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Bad Install, Customer Service, and Resolution
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Rating: 1/51

DOUGLASVILLE, GEORGIA -- When I ordered the island bar top I requested extra length so that we could sit on two sides of the bar instead of one side. I wanted the overhang to match the original side for uniformity but unfortunately, the new side was several inches longer. When I brought up the issue the installer was very sort and impatient with me. He was rude and I was uncomfortable dealing with him. The countertop edge was important to me. My initial frustration begin when the store display edges were different from the edges the guy drew on paper to show me when he come to measure my countertops.

I gave up the thought of getting the edge I originally saw on the store display because he couldn't provide me that option. After long discussion, I requested bull nose style edging from the guy because I was told that the edge would wrap around underneath the counter out of sight and would not be exposed. That was a definite concern for me since the reason I was replacing the countertop to begin with was the fact that the edges of my old counters were constantly hanging and ripping off. I specifically stated I did not want beveled edges or any edges in view unless absolutely necessary. I did not get my request.

After countertops were installed I could not use my lazy suzy cabinet as it would no longer spin around. I removed contents of cabinets by reaching my hand in the very small opening several time to try to find the problem to fix. To no avail I called Lowe's and explained my problem. They never called back. I called numerous times again and they never called back. I spoke with one guy that assured me it would be taken care of and almost 3 weeks later I have still never heard from them. The good news is that after the umpteenth time of removing the contents and searching for the problem I realized I missed the most obvious thing and fixed my cabinet myself.

It was a screw that was not countersunk well that the cabinet was hung on. It seems that the Lowe's customer service could have a least helped me troubleshoot the problem. We are planning on building a new house and I will NEVER rely on Lowe's for ANY work!!!!!

Laminate Flooring Installation
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Rating: 1/51

DESTIN, FLORIDA -- We like our Pergo flooring, but the installation process was a headache with Lowe's from start to finish. We could not get the installer to call back to make appointments for measuring or for installation. We had to call Lowe's repeatedly. Then they did not deliver all the flooring product that they were supposed to. The installers took a 2 1/2 hour lunch break the first day. The second day, they left at 2:30 pm. The third and final day, one of the two installers did not show up. It was suggested that the lone installer call for help, but he did not. He was rushing and the quality of workmanship was not as good the third day.

He had to come back a week later to fix a multitude of things. He had to borrow our compressor to finish. Every day, the installers did a poor job at cleanup. The installer did not finish until 8:30 the third day because he would not call for help to replace the missing installer. We did not go to bed until 12:30 am because it was so late when he finished and we then had to clean up and put furniture back. We discovered the head installer had overestimated the amount of flooring that we had to buy by $1100. When we returned the flooring for a credit, we were told that we had to put it on our Lowe's card or get a Lowe's gift card.

We complained that we did not want to have to spend the $1100 at Lowe's. We complained to a manager and was told there was nothing we could do. After complaining to the overall store manager, we were told we could call Lowe's corporate and request our credit be mailed to us. Our contact at installation had told us that we would be compensated for our headaches, but that was not true. She had also led us to believe that we would not have to spend our credit at Lowe's. We would not recommend Lowe's for flooring installation. It was a big headache from start to finish!

Installed Carpeting Rip Off Quote
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Rating: 1/51

I received a quote for installed carpeting at Lowe's using their $97 installed special. It sounded right but after getting the bid I went to a local dealer to compare the "deal" and found out a bit how its done. First Lowe's doubled the amount of pad that I needed. They say that because the carpet is 12' wide and the pad is 6' wide you need twice as much. Didn't make much sense to me but carpet store explained why this wasn't so. They also quote the pad as so many mm thick vs the industry standard 4, 6, or 8 # so it makes it hard to compare. Not only do they charge for pull up but they also charge a dump fee and a haul away fee.

They also add a "custom charge" to cut around a post in one room. This doubled the cost of pull up and disposal and the double pad all added up. The $97 install doesn't sound that good once I compared it to a local bid. Be aware as someone is paying for all the "free" things Lowe's offers.

Lowe's Destroying Good Trade

GREELEY, COLORADO -- I have been installing flooring in the Northern Colorado Region now for neigh on about 20 years now. When I first came into this business there was a set standard pay of around $3.50/yd for installing carpet and about $4.00/sq. ft. for installing tile. Then I watched as store after store took increases for their material but would then tell the installers that they couldn't increase their prices or they would just not be considered for more work.

Now, I see this at Lowe's where I have been working as an Independent Contractor for the last 6 years. I have seen the same things happening here as well, the installer is continually thrown under the bus by Lowe's sales team. They have no idea what they are doing, they don't know the material, or how it's installed. On top of that Lowe's thinks that it is OK to have another company since this is exactly what an Independent Contractor is, perform free advertising for them with no compensation.

Also, they set the prices so low for extras that the installer can rarely afford to do the extras asked for by the contract. One example of this is metal transitions. Lowe's seems to think that it should be the installers responsibility to purchase this for the customer at their own expense and then install at at a fraction of the cost of the material. Companies like Lowe's should be disbanded and never allowed to operate again they are crooked and dishonest in both customer satisfaction and in partnering relationships. Why hasn't anyone filed a class action against them yet? Oh yeah it's because they threaten their "Independent Installers".

Lowe's Reaching A New Low
By -

WEYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- On November 7, 2008 my husband I purchased carpeting from Lowe's for our newly renovated master bedroom, stairs, hallway and enclosed porch. 2 separate carpets, one for bedroom/stairs, and one for the enclosed porch, hallway. We were told it would take at least 14 days and given a date of November 28, as the day it would be installed. After that date, we were told that now it would take until December 12 as the carpet going in the bedroom/hallway was in production and they were going to take $300 off the total purchase. December 12th I contact the store to see if the carpet arrived. I was told that someone had written in that I was notified and they were going to verify it and call me back. No call back. I waited till the following day and called again and was told the person who took our sale was out but someone would contact me on Monday.

The installer called Monday morning and said that he would be busy all this week except for from 3-5 pm today. We set up that he would come out that day. When they arrived they brought in a couple of rolls of installation pad enclosed in plastic with our name on it and a couple of smaller rolls not enclosed in plastic. I had asked why some were not enclosed in plastic and was told that they brought extra, that Lowe's doesn't give them extra anymore because they started tallying up the leftover amounts and realized that the installers were not returning it, which the installer said they never did return the leftover.

Then they brought the carpet in, right away I said this is not the carpet I ordered (bedroom/stairs carpet). The installer said that he ordered the enclosed porch carpet for one piece but they gave him two pieces. I said I do not want a seam (Berber carpet-seam would be visible). The installer called the company and they checked and said it was the rug I ordered. The installer went back to the store(with the enclosed porch carpet)and brought back a sample board (which they had just very recently updated all their boards as they do every couple months.) On the board was the carpet with the sample that said very berry. I said the very berry I ordered was a frieze. It was offwhite, with lavender and raspberry colored flecks in it. The carpet brought to me was a plush/saxony carpet very light purple/beige tone to it.

Our not so new purchased bedroom set had been in storage at the place of purchase and we were paying a daily fee for it to stay there. (This is why they were going to give us $300 off our total order. They said they would check into it, and replacing it would not be a problem, so I reluctantly gave in.

As one of the installers was laying the stairway installation pad down my husband and I went upstairs to see how the seam was coming along on the bedroom carpet. I noticed that the stairway installation pad on three stairs had very large pieces of clear tape on it and questioned that. The installer told me that all installation pad has some tape on it. Down some more stairs, I noticed in a few spots that there was matting with no pad on it whatsoever. I questioned that and the installer said, oh I'll fill that in later. I noticed that the installation pad on the stairs seemed very thin. Then I took a close look at the extra pad they brought in and the pad still enclosed in plastic. It was noticeably thinner. I went over to feel them and you could feel that the extra padding was not as dense as the one enclosed in the plastic.

The other extra padding they brought was discolored and had a brown stain going down the whole center of it. This is what I believe was used on the upstairs bedroom, as the installer at one point told me that that roll was the leftover balance from the bedroom. Now, I only purchased the basic padding. This is the minimum grade of padding that Lowe's sells. I stated that the extra padding they were using was not as dense as padding in the enclosed plastic. Told them I wanted a sample of each cut. And would bring it to Lowe's. The installer who did the bedroom got upset, threw the extra flimsy padding and another roll of padding outside my front door. And said he would redo it. They changed their story several times about the extra padding, saying it was given to them by Lowe's, that it was used on the last job they were on, etc. The installer who did the bedroom said that it wasn't him who did it, and that he was glad I caught them. So they tried to use a less grade padding that they had instead of the padding that I had purchased. If anything, stairs need a good grade padding. They did minimal vacuuming of the bedroom, and did not attempt to vacuum the stairs at all. They never swept up the enclosed porch in which they opened all the carpet rolls in, threw all the old tacking etc. I inspected the brand new stained woodwork, molding, etc. And saw gouges on several corners, scratches all over the baseboards and gouges on my hallway door trim over 18" in length from where they carried the carpet up. I mentioned that to them.

The next day I went to the store, and looked to try to find the carpet I ordered. As I said, they recently updated ALL their boards and it could not be found. At the Pembroke store, very berry is a cranapple color. Abington store was closed to public as it was under construction so I could not check that one out.

I spoke with 3 of the flooring sales people there and the Floor Manager. I questioned them about the padding and brought samples to show. I asked how many rolls encased in plastic should I have received, they said 6. I said there is no way that kid brought in 6 rolls. Then later, they said not all the rolls would have been in plastic. ??? I told them everything that the installers did. I also told them that I looked in my dumpster to try to find the pieces of flimsy padding, and old tacking that they wrapped up in plastic, and found several rolls of carpets that were not mine, boxes of tiles, toilet seat, etc. The floor manager did not find what they did as inexcusable. He stated, "yeh so they tried to use some old padding". I said that's not right, that's not what I paid for, stairs need good padding, it's a fraudulent practice what they did. I also expressed concern over what padding may have been used on the bedroom floor as I did not see that one they had laid down. He said he'd come over and rip up a piece and check it himself.

The Floor manager came to my house, he looked in the dumpster and said he thinks that they emptied out the trash that was in their truck. And he was going to ask them which I replied oh and they will just admit it, he said to me they will. And if he found out that they did, then they will pay to have the dumpster dumped (it cost us $749.00 last time). He came into the house, looked at the roll of other extra padding they brought in and said it can get discolored by not being in plastic. I said fine, but what was the brown going all the way down the middle of it. He assured me that it was the same grade of the one that purchased, I know for a fact, they used the discolored roll on my stairs. The Floor Manager looked at all the gouges and scratches and said he would give us $100.00 towards the touch up, a $100.00 store gift card. He also offered me $200 if were to take the Berber carpet in pieces and have a seam on the enclosed porch. I said that's $300, plus $300.00 for the waiting on the carpet. He apparently had forgot what he himself had promised us.

So, he said well I will have to go back to the store and come up with a figure. He asked if they even vacuumed, when he saw the stairs. I said minimally upstairs not at all on the stairs. He said they are supposed to leave it with all the mess cleaned up. He left the house and said he'd call me tomorrow. No call. I called them and said ya know I just noticed that even though the customer copy has the item numbers of what you now have matching up to your sample boards, it lists it as a plush/saxony type. I ordered a frieze is that where the mix-up could be. I asked if the floor manager was the store manager, and was told there is someone over the floor manager, was given his name, and was then told but they don't get involved. I said, well they may have to.
The floor manager called back and he said someone could have made a mistake. I said well you said that you are doing inventory right now, it shouldn't be so hard to locate in your computer system what you had as the very berry frieze. He said they are inventorying pads only. He stated he would stop at the Pembroke store as its close to home and he would check to see if a very berry frieze was there and would call me tomorrow.

The contractors I had doing a lot of the work in my house came today, saw the rug and right away said this is not the rug you ordered, or the rug that they saw. They had previously gone to Lowe's for supplies and checked out the rug I had ordered. Even they knew it was a frieze, and said it had purpley, pink flecks in it.

The more I think about how Lowe's has tried to deceive me the more upset I get. I believe when they updated the boards, they chose something (probably something lying around on hand) and now named it very berry. When I make the call tomorrow, because I'm sure they won't contact me I am going to tell them that I do not want this carpet, nor do I want them to reorder the Berber carpet and because of their deceit, and their non felt dismay of the installers deceit, that I plan on taking my business elsewhere.

Bad Installation on Vinyl Flooring
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BOSSIER CITY, LOUISIANA -- August 15, 2005

On March 29, 2005, I purchased 57 1/3 yards, (kitchen, dining room, laundry room, a walk-in closet, a small hallway and two bathroom areas) of Congoleum Vinyl flooring for my house from Lowe's Store in Bossier City, Louisiana. Which I paid $2817.73 and signed a contract for the work done. I was told that there would be a $30.00 charge, also, for them coming out and look at my home to see how much area, type of house, any pre-job things that will have to be done BEFORE they would be able to install the new flooring. They came out and looked and measured (this was the first installer). I asked about the pre-existing floors (2 vinyl layers in the kitchen area, sub flooring in the other areas, no vinyl), and if they would have to be removed. This installer told me 'NO', that they could lay the new floor over this old floor with no problem. That there was no need to remove it.

A month's time goes by before Lowe's could get their installer to come out to do the work. No phone calls were made to me, no one from Lowe's to let me know what was going on. So, I called them. They told me that the installer that was supposed to do the job had quit and they had to get another installer.

Two weeks goes by. I had to call Lowe's again. They would not call me. Each time I called, I had to explain everything over again that was going on to the new person I was talking to. There was no communication there. I got a different person in charge each time I called there. Finally, they told me another installer would be coming out to my house to do the job that following week.

Another week goes by, When the installer finally called and showed up (the second installer), he told me that the floor was not prepared for new vinyl to be installed and would not be able to do the work correctly. He told that other things had to be done to the floor before Lowe's would be able guarantee the floor. Which the previous installer didn't tell me, like the 2 vinyl floors in the kitchen area, needed to be removed first. So, I called Lowe's and told them what this installer had told me. Lowe's said they would talk with the installer and get back with me. They never called me back! I had to call them and explain my problem all over again to another person. It seems the previous person was always not available or quit.

Another week goes by. I had to call them back again and try to find out when my floor was going to be installed. They told me they would have to get another installer out to do another detail on my house again to find out what the first installer had missed. So, after another week goes by another (installer number three) comes out to do another detail. This installer told me that the 2 existing vinyl floors in the kitchen would be again, NO PROBLEM and the new floor could be installed over them only, he would have to install a thin sheet of plywood first before new vinyl could be installed. It seemed odd to me but I agreed to it thinking the installer knew what he was talking about. After another week goes by, I called Lowe's again to try to find out what was going on with my install. The time I had to speak with a new manager and explain the whole problem to him. I was getting tired of this over and over thing. He said he would talk to this installer and find out and call me back, which he didn't. I had to call Lowe's again and the new manager said that the first installer who measured the area to be installed had come up with a larger measurements than the previous detailers measurements. Also, that there would be another $250 added to previous amount. Which I agreed to pay. Bring the total to $3067.73.
This installer (the first installer), told me he would come and install it that following Monday, 6/20/05. He never showed up. I called and nobody at Lowe's knew where he was. Lowe's said they would find out what going on and call me. Lowe's never called me back. I had to call Lowe's. Lowe's said the installer had a problem getting the vinyl which had been order three months earlier. Lowe's said that the installer would be out to do the install the next day, Wednesday.
Wednesday afternoon they showed up. Two men, pull toilets, removed doors, moved furniture and then left, saying they would be back. They never came back. The next day I call Lowe's. They didn't know what happen and would have to find out. Lowe's did call this time. Lowe's said they would be out that next day. It took two days, Thursday and Friday, for only one man (no crew) to install my floor, and it was a bad job. The floor was uneven, humps and bumps from the previous floors, it dropped in areas from the kitchen area (which now has 3 vinyl layers and a thin plywood sheet) to the dining and laundry room area which only had one vinyl floor and the thin plywood layer. The floor areas are very uneven. There were miss cuts, bad seams where glue showed through. Areas where the vinyl didn't stick to the thin plywood with bubbles forming making the vinyl pop up. The doorways were cut short. I had ask the installer to please let the vinyl fall through the doorways to ALLOW FOR CUT, so that when the new carpet was installed adjustments could be made. The installer refused my request and cut all the doorways too short. Now I have to deal with his short cut in joining the carpet to the vinyl floor. Also, there was supposed to quarter round molding around the edges at the base of the wall. Only, where the installer had made his cut too short, he replaced it with larger quarter round molding to hide his mistakes.
The day after the install, I called Lowe's and complained about the install. Lowe's said they (sales manager and installer) could come out and inspect the work done. It took two weeks for them to come out to my house. When they did show up, the installer made excuses for his work. But the manager said that Lowe's would make it right. I never heard from them that week I had to call Lowe's back and find out what was going on and what was going to be done about this bad install. Lowe's said they would have to get back with me on it.
Two more weeks went by. Lowe's got a new floor manager by the name of 'Jim Phillips'. I spoke with him on the phone, explain the problem and he said he would have to come out and look at it. He came out along with another store manager and look at the installed work. They said they Lowe's could fix the problem by calling that same installer back out and having him try and fix all his mistakes, only Lowe's was not going to pull up the flooring and replace it or re-install it. Lowe's is only planning on trying to fix a problem that will never look right. Jim Phillips said that he would try and give me a break on three rooms of carpet that I had planned on having Lowe's install to compensate for the bad install and inconvenience.
I called Lowe's again after not hearing from them for about a week and asked to speak with Jim Phillips. After customer service put me on hold, Jim Phillips finally answered the line, I asked him what was the plan and he said he could not replace or repair the install of the flooring and that it was installed correctly and that because of the age of my house, that it was a structural problem and it was out of his hands and there was nothing Lowes could do about it and that he could not talk to me again and he hung up the phone!
I'm very disappointed in Lowe's. It has taken Lowe's over six months to follow through. I filed a complaint with Better Business of Shreveport. I have spoke with a lawyer.

Lousy Carpet Install
By -

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- We ordered carpet from Lowe's for our living room and hallway. The carpet in the bedrooms was to remain. The experience wasn't bad until it after we paid for it (strangely enough). First, their promise to keep me informed meant nothing. The only contact that was made was by me. At every step of the process. That didn't bother me too bad. The real kicker was when the carpet was installed. When the guy installed it, my wife was the only one home. She didn't realize that she needed to check the seams in the doorways to make sure they were under the doors, considering the difference in the two carpets. Of course, being a professional installer, one would think you shouldn't have to check things like that. What did I end up with?

And this guy supposedly has 20 years experience in laying carpet. After I got home and saw it, I called Lowe's to express my displeasure. They said they would contact the installer and call me the next day. Nope. Yet again, I had to call them. The installer called a couple of hours later and told me his solution. My jaw literally dropped. He wanted to set up an appointment so he could take some of the scrap carpet that was left over and add a little piece to each doorway, making 2 seams in every doorway. Uhhhhhh....I think I'm going to call Lowe's again. I'm really not expecting too much from them anymore. Wish me luck!

Free Installation My Foot
By -

I am a floor covering dealer and I am fed up with the deceptive tactics that the big box stores are using. Lowe's is just one of them. You can throw Home Depot and most of the other big franchise dealers in there as well. As a matter of fact, deceptive marketing is rampant across the board in almost every product line being merchandised in the United States. I know this is something that has been done since the first day words past lips but it has been kicked up a notch lately and where I can talk endlessly about all of them. I think I'll start with the Home Depot and Lowe's battle for the most ridiculous price on flooring installation trophy.

So you know and it is just common sense, there is no one, not even an illegal immigrant crackhead, that would hire one or two men for the day to help him and come to your house and install your carpet for $40 and if you believe that, I have a bridge in San Francisco I want to sell you. Labor paid by the retailer to the installer on an average house full of carpet with an average amount of stuff to move starts at around $500 and goes up from there. In our area, it's about $3.50 per yard. Oh but let me clarify. That's .39 per foot which is another thing the big stores did. They changed pricing to the square foot so that you would think they are way cheaper than me.

Installers get about .50 per yard, I mean .06 per foot to move furniture with exceptions on big and delicate items. They get about the same to get the old carpet out but get paid a nasty surcharge if you are a pig and leave pet turds and the like lying around. And these prices are the minimum. In other parts of the country, they are much higher. The big stores are paying the same amount if not more. So how are these generous people making a living paying more than they're charging? Because they are slamming you on the incidentals.

On a $5000 carpet job with a $40 install by Home Depot, our store and probably all the other stores like us are usually $500 to $1000 less on an equivalent carpet. I say equivalent carpet because the big stores have the mills rename all their carpet to something else so that you can't come in my store and find it. It's called private labeling. I probably have the same carpet but unless you have a piece of their carpet and all day to hold it up to every sample I have until it's found, it is impossible to know.

Incidentals start with the swatch sample you paid for to take home which we don't charge for. Then it's the $50 charge to measure which we don't charge for. Then you're slammed with the high furniture moving charges and a much higher price on padding. The deal will usually (or only) be on select carpets that they have marked up about double and they charge for every supply used in your house as well as a delivery charge if they can get it. Most of which (you guessed it) we don't charge for.

In the end you are paying dearly for your $40 install and can rest easy at night knowing you just gave money to a company that will invest it heavily overseas where it buys most of its merchandise, even when a lot of it can be bought here where Americans can make it, earn a check, pay their bills and save the economy. But don't forget to get their exclusive charge card and save that 10% even though most of you will find that when you realize you bought more than you can afford and just make the minimal payments, you probably paid double what it costs before it's paid off.

In short, if it sounds too good, it is. If there is a "thereto, hereby, wherefore or herein" in the contract, you are being hosed. If you find that you are in fact, getting a phenomenal deal, don't expect very good service if you should have a problem in the future. If it's sold by the box, it's because there is less in it than the competitors have. If it's sold on low payments, it's because there's a lot of them and a high price that they are diverting your attention from.

I ask all of the consumers of the nation to quit being so gullible because every time these stores use deceptive advertising and you buy into it, the more they will do and force us honest people down the same path. We have mouths to feed too.

Abusive to subcontractors
By -

Lowe's treatment of contractors who subcontract service and installation from Lowe's is abominable. These contractors provide services that Lowe's employees are not capable of providing due to lack of training and they turn significant profit for Lowe's HIW Inc.

The contractors are rewarded for this by being forced to satisfy middle managers who have no training in the task at hand but clearly have been threatened to drive up profit margins or receive consequences. Lowe's managers make every concession to please the customer and pass the costs onto the contractor. These concessions aren't made because the customer was 'right', rather because the manager has minimal experience with the service or installation job in dispute and no idea how to troubleshoot the problem.

The contractor is forced to pay or lose details (aka jobs). Losing these details usually means downsizing the company or taking a staggering pay cut, so the contractor obliges and takes a loss. These losses are heart wrenching when you're talking about a small company that's barely staying above water in difficult economic times.

I live 0.5 miles from a Lowe's store and I consider it a last resort for my home improvement needs because the situation outlined above sickens me. It's criminal to siphon money from small contractors rather than properly mediating a dispute. I've seen the stock market and it's quite clear to me that Lowe's has the resources to mediate these disputes, but it's cheap, fast, and quickly shuts up the complaining customer if you just take money out of the laborers' pockets and hand it back to the customer.

I am one person and I can't change Lowe's, but there are a few things I can do. First, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS tell me friends, family, and neighbors who want quality services and installation to purchase directly from small stores and contractors. Stores like Lowe's depend on squeezing the middle man to make a buck, not high-quality work, word of mouth, or repeat customers. Second, REFER THE HUSTLERS TO LOWE'S, if someone wants work done around their house and quality is less important than getting $500 knocked off the estimate because the contractor was 10 minutes late, then Lowe's is where they should be.

I hate to see decent tradesmen deal with stupidity like that and Lowe's has teams of barely trained employees who can handle those phone calls. Third, POST THIS ON THE INTERNET, it won't do much because there's already plenty of bad press out there for Lowes. However, Lowe's has already shown us that they have no conscience or ethics, so I guess bad press is my only tool for motivation.

Don't EVER use them for installation
By -

SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA -- Ugh, what a disaster. We thought we'd get a good deal by using Lowe's to install our flooring and eventually new kitchen/bathroom cabinets and a countertop. Wrong. We have been going round and round. First, they charged $36 to have a guy come out and measure. That's not too bad and you get it back if you use their installers. Of course, it was $100 to get someone out to measure the cabinets and we're not planning to use them now, so that money is lost.

They kept putting stuff in the estimates that we had taken out. They kept messing up the color of the carpet, too. I'm not sure where the disconnect began, but we were very clear. This also meant hours and hours on my part. Thank God my company is understanding. Lowe's also nickel and dimes you; you think you're getting a deal, but in the end, there's all these hidden costs. We found out the day before our installation that we have to pay them to move our appliances and reconnect them. Um, what NORMAL flooring company does that? It's tacky. We've already been moving our own furniture, which is a joke. I've got relatives that had new carpet and other flooring put in recently and their installers didn't make them lift a finger. So, we're working 8-10 hour days and come home to move furniture around.

Everything has been a delay- they say something is on the truck and due in that day or the next, but then I don't hear back from them and suddenly, somehow they find out at that moment that it's still at the manufacturer. I've taken so much time off to either make calls, go in the store, or wait at home- they should have paid me.

They seem highly disorganized. You call one person and they say they'll call you back and if you get a call at all, it's usually not the same person you spoke within the first place. There are some nice folks working there, but they just can't seem to get their act together- maybe it's a corporate problem. Speaking of...we've been warned that if there are any defects that Lowe's has a habit of denying any claim to a warranty saying it's a manufacturer's problem (vs install) and making you talk to the manufacturer, who will then send you back to Lowe's to rule out that it's not an installation problem. And round and round.

I highly recommend that if you must make purchases like this from them, get someone else to do the actual install.

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