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Brookton Cabinets
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Rating: 1/51

HILLIARD, OHIO -- We bought special order Brookton cabinets from Lowe's. When we got around to opening for install 3 Cabinets had very visible damage. We returned 1 since that one could be installed later but 2 of the others needed installed right away. My husband was installing while he was home. He is a truck driver and they was coming the next Monday to do the granite countertop measurement.

I called the company that made them and they informed me they couldn't do nothing about it. They also told me to call other Lowe's stores to see if they had them. I told them again they was special ordered they wasn't going to have them. I was then told again they couldn't help me. I have called Lowe's, the guy I have been dealing with wasn't in today but he is a great guy and they told me he would see what they could do for me. There was a 4th cabinet that had a dent in it but I will deal with it. I Will Never Buy Another Brookton Product.

Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

SILVERTHORNE, COLORADO -- Ordered Prelude Diamond cabinets. They delivered me 2nds. Much damage. They never disputed my claim just will not make it right. In the meantime I am without a kitchen. Ordered cabinets on November 1. It's now pushing February! Customer service is lower than any cable company I have worked with! LOWE'S needs to change their name to LOW LIFES. Just add the "LIF".

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets Defective
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Rating: 1/51

HOWELL, NEW JERSEY -- Cherry kitchen cabinet door fronts and drawer fronts are defective. 95% have distress marks. The sample displayed in the store are perfect. I based my purchase on the beautiful sample in the store. I never expected to receive so many defect marks. Replacements were just as bad.

Diamond Cabinets Are More Like Rhinestones!
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Rating: 2/51

BURBANK -- CABINETS: We ordered our cabinets in early November 2015 from Lowe's in Burbank. We were told 3 weeks was the current turnaround time; guess again, it was 5 weeks! I have been a faithful Lowe's customer (for everyday household and garden stuff) for years. I always felt they were a cut above or two cuts above Home Depot. HD in our town is impossible to reach on the phone, so we used Lowe's to purchase new cabinets and appliances after living with the most God-awful kitchen for nearly 30 years. (Trust me, it was horrible.)

We had interviewed numerous contractors and decided to use the "big box" guys because we had such bad experiences finding decent contractors (who do semi-custom cabinet work) in our area, and who are within budget and/or at least could generate quotes in a timely manner, hence the big box guys (it is done right in front of you) -- very convenient.

It was my understanding that our Diamond Prelude cabinets would be hardwood (and the drawers plywood) but it turns out only the doors are hardwood and some of the frames. The drawers are wood of some sort. The rest much to my dismay is particle board with very thin and flimsy laminate! OMFG! We just dropped $17,000 (price for cabinets and counters) for particle board? They are chipping in numerous places already! The facade plank in front of the sink has a crack in it, which I had to fill before it got worse (anywhere near water, you can guarantee it).

They told us their local installer was a "rock star" of sorts -- really good. He is good, but not as perfect as I was lead to believe. On day 1, I noticed some chips on the bottom sides of the new cabinets, and when I inquired, he blamed the factory! (I noticed this with ALL contractors -- they always blame someone else.)

But the installers dragged the new cabinets over the prepared sub-floor we had someone else install (he leveled our floor with mortar and a thin layer of white cement type stuff, which is very rough). They should have wheeled them across the floor, not dragged them. The particle board with laminate was the most impacted by shuffling them across the rough floor.

It took three days to install our new cabinets. The head guy and his apparent girlfriend/assistant were there on day 1 only. Then he turned the project over to another guy who worked BY HIMSELF on day 2 and day 3. That is a lot of work for one guy, if you ask me. We ordered uppers and lowers for 4 different walls (and granite counters also from Lowe's), and floor-to-ceiling pantries for one wall (they encase the refrigerator).

Turns out the 2nd guy installed the sink area / wall uppers about 1/2 inch too far to the right, hence the left side did not line up with the lowers (to create a plumb line for tile backsplash), which was NOT how it was depicted in the floor diagram we had. My tile guy installed a backsplash and now the sink faucet is askew (off center to the centered backsplash because the upper cabinet was not placed in the correct position). Too late to fix it now!

There was also an issue with the crown molding. Someone messed up and more molding had to be ordered, which the factory delivered to our house a couple weeks later. Installer just came back last week to install that piece. We were told by our designer at Lowe's that the installer pretty much is capable of anything so to speak.

Our ceiling dipped a bit in one corner and we were told that the installer could/would shave the molding here and there if need be, to make it level. He had done such a nice job leveling the cabinets (day 1) and gets to that final piece of molding, and it is crooked now! Did not take the time to modify the piece so it would be level. I realize that sometimes you cannot, but apparently no effort was made to at least plane it down, shave off the wood, to lessen the look of crooked molding!

We bought our own door pulls and the girlfriend installed them on day 1. She did an okay job, but she countersunk the screws on some of them and not others, for some unknown reason. Hence they were starting to pop off once we were fully using the filled drawers. My husband was rather upset (again, this is what we get for $17k?), but I told him to just go buy slightly longer screws, which he wound up doing.

She split the wood on the insides of the drawers drilling for the screw holes. There is a way to drill from both sides to avoid splitting the wood. You cannot see it, but it is the sheer principle, how much people do not care about YOUR investment. These are supposed to be professionals!

Neatness: Wood shavings were left inside all of cabinets and drawers where the holes were drilled for the door pulls. I am 5 feet tall. It took me quite a bit of time to clean the shelves of the uppers before lining them and putting my belongings away. I bought lots of woody putty, and you should too. You'll need it!

GRANITE COUNTERS: We ordered Santa Cecilia (Allen and Roth) from Lowe's. We got to pick out our slab at Bedrosians in Sylmar, CA. A different team (granite installers) came for the install. The primary counter, an L-shaped counter, was done in one continuous piece. I was very impressed with that! We had three counters installed -- the L-shaped main one, and two smaller ones. Overall, it looks great, very nice!

My only complaint was the man who caulked behind one of the 4 inch granite backsplashes, was a bit messy. He left caulking on the walls above where his finger went across (he used his fingers to spread the caulking). So now there are lines of dried caulking on the walls.

One of the granite slabs for the backsplash was crumbling on the back near the slab end, and he could not adhere it to the wall totally flush, due to imperfections in the wall and the slab itself. He overcaulked it to the point it was way too obvious. It seriously looked more like vanilla ice cream than a nice thin line of caulking. I bought almond caulking (they told me they used almond), removed some of his, and redid it myself, and it looks much better (even though the caulking is a slightly different color than what they used). Most of the other imperfections with caulking were covered by my tile backsplash on the primary counter.

APPLIANCES: We paid Lowe's after the fact, another $250 for the dishwasher to be installed by them. They sent out a young guy, very friendly. He did a decent job, but it is not quite flush with the cabinet faces. More importantly, he nicked the cabinets in two places trying to shove the dishwasher in. If you feel resistance, there is a reason why! He was not especially apologetic, and the scratch was not huge, and I grabbed my handy dandy putty and had to cover yet another dent! The dishwasher could have been installed a bit more precisely.

The stove and fridge came a few days later, and all they required were hook-ups, which is done free, as part of the delivery process. Two guys working. They were very careful, as far as I could tell, and making sure they did not hit the cabinets pushing a huge fridge and stove into their new coves. He did mention that it was a tight fit with the stove. It barely fit in between the cabinets and granite. There is no wiggle room there!

He told me to spoil/waste the first 3 gallons of water and 3 dispensers full of ice from the ice maker. The water now comes out clear but the ice cubes appear to have particulate floating in them. I was later told by a friend, that the crew should have flushed the line for about 5 minutes BEFORE hooking up the fridge, but they did not. I have yet to further look into this, so it is not fair to comment. Overall, these delivery guys were good.

UPSHOT: Yes my kitchen looks great compared to my last kitchen, but I can tell these cabinets are not built to last. My old hideous cabinets were wood, installed 50 years ago probably. Solid. These LOOK better, but I can tell they will not last as long as my old ones.

I am very fussy, unlike my spouse. Our whole charade started with the contractor we had hired to do our walls in preparation for the cabinets. He was horrible, IMO, and will get his own less than stellar review from me later. So the Lowe's installers had less than perfect walls with which to work with. Again, they are level laterally, but not plumb vertically. I am really upset about the upper cabinet being off center which caused the faucet, sink, and sink base cabinets not to line up properly. It is possible that even the granite guys were off center in cutting the slab out for the sink.

Then my tile guy, a skilled craftsman, is probably ready for retirement. He just does not see well anymore. He made many sloppy mistakes, that I know are there. Anyone else may not notice them. Our project cost us over $30,000 ($20k to Lowe's as we bought our appliances there too), and involved basically 5 teams of guys. If everyone did their absolute best, the rest would go much smoother. Over 3 months without a functioning kitchen. Everyone blames the next guy. It looks fine but I know the flaws that went into it, and I am just picky! And have every right to be.

Kitchen Cabinets
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Rating: 2/51

LAKEWOOD, COLORADO -- The customer service at Lowe's was terrible. There wasn't anyone there on the spot to help. When approaching someone they answered with they can't help us because we need an appointment. Who has time for an appointment? We go into a store to make a purchasing decision on our own time. Not Lowe's. It needs to be on their time. Appointment times were inconvenient for my husband and I.

Anyway, we decided to order our cabinets online, which the sales person told us we can do and pick them up at the Arvada, Co location. We go home, order online just to realize we purchased "custom cabinets". Fine, sounds like a better deal anyway.

It took 4 weeks to get our cabinets in. We picked them up and they are just the worst low that quality anyone can think of. Products just aren't built to last these days. Anyway, it is now October - less than 6 months after purchase and our cabinets are getting cracks in them. This isn't normal wear or tear. Mind you the cabinets are less than six months old.

Custom Cabinets
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Rating: 1/51

NAPLES, FLORIDA -- They were very good about putting in my order and promising a delivery date. After that it was all downhill... They did not update me on the status after the delivery date slipped. Everything has to be prompted to get any results. They have no clue how to track an order. The manager said custom cabinets do not have real delivery dates after I complained. This was not explained in the front of the process. I choose Lowe's because they gave a completion date, whereas Home Depot was non-committal. They told me they would deliver it to my home and then said they would not, until they were showed that was part of the order.

I would not do business with them again. I may get the second cabinet tomorrow, two weeks past the promised date...The manager was less than gracious and the salesperson's skills seem to be limited to inputting the ordering - tracking an order and communication do not seem to be part of the sales/service model.

Diamond Kitchen Cabinets Uses an Arrogant Shipper With Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Very disappointed with CDS Logistics' scheduling, shipper used by Diamond. My requests were neglected and no cost-free flexibility option was allowed. During the first scheduling call, I asked for delivery in the late afternoon of 6/16/2015 and the CDS agent recorded this request. A robo call informed me that CDS scheduled the delivery between 11:30 and 3:30, the driver would call an hour before delivery.

With my request in mind and availability starting at 12:30, I accepted. On the morning of 6/16, I called the scheduler to reminded her of my availability. The driver called me at 9:30 to inform me that he would arrive at 10:15. I talked with Jerry, CDS' Director of Operations, to postpone. He only offered to honor the 11:30 delivery time or I could reschedule at a $150 cost. Hearing my displeasure, he told me that the truck had seven deliveries and having one person unhappy was okay with him. So, poor and arrogant customer service and they cannot follow their policy (not called an hour before, and delivery before scheduled time).

Diamond Cabinets
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Rating: 1/51

ALLEN, TEXAS -- I received my cabinets about 30 days after ordering them. I had my kitchen torn up thinking this would be an easy install. One of the upper cabinets came defective and this is the main cabinets that the others are leveled from. Well the work stopped my kitchen is a mess. I was told by Lowe's designer that the cabinet should arrive in a couple of days. Now is 22 days later and I have not received the cabinet. I am so disappointed with Lowe's and Diamond. It was their quality mistake and they do not expedite anything for you. Meanwhile I have been without a kitchen for a month. Do not buy from them!!! They make you feel everything is going to be smooth when it is not.

Think Twice Before Ordering Kitchen Cabinets - Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

GURNEE, ILLINOIS -- 4/2/12 - Purchased cabinetry and granite countertops from Lowe's store in Gurnee, IL with promise that we could view and pick out our granite slab and that the install would be with **, their express install company, and it would be measured exactly and the install would be completed in one week.

May 2012 - after two failed attempts to pick out our granite countertops, we finally had a scheduled appointment in Chicago to view and select a Granite Slab at the end of May. These failed attempts were due to an initial misunderstanding from the Lowe's sales representative and the company providing the granite not having any in stock.

6/14/12 - Install scheduled and completed in two days - but it wasn't satisfactory. There were many issues with this install from alignment to problems with the cabinetry and dirt left by the installers. 6/18/12 - ** from Lowe's came out to inspect install. Said she would schedule ** to return to correct problems and that KraftMaid would send someone to correct problems.

7/6/12 - ** returned to correct their issues with the installation. 8/2/12 - initial appt made for furniture repair company (scheduled by KraftMaid rep). They called since they were provided the address for ** instead of our home address and we had to reschedule. They were in St. Charles not Gurnee, IL. 8/14/12 - Furniture repair company came out to make repairs to cabinetry and they actually made the issues worse.

8/17/12 KraftMaid representative and Lowe's management came out to inspect issues and determined that they would order all new cabinet doors, panels and light rails based on the issues and that this process would take 12 weeks due to KraftMaid's quality process.

11/16/12 - KraftMaid and Lowe's representative and ** returned to replace all the cabinet doors, panels and light rails. They were all late showing up. Upon inspection of these new items, several were found with imperfections one actually had a plastic piece sticking out from it. We were surprised these went through and strict quality process and were still delivered. Several new parts had to be re-ordered with another 12 week delay. There was also a problem when ** exchanged the end panel that houses an electrical outlet. It wasn't installed properly and there was electric arc which could have caused a fire. We had to replace the box and outlet.

2/26/13 - We received a call that the parts had come in and would be inspected. 3/6/13 - We received a call from ** that KraftMaid representative would bring the parts to Lowe's to inspect and they would call me on 3/7 information. 3/7/13 Called Lowe's to see what was going on and ** informed us that Rep didn't show up and was supposed to show up on 3/8. 3/8/13 - ** called to tell us that Rep checked the items and there was one piece still not okay and that she was going to re-order it but it should only take one week this time.

3/13/13 - Rep called us and said that the piece was re-ordered and she would have a delivery estimate by 3/19 and would call us with an eta. 3/19 - 3/20/13 - Still have not heard from anyone at Lowe's or KraftMaid. 3/21/13 - ** from Lowe's called and said Rep would bring the parts to the Lowe's location for ** and her to look over. ** is supposed to go to Lowe's to investigate on 3-23-13.

3/23/13 - ** went to inspect the new pieces and there are some minor issues so they are going to schedule an installation company and will call us with schedule information. ** all decided that when the installation company came out they would inspect the new pieces compared to the old and decide if they should be replaced or just attempt to correct the initial problem.

3/27/13 - received a call from ** at Lowe's that he is waiting on Rep to get back from vacation and schedule an installer and the furniture repair company to come to the house to complete this install. He said he would follow up with us next week.

4/4/13 - Furniture repair company called and scheduled an appt. for 4/11 between 10-12. I asked if they knew exactly what needed to be done and I was assured by ** that they did. 4/10/13 - ** from Lowe's called to confirm we had an appt. and that he would call Rep to ensure the furniture repair company picked up the material from the local Lowe's store.

4/11/13 - ** from repair company called to say they would be here at 10 and I asked her if she had picked up the material from Lowe's. She said "they didn't deliver it?" I said "no" that they needed to pick it up. She did that and arrived around 10:30 am. They finished the change out at 12:30 P.M. They also were apparently not told that the pieces were supposed to be compared prior to installation.

I looked at them but was also unaware of this issue. The repair company was also supposed to correct some edge issues. This information was also not relayed to the furniture repair company. Someone from Lowe's should have attended this installation. Rep had not sent the repair company the layout until they were here. Major communication error again.

4/11/13 - We inspected new work and not satisfied that the stains match. The new pieces appear lighter than the original. There are other problems. Called ** at local Lowe's store and related all problems to him. ** said he would talk to **, the marketing manager and district manager of the store. ** said that he would leave messages and someone would get back to us on 4/12. The instructions from the visit to the store on 3/23 were not relayed or followed.

4/12/13 - ** from Lowe's called and talked with us. The only thing ** would say was that he would have to call ** back and address these current issues. ** expressed his feelings that he wants to be done with this. In all this time we have been unable to complete our kitchen. We have been waiting to paint and install our backsplash. But we didn't want to make any changes until this was completed. We have been "On Hold" for almost a year now. Lowe's has never accepted any ownership in the problems we have encountered. They have placed the owness on KraftMaid. Yet, we purchased and paid Lowe's for this install. This has taken over 1 year from purchase.

Kitchen Cabinets Rating - Lowe's Diamond Prelude Cabinets
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Rating: 3/51

I ordered $20K worth of Lowe's Diamond Prelude cabinets. I ordered all wood because of reviews I read about the MDF Diamond Prelude CABINETS. Biggest issue - Lowe's won't tell you how much to install kitchen until AFTER you order cabinets. Their installer took more than 4 weeks to ensure all necessary parts/pieces would be ordered. During that time I found a well recommended installer. Lowe's install price $4300. My installer who was EXCELLENT - did for 1/2 price.

They tell you if you use someone else to install - Lowe's is not responsible. Here's what happened - Diamond Prelude sent a wrong colored cabinet (ordered correctly). Took 6 weeks for replacement. They originally promised in 10-12 business days. I had 12 pieces (trim, filler) left over (after Lowe's installer said was correct) (I can't return because special ordered). Again Diamond Prelude sent 2 wrong colored pieces but can't return.

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