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2009 water leak in the rear
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I purchased a 2009 Ford Escape. It had a water leak in the back of my car from day one. I have been given the run around by Ford. They feel that more people should complain before they can do anything. This is the second Ford I have purchased in the last 10 years, that had a water leak...Go figure. I will NEVER, EVER purchase a FORD car, van or truck again. I thought AMERICAN cars were supposed to be great, they just suck. I will go with Toyota next time. Sorry USA but this is fact.
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MDSasquatch on 07/29/2010:
Have fun in your Toyota, please avoid my neighborhood when the accelerator is stuck, the steering is malfunctioning or other unrevealed problems are occurring. I have two kids, a dog and two cats that I don't want to be put in danger by your "Un-American" Car. Thanks
SaMoore on 07/29/2010:
I'm sorry the dealership has not been of more assistance. Good luck with your Toyota.
Anonymous on 07/29/2010:
That's odd. They wouldn't fix it? was it under warranty? lol If I had a leak in my brand new car, I wouldn't have left the dealership without it being fixed. If they refused, I would call a friend to pick me up and tell them to keep the car!
amy desorda on 08/05/2012:
I've had the exact same problem with my 2009 Ford escape. From day one each time it rained out my rear window leaked terribly. Two Ford dealerships and about ten visits and a bunch of runarounds and bs later to this day I still have the problem and it is not fixed ! Bullshit Ford motor co!!!!
Maureen on 09/12/2012:
I had a 2010 Escape that the back window leaked so often that the dealer bought it back under the lemon law. I had to get another Ford so I decided to try the 2012 Escape, thinking Ford would have solved the leak problem. But NO they didn't. My car is 6 months old and has been in the shop 3 times for the rear window leaking. Of course they say is is normal.
Alice on 04/16/2013:
I have the exact same problem with my 2009 Escape. The windshield is also letting water in - its dripping through the passenger handhold :(
Mike on 02/26/2014:
I have the same issue with my 2009 Escape. The trick I found is each time I fill my Escape with gas I pop the Rear Glass up and wipe off the dirt on the Rubber Seal along the top. No leaks since I started doing that. I was told it was a poor design. New Escapes no longer have a rear glass window that opens on the back.
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2009 Ford Escape
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I have a 2009 Ford Escape with 11,000 mile on it took it to the dealer which I got it from and they told me my trans had a problem. So I said fix it they told OK but I did not get a rental car now this is a new car and they with not give me a loan what the deal. I had to buy a service contract on a new car that is a bunch of b. s.

I will never buy a Ford car again can you believe this. What a great car company.
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goduke on 02/01/2010:
My 2007 Escape had a tranny die at 34K. Got in just under warranty. I got the corporate customer care folks to pay for part of the rental car (they wouldn't cover taxes or insurance). Phone numbers are at:

The dealership fixing it (not where I bought it, different state) actually took 10 days to get it done. That was an entirely different issue we had to chat about. Ford is way down at the bottom of my trust list at this point in life.
momsey on 02/01/2010:
I would think this is more of a dealership/salesman problem than a Ford problem (other than a major problem with a new car.) The dealers each have their own rules as far as loaners for customers, as far as I know. I bought a VW from one dealer several years ago, and every time I took it in for service, I had to pay for a loaner (a nominal fee, not the price I'd pay if I just went and rented a car.) At my current VW dealership, loaners are free.

On another note, sorry to hear problems about Ford, I've been hearing great things about them lately, and we were actually pretty set on buying an Escape Hybrid soon.
goduke on 02/01/2010:
momsey, I'd do the google search about ford escapes and transmissions first.
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Transmission Customer Service
Posted by on
WOODBRIDGE, NEW JERSEY -- My 2003 Ford Escape was just 27 days out of warranty with only 26,324 miles when the transmission blew. There are many TSB notices about this transmission. I called customer service to see if they would assist with repair costs. Repair costs are between $2000 and $3000. They flatly refused, told me I was solely liable for repair costs. I traded the Escape "As IS" at a loss just to be rid of this piece of garbage car. I was planning to buy 2 Fords in the next 2 years but now I will NEVER buy another Ford again!!
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dsmith68 on 03/09/2006:
What is the problem? You knowingly purchased a car with a 3 year warranty, and then complain when something goes wrong after the warranty ends? If you purchased a car from a friend with a 3 month warranty, would you expect him to pay 3k for repairs after 4 months?
sweet t on 03/22/2006:
ford sucks I have a 2003 escape, interior arm rest is tearing (and I have no kids) and transmission blew with no warning at 42,000 miles .it is a cheapo car with expensive price tag
navynova on 03/22/2006:
It's called ESP extened servie it
Angie T on 08/01/2006:
You would think that good customer service and keeping a valuable customer would motivate Ford to do the right thing. They don't value their customers and it's obvious by the way they treat them after the sale. I will never buy another Ford either. I have a Saturn and the dealership is constantly going out of their way to make sure I'm happy. They replaced two of my tires with no hassle even though they were not technically responsible to do so under the warranty. Now THAT's customer service! And that's why I continue to purchase Saturns. Ford sucks.
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