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Bought A Car Stereo And Discovered There Was Only A Rock In The Box
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IOLA, KANSAS -- On September 3rd, 2012 at 9:00 P.M. I entered the Iola Wal-mart located on North State Street, in Iola, Kansas. I was going there to purchase a new car stereo. After entering the store and finding the particular stereo I wanted I started for the checkout lane. While checking out and paying for my item the clerk removes the "spider security device" from my box. I start walking towards the exit and am walking directly next to another white male exiting at the same exact time. While we were going through the door we heard a soft audible sound we both thought to be the security system.

Both of us stopped at the door and turned around assuming someone was coming to check our receipts. We stood there for a second, looked around and made eye contact with a couple of Wal-mart employees who didn't indicate for us to stop, turn back, or proceed. After few short seconds and after realizing Wal-mart didn't have any questions or concerns, we continued on to the parking lot.

I entered my vehicle and immediately opened a box that was not taped or secured in a manner that I was accustom to by Wal-mart products. After opening the box I not only didn't find the car stereo I thought I purchased but found a rock. This rock after holding it in my hand it seemed to weigh or felt like it weighed what I thought a car stereo would weigh. At least my attention was not caught simply by handling the box. After realizing this I honestly thought this was some sort of contest or maybe when I re entered the store I would have found that I won a prize?? I had not only not left the Walmart parking lot but only made it a few feet before I exited my vehicle and immediately returned inside the store.

I approached the customer service desk and asked if I won a prize. The clerk was obviously dumbfounded and didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about. I spoke with Elenore, the Store manager and I told her of the situation. She told me she would have to review the security tapes and get back with me regarding replacing my item. After over an hour the store manager returned and told me that the security device was placed on the electronic item I purchased which was in the box that I took from the store. I told her that the box was not only contained just a rock but I was in possession of the box from the time I left the store until the few minutes passed and I returned back into the store.

I asked her what she saw on the video. I was certain the video would show any question that she might have of me removing the stereo from the box would be eliminated, She stated " Again, the electronic device you purchased was inside the box when you exited the store or the security system would not have gone off". I told her that simply wasn't the case. I asked her if the security device "if my device was what of one that alerted the system to engage" could have possibly been on the box itself or some other place because the rock was the only contents of the box. I also asked her if the individual next to me could have had an item that made the system go off and why if the system indicated something was wrong why we were not stopped and checked.

She again repeated that device was in the box when I left the store. Having said that and after Wal-Mart's refusal to replace the rock with what I thought I purchased and their refusal to simply provide me what the item I purchased I called the police. As a prior law enforcement officer of 13 years I knew that this matter was somewhat of a civil matter but I wanted record of the incident and the events noted as they transpired. I am demanding that Wal-mart replace my the rock with the item I purchased within 24 hrs of now or I will have no choice but to pursue legal action against Wal-mart, Wal-mart employees, supervisors, and any parties directly involved with this obvioustheft by deception.

IfWal-mart refuses to replace this with the itemI purchased I will file a civilsuit in the District Court ofAllen County, Kansas, for the cost of the item, attorneys fees, and any and all damages incurred from this incident. Finally I will file an official complaint with theBetter Business Bureau indicating the facts of this incident and seek some sort of remedy or punishment throughthose means. Take notice and govern yourselves accordingly. If Wal-mart should decide to remedy this situation within the times limits indicated in this letter, they may contact me at 620-875-2819.

S.D. Dillow

Walmart's Policy On Acceptable ID's Discriminates Against Foreign Non-US Residents
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MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Just a few hours ago I tried to buy alcohol at Walmart and they wanted my wife's ID as well. Since we are recently married she only could offer her Armenian Passport with US Visa which also has an English translation. Of course the ONLY form of ID a foreign born person living in the United States can offer is their birth countries passport. However this Walmart Manager said they would not accept her passport and would only take state issued ID's, Drivers licenses, military ID's, and US Passports. Now mind you, you can only get a US passport if you're US born. So what about the entire population of people legally visiting, living, getting educated, or working in the USA? Walmart won't sell alcohol to them? Isn't that discrimination?

Here is the full story. Now an Armenian Passport is accepted as ID all over the country and like other foreign passports has her US Visa right there as well and is clearly more legit than any driver license would be. Now after they turned us down by saying they wouldn't accept it, I pointed out that refusing to accept a foreigners ID is discrimination and accused her of discriminating against my new bride. (A lot of ignorant people seem to confuse the look with Arabs when actually Armenia was the first country to EVER adopt Christianity) We then left the store without our wine and I called to speak to the store manager. I asked the store manager one simple question... What is an acceptable form of ID to buy alcohol for someone who is not born in the US? Her first response was "well we accept US passports" and I said "a US passport is only for people born in the US." So she said she'd look at Walmart's official policy if I could hold. So I did. At this point I was SURE that she would come back and say they accept all US accepted passports not JUST US Passports and was only hoping that she would then educate the other manager so this kind of thing wouldn't happen again. I was surprised when she came back saying they take state issued ID's, Drivers licenses, military ID's, and US Passports like the other manager said but also included US naturalization papers (which are still only for people who have become Americanized).

So again I pointed out that the ONLY form of ID a foreign born person living in the United States can offer is their birth countries passport with a US issued Visa at the very best. So again I confirmed that Walmart's policy on acceptable forms of ID excludes anyone who is not a current US citizen. WOW! I thought this was the United States of America? I then had nothing left to say accept to ask straight out... "So you're telling me that Walmart won't sell alcohol to anyone who does not have an American issued ID and hence is not American?" She did not respond as I waited in silence for about 20 seconds. I followed up by saying "If this isn't true then you should be able to tell me an accepted form of ID for someone who is NOT a US Citizen, otherwise this policy is discrimination." At that point all she had to say was that if someone already turned you down I can not override that decision. Which simply confirmed to me that she understood exactly where I was coming from and that I had clearly made my point. I then asked "How is Walmart going to make this right?" and she said "There is nothing I can do" and hung up on me.

It just so happens my wife and I know A LOT of foreigners here with valid passports of legal age just like hers. My thought is what if I got multiple foreign born people to consecutively go through and try and buy alcohol with their passports while on film? What if we had a bus full? Is Walmart going to continue to say that they will not accept passports as a valid form of identification? Would they continue to discriminate against foreigners? What would it take to get them to change their discriminatory policy? Should they be sued? Tell me what you think.

Wal-Mart Practices Customer Discrimination.
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CORONA -- Last evening my wife and I visited your Corona Store #1800 (1290 E Ontario Ave, Corona, CA) to purchase some items before my wife left for Germany on vacation. A couple of the items were in the Camera Department. We spend an average of $2000 to $3000 a year in that store.

We went to the Camera Department and asked the associated ** where the disposal cameras and flash memories were. At the time she was alone with no other customers and we were the only customers in that area. She very rudely pointed in the direction of the back wall. I asked her if she come show us and she just pointed again (in other words assist us in finding articles we needed top purchase) and refused to assist us. Keeping in mind there were no other customers in the area for her to assist -€“ we were the only ones. I asked to see a manager for help and she contacted one for us.

This incident occurred at 5:05 PM PST on March 01 2012. A few seconds later a Mexican American family came over and asked her for help -€“ she immediately dropped what she was doing and took them over to an aisle and assisted them and left this White couple to fend for ourselves. Yes, my wife and I are White and she refused to help us and was very happy to help the Mexican American Couple.

When one of the assistant floor managers came over I pointed out what had happened and she witnessed ** (who was white) assisting the Mexican American Couple. At that point I demanded to see the store Manager. She contacted ** who was the Store Manager. I explained to him the incident in great detail. He politely remarked he would talk to her. I demanded he fire her. He was not very helpful or indicated in our conversation he really cared.

Your company has an employee that discriminates against White Customer and goes out of her way to assist Mexican American customers. Is that a new Wal-Mart policy? If it is we will never shop at another Wal-Mart store again and tell all of our friends and family that Wal-Mart practices discrimination against White customers and discourage them from shopping at your stores. Is Wal-Mart looking for another customer discrimination lawsuit?

For sure Hell will freeze over before we spend another nickel in that store. We walked out of the store with a left shopping cart of merchandise in an aisle and went to Target and purchase all of the same items we needed. They don'€™t discriminate against White customers.

Today 02/02/2012 at approx 9:45 AM PST, I spoke with ** the Store Manager. He mentioned he spoke with ** and she told him she was helping the other customer before we came up. That is a lie. We were the only people in that area. The Mexican American couple came up later. Not only is she a racist - she lied to the Store Manager during their conversation. Is that the new employee model at Wal-Mart?

I suggest Wal-Mart investigate this incident and dismiss ** along with **. They are not the customer centric employees you need in your company. ** came across more like protecting his employees than looking at the FACTS and acting on them appropriately.

Customer Abuse, Profiling, Shoplifting Accusations
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HAMMOND, LOUISIANA -- Hammond, LA Walmart has terrible customer service, overall the employee moral is at an all time low and the manager can care less other than about saving money, or making "the almighty dollar" for Walmart.

We have shopped at Walmart for years. I usually go to the Denham Springs, LA Walmart because the Hammond location has such rude managers and associates, other than a few old time employees that have been there a long time. This means going 30 miles out of the way, to go to another Walmart location as Hammond is the local one.

I do believe that Walmart does racial profiling, and I also think they target lone women many times, to harass. I was accused of shoplifting in the Hammond location 4 months ago, even though I have shopped here for years. My husband and I usually shop together. We had made several recent complaints against bad customer service and rudeness in the Hammond location. No one ever seems to know anything about prices, sale items, out of stock items, etc. Since they remodeled the Hammond store back spring 2009 the service, and horrible customer service has worsened.

My husband had to work nights, so he'd suggested I run to Walmart for groceries. I did, and decided I would "browse" around cataloging possible Christmas gift items, writing prices, etc...at my leisure. I got to the store about 7:30 pm, and spent a couple of hours browsing all departments, and gathering our groceries (almost $100 worth) I used my cell phone, or rather tried to several times (horrible service in the store). I wrote down items prices, made list, chewed some Worthers mints I had brought in my pocket as I shopped, and generally took my time that evening.

After checking out with our groceries I was stopped by a guy I knew to be a Walmart employee and a Tangapoha parish sheriff's deputy (working a paid guard detail at Walmart that night). They stopped me right after I left the check out, taking my arms and telling me I needed to go to the back room with them. I smiled and asked them why? They said I must go with them now. I said no I would not go with them, and demanded to know what was going on. The Walmart employee said he was Walmart "loss prevention" and I had some of his merchandise. I said yes, I do, I just bought my groceries. I still at this time did not realize they were accusing me of shoplifting. He said, I had "his merchandise" in my purse. I said "Sir almost everything I have came from Walmart. I bought my clothes I'm wearing here, my shoes, my purse, everything in my purse, my groceries, etc." He said, "No you stole some of my items tonight..." I was stunned, shocked, hurt, angry, and totally caught off guard. I told him no sire I did not.

The cop said if I didn't go to the back room and allow him and the Walmart loss prevention guy to search me he would tackle me and take me down. When I asked the cop what he meant he said he would throw me on the floor, tackle me and search me right there if I didn't go to the back room with them. I went with them. I told them I did not want to go with them as I had done nothing wrong. I hadn't even left Wal-mart when they detained me, barely got out of the register line.

They took me to the "back room" a video room where they have crappy blurry video to "watch" potential shoplifters. The Walmart loss prevention guy ran sacked my purse, taking lipstick, and a small can of off insect repellent. The cop told him that doesn't amount to $25 dollars, and Walmart will not prosecute for less didn't he just want to let me go. The Walmart loss prevention guy said no, he knew I had shoplifted, although he had no proof. I saw the video, all it showed was me looking, browsing, etc items, nothing showing I'd taken anything.

The Walmart loss prevention guy, first name Tom, kept telling the cop what a "rush" and adrenaline "High" he was on. He repeated this 3 times and the cop finally told him it to "hush" as he should not be saying that in front of me. This guy dug in my purse again coming out with one of my two cell phones. He said that phone was "new" and I stole it from that night, it was "his merchandise". I told him well it had been registered in my name for nearly two years, at this he threw the phone back at me and said "That's not my merchandise."

The cop said they should just let me go when I would not confess to shoplifting after an hour and a half, the Walmart loss prevention guy said no. They said I could not call my husband or sister or anyone. I finally got so fed up after being harassed for 2 hours that I said I'm calling my husband, if you are going to tackle me to the floor and take me down just do it, or either leave me the hell alone and let me call my husband.

They finally booked me for $58 dollars so called "thief" after the loss prevention guy took a small flashlight and opened batteries I had in my purse, bringing his so called "merchandise" total to $58 dollars making the amount higher, so he could supposedly prosecute me.

I even offered to pay the $58 dollars for my own previously purchased merchandise, he refused. The Walmart loss prevention nut finally came down off his adrenaline "high" after 2 hours and realized he'd made a mistake, and he was wrong. He even stated and I quote, "It's gone too far, we can't just let you go now, it's gone too far. If we let you go now Wal-mart and I will be liable."

He (Wal-Mart loss prevention guy) wanted to know if I had not shoplifted then why did I have such unusual items in my purse such as a small flashlight, small can of Off insect repellent, and extra flashlight batteries. I told him (as if it was any of his business) because my husband and I have animals on our property 4 miles from where we live and we go there often after dark to check on them, tend, them, check water, etc. He actually then looked foolish. Still he repeated they could not let me go, or they would be "liable".

How can we, as Americans allow this sort of violation of our rights to go on?

I also think that Walmart targets lone women, does racial profiling (although I am a white female) and I also think that had my husband been with me this would never had taken place.

BEWARE as this sort of thing happens all over America at any given time at any given Walmart.

This could happen to you, your wife, child, mother, father, so beware.

We will spend our $10,000 a year, once spend at Walmart, with other merchants now... ones that are polite and actually appreciate our business, and treat us with customer respect and honor, rather than stupid accusations and abuse.

We have hired an attorney to represent me on these bull charges. Since it has happened I have researched Walmart extensively, and found mine is not an isolated incident but a regular occurrence at Walmart across the country and even in other countries. There's even been several deaths of customers wrongly accused of shoplifting at several Walmart locations, because overzealous adrenaline "high" Walmart loss prevention associates have attacked and ultimately killed several people.

How sad. We need to stop this, be outraged by it, and in God's name not let this giant get away with this sort of thing.

Walmart Worst Ever
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BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- Christmas Eve, I purchased a corned beef roast. Now, over the years, I do know that most of these have a hunk of fat attached. Usually I trim this off. But upon cooking this dang thing, the whole thing was nothing but a huge hunk of fat with just tiny few threads of any meat at all. Worst thing I ever purchased in decades. You have got to be kidding me, does anyone inspect things over there?

I have heard the advertising on how reasonable food is, but, upon going there, I found only one loaf of bread to be 75 cents, that was cheap. The rest of the items were twice as much as other places I have gone to. Lettuce everywhere else is like 99 cents, there it was 1.79. Cucumbers, most places around here are 59 cents, there they wanted 1.79. Most everything was almost one dollar more than other stores. I noticed they accept WIC coupons, is this why they over charge? This store was very dirty. I was very disappointed. I normally would return and complain and hopefully get a refund for the meat, but, I just do not wish to subject myself to that store again. What a horrible experience. Most people that I have talked to say the same thing: "Walmart sucks."

I was a member of Sam's Club for many years. They keep thing clean and have quality products, but, I could no longer afford the membership or the gasoline to get there. Same owner, but totally different. Maybe it is management, or poor quality control. I have a photo of this meat, if anyone interested wishes to see how this looks. Most disgusting.

Walmart Doesn't Want To Honor Its Price Match Policy And Overcharges
By -

You may have seen Walmart's commercials lately where the cashier matches a competitor's sale price with a big smile on her face, but it didn't go that smoothly for me today. I knew a local grocery store had 2 liter Pepsi on sale at 4 for $4, so I picked up four bottles and waited in line. I told the cashier of the grocer's price. She said she had to go check with the supervisor.

After a few minutes, she came back and said she had seen the ad. Then the supervisor came over with the ad and said that since the grocer requires a discount card from their store and Walmart doesn't have a discount card, she couldn't match the price. There is a sign posted at every register that spells out the price match policy, so I read the section to the supervisor that stated that Walmart will match prices even if a discount card is required. I had to read it again even more loudly in front of other customers who had been waiting behind me in line all of this time before she agreed to honor the price. The supervisor had to read the sign herself, so apparently the Walmart cashiers and supervisors have not gotten the proper training or educated themselves on the details of the new policy. To make things even worse, the prices of two marked down items I bought had not been updated and I was overcharged. After looking at my receipt and spotting the price discrepancies I had to wait through a long line at the customer service desk to get refunded the difference.

Walmart - how about if you overcharge me on an item and I have to go to the service desk, I get one of that item for free, as our local grocer does? It seems only fair to me. Otherwise, you have no incentive to get your prices right. If the customer doesn't catch you overcharging them, then you get to keep the extra money you just stole. This sounds unethical and illegal, but Walmart is all about profit and customer inconvenience.

1 Year Warranty With Strings Attached
By -

MICHIGAN -- September of 2009, I went to Walmart Vision Center to get new glasses to replace my old one (old one was about 5 years old). They had nice pricing and warranty on custom made prescription glasses. However it seems their warranty is extremely limited and they were able to find all sorts of excuses not to honor it.

I took care of my glasses and only used water to clean them, no solvent of any kind. I also avoided wiping the glasses when there were dirt to prevent scratching. Pretty much the same as I've done for over 30 years. But despite my best care, my glasses seemed to fall apart in just a few months and I am back on my 5 year old glasses.

First issue, just 3 weeks after I got my glasses, there were noticeable blotches on my lenses. Specifically when viewed at certain angle, I could see area of glare where anti-glare coating had failed. While it was still usable, under bright lighting people would notice my glasses looked funny or very unclean, so I took it back. But they wouldn't honor it because the damage to anti-glare coating seems to be "my fault" somehow.

I don't see how plain water can cause so much of the anti glare coating to come off. It looked like the coating was poorly applied or something, and I am positive the issue is factory defect and not customer issue as they claimed. I wasn't happy they wouldn't cover it despite their warranty that covers every defect. My 5 year old glasses still has anti glare coating intact except for where there's a few scratches.

A couple weeks ago (December, only 3 months after my glasses were made), the arm broke off of my glasses. Back to the store I went, and this time they said they will replace the frame. However they ran into a snag: the frame had been discontinued and while they offered any replacement frame of comparable price, they didn't have any frame in stock that can take my existing lens. Worse, they will not replace the lens because that part isn't covered in warranty.

I have tried to deal with them reasonably but they would not replace the lens, and they could not get a new frame that would fit with my existing lens so I am left with broken glasses that they "can't" fix and no way to wear them without having unsightly tape holding the glasses together.

In the past I've had glasses from different stores that lasts me a few years and up to as long as 10 years with nothing more than a few hairline scratches. I am very disappointed that Walmart would sell garbage that started having problem in just a few weeks and be unusable in less than 4 months. And conveniently have clause in warranty that exempts "customer damage" from any warranty repair, even when damage is due to defects. With this clause, the store can easily refuse all repair and simply claim it was customer's fault.

It seems all they are interested is selling glasses to make profit, make a warranty claim that looks good in advertisement, and claim customer damage on every returned glasses so they would never lose money. Well, guess what? Losing customer hurts more. I've told my relatives and friends about this and many have agreed to avoid Walmart. I also took my glasses business back to my previous store. I'd rather pay an extra $50 to have a pair that lasts a lot longer than 4 months.

Walmart Money Card - Don't Do It!
By -

I sent the following email to Walmart today:

I opened a prepaid Visa card at your Walmart store located in Mt. Dora, FL 6 months ago. When I spoke with the cashier who sold the card to me, I let her know that I would be having my paycheck direct deposited on the card, and many deposits would be in excess of $5K (I get paid 2 times per month). She assured me this was fine as long as the money was direct deposited, so I bought the card, did the direct deposit, and off I went.

Now, six months later, your company decided that my deposits are too high, and without contacting me, went ahead and closed my account without my knowledge. I was stranded in the middle of nowhere and tried to get gas, the card was declined, so I called your Customer Support number from my cell phone. They explained this ridiculous mess to me (my deposits are too high). Then, they reopened the card for an hour, just long enough for me to remove what was left on the card, and the account was closed. A couple of days later, your Loss Management department called me and said how "sorry" they were, that the account was closed in error, and they offered to re-open the card, which I accepted so I didn't have to cancel my direct deposit, and for my "pain and suffering", they gave me a HUGE $25.00 credit.

Yesterday there was $15.74 on my card. I went to check the balance today, and it was "ZERO". So I called your Customer Service department (and was transferred to Philippines, Pakistan, and Guatemala - I thought this was a US based company???). Ana, ID #10838 informed me the account was closed a second time in error (I was supposed to have a $5K direct deposit on the card at midnight tonight), and she promised it would be re-opened in 10-15 minutes, and the $15.74 would be put back on the card. Four hours later, nothing happened, so I called Loss Management yet AGAIN. I spent better than an hour talking to them, who then informed me that it was tough ****, the account was closed again permanently, and there was nothing I could do. They also informed me that my direct deposit would be DENIED, completely screwing me up royally since I had bills that I paid right off the card, not to mention that the payroll would have to be sent back to ADP, then back to my company before it could be forwarded to me. Thanks Walmart.

Then, the idiot "Claudia" (Supervisor at Loss Management), offered to open me another card! After I was done laughing (why in the name of God would I do THAT???), I told her I wanted nothing more to do with Walmart, and I mean that completely. My sister works for channel 9 News in Boston, and is Diane Sawyer's neighbor on Martha's Vineyard, and they are friends. This will make a WONDERFUL human interest story once it hits the airwaves, don't you agree??? I am going to be SURE that this story is told everywhere. From your idiot cashiers, right down to your incompetent Loss Management group (you get a different story from everyone you speak to), I can't think of ONE good reason why I, or anyone else would want to shop at Walmart. I find it interesting that no one will give you their last name or ID number (except Ana), and they spend the majority of the time putting you on hold so they can pass the buck, all the while telling you how sorry they are!!! In reality, they couldn't care less, they just want to pass you onto someone else so they don't have to deal with you.

Having said all this, Walmart is TRASH and not only will I not get another card, I will no longer patronize your store. I am starting a blog as well, and when my sister speaks with Diane Sawyer (this is happening first thing in the morning), I am sure they will be contacting you for comments (especially the lawyers).

Electric Scooters And Walmart's Stinginess
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ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- I've read a bunch of complaints here from customers who are disabled, like me... I want to make you aware of the ADA, and how you can further burden Walmart if they refuse to get enough scooters and keep them in good repair. They often wait until they are all broken before doing anything.

The ADA, first of all, does not require them to get scooters. The ADA requires them to provide "reasonable accommodation." In other words, they have to find some way to level the playing field for the disabled. The scooters must be safe, and I'd suggest you take legal action if injured. Make them somehow pull you back to the front of the store if your scooter dies and leaves you stranded in the store and they have no others to replace your dead scooter.

Another idea would be to insist they get two employees, one to push you around the store in their manual wheelchair, while a second one pushes a grocery cart for you. This will take up the time of two employees and cost them man-hours... And make sure it is safe and operational, no broken brakes, flat tires, or missing foot rests. The third option is to insist they do your shopping for you while you sit and wait. The only response I've seen on this site from Walmart was from a guy named James, who said if you don't like the way they treat the disabled, he invites you to shop elsewhere!!!

If you do this, you just may find, as I have in the last two weeks, that the prices at Albertsons and Smith's, at least what I needed when I checked the store out, were great... Especially considering how much gas and time I wasted traveling to Walmart and the time wasted waiting for scooters: The baby food, for instance, was only a penny more, and the extra I therefore paid was less than the gasoline and time I wasted at Walmart, so I came out ahead.

Their Barilla pasta was ten for 10 dollars, which is 28 cents cheaper than Walmart. Their peaches were cheaper, and really juicy and firm. And remind them that the reason these scooters get damaged and stolen is because Walmart is the only chain store that doesn't call for an escort to bring back the scooter. Every other chain does. Don't let them whine about loss or damage when it is so easy to prevent and the scooters make them so much money. The parking lot employee is going to have to go out and retrieve it anyway, so why not tell him to go out with the shopper and get it as soon as the shopper vacates it, and bring it in for the next waiting customer?

I spent this afternoon reading these complaints and it is absolutely appalling. The employees are abused as well as shoppers. They bully them, sexually harass them, deny them legal breaks, lie to them, don't protect them from threatening customers. It is interesting, I thought, that they won't accept passports from a person from France or Brazil as ID who are here as students... but they don't have a problem with hiring illegal aliens from Mexico to clean the store. Hmm. Every other chain has scooters in good repair.

Check your weekly ads and make your list. Why go to Walmart repeatedly when they are always out of stuff, or buy off-flavor ground beef, when you can get fresh beef at a different store during sales that is cheaper and better? If you don't hit them in their wallet, nothing will change. 1-800-WALMART might as well be 1-800-SCREWYOU. When I think of how Bill Gates shares his money with the world, and how selfish Walmart is (They don't give all that much to charity despite their posturing) I cannot see going there anymore.

The final straw was when I sat on a dried layer of shit on the scooter seat, and that was a month ago and they still have not provided me with an incident report. They are stonewalling me in the hope that I will not persist. And by the way, they put that scooter right back for the next poor victim, without cleaning and disinfecting it.

So those are your options. Know them, so that you don't ask for things they aren't required to provide, but also know what they MUST provide, too. They are VERY bad corporate citizens for this, and other reasons, some of which you already know: Buying from China while American companies collapse, buying from sweatshops, lobbying to get back the old extended trucker's hours extended which leads to more accidents and deaths, hiring illegal aliens to work in the stores, selling brand names made to Walmart's specs that don't have the same quality as sold elsewhere, and so on.

Oil Change Gone Bad - Ruined Engine - Don't Think There Is Video
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Rating: 1/51

CARTERSVILLE, GEORGIA -- My son took his 1997 Honda Accord to Walmart Tire and Lube Express in Cartersville, GA this past Friday, Dec. 5th for an oil change. Upon check out, he was told his tires were due for a rotation, but other than that, all was well. She checked this on the receipt.

Shortly after leaving the service center, he heard a loud knocking coming from under the hood and then noticed the oil light was on. He pulled over and called me. I told him to check the oil and he said it wouldn't even register, the stick was dry. I told him to wait and I would call Walmart. The Walmart service manager said he would go check it out. After waiting 2 hours, my 17 year old son decided to walk to a truck stop and purchased 2 quarts of oil. He put them in the oil reservoir thinking maybe the man wasn't coming.

When he turned on the car, he realized the knocking was still there so he called me again. I told him to be patient the man was almost there. Upon arrival (2 hours after I called), the service manager told my son to back the car closer to a ditch so he could get a better look underneath the car. He told my son he really didn't know what was wrong with it and called me. He told me that Walmart would have it towed by Martin's Garage to my home, and that Walmart would pay for the tow and then file a claim. He told my son, "Evidently we forgot to put all the oil in the car. Don't worry we'll get you back on the road as soon as possible and we'll pay for everything." He took pictures of the car, the engine, the 2 empty oil containers, and the receipt. He never gave the receipt back to my son. Two hours later, the tow truck showed up and brought my son and his car to our home. He went all the way to Walmart first to get paid and then brought him home - which means my son was stranded from approximately 3:30-7:30 PM.

On Monday, Dec 8th, I received a call from the insurance agent. The insurance agent, Joshua, told me that Walmart had a video showing oil was added, and after reviewing the receipt, it appeared that the car had a knocking when we brought it in, a leak in the transmission, and a cracked windshield. Therefore, Walmart nor the insurance company would be able to help us or pay for any repairs. This was never verbally mentioned at all while at the service center or while stuck on the road. The car does have a crack in the windshield, but prior to this service visit, we never heard any knocking or saw any leaks. We had no trouble with the car at all prior to the service visit.

In addition, I called the service manager back and discussed further with him. Since he clearly heard the knocking sound when he made the road visit, I asked him, "Considering the loud knocking sound you heard, would you have changed the oil or serviced the car?" His answer was an emphatic, "No not me personally. I would not have serviced that car with it sounding like that." We are at a loss for words and completely stunned. I can only assume that the paperwork may have been changed since the only copy we had was taken back to Walmart. We have not seen a copy of the video but plan to request one.

I'm not really even sure what to ask other than we plead for you to help us try to get some kind of repair help and/or compensation for my son's car. This is his only mode of transportation to school. He was seeking a job, but without a car, is now at a standstill. We also would appreciate your help in investigating this service center to see if this has happened before or is just common practice. We are just so disappointed and in disbelief. We had a great running car, took it in for an oil change, and now the car is not drivable. We believe the engine is ruined.

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