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Inadequate Service
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Rating: 1/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- My 91 year old mother has been on the same medication for years. This medication controls the rhythm of her heart. That is why the drug is called **. At least every other month I am told there is not enough to fill the order and I get a partial and have to go back in again. Inconvenient and annoying went to life threatening.

After ordering the med and being told to pick it up at their specified time I arrive and no med. It has to be ordered. I request a partial and was told it could be done and then they close on me while I am there waiting. Twice a day every twelve hours it must be given under strict adherence. So here it is Sunday evening and my husband and I are desperate to find an open pharmacy.

Poor Service, Rude Employees
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Rating: 1/51

SULPHUR, LOUISIANA -- My husband and I visited the Walmart Supercenter located at 525 N. Cities Service Hwy., Sulphur, LA 70663 on Wednesday May 20, 2015 to get a prescription filled. We were told that it would be ready in 30 minutes so we went to pick up a few things in the store.

We came back to pick up the prescription and were told that we couldn't pick it up until May 31, 2015. We asked why and the pharmacy tech stated that it was too early for a refill on our insurance. We stated that we would pay cash. She asked the pharmacist if we could pay cash and the pharmacist said no. She told us she would not fill it because it is an abused drug. My husband has high blood pressure and the prescription was for Clonidine .3 mg, a blood pressure medication. This is a medication that he has taken for 15 years.

We had had problems with Rite Aid, 1601 E. Napoleon St., Sulphur, LA 70663, earlier in the day when my husband tried to pick up his medication. That is where his original prescription was on file. The pharmacist would not refill before the refill date and let us pay cash. Her excuse was the same; it is an abused drug. She accused my husband of taking more than the required dose which is not true.

We asked her to contact my husband's doctor to get the okay. She contacted their office and told them my husband needed a refill because he was taking more than the required dose of his medication. The doctor was not in the office that day but this confusion caused the prescription to be put on hold until the doctor could be reached. Meanwhile, my husband had already missed a dose of his medication and his blood pressure was dangerously high.

My husband ate two whole raw garlic cloves to try to bring his blood pressure down. We also stopped by Boudreaux's pharmacy located at 404 E. Prien Lake Rd. Lake Charles, LA 70601 to speak to the pharmacist. We told her what was going on and she thought it was crazy that Rite Aid would not fill the prescription. She told us that she would fill the prescription if we brought it to her. In the meantime, she suggested a blood pressure supplement to help bring his blood pressure down. He took the recommended dose of 3. It did not work. His blood pressure was still dangerously high.

We had to go to the Calcasieu Urgent Care Clinic located at 1429 Beglis Parkway, Sulphur, LA 70663. His blood pressure was approximately 178/150. The Nurse Practitioner wrote him a prescription for Clonidine which we promptly brought to Walmart to be filled. We were closer to Walmart and didn't think there would be a problem filling it, which brings us back to the pharmacist. We explained to her what was going on and she said she still would not fill the prescription because it is an abused drug and since we had gone to more than one pharmacy to get the prescription filled, that threw up a red flag.

She accused us of pharmacy shopping to get this prescription filled. I told her that it is vital that this medication get filled and she still refused. I demanded to speak to the manager. She got a manager and I told that manager that I wanted to speak to the store manager. She walked away to get the manager. As she was leaving she said she is getting the manager because she is “about to lose her job.” When she came back with the manager, I confronted her about what she said and she denied saying it. She was extremely rude and unprofessional.

The shift manager walked up and I told her that I did not want to speak to her. I wanted to speak with the store manager. She stated that he had left at 4:00p.m.. I told her that we needed to get this prescription filled. She told us that the prescription could not be filled. We told the pharmacist that if my husband had a heart attack or stroke because he could not get his medication, we would be suing Rite Aid, the Rite Aid pharmacist, Walmart, and her. She told us that if something happened it would not be on her. I told her that it most definitely would. She stated several times that it would not be on her.

She then told us that we had reached a point in the conversation where we needed to part ways. We then told her and the two managers who were standing by us that we will NEVER be shopping in Walmart again; we will be taking our business to Target from now on. We left the cart and the items we were going to purchase and walked out of the store.

By this time it was after 6:00 p.m. and Boudreaux's Pharmacy was closed. We brought the prescription to Walgreens located at 1021 Beglis Parkway, Sulphur, LA 70663 and dropped it off. We were told it would be ready in 20 minutes. Twenty minutes later my husband went and picked up his prescription with no problem. He took the morning dose he had missed and the evening dose which finally brought his blood pressure down. My husband and I are both military veterans. We proudly served our country and we do not appreciate this kind of treatment from your establishment and employees.

I have been a faithful Walmart shopper for years; however, after my husband and I were accused by the pharmacist of being drug abusers of Clonidine and also accusing us of pharmacy shopping to get a prescription filled, I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT INTO ANOTHER WALMART STORE, MURPHY USA, OR SAM'S CLUB AGAIN!!! Target has gained two new customers!

Someone Behind the Pharmacy Wrote on a Triplicate Prescription.
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Rating: 1/51

FT WORTH, TEXAS -- I got my prescriptions by mail due to my Dr. rarely coming into her office. I went to get one filled. They took my info as they have done for over 5 years. 30 min later a technician came out to tell me the date and the refill date were off by 1 day. I didn't understand what she was talking about. She did finally make me understand and asked her what was the real problem. She tried to fix it with my Dr. and all of a sudden I was treated like I was the one that had written in the wrong date. WRONG. Someone in the pharmacy had to have done it and they will not admit to it. I made an appointment to go back to my Dr. to figure out what was going on.

The day before my appointment I was called and told "The Dr has decided not to come in that day." I tried to make a new appointment. Then I was told she would be out of town for another(!) 8 days. So no pain medication was given. The next day I get a letter from my Dr. saying she deeply regrets that after 10 years of service she would no longer be able to take me on as a patient. She will continue to see me for 30 days and find me a new Dr. I am in shock. I am being treated and accused of tampering with a prescription!! Never have I done this.

I have been taking the same medication for over 10 years. Never would I take such a risk! Also, why would I tamper with a medication I have been on for the last 10 years, without any prescription problems? After that much time she should know me better than this. She will not even discuss this with me. This error was made by an associate with the Walmart Pharmacy. I can't be without my medication because of my disabilities. I am in complete shock over this situation. All of this is caused by others than me!

Filling Prescription is not so routine
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Rating: 1/51

ELLICOTT CITY, MARYLAND -- Dropped off nine scripts for my mom. Doctor specified quantity of 30 for each with 6 refills. I request 90-day supply because it's more cost effective. Pharmacist explained she couldn't fill a 90-order without doctor's authorization. I called and the doctor called and spoke to the pharmacist. I called after the doctor called, to confirm that everything was ok. Pharmacist confirmed it was and asked me to allow her 3-hours to fill the scripts.

Went in the next day to pick up the prescriptions and there were 24 prescriptions instead of 9 because the pharmacist had refilled the various drugs several times but wouldn't agree to combine into a 90-day supply so I could pay $9.99 instead of $4.99 for each. The logic is asinine and clearly absurd. Walmart is exploitative and bent on gouging low-income seniors without insurance. So sad.

Rude Pharmacist
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Rating: 1/51

LIVE OAK, FL -- Review of Walmart Pharmacy: I went to Walmart Pharmacy in Live Oak, Fl and I felt as if I entered a bad neighborhood in Miami. The Pharmacist named Ashley ** escalated a poor customer service situation to personal attacks. This person demonstrated in every action she made that customers don't matter. I asked her a simple question. "Why don't you call customers if you decide not to fill their medication because the insurance did not cover it?" The pharmacy decided since my insurance did not cover a twenty dollar medication they will not fill it until I showed up to pick it up.

"Once you are there Walmart procedure is to ask you if you want it or not," Ashley advised me. Even though I told Ashley months ago to fill all meds. Ashley responded that she has over six hundred patients and she does not have time to call any of them. I responded, "Maybe you need less patients," and I walked away. Then as I walked away from the situation Ashley laughed at me. I then asked her, "Did you laugh at me?" Ashley said, "Yes" because I walked away.

I ignored her behavior then moments later Ashley threw up both of her hands. She minus well of said thug life. She threw up her hands probably because I was watching her. The last time I turned my back Ashley she mocked me. I learned to keep an eyes on her. I transferred all my records to Walgreens knowing anyone is better than Ashley ** poor customer service.

Worst Pharmacy and Customer Service Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been battling with Walmart for over a year now on my medications. They can not fill a prescription properly to save their lives. They either get the count wrong, the wrong prescription, or fill prescriptions I haven't dropped off or some other wacky thing. The worst part of it is it is never their fault. They take responsibility for nothing and that is from the top down. If you talk to the manager he just makes excuses and he seems to have taught his employees to do the same thing. Even when I have caught them in a lie or presented evidence that showed they were wrong they admit nothing and take no responsibility. They have gotten their last prescription from me.

Errors in Filling My RX Cost Me Another Necessary $150 Visit to the Dr!
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Rating: 2/51

SALEM, OREGON -- I was in their pharmacy on 3/4/15 because I needed one more refill on a 90 day supply of my medication before the RX expired on 4/8/15. They told me it would be no problem. I also had one more month to hold me over. I just called there because I'm now out, and they tell me they are very sorry but they filled it and then reshelfed it because I never came in and now it's expired and they need a new prescription.

I told them they were supposed to call me and never did! Will, says "yeah I see that we didn't and I'm sorry about that, but our pharmacist won't refill it now because it expired last week. However we can give you a 3 day emergency supply and I can try to reach out to the KAISER Dr who wrote the refill last year and see if they will give you a month's supply."

I have to go back to a new Dr, because my husband's employer doesn't have Kaiser anymore and I'm not covered on any plan at the moment, thus it's going to cost me, NOT ONLY for the RX, but for a stinking Dr visit too, because Walmart did not call me! Grrrrr!!! My first and last experience, I promise you that! I work for medical providers, and flubbing up MY Rx was certainly was not in this pharmacy's best interest!

Wal-mart pharmacy real pharmacy?
By -

I am A.D.D. I am prescribed the drug called Adderall. I'm on the generic because it's a lot cheaper and Wal-mart do have good prices but they never have this drug in stock. Last month I called them to see if this drug was in stock, they were snotty to me and said, "No. It's out of stock." I called another Wal-mart in my town 3 miles down the road same day and they told me they are out of stock. Fine I go to Walgreens and of course they have it. They are a pharmacy duh! They do carry drugs here you can get with a prescription from a doctor.

A month goes by I called the two same Wal-marts and it's out of stock. Why wasn't I surprised? This time one of the managers in the pharmacy gets really nasty with me on phone. I simple said "Do you ever carry this or what?" and the guy went nutso on me. He said, "Look it's on backorder and we simply don't have it." And I asked him when they were getting it and he said, "I don't know" and hung up on me. I go to Walgreens again and can you believe it they had it.

I'm glad Wal-mart isn't the only pharmacy in town or I would be screwed I cannot concentrate or function properly at my job without my meds, very stressful and a lot going on I cannot be slipping up. I'm not losing my job for these idiots over at Wal-mart. I had another prescription for Wellbutrin a year ago and the lady in pharmacy said "This is a really new drug I don't think we have it." A really new drug? It was released in 1996 new??? 13 years ago? Who are these people working in the pharmacy, I probably know more about these things than they do for Christ's sake.

If you have an illness that needs to be treated with a drug and the drug prescribed to you is Adderall, Wellbutrin, Oxycotin or something along these lines something you can feel type drug, they won't have it in stock.... Why??? I'm sure they make enough of these drugs to have in stock at all times I'm sure. These drugs are known to give drug abusers a high, some kind of buzz so Wal-mart is against this and orders a very small amount.

That is fine, but what about the non abusers people who need these drugs to function??? People who have a freaking prescription??? It's not like they are handing these drugs to anybody, you must have a prescription so carry the damn product. People rely on these things to function in everyday life. I hate how Wal-mart tries to play big brother. I realize they have such good morals and want to play big brother but you don't worry about that OK you just worry about your illegal workers cleaning the floors at night OK... I'm so tired of this place, bunch of Nazi's....

WalMart Pharmacy - Overland - Boise, Id - Stinks Big Time!!!
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Rating: 1/51

BOISE, IDAHO -- Pharmacy associates do not listen to what you tell them such as, "I no longer have health insurance" instead they bill the insurance company for your prescriptions. 3 Months after you tell them, "I do not have insurance. Do not bill the insurance company" And then not to take accountability for their actions. Even when you have paid the full price.

Maybe they are billing the insurance companies to get extra money. But it is absurd to tell the pharmacy associates on more than one occasion that you do not have insurance, to remove it from your file. And then to have them turn around months after you have told them... To bill the insurance company for your prescriptions. The pharmacy staff for the majority is downright rude.

Then to top things off, they filled a prescription. You requested for it to be cancelled and they never did it. So you end up getting billed by an insurance company because of their negligence to listen to your requests, by filling a prescription you requested to be cancelled and never picked up. So how on earth could they bill that prescription if it was not picked up???

Individuals need to be replaced and the pharmacy is the first place I would start in eliminating positions as they simply don't care with the exception of a couple people. Other than that they are airheads who do not think, do not listen, and go against what you tell them.

To ** with Wal-Mart!!! What really gets me is that they have an easy pay spot where you are to go to drop off & pick up prescriptions. Only to go to pick up a prescription and they tell you to go down to the other line to pay when they are standing there doing "nothing". It is not like the easy pay line is backed up. They are just down right "lazy and incompetent" wanting other associates to do their work when you are in the right line.

There is no sense in having an "easy pay" line when they refer you to another line and they are not doing anything at all other than standing there. Then they make you the butt of their jokes by telling other associates what they told you to go to the next line. Wal-mart stinks. Not so much the store as the pharmacy associates and even some of the pharmacists. There are some people who care about but the majority of individuals are airheads and couldn't care less about you as a customer.

Do not, do not, do not go to Wal-Mart pharmacies. Even though they say their prices are the lowest. They are not necessarily so. Picket Walmart pharmacies. I know I will never go to them again as they stink big time!! I sure hope the director of the pharmacy for Idaho reads this as it is so very true. Their mistakes end up costing you as the customer big time money. Because they did not clean the wax out of their ears and listen. Listening is not part of their skills. Do not go there!!!

Constantly Screwing Up My Scripts
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Rating: 1/51

GRANTS, NEW MEXICO -- Again the pharmacy in Grants, NM has another new pharmacist. They go through about 12 pharmacists per year and every time the new one comes in many people have their scripts screwed up. I have been getting my scripts screwed up and or told that "We are OUT OF STOCK" on my one medication so many times in the last 12 years that finally we now have a new Walgreens pharmacy and there is a mass exoduses of people going to Walgreens because of the incompetence of Walmart. They just don't give a **.

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