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Best Buy doesn't care about their customers... They have proved It to me big time!
By -

LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA -- On Aug. 24th 08, I return my less than 6 month old Samsung PC monitor fully expecting them to replace it that day with a new one being this one had completely died and I had also purchased the 4 yr. extended warranty plan and was led to believe upon purchasing this that if anything were to happen to my monitor that could not be repaired there that I would be promptly presented with a new one that very day... What a FOOL I was to believe that! I was informed that it was perfectly fine and could be repaired but would have to be sent away to their service center.

I was upset right away that I'd have to be without this monitor which of course meant I could not use my computer. The Geek Squad guy assured me it wouldn't be that long, a week no more than 2 weeks it would be back. He said they'd call to update me and let me know when it was ready for me to pick up. The 2 weeks went by, no call, so that Saturday I went back to the store to inquire about it. I was told it was still at the service center, they didn't know why it was still there unless they were waiting on parts, said they'd call me on Monday to let me know what was going on with it being the service center is closed on weekends and they couldn't call them until then.

Monday came and went, no call, finally on Wednesday I call them and they say they still do not know anything. The next Saturday I'm back at their store again standing in the long customer service line with all the other very unhappy people, finally after about 30 minutes or so I'm at the customer service desk and they're looking up my account and the status on my monitor. Guess what?!? They don't even know where it is at this point because the service center they sent it to shut down and they THINK maybe it was sent to the center in New York but they're not for sure.

"Oh, great! So they've lost my monitor now??" I said. “Oh no ma'am we don't know that at all, it's just we don't know and we can't call the center being it's the weekend, we'll call you Monday to let you know.” Of course they never call me, I ended up calling them only to be given the run around again. My husband then got into it and went to their store where they then said they were going to REPLACE the monitor... oh but not right then. Oh no, they are now waiting on a authorization number from the Samsung factory before they can hand over a new monitor to me.

My husband about flipped out at this point, demanded to see the head store manager, department manager and whoever else cared to hear a piece of his mind. How bad for their business as other customers were standing around hearing all this and getting a true sense of how Best Buy treats their loyal customers, very badly. My husband left the store that day empty handed of course because Best Buy doesn't care about their customers at all or they wouldn't be treated as badly as we have been treated.

After he cooled down he called them a few days later after they had not called us on the "we will call you on Monday", to ask if they now had the authorization number so we could pick up this monitor and end all this nonsense. No, they still did not have the number, I mean good grief how hard is it to get a number?? My husband tried so hard to remain calm on the phone so he asked the lady (department manager I think she was) if there was any way possible being we have waited so long that we could just come and pick up the monitor they owe us and let them worry about getting the number when they get it. She said she would ask her manager when he got in that afternoon if they could do that for us and that she would call us back one way or the other. We never received that phone call...

It's now 5 days later and still no call. I tried twice calling them today only for the person who answered to tell me they'd have to connect me to the Geek squad department. The phone rang so many times it finally stopped and disconnected me, no one would even pick up the phone to talk to me. I'm debating on whether or not to make the 40 mile trip back there tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be given the run around and lied to again.

I'm just so tired of wasting my time being upset and angry at these people. I feel so very violated, as if I've been robbed in some way. I am seriously beginning to wonder if Best Buy will EVER get this authorization number and if I will ever get this monitor at all.

Seems they have ALL the control plus several hundred of my dollars that they refuse to refund to me. It's been almost 2 months now and they have done absolutely NOTHING for me in all this because they do NOT care, this became oh so clear to me by the way they treat you and talk to you when you go into their store or call them. They will say anything to shut the complaining customer up and get them out of the store, even if it's the biggest lie ever!

UPDATE: 10/18/08. Another trip back to Best Buy today, they are now telling me it's pretty much out of their hands as they are now waiting on approval from the Samsung manufacturer for them to replace it. "The ball is in Samsung's court" is what I was told and they have no idea how long it will be before I get the monitor replaced, I'm thinking NEVER! And they refuse to refund my money, so what now?? I'm wondering how long legally they are allowed to keep my property from me? (Sigh) I'm so frustrated... I left their store in tears today!

Poor Customer Service and product support
By -

DOVER, DELAWARE -- In November 2005 I purchased a 50” LG plasma TV from Best Buy in Dover, DE. (#842). In May 2008 while watching the TV there were three very loud “bangs” and the unit shut down. I called the warranty service and the TV was repaired (cost of $700.00). On 12-27-09 while watching the TV there was a very loud “bang” and the unit again shut down. I called the warranty service and was advised that the extended warranty expired 10-31-09.

I was very upset as I had not been afforded the opportunity to renew the warranty for this TV. I explained the situation to the warranty rep, stating the TV had blown up twice within a year and a half and I was not afforded a renewal on the extended warranty. Nothing they could do. The afternoon of 12-27, I went to the Dover DE store and requested to speak to the store manager.

I was advised that the assistant manager was there. I asked to speak to him but he refused to come out and speak to me. He sent messages out to me via a store associate. I was told that there was nothing that could be done at the store level and that I would have to contact the corporate office. On Monday 12-28-09, I called the corporate office and after being transferred to the wrong department four times I finally spoke to a gentleman by the name of **. ** advised me that there was nothing that Corporate could do and it would have to be handled at the store level (here comes the runaround).

I then called the Dover DE store and spoke to the manager his name is **. I explained everything to Mr. ** and he asked me exactly what I wanted from him. I explained the story to him and that I have been a loyal customer to Best Buy for many years and have spent many thousands of dollars with the company. Mr. ** advised me that company loyalty means nothing. Considerations of this nature are not based on loyalty of the amount of money one spends with Best Buy.

He did however say that he would see what he could do and he would get back with me. He again asked why I thought Best Buy should help me with matter and I again explained that I paid $ 4000.00 for this television and it had blown up 2 times in a year and one half. I feel that this unit is defective and should be repaired at no expense to me. I also explained that I feel I was not afforded the renewal warranty due to a “payout” being made on this unit. He assured me that that was not the case.

It has been over 10 days and I have not heard from Mr. **. I believe Best Buy should stand behind this unit. The overall cost to Best Buy would be in insignificant on the overall scope of things and would go to great lengths in restoring confidence in the company.

Extended Warranty, Service, Employee Rude
By -

MARYSVILLE, OHIO -- My Sony $2,000 computer was less than 4 months old the hard drive went out. I lost a almost a 900.00 due to all my programs were gone. Took about three weeks to fix. Then after another 19 months the computer was damaged due to water. I had water damage warranty. They said the hard drive should be fine. They sent it out for repair.

It would be two or three weeks for repair. In almost 6 weeks the computer was returned, completely cleaned of any memory. When they sold me my external hard drive for a couple hundred dollars they said it would automatically set to run on Monday I wouldn't have to do anything. Well they put the memory from the external hard drive, it had almost nothing on it. It didn't work properly.

I lost about 1,100 dollars in programs, my business was online and I lost all my business information and 3,000 pictures. I am a photographer. All repairs was not even fixed the cd rom wouldn't open plus the door on the other side was broke. Now to top it all the computer was useless when it was returned due to no arrow would come up. Geek squad once again said we have to ship it out, it will take another 5 to 6 weeks. I became very upset.

Then the manager came up with this idea they would exchange computers. I thought great. Until they said, "Do you want warrant?” I said, "I have warranty left on my other computer." So instead of pro rating the amount, I was told I had to buy a new warranty.

To match the old warranty it would cost me $400.00. Plus they charged me another hundred for programming the computer and adding virus protection. That way when I got it home it would be ready to use. Now thinking I have a computer finally, I went home attempted to plug in my wireless card. To top it off the card didn't fit the new computer.

Went to Best Buy not only was the manager rude by stating having a computer with that old style air card is like buying a TV with a tube! Yet he had seven or more models with the same air card available for sale. So now he tells me he can get me the right air card through Verizon if I pay 200.00. The best part of all is the fact the new computer they made the exchange with was cost $635.00.

Then I was told they were bending over backwards for us. I said, “You think?” When I took out a piece of paper and pen MR. ** says, "This was done through his manager and writing his name down would do no good.” I explained to him, “I knew his name, I was just writing down his rude remarks.” He informed me he was not rude.

I asked why my husband came to me and asked why this guy was being so rude? My husband never says anything yet he found this employee (that called himself the manager) to be rude to his wife. This will be my last dealing with Best Buy. The price I paid for the first computer totaled over 2,000.

This 635.00 free computer has not cost me 700.00 not counting the loss of the hard drive memory. This is a nightmare and I am at a lost how in times like these Best Buy, a company I thought highly of, could treat good customers so poorly.

After Seven Visits to Fix a TV... Time for Best Buy to Give a New One! Yes, We Got Your Wonderful Warranty Too When We Bought It!
By -

LANSDALE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Today, 7-5-07, is the fifth time best buy has a technician coming "yet again" to our home to fix our TV (a Toshiba) "this year, for the same problem”! We had bought the "wonderful extended warranty plan that is glamorized & pushed by the cashier on how great it is". Ahem. The circuit board is bad, the colors go from green, to orange, to black and white... And at all times of the day, the screen will actually "blow up", meaning, if you are reading the title to something on a show or news, you won't see the writing (sometimes the people) because that have "spread" across the TV!

They are "well aware of all of this" (now, playing, "pass the tech game"). The last technician stated, and I quote "Even with the extended warranty, we have to replace a part 4 times, and if all those don't work, then we will replace the television!" He was here four times, put parts in twice, bad parts each time, so today... a different tech is coming.

The last technician, apparently got into a squabble with his boss at best buy, regarding our television. He, himself felt this tv should be replaced. Instead, his boss made him remind us "four bad" part installs & you get a new tv, as well, was having him contact “Toshiba" to see if "any newer parts were made for our model" that best buy was not informed about! (Never heard anything on that!)

Today, got the call from today's tech, coming btw 11 & 1, he had no idea he was the fifth visit for this tv! He was very surprised, and "cannot wait" to see if today's parts will work! Oh, and here's more "fun" to this... last year, due to the "same problems", a tech was sent, he took the tv to have it fixed, two weeks later got it back... it lasted less than one week!

I think we have suffered enough, the cost of the tv, the damn warranty, uneducated technicians, since last year 7 visits for the same problem, let only our personal time being re-arranged for them to come. Best buy owes us a damn television! Bought at best buy - Montgomeryville, PA. Have had for 4 years.

I am now contacting the bbb, and every consumer fraud department regarding best buy, their warranties are falsified when bought, and this is completely at this point, "unacceptable". And not once has the store manager in Montgomeryville, PA contacted us, assuring us in any way, shape or form.

Galaxy Note Not Replaced
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Rating: 1/51

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- I have a Galaxy note phone. I accidentally dropped my phone and broke the screen. I went to Best Buy to return the phone because I have insurance on the phone. When I went to return the phone the Best Buy associate wanted to give me a loaner phone. I didn't have a problem with that. THE PROBLEM WAS WHEN HE TOLD ME that I HAD TO WAIT 2 WEEKS JUST TO GET MY PHONE BACK. That's ridiculous. Really 2 weeks just to receive my phone back, really. BEST BUY doesn't tell you that when you purchased the insurance. They tell you if something happens to your phone you don't have to wait to get a replacement for your phone. YOU CAN REPLACE IT THE SAME DAY.

Well that's a lie. WELL THE LOANER PHONE was REALLY DIRTY, AND BEAT UP. I ask the associate "could I just keep my phone until MY PHONE comes in", he told me that was fine. And HE TOLD ME AGAIN THAT my phone would not be in until 2 weeks. The associate told me that if my phone wasn't in 2 weeks, that Best Buy would give me a new one. So he processed the order and gave me a copy of the requisition order, and told me it would be 2 weeks. I AGAIN asked him that this would not be a problem since I kept my phone, he assured me NO THAT IT WASN'T A PROBLEM.

Well 18 days later and no phone!!! The manager ALLEN TOLD ME THAT IT WAS NOTHING HE COULD DO!!! Like I TOLD HIM THIS WAS NOT MY FAULT. This was an error on their part. Allen just didn't care!!! That just let me know that customer service and appreciating customer service is not appreciated or maybe it's because I'm a B.F.

Extended Warranty Runaround
By -

We purchased a new LG Washer & Dryer in July, 2004 along with a 5 year Performance Service Plan (PSP). In the past 2 years, we have spent over $15,000 in this same Best Buy store, so you would think that they would value us as customers. The washing machine first quit in June - displaying an LE error code. Since we were covered under the PSP, it didn't cost us anything to have the technician came out and replace a sensor. We did however have to take a day off work to let them in.

Anyway, after a few days the machine quit again, once again displaying the same LE code. And once again, they came out and replaced the same part. This happened a 3rd time before the PSP expired, and once again we took a day off, the technician came out, and they replaced the same part. I have repeatedly suggested that they are not fixing the cause of the problem - that SOMETHING is causing this sensor to burn out! Nobody listens.

At this time I received an offer to "renew" the PSP, however the renewal policy does not contain the 'No Lemon' clause. Despite this, I renewed it for 3 more years. As you might expect, we have had this same problem 2 more times. The 4th time the technician told us that "If it happens one more time, we will replace this machine - no questions asked." Well, the next time happened.

We got a different technician, and he DID submit a request that the machine be replaced. The answer that he relayed to us today was that "There is no way that they will EVER replace this machine - and if they have to come out and repair it 500 more times over the next 3 years, then that is what they will do!" Where is the common sense with this Company? Do they place no value on Customer Satisfaction? Based on the most recent 3 months, they would rather spend $5,000 fixing this machine for the next 3 years and have an irate customer than they would to replace a $900 wash machine and have a happy customer?

I realize that under the terms of the renewal PSP, they have no contractual obligation to replace this wash machine. However, they do have a contractual obligation to fix this machine, and they have proven over the past several months that they cannot live up to this contractual obligation. They need to do the logical and right thing - and that is to replace the machine. In the long haul, that will save them a lot of money, and it will keep a customer happy - one that has spent a LOT of money in their store during a recession!

Extended Warranty "Service"
By -

SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased the extended warranty service for my 60" Sony TV (which has failed twice now). Lately, the screen has taken on a decidedly green color. I called and made an appointment for Best Buy's Geek Squad to come look at it, on a Tuesday afternoon. I took the afternoon off from work to wait for the guy, but he never showed up. I called back, and was on hold for about 20 minutes while the woman tried to find the guy's cell phone number. (Why didn't she have this information already?)

Finally, she tried to call him, but he wasn't answering. She said he had missed ALL of his appointments that day. The earliest they could get someone else out was Tuesday a week later. I called on the Saturday prior to this Tuesday just to see if they had any cancellations. The woman told me I didn't even have the appointment that I made on Tuesday, and that I'd have to wait an additional week after that!

I threatened to picket their store with a sign warning people to avoid buying the extended warranty plan. Finally, (after waiting a long time) I got to talk to a supervisor. He was mystified as to how my appointment could have vanished, and told me that I should have received some parts yesterday that had been mailed to my house. I said, "That was nuts; I wouldn't know what to do with the parts." He studied the "notes" a lot longer, and finally restored (supposedly) my upcoming Tuesday appointment, and then determined that it was the technician who was to have received the parts, and that somehow, when the incident log was updated to reflect the arrival of the parts, it deleted the scheduled appointment!

This call took 27 minutes and 31 seconds (my phone tells me how long a call took when I disconnect). That's a total of an hour on the phone above what it took to log the original complaint. Maybe we should think twice before giving companies who are going out of business trillions of dollars of taxpayer money!

Rude Service After Refusing Extended Warranty on Wii
By -

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CALIFORNIA -- This morning, I tried my luck at the Best Buy in City of Industry to purchase a Nintendo Wii System. After given a number which guaranteed a system, I still have to stand in line for more than 2 hours before it was my turn to purchase the system. After selecting additional accessories, I was at the register ready to pay. As soon as I stepped in front of the register, the sales associate, named **, started to push the extended warranty on me and would not give up, even after I expressed repeatedly that I am not interested.

After the items were rung up and before I paid, she asked again. When I said no once more, she then volunteered the information that the Nintendo Wii is a very unreliable product, and many of the customers return them to the store. And if I had the extended warranty, I could have the system replaced for free. I again said no. After I paid, when she handed me the system, she let go of the system before I can hold on to the box. And yes, the system dropped to the floor.

I was extremely upset, and she had the gall to tell me that “It was not my fault that you could not hold on to it!” Yes, there were 4 other employees standing around and did nothing to curb her behavior! [FYI – the system was marked with my ticket number, and there was not another one to exchange.]

This is the last time I would buy anything from Best Buy! It is not a surprise that their sales figure are going down! With an employee like **, who needs competitors! I would buy my electronics gear from Costco or Frys' from now on. Stay away from Best Buy at City of Industry.

Extended Warranty
By -

I would never buy either an Xbox or an extended warranty from Best Buy. Trust me, the troubles I went through were not worth it. I bought an Xbox in 2007, the best they had $500.00 I bought the extended warranty. Although my son used it only about once per week it began giving us trouble in March of 2009. I took it to Best Buy and for the next three months it was in and out of Best Buy for repairs. It would work for a couple of weeks and then die.

After four times, not three, they agreed to give me the cheapest Xbox they had on the shelf ($179.00). I insisted that I had paid $500.00 for the original and should get the best Xbox they had which was still only about $300.00. They refused! After much argument, they finally agreed to give me the second best Xbox, about $229.00, but only if I agreed to buy an extended warranty for it at another cost of about $80.00.

As luck would have it, in August of 2010 that Xbox went. I took it to Best Buy and they told me it was still under manufacturer's warranty and there was nothing Best Buy could do for me. I will have to deal with the manufacturer. My experience with Best Buy has been dismal at best. DON'T BUY AN EXTENDED WARRANTY FROM BEST BUY!

Best Buy Steals Your Money
By -

I had a TV replaced by BB that they had bricked, it took 9 months for them to do, by this time the TV was 13 months old cost was 3400.00 with calibration that ruined TV. When TV was replaced, the manager of the store told me that my extended warranty 450.00 would transfer to the new TV. Then they came back later and told me it would not because it was 13 months old. I had been working on this for 9 months. So Best Buy had gotten over 1500.00 of my money for their mistakes. This just does not seem right. Their motto should be BEST BUY STEALS YOUR MONEY BEST!

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