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Extended Warranty Runaround
By -

We purchased a new LG Washer & Dryer in July, 2004 along with a 5 year Performance Service Plan (PSP). In the past 2 years, we have spent over $15,000 in this same Best Buy store, so you would think that they would value us as customers. The washing machine first quit in June - displaying an LE error code. Since we were covered under the PSP, it didn't cost us anything to have the technician came out and replace a sensor. We did however have to take a day off work to let them in.

Anyway, after a few days the machine quit again, once again displaying the same LE code. And once again, they came out and replaced the same part. This happened a 3rd time before the PSP expired, and once again we took a day off, the technician came out, and they replaced the same part. I have repeatedly suggested that they are not fixing the cause of the problem - that SOMETHING is causing this sensor to burn out! Nobody listens.

At this time I received an offer to "renew" the PSP, however the renewal policy does not contain the 'No Lemon' clause. Despite this, I renewed it for 3 more years. As you might expect, we have had this same problem 2 more times. The 4th time the technician told us that "If it happens one more time, we will replace this machine - no questions asked." Well, the next time happened.

We got a different technician, and he DID submit a request that the machine be replaced. The answer that he relayed to us today was that "There is no way that they will EVER replace this machine - and if they have to come out and repair it 500 more times over the next 3 years, then that is what they will do!" Where is the common sense with this Company? Do they place no value on Customer Satisfaction? Based on the most recent 3 months, they would rather spend $5,000 fixing this machine for the next 3 years and have an irate customer than they would to replace a $900 wash machine and have a happy customer?

I realize that under the terms of the renewal PSP, they have no contractual obligation to replace this wash machine. However, they do have a contractual obligation to fix this machine, and they have proven over the past several months that they cannot live up to this contractual obligation. They need to do the logical and right thing - and that is to replace the machine. In the long haul, that will save them a lot of money, and it will keep a customer happy - one that has spent a LOT of money in their store during a recession!

Extended Warranty "Service"
By -

SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased the extended warranty service for my 60" Sony TV (which has failed twice now). Lately, the screen has taken on a decidedly green color. I called and made an appointment for Best Buy's Geek Squad to come look at it, on a Tuesday afternoon. I took the afternoon off from work to wait for the guy, but he never showed up. I called back, and was on hold for about 20 minutes while the woman tried to find the guy's cell phone number. (Why didn't she have this information already?)

Finally, she tried to call him, but he wasn't answering. She said he had missed ALL of his appointments that day. The earliest they could get someone else out was Tuesday a week later. I called on the Saturday prior to this Tuesday just to see if they had any cancellations. The woman told me I didn't even have the appointment that I made on Tuesday, and that I'd have to wait an additional week after that!

I threatened to picket their store with a sign warning people to avoid buying the extended warranty plan. Finally, (after waiting a long time) I got to talk to a supervisor. He was mystified as to how my appointment could have vanished, and told me that I should have received some parts yesterday that had been mailed to my house. I said, "That was nuts; I wouldn't know what to do with the parts." He studied the "notes" a lot longer, and finally restored (supposedly) my upcoming Tuesday appointment, and then determined that it was the technician who was to have received the parts, and that somehow, when the incident log was updated to reflect the arrival of the parts, it deleted the scheduled appointment!

This call took 27 minutes and 31 seconds (my phone tells me how long a call took when I disconnect). That's a total of an hour on the phone above what it took to log the original complaint. Maybe we should think twice before giving companies who are going out of business trillions of dollars of taxpayer money!

Rude Service After Refusing Extended Warranty on Wii
By -

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CALIFORNIA -- This morning, I tried my luck at the Best Buy in City of Industry to purchase a Nintendo Wii System. After given a number which guaranteed a system, I still have to stand in line for more than 2 hours before it was my turn to purchase the system. After selecting additional accessories, I was at the register ready to pay. As soon as I stepped in front of the register, the sales associate, named **, started to push the extended warranty on me and would not give up, even after I expressed repeatedly that I am not interested.

After the items were rung up and before I paid, she asked again. When I said no once more, she then volunteered the information that the Nintendo Wii is a very unreliable product, and many of the customers return them to the store. And if I had the extended warranty, I could have the system replaced for free. I again said no. After I paid, when she handed me the system, she let go of the system before I can hold on to the box. And yes, the system dropped to the floor.

I was extremely upset, and she had the gall to tell me that β€œIt was not my fault that you could not hold on to it!” Yes, there were 4 other employees standing around and did nothing to curb her behavior! [FYI – the system was marked with my ticket number, and there was not another one to exchange.]

This is the last time I would buy anything from Best Buy! It is not a surprise that their sales figure are going down! With an employee like **, who needs competitors! I would buy my electronics gear from Costco or Frys' from now on. Stay away from Best Buy at City of Industry.

Best Buy Fails to Honor Its Extended Warranty
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Maytag washing machine at Best Buy and bought an extended warranty. For the first time in several years, I called for service under the warranty. Best Buy told me that I would be contacted within two days by a local service company. When that didn't happen, I called Best Buy and they gave me the company's name and phone number. I called and they said that they no longer did work for Best Buy because they hadn't been paid.

I called Best Buy back and they gave me the names of two other companies. When I contacted them, both said that they didn't work in my area. I called Best Buy again (every call involves being on hold for three to fifteen minutes) and they said that someone would call me in a couple of days with the name of another company. No one called.

Again I called Best Buy. They said that, based on their information, my repair wasn't covered by the warranty. I explained the problem again and they agreed it was covered. They said that they would get back to me in two or three days with the name of a repair company. So far, all I've gotten is a runaround from Best Buy. I'm no further than when I first called a week ago-- no service company and no appointment.

When they sold me the extended warranty, they didn't bother to mention that there was no service company in my area. I am beginning to feel that this is all an attempt by Best Buy to get out of honoring the service contract. To add a little humor, I got a call today from someone doing a survey for Best Buy and wanting to know how satisfied I was with the warranty repair.

Best Buy's Extended Warranty is Worst Buy
By -

My wife and I bought two of the same Toshiba Laptops at Best Buy. We have found in the past that buying the same laptops have made it easier for us to learn using them and understanding what the problems will be. We bought the extended warranty because Toshiba's warranty was one year. Total we spent close to $4,000 with warranty at Best Buy in Tucson Arizona. As soon as we arrived home my wife's laptop began to sound like terminator was inside it and error messages popped up.

Within a couple days she took it back to The Geek Squad, Best buys computer people. They had the laptop for a week and said they fixed it by wiping the hard drive. As soon as we arrived home, the same thing happened again. A couple weeks later, we took the laptop in again. After a couple weeks Best Buy called saying they replaced the hard drive. We arrived home and turned on our laptop to have the same problem.

We took her laptop in again. This continued a total of four times before I told Best Buy to either fix it or we would go to court because we need our laptops for work. The manager of the Geek Squad asked me to leave the store and had me escorted out of the store as if I was a shoplifter and told not to come back in again. I called 800 Best Buy only to be further insulted. They told me I was a liar and never took my laptop into Best Buy for repair.

I explained I had the paperwork from the Geek Squad but it was like I was dealing with a 3rd world country. No one there cared. They continued to call me a liar and hung up on me. I called Toshiba and they informed me that Best Buy never changed our hard drive or anything or Best Buy would have billed them and they would show it on their records. The Man said "I don't want to call Best Buy liars but I would say they are not telling you the truth." Great!

Now my Toshiba warranty is over after a year of playing with Best Buy and both my laptops have something evil in them and I am not wasting my time with Best Buy no more. I do home theatre for a living and have told my customers if they buy the equipment I install at Best Buy I guarantee it will never work. I am having stickers made that say "If you see this car in Best Buy's Parking Lot, Please flatten all four tires.” I feel like I could have gave a homeless person four grand and felt better about what I had done. My laptop does the same thing now and we try to find the humor in it, Yeah Right.. Ha, Ha, Ha. Made an ass out of me, thanks Best Buy.

Guerilla Warfare Against Best Buy
By -

TENNESSEE -- I have had an even worse experience with Best Buy's service, but rather than detail that, I would like to propose a course of action. I have seen thousands if not more complaints against BB's practices but as consumers we are pretty much just screwed, we have almost no recourse against them. I would like to suggest that each of us spend some time in BB stores. Go to the high dollar items like big screen TV's and appliances and blend in with the other customers.

At every opportunity, tell someone considering a purchase to run for their lives they are fixing to get screwed. Quietly do whatever it takes to cost them a few sales on high dollar items. You may get kicked out but you will get some satisfaction. If we propagate this strategy to other websites we may get several thousand people doing this and cost them big time. We need to start guerilla warfare against them because we have no other recourse.

Please get this idea around the web and to other dissatisfied customers. If we get enough people involved, we can hurt them. Most of our complaints are not worth taking to court and they know that. This is a way to get a little even. Please spread this idea around and let's go 'shopping' at BB. If you are seriously PO'ed, this is worth your time.

Extended Warranty
By -

BAXTER, MINNESOTA -- My HP Notebook needed a new battery, one of the letter keys popped off, and the power cord connection was malfunctioning. I figured this would be no problem to be repaired as I had purchased the four year extended warranty package. I brought my laptop into my local store to be repaired and the employees stated that the computer had to be sent to HP for the repair work, and that it would take two weeks tops.

Well, it is three weeks later, I still have no computer. I called Best Buy a week ago to inquire as to the status of the computer and they stated that HP had just received it, and to call back in a week and a half. Keep in mind Best Buy had already had my computer for 10 days before HP even received it for repair! Lo and behold, Best Buy called me today and said the computer was finished and could be picked up. I went to pick it up, and was told that the battery wasn't holding a charge, I would have to send away for a replacement battery, and it would be another 5 days or so.

HUH? They have had my computer for 3 weeks, they were told the battery needed to be replaced when I brought it in, and it still hasn't been done? This extended warranty they offer is a joke, I think in the future I will be taking my business elsewhere as my difficulties with Best Buy just never end, and the worst part about it, they don't seem to care one bit about the crappy customer service that they offer! P.S. The store # I refer to is #522, in Baxter, Mn.

Extended Warranty
By -

I would never buy either an Xbox or an extended warranty from Best Buy. Trust me, the troubles I went through were not worth it. I bought an Xbox in 2007, the best they had $500.00 I bought the extended warranty. Although my son used it only about once per week it began giving us trouble in March of 2009. I took it to Best Buy and for the next three months it was in and out of Best Buy for repairs. It would work for a couple of weeks and then die.

After four times, not three, they agreed to give me the cheapest Xbox they had on the shelf ($179.00). I insisted that I had paid $500.00 for the original and should get the best Xbox they had which was still only about $300.00. They refused! After much argument, they finally agreed to give me the second best Xbox, about $229.00, but only if I agreed to buy an extended warranty for it at another cost of about $80.00.

As luck would have it, in August of 2010 that Xbox went. I took it to Best Buy and they told me it was still under manufacturer's warranty and there was nothing Best Buy could do for me. I will have to deal with the manufacturer. My experience with Best Buy has been dismal at best. DON'T BUY AN EXTENDED WARRANTY FROM BEST BUY!

Best Buy Steals Your Money
By -

I had a TV replaced by BB that they had bricked, it took 9 months for them to do, by this time the TV was 13 months old cost was 3400.00 with calibration that ruined TV. When TV was replaced, the manager of the store told me that my extended warranty 450.00 would transfer to the new TV. Then they came back later and told me it would not because it was 13 months old. I had been working on this for 9 months. So Best Buy had gotten over 1500.00 of my money for their mistakes. This just does not seem right. Their motto should be BEST BUY STEALS YOUR MONEY BEST!

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