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F.ound O.n the R.oad D.ead?...I Almost Was!
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NEW JERSEY -- An angel must have been riding with me in the passenger seat of my 2003 Ford Escape on June 2, 2005... I was lucky to have survived my accident. My tale of woe begins when I received a recall notice for the accelerator cable for my vehicle in January 2005. Although I promptly had the vehicle serviced at the dealership from which it had been purchased this seemed to not matter in my case.

A mere 5 months later, as I was driving home from work one evening, the accelerator pedal stuck down to the floor of my vehicle and the brakes wouldn't engage. As I was fast approaching an intersection where vehicles were stopped at a red light and a gas station stood on the corner, my vehicle was still accelerating on its own, now at about 50mph.

So I took a deep breath, said a quick prayer, and jerked the steering wheel to the right onto someone's lawn just to get off of the road. I somehow managed to drive in between two trees but didn't see the next one that broke my fall. As I sat there bleeding profusely and trapped in my mangled vehicle until rescue workers could cut me out all I could do was thank God that I didn't kill anyone.

I hired an attorney, who sought the expertise of both an automotive engineer and a mechanic, but to no avail. They determined that there was no obvious evidence of a manufacturer's defect. Since I couldn't afford to pursue this on my own I had to drop the case.

Although I'll never be compensated by Ford for my pain and suffering (which includes surgery to repair the open compound fracture of my elbow and the torn ligament in my wrist, the chip fracture in my hip socket, and the nightmares which often wake me) at the very least I have Ford to thank for the overdue vacation from work that I finally got to take (3 months of disability), for the motivation to finally start a workout routine (weekly visits to physical therapy), and for the get-out-of-jail-free card to help me get through airport security/metal detectors (metal implants id card). Enough said...

Ford Escape Brake Problems!
By -

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- The brakes on my 2005 Ford Escape started making terrible grinding noises. I was told by two shops that my pads needed to be replaced. Had them replaced but the problem continued. The pads were replace again - problem persisted. Since then, I've had 3 shops look at the brakes and they couldn't find the problem. I finally took it to Ford (I was told $19.99 for inspection but they CHARGED me $102.93). They told me I had 'chatter marks' and needed to replace all 4 rotors for $700. They told me you couldn't miss the 'chatter marks'. Funny how none of the other places saw the marks.

I did some research about 'Chatter Marks' - nothing really but a lot of information on this same brake grinding problem on the Escape. I called Ford and they said can't do anything because I took it to another shop. I've been buying Fords for 20 years! They just lost a loyal customer - I'll never buy a Ford again!!!

Transmission Customer Service
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WOODBRIDGE, NEW JERSEY -- My 2003 Ford Escape was just 27 days out of warranty with only 26,324 miles when the transmission blew. There are many TSB notices about this transmission. I called customer service to see if they would assist with repair costs. Repair costs are between $2000 and $3000. They flatly refused, told me I was solely liable for repair costs. I traded the Escape "As IS" at a loss just to be rid of this piece of garbage car. I was planning to buy 2 Fords in the next 2 years but now I will NEVER buy another Ford again!!

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