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My Door Is Leaking And Lowe's Is Lying
By -

AUSTELL, GEORGIA -- I bought two doors from Lowe's in late 2006. I bought a glass door for my back door and a storm door for the front door. Earlier this year around February or March I noticed that at the back door my hard wood was beginning to buckle and my door jamb was turning brown from what appeared to be water damage. In Georgia in 2007 we had a drought so it rained minimally last year. I contacted Lowe's about my door leak and initially they wanted to charge me 25.00 for them to come out to determine if the door they installed was a problem.

I told them that I had already paid them and I was not going to pay them to come out and look at a door that they installed incorrectly. I told them that I have had my house over 10 years and none on my other doors were leaking only the 1.3 year old door they installed. They sent the contractor out and he had the audacity to tell me that it was a caulking issue and he would fix the caulk so the door would not leak anymore. He told me that as a homeowner I should caulk around my house every couple of years. I told him I had never caulked anything in my life and I was not going to caulk a brand new door.

Any caulking should be done by the installer. He finished caulking and I asked him about my hard wood floors and the door frame. He said Lowe's would be in touch. They cared about their customers and would make it right. I waited a few days and no one called so I followed up with them. I spoke with one of the Managers and he sent out a representative from Lowe's. She looked at all the water damage and agreed that there was an issue with the door. She told me that the installer said the leak was fixed with the caulking and they would contact the company that installed my hard wood floors and repair my floors.

She also said the caulking the installer did was not a good job and she would send him back out to make it look better. She was in touch several times over the next few weeks and said she was waiting on information from the floor people to determine my type of hard wood. In the meantime the installer came back out and reapplied the caulking. I was still not convinced that leak was fixed and asked Lowe's to make sure that was correct before they fixed the floors. I noticed on 7/14 after a really hard rain that I had new water damage. Mind you this has been going on since March.

I went to the store where I got the doors and spoke to yet another manager. This guy tells me that Lowe's is not responsible for the leak because it has been over 1 year and that they are not sure it is the door. I am appalled the person who came out said the door was leaking and the installer told me it was caulking. He said that he would have the person who had been working with me call and setup yet another person to come out to determine if it is a door leak but I should contact my insurance company. Needless to say it is 7/21 and I have not heard from anyone at the store.

On 7/14 I called Lowe's corporate headquarters in NC and they apologized and told a general manager would call me within 24 hours. I have yet to hear from them either. The only thing you want people to do is the right thing. I paid Lowe's my money with the assumption that my door was not disposable. I will fight this to the end but really should we have to go through this as consumers.

Lowes Complaint (letter sent to Lowes)
By -

MOREHEAD, KENTUCKY -- I am a recently retired legal administrative assistant and office manager of a prominent law firm with over forty years' experience dealing with the public on a daily basis. Contrary to what your employees may have told you, I am not crazy, merely a highly dissatisfied, mistreated, and now ex-Lowe's customer. When you walk into a store and all the employees are standing around with cell phones in their ears, it is obvious they are not interested in the customer.

On September 24, 2006, my son and I went to your Lowe's store in Morehead where we selected an oak door, same style as my neighbor had selected, specifying no dead bolt. We were told we would owe $72.50 for installers to come to Maysville and measure the entryway. This amount was paid on 9/24/06 at 11:06 a.m.

On October 2, 2006, I returned to your store (accompanied by two adult friends) to sign the contract for the door. At that time, I was advised I would need to purchase a lock. I selected the lock for single entry only, showed it to your clerk who assured me it was the correct lock for the door I had selected. This transaction took almost 90 minutes to complete. This should have been a clue as to the type of treatment I would receive if I continued to deal with Lowe's, which unfortunately I did.

On October 14, my son and I again returned to Lowe's (it seems we just kept making the same mistake) to select some flooring. After finally finding someone to assist us, we made two selections and as usual, anted up another $72.50. On October 22, 2006, my same two friends and I returned to the store. At this time I made a change in selection of flooring from granite tile to vinyl covering. Not once during this transaction were we told the floor covering had to be ordered. I was assured by ** there was no problem making this change since a contract had not yet been signed.

At this time, I borrowed a sample of the floor covering I had selected so that I might find a counter top to complement it. After waiting 25 minutes, an associate finally showed up to assist us. We showed him the topping we had selected, which by the way, was in large pieces leading us to believe it was in stock. Again, another $72.50 plus a 9 day wait for a return call and a quote. I cancelled the order because I felt for the amount of counter topping required for my small kitchen, your quote was excessive.

Your door installers, I believe their names were ** and **, arrived to install the door on November 1. The first thing I noticed was the door had two holes in it. When I asked why, they told me I needed two locks. Their next question was what type of molding, framing did I have. When I told them no one had mentioned anything tome except buying a lock and paying for the door, I was told to not get upset, they would see that I had what I needed. They were exceptionally nice and helpful, leaving the job to go out and buy wood needed to finish the door. I paid them directly for this purchase.

Lowe's should kiss the ground these fellows walk on because they are the only good PR you have going for you. I love my door but am not happy with the unfinished condition. My next step is to hire someone to come in and finish what a home town dealer would have done as part of his job.

I have nothing from Lowe's except my flooring installed (which I understand has been on hand since November 2nd or 3rd), an itemized account of everything you have charge me for and my name removed from anything connected with Lowe's. Trust me, I am anxious to get you paid and out of my life. I had planned to purchase a washer, dryer, stove and refrigerator from Lowe's. After the nightmare you have subjected me to, there is no way I would ever step foot in your store.

As for improvements in your service, I would suggest you replace all current employees in the Morehead store, starting at the top, hire employees with an IQ of at least 60, pay them a decent wage, make sure they are trained both in what they are selling and in customer relations, and above all, when a customer walks in looking for assistance, get the cell phone out of their ear so they can do their job. My personal opinion of Lowe's (as if you care)? If idiots were trees, Lowe's would be a forest that would encompass Rowan County.

Window Replacement
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Needed repairs for water damage around window and window replacement. Dealt with 3 people:

  1. Sales
  2. Evaluator of the problem who ordered replacement lumber and materials
  3. The "replacer"

The third person seemed to be a replacer only and did nothing about the water damaged board supporting the window. Needless to say, much of the material I had paid for was not used. I was told I would be reimbursed for the material not used... that didn't happen either.

Check Your Installation
By -

HEMET, CALIFORNIA -- When we purchased our new sliding door from Lowe's Home Improvement store, we paid Lowe's for the door and also paid them for the installation. We were in residence when the door was installed and assumed the contractor who installed it (Lowe's contractor) was doing it correctly. On April 24, 2010, our home was broken into when we were away through that same sliding door installed by Lowe's contractor. Upon looking at the door, we (the police officer, ourselves and our neighbor) observed that the entire locking mechanism had been pulled free off the door jamb.

We also observed (since the lock was still intact) that the screws put into the locking mechanism were 1-1/4 inch in length. We contacted Lowe's and were told that they only installed what the manufacturer sent with the door. Well we contacted the manufacturer and were sent the installation instruction sheet calling for #10-3 inch screws to be installed (via email). We then contacted Lowe's again and sent them the email sent to us by the manufacturer. They told us it was not their responsibility but the installers. I pointed out that we did not purchase the door from the installer but from Lowe's, nor did we pay the installer for the installation but paid Lowe's.

The bottom line is that Lowe's will not take any responsibility and when we did contact the insurance companies (2) for the contractor (whose name we have) one said they could not honor the claim because the door was installed after they had dropped insurance on the contractor. The other insurance company said they could not honor the claim because the break-in happened before they insured the installer. I have written numerous letters and made numerous phone calls to no avail. I even wrote directly to Robert Niblock, CEO of Lowe's twice with no reply.

I would admonish those of you out there who purchase these types of items from Lowe's to be very careful to check their work. Also if there are any of you out there who have purchased a sliding door from Lowe's Hemet, California, in the past two and a half years, you may want to take a careful look at your installation.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

FOUNTAIN, COLORADO -- I went to Lowe's to purchase a window mounted AC unit and was ready to spend about $500. I had a couple of questions that I wanted to ask but mostly wanted someone to help me get the 150 pound AC unit off the shelf. I went to the front to get some assistance since I didn't see anyone working. The young lady paged someone for me. I waited for about 10 minutes and decided to leave. I drove to the closest Home Depot and got a better deal and WAY BETTER customer service. My money goes to wherever the best customer service is and I will never step foot in a Lowe's again as long as there is a Home Depot around.

Rebate paperwork - supposedly never received
By -

FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA -- I purchased 12 Pella windows from Lowe's this spring that had Lowe's $20 gift card rebates on each window. I sent in the receipt/paperwork early June and still haven't received the cards. When I called my local Lowe's the Customer Service person said she would call the rebate center for me and called right back saying they never received my paperwork. The skeptic in me immediately said 'yeah right' but since she proceeded to tell me how to re-submit my paperwork copies, I decided I would give it a second chance.

However, she said I didn't have to send anything else in, just the paperwork - but the submit date has long since passed so I have a sinking feeling they won't accept it, even with the letter I plan to attach with the date/conversation. I had a great sales experience and a fantastic installation contractor that I have been telling everyone about so I would really hate to have this story to tell instead.

Lowe's Window Installation Nightmare
By -

BATESVILLE, MISSISSIPPI -- I am so tired, disgusted, and worn down about dealing with Lowe's on this window installation that you will only get a very summarized version of the events. I ordered 13 Pella windows from an area Lowe's and charged them on my new Lowe's credit card. The quick version of my story is this: The first installer (yes, the FIRST one) did not know what he was doing. The windows were not level, crooked, and loose. I complained. Lowe's sends Pella out to look. Pella says, Yep, installed improperly. Installer is sent back. He says he sees nothing wrong and leaves. Second installer is sent who says they are installed incorrectly. Comes back later to correct.

I find out first installer drilled holes in all of the windows. I tell Lowe's they can either refund me for the windows or send new ones because I won't pay a penny for ruined ones. They send new windows with yet a THIRD installer. Third installer beings to smart off to me. I send him and the windows packing on the spot. I call store manager (one of many conversations with him) and tell him you can either refund me an amount I'm satisfied with or I'll have the windows yanked and replaced by Home Depot and you can have yours back.

We agree on a price. It has been a month now and they still have not credited me back the correct amount. This has been a 6 month ordeal. I will absolutely, undeniably, NEVER shop at a Lowe's ever again. Everyone there couldn't care less about taking care of a customer. It's amazing.

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Rating: 1/51

WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA -- On 7/13/13 I went to their store to pay for a measurement for a new door. I was contacted within two days for a measurement. They came out and measured and said they'd have the salesman contact me. No one called. I check all calls via caller ID before picking up due to 99.9% of all calls being telemarketers or calls outside my home area code. Home Depot cares and will get that job. And to think I was dumb enough to believe the comments on this site to give them another chance! If I could give them 0 stars I would but 1 is as low as I can go!

Over a Month Later and No Door
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX -- About a month ago I ordered a Screen Tight Meadow in Natural Wood Screen Door. The door was 30 dollars more than Home Depot but I ordered from Lowe's because the shipping claimed to be a week sooner. Needless to say the door did not arrive in time and when it finally did (10 days later than they claimed) the screen was ripped. So they offered to replace the screen, that was now 11 days ago and they tell me it "should" arrive sometime next week. Lesson learned - will NEVER shop at Lowe's again, their attitude is so lax concerning customer care. This store sucks!

Unresponsive Instore Personnel
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Rating: 1/51

SOUTH CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA -- Very recently, I had been to Lowes about 3 times and all the 3 times, I had a discouraging experience there. I was shopping for small home improvement stuff. First time, I went to buy a screen door. As I didn't know much about them, I wanted to ask the staff there. There were 3 staff discussing among themselves. I waited for a while for them for their attention, but they seem to ignore. Then I spoke out 2/3 times, saying, "excuse me. Could you help...", but they seem to have not heard.

Finally when I asked rather loudly, one of them came to respond. I observed staff are unresponsive and unfriendly at Lowe's, South Charleston. I don't know about other Lowe's stores. But, I found people in other home improvement stores as very customer friendly, readily coming out to help. The second time, I wanted to buy some floor guides for sliding doors. Since I don't know where to find them, I went to ask one of the staff in an aisle. He right away told me, "No, We don't sell them." I was surprised, and when I came home and saw on the computer, they are very much there on the Lowe's website.

I also feel being a foreigner is one of the reason for the bad experiences. I certainly will avoid going there again, unless I can't get what I need at other stores.

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