understand when a voice is raised, if they are getting yelled at for something they did or not.
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Scratches, Micro Small Scratches
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
WATERTOWN, SOUTH DAKOTA -- I was told there was nothing that they would do in-spite of the prescription being very new. This was contrary to Competitors actions in previous years.

I normally am fairly well satisfied with Walmart.
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Walmart Vision Center
Posted by on

October 3, 2010

Last night, I took out my contact lenses before checking if I had a new pair. As luck would have it, I did not. I admit I should have.

I called Walmart Vision today (since that is where I have the script from) and asked if they sold them there. The woman who answered the phone said yes, so I flew on down so as to get there before 5pm. When I got there, I spoke to a middle aged woman and I showed her my script and told her that I needed a box. She looked at my script and said oh she only had up to a certain strength. I asked what she meant and said she doesn't care my strength. I explained to her that I had accidentally threw away my last pair of lenses. Whereupon she began to chastise me over where was my backup pair of glasses, and I should have a back-up pair of glasses.

The reason why I don't have a backup pair of glasses is that I have been unemployed for over two years. That's why. I don't appreciate being lectured by someone who has no business doing so. Additionally she should have over the phone said 'yes we do sell them but only certain strengths.” I would not have wasted my Sunday afternoon fighting traffic for nothing.

And so here I sit wondering, how does this woman (who clearly LACKS communications skills) keep a job? Especially one in a health related field!?!?!!
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User Replies:
leet60 on 10/05/2010:
Nothing personal, but you should have a backup pair of glasses. Were you to get an eye infection and continue to wear your contacts you could risk your vision.

As you have not been employed, you may want to check with the local Lions club. They provide eyeglasses for those that cannot afford them.
steve101 on 10/05/2010:
Having back up glasses is very good advice. Blaming the "middle aged" woman for your misfortune is not.
dan gordon on 10/05/2010:
if you had asked Do you stock abc is different then could you see if you have my contacts in stock.....here is my script.
PepperElf on 10/05/2010:
driving without glasses ... may or may not matter, depending on what the OP's vision is. if the OP's vision is like mine - very nearsighted - the driving would be out of the question. but if the op is far-sighted, then he or she may not be required to wear the items while driving.

as for having them in or not... the last I knew, you can't get contacts without a prescription and you usually have to order them ahead of time, because not all prescriptions are in stock 247.

as for a backup - yeah. I always have those personally. not just a backup old pair of contacts, but my glasses as well.
bunnyhead on 10/06/2010:
The OP probably should have a backup pair of glasses but she isn't required to. She also isn't required to be lectured by some $8.00/hr cashier at the vision center. Not everyone has backup glasses. I wear contacts and I don't have backup glasses, nor do I want them.
BLOND37 on 10/06/2010:
1- the original poster doesn't drive. 2 the OP is a guy.. 3- I think its funny how all but one person chose to focus on the fact I don't have glasses.. but apparently feel its OK to be treated poorly by a sales associate. if she treats one person rude she is prolly treating others.. what's the latest stat - there's 5 or 6 people for every one job... I bet at least one of those 5 would do a better and job and be more thankful for having a job.
(thank you bunnyhead)
Anonymous on 10/06/2010:
Weird..I just got off the phone with my optometrist's office. I ordered more contacts and when I asked if they had any in stock so I could pick up a pair today, the gal said "Just a minute while I check if we have your script in stock."

Rather than harp on the OP about not having back up glasses, let's stay focused on the point of the review...which is no surprise, what Walmart does best, offer NO customer service.
jeffrog88 on 11/03/2010:
Well, perhaps I can offer another view of this situation for whatever its worth. I work in a Walmart vision center and agree that Walmart sucks. I also agree that customer service in gerneral is quite poor at walmart. I usually don't even shop at Walmart because of this. But that is a discussion for a totally different thread. Clearly the situation could have been handled better. Ideally she could have checked stock before you came out. Even more Ideally Walmart wouldn't have caused you to be out of contacts. And in a truly eutopian world Walmart would have been checking with you every morning to make sure you had plenty of extra contacts. But unfortunately we live in a world where we are all supposed to be responsible adults, and have to do all this stuff ourselves. Anyhow, As far as you "being lectured by someone who has no business doing so", that kind of is her job, so she has all kinds of business to do so. It is your health care providers responsibility to inform you how best to care for your health care needs. Whether or not you choose to follow that advice is up to you. If you choose, or are unable to do so properly that is on you. It would be negligent for her not to lecture you about your failure to properly care for your eyes. I've worn contacts for years and wear them pretty much exclusively. I almost never wear glasses but I have a pair in case I need them. I probably get 5-10 people a day with the same basic story. For whatever reason they have run out of contacts and now its Walmart's fault that they cannot see. I will assume you have only worn contacts for around two years and thus the lack of backup glasses. As far as being out of work I'm pretty sure the local Walmart is probably hiring. I'm am even more sure that you would have no problem getting hired given your astute customer service skills. I'm sure you will have loads of fun working there dealing with customers just like you. ;)
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Bad Service at Walmart Vision Center
Posted by on
BATAVIA, ILLINOIS -- I went to Walmart Vision Center in Batavia, Illinois. I was totally ignored. When I chose the frame I liked after paying for the eye exam - the customer service girl talked me out of choosing the frame that was comfortable for me, saying it's too big on my face. I ended up choosing what SHE WANTED, it looked better but was NOT comfortable. I never wear that $300 pair of glasses more than 5 minutes since it hurts. What a waste of money & my time.
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User Replies:
Ponie on 12/06/2009:
Have you gone back to see if the frames need adjusting? I once got a set of glasses that needing adjusting four times before I was completely satisfied. But then, I guess I'd feel pretty foolish, too, for being talked into something I didn't want.
Starlord on 12/06/2009:
I agree with Ponie, I once had a pair of bifocals, from an ophthalmologist's office (that is a REAL eye doctor.) When the glasses came in I tried them on and the division line was right through the center of my field of vision. I had to tilt my head way forward for distance, and way back for close up. I just told the lady fitting me that it was unsatisfactory, and she kept insisting it was. Finally the doctor came out and looked at me and told her, "Re-do the glasses and be sure of the measurements." Are you a human or a mouse? Well, squeak up.
SadSackSam on 12/06/2009:
I always asked them to tell me how they looked on my face. I'm as blind as a bat so I never chose my own frames. If I couldn't get a friend to go I would spot the cutie before the exam and ask her after. Usually worked. In the end I said no thinkyou mmore than once. It is your money and your eyes so in the end it is on you. I used the same doc for years until walmart built a new building. He actually moved his practice out to the mart :)
Melissa T on 01/01/2012:
All of you need to realize that it's hard for some people to speak up. Instead of bashing her (or him) for feeling pressured into buying them, think about her being your mother, sister or aunt going through what she did. You all need to open your eyes and realize she was giving a review, not asking for your rude opinions.
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