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Hire anyone else first!
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AMES, IOWA -- I had searched my town for the flooring I wanted for my tiny bathroom, and finally found the perfect flooring at Lowe's. No problem - I felt comfortable purchasing from them and contracted for them to order the flooring. I was informed that a 3rd party measured and installed the flooring, and I have no problem with that, since I was told this up-front. I was informed that the installer would call me within 48 hours. Two days passed; then 4; then a week. Every time I called the local store, I was told that they would remind the installer again. Finally, the installer called and made an appointment to measure the floor; he came when he said he would and measured the floor. At that time I informed him that the base cabinet for the lavatory would be removed and that a free-standing lavatory was going in its place, and that I had no idea what was under the current cabinet, but that it most likely was *not* the current vinyl flooring, and therefore the levels would not match. "No problem," he says.

A date is given for the installation, with the caveat that the installer would not remove the existing flooring. No problem - I spent a Saturday afternoon removing the old vinyl.

The day dawned for the installation of my new vinyl. My plumbers came and removed the old lavatory and cabinet, and sure enough, what was underneath was the original linoleum, ca 1947. When the installer came in, he took one look at the floor and said, "Who took the floor up?!" I replied that I had. He told me that he had intended to stall the new flooring on top of the old and that he was not prepared to cover the "hole" in the subfloor. Then he leaned closer, and literally backed out of the bathroom like I had presented him with a box of angry pit vipers! "That's asbestos flooring!!!" No kidding! I **told** you that when you came to measure, as well as I told the salesperson that when I purchased the flooring. Just because I am female does not mean I don't know what I'm talking about.

Four telephone calls later, I was informed by the Lowe's installation manager that I had two choices: I could hire a professional company to execute an asbestos abatement, who would provide me with a certificate of abatement, which I would need, and then the 3rd-party contractor would come back and finish the job; or I could **try** to hire someone else to install the flooring as it was (the implication being that no one in their right mind would touch the project with a 10-foot pole).

I demanded and received a refund on the labor cost (a week later); fortunately when the installer left to confer with the installation manager, he brought the flooring and adhesive in, so I have the product.

End-of-story: Do not, under any circumstances, allow Lowe's to install ANYTHING. They do not stand behind their pricing. When I asked what the installer would have done if the flooring was not asbestos, but still a different level than the rest of the floor, I was told that he would figure up what the ADDITIONAL CHARGE would be at that time. Bottom line: Lowe's does not stand behind their price quotes, and waits until the installation to hit you with the inflated price.
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Anonymous on 07/25/2009:
Asbestos flooring is overrated. Those abatement outfits make a fortune off that word. Keep the glue wet when you are scraping up the floor and you will be in no danger at all.
Wear a dusk mask for just in case.
If you now have the product and removed the flooring yourself, I'd find a local handyman, or even better, a south of the border guest worker.
DebtorBasher on 07/25/2009:
Asbestos is a very serious issue. If you got any on you when your removed the flooring then put your clothes in with the rest of the family's clothes to wash, it can be spread that way. IF you knew there was asbestos, you should not have attempted to remove it at all, you need to leave that up to those who are trained for proper removal of it. I worked with asbestos, I inhaled it, I was covered in it and at that time, didn't know anything about it...when I went to the emergency room with breathing problems, the first thing they asked me is if I was exposed to Asbestos...I told them I was some years before while working in a factory. The next question was whether or not I smoked at that time. I told him I never smoked. Then he informed me that my lungs have scaring from the asbestos and if I were a smoker at that time, he would guarantee that I would develop lung cancer from it. It's not something you want to mess with and if you have any more in your house, you really should get someone to remove it properly for you for you and your family's health.
Anonymous on 07/25/2009:
Factories full of asbestos dust were very dangerous indeed, but that stuff didn't go on in any 28 year old woman's lifetime. Interesting.

The dust is what gets you, and long term exposure. Keep it from becoming airborne and it is not a hazard.
DebtorBasher on 07/26/2009:
Working on an assembly line for a lighting company, it did.
madconsumer on 07/26/2009:
did you have the substance tested? did it test positive for asbestoes?

NOT everything made back then contained asbestoes. where these the single square tiles like in commecrail buildings?

like c20 said, a single exposure is not a concern. and as c20 said, keep that are wet/damp to prevent the substance for floating into the air.

and for fact, our company has done/performed many asbestoes abatements in our plant. one thing they do, and recommend to home owners is the wetting process. if you are really suspect, purchase a filtering mask, purchase rubber chemical gloves, and purchase a disposable suit. then contract to have the debris hauled away, because placong htem in the regular trash is a violation in many states.
Anonymous on 07/26/2009:
Good info C2o and mad. DB, I really wasn't aware they have been allowed to use asbestos in the US for quite some time. That is interesting.
madconsumer on 07/26/2009:
kia, actually asbestoes is still in use for some commercial applications.
Anonymous on 07/26/2009:
mad, that I do find interesting. I hope it's not in what I normally purchase. I suppose I could look it up and find out what, if anything, I need to avoid.
madconsumer on 07/26/2009:
kia, feel safe. all retail and "public" items are asbestoes free. items in commercial applications are items for boilers, heavy duty floor mastic, floor tiles, some hvac insulation, and ceiling tiles where fire proof is required.
Anonymous on 07/26/2009:
I did read up a little, mad, and found that some household appliances contain it too, as well as insulation and floor tiles (vinyl). It is a different substance than they banned prior to the 1980's though (but the health risks are still not known because it takes so long for the disease to progress). I read that today's workers are protected as a result of very strict regulations and enforcement. Also, that workers at risk were those who worked in asbestos related jobs prior to the 1980's. Wow, I feel so educated on asbestos now!
madconsumer on 07/26/2009:
good read kia!!
Anonymous on 07/26/2009:
Thanks, mad. Sometimes I do learn things on this site--or it forces me to look things up!
madconsumer on 07/26/2009:
kia, there is so much to this. if one is a good consumer, they will research and investigate many things. so future purchases can be made safely.

I did not realize vinyl contains asbestoes still. eww. sure make ceramic, porcelain, or natural products are best for flooring. then all you have to verify is the mastic.
Anonymous on 07/26/2009:
I know, mad, I didn't either (about the vinyl). When we remodeled I did a lot of research on insulation (1912 home) and found a good environmentally safe foam insulation that we had blown into the walls from the outside of the house. I had read too many bad things about insulation, but I forgot about the asbestos in the others until now. I'm going green wherever I can.
old fart on 07/26/2009:
When I did pest control inspections in New Jersey, I saw hundred of houses who's crawlspaces and basements that were insulated with asbestos.
I did my best NOT to awaken a sleeping tiger and was "oh so careful" prowling around those kind of places..
DebtorBasher on 07/26/2009:
Asbestos was installed in the light fixtures behind the reflectors...it was the chalky, flaky type. Whether they still use it or not, people should be aware of it if they are buying used light fixtures, residential or commercial types.
Anonymous on 07/26/2009:
Asbestos was used in the adhesives. Blown sealing insulation in a lot of old buildings and schools, windows, vinyl flooring, pipe coating. I've drilled holes through many vinyl floors with a can of shaving cream to eliminate the dust. Shouldn't really be done that way, but it works.
DigitalCommando on 07/26/2009:
I've used asbestos condoms for years and I don't have any breathing problems.
Anonymous on 07/26/2009:
Oh, but, you will, DC, you will. When you hear something hit the floor, don't look, LOL.
DigitalCommando on 07/26/2009:
Oh, that's what that noise was!
66classic on 07/30/2009:
I don't see where the store or installer were told of asbestos or a possibility of it. They did take to long to call which is wrong. But you cannot expect them to work with bio hazards that takes special equipment and training. And it is impossilble to give a quote 100% accurate when you did not have floor all torn up for and they could only guess- like you - what was underneath.
Anonymous on 09/08/2009:
And it isn't Lowes fault that the installer, who is a subcontractor took their time calling back. Once they did, they kept their appointment. Remember you aren't the only customer they have. Nowhere in your complaint die you ever mention asbestos until the floor was removed. You have the ball here. You can't expect someone to work with toxic material without being prepared or given the chance to decline. Lowes is not at fault, you are.
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Lowe's Carpet Installation - They Subcontract the Installation to an Unreliable Third-Party
Posted by on
JERSEY CITY, NJ -- When you decide to use Lowe's for carpet installation, you can choose the carpet that you want in the store. There is a wide variety of carpet to choose from and well organized samples on display. Then, you have to pay $35 to set up an appointment with a third party installer to come and take measurements in your home for an estimate. The $35 is taken off of your bill when you book with them to install carpet.

My husband and I were quite pleased with the samples in store, and even more pleased with the associate who answered all of our questions in flooring. We put down the $35 to make an appointment with the installer and were told that the installer would call within 2 business days. After 4 days, I called Lowes to see if there was anything that I could do to expedite the process as we were anxious to get the ball rolling on this. After being transferred around and then put on hold, the associate on the phone told me that flooring was closed for the day. It was 4pm in the afternoon!? They didn't seem to anxious to help me, to say the least.

The installer finally got around to calling us a full week after we paid the $35. By then, we were on the brink of booking with another company. My feeling is that if they are in no rush to even come out and take your measurements, then only God knows how long it would take them to order and install our carpet! The only positive in this situation was that Lowe's did not give me a hard time getting my $ back. It sucked that I had to make an unnecessary trip to the store to get my refund, however.
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User Replies:
Glenda on 07/16/2014:
I to had the problem with Lowes. I went to pick out carpet found what I wanted. They said that if I got with stain master that it is free installation. I figured out everything with the employee there and my total was going to be 600.00 to have just 2 rooms done. I thought this is reasonable. I paid the 35.00 to have someone come in and measure to make sure that I was correct. Well I was over so the installer said that this should cost less then my previous estimate. I get a call from Lowes saying that it is going to be over 1000.00 to have this install cause I live in a mobile home and they have to kick the carpet in and not able to stretch it like they can in a regular home. I asked the guy what does that have to do with anything an install is an install at that point he got very nasty with me and told me that is just the way it is. So the free install is a scam there is no such thing..
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How Lowes Cheats On Flooring
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Why not to select Lowe’s for flooring install…

… and why I HATE LOWE’S

After persistent nagging from my wife, I was forced to make a quick selection for my wooden floor install. I thought, if I went to a reputable, chain I should be fine.

First of all, the sales person never explained the difference between a glue down and lock in. The price for the hand-scrapped wood looked cheap. So, I paid $35.00 for the measurement. The measurer came for the measurement and took the measurements.
What bothered me was the measurer was holding the tape slanting instead of straight. But, I was busy during the time (and did I mention the pressure from my significant other!)

I won't get into the details, but during the installation, I was shocked to see the installers wasting wood. They used to cut a small piece of wood and through away a big chunk of the wood. Even after that, they were left with substantial boxes of wood!!!

After the installation, being the engineer I am, I measured the flooring. With simple measurement, I came out with a difference of almost 25%. This was after lenient measurements. With the installation and wood cost, that was substantial.

What followed was nightmare! I called Lowe’s and what followed was accusations and counter-accusations and stuff like “why did you not call us when they were throwing away the wood…”, “everybody does (over) measurements like this”, etc. etc. They reimbursed me about 10% of the cost and the cost of the remaining material.

Needless to say – I am responsible for any increased sales at Home Depot. J

If you want to do any flooring installation, here is my advise to you:
1) Measure your floor yourself
Measuring is basically simple – multiply the length by the height. If the room is complexly shaped, break it down into components and then add up the areas. (Area of a square or rectangle is Length x Breadth, Area Triangle is ½ x Base x Height, etc)

The grand total of all the areas, is what your installation should be.

2) Shop around
Do not rely on a single store. The smaller local stores offer better rates. Because they DO NOT SUBCONTRACT OUT THE SERVICES.

3) Do you research
Understand the difference between glue down, nail down and lock insurance The Lock ins are usually cheaper though the glue ins add to the value of your home.

You could get an installer separately and then buy wood at a cheaper discount outlet. It works out much cheaper!!!

And if you are a handyman yourself, get the wood at a discount outlet or internet and install it yourself. Lock-ins are great for this purpose.

You will be paying for their premium over subcontracted rates. People who have money to waste, should go there.

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User Replies:
dan gordon on 07/04/2009:
I don't know if you've ever read any of my advice but I was the Mohawk and Bruce Hardwood rep for Lowes and HD. They all pad the amount more than most dealers would and since they use subcontractors they mark up that labor as well. There are no deals from any box store on any installed item period. Communication is a nightmare. Culling defective pieces is normal so if more than 10% waste is a little excessive. Labor is always figured on the "purchased' amout so you get screwed twice.
madconsumer on 07/05/2009:
if you wanted perfection, next time choose a "real floor" installer. not a commercial place that sells flooring. there are many quality flooring companies. of course you will pay a premium.
WWYD on 07/17/2009:
Read your contract.

There is a clause in the terms & conditions of Lowe's contracts that says that any excess material is the property of Lowe's. You believe you are purchasing a certain amount of flooring and labor. But what Lowe's is actually selling you is an installed floor.

Keep in mind that YOU signed the contract, and agreed to these terms & conditions. Lowe's still gave you money back on material that wasn't actually returned. Next time you should pay more attention.
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Carpet & Vinyl Installation
Posted by on
MAYFIELD, KENTUCKY -- I'll try to make this LONG story short. We own some apts. in Kentucky. GOOD RENTALS.
I got sick with cancer and had to move to Wa. State for treatment. Unable to stay on top of things, we've had to rely on people and copanies in the area. We really needed to have new caroet and vynl installed in a duplex. (I usually did ALL the work, but my health won't allow it).
On 6/10/09, my Lowes card was charged $35.00, for someone to go out and measure the SQ. footage to install new Vynl & Carpet. I chose from a list of carpets that they had the most of in stalk, so that we didn't have to order anything to save time. I gave them the go ahead, to get it all installed, because I had renters waiting to move in. On 6/18/09 my Lowes card was charged for the full amount. (Carpet, Vynl, all the glues and materials to get the job completed plus the labor for doing the job. Totaling $2923.11.
The realitor that we now have renting the units, until they can get them sold, Called and wanted to know how soon the Apt. was going to be ready. She had showed it to the 3rd renters that wanted it, but, The work hadn't even been started yet. I told her that we were sure that the worked had been done because we were already charged for it.
I called Lowes to see what was going on. I was told that they had to bill us because they had to order the carpet and when it got it in, they'd get it installed right away. I told them that we cose the carpet that we did because they had enough of it in stalk and could start on it right away. I scornfully told the realator that they'd be there Monday 6/22/09 to get everything installed. She said that would be great. She had renters scheduled to sign the contracts to move in on Saturday, 6/27/09. They were the 4th renters that were going to move-in since 6/10/09. When they arrived there on Saturday to move in, the work hadn't even been started yet. I got right on the phone to the manager of the Lowes store and they told me that out install wasn't scheduled until 7/22/09. That would make it right 6-weeks after it was measured and OK'D to go to work and 34-days after I was charged for the completed job. after all of this, we lost 4-different renters and 2- of them were interested in buying out duplex, but hey all needed a place to live, so they had to move on.
because of this, were out at least $3000.00 from the renters that had already signed a 6-month lease, possibly the sale of out place, in which we really need the money for my treatments, plus as of today, the work is still not done on the units and don't know for sure when it will be finished. But Lowes has already billed us for everything, like it's already been completed. So here I sit in Seattle, wondering when or if it will ever get completed so we can get a return on the money that we have already lost, because of their screw up.
Thanks for listening.
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User Replies:
WWYD on 07/17/2009:
All the home improvement chains charge you when you place the order, not when the job is completed, with the exception of stores in certain states that have specific other laws.

The reason for the payment up front is this:

Lowe's is responsible for paying the vendor for the carpet, and paying its installation subcontractors, whether you pay Lowe's of not. It may be fine for a small company to let you pay once the job is completed, but for a company the size of Lowe's or Home Depot, that liability could easily reach tens of millions of dollars nationwide at any one time. The threat for people who've decided they are unhappy about something (anything really) is usually first, "I'm not paying for that!" Large companies can't assume the risk that someone's just going to decide not to pay. Obviously, Lowe's would have remedies available to it through arbitration, but has no means to enforce any settlement or judgment should the customer not have any assets. In the end, that would make it more expensive for everyone.

Didn't you sign a contract and give them some form of payment? I'm assuming they gave you the price and you gave them your credit card.

Did you ask them if there was other carpet available sooner?
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What to Expect
Posted by on
TAPPAHANNOCK, VA, VIRGINIA -- I am a kitchen specialist and I love working with my customers to make their dreams come true. I have a few suggestions for those planning to purchase.

1. A new kitchen takes about 3 months from the date of cabinet purchase to the time the countertop is installed and the kitchen is ready.

2. Accurate measurements are critically important. If you don't feel confident in the measurements have your installer make them for you. Lowe's will make measurements if you plan to have them do the install.

3. You should start your kitchen design several months before you intend to purchase - that gives you time to think about it and reflect on your choices.

4. A kitchen designer will give you ideas and suggestions and will warn you about potential problems. As long as the kitchen plan meets local building codes you have the final say about what is in your kitchen and where it is located. Don't be afraid to tell the designer what you want. Getting the kitchen you want is your responsibility.

5. When the cabinets arrive have your installer open them IMMEDIATELY and inspect each cabinet carefully. Call your designer immediately if a cabinet is damaged. Replacements will usually come within 10-14 days.

6. Above all else DO NOT INSTALL ANY CABINET that fails to meet your expectations. You have return options that will allow you to make corrections and adjustments for minimal charges or for free depending on the circumstances.


8. There is a time limit on returns. Discuss those limits with your designer. Be prompt in looking at your cabinets and reporting problems.

9. Be prepared for delays. A delay is as frustrating to the designer or installer as it is for you. However, installing damaged or the wrong size cabinet will not save time -- it just prolongs the process and leads to a frustrated homeowner.

Designing a kitchen is a very tricky process and there are many different options and issues that must be considered. Even the best kitchen designer will occasionally fail to take some critical detail into account and even the best customer will sometimes forget to tell a designer a critical piece of information that results in a design problem. Most Lowe's designers do not visit your home when making a design so the designer can only work with the information you provide.

Before you purchase, go over the design with your installer. Once the cabinets arrive, go over the design again. The most typical design problems occur with oven cabinets, working around obstructions (windows, doors, switches) or with clearances for cabinet doors. If there is a design problem it can usually be resolved at little cost or for free if the problems are discovered and corrected before installation begins.

The consumer should expect and receive prompt attention to problems and courteous and responsive service. Consumers should also understand that designers are human and when problems occur, they should also be treated considerately. With a good dialogue most kitchen problems can be resolved to everyone's satisfaction.
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User Replies:
thensider on 02/15/2008:
that's good info, and I hope that people will take it to heart!
GothicSmurf on 02/15/2008:
Great info! Thanks!
Anonymous on 02/15/2008:
This is a good information review. Thanks KitchenQueen4U!
sparkles2 on 01/13/2011:
Dear Kitchen Queen,
Funny but they call me cabinet queen...lol. I am now a kitchen specialist with a small chain of lumberyards, but started out 25 yrs ago in a big box home center. I really liked your sound advice and hope it is taken to heart. Designing a kitchen or bath is a tricky and time consuming
process. I would add to find a designer that comes recommended and if you feel you can work together, do not play designers challenge or shop around based on cost only as forming the relationship is very advantageous to obtaining
the final result.
Thanks very much for a great comment.
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Kitchen remodeling, installation & the lack thereof
Posted by on
BOSSIER CITY, LOUISIANA -- My husband ordered our kitchen cabinets on the 31st of July, 2007@ the Bossier City, LA store. I unload all the cabinets, move the whole world, the installer (?), Mr. "Wonderful Installer" shows up September 4, 2007, decides he just can't wait on the plumber.( you know he can't start on the other side of the kitchen, he has to have everything off), plus it will cost Lowes extra, so he will go do another job down the road and shows back up two weeks later.

He shows up on a Monday, yanks out everything, and by Wednesday has put in every cabinet and gone. (My husband, who was ill was at home.)

When I get home, I look around, the "Wonderful Installer" man has covered up half of the electrical outlets, one he actually covered 1/2 down the very middle!!

When I called to talk to him about the problem, he very glibly told me I could "hire an electrician". So far the electrician has cost about an extra $2500.00.

He used no shims, did not level any cabinets, pieced molding, did a Grade 4-F job! he also was not acquainted with a level and a square either!

It took several calls and getting ugly to get him to take off the trash that we paid for Lowes to remove, and then the Install Sales Manager had to finish the job Halloween Night. I had pointed that children would be roaming and there were nails and cabinet doors he had not taken still in my yard after two months!

He installed a 36" high oven into a 22" high place and just jig-sawed it by hand, made no effort to make it level. When the molding was put back on the door, the oven door was not able to be opened!! So he half- way fixed a frameless door.

I FIRED him three times, and my husband hired him once, & Lowes back twice.

He made smarta-- and snide remarks about any purchases made for the kitchen, such as " this must be one of those high dollar faucets" It was my money that paid for it, not his, and not any of his business.

I spoke to the Manager, the Asst. Manager and the Installed Sales Manager about him and my kitchen, they finally got someone else out here, but guess what?

These, unfortunately, are just but a few of the things that have taken place trying to get a $30,000.00 Kitchen finished (paid for up-front, of course, AND NOW I KNOW WHY)with Lowes doing the work.

It is now February 2, 2008, MY HUSBAND PASSED AWAY DECEMBER 1, 2007, he did not live to see this kitchen!

Double Guess What?? This kitchen is still not through!!
The new guy leveled and shimmed the cabinets, installed the table in the drawer, replaced most of the molding--- but it ran out.

They have been re-ordering the molding for a month, I have no floor, still no finished kitchen, so STUPID ME went to the Shreveport, LA store tonight to see about having a Breakfast Bar put in AND to see if they were any better than the Bossier City store.....

I sat for 45 minutes listening to the overhead say,,,"Customer Assistance Needed in Kitchen Cabinets"

A young man stopped, called up front, said "Colleen will be here in a minute" 40 minutes+ I went up front asked to speak to the manager,,, you guessed it "he is not here".

Well, I want the Asst. Manager, finally out comes lumbering the fairly large black lady, she does not introduce herself, but I ask her, does she not hear all the requests for help in the cabinet department? "No"

I informed her I had meant to place about a $6000.00 cash order, but they apparently did not need the business, and that I had been going to give Lowes the benefit of the doubt as to Poor Customer Service, but apparently it was in every store. They sure had failed!!!

I am so sick of poor customer service, WHEN I WORKED RETAIL,




Obviously, even that has changed!

The installation of my kitchen, that was to take a couple of weeks, is now 5 months and counting....

I called the Bossier City Installed Sales Department this last week, she was busy, asked the front to take a message, so I left my number... you know, I guess she is still busy... because she still has not called


I have not to this day called them anything ugly, cussed them, or torn up the store. All I wanted was the kitchen finished, over, done & done correctly.

When a customer spends this much money on a project, unless their name is Getty or Kennedy or Bush, it has been EARNED, not Inherited.


Do not preach to me about what kind of a customer I am, I have been on BOTH sides of the counter!
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 02/03/2008:

I would sugest you change your attitude. if you were rude, I would have done the very same thing to you as they did.

I have dealt with customers like you in customs designs. nothing that went right was noticed, but if a screw was cricked, all hell broke loose.
onmyown on 02/03/2008:
I have ALWAYS tried to be polite when explaining what was done right or done wrong!
You do NOT know me, I have worked in Retail most of my life, and I DO KNOW that you get more done by NOT BEING RUDE AND HATEFUL!
I suggest you get a reality check, and re-read just what I was trying to convey! It was not level, you could NOT put in the shelves without sanding a lot, and the fronts were not flush. The levelness took a toll when the sink fell through the counter!
I like the products at Lowes, I even like most of the Installers, with us having purchased about $30000.00 worth of cabinets, counter-top and other assorted merchandise, I had better!
I just ask that the job be done correctly, and I can tell you, the Commercial LIES, it is definitely NOT a "Turn-Key Operation!"

Besides, I can crick and un-crick my own screws, can you? Oh, and I can use a level, square and shims too, can you?
tnchuck100 on 02/03/2008:
I'm sorry about your daughter and husband.

If I had spent the money you have, waited this long, put up with unacceptable workmanship I would probably far more vocal than you have described here.

Good luck getting it finished.
Anonymous on 02/07/2008:
onmyown. I really like you and I don't know you. I work retail and have had my share of complainers that were not legit but your complaint seems very valid to me. Also, these days, if your complaint gets to corporate and if you are vocal enough about it, usually corporate will tell they manager they MUST fix the problem WHATEVER IT TAKES. If you have records of these conversations and receipts, I would bring it up to corporate to get it resoloved. (Working in management, I usually HATE when people go to corporate for invalid complaints so I would not suggest this lightly.) I hope all goes well.
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Installation and Management
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Rating: 1/51
MIDWEST CITY, OKLAHOMA -- Terrible. From beginning to end, purchasing an exterior door and having Lowe's install it was a complete nightmare. Poor store management, zero communication with the customer and amongst staff and damaged product. One employee, Corris, during this process was helpful. Everyone else provided false information, failed to communicate the reason for delay and the installer was less than pleasant while in my home. I was originally quoted a price of $534 for the entire project by the person Lowe's sent out to my house. Then they send someone else out and he does a lead test and takes more measurements. Come to find out, the first measurement was inaccurate and I need a custom door. Also, it is going to be an additional $105 to remount my screen door. New total is over $800. Corris helped me out with everything and helped get the price closer to the original estimate. I opted not to pay to have the screen door re-hung as well. My project was scheduled to be completed by 12/27/13. It was completed yesterday, 1/8/14, which is OK, but no one contacted me to let me know that there was going to be a delay. I had to call the store 3 times to try to find out. And calling the store and trying to talk to anyone in millwork/install is impossible, in case you were wondering. After the install, there were greasy black fingerprints and smudges all over my door. There were scratches and a gouge in the door. Lowe's install called to verify that the project was completed, but offered nothing other than to contact the installer about these issues. What is he going to do about a damaged product? Nothing. If I had not had a $300 gift card to Lowe's I definitely would have gone somewhere else.
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Lowe’s Refrig Installation-Amazing Customer Service
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MONROEVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- My five year old French Door GE Profile went on the fritz. It is under a home warranty service contract. The part to get this frig back up would take two weeks on back order and most likely another week for installation. There was no way that I was living with a dorm frig for three weeks with a family of four.

I went to Lowes to find a side by side Frig to put in its place and put the broken frig in my garage. ( It has great freezer capacity and would be great for keeping frozen meats and drinks) I live in a three story townhome with very little clearance room on the stairs for refrigs to come up the stairs. Getting the prior frig up was a feat and or a miracle so I forewarned the sales folks that our townhome community has a history of hard installations up those stairs. The fantastic thing was they got me Saturday delivery as my husband is diabetic and foods and meds don’t quite work in a dorm frig or cooler for three weeks. So kudos for Saturday delivery and having the concern for my need for next day delivery.!! Thank you Lowes.

The new Samsung came up to the second floor pretty well as it was not quite as large as the original frig. But the broken frig was not going down at all with three men working very hard to get this done.
Had it not been under warranty and twice as expensive as the new frig I wanted to throw it over the second story deck. It was that difficult and I felt so bad for the men trying to get it down. And worried someone was going to get injured. They told me not to worry they would get their supervisor Marv to come out, and he would get it down the stairs.

Marv came by the next day, on a Sunday, to measure and see the stair configuration. Yes he got it down the stairs on Monday AM !!! Amazing. Both sets of delivery men worked very hard with no damage to the walls other than tiny nicks....which amazed me!!!

They were very kind, very timely and their service was most appreciated!!!

Thank you Lowes.
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Bad Install, Customer Service, and Resolution
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DOUGLASVILLE, GEORGIA -- 1. When I ordered the island bar top I requested extra length so that we could sit on two sides of the bar instead of one side. I wanted the overhang to match the original side for uniformity but unfortunately, the new side was several inches longer. When I brought up the issue the installer was very sort and impatient with me. He was rude and I was uncomfortable dealing with him.

2. The countertop edge was important to me. My initial frustration begin when the store display edges were different from the edges the guy drew on paper to show me when he come to measure my countertops. I gave up the thought of getting the edge I originally saw on the store display because he couldn't provide me that option. After long discussion, I requested bull nose style edging from the guy because I was told that the edge would wrap around underneath the counter out of sight and would not be exposed. That was a definite concern for me since the reason I was replacing the countertop to begin with was the fact that the edges of my old counters were constantly hanging and ripping off. I specifically stated I did not want beveled edges or any edges in view unless absolutely necessary. I did not get my request.

3. After countertops were installed I could not use my lazy suzy cabinet as it would no longer spin around. I removed contents of cabinets by reaching my hand in the very small opening several time to try to find the problem to fix. To no avail I called Lowes and explained my problem. They never called back. I called numerous times again and they never called back. I spoke with one guy that assured me it would be taken care of and almost 3 weeks later I have still never heard from them. The good news is that after the umpteenth time of removing the contents and searching for the problem I realized I missed the most obvious thing and fixed my cabinet myself. It was a screw that was not countersunk well that the cabinet was hung on. It seems that the Lowes customer service could have a least helped me troubleshoot the problem. We are planning on building a new house and I will NEVER rely on Lowes for ANY work!!!!!
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Poor follow up on installation
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CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- We contracted with Lowes to install our wooden fence. The install went OK, until they got to the back of our yard where it was supposed to be a welded wire fence to leave us a view of the woods. The installer put one of his men on it, he did a pitiful job and I called to let then know it had to be fixed. He sent out another crewman who later told me he had never installed this type of fence. The job he did proved him correct. THis time I called the install manager of the store, Lowes Home Improvement on Gunbarrel Rd in Chattanooga. He came out and immediately recognized that the salesman had sold us the wrong type of fence for the job. To his credit, he had the installer remove the wrong wire fence and replace it with the correct one.
Fast forward just about a year. I find that the stringers where my gates are attached are disconnected from the posts. Apparently, the installer had only put one nail in each stringer and the boards were popping off. I called the install manager again. He agreed to send out the installer. It took several weeks and a couple phone calls, but finally the installer called to say he would be out to fix it. He never showed up. Make no mistake, I said NEVER. I called the install manager again, at least twice. He told me he would make it happen. It never did. Did I say never again? Yep, NEVER. Not only did the install manager at Lowes fail to follow through on making his subcontractor return to fix the error, he NEVER called me back nor did he call another subcontractor to fix the work.
I finally decided to fix it myself. Oh yeah, and to NEVER buy from Lowes again.
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User Replies:
Kris10 on 08/07/2012:
It sounds like the manager at Lowes did a great job, actually. It sounds like there may be/have been issues with the contractor. I would contact that store manager and suggest, given the hassle you've been through, that they no longer use that contractor. I can't see pinning this squarely on Lowes though, they appear to have followed through on your requests.
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