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Extreme Displeasure With Fence Installation
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Rating: 1/51

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN -- I had this process started in April. A salesperson came to my house to check backyard, took measurements, showed me a sample of the cedar lattice fence I was looking for and started the process. That weekend the installation team came to double check the measurements. A week after the process started, we agreed on fee 3k plus and the salesperson returned to sign off on the paperwork. I was told some of the custom made gates would take a couple of weeks and delivery would be set and installed afterward. In about two weeks, the product was ready for delivery. I was told I would get a call when it would be delivered.

I requested a Saturday because I needed to be home for the delivery. I received a call at work, mid-week, that they were on their way to my house to deliver. I told them I needed to be home. I was told they would deliver that Saturday (early May) and would get a call on Friday night to set a time. I got a call Friday night telling me they would call me on Tuesday to set up delivery. I asked what happened about the Saturday delivery and was told that was not happening. About an hour after that call, I got an automated call telling me that the delivery would be on Saturday but the wrong address was given. I called back the previous caller and asked what was going on.

They said, trust them and they would call on Tuesday to set up the real delivery. I then complained to the original salesperson who got the delivery and installation set for the next Saturday, mid-May. They were supposed to deliver in the morning and install right after. I got a call the Friday night before delivery that the delivery would be between noon and 2pm. I was dumbfounded, tried calling back but it was a total automated system and there was no way to get a real person on the weekend. That Saturday morning the installation crew came at 10am. They were told the product would be there at 9. Told them the time the delivery was scheduled.

They came a little late because they knew Lowe's normally runs late. When they were at my house I called and they called but to no avail. The delivery was set for noon to 2pm, so the crew left. No way they could finish installation in half a day. They said they would come back the next Saturday (the last of May) once everything was there. The product finally came at about 2pm. It was on 2 huge pallets which needed to be delivered by a hi/low from the huge flatbed truck up the hill of my driveway. The pallets were left outside my garage and it was up to me to unpack and get the product to safety behind my old fence.

Once opened up and brought in piece by piece gates and fencing units and 8' post section and 10 bags of concrete 500 lbs total, I discovered that fence units were 4" wide, very large for a small Brooklyn backyard. Also some were damaged, the gates were not customized as promised, the fence and gates were not finished with top rails and you could look right down the tops of the lattice. It looked like a real disaster. Also, I got a call later that day telling me that they owed me 14 bags of concrete that was not delivered and would delivery early the next Saturday before installation.

I got in touch with the salesperson and set up to have him come see the product in my yard in the middle of the week to try to figure this mess out. He came and promised that they would take care of custom cuts on site and provide further pieces to make it looked like a finished product, that would need to be ordered and the crew would need to come back after initial installation to complete. This past Saturday the concrete was delivered early and the crew was on site at 9am to start installation.

However, they had to go get screws to put things together and then decided when they come back that they would not be able to deal with the cuts to finish customizing the fence. They were expecting vinyl fencing which I hate. So, they left and I called Lowe's to tell them the deal is off and to get the product out of my yard ASAP. They agreed and were to have a team here Sunday to remove the product. I was told Sunday morning they would be here between 2 and 4. I got a call later, saying they should be on time but that everything need to be put back on pallets by me for them, to take from my driveway. I went totally ballistic!!

I called the salesperson at Lowe's and was not getting to anyone to speak to. I kept being put on hold or disconnected. I was irate by now and drove down to store to try to see the manager face to face. I was told he was busy with an issue in the back. Lowe's with an issue, who would have guessed? Finally the chief cashier tried to help and he spoke with the manager and came back to tell me that Lowe's themselves (not CPO, their delivery service) would pick up stuff in the morning. He was to call me in an hour to set a time and I went home. I called back after 4 hours and spoke with the assistant manager and was assured this would be taken care of.

Now, I must call in the morning June 1 to confirm pickup and hopefully shortly after 8, they will pick up and cancel my payment obligations to Lowe's. Let's hope this Lowe's fence fiasco is over tomorrow, I'm not hopeful. I will never step foot in a Lowe's again and suggest that no one shop there ever again. It is really unfathomable what has happened to me over the last month. I should sue them for the unneeded stress that has been put on my life. I hope this helps some perspective Lowe's shopper. Best advice, just stay away!

Lowe's Bad for Business!
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Rating: 1/51

Had a roof installed by Lowe's. The day the install was scheduled it was calling for some major rain over the next few days. The installer was contacted but said that they could get it done before the rain hit. First all when the contractor showed up to remove the old roof they did not bring any ladders to get up on the roof. Then they started walking around our storage buildings and got our ladders without even asking and used them to get on the roof.

First they backed their trailer into the side of the house damaging the siding. Then they started tearing off the roof but needless to say it started raining so they started covering up the roof with tarps and dragging up the bundles of shingles onto the roof damaging the vinyl siding on our house in the process. The contractor even loaded up our ladders and took them with him when he left. The contractor was contacted that day about the ladders and it took him over 2 weeks to bring them back to us.

When the rain finally stopped days later the water had leaked through the OSB and into the house. The contractor did finally finish installing the roof after 2 weeks. He ignored us about the damage in the house and to the vinyl siding. Mr. ** the Regional Manager of the install dept. for the Lowe's store was contacted but he kept ignoring the problem even told me that I better back off if I knew what was good for me or he would see that I would not be employed with Lowe's for long. Yes I was an employee for Lowe's at the time.

The Director of Marketing (Mrs. K. **) of Region 1 Market 810 was contacted but did nothing about it either was just trying to ignore the issues. Believe it or not the contractor came out and took a harsh cleaner to try to clean the damaged vinyl and needless to say it turned the color of the vinyl. Finally after one year Lowe's decided that it was in their best interest to solve this problem. They replaced the damaged vinyl which I will show you a picture of the botched up work agreed to pay for the damage in the house which has never been taken care of to this day.

Now figure this. I was an employee of Lowe's at the time and had worked for them over 8 years when this happened. If they treat employees this way what do you think happens with the consumer? I could tell you some horror stories. Notes: Lowe's advertises that they give a one year warranty with their installs on workmanship. Don't be fooled by that. In our state of VA the contractor has to warranty their work for one year. Lowe's is trying to make you think that they are taking care of the warranty on workmanship when they are really not.

Carpet Installers
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Rating: 1/51

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- Installer showed up an hour late, he did not call to tell me he would be late. When he got here, I discovered why he didn't call me... neither one of the 2 installers could speak a lick of ENGLISH!!! It is not my fault that I don't speak Spanish. At the very least Lowe's should be considerate enough to send an installer that I can COMMUNICATE WITH!!! When the installer arrived, I live in a gated community, 15 mph posted limit and the installers speed down my street at 50 MPH at least, my neighbor says he thought it was even faster than that. The installers flew past my house 2 times and then started to leave my park.

I called the dispatcher and told her that she needed to call them and tell them to look at the addresses more closely, which they could not have done at all the first 2 passes by, because they were going so fast. I could not discuss the installation with the guy at all because neither one of them could speak a word of English!!! I gave my gate code to Lowe's to get into my gate. Now these 2 total strangers have my gate code and can feel free to come back anytime to steal if they wish!! I just assumed (my error I guess) that they would send installers that would be trustworthy. I won't be buying anything from Lowe's from this point on.

Worst Customer Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSONVILLE, ARKANSAS -- They did a terrible job and you can't contact anyone to get it resolved. Lots of promises made when you are face-to-face but they never follow through. Go somewhere else. Originally I dealt with Brandon **. Avoid him and Lowe's for any installation.

Installed Sales Are Very Poor Quality
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Rating: 1/51

MOORESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- After dealing with you for months now over multiple issues regarding a remodel project of a small beach condo I have never experienced such sad and sorry customer service. We waited 15 days for flooring to be installed from June 15th - July 1st thinking we would be able to occupy the unit after the flooring was in. Having the installer come on July 1st and refuse to install the floor, we then had to go back a different flooring product and install it ourselves having to wait until July 4th before we could occupy the condo.

So roughly 17 days numerous hotel charges paid out of pocket because this is a 2nd home away from our main house and we were having to pay to stay in hotels waiting on the project to be done. Had we know on June 15th you would not install the floor we would have then done the project ourselves (as we ended up doing) saving ourselves much out of pocket expense and stress.

After buying a complete kitchen with Lowe's Shenandoah Cabinets $9,244.54, Luna Eco By Cosentino Countertops $3,588.88, Bruce Hardwood Flooring $1,409.68, Stain Master Carpet $2,486.69, Whirlpool Dishwasher, microwave and Frig @ $1,747.17, Whirlpool washer and dryer $1,438.44, bathroom shower door @ $329, bathroom shower pan at $550, numerous boxes of bathroom and kitchen tile at more than a $1,000 and numerous trip to the Lowe's store to buy small items to get all this construction done and you offer me a $300 gift card for the stress and time the store at Hwy 17 bypass in Myrtle Beach has caused my family this summer.

Waiting days for no floor, weeks with no microwave, watching the delivery men drop a washing machine off the truck into the yard and they still want to bring it in the house with dents and scratches and you think $300 is a fair compensation. Multiple phone calls to Deb ** and Lynn ** at the Lowe's Home Install Sales office in Mooresville, waiting days and weeks for them to return a phone call which they never do you have to call them and demand a conservation and now dealing with the Regional Production Manager Matt ** who offers me a $300 gift card which I refuse.

If nothing else I hope my rants cause Lowe's to suffer $300 in lost sales from any of my family or friends who may be considering a trip to Lowe's or either a new home project. I for one will not shop with Lowe's again unit I am compensated $1,160.92 the cost of the wood floor which we laid. Does this sound like a lot of money after the dollars I have spent at your store in the past months not to mention all the projects we have done with Lowe's at our real house.

For the pain and stress it has caused my family this summer, the time and effort I have spent chasing people down (all Lowe's) to get the jobs done and the out of pocket expense for hotels waiting on work to be done that was never done. Before you start a home project with Lowe's please read this and think is this the kind of customer service I want or the type of stress you need in your life. Ask me would I do it again? No, not at Lowe's.

Lowe's And The Safety Gates
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In July of 2008 we purchased vinyl fencing and gates to surround and protect our in ground swimming pool. The gates failed within a few months (broke apart) and the installer returned and glued them back together. (See the video on of the gates breaking.) Shortly thereafter the gates broke apart again. We contacted the local Lowe's (Latham, New York) in the spring of 2009 and they said the installer would return to repair the gates. After repeated telephone calls and trips to the Lowe's store the installer was schedule to repair the gates on July 9, 2009. He was a no show.

At the end of July of 2009 my wife was again in the local Lowe's and was approached by an installation person. "Are the repairs done" she asked. "No" replied my wife "the installer did not show." My wife than informed her that it did not matter now as it was too late to open the pool for this year and to just get the installer there when they could. The installer showed up in late September of 2009 to make the gate repairs. The backyard and swimming pool remained closed for the entire season of 2009 because of the broken gates.

The gates failed again shortly after the repair and in the spring of 2010 we again approached Lowe's requesting they fixed the faulty safety gates. They acted surprised that the gates were again broken. I informed them that I had checked the internet and others were having the same problems with the vinyl gates. They assured me that the problem would be taken care of immediately! A little upset I contacted the local building department and requested they look at the installation and the product they were selling to protect an in ground swimming pool.

The building inspector examined the product and installation and informed me to keep the backyard and pool covered and closed as the gates and fencing were: of questionable quality to be used as safety gates; gates opened in the wrong direction; the gates were not self-closing; latches did not meet code; and the fence was installed too high from the ground, all in direct violation of New York State Building Code and illegal!

Armed with this new information I confronted Lowe's installation staff when they again came to my home. The following question and answer transpired between LOWE'S employee **, the Installation Supervisor, and **. MR. **: “I'm going to ask you a question – how would you like having your kids living on this street with ** gates like this with an in ground pool? You would be scared ** wouldn't you.” **: “Yep”. MR. **: “I've been living like this for almost two years…” (Transcribed from tape recording of this conversation.)

They agreed to have the installer remove the defective product and reinstall the product correctly to meet building codes. This was finally accomplished in late May of 2010. I then requested that Lowe's reimburse us for the loss of our backyard and swimming pool for the year of 2009. Lowe's informed me that my wife told them in 2009 that she was not going to open the pool anyway (they had two witnesses to this statement) and I suffered no loss. They offered $500 dollars because I was a good customer after dictating to me the fine points of "contract law."

Note: They also informed me that I could not use the audiotapes of their admission of liability and shabby workmanship because they "did not give me permission to tape them." The tape recordings contain admissions that the product used was questionable, installed improperly, and in violation of State law. They also include the installer stating the gates were junk and breaking at most installations he had done and he was tired of fixing them. I can understand why they would not like to have anyone hear the tapes!

As an aside, my wife had paid a local pool company a $50.00 deposit to open the pool and clean the decking in May of 2009, a deposit we lost because the pool could not be opened. I refused the $500.00 and left the local Lowe's as I do not intend to allow a company to hide behind "contract law" after the "circus" that occurred at my home. I intend to seek legal relief and expose the “Lowe's Shuffle” for what it really is to would be customers.

Resolution Update 08/20/2010:


Kitchen Install Disaster Kraftmaid Cabinets Bad From The Factory
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Rating: 1/51

HAMILTON, OHIO -- I ordered kitchen cabinets in June 2013. Installers showed up to put cabinets in and what a mess. Beta Construction measured before install but forgot to account for a three in filler piece before installing first cabinet next to back door leading to garage. So when you open cabinet draw it hits back door handle. After running the whole bottom row sink side. They had to tear all out and start over. After finally installing bottom row they start on top cabinet.

At the end of that row they realize the bottom is three inches longer than top row. Duh, so now I need a 27 in cabinet on to cover the final 3 inches. It took from July 18 until Nov 7 to get cabinet installed. Crown molding on top of cabinets was cut wrong. Construction crew forgot the thickness of their blade and cut it short. No extra crown on site to cut another piece so that also not fixed till Nov 7. I paid 14000.00 for cabinets, granite counter tops, install price and tax. I placed 4000.00 appliance order for four pieces of all LG products. Order placed in June 2013.

LG couldn't get me the stove I wanted so instead of calling the store or me to get another model. They just cancel the order without telling Lowe's. After reordering two weeks later I was told appliance would be here August 28 2013. My wife said no way. I pulled the order from Lowe's. Called HHGregg from Lowe's counter and they had everything in stock and could deliver tomorrow. Amazing. Not including 151 pieces of tile I bought there Grote backer board under tile 14 sheets of drywall and electric wire to rewire kitchen. I probably spent 16000.00 total. Never again will I go through that. I have no reason to tell someone to shop for kitchen at Lowe's.

Oh forgot one thing. I have 6 miscut cabinet doors still not fixed as of 10/7/13. Kraftmaid Cabinet Rep is coming to view doors on 10/17/13 who know how long after that it will take to get replacement doors let alone install them. Please save yourself the trouble. Go somewhere else. And if you do use them. Make them X out in their contract you have to use arbitrator to settle your dispute. And write in contract any damage to your clean painted walls they fix not you. I got stuck with that also.

Shoddy Work, Sorry Management
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Rating: 1/51

DOUGLAS, GEORGIA -- I bought a complete bath remodel from Lowe's, they sent an installer to my house. He measured & estimated materials needed. I went to the store then to choose colors & styles of tile, grout, window (double paned insulated vinyl was recommended by installer & salesman). Then it was time to pay for materials & installation. Two days later the job began. Three hours later they loaded tools & left. Returned the following day mid-morning worked 2 hours, off for lunch, back at 1:30pm worked till 4:00pm, see you Monday cause now it's the weekend.

Mid-morning Monday they are back - unload tools, go get more materials, will be back after lunch, worked 1:00-4:00. This kind of work continued for 5 week. Store Asst. Manager called asked how everything was going, I invited him to stop by & see for himself; after a look-see he assured me that another crew would come to tear-out & redo the job. Oh did I mention the 1st tile man had just started, no experience? A week later new crew, worked 2 days needed on another job supervisor & 2 other employees leave, the 2 youngest crew members remain.

2 days later one of the workers removes guard from electric saw while installing window. You guessed it - saw kicks back cuts himself pretty bad, off to hospital. Called Lowe's Asst. Mgr., call me back after checking on injured man, not going to be back for a few days. Two weeks later new crew, worked 10 days made a real mess. One month later new crew looked at job, didn't want the job. Two weeks later new people tore out, started over, three months later, it's a mess; almost 6 months since it was started. I'm so tired of this mess till I could cry, store asst. mgr. says he doesn't have any solution for me, he's so sorry that Lowe's wasn't able to please me.

After talking to the home office I got a lot of excuses & the runaround. It's been 2 years. Now the grout is coming out from between floor tiles, wall tile is still uneven, I have red mold of some sort which grows the double panes of my window. I had to hire a plumber to replace my shower drains because they were filled with grout! Someday I hope to be able to fix this mess that Lowe's left me, but at our age my husband says we'll just have to live with it! If you are a SENIOR CITIZEN don't take your savings to LOWE'S!

Installation and Management
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Rating: 1/51

MIDWEST CITY, OKLAHOMA -- Terrible. From beginning to end, purchasing an exterior door and having Lowe's install it was a complete nightmare. Poor store management, zero communication with the customer and amongst staff and damaged product. One employee, **, during this process was helpful. Everyone else provided false information, failed to communicate the reason for delay and the installer was less than pleasant while in my home. I was originally quoted a price of $534 for the entire project by the person Lowe's sent out to my house. Then they send someone else out and he does a lead test and takes more measurements.

Come to find out, the first measurement was inaccurate and I need a custom door. Also, it is going to be an additional $105 to remount my screen door. New total is over $800. ** helped me out with everything and helped get the price closer to the original estimate. I opted not to pay to have the screen door re-hung as well. My project was scheduled to be completed by 12/27/13. It was completed yesterday, 1/8/14, which is OK, but no one contacted me to let me know that there was going to be a delay. I had to call the store 3 times to try to find out. And calling the store and trying to talk to anyone in millwork/install is impossible, in case you were wondering.

After the install, there were greasy black fingerprints and smudges all over my door. There were scratches and a gouge in the door. Lowe's install called to verify that the project was completed, but offered nothing other than to contact the installer about these issues. What is he going to do about a damaged product? Nothing. If I had not had a $300 gift card to Lowe's I definitely would have gone somewhere else.

Do Not Use Lowe's Install Service
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Rating: 1/51

MOUNTAIN HOME, ARKANSAS -- Warning, do not use Lowe's installation service!! As an installer, they have no idea what they are doing or what needs to be done. It will end up costing you hundreds of dollars in added expense, as it did me. Not just a few dollars but $800 extra because of where it was placed.

I wanted to place my generator in one location (I do have some construction background and common sense. Something I found Lowe's lacks) and was told and basically pressured that it should go in another area to save money and was the least expensive, best-recommended place to install. Plus best place for electrical work to be done. Turned out it would not had made any difference on the electrical install where I had originally wanted it put. Lowe's afterward stated they were not responsible for their recommendation.

It turned out, I had to hire a subcontractor to hook-up generator. Fine, no problem. This was the known procedure. Subcontractor contacted Lowe's on needed information on generator to write estimate. Lowe's stated afterward they are not responsible for correct information on the product they sell! Lowe's did not inform them of all steps that required by law to be done.

The result = the generator was installed where Lowe's recommended for best cost and installation. Because Lowe's had no idea what was involved as primary installer, the gas subcontractor was unable to give a proper estimate. Lowe's fault not sub-contractor, they were going on what lowe's provided.

Lowe's afterward, when I found out about added cost of work which was almost completed and Lowe's stated that I should not have had generator gas hooked up. The problem with that was it would have been another several months (already a month after purchase) into the next year at the earliest to complete with a major storm getting ready to start. Plus large concrete pad, tamper-proof generator installation, and electric and most of gas hook-up was already completed. Generator had to be paid for in full early Nov before Lowe's would even start.

I also had to keep contacting Lowe's about the extra cost because Lowe's kept forgetting to get back with me. You felt that they felt if you were ignored enough you would drop the matter. Yes, I feel that Lowe's is responsible and I was ripped-off by Lowe's. No way can I recommend Lowe's install for anything plus no longer able to believe anything that Lowe's states or recommend. Would I recommend this to a friend? No.

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