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My Prescription Was Short And They Blamed Me ?
Posted by A1354mnt on 12/03/2010
MORGANTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- First, I have to say I have enjoyed the convenience and low prices of Wal-Mart for over 15 years. I have also been a patron of the Wal-Mart pharmacy, due to cost savings, for just as long. Yet, I was startled when I found they acted as if I was in the wrong, when I could not have been. It hurt my feelings and left a really bad taste in my mouth regarding customer service. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT WAL-MART AGAIN AND I WILL ALWAYS BRING AWARENESS TO THIS ISSUE UNTIL I AM EITHER RETURNED MY PORTION OF THE $120 COST OR seven tablets. I do not need to go without my medicine (actually I just reduce the amount by half to make up) and I do not deserve to be treated as if I am some sort of drug addict. I would think a company larger than over 150 nations would have it together. I would be wrong to think this. Here is my story.
I picked up a prescription Wednesday and my bottle of medicine only contained 23 of the 30 tablets. I understand that medicine is something that has to be heavily regulated and society today really abuses the system. Yet, I am not an addict, I am very ethical, I am honest, and I am a good and loving husband to a great wife of almost six years. I live my life in a way as to be of the most benefit to my fellow man. I called the Wal-Mart Pharmacy and told them of my situation. The pharmacy technician told me she and the person who filled the prescription were working and I did receive 30 tablets. At this point, I have informed my doctor and also attempted to talk with Wal-Mart, yet on the fourth call, the pharmacy told me they would review the security tapes and call me with information. At least they stopped blaming me. I have not heard from Wal-Mart yet and at this point I am planning on taking a half tablet for a few days. Yet, I payed the full price of over $100 and I expect to either be treated fairly or to boycott Wal-Mart. I have some pull in the information and technology area and I have thought about setting up a web site just to make people aware of the poor treatment and bad service I received.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-03:
Do a med count with the pharmacist before accepting any medication.
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-12-03:
What if this was a mistake on the technician's part, and there is no way to prove it (the security tapes don't show the pills)?

How does WalMart decide one way or the other?

With something like a controlled substance, it may take some evidence of some sort to tip the scales in your favor, even if you are correct.

Hopefully, there are cameras showing the pills close up.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-03:
Because of HIPAA and other privacy issues, I doubt there would be security camera footage showing the actual pills. My pharmacist shorted me a pill or two once before, and I mentioned it the next time I was in. She explained that I am welcome to count my pills before leaving, and even offered a room for me to do so. If I took them out of the store, she explained, then came back in to say I was shorted, there is no way I could prove I hadn't taken the pills out of the bottle and put them in my pocket, only to claim I was shorted. Makes sense to me.
Posted by werelucky on 2010-12-03:
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-12-03:
What LinusOno said makes a lot of cents.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-12-03:
This is one of the biggest concerns at the pharmacy because there is no way to prove anything. I would not want to take the pills out of the bottle and count them at the pharmacy, especially if it's more than 30.

My husband recently ran out of a prescription earlier than he should have and realized he was shorted an entire bottle. (Don't ask. I don't understand it either.) Of course, there was no way to prove this, but the pharmacy gave him another bottle, with doctor's authorization.

The OP's prescription was quite expensive. It should be unnecessary, but in the future I think it would be a good idea to count the pills before leaving the store since it's only 30 pills.
Posted by drugdoc121 on 2010-12-04:
I wish to make a few comments on the issue of the missing 7 pills. I would have an easier time believing this if it were an intentional shortage and not a mistake. By this I mean the pharmacy did not have the full quantity and perhaps forgot to make a notation that a balance was due. That being said, I don't know any pharmacy that would give 23, owe 7 AND charge full price. They more likely would give 7 and receive payment when the balance was picked up. So, giving 23 tablets intentionally, with no notation, doesn't make sense. Likewise a pharmacist accidentally counting 23 is unlikely. Why you may ask? Because pharmacists count in 5's as in 5,10,15 not 1,2,3...etc when counting pills.Lastly, the OP's stance that he is a "good and loving husband" (not sure the relevance of that to the complaint) and his statement that "I do not deserve to be treated as if I am some sort of drug addict" is a bit defensive. The latter statement would also lead one to believe that this drug is a controlled substance. If this is true, all the pharmacists I know double count controlled substances before they are dispensed, not only to avoid this exact problem from occurring but also because they are regulated. If it is the most regulated controlled substance or a C-II drug, that count is also documented in a log that the state can and does audit. Not saying the OP is wrong or a liar, just saying something here doesn't add up.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-12-04:
Drugdoc, when my pharmacy cannot completely fill a prescription, they make a note on the receipt that so many pills are owed and charge for the full amount. There is no charge when the owed pills are picked up.

It's possible that not all pharmacists are as ethical or competent as you think they are. I believe the OP is telling the truth. I don't think anyone would write a review like this if they did something wrong. I think the OP's prescription was shorted, but he has no way to prove it. I think someone at the pharmacy made a mistake or possibly even pocketed the seven pills. There are bad apples in every profession.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-04:
I have no trouble believing it at all. Perhaps the pharmacist counted 30 and one of the other pharmacy techs removed a few. Stranger things have happened. I once received a bottle of infant amoxicillin powder that hadn't been mixed with water. I have been shorted pills (with a "we owe you" note), I have been shorted pills with no notation at all. I was once told that my drug was over-the-counter only to receive a call about a week later to come and pick up a script that had been left sitting - the prescription version of what they had insisted was OTC. I spent $200 for a box of shots that were not the correct ones (their error) and then they wouldn't take them back (State law they say) and I had to pay again to get the correct ones. It seems as if the only time the pharmacy's ability to err is in question is when it is pertaining to one of those more "popular addictive" drugs - then the CUSTOMER is somehow at fault. I would also be defensive if someone implied that I was a thief or an addict.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-04:
I pick up prescriptions for someone. They are in a bubble pack. I visually inspect the bubble pack. In some bubbles there are as many as 8 different pills. Often times I find the bubbles short on pills, or too many of one medication in one bubble, or occasionally the wrong milligram. ALWAYS CHECK.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-12-04:
I get my prescriptions at Wal-Mart. I ALWAYS open the stapled bag and check the contents carefully. So far only once was there an error. They corrected it without a problem. But you can bet if I had walked away from the counter and then discovered the problem it would have been MY loss.
Posted by ctax123 on 2010-12-10:
I believe a1354mnt. My husband and I are both on controlled substances for pain and this has happened to both of us. We use a neighborhood pharmacy which is much cheaper than WalMart is, and we have gotten home and while doling the meds out to put in a daily/monthly pill container have realized as many 13 pills missing. This has happened about 6 times in 10 years and the paharmacy always gives us the benefit of doubt and replaces them. Pharmacists and techs make mistakes, but I would count them before leaving. We get 120 and 150 respectively, so it would take time to count, but an amount like 30 should be easy. If I ever go another pharmacy I will count them before leaving no matter how many.
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Precription Refill
Posted by Mikiedo on 07/14/2007
EVANSVILLE, INDIANA -- I've obtained my refills From Store #5372 every month. I called this order in two days in advance because I knew that the doctor needed to be contacted for refills. The computer told me my meds would be ready for pick up on that Thursday however I waited to that Friday (the 13th) to call to see if it was ready. I was told by pharmacy staff that the doctor had not faxed the refill order back. I then called my doctor's office and was told no such fax for a refill had been submitted but they would call the pharmacy which they did immediately. I then called Walmart pharmacy and was told that my doctor had not called. I told the pharmacist to hold and dialed my doctor's office placing us three on conference call. The nurse told the pharmacist that she had left the refill info on voice mail. The pharmacy staff then put us on hold for about 6 minutes while the voice mail , I assume, was checked. The pharmacy returned to the phone to say that they would refill my order immediately. I told them I was on my way. I got there and was told that the medicine was not in stock and would not be available until Monday. I would be without my meds for three days. This may be fine for some meds but this med happened to be ATRIPLA- an HIV/AIDS med- one that is saving my life because I take it faithfully, one that I order from this Walmart pharmacy every month. How could it be out of stock? How could they hold my life on the balance like that? The pharmacist apologized but I'm sitting here writing this letter not knowing how missing this med will affect my life--I'm terrified. This Walmart error could be potentially fatal. Please investigate so that this doesn't happen to anyone else. Signed 'Scared to death'

P.S. The pharmacist said that he would try to locate the med elsewhere and I did the same, to no avail.
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Posted by Starlord on 2007-07-14:
I feel for your situation, however, since I also require a constant supply of medications (diabetic) I keep track of when my prescriptions expire and work with my doctor to see that my prescriptions are filled in a timely manner. If this med was so important to you, and you take it faithfully, then you have the responsibility to see that your supply is uninterrupted. I learned this the way you did a few years ago, when I had the same situation between CVS and my doctor. CVS claimed the doctor did not fax the prescription, his office says they did. My prescription was delayed by a week. I began staying on top of it.
Posted by SarahinFlorida on 2007-07-14:
wow samuel, your comment made you sound like a a**hole. You don't know the situation or how it was acquired. Get your head out of your a**

I did a clinical rotation through a HIV/AIDS clinic back in college. These people depend on this medication and really it can be a life or death situation. I agree with the first poster and I'm sure you're aware that you need to plan it carefully so you have constant supply of this medication. Hope you get your meds soon!
Posted by spiderman2 on 2007-07-14:
wow samuelblueshoes that is harsh, nasty and quite uncalled for. I do agree with Starlord. When you take meds that you MUST take every day (and I do too) you have an extra responsibility to make sure that you always have them. Good luck to you.
Posted by cadydid on 2007-07-14:
Mikiedo, I understand your frustration. I have a special needs son, and we live in a small town. One medcine he takes is especially hard to come by. Luckily for, me the pharmacist told me when the medicine is delivered each week, and I have times his refills to that day.

samuel, how on earth could you be so cruel? You don't know how it was acquired, let alone anything else about this person. You really need to learn the definition of the word empathy.
Posted by Demonoid Phenomenon on 2007-07-14:
samuel, you obviously still live under the delusion that AIDS is a gay disease, hence your bigoted and hateful response.
Only someone with something to hide would say such cruel and vicious things.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-14:
Mikiedo, I also understand your frustration and have been there too, (Bad Heart) I was out of mine and could not get it for a few days I though the end was at hand. Since then I, like starlord have kept on top of it and order early. I also have a few places to get them instead of just one. My Doctor and his staff help with this just incase this kind of thing happens.

From what I have researched about your situation you should be fine till you get your med’s. I will pray for you and may God put your fear to rest. All best to you
Posted by mikiedo on 2007-07-15:
I am partly to blame in that I put too much faith in technology. My meds were called in three days in advance. I had no reason to think that this time would be any different than the other times;my meds had always been processed without a problem. The problem is that my doctor never received the fax from the pharmacy. I was told that this process is done automatically by Walmart's computer and also that when a medicine is depleted, the computer automaticlly reorders it. I have also been told that when I order my meds any earlier than three days that its too early for my insurance to pay. Anyone else ever run into this problem? Thanks for all the advice and for the reassurance Lidman. I'm not gay(whether that should matter or not);nor do I feel a need to explain how I acquire this dreadful disease. I do , however, feel that Walmart bears a responsibility to make sure that the meds are always available and that it NEVER runs out of such an important med, esp. since I order them there ever month. If, by some chance my subscription would change, Walmart could always return the unopened, unused meds for a refund, I'm sure. Thanks again to everyone even the knucklehead who allows me to see how ignorant some in society still are.
Posted by dodge_ram_03 on 2007-07-21:
Hey there-I am a pharmacy tech and I understand what you go through as a customer. Many times we (the pharmacy) are told by dr's offices that a refill fax was sent, only to find it went to the wrong pharmacy. I'm not blaming the dr's office for every mistake, but believe me when I say that happens more often than not.
About insurance rejecting a script when it comes up a few days early--happens all the time. Insurance companies don't care what reason you have for wanting a refill early, even by a few days. They will pay for it when it's due. Nothing is more frustrating than having to tell a customer a rx can't be filled because of insurance reasons. Our pharmacy tries to put the rx in a future fill file, so we are reminded on the day its due to fill it.
Sorry you had such a bad experience. Most pharmacies will do their best to handle things like that. God bless and I hope this doesn't sour you on the people behind the counter--we really do care!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-10:
Mikiedo, I do not know if this would be a viable option for you, but have you considered using a mail service pharmacy? Most mail service pharmacy's will offer you a 90 day supply of your medication. This would hopefully eliminate some of your refill frustrations. I know Walgreens operates this type of a mail service program. If you have a prescription insurance plan, give them a call. They should offer you alternatives so you do not have to go through this type of incident again.
As an employee of a pharmacy benefit management company and I am also a registered CPhT, I have to disagree with dodge ram. If the pharmacy submits the proper day supply information when submitting the prescription through the online system, most (if not all insurance carriers) will allow the prescription to process once 75% of the medication has been depleted. Example: doctor writes an RX for a 30 day supply, the insurance company (at least the one I work for) will allow the prescription to be refilled on day 21. This allows a 7 day period for the pharmacy to call the doctor, the doctor to return the call, and allows the pharmacy plenty of time to order the medication from the wholesaler if necessary. The company I work for also makes exceptions and will allow for an early refill if the doctor changes the daily dose or if the patient is going on vacation so they don't have to fill it at a pharmacy the patient is not familiar with.
Having also worked in the previously in pharmacy for 12 years I cannot tell you how many time the "ball is dropped" by either the doctors office or the pharmacy...each blaming the other. The bottom line is the patient does not care who made the screw up. What the patient wants is for whomever messed up to make it right so they are no longer inconvenienced.
Posted by kyke on 2008-04-16:
Atripla? I've worked in pharmacy as a tech for over a year and i've never heard of that med. It's not something a lot of pharmacies keep in stock. But you do realize you will eventually die from your condition even WITH medicine?
Posted by guy02841 on 2008-08-18:
I am stunned at your comment Kyke. HIV/AIDS is a completely and totally manageable disease. The medications are superb and you can expect to maintain and life a full life and die from a myriad of other diseases, just like those who are not living with the disease. Your comment was not only harsh, it was ill informed and incorrect. I suggest you clarify your comments before you post them. Even though you are a low person on the medical totem pole, you should be aware that your ignorant comments can be hurtful to patients. I am an HIV/AIDS doctor and I commend Mikiedo for being responsible and taking control of their treatment.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-18:
I certainly hope that if Kyke makes such an irresponsible comment in the pharmacy he works in like the one he made here that he is terminated immediately. Pharmacy technicians are there to serve the patients with compassion, dignity and respect. I no longer work in a retail setting, but as an RxTech our education does not afford us the expertise to offer medical advice or a prognosis. Kyke, you should write a retraction to your above post immediately!
Posted by Ann on 2013-11-06:
Same meds taken for years, call Walmart days prior when out of refills and they fax dr.. All refills have to be faxed by pharmacy, not calling dr. according to clinic. I've been on the phone with drs assistant for another matter and could not request refills which is no problem to them. A lot go through but many are not received according to dr.. Dr. owned up to one saying sorry had misplaced. Said today at visit having the same problem with another Walmart store with no problems with any other pharmacies. I have never knowingly had the dr. not own up as with written scripts, writes for 3 months, one 30 day supply per mo and didn't have correct fill date. Came searching to see if anyone else had same problem.
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Walmart Pharmacy is a Bad Joke
Posted by Blogger5 on 06/26/2009
Decided to give Walmart a tumble with new prescription. Went in, gave script to pharmacist. They had 6 of the pills in stock (prescription calls for 2 pills per day) They said come back in a few days for the rest. (I live 20 miles away) I said no but I was going to another town with a Walmart so could I have the script back...they said they would put in computer and any Walmart could access it. So I said OK.

2 days later went to Walmart in grand Rapids, MI and asked for prescription....they couldn't find it in computer, had to call Adrian store (15 minutes wasted) then when they found it they didn't have the medicine (fosinopril the generic for Monopril....common as rocks) I told the pharmacist to either get into the drug business or get out because they were pissing off a lot of people.

Then I tried their mail order prescription filling service....days go by, no meds, I call them....what's going on? They tell me can't fill for two more days because of insurance and I ask why they didn't call and inform me of that....duh.

I called Bentonville (Walmart home office) and explained all this to them. They said they would have a representative call me....a month now and I'm still waiting for the call.

Bottom Line....Walmart Prescription service is a bad joke.....avoid at all costs.
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Posted by Skye on 2009-06-26:
Did you ever get your RX filled by anyone other then Walmart?
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-06-26:
"I told the pharmacist to either get into the drug business or get out because they were pissing off a lot of people."

and you wonder why they 'lost' your prescription?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-26:
Why is that customers think that they are entitiled to be mean to pharmacists, sales associates, customer service agents, fast food workers, cashiers, etc? With people like you, it's no wonder customer service is going downhill.
Posted by steve101 on 2009-06-26:
You get what you pay for.
Posted by Blogger5 on 2009-06-26:
Let's see....I went to one store and they didn't have any pills. then I went to the next and 1) they couldn't find the prescription in the computer and made me stand around for 15 minutes while they searched and 2) then didn't have the pills any way and I'm supposed to be rude when I tell them either to get into the pharmacy business or get out?

And then they screw me around with their mail order part of the business and you think I'M rude???

Are you clowns for real? Any pharmacy worthy of the name would have handled all three visits differently and they could have had my business for a long time....instead they blew it three times and then didn't bother to follow up when I reported it to their customer service department so they could clean up their mess.

Maybe you think that's service....and no I wasn't rude to them, just honest. By bringing this to their attention I gave them an opportunity to correct the situation....for every one person who explains a problem there are a hundred who just stop buying.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2009-06-26:
I think the consumer is completely entitled to express his satisfaction with a business. Walmart handled this wrong wrong wrong (as usual).

I use CVS and they tell me right away if they are out of a medication and they also give me a call if they can't fill for a few days due to insurance. Walmart just sucks.
Posted by indyrxtech on 2009-12-08:
Hm. well, now, I've only been a tech for 4 years, but fosinopril isnt really one that i see that often. Lisinopril yes, but not that one. 1st: They offered to give you an initial fill to get you through until they could get the rest of your prescription in stock and you said no.
2: Not all walmart pharmacies are connected like everyone thinks. It takes a lot of searching through the host system to find a person and link the profiles and pull their profile to the store. 3: once again, the new store did not carry the medication, and this time instead of just accepting that your doctor put you on an uncommon drug and waiting until the drug came in (usually next day unless it was after order cut off time) you chose to insult the pharmacist. 4: it is the PATIENTS responsibility to monitor their medications not ours. At my store we average 400-500 scripts a day. We do not have the staff nor the time to call every person who comes in who's insurance does not cover their medications that day. insurance in most cases will not cover medications until you are down to 3 or less days left.
Posted by John Doe on 2012-04-08:
Not sure how you think Fosinopril is "common as rocks," given that you're not a pharmacist. In fact, it's rarely dispensed, and you were lucky to have found a pharmacy that could have at least given you a 3-day supply to get started.
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Price Gouging In Pharmacy
Posted by Belle.chandler on 07/28/2013
MT OLIVE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I had many new prescriptions to pick up at Walmart. I questioned the price of all of them, or so I thought. I made it clear that I did not have a lot of money to pay for these. I questioned a 40.00 charge for a new pen type medication. I said I needed it so I would pay once for it and get a discount card for the future. I saw a charge of 40.95, I thought that was the tax. NO it was the charge for NEEDLES!! I have been a diabetic for 20 years and have never paid more than 10.00 for a box of needles!! The pharmacists were trying to close for lunch, so I though I would resolve this after they came back from lunch. I was told "Yes" they had 9.00 needles and that yes I did question every price but they thought I wanted the most expensive product they carried because the Dr prescribed that one!
I was told I could not exchange it and that I had to keep it since it had left the pharmacy!!! I think that is BS another way to rip off people. I told them to never charge that product to me ever again!! I am still thinking about moving my stuff away from them for this. I don't need to work with a company that is willing to readily rip off people that are sick or dependence on medication to not be sick.

I think this is unethical and I think it needs to go viral about how badly this pharmacy - nationwide treats it customers. I have been reading other reviews also.
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Posted by Aa12345 on 2013-07-28:
These pharmacists at these chain stores don't give a rats arse about the customer really have an appalling lack of knowledge of the medications they think they know better than the prescribing doctor and really make getting a prescription filled a pain in the arse
Posted by Susan on 2013-07-29:
The person you need to blame this situation on is your doctor - he/she wrote the prescription for the needles and it appears Walmart filled it as written.
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Pharmacy Denied My Prescription
Posted by Tonkakatt on 07/22/2013
LEOMINSTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- I had a root canal today. The Endodon'tist who performed the root canal gave me a prescription for 12 percocet, your pharmacy would not honor that prescription because it wasn't printed on security paper. I asked if it would make a difference if they communicated directly with him & they said it would not, that unless I have a prescription written out on security paper they could not fill it for me because it is a narcotic.

As much as I understand this policy as it was explained to me not once but several times, by not one person but two. It is my opinion that your employees took extreme measures to prevent me from receiving medication that would alleviate my pain from the root canal. The Endodon'tics office I received the root canal in was an hour away, and was already closed for the evening, so driving back there for a re-written prescription on different paper was not an option.

When I called spoke to the Dr he said he had never heard of this new law and encouraged me to visit another pharmacy. I ended up getting my prescription filled elsewhere & stocked up on vitamins & other essentials I had planned to purchase at Walmart.

I have been a long time shopper of Walmart, I can assure you that it will be a very very long time, if ever, that I step foot in another Walmart store. I will no longer give you my business. I have had similar experiences at other business establishments & boycotted their stores & needless to say most are not in business anymore.

Do I really think that I alone was the reason that other businesses have gone bankrupt? No I do not. I do know that I will not spend my money in a place who refuses to accommodate their customers. I know I will tell everyone I know, blog about it all over the internet & give unfavorable reviews at every opportunity about my poor experience in your Leominster MA store, and that I am no longer giving my business to Walmart. This is what happens when a business goes downhill, blame the economy all you want, in reality you can only blame yourselves for sub-par customer service and idiotic policies that do not have the best interest of your customers in mind.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-07-23:
If the prescription wasn't written on security paper, there's almost no chance you would have gotten it filled anywhere.
Posted by Tezrien on 2013-07-23:
Don't blame Wal-Mart for this. Blame the pill heads who have ruined it for everyone who really needs pain pills. They have copied and stolen so many prescription pads for their addiction and drug dealing that it has made security paper a must for any and all prescriptions. The law mandating the use of this went into effect July 1, 2013 in your state. http://www.lawlib.state.ma.us/source/mass/cmr/cmrtext/105CMR721.pdf
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Posted by Islelady1 on 12/12/2012
BRADENTON, FLORIDA -- On Monday Dec. 10 we left a prescription from our doctor off at 12:00 P.M. We were told it would be ready the next day after 2. I told her that was fine as we didn't have to have it the same day. The following day I called to confirm pickup and was told it wouldn't be in until the next day(Wed) after 2pm. On Wed I called and was told it wasn't ready yet as they were busy!!!! If they cannot fill a prescription in a reasonable amount of time they should have told us so we would have went somewhere else. I think this is very unreasonable and will have to think of somewhere else to go for our prescriptions. If they don't have enough people working there they should hire more people. This isn't even the BUSY SEASON when all the northerners are here??? This happened at the Cortez Rd. Walmart in Bradenton Florida in December of 2012.

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Posted by Tezrien on 2012-12-12:
I stopped going to Wal-Mart pharmacies years ago when they started having hours o waiting. I go to a grocery store here called Food City now and my prescriptions are usually ready within 45 minutes at most.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-13:
It's possible they were out of the medication being prescribed. I agree that they shouldn't make such guarantees that they're not able to fulfill.

Thanks for the post.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2012-12-13:
The longest I have ever had to wait for a prescription to be filled is 1 day, and that is because they didn't have it and had to wait for the next days delivery. For as long as Walmart has been filling prescriptions I've only had to wait as long as maybe 45 minutes, usually it's only 25 to 30 min.
Posted by Jeff on 2012-12-13:
I had a similar situation. I no longer go to wal mart for prescriptions. Pharmacists have attitudes, have to wait forever for your prescription, and just too much of a hassle trying to fight customers and associates to save a buck or 2. I go to CVS and love it.
Posted by TIRA~MASUU on 2012-12-22:
I don't know what your RX was but usually if I'm given a prescription there's a reason and it's unreasonable to expect you to wait any longer then a day and I think that is too long. Unless there is a special order for it you should never have to wait like that. I had that happen at a Rite Aid and I took back the written RX and went somewhere else. My doctor had me taking it for a reason and not 2 or 3 days later. What would be the point? I feel bad for you.
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Customer Service By Gail In Pharmacy
Posted by Janetcallas on 12/06/2012
TUCKER, GEORGIA -- My husband who is 82 years old took two prescriptions to be refilled at the Tucker, Georgia Wal Mart Pharmacy, which he didn't realize refill date had expired. GAIL called his doctor several times before being able to reach her, and then called him at home to let him know they had been approved and would be ready for him to pick up. We appreciate her kindness to him so much - She is an asset to your Company. We have had good experiences with the Pharmacy employees at Tucker.
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Pharmacy hours
Posted by Jmurphy1634 on 11/14/2012
I am unable to pick up my prescriptions because the pharmacy closes while the employees go to lunch. I am switching my prescriptions over to Drug Mart.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2012-11-14:
yes, but the walmart pharmacy is open late.
Posted by yoke on 2012-11-15:
Drug Mart is also open late and does not close down for lunch. Good for the OP for going with a pharmacy that works with the customer.
Posted by Amy on 2012-11-15:
Wal-Mart only closes for half an hour on Saturdays for lunch in all the locations near me and only if there is only one pharmacist on duty at the time. A bit inconvenient yes, but not unworkable, especially if you know ahead of time and can schedule accordingly. The rest of the week, they are open through lunch.
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Wrong Strength of Medication Given to 4 Month Old
Posted by Mspope25 on 09/17/2012
SHERWOOD, ARKANSAS -- Hello consumers,

For as long as I can remember I have always filled my rxs at Walmart pharmacy. Last month my daughters dr. called in some meds for her. Well to make a long story short, Walmart filled the medication, but gave her the wrong strength. To make matters worse shes only 4 months old with a lot of health problems as well as allergic to a great deal of food which ultimately forced me to discontinue nursing.

I'm writing this review because after speaking with management I'm very concerned that someone could die because on another occasion the label on my son's medication instructed me to give him double the dose which was an error on the pharmacy part..again. As a mother I would hate for this to happen to another person, let alone a child. I pray that changes are made ASAP.

In the meantime, we have transferred all of our medication out of Walmart and I hope everyone else does the same. God Bless.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-09-17:
It does not sound like you received an impression things will change or a level of concern.

I would not trust my car at WallsMart, so there is no way I would consider using their pharmacy. That may not be the most rational thinking - so be it.
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Problems again with pharmacy
Posted by Radar1857 on 08/15/2012
ALAMOSA, COLORADO -- Two weeks ago I dropped off 6 prescriptions at store# 0869 in Alamosa, CO. One scrip required pre approval from my insurance company. I had to make 2 trips back into town for a total of 100 miles. No big deal, but my problem started when I registered for online access so I can re-fill online when I need to. Walmart's website took my information and what happened afterwards was too stupid to comprehend. The website stated the following: patient can't be found, date of birth is incorrect, prescription numbers invalid, and store number can't be found. Bear in my, I had just had 6 pres. filled with 3 re-fills on all of them totaling a years worth of prescriptions. I then called Walmart's customer service number 6 times and was told by 5 reps that I'm not in the system. One representative said she found my info but can't understand why I'm not able to access my prescription history. I was told I have to go back to the store and talk to the pharmacy manager and have them re-set my account. I went in this morning and talked to the manager and he said he had no idea what I was talking about. I had also e-mailed Walmart 4 times and kept getting the same response that I must input the correct information. I called Walmart's main HQ in Bentonville, AR and was hung up on when I tried to explain the problem. The store has my info on file correctly, as the pharmacy manager went over with me to ensure the correct info was in the system. Looks like I'll be transferring my prescriptions to another company since not one single person is willing to help.
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