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Lowe's Carpet Installation - They Subcontract the Installation to an Unreliable Third-Party
Posted by Just tryin to get a lift on 07/15/2009
JERSEY CITY, NJ -- When you decide to use Lowe's for carpet installation, you can choose the carpet that you want in the store. There is a wide variety of carpet to choose from and well organized samples on display. Then, you have to pay $35 to set up an appointment with a third party installer to come and take measurements in your home for an estimate. The $35 is taken off of your bill when you book with them to install carpet.

My husband and I were quite pleased with the samples in store, and even more pleased with the associate who answered all of our questions in flooring. We put down the $35 to make an appointment with the installer and were told that the installer would call within 2 business days. After 4 days, I called Lowes to see if there was anything that I could do to expedite the process as we were anxious to get the ball rolling on this. After being transferred around and then put on hold, the associate on the phone told me that flooring was closed for the day. It was 4pm in the afternoon!? They didn't seem to anxious to help me, to say the least.

The installer finally got around to calling us a full week after we paid the $35. By then, we were on the brink of booking with another company. My feeling is that if they are in no rush to even come out and take your measurements, then only God knows how long it would take them to order and install our carpet! The only positive in this situation was that Lowe's did not give me a hard time getting my $ back. It sucked that I had to make an unnecessary trip to the store to get my refund, however.

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Lowe's Carpet Installation and Service
Posted by MelissainJaxFl on 10/14/2009
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- About a month ago we decided to go with Lowe's to buy and install new carpet for our bedrooms since they advertise a 72 hour turn around. Well, don't be mistaken, the 72 hours only kicks in AFTER they come out to measure your rooms and turn all their paperwork in, and then you get back in to the store to actually 'order' the carpet that is already in stock. Anyhow, everything was going as planned with that small bump in the road. We chose an in stock carpet since we wanted it installed ASAP. I specifically asked the girl who was handling our order if there was enough to do our 3 rooms and she looked at me like I was crazy and said, "yes, it's an in stock carpet." So, I felt a bit dumb for asking that silly question. We requested to have the furniture moved (before and after), old carpet haul away, and clean up afterward (all for an additional fee, of course). We paid and left with the promise we'd be getting a phone call the next morning to set up an installation time. According to our calendar, we would have new carpet before that Saturday, so that made us happy.

The next day, a Wednesday, I finally got a call mid-afternoon. The installer informed me that the ONLY time he had to do this job was the next day at 7am. We agreed to this time, and I began moving the small things out into our living room. The next morning at 7:05am I received a phone call from the installation manager informing me of a "minor" issue regarding my installation ... there wasn't enough carpet for all 3 rooms, only 2 of them. Remember my silly question about "is the carpet in stock"? Yea, I reminded him of that. He said that he could still send the installer out to do those two rooms then come back later with the rest to finish the job OR I could reschedule (for after the 72 hour promised time). I told him to go with option A and I would just deal with it. He said ok and that they would be right out. About an hour passes when the manager called me back to say that apparently the installed decided to go ahead with job B first and then will get to job A (my job) when he's done. I told him I was truly unhappy with the service yet so far - and he agreed that he wouldn't be happy either. When I asked when that would be I got the run in circles talk. By this time I'll admit, I was pissed. I told him I wanted a TIME that he would be AT my house ready to do what I've paid them to do ... he said 11am.

At 10:45am a Lowe's truck pulled into my driveway. Wonderful. Just like he said. To my surprise, it was just a delivery man that was told to bring and drop off a roll of carpet. When I started asking questions (such as where will we put it - keeping in mind most of the stuff from the bedrooms was now in my living room blocking many walk ways), the delivery man called the manager. He explained that I was "not happy" and then handed the phone to me. The manager asked me what it was that I wasn't happy about ... nice. I reviewed the morning with him (even though he already knew) and asked him what exactly I had to be happy over. He told me that I needed to calm down because the installers still had a few minutes to show up, as promised. Like that was my only concern at that time. He said he'd even be so kind as to call them and find out how far away they are from my house and then let me know. He called me back a few minutes later and said that it was taking them a bit longer than expected at job B, so it wouldn't be until later that afternoon before they could be there. Then he added they still had to stop back by his store to pick up my order (minus the carpet roll that was now blocking access to my front door). Allow me to point out that he KNEW this before he hung up with me the first time, but tried to assure me they'd be at my house in 5 minutes - without my materials.

Fully beyond disgust at this point I just sat, watched TV, counted my day as totally wasted, and tried to calm down. The installers finally showed at about 2:30pm. During the initial greetings and showing what rooms, etc I was informed that I was going to have to move certain furniture items if they were over xx weight, all they move are light dressers and beds. I didn't even say a word, I guess the look on my face said it all ... they moved my furniture out of the bedrooms.

Now, I understand a certain amount of disruption to the norm when a big job is being done, but when you open someone's windows in the middle of a Florida summer with the A/C running full blast LET THEM KNOW! Instead of using the vacuum they brought with them to suck up the dirt that carpet leaves behind, they decided to sweep it all around sending that fine dust plume all over (so I had to literally wash my walls when they left). After they were done with the installation, they were so hurried with trying to 'finish the job' that they almost took out my TV with my dresser. I made a comment about how they must be in a hurry and one of them said yes that they were normally home well before now - like it was my fault they were running behind.

Since my son's room was done first, I was helping him put his stuff back in order while the two men were supposed to be cleaning up and moving the rest of my furniture back. That was yet another mistake I made (leaving them to do what they were supposed to do without me telling them to do it). They stepped into the hall way to have me sign that they were done, I did, and they left. When I went back into my living room there was still 4 pieces of furniture and all of the scrap carpet (new not the old stuff). There was the rolled up plastic wrap trash left in my bedroom AND the trash bag they put the dirt from the old carpet in along with more delivery plastic was at my front door (outside). The plastic was hanging on my plant hanger!!

The amazing part is this. A totally different manager called me to check on the satisfaction of the service since I "wasn't having a very good day." When I told him about what all took place he had the nerve to tell me that "maybe in a utopian world things would have gone like I wanted them, but this isn't a perfect world." I explained to him that I didn't expect Utopia, I only expected what I paid for and what they put in writing as a promise to me. I read him the riot act, told him it'd be a cold day in hell before I stepped foot back in their store .. not because things were a little messed up, or because the installers left a mess, or because they took our money for services they didn't provide .. no, it was because they treated me, and talked down to me, as a little housewife that really doesn't know any better BUT to be screwed around by working men who will tell HER what is going to be done, and how, and she'll just have to deal with it. I told him that the "I understand" and "I'd be mad too" comments did not smooth it over and make me feel better, and what really angered me is they (all the people I dealt with that day) never once asked how they could make it better. Instead all I ever heard was how they messed up, so what, and how the end result was reached so it was really no big deal.

So, all in all, Lowe's customer service really bit the big one this time with us .. we won't ever use them for anything again - period! I just wanted to get that out since I haven't heard from the General Manager, as promised I would.
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Posted by trp2hevn on 2009-10-14:
I'd be pretty mad too. Did they ever get the 3rd room done?
"We requested to have the furniture moved (before and after), old carpet haul away, and clean up afterward (all for an additional fee, of course)." Maybe you could at least get a partial refund on that fee since they left such a mess, even though you signed their form that they were done.
Posted by Lovin it on 2010-02-19:
Poor service indeed. Unfortunately this is the downside to having contracted labor done by the big box stores. All the installers are sub contracted and because they don't directly work for Lowe's, customer service suffers. Totally unacceptable to leave your house a mess and not put your furniture back. I would seek a refund for those services since they weren't performed properly.
Posted by Lifemates on 2010-10-24:
sometimes the big professional names end up being not so professional.
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Dangerous Dryer Installation
Posted by Dgman51 on 04/02/2013
NORTH EAST, MARYLAND -- I built a brand new duplex. My tenant purchased a washer and dryer from Lowes with delivery and installation. They told them it was a brand new place and told them to include whatever it needed. They sold them a aluminum foil dryer dryer vent hose and a 4 wire plug cord. The tenant called me and told me the installers did not have the pipe to go to the vent, nor did they have the clamps.

I picked up a 4" aluminum pipe and clamps. I had to unhook the washer, pull both appliances back out to hook up the dryer. Also I noticed that the installers ran the dryer wire into the dryer without a romex clamp. It would only be a matter of time that the vibration of the dryer would cut into the wire and cause a dead short or possibly a fire.

I went to the Lowes store and was told the installers don't have the clamps for the dryer vent, pipe, nor wire clamps on their truck. I would like to know how this is called installation. Delivery yes--install--I don't think so. I had to un hook the wires, put in the romex clamp, hook the wires back up and put both appliances back in place. Don't pay Lowes (or any other company for that matter) for installation if this is what they are going to do. Installation means ready to use. Dryer vent pipe, clamps and wire clamps (romex connectors) doesn't take much room on a truck, and I am sure the customer would not hesitate to pay the little added cost if required. I am sure the installers make a pretty good living and should not take dangerous shortcuts.
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Posted by ok4now on 2013-04-02:
Obviously Lowe's is more interested in selling appliances than doing a proper installation. Most people would not have caught this. Good post.
Posted by Alain on 2013-04-02:
Our local Lowes often sent delivery people who had no training or experience in hooking up appliances and expected them to install whatever they dropped off if they were instructed to. They didn't much care if it was done right or not.
Posted by Slimjim on 2013-04-02:
We just purchased a set from Lowes and they claim they will not hook anything up with old stuff, so we had to buy the cord, hose and clamps from them to get the dryer installed, washer hoses too. Then the guys show up and claim it's not on the invoice. Fortunately, they had the stuff on the truck anyway. In both cases, how do deliverers for Lowes, or any appliance outfit, not keep this stuff on the truck at all times.
Posted by Dakota1015 on 2013-04-03:
Why don't the "installers" keep the installation supplies on the truck? Because nowadays people buy appliances at Lowes or Home depot , etc. instead of from a local appliance store that also repairs appliances, and has their installs done by a qualified technician who knows what he is doing and has the proper tools and supplies rather than by a truck driver whose mission is to make quick deliveries rather than proper installations.
Posted by Really? on 2013-04-03:
I had a similar situation with Conn's. They installed my new dishwasher incorrectly and damaged the top part of the door. I insisted it be replaced. The first installer left all of the wires laying on the floor under the washer. Had there been a leak, I could have been electrocuted! They put in a more expensive washer at no extra charge. Installers just dont take pride in their work. On the same note..If you have a home warranty, start taking pictures of the old parts, prior to the replacement. I had a 1/2 Garbage disposal, and the warranty company put in a 1/3 HP , which is a breach of contract. Equal to or greater, but they put in a smaller one. I had to threaten legal action. The plumber lied to the Warranty Company, lied to me, and the Warranty Company lied to me. They both put me in the middle. I got what was entitled to me. Stand your ground!
Posted by disgusted with HD installers on 2013-06-08:
Home Depot installers also do not do a class job. never purchase any items from these type stores for you will only get what you pay for and you should notice that the cost of installation is usually less than the norm.
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How Lowes Cheats On Flooring
Posted by LOWES_HATER on 07/04/2009
Why not to select Lowe’s for flooring install…

… and why I HATE LOWE’S

After persistent nagging from my wife, I was forced to make a quick selection for my wooden floor install. I thought, if I went to a reputable, chain I should be fine.

First of all, the sales person never explained the difference between a glue down and lock in. The price for the hand-scrapped wood looked cheap. So, I paid $35.00 for the measurement. The measurer came for the measurement and took the measurements.
What bothered me was the measurer was holding the tape slanting instead of straight. But, I was busy during the time (and did I mention the pressure from my significant other!)

I won't get into the details, but during the installation, I was shocked to see the installers wasting wood. They used to cut a small piece of wood and through away a big chunk of the wood. Even after that, they were left with substantial boxes of wood!!!

After the installation, being the engineer I am, I measured the flooring. With simple measurement, I came out with a difference of almost 25%. This was after lenient measurements. With the installation and wood cost, that was substantial.

What followed was nightmare! I called Lowe’s and what followed was accusations and counter-accusations and stuff like “why did you not call us when they were throwing away the wood…”, “everybody does (over) measurements like this”, etc. etc. They reimbursed me about 10% of the cost and the cost of the remaining material.

Needless to say – I am responsible for any increased sales at Home Depot. J

If you want to do any flooring installation, here is my advise to you:
1) Measure your floor yourself
Measuring is basically simple – multiply the length by the height. If the room is complexly shaped, break it down into components and then add up the areas. (Area of a square or rectangle is Length x Breadth, Area Triangle is ½ x Base x Height, etc)

The grand total of all the areas, is what your installation should be.

2) Shop around
Do not rely on a single store. The smaller local stores offer better rates. Because they DO NOT SUBCONTRACT OUT THE SERVICES.

3) Do you research
Understand the difference between glue down, nail down and lock insurance The Lock ins are usually cheaper though the glue ins add to the value of your home.

You could get an installer separately and then buy wood at a cheaper discount outlet. It works out much cheaper!!!

And if you are a handyman yourself, get the wood at a discount outlet or internet and install it yourself. Lock-ins are great for this purpose.

You will be paying for their premium over subcontracted rates. People who have money to waste, should go there.

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Posted by dan gordon on 2009-07-04:
I don't know if you've ever read any of my advice but I was the Mohawk and Bruce Hardwood rep for Lowes and HD. They all pad the amount more than most dealers would and since they use subcontractors they mark up that labor as well. There are no deals from any box store on any installed item period. Communication is a nightmare. Culling defective pieces is normal so if more than 10% waste is a little excessive. Labor is always figured on the "purchased' amout so you get screwed twice.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-07-05:
if you wanted perfection, next time choose a "real floor" installer. not a commercial place that sells flooring. htere are many quality flooring companies. of course you will pay a premium.
Posted by WWYD on 2009-07-17:
Read your contract.

There is a clause in the terms & conditions of Lowe's contracts that says that any excess material is the property of Lowe's. You believe you are purchasing a certain amount of flooring and labor. But what Lowe's is actually selling you is an installed floor.

Keep in mind that YOU signed the contract, and agreed to these terms & conditions. Lowe's still gave you money back on material that wasn't actually returned. Next time you should pay more attention.
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Some Insider Info From A Installed Sales Coordinator
Posted by Coordinator on 09/16/2010
NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I work as an Installed Sales Coordinator for Lowe's. We do our absolute best to get you what you expect within the time frame that is in writing. Regarding the 72 hour installed carpet install: YES of course, the clock on that starts ticking ONLY AFTER YOU PAY. How else would we know you are serious? What are we supposed to do, pick out your carpet for you, bring it to your house and THEN you pay for it? Please be logical. Also, we can only do what makes sense. Some customers expect miracles. Lowe's is NOT allowed to rip up vinyl floor. There are reasons for this. One reason being asbestos. Do you really expect that these guys want to risk their health because you have old floor that you want ripped up? If you want it ripped up, you will have to do it yourself. Please, no is no. If the installer tells you it is not practical to put carpet on your 3 season porch because it wouldn't last through the warranty, he isn't saying no just to aggravate you. Also, these guys are not miracle workers, if your subfloor is crap, you MUST expect that there will be a cost to making it solid. I am on a rant because I have seen all of this customer behavior first hand. Do you think you are the installers ONLY job that week? If you pay for storm door install on a Monday night, do you really expect the install to be complete by the end of that same week? Our installers work out of SEVERAL stores. They are not waiting by the fax machine for your order.

They are at someone's house banging nails and getting dirty while you stew in the fact that it might have been a whole 6 hours since you left Lowe's. We have no control over what the labor costs. It's your house, you know how rotted your window sills are. Would YOU call it a basic install if YOU were the installer? BASIC means just that BASIC. No one pays basic. That is base price. You know there will be extra charges, you live there, you, better than anyone else knows the variables of your own home. You know you have heavy furniture in the way,, do you think it's easy to move it? It should be free? No, you wouldn't do it for free would you now? We do our very best to make sure you get all the calls you want and need but you also have to understand that there is only one of me and there are 20 of you every week that generate 20 jobs that go through my office.

I have to look at every square foot of carpet, every door jamb depth, every color of carpet, every type of padding, every color door knob, every style of window, every color of grout, every dump fee charge, every single detail of every install the happens in my store. This means checking, checking, double checking. If this requires a call to the installer to check a dimension, I won't necessarily get him on the phone that day. He is already at someone's house, maybe yours. Do you want to see your installer stopping your job to take a phone call? No, you want your job done quickly. We do the best we can. We do what we can to limit costs but you get what you pay for. If you choose to get cheap and pass on stuff you need, it is ultimately you that has to live with your choices.
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Posted by MRM on 2010-09-16:
Thank you, Coordinator" in your perspective of being an installer.
Posted by Connoisseur on 2010-09-16:
Lowes is by and large a nice place to shop. I feel your pain co-ordinator. Maybe people are "demanding" because your prices are anything but cheap. I got my counter tops from Lowes and I would not call it cheap.
I got my bathroom vanity sink from off of your shelf. To get the smaller vanity sink for the half/bathroom would cost as much!!!! just because you do not have it on the shelf and you would have to bring it to the store. THAT my friend is insane pricing and a rip off. As a result I don't have co-ordinating bathrooms, because I told the clerk to tell Lowes upper management to shove the small sink. I don't give a damn if you have to bring it to the store? why the hell aren't matching sets both not on the shelf? to begin with. I think you should feel some of the customers pain...for being a pain with stupid store policies.
Posted by Coordinator on 2010-09-17:
You need to realize that ANYTHING customer sized will be more expensive. Imagine how many times the manufacturere has to change their molds, arragne customer packaging, change dye lots. Just because you want your sing 2 inches smaller or more shallow that what you see right there in the shelf. Anytime you ask to have something special, yes, it will cost more. You want people to work for FREE?????
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-09-17:
Great review!

*hands you a good drink* sounds like it's been a hell of a week (or month)
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-09-17:
what pepper said with another drink.
Posted by Coordinator on 2010-09-17:
Thanks!! I will take a Pumpkinhead with a splash of vanilla vodka. Yes, it has been a LONGGGG two weeks. We had 18 months no interst promo and it resulted in 4 times as many installs than usual. So yes, I am exhausted. Please know this: Most of my customers are LOVELY and they recognize that this is carpet not a liver transplant. I love working for Lowe's and they really do care that you are happy. If you treat us with respect, you will get what you need and more. We like people and customer service is ultimately our #1. Are we perfect? no. But we do our best.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-09-17:
*makes up an entire pitcher of it* =)
Posted by FAMILYFIRST123 on 2010-09-20:
NICE REVIEW, JUST ONE SMALL COMMENT. YOU SAID, "One reason being asbestos. Do you really expect that these guys want to risk their health because you have old floor that you want ripped up? If you want it ripped up, you will have to do it yourself." I RECOMMEND YOU HIRE A PROFESSIONAL TO REMOVE ANY ASBESTOS. DO NOT DO IT UNLESS YOU ARE AWARE OF THE HAZARDS INVOLVED IN ASBESTOS REMOVAL. AND TRUST ME, ASBESTOS IS HAZARDOUS. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE YOU CAN HAVE IT TESTED. GOOD LUCK.
Posted by Connoisseur on 2010-09-22:
CoOrdinator...I was not asking for them to resize. There was the UNIVERSAL sized vanity beige top. I wanted the smaller universal size vanity in beige to match the half bathroom. They did not have it on the shelf. To bring it from the warehouse to the shelf for me....the price was doubled. That is insane pricing.

They had the small and the big vanity in white. The small vanitys price was the exact price as the beige. If I took the white small and large the price would be (example) $1(small) $2(large) So if I take the white right out of the store I pay $3 for all.
But, I want the biege exact same price as the white. Small beige is not on the shelf. So to get it for me, here is what the price looks like:

$2(for large beige) $2(for small beige. doubled the price)

That my friend is price gouging. Every DECORATOR knows that people want to MATCH 80% of the time. So some marketing genious at Lowes....figured split them up and more than likely the buyer will cave just to have matching sets. The marketing genious was an idiot because basically it is an insult to double the price by gouging.

Even the sales person agreed with me that this was cheesy and tacky.
Keeping matching sets on the shelf is the way to go.
I did not buy the smaller sink at double the price. I found it on cragslist.

With that said. I like the Lowes around me, good group of people and it is not their fault that upper managers make inane pricing policies.

OT: Target when it first came to my area.....was selling bikinis by SPLITTING it up. $20 for top, $10 for bottom(example) WHAT??
I don't know if they are still doing that, because I haven't ever gone in there since. I find their goods to be cheap and cheesy. But, who in their right mind buys just one part of a bathing suit?
Why not just sell it for $25?? The fact is I think they think that people will love it so much that they will shell out for a tacky cheap bikini $25 that should really cost $10, because of the cheap material and workmanship(China don't you know)
Posted by sharpasice on 2010-10-18:
I ordered carpeting from Lowes about 2 yrs ago. They came out and measured, they said they would call me in 2 days with the number of yds needed etc..2 days, no call, 1 wk..no call..I finally called Lowes and was told I needed 140 sq yds..now my living room is only 18x22 so where did this crazy measurement come from? I complained and they sent another person to measure..he said he would personally call me to let me know ..well that call also never materialized till 2 months later...when Lowes called me to see if I was still interested in having carpeting installed..they presently had a sale..with the customer service I got, the miss calculations and NO return calls are they serious????? No freakin way would I buy from LOWES...
Posted by Coordinator on 2010-11-07:
To the complaint above... Yes.. My math says 140 sq yards is about right, it's really 132 but if there are seems or juts into room, you will have overages. Seems can only run a certain direction based on pattern of foot traffic. Carpet only comes12' or 15' goods. You have to pay fir everything it takes to cover your space. That means even what gets thrown out.
Posted by sharpasice on 2011-07-01:
It's been a very long time since I have been on here..but I do have to reply to Coordinator..please explain to me where you get even 132 sq yards? As I see it 18x22=396 (sq ft) divided 9 (1 sq yd) comes out to only 44 sq yards..and if it only comes in 12ft widths..then it is 12x22=264 sq ft divided by 9 (sq ft) that equals only 30sq yards..even if I would have to order 2 lenghts of 12ft by 22 in order to accommodate the extra 3 ft width..that equals 60 sq yds..am I missing something here?
Posted by reply on 2013-10-15:
divide by 3 (how many yds in a foot)= 132 and the extra carpet to cover any extra.
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Lowe's let down for carpet installation
Posted by Heatl on 11/29/2010
MONROEVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I finally decided on carpet from Lowe's. My husband and I went and picked it out to order on a Wed. night. There was a 72 hour installation promotion going on. The contractor for Lowe's called the next day (Thursday) to set up measuring and installation. The measuring was set up for Monday and then installation was to be the following Monday. When I asked about the 72 hour installation while on the phone with the appointment maker, they informed me that it was from the day after measuring because that's when they fax in the paperwork. Which would be Tuesday. Then they counted Wed. (Thursday was Thanksgiving), Friday, and Monday was the 72 hour window. I asked if there was anyway to come on the Friday before because we needed to move furniture and my husband would be away (I am pregnant). They stated they were booked. I stated fine. So they came and measured and told me they would fax in the paperwork and then I could go out and pay.

The next day (Tuesday) Lowe's called and gave me the estimate (about 75 extra sq. feet then we measured ourselves). They stated to come out to the store and pay. I went out Saturday of that week. When the Lowe's salesperson asked when they were coming I told them this Monday. When Monday arrived, I got a phone call from the installers to set up a date. I stated that they were supposed to be at my house TODAY. She said that the order wasn't placed so the installers didn't pick up the carpet on Friday but they could do it tomorrow. I stated that I was off work today and couldn't take off work again. I stated that I paid for the carpet on Sat. and nobody ever told me that I needed to pay by a certain date. She again stated I should call the store. But asked if I wanted to set up a date anyway. I stated no because I was cancelling the order. I called Lowe's and explained the situation. I stated I wanted a full refund. They stated that was fine. I explained that they were misleading with the 72 hour installation and that I should have been told if there was a date that the carpet needed to be paid for by.

Also, when I did go and pay, nobody informed me that I wouldn't be able to get the carpet installed that Monday. I am so disappointed with this experience. I will NOT be purchasing from Lowe's in the near future. I also am wondering how much of a headache it will be to get my full refund.
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Posted by dan gordon on 2010-11-29:
for the 100th time going to a box store for installed items is absolutely a waste of time. When time is critical then using a local dealer is the way to go. There is little communication from the store since they deal with subs who won't communicate.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-29:
The clock starts ticking after you pay. I just had my carpet installed last month and it took about 10 days in all so I agree that the 72 hour claim is misleading. At the end of it all though, I got a fabulous deal and couldn't be happier with the fine work they did. I hope you get yours in soon.
Posted by momsey on 2010-11-29:
I know this isn't the point of your review, but being that you're pregnant, you should know that the vapors from brand new carpeting is horrible for you AND especially for your baby! Unless you go with some kind of green carpeting option, it's best to stay away from carpeting. Go with reclaimed hardwood or something similar.
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Bad Installation on Vinyl Flooring
Posted by MrEasy on 10/27/2005
BOSSIER CITY, LOUISIANA -- August 15, 2005

On March 29, 2005, I purchased 57 1/3 yards, (kitchen, dining room, laundry room, a walk-in closet, a small hallway and two bathroom areas) of Congoleum Vinyl flooring for my house from Lowe's Store in Bossier City, Louisiana. Which I paid $2817.73 and signed a contract for the work done. I was told that there would be a $30.00 charge, also, for them coming out and look at my home to see how much area, type of house, any pre-job things that will have to be done BEFORE they would be able to install the new flooring. They came out and looked and measured (this was the first installer). I asked about the pre-existing floors (2 vinyl layers in the kitchen area, sub flooring in the other areas, no vinyl), and if they would have to be removed. This installer told me 'NO', that they could lay the new floor over this old floor with no problem. That there was no need to remove it.

A month's time goes by before Lowe's could get their installer to come out to do the work. No phone calls were made to me, no one from Lowe's to let me know what was going on. So, I called them. They told me that the installer that was suppose to do the job had quit and they had to get another installer.

Two weeks goes by. I had to call Lowe's again. They would not call me. Each time I called, I had to explain everything over again that was going on to the new person I was talking to. There was no communication there. I got a different person in charge each time I called there. Finally, they told me another installer would be coming out to my house to do the job that following week.

Another week goes by, When the installer finally called and showed up (the second installer), he told me that the floor was not prepared for new vinyl to be installed and would not be able to do the work correctly. He told that other things had to be done to the floor before Lowe's would be able guarantee the floor. Which the previous installer didn't tell me, like the 2 vinyl floors in the kitchen area, needed to be removed first. So, I called Lowe's and told them what this installer had told me. Lowe's said they would talk with the installer and get back with me. They never called me back! I had to call them and explain my problem all over again to another person. It seems the previous person was always not available or quit.

Another week goes by. I had to call them back again and try to find out when my floor was going to be installed. They told me they would have to get another installer out to do another detail on my house again to find out what the first installer had missed. So, after another week goes by another (installer number three) comes out to do another detail. This installer told me that the 2 existing vinyl floors in the kitchen would be again, NO PROBLEM and the new floor could be installed over them only, he would have to install a thin sheet of plywood first before new vinyl could be installed. It seemed odd to me but I agreed to it thinking the installer knew what he was talking about. After another week goes by, I called Lowe’s again to try to find out what was going on with my install. The time I had to speak with a new manager and explain the whole problem to him. I was getting tired of this over and over thing. He said he would talk to this installer and find out and call me back, which he didn't. I had to call Lowe’s again and the new manager said that the first installer who measured the area to be installed had come up with a larger measurements than the previous detailers measurements. Also, that there would be another $250 added to previous amount. Which I agreed to pay. Bring the total to $3067.73.
This installer (the first installer), told me he would come and install it that following Monday, 6/20/05. He never showed up. I called and nobody at Lowe’s knew where he was. Lowe’s said they would find out what going on and call me. Lowe’s never called me back. I had to call Lowe’s. Lowe’s said the installer had a problem getting the vinyl which had been order three months earlier. Lowe’s said that the installer would be out to do the install the next day, Wednesday.
Wednesday afternoon they showed up. Two men, pull toilets, removed doors, moved furniture and then left, saying they would be back. They never came back. The next day I call Lowe’s. They didn't know what happen and would have to find out. Lowe’s did call this time. Lowe’s said they would be out that next day. It took two days, Thursday and Friday, for only one man (no crew) to install my floor, and it was a bad job. The floor was uneven, humps and bumps from the previous floors, it dropped in areas from the kitchen area (which now has 3 vinyl layers and a thin plywood sheet) to the dining and laundry room area which only had one vinyl floor and the thin plywood layer. The floor areas are very uneven. There were miss cuts, bad seams where glue showed through. Areas where the vinyl didn't stick to the thin plywood with bubbles forming making the vinyl pop up. The doorways were cut short. I had ask the installer to please let the vinyl fall through the doorways to ALLOW FOR CUT, so that when the new carpet was installed adjustments could be made. The installer refused my request and cut all the doorways too short. Now I have to deal with his short cut in joining the carpet to the vinyl floor. Also, there was suppose to quarter round molding around the edges at the base of the wall. Only, where the installer had made his cut too short, he replaced it with larger quarter round molding to hide his mistakes.
The day after the install, I called Lowe’s and complained about the install. Lowe’s said they (sales manager and installer) could come out and inspect the work done. It took two weeks for them to come out to my house. When they did show up, the installer made excuses for his work. But the manager said that Lowe’s would make it right. I never heard from them that week I had to call Lowe’s back and find out what was going on and what was going to be done about this bad install. Lowe’s said they would have to get back with me on it.
Two more weeks went by. Lowe’s got a new floor manager by the name of 'Jim Phillips'. I spoke with him on the phone, explain the problem and he said he would have to come out and look at it. He came out along with another store manager and look at the installed work. They said they Lowe’s could fix the problem by calling that same installer back out and having him try and fix all his mistakes, only Lowe’s was not going to pull up the flooring and replace it or re-install it. Lowe’s is only planning on trying to fix a problem that will never look right. Jim Phillips said that he would try and give me a break on three rooms of carpet that I had planned on having Lowe’s install to compensate for the bad install and inconvenience.
I called Lowe's again after not hearing from them for about a week and asked to speak with Jim Phillips. After customer service put me on hold, Jim Phillips finally answered the line, I asked him what was the plan and he said he could not replace or repair the install of the flooring and that it was installed correctly and that because of the age of my house, that it was a structural problem and it was out of his hands and there was nothing Lowes could do about it and that he could not talk to me again and he hung up the phone!
I'm very disappointed in Lowe’s. It has taken Lowe’s over six months to follow through. I filed a complaint with Better Business of Shreveport. I have spoke with a lawyer.
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Posted by Kevin on 2013-03-13:
As bad as it is already...Lowe's is currently planning on replacing their existing independent installers with large installation companies from a gazillion miles away. It will get much worse
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Carpet Installed Backwards
Posted by $700. mistake on 09/18/2008
CLEARWATER, FLORIDA -- I didn't think there was a right and wrong way to install carpet until I went back to Lowes 3 days after my living room carpet was installed.

I had ordered a chocolate sculpted stainmaster carpet for the living room. After it was installed, I saw footprints and vacuum marks from the 2 installers. I dragged out the vacuum and went over the carpet. Well every time I vacuumed a row and went to the next spot these awful contrasting marks would be there, then my footprints, and it did not have the "dramatic' effect I expected. My fiance came home and couldn't believe it; it looked like a hundred people walked through our living room.

He went across the room to the wall and noticed that the carpet looked dramatic and you could only see a few footprints from the other side. After 2 people coming over and saying 'I thought you got new carpet', I had had enough. I cannot look at this carpet for the next 10 years.

We went to Lowes and told the 2 men in the carpet area our dilemma. They both said Ohhh, that happens, they should have laid the carpet the other way. We were told to talk to the front desk customer service and they said I know exactly what you mean, and they paged the someone else for us.

Eventually Lowes came out to inspect the work and they saw my side but they made sure to tell me numerous times that the installer graduated from the institute of carpet and laid it with the grain going the right way. They said they would make a report and get back to me the following Mon. or Tues.

It's Thursday and there is no solution yet.

I am done shopping at Lowes and will now shop at Home Depot.

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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-09-18:
any new carpet will show foot prints and vaccum marks. carpets do have a grain line, never heard of anyone having issues with it. seems petty to me ....
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-18:
...but they made sure to tell me numerous times that the installer graduated from the institute of carpet...

Classic! LOL!
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-09-19:
Oddly my wife seems to like vacuum lines in the carpet. She was set on getting carpet that didn't hide them, which btw, there are some out there that don't show footprints and vacuum tracks. I think Brrber is one and maybe there are 2 or 3 more style/brands that don't.
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Carpet Installation
Posted by TJ at KC on 04/08/2007
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- Visa charges:

2/14/07 Sale Lowe’s 4133.24
2/14/07 Actual Carpet and Installation Price 4132.08
3/19/07 Sale Lowe’s 1620.00
3/19/07 Return Lowe’s -1716.00
3/26/07 Sale Lowe’s 1296.00
3/26/07 Return Lowe’s -1620.00

2/14/07 Selected and Paid for Carpet and Installation – Setup installation for 3/16/07. We chose 4 different colors for 4 rooms with premium pad. Colors – green 12x15, light tan 12x15, pink 12x19, and grey 12x66. Total Square Footage = 1350. Lowe’s had a sale of 20% off of materials and installation. To move one piece of furniture one direction = $30 extra.

3/16/07 Installers arrive. We checked carpet condition and colors. The pink had a large stain in the center. We received the light tan at 12x66. Manufacturer sent a darker tan for the 12x15 and the grey was 12x15, not 12x66. Installers only put in the green carpet.

3/16/07 My husband comes home just for this installation so that we can move the furniture. We did not want to pay the extra money. My husband travels a lot for his business.

My husband was upset and drove up to Lowe’s to speak with flooring. Said they would give us 25% off our order for the incorrect carpet order. Kyle would expedite reorder. We did not receive this discount in writing.

3/19/07 Carpet was reordered. Visa was credited $96.

3/22/07 Visa showed credit. Called Kyle to tell him $96 was not 25% of $4132.08. He said he would correct it.

3/28/07 Visa showed credit. Called for Kyle but had the day off. Spoke with the Manager, Brad. Brad said he would sit down with Kyle and correct this. Brad said the 25% was off materials only. This was new to us. FYI, 25% of materials only ($2745.00) is $686.25. The Visa credit still due of $266.25 has not been shown as of April 8, 2007.

4/03/07 Carpet arrives (so much for expediting the reorder). Jim from the carpet installers calls. Installation date set for April 6, 2007.

4/06/07 Installers arrive with carpet. I asked if they checked the colors. Everything looked good.

4/06/07 Brian (head carpet installer) tells me he needs 12 more feet of the grey. Calls Jim and Jim admitted to miscalculating required carpet. Jim goes to Lowes and orders additional carpet. In the meantime, the installers put down the carpet where they could. Our house was supposed to go on the market today, but could not because of the carpet errors. The install was completed at 4:00 pm.
4/07/07 Inspected the installation. Pulled out the digital camera and started taking pictures of gouges, smudges, scratches and errors in the carpet. I only did this when I found the master bedroom/bathroom suite had a piece of Carrara marble tile cracked into 4 pieces. The installers tried to hide it by gluing the tile back together.

I also found 1 hole (3/8” diameter) in the dining room, 1 hole in the master bath (1/2” diameter), 1 manufacturer’s purple stain (1/2” diameter) in the master bedroom and 1 manufacturer’s purple stain (1 inch diameter) in the master lavatory. Our fireplace tile had a glob of iron glue at least 4 inches in length and 1 inch in width. One of my pictures actually shows the iron mark left on the tile (approximately 5 inches by 2 inches).

The pins to the door hinges were not reinstalled completely. The newly carpeted rooms were given a quick vacuum. The edges were not vacuumed. The window sills still had padding and carpeting on them which should have been wiped away. The tiled area where the installers had their toolboxes was not vacuumed. Hundreds of pieces of carpet were left there for me to vacuum up.

Our handmade mahogany staircase has scratches and gouges from hammering and moving carpet to the downstairs areas. Some scuffs are at least 12 inches in length.

4/08/07 I still have not edge vacuumed the other rooms. As more issues arise, I will be taking pictures to document this mess. So far I have 40 megabytes of pictures consisting of 57 pictures.

I now have at least one entire week of vacuuming, caulking, sanding, repainting and resealing (staircase) that needs to be done before our house can go on the market. Also, the Carrara marble tile needs to be replaced.

There is still no carpeting in the staircase and ½ bath due to the miscalculation of necessary carpet.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-08:
Wow, guess that was the carpet job from hell. All goes back to my point: Buy carpet at carpet stores and hardware at hardware stores etc. If a retailer has to job out an installation, if they can not do it themselves find someone that will. One other point, the best installers for any product usually have their own company i.e. carpet stores have the best installers on their payroll. Lowes, Home Depot have to use what is left over which are not the cream of the crop.
Posted by dfields on 2007-04-08:
if i were you, i would have this article printed in the local paper. as long as you keep those pics, there is NO way they can sue (you have the proof to back up the article).
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-04-09:
Sounds like a pack of wild idiiots installed your carpet...raise hell
Posted by jg2008 on 2008-08-22:
!!! Sorry about the horrid experience. I agree with previous poster that you should have this posted in your local paper. Thanks for posting the complaint, I was planning to go to Lowe's to inexpensively replace carpet in a rental property. Sounds like it's worth the money to avoid the hassle and go to a real carpet installation place. My mother used Home Depot a couple of years ago and it was a mess too, no carpet in closets, some of the carpet didn't even reach the walls in the hallway. And the installers actually left with it that way as if the job was done!! I used Smart Carpet recently who brought the wrong carpet first, causing us to have to put up visitors in a hotel because we weren't going to have the carpet installed in time for their arrival. Once they finally installed the correct carpet we discovered that they had just carpeted over several a/c vents. Duh... I guess you just have to physically stand over someone to make sure they do the job you are paying them for.
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Garage Door Fell A Part After 2 Years
Posted by Samt on 09/14/2007
BUTTLER, NEW JERSEY -- We bought two car garage doors from Lowe's in October 2005. They Send a subcontractor to install them. 3 weeks ago, end of August 2007 one of the doors fell a part almost over my new car. We called Lowe's, they said call the installer, we did, they said call the company that made the product, we did, they gave us a name of a local place to fix the problem.

The guy came and found out that one of the hinges was not installed, only 2 hinges connect the the top panel. We took pictures and presented the problem to LOWE'S. The installation manager was very nasty and said that our warranty is over and there is nothing they can do for us. I will never buy anything from LOWE'S again because they treat customers with no respect. If you are going to buy they are very nice but when a problem happen they are very nasty. by the way it cost us $300 to fix the door.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-15:
You have to go after the contractor who installed the doors. Small claims will probably be your best course. Make sure you have the invoice from the repair and your photos.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-09-16:
pb as usual good info
Posted by Alain on 2007-09-16:
PassingBy is absolutely right. By the way, Lowe's is known for not being particularly nice or caring about their customers after they've got their money.
Posted by sjbound on 2007-11-06:
Better thing to do is to continue to harp on the store at store level. If you remember who the vendor was .. ie .. Amarr Garage Doors.. Martin GD.. get a hold of the vendor. No Lowe's vendor wants to know their product doesn't last... and most importantly.. no vendor wants a contractor to not be clear on how to install their product. It's just not safe.
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