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Horrible Experience
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Rating: 1/51

BASTROP, TEXAS -- Let me tell you a story… A man and his girl decided to purchase a home and start a life together. The home needed some work and they decided to go to Lowe's Home Improvement to select new appliances and purchase flooring to renovate their new abode. It was Memorial Day weekend and they went into the Lowe's store in Bastrop TX and look at appliances. They were met by floor associate named **. Little did they know that this was the start of a frustrating trek that would not seem to end.

The couple was looking for some select items, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a washing machine and a microwave. They started looking at all the different brands and types with a certain sense of excitement, realizing that their dream of being together was finally starting to come to fruition. The floor associate, **, was a fast talker and was running them around in circles. Whenever they found an appliance that they fancied, he would give them the "let me check on that" and the "let me check on this" treatment. It almost seemed as if the couple was at a used car lot, not in the appliance section of a major home improvement retailer.

They picked out the microwave, which was in stock, and the washing machine, which was also available. They then started looking at the dishwashers. There were some features that the couple were looking for… stainless steel with a deep top rack and moderately priced. The couple looked at many and finally found one that they thought they wanted. It was on clearance. ** looked it up and found that there was not one in stock and that since it was on clearance, there were going to be no more available. He then started working his magic.

With the confidence of a seasoned salesman and the prowess of a flimflam artist, he proceeded to offer the couple what he called "the new model" that was taking the place of the clearance model they chose, but give it to them at the clearance price. The couple thought that they were getting a deal so they capitulated, and agreed with the offer and the dishwasher was chosen. Now it was time to choose a refrigerator and the appliance shopping would be complete.

The couple then went to the refrigerator section and started perusing the different models, opening the doors, looking at the features and discussing amongst themselves the options that they desired. They found one that really caught their eye. It had everything they wanted; a side by side stainless steel model with an indoor icemaker and the led lighting that was easy on the eyes when it was opened. ** told them he would check on that model. He returned and informed the couple that they did not have that particular model in stock, but it could be obtained in 7-10 days and they would deliver it to the couple's home once they got it.

The couple debated for a bit because they really wanted the fridge that day, as they were without one and living out of a cooler is not the greatest of experiences. After much discussion, they decided that they could wait and agreed to purchase the refrigerator. After the appliance shopping was done, ** took the lady up front to start an account with Lowe's, so that all the appliances could be purchased that night. An account was opened and the couple was really excited, as they could then go to the flooring section and get the items they needed to rid their place of the old carpet that covered the floors when they purchased it.

The couple decided that they wanted to go ahead and take the appliances home from the store that night and not take advantage of the free delivery and installation offered by the store. This was met with a certain air of displeasure by the floor associate and he seemed to have a tone in his voice of one that thought the couple was crazy for taking this route.

There was a reason for the decision however, the house was not ready for the appliances to be installed and the couple did not want to have to take time off of work later in the week to be at the house to wait for the delivery. They did however agree to have the refrigerator delivered as it was not available at the time of the sale.

The couple then went to the flooring department and purchased numerous items including porcelain tile and laminate flooring for their home. All in all the couple spent over $4000 in the store that evening. They were told by ** that he was going to round up the appliances while they were in the flooring department and they would be ready to load when the couple had completed their shopping.

Upon checkout, it was noticed that the dishwasher was not priced on the invoice correctly. The lady asked ** about the price, reminding him of what he told the couple earlier about selling the dishwasher at the clearance price. ** began his fast talking again, saying that was the clearance price, making the couple feel like they had been mistaken. The man leaned over to the lady and told her to just let it go, as he was ready to get out of the store they had been camped out in for going on three hours. The lady agreed and it was dropped.

When the checkout was complete, ** then proceeded to tell the couple he needed 45 minutes to gather all the items in the purchase. He had previously told him that he was getting the appliances together while they were in flooring, so the couple thought that it was rather inconvenient that he had not done so yet. Therefore, on top of the three hours they were in the store, they had to wait another 45 minutes for the items to be ready to load.

Then the real issues began to rear their ugly heads... After 7 days, the lady called the store and inquired about the refrigerator, wanting to know if it had arrived. She was told by the floor associate that answered the phone in the appliance department that he was not sure, but he would check on it and call her back. A day passed and no return call, so the lady called again. She was put in touch with ** who proceeded to tell her that the item had been put on backorder and would not arrive until June the 13th at the earliest, the 18th at the latest. This frustrated the lady as there was nothing ever mentioned about the fridge being placed on backorder beforehand.

The man began to install the dishwasher they purchased. After the appliance was completely installed, he opened the dishwasher door to remove the packing material from the inside. When he opened the door, he noticed that the one feature they were desiring, the deep top rack was not on this model. He also discovered that the hoses and items needed to install the dishwasher and the washing machine were not included and he had to go purchase them. They told each other about the details they had just discovered and were both disappointed.

The man then sent feedback to Lowe'€™s via their website about the refrigerator, the hoses and the general feeling of displeasure the couple had been starting to feel about their experience at the store. He received a call from a manager at the Lowe's store by the name of ** the next day. The man was very pleasant as he understood that these kind of things happen. He explained the situation with the hoses and such and the fact that they were never informed that the fridge could be put on backorder. He also relayed his disappointment that the floor associate ** never offered to try to find the item at another store.

The manager gave the excuse that ** was new and that companies quit including hoses with appliances last year. The man asked why then is it free if Lowe's came out and installed the appliances. If anything the installing materials should be free to self- installers simply because it is saving Lowe's a trip and the labor.

The manager then offered to pay cash for the hoses and offered to sell the floor model at another 10% discount, but he would not sell it to the couple until they came back into take a look at it as he would not sell it without them seeing it. The man discussed this option with his significant other and they decided that they would rather wait the extra days and get a new one than accept another paltry $100 off an item that had been on the floor and its history unknown.

The next weekend, the lady received a call from **; he stated that the refrigerator was now on backorder until the end of the month. This really upset the couple. ** had explained to the couple that the item is a popular one and they are not easy to come by and that the factory has placed them on backorder due to demand. ** then proceeded to tell the lady that they were going to look and see if they could find a comparable model to offer to the couple to replace the one that they could not get. He stated he would call her back with the details.

After the lady got off the phone with **, the couple discussed further. At first, they wanted to see what was going to be offered but as they talked, they realized that they really wanted the one they chose in the first place. They decided at that time that maybe they should just have the item removed from their account and they would look for the fridge elsewhere. A couple of hours had passed and the couple became increasingly impatient, as this was not the first time someone from that store told them that they would get a return call, in the prior instances they did not receive one. They decided to call the store back.

The lady that answered the phone stated that ** had cut his hand real bad and was at the hospital. After a little while longer, another call was placed to Lowe's. ** was there and he stated that he had to get his hand stitched up, as if he was attempting to gain some sympathy because he was on the hot seat. He then proceeded to offer the couple a different brand fridge with comparable features. However, the features were not even near comparable. It was not a side by side, it the freezer below and it did not have the led lighting.

To add insult to injury, ** stated that the fridge was $2200 but they would sell it at cost at the tune of $1600. The model the couple picked out was an $1100 fridge. The couple was actually expected to pay approximately $500 more for the stores screw up and for a fridge they did not pick out. The couple refused and asked ** to just take the item off of their account. ** tried to con them out of that choice but the couple'€™s mind was made up. He then relented and told the lady that he would remove it from their account.

The couple then got in their truck and began to search for the refrigerator they wanted. They went to a Best Buy within walking distance of the Lowe's store from hell and found the same exact refrigerator on display in the store. They inquired on its availability and found that they had TWO of them in stock. The couple purchased one, had it loaded and proceeded to take it home. So much for hard to get! They paraded in front of Lowe's with the item in the back of their truck as if they had just won a gold medal and were taking a victory lap around the arena. Oh the victory was sweet!

A couple of days later, the lady checked her account at Lowe's online. She discovered that the refrigerator was still on the account. Once again, ** had come through with his total disregard for doing what he said he was going to do. The lady decided that she needed to just go up there in person and have it taken off. She went up to the store and approached the return desk. She then explained to the associate at the return desk the reason for her visit.

The associate paged a manager- ** to be precise. ** called to the return desk, it was explained to him what was going on and he proceeded to ask the lady why she wanted it taken off. He actually had the gall to ask that question. The lady explained to him and the refrigerator was removed. The manager never even bothered to come up front and talk to the lady in person. His courage, or lack thereof, would not allow him to do so. As a result, the protection plan that was purchased was not amended as nobody knew how to do it and ** could not bring himself to come up front and show anybody how. The lady then had to call somebody else to get that fixed.

The message of this story? Lowe's does not care about customer satisfaction. They do not conduct their business in an open, honest manner. Their floor associates (some, not all) are not trained properly and the bottom line is bringing in the money. It seems like they are cut from the same cloth as Wal-Mart. Stay away from Lowe's at all costs, they do not deserve your money!

Lowe's Customer Service - They Don't Care About You
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Rating: 1/51

MT. PLEASANT, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I will preface this by saying that we did buy the least expensive double oven range at Lowe's, but the salesman did say that it was pretty good, especially for the money. I bought this double range in January b/c my wife and I wanted the convenience of having two ovens… to cook two things at once, or to use a much smaller oven that heats up quickly for one small thing. We LOVED it when we first got it b/c of this feature, so we were happy we got it.

Then, in late April, the top oven went out. A few days later, part of the bottom one went out, and some of the buttons on the main board weren't working very well. So, in mid-May I made the call to Lowe's to get it serviced (under the one year warranty). A repairman came out, tested it, took it apart, and said we needed a new "motherboard”. The main board in the range. They would have to put an order in for that part, and it may take a week or two to get.

Four weeks later, he got the part from Whirlpool. Came to my house, put it in, and not only did it not fix the problem, it caused it to keep the oven lights on all the time… so we had to keep the circuit breaker off or else, all the oven lights would be on all the time. So, he said they needed to order another Circuit board b/c Whirlpool requires that one of their appliances needs to be maintenance at least 2-3 times before it can be deemed replaceable. So, the technician said he would put a Rush on the part this time, and it shouldn't take more than a week to get it in.

Well, two weeks later, I never heard back from Lowe's or the Repair center, and when I called Lowe's they said they would put a Rush (2 day shipping) on the part from Whirlpool. 4 or 5 days later, I never heard back from anyone again, so I called Lowe's to see what was up. The lady said that the last Lowe's Representative never "activated" the request, but that she would have her manager do it right away. Too little, too late in my eyes as we have now been without a working oven for over 6 weeks.

So, 5 days later (even though it was supposed to be 2-day shipping), the technician finally got the part in, and came out to my house the next day (today, as I write this). Well, surprise surprise, the part didn't work again. The Technician deemed the Range non-fixable, and that Lowe's and Whirlpool needed to get me a new one now. He told me to call Lowe's, tell them it needed to be replaced, and give them his contact name and number if they needed to verify that it wasn't fixable. So, he left.

I just got off the phone with Lowe's, and they told me that the service man was supposed to call Whirlpool from inside my home, to verify that it wasn't working again, and that would start the process of me getting a new range. Well, he didn't call Whirlpool, so for some reason Lowe's and Whirlpool won't deem it replaceable. Lowe's will have to have someone contact Whirlpool and the service man to get all the information and deem it replaceable. They said that could take a few days before I hear anything back from them. So yet, another delay.

The Lowe's representative couldn't tell me how long it will take to get a new Range. It obviously won't be within the next week since Lowe's has to do this "investigation”. Therefore it will be a MINIMUM of 2 months from when I put in the initial call before I get a new range. Long story short, do NOT buy a Whirlpool product. We bought a Whirlpool Fridge, oven, microwave, and dishwasher, and aren't terribly happy with any of them, but this whole ordeal with the Range is unacceptable.

As for Lowe's, all their Reps were nice to me over the phone, and tried to be helpful, but they (as a company) didn't do much at all to help me out in a timely manner. Especially this last ordeal today. I'm sure it could be just as painful of a process with another retailer, but I would seriously consider purchasing an appliance from a smaller retailer in town. They would probably do more to help to keep and retain the business. The Lowe's Reps had no sense of care or urgency. I apologize for the long review, but if it can help one person decide on what to buy, I am glad I did.

Worst Customer Service and Delivery Ever!!!
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Rating: 1/51

BETHLEHEM, PENNSYLVANIA -- On 8/23/14, I ordered Counter tops, a dishwasher and other items to be delivered. I got a call about 1 hour later scheduling a delivery of 8/27/14 and would be called with a time. On 8/27/14, I had not got a time for delivery so I called Lowe's and they told me my delivery date was changed to 9/8/14, WITHOUT contacting me to see if I was available, and they didn't seem to care. I wrote customer service at Lowe's and 4 days later, I got a reply saying someone from the store would contact me, she did and offered me 10% off for my trouble, which I NEVER received.

On 9/8, the day my order was switched to without my knowledge, I had still not received a time of delivery. I do work and need to know when this was coming to schedule my work day. So I called them at 6:15 am to see when it was going to be delivered. I was informed, rather rudely, that no one is called until between 8-9 am day of delivery to a time. I gave them my cell and asked them to call me on that because I had to go to work. 9:15 - still no call, so I called again.

I was told they still didn't know when but it will be an AM appointment and I would get a call soon. I asked the contact number they had and it was my HOME, I gave them my cell again and asked them to contact me on that. 10:40 am I finally get a call and they said they will be there between 11-1. Nice, 20 minutes to run home, got there before 11. 12:45 they get there and deliver everything but the DISHWASHER and cord!!! This is why they moved my order in the first place without telling me. I asked the driver where it was and he said, “Sorry, it isn't on my order.”

He called the store and they said it isn't in yet and they don't know when it will be delivered. I called in to customer service AGAIN and I forget who returned my call but she was very apologetic and said someone would contact me as soon as the dishwasher was in and it would be delivered at MY convenience. This morning, 9/9 at 8:35 I get a phone call saying my dishwasher will be delivered between 9-11.

Wow! 25 minutes to rush home this time, and he seemed annoyed I had to check my schedule to see if I can make it, I could. And at 10:53 they get there with the dishwasher but NOT THE POWER CORD. I told him to cancel the cord, and I went right to Home Depot where I will be doing ALL my home improvement from now on and got it.

Whirlpool Cabrio Is a Horrible Excuse of a Washing Machine - Thankfully Lowe's Took It Back
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Rating: 5/51

FERNANDINA BEACH, FLORIDA -- Thank goodness I purchased this machine at Lowe's. They honored my complaint, refunded my money and scheduled a pickup immediately for this horrible excuse of a washing machine. The product looked good on the showroom floor, it all sounded good as the salesperson went over the options and explained how it worked. That was as good as it got for this product. The washing machine never cleaned anything! However, it did manage to twist, mutilate, and tear up several blouses,1 pair of pants and 1 sweatshirt.

The first load was full of t-shirts, socks and underwear. These items came out OK, but as I was transferring the clothes from washer to dryer, I noticed they didn't smell fresh. I thought I made a mistake in adding the detergent, so I rewashed the load.The second load was towels, they seemed OK, but they weren't too dirty to start with; however, after I dried them I saw the soap residue that was left behind on several of the towels. So I rewashed this load as well. The third load was my last load. The clothes came out with soap stains, streaks from uneven wetness in the clothes and of course, the damages I mentioned above.

I can't get rid of this machine fast enough! Apart from not cleaning the clothes, the machine sounds as if parts about about to fly off of it at any minute. The rattle of metallic pieces is not the same sound as the sound of a washing machine in action.

I am luckier than some of the people who bought this waste of a product, because at least Lowe's was the company I had to deal with and they were wonderful regarding the return the product and refunding of my money. I am told Whirlpool has bought out Maytag, this is the only reason I tried this machine. Whirlpool, you are no Maytag! I am off to check out other manufacturers as they certainly can't be any worst!

Do Not Buy Appliances At Lowe's
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Rating: 1/51

MOORE, OKLAHOMA -- Three months ago, we bought all new appliances for the new home we were moving into from Lowe's. Yesterday, the Whirlpool refrigerator's compressor went out and we lost all the food. Lowe's would not replace the refrigerator or refund the money. I was rudely told that I could only return it within the first 30 days. I was referred to a Lowe's repair service that could not even consider coming out for almost a week and all the cost would not be covered by the Whirlpool warranty! I will never buy anything from Lowe's again, not even a plant. Now, I am worried that the other appliances I bought might also be lemons. I've learned a lesson… NO MORE LOWE'S!!!

Lowe's Damaged My Floor and Won't Pay for Damage in Full
By -

CHAPEL HILL, NC -- I recently moved into a brand new home. I purchased a stove, refrigerator and dishwasher from Lowe's in Chapel Hill, NC two months ago. They were slow to get someone out here to look at the damage. A gentleman named ** finally came by. He was very polite and acknowledged the damage. He tried to repair it, but was unable. He said I would have to file a claim and said I would hear from someone.

It took awhile, but I finally got a message from a lady at a company called SRS. Her name was ** (not sure if this is exactly her last name) and she talked so fast that I could not understand her. I had to listen to the message 7 times before I could get the information. I immediately faxed a price quote from a flooring company along with an explanation of what happened per **'s request. I also returned her call and she did not call me back.

Three weeks later, no response. I called ** again and also faxed the requested information again. I still did not hear from anybody. I called the store and talked to Mr. **. He passed the buck onto SRS, the insurance company. I left another message for ** and called and talked to the manager at Lowe's. He got me a phone number to reach **'s manager, a lady named **. She was very polite and told me that the reason ** did not return my call was because she was waiting for more information. I told her that it was very annoying that she did not return my call and I deserved a status report on my claim.

Finally, I heard from ** and she told me that she was waiting to hear from **, that the store wanted to talk to them before they paid my claim. She said she was playing phone tag with Mr. ** and hadn't reached him yet. When I called Mr. **, he told me that he had talked to SRS and said there were no messages for him. He passed it on to SRS and claimed that once it was in there hands, he had nothing to do with it.

I finally got a call from **. She told me that the delivery people claimed they did not do the damage because it was not on the original paperwork when they delivered the refrigerator. The fact is, we did not notice the damage until after they had left. We weren't even in the kitchen when they installed it. Mr. ** acknowledged the damage when he was here and it was so obvious that they had caused the damage.

The price quoted me to replace the floor was $925. The insurance company only wants to pay half because it was not acknowledged on the original delivery paperwork. So, in addition to paying for the appliances, I now have to pay an additional $462 to have the vinyl floor replaced.

Washer/Dryer Installers 3 Hrs Late, Left Install Unfinished 10PM
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Rating: 1/51

WEYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- We purchased a new Whirlpool washer/dryer 1 week ago at Lowe's. Delivery and install was set for Saturday Oct 5 between 4 and 6 PM - at about 2 pm. At 3 pm, the dispatcher called to move the time window to between 5:30 and 7:30. At 7:15, the delivery person called to say they will arrive at 8. At 8:30 they arrive. At 10, they told me they do not know why the dryer does not work. They told me to call Lowe's and ask them to replace the dryer. The installers left at 10:30.

Sunday morning, I called Lowe's and they suggested that I check the circuit breakers. I reset the circuit, which the installers had not thought to check. The dryer is not completely installed, so it cannot be used. Lowe's told me the installers will return on Sunday to finish, but did not provide a time.

I finally called Lowe's to get the 3PD dispatch number to ask for a time. I am told between 7 and 9 PM. At 5:30 the installers called to say they are too busy and cannot come today. I told them that the dispatcher told me they will come today to finish. It's 9 PM and I'm still waiting. An entire weekend wasted waiting. Do not buy appliances from Lowe's if you expect good service.

Rebate Denied, Then Miraculously Approved 4 Weeks Later!
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Rating: 2/51

FORT MILL, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I will start by saying I love Lowe's and normally do not ever shop anywhere else for my home repair needs. This experience, however, has left a sour taste in my mouth. We purchased a washer/dryer set on 8/18 under the promotion that if you spend X amount of dollars, you'll get a rebate of X amount. I submitted the rebate info online on 8/20. It says it takes 4-6 weeks to get the rebate, so we've been patient.

Today, 9/13, I get a note from Lowe's saying I didn't purchase qualifying items? I called the number, they told me I had to have receipt info (well, sorry, I didn't keep it) so I had to call the local store and get them to look up info, but, they told me I could look it up myself online… grr. If the original number I had called would've told me I could do that, I would have… So I do look it up myself, call back the first number, this new lady has a deep accent... I give her the item # for the washing machine and she tells me "Okay, I have the dishwasher pulled up" - I was like, “No, WASHING MACHINE.” She said, "Oh, I'm sorry..." She proceeds to pull it up correctly.

Then I give her the item # for the dryer, "Okay, I have the washing machine pulled up." "No, you mean dryer?" "Oh, well it is wrong in our system but it doesn't matter." All I know is, I better get my rebate! Then she says "it's a $50 rebate." I said, “No, it should be way more than that, the washer/dryer were close to $1300!” She said "Oh, I'm sorry, my accounting mistake, it is actually $120."

Now we have to wait another 4-6 weeks for our $120 rebate that should have been here already. Normally, I wouldn't mind waiting, but we have been holding off painting the nursery for the first child I'm carrying because we are broke now after the washer/dryer purchase... and now we're going to have to wait 4-6 more weeks to get started.

I'm less than thrilled with Lowe's lackluster performance in this scenario. It makes me wonder if perhaps others aren't experiencing the same thing, and Lowe's needed to "push off" the rebates for a while and faked the letter, or perhaps their system had a glitch that showed them all as invalid. Whatever the case, I hate to say, in the future I will think twice before purchasing anything that falls under a rebate with Lowe's.

Extended Service Plan Was Not Honored
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Rating: 2/51

BARBOURSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA -- Lowe's would not fix my Dishwasher problem. I had bought an Extended Service Plan from them which should cover my appliance for four years. But when wheels started to pop off the lower rack of the crappy Maytag Dishwasher that Lowe's sold to me, they would not fix it and gave me a runaround. One guy said warranty only covers electrical and motor. Another guy says something else.

NO NOT think they will keep your appliance in order for the next four years. They will not. They will use some fine print against you. DO NOT buy Lowe's Extended Service Plan. In the last two years I have bought from Lowe's, One Samsung Fridge, a gas cooking range, Dishwasher, washer dryer - all with Extended Service warranty. I will not buy Appliances from Lowes anymore - ever.

Poor Merchandise
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I bought a new refrigerator from Lowe's in Columbia, SC. Now this 2 year old major appliance sits in my kitchen doing absolutely nothing. After calling Lowe's for service info, I was given the runaround several times on all levels, the acting manager came to the phone once after I requested him and later I found out, gave me a fake name.

Lowe's cares nothing for their customers after they receive your money. I will never shop there again. Thank goodness we have Home Depot in the community. Please be aware they do not stand behind their products or care about you as a concerned customer. I was not aware that I had to buy a new refrigerator every two years if I got it from Lowe's. I can't afford that.

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