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MECHANICSVILLE, VIRGINIA -- First of all never, ever get involved with Ford Motor Credit, they are truly the worst company ever....Back in 2003 I purchased a new Ford Mustang, with the help of now my exhusband....In 2006 I was behind in my payments on my car due to finiancal problems....After being harassed relentlessly by Ford Motor Credit, with threats of being arrested and jail, I had no choice but to file bankruptcy....Ford settled for nine thousand dollars, I owed 14,000 dollars. After paying on my bankruptcy for five years I have now been discharged. Now Ford Motor Credit are going after my exhusband..
They are calling his work, his family, and him constantly with all of the same threats they used on me...Jail, Police looking for him, even though they know where he lives, etc...
After my bankruptcy I received the title to my car....It clearly states on the title that there are no Liens, that the lien was satisfied on 10/07/2011...It also has both my name and my exhusbands on the title...
What Ford Motor Credit is doing should be a crime and against the law...I have sent letters to the President of Ford, but it was given to a woman in the credit department...She supposely reviewed it, but that got me nowhere..They are still harassing my exhusband...I've contacted The Consumer Affairs, filed a complaint with The Better Business Bureau and have sent an email to the President of Ford Motor Credit...Does anyone have any other ideas on what to do...They got nine thousand dollars plus out of me shouldn't that be enough....Please help...Thanks
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trmn8r on 11/11/2011:
I don't believe that it is against the law to go after a spouse who is now an ex but was involved with the original loan - in fact I believe it is perfectly legal.

I don't see why Ford Motor Credit should find $9000 acceptable, if you owed them $14000. Maybe I am missing something, but it sounds like they lost $5000 you agreed to pay them when you took out the loan.
madconsumer on 11/12/2011:
I have used Ford Motor credit for the last 20 years. I have never experienced any harassment.

sounds like they are going for what is owed from the other co-signer.
spiderman2 on 11/12/2011:
I'm sorry, but I don't think they are harassing you. You and your ex-husband entered into a contract to buy a car from them and didn't hold up your end of the bargain. You discharged your portion of the debt in bankrupty but your husband did not. They want their money. People that buy things they cannot afford and then don't pay for them make it hard on the rest of us and frankly I'm sick and tired of having to pay for what I can afford and what others bought that they can't afford.
Skye on 11/12/2011:
Excellent comment spiderman.
Old Timer on 11/12/2011:
"Ford settled for nine thousand dollars". Then the OP finished paying on her Chap 13. The lein was satisfied. I'm no BK attorney but I think the OP satisfied the debt and tried to do what was right by paying everyone back through a Chap 13. And she went all the way to the end, the full five years.

The days of easy credit has put a lot of good people in some pretty bad shape when it comes to how they took care of their credit.
At Your Service on 11/12/2011:
If I was your ex, I'd start out by requesting a copy of the contract. I'd also get a copy of your chapter 13 paperwork. Finally I'd consult an attorney.

As has already been indicated, my best bet is that they can go after your ex for the remainder of the contract, whereas he was a cosigner on the loan. An attorney will give him a much better idea though.
Digi on 11/12/2011:
But the fact that it says that the lien was satisfied, makes this harassment.
spiderman2 on 11/12/2011:
When a person files bankruptcy it is for them personally. The cosigner of the loan can still be held responsible if the didn't declare along with the original person. The people in this case were no longer married and only she declared bankruptcy.
trmn8r on 11/13/2011:
"the fact that it says that the lien was satisfied, makes this harassment"

I don't believe this is true. A creditor can go after a debtor even without a lien. The original paperwork, in which the debtors agree to pay back the money that they borrowed,is sufficient for the creditor to request an outstanding balance be paid.
Fufu487 on 11/13/2011:
When a person files bankruptcy, their debts are negotiated then and there. If Ford made a settlement, I believe they do indeed have to stick with it. Usually I side with the bank but this is wrong. If it's been settled, there should be no more calls.
Nohandle on 11/13/2011:
There are a number of different types of Bankruptcies 7,11 & 13 as examples. I don't pretend to know the differences but have been told once it goes through the courts the creditor is not to contact the debtor. A co-signer on a loan might make a difference. The creditor might very well go after him unless of course both filed bankruptcy. Anyone knowledgeable on this?

I do know certain certain states vary as far as bankruptcies. I don't wish bankruptcy on anyone but if they do it just to wipe the slate clean and start with their spending/lifestyle again then they will be in the same shape in no time.
traceylynn on 11/14/2011:
The law states after the OP filed BK that Ford can no longer go after the OP. BUT they can and will go after the co-signer. The only thing that will stop them from going after him is if he files BK. In the loan paperwork it spells out what they can do other words go after the co-signer if the original borrower defaults of files BK. Her BK in no way shape or form affected their ability to go after him, in fact the paperwork states they will and have the right to which is why there is a co-signer in the first place. In case she defaulted and didn't pay back the loan in full.
leahtil19 on 11/14/2011:
To the one who said he is sick of paying for people who can't aford to pay there bills, sorry but you never paid any of my debt, and you must never have lost a job or gone through a divorce...I've always paid my bills on time, but after being laid-off from my job the money wasn't there....Ford told me that is I made one more payment of 450 dollars that they would refinance my loan to 225 dollars....THEY LIED....Not only that but they called my family members which is against the don't judge until you have walked in anothers shoes who is less fortunite then you.....I paid my dues and if Ford wasn't satisfied with the amount that they settled for then they should have never settled for that amount....
Old Timer on 11/14/2011:
Well said Leahtil1. You went the full five years with your 13. That alone was a class act, so many never see it through to the end. Hope your future gets even brighter!
leahtil19 on 11/17/2011:
Thank-you to the one who wished be a brighter future,your kindness is greatly appreciated...I hope you have a truly wonderful life...
JOJO on 06/03/2012:
I got one for you-- Ford sold a car to my roommate who forged my signature in 2009 and was known to have a good friend who was a sales manager at a local Ford dealership. He never paid any of the payments, the loan went through Ford Motor Credit through his defunct company by stating I was an officer of the company. Not only were there one but two contracts with the latter contract adding additional financing and an increased interest percentage rate. I was finally notified about this car a full year and three months later when I was called by Ford Motor Credit about the car in which I knew nothing about as my roommate fled the state after being caught committing fraud else where. To this date, Ford Motor Credit has brought me to court, has lost and still bothers me to this day. Today was the last day however I decided to deal with this mess created by this person, the dealership and Ford Motor Credit. I am now in the process of suing them for fraud, all three and have the proof to win. And for those that think that lawyer fees are too high, in most states if there is contract fraud, those who committed the fraud, I.e., Ford Motor Credit, have to pay attorney fees. All this rigamaroo about how they care and sorry you were a victim f fraud and even their fraud department are run by their collection agents. These guys are liars and scoundrels and did whatever they could, illegal and otherwise to sell cars during that time when there was a negative atmosphere at the American car industry. Most of those who posted before me berating the original complaint are people hired by Ford to help their image. I love the USA and try my best to buy American products, but I will by an Iranian made car before buying a Ford--they are the type of company who give all American companies a bad name! Will keep you updated after the court case. Good luck to all those screwed over by Ford Motor Credit!
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Faulty location of a fuel shut off switch
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My girlfriends son bought a 2004 Mustang and was happy with their buy until one evening. Her son turn a corner of a sharp turn and his speaker box in his trunk slid and hit the fuel shut off switch to the engine. This stranded him on the roadway not knowing what was wrong. We had the car towed to ford who after charging us 112 bucks that it was just the fuel switch. Now this switch is in the trunk by the left rear light unprotected. so anything you have in your trunk that is more than a few pounds could roll or slide and hit this switch and you'll have no gas going to your engine. When we talked to the dealership and ford customer service center we got the brush off and the suggestion of not putting anything too heavy or moveable in the trunk. So what good is the trunk if you have limitations cause ford engineers can't design something that is protected? I have always hated ford and this situation just confirms how crappy of a business they are.
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trmn8r on 07/07/2011:
Based on the description of the switch (below), I believe the box struck the switch body, which simulated the shock of an accident. The purpose of the switch is to trip in an accident to prevent a fire. Now that this has happened, at least your son will know in the future to check it. I believe the button pops OUT when tripped.
"In 1983, Ford started installing a useful safety feature in their Fuel Injected passenger vehicles. The Fuel Shut off inertia switch shuts off power to the fuel pump in the event of a rear-end collision or other major accident. It's purpose is to keep the pump from running, so in case of fire, fuel does not continue to flow from the tank. The switch can easily be re-set to restore proper function of the pump."
777tech on 07/07/2011:
Buy Toyota...
trmn8r on 07/07/2011:
Ford puts a safety device in their car, so one should "buy Toyota"? OK, I see that logic.
kinthenorthwest on 07/07/2011:
ROFL ...Trmn8r...

jdis662 -- Why do I have a feeling that most of the bill was due to labor because Ford could not find the problem themselves for a while.

I had an incident where they spend hours finding the problem and charged big bucks for a simple fuse reset.

When I found out that 90% of it was the 6 hours of labor I did some inquiries. Turns out that one of their mechanics was finally asked and he had the answer. Where did he get the answer? He got it from the Ford mechanic updates news letter that the mechancis where supposed to read.
Bottom line was I got credited for 90% of the bill.

jdis662 I would do some inquires and get some of the bill credited.
trmn8r on 07/07/2011:
Interesting suggestion, to ask for a partial refund.

Fact of the matter is, all that was required was to press the red button. The thing that we don't know is what the manufacturer's troubleshooting process for "no-start" is.

My guess is that checking the fuel shut off is not near the top of the list. Reason being, how many customers are going to trip it due to a shock, and then show up at the dealer?

A motor needs fuel, air and spark to run. It could easily taken an hour or more of labor to find the source of the problem.

If the OBD system has a code to indicate the shutoff has been triggered, then it should be quicker. However, some dealers charge a ridulous price (up to $90) to check the OBD, especially when Autozone does it for free.

Another of my guesses is that this switch being triggered does not throw an OBD code...

I went to an independent mechanic this morning for an A/C issue. It was simple, but I got hit $63 for 45 min of work. Things aren't cheap these days, and $1 isn't a $1.
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Nothing But Problems
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I own a 2006 Ford Mustang. My battery died on me as I was driving down the road which OK... then the alternator went (again I can deal with that). Last week as I was making a left hand turn my steering locked up on me. If I kept going straight I would have gone through a guard rail into a lake with Alligators. I manually turned the car as hard as I could and finally the power steering kicked in leaving me to almost hit the car next to me. Come to find out the crank shaft pully broke in two. Now I try to order this part from Ford and it is on NATIONAL back order for two months. I called to let them know and to see why it is on NATIONAL back order (sounds like a recall to me!) I am told that may be it is because the company supplier went out of business. Sounds like bull to me. So I guess they just expect me to be without a car for two months. I now have to pay double for a high performance part so that I can have a car.

I live in a really small town and I am the 3rd car waiting for the same part. Does anyone have any suggestions? This is just one issue I have a with this car. UGH!!!!
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Anonymous on 11/04/2009:
If the supplier went out of business, I would think Ford is in worse shape than you are. It stinks but if they can't get the part, they can't get the part.
redmx3racer on 11/05/2009:
As far as the first part goes-the Altenator went, then the battery went. The altenator was bad, and was not charging the battery, so the battery was drained, causing all the electrical equpiment to fail.
You can drive a car that has a good altenator without having a battery. You can't drive a car that has a bad altenator very far even with a battery.
Downside of newer cars. Most everything is controlled electrically.
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Vehicle and service is possibly the worst ever
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BOXBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS -- OK here my story; back in Feb of 2005 I purchased a 2003 Ford Mustang with 22,000 miles on it. It was the “Pony Edition” with the 3.8 liter in it. The vehicle ran like a champ until it reached 30,000 miles where I noticed a ticking/tapping sound coming from the engine. Took it to the local Ford Dealer (Gervais Ford, MA) twice, they informed me that it was normal and there nothing to worry about. Well fast forward to August 25th, 2005, this is where the vehicle now has 37,000 miles (1,000 miles out of warranty)………it stalls with no symptoms or warning and will not start back up with white smoke pouring from the exhaust. I have it towed to the local Ford Dealer (Gervais Ford, MA) and find out both head gaskets have blown with some possible internal damage. The estimate to repair is now $2,000 and may go up depending on what else is wrong when they take it apart. The Service Manager (Dean) even informed me that they reserve the right to refuse my business, what the hell is that all about? I tried to reason with and explained this would have been caught earlier when I brought it in for the engine noise. I got ansolutely no-where. Apparently the slogan on their paperwork "Were with with you all the way" is false. Also how did this place get "Blue Oval" certified?

I have taken very good care of this vehicle since ownership and all the records to prove it. Clearly this is some sort of defect in the engine. This is totally unacceptable, who would expect to pay thousands of dollars to repair a new vehicle just 5 months after purchasing? Ford is not going to take any responsibility or even stand behind their product and I am forced to come up with the money to repair. Is there any recourse that I can take? This whole situation is draining my $$$ fast, between the rental, towing( $672.00 so far) and car payments it is getting out of hand.

Well I am going to start a "Ford Sucks" website, register my issue with the BBB and have every news station in that are cover my story. Believe me (Gervais Ford) will have news coverage on their poor/negative practices daily, guaranteeing loss of business. Since this has happened I have at least a dozen people contact me with the same issue but could not find help on this particular vehicle. Ford you will see me in court if this does not get rectified.
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Anonymous on 08/29/2005:
When head gaskets go you would be lucky to get 200 miles out of the engine, so your original complaint about engine noise 6K miles ago won't hold water (no pun intended). 3.8 Ford engines had a major head gasket problem in the late 90's (Ford even extended the warranty on these engines to 100K), but I have not seen the problem persist in newer vehicles. It is possible that this is a freak occurrence and not a trend. By threatening legal action, bad press, etc. the only thing you will accomplish is a negative response from the dealer and Ford's legal department. Since you are outside the warranty period legally it may be best for you to seek goodwill through kindness rather than be comfrontational. Good Luck.
johnny5 on 10/12/2006:
I've also had problems with Ford Motor.....I bought my Mustang new in 2002. less than 3 years later the paint started to peel...I took it to a painter to have it looked at as my warranty was up ( with just over 37,000 miles on the car) I was informed it was a defect in the paint and that most honest painters and and auto makers guarantee paint jobs for 5 yrs. So I called Ford Motor directly and explained my issue. I was politly told by their customer service rep to take my business elsewhere. I was not even allowed to talk to anyone else just that....take your business elsewhere click. So now its going to cost me $1700 to fix their bad paint job. Needless to say as much as I like my car I will no longer do business with Ford.
jazziemama on 12/08/2006:
Less than a year ago, I took my 2000 model Ford Mustang to a Ford dealorship for an oil change. They told me that there was a recall on the hand brake. They recommened I let them do the recall. So I said OK. Days later, after having had the recall done, my hand brake starting getting looser by the day, until finally one day I stopped the car pull the hand brake up and the WHOLE THING CAME OUT OF THE SHAFT. I argued with these Ford Motors people for months that there was nothing wrong with my handbrake until they did the recall on it. I had to pay $550.00 out of my pocket to have this fixed at a body shop.
jazziemama on 12/08/2006:
I agree!!! FORD SUCKSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2005 Ford Mustang
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I was wondering if anyone out there who owns a Mustang from 2005 to present. Has anyone had any major issues with their vehicle? I've had nothing but problems with mine since the date of purchase. Is it just me?
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MSCANTBEWRONG on 06/18/2009:
My sister bought a new Mustang in 08 and hasn't had a minutes worth of issues. Although, she treats it like a baby...
Soaring Consumer on 06/18/2009:
Can you please elaborate more about your issue? I want to determine if you are potentially covered under the Lemon Law.
Anonymous on 06/18/2009:
Soaring you are not qualified to advise of eligibility for lemon laws.
PepperElf on 06/18/2009:
check out Consumer Reports to see that issues the car is known to have
NofriendofAX on 06/18/2009:
thank you so much for you advise. Was just hoping someone else was having the same issues. She is a beautiful car no doubt about that. I've treated her with respect and love, just wished she would give me the same. I'm beginning to believe what my friends say Ford stands for:

Found on Road Dead

All I can say is thank goodness for Triple A (AAA).
unhappymustangowner on 08/02/2009:
I have a 2005 Ford Mustang Convertible. I was driving and the car slowed down as I was driving. The first time I was in bumper to bumper traffic so I was able to shut the car off. When I turned it back on, it was okay. Then a few months later, I'm driving in traffic going around 55 speed limit. The car uncontrollably slows down, the maintenance light (wrench light) comes on and the car won't speed up...I'm in Los Angeles so an accident could have occurred. Luckily I was able to make it to a safe exit to turn the car off. When I turned the car back on the wrench light came on then went off and the engine light came on permanently. I took it to the Good Year service center and they said I had to take it to the dealer. So I took it to the dealer where I bought it Star Ford of Glendale and they gave me the same run around that you got. The car was out of they couldn't do anything unless they charged me $500 for the service. The first time the situation occurred, I took the car into them for a free inspection..that they offered. When they inspected the car they claim they don't look for problems unless a sensory light triggers it. What a waste of time for an inspection if they are not going to do it right...that's what inspections are for. But since they didn't look for it the first time (so they say) they didn't do anything about it and told me my car was in 100% perfect condition. Meanwhile I have a statement from GoodYear about my complaint of the engine light being on and the code P2106 which explains the Electronic Throttle Body problem. So they can't say they didn't know about the problem when they inspected it. This put my safety in danger when this happened the second time. The second time again I took it to Good Year for them to check it out and they said to take it to the dealer. When I took it to the dealer and explained the P2106 code, without even looking at the car they quoted me $500 dollars since the car is out of warranty. They even agreed that at 20,000 miles, I shouldn't be having this problem. I told them they sold me a lemon if this is happening and I bought a problem car. I paid them in full for a problem car that I shouldn't be having at this time and they should fix without charge. They said to call Ford. So I called Ford and Ford hasn't gotten back with me to date. The dealer wants to place blame on me because I didn't buy into their gimmick of an extended warranty...a warranty I didn't need because 1. I don't drive the car that much to be having a problem this extreme and 2. When they did the inspection..which was unsatisfactory...they said my car was in 100% Good Condition and 3. They put my safety at stake by not acknowleging the problem the first time. Both Ford and Star Ford of Glendale claim they haven't had this complaint before. Regardless of if they had the problem or not, too many complaints warrants a recall to fix the problem and 1 complaint questioning the quality of the Ford brand and their integrity behind the product is at stake which also warrants a courtesy from the dealer or Ford to repair the car. It's just fishy to me that the Ford Motors would produce a poor quality vehicle for dealers to sell that puts customer safety at risk. It sounds like Ford Motors puts out poor quality dealers can push these gimmicks of a warranty and extended warranties to rob consumers, so they can keep these bogus auto repair shops in business. Furthermore, I'm skeptical of the dealership because while I was there I overheard one of the sales guys talking to a sales manager as if he was getting over on a customer when he was making a sale. The sales manager shushed him cause I was in the room..but I know what I heard.
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Lack of quality
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SILSBEE, TEXAS -- I will NEVER buy another Ford product... have my Mustang GT for 10 months (less than 10,000 miles) and it has gotten more miles driving it back and forth to the dealer than anywhere else!

First it was a leak that couldn't be found, then the fuel tank had to be replaced (wouldn't hold a full tank of gas), and now it's back again. Maybe it's the fuel tank again...who knows? The dealer gave my Ford's 800# to call and complain directly to them - I have asked them to buy this beautiful piece of junk back. I was supposed to hear back from Ford in 2-5 business days.

It's been a week and so I called them back-they "regret" that I haven't received call and now they said it will go to "a supervisor's desk" to try to "expedite" their response.
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Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
I agree with the OP!
Nice review
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
This might help:

Texas Lemon Law

If you are having repeated problems getting your new vehicle repaired, and it was purchased or leased from a licensed Texas dealer or lease company, the Texas Lemon Law may be able to help you get it repurchased, replaced or repaired.

Some examples of vehicles covered by the Lemon Law are cars, trucks, motorcycles, motor homes and ATVs. The law covers new and demonstrator vehicles that develop problems covered by a manufacturer’s written warranty. Towable recreational vehicles must be titled and registered in Texas to be eligible.

sazkat on 10/31/2007:
No where did I say my mustang gt had only 1 problem...the leak took 4 times to the dealer and a Hurricane Gilberto to blow through before they finally found the leak! The wind shield had been replaced and then returned back to the dealer where the car sat for several weeks before the storm blew through and they wound up pulling the dash out and found there was a missing clip and they also resealed the cowl (sp?) panel. Of course the carpet had to be pulled due to overwhelming smell of mildew. As of yet I haven't had any electrical problems from the car getting soaked. As far as're darn right I'm complaining!
I'm paying extra insurance to drive a GT and this is the 3rd rental car that I've been in - in the last 2 months...none of which have been a GT!!!! I don't mind depreciation on a vehicle and realized that you lose money on a car,but, this is absurd.
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Paint Chipping And Cracking Peeling
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BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA -- I bought my Ford Mustang 2006 one year ago new off the lot. In August of 2007 while washing my car I noticed that the paint was cracked and chipping and peeling on the top of the car and it was all the way to the metal and mostly to the primer. Further investigation it was cracking in small clusters all over the car and its turning into an ugly problem. The car is only a year old!! I took it to the dealer like I was instructed they took pictures and sent them to Detroit. The official answer was "oh, your claim is denied" sighting and outside source caused the damage. So I asked what outside source?? They replied after I was on hold for 20++ min. If we knew that we would tell you. What so paint just chips off a new car after 14,ooo miles?? So they also told me that they rarely reverse a decision once it is made. Well I am here to tell you not in this case. Does ford not care for the customers that have been loyal and why won't anyone give me a reason why this has happened? Is it because they know its their fault??

Is any one else having this problem I would guess yes. Something needs to be done. I'm paying good money for this car I deserve a fair hake at fixing this problem.
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User Replies:
Pomona Guy on 09/11/2007:
You also need a new keyboard. Your "caps lock" is always on. Voted "Most Helpful" because it is late and I am bored.
Anonymous on 09/11/2007:
KARYN 33: One year later and you are making a claim to get a paint job ? I think this is out of the warranty period.
I voted your comments as 'Very Helpful'.
bhorne4 on 09/11/2007:
If I remember right, back in the 90's Ford had the same problem with some of their cars. I am not completely certain about that but believe I remember that.
Anonymous on 09/11/2007:
Rusting cause by paint chips are not covered by Ford's Corrosion or Rust-Through Limited Warranty.

It only covers rust perforations caused by natural elements. Usually, surface rust is not covered under this warranty.

Mustang's corrosion perforation warranty = 60 months/ unlimited miles.

If you live in an area with high humidity, exposed metal will rust faster.
Slimjim on 09/11/2007:
What possible outside sources could have caused paint to crack off a one year old car and not be covered under warranty. If Ford wants to use that excuse, they should be able to identify why this isn't a bad paint job form them. I'd consider consulting an attorney. This car probably will have to be repainted all the way from primer up to the clear coat again. Get a couple quotes but don't paint it. If Ford won't budge, sue them for the estimated casts. I'm sure they would never go to court and settle it by redoing the car for you themselves.
Anonymous on 09/11/2007:
Slim, you missed the “Paint Chipping” mentioned by the OP. This is caused by something small and hard hitting the car. It is not a factory paint issue. Paint peeling can be factory paint issue if not caused by paint chipping in the same area. When moisture gets under the paint chip, it can peel/bubble the surrounding area. This is probably why the claim was rejected.

I mentioned the fast rusting because the OP lives in Alabama (AL). It is normally very humid down there most of the year.

I am not defending Ford. I have similar experience with a new Pontiac Trans Am years ago. I ended up re-painting the car with my own money.
Anonymous on 09/11/2007:
The best bet for the OP is to take the car to a reputable body shop (not associated with Ford) and get their professional option on the cause of the paint issue.

If the car paint issue was caused by Ford, he can seek legal action.

If the car paint issue was not caused by Ford, he can get an estimate on the repair job.
Slimjim on 09/11/2007:
True Happy but he also said "cracking in small clusters all over the car" That would have to have been from a dump truck gravel shower or something like that if it wasn't a defective paint job.
Anonymous on 09/11/2007:
Slim, it is cool. We agree to disagree.
Watch out Ford! on 10/05/2007:
I could drop you a couple lines and vent about my 2004 Ford Escape. I bought it new and paid cash. I am (was) a loyal Ford customer. My dad worked and died at Ford. I am beginning to lose all interest in this auto maker. I noticed the top of the rear lift gate of my Escape had paint flaking off down to the primer in 2006. It began as a thin edge approximately 1/8 of an inch. It has continued flaking to the point that it is now flaking off well over an inch. I have began dealing with Ford over the past week . The other day after washing... I noticed the edge of my hood is doing the same thing now. It is in the beginning stages all along the edge. Oh and the doors - all four including the lift gate are corroding from the inside out at the bottoms where the door seams are.

Regarding paint.... One local Ford dealer said it was out of warranty, tough luck. I called Ford directly and the stonewalling tactics began. The Customer Relationship Center's response was the same. I demanded a supervisor. I was told no one was available and "they will just tell you the same thing". Two days later a supervisor called... and she did tell me the same thing. I told her that it should be no mystery to Ford why they are struggling. It’s apparently acceptable and prudent for Ford to donate thousands of dollars towards supporting the homosexual alternative lifestyle in public, but God forbid they back up a defective factory paint job for a loyal customer calling with peeling paint on a 2004 vehicle bought new. I told her this is exactly the kind of thing people like me arent’ going to continue to put up with and soon, Ford won’t exist to argue with anymore. She had nothing to say. There is no interest on Ford's behalf to look into the paint problem more (not just for me, but FOR Ford’s best interest as well)……instead of spewing forth rulebook jargon like a robot.
I contacted the BBB. I filled out my complaint forms against Ford denying help with a bad paint job. In the meantime.... I went to the dealer who sold me the Escape. The warranty administrator saw my problems. They agreed it was a definite problem and seemed ready to go to bat for me. I showed them the corrosion on all four doors from the inside out on the lower parts of each door panel. It’s perforated and bubbly. Corrosion should be covered under the five year corrosion warranty. Fine. But the peeling paint.... another issue. The issue is that they cover paint in the bumper to bumper factory 3/36 whichever comes first warranty. Which to me is bull…because you can buy a new car today and have 36K miles on it in a few months. Then you have a paint problem and they tell you…nope its’ over 36,000 miles. Sorry. But they already open the door to 3 years as well (whichever comes first) It makes no sense to me to cover paint in a bumper to bumper warranty…It should be a separate warranty like the corrosion warranty… I obtained estimates on both the paint peeling and the doors corroding.

They determined that the peeling paint is most likely due to poor application at the factory where the robotic arms doing the clearcoat are not getting the clearcoat wrapped around the edges correctly , and then the paint breaks down and flakes away. The doors corroding are from the way the doors are crimped allowing moisture to get in from the inside out. It was recommended replacing the doors because a quick fix of a sand and paint job on that corrosion issue is only a band aid. They will just continue the corroding.

Estimates to repaint the lift gate are around $700. (But now I have a hood problem to look into since my discovery as well). Replacing corroded doors is like $6500. Ford wouldn’t want to go to that extreme. But the band aid treatment is approximately $1000.

Ford has been made aware of other problems like this because I researched it and found many other people have had the same thing happen in the past 3 years with 01-06 Escapes and Explorers. And Ford has stonewalled people with paint problems and are being difficult. But Ford headquarters wants to treat me like an isolated case they cannot help, just like with those people. There is a definite problem with paint application from the factory. And regardless of how many miles my Escape has (61,000) this paint issue needs to be corrected! I paid for my vehicle and spent lots of money and it should not be in this shape! Ford should be wanting to fix this.... as vehicles that have paint problems in this short amount of time are an advertisement and testament of the quality of vehicle Ford puts out!

Another Ford dealer nearby told me that two Explorers both 06's had paint peel issues and needed re-painting on their roofs already this past summer! Research has indicated Ford has fixed faulty paint jobs in the past at their expense, and there is also info with the FTC. However it seems like you have to push hard or pursue legal action. And Believe you me, I will pursue every legal avenue. This type of issue should not even exist on a newer vehicle!

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Poor quality 2006 mustang
Posted by on
NEW JERSEY -- I have a 2006 Mustang convertable - a beautiful car that spends more time in the dealership getting repaired than I do driving it. It has 8414 miles on it and has had 6 warranty isues so far - the battery has been replaced, the roof leaked, the roof wouldn't work, the gas line going into the engine popped out and leaked gasoline everywhere. The dealership has been rude and adds stress onto the problem, Ford corp has been asked to call but to no avail. All in all, just a terrible experience with Ford and the dealership. If "Quality is job 1" they forgot it on this one
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User Replies:
poppapia on 06/22/2007:
I don't know in New Jersey where you are located, but you are not required to take the vehicle to the dealer you purchased it from for warranty work. If you're not happy with their service, find another Ford dealership to do the work.
Hugh_Jorgen on 06/22/2007:
Poppapia is right - any Ford dealer can do warranty repair - find one you like. As far as waiting for Ford to contact you, don't expect the dealer to really make this happen - find out who the zone rep is for your area and make the call yourself. Good luck.
Pomona Guy on 06/22/2007:
Are you a bad driver? Maybe poor driving habits are wrecking and wearing out your Mustang. Or maybe you are late on your payments and trying to get back at Ford. Things aren't adding up.
Anonymous on 06/22/2007:
FORD...Need I say more
Gando on 06/22/2007:
You know what FORD stands for?
Fix Or Repair Daily
Fast Only Racing Downhill
Driver Returned On Foot
Or as my Dad says:
Fast On Race Day

You don't know how long I've waited for a Ford complaint to use these jokes! ha ha ha =)
Slimjim on 06/22/2007:
Definitely arrange for another dealer to fix it next time. Did you buy it from the dealer you are unhappy with? If not, it would explain their lack of interest. If so however, I would have made this complaint against them instead for horrid follow up service for their customers.
Anonymous on 06/22/2007:
found on road dead.
fu**ing oakies really diggum
f**ked over rebuilt Dodge
Slimjim on 06/22/2007:
Gando, you forgot Found ON the Road Dead
Anonymous on 06/22/2007:
I didn't
Slimjim on 06/22/2007:
Never mind, #1 knew that one too.
Anonymous on 06/22/2007:
I cannot think of anymore..
Pomona Guy on 06/22/2007:
Fix it again Tony?
Gando on 06/22/2007:
Isn't that a Fiat? =)
Anonymous on 06/22/2007:
Yeah Pomona,that would be Fiat.

My buddies mother had a fiat when we were in High School,
four of us lifted it up,and moved it over so I could park my truck in the driveway...She was pissed!!!
Anonymous on 06/22/2007:
*that should be "lifted it off the ground"*
Sparticus on 06/22/2007:
My buddy just bought one of these... Yikes.
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Lemon Car
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CRIMORA, VIRGINIA -- I have a 2006 Ford Mustang with 6000 miles. It is a beautiful car but I have had to have it jump started twice in the last month. If you don't start it every couple days, the battery goes completely dead. The door locks don't even work. Calling roadside service takes about 1 1/2 hrs. and you just have to sit and wait. I have had it to the Ford dealer in this area and they say it is something that I have to live with. Bull!!!! It is a new car and I shouldn't have to have it jump started every time I want to drive it. According to the Ford dealer, mine is not the only one that is having this problem. Something has to be done about this. I have never cared for any of the Ford product but the Mustang and I will be getting me another Chevrolet that will start when I need it to. It is not a reliable vehicle.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/21/2007:
It's a FORD what else can you expect?
Hugh_Jorgen on 05/21/2007:
Find another Ford dealer to take it to - that's not an acceptable answer for a two year old car. It should not be that hard for them to determine which circuit is staying on and draining your battery.
Anonymous on 05/21/2007:
Does your state have a Lemon Law? Begin throwing that around at the dealership, it'll get their attention.
Pomona Guy on 05/21/2007:
If the dealer refuses to help you, spend a few bucks at a good private auto electrical shop and maybe they could pinpoint your problem. Then take it back to Ford and demand they fix it.
chitchco on 09/08/2007:
Hi! I am a new member that stumbled on this site due to my frustrations of my 2006 Mustang GT not always starting due to a dead battery. I have found out that there is a service bulletin out there with Ford acknowledging a problem with Mustangs 2004 - 2008 running down the batteries. Fords recommendation is to disconnect battery or buy a trickle charger. I thought this was unacceptable for a 25k car. I have used road side assitance twice to have my car towed. First time thay came within a couple of hrs. and dealership had it back to me that day. Second time I called roadside assistance Sept 4 at 7:00 am and did not get it towed till 11:00 pm. Here it is Sept. 08 and the dealer has not even looked at it. I feel that they are trying to make it difficult enough for me that I will either jump it myself or purchase a trickle charger. Regional Ford office was no help. I am trying to inact the lemon law and will not ever purchase another Ford. I feel that the Mustang was my dream car that has turned into a nightmare. If I had the no how I would make my own commercial for Ford and their MUSTANG and their trickle charger and post it on YouTube.

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Huge Repair Bill
Posted by on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- In the first 14 months out of warranty, my car has incurred $5,300 in maintenance and repairs.

$3,900 in out of warranty repairs
$1,300 in maintenance

The following major components have required replacement:

ABS (anti-lock brakes brain): Cost $1,100
A/C Coil/Unit: Cost $1,250
Rear end (rear differential): Cost $1,100
Idle Control Valve: Cost $ 300
Car rentals during the above Cost $ 150
TOTAL $3,900

In addition, the car has required the following normally scheduled maintenance items:

Set of new Tires (4 17" Ecsta's): Cost $530

Coolant Flush (twice)
Fuel Filter (twice)
Air Filter (twice)
Power Steering Service
Fuel System Cleanup
oil changes
state inspection
Total for these items: Cost $770

It's pretty ridiculous for a 4 year old car to incur over FIVE THOUSAND dollars of costs just to keep the vehicle running. Needless to say, this will be my last Ford product. Ever. I'm also in my 30's and drive the car like an adult and take care of problems (which should be obvious from the above).

And the dealership had indicated that my brakes will need attention at my next oil change. So you can add $200 or so to the above.
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Anonymous on 10/19/2003:
I fully agree with this customer mine had 5 miles on it and have ben dissatisfied with the focuses I was told insurance should take care of my wreck cause the air bages did not deploy and faulity seat belts and they want 100.00 just to ck my steering out also I had a hard ferk to left which sent me into ditchThe problem is that the vehicle is a 2000 Focus. I have had the same problems concerning my Focus and I want my money back on the vehicle, or at least some type of buy out on the vehicle.I know what u all are going through
Anonymous on 10/21/2003:
first of all, are you complaining about the maintence costs? They are a required part of owning a car. As far as the major repairs-is your vehicle over the 36,000 miles-that is when the warranty is over. You need to verify that all these parts are out (some parts are covered for 60,000 miles or more) It does not sound believable that Ford would deny helping with expenses IF your car is within the vicinity of the 36,000 miles. If you are EXTREMELY far out by miles it is very difficult to get help. Did you buy this car new? All factors that Ford considers on a plea for assistance. Did you MAKE a formal plea.
dvsmadcow on 02/11/2004:
just as an fyi
geico offers a coverage called mechanical breakdown insurance, this coverage will fill in the gaps of what the dealer calls an "extended warranty." as long as the vehicle is less than 11 months old or has less than 11,000 miles on it we can add the coverage to help you out. the out of pocket expense....$250 deductible on each occurrence. for example, your abs brain went kaput after 4 yrs, this coverage is good for 7 years or 100,000 miles! Sorry that you had the problems, but I hope that this will help you for future problems with whatever vehicle you choose!
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