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Wal-Mart Goodyear Viva 2 Consumer Reviews

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Goodyear Viva 2 Tires
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Rating: 1/51

CENTERVILLE, UTAH -- Bought 4 Goodyear Viva 2 tires for my Suzuki XL7. After 33,000 miles they were worn down to 1/32" - nowhere near the 60,000 mile warranty. Pro rated price to replace was more than I originally paid. Drove to Sears and bought 4 new DieHard Silver tires. Much better tire and superb service. No more Wallyworld tires for me.

Tire Belts Separating
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Rating: 3/51

ALABAMA -- I purchased a new set of Viva 2 tires about 2 years and they have about 24000 miles on them. While on vacation last year I had one form a big bulge on the outer corner of the tire. A couple days ago my wife complained of the car vibrating while driving. I checked and found another tire that the belt had separated and was out of round. This is my 3rd or 4th set of Viva 2's and this is first set that I have had problem with.

Goodyear Viva 2 Tires and Walmart Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA -- I purchased four new Goodyear Viva 2 60,000 mile tires from Walmart and began to have problems with them a few months after I got them. The tires quickly developed a rough ride so I went back to Walmart and was advised they were out of balance. Although it had only been a short time and I was certain this was not the cause of the problem, I had them balanced again however the problem continued. I discovered the uneven sidewalls and the tires were out of round. I again went back to Walmart and was advised there was no problem with the tires.

I now have less than 25,000 miles on these tires and the ride is worse than ever. The car "hops" down the road at slow speeds. I just returned from Walmart and was again advised that other than being "dry rotted" there is nothing wrong with the tires and there is nothing they can do for me under warranty. Further, these Goodyear tires are made only for Walmart and Goodyear does not provide any warranty coverage for them. The service department at Walmart advised me to buy another set of tires. Never again from Walmart!

Viva 2 Tires
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Rating: 1/51

FORT MILL, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I purchased 4 Viva tires at Wal-Mart in April 2014. They were supposed to get 60,000 miles. I have 14,000 miles on them and they began to ride as if one or more was out of round. I took my car to WM and they said they needed rotating and balancing, which they did. The car still rides like it did before I took it into WM. Please never buy VIVA 2 tires!!! Nor any tires from Wal-Mart because they carry the cheapest made products. I plan to go to a reputable local tire dealer and replace these cheap tires.

Goodyear VIVA 2 Sidewall Blowouts
By -

ORANGE CITY, FLORIDA -- I have bought two Goodyear VIVA 2 tires at the local Walmart and both sidewall blowouts. Neither tire had high mileage and both under 6 months old with plenty of tread left on the tire.

Stand Behind What You Sell and Keep Your Word!
By -

HENDERSON, KY -- I bought four Goodyear Viva tires with lifetime warranty for my 17 yr old daughter's car. The car after having 20 thousand miles driven on the tires now drives as if it has a flat tire. I took it to a mechanic and he told me three out of the four tires has flat spots on them.

I took the car back to Walmart and one of the tires had a broken belt in it. Walmart replaced that tire. The mechanic that worked on the car at Walmart then said the reason the car drives that way is because one of the wheels was bent. Myself being a single parent out of work due to losing my job because Whirlpool took my job along with 1,200 other jobs to Mexico came up with enough money to buy my daughter new wheels. After taking the car back to Walmart because I thought WALMART was a family orientated business and cares about the customers, had them to put the same tires on the new wheels.

The car still drives the same. I then had another reliable mechanic look at the car again. As soon as he took the tire off the car rolled it across the floor told me this tire has one huge flat stop and another small spot on it. He said, "there has to be something wrong with these tires because you hardly have any wear on them."

I went back to Walmart and they said there was nothing they could do about the tire because the tires were over a year old except sell me another new tire because it wouldn't be safe for my daughter to drive the car in this condition. Now what does this say for the quality of care Walmart provides to their loyal customers?

Never Buy Tires From Walmart - You Get What You Pay For
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SILER CITY, NORTH CAROLINA -- My in-laws had bought three Goodyear Viva 2 tires from Walmart in November 2007. Since then we had to go back not once, not twice, but three times. Two of those times were back to back Friday's (June 20th, 2008 & June 27th, 2008).

And now this past Friday, July 18th, all three times the Viva 2 tire had a crack in the middle of the tire. What's the deal? I know they say thing's come in three's, but come on three brand new tires that end up with a crack in the middle (within one month).

And on top of it all, every time you go there to have the tire replaced you have to spend $9.95 Road Hazard plus $1.50 fee which totals out to $11.24 after taxes.

This past Sunday when I went with my wife & in-laws a mechanic worker told me "Maybe it's your driving" then said "Maybe your van needs an alignment", at that point I told the worker "No, you need to go to automotive school because if it was to be the alignment my tires would show wear & tear on the side, this is in the middle of my tire & by the way Wal-Mart needs to also send you to school to learn customer respect!"

At that point I just called for a manager. Then the manager told me if I don't pay the $9.95 Road hazard plus $1.50 fee which totals out to $11.24 after taxes my tire will not be covered.

I told her, "If there happens to be another flat, I don't plan on coming back to Walmart auto center. Plus this shouldn't be happening with a brand new tire."

So before you decide to buy any tires at Wal-mart, I would think twice. Take my advice, it's not worth the aggravation.

Goodyear Viva Tires Cheap Quality
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Rating: 1/51

PITTSBURG, CALIFORNIA -- Bought 4 Goodyear Viva tires on March 2013. After 13000 miles on Feb 2014 one got flat, no hole was found and the tech said they could not repair it. Three months later a different one blew up while driving at 35 MPH on a city road, paid half of the price to get it replaced. Great Walmart warranty right? And six weeks later the same tire blew up while on the freeway at 65 MPH.

I emailed Goodyear about these issues and they told me the tires are manufactured for and guaranteed only by Walmart. I'm going now to buy a new set from a different manufacturer; of course, I can't risk my family by keep using those cheap, bad quality tires. My recommendation: do not use Goodyear tires and never buy tires from Walmart. I have learned the hard way.

Walmart Viva 2 Tires
By -

NORTH LOGAN, UTAH -- Was bent over by Walmart service Tech because they no longer carried Michelin Brand tires for which I had purchased road hazard guaranty! I was sold 4 Goodyear Viva 2 tires (not sold anywhere but WM), again with all the warranties. These tires are crap! All have slow leaks, and as much tread as my snow tires, reducing summer gas mileage by 4 mpg. I had no choice, with a flat rubber donut and slashed full-size tire on a Sunday. Then, the Tech put back the directional wheels (Lincoln) mismatched on each side. I had to get out of there. Goodyear should shop their product resellers.

Don't Buy Viva 2 Tires. Me Too! Look At The Many Defective Tires Here
By -

KINGMAN, ARIZONA -- I was forced to change my tires at a local Kingman Arizona Walmart and unknowingly was given an EXCLUSIVE Walmart issue tire manufactured by Goodyear called VIVA 2. Four months and only several hundred miles later, I had a flat on the sidewalls which actually melted. When I took the car to the nearest Pep Boys store the manager showed me where the rubber had melted on the inside.

He said the sidewalls had melted and the puncture was in a place which was leaking and could not be repaired. I took the tire as evidence and I encourage anyone has had this problem to email me and we might start a class action suit. Also, I bought them on my Walmart Discover card which states that you can contact them if you buy a defective item. I contacted them but I sense they will try to give me the runaround. So I put the transaction into dispute.

This is fraud from my viewpoint, and I strongly believe Walmart is very much aware of the problem. One of the CSR representatives commented that they have many problems with another tire called Douglas. Walmart paid 2 million dollars on a high profile case where people was severely injured in a crash with other Walmart tires.

I could easily have been killed or stranded in the high desert. This corrupt operation needs to be exposed as the smiley face is a cover for corrupt and fraudulent. Sam's Club offers a much better service. I didn't have the chance to get there. And now I know that Walmart and Sam's Club are joinedI may avoid them as well.

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