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Ford's Owner Notification Program Shell Game
Posted by Ctr01980 on 11/01/2003
PINCONNING, MICHIGAN -- In 2001 my wife purchased a 1999 Ford Contour with only 17,000 miles at an authorized Ford dealership. During the time since we have owned the vehicle, we received NO information from Ford regarding problems with this particular model.
Well, this summer the interior gremlins decided to become active! The dasboard warped to the point where it is almost touching the windshield, and the fan refused to blow at any speed beside "wind tunnel" high!
When we took it to a local repair garage, two mechanics there told us to take it to the Ford dealership since both problems had been recall items. So, off to the dealership we go, where a computer check on our vehicle gave us the wonderful news that no recalls or TSBs existed on our car. In fact, the dealership even told us that they wished that the dashboard warpage issue was a recall, since they knew of other 1998-1999 Contours with the same problem!!!
The conflicting information caused me to research the situation on the net from the "Contour Enthusiasts Group", "alldata.com", and "BlueOvalNews". Numerous Contour owners described the EXACT same problems and mentioned their cars being repaired at the dealerships for free. I even got the specific numbers concerning the repair procedures and photos of the corrected dashboard.
With this information in hand, I again went back to the dealership, only to be given the same response. Well, I decided to contact Ford headquarters directly, since we all hear so much about their committment to quality and customer satisfaction, right?
Well, I received the wonderful news that the repairs were done free of charge for a short time under what is called an "Owner Notification Program". This is a techinal euphemistic loophole that allows manufacturers to not directly acknowledge defective parts while at the same time placing an arbitrary beginning and ending date upon how long they will be responsible for repairing their defective products! I was told that the notifications were no longer valid - even though I was NOT notified in the first place!!!!
So, after waiting two weeks for a decision on our problem, I was finally informed that Ford would GRACIOUSLY cover 30% of the cost on the dashboard repair since the car was no longer under warranty. This in spite of the fact that during the notification program there was NO cost and NO issue of miles or years in service required to receive the corrected parts and labor.
I could understand this situation IF we had received notification and simply ignored it, but we received NO mailings about these two part defects. In fact, Ford changed the dashboard design on the Contour in 2000 because of the previous defective problem with warpage!
At least this situation helped me in another area. At the time I was debating between purchasing a new Mustang convertible or Chrysler Sebring convertible. After Ford's response, I can only say how much satisfaction I have from driving my Sebring ! I also continue to inform fellow workers, friends, and family about Ford's treatment regarding this situation. I use to recommend Ford products regularly to them. Is this still the situation? I'll let you answer that rhetorical question for yourselves!...Archie Gittins

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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-10:
I bought, or am still buying 2000 Mercury Mystique and my dash board is also warped. Took to Tony Betten Ford,in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and told they will not fix, because it is not covered...Can someone tell who i can connect to get a little attention...
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-26:
I also have a 2000 ford and lets say im enjoying my cyrsler convertable now
still trying to find out who to contact the fords atty in the state i live in says i have a case but that was all he could tell me
Posted by cimjoe on 2004-07-08:
I have a 2000 Contour with the same problem.
Ford said it was a customer satisfaction recall that expired. It should be a safety recall (which doesn't expire) because in the winter the defroster doesn't work due to the warpage blocking the vents causing a hazard.

I know someone who works at a Ford dealer that said this is common and now Ford has a mod kit to sell as a repair.
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Ford Contour Engine Compartment Wiring Harness'
Posted by Elmer on 03/16/2005
TRYON, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have owned my 1995 Ford Contour since 1996. For the most part, I have been pleased with my purchase. However, one area of Ford's reliability on this car that I am not pleased with are engine compartment wiring harnesses. I have had two major failures of the vehicle, both involving wiring harness issues.
The first was in 1999, in which a short in the wiring harness for the alternator took out the alternator with it. I paid approximately $700 for this repair. Later in the year, after I moved from TX to NC, Ford issued Customer Satisfaction Program 99M03, which covered wiring harness failures and affected components for this vehicle. Since I was no longer in TX, the NC dealer said they could not reimburse me for the alternator or wiring harness since they did not have any more information on the repairs. So, I lost that money to Ford, and after a couple moves have misplaced the original receipt.
The second major repair was that the transmission locked up recently and required a complete rebuild. After the rebuild, as the tech was installing the transmission, he realized that the wiring harness for this had failed as well. It failed in a way that the repair shop said could very well have caused a fire. The harness runs under the battery compartment, with no protection from battery acid, and over time the acid from batteries has eaten through it and shorted it out, taking the transmission with it.
I called Ford's Customer Relationship Center, waited for two days while they had computer problems, only two have them say that, although the car is 10 years old, it is over the 100k mile window for harness repairs and they could not override that. After 15 minutes of talking to one Customer Service Representative, I was suprised to find that, in a company as large as Ford Motor Company, there was "no" supervisor available to talk to me. They did, however, take my number down with a promise to have a supervisor call me within another 48 hours (after I had already waited 48 hours due to their computer problems).
My feelings on this issue are that Ford is aware of engineering defects regarding wiring harnesses, they routed a harness in a way in which it was vulnerable to this failure, and they should be partly or fully responsible for this failure. This was not an issue of lack of maintenance. Instead, it was just poor engineering.
Since 1996, Ford vehicles have been the only vehicles that have been present in my driveway under my ownership (I own two right now). If Ford cannot do a better job of engineering and customer relations than this, my presence will never grace the lot of a Ford dealership.

Thanks for your time.
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Posted by Meisje on 2005-03-21:
We owned a 1995 Ford Contour, unfortunately. Had the same wiring problems. The independent garage told us that it's a bad design of the engine. Having owned the Contour, made us vow to never buy a Ford product again. The car was a lemon, ie, my husband was hit head on, the airbags did not go off. There is a little plastic wheel in the waterpump. The plastic wheel broke, causing failure of the waterpump and the engine overheated. The brakes were also made of inferior material.

It's a nice looking car, but buyer beware, don't buy one secondhand.
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Ford Credit - Harrassment and Fraudulent Practices
Posted by FirstAmendmentinWA on 07/10/2004
WASHINGTON -- In 4 years with FMC, I've been late one other time on my car payment. This was due to unemployment. I made payment arrangements with Ford Credit to make up for, never more than, 30 days past due. I have 46 payments listed on my record as "on time".

This 2nd time has been a complete disaster. After making payment arrangements in May, 2004 to make 1.5 car payments in May and in June to bring my account current, I made my first payment without trouble. FMC started calling my house 3 times a day even though I had made these payment arrangements. I continued to express the arrangements made with FMC and that they had already received the 1st payment which brought me 15 days late, the Care Reps showed no record of such payment arrangements being made, but did note the large payment received and continued to threaten me about being behind and how my vehicle could be repossesed.

On June 25th, 2004 I attempted to login to "ebill" online payment application to make remainder of behind payment and current payment. This would bring me current. "ebill" app had gone through an "upgrade" which required me to re-register. I tried to re-register but was unable to. I called FMC immediately to get tech support and was rudely told by Care Rep that I was "locked out until I brought my account current." (Um, hello? I was trying to make the payment!) When trying to explain that I was attempting to make the payment, I was badgered by the care rep and that my request to be reinstated in ebill was "rejected". After asking to speak with his manager, I was cast into hold where I waited for over 25 minutes without my call being answered. I eventually hung up, tried calling again to speak to a manager and after refusing to talk to the care rep instead of a manger, I was cast onto eternal hold again.

On July 1st, I attempted to make this same payment again over the phone pay system. I successfully re-enrolled (another upgrade that deleted my previous account information) in that system as well and made my payment. I received a confirmation number for my payment and assumed all was well. FMC called on July 10th stating that payment had not been made, that I had purposely gave them a bad account number, (which it wasn't because I've had the same checking account for 10 years, I know my account number by heart) and that I was now locked out of all systems ( except Western Union) and my truck was scheduled for repossesion in August. Again, I expressed that I have done everything asked of me by FMC and that the only reason why they haven't received payment is because of FMC deleting 2 existing accounts (phone and ebill) which is causing this entire mix up. That I do not deserve to be threatened with repossesion nor do I deserve the continued phone harrassment and hits against my credit record because of these technological mistakes during upgrades. I asked again to speak with a manager and again, I sat on eternal hold for 25 minutes before I hung up. By now, I had learned the routine. My wife, seeing that I was extremly upset, attempted to call on my behalf and defuse the situation. She was also harrassed and slandered and is demanding I trade in the vehicle to pay off FMC immediately.

FMC is demanding I pay all delinquent late fees, accept the hit on my credit record for their inability to accurately record good faith attempts to make payment arangements, fix faulty customer billing application upgrades and pay a 25% per day fee for every day I continue to be late since May. To add insult to injury I must now pay an additional $10 transaction fee when wiring my (even later) truck payment just so they can authorize me to use phone pay and ebill applications. Oh, and I can't just mail them my payment either. They won't accept my check or a money order by mail.

I'm not kidding, this is really how Ford Motor Credit treats their customers. I've already filed a complaint with the BBB regarding this whole mess but you know FMC will weasel out of it and I'll still have to pay these outrageuos fees that never would have accrued if I was allowed to make my payment on June 25th like I originally attempted to do. I suppose I didn't have to file this, and many other negative remarks against FMC but something about calling me "fraudulent" and slandering my character set me off. It's not good to piss off a Systems Administrator!

If you buy a Ford product, make sure you're financed through anyone BUT Ford Motor Credit; you'll be glad you did.
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Posted by ejack053824 on 2004-07-11:
I feel your pain! I had the exact same problem with FMC. I wanted to finance the automobile at the time with them to build my credit. I already had cash to pay for the car. Anyways, they pissed me off to the point I told them to take their financing and stick it in their a$$ and paid the car off in full.
Posted by sanford31031 on 2004-07-12:
Ok so jackoff, you had the same problem, you needed a special payment arrangement, but had enough to outright by the car? Yea whatever....you contradict yourself way tooo much! Are you a politician or does lying just run in your family?
Posted by ejack053824 on 2004-07-13:
Santurd go screw yourself biotch! I don't care what you believe. Your opinion is worthless.
Posted by sanford31031 on 2004-07-13:
And you lie like a rug....what is your point?
Posted by PeskyKittyButt on 2004-07-15:
Definitely better, if you have the money, to pay a large purchase off in full. But I guess you know that NOW...
Posted by jbarber on 2005-01-07:
I've had the same problem with Ford Motors Credit. I think they hire the most rude and obnoxious people for there phone representatives. No matter how nice and polite you are to them they come off very rude and sarcastic. Trying to maintain your cool is hard to do. You just want to reach through the phone and choke the them. And if you say to them "Look I am trying to be polite, please don't talk to me with sarcasm and please don't be rude, I have not been rude to you" they feed on that and say something to the effect of " No sir, you're being rude to me!" And it's like "What have I said that was rude to you!" They make stuff up as they go to make themselves look in the right and you in the wrong. No matter what you say they try there hardest to make you look stupid and feel like a deadbeat. I get the calls 3 times a day, they call my references harassing them as well. Trust me I know, I have been laid off of construction for about 3 months now, I messed my knee up and I have to have it totally reconstructed, they don't care, but if you put the shoe on the other foot they might care or be sympathetic. I traded in 2 vehicles on a Mercury Villager and not to mention if you're a first time buyer with them they stick this high interest rate right up your ole pucker spout! How nice! Anyway, does anyone have the same problem? If so please email me at jbarber1@myhtn.net cause this harassment needs to stop, and people like us, being harassed need to find a way to put a stop to the crap. Although I do have one suggestion for everyone, I do this myself and it works half the time, buy a tape recorder and a phone mic, as soon as they call tell them "Look, you guys call me and record our conversation so I'm going to record our conversation as well to have proof of our conversation and what exactly was said!" You will find out that it tones there terrible attitudes down tremendously. Not to mention if they say anything slanderous or hurtful to you, you have everything on tape and they are well aware of the situation. Believe me, it sucks and be sure before the conversation starts that you make them aware you are recording as well. It is against the law to record a conversation without notifying the other recorded party, nor will it stick if it goes to court. Good luck.
Posted by Metal_or_Money on 2006-07-01:
Systems Administrator? And you have THIS MUCH TIME to whine online? In any case, the whole rambling diabtribe sounds more like my ex-mother-in-law than an honesr, accurate report on a real-life incident. My 3 cents is: A)Dry up, B) Pay up, and most importantly, c) SHUT UP!
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Posted by on 06/22/2001
HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY -- We purchased a used 1998 FORD WINDSTAR with 27.5 K mi. from ALL-AMERICAN FORD of Hackensack, N.J. on 05/20/1999 during an 'ad mail' sales/trade-in promotion.
When we were completing the invoice interview, my wife and I clearly told the finance officer that we wanted the most complete extended service plan available to us for that vehicle, and were given a color brochure which supposedly represented that plan. Paperwork followed in the mail which showed a different name for the plan (Ford ESP BaseCARE) but all the items listed matched word for word what was on the brochure, so we believed we had the extent of coverage we wanted at the time of sale.
Not long after , we found the radio was not working properly and also the rear wiper motor , so we brought the vehicle in for warranty repair and it was fixed(fortunately that time !) Then we returned a little over a year later with problems with the engine surging and the air conditioning not responding and asked that those be fixed and that full routine maintenance be performed on the auto as we were planning to relocate in the near future. The service center had our vehicle for a period of almost four days (over a weekend) and when returned , the vehicle surged so badly the next day during my return home from work on a major highway (RT. 46 East , West Paterson, NJ) that I nearly got into a collision with another vehicle. The a/c also was still dysfunctioning and blowing cold then warm air continuously. I brought the vehicle back to ALL AMERICAN and they asserted arrogantly that it was repaired properly and that I required more service. They kept the vehicle overnight, and claimed that the service was not under warranty, and that they had to update
the powertrain computer. I was taken aback ... they also claimed to have fixed the a/c problem, but two weeks later same old story ...I then took the auto to another dealer PISTILLI FORD of Paramus, NJ where they fixed it once and for all and said that ALL AMERICAN should have done the job right the first time in the shop. I immediately put all repair charges from ALL-AMERICAN FORD
on my American Express platinum account into dispute. I also decided on a hunch to have the coolant , trans , and 4 wheel alignment re-inspected by a very reliable STRAUSS AUTO CENTER near my home in LODI , NJ. Their mechanics permitted me to stay with the auto while re-work was being done ; during the flush of the coolant system, the coolant removed was dirty and looked like it had never been changed ! The transmission fluid flushed looked the same : old and brownish, not the fresh cherry red syrup color of fresh fluid ! The alignment was out of specs enough to establish that the job may not have ever been done at all... and need I say more ? Yes. We then relocated to Pennsylvania and found ourselves in need of service on the WINDSTAR again .. the power locks on both front doors were not functioning right , the turn signals would not work unless the tilt steering column was jacked up to its highest 'uncomfortable' (school bus) position and even then they emitted a buzzing electrical short sound complete with a bit of smoke ! The wiper washer
in front would not work at all, neither the wiper delay.. Plus, there was a knocking sound coming from beneath the front when we were doing slow parking manuevers and turns. So there we were again. We brought the car to RAY PRICE STROUD FORD in Stroudsburg for inspection and service on Monday 06-11-01 and were told that afternoon that we needed both struts replaced , the multi-function switch replaced and the door actuators replaced , plus welding of a crack in the sub-frame of the auto and that NOTHING WAS COVERED UNDER WARRANTY according to their parts data base for our extended service plan , but were covered under two other plans available to FORD owners. It was then we realized that we were not given the plan we ordered at the time of sale but we also decided to call their (800) # and speak with a Customer Service rep . She agreed that we should have been told about all plans available , and that we likely had been undersold the 'cut-rate' plan. I got her and the service advisor from RAY PRICE STROUD FORD to agree that the struts were in fact a covered item and they did that replacement under warranty. They denied warranty coverage for replacement parts for the turn signal/wiper delay problems and for the door lock problems. I tried to seek restitution through FORD's executive offices but the administrative assistants would not offer us any
remuneration or refund.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

We are seeking compensation in the amount of $1700.00 which covers work that should have been under the proper warranty and services from ALL-AMERICAN which were never done and had to be re-done. We feel that ALL AMERICAN FORD-
520 RIVER ST.,Hackensack N.J. is chiefly responsible for this gross neglect in

1)failing to give us the plan we asked for
2)failing to adhere to professional service ethics by not doing the work we paid them for
3)by not giving us the plan we needed , putting us in a bind to receive future repairs needed for the vehicle under warranty

If there is to be a resolve, it should be full monetary compensation in the amount of $ 1700.00, plus(if possible)an upgrade to the desired extended service plan we asked for initially , and any cost differences for that upgrade to be covered in full by ALL-AMERICAN FORD of HACKENSACK, NJ

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-24:
ford sucks my ford focus 2000 had 5 miles on it and have ben dissatisfied with the focuses i was told insurance should take care of my wreck cause the air bages did not deploy and faulity seat belts and they want a 100.00 just to ck my steering out also i had a hard ferk to left which sent me into ditchThe problem is that the vehicle is a 2000 Focus. I have had the same problems concerning my Focus and I want my money back on the vehicle, or at least some type of buy out on the vehicle.
- (10/19/2003)
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Brakes again?
Posted by Graffixart on 05/20/2004
NEW YORK -- I just feel ripped off and I was told no one can do anything for me...Well that's not good enough. I had my brakes done in July at Pep Boys. The brakes kept squeeking and I went back to a ford dealership to have them check it out. The said all 4 rotors were bad. So I had all 4 rotors replaced in September of 2003. Then in the end of April I had my rear brakes done with just a cutting of the rotors. Everything was fine. Then about two weeks ago I took my car to Ford just for an oil change. They told me my tires were shot and to replace all 4 tires. So, I had all 4 tires replaced. The day I got the car back and started to drive, I thought they didn't balance the tires correctly because the steering wheel was violently shaking. So, I went back to the tire place. They told me it was my front rotors or brakes and to go back to ford. So, I took my car to ford and low and behold it was my front brakes. They told me the front rotors were too low to be cut and I need new front rotors along with new front brake pads. I wouldn't care if I hadn't spent almost $900 in September on the same thing. There is no way rotors should go that fast. When I told Ford this they said the reason the rotors went so fast was because of the aftermarket brake pads that were used at Pep Boys. Well didn't the other ford dealership know this in September when they replaced the front rotors and not the brake pads? Well now I'm paying twice for fords mistake. When I called Ford motor company they said their is nothing they can do for me but place a complaint against the dealership...well thanks a lot I'm sure they will be calling me to settle this...Yeah right.....I honestly think this is fords fault and they should take care of it.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-05-21:
This is NOT Ford's problem, the problem started at Pep Boys when you had their pads installed. They probably installed full metalic pads which are so hard they ate the rotors up. The other problem here is the first Ford dealership you went to only replaced the rotors (usually when you replace the rotors it is recommended, not required though, that you replace the pads along with the rotors as a set). Good luck.
Posted by gman on 2004-05-23:
Dealer... when will they ever learn?
Stay out of Pep Boys for anything more that supplies!
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-05-24:
Gman... Don't you think it is funny that these people blame the manufacturer after they were the ones who caused the problem in the first place by going to Pep Boys and getting their "Special Brake Sale"
Posted by Graffixart on 2004-06-08:
It is obvious that none of you three that posted a comment know how to read.....Yeah I understand that Pep Boys are not the top mechanics...However, when Ford saw there were aftermarket brake pads on the car shouldn't they have suggested to me to replace them? No, instead Ford rather keep their mouths shut so they can get me for rotors twice...Yeah this is Fords problem...If they were competent mechanics they would have known what would happen if they left the pads...I have no problem paying for something once..However, I'm not wasting my money twice for some morons mistake....Trust me I will get my money back...
Posted by ChowderHead on 2004-06-08:
Do you feel ripped off?
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-06-09:
Graffix: Please read carefully!!! My previous post told you there was 2 problems here, 1 the obvious Pep Boys pads and 2 the first Ford dealership for only replacing the rotors. The dealership did not look far enough into your complaint and only solved the problem (ie: the rotors) and not the cause of the problem (ie: the pads). Again though I stand by my original diagnosis that this is not Fords problem as you are so determined. Pep Boys is the one that original instigated the problem but you are determined to blame Ford??? Even if I take the most liberal approach to this I can only see 90% Pep boys here and 10% the first Ford Dealership for not recommending replacement of the pads at that time. If you direct your energy here to the appropriate sources you may learn something here and possibly get some resolution. Good Luck.
Posted by TERRYG on 2004-08-10:
Posted by Frdtek04 on 2004-10-23:
The first Ford dealer probably should have installed a fresh set of pads, knowing that they'd eat through the new rotors, just like the other pads had done. In reality, the rotors are made of sub standard metal and you'd be better off going fully through aftermarket pads and rotors. The metal in most newer Fords are too soft and the pads used with them are usually too hard. This combination usually results in less frequent warranty repairs due to noise, ie. squeeking, grinding noises. At any rate, noise has nothing to do with the over-all stopping ability of the car, in meeting with federal safety standards. The gov says to do this and the manufacturer does it through different metal and pad blends usually resulting in higher consumer costs, both in purchase and in maintenance.
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Window problems
Posted by RANDY0893 on 06/24/2010
I purchased my ford brand new in 2006 along with an extended warranty which was a good thing. I have had several problems with it. The radio, handles on the doors peeling, glue under vinyl on door panels peeling up and last but not least 3 windows have had a regulator cable break and have to be replaced. It starts with a popping sound and then the window starts creeping down and can not be raised unless you force it and brace it shut with some type of wedge. 2 of these windows happened while I still had extended warranty but still cost $100 to fix each time. The most recent one which I had repaired on 6-22-2010 I paid the full cost to repair. Which was $240.00. I am wondering if anyone else has had problems with this. Seems to me that it is a faulty part if 3 out of 4 needed to be replaced.
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Posted by cgarner on 2010-09-23:
I also have a 2006 Fusion. One of the cables broke in the front passenger side window. We replaced it ourselves and did notice when we got the new part in that it had been made differently and was much stronger in the area the first one broke. At least Ford did improve on a bad part. Was very impressed with the metal plate inside the door. Never had a vehicle with one before.
Posted by John_Smith on 2013-07-10:
Don't know whats wrong with my window yet. But if I bring it all the way down it wont go back up without one person pulling on it and the other person tapping the up button. Also the sun roof doesn't close in the right spot. (also an owner of a 2006 fusion)
Posted by KAREN WAMSLEY on 2013-07-12:
Posted by Renald on 2013-07-28:
The window does not go back up, the problem is at the bottom of the front track. I removed rust on the inside of the track, the unfortunate part is that you will have to take the entire door apart and you can get access from the speaker hole
Posted by Matt on 2013-08-08:
3 out of the 4 windows in my 06 fusion have broken cables!!!! They all happend to go out within a year of each other.
Posted by Jeff on 2013-10-06:
I just had my 2nd window cable bust on me, first happened appx 2 months ago, both on the drivers side. Has anyone replaced their own? Any tips/suggestions in the process?
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Customer Service
Posted by Tracy on 08/17/2004
HYDE PARK, NEW YORK -- My fiance purchased a 1997 Mazda pick up truck, in 2002, financed through Ford Motor Credit. The dealer told him that if he made his payments he would be able to refinance the car after two years and lower the payments. Two years went by and he ended up being laid off. He contacted Ford Motor Credit and attempted to refinance the truck as was promised by Poughkeepsie Ford, telling them that he was unemployed and could no longer make the $340 monthly payments. They told him that they would absolutely not refinance the truck because it was a 1997 pick up truck. He asked them to help him lower the payments, either through a defferment or some other kind of assistance and they refused, telling him that if he didn't make the $340 monthly payments they would repossess his car. He tried but just couldn't make the payments. He contacted them again and tried to work something out. They refused. He voluntarily gave them back the car. They sold the car at auction for $1800 and are now suing him for the balance owed on the loan. They contacted him and told him how much they had received at the auction and he was stunned. They wouldn't work anything out with him so he could keep his truck and his credit, but they would sell it at far below retail value for the vehicle. How can we make Ford go away? Thank you.
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Posted by starbucks107 on 2004-09-26:
I have written Ford 3 times about a Customer Service Issue in repairing my Truck. At least the dealership acted in Good will and helped me fix my car! Props to them! Power Ford, Valencia, Cal. But almighty Ford. Again, I have a problem and they refuse to even respond. Typical, and it reflects on the overall rating Ford has received on this and other web sites.
Posted by Mad at Ford on 2005-01-26:
They say that the amount was 1800.00, but in reality, they make more off the vehicles. I have had such a bad expierience with Ford Credit, that i just refuse to ever finance anything ever again with them. They are nice in the beggining, but after you have paid finance charges, they rather take your vehicle away and make more money off of it. They are just theives.
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paying off car
Posted by Nycgarzon on 01/21/2004
I called to know what my pay off was. And so they gave me this amount and so i send a check out to them, and now that they received it, now they are saying i owe about another 100.00 bucks. They should really have their story straight.

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Posted by chancesare on 2004-01-23:
The interest calculated on the payoff is estimated and added to your loan balance on daily basis.
If that is not the case here then I would suggest to you to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Comission. And also the Better Business Bureau.
Good Luck!
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Ford Truck Junk
Posted by Yipps on 03/04/2010
I have a 2004 Ford F550 with 6.0 engine. We have spent more in repairs than the actual truck is worth. Injectors, fuel pump, pressure pump, carbon cleaning, decontaminating fuel tank and more. I have called the national highway admin. and federal trade commission to file complaints. National highway gave me a number to ford customer care. Called them and explained that our truck started blowing injectors at 50,000 miles (and still does), explained that I know ford sued Navistar (manufacturer of the 6.0) because of the defects in this engine in Michigan and now all Ford's customers are stuck with faulty engines and fuel tanks. Ford told me because of the age of the truck there is nothing they would do for me. I have all the records from the date of purchase for this truck and like I said injectors started blowing under warranty and did not stop after warranty expired. I can't even count how many times was have had that truck in the shop.

We are from Maryland and all us Maryland ford owners need to get together and start a lawsuit against Ford just like they are doing in West Virginia. Ford needs to be held accountable for this consumer rip off.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-04:
Unfortunately you are asking them to do something about it now that it is out of warranty. Get a Toyota next time.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-04:
get a toyota next time. lmao. good one.

yipps, if you know ford sued navistar over engine defects, it might be worth your time to consult with an expert on the matter. if that lawsuit covered the year your ford was made, then it makes no difference that you have a 2004, ford would need to act. course that's my assumption.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-04:
Get a Toyota -- LMAO. Good one.
Posted by redmx3racer on 2010-03-04:
Toyota-HAHA! Funny!

Not to mention-Toyota does not make a diesel heavy duty truck.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-04:
Oops sorry! I thought I had seen F150....
Posted by Yipps on 2010-03-08:
KingJames, right now I am looking for ford truck owners equipped with a 6.0 engine to start a lawsuit in maryland. The trucks were made over a couple years and range from I believe F250 to F550. I would have to double check that. The lawfirm in WV presently handling a case against ford said if we could round up enuf people in maryland they will represent us.
Posted by bneuls on 2010-08-10:
Yipps...this is exactly what my father in law is going through with his 2004 F550. Wish I lived in Maryland. Maybe I will have to try the same thing here in New Jersey. Called Ford again today and all could say was "take it to a different dealership"!
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Ford 6.0 diesel fuel tank problem
Posted by Discover on 01/28/2010
I have a 2004 ford f450 with the 6.0 power stroke diesel. In May of 2007 my truck shuts down in the middle of the road, bring it to ford and they tell me my fuel tank is delaminated and caused my injectors, fuel pump, high pressure seals to blow out. So therefore I had to replace the tank and all those parts. Warranty only cover half the bill which was $4000. Fifteen months later the same thing happen again bring the truck to ford and they give me the same news " the additive in the diesel fuel is causing the lining of the tank to delaminate" they would not cover any cost of this repair. I had to shell out $3800. December 2009 the truck doesn't want to start, get it to ford and they tell me for the third time I have to replace the fuel tank, injectors, and pump. I refused the repair and I am ready to move forward legally with this. I live on long island New York if any one is having the same problem e-mail me volvhog@yahoo. com
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2010-01-29:
You might try to find an independent diesel repair shop. I have seen quite a few posts on some of the Ford Powerstroke boards and while this is a common problem, it's not common to have the pump and injectors go out at the same time - that is what the fuel filters are for.

Most guys seem to be able to replace the tank and fuel filers for less than $1000 and get rolling again. Also, there are some tank recoating products out there that seem to work OK.

It appears biodiesel is the culprit, it's a powerful solvent and depending on where you are buying your fuel, you might be getting 10% or more biodiesel mixed in with your "normal" diesel fuel.
Posted by goduke on 2010-01-29:
I'd be getting me a different truck.
Posted by dirtguy on 2010-11-01:
Ford Truck owners. This is a Very, very widespread problem, with mainly LCF, Ford 450 and F450 and F550 Super Duty Trucks. Please file a complaint with the NHTSA at
There are dozens and dozens and dozens of complaints on their site now, and we need to add thousands and force Ford to recall the trucks that have defective tanks. Our company is also filing a complaint with the WA State attorney generals office, asking them to do the same and suggest you do as well. This is NOT from bio diesel, bad fuel, bad luck, someone putting something in your tank. It is a DEFECT and it should be repaired, BY Ford AT Ford's expense, not yours!
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-11-01:
Huge_Jorgen -> While it is true the solvent properties of each differ, according to one source: "Biodiesel has different solvent properties than petrodiesel, and will degrade natural rubber gaskets and hoses in vehicles (mostly vehicles manufactured before 1992), although these tend to wear out naturally and most likely will have already been replaced with FKM, which is nonreactive to biodiesel."

This would lead me to guess that late model vehicles wouldn't have a problem with low percentage blends of biodiesel. There should be standards such as B5, B10 that would be acceptable, like E10 seems to be acceptable for gas engines. But it is just a guess.
Posted by pl on 2013-04-29:
There is a class action suit started in New Jersey, I do no t know if it has a now taken in NY. I am in CA.
2003 E350 7.3L
at 137000 new fuel pump, tank boiled
at 149000 new tank, new fuel pump, ordered in-line filter system
Posted by Clay on 2013-10-10:
Same problems 2nd tank and injectors again. To many problems to list
Posted by Richlind on 2013-11-22:
This will be the third tank and injectors for my 06 f550. Ford should pay the fees not me. Why would they use defective parts again and again.
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