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Never Buy From Lowe's - Kitchen Cabinets
Posted by on
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I will try to shorten this as much as I can. My husband and I decided to redo our kitchen. We took out a home equity loan so we could pay for this. We decided on "diamond" brand. They were rated #3 on Consumer Reports and Lowe's is the only company in Sacramento that carries them. We met with the "kitchen specialist" on 4/16/05. We went over some things and paid the $70 measuring fee and made the appointment. I took half the day off from work just to get home and have a message saying Sarah (k/s) called in sick so we would have to reschedule. I called and asked if anyone else could do the measurement because I took the time off work so I would be home. They told me no,so I rescheduled. I should have known then that that was a bad sign. On 5/14/05 we paid (in cash) $13,918.32 for our cabinets. Sarah the so called specialist (joke)told us not to tear out our kitchen until we receive a phone call about a week before the new items would be delivered.

On 6/6 I received a call from Rodvold trucking saying my items were in and they were going to deliver them the next day. I told the women that we were told we would get about a weeks notice before delivery. She said they would have a truck in my area and they would be coming and someone had to be there to receive them. We do not have a garage so they put them in the back yard. Well just my luck it rained that night and my husband and I were up at 4am trying to get as many as we could in the house. I was so upset I couldn't go to work that day I was trying to get all the cabs. out of their boxes to make sure they were OK. I called Sarah that morning to let her know. I looked over the packing slip and saw that the trucking company was located in Sacto. so they could have held on to them for a couple of days so we could be ready,also the slip said the truck was in 2 accidents. I told her all of this and she said she was sorry and gave me the contractor's phone # so that I could set an appt. with him to come and inspect them.

The contractor Ruben and 2 other men started on 6/21. He said he had to leave at 10:30 to pick up his kids. If we had known that they were only going to work for a few hours my husband wouldn't have taken a whole day off, also on the first day one of his workers cut the molding wrong so Ruben said he would let Sarah know so she could reorder. He said she was in computer training all week but would leave her a message.I called her on Sat. and she was at lunch. I left a message for her to call me and she didn't.I called her Sun. and she said she was with a customer but she got Ruben's message and place the order first thing Mon. morning. I was off work that day so I decided to go in and talk to her in person,come to find out she didn't work again until Wed. I told Richard another (k/s) all the problems that I was having with the contractor and her not returning my calls. Long story short it is now 9/30 my kitchen still is not done! I wrote a letter to the corporate office sent e-mails talked to 4 different store(shift) managers trying to get to the head person in charge. On 9/6 Sarah came over with a new contractor to see if he could fix all the mistakes that the other contractor made. They talked about patching holes and covering mistakes with skins. I told her if they were not going to replace the product that I wanted part of my money back. She told me to call her the next day and let her know how much I wanted,only after that did the store manager speak to me. So now we are waiting for new cabinets to come in.

I decided to check the new contractors license and it checked out OK. I checked on the first contractor's and found out that his license had been suspended and he received a new one under a business name that he created.The web site also let's you check on their employees but he was the only person with a license. I called and spoke to the California state board and come to find out he is the ONLY person that should have been doing work in my home. He worked the first day,the rest of the time he had a couple of other guys (I did not get there names) and Rolondo doing the work. Well according to the state board as of 9/2004 Rolondo does not have a license and Rubin has no employees listed and holds no insurance so they said that he should have no one working with him. I called Mike (store manager)at Lowe's to inform him that they are having an un-licensed contractor work for them he said he would look into it (ya right!). I also called their customer care service to let them know that they are false advertising and that I have a signed contract stating that my kitchen was supposed to be done 7/30.

I have been lied to, put of and am out over $15,000.00 (including counter tops, handles and pulls) and my kitchen is not done. I have two kids. We have no kitchen floor just the sub-floor because we can not put that in until the rest of the work is done. My advice is to NEVER shop at Lowe's. They have the worst customer service I have ever seen!!
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User Replies:
Lowesbuster on 03/26/2007:
Lowes does not have a procedure in place to guarantee that the person that you think is coming into your home is the person that Lowes has contracted with. The actual Lowes contractor may have a license but you don't know if the actual installers are qualified, had a background check, is bonded, insured etc. This is a practice that is done threw out the united states and Canada and Mexico. There is money saved by the contractor by having someone else do the work and collect the money. Because like you found out most of the people that are swapped out work for very little wages and may have just stepped out of prison or jail.Are they child molesters how would you know when Lowes doesn't know and they advertise on Lowes.com that you are getting certain criteria when you get an install. False advertising and you should check over your contract. You need to contact your attorney general about what happened to you.
jonesie on 03/26/2007:
Sounds like the typical Lowes install, with no background check and no idea who is in peoples homes. Also shipments being damaged and LOWES NOT TAKING responsibility for the situation. I know of situations where they have had to send out as many as 2 or 3 install contractors to complete a job.
Lowesbuster on 03/26/2007:
Lowes does not have a procedure in place to guarantee that the person that you think is coming into your home is the person that Lowes has contracted with. The actual Lowes contractor may have a license but you don't know if the actual installers are qualified, had a background check, is bonded, insured etc. This is a practice that is done threw out the united states and Canada and Mexico. There is money saved by the contractor by having someone else do the work and collect the money. Because like you found out most of the people that are swapped out work for very little wages and may have just stepped out of prison or jail.Are they child molesters how would you know when Lowes doesn't know and they advertise on Lowes.com that you are getting certain criteria when you get an install. False advertising and you should check over your contract. You need to contact your attorney general about what happened to you.
jonesie on 03/26/2007:
Sounds like the typical Lowes install, with no background check and no idea who is in peoples homes. Also shipments being damaged and LOWES NOT TAKING responsibility for the situation. I know of situations where they have had to send out as many as 2 or 3 install contractors to complete a job.
ohboy ! on 09/22/2007:
Thank you for the info. WE just bought a new house and are updating a lot of things. Home Depot, here we come !!!
Anonymous on 09/27/2007:
A LOT of helpful votes here!
bt9234 on 12/01/2007:
Never use Lowes for kitchens, NEVER.
tunney05 on 04/23/2008:
I just found this blog: beware, we had the same issue (poor installation) with carpet from Home Depot! No customer service, incompetent installers (back 3 times, they wouldn't let me have a different installer); work missed, etc. I guess I'd just buy the item and get your own installers - kitchen or carpet!
joemama07 on 09/20/2008:
I had a similar experience. MY'kitchen specialist' mismeasured everything and I had to cancel many features due to this. I.E. I ordered a mixer stand to be installed in my cabinet, but it was 1/8" too small and had to be returned. Also the cabinet size over the fridge was too small and left a 6" gap we had to fill. Many many other things like this. I overlooked most of them till I came in later to order fridge cabinet doors. The area was to be built to accommodate these doors. When we discovered it wasn't, we called the 'specialist' who looked at me with a straight face and said we never had that conversation. We even found it in our notes. So I called the store and when I never received a return call, I worked my way up from kitchen manager to store manager to regional manager, the last two accused me of trying to bilk money from them. Finally I sent a registered letter to Robert Niblock, president, detailing the diary I had kept of attempts to contact Lowes for help and the many excuses and blow-offs they gave me. It was over a year of lame excuses and promises to get back to ya's. He had at least 8 of his top folks call me to look at my kitchen and offer to fix it anyway I wanted. I told them no thanks, I just wanted them to know....and since I had been accused to trying to milk money from them by two of their managers, I wouldn't take a dime. And I was going to Home Depot to finish the kitchen. They were almost begging me to fix the problem. I keep thinking I should go into the store and finding the manager just to smile at her and ask her if she has heard from my old friend Robert Niblock.
Local skilled cabinetmaker on 11/26/2008:
TIP:If you need someone to cater a party,hire a caterer.If you need someone to do your taxes,hire an accountant.If you need custom cabinetry,hire a local custom cabinet maker.Home depot and Lowes are hardware stores.
jktshff1 on 11/26/2008:
ohboy...ya need to listen to local skilled...you got the same things with Home Depot.
AnnsKid on 08/19/2010:
We redid our kitchen last year and used Lowes. They did a great job! Everyone from the designers to the contractor were great. The designers spent a lot of time with us and gave us great ideas. Damaged cabinets were replaced with no problem. We are now redoing our bathroom and went back to Lowes and had more great service. I suppose it depends on the area and the store.
Lifemates on 10/04/2010:
They should not have left them out if they new that there was a possibility of rain. Rain could completely destroy the cabinets if they are left out over night.
No Lowes install on 05/22/2011:
My daughter had the same problem with a doorwall that she bought at Lowes, it was installed by them and leaked. They came out like 3 or 4 times to fix it.
They finally had to replace the doorwall and it still leaked. They had to put a roof over the top of the back porch to stop it from leaking. What an expense.
Frustrated with Diamond and Lowes! on 05/27/2011:
Bought Cabinets from my Local Lowes store in March 2011. First they lost my order this delayed it 3 weeks. When the cabinets arrived they were ALL damaged. Not from the trucking company but from the manufacturer (boxes were undamaged and dust free). Boot marks on the doors, doors all scratched, cabinets chipped, glue on the front of the cabinets and doors, Crown molding was cracked. Called Lowes they and the Diamond rep came to look had me unpack all 19 boxes and document everything. Placed a re-order and guess what! These are even worse! PLUS no one told me to keep the undamaged drawers so they went back to the manufacturer! Diamond rep told me there is no Quality control process before they leave the factory! Is she serious! STEER CLEAR! FROM DIAMOND AND LOWES!
Ted on 11/16/2012:
The Diamond cabinet company shipped me three tall oven cabinets that were damaged, two of them severely. They held up my completion for over a month ( I had no oven or microwave the whole time ). Diamond stinks. Although they replaced the damaged cabinets without an issue, there is no excuse for the shoddy workmanship/ shipping they employ. Stay away from them !!!
Sharon on 01/10/2013:
We have had nothing but problems with our kitchen re-model through Lowes in Bourbonnais, IL. Linda is the cabinet sales woman that we dealt with. The ENTIRE project from looking at cabinets until the very last item was finished, was a complete NIGHTMARE! I used to love shopping at Lowes but after this fiasco and spending so much money, on top of it, has changed my mind real quick! I absolutely realize that nothing goes smooth during construction of anything but, without writing a book in order to include all the problems we had, this really took the cake! If you go into Lowes, or anywhere for that matter, and you get a feeling or even a tiny twinge that something just isn't right, just RUN out the door and spare yourself the grief and heartache that lies ahead. Especially if the saleswoman is Linda and you're at the Bourbonnais, IL Lowes!!
Jennifer on 02/07/2013:
Customer Service is pretty awful. We bought cabinets there for our laundry room and one cracked. They said it cannot be fixed and they no longer carry it. No other help after that. One Lowe's employee told me to paint the cabinet. It is thermafoil. Those are sprayed and baked. I cannot patch and paint them at home. Trust me I would have done that if possible. Manager is nice but just not a problem solver and gives up really easily. He is a very slow mover/thinker so it is painful to stare at him while he stares into space! By the way Diamond cabinets are sold wholesale through kitchensforless.com. You pay a lot less through them than Lowe's for the same product.

Lowe's also told me they aren't responsible for defective cabinets because they didn't make them. They said they are just the middle man. Doesn't that mean they are paid to go between customers and manufacturers? Not according to them!
allan on 06/11/2013:
Never go back to Lowes customer service is so bad.we had an appt.but no one came and no one call us back .......never again...sucks
Dave on 06/25/2013:
My friend ordered from Lowes -- the installer was a good guy but the 15,000 dollar kitchen was crap.First time the cabinets were damaged,the installer refused to install them -- sent back and when the replacements came it was the same deal-- warped doors,missing varnish,noticeable color variation -- installer called Lowes and I guess Lowes told him if he valued his job to install as is -- my friend is now forced to take legal action as she is not happy at all with the product and Lowes is blaming the cabinet manufacturer not taking responsibility for a product they sold,delivered and installed. After this is settled my friend will never shop there again and from what I have seen that poor gal go through they won't get a dime of my money either
Miranda on 06/26/2013:
Horrible experience with our recent kitchen,bathrooms and laundry room install. We spent over 20 k and have been treated like crap. Our install started on June 17th 2013 and is far from being finished. The installer brought 2 guys with him to do a 3-4 day job in 1 day. There is mix matched trim, damaged cabinets my brand new hardwood floors are scratched. Sawdust throughout my house from the installer cutting the cabinets with a saw in my kitchen. They removed my brand new crown molding from my walls tore the sheet rock and damaged my walls. They never put the crown molding back and left my house a total mess. Nothing was cleaned up just left for my husband and I to clean up. Corporate came out tonight to survey the mess and are supposed to come up with a solution this Friday. This has been a nightmare and so stressful for my husband and myself. So much damage and a lot of heartaches. Don't shop at Lowe's it's a disaster waiting to happen.
Yvette on 07/11/2013:
Hi there, I was actually just looking for a website to include a Lowe's kitchen recommendation and decided to share my experience here. I actually had a great experience ordering cabinets through the Lowes in Sterling VA (worked with John Parker, Cabinet Sales Specialist). After talking with five different cabinet companies, I decided to go with Lowes in Sterling because John was extremely responsive, friendly, professional, and knowledgeable about cabinets. I hired an independent kitchen designer to come up with a kitchen design first so I went in to Lowe's with a plan and a generic cabinet list. John was extremely helpful in assisting with actual cabinet manufacturer selection, helped educate me on various options without trying to sell me anything I didn't need. My designer had an error in the plan and he found it. And, unlike any one else I spoke to, he was able to put in a specific cabinet order fast. He knew that I had a tight deadline so he gave me advice about how I could reach out to the cabinet manufacturer to get a faster turn around time and my white cabinets are now scheduled to be delivered two weeks from the date of order (2 to 4 weeks less than the other companies) I spoke to. Honestly, I am a very critical person but my experience with John at Lowes was so positive that I had to share it. I should note that I am going with an independent contractor for installation but I'm very pleased that I ordered cabinets through Lowes.
Will on 07/12/2013:
I've been designing kitchens for Lowe's for 8 years. This example shows how our unset schedules, ever changing vendors, and untrained employees can cause a nightmare. I'm truly sorry for your hardship, but to Lowe's, and Home Depot your unfortunate is a small price to pay for the volume that they sell. (Just like Walmart) "just too big to fail"
Rainy on 07/16/2013:
Have been involved with Lowe's in Stuart FL for the last month with a kitchen remodel, I won't go into all of the gory details, except to say that there has not been one single thing so far that has gone correctly, if they call and tell you something is being delivered by a certain time and you stay and wait nothing shows up. Ever....but when you aren't expecting anything a huge truck pulls up with 15 items you are not prepared for or have anywhere to store...it's not done yet either, cabinets have not been installed and they are from this "Diamond" manufacturer....I have been reading about. Will post again after install.
Woody on 08/11/2013:
This page explains the difference between cabinet installers as well as the big box nightmare. http://www.woodenconcepts.net/Cabinet_Installers.html
Millie on 01/03/2014:
We installed our own Shenandoah cabinets and were very happy with the results. Now four years later the boxes of the cabinets have yellowed very much but not the doors.
we are currently working with the company and with Lowes to see if they can/will fix the problem. If not we will have to remove the doors and paint the boxes ourselves. I'd like to include a picture but can't figure out how on this site.
Stressed out customer in Canton Ga on 01/24/2014:
We to had a Lowes kitchen re-do. Lowes has no idea of hoe bad this contractor was .
His name Geoff D.Jones from Canton Ga. Trust me he can not do tile and grout work. We have had to wait two months to have this redone. The new contractor got in, got it done in one day!!! Lowes need to go to more customers homes. See what the contractors does. The first contractor only said that he got in a hurry . He and his crew poor work effort. Contractors can not come into our homes and give us what they want us to have. Well unless they are going to pay the bill that is. We will never use Lowes again.
mary ann prokopec on 03/11/2014:
I just finished reading your review and wish that I would have seen it months ago before signing and buying my kitchen from Lowes!!!! We also had a bad experience there and the customer service is null....!!! Corporate is a waste of time also. Spend your money elsewhere, LOWES just do not care. I even got a call from someone yelling at me!!!
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Think Twice Before Ordering Kitchen Cabinets - Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
GURNEE, ILLINOIS -- 4/2/12 - Purchased cabinetry and granite countertops from Lowe's store in Gurnee, IL with promise that we could view and pick out our granite slab and that the install would be with XXX, their express install company, and it would be measured exactly and the install would be completed in one week.

May 2012 - after two failed attempts to pick out our granite countertops, we finally had a scheduled appointment in Chicago to view and select a Granite Slab at the end of May. These failed attempts were due to an initial misunderstanding from the Lowe's sales representative and the company providing the granite not having any in stock.

6/14/12 - Install scheduled and completed in two days - but it wasn't satisfactory. There were many issues with this install from alignment to problems with the cabinetry and dirt left by the installers. See attached excel spreadsheet for further detail in regards to the issues.

6/18/12 - Kim B. from Lowe's came out to inspect install. Said she would schedule XXX to return to correct problems and that KraftMaid would send someone to correct problems.

7/6/12 - XXX returned to correct their issues with the installation.

8/2/12 - initial appt made for furniture repair company (scheduled by KraftMaid rep). They called since they were provided the address for XXX instead of our home address and we had to reschedule. They were in St. Charles not Gurnee, IL.

8/14/12 - Furniture repair company came out to make repairs to cabinetry and they actually made the issues worse.

8/17/12 KraftMaid representative and Lowe's management came out to inspect issues and determined that they would order all new cabinet doors, panels and light rails based on the issues and that this process would take 12 weeks due to KraftMaid's quality process.

11/16/12 - KraftMaid and Lowe's representative and XXX returned to replace all the cabinet doors, panels and light rails. They were all late showing up. Upon inspection of these new items, several were found with imperfections one actually had a plastic piece sticking out from it. We were surprised these went through and strict quality process and were still delivered. Several new parts had to be re-ordered with another 12 week delay. There was also a problem when XXX exchanged the end panel that houses an electrical outlet. It wasn't installed properly and there was electric arc which could have caused a fire. We had to replace the box and outlet.

2/26/13 - we received a call that the parts had come in and would be inspected.

3/6/13 - we received a call from Dave that KraftMaid representative would bring the parts to Lowe's to inspect and they would call me on 3/7 information.

3/7/13 Called Lowe's to see what was going on and Dave informed us that Rep didn't show up and was supposed to show up on 3/8.

3/8/13 - Dave called to tell us that Rep checked the items and there was one piece still not okay and that she was going to re-order it but it should only take one week this time.

3/13/13 - Rep called us and said that the piece was re-ordered and she would have a delivery estimate by 3/19 and would call us with an eta.

3/19 - 3/20/13 - still have not heard from anyone at Lowe's or KraftMaid.

3/21/13 - Dave from Lowe's called and said Rep would bring the parts to the Lowe's location for Nick and her to look over. Doug is supposed to go to Lowe's to investigate on 3-23-13.

3/23/13 - D went to inspect the new pieces and there are some minor issues so they are going to schedule an installation company and will call us with schedule information. Doug, Brian and Nick all decided that when the installation company came out they would inspect the new pieces compared to the old and decide if they should be replaced or just attempt to correct the initial problem.

3/27/13 - received a call from Dave at Lowe's that he is waiting on Rep to get back from vacation and schedule an installer and the furniture repair company to come to the house to complete this install. He said he would follow up with us next week.

4/4/13 - Furniture repair company called and scheduled an appt. for 4/11 between 10-12. I asked if they knew exactly what needed to be done and I was assured by Tina that they did.

4/10/13 - Dave from Lowes called to confirm we had an appt. and that he would call Rep to ensure the furniture repair company picked up the material from the local Lowes store.

4/11/13 - Le from repair company called to say they would be here at 10 and I asked her if she had picked up the material from Lowes. She said "they didn't deliver it?" I said no that they needed to pick it up. She did that and arrived around 10:30 am. They finished the change out at 12:30 P.M. They also were apparently not told that the pieces were supposed to be compared prior to installation. I looked at them but was also unaware of this issue. The repair company was also supposed to correct some edge issues. This information was also not relayed to the furniture repair company. Someone from Lowes should have attended this installation. Rep had not sent the repair company the layout until they were here. Major communication error again.

4/11/13 - We inspected new work and not satisfied that the stains match. The new pieces appear lighter than the original. There are other problems. called AnDrew at local Lowes store and related all problems to him. AnDrew said he would talk to Dave, the marketing manager and district manager of the store. AnDrew said that he would leave messages and someone would get back to us on 4/12. The instructions from the visit to the store on 3/23 were not relayed or followed.

4/12/13 - Dave from Lowes called and talked with us. The only thing Dave would say was that he would have to call Melissa back and address these current issues. Dave expressed his feelings that he wants to be done with this.

In all this time we have been unable to complete our kitchen. We have been waiting to paint and install our backsplash. But we didn't want to make any changes until this was completed. We have been "On Hold" for almost a year now.

Lowes has never accepted any ownership in the problems we have encountered. They have placed the owness on KraftMaid. Yet, we purchased and paid Lowes for this install. This has taken over 1 year from purchase.
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User Replies:
ok4now on 04/14/2013:
Lesson learned: Don't go to a box store for kitchen cabinets or any major home renovation. You'll do much better with a local business that specializes in what you want. The price will be very comparative and you'll definitely get better service.
Iknowkitchens on 05/10/2013:
All the big box stores offer kitchens and other services at a reduced cost, and while most are acceptable you have to remember that these are production/assembly line cabinets….Don’t confuse them with a custom kitchen cabinets, they are not. And have reasonable expectations of the product you are receiving. And regardless if the store contractor or a local general contractor does the installation it wouldn’t change the out come here because it is a KraftMaid issue.
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Kitchen Cabinet Purchase
Posted by on
CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- We spent $12K with Lowe’s; we wish we'd spent $15K elsewhere.

At a glance, it is white and it smells new.

The whole process is very time consuming. Multiple trips to clarify design "want and needs". Appointments are a must. They’re hard to schedule, with Lowe’s limited sales person availability. It took 3 times of taking the sales person/designer and physically pointing out, and ensuring her hand went on the same "style" sample of exactly what we wanted to get it right. With very minute changes costs varied widely. Every visit was a different price and different "style". Drawers, shelves & Lazy Susan were added to the original order as requested (pointed out by the Lowe’s salesperson in the catalog and added on the order screen), then secretly deleted to make the sale look desirable, cost wise. Now as the project nears an end, we are hit with the added costs for all the conveniently left out "needs" that we made clear.

They give you a pretty black and white print out of what the cabinets are supposed to look like, with a list of numbers, SKU codes and abbreviations you need design/sales software to decipher.

You show Lowe’s what you want. You tell Lowe’s what you want. Lowe’s quotes everything you ask for with the cheapest cabinet version, the one that was never a consideration. And you can’t tell the difference in the B&W graphic printout. When you catch the error the price changes only slightly, because that's when Lowe’s secretly delete your "needs" to close the sale. ( I guess we got lucky to notice the cabinet name not ringing any bells on the order date………………… it should have been blowing whistles and sounding alarms to get the hell out of the store.)

Lowe’s sends out a "professional installer" to measure to ensure layout and functionality. Lowe’s measures and just nods as you try to make sure they understand the layout.

From the time the cabinets were purchased, Lowe's install department calls regularly with status updates to an annoying degree.

The same Lowe’s measuring guy shows up to install the new cabinets. It looks like he's making progress daily. All day Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning until 11am, when he had enough time invested and everything that was shipped was screwed down. That's when the quick clean up is done and the even quicker caulk job. He asks how it looks.

We take him to the mudroom where the cabinet door won't open all the way because it hits the door knob leading to the garage. (There is a gap of 3&3/8" between the cabinet and the dryer plenty of room to have been installed 3" to the right and filler placed on the left.) The drawers won't slide out, and the measure guy says "all you need to do is go to Lowe’s buy a different style door knob". We ask him if he is sure he is done. He assures us he is. He quickly exits.

Well, Lowe’s annoying status phone calls abruptly stop. No call to check on how we think the install turned out. After two messages and three calls we get the Lowe’s install manager who says "no problem we'll take care of everything, just fax me a punch list". Days go by, no word.

Then the Lowe’s salesperson calls Friday afternoon to place all the change orders (additional hidden charges). She says she left out the "need" items to keep it in our budget (yeah right). The one we didn't have when we started. Who sells a 7' tall stacked pantry cabinet, next to the fridge with no shelves or drawers, save the one where the top cabinet sits on the bottom cabinet? No room for a broom.

Well don't think the cabinet door hitting the garage door knob was the only install problem. His punch list was a page long. Issues ranging from pencil marks everywhere(It just means along with going back to Lowe’s, buying a new door knob, a Magic Eraser, extra wall primer and drywall mud), to unleveled counter mounting surface(granite warranty? hmmn??), to 1/4" undercut trim pieces, cabinets screwed through the outside to the floor. Less than a quarter complete hap-hazard caulk job. The list goes on and on.

A visit is made to Lowe’s to find out what the hold up is.

Two weeks later the Lowe’s measuring guy comes back(no punch list, and no idea what he is doing back)and proceeds to spend 3.5 hours caulking his 1/4" undercuts and screw holes through the sides of our brand new cabinets. The mudroom cabinet door still hits the garage door knob...D#@*! I forgot. I haven't bought a new knob yet??? Well, anyway he leaves.

With the new smaller laid out cabinet scheme (why is it smaller??? Wasn’t there a pre order measurement visit?) The walls, and the ceiling all along the white crown have a nice tan ring, then a caulk line (where the old cabinets used to be), then bright white ceiling. (So now the ceiling needs to be scraped and re-sprayed.... I used to wonder how people were always going over budget...now I know.)

The trim...some is real wood painted white, some is synthetic particle board with just primer, then there's the trim that just missing. Fillers are tight at the top and out on the bottom a 1/4".

The Lowe’s sales person added a cookie sheet cabinet to the left of the dishwasher to balance out the corner cabinet on the right of the sink (not our “want or need”, there is a cookie sheet drawer under the wall oven). The salesperson made certain, we knew we couldn’t increase our stovetop dimension but…….. the one thing, the installer thought to mention, when he was done, was the surprising result: an opening for less than a 28” custom single sink.

It's been weeks now since the Lowe’s installation started and we've no idea when Lowe’s will be finished.

Our credit card company quickly credited our account upon dispute against Lowe’s.

Maybe if we're lucky…. a Lowe’s supervisor might come out in the next week or two.

We're feeling we'll be paying someone else to finish, and settling with our credit card company.

We're just glad we didn't write a check. Lowe's wants all their money upfront.

Don't forget the headaches from cabinet off-gassing. But it doesn't matter that the cabinets shipped before the paint was dry. Delivered in 2 weeks from order date. Maybe that's why the paint is missing from many doors.

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User Replies:
sabletaz on 10/12/2008:
We were going to have a new counter top put in by Lowes for only 700.00 for everything but, when the salesperson finally called us back after the installation guy came over to measure the counter top she told us that the cost would be 1960.00. So we canceled it. they never said anything about the cost of this and the cost of that. just a big ripoff. So when I read this complaint, Lowes must do this all the time. I'd advise people to stay away from Lowes for this reason.
madconsumer on 10/12/2008:
you get what you pay for. and what are "your needs"??

are these items that would make your cabinets more convenient?
because you really "need" nothing, perhaps "wanted".

installing cabinets are very easy. just follow a few basic rules and all will go smoothly. I am not sure why more people do not do this.
Anonymous on 10/12/2008:
I had a similar experience. For a new countertop, I took exact measurements in, specified what I wanted, picked out the color, and they gave me an estimate. Okay. I went back in and they got more specific with me, edges and corners are extra costs. Then there is the tear off and throw away. None of this was mentioned in the initial estimate. Grand price, $2100. I went with a smaller business and spent $2100 on the counter, two new windows, over the stove microwave install, new sink, new faucet, new pipes underneath, two custom made cupboards, and a dishwasher installed. This is nothing new for Lowe's, for sure.
Anonymous on 10/15/2008:
Lowe's should consider going back to being a hardware store. They don't seem to be very good at contracting.
WWYD on 11/26/2008:
I understand that you put your trust in Lowe's. Surely you realize that Lowe's has 160,000 employees. There is no organization that can employ that many people and ensure all of them are well-trained. Did you ask to see any examples of your kitchen specialist's work? Did you ask how much experience/training your specialist has had?

I know it is great to imagine that things are going to be great. And it's nice to shop around for the least expensive prices. But you've got to do a minimum of research on your own before committing to letting anyone from Lowe's, Home Depot, or a mom and pop shop, design something as important to you as a kitchen.

I don't want you to think I'm blaming the victim. I feel terrible about what's happened to you. I work in a home center as a kitchen designer, handling kitchen remodeling projects from $2,500 to $250,000, including design and supervision of installation. I have well over a decade of experience. But I know that there is high turnover in Lowe's and Home Depot. That means that there is a constant need to train new designers. The positions must be filled, because something that customers won't tolerate is to be told that there is no one working in the kitchen department because we don't have trained staff at the moment. Customers come to home centers expecting bargain prices and top-notch service. The pricing pressures prevent home centers from hiring and retaining the most qualified people.

If you want custom service, go to a custom shop. But the bottom line is that you, as the consumer, need to take responsibility to do a modicum of research before making a decision of this magnitude. Just my 3 cents, as it were.
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Improving Home Improvement - NOT!!!
Posted by on

Lowe's "Improving Home Improvement?????" More like "Making Home Improvement a nightmare!

I am here to tell you NOT to shop at Lowe's. This is a long story, but the abridged version is it's over four months and I still do not have the proper full set of cabinets I ordered. Corporate office has not helped! I have NEVER been offered ANYTHING to make me want to return to their store! Also, calling them is a nightmare. One day I called over 6 times and was put on hold with NO ONE coming back all six times!!!

May 5th - Ordered cabinets and paid in full! Was told it would take maybe 4-5 weeks for delivery. I said I was leaving June 27th for Europe - would they be there for sure??? Assured it would be no problem - they made a note that I would be out of town for a month!

I called (they never called as assured) in mid-June and was told the delivery date was between June 22-27th. Again I would be called for sure to set up the delivery. I had to call multiple times to get this information with not ONE returned phone call.

June 23rd - still NO call about delivery date so I start calling store. Bruce, "cabinet guy" rarely returns calls. Finally I get a hold of him and his response is they called me and it's my fault I never called them back - cabinets will be delivered on the 28th cuz all delivery days are now full???

June 24-26th. I made numerous phone calls to shipping company, store managers and Bruce to no avail. Cabinets would NOT be delivered on time! Bruce's response, "it's only a day - I don't know what the problem is???" If he checked his notes he's see there is a problem when you are not in the country! Oh, he also offered to come to my house and take in the delivery. How many of you would allow a stranger to have a key to your home!

June 26th. Call store assistant manager "Ginger." She is very sorry for problem - will pay for me to have my contractor come up from the Bay area the following week for delivery. Told to go on my trip and have a wonderful time!

July 11th. Cabinets are delivered with smashed up boxes! Two cabinets with crashed in sides and various doors with scratches. Contractor attempted to contact cabinet company, "Schuller" to get replacements. They said no problem let store know. Store needs to deal with me so I have to wait till I am home in August to talk with them.

~August 8th. I am home and back up to Tahoe to inspect the cabinets myself. I call Lowe's and again get "transferred" to a number that rings and rings and rings... Instead I drive to the store (hour round trip) and bring my computer with me. There I am presented the "manager" Ed (I believe). He spends about an hour with me discussing the smashed cabinets, taking me back to show me what the "finished sides of cabinets" should look like (the photo finish is a joke)! He says I should have been offered the "real sides of cabinets" and the cabinets would be replaced that were bad. I found out after an hour he was NOT the manager, but a manager in training. He then left a message for Ginger to call me the next day along with another manager Keith!

Ginger returns my call the very next day and tells me she would make good on paying the contractor if she could get it approved by her manager. She does so and she is probably the ONLY person who did what they said through this entire experience - YOU GO GINGER!

Keith calls and tells me it is no problem with reordering my cabinets after an hour of discussion. He says I have two choices, "have my contractor fix the cabinet and get a full refund OR get a replacement!" The cabinets take two weeks on this special rush since they were damaged. He tells me Bruce will call to take all the details on which cabinets I decide to do what with!

Bruce doesn't call right away. I have to call 3 times the next day and he finally returns my call. He takes down the information. I chose to replace one cabinet, get the refund on the other and also replace 6 damaged doors. He said he would place the order immediately. It should be about two weeks!

~August 22. I call store asking for when the cabinets would be delivered. The cabinet man there says he'd leave a message for Bruce to call me when he got in.

~Aug 23 - Bruce calls my "Tahoe home" leaving a message (knowing that is not where I live) and says as if I didn't call or anything, "The Schuller representative would like to come and inspect your cabinets - how about this Friday?" He also tells me at this time they don't do refunds. I'd have to replace the cabinet I already paid to have the contractor FIX and install or just lose the money???

Immediately I have had it. The cabinets haven't even been ORDERED. I call the corporate office after talking to Bruce briefly. They won't handle complaints, instead kick it back to the store manager. This is when I am introduced to Cheryl. Cheryl finally after talking with Keith tells me they will do a "special order" on these cabinets and switch out the cabinets themselves once they come in. They would put a "rush" on this order. I am at this point called almost daily with an update! They immediately told me the cabinets would not be delivered until Sept 22. YET, they promised to contact the "representative of Schuller" to speed up the process!" Never was the representative contacted - they just let that original date slide. A month later is NOT a "rush order!" They (Steve, Keith or whoever) still call me most days with an update that they will talk to the representative! NO representative is contacted that I know, I don't get any new calls with updated "FASTER" delivery date!

September 7th - Another phone call from Steve (~7 or 8pm, message left on home phone). This time he mentions it looks like my cabinets will be delivered by the end of the month, HOPEFULLY by September 26th!

September 8th - I get a call from Lowe's (recording) some special order is in and I need to immediately pick it up. I call 6 times. I get an operator who says I have NO special order (maybe the system was just off by one number by coincidence). Six times I get put on hold and no one ever comes back!!!

September 9th (~12:45) - I call immediately to the corporate office and ask for a supervisor. She comes on and hears my story. I tell him I am ready to put an ad in the paper with this ridiculous "customer service." She says, "Please wait till I have the district manager talk to you." I tell her she has 24 hours!

Sept 9 (~2pm). Yet another manager from Lowes (Brad) calls and says he is sorry about the problem. He assures me he will call Schuller and find out what is going on. If nothing else, he will have my cabinet (without doors) delivered the next week so I can get them installed to hurry up the counter installation process! He says he'll call back AFTER he gets a hold of Schuller.

Sept 9 (~3:30 pm) Shockingly enough Brad calls back. He confirms the sink base cabinet will be coming the following week.

Sept 8 (~4:30PM) Alan Huggins calls from Lowe's District Office explaining he is a corporate manager and he is greatly sorry for all that has happened. He says it should not have ever gotten to this point and being he is "new" he will do everything he can to improve this situation. He says his first agenda is to get me my cabinets! He has the audacity to say he's like them to install my counter - RIGHT! After reiterating what Brad has already told me he promises to call back Monday to make sure things are moving along after he speaks with Brad. At that point he'd discuss with me some form or monetary compensation for my hassles!

Sept 12 (~4:45PM) I have no call from either Brad or Alan so I attempt to call Alan to get some answers. I call corporate and they tell me someone else is the District manager and give me a number to call. The operator at the second number tells me that manager has been promoted, ALAN is the manager! I ask to speak with Alan and they rudely say, "He's not here, he's left because he was here at 5 AM!" I kindly say, "please leave him a message to call Thea Silva. I never received the call he promised!"

Sept 12 (~ 8PM) There is a message from Steve. My cabinets and doors will LEAVE the Schuller factory or Thursday, Sept 15th. He will do what he can to hurry up the process of getting them delivered and call me back on Thursday to give me the shipping information!

Sept 13 Alan returns my call. His excuse is, "I had my manager from the store talk to you, I believed that would suffice!" He then says he understands my cabinets will be delivered is there anything else he could do. I said, "of course if you want my return service to your store!" He says, "the only thing I can say is sorry, this should have never happened." I said, "that is it!" He says, "yes." I say I guess I'll never visit your store again. He says goodbye!

Sept 16 I sit here and write this. Have I heard the promised call from Lowe's with the shipping information - of course not!!! I will update this and we'll see if they follow through.

Sept 16 - Cheryl finally calls and says the cabinets will probably be leaving the factory on Wednesday (meaning no sink base THIS WEEK!)

Sept 20- I get the call the cabinet/doors/etc. are finally being shipped out.

Sept 20- Another call, not everything is being shipped (one door is still on backorder). They will call my contractor and let them know when they are coming. The cabinet should be in the Lowe's store by Wednesday. I am told (and I should be impressed) that the sales rep is driving ALL the way to Sacramento to pick them up!

Sept 22 - NO call at 3:00 PM from Lowe's even though everything should be in their store. I call and they say they will call right back.

Sept 22 - Finally they call around 5PM. They are on the way, but it's NOT one backordered door, it's THREE!!! We'll see what happens when they get there!

Sept 22 - Keith a manager shows up with cabinet and doors. Still three are on backorder.

Sept 26 - NO word from Lowe's when my other cabinets will be in. No word from any manager about any threats I have made!

My advice is - NEVER SHOP AT LOWE'S if you want quality customer service! Also NEVER CALL LOWE'S unless you enjoy being put on hold and hung up on! SHOP AT HOME DEPOT or your local neighborhood hardware store!!!!

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Tom M on 02/26/2014:
Wow....I thought we were the only ones. Same bad experience in Weymouth, MA
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Cabinet Order Disaster
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PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA -- I purchased Woodgate red oak cabinets from the Lowe's of Portsmouth, VA on July 6, 2009. First, we were greeted and taken care of while we were in the cabinet department. All employees were friendly; however, when my husband and I applied for a joint Project Card, the employee only put in his name. Therefore, I cannot use the card. My husband had to call after we got the one card, with his name on it, and they are sending us a form to make the account joint.

Next, when we went to pay at the front, the employee told the cashier to ring up everything (even the items I did not have), which caused a problem. If everything was rung up as if we took it with us, how would the store know what they owed us? All of the cabinets were not in stock, which was no problem for me since my contractors still had weeks before they would begin. I was told the cabinets that they "owed" me would be in within a few weeks and they had me pay for everything and sign a "delivery/take"
slip. I had to ask for a copy of this, and I am really glad I did because problems did develop. As soon as I got home, I worried that there wasn't something right. I contacted corporate Lowe's through their website. I received an immediate response, and I was told the store manager would contact me.

The next day, a store manager did contact me. He had no idea who I was and what I was talking about. I gave him item numbers (thank God I had the delivery slip), and he put in the computer what I was owed. He told me our cabinets would be in on the 10. I called on the 14 and spoke with a customer service representative at Lowe's. She insured me my cabinets were all in-stock. My husband and father-in-law drove all of the way back to Lowe's in Portsmouth. The customer service people were very nice and pulled my order sheet and gave it to a young man to go get. He came back with one cabinet. I explained everything was supposed to come in on the 10 and they should be in the back. I stood at the front for a while, but no one said anything to me. I noticed the young man was helping someone else. So I went and asked him what was going on with my cabinets, and he told me they were not here. I went back to cabinets, where I saw no one, but two women in vacuums. I explained who I was and if anyone was working cabinets. They said they were (thanks for letting me walk around cabinets in circles!), and that my cabinets were not here and they had no idea that they owed me any. Then I explained that I had talked to the manager and one of the women told me she was the manager. Then she said that someone was back there looking (why wasn't she?), and that she didn't think they were back there because the computer did not show they owed me anything. I (thank god) had my take slip from the original purchase, which proved they owed me cabinets. She told me a customer service representative would return the items they owed me, then re-ring them as an "owe" this
way the account/corporate/district supplier would all know they owe us cabinets. I left, with one cabinet, and feeling very upset.

So I called corporate twice this time and filed a formal complaint. In my complaint, I told them about the credit disaster and the problems with the store. I also told them I was going to file with the Better Business Bureau if a REAL manager did not call me within 24 hours. Obviously I had been talking to shift or assistant or department managers. While I was on the phone with corporate, the sales person from cabinets, who sold me the cabinets, called me and told me there was a truck coming that night, the 15th, and my cabinets would be on it, but that I should call first to make sure. To this I replied, I all ready called and everyone says they either have no idea what I am talking about or my cabinets are there, so that won\'t work. Then I ended the call. Within 24 hours of filing 2 complaints, Peter, the store GM called me (while I was at an
other Lowe\'s ironically!), and told me he was tracking down my cabinets at the distribution center. I told him to call me back when he found them. He called me back a few minutes later and told me the cabinets would be on the truck scheduled for Sunday the 19th. I asked if they could be delivered on Monday because my husband and I could not drive a third time to Portsmouth. He scheduled the delivery for me and my cabinets came today, July 20 at 12:30. The men were very nice and Peter was fabulous. I am very appreciative of the delivery.

My contractors are scheduled for the 23 so there was no money or time lost, but the emotional stress was overwhelming. I'm glad that I called and emailed corporate Lowe's 4 times, and that the GM finally contacted me. Lesson is always talk to the GM, not a department manager. Also, when nothing gets done, letting them know I was all ready logged into the Better Business Bureau ready to file my complaint and seek legal action was effective. Also, I think being polite and not losing my cool was effective. My father worked for Lowe's and I know this is not how they want customers treated. My advice is careful ordering, and always talk to the GM.
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Complain about Kitchen Cabinet Product
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Rating: 4/51
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- "...I bought last October/November Kitchen Cabinets by Lowe's, (Lowe's brand)
the Sample where I looked at in the store was pretty good,
so I ordered for approx. 4000.00$, when the Cabinets are
installed I'm not so happy with the Quality. I regret I've
not bought by IKEA because for the same price I would have a better
Quality. I would never buy this product (Potomac...!!) again, maybe later I'll replace
with a better Quality of my Choice.
The Lowe's Sales person did a great job with helping me to get all the measurements
and with some replacement where I ask to exchange...."
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Cabinets ordered wrong three times, poor kitchen "design"
Posted by on
My experience is very similar to the one posted by Barbara. The kitchen "designer" had no clue. Cabinets had to be re-ordered three times due to her mistakes, causing the work to be delayed about three months altogether and the end product was pieced together instead of designed (kitchen by reaction, not by design). Many mistakes were made that didn't have to be "lived with" if the designer had known what she was doing. Can't count the number of times she gave me wrong answers when she should have said she didn't know (and better yet, would find out). When I finally realized she had no idea what she was doing, I quit working with her, but then I had to deal with all the fall-out, extra time for plumbers, electricians and other tradespeople to re-do work, time taken off over and over again from my own work to deal with the issues that arose. The Lowes cabinet installer himself, who bragged over and over again about how good he was, installed the upper cabinets 1/8 inch too high and my handyman who did the moulding had to move all the doors down (I paid him four hours extra for that). (The moulding was on premises and was given to the cabinet installer so that the cabinets would be installed in the correct place.) Then, at the very end, all that we had to do was to install the dishwasher. The space the cabinet installer had left was 1/8 inch too narrow. The cabinet installer claimed we had moved a cabinet (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and then the manager from Lowe's who came out when we complained loud enough said the door of the dishwasher was bent (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). REALLY????????? The Lowe's manager belt-sanded our NEW cabinets down the little bit it took to get it installed. The irony is that there was a three-inch filler piece in-between two cabinets just to the right that could have been 2 7/8 inches so that we never would have had the problem. I would never, ever, ever buy any major products or services from Lowe's. In fact, because of all the problems we bought all the appliances from Home Depot and had Home Depot do a major insulation project that we decided to do when we took out the ceiling of the kitchen and we had to remove all the old insulation. The granite came from another vendor entirely. We had planned to do it all with Lowe's -- so they lost about $20,000 in business because of the kitchen designer. I could have even taken the problems with the cabinet installer if we hadn't already had so many problems with the others. Perhaps these kinds of problems could happen with any kitchen designer. I would ask serious, direct questions to the designer him/herself and find out how much experience and training they have. If you have any qualms at all, walk away. There is too much riding on the early design.
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Alain on 09/25/2011:
You aren't going to usually find good "designers" at a big box store like Lowes. They're basically clerks who've been trained by video tapes or DVD's.
jktshff1 on 09/25/2011:
Alain, actually a lot of the big boxes use CAD/CAM design systems like Cabinet Vision or KCDW cabinet software as opposed to AutoCad. All the salesperson has to do is put in the style, sizes and measurements to make the set of cabinets. Takes a lot of training and if something is not just right, it messes up the whole thing. A local cabinet maker is still you best bet (some use the same programs, but are better at it) vs factory cabinets. Just let them know your budget and go from there.
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Shenandoah Cabinets -- Horrible Experience With Lowes
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FLANDERS, NEW JERSEY -- Started remodel in Jan 2011 -- ran into issues in NJ needing permits/custom order patio door off kitchen which caused months of delays (not Lowes fault).

Shenandoah cabinets came poorly assembled -- ordered a bath vanity that the front was poorly glued and not straight, doors were installed crooked, stain was inconsistent (one door lighter and the other door noticeably darker).

Lowes installer did not install scribe molding on top cabinets leaving the cabinets looking unfinished, also was in a rush and job reflected mediocre install.

Install services department so far has been less than responsive here in North NJ. Would never buy Shenandoah cabinets again with the quality issues noted between staining, crooked doors and a vanity base that wasn't straight -- these were mid line Shenandoah cabinets and very disappointed across the board with Shenandoah, Lowes and the subcontractor...
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trmn8r on 05/31/2011:
Personally, cabinets are one of those things it is worth paying (a little) extra for. Of course you can pay 2x or 3x or 4x as much for ~really~ good stuff.

I shopped around for a month or more, before settling on a local independent shop for my kitchen/baths. My memory from 16 years ago is the home center stuff was $3k, the most expensive I found were $20k, and I paid $6k. I got solid cherry fronts, capable hardware, excellent construction, and professional installation by their staff.

This is a very helpful review for people wandering into a Lowes and thinking they will get a durable, well constructed and installed product. It may not happen.
Anonymous on 05/31/2011:
I agree with trmn8r, spend the extra to have them professionally done....Lowes is great for hardware.
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Disaster kitchen cabinet experience
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SEDALIA, MISSOURI -- We were ready to remodel our kitchen at our lake home 2 hours away from where we live in Kansas City. Very excited we measured our existing kitchen footprint and went to our awesome Lowe's store near our city home. After much work with a very competent cabinet salesperson, we were ready to go--or not. When we went to place the order with this wonderful salesperson who had worked with us so diligently we were told Lowe's has a strict policy of store proximity to the installation, and as a result we had to work with the Lowe's store closest to our lakehome. So we took our designs to a very lucky Lowe's salesperson at the store closest to our lakehome (we ordered over $10,000 of product); all she had to do was order the product and schedule our installation.
It took us 3 different trips, 2 hours away, to go back so she could learn their ordering system; she continually said "can't do this, we don't do none of these here. . ." we should have run fast. Instead, we weighed our options and remembering our wonderful Lowe's experience in Kansas City decided to give the Sedalia store a try. 8 weeks later, I have half of a kitchen installed, a store salesperson who refuses to call us back, and no kitchen countertops (only to find out from the countertop company that the salesperson at Lowe's didn't give them the order until yesterday, when we were assured it was done weeks ago.) The salesperson will sometimes have the unfortunate luck of actually answering the phone when my husband or I call, only to turn around and literally hang up on us or say "I can't talk I have a customer." We never get a returned phone call. I called Robert Niblock's office today (CEO of Lowe's) and actually spoke with a reasonably educated, polite, customer focused person on the phone who agreed to help us. We are waiting to hear back, meanwhile I have $10,000 invested in cabinetry that is half finished, no countertops for what appear to be weeks to come, and the Sedalia, Missouri Lowe's store refuses to deal with us in any way. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM THAT STORE AND ITS KITCHEN CABINET EXPERTISE, they have none! If we had it to do over we would have had a custom cabinet maker do the cabinets as so many people recommended we do. We have signs all over our street at the lakehouse warning people against doing business with the Sedalia Lowe's store, and are actively telling our many friends who are rehabbing homes in the Lake of the Ozarks area to pursue any other alternative than the Lowe's store in Sedalia. Oh, and three of our neighbors at the lake are lawyers. . .who at the very least are assisting us in our complaint to the Attorney General's office, and perhaps pursue further action against the Lowe's in Sedalia, Missouri.
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Do NOT buy your cabinets/counter tops from Lowe's
Posted by on
FLOWER MOUND, TEXAS -- My husband and I recently moved and we purchased a home that needed some updating so we decided to give Lowe's a try. (we previously had used Home Depot to do our last kitchen with ZERO problems but did not like the nearby HD store and loved the look and choices at Lowe's.)

At first things went rather slow, but we felt we were partially to blame as we changed our plans a few times. It took nearly 4 weeks to get a final plan drawn. However, once we finally ordered the cabinets and they were delivered (took another 4 weeks) is when the problems started.

The cabinets were delivered and the store was informed of the delivery day. I again confirmed delivery once received. It took a week for the installers to call and schedule an appointment to inspect the order. When I threatened to go to another installer, the installer was there the next day. When all boxes were opened, one cabinet was cracked and unusable, one was the wrong cabinet completely, and one was the wrong measurement. They all had to be reordered--2-3 weeks, rush delivery. (now remember, I have NO kitchen by now as it was all removed for new install)

Next was the counter top. We wanted to go with the Zodiac Quartz. Three days after partial cabinet install a guy shows up to measure. He took measurements I could have taken and given over the phone. Two days goes by and Lowe's calls to set up the appointment for making a template--for the NEXT week. AND they tell me it will be 6 WEEKS before the counter top is back and then another week (?) before it can be installed. And only then can the rest of my cabinets be installed because some of the uppers sit on the countertop.

At this point, they have delayed my kitchen install by 6-8 weeks. And of course, I have been bumped off my painter and electrician's schedule as they have other work to do which means, I will be behind even longer once they can get me back on schedule.

I found a local store that carried the Quartz and although they were slightly higher, they could have it templated and done in 7-10 days, just about the time my cabinets come.

Like I said, I have done a kitchen with HD and they were MUCH more on top of things, MUCH more professional, and MUCH more satisfactory all around. I will not buy one more thing from Lowe's. Ever.
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Anonymous on 04/16/2008:
Swing Lowes, sweet chariot, coming forth to carry me to Home Depot.
DebtorBasher on 04/16/2008:
Sheriff...can I have some of what you're drinking tonight?
madconsumer on 04/17/2008:
any custom kitchen takes 4/6 months to complete.
Alain on 04/24/2008:
Lowe's, adding to it's bad reputation and proud of it.
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