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Posted by on 11/12/2003

I am Formally Filing a Complaint with Best Buy as your local Service Department is guilty of Fraud, Deceptive Trade Practice Violations and Discrimination. On Sept. 4, 1999 I purchased a Maytag Electric Range/Stove (Model #: 3598459) and at the same time purchased the additional Best Buy 5 Year Extended Warranty.
We have NOT be able to receive service on the stove as your Technician placed a notice that no service calls will be performed on any of our products with PSP.
Jeff (Best Buy Technician) telephoned us and claimed, "your money from all the Service Agreements will be Refunded to you and your on your own."

From the beginning this Maytag Range/Stove has been nothing of trouble and has required multiple repairs. Which to date have totaled five (5) repairs, the first was performed by a factory service representative and the remaining four (4) were conducted by Best Buy Technicians (Names: M. Morris and Jeff).

One week after the initial service call was placed to Best Buy for service on our Maytag Range/Stove a Best Buy Technician named M. Morris, arrived at our residence on Oct. 21, 2003.
At this time, it was explained to M. Morris (Best Buy Technician) the Range started to smoke at night and that the smoke alarms had sounded. Upon our awaking, the large sums of smoke were coming from the Range/Stove and upon my placing my hands on the stove, I received a very strong electrical shock which through me back. It was also mentioned that the electric box breaker had deactivated. M. Morris (Best Buy Tech.) mentioned, "the control panel shorted, and the switches look burned, I am going to order them all." Upon looking over his back, I asked him about the wiring since it looked charred, burned, wrinkled at some areas. He mentioned, "no the wiring is ok, we can tape them."

Prior to taking the Maytag Range/Stove in for service, we went to speak to "Les" at a nearby local Best Buy store (Location: Forum), and explained the situation to him. He than telephoned Best Buy Corporate and they mentioned, "we are placing another Service Call and sending a different Technician for a Second Opinion of the appliance."
Well, M. Morris arrives a couple of days later and says, "what am I here for, show me your service order receipts…you don't have four and I am going to do everything I can so you don't get it replaced as a lemon." And as he walked off said, "I can't help you…"
On Oct. 8, 2003, after feeling concerned with M. Morris (Best Buy Tech.) lack of professionalism, ability and our safety we decided to take the Maytag Range/Stove to a nearby local Best Buy Store (Location: Forum). The Maytag Range/Stove was left with the Asst. Mgr. named "Les", who told us that a third party Repair company would be sent to service the appliance.

One week later, we telephoned Best Buy to speak to Les and inquire on the status of the Maytag Range/Stove and several messages were left for him to return our call. But, he never did return our call. The next day, the Service Manager form the Forum store location, telephoned us and demanded that we pick-up the Maytag Range/Stove as he stated, "we can't fix the stove here, and you need to pick-it-up."

On November 6, 2003, after multiple telephone calls were made to the District Manager (Jason Pulliam) he returned our calls and instructed us, "pick-up the stove and I will call to have it serviced at you home as we have the parts to repair it, as they have already arrived. I will have Jeff our technician supervisor repair it."
On November 6, 2003, we picked-up the Maytag Range/Stove and brought it home for repair.

On Nov. 7, 2003, Jeff (Best Buy Tech.) arrives to repair and install the parts that M. Morris had ordered. It was noticed that two (2) black switches and two (2) white switches were replaced with three (3) white switches and one (1) black switch. MAJOR ERROR: Maytag Corporation mentioned, to me that "the wrong Switch was installed as the black switches are needed for the larger burners." Secondly, Jeff mentioned, "the wrong Control Panel was ordered, this one is white and yours is Bisque color." I had to mention to Jeff, that "not only the color is wrong, but the Control Panel is NOT the same Model, as it looks different."
I then had to demand for Jeff to remove the complete back panel of the stove as we are very concerned of the charred, burnt, discolored and wrinkled wires. He hesitated and we had to ask him several times to conduct a through evaluation of the appliance.
Upon his removal, he noticed our concerns and stated, "I will contact Maytag Corp. and ask if the Wiring Harness has to be replaced." Than he rudely left our residence.

Approximately 2 hours later, Jeff (Best Buy Tech.) telephoned me and stated, "I contacted Maytag Corp. and checked with my manager, and they don't agree with you. We ill not be replacing the Wiring Harness and we will not be repairing the Range, or none of your appliances as we are going to be sending you back your money for all your Service Agreements."
I mentioned to him, "what do you mean, I have a 5 Year Best Buy Service Agreement on many items and your going to terminate all our Service Agreements?"

We immediately telephoned Best Buy Service at 1-800-332-4800 and they confirmed, "someone named Jeff (Manager) telephoned in on Oct. 28, 2003 and demanded that ALL your service Agreements be terminated." She mentioned to us that we needed to contact the District Office immediately and send a letter stating our side of the matter to Best Buy Corporate Office."

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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-12:
haha best buy loses another customer. i cant wait until they go under. shouldnt be long. just look at the amount of negative posts best buy gets. helpful hints DONT buy the extended warranties !! they are worthless. dont buy anything with a rebate, you will never see a dime of it. DO make them eat the cost of price matching. they love it when you bring in a FRY'S ad and price match.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-22:
Best Buy will soon go out of business if their customer service does not improve 100%!! Every complaint I have seen here for best buy has been nagative.
I agree with Janet about rebates, but not just at Best Buy. We got cell phones in Nov. and were supposed to get a $50 rebate back on our daughters special one. NOTHING yet, and that was from Nokia!! They always try to find a way to cheat the customer out of their rebate. This time, I am going to file a complaint if I do not get one back.
Posted by spitzlab on 2006-02-17:
check out this address:

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Best Buy's misrepresentation of dishwasher installation
Posted by Patrece on 01/02/2010
HEATH, OHIO -- When purchasing a dishwasher at Best Buy, was informed by the salesperson the installation was included in the sales price. delivery was 30 bux. during the sales pitch, I repeatedly asked the salesperson about installation being included in the sales price. he assured me it was. in fact, he stated, 'when the dishwasher is delivered it would, at that time, be installed.' nearly 4 wks later, when the dishwasher was delivered, the truckers told me they only delivered & weren't installers. I immediately called Best Buy, where I was informed by a mgr, there was an installation fee of 129.95. I repeated the conversation of what the salesperson had told me at the time of sale. to make a long story, shorter, I immediately went to the store & confronted the salesperson who told me this. when the major appliance mgr got involved, he told me the salesperson was wrong for giving me this misinformation & apologized. he said he couldn't waive the installation charges. I told him to pick up the dishwasher as I had no one to install it. he didn't offer to recommend anyone, or give me a discount on installation for the inconvenience. he did waive the delivery, pick-up & stocking fees, which, I presume, would've been around 80 bux. I told him they 'just lost a potential customer of buying any major appliance if this was the way their customer policy was when giving out misinformation.' I feel Best Buy should've honored what the salesperson told me. it cost them money to deliver & pick-up the dishwasher, along with losing a customer. if that's the way they want to do business, so be it!!! Patrece Wagner
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-02:
What did the receipt say?
Posted by bcd on 2010-01-02:
That’s right LadyScot, it’s all about the paperwork.

Patrece, since you had doubts at the time of the sale, you should have requested the sales rep note the installation agreement on the invoice.
Posted by Dave on 2012-02-26:
no wonder Best Buy is being talked about all over the internet with going out of business - they are horrible nowadays..
Posted by Gerry on 2013-10-29:
I bought a washing machine and dryer from BB. My wife and I were there and in the presence of the salesperson measured the height for stacking (which weirdly was 2.5 inches shorter than the actual when I had it installed.) During the purchase we told hem several times we needed to stack the machines and he also asked us and we said several times "yes". When the machine arrived for installation (which by their standard is when it is convenient for THEM, meaning we had to inconvenience two other businesses with which we had appointments that day) they did not have the stacking kit. I had worked with this sales man before and I had the clear impression that as long as I had cash in my hand he cared, and other than that "get away from me, you bother me". After multiple times, I thought I could trust him to have put it on the sales slip, bit, No-o-o-o-o-o! Lo and behold he forgot to put it there. Why can't I trust these people in simple things? Maybe I should check them out a little deeper. I called, they CHARGED me for the kit, I had to inconvenience another two business for their convenience by canceling their appointments and the person on the phone had the gall to insult me by suggesting that I PAY EXTRA CASH to have them come at my "convenience"!!! If they were an ethical business, they would have thrown in the kit for free and treated their customer with dignity. I am still awaiting them to contact me and take care of this difficulty...... I am not too impressed and if they do not give me good reason that they will not continue to treat other customers this way, I will never again purchase anything from them.
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Dishwasher runaround
Posted by Jaymack on 03/25/2005
WILLOW GROVE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Where do I start? I never believed I would have such a bad experience buying a dishwasher at Best Buy. I went to their store in Willow Grove, PA last October and bought a dishwasher. It was a Frigidaire. Less than a month after they delivered and installed it, the motor burned out. I called them, and they scheduled a repairman, who took a week to come. He fiddled around with it for 5 minutes and said it was fixed. Two nights later, I had the dishwasher running and smoke started coming out of it. This was the day before Thanksgiving, and we had 20 people coming for dinner. I couldn't wait for the Best Buy repairman to schedule me, so I called a local repair guy and paid $150. He said the dishwasher could have burned my house down. I called Best Buy and asked for a replacement, and they said I had to call Frigidaire to get permission to replace it.

Frigidaire was closed for the Thanksgiving holiday. When I got ahold of somebody on the following Monday, Frigidaire asked for proof that the dishwasher was defective. I had to get my repair guy to fax them a letter. Then they took a week to make their decision. Finally, they said okay, we'll give you a replacement. I then had to go back to Best Buy, and the people in the store knew nothing about any of this. They had to call Frigidaire and get them to fax their permission. Then I picked out another model, and scheduled a delivery. When the delivery came, 4 days later, the delivery guys said the dishwasher wouldn't fit under my counter. It was too big.

I had to go back to the store and get a different model, and fight with the customer service people about this. Then, when they agreed, I had to order the model and wait for the delivery. By this time it's mid-December, and I've been without a dishwasher for almost a month. The delivery guys don't show up on the day they were supposed to, so I call the warehouse. The warehouse doesn't have a record of my order. They reschedule for a Saturday delivery, because we're having a Christmas party and we need the dishwasher. The truck shows up on Saturday morning, and the driver, a Russian guy, says he's not authorized to install the new dishwasher. My wife freaks out and starts screaming at him. We have 50 people coming for the party that night.

We end up calling the local repair guy, and he comes and installs the new dishwasher for another $150. Meanwhile, the truck driver says he's not authorized to take the old dishwasher, so we have to keep the old one in our garage for a week, till I straighten it out with Best Buy, and they agree to take it.

The result is that I was without a dishwasher for a family of six for 5 weeks, and I had to pay $300 for repairs and installation when I'm the one who got screwed by Best Buy. They sold me a defective product, then made me go back to the manufacturer to get a replacement, then put me through hell with their incompetent delivery service. Did they offer to pay the $300? No. Will I ever use Best Buy again? No. And I'm telling everyone I know not to use them.
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Posted by compwiz on 2005-03-25:
Frigidaire is junk! Stay Away
Posted by AZJEM on 2005-03-25:
If you pasted SEARS on your story it could be mine. It was also Thanksgiving and it was my stove. Is there any place you can get your moneys worth on an appliance anymore?
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Worst Experience Ever!
Posted by Melaniecaldwell on 11/08/2013
FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- I ordered a dishwasher on October 15th to be delivered, installed and the haul away on November 5th. The salesman even told me that I had to buy an installation kit because they would not install with old equipment. On the 5th the dishwasher was delivered. The delivery guy told me there was no institution on the ticket and that he would not haul away because the old one was disconnected. I called Best Buy. They offered me a $50 gift card. My husband installed the dishwasher. I called the delivery guy to reschedule the haul away for Friday the 8th. Got an email the next day. It said that My haul away was cancelled. Called Best Buy again they said that it was still showing as scheduled in the computer. Was supposed to get a call with a time frame for Haul Away. Never did.

Called Best Buy again who said that I was not scheduled for Haul Away on the 8th. Suggested that I call the delivery company when they open at 5am. I suggest you don't buy anything from Best Buy.

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Free Interest Scam
Posted by Lsmall on 10/21/2013
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I bought three appliances and accepted their offer of "3 years interest free". Big mistake. I was within $200 of paying off the entire balance when they charged me $1,300 in interest. When I asked about it, they said the promotion was for 18 months. When I told them what the salesperson told me, they could have cared less. They said the contract indicated 18 months. That contract is four pages long and #3 font.

My bad for believing a salesperson, but they just lost a customer for life along with anyone I can convince to avoid this horrible store. Perhaps you will be able to avoid my fate. Shop elsewhere. They are in trouble for a reason.
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Totally Unresponsive and No Capacity to Let Operators Do Anything
Posted by Mene23 on 09/19/2013
NORTH OLMSTED, OHIO -- So, about 1 and a half hours ago, I got the recorded message telling me my refrigerator would be delivered tomorrow between 7:30 and 9:30 am, and to call if there was a problem. Okay, I called and was told it could not be changed because it was less than 24 hours away. now wait a minute, didn't you just say to call if there was a problem, but then you have no way to change it?
that's problem number 1

number 2

I asked to talk to a supervisor in the scheduling/delivery department which I waited for over a half hour with NO reply. I assume there is no one there, this is all computer controlled and doggone, the customer is going to do this OUR way.

number 3

I asked to be switched to customer service. Now you would think I could get an answer, at least pick up the phone, is anybody working? no, I waited another half hour with no response.

what I've learned:

you do not care about customer service. you do not answer the phone. you do not equip your operators or the chat line (see problem number 4) with the necessary connections or authority to actually resolve a problem. if the customer waits long enough, he will hang up and go away. oh he'll go away alright.

number 4

while waiting on the phone, I got online and got a chat session going. of course, he could not deal with my problem. he did not even have a phone to call another department to push this along. Without that how can he help anybody.


i will eventually get the delivery rescheduled. only after they show up and find out no one is here. Now if they decide they are going to charge me a delivery fee, well we'll be going thru another round of escalating the issue til I DO get resolution.

what a pain in the a**!!!

I'll be looking everywhere I can find online to leave a review of Best Buy, to let anyone know how unresponsive this company is.
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Had repair for refrigerator out 5 times, won't take back, don't value customer's time.
Posted by Hanak on 06/10/2013
STRONGSVILLE, OHIO -- Ordered expensive Kitchen Aid refrigerator. Delivery was set up 6 weeks later. No one showed day of delivery. Best Buy customer service assured us they were on way, two hours later insisted Best Buy call warehouse, they confirmed no one picked up appliances we ordered. Best Buy uses a third party delivery service, so we were at their mercy on when they could fit us in sometime later that week(after our old refrigerator was gone & we had no food.) Their response was, "Sorry about that". Used two vacation days for delivery.

Three times after that, we waited for repair men to fix three defective parts on the refrigerator. A HEATER was installed around the ice maker to keep it from freezing up & leaking. A new panel was installed to tell the ice maker to stop filling, as it filled twice each time. The bottom freezer door made a LOUD grinding noise, new & different runners were installed but was told that is the best we can do, it's the design!

Best Buy stated from day one they would not take back the LEMON refrigerator as we did not buy the extended warranty, but we complained within the 2 week time frame but Best Buy counts the day of purchase as day one & not the delivery date(which again, was a problem getting the refrigerator even delivered). I spent over $3,000.00 for a LOUD refrigerator that I have taken 5 vacation days for & is still unacceptable. I would have had better luck buying a refrigerator at a garage sale. Kitchen Aid knows of the problems but still sends these defective appliances out at the risk of customer satisfaction. Who wants a brand new "top of the line" product that has multiple issues, defective parts, numerous sales calls? And Kitchen Aid WARNS, "if we come out & there is not an issue, you will have to pay for the service call." Which makes one wonder if they should schedule an appt.

Many hours has been spent dealing with all these issues, calls, time off work. Best Buy washed their hands of it after 2 weeks & Kitchen Aid does not care about a consumer's time & I feel I am at their mercy coming out & masking all the numerous problems, that never are fully repaired!
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Posted by joeKay on 2013-06-11:
The six week delivery! Yikes! That would have been enough for me to go somewhere else. I order my high end appliances off the net and they get all the way across the country in a week (sometimes less) and its better prices then best buy, free delivery, and no sales tax!
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Refrigerator Delivered by Incompetent People and No Help From Store.
Posted by Barbmoresco on 05/24/2013
Delivery person said they need more men to lift the refrigerator they will be back just call customer service. It is still in my living room. Store manager said to get some friends and family to lift it. He said they are not allowed to lift anything heavy in case of hurting themselves.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-05-25:
Are there stairs that the store was not made aware of? It isn't clear why lifting would be involved if it is in your living room. It isn't evident with the limited details that the delivery people or BB did anything wrong.
Posted by ok4now on 2013-05-25:
Listen to the manager and get some friends to lift it, right in front of Best Buy's front door for the return. Then see if they still can't lift anything heavy!!
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Acting as if Incompetency is a Virtue
Posted by Z.poet on 11/23/2012
GRAPEVINE, TEXAS -- We'll keep this as short as possible.

I need to buy a dishwasher. I know which one I want; model# / SKU#.

I call Best Buy.

Allow me to enumerate a sequence of events leading this writer to declare, "I shall never again step foot into another Best Buy store."

1. For years, their store phone system, relating to handling customer calls, is inadequate. Two times, today, a disconnect occurred, after having waited for an extended period of time on hold.

2. The music played into the captive ear of the on-hold customer is atrocious. Has anyone in upper management taken the time to listen, with a cell phone, how that music sounds? It's not fit for human consumption.

3. Online references to the desired product, as it relates to it's "availability" in a particular store is nothing short of deceptive. All stores showed the product as, "Available". 'Available', as it turns out, means, the product can be shipped to the store, or picked up, at a distant warehouse.

Keep your keys in your pocket. Don't drive there on the basis you think the product is 'Available in the store.'

4. The Appliance sales representative informed me that neither she, nor that department, is Best Buy. As I'm informed, they are contracted. My reply to that is, "I don't care who you work for. I called Best Buy. I tell you what I want. You tell me you have it. I come there and give you money. You then give me the product. I then drive it home.

After asking my name and address, she put's me on hold; never to return.

5. Try calling their national number. No deal. No answer. Go online and try to use their "Live Chat." The "Live Chat" button is ghosted. This being because all reps are busy. You wait like a 5-year old at Chuckie Cheese's, getting ready to smack the gopher on the head. The 'Live Chat' button now becomes active. Click it. Fill in two info fields for the representative By that time, someone else has that representative and you get to talk to no one.

One of the greatest insults to call a 'Real' salesman, is to call then an 'Order Taker', thus, intimating they have no sales skills. Best Buy floor people are neither Salesman nor Order Takers. They need Velcro pants for a sale to stick if it fell into their laps.

Ditch these losers. I called Lowe's. Within 10 minutes I had the entire deal wrapped up. The manager I talked to matched the price of Best Buy. Sure, I can't have the dishwasher today, through Lowe's. The one thing that makes up for that is, knowing Best Buy doesn't have my money today.

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Posted by Vinnie11 on 2012-11-24:
I'm so sorry you had difficulty with your purchase but after a long holiday weekend, your review made my day! LOL!! I will not shop at Best Buy. My daughter worked there when she was a sophomore in high school and they do more (Sat 6 am) training than the military yet no one ever knows anything. When she moved on to greener pastures and no longer got the discount, I couldn't be bothered with all those shenanigans. Home Depot and Lowes are the best for items like that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-11-24:
Very well written review.
Posted by HonestForSure on 2012-11-25:
Since when is Best Buy is considered a good option for appliance sales and support? Why put yourself through hell in the first place? Knowing this comes from some simple research.
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Could not have had a better experience!
Posted by Dccomizio on 06/15/2012
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- Was very pleased with the very professional & efficient way I was treated & my delivery was handled. Omar & Brian from Best Buy delivery were delivering a washer & dryer to my address in Georgetown. It was an old home & they had to carry the old units out & the new units in. First, they called to let me know that they might be a half hour late on my 2-4:00 delivery window. They in fact arrived at 4:00 but I appreciated that they valued my time enough to let me know they might be a little late. Upon arrival they were very polite & efficient. They also took special care to made sure they did not damage my hardwood floors or walls despite the fact I have no runner on my 16-step rather narrow stairway. They explained everything & were very courteous & professional!
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