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Do Not Use Lowe's to Install a Product.
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I normally would not write on the negative. However I'm compelled to share my failed impact window installation. I purchased and contracted with Lowe's to install three impact windows in my home. After three failed install attempts by three different contractors and failing by the city inspectors for improper installation, they are trying to buy my silence with a full refund if I sign a "Release of Claims". Oh and they promise to get them to pass inspection even though they are damaged.

Windows always arrived damaged. Contractors mishandled and damaged them further, even to the point of voiding the factory warranty on one occasion. The hammer picture above separated the side frame from the top frame by more than 1/2". Windows failed city inspection as they could not be opened, egress requirement.

Shade Installation Process Couldn't Get Passed Step 1
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Rating: 1/51

BETHLEHEM, PENNSYLVANIA -- On 7/7/15, my husband and I came to Lowe's with the expectation of exploring floor blinds and shades solutions. We recently moved into a nearby quaint Colonial home and faced challenges with the multi-wood frames. That evening, we met with the store department employee who, in short, recommended that we have an installer come to the home for $35 and provide a professional consult. She advised that we would hear from him in 2 days. I advised her that this project was long past due so that it would be critical to hear from him within the week. We had 7 windows to get dressed and I was eager, having already been in the home for a month without coverings.

It took a week or more to receive our first phone call from Bob the subcontractor. Days passed until I inquired with my husband who took the call. He explained that the man was rude and very non-customer friendly. Bob told Manny that he would be in touch shortly to schedule that visit. Some length of time passed again and we made a visit to that same dept. employee at the store and she tried hard to ignore our plight for service. First pretending to be thoroughly busy and stating she would inquire and get back which didn't happen.

Even more time passed and after more inquiries with no response, I took it upon myself to call Bob Thursday, 8/28/15, and I explained that I would have 4 days off in the following week, that I would really like to schedule that paid visit. He advised that he would be away for the weekend and would call me upon his return. Having spoken to him myself, I will attest to my husband's testimony of his being aggravated, difficult and rude. Again, he did NOT call me.

I went to the store today to request a refund and purchased 2 temporary blinds. And the same dept. employee pulled up the notes, claiming that she tried to reach me on 9/3/15, which I highly doubt held any truth. I have waited well over two months to put this appointment in place. There were no signs of missed calls or voice messages.

Frankly, I felt discriminated against, and while she claimed earnestly disappointed that she would lose our business, she also stated, "Well I wish I would have known this was going on…" And I point blankly explained to her that she did know because we made a store visit to see her and she made a promise that she herself did not keep. It is in that false etiquette that I'm gravely disappointed. I also asked her to make my complaint known.

I question Lowe's as a community partner. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I understand the value of excellent customer service all too well. We are highly disappointed with the lack of care received and though I was refunded my $35, I would have far more liked my 7 windows covered 2 MONTHS AGO. I also would have liked to rant raving reviews about the prompt and good service from Lowe's, but now I cannot. I have receipts of everything to back my story.

Ordering a Door From Lowes, and Receiving Assistance From Store Manager Michael
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Rating: 4/51

WASHINGTON, MISSOURI -- Two weeks ago I ordered an exterior door for my garage, I brought the original door with me in order to assure proper measurement for the hinges and dead bolt lock etc. I am not a professional by any means. ** (store manager, which I did not know) assisted me and ensured the proper measurements were taken and sent to have the door made and cut properly. As things go, I was called, picked up the door, and in the process of putting on the door realized the top and bottom hinge were not cut out properly with the wrong measurements.

I witnessed **'s original measuring and was sure the problem was not at his end. The dead bolt lock was also not cut in the correct spot, approx. 1/4" off. I called the store, talked to someone named ** who insinuated, it was my fault that the door was cut wrong and that I should have made the hinge cuts and measurements myself. The next morning I took the door back to Lowe's with the original door, and went to customer service, told them I wanted to speak with the store manager. I was "hot" because of my conversation with "**."

Here comes **, I told him of my problem, and he did not blame anyone for the mistake, he assisted me in getting both doors off my truck, and we went in and remeasured the doors. ** said I could reorder the door with proper cuts and measurements and it would take 2 weeks again. To make a long story short, ** made the cuts for me on the door I received. ** also showed me how I could make the dead bolt lock work by cutting into the door frame. ** later called me at my house, and questioned how my progress went with hanging the door. Everything went great, ** knows customer service and went out of his way to keep me a happy customer.

Things could have gone wrong, but I believe Mr. ** would have ensured I was kept satisfied with Lowes service. "**" on the other hand was pointing fingers immediately and shifting blame to me and whoever cut the hinges. I can't express how satisfied and happy I was with the service of **, Lowes store manage, Washington, Mo.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

FOUNTAIN, COLORADO -- I went to Lowe's to purchase a window mounted AC unit and was ready to spend about $500. I had a couple of questions that I wanted to ask but mostly wanted someone to help me get the 150 pound AC unit off the shelf. I went to the front to get some assistance since I didn't see anyone working. The young lady paged someone for me. I waited for about 10 minutes and decided to leave. I drove to the closest Home Depot and got a better deal and WAY BETTER customer service. My money goes to wherever the best customer service is and I will never step foot in a Lowe's again as long as there is a Home Depot around.

Worst Customer Service Ever!!
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Rating: 1/51

SENECA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I have been going back and forth with the staff at the Lowe's in Seneca, SC since the end of March. I am still dealing with problems and the management including corporate are no help whatsoever.

They were running a special on custom ordered cabinets. Customer would receive a VISA card with a credit in the same amount your cabinetry came to. Due to their negligence with delay after delay I lost out on their special; losing $600.00. To date (May 21) cabinets were ordered wrong which delays the granite to be ordered, electrical to be done and plumbing installed. Now I have to wait another 4-6 weeks for the correct cabinets. Basically, the entire kitchen project at our house.

Other than one sales associate in the blinds/window coverings department, the department manager has no clue what they are doing. She doesn't know the products nor how to place an order. I spent over $2,000 on blinds and they are wrong. Another problem we are dealing with. Ordered several appliances and because one was on back order instead of waiting for the item, they cancelled my order altogether. Had to reorder the item and wait another 3 weeks. Another delay in the kitchen.

I don't know what is going on at the Lowe's Seneca, SC store but it is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Not only are their employees not training properly to order the correct merchandise but their department managers and assistant store manager can care less. At one point I was told, "I am sorry but your order has been closed with us and if you have a problem you will need to contact the manufacturer." It's been delay after delay yet my Lowe's card sure did get charged a hefty $18,000 which I am making payments on!! I will never shop there again and if any of you are working with them on a remodel job make sure you invest in valium!!

My Door Is Leaking And Lowe's Is Lying
By -

AUSTELL, GEORGIA -- I bought two doors from Lowe's in late 2006. I bought a glass door for my back door and a storm door for the front door. Earlier this year around February or March I noticed that at the back door my hard wood was beginning to buckle and my door jamb was turning brown from what appeared to be water damage. In Georgia in 2007 we had a drought so it rained minimally last year. I contacted Lowe's about my door leak and initially they wanted to charge me 25.00 for them to come out to determine if the door they installed was a problem.

I told them that I had already paid them and I was not going to pay them to come out and look at a door that they installed incorrectly. I told them that I have had my house over 10 years and none on my other doors were leaking only the 1.3 year old door they installed. They sent the contractor out and he had the audacity to tell me that it was a caulking issue and he would fix the caulk so the door would not leak anymore. He told me that as a homeowner I should caulk around my house every couple of years. I told him I had never caulked anything in my life and I was not going to caulk a brand new door.

Any caulking should be done by the installer. He finished caulking and I asked him about my hard wood floors and the door frame. He said Lowe's would be in touch. They cared about their customers and would make it right. I waited a few days and no one called so I followed up with them. I spoke with one of the Managers and he sent out a representative from Lowe's. She looked at all the water damage and agreed that there was an issue with the door. She told me that the installer said the leak was fixed with the caulking and they would contact the company that installed my hard wood floors and repair my floors.

She also said the caulking the installer did was not a good job and she would send him back out to make it look better. She was in touch several times over the next few weeks and said she was waiting on information from the floor people to determine my type of hard wood. In the meantime the installer came back out and reapplied the caulking. I was still not convinced that leak was fixed and asked Lowe's to make sure that was correct before they fixed the floors. I noticed on 7/14 after a really hard rain that I had new water damage. Mind you this has been going on since March.

I went to the store where I got the doors and spoke to yet another manager. This guy tells me that Lowe's is not responsible for the leak because it has been over 1 year and that they are not sure it is the door. I am appalled the person who came out said the door was leaking and the installer told me it was caulking. He said that he would have the person who had been working with me call and setup yet another person to come out to determine if it is a door leak but I should contact my insurance company. Needless to say it is 7/21 and I have not heard from anyone at the store.

On 7/14 I called Lowe's corporate headquarters in NC and they apologized and told a general manager would call me within 24 hours. I have yet to hear from them either. The only thing you want people to do is the right thing. I paid Lowe's my money with the assumption that my door was not disposable. I will fight this to the end but really should we have to go through this as consumers.

Vertical Blinds
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Rating: 1/51

ALBANY, GEORGIA -- I purchased Bali vertical blinds and didn't realize the valance was extra. I ordered the valances and got home to found out the hardware to install the valances was not included in the purchase. The salesperson failed to tell me that the hardware had to be ordered for the valances. What good is the product if you can't install it? I guess the sales persons are not trained to ask the right questions or don't know the product.

I have yet to get the hardware from them. Keep in mind when dealing with a sales persons at Lowe's that they may not know what they need to sell with the product to make it work. WARNING TO ALL. MAKE SURE THE SALESPERSON IS INFORMED TO SELL THE PRODUCT.

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Rating: 1/51

WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA -- On 7/13/13 I went to their store to pay for a measurement for a new door. I was contacted within two days for a measurement. They came out and measured and said they'd have the salesman contact me. No one called. I check all calls via caller ID before picking up due to 99.9% of all calls being telemarketers or calls outside my home area code. Home Depot cares and will get that job. And to think I was dumb enough to believe the comments on this site to give them another chance! If I could give them 0 stars I would but 1 is as low as I can go!

Over a Month Later and No Door
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX -- About a month ago I ordered a Screen Tight Meadow in Natural Wood Screen Door. The door was 30 dollars more than Home Depot but I ordered from Lowe's because the shipping claimed to be a week sooner. Needless to say the door did not arrive in time and when it finally did (10 days later than they claimed) the screen was ripped. So they offered to replace the screen, that was now 11 days ago and they tell me it "should" arrive sometime next week. Lesson learned - will NEVER shop at Lowes again, their attitude is so lax concerning customer care. This store sucks!

Unresponsive Instore Personnel
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Rating: 1/51

SOUTH CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA -- Very recently, I had been to Lowes about 3 times and all the 3 times, I had a discouraging experience there. I was shopping for small home improvement stuff. First time, I went to buy a screen door. As I didn't know much about them, I wanted to ask the staff there. There were 3 staff discussing among themselves. I waited for a while for them for their attention, but they seem to ignore. Then I spoke out 2/3 times, saying, "excuse me. Could you help...", but they seem to have not heard.

Finally when I asked rather loudly, one of them came to respond. I observed staff are unresponsive and unfriendly at Lowe's, South Charleston. I don't know about other Lowe's stores. But, I found people in other home improvement stores as very customer friendly, readily coming out to help. The second time, I wanted to buy some floor guides for sliding doors. Since I don't know where to find them, I went to ask one of the staff in an aisle. He right away told me, "No, We don't sell them." I was surprised, and when I came home and saw on the computer, they are very much there on the Lowe's website.

I also feel being a foreigner is one of the reason for the bad experiences. I certainly will avoid going there again, unless I can't get what I need at other stores.

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