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Lowe's Carpet Installation and Service
Posted by on
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- About a month ago we decided to go with Lowe's to buy and install new carpet for our bedrooms since they advertise a 72 hour turn around. Well, don't be mistaken, the 72 hours only kicks in AFTER they come out to measure your rooms and turn all their paperwork in, and then you get back in to the store to actually 'order' the carpet that is already in stock. Anyhow, everything was going as planned with that small bump in the road. We chose an in stock carpet since we wanted it installed ASAP. I specifically asked the girl who was handling our order if there was enough to do our 3 rooms and she looked at me like I was crazy and said, "yes, it's an in stock carpet." So, I felt a bit dumb for asking that silly question. We requested to have the furniture moved (before and after), old carpet haul away, and clean up afterward (all for an additional fee, of course). We paid and left with the promise we'd be getting a phone call the next morning to set up an installation time. According to our calendar, we would have new carpet before that Saturday, so that made us happy.

The next day, a Wednesday, I finally got a call mid-afternoon. The installer informed me that the ONLY time he had to do this job was the next day at 7am. We agreed to this time, and I began moving the small things out into our living room. The next morning at 7:05am I received a phone call from the installation manager informing me of a "minor" issue regarding my installation ... there wasn't enough carpet for all 3 rooms, only 2 of them. Remember my silly question about "is the carpet in stock"? Yea, I reminded him of that. He said that he could still send the installer out to do those two rooms then come back later with the rest to finish the job OR I could reschedule (for after the 72 hour promised time). I told him to go with option A and I would just deal with it. He said OK and that they would be right out. About an hour passes when the manager called me back to say that apparently the installed decided to go ahead with job B first and then will get to job A (my job) when he's done. I told him I was truly unhappy with the service yet so far - and he agreed that he wouldn't be happy either. When I asked when that would be I got the run in circles talk. By this time I'll admit, I was pissed. I told him I wanted a TIME that he would be AT my house ready to do what I've paid them to do ... he said 11am.

At 10:45am a Lowe's truck pulled into my driveway. Wonderful. Just like he said. To my surprise, it was just a delivery man that was told to bring and drop off a roll of carpet. When I started asking questions (such as where will we put it - keeping in mind most of the stuff from the bedrooms was now in my living room blocking many walk ways), the delivery man called the manager. He explained that I was "not happy" and then handed the phone to me. The manager asked me what it was that I wasn't happy about ... nice. I reviewed the morning with him (even though he already knew) and asked him what exactly I had to be happy over. He told me that I needed to calm down because the installers still had a few minutes to show up, as promised. Like that was my only concern at that time. He said he'd even be so kind as to call them and find out how far away they are from my house and then let me know. He called me back a few minutes later and said that it was taking them a bit longer than expected at job B, so it wouldn't be until later that afternoon before they could be there. Then he added they still had to stop back by his store to pick up my order (minus the carpet roll that was now blocking access to my front door). Allow me to point out that he KNEW this before he hung up with me the first time, but tried to assure me they'd be at my house in 5 minutes - without my materials.

Fully beyond disgust at this point I just sat, watched TV, counted my day as totally wasted, and tried to calm down. The installers finally showed at about 2:30pm. During the initial greetings and showing what rooms, etc I was informed that I was going to have to move certain furniture items if they were over xx weight, all they move are light dressers and beds. I didn't even say a word, I guess the look on my face said it all ... they moved my furniture out of the bedrooms.

Now, I understand a certain amount of disruption to the norm when a big job is being done, but when you open someone's windows in the middle of a Florida summer with the A/C running full blast LET THEM KNOW! Instead of using the vacuum they brought with them to suck up the dirt that carpet leaves behind, they decided to sweep it all around sending that fine dust plume all over (so I had to literally wash my walls when they left). After they were done with the installation, they were so hurried with trying to 'finish the job' that they almost took out my TV with my dresser. I made a comment about how they must be in a hurry and one of them said yes that they were normally home well before now - like it was my fault they were running behind.

Since my son's room was done first, I was helping him put his stuff back in order while the two men were supposed to be cleaning up and moving the rest of my furniture back. That was yet another mistake I made (leaving them to do what they were supposed to do without me telling them to do it). They stepped into the hall way to have me sign that they were done, I did, and they left. When I went back into my living room there was still 4 pieces of furniture and all of the scrap carpet (new not the old stuff). There was the rolled up plastic wrap trash left in my bedroom AND the trash bag they put the dirt from the old carpet in along with more delivery plastic was at my front door (outside). The plastic was hanging on my plant hanger!!

The amazing part is this. A totally different manager called me to check on the satisfaction of the service since I "wasn't having a very good day." When I told him about what all took place he had the nerve to tell me that "maybe in a utopian world things would have gone like I wanted them, but this isn't a perfect world." I explained to him that I didn't expect Utopia, I only expected what I paid for and what they put in writing as a promise to me. I read him the riot act, told him it'd be a cold day in hell before I stepped foot back in their store .. not because things were a little messed up, or because the installers left a mess, or because they took our money for services they didn't provide .. no, it was because they treated me, and talked down to me, as a little housewife that really doesn't know any better BUT to be screwed around by working men who will tell HER what is going to be done, and how, and she'll just have to deal with it. I told him that the "I understand" and "I'd be mad too" comments did not smooth it over and make me feel better, and what really angered me is they (all the people I dealt with that day) never once asked how they could make it better. Instead all I ever heard was how they messed up, so what, and how the end result was reached so it was really no big deal.

So, all in all, Lowe's customer service really bit the big one this time with us .. we won't ever use them for anything again - period! I just wanted to get that out since I haven't heard from the General Manager, as promised I would.
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User Replies:
trp2hevn on 10/14/2009:
I'd be pretty mad too. Did they ever get the 3rd room done?
"We requested to have the furniture moved (before and after), old carpet haul away, and clean up afterward (all for an additional fee, of course)." Maybe you could at least get a partial refund on that fee since they left such a mess, even though you signed their form that they were done.
Lovin it on 02/19/2010:
Poor service indeed. Unfortunately this is the downside to having contracted labor done by the big box stores. All the installers are sub contracted and because they don't directly work for Lowe's, customer service suffers. Totally unacceptable to leave your house a mess and not put your furniture back. I would seek a refund for those services since they weren't performed properly.
Lifemates on 10/24/2010:
sometimes the big professional names end up being not so professional.
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Lowes And The Safety Gates
Posted by on
In July of 2008 we purchased vinyl fencing and gates to surround and protect our in ground swimming pool. The gates failed within a few months (Broke apart) and the installer returned and glued them back together. (See the video on Youtube.com of the gates breaking) Shortly thereafter the gates broke apart again. We contacted the local Lowes (Latham, New York) in the spring of 2009 and they said the installer would return to repair the gates. After repeated telephone calls and trips to the Lowes store the installer was schedule to repair the gates on July 9, 2009. He was a no show. At the end of July of 2009 my wife was again in the local Lowes and was approached by an installation person. "Are the repairs done" she asked. "No" replied my wife " the installer did not show." My wife than informed her that it did not matter now as it was too late to open the pool for this year and to just get the installer there when they could. The installer showed up in late September of 2009 to make the gate repairs. The backyard and swimming pool remained closed for the entire season of 2009 because of the broken gates.

The gates failed again shortly after the repair and in the spring of 2010 we again approached Lowes requesting they fixed the faulty safety gates. They acted surprised that the gates were again broken. I informed them that I had checked the Internet and others were having the same problems with the vinyl gates. They assured me that the problem would be taken care of immediately! A little upset I contacted the local building department and requested they look at the installation and the product they were selling to protect an in ground swimming pool. The building inspector examined the product and installation and informed me to keep the backyard and pool covered and closed as the gates and fencing were: 1) Of questionable quality to be used as safety gates; 2) gates opened in the wrong direction; 3) the gates were not self-closing; 4) latches did not meet code; 5) and the fence was installed too high from the ground, all in direct violation of New York State Building Code and illegal!

Armed with this new information I confronted Lowes installation staff when they again came to my home. The following question and answer transpired between LOWES employee G####, The Installation Supervisor, and John Thornton:

MR. THORNTON: “I’m going to ask you a question – how would you like having your kids living on this street with fu##### gates like this with an in ground pool? You would be scared sh##less wouldn’t you.”

GLENN: “Yep”

MR. THORNTON: “I’ve been living like this for almost two years…”
(Transcribed from tape recording of this conversation)

They agreed to have the installer remove the defective product and reinstall the product correctly to meet building codes. This was finally accomplished in late May of 2010.

I than requested that Lowes reimburse us for the loss of our backyard and swimming pool for the year of 2009. Lowes informed me that my wife told them in 2009 that she was not going to open the pool anyway (they had two witnesses to this statement) and I suffered no loss. They offered $500 dollars because I was a good customer after dictating to me the fine points of "contract law." Note: They also informed me that I could not use the audiotapes of their admission of liability and shabby workmanship because they "did not give me permission to tape them." The tape recordings contain admissions that the product used was questionable, installed improperly, and in violation of State law. They also include the installer stating the gates were junk and breaking at most installations he had done and he was tired of fixing them. I can understand why they would not like to have anyone hear the tapes! As an aside, my wife had paid a local pool company a $50.00 deposit to open the pool and clean the decking in May of 2009, a deposit we lost because the pool could not be opened.

I refused the $500.00 and left the local Lowe’s as I do not intend to allow a company to hide behind "contract law" after the "circus" that occurred at my home.

I intend to seek legal relief and expose the “Lowes Shuffle” for what it really is to would be customers.
Resolution Update 08/20/2010:
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User Replies:
BEJ on 06/03/2010:
Perhaps I do not understand but how can you be compensated for the loss of use of your backyard and swimming pool?
yoke on 06/03/2010:
When you had the fence installed did you need to get a permit (I know here you do). The town building inspector should have come out to approve it when it was first installed if there were permits.
Ytropious on 06/03/2010:
Sorry I can't edit anymore. I want to add that you asked for compensation, then when they offered you 500 dollars you turned your nose up at it? Why bother asking for compensation then!
Anonymous on 06/03/2010:
Ytrop, You do realize that New York is a one party notification state therefore the OP doesn't need permission to tape any conversation the OP is a party to therefore it is admissible as evidence.

I say take your tapes to an attorney and exact your pound of Lowes flesh. You'll be glad you did.
Anonymous on 06/03/2010:
J4A, On what grounds would a NEW YORK court rule the recording inadmissible?
Anonymous on 06/03/2010:
Stew has awoken from his slumber! (trumpets blaring)

Actually, I agree with you on that one Stew. Almost as soon as I hit the send button. I got to thinking about my cousin/in-law who was detained in the rear seat of a police car. He was drunk off his a** and everything he said was replayed in court and used against him. He didn't know he was being recorded, and the officers never told him that all cop cars are set up this way, but yet it was admissible. Not sure on state to state laws and statutes, so if Stew quotes it, I'll go with it!

P.S.-Our state REQUIRES you call an 800 # before you dig ANYTHING whatsoever. I doubt the OP did that.
Anonymous on 06/03/2010:
J4A, I'm not sure what you're talking about but whoever is actually doing the digging is responsible to contact whoever about underground lines and whatnot. I gather from the review the OP wasn't the one doing the digging.
Anonymous on 06/03/2010:
I always prefer wood over vinyl.
momsey on 06/03/2010:
I'm not sure what kind of legal relief you're expecting. You lost out on $50, sure. But Lowe's offered you $500 and you rejected it. Why did you reject it?

Your situation sounds beyond frustrating and if I were you, I would probably never shop there again. However, you're looking for compensation and I'm not sure what you want! You didn't want $500, so what more do you want?
Anonymous on 06/03/2010:
Not necessarily the one doing the digging, but the person requesting it, or footing the bill.
johnthornton on 06/04/2010:
I would like to thank all of those who took the time to comment about my complaint. This comment is to clarify my position in the matter. The gate/fence problem went on for almost two years with Lowes sending the installer out with a tube of glue and a product called "Create A Gate" to make the repairs. Obviously not the best solution to protect an in ground pool. Also the tape recordings are admissible in any court proceedings in New York. On one tape I questioned the installer concerning his knowledge of the building codes pertaining to pools, his answer "NO!" Lowes hired an installer to install their product and never verified that company had any knowledge of the correct build code regulations which lead to the installation of safety fencing and gates that violated building codes. Also, no permit is required to install/replace fencing even around a swimming pool. New York only requests that a safety inspection be performed when the project is completed. Of course this was not done because the installer did not know the codes/regulations. As far as the value of the loss of the backyard/swimming pool for a year we turn to the New York State Civil Code. Where there is negligence involved all amounts of awards are three times the awarded amount. (Example $500 damages = $1,500) Lastly, the bottom line on the complaint and legal action that will follow is unless a consumer takes a stand and holds these companies responsible for what they are doing nothing is going to change. The installer admitted to me (also on tape) that he has been replacing and repairing these gates in most installations he has done for two years. If Lowe's continues to market a product with a history of failures the only way to stop them is to bring actions like this and alert others that the product is probably not what they should be purchasing. And that is exactly what I intend to do. Thank you again.
Ytropious on 06/05/2010:
OK, but that still doesn't answer why you turned your nose up at 500 dollars. I understand trebble damages. How does one quantify in money the "loss" of a backyard swimming pool? My neighbors took their fence down for 2 days while doing repairs, all the while exposing their pool, and they have an elementary school in direct sight! Point being, most people would have taken the "risk" of opening the pool. Having a broken side gate is one thing (it sounds like it still closed, concealing the pool) and the rest of the fence was fine. There is little to no risk in having an open pool under those circumstances. So you turned your nose up at 500 dollars because you think you deserve more? What if you divide 500 by 3, and that is indeed all your "loss" is? I just don't get it. I would have taken the 500 instead of demanding more for a "loss" that I feel really doesn't exist.
johnthornton on 06/06/2010:
In response as to why the pool remained covered and closed. The entrance to the pool in located on a dead end used frequently by young children to play many times without proper adult supervision. Over the last twenty years it has not been uncommon to find a young child trying to push open the gate to get to the pool they know is there. Our first scare came in the summer of 2008 when a four year old pushed the gate open and was found standing on the deck of the pool. This is what led to the closing of the pool and yard until the problem was resolved.
As far as the amount of damages this is not the main reason for the complaint. My complaint and further action are to put pressure on Lowes to verify the contractors they hire are qualified and know the building and safety codes for products they are installing. The installer admitted to me he had no clue as the the building and safety codes when he installed the fence and gates. The building department made clear the pool could not be opened until the problem was fixed and brought up to code when they viewed the problem in March of 2010. In fact, he commented that it was a good thing we kept the area closed in 2009 and we made the right decision based on the hazard created by Lowes.
It's time to put the pressure on these companies that send in unqualified installation people. As a side note, the installer commented to me that he was not worried as he had a three million dollar insurance policy. I wonder how deep you must pile money to replace the life of a young child.
Sheriffs Uncle on 06/06/2010:
Maybe the Op didn't agree that $500 was enough. Therefore, accepting it would have not been appropriate. Just guessing since he hasn't answered yet on that subject.
PepperElf on 06/06/2010:
Yes, keeping it locked is a good idea.

If I remember, in NY, having something like a pool is considered a "temptation" - meaning that if a child decides to go into your yard to use the item and gets hurt, you are liable for it. However if you fence it off and secure the entrance then you are somewhat less liable.

so yeah, having a working locked door is important to protecting your behind.

though part of me does wonder... if any of those kids who keep pushing at your gate could have helped break it?

It's too bad you can't block that off completely and have the entrance coming from the house instead or something like that.
johnthornton on 06/06/2010:
In response to the $500 dollar offer, it was not the amount of the money that caused the refusal. This problem went on for almost two years. The worst part was when the installer admitted he knew nothing about the building and safety codes which opened us up to a major legal problems should anything have happened. For Lowes to now take a stance that nothing happened so lets forget about it is ridiculous as they put our family through an ordeal that should have never occurred. After the repairs were made in late May of this year I (the home owner) had to contact the building department for the recommended safety inspection. Lowe's still did not feel it was important after all that happened. An as far as New York State law is concerned, if something did happen the owner of the property would be responsible. Of course, you could than sue Lowes if you had any money left.
Ytropious on 06/07/2010:
"I wonder how deep you must pile money to replace the life of a young child."

Excuse me, but it was not my pool that I commented on, it was my neighbor, who still by the way has his fence down and exposed to the side street where the elementary school is. I have a right mind to call the cops on him but well, he's a cop!
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Installation Horror
Posted by on
MERIDEN, CONNECTICUT -- Went to the showroom in Wallingford Ct that Lowe's uses for one of its granite dealers. I can't mention names (so this site says) but it wouldn't be too hard to find out which they use. We picked out the Venetian Gold, just beautiful, nice and smooth.

This granite company sent out a great guy to take all his measurements needed for the kitchen countertops, I was very impressed to say the least. One week later Huey & Duey showed up to install them.

Within 7 minutes of arrival, they decided the old countertops must have been glued on (not), took their crowbar and popped off the fronts, still leaving the backs in place..They took the front of the tops and with one quick jerking motion off they came, as well as the sheetrock, leaving behind a medium size hole in the wall.

I was hoping the 4 inch backsplash would take care of hiding this mess after it was fixed (by them).. Well, my husband asked them if they planned on fixing what they had done, the kid asked if "we" had any compound, hello... they do this work all day long, don't carry this product with them?

The answer I got was " we aren't responsible for damage".. OMG, I couldn't believe my ears! Well next thing I know the kid is trying to cover this hole, never replacing the sheetrock or anything, just trying to stuff this hole with compound,,,I asked him to go get me the old backsplash in hopes of finding something left that could maybe fill in the hole. He came back with a piece of the sheetrock paper backing,,I told him what had to be done in order to fix it and I would take care of it,,well no, they had x amount of time to get the job done and waiting for me to do it the right way was not conducive to them.

Next thing I know this kid takes the paper and sticks it on the hole and covers it with compound, then proceeds to caulk the 4 inch backsplash, and push it in place, however, it sunk in,,like I knew it would.

Wait it gets even better folks, now they decide they are going to finish cutting the sink inset in the house and not to worry they use a special vac so the dust will not fly all over.
I have to tell you, the dust was flying as soon as they turned the vac on from previous jobs they had done that morning, I swear they didn't have a filter in it. Sparks are flying like crazy as well.

They dusted down the countertops, then threw on this sealer, told us it would have a haze within an hour, then we were to wash it down with soap and water, if the haze didn't come off, use steel wool!

So after cleaning everything up from cabinets, wood floors, washing all the curtains, we noticed, no haze appearing at all, so we washed them down anyhow. While doing so, the sponges and papers towels are snagging on these tops. I could stick my finger nail in some areas.

I went to the phone and called Lowes, expressing my concerns on what had happened and what I was seeing. She said she would call the company and the next day I heard from them. She told me as I stated they are not responsible for any damage done.

Isn't that wonderful that you pay so much money for these countertops and installation and these people can just come in, leave holes and walk off into the sunset? I thought they were the pros, that's why we paid so much for this service. The next day Lowes called and said they wanted to send someone out to fix the problem,,sure, what am I stupid, more holes in the walls as they try to pull off the backsplash, it should have been fixed right when it happened.

People stay with your Mom & Pop business people. The large outfits couldn't care less about who they send to do the work. We learned an expensive lesson and it will never be repeated.

As they say, "you get what you pay for".
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 03/19/2011:
While I can appreciate the frustration you must have felt dealing with installers who appeared to have no clue what they are doing, referring to them as "Huey and Duey" and "kids" does nothing to enhance this review. Age has nothing to do with it. I've known 60 year olds who had less common sense than most 16 year olds.
RachW on 03/22/2011:
My comments were not stated to "enhance" anything. Plain and simple, these two cartoon characters did not know what they were doing and I may add that a rep from Lowes did show up in the midst of all this with clipboard in hand to rate the performance.
You were not here to pick up the pieces, move on..
momsey on 03/22/2011:
Good review.
trmn8r on 03/22/2011:
What happened is pretty typical for this level of service (Lowes). But they aren't cartoon characters, they are people. They don't specialize in sheetrock repair, and sink holes done by professionals are cut on site.

You didn't buy a renovation, you bought an install. So damage like the sheetrock technically isn't covered. There are ways to mitigate the damage caused during removal, and a professional probably would have done better.

The bottom line is that your conclusion is correct - you will most often get a better job by not using a big box store's contractors. But you will pay more.
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Now I see why their installation is guaranteed for only 1 year!
Posted by on
LAUREL, MARYLAND -- In 2008 I had Lowe's install a Larson storm door. Two years later, it's hanging only by the 2 bent hydrolic pieces. Slowly, the screws holding the door to the door jamb have worked loose. Now all of them are out and you can see that they were screwed too close to the outside of the wood. Obviously, the door was too heavy for it to be screwed in less than 1 inch from the edge of a strip of wood. I DIDN'T let the door swing in the wind and took very good care of it. I called Lowe's to come put it back on and that's when I found out they only guarantee the work for a year. Oh well!
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Some Insider Info From A Installed Sales Coordinator
Posted by on
NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I work as an Installed Sales Coordinator for Lowe's. We do our absolute best to get you what you expect within the time frame that is in writing. Regarding the 72 hour installed carpet install: YES of course, the clock on that starts ticking ONLY AFTER YOU PAY. How else would we know you are serious? What are we supposed to do, pick out your carpet for you, bring it to your house and THEN you pay for it? Please be logical. Also, we can only do what makes sense. Some customers expect miracles. Lowe's is NOT allowed to rip up vinyl floor. There are reasons for this. One reason being asbestos. Do you really expect that these guys want to risk their health because you have old floor that you want ripped up? If you want it ripped up, you will have to do it yourself. Please, no is no. If the installer tells you it is not practical to put carpet on your 3 season porch because it wouldn't last through the warranty, he isn't saying no just to aggravate you. Also, these guys are not miracle workers, if your subfloor is crap, you MUST expect that there will be a cost to making it solid. I am on a rant because I have seen all of this customer behavior first hand. Do you think you are the installers ONLY job that week? If you pay for storm door install on a Monday night, do you really expect the install to be complete by the end of that same week? Our installers work out of SEVERAL stores. They are not waiting by the fax machine for your order.

They are at someone's house banging nails and getting dirty while you stew in the fact that it might have been a whole 6 hours since you left Lowe's. We have no control over what the labor costs. It's your house, you know how rotted your window sills are. Would YOU call it a basic install if YOU were the installer? BASIC means just that BASIC. No one pays basic. That is base price. You know there will be extra charges, you live there, you, better than anyone else knows the variables of your own home. You know you have heavy furniture in the way,, do you think it's easy to move it? It should be free? No, you wouldn't do it for free would you now? We do our very best to make sure you get all the calls you want and need but you also have to understand that there is only one of me and there are 20 of you every week that generate 20 jobs that go through my office.

I have to look at every square foot of carpet, every door jamb depth, every color of carpet, every type of padding, every color door knob, every style of window, every color of grout, every dump fee charge, every single detail of every install the happens in my store. This means checking, checking, double checking. If this requires a call to the installer to check a dimension, I won't necessarily get him on the phone that day. He is already at someone's house, maybe yours. Do you want to see your installer stopping your job to take a phone call? No, you want your job done quickly. We do the best we can. We do what we can to limit costs but you get what you pay for. If you choose to get cheap and pass on stuff you need, it is ultimately you that has to live with your choices.
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User Replies:
MRM on 09/16/2010:
Thank you, Coordinator" in your perspective of being an installer.
Connoisseur on 09/16/2010:
Lowes is by and large a nice place to shop. I feel your pain co-ordinator. Maybe people are "demanding" because your prices are anything but cheap. I got my counter tops from Lowes and I would not call it cheap.
I got my bathroom vanity sink from off of your shelf. To get the smaller vanity sink for the half/bathroom would cost as much!!!! just because you do not have it on the shelf and you would have to bring it to the store. THAT my friend is insane pricing and a rip off. As a result I don't have co-ordinating bathrooms, because I told the clerk to tell Lowes upper management to shove the small sink. I don't give a damn if you have to bring it to the store? why the hell aren't matching sets both not on the shelf? to begin with. I think you should feel some of the customers pain...for being a pain with stupid store policies.
Coordinator on 09/17/2010:
You need to realize that ANYTHING customer sized will be more expensive. Imagine how many times the manufacturere has to change their molds, arragne customer packaging, change dye lots. Just because you want your sing 2 inches smaller or more shallow that what you see right there in the shelf. Anytime you ask to have something special, yes, it will cost more. You want people to work for FREE?????
PepperElf on 09/17/2010:
Great review!

*hands you a good drink* sounds like it's been a hell of a week (or month)
jktshff1 on 09/17/2010:
what pepper said with another drink.
Coordinator on 09/17/2010:
Thanks!! I will take a Pumpkinhead with a splash of vanilla vodka. Yes, it has been a LONGGGG two weeks. We had 18 months no interst promo and it resulted in 4 times as many installs than usual. So yes, I am exhausted. Please know this: Most of my customers are LOVELY and they recognize that this is carpet not a liver transplant. I love working for Lowe's and they really do care that you are happy. If you treat us with respect, you will get what you need and more. We like people and customer service is ultimately our #1. Are we perfect? no. But we do our best.
PepperElf on 09/17/2010:
*makes up an entire pitcher of it* =)
FAMILYFIRST123 on 09/20/2010:
NICE REVIEW, JUST ONE SMALL COMMENT. YOU SAID, "One reason being asbestos. Do you really expect that these guys want to risk their health because you have old floor that you want ripped up? If you want it ripped up, you will have to do it yourself." I RECOMMEND YOU HIRE A PROFESSIONAL TO REMOVE ANY ASBESTOS. DO NOT DO IT UNLESS YOU ARE AWARE OF THE HAZARDS INVOLVED IN ASBESTOS REMOVAL. AND TRUST ME, ASBESTOS IS HAZARDOUS. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE YOU CAN HAVE IT TESTED. GOOD LUCK.
Connoisseur on 09/22/2010:
CoOrdinator...I was not asking for them to resize. There was the UNIVERSAL sized vanity beige top. I wanted the smaller universal size vanity in beige to match the half bathroom. They did not have it on the shelf. To bring it from the warehouse to the shelf for me....the price was doubled. That is insane pricing.

They had the small and the big vanity in white. The small vanitys price was the exact price as the beige. If I took the white small and large the price would be (example) $1(small) $2(large) So if I take the white right out of the store I pay $3 for all.
But, I want the biege exact same price as the white. Small beige is not on the shelf. So to get it for me, here is what the price looks like:

$2(for large beige) $2(for small beige. doubled the price)

That my friend is price gouging. Every DECORATOR knows that people want to MATCH 80% of the time. So some marketing genious at Lowes....figured split them up and more than likely the buyer will cave just to have matching sets. The marketing genious was an idiot because basically it is an insult to double the price by gouging.

Even the sales person agreed with me that this was cheesy and tacky.
Keeping matching sets on the shelf is the way to go.
I did not buy the smaller sink at double the price. I found it on cragslist.

With that said. I like the Lowes around me, good group of people and it is not their fault that upper managers make inane pricing policies.

OT: Target when it first came to my area.....was selling bikinis by SPLITTING it up. $20 for top, $10 for bottom(example) WHAT??
I don't know if they are still doing that, because I haven't ever gone in there since. I find their goods to be cheap and cheesy. But, who in their right mind buys just one part of a bathing suit?
Why not just sell it for $25?? The fact is I think they think that people will love it so much that they will shell out for a tacky cheap bikini $25 that should really cost $10, because of the cheap material and workmanship(China don't you know)
sharpasice on 10/18/2010:
I ordered carpeting from Lowes about 2 yrs ago. They came out and measured, they said they would call me in 2 days with the number of yds needed etc..2 days, no call, 1 wk..no call..I finally called Lowes and was told I needed 140 sq yds..now my living room is only 18x22 so where did this crazy measurement come from? I complained and they sent another person to measure..he said he would personally call me to let me know ..well that call also never materialized till 2 months later...when Lowes called me to see if I was still interested in having carpeting installed..they presently had a sale..with the customer service I got, the miss calculations and NO return calls are they serious????? No freakin way would I buy from LOWES...
Coordinator on 11/07/2010:
To the complaint above... Yes.. My math says 140 sq yards is about right, it's really 132 but if there are seems or juts into room, you will have overages. Seems can only run a certain direction based on pattern of foot traffic. Carpet only comes12' or 15' goods. You have to pay fir everything it takes to cover your space. That means even what gets thrown out.
sharpasice on 07/01/2011:
It's been a very long time since I have been on here..but I do have to reply to Coordinator..please explain to me where you get even 132 sq yards? As I see it 18x22=396 (sq ft) divided 9 (1 sq yd) comes out to only 44 sq yards..and if it only comes in 12ft widths..then it is 12x22=264 sq ft divided by 9 (sq ft) that equals only 30sq yards..even if I would have to order 2 lenghts of 12ft by 22 in order to accommodate the extra 3 ft width..that equals 60 sq yds..am I missing something here?
reply on 10/15/2013:
divide by 3 (how many yds in a foot)= 132 and the extra carpet to cover any extra.
Don on 12/06/2014:
I'm glad this (mis)"manager" went on this site with his rant. I run a small carpet service in Cincinnati and have for the last 37 years, long before these giant stores. This is a great testimonial for the local, family run business. My family and I take personal responsibility for every step of the process and maybe because we aren't trying to sell everything under the sun and sub contract the installation out to a company who in turn subs the work out, we can make the carpet replacing experience a satisfying experience for the customer as well as us. The problems talked about here on this forum are not the customer's fault. These stores use gimmicks and false promises to lull the consumer into a feeling of confidence in them only to be sadly disappointed and rudely ripped off. You can believe this, yours is not the first complaint they have heard. Patronize your local craftsman. You might pay a little more and you might not have the option of using the giant store's credit card but you will have a much better chance at getting real value for your money.
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Kitchen Install Disaster Kraftmaid Cabinets Bad From The Factory
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HAMILTON, OHIO -- I ordered kitchen cabinets in June 2013. Installers showed up to put cabinets in and what a mess. Beta Construction measured before install but forgot to account for a three in filler piece before installing first cabinet next to back door leading to garage. So when you open cabinet draw it hits back door handle. After running the whole bottom row sink side. They had to tear all out and start over. After finally installing bottom row they start on top cabinet.

At the end of that row they realize the bottom is three inches longer then top row. Duh, so now I need a 27 in cabinet on to to cover the final 3 inches. It took from July 18 until Nov 7 to get cabinet installed. Crown molding on top of cabinets was cut wrong. Construction crew forgot the thickness of there blade and cut it short. No extra crown on site to cut another piece so that also not fixed till Nov 7. I paid 14000.00 for cabinets, granite counter tops, install price and tax. I placed 4000.00 appliance order for four pieces of all LG products. Order placed in June 2013. LG couldn't get me the stove I wanted so instead of calling the store or me to get another model. They just cancel the order without telling Lowes. After reordering two weeks later I was told appliance would be here August 28 2013. My wife said no way. I pulled the order from Lowes. Called HH Gregg from Lowes counter and they had everything in stock and could del tomorrow. Amazing. Not including 151 pieces of tile I bought there Grote backer board under tile 14 sheets of drywall and electric wire to rewire kitchen. I probably spent 16000.00 total. Never again will I go through that. I have no reason to tell someone to shop for kitchen at Lowes.

Oh forgot one thing. I have 6 mis cut cabinet doors still not fixed as of 10/7/13. Kraftmaid Cabinet Rep is coming to view doors on 10/17/13 who know how long after that it will take to get replacement doors let alone install them. Please save yourself the trouble. Go somewhere else. And if you do use them. Make them X out in there contract you have to use arbitrator to settle your dispute. And write in contract any damage to your clean painted walls they fix not you. I got stuck with that also.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 10/12/2013:
I would never use a home center to contract kitchen cabinets, or anything else for that matter. The concept is they make it simple by centralizing things and it is cheap. That last part is the red flag - cheaper is almost always not as good.

When I had my kitchen done, I got three independent shops to give me quotes. I couldn't have been happier with the result.
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Installed Sales Are Very Poor Quality
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MOORESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- After dealing with you for months now over multiple issues regarding a remodel project of a small beach condo I have never experienced such sad and sorry customer service. We waited 15 days for flooring to be installed from June 15th - July 1st thinking we would be able to occupy the unit after the flooring was in. Having the installer come on July 1st and refuse to install the floor. We then had to go back a different flooring product and install it ourselves having to wait until July 4th before we could occupy the condo. So roughly 17days numerous hotel charges paid out of pocket because this is a 2nd home away from our main house and we were having to pay to stay in hotels waiting on the project to be done.

Had we know on June 15th you would not install the floor we would have then done the project ourselves (as we ended up doing) saving ourselves much out of pocket expense and stress. After buying a complete kitchen with Lowe's Shenandoah Cabinets $9,244.54, Luna Eco By Cosentino Countertops $3,588.88, Bruce Hardwood Flooring $1,409.68, Stain Master Carpet $2,486.69, Whirlpool Dishwasher, microwave and Freg @ $1,747.17, Whirlpool washer and dryer $1,438.44, bathroom shower door @ $329, bathroom shower pan at $550, numerous boxes of bathroom and kitchen tile at more than a $1,000 and numerous trip to the Lowe's store to buy small items to get all this construction done and you offer me a $300 gift card for the stress and time the store at Hwy 17 bypass in Myrtle Beach has caused my family this summer.

Waiting days for no floor, weeks with no microwave, watching the delivery men drop a washing machine off the truck into the yard and they still want to bring it in the house with dents and scratches and you think $300 is a fair compensation. Multiple phone calls to Deb [snip] and Lynn [snip] at the Lowe's Home Install Sales office in Mooresville, waiting days and weeks for them to return a phone call which they never do you have to call them and demand a conservation and now dealing with the Regional Production Manager Matt [snip] who offers me a $300 gift card which I refuse.

If nothing else I hope my rants cause Lowe's to suffer $300 in lost sales from any of my family or friends who may be considering a trip to Lowe's or either a new home project. I for one will not shop with Lowe's again unit I am compensated $1,160.92 the cost of the wood floor which we laid. Does this sound like a lot of money after the dollars I have spent at your store in the past months not to mention all the projects we have done with Lowe's at our real house. For the pain and stress it has caused my family this summer, the time and effort I have spent chasing people down (all Lowe's) to get the jobs done and the out of pocket expense for hotels waiting on work to be done that was never done.

Before you start a home project with Lowe's please read this and think is this the kind of customer service I want or the type of stress you need in your life. Ask me would I do it again? No, not at Lowe's.
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Dangerous Dryer Installation
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
NORTH EAST, MARYLAND -- I built a brand new duplex. My tenant purchased a washer and dryer from Lowes with delivery and installation. They told them it was a brand new place and told them to include whatever it needed. They sold them a aluminum foil dryer dryer vent hose and a 4 wire plug cord. The tenant called me and told me the installers did not have the pipe to go to the vent, nor did they have the clamps.

I picked up a 4" aluminum pipe and clamps. I had to unhook the washer, pull both appliances back out to hook up the dryer. Also I noticed that the installers ran the dryer wire into the dryer without a romex clamp. It would only be a matter of time that the vibration of the dryer would cut into the wire and cause a dead short or possibly a fire.

I went to the Lowes store and was told the installers don't have the clamps for the dryer vent, pipe, nor wire clamps on their truck. I would like to know how this is called installation. Delivery yes--install--I don't think so. I had to un hook the wires, put in the romex clamp, hook the wires back up and put both appliances back in place. Don't pay Lowes (or any other company for that matter) for installation if this is what they are going to do. Installation means ready to use. Dryer vent pipe, clamps and wire clamps (romex connectors) doesn't take much room on a truck, and I am sure the customer would not hesitate to pay the little added cost if required. I am sure the installers make a pretty good living and should not take dangerous shortcuts.
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User Replies:
ok4now on 04/02/2013:
Obviously Lowe's is more interested in selling appliances than doing a proper installation. Most people would not have caught this. Good post.
Alain on 04/02/2013:
Our local Lowes often sent delivery people who had no training or experience in hooking up appliances and expected them to install whatever they dropped off if they were instructed to. They didn't much care if it was done right or not.
Slimjim on 04/02/2013:
We just purchased a set from Lowes and they claim they will not hook anything up with old stuff, so we had to buy the cord, hose and clamps from them to get the dryer installed, washer hoses too. Then the guys show up and claim it's not on the invoice. Fortunately, they had the stuff on the truck anyway. In both cases, how do deliverers for Lowes, or any appliance outfit, not keep this stuff on the truck at all times.
Dakota1015 on 04/03/2013:
Why don't the "installers" keep the installation supplies on the truck? Because nowadays people buy appliances at Lowes or Home depot , etc. instead of from a local appliance store that also repairs appliances, and has their installs done by a qualified technician who knows what he is doing and has the proper tools and supplies rather than by a truck driver whose mission is to make quick deliveries rather than proper installations.
Really? on 04/03/2013:
I had a similar situation with Conn's. They installed my new dishwasher incorrectly and damaged the top part of the door. I insisted it be replaced. The first installer left all of the wires laying on the floor under the washer. Had there been a leak, I could have been electrocuted! They put in a more expensive washer at no extra charge. Installers just don't take pride in their work. On the same note..If you have a home warranty, start taking pictures of the old parts, prior to the replacement. I had a 1/2 Garbage disposal, and the warranty company put in a 1/3 HP , which is a breach of contract. Equal to or greater, but they put in a smaller one. I had to threaten legal action. The plumber lied to the Warranty Company, lied to me, and the Warranty Company lied to me. They both put me in the middle. I got what was entitled to me. Stand your ground!
disgusted with HD installers on 06/08/2013:
Home Depot installers also do not do a class job. never purchase any items from these type stores for you will only get what you pay for and you should notice that the cost of installation is usually less than the norm.
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Free installation my foot
Posted by on
I am a floor covering dealer and I am fed up with the deceptive tactics that the big box stores are using. Lowes is just one of them. You can throw Home Depot and most of the other big franchise dealers in there as well. As a matter of fact, deceptive marketing is rampant across the board in almost every product line being merchandised in the United States.

I know this is something that has been done since the first day words past lips but it has been kicked up a notch lately and where I can talk endlessly about all of them, I think I'll start with the Home Depot and Lowes battle for the most ridiculous price on flooring installation trophy.

So you know and it is just common sense, there is no one, not even an illegal immigrant crackhead, that would hire one or two men for the day to help him and come to your house and install your carpet for $40 and if you believe that, I have a bridge in San Francisco I want to sell you. Labor paid by the retailer to the installer on an average house full of carpet with an average amount of stuff to move starts at around $500 and goes up from there. In our area, it's about $3.50 per yard oh but let me clarify. That's. 39 per foot which is another thing the big stores did. They changed pricing to the square foot so that you would think they are way cheaper than me. Installers get about. 50 per yard, I mean. 06 per foot to move furniture with exceptions on big and delicate items. They get about the same to get the old carpet out but get paid a nasty surcharge if you are a pig and leave pet turds and the like lying around. And these prices are the minimum. In other parts of the country, they are much higher. The big stores are paying the same amount if not more. So how are these generous people making a living paying more than they're charging? Becausing they are slamming you on the incidentals.

On a $5000 carpet job with a $40 install by Home Depot, our store and probably all the other stores like us are usually $500 to $1000 less on an equivalent carpet. I say equivalent carpet because the big stores have the mills rename all their carpet to something else so that you can't come in my store and find it. It's called private labeling. I probably have the same carpet but unless you have a piece of their carpet and all day to hold it up to every sample I have until its found, it is impossible to know.

Incidentals start with the swatch sample you paid for to take home which we don't charge for. Then it's the $50 charge to measure which we don't charge for. Then your slammed with the high furniture moving charges and a much higher price on padding. The deal will usually (or only) be on select carpets that they have marked up about double and they charge for every supply used in your house as well as a delivery charge if they can get it. Most of which (you guessed it) we don't charge for.
In the end you are paying dearly for your $40 install and can rest easy at night knowing you just gave money to a company that will invest it heavily overseas where it buys most of its merchandise, even when a lot of it can be bought here where Americans can make it, earn a check, pay their bills and save the economy.
But don't forget to get their exclusive charge card and save that 10% even thogh most of you will find that when you realize you bought more than you can afford and just make the minimal payments, you probably paid double what it costs before its paid off.
In short, if it sounds too good, it is. If there is a "thereto, hereby, wherefore or herein" in the contract, you are being hosed. If you find that you are in fact, getting a phenominal deal, don't expect very good service if you should have a problem in the future. If it's sold by the box, it's because there is less in it than the competitors have. If it's sold on low payments, it's because theres a lot of them and a high price that they are diverting your attention from.
I ask all of the consumers of the nation to quit being so gullable because every time these stores use deceptive advertiseing and you buy into it, the more they will do and force us honest people down the same path. We have mouths to feed too.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 08/06/2011:
Excellent information. VH thanks for the post.
localgod on 08/06/2011:
A well thought out post, but on with the debunk. Your complaint misses the mark starting with the false advertising...er, deceptive marketing allegation. It is true you cannot hire a decent carpet installer for $40 dollars, but you seem to already know that the price is offset by the carpet and padding sale. Your shop also offsets its labor costs from the profit from the sale.
It seems you also find it necessary to accuse Home Depot and Lowe's of changing the pricing standard on the sale of carpet. I assure you, their carpet is priced both by the square foot and square yard and their padding prices are in line with yours.
Now on to the incidentals, such as the $50 measure that is subtracted from your final quote. And that Home Depot and Lowe's offer exclusive carpets with exclusive colors and patterns because of the volume of carpet they sell. It's called volume pricing or volume discounting. If you had their volume, your shop would have an exclusivity deal and volume pricing with a mill as well.
Next, you accused both Home Depot and Lowe's of making further money on the back-end of a credit account, know that the credit card is provided by a bank and not the retailer, the bank collects the interest and not the retailer. If the customer does not know that the full amount needs to be paid off by the end of the term, shame on them, the rules are very simple. Also I assume your shop offers financing as well, which is written through a bank.
But when you accused both the Home Depot and Lowe's of investing heavily overseas, you seem to forget that they have hundreds of thousands of associates and installers that they employ that have mouths to feed as well.
My final though is this, if you're carpet shopping, get quotes from both the big box and the small shop; compare the pricing, service network, and warranties for yourself as a smart consumer does.
bluffscir on 08/06/2011:
Thanks for your comment. I wrote what I wrote in about fifteen minutes so I wouldn't say it was well thought out(would of spent more time on my spelling too) Just the truth which takes little time to write. 
    There is no way on Gods green Earth that I could be convinced that Lowes and Home Depots marketing strategy's on stupid cheap installs is anything less than deceptive and misleading. Because of that, there is very little you can say that could possibly hold any weight with anyone who reads what you said from that point.  Their tactics have been criticized by floor covering publications such as Floor Covering Weekly. Their pad is higher than ours (a buck or so) and of a lesser quality from what they had locally a few months ago when I checked. 
   I do not offset labor costs through the profit of materials. I actually put a markup on labor because I ultimately am responsible for it and pay insurance to cover any liability should a job go south or not get paid. 
    You (they) do have exclusive products that I can't get but  also private label most if not every product that I can.   But I don't see that as a deceptive or misleading thing. I see it as the manufactories stabbing the small business flooring store in the back, just like Shaw Industries efforts a few years ago to open their own stores and compete against their own customers or more recently discontinuing dozens of products then recreating virtually the same products as a new line making our showrooms half dead and when we get the new product line (which is not free by the way) and order it, they often delay production forever sometimes costing us a sale because our customer doesn't want to wait or choose another which could likely have the same result. 
     We do not do financing as you suggested. We let the banks do that and usually if someone is going to finance something, they usually have a way to do it. If they ask me, it's usually because no one else would and I definitely don't need that kind of risk. And by the way, I didn't insinuate that they make money on the back end of credit although I'd be surprised that there wasn't a perk there somewhere. I simply stated what is a common occurrence. Making a product accessible to someone who can't otherwise afford it isn't technically wrong unless they do it with moral unrest. 
       On the pricing standard, I would bet a hundred bucks it got started purely as a way to mislead customers to think they were getting  it cheaper than a comparative product seen elsewhere by the yard. I know this strategy was started by the big stores because if someone like us did, it wouldn't have spread across the country so fast. And yes, they do have yard price included but that is not the one the consumer looks at. Only the low price is ever seen. So much so that anything else in the deal is overlooked. Customers that come in my store from one of theirs never remember the yard price because it is the nature of a shopper to see the low price and not the higher one and is how they ultimately get deceived. 
    And yes, I know the low labor cost in the $40 deal is offset by the product sales because I'm a dealer. But apparently the consumer doesn't. So I tell you what. You, they or whoever start sharing that news with every customer and I'll retract everything I said. 
     Honest marketing on a product with no hidden charges is what the people want but it doesn't mean they are educated on how to tell the difference and a lot of people are just a little too trusting. So I wrote this to invoke caution, buyer beware and all that stuff. But don't feel threatened by me, I'm just a little guy and there's very few of us left. Like shooting fish  in the barrel, huh?
bluffscir on 08/06/2011:
I need to add something. Lowes,Home Depot and the like need to be supported for the same reason that small town Walmarts need to be supported. They replaced the small local stores that sold simar products when they arrived and now they are it. You don't shop there and you are only hurting your local economy. their thousands of employees need you too, many of which came from the small stores that were replaced so you would be hurting them. It just disappoints me that they feel the need to do what they do.
As for the dying mom and pop businesses. Maybe that is progress. Maybe it's just part of our nations business evolution. It is more convienent to just go to one place and get it all and it saves gas too.
I guess time will tell. I think I'll do some weed eating. Good luck everyone
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Abusive to subcontractors
Posted by on
Lowe's treatment of contractors who subcontract service and installation from Lowe's is abominable. These contractors provide services that Lowe's employees are not capable of providing due to lack of training and they turn significant profit for Lowe's HIW Inc.

The contractors are rewarded for this by being forced to satisfy middle managers who have no training in the task at hand, but clearly have been threatened to drive up profit margins or receive consequences. Lowe's managers make every concession to please the customer and pass the costs onto the contractor. These concessions aren't made because the customer was 'right', rather because the manager has minimal experience with the service or installation job in dispute and no idea how to troubleshoot the problem. The contractor is forced to pay or lose details (aka jobs). Losing these details usually means downsizing the company or taking a staggering pay cut, so the contractor obliges and takes a loss. These losses are heart wrenching when you're talking about a small company that's barely staying above water in difficult economic times.

I live 0.5 miles from a Lowe's store and I consider it a last resort for my home improvement needs because the situation outlined above sickens me. It's criminal to siphon money from small contractors rather than properly mediating a dispute. I've seen the stock market and it's quite clear to me that Lowe's has the resources to mediate these disputes, but it's cheap, fast, and quickly shuts up the complaining customer if you just take money out of the laborers' pockets and hand it back to the customer.

I am one person and I can't change Lowe's, but there are a few things I can do. First, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS tell me friends, family, and neighbors who want quality services and installation to purchase directly from small stores and contractors. Stores like Lowe's depend on squeezing the middle man to make a buck, not high quality work, word of mouth, or repeat customers. Second, REFER THE HUSTLERS TO LOWES, if someone wants work done around their house and quality is less important than getting $500 knocked off the estimate because the contractor was 10 minutes late, then Lowe's is where they should be. I hate to see decent tradesmen deal with stupidity like that and Lowe's has teams of barely trained employees who can handle those phone calls. Third, POST THIS ON THE INTERNET, it won't do much because there's already plenty of bad press out there for Lowes. However, Lowe's has already shown us that they have no conscience or ethics, so I guess bad press is my only tool for motivation.
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User Replies:
cholden on 03/01/2011:
I am flooring department employee at a Lowe's store. We have four carpet installers and two hardwood/laminate/tile installers. They range from a one-man operation to a budding business that has multiple crews, and most do work for 2-5 Lowe's stores.

Most of our installers, flooring or not, have been doing so for many years with Lowe's. Customers who contact corporate to compliment installers outnumber those who complain by about 10:1.

One installer in my store was let go. He was courteous and responsive to customers' needs, but he and his crews were taking shortcuts. They were using knee kickers to install carpets when they should have been using power stretchers. We received too many calls from customers 1-2 years after their installs that required service calls/restretches.

Because Lowe's installers are required to warranty their labor for a year, they tend to be professional and trustworthy. They wish to avoid being called back to a job, tend to avoid shortcuts, and generally do a good job.

If an installer has a problem, they generally work with Lowe's Area Installation Manager who oversees the installation program for 5-15 stores. This person is responsible for the hiring and firing of installers as well as the amount of work given to each installer, and I've yet to see an installer fail to resolve an issue through this channel.

The original poster is a dissatisfied former installer, so we can take the story at face value.
yankeefan! on 03/01/2011:
I would agree
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