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2003 Ford Ranger (Plastic Fuel Tank)
By -

BROKEN ARROW, OKLAHOMA -- In February 2003 I purchased a Ford Ranger from the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma dealership for approximately $18,000.00. My truck is pretty much stock and does not have power windows or anything significant you would consider 'extras'. I have a five year contract and pay $300.00 a month. It is obvious to me now that I agreed to pay substantially more for this vehicle than it is worth.

Approximately eight months after purchasing my truck I got a leak in my gas tank. After I took it into the Ford service shop they told me that it looked like an icicle or sharp rock from the road had punctured the gas tank. That's when I found out that my "quality" vehicle's gas tank was made of plastic! My truck was still well under the manufacturer's warranty and I had also purchased the infamous "extended warranty" yet they explained that because this technically was not a 'defect' under their definition of the word, I was on my own.

It's been about a year and because of my finances I still do not have the ability to pay $800.00 for a new gas tank. I understand that this leak is very dangerous and am appalled that I did not get any help from United Ford. I understand that it's about the almighty dollar but, as you can see by what I paid for the truck, even if they would have done the right thing and replaced the cheap plastic gas tank, they still would have made a killing off of this sucker.

The 1-800 number is useless and both the dealership and the customer service representatives will absolutely refuse to give you the names and contact info. of the chain of command. No regional managers names, no owners names, nothing. They are about as sympathetic and helpful as the rock that punctured my tank!

Leaking Windshield First of Problems
By -

CANADA -- We purchased a new vehicle hoping to avoid the hassle of wasting "our" time on in-shop repairs. The first time it rained, the windshield leaked. It was taken in to be repaired and then they told us they were afraid of breaking it so wanted to have another one on hand. That meant another trip for the same repair. While repairing it, they put a dent in the floor, lost the power-point cap and left it dirty. On the way home the radio would not work except in "park".

We contacted the dealer and were told that could mean a brake failure and probably needed a new sensor switch. We took it in again and they confirmed that was the case and they would order one. That meant another trip - the fourth one for two problems. We also discovered that you could not bring in outside air on any of the A/C controls without the A/C coming on.

The dealer told us to call "Customer Service" who were anything but helpful, and told us we could not talk to an engineer or company headquarters. "She" was as high as we could go and to contact our dealer. The bottom line is this: Ford Canada is really only interested in spending money on advertising. And once they have sold you the vehicle, you are really on your own. We should have spent the money on a Honda!

Tailgate Cables Rust and Break - Safety Issue
By -

The tailgate cables are lined with rubber. When the fasteners are crimped to the cable, the ends of the crimp are left open and the cable is exposed to rain water. With the tailgate in the closed position, water enters both ends of the cable and rusts the cable in the middle. All of the broken cables that I have seen show that the cable rusts and will break in the middle.

Seal both open ends with a sealant and water can't get to the cable. If the cables have been in place for any length of time, then replace them and seal the new replacement cables. Older cables can break when standing on them. This is a safety issue so please be careful if you have this type of cable. They have been used for years on different Ford model trucks so check yours out.

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