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Got Glasses In April, 2 Weeks Later Contacted For Help, Put Me Off Till 30 Day Warranty Out.
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Rating: 1/51

CORINTH, MISSISSIPPI -- In April I got a new pair of glasses, progressive Nikon lens, through Walmart. They recommended these lens because of weight and new technology, I got prescription same day. They cost $100 more than other name brand with same features, except the Nikon had an anti-glare coating. Within 2 weeks I contacted Walmart by phone, 40 miles away, and was told they would check with Nikon and get back with me within 48 hrs. I was having to clean lens almost hourly, blurring on lens, no fingerprints, am 60 and been in glasses since I was 9. I know how to handle my glasses.

Called back in 5 days. Said no response from Nikon, give them a few more days, they would contact them that day by phone. Eventually without any more contact from Walmart, their 30 day return, refund ran out. Still no answer, though I've contacted them 10 times since May. But today when I called, I asked them to look up my last purchase and I wanted to have the same lens put in 2 of my old frames for backups. Was given price and again asked about the amount of cleaning I was having to do, they asked what I was cleaning with. I had purchased a cleaning kit w/ spray bottle and microfiber cloth in April.

They said that it was because of the anti-glare protective coating Nikon uses, no way to get lens without, though they charge extra for it??? So I contacted Nikon, they said lens were made to be cleaned w/ warm soapy water and use a soft cloth, chamois, for drying, never use the other alcohol based products Walmart sold me, and said the microfiber actually deposited anything on it to the lens every time I used it. I can see better out of these lens than any in last 5 years, but I now believe it's because I changed eye drs and got a better prescription fit, not better lens.

Now neither Walmart nor Nikon will help me in any way. Cost total w/ eye exam, frames and lens, bought cheap lens to try, was planning on using old, both less than 2 years old frames, 358.00. Been paying $420 for better frames at regular eye dr, but lost confidence in them because I still couldn't see. Big difference in new lens script, compared to old ones. Last eye exam w/ old dr was in January, 2016, either outdated equipment or poor dr service/knowledge. Really has me over a barrel.

Can go back to Walmart and get them cheaper, but I believe customer service, before and after purchase is worth something. Something you don't get from Walmart and Nikon lens only sold through Walmart, ought to tell you something if no other optometrists are using Nikon lens. Have tried Nikon's solution for cleaning, works a little better, but still cleaning them 4 times a day just to watch tv or read.

Walmart used to be the place to go for good quality and customer service. When my kids were at home we used them exclusively for 3 of 5 who needed glasses. Now I don't step into a Walmart store unless I have to, being in a small town my options are limited. Since Walmart has moved into every corner of America and put all the little guys out of business, they no longer have the best prices, sales people have no product knowledge, managers don't seem concerned at all, and this is the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back for me.

These glasses will go to the local nursing home as soon as I get another pair I'm ordering online. Frames, lens, shipping, with 30 day money back any reason, for $171 delivered in 10-14 days. I urge everyone to always use the review system before you buy from anybody. Things have changed. It's a one shot deal now with most larger, nationwide companies, they don't care about or need repeat business. Let's let them operate as they please, but spend our money where it gets us what we want.

Refund for Damaged Product
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Rating: 1/51

OREGON -- I purchased an eyeglass case through It broke inside after one night. So I went on the Walmart website and it stated that I had to contact Unique Bargains a third party vendor. I did that and they told me right away that I did not have to return the item, they would refund my money. They had to send it directly to Walmart because they did not handle the refunds.

I have contacted Walmart 3 times over the past 2 months and each time I received a confirmation number and a promise that it would be escalated to a manager. No response at all for the past 2 months. It is so ridiculous the customer service that you receive there. I guess they just expect you to give up, so they can keep your money.

Very Unsatisfactory Glasses
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSBORO, TENNESSEE -- I've purchased glasses from the Wal-Mart Vision Center for the past 15 years. The most recent pair was not only an incorrect bifocal fit but the lenses scratched within the first two months. I NEVER used anything to clean these lenses other the cloth made for them. The Jacksboro, TN Vision Center, which I purchased them from, refused to do anything about it. Said they don't cover scratches.

Defective Product Sold and They Are Unwilling to Do Anything
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Rating: 1/51

WHEAT RIDGE, COLORADO -- If you are even thinking about purchasing glasses, lenses or anything at the vision center think long and hard. I have been purchasing glasses here for years for my kids and myself. We bought lenses for my husband and myself here in 4/2015 and the lenses are the worst. We spent $430 on just his lenses and they are saying we did not purchase a warranty. Who would spend that much on one set of lenses and not spend the $25 on a warranty? It doesn't even make sense. I filed a complaint and have even offered to pay for the warranty and was told "no" and the best they can do is a 20% discount to replace the lenses.

It is actually insulting to know how much they care about long time customers. The product they sold was crap and they won't do anything to remedy the situation. I have recommended them for years but now I will tell anyone who asks to NOT purchase anything from them. So basically I'm out a total of $660.00 for lenses that are crap...

Defective Eye Wear
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Rating: 1/51

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I went to the Walmart eyeglass department in the search for some expedited services in getting a pair of replacement glasses. Which happen after being a victim of a crime at a Seven Eleven store base on a mistaken identity by store security who assaulted me along the manager. My eyewear was broken beyond repair. Being eyewear dependent resulting from a military incident I needed an immediate replacement so I ended up at Walmart with a VA medical center eye prescription which they accepted and within two weeks I received the glasses.

After wearing the glasses for about week, I notice that tint when going from light to dark started decelerating. I went back to the Walmart eye optic specialist who ordered the glasses for me and showed him how the tint was reacting. He also agreed the that it was unusual. So I was told that when I time after the VA issue me another pair bring those back and he would return them. Well, the process took longer than anticipated. So when I took glasses back to him he told me could not return them because it been over 90 days.

My argument is that I reported the defectiveness of the glasses within two weeks after getting them and he knew they were defective. I should be refunded the cost of the glasses not only because I reported the defect promptly but because Walmart should not be prescribing glasses that can put someone at risk of serious harm or harming someone else due to blindness.

Lens Is Not 1 Year Old Damaged
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Rating: 2/51

SALINA, KANSAS -- For several years, I have purchased Walmart glasses. The last pair of frames I got the finish started coming off at one year and one month. Of course there was no warranty longer than a year!! Last April at my exam my prescription needed to be changed and the Dr. said if I could get by with the old lens to do so, because he thought I was going to have to have cataract surgery by the time of the next yearly appointment. So I purchased new lens; same kind I had always ordered; wore the last ones for 3 years.

In January noticed a scratch on the lens. I never knew when it happened. I took the glasses into the store and of course it is not covered. Rude salesperson! So I am wearing my old glasses until my next appointment. Cannot afford $122 for a lens for 2 months. They are a rip-off. Will not be going to Walmart for glasses anymore. These lens were supposed to have the very same finish as my last pair; after 4 years they still do not have a mark on them.

Poor service and cart at my Local Wal-Mart eye care center
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2545 IL RT 26 S, FREEPORT, ILLINOIS -- The eye Dr. is outsourced and rents the space in Wal-Mart, however, there are 3 other employees at the eye care center that are employed by Wal-Mart. Since I had lost my newest glasses while traveling I viewed it as an opportunity to try WalMart for new glasses. My initial eye exam was on 3/10/2010 at my local WalMart in Freeport, IL. It took 3 weeks for them to come in.

One of the WalMart employed women assumed they weren't tight enough and so screwed the ear pieces as tight as they could go. I wore them for 2 weeks during which time my eyes continually watered and burned. I'm an avid reader and reading was uncomfortable. I had considered perhaps this was just an adjustment to the new lenses, but the discomfort was such that I returned them to Walmart.

I was given a second exam and told that there was a change in the right eye. That the watering was due to "something" in my eye, as though I could have had foreign matter in my eye and not know it; for two weeks? Secondly I was told I have beginning cataracts, which was news to me, but which also caused my reading problem.

My lost glasses were prescribed in October of 2009, there was no mention of cataracts at that time. In any case my concern about a vision change in only a couple of weeks let me back to Shopko, where I've always had excellent service and no problems.

** at Walmart called me and told me that I could save money but asked which prescription to use. I'm not certain what happened to patient privacy but ** knew I have another eye exam at Shopko. The obvious thing to do was get new lenses following the last exam that I had done at Shopko. That Dr. also showed me and told me about the cataracts. They were just beginning and so far the eyes were compensating by spreading light throughout the back of the eye ball instead of the normal straight line. That it would be many years before I needed to worry about cataracts.

The second pair of glasses arrived at WalMart. ** said I also had a new pair of frames because the other ones were stripped. I'm assuming they were stripped when ** tightened them too much. I again felt something was wrong and took them to Shopko to be checked. The lens in the left eye were 10 degrees off where the bi focal is formed. I could not shut my right eye and read at all with my left. Letters were fuzzy and difficult to make out. I again returned them to WalMart and asked for my money back. I was told I would likely not get a refund because Walmarts prescription was not followed.

Firstly, their eye Dr. could not give me a good prescription. Not only that, tried to make me feel that it was my fault that I was having problems. I am a single person on a fixed income and insurance no longer covers glasses. I got a new pair at Shopko with the prescription that Dr. gave me and have no problems at all. Do not get glasses at Wal-Mart. I feel taken advantage of, and I'm out $325.00 for something I can't use.

Beware Of The Vision Center. Quality And Customer Service Is A Disaster!
By -

80021, COLORADO -- I brought my brand new designer frames in and asked if they could fit them with lenses. They said no problem. The cost would be $80 per lens and a $20 processing fee, for a total of $180. After I gave them my money it was nothing but trouble.

The first week I got a call that the lenses had to be sent back due to quality issues. The second week I drove to pick them up only to find out that it was the wrong prescription. The next week I got a call that the lenses came in too big. Two weeks after that I was told that they were in, went down to pick them up, only to find that the lenses were full of debris and when one of the attendants cleaned them up they ended up scratching the lenses due to the poor lens cutting job.

By this time I had had it. I must have spent over $30 in gas driving back and forth across the county over the month and a half they had my frames. The manager's reasoning (**) for giving me a refund was that she was having to eat all the costs on these lenses and it was not worth it to her. Never mind that NONE of this was my fault. The manager was more interested in the bottom line than customer satisfaction. So, I went in to return the lenses yet again and the manager was not in.

The vision attendant (**) was extremely uncooperative and told me that she could not give me a refund because the manager was out to lunch and that I would have to wait for 30 minutes. I then asked her to call another manager to which she replied that another manager would not be able to help me. I then *insisted* that she call a manager to which she replied, "I really don't understand what the problem is with the glasses." Ummm, do they *train* these people in customer service???

Once again, I insisted on speaking to a manager. She picked up the phone and told me that there was no other manager in. So, I got up, walked down to customer service, and lo and behold, there I found a manager!! Imagine that? A manager in a store!

The manager was extremely sympathetic and issued me a refund of $160, to which I interjected that I paid $180. **, the lazy, unhelpful attendant piped in that $20 was a non-refundable processing fee. To which I responded, "for what? Are you saying that I should pay you for holding my frames for a month and a half and continually putting in defective lenses???" Thank goodness the kind manager was still there and promptly refunded me the additional $20.

So, for all that hassle I lost $30 in gas, hours in time, gained a high degree of frustration, and got my $250 designer frames back with scratches and off-kilter hinges which I am uncertain can be repaired. Everything they say about the Walmart Vision Center is true. They suck!!

Rude Customer Service To A 5 Yr Old
By -

MT VERNON, WASHINGTON -- My daughter took my 5 yr old grandson to a Vision Center in the Walmart Store in Mt Vernon Washington. They needed to pick up his glasses. They went in the Vision Center. As my 5 yr grandson is a little shy as this is a new experience for him he's wide eyed, and he is excited about getting his new pair of glasses. Here Comes ** the Walmart Vision Center employee. She told my grandson "Can you see better with them or without them". She was in a grumpy mood, my grandson froze and didn't respond.

Then she said it louder "CAN YOU SEE BETTER WITH THEM OR WITHOUT THEM" as if he is now deaf. In a rude and condescending manner ** Walmart Vision Center Employee Mt Vernon Wa. Told my daughter "DOES HE SPEAK ENGLISH. DOES HE SPEAK ENGLISH" IN A ANGRY TONE OF VOICE. My daughter tells ** Walmart Vision Center Employee, of course he does. My daughter tells my 5 yr old grandson "tell her if you see better with them them or without them", and he looked at **, and nodded yes.

At this point 5 yr old grandson is now terrified. ** Walmart Vision Center Employee Mt Vernon Wa. Grabbed her paper work in a disgusted manner, and Stated "YOU KNOW THERE IS A CHARGE FOR THIS". Yes my daughter responds as she is getting her Visa card out of her purse and ** tells her RUDELY "IS THAT A DISCOUNT CARD?" By then my daughter has had enough, and tells her the "insults continue and your behavior is hurtful towards me and my child." As my 5 yr old grandson looks on.

That makes ** Walmart Mt Vernon vision center even angrier "I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR PROBLEM IS BUT I SEE THOSE KIND OF PEOPLE EVERYDAY. I DON'T KNOW IF THEY SPEAK ENGLISH OR SPANISH. Or what language they speak". By then my daughter just wanted out of the Vision Center. The experience for my 5 yr old grandson was a sad experience. He experienced rude, derogatory and condescending behavior at the hands of ** Walmart Vision Center Employee Mt Vernon Wa.

Did Not Feel Like A Valued Customer, Left Angry And $158.00 Poorer
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PLYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- Visited Walmart Vision Center in Old Colony Place and the technician was rude, spoke to co-worker throughout the process. Barely acknowledged my existence. This was my 1st pair of glasses and did not appear to have the time to answer questions, actually sounded angry in her response to a question. Bay State Eye Care who did the eye exam was no prize either. Heard one of the technicians complaining on the phone about how long someone took to pick their glasses out. Felt a lot of regret after I paid the $158.00 but I need the glasses to drive. Not a professional or welcoming place start to finish.

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