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Lowe's Valspar Paint $5 Rebate Ripoff
Posted by Ronco53 on 01/29/2009
INDEPENDENCE, MO, MISSOURI -- Lowe's opened a new home improvement store at 43rd & Sterling, Independence, MO in December, 2008.

Part of the 'grand (?) opening celebration was a flier of special offers for that store only.

One of the offers was to give customers a $5.00 rebate on every gallon of Valspar Paint that was purchased by 12/28/2008. I purchased 21 gallons of Valspar Paint on 12/28/2008 and had 21 receipts and had 21 'rebate receipts' that printed out from their registers. But their cash registers printer was cutting off the rebate receipt's too early and the address to send in the filled out receipts to was being cut off. Lowe's was aware of the malfunction and was handing out a 'flier' that Lowe's had printed up that said Lowe's $5 Rebate by mail, and it had the address to mail the rebate receipts to. Lowe's staff gave these out to customers that bought Valspar paint that day saying that we should mail our filled out receipts to the address on this flier since the address was being cut off on the rebate receipts that came off the cash registers.

Well, I duly filled out my 21 rebate receipts that clearly stated that each gallon of paint I purchased was eligible for a $5.00 rebate. I scanned the rebate receipts after I filled them out and then mailed them in 21 separate envelopes to the same address listed on the flier we were given. I mailed them on time. Well, yesterday I got several rejection letters in the mail stating that Lowe's could not process my rebates because it did not meet several requirements. I called the number listed to complain about the illegal rejection and when I told the lady who answered my problem and told her I had 21 rebates that I sent in she said she had to look these up and it would take a while as there were so many. When she came back on the line she told me that all of my rebate requests were mailed to the wrong address and that they could not even find any rebate offer for the dates on the rebate receipts 12/25-12/28/2008.

I told her that we were given the address on the flier as the address was cut off the receipt, etc. Well she said she just was going to have to give this to her manager to look into and would get back to me in 3 to 5 days. Well, my mother had bought paint for her house from the same Lowe's store on the same day that I had and she had the same 'rejection' experience.

However, when she called about her rejection earlier in the day and spoke to a different customer service representative than I did. She had 2 rebate rejections but the service representative looked up her address and told her that the rebates were processed somewhere else and that the processors were putting in the wrong 'codes' on a lot of the rebates and that he would be sending her out a check for $10.00 for her two gallons of paint. Now what goes on here. Either the guy my mom talked to lied to her or the woman I talked to just did not want to process my 21 rebates and left if to someone else on the next shift. Or Lowe's does not honor their offers. The whole thing is ridiculous. I will making a trip to the Lowe's store I bought the paint from tomorrow to speak to their manager.

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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-01-29:
That is $105 worth of rebates, a lot of money.

If the manager doesn't do anything for you, report them to the Better Business Bureau at http://www.bbb.org/ .
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-01-29:
if this was done on purpose, the ftc would be very interested in what happend. this would be considered false advertising. do you have any of the flyers? did you make copies of your reciepts?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-29:
Most of these rebate scams are because a company like Valspar/Lowes contracts out the fulfillment. Often the fulfillment company bags all those $5 bills when they can wear a person down and make them give up. Rebate scams have been around for a long time and will continue to be. I never base a sale on getting a rebate as it's often a crap shoot if you ever see a dime with a lot of rebate offers.

Tiger Direct were the kings of the rebate scams even setting up their own fake rebate house. That was until the government sued them and won and then they quickly changed their ways.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-29:
Send rebates REGISTERED MAIL. Someone there will have to sign for it, and the you have a tracking number and proof of delivery. I had to do this with a $150 rebate from a computer, after I was told it was lost, it went to the wrong address, parts of it were incomplete and other such hooey. Seven months, over 20 phone calls, and finally, I sent it registered. They claimed once again they didn't get it...I said, "Excuse me. Who signed for it then?" I got my rebate ten days later. Rebates are the biggest scam on the planet.
Posted by Alain on 2009-02-01:
A call to your states attorney generals office might help prod Lowe's to honor their rebates. Unfortunately, Lowe's has an established habit of trying to depend on sales volume rather than customer satisfaction for it's business.
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Valspar Paint Rebate Scam
Posted by Tonyreo on 06/23/2008
MENTOR, OHIO -- I bought 6 gallons of Valspar paint, each of which came with a $5.00 rebate. Three different Lowes employees told me each gallon had the rebate. I read the requirements carefully and sent in all items. I got several letters saying the paint didn't qualify and I would not be receiving any rebate.

What a scam, if Lowes doesn't want to pay the rebates then they should not advertise them. I actually preferred Lowes over Home Depot, not any more.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-06-23:
is it a lowes rebate or valspar?

lowes has nothing to do with the rebate.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-24:
I have come to the fargone conclusion that most rebates are scams. My father bought a shredder from Staples that the STORE turned in for him, and it came back, "Sorry, you didn't send in the right papers." It took me seven months, 20+ phone calls, and sending the information certified to get my $150 bucks back. What companies hope is that you will get sick of trying and go away or that you will forget about it. It is a major scam, but I agree with the above poster-it's not Lowe's fault. It's Vespar's.

My piece of advice is to copy everything you send for you your own records and then send any rebate over $10 certified mail. This is how I finally got mine. You have to be persistant if you want your money. Unfrickingfortunately.
Posted by bldntz1856 on 2008-10-17:
The mail in rebate is a great concept, but educate yourselves extensively on the limitations of the reabtes. Most rebates are specific to certains groups of products, and example of this is buying paint and primers. The paint may be on the rebate, but the primer usually is not. I find myself using more and more rebates these days, and have had great sucess with recieving all of my promised monies. I do know that mis-tinted (discounted)products will be rejected which sometimes is confusing.

As far as who to contact the retailer is usually the one in charge of getting us the consumers in contact with the company who handles all rebate claims. Most of time I find that this is an outside agency not the manufacturer, and not the retailer.

I hope you have better sucess next time.
Posted by Bob on 2013-05-27:
i disagrea with the later comment that it is Valspar to blame . Lowes is putting out the advertisement . So they should be the one's respecting the transaction . If Valspar is causing the problem . Lowes should drop them Or at least stop advertising for them .
Posted by Doc on 2013-07-07:
if Lowes has nothing to do with the rebate, which the store tells you, why is it sent to Lowes, and why is it Lowes who says they can't find it so now you are too late...major rip off game needs a class action...coming soon.
Posted by Rene Roach on 2013-09-22:
My husband and I purchased Valspar paint in May to paint our house.We spent over $900.00 for paint. the store gave us the form for the rebate and even made a copy of our sales receipt to mail for us at customer service. I mailed the information that same week. On June 10th Valspar sent a letter stating I stating I did not meet the required the required purchase. It was stapled to the form. I remailed the info. Never heard anything so I called and was told that my letter was sent to late .The requirement was to be post marked before June 26th. mind you I mailed the form by the June 15th. So they did not honor the post mark date. I blame Valspar and not Lowe's for the deception. I went to Lowe's and was very angry and explained to them it was Valspar I was angry with for scamming.The manager was very helpful and wanted to make it right. She credited the rebate amount back to our credit card. A big thank you goes to Robin for great customer service and putting the customer first. I feel If you cant honor rebates then don't offer them to the customers. To me $20 or $100 is a lot of money to people and we should be taken advantage of, Valspar shame on you. Your product is good , but your reputation for honoring rebates stinks.
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Valspar Paint Problem
Posted by Gidget's Mom on 10/12/2009
I have been trying to resolve a paint peeling/coverage issue for over 1 year. The company stops just short of fixing the problem by trying to get me to take a lesser offer. The paint is peeling and needs to be sanded and repainted. They will go as far as refunding the original paint purchase, paying to new paint, and even giving me crown molding.

Now how in the world am I supposed to install that? This was the absolute worst $200 I have ever spent.
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2009-10-12:
I think you install crown moulding with a nail gun. sounds like a fair offer to me. What would you like them to do for you?
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-10-12:
If you use one type of paint to pain over another you get these sort of problems. I forget what two types don't mix but it happened when my father painted my old room ages ago. I'm thinking the complaint has more to do with you being a paint novice.
Posted by Frenchie on 2009-10-12:
Your post lacks most important points. Is it inside or outside? Probably inside if we are speaking of crown moulding, however it is also used out side. I sincerely doubt if it is the paint -- I believe you did something wrong.

Post more details and I can probably help you. Were the walls (siding) previously painted, etc. No one could solve your problem without knowing the facts and it is not fair to fault Valspar otherwise.
Posted by Starlord on 2009-10-13:
I can tell you without knowing more about the problem what it is. It is the same problem that happens each time people try to do their own painting. The three most important things about a good paint job are: preparation, preparations,and what was tht third one? Oh yeah, preparation. Walls have to be sanded and primed or at least washed with TSP. I used to work for a house painter, and that was my job, prep. You would not try to build a house without a foundation, and you cannot do a good paint job without teh preparation.
Posted by Kent on 2013-08-15:
Had the same problem with Valspars porch paint...When it rained it bubbled and you could peel off the paint with your finger. Porch was properly prepped and primed. Thought I'd save a few bucks...I was wrong! Will go back to what works the best. sherwin williams armorseal tread-plex. Cost twice the amount per gallon but will stick to anything and has a built in primer. Also, works great on exterior pressure treated wood.
Posted by DAVE on 2013-08-20:
Having a problem now with Valspar Signature Series interior paint peeling in sheets Valspar says its dust under the paint that's bull they are the ones who advised me to put new primer and coats of paint on the wall 9 to be exact. They did come out and look at it said they couldn't help. Lowes has been awesome I have to say. I now have to cut NEW sheetrock out and replace at my expense and redo.Tks Valspar for NOTHING
Posted by Sharon Federivo on 2013-10-21:
Painted by home with egg shell /Oyster Valspar paint around 7 years ago. Brush and roller marks were so bad that reps from Lowes and Valspar came out. Valspar paid to rep ain't home. Now my home looks worse than ever all you see is roller marks brush trim lines and what looks to be missed spots. Valspar is the worse paint for a home anyone could ever buy. $40.00 a gal for the best and we got the worst paint ever.
Was painted by a Master painted not a handy man. Valspar reps were quite impressed over the job itself. They took paint to test and replaced what was purchased.
Seaking to claim lifetime warranty on paint and resonating as stated by Valspar!
Posted by Laura on 2014-01-20:
Had the absolute worst experience ever this weekend with Valspar paint. Purchased 2 cans of their premium interior paint to pain my daughter's room. The color is Berry Brown which is a mix of a dark purple/red. After wiping down the walls and putting now four coats on it has completely ruined the walls. It's almost as if the darker color of the paint is separating from the lighter color and running down the walls. The manager at Lowes said he would have his Valspar rep call this morning to see what could be done. I had a professional painter come out yesterday to look at it and he said he has never seen anything like this before and to fix it, the walls will have to be sanded down before they can be repainted. Sincerely hoping Valspar does the right thing and pays to have this fixed. Has anyone else had a similar experience or had any success in getting them to pay to have the problem fixed. And no it's not because I am a pain novice. We have remodeled 3 old homes and have done all the work ourselves and never had any problems like this before and used Valspar paint then.
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Valspar Ultra
Posted by Atomicfuel on 07/08/2013
The worst coverage of any paint I have ever used, and I have used a lot if paint. It was awful. My walls were prepped, my brushes were new, and everything was all taped up & ready to go.... Valspar paint was so terrible I can't believe it is sold at Lowes. I will never use it again. I immediately stopped painting after a couple minutes, put my tools away, and waited till the next day to get some Behr paint and do my job correctly.

Do yourself a huge favor and never use Valspar for any paint work..... I have used 22 paints in the last month and had only success.... Until today.

Hey Lowes... Get a clue and get rid of Valspar... A total embarrassment and disgrace.

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Posted by JoeKay on 2013-07-10:
You may have gotten a bad batch...maybe sat out on the dock and was allowed to freeze - whatever
Posted by Dog Whisperer on 2013-07-10:
Regarding Valspar...I bought their low odor, no voc paint and it stunk...stunk and never stopped stinking. They gave me a small amount of money to repaint but I ended up tearing all the sheetrock and trim out. Cost me a fortune. There is something toxic in their paint. Something deadly. Beware of Valspar and shame on Lowes.
Posted by JoeKay on 2013-07-11:
I've never had a problem with Valspar which I have used many times. No different than Behr or for that matter, Sherwin Williams. That's the rest of the story that was edited out, but important to note.
Posted by jen07 on 2013-07-17:
I think Valspar is a great paint. I painted my whole house with it and it turned out great!
Posted by Harbour on 2013-07-19:
I've used Valspar numerous times and have always had excellent results. Behr is the paint that has let me down over and over
Posted by Alan on 2013-08-18:
being that you have no specifics.... "Valspar paint terrible".... You dont really have a complaint.
Why was it "terrible"?
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Bad paint
Posted by Zaki on 04/02/2010
TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- I painted 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms with Valspar paint. The problem I had was major streaking with the paint after it dried. It looks like water running down the wall all over. I have used Valspar for all my paint needs but unless this problem is corrected I will stop. Another problem was with the lids. You could barely get the top off because the lid was so soft( not a solid piece of metal very bendable). I had to pry every 1/2 inc all the way around the lid. When I finished the job I just threw away the paint because there was no way the lid would seal.
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Posted by Ytropious on 2010-04-02:
Sorry, but did you prime first? I painted my bathroom with Valspar semi gloss and my bedroom with matte and both are streak free my friend. Sounds like an issue with the one doing the painting or the walls.
Posted by RestaurantGuy on 2010-04-03:
Did you sand the wall down before you painted it? If you try to put a semi gloss on a semi gloss without sanding the wall first it will run as the paint cannot stick to the wall
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-04-03:
ALSO did you do more then one coat? The first coat always looks less then perfect, you need to do it 2-3 times before it looks good and solid.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-03:
zaki, sounds like you know a bit about painting considering you stated you've used valspar for all your paint needs and haven't had a problem til now.

ya might want to consider diggin' that paint outta the trash and taking it back in to lowes. it may have been incorrectly mixed which can cause problems such as streaking, or it could be a defect with that particular shipment of paint.
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Valspar Paint Rebate Was a Scam. $5 Total for 9 Gal. I Bought
Posted by Rboshell2374 on 08/13/2013
I was told I would get $5 rebate for each gallon I bought. I received $5 total. It should have been $45. Next time I will purchase from Sherwin Williams, as their rebates are taken off the amount of your purchase when you buy it. Now, I'm waiting for another rebate on 3 more gallons of paint. What you want to bet it will also be $5 total.
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Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-08-13:
What does the rebate form say you will get? It should say $5 total or $5 for each gallon. Perhaps you misunderstood.
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Paint Rebate
Posted by CJCAT888 on 09/01/2012
$5.00 rebate up to $20.00 on olympic stain. Never received it 5/26/2012. It is now 9/1/2012
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Rebate on Val;spar Memorial Day one Gallon $5 Paint Rebate from Lowes
Posted by Dondhdh on 08/31/2010
NORTHRIDGE, CALIFORNIA -- I knew when I purchased the Valspar paint from Lowes that they were liars and would deny my rebate as they have every other rebate I have applied for. This time, however, I took my camera into the store and took photos of their banner draped across the paint dept offering a $20 rebate for 5 gallon paint, no limit. I was prepared to go to small claims court. I just got my letter rejection from their rebate center.

Before filling out the small claims paperwork, I decided to go to the store and hear what they would say. After seeing the pictures, the store manager OK'd giving me a refund for the purchase and then reselling the paint at a $20 discount.

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Posted by fast327 on 2010-08-31:
It would be interesting to know what was said in the rejection letter. I have purchased many items at Lowe's, filled out the rebate forms and always have got the rebates.
Posted by trp2hevn on 2010-08-31:
Yeah, I'd also like to know what the reason was for rejecting the rebate. Maybe if something wasn't submitted correctly another person may learn from it.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-08-31:
I too would like to know the reason. We have gotten rebates from Lowe's with no problems as long as they were properly submitted.
Posted by dondhdh on 2010-09-02:
Here is exactly what the rejection letter said. "Your sales receipt did not indicate purchase of a qualifying gallon of Valspar paint."

They called it a "1 gallon $5 paint rebate" but draped over their paint dept was a banner that said $20 rebate for 5 gallon paint with no limits. I bought two of the 5 gallon paint and requested a $40 rebate. I don't know where you live but the Lowes here in the Los Angeles area has rejected my rebates over and over again. Be very careful with Lowes because they lie about their rebates. Take a photo of their rebate sign!!!!
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-09-02:
If all your rebate problems involve the same store then the cause does seem to be this particular location. You shouldn't have to take pictures of banners to have a rebate honored, and you shouldn't have to fight for it either.

Maybe next time you should read the terms of the rebate yourself instead of relying on banners or store representations. If there are any discrepancies, you could take it up with the manager before buying anything.
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No rebates forthcoming on their memorial day paint rebate sale
Posted by Dondhdh on 07/14/2010
NORTHRIDGE, CALIFORNIA -- I bought 2 5 gallon cans of paint at Lowes during Valspar paint rebate sale. Because I was already skeptical of Lowes integrity for following through with rebates, I took a picture of their large banner which said they would provide a $20 rebate on 5 gallon cans and there was no limit. I bought two 5 gallon cans. Sure enough, 6 weeks later, they conveniently have no record of my sending in for the rebate.
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Posted by momsey on 2010-07-14:
Did you keep a copy of the rebate? Is it too late to send it in now?

Was the rebate run by Lowe's or Valspar?
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Posted by Jan is on 07/14/2009
8520 HAMPTON ROAD, TEXAS -- I purchased 6 gallons of Vaspar paint during Lowes rebate campaign. The rebate forms were printed on the cash register receipts. I filled out each form and removed my credit card information from the receipts. I made a copy of the complete forms. I mailed the completed forms, included a letter and an additional copy of the cash register receipts, to the Lowes Vaspar Paint Rebate Center located in El Paso, Texas. On July 8, 2009 I received two letters which stated that my Rebate Request was DENIED because my submission was incompete. Don't bother trying to call the toll-free number. You the run around. Reporting these crooks to Rip Off Report and Complaintsboard. com
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Posted by Eloise on 2009-07-14:
What did they say you did wrong? It sounds like you gave them every thing but your first born.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-07-14:
i recently made a paint purchase from home depot. it had a rebate, and i was able to do it online without sending diddley in. they were able to verify the purchase, and within 3 weeks i had my rebate check.

was there the option to do it online?
Posted by WWYD on 2009-07-17:
Lowe's does not (yet) have an online rebate redemption option. They are working on it.

Go to the store and let someone in that department know. The folks in the paint department may be unfamiliar with this, but there is an intra-company rebate website with a special phone number that employees (and only employees) can call to direct the rebate processing center to give a rebate. They'll need your receipt when they call, as they typically have to give item numbers, dates, amounts, invoice numbers, etc.

Please do not ask employees for the special rebate hotline. If they start getting customer phone calls, Lowe's will shut the number down.
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