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2012 Focus
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Rating: 1/51

FERNDALE, MICHIGAN -- I bought a 2012 Focus SE in August 2012. Lousy mileage, poor transmission. We traded in a 2008 Civic w/80,000 miles. Focus quality doesn't even come close to the Civic. The mileage with the focus is 26/28 at best and is driven very conservatively on freeway's and mileage really stinks. I have an 2002 Intrepid that gets as good or better mileage. Very sorry we got rid of the Civic. After first of the year we will be trading in the Focus on a Dodge Dart. Ford has mass produced the Focus to be a "throw-away" vehicle. Trade-in for this 2012 Focus is 9k to 11k with only 7,600 miles on it. How very pathetic, Ford, shame on you. Shades of the Escort and Pinto have returned in the Focus!!! Never another Ford product, EVER! Wish we could start a product reimbursement claim from Focus owners who are as dissatisfied as we are.

Ford Focus Poorly Designed
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Rating: 1/51

TEMPERANCE, MICHIGAN -- I do not know where to start I have never owned a car that eats tires and rattles knocks like this car does I will never own another Ford I don't know how they get all the press about their cars having any quality this one is a bucket of bolts that is rattling apart. I traded a Dodge Ram in on this and with the exception of gas millage was a step down to say the least. This car is an nightmare. Can someone from Ford please comment on this poorly designed car.

Issue With Steering On 2012 Ford Focus
By -

Bought 2012 Ford Focus (LS) 5 door hatchback in Ohio on June 2, 2011. Steering seems to stiffen up after driving several miles. Is more likely to do so on straight road. Highway trips are a real chore. Takes much pressure to turn wheel as if it is stuck or binding. When it does move, results are (over correction), and back we go the other way. Have had it back to seller twice (100mi. away), and to local dealer twice.

Problem is intermittent, and HAS NOT SHOWN UP WHEN AT DEALERSHIP. Would appreciate feed-back, or suggestions as how to deal with problem. Anyone else with this problem? Today's date=7/5/2011.

Its a sad time
By -

I know what you all mean in a time when the economy is in bad shape it seems like the quality and workmanship on any thing has been reduced to very poor
it seems like to me that these companys have either laid off or let go all the good workers and kept the people that have a high seniority
these people know how to dictate out the work but don't know how to do it so the products that you are buying now are either going to break or fall apart
seems like just yesterday the government was bailing out Chrysler ford and Chevy
now dealerships are being shut down
if you have bought a used car most likely there was a problem with it its always buyer beware and what about the cars that were damaged in the hurricane were are all of those
I have not trusted a dealership to work on my stuff ever there labor rate is way to high and I have found a guy that is independent that will do a fantastic job you just have to hunt around
and his labor rate is less than half of a dealer there are many independent shops that can do the repairs always get a written est and request to see the old parts

Ford Doesn't Stand Behind Warranties
By -

GRAND JCT, COLORADO -- Last week we took our 2003 Ford Focus down to Ford. It was down there for 2 days and they couldn't find what was wrong with it. Then they did and they said it was probably the transmission. They will not fix it at all and its still under factory warranty. Why buy a extended warranty when the first warranty doesn't ever going to exist.

If its still under warranty, why wouldn't they fix it.

Don't buy a Ford!!!!!!!!!! Let them go out of business too. Faulty Fords.....

What a piece of crap it is...
By -

Here's another problem I've come across in my Focus:

When I put the key in ignition, it does not turn at all. Last night I'd spent ~1 hour trying to resolve this, but all in vain.

I've come across hundreds of complaints from several people experiencing the same problem with their Focus. Today, when I'd called the Ford service dept., they acted as if they do not know anything about this problem, but that they'd have to drill & replace the ignition cylinder (cost $300+); and because it's a delicate operation, if some other part gets damaged I'd end up paying much more.

Given that it's a widespread problem, I'm surprised that Ford has not issued a recall for this...

Other than this, I've had numerous problems with this vehicle, e.g., engine stall problem, scratching noise when I press on the gas padel.
There have been several recalls in the last 2 years.

This is my first Ford vehicle, and hopefully it'd be the last one.

Key won't work
By -

REDDING, CALIFORNIA -- I jumped into my 2003 Ford Focus this morning to go to work and low and behold! The key wouldn't turn. I tried all the tricks and ended up with having my car towed to FORD and $400 later it's fixed. At least it was the same day, but they guy had the nerve to tell me "Yep. We get at least two of those a month."

Why isn't Ford fixing a known problem?


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