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Could not repair under warranty and will not after warranty.
By -

Following is my letter to ** Ford Customer Service.

I have finally reached my limit of tolerance with your total lack of commitment to service. I purchased my Expedition in March 2007. I had no problems with the vehicle until I bought a boat in 2008. As an aside, the weight of the boat with trailer is approximately 2200 pounds. The vehicle developed a problem when I attempted to back the boat up an incline, or go forward on an incline. When I depressed the gas pedal, the engine would not respond.

I subsequently took the Expedition to the dealer where I bought it; Fisher-Vincent Ford in Belton, TX. The dealer could not find the problem, but felt that a piece of foam might have been the culprit and removed it. I was told to continue driving it. Since the problem is intermittent, it gave me no problem for a couple of trips to the lake. It happened again, and continued for a few of the trips. I could not allow anyone else to drive my car since I was afraid they would encounter the situation and wouldn't know what to do.

I took the vehicle back to the dealer and they allegedly contacted Ford engineers. They were told that I should disable the Advance Trac system when pulling the boat out. I did this and it worked for a couple of times, but the problem happened again. Again, the problem is intermittent, but it is enough to cause concern. On one occasion, I had driven to someone's home who has a driveway that goes down a steep incline to their house. When I attempted to back out of their driveway, the engine would not respond. After turning off the engine at least twice and restarting it, I was finally able to back out of the driveway.

Again, during this boating season, the same problem developed. Since Fisher-Vincent is no longer in business, as well as another dealer (Cove Ford in Copperas Cove, TX), I chose to contact Ford using your online form. I received no response except for the attached survey request. I answered the survey by stating that I NEVER HEARD FROM FORD ABOUT MY PROBLEM. Again, I received no response.

I sent another online form outlining my problem and today received a call from Denver from a representative named **. Frankly, I had a difficult time understanding him and doubt the call came from Denver. Like many other companies, you apparently outsource your complaint department. ** stated in his call that he checked and discovered that Ford had failed to send me a mailing after my initial complaint. He apologized and assured me Ford would handle the problem and made an appointment with a dealer in Temple, TX.

I received the attached email from ** stating that since the car was out of warranty, a diagnostic service would be charged to me. Oh really? Ford failed to fix the problem to begin with and now I am being charged because I am now out of warranty. Also, please note from his attached email that Ford admitted to not answering my online request due to a “computer glitch”.

As a result of the foregoing, I now write to you for assistance. Frankly, I am sure to get the usual “you're out of warranty” response. In short, I am being told that it is now my problem that Ford wasn't able to fix the problem to begin with. I was told by ** that since Fisher-Vincent Ford is no longer in business, there are no records to indicate what they did to rectify the problem. Further, Fisher-Vincent gave me no paperwork to verify.

At this point, I am very angry. I have had Ford products in the past and have had no problems. I didn't realize that when a problem occurs, Ford simply does not care. This is my last Ford vehicle because I cannot trust your customer service; however, I am sure that your big corporation will not miss me.

Don't Waste Your Money
By -

I "own" a 2002 Ford Eddie Bauer Expedition. I would like to voice a formal complaint to the world that this is the most blatant rip off that I have ever experienced. After buying this majestic beauty I noticed motor rapping. Complained to the dealership regularly about this issue and was told to use heavier oil in it. Now, three motors later it runs like a top.

However, it is going to the scrap yard because it has rusted out rocker panels, floor boards, cross members to the point that my mechanic stated that the only thing stopping him from putting his hand through the floor was the carpet! Can you believe that! A once $50,000 vehicle. It currently has 3,000 miles on the motor and 82,000 miles on the body.

I spoke to FORD MOTOR CO, and what they said was not only laughable but insulting. They offered me a $3,000 discount off (X- Plan) of the purchase of a new FORD vehicle. How amusing. That is just what I want to do. Bend over and take it one more time... I suggest that anyone thinking about a FORD product consider throwing their money in a roaring fireplace. It will be quicker and less painful than the screwing you'll get from FORD.

2000 Expedition trying to start itself!
By -

My son woke me up because he heard our car trying to start and when he looked out the window he saw the lights were on. He thought someone was trying to steal our expedition. I hit the unlock button in the house and saw that no one was in the car. I had to call the police because the ignition was grinding so much and making so much noise I thought the car was going to explode.

My husband was on his way home from work when I called him. He could hear the noise. He told me to go out and start the car with the key. When I turned the key the engine did start but at the same time it was grinding and gunning so loud, I ran out of the car because I thought it was going to blow up.

When the police arrived the battery died and the car quit making the noise but the lights wouldn't go out. So the police officer pulled out a few fuses but the lights still wouldn't go out. Then my husband arrived and he had to disconnect the battery for the lights to go out.

Since then we charged the battery but to no avail the car won't start. The lights will come on and it beeps when the keys are in the ignition. So I think my starter blew up. Has anyone else had this freakish experience and how did you handle it? Did Ford take responsibility?

Ford Expedition Manufacturer DEFECT Windshield/ electrical
By -

I am sending you this email regarding severe electrical problems I am experiencing with my Ford Expedition. Per service personnel at the Jenkins & Wynne Ford dealership in Clarksville, Tennessee, these problems are a direct result of water intrusion into the GEM/CJB due to a faulty windshield outlined in a special message sent directly from Ford to all Ford dealerships in April of 2002.

These problems have existed for years. And although I have taken my vehicle in to have correct these problems, at no time did any service personnel reference the above message, or fix my vehicle in accordance with prescribed guidelines. The following is a summary of the services performed on my vehicle that are a direct result of this problem. I will be more than happy to provide copies of these documented services upon request.

Dec 2000: My husband and I purchased our vehicle in Washington with 13,000 miles on it while on Christmas leave from Germany, and our truck sat in storage until our return in Sep 2001. We then drove our vehicle from California to our new duty station at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

Jan 2002: We had issues with the electrical and transmission modular. We took the vehicle to the World of Ford dealership in Arlington, Virginia. They replaced the power train control modular, airbag light, and the Check Engine light, and reprogrammed the GEM modular. The odometer reading at this time was 26,795 miles. Fortunately, the vehicle was still under warranty.

Jul 2002: I took the truck back to World of Ford in Arlington, Virginia for the following problems: transmission slipping, Check Engine light, airbag lights, and ABS lights. Ford said they could not duplicate problems. The vehicle was still covered under warranty with an odometer reading of 30,481 miles. Again, although the Ford Special Message had been released in April of 2002, at no time was it mentioned to me as a possible source for these problems.

Sept 2004: I went back to World of Ford with the same problems mentioned above, plus the trip meter/odometer was blinking in and out. They replaced the LED and electrical connections under the driver seat, and fixed the lights on the dash. I had to pay $600.00 for these repairs. The dealership wanted an additional $500.00 to fix the odometer/trip meter lights, but we simply could not afford to fix it at that time. Still no mention of the Special Message. The odometer reading at the time of these repairs was 56,076 miles.

May 2006: My vehicle is currently sitting at the Jenkins & Wynne Ford dealership in Clarksville, Tennessee because of electrical issues. I took it in because the transmission felt like it was slipping sporadically (mentioned above), the Check Engine light, the ABS light, and airbag light are still not working properly (mentioned above), and, of course, I still have the problem with the Odometer/trip meter.

A service employee, **, told me on 16 May 2006, that Ford had manufactured some front windshields incorrectly and that I needed to replace my front windshield, fuse box, and wires in my dash because of corrosion, and rust caused by the rain seeping through the windshield and running on the inside of the truck into the dash and fuse box causing extensive damage.

** told me he believes the extent of the damage is indicative of years of precipitation getting into my vehicle because of the faulty windshield. They had to replace the front windshield, electrical wires in the dash and fuse box, the fuse box, GEM modular, transmission modular, airbag control modular, and fuel injection gas pump.

My cost for these repairs is $2632.00. In addition, my transmission is on the verge of needing to be replaced - they found twice the amount of metal shavings in the pan than normal for a vehicle with only 81,000 miles. Replacing the transmission will cost $3000.00. Service personnel believe this problem may have also been caused by the faulty windshield/water damage.

For now, we do not have to replace the transmission; however, they are not sure how long it will be before I will have to. At this time, my truck is scheduled to be repaired tomorrow, but I can't afford these repairs, nor should I have to. It is my belief that this is a FORD manufacturing issue. Ford recognized the problem as far back as 2002, but did not recall or alert individual vehicle owners. Because of pure negligence on their part, I have had to take my vehicle in for repairs on 4 separate occasions.

Jenkins & Wynne of Clarksville TN, HAD to repair/replace the electrical issues (totaling $2632.00) before they could move on to the transmission problems. Now we've discovered we may have to repair/replace the transmission (an additional $3000.00), and this problem may be directly related to the faulty windshield.

In addition, ** said the truck was throwing electrical codes and did NOT have a spare digital dash to find the problems before repairing/replacing parts and charging for parts one at a time. I HAD NO CLUE this was going to COST this AMOUNT of money because I was not given an estimate prior to. Again, they couldn't give me an estimate because problems needed to be fixed before they could move on to the next set of problems and realize the full extent of the damages to my vehicle.

The payoff for my truck is $7400.00. And now I am looking at a minimum of an additional $2300 - $5300.00 worth of repairs that could have been avoided if Ford and/or their dealerships where I had repairs made to my vehicle would have fixed the problem from the very beginning.

The bottom line is I have sent this information to several agencies - Ralph Nader, Consumer Affairs, Better Business Bureau, National HWY and Safety, and the Center for Auto Safety - to report this because I feel that Ford neglected its consumers by not alerting vehicle owners to these potential problems and the safety hazards associated with them. I would appreciate any assistance or guidance with this issue.

Expedition with engine problems and too many other problems
By -

NEW PALESTINE -- I own a 2000 Ford Expedition. Sometimes I wished I had never bought this SUV. I will tell you I have had more problems with this SUV. It has been to the dealership too many times for repairs. I have had to replace the brakes twice, the idle arm three times, the electric dashboard once, the inside door had to be fixed, the axle or differential in the back was leaking, and the seals had to be replaced. The airbag light kept coming on, alternator once, the emergency brake lines had to be repaired.

Now the dealership says that the engine is blown and the radiator needs to be replaced. The dealership says it will take 6,000 dollars to fix the engine. I have a problem with this because we had no warning that there was anything wrong with the engine. We had no service engine light come on. The only warning we had was that the engine started knocking when we were coming back from Nashville, TN.

When we got the Expedition home we parked it and then drove it to the dealership on September 6, 2004 to be looked at on September 7, 2004. The problem is that my Expedition has 83,000 miles on it. The dealership says it is not covered under any type of warranty.

I feel that I have a Lemon of a car. I have nothing but problems since I got this Expedition. I have had one person call and ask about it and I keep telling them it is a terrible car and they say there is nothing they can do. Anytime I call the service center they say will take down what you say and nothing ever happens. I feel that I have been mislead by Capitol City Ford and the Ford Company. This is not Ford Quality. If it is I would hate to see what happens if there is no quality. I am so disappointed in Ford at this time.

The bad part about all of this is that my husband has a 99- F150 and has only had to have the brakes fixed. So you can see that I feel that I have a lemon of a car. As a result, of all of the problems I am stuck with this car because it is not worth what I owe on it. I am the first owner of this car. This Expedition has been nothing but a money pit for me. The problem is the company says it is not their problem and the dealership will say there's nothing they can do.

As a consumer you will just have to pay to have it fixed. I have a better warranty on my heat pump that runs 365 days a year. I did buy a separate warranty for the Expedition through the dealership and that warranty was for 75,000 miles or 5 years as you can see it is out of warranty. Another thing is that there were no warning lights to come on to let me know there was anything wrong with my Expedition.

I took the Expedition in the dealership right before the 75,000 mile warranty was up. At that time they said nothing about something being wrong with the engine. They had to replace the electronic dashboard because I lost the lights on it. I would have thought if there was a problem then something would have trigger the check service engine light. The check engine light has never come on for anything.

I feel that Ford should stand behind their product. I feel that my Expedition has been nothing but a lemon of an SUV. When I did take the Expedition in to be serviced for a day, it usually took between 2-5 days to get my SUV fixed because they didn't have the parts to fix it.

Bad Air Compressor From the Start
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Rating: 1/51

DAMMAM, SAUDI ARABIA -- I bought this car new from dealer 6 months ago. 3 months later, the air compressor jammed and the belt started to smoke and smell. I took it to local dealer 3 times so far, my A/C works for 2-3 days after dealer visit. I regret buying a Ford.

Lousy Interior Is Cheap
By -

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Purchased a 2008 Expedition. After a few months and only 9000 miles, the driver door looks like it is 5 years old. And the "leather" seat looks very worn. I had a 2000 model that looked like new 7 years later! Ford is charging more but using CHEAP products. Even the carpet looks bad and I am very gentle on my vehicles and keep them very clean. After calling the 800 number, no one was willing to do anything! We live in Texas and they tried to blame it on our "dark Clothing". We rarely wear long sleeves here! This will be my last Ford. They lost a good customer.

Ford Does Not Care
By -

CALIFORNIA -- The computer on my 2003 Expedition went out on 8/27/07. It has been in the shop waiting for them to send the part to the dealer. It is now 9/28/07, everyone I talk to keeps giving me the run around. Then they told me I would get a rental. When I called for the rental they denied saying it. We still don't have our car or a rental. We're paying for a car we cannot drive because it is still in the shop, and no one knows when the part will be sent. Ford and everyone that works for them care less...

Transmission breakdown
By -

ORANGE, CALIFORNIA -- After only 6 months of ownership on my new 2000 expedition, the transmission failed leaving me stranded on the first day of my vacation. It took ten days to fix and I had to return the car for adjustments three times in the week that followed. I was not offered a rental car until I complained in a fit! Even then, I was billed for it!!

The car continues to have transmission difficulties. One instance in June 2000 the car would not stop and placed me just inches from a pedestrian! Just this summer (2003) the car again lunged forward and placed me in the middle of the intersection in the midst of traffic! The following day the transfluid poured out of the transmission. Regarding the lunging, the Ford dealership said, "Sometimes the contacts get a little dust on them." I had to pay $150 for the extended warranty just to have them look at it. A week later the automatic suspension failed; another $150 out of pocket (NOT TO MENTION THE ORIGINAL $1,500 FOR THE WARRANTY!).

There's more but I just don't have time... I have to get back to work to pay for my blunder on wheels. I have lost almost an entire month of work and school taking care of my new patient, my car! In my 25 years of car ownership I have never had a car of such poor workmanship! In fact, I could tally all of the problems related to ALL of my past cars and they would not equal to the issues of this BRAND NEW CAR. DON'T BUY FORD!!!

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