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Lowe's Window Installation Nightmare
Posted by FrustratedOne on 06/24/2009
BATESVILLE, MISSISSIPPI -- I am so tired, disgusted, and worn down about dealing with Lowe's on this window installation that you will only get a very summarized version of the events. I ordered 13 Pella windows from an area Lowe's and charged them on my new Lowe's credit card. The quick version of my story is this: The first installer (yes, the FIRST one) did not know what he was doing. The windows were not level, crooked, and loose. I complained. Lowe's sends Pella out to look. Pella says, Yep, installed improperly. Installer is sent back. He says he sees nothing wrong and leaves. Second installer is sent who says they are installed incorrectly. Comes back later to correct. I find out first installer drilled holes in all of the windows. I tell Lowe's they can either refund me for the windows or send new ones because I won't pay a penny for ruined ones. They send new windows with yet a THIRD installer. Third installer beings to smart off to me. I send him and the windows packing on the spot. I call store manager (one of many conversations with him) and tell him you can either refund me an amount I'm satisfied with or I'll have the windows yanked and replaced by Home Depot and you can have yours back. We agree on a price. It has been a month now and they still have not credited me back the correct amount. This has been a 6 month ordeal. I will absolutely, undeniably, NEVER shop at a Lowe's ever again. Everyone there could care less about taking care of a customer. It's amazing.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-24:
If you have a written agreement with the manager you have a good case. But if only verbal, you need to go back.
Posted by MRM on 2009-06-24:
Wow, what a hassle indeed and thank you for the summarized version instead of the long version of this incident.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-06-24:
I just don't count on either Lowe's or Home Depot for any of the custom work they claim to have a handle on. You're at the mercy of whomever they have working there at the time and whomever they have installing too.

Sorry for your troubles, stay on them for your refund.
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Installed Windows In Our Home But Won't Lock Down
Posted by Rex968 on 04/25/2013
Windows installed by Lowe's store in Russellville, AR
won't lock down, talked to store 4 or 5 times said they
will correct, but will send mfg. Company out, they came
out several time, said they will correct, still waiting for
them to correction four windows, 3 yrs. To this day they
say we will correct, but when? Thanks.
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Rebate paperwork - supposedly never received
Posted by Nik32 on 08/13/2009
FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA -- I purchased 12 Pella windows from Lowe's this spring that had Lowe's $20 gift card rebates on each window. I sent in the receipt/paperwork early June and still haven't received the cards. When I called my local Lowe's the Customer Service person said she would call the rebate center for me and called right back saying they never received my paperwork. The skeptic in me immidately said 'yeah right' but since she proceeded to tell me how to re-submit my paperwork copies, I decided I would give it a second chance. However, she said I didn't have to send anything else in, just the paperwork - but the submit date has long since passed so I have a sinking feeling they won't accept it, even with the letter I plan to attach with the date/conversation. I had a great sales experience and a fantastic installation contractor that I have been telling everyone about so I would really hate to have this story to tell instead.
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Posted by saj80 on 2009-08-13:
Try contacting the rebate center directly, via the contact information listed on the rebate application.
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My Door Is Leaking And Lowe's Is Lying
Posted by BW in GA on 07/21/2008
AUSTELL, GEORGIA -- I bought two doors from Lowes in late 2006. I bought a glass door for my back door and a storm door for the front door. Earlier this year around February or March I noticed that at the back door my hard wood was beginning to buckle and my door jam was turning brown from what appeared to be water damage. In Georgia in 2007 we had a drought so it rained minimally last year. I contacted Lowes about my door leak and initially they wanted to charge me 25.00 for them to come out to determine if the door they installed was a problem. I told them that I had already paid them and I was not going to pay them to come out and look at a door that they installed incorrectly.

I told them that I have had my house over 10 years and none on my other doors were leaking only the 1.3 year old door they installed. They sent the contractor out and he had the audacity to tell me that it was a caulking issue and he would fix the caulk so the door would not leak anymore. He told me that as a homeowner I should caulk around my house every couple of years. I told him I had never caulked anything in my life and I was not going to caulk a brand new door.

Any caulking should be done by the installer. He finished caulking and I asked him about my hard wood floors and the door frame. He said Lowes would be in touch. They cared about there customers and would make it right. I waited a few days and no one called so I followed up with them. I spoke with one of the Managers and he sent out a representative from Lowes. She looked at all the water damage and agreed that there was an issue with the door. She told me that the installer said the leak was fixed with the caulking and they would contact the company that installed my hard wood floors and repair my floors. She also said the caulking the installer did was not a good job and she would send him back out to make it look better. She was in touch several times over the next few weeks and said she was waiting on information from the floor people to determine my type of hard wood.

In the meantime the installer came back out and reapplied the caulking. I was still not convinced that leak was fixed and asked Lowes to make sure that was correct before they fixed the floors. I noticed on 7/14 after a really hard rain that I had new water damage. Mind you this has been going on since March. I went to the store where I got the doors and spoke to yet another manager. This guy tells me that Lowes is not responsible for the leak because it has been over 1 year and that they are not sure it is the door. I am appalled the person who came out said the door was leaking and the installer told me it was caulking. He said that he would have the person who had been working with me call and setup yet another person to come out to determine if it is a door leak but I should contact my insurance company. Needless to say it is 7/21 and I have not heard from anyone at the store. On 7/14 I called Lowes corporate headquarters in NC and they apologized and told a general manager would call me within 24 hours.

I have yet to hear from them either. The only thing you want people to do is the right thing. I paid Lowes my money with the assumption that my door was not disposable. I will fight this to the end but really should we have to go through this as consumers.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-22:
Prior to marriage I was an very talented and frequently practicing caulksman.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-22:
So am I to infer C2O that your wife doesn't care for your caulking skills?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-22:
Not at all. I just had to allow my license to be revoked and commit my skills to one job. Those were the days!
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Eastham.robert on 06/07/2013
FOUNTAIN, COLORADO -- I went to Lowe's to purchase a window mounted AC unit and was ready to spend about $500. I had a couple of questions that I wanted to ask but mostly wanted someone to help me get the 150 pound AC unit off the shelf. I went to the front to get some assistance since I didn't see anyone working. The young lady paged someone for me. I waited for about 10 minutes and decided to leave. I drove to the closest Home Depot and got a better deal and WAY BETTER customer service.

My money goes to wherever the best customer service is and I will never step foot in a Lowe's again as long as there is a Home Depot around.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-06-07:
You can't judge all stores of a chain based on one. Near me, Lowes is much better than HD. It varies greatly, possibly due to local management.

At these big box building supply stores it is pretty much do it yourself. The staffing is such that if you need help, you often have to wait for it.
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-06-07:
I hope you are exaggerating the weight of the A/C! To put a 150 lb. unit in a window would be courting trouble.
Posted by Chris on 2013-06-10:
So this one time you couldnt find anyone to help you is an indication to you that you should never shop there again? Was the store busy? How do you know what the employee for the department was doing... Did you stop to consider he may have been stuck trying to help another person like you... by that I mean a CUSTOMER. I'm sorry to say but customers outnumber employees at a store and that means when a lot of people are shopping and need help you have to wait your turn. Maybe had you waited just another minute or two the employee trying to get to you would have come. I have worked retail. When I am stuck with someone who feels the need to ask me the same thing 50 different ways when i know someone in another aisle needs help I feel bad. Try not being so impatient the world doesnt revolve around you. There have been crazy busy saturdays where I could have 30 people working in my area and STILL not get to every customer who needs help immediately. Have some consideration
Posted by employee on 2013-06-25:
I actually work for Lowe's. We all try extremely hard to help every customer that walks through the doors and unfortunately sometimes we fall a little bit sort. All I'm saying is 10 minutes is not a long time. If a customer is patiently waiting, I am willing to help as soon as I finish with my current customer. If you were in such a rush, you could have went back to the service desk and let them know. I know for a fact, that they would have gladly found someone near by to assist you!!!!
Posted by Every Customer??? on 2013-06-28:
I spent 1.5 hours shopping at your store in apple valley Ca. and had over 200.00 $ in merchandise and when i was to check out the clerk saw that my card had my wifes name on it and refused it. I explained that i had lost my card yesterday and both cards are identical except for name and offered to show her an expired card with the same number on it when she refused to even look at the card she got quite snotty and i said i would pay cash but this would be the last time in this store since Home Depot is across the street, At that time she walked off with my card and started telling everyone with a red vest on what had happened , I have been embarrassed before but not in a store by a clerk telling the world that i was attempting a fraudulent act. At this time my wife was on the phone and heard all of it i offered to put her on the phone but the clerk was to busy making sure that customers and employees within earshot could hear her.

At this point i said i would never come back to a store that intentionally embarrasses there customers. However i needed several items badly and returned to pay cash when a assistant manager came up and when i told him what happen he did not apologize or solicit my cash purchase he just said the clerk did her job , Since when is a embarrassed customer part of a clerks job.

At this point i said verbatim " this type of customer service is ridiculous and she can kiss my ass" then your manager took offense to a phrase spoken on broadcast t.v. radio and was not directed towards him.HE ORDERED ME OUT OF YOUR STORE AND SAID NOT TO COME BACK.! I have pulled my receipts for 2013/2012 totaling 13,563.82 I gather this does not matter to your company so i have no choice unless an apology at the least is given and on second thought a apology coming from a man who is so thin skinned in a environment of contractors should be looking for a job.After my experience i expect nothing from your company so Good Bye and i have lost faith in your chain so good luck, may Karma pay your store a visit , Treating customers this way has a way of getting around.
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Ordering a Door From Lowes, and Receiving Assistance From Store Manager Michael
Posted by Klh01 on 10/27/2013
WASHINGTON, MISSOURI -- Two weeks ago I ordered an exterior door for my garage, I brought the original door with me in order to assure proper measurement for the hinges and dead bolt lock etc. I am not a professional by any means. Michael Murphy (store manager, which I did not know) assisted me and ensured the proper measurements were taken and sent to have the door made and cut properly. As things go, I was called, picked up the door, and in the process of putting on the door realized the top and bottom hinge were not cut out properly with the wrong measurements. I witnessed Mike Murphy's original measuring and was sure the problem was not at his end. The dead bolt lock was also not cut in the correct spot, approx. 1/4" off. I called the store, talked to someone named Jim who insinuated, it was my fault that the door was cut wrong and that I should have made the hinge cuts and measurements myself. The next morning I took the door back to Lowes with the original door, and went to customer service, told them I wanted to speak with the store manager. I was "hot" because of my conversation with "Jim." Here comes Mike Murphy, I told him of my problem, and he did not blame anyone for the mistake, he assisted me in getting both doors off my truck, and we went in and remeasured the doors. Mike said I could reorder the door with proper cuts and measurements and it would take 2 weeks again.

To make a long story short, Mike made the cuts for me on the door I received. Mike also showed me how I could make the dead bolt lock work by cutting into the door frame. Mike later called me at my house, and questioned how my progress went with hanging the door. Everything went great, Mike Murphy knows customer service and went out of his way to keep me a happy customer. Things could have went wrong, but I believe Mr. Murphy would have ensured I was kept satisfied with Lowes service. "Jim" on the other hand was pointing fingers immediately and shifting blame to me and who ever cut the hinges..

I can't express how satisfied and happy I was with the service of Michael Murphy, Lowes store manage, Washington, Mo.
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Window Replacement
Posted by Bcatgeiser on 10/15/2013
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Needed repairs for water damage around window and window replacement. Dealt with 3 people:

1- Sales
2- Evaluator of the problem who ordered replacement lumber and materials
3: The "replacer"

The third person seemed to be a replacer only and did nothing about the water damaged board supporting the window.

Needless to say much of the material I had paid for was not used. I was told I would be reimbursed for the material not used....that didn't happen either.
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Completely Unacceptable, Never Again
Posted by Walleyeworld on 08/28/2013
First window order had to be reordered three times due to excessive damage. Most recent order I was told three different delivery dates and still no windows. Never again will I or anyone I know shop Lowes.
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Unreliable & Unaccountable Order System
Posted by Derek.lakewood on 08/11/2013
LITTLETON, COLORADO -- I placed an order online for two garage doors 6/22/13; the estimated delivery to the store was 7/12. Lowes sent me email confirmations and a survey request after this date, but never notified me that the doors were ready for pickup, so I called 8/11 to find out if they were ready. The customer service representative told me that his system showed that the order had been cancelled by someone at Lowes on 7/1. Nobody ever notified me that the order was being cancelled.
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Posted by Subway-buff on 07/26/2013
WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA -- On 7/13/13 I went to their store to pay for a measurement for a new door. I was contacted within two days for a measurement. They came out and measured and said they'd have the salesman contact me. No one called. I check all calls via caller ID before picking up due to 99.9% of all calls being telemarketers or calls outside my home area code.

Home Depot cares and will get that job. And to think I was dumb enough to believe the comments on this site to give them another chance! If I could give them 0 stars I would but 1 is as low as I can go!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-07-26:
Did you try calling them and asking what's up?

As far as believing feedback about Lowes or HD, these stores vary greatly from one location to the next. I've had bad experiences at each chain, isolated to certain locations.
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