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Never Ending Day Of Waiting For Carpet To Be Installed
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WEST SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I paid the 45.00 for a Lowe's carpet person to come to the home to do a measurement of the rooms for which I needed done. Even though the sales lady did a wonderful job with just about everything she helped me with, once it went to the third party contractor everything went to hell. A person that I could hardly understand set an appointment for the measurements to be taken and of course he was late. He then advised the paperwork would be faxed to Lowe's that day (of course that did not happen).

When after speaking with the contractor three times and waited for the faxed to be sent to Lowe'€™s (while I was waiting at Lowe'€™s) it turned out that the contractor failed to do a measurement for both 12 and 15 foot rolls. My sales person called the contractor and within a few moments a new fax came in. I then chose to purchase the much higher custom order carpet that would take about ten days to be delivered to the contractor. I did receive a call from the contractor and an install date was made for yesterday 05-28-09 8-10AM, this was not the first date they had but the first date that I wanted.

On 05-27-09 around 6PM while getting the house ready for the install the following day I received a call asking if it would be OK if the time was changed to Noon-1, that the previous job was unable to be completed and the installer needed to return to complete that job before he could work on mine. I agreed. On 05-28-09 at 1:05PM with no call, no email, no text I called the contractor and asked why was the installer not here, he then replied, "the installer did not call you? He was to have called you 40 minutes ago" (well if he did I would not be calling to ask why the installer was not there).

9 minutes later I receive a call back and was told that the installer was out of town and could not be reach (cell phone issues in the area) but he would be there sometime now today for sure. I informed him that sometime today was not OK with me; I was then questioned as to why? If I needed to go some place or had something else to do. I informed the contractor that I did not have anything else to do except get the carpet installed in the house and then of course put the house back together (replacing all of the furniture etc) the contractor told me that they would help.

I then called and spoke to Lowe'€™s who actually seemed to be upset right along with me and told me that this was unacceptable, that they would call me right after they called the contractor. For which they did and of course Lowe'€™s said that the installer would be there in one hour, so I started my stop watch. I decided to leave and get lunch when less than two blocks from my house and less than one block from Lowe'€™s I receive another call from the contractor giving me a time of 3:30PM and of course that would be more like two hours not one. I told the contractor that was not OK and that I would handle it now on.

I drove the few hundred feet to Lowe' and spoke to the same person who was dealing with me before (this site does not want me to use there actual names bet that I have everyone'€™s name and dates and times I spoke with then written down) she too was even more upset and basically went off or at least as much as she could do officially.

Now the new deal was 3PM with one truck to deliver the carpet and then the installers would be there at 3PM. Any guesses on what happened at 3PM? That is correct nothing, except me waiting for a install crew, when I receive a call from Lowe's around 3:10PM asking if the crew was there that she just spoke to them and they gave a 5 minute eta. I then look outside to see a person setting in a car parked across the street and could tell that he had something to do with this.

Then a pick up truck with a trailer drove by and parked down the street after a few minutes parked in front of our location and then another truck came all totaled I do believe there were four people there. (For a few minutes) The installers quickly came up to the door and introduce them selfs and explained that they were called off from another job to complete mine and they had no idea what happen. I of course did not really care at this point but it was the most professional thing that has happened.

They started right away removing the carpet from the porch (where I put the carpet) and then went inside to see what they had to do since they did not know anything about my job. Once things started things moved fast they did a once over on the job to get an idea and to make a plan, they put the glue, padding and tape down fast and did a good job of it. Then all hell came down when the installers (at this point seem to be the only ones on point and doing a good job) "ran the numbers" measured the carpet and found out that they did not have enough to complete the front room correctly (with only one seam) let a lone complete the rest of the job.

That's when they stopped (as they would not get paid to install the carpet it the job was not complete and sense this was a custom order) the new carpet would have to be ripped up and replace do to the difference in the dye from one run to another at the factory. Mind you it was about 100 degrees I moved everything out of the house, cleaned, vacuumed and swept the house for them, so I can make sure the job was cleaned to my standards. And I had been waiting all day and been on the phone with the (what was now the) sub-contractor and Lowe'€™s. So I just wanted the front room to be done so I can move the furniture back in.

When I called Lowe's the amount that they cared about was much less and let's just say I could tell they did not want to deal with this matter anymore. Several calls more and just asking the installers to get the job done that I would pay them myself. They immediately said no that they would do the front room that they understood and they did the front room. I called Lowe'€™s one last time and spoke with the same female as always and she told me she should have been off an hour ago and would not be in tomorrow (Friday) and that someone else would call the mill to get another complete roll.

I then asked her who I could yell at Lowe'€™s when the job is done, she told me the manager on duty I informed her to make sure to tell them about me as I plan on yelling at someone just to make me feel better (let's face it at 6 something at night not much can be done but to reduce my stress by yelling at Lowe'€™s for hiring contractors that just hire another sub contractor that hires guys to do the work for Lowe's) she told me she would.

Later that night after I put the house back together, I went to Lowe'€™s and of course found three workers standing and talking together when one of them did the second worse thing one could have done. One of them asked me how I was doing? So I told them. I told them I would be doing a lot ** better if Lowe'€™s would hire someone to install my carpet right the first time and not hire someone who hires someone else who then hires someone else. I even asked if the lady that was talking to me was the manager on duty she said yes, I told her my name and asked if she knew of me. She did not, that is when everything went once again to hell.

It seems as though she feels that customers who have been screwed with the whole day should be nice and sweet and take the time to tell the story twice all while she did that head neck thing that I wanted just to pimp slap her. (But that would be illegal) She then told me that "€œyou can leave the store"€ while pointing I told her she calls the cops that'€™s when the male worker said to call 911. I told the manager to make sure to tell them my name, so they know it'€™s me. She then made another comment and by then I had 5 workers all up in my business more concerned over the fact that I stood up to the manager than anything else.

The manager even refused to give me the district manager's name she told me that was confidential information so while I was waiting for her to call the police (I guess dialing 911 is harder for her to do then most) I called the Lowe's toll free number and after asking twice for the same information I was given the name but no number that all they could do is forward a message. As I walk ever so slowly out the door I called another store and asked them how to reach the district manager and they gave me the name and number of the store that he works out of.

So while waiting for the police to arrive I was in my car with the a/c on calling the Lowe'€™s store that the GM worked out of and leaving a message for him. As of now what 2:10 AM Friday 03-29-09 I emailed Lowe'€™s via their website, and look on the internet to find if anyone else had issues with Lowe'€™s and that's how I found this site.

FYI: Based upon the information that I have Lowe'€™s hired general contractor "A", who then hired sub-contractor "€œB", who hired two guys as independent contractors working through the sub-contractors license but not as employees. The kicker is in California as you may know we have rules for rules upon rule for things like this. An independent contractor (a guy with not state license) can not be hired to work for a sub-contractor as a I/C and use the sub-contractor'€™s license. There needs to be an employer/employee relationship between the two with the proper insurance and tax liability being address.

So now my next step is to: contact the State Contractors License Board, contact the State Labor Commissioner, contact the State Workers Compensation Board, and contact my credit card company and dispute the thousands of dollars as product never received, damaged product. Maybe by then someone from Lowe'€™s corp would have contacted me.

What to Expect
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TAPPAHANNOCK, VA, VIRGINIA -- I am a kitchen specialist and I love working with my customers to make their dreams come true. I have a few suggestions for those planning to purchase.

  1. A new kitchen takes about 3 months from the date of cabinet purchase to the time the countertop is installed and the kitchen is ready.

  2. Accurate measurements are critically important. If you don't feel confident in the measurements have your installer make them for you. Lowe's will make measurements if you plan to have them do the install.

  3. You should start your kitchen design several months before you intend to purchase - that gives you time to think about it and reflect on your choices.

  4. A kitchen designer will give you ideas and suggestions and will warn you about potential problems. As long as the kitchen plan meets local building codes you have the final say about what is in your kitchen and where it is located. Don't be afraid to tell the designer what you want. Getting the kitchen you want is your responsibility.

  5. When the cabinets arrive have your installer open them IMMEDIATELY and inspect each cabinet carefully. Call your designer immediately if a cabinet is damaged. Replacements will usually come within 10-14 days.

  6. Above all else DO NOT INSTALL ANY CABINET that fails to meet your expectations. You have return options that will allow you to make corrections and adjustments for minimal charges or for free depending on the circumstances.


  8. There is a time limit on returns. Discuss those limits with your designer. Be prompt in looking at your cabinets and reporting problems.

  9. Be prepared for delays. A delay is as frustrating to the designer or installer as it is for you. However, installing damaged or the wrong size cabinet will not save time -- it just prolongs the process and leads to a frustrated homeowner.

Designing a kitchen is a very tricky process and there are many different options and issues that must be considered. Even the best kitchen designer will occasionally fail to take some critical detail into account and even the best customer will sometimes forget to tell a designer a critical piece of information that results in a design problem. Most Lowe's designers do not visit your home when making a design so the designer can only work with the information you provide.

Before you purchase, go over the design with your installer. Once the cabinets arrive, go over the design again. The most typical design problems occur with oven cabinets, working around obstructions (windows, doors, switches) or with clearances for cabinet doors. If there is a design problem it can usually be resolved at little cost or for free if the problems are discovered and corrected before installation begins.

The consumer should expect and receive prompt attention to problems and courteous and responsive service. Consumers should also understand that designers are human and when problems occur, they should also be treated considerately. With a good dialogue most kitchen problems can be resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

Kitchen Remodeling, Installation & the Lack Thereof
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BOSSIER CITY, LOUISIANA -- My husband ordered our kitchen cabinets on the 31st of July, 2007at the Bossier City, LA store. I unload all the cabinets, move the whole world, the installer (?), Mr. "Wonderful Installer" shows up September 4, 2007, decides he just can't wait on the plumber. (You know he can't start on the other side of the kitchen, he has to have everything off), plus it will cost Lowe's extra, so he will go do another job down the road and shows back up two weeks later.

He shows up on a Monday, yanks out everything, and by Wednesday has put in every cabinet and gone. (My husband, who was ill was at home.) When I get home, I look around, the "Wonderful Installer" man has covered up half of the electrical outlets, one he actually covered 1/2 down the very middle!! When I called to talk to him about the problem, he very glibly told me I could "hire an electrician". So far the electrician has cost about an extra $2,500.00. He used no shims, did not level any cabinets, pieced molding, did a Grade 4-F job! He also was not acquainted with a level and a square either!

It took several calls and getting ugly to get him to take off the trash that we paid for Lowe's to remove, and then the Install Sales Manager had to finish the job Halloween Night. I had pointed that children would be roaming and there were nails and cabinet doors he had not taken still in my yard after two months! He installed a 36" high oven into a 22" high place and just jigsawed it by hand, made no effort to make it level. When the molding was put back on the door, the oven door was not able to be opened!! So he half-way fixed a frameless door.

I FIRED him three times, and my husband hired him once, & Lowe's back twice. He made smartass and snide remarks about any purchases made for the kitchen, such as "This must be one of those high dollar faucets." It was my money that paid for it, not his, and not any of his business. I spoke to the Manager, the Asst. Manager and the Install Sales Manager about him and my kitchen, they finally got someone else out here, but guess what? These, unfortunately, are just but a few of the things that have taken place trying to get a $30,000.00 Kitchen finished (paid for up-front, of course, AND NOW I KNOW WHY) with Lowe's doing the work.

It is now February 2, 2008, MY HUSBAND PASSED AWAY DECEMBER 1, 2007, he did not live to see this kitchen! Double Guess What?? This kitchen is still not through!! The new guy leveled and shimmed the cabinets, installed the table in the drawer, replaced most of the molding - but it ran out. They have been reordering the molding for a month, I have no floor, still no finished kitchen, so STUPID ME went to the Shreveport, LA store tonight to see about having a Breakfast Bar put in AND to see if they were any better than the Bossier City store...

I sat for 45 minutes listening to the overhead say, "Customer Assistance Needed in Kitchen Cabinets." A young man stopped, called up front, said "Colleen will be here in a minute." 40 minutes+, I went up front, asked to speak to the manager, you guessed it "He is not here." Well, I want the Asst. Manager, finally out comes lumbering the fairly large black lady. She does not introduce herself, but I ask her, does she not hear all the requests for help in the cabinet department? "No"

I informed her I had meant to place about a $6,000.00 cash order, but they apparently did not need the business, and that I had been going to give Lowe's the benefit of the doubt as to Poor Customer Service, but apparently it was in every store. They sure had failed!!! I am so sick of poor customer service, when I worked retail, & I have worked retail: The motto was, "THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT, EVEN IF THEY ARE WRONG AND RUDE." Obviously, even that has changed!

The installation of my kitchen, that was to take a couple of weeks, is now 5 months and counting... I called the Bossier City Install Sales Department this last week. She was busy, asked the front to take a message, so I left my number... You know, I guess she is still busy because she still has not called.

TO THE PERSON WHO THOUGHT I WAS RUDE TO THEM... I have not to this day called them anything ugly, cussed them, or torn up the store. All I wanted was the kitchen finished, over, done & done correctly. When a customer spends this much money on a project, unless their name is Getty or Kennedy or Bush, it has been EARNED, not Inherited.

I have been the soul of patience. Our daughter died last, my husband was dying. I was trying to work full-time to keep insurance for him -and all I wanted was for them to do it right, and get out, so I could focus on the important things in our life! As it stands, he died worried about the kitchen and if I could finish it on my own! I HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO HIS MEMORY AND 40 YEARS OF HIS HARD WORK to do what is necessary to finish what he started & it be done correctly. Do not preach to me about what kind of a customer I am, I have been on BOTH sides of the counter!

Visible Carpet Seams
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PEORIA, ILLINOIS -- First, I want to start this by giving you a bit of information (which, in the long, has no bearing on whether carpet seams should be visible or not, but it will further explain my situation). In 2004, I was thrilled to be able to purchase my own home. It was a bank repo and needed many repairs so I got it relatively cheaper than market value, which is the only way I was able to purchase a home in a nice area. (I am a single parent who receives no child support, is not on welfare, and works very hard to support my family.) It took me three months to fix the house up enough so that we could actually move in, and it was a wonderful feeling.

The people who had moved out tried to fix the place up and actually laid carpet before they left. However, they just threw it down. It was not stretched or tacked, and the seams were held together with duct tape. I ripped most of it out, but because, at that point, I was even lower on funds than normal, I had to leave the piece in the living room and part of the hallway (I laid vinyl tile in the other areas). The carpet in the hallway looked horrible, but since I live from paycheck to paycheck, it would have to do until I could come up with the money somehow.

Back in March 2007, my great-aunt, who was like a mother to me, passed away, and in September, I received a small inheritance. It wasn't much, but it was enough to get carpet. At the beginning of October, I went to Lowe's. I paid the $25 or $30 to have their installers come out to measure. They were late in calling me to set up the appointment, and I had to call Lowe's to make them aware that no one had called me yet. When the installer called, we set up the appointment for a Wednesday because I get off early that day to take my son to therapy. However, they called to postpone the installation until the following Saturday at 10 am.

However, at 10:30 am, the installers called me to let me know they were running late and would be at my house soon; it was almost noon before they showed up to measure. A friend of mine was going to lay laminate in the dining room (which meets the living room) for me so the laminate was lying on the floor for the recommended amount of hours. The installer commented on the laminate, and I told him it was to be laid in the dining room (so the carpet would meet the laminate). I also told him I wanted the carpet to go over the laminate for one foot. He measured, then left.

After a few more days of waiting for a call, I called Lowe's to get a price on the carpet I had picked out. No one was able to help me because the installer hadn't submitted the information yet. A couple days later, I went to the store, and one of the guys in the flooring department worked up the estimate for me while I waited. I went back the next day to pay and sign papers. I was told the carpet would take two weeks to be delivered to the store, and I was surprised when Lowe's called within a few days to say the carpet was there already. (Looking back I have a feeling they give a longer ETA for the carpet in an attempt to make themselves look better when it arrives early.)

At the time, I was excited that the carpet would be installed a bit earlier than anticipated. However, when the installers called to schedule the appointment, I realized I would have to wait over two weeks - November 5. I moved everything out of the living room myself, and when the installer got here the morning of the 5th, he said he didn't realize that was what I was laying in the dining room and that the carpet couldn't go over the laminate like I wanted (even though it was right in front of his face when he originally came to measure).

He also said that he did not have the transition piece he needed to join the carpet and laminate so, even though I should have been heading to work, I ran over to Lowe's and bought 3 four piece transitions that cost about $28 a piece and ran them back to the house for him. He said he would have to take them home and cut them because he did not have the tools with him to do it there (then why did I have to run over to Lowe's to get them right then?). He said he would finish the carpet and come back later that night or the next morning. He didn't do either.

On the night of the 6th, I called the installer and his wife (I'm guessing) said he was busy because someone didn't show up (too busy for customer that he left hanging?). He came back over a couple days later to lay the transition piece. However, he only used two of the three transition pieces that I bought and didn't leave the other one so I could return to Lowe's. After the installation, I noticed four very visible seams in the new carpet. I thought that maybe after a few weeks they would blend in and be less visible. I was wrong.

On November 29th, I called Lowe's and told them about the seams. I was told that the manager of installation would contact me, but on December 4th, I had to call the store back to find out what was going on. I talked to the store manager, and she had the manager of installation call me back. We set up a time for him and the installer to look at the carpet. They were supposed to be at my house at 6pm, but at 6:30 pm, the installer's wife called to say that because there was potential snow in the forecast, and because he was a few miles away at another job (when he was supposed to be at my house), they were going to have to reschedule for a couple days later.

When the installer and the installation manager finally made it to my house on December 13th, I also informed the installation manager that there were nails sticking out of the transition piece, and we catch our heels on them when walking to and from the dining room, and that the installer measured a foot into the dining room, but he didn't leave me the carpet he didn't use. (The installer claimed that he almost didn't have enough carpet for the job, and that's why there were no straps left. However, when he originally submitted the paperwork, I thought he inflated the sq. footage and ordered too much.)

The installation manager, first, tried to convince me that seams being visible were not uncommon depending on the type of carpet, especially Berber. I told him I understood that, but this carpet is not Berber; it is plush. The seams actually didn't look as bad as they normally did because it was dark outside, and they look worse in natural light. (I can stand in the living room and look down the hallway and plainly see three seams. It is horrible.)

And, nothing was even said about the nails sticking out of the transition piece. They both acted like it wasn't a big deal, and I got the feeling that they were acting like I was making a big deal out of nothing merely because I am a silly ole girl and didn't know any better. They said that I have a year's warranty on the carpet and if the seams start to peel away (which is my fear because that's what my old carpet did) they would come back out (they would come back out, they didn't say they would fix it). The installer did something, I don't even know that, to the carpet seams and left after he told me he would find out what happened to the other transition piece.

It is now December 26th, and I still have not heard anything from the installer on where my other transition piece is, and I still have four, very visible seams in my carpet. I am sick to my stomach every time I think of all that money I spent on this carpet, and how I was treated like a stupid woman. (Maybe I'm wrong, maybe they just treat everyone like they are stupid.) I called back over to Lowe's today and spoke with the store manager. All he did was transfer back to the installation manager who said he would contact the installer and schedule a time to come out and look at the carpet again. Why do they need to look at it again? It hasn't changed.

I've had carpet installed in two other houses years ago, and I have NEVER seen the seams, and one of those times, Lowe's installed it. I am SO frustrated and furious that I spent money at Lowe's for carpet, and it looks absolutely awful. I should have just left the old carpet there and spent the money on something else because this carpet makes me sick to my stomach.

Carpet Installation
By -

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- Visa charges:

2/14/07 Sale Lowe's 4133.24.

2/14/07 Actual Carpet and Installation Price 4132.08.

3/19/07 Sale Lowe's 1620.00.

3/19/07 Return Lowe's -1716.00.

3/26/07 Sale Lowe's 1296.00.

3/26/07 Return Lowe's -1620.00.

2/14/07 selected and Paid for Carpet and Installation – Setup installation for 3/16/07. We chose 4 different colors for 4 rooms with premium pad. Colors – green 12x15, light tan 12x15, pink 12x19, and grey 12x66. Total Square Footage = 1350. Lowe's had a sale of 20% off of materials and installation. To move one piece of furniture one direction = $30 extra. 3/16/07 installers arrive. We checked carpet condition and colors. The pink had a large stain in the center. We received the light tan at 12x66. Manufacturer sent a darker tan for the 12x15 and the grey was 12x15, not 12x66. Installers only put in the green carpet.

3/16/07 my husband comes home just for this installation so that we can move the furniture. We did not want to pay the extra money. My husband travels a lot for his business. My husband was upset and drove up to Lowe's to speak with flooring. Said they would give us 25% off our order for the incorrect carpet order. Kyle would expedite reorder. We did not receive this discount in writing. 3/19/07 carpet was reordered. Visa was credited $96. 3/22/07 visa showed credit. Called Kyle to tell him $96 was not 25% of $4132.08. He said he would correct it.

3/28/07 visa showed credit. Called for Kyle but had the day off. Spoke with the Manager, Brad. Brad said he would sit down with Kyle and correct this. Brad said the 25% was off materials only. This was new to us. FYI, 25% of materials only ($2745.00) is $686.25. The Visa credit still due of $266.25 has not been shown as of April 8, 2007. 4/03/07 carpet arrives (so much for expediting the reorder). Jim from the carpet installers calls. Installation date set for April 6, 2007. 4/06/07 installers arrive with carpet. I asked if they checked the colors. Everything looked good.

4/06/07 Brian (head carpet installer) tells me he needs 12 more feet of the grey. Calls Jim and Jim admitted to miscalculating required carpet. Jim goes to Lowe's and orders additional carpet. In the meantime, the installers put down the carpet where they could. Our house was supposed to go on the market today, but could not because of the carpet errors. The install was completed at 4:00 pm.

4/07/07 inspected the installation. Pulled out the digital camera and started taking pictures of gouges, smudges, scratches and errors in the carpet. I only did this when I found the master bedroom/bathroom suite had a piece of Carrara marble tile cracked into 4 pieces. The installers tried to hide it by gluing the tile back together.

I also found 1 hole (3/8” diameter) in the dining room, 1 hole in the master bath (1/2” diameter), 1 manufacturer's purple stain (1/2” diameter) in the master bedroom and 1 manufacturer's purple stain (1 inch diameter) in the master lavatory. Our fireplace tile had a glob of iron glue at least 4 inches in length and 1 inch in width. One of my pictures actually shows the iron mark left on the tile (approximately 5 inches by 2 inches).

The pins to the door hinges were not reinstalled completely. The newly carpeted rooms were given a quick vacuum. The edges were not vacuumed. The window sills still had padding and carpeting on them which should have been wiped away. The tiled area where the installers had their toolboxes was not vacuumed. Hundreds of pieces of carpet were left there for me to vacuum up. Our handmade mahogany staircase has scratches and gouges from hammering and moving carpet to the downstairs areas. Some scuffs are at least 12 inches in length.

4/08/07 I still have not edge vacuumed the other rooms. As more issues arise, I will be taking pictures to document this mess. So far I have 40 megabytes of pictures consisting of 57 pictures. I now have at least one entire week of vacuuming, caulking, sanding, repainting and resealing (staircase) that needs to be done before our house can go on the market. Also, the Carrara marble tile needs to be replaced. There is still no carpeting in the staircase and ½ bath due to the miscalculation of necessary carpet.

Toilet Installation Nightmare
By -

PERRYSBURG, OHIO -- Never again for the rest of my life will I ever purchase INSTALLATION SERVICES from Lowe's in any city for any reason ever again. I have had more problems with the Lowe's in Perrysburg than you can imagine. It has been a nightmare. On the morning of Thursday, January 4, 2007, I went to the Perrysburg Lowe's store and purchased a new toilet and installation services. The salesperson told us the installer would call my home Friday (01/05/07) to set up an appointment to install. Friday, January 5, no call. The installers do not work weekends. Monday, January 8, no call.

Meanwhile, all six (6) of us in this one bathroom household are using buckets of water to flush our toilet. I am two months post-op quadruple heart bypass and am not physically able to lift the buckets of water to flush to toilet when I am here either alone or with the other disabled adult or with the children. No one in the household has experience with installing toilets. We are relying on Lowe's to install the toilet. This toilet is something we NEED, this is not an extra bathroom that was being updated just for fun. This toilet is our ONLY toilet for six (6) people.

At 8:45 am on Tuesday, January 9, 2007, I called the Lowe's Perrysburg and told ** about my situation. ** checked the computer and said that the paperwork that went to the installer was not generated until Friday afternoon. She would call the installer and also fax the paperwork to them and the installer would call me. By 10:10 am still nothing from the installer, so I called Lowe's AGAIN and spoke to **. ** put me on hold, called the installer. ** told me the installer would call me by 10:30 am and that she (**) would call me again to see if the installer had contacted me.

At 10:35 am ** from North Country Installation called me and said that the installer would call me today regarding an appointment to install the toilet. ** from Lowe's called me at 10:53 am to verify the installer company had called me. I told ** the installer has not called me, but the company he works for has called me - I still do not have an appointment yet. At 2:05 pm I called Lowe's AGAIN and spoke to ** - I have not heard from the installer to schedule an appointment and let ** know that this is the only toilet in our home, that the six (6) of us need this toilet.

Finally, at 2:10 pm, the installer, **, called and said that he would be here tomorrow (01/10/2007) at 2 pm to install the toilet and that if he was going to be late he would let me know. ** from Lowe's called at 2:15 pm to confirm the installer called me. At around 12:30 pm on January 10, 2007, ** the installer called and said that he was on another job, he was taking some materials to that job and was going to be at my home at around 2 pm to install the toilet. At 2 pm, no **; 2:15 pm, no **, no call from **; 2:30 pm, no **, no call from **. At 2:50 pm ** calls and tells me that he has a flat tire and is going to be late, he has to put the spare on and will be on his way.

At 3:10 pm ** calls again and says that his spare tire is also flat and could he possibly come tomorrow to install the toilet; we agreed that he would be here at 9 am on January 11, 2007, to install the toilet - this making it one (1) full week after I had purchased the toilet that it was installed. (One toilet, six (6) people, two of them fully or partially disabled.) I AGAIN called Lowe's in Perrysburg, this was at 3:20 pm, and spoke to **, I told her I need to toilet in TODAY, I explained what the installer had told me, that I do not believe his story, and I need this toilet, told her to put me on hold and get another installer to my home today.

She put me on hold, called another installer, and told me that ** will be at my home by 5 pm to install the toilet. What upset me THE MOST during my final call to Lowe's was when ** LAUGHINGLY (she was laughing) told me that she could hear the cars going by on the highway as she talked to installer ** - that because she heard cars going by in the background during her phone conversation with **, this verifies his story, that he was not "handing me a line". The last thing I need to hear after all this is ANYONE from Lowe's telling me anything with laughter.

This situation must have been a lot of fun for **; evidently she somehow derives a great deal of joy from knowing six (6) people have to flush their toilet with a bucket of water and she has never had to deal with the same situation in her life, yet. **'s laughter really killed the good opinion I have had, until now, had about Lowe's - it was the straw that broke the camel's back. January 10, 2007, 4 pm, no call from ** the installer; 4:30, no call from **; 4:45, no call, no one here to install. At 4:58 pm, ** calls me from the Lowe's store and tells me he is on his way. ** told me that someone would be AT MY HOME BY 5 PM.

Apparently she meant that someone would be at the store at 5 pm to pick up the toilet to deliver it to my home; she told me someone would be at my home - so much for taking a Lowe's employee's word for anything. ** was here at 5:35 pm, the toilet was installed and he was done and gone by 6:15 pm. ** was wonderful and I could not ask for a nicer installer. ** is a credit to Lowe's. Wish I could say the same for everyone else I encountered during this ordeal. January 11, 2007, at 10:15 am, a "** FROM SOUTHFIELD" called and left a message on my voice mail, asking me to call her; she was wondering if everything was "taken care of" yesterday regarding my toilet.

I don't know who ** from Southfield is, where or what Southfield is and will not call the number she left, which is in Perrysburg, I can tell by the phone number. I'm guessing that it is the same ** from Lowe's in Perrysburg, but her message does not indicate that she is from Lowe's OR from the installation company. If a person calls my home and leaves a message for me that does not indicate the company they work for and additionally that same caller lacks the common sense to know WHERE they work and include that information in the message they leave for me, I certainly will NOT return their call.

A business depends on customers. No customers, no money, out of business. I can remember KMart in the mid-70s and the idiot people they had working there - most likely those at Lowe's are those same people's grandchildren or great-grandchildren - the same ilk. I remember thinking to myself that someday KMart is going to be gone. It took a long time, but that same KMart my family and I would frequent is now closed and the building is soon to be torn down. If Lowe's doesn't want to follow in KMart's footsteps, they need to more thoroughly train their employees in customer service/customer care.

Worst Customer Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSONVILLE, ARKANSAS -- They did a terrible job and you can't contact anyone to get it resolved. Lots of promises made when you are face-to-face but they never follow through. Go somewhere else. Originally I dealt with Brandon **. Avoid him and Lowe's for any installation.

Mistakes and Unprofessional 3rd Party Installation Company
By -

CANTON, MICHIGAN -- This is my first experience with Lowe's for carpet. We have used Home Depot in the past with good results. But I decided to check out Lowe's and found some carpet I liked that was not available at Home Depot. After the measure, which was done promptly enough, I visited the store to make my final carpet selections. After waiting an hour for the one employee who could help me in flooring to finish with another customer, I sat down and carefully specified exactly what I wanted in each room.

The employee seemed to feel my measurement paperwork was confusing and had trouble at first figuring out what the exact sq. footage was. But he finally worked it out and I paid for the carpet. The next day he called and asked if I could come back because he needed to verify my color choices. We worked it out over the phone (my first mistake) and he seemed to understand what I wanted.

Carpet arrived, and the install was set. When they got here, the wrong colors and patterns had been ordered for every room. Not the installers' fault, but in the short time they were here, the two man crew gave me the creeps. They lingered far too long after the mistake was discovered and there were lots of questions and comments about my house, and leading questions such as "Maybe we could come back on Saturday if they get the carpet in - are you generally home on weekends? Do your dogs bite?". It felt more like they were casing my house for a future robbery.

Carpet had to be reordered, and I was given a date 10 days out for when it would arrive, meaning 10 more days of not being able to use the rooms and sleeping on a mattress in the family room. I expressed some dissatisfaction and asked about a discount for my trouble and was told they would take care of me but they refused to say how much until after the whole job is complete. One of the managers I spoke to refused to give me her last name.

Carpet arrived 3 days later than I was told, but at least the new install was scheduled for Monday of the following week. I was told they would arrive between 9 and 11 AM Monday morning. At 11:15 AM I called the main office of the install company, which had no idea their installers weren't there. When they called back they said the installers had a problem with their truck and could they reschedule for Tuesday? I told them it would be extremely inconvenient and pushed for them to find a way to get my carpet installed that day.

They then complained they had two installers with truck problems and another called in sick. I was told that no other installer was available to do my install that day and that none could do an extra job in the evening because they don't like to work past a certain time, plus a lot of them that they tried to call don't answer their phones. I was told the installers are independent contractors and they don't have any control over when they start their days, how long they work, etc. So I was forced to allow them to come on an extremely inconvenient day for me, or wait even longer to get my carpet.

I made multiple calls both to the Lowe's store where I purchased the carpet and the installation company, but the so-called managers in both places were very wimpy and basically refused to say anything other than "I am sorry". If I were Lowe's, I would be seriously questioning the choice of company to do my installations - because the company they use gave me the impression that it lets its contract installers run the show.

In the meantime, my husband will probably be home late at least a couple of times this week because he is expected to respond to last minute emergencies at work. With all of the people out of work, I find it hard to believe that Lowe's can't find installers that want to work and will respect the customer's time. I still don't know what financial compensation, if any, that Lowe's will actually offer me.

Flooring Installation Issues
By -

SIOUX CITY, IOWA -- My husband and I needed to purchase laminate flooring for a bedroom, hallway, and kitchen, and have it installed. After comparing prices, it appeared that Lowe's had the best deal. We have a baby due in January, and so we quickly jumped into action to get this process started.

So on 10/03/09, we went to the store, and paid to have a contractor come out and do a measurement of the areas in which the floors would be installed. The measurement was pretty prompt, but it took a couple weeks before anyone called me to give me an estimate on the cost of flooring and install services. After receiving a call with an estimate, we went to the store to pick out our flooring. We chose in stock flooring, and paid for the flooring and installation services on 10/17/09.

As they would prefer if one of the homeowners is in the house at the time of install, we checked with the sales associate about installation times. My husband and I both work outside the home and no one is home until 3:00 in the afternoon, or on Saturdays. They said this would not be a problem. Once we placed our order, it took a week for our installer to contact us about setting up an installation time. Then we were informed that he had two other jobs that would take a week a piece and wouldn't be able to get to ours until after those were completed.

So, we set up the installation for the first Saturday he had available, 11/21/09. Yesterday, I received a call from the installer saying that he would not be able to come this weekend after all. He had a family emergency and would be unavailable over the weekend.

I understand that this was an unforeseen circumstance, and I realize that things come up. He was very nice, and apologized for the inconvenience. He felt pretty bad because we have already waited so long for our floors to be installed. He offered to contact Lowe's and see if there was another installer available to come out this weekend, and so I said that would be great if he would do that.

Today, I called Lowe's and was informed that there was not another installer available on such short notice. Again, that is understandable. I explained that I understood, and would like to know when they could come. I explained that next week was Thanksgiving, and we would be out of town. The week after that, we were supposed to have family coming out to stay with us and help us shop for furniture for the new baby's room and get everything all ready to go.

The installation service manager I spoke with said that she would contact the installer and see if he would be available to come after 3:00 on a couple weekdays between 11/30/09 and 12/03/09 so that we can get them installed before our family gets here. I am supposed to hear back from the installer tomorrow about setting up a new installation time. I am not trying to be difficult, and both the installer and the service manager were very apologetic and sincere, but it would have been nice to at least be offered some sort of discount for having to wait so long.

For the last month and a half, everything from those rooms other than the stove and refrigerator has been piled in our back hallway, from floor to ceiling. By the time our floors are installed, the baby will be due in only a few weeks. So that will give us just a short time to get everything out of the back hallway and organized, and we haven't been able to purchase any furniture for the baby's room because we have nowhere to put it until the floors are installed.

I am trying to be understanding, but it is getting a little difficult to be so easy going about everything. Not to mention that if this baby comes early, we may not have anywhere for her to sleep!

Resolution Update 11/19/2009:

After calling back and speaking with the sales manager again about getting a possible discount or something for the delay, one of the other installers from Lowe's called back and said that he would be able to come out on Saturday. I told them I very much appreciated them finding someone else to install these floors so that we can get the baby's room ready.

Lowe's Reaching a New Low
By -

WEYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- On November 7, 2008 my husband I purchased carpeting from Lowe's for our newly renovated master bedroom, stairs, hallway and enclosed porch. 2 separate carpets, one for bedroom/stairs, and one for the enclosed porch, hallway. We were told it would take at least 14 days and given a date of November 28, as the day it would be installed. After that date, we were told that now it would take until December 12 as the carpet going in the bedroom/hallway was in production and they were going to take $300 off the total purchase. December 12th I contact the store to see if the carpet arrived.

I was told that someone had written in that I was notified and they were going to verify it and call me back. No call back. I waited util the following day and called again and was told the person who took our sale was out but someone would contact me on Monday. The installer called Monday morning and said that he would be busy all this week except for from 3-5 pm today. We set up that he would come out that day. When they arrived they brought in a couple of rolls of installation pad enclosed in plastic with our name on it and a couple of smaller rolls not enclosed in plastic.

I had asked why some were not enclosed in plastic and was told that they brought extra, that Lowe's doesn't give them extra anymore because they started tallying up the leftover amounts and realized that the installers were not returning it, which the installer said they never did return the leftover. Then they brought the carpet in. Right away I said this is not the carpet I ordered (bedroom/stairs carpet). The installer said that he ordered the enclosed porch carpet for one piece but they gave him two pieces. I said I do not want a seam (Berber carpet-seam would be visible).

The installer called the company and they checked and said it was the rug I ordered. The installer went back to the store (with the enclosed porch carpet)and brought back a sample board (which they had just very recently updated all their boards as they do every couple months.) On the board was the carpet with the sample that said very berry. I said the very berry I ordered was a frieze. It was off white, with lavender and raspberry colored flecks in it. The carpet brought to me was a plush/saxony carpet, very light purple/beige tone to it.

Our not so new purchased bedroom set had been in storage at the place of purchase and we were paying a daily fee for it to stay there. This is why they were going to give us $300 off our total order. They said they would check into it, and replacing it would not be a problem, so I reluctantly gave in.

As one of the installers was laying the stairway installation pad down my husband and I went upstairs to see how the seam was coming along on the bedroom carpet, I noticed that the stairway installation pad on three stairs had very large pieces of clear tape on it and questioned that. The installer told me that all installation pad has some tape on it. Down some more stairs, I noticed in a few spots that there was matting with no pad on it whatsoever. I questioned that and the installer said, “Oh I'll fill that in later.”

I noticed that the installation pad on the stairs seemed very thin. Then I took a close look at the extra pad they brought in and the pad still enclosed in plastic. It was noticeably thinner. I went over to feel them and you could feel that the extra padding was not as dense as the one enclosed in the plastic. The other extra padding they brought was discolored and had a brown stain going down the whole center of it. This is what I believe was used on the upstairs bedroom, as the installer at one point told me that that roll was the leftover balance from the bedroom. Now, I only purchased the basic padding. This is the minimum grade of padding that Lowe's sells.

I stated that the extra padding they were using was not as dense as padding in the enclosed plastic. Told them I wanted a sample of each cut and would bring it to Lowe's. The installer who did the bedroom got upset, threw the extra flimsy padding and another roll of padding outside my front door. And said he would redo it. They changed their story several times about the extra padding, saying it was given to them by Lowe's, that it was used on the last job they were on, etc. The installer who did the bedroom said that it wasn't him who did it, and that he was glad I caught them.

So they tried to use a less grade padding that they had instead of the padding that I had purchased. If anything, stairs need a good grade padding. They did minimal vacuuming of the bedroom, and did not attempt to vacuum the stairs at all. They never swept up the enclosed porch in which they opened all the carpet rolls in, threw all the old tacking etc. I inspected the brand new stained woodwork, molding, etc. And saw gouges on several corners, scratches all over the baseboards and gouges on my hallway door trim over 18" in length from where they carried the carpet up. I mentioned that to them.

The next day I went to the store, and looked to try to find the carpet I ordered. As I said, they recently updated ALL their boards and it could not be found. At the Pembroke store, very berry is a cranapple color. Abington store was closed to public as it was under construction so I could not check that one out. I spoke with 3 of the flooring sales people there and the floor manager. I questioned them about the padding and brought samples to show. I asked how many rolls encased in plastic should I have received, they said 6. I said there is no way that kid brought in 6 rolls. Then later, they said not all the rolls would have been in plastic???

I told them everything that the installers did. I also told them that I looked in my dumpster to try to find the pieces of flimsy padding, and old tacking that they wrapped up in plastic, and found several rolls of carpets that were not mine, boxes of tiles, toilet seat, etc. The floor manager did not find what they did as inexcusable. He stated, "Yeh so they tried to use some old padding." I said “That's not right. That's not what I paid for.” Stairs need good padding. It's a fraudulent practice what they did.

I also expressed concern over what padding may have been used on the bedroom floor as I did not see that one they had laid down. He said he'd come over and rip up a piece and check it himself. The floor manager came to my house. He looked in the dumpster and said he thinks that they emptied out the trash that was in their truck. And he was going to ask them which I replied “Oh and they will just admit it.” He said to me they will. And if he found out that they did, then they will pay to have the dumpster dumped (it cost us $749.00 last time).

He came into the house, looked at the roll of other extra padding they brought in and said it can get discolored by not being in plastic. I said fine, but what was the brown going all the way down the middle of it. He assured me that it was the same grade of the one that purchased. I know for a fact, they used the discolored roll on my stairs. The floor manager looked at all the gouges and scratches and said he would give us $100.00 towards the touch up, a $100.00 store gift card. He also offered me $200 if we're to take the Berber carpet in pieces and have a seam on the enclosed porch. I said that's $300, plus $300.00 for the waiting on the carpet.

He apparently had forgot what he himself had promised us. So, he said “Well I will have to go back to the store and come up with a figure.” He asked if they even vacuumed, when he saw the stairs. I said “Minimally upstairs not at all on the stairs.” He said “They are supposed to leave it with all the mess cleaned up.” He left the house and said he'd call me tomorrow. No call. I called them and said you know I just noticed that even though the customer copy has the item numbers of what you now have matching up to your sample boards, it lists it as a plush/saxony type. I ordered a frieze is that where the mix-up could be.

I asked if the floor manager was the store manager, and was told there is someone over the floor manager, was given his name, and was then told but they don't get involved. I said, “Well they may have to.” The floor manager called back and he said someone could have made a mistake. I said “Well you said that you are doing inventory right now, it shouldn't be so hard to locate in your computer system what you had as the very berry frieze.” He said they are inventorying pads only. He stated he would stop at the Pembroke store as it's close to home and he would check to see if a very berry frieze was there and would call me tomorrow.

The contractors I had doing a lot of the work in my house came today, saw the rug and right away said “This is not the rug you ordered.” or the rug that they saw. They had previously gone to Lowe's for supplies and checked out the rug I had ordered. Even they knew it was a frieze, and said it had purpley, pink flecks in it.

The more I think about how Lowe's has tried to deceive me the more upset I get. I believe when they updated the boards, they chose something (probably something lying around on hand) and now named it very berry. When I make the call tomorrow, because I'm sure they won't contact me I am going to tell them that I do not want this carpet, nor do I want them to reorder the Berber carpet and because of their deceit, and their non-felt dismay of the installers deceit, that I plan on taking my business elsewhere.

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