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Undelivered Appliance (Twice)
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Rating: 1/51

WESTMINSTER, COLORADO -- On June 30th I had placed an order for a Samsung refrigerator via Due to some reasons I had to call the customer service representative to finish my order. All the weekends were booked for delivery therefore I had to settle for Friday 07/05/16 between 4-8 pm. On 7/05/16 I took a half day off from work and waited for the delivery. I did not get a call at all, which is quite contrary to what it says on their delivery email that they will call 2 hours prior to delivery time. I waited for more than 5 hours. Around 8 pm I called the customer service line multiple times. The reps over the phone were very rude and they could not tell what the delivery status was.

They could not help me reschedule it because the status on their system showed as "out for delivery". The next day I called and reschedule the delivery time for 07/14/16 from 8am-2pm. On 7/14/16 I took a day off from work to get the delivery. Unfortunately, I never got a call "2 hours prior" to delivery time. So at 10:43 am I called them up. The representative again over the phone had no clue where the delivery truck was. After we hung up I got a call from ** at 10:56 am saying they are 30 minutes away. 12 pm still no show for the delivery truck.

But I did get a call from Zane from Aurora Best Buy warehouse from 303-340-4971 saying the delivery truck broke down and they cannot deliver my refrigerator. Being very frustrated I called to cancel my order and they again said the item needs to be in the warehouse to cancel my order. So today finally I was able to cancel my order. The representative named Nicole at appliance Geek Squad, I believe she said, was very rude and asked me why I was cancelling my order. I told her to look at the history and figure it out. She said she couldn't see the history (very rudely) and that's why she was asking. I do not know if I will see my money back on my account or not.

I have been a Best Buy customer for years and years and have spent thousands of dollars. That will never happen again. Best Buy you have lost me as a customer. And I will make sure that I share this horrible experience with everyone so that they do not have to deal with such an irresponsible company.

Unprofessional Delivery, Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

CERRITOS, CALIFORNIA -- First, the delivery guys took the doors and shelves/bins off the new fridge, and placed them in the wet grass and dirt, leaning them up unprotected, against the tree in my front yard. This is how Best Buy treats your brand new $3,000 appliances?! After they left I found two beetles crawling on the fridge, one inside, one outside on the door! They did even not remove all the plastic and tape from many parts including ice maker, drawers, bins, doors, etc. They left so quickly we didn't even have time to inspect it while they were here. Doors are nonaligned, fridge not getting cold, drinks are cool at best, not cold even after 24 hours.

They did not cover it with any protection while moving it in through a tight doorway AS PROMISED at the store. Driver was rude and simply said "No." They did not hook it up for us because our water shut off valve was in a closet, even though at the store they said that would be no problem. Again, driver said "No!" Yesterday, a representative from Best Buy called to ask how delivery went. Told her about the door problem. She scheduled someone to come out today and said they would call me by 8 pm last night to confirm delivery time. Never called me!

When I called today I was on hold a total of 50 MINUTES before finally being told the service was NEVER SCHEDULED! Said they would "try to get a driver to come back, but next appointment isn't until the Fourth of July!" I purchased a 5-year extended warranty and the best they will do is send a DRIVER, not a technician, and not until 3 days after delivery of a faulty refrigerator? UNACCEPTABLE!

NOTE: Store representative contacted me, soonest they can send a technician is late next week! Meanwhile my food rots?? Instead they are delivering a new replacement tomorrow. Dreading another repeat of the delivery nightmare and customer service! Meanwhile, we miss more time from work, and spend hours prepping - moving furniture, emptying fridge, loading coolers with all our food, drinks, and ice. Get it right the first time!!

Update 07/02/2015:

NOTE: The ONLY person who was professional, kind, courteous and knowledgeable was Maria, the store rep who sold us the refrigerator and finally, after several wasted hours with other customer service, Geek Squad, and delivery reps on the phone, helped to coordinate a replacement.

Totally Unresponsive and No Capacity to Let Operators Do Anything
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH OLMSTED, OHIO -- So, about 1 and a half hours ago, I got the recorded message telling me my refrigerator would be delivered tomorrow between 7:30 and 9:30 am, and to call if there was a problem. Okay, I called and was told it could not be changed because it was less than 24 hours away. Now wait a minute, didn't you just say to call if there was a problem, but then you have no way to change it? That's problem number 1. Number 2 I asked to talk to a supervisor in the scheduling/delivery department which I waited for over a half hour with NO reply. I assume there is no one there, this is all computer controlled and doggone, the customer is going to do this OUR way.

Number 3 I asked to be switched to customer service. Now you would think I could get an answer, at least pick up the phone, is anybody working? No, I waited another half hour with no response. What I've learned: you do not care about customer service. You do not answer the phone. You do not equip your operators or the chat line (see problem number 4) with the necessary connections or authority to actually resolve a problem. If the customer waits long enough, he will hang up and go away. Oh he'll go away alright.

Number 4 while waiting on the phone, I got online and got a chat session going. Of course, he could not deal with my problem. He did not even have a phone to call another department to push this along. Without that how can he help anybody. So, I will eventually get the delivery rescheduled. Only after they show up and find out no one is here. Now if they decide they are going to charge me a delivery fee, well we'll be going through another round of escalating the issue til I DO get resolution. What a pain in the **!!! I'll be looking everywhere I can find online to leave a review of Best Buy, to let anyone know how unresponsive this company is.

Failed Delivery
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Rating: 1/51

UNITED STATES, CALIFORNIA -- I am totally disappointed with BB. I ordered an expensive new refrigerator on Labor Day and they scheduled a delivery in one week. On the day of the delivery I waited and waited - no one called. I had to call and be put on hold for 30 minutes until someone figured out that the refrigerator had never been delivered to any BB warehouse in the area. No one told me in advance, although they knew about it. I cancelled the order and even that took forever. I will never shop at BB again. I asked for some compensation for my troubles and all the manager could do was give me a $20 gift card.

Worst Experience Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- I ordered a dishwasher on October 15th to be delivered, installed and the haul away on November 5th. The salesman even told me that I had to buy an installation kit because they would not install with old equipment. On the 5th the dishwasher was delivered. The delivery guy told me there was no institution on the ticket and that he would not haul away because the old one was disconnected. I called Best Buy. They offered me a $50 gift card. My husband installed the dishwasher.

I called the delivery guy to reschedule the haul away for Friday the 8th. Got an email the next day. It said that my haul away was cancelled. Called Best Buy again they said that it was still showing as scheduled in the computer. Was supposed to get a call with a time frame for Haul Away. Never did. Called Best Buy again who said that I was not scheduled for Haul Away on the 8th. Suggested that I call the delivery company when they open at 5am. I suggest you don't buy anything from Best Buy.

Free Interest Scam
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I bought three appliances and accepted their offer of "3 years interest free". Big mistake. I was within $200 of paying off the entire balance when they charged me $1,300 in interest. When I asked about it, they said the promotion was for 18 months. When I told them what the salesperson told me, they could have cared less. They said the contract indicated 18 months. That contract is four pages long and #3 font. My bad for believing a salesperson, but they just lost a customer for life along with anyone I can convince to avoid this horrible store. Perhaps you will be able to avoid my fate. Shop elsewhere. They are in trouble for a reason.

Now You See It...Now You Don't Get It... ("WORST-BUY" - Paramus NJ)
By -

ROUTE 17 NORTH -- On Friday December 17th, I went to Best Buy in Paramus NJ (Rt. 17 North) to purchase a Dishwasher. Ours had died a few days before and we were hopeful we could find a replacement of decent quality that could be delivered before Christmas eve. We were in luck. After comparing models on-line and at the store that day, we purchased an LG Dishwasher. The person assisting confirmed they had it in white and plenty in stock. I paid for a 5 year warranty, installation and disposal of the old one. I chose Tuesday December 21st for delivery. They called the day before to confirm delivery between 1-5 on 12/21/2010.

My wife stayed home and took a day off to take delivery. 4:20 P.M. rolled around and no one yet. She called the number on the receipt to check that things were on track. WELL.. the initial call after 25 minutes on hold revealed that it was cancelled because when the delivery person went to pick it up it was not at the warehouse. My wife left it to me to call... I spent 2.5 hours between hold times on average or 20 to 30 minutes to eventually talk and get transferred to 4 people. One said I cancelled it. I explained that I never cancelled it. She then read that their "SMS" system cancelled at 7:15 A.M. the morning of delivery because it was out of stock and I could get a refund or select a model.

NO ONE FROM BEST BUY (WORST BUY) CALLED US TO TELL US ANYTHING. THEY LET US SIT AT HOME.. WASTE A DAY OFF AND GET NOTHING DELIVERED. I spoke to the an Appliance Manager at the Paramus NJ store and he explained he had no clue why and would "escalate it." I asked for a refund and he processed it incorrectly. He forgot to refund the warranty as well. Next morning on 12/22 I went to the Best Buy Store at Paramus NJ and spoke to the customer service desk. That person was unbelievably nice and was shocked that no one called. She refunded the remainder of the balance.

I then went over to the Appliance Manager to speak to him directly. I explained that his escalation call reached the delivery company but that the problem was Best Buy and not them. He could not tell me how they went from a few items in stock on Friday 12/17 and none on the morning of my delivery and WHY no one could call us. He promised to escalate it to the warehouse and again apologized. I received a second call from the delivery company on 12/22 and they informed me it was escalated again to them. Apparently to work at Best Buy as a manager you don't have to really understand how to follow-up on a customer problem.

I explained again it wasn't their issue but wanted to know why it was in stock when I bought it and then not on the morning I was to receive it and WHY I did not receive a call. She was kind enough to offer to transfer me again, but I had now done 6 calls with no one who would find out the problem. In the end, we lost a day off.. wasted.. Best Buy doesn't give a darn about an individual customer. Remember folks they got all the gadgets you want and hide behind a big name and it's not BEST BUY. It's "WORSE-BUY".

Abusive Employees & Best Buy doesn't need any customers
By -

IRIVNE, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered a washer & dryer online to be delivered today. They came at 9am. Instead of the delivery guy asking me if I was going to do the connections myself he was being deliberately difficult by giving half information and said "you are going to do the installation yourself". Later I found out through the half info that they won't install if you didn't buy the hoses etc through them. NO WHERE DOES IT SAY THAT IN ANY INFO ON THE WEB SITE. I went back and checked. So just now I went to 2 stores, the first had no one to ask a question of and had no hoses etc at all. I went to store 2, found some of the stuff I needed, this time I was ignored by a salesperson, waited for 10 additional minutes, and decided to purchase what I found.

The checkout stand was blocked deliberately by a display, soooooooooo I had to walk around to the exit door to go in and pay. Three women employees (including the supposed supervisor **) were standing around having a personal conversation (because that's more important than helping customers after all, they don't care- they think they are getting the same paycheck - until sales go in the tank and people lose their jobs - for not doing it in the 1st place). The exit security guy asked if he could help me because I obviously was confused. My reply was I'm trying to pay! These women were literally startled out of their intense conversation.

I walked over to the check stand and the clerk admitted it is confusing. I corrected her that it is annoying. I shared with her my experience so far in that store and I guess she was personally offended by it because she wanted me to shut up just because SHE was being nice to me and helping me. HELLO THAT IS YOUR JOB. To which I replied that I take crap from customers all day long and if I had said to a customer what she had just said to me I would be fired. Her comeback was that I do not have to shop here. To which I said cancel my transaction. She had to go get her supervisor ** - yes the same one who was engrossed in not helping the handful of customers in the store.

I shared with her that I was jerked around this morning with the delivery (a $2000 purchase) and can't get any assistance in the store, and now a snotty nose high school or college / immature kid is giving me crap. I had not shopped in Best Buy for 20 years. He comment was "DON"T COME BACK". Best Buy doesn't want any customers in this economy and therefore doesn't need any revenue apparently. Best Buy employees haven't a clue as to how they get a paycheck and what it consists of. And they don't want to hear you complain about them not doing any job - especially the ones they are being paid to do. Typical selfish Californians.

Best Buy Delivery/Installation Team (3rd Party)
By -

OAKLAN, CALIFORNIA -- Bought Samsung steam washer and dryer from Best Buy in Oakland on 2/22/2011. Got it delivered on 3/11/11. When I first got it, they dented the front panel of the washer and scratched the front plastic door. They were going to install it, but I said hold off on it til I get the Geek Squad to fix it. I figured, yeah, things happened and that's why there's extended warranty which I bought for 4 years. Geek squad came on 3/19/11 to fix the entire panel. Called Best Buy to set up another installation, and got it installed on 3/25/11. Installation was done by the same company that delivered the washer and dryer.

So I watched carefully to make sure they don't mess up my home and/or washer and dryer. They made sure the washer pan was installed correctly and started with installing stacking unit kit. They were careful with moving the washer and dryer up the stairs and putting it on the hardwood floor. Once they got it stacked, they were bit confused on how to get two very heavy appliance into a washer and dryer room. They told me that I should've bought a metal pan instead of plastic because when they move it, it's going to bend the tip and possibly crack it. Really? And where do you find them and who installs them?

When I purchased the washer and dryer from Best Buy, they never mentioned anything about having a specific type of pan and you can't even buy those metal pan. But installation guys just went on with installation.. Using whatever they can to move it, but ended up cracking and bending the pan. And also, they damaged the stacking unit kit.. The dryer on top is leaning forward and there's a huge gap between the washer and dryer.

When the installation guys thought that they were done damaging it.. Tried to turn on the dryer without any clothes. He clearly saw that vibration on the dryer was not normal. And also he asked me if this was floor item that I bought? Because the washer door is not closing?? Really? It's brand new and just because the door is not closing makes you think that it's a floor model??? All he told me was that sorry for the damage, but this is all I can do, can you sign this paper so we can report to our supervisor? Yeah, I signed that paper with very long memo saying "damaged the pan and broken door and damaged the stacking unit kit".

Next day, went over to Oakland Best Buy to show the pictures and videos of it and since the stacking unit and pan was purchased and installed by stores other than Best Buy, that we would have to make a claim with Best Buy corporate.. And gave me Geek Squad phone number. Called Geek Squad on 3/26/11, explain to them the whole story and made my 2nd repair appointment on 4/1/11 and the Geek Squad agent told me that she would make note of the pan and the stacking unit kit and when the tech comes on 4/1/11, that I would have to talk to him about setting up another appointment to have him bring new pan and stacking unit kit and install the unit properly.

So on 4/1/11, tech came and fixed the door the second time, but didn't get the note for fixing the pan and/or stacking unit kit so he left. Called Geek Squad again, to find out what the ** is going and they transferred me to claims department and filed an incident report.. And told me to call Best Buy with that claim number.

Called Best Buy and they told me to call Geek Squad.. And Geek Squad told me to wait 24 hour for the claims to process.. I've searched online and found out that Best Buy's claim adjusters are Gallagher Bassett.. So why couldn't they tell me to call Gallagher Bassett with that claim number??? All those commercials about Geek Squad agent.. Solving any kind of problem.. Very incompetent people.. Don't know what the ** they're talking about.. It's been more than a month.. And still haven't been able to use my washer and dryer.. Once!!! And how long will it take??? Who knows...

Washed Up or My Quest to Talk to a Human
By -

On Sunday Nov 22nd 2009, the local BestBuy flier included a great deal on a LG Washer/Dryer combo. My wife and I briefly discussed and decided we should go for it. I called the local store and they stated that they'd already sold out, but suggested I go online to No problem, I hopped on the trusty computer and 15 min later I'd ordered our brand new washer/dryer and picked the delivery date of Nov 29th. This is where the happy part of the story ends. A few hours later I get a notice that the ship date I picked wasn't available. No problem I thought. I'll just call them up and get it fixed.

After about 30 min on hold I finally get through to an agent. She states that sometimes the site and the local shipper aren't in sync as far as available shipping dates, but she helps me pick a new date (Nov 30th). Nov 30th rolls around and I have to take a half day off of work so I can be home when they deliver the washer/dryer. About 12:00 pm I start getting a little nervous so I decide to call them to verify the delivery. Again after 30 min on hold I get through to a very nice representative who apologizes because their systems are down "for update". Hello, it's cyber Monday.

I doubt that the systems were being updated. She says to call back in 1 hour and they should be able to tell me my status. An hour goes by and back into the wait queue. I finally get to a person who proceeds to read me a predefined script about how the systems are down and hangs up on me before I can say anything. OK, deep breath. Call back again, wait again, this time I stop the person from reading the script and try to explain that I'm just looking to see if my washer/dryer are being delivered. She tries a number of ways but has no luck, because she can't look anything up by order number currently.

She does however give me the number of my local BB store as its the local warehouse for deliveries and suggests I call. Calling the local store. After about 15 min on hold I get through to a customer service agent and then get transferred to the warehouse. The gentlemen tells me he'll look into it and call me back. About 50 min later the phone rings and I get to talk to an extremely helpful woman named Linda. Linda has been working on the issue but has run into the same roadblocks I did (and she works there). She suggests that I continue to try to get through later in the evening and tell them to ship the product to the store instead of my home, and then she'll figure out how to get it to me.

She provides me her direct line and I thank her for her help and promise to call back once I've made some progress. It's now about 10 pm on 30th and I've basically wasted the whole day trying to get through and get an answer, but I figure I'll try one more time and see if the systems are back up. Call, wait 10 min, new message "We're sorry but all online agents are busy. Please try to call back later." CLICK... OK, that's enough for tonight... Dec 1, 2009. Off to work to try to make up the time I missed yesterday. Get a break around 10 am, and decide to call BB. Call, wait 10, "We're sorry", CLICK. OK this is starting to get to me.

All I want to do is get my washer and dryer shipped. This should be easy. I give it another hour and try again. Call, wait, CLICK... arrrrrghhhh. One more try at 1:00 pm. Decide to take a new route and get the operator instead of the automated method. Tell her I've been getting cut off. She apologizes and attempts to manually transfer me. I end up in a hold queue. 45 min later I get transferred to someone's voicemail box that's full and then it hangs up on me. Seriously??? I'm at a loss.

I understand it's the holiday season and they're busy. I understand computer systems having issues (it's what I do for a living)...but why oh why can't I just talk to a human. Any human.. I would have even been happy with the guy with the full voicemail box... I'll try again later, and keep trying. Hopefully before Christmas I'll find a human willing to help... Will update when I've found a solution...

UPDATE - I actually talked to a person!!! Dec 1st, 2009 OK, So last night I finally get a hold of a person. Lo and behold, the washer/dryer is no longer available. I ask what they can do for me and I'm transferred to a "team lead". After explaining the situation AGAIN to the team lead, he assures me that they'll make it right and is going to pass my case to the "customer care" team. I ask when to expect to hear from them and he replies "3-7 days". WHAT? 3-7 days, are you kidding me? I ask if they can expedite the handling of the case at all, and he promises to physically walk the case over to the dept and let them know.

Who knows what's going to happen next, but I'll keep posting as I hear more. Dec 3rd, 2009 Still nothing from "customer care" so here we go again. Call in and get a hold of another customer service rep. She puts me on hold to read my case notes. After explaining again what happened and that I understand my original choice isn't available I give her our new choice of model, she puts me on hold again and tells me she'll see what she can do. She comes back and tells me she'll give me free shipping on the new washer/dryer, but I'll have to pay full price. OK, now I pitch a fit.. this is ridiculous. Tell her I need to talk to a supervisor. She puts me on hold again.

I talk to the supervisor and he basically tells me that that's the best they can do. Refund my shipping, and if I choose I can call the corporate office if I'd like to try to take it further.. LOL. Not sure where to take this next, but I guarantee I'm not done yet... March 25th - 2010 ... It's been awhile but since there are some recent updates to the story I thought I'd let everyone know. So back in December after the above debacle I gave up on BB. No results from corporate, online, or the store, so I went and purchased a new washer/dryer from a local company and have been happy ever since... until recently.

On March 6th I'm sitting at home minding my own business when I get a call from my credit card company. Apparently there had been a number of charges on my credit card that day that were abnormal. So they go through the list: charge from out of town, yup, that's my wife, charge from PayPal, yup that's me, charge to BestBuy...wait a minute. Apparently after 5 months (yes 5 months) BestBuy got a returned set back in the warehouse and decided to attempt to charge me for them. Now not only did they not bother to contact me, or setup a delivery, but they attempted to charge my CC long after the initial charge authorization had expired.

Luckily my CC company was nice enough to cancel the card and issue me a new one. Then I begin getting emails from BestBuy daily asking me to call in to update my credit card info so they can charge me or they're going to cancel my order....LOL..LOL..LOL... While I didn't win the fight I at least got one last poke to the eye of BestBuy before I lost.. If nothing else comes from this I pray that it helps someone in the future to avoid them at all costs. Thanks for reading.

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