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Custom Cabinets
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Rating: 1/51

NAPLES, FLORIDA -- They were very good about putting in my order and promising a delivery date. After that it was all downhill... They did not update me on the status after the delivery date slipped. Everything has to be prompted to get any results. They have no clue how to track an order. The manager said custom cabinets do not have real delivery dates after I complained. This was not explained in the front of the process. I choose Lowe's because they gave a completion date, whereas Home Depot was non-committal. They told me they would deliver it to my home and then said they would not, until they were showed that was part of the order.

I would not do business with them again. I may get the second cabinet tomorrow, two weeks past the promised date...The manager was less than gracious and the salesperson's skills seem to be limited to inputting the ordering - tracking an order and communication do not seem to be part of the sales/service model.

Diamond Kitchen Cabinets Uses an Arrogant Shipper With Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Very disappointed with CDS Logistics' scheduling, shipper used by Diamond. My requests were neglected and no cost-free flexibility option was allowed. During the first scheduling call, I asked for delivery in the late afternoon of 6/16/2015 and the CDS agent recorded this request. A robo call informed me that CDS scheduled the delivery between 11:30 and 3:30, the driver would call an hour before delivery.

With my request in mind and availability starting at 12:30, I accepted. On the morning of 6/16, I called the scheduler to reminded her of my availability. The driver called me at 9:30 to inform me that he would arrive at 10:15. I talked with Jerry, CDS' Director of Operations, to postpone. He only offered to honor the 11:30 delivery time or I could reschedule at a $150 cost. Hearing my displeasure, he told me that the truck had seven deliveries and having one person unhappy was okay with him. So, poor and arrogant customer service and they cannot follow their policy (not called an hour before, and delivery before scheduled time).

Diamond Cabinets
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Rating: 1/51

ALLEN, TEXAS -- I received my cabinets about 30 days after ordering them. I had my kitchen torn up thinking this would be an easy install. One of the upper cabinets came defective and this is the main cabinets that the others are leveled from. Well the work stopped my kitchen is a mess. I was told by Lowe's designer that the cabinet should arrive in a couple of days. Now is 22 days later and I have not received the cabinet. I am so disappointed with Lowe's and Diamond. It was their quality mistake and they do not expedite anything for you. Meanwhile I have been without a kitchen for a month. Do not buy from them!!! They make you feel everything is going to be smooth when it is not.

Think Twice Before Ordering Kitchen Cabinets - Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

GURNEE, ILLINOIS -- 4/2/12 - Purchased cabinetry and granite countertops from Lowe's store in Gurnee, IL with promise that we could view and pick out our granite slab and that the install would be with **, their express install company, and it would be measured exactly and the install would be completed in one week.

May 2012 - after two failed attempts to pick out our granite countertops, we finally had a scheduled appointment in Chicago to view and select a Granite Slab at the end of May. These failed attempts were due to an initial misunderstanding from the Lowe's sales representative and the company providing the granite not having any in stock.

6/14/12 - Install scheduled and completed in two days - but it wasn't satisfactory. There were many issues with this install from alignment to problems with the cabinetry and dirt left by the installers. 6/18/12 - ** from Lowe's came out to inspect install. Said she would schedule ** to return to correct problems and that KraftMaid would send someone to correct problems.

7/6/12 - ** returned to correct their issues with the installation. 8/2/12 - initial appt made for furniture repair company (scheduled by KraftMaid rep). They called since they were provided the address for ** instead of our home address and we had to reschedule. They were in St. Charles not Gurnee, IL. 8/14/12 - Furniture repair company came out to make repairs to cabinetry and they actually made the issues worse.

8/17/12 KraftMaid representative and Lowe's management came out to inspect issues and determined that they would order all new cabinet doors, panels and light rails based on the issues and that this process would take 12 weeks due to KraftMaid's quality process.

11/16/12 - KraftMaid and Lowe's representative and ** returned to replace all the cabinet doors, panels and light rails. They were all late showing up. Upon inspection of these new items, several were found with imperfections one actually had a plastic piece sticking out from it. We were surprised these went through and strict quality process and were still delivered. Several new parts had to be re-ordered with another 12 week delay. There was also a problem when ** exchanged the end panel that houses an electrical outlet. It wasn't installed properly and there was electric arc which could have caused a fire. We had to replace the box and outlet.

2/26/13 - We received a call that the parts had come in and would be inspected. 3/6/13 - We received a call from ** that KraftMaid representative would bring the parts to Lowe's to inspect and they would call me on 3/7 information. 3/7/13 Called Lowe's to see what was going on and ** informed us that Rep didn't show up and was supposed to show up on 3/8. 3/8/13 - ** called to tell us that Rep checked the items and there was one piece still not okay and that she was going to re-order it but it should only take one week this time.

3/13/13 - Rep called us and said that the piece was re-ordered and she would have a delivery estimate by 3/19 and would call us with an eta. 3/19 - 3/20/13 - Still have not heard from anyone at Lowe's or KraftMaid. 3/21/13 - ** from Lowe's called and said Rep would bring the parts to the Lowe's location for ** and her to look over. ** is supposed to go to Lowe's to investigate on 3-23-13.

3/23/13 - ** went to inspect the new pieces and there are some minor issues so they are going to schedule an installation company and will call us with schedule information. ** all decided that when the installation company came out they would inspect the new pieces compared to the old and decide if they should be replaced or just attempt to correct the initial problem.

3/27/13 - received a call from ** at Lowe's that he is waiting on Rep to get back from vacation and schedule an installer and the furniture repair company to come to the house to complete this install. He said he would follow up with us next week.

4/4/13 - Furniture repair company called and scheduled an appt. for 4/11 between 10-12. I asked if they knew exactly what needed to be done and I was assured by ** that they did. 4/10/13 - ** from Lowe's called to confirm we had an appt. and that he would call Rep to ensure the furniture repair company picked up the material from the local Lowe's store.

4/11/13 - ** from repair company called to say they would be here at 10 and I asked her if she had picked up the material from Lowe's. She said "they didn't deliver it?" I said "no" that they needed to pick it up. She did that and arrived around 10:30 am. They finished the change out at 12:30 P.M. They also were apparently not told that the pieces were supposed to be compared prior to installation.

I looked at them but was also unaware of this issue. The repair company was also supposed to correct some edge issues. This information was also not relayed to the furniture repair company. Someone from Lowe's should have attended this installation. Rep had not sent the repair company the layout until they were here. Major communication error again.

4/11/13 - We inspected new work and not satisfied that the stains match. The new pieces appear lighter than the original. There are other problems. Called ** at local Lowe's store and related all problems to him. ** said he would talk to **, the marketing manager and district manager of the store. ** said that he would leave messages and someone would get back to us on 4/12. The instructions from the visit to the store on 3/23 were not relayed or followed.

4/12/13 - ** from Lowe's called and talked with us. The only thing ** would say was that he would have to call ** back and address these current issues. ** expressed his feelings that he wants to be done with this. In all this time we have been unable to complete our kitchen. We have been waiting to paint and install our backsplash. But we didn't want to make any changes until this was completed. We have been "On Hold" for almost a year now. Lowe's has never accepted any ownership in the problems we have encountered. They have placed the owness on KraftMaid. Yet, we purchased and paid Lowe's for this install. This has taken over 1 year from purchase.

Nimble Cabinets by Diamond Are a Disappointment
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Rating: 3/51

HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA -- I've been installing Ikea cabinets in our kitchen and decided to try the Nimble cabinets by Diamond from our local Lowe's for a kitchenette in our basement. The first cabinet I opened had a scuff mark along one edge. It was minor and not very noticeable so I decided to let it slide. The second cabinet had no flaws. The first set of doors I opened had multiple corners with dented edges and cracked finishes. One of the doors was missing one of the rubber bumpers on the door edge and had a pin hole flaw in the exterior finish.

When hung the top of the doors misaligned by about 1/2 inch and could not be corrected with the hinge adjustment screws. The single door for the second cabinet had similar damage on the its corners as well. At that point I repacked the doors and cabinets I had opened and returned them to Lowe's for a refund.

To say I was disappointed in the quality of the finish of these cabinets would be an understatement. Lowe's was running a 20% off special on their in-stock cabinets which was the tipping factor for me to give these cabinets a try. Even with the 20% off the Nimble cabinets are close to the price of the low end Ikea cabinets so my recommendation to do-it-yourselfers is to go with the Ikea cabinets if you have an Ikea store in your area.

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Rating: 3/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Start off by saying that the sales person was very informative and did a great job explaining what we were getting. Problem: we had no problem waiting for the cabinets to arrive but thought our countertop was being fabricated at the same time so it could be installed either on the same day or within a couple of days. We were not told that someone else would be taking measurements for the countertop. Though we understand it needs to be done correctly, Lowe's should hire/pay contractors that can take measurements for all aspects of kitchen upgrades so families can resume preparing meals.

Also, I have to schedule a time for the plumber to come and connect my sink and dishwasher back after the countertop install. This could be upwards to a month or so. I don't like to complain but when you spend thousands of dollars you expect complete details of what you paid for. The cabinet manufacturer sends an email saying to inspect the cabinets within 2 days of delivery. I will not open one box until the installers get here so they can witness any damage and I can witness the installer's handling of them.

Cabinet Order Disaster
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PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA -- I purchased Woodgate red oak cabinets from the Lowe's of Portsmouth, VA on July 6, 2009. First, we were greeted and taken care of while we were in the cabinet department. All employees were friendly; however, when my husband and I applied for a joint Project Card, the employee only put in his name. Therefore, I cannot use the card. My husband had to call after we got the one card, with his name on it, and they are sending us a form to make the account joint.

Next, when we went to pay at the front, the employee told the cashier to ring up everything (even the items I did not have), which caused a problem. If everything was rung up as if we took it with us, how would the store know what they owed us? All of the cabinets were not in stock, which was no problem for me since my contractors still had weeks before they would begin.

I was told the cabinets that they "owed" me would be in within a few weeks and they had me pay for everything and sign a "delivery/take" slip. I had to ask for a copy of this, and I am really glad I did because problems did develop. As soon as I got home, I worried that there wasn't something right. I contacted corporate Lowe's through their website. I received an immediate response, and I was told the store manager would contact me.

The next day, a store manager did contact me. He had no idea who I was and what I was talking about. I gave him item numbers (thank God I had the delivery slip), and he put in the computer what I was owed. He told me our cabinets would be in on the 10. I called on the 14 and spoke with a customer service representative at Lowe's. She insured me my cabinets were all in-stock. My husband and father-in-law drove all of the way back to Lowe's in Portsmouth. The customer service people were very nice and pulled my order sheet and gave it to a young man to go get. He came back with one cabinet.

I explained everything was supposed to come in on the 10 and they should be in the back. I stood at the front for a while, but no one said anything to me. I noticed the young man was helping someone else. So I went and asked him what was going on with my cabinets, and he told me they were not here. I went back to cabinets, where I saw no one, but two women in vacuums. I explained who I was and if anyone was working cabinets. They said they were (thanks for letting me walk around cabinets in circles!), and that my cabinets were not here and they had no idea that they owed me any.

Then I explained that I had talked to the manager and one of the women told me she was the manager. Then she said that someone was back there looking (why wasn't she?), and that she didn't think they were back there because the computer did not show they owed me anything. I (thank god) had my take slip from the original purchase, which proved they owed me cabinets. She told me a customer service representative would return the items they owed me, then re-ring them as an "owe" this way the account/corporate/district supplier would all know they owe us cabinets. I left, with one cabinet, and feeling very upset.

So I called corporate twice this time and filed a formal complaint. In my complaint, I told them about the credit disaster and the problems with the store. I also told them I was going to file with the Better Business Bureau if a REAL manager did not call me within 24 hours. Obviously I had been talking to shift or assistant or department managers. While I was on the phone with corporate, the sales person from cabinets, who sold me the cabinets, called me and told me there was a truck coming that night, the 15th, and my cabinets would be on it, but that I should call first to make sure.

To this I replied, "I already called and everyone says they either have no idea what I am talking about or my cabinets are there, so that won't work." Then I ended the call. Within 24 hours of filing 2 complaints, **, the store GM called me (while I was at another Lowe's ironically!), and told me he was tracking down my cabinets at the distribution center. I told him to call me back when he found them. He called me back a few minutes later and told me the cabinets would be on the truck scheduled for Sunday the 19th.

I asked if they could be delivered on Monday because my husband and I could not drive a third time to Portsmouth. He scheduled the delivery for me and my cabinets came today, July 20 at 12:30. The men were very nice and ** was fabulous. I am very appreciative of the delivery.

My contractors are scheduled for the 23 so there was no money or time lost, but the emotional stress was overwhelming. I'm glad that I called and emailed corporate Lowe's 4 times, and that the GM finally contacted me. Lesson is always talk to the GM, not a department manager. Also, when nothing gets done, letting them know I was already logged into the Better Business Bureau ready to file my complaint and seek legal action was effective. Also, I think being polite and not losing my cool was effective. My father worked for Lowe's and I know this is not how they want customers treated. My advice is careful ordering, and always talk to the GM.

Kitchen Cabinet Purchase
By -

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- We spent $12K with Lowe's; we wish we'd spent $15K elsewhere. At a glance, it is white and it smells new. The whole process is very time consuming. Multiple trips to clarify design "want and needs". Appointments are a must. They're hard to schedule, with Lowe's limited sales person availability. It took 3 times of taking the sales person/designer and physically pointing out, and ensuring her hand went on the same "style" sample of exactly what we wanted to get it right.

With very minute changes costs varied widely. Every visit was a different price and different "style". Drawers, shelves & Lazy Susan were added to the original order as requested (pointed out by the Lowe's salesperson in the catalog and added on the order screen), then secretly deleted to make the sale look desirable, cost wise. Now as the project nears an end, we are hit with the added costs for all the conveniently left out "needs" that we made clear.

They give you a pretty black and white print out of what the cabinets are supposed to look like, with a list of numbers, SKU codes and abbreviations you need design/sales software to decipher.

You show Lowe's what you want. You tell Lowe's what you want. Lowe's quotes everything you ask for with the cheapest cabinet version, the one that was never a consideration. And you can't tell the difference in the B&W graphic printout. When you catch the error the price changes only slightly, because that's when Lowe's secretly delete your "needs" to close the sale. (I guess we got lucky to notice the cabinet name not ringing any bells on the order date………………… it should have been blowing whistles and sounding alarms to get the hell out of the store.)

Lowe's sends out a "professional installer" to measure to ensure layout and functionality. Lowe's measures and just nods as you try to make sure they understand the layout. From the time the cabinets were purchased, Lowe's install department calls regularly with status updates to an annoying degree.

The same Lowe's measuring guy shows up to install the new cabinets. It looks like he's making progress daily. All day Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning until 11am, when he had enough time invested and everything that was shipped was screwed down. That's when the quick clean up is done and the even quicker caulk job. He asks how it looks.

We take him to the mudroom where the cabinet door won't open all the way because it hits the door knob leading to the garage. (There is a gap of 3&3/8" between the cabinet and the dryer plenty of room to have been installed 3" to the right and filler placed on the left.) The drawers won't slide out, and the measure guy says "all you need to do is go to Lowe's buy a different style door knob". We ask him if he is sure he is done. He assures us he is. He quickly exits.

Well, Lowe's annoying status phone calls abruptly stop. No call to check on how we think the install turned out. After two messages and three calls we get the Lowe's install manager who says "no problem we'll take care of everything, just fax me a punch list". Days go by, no word.

Then the Lowe's salesperson calls Friday afternoon to place all the change orders (additional hidden charges). She says she left out the "need" items to keep it in our budget (yeah right). The one we didn't have when we started. Who sells a 7' tall stacked pantry cabinet, next to the fridge with no shelves or drawers, save the one where the top cabinet sits on the bottom cabinet? No room for a broom.

Well don't think the cabinet door hitting the garage door knob was the only install problem. His punch list was a page long. Issues ranging from pencil marks everywhere. (It just means along with going back to Lowe's, buying a new door knob, a Magic Eraser, extra wall primer and drywall mud), to unlevelled counter mounting surface (granite warranty? hmmn??), to 1/4" undercut trim pieces, cabinets screwed through the outside to the floor. Less than a quarter complete hap-hazard caulk job. The list goes on and on.

A visit is made to Lowe's to find out what the hold up is. Two weeks later the Lowe's measuring guy comes back (no punch list, and no idea what he is doing back) and proceeds to spend 3.5 hours caulking his 1/4" undercuts and screw holes through the sides of our brand new cabinets. The mudroom cabinet door still hits the garage door knob..."** I forgot. I haven't bought a new knob yet???" Well, anyway he leaves.

With the new smaller laid out cabinet scheme (why is it smaller??? Wasn't there a pre order measurement visit?) The walls, and the ceiling all along the white crown have a nice tan ring, then a caulk line (where the old cabinets used to be), then bright white ceiling. (So now the ceiling needs to be scraped and re-sprayed.... I used to wonder how people were always going over I know.) The trim...some is real wood painted white, some is synthetic particle board with just primer, then there's the trim that just missing. Fillers are tight at the top and out on the bottom a 1/4".

The Lowe's sales person added a cookie sheet cabinet to the left of the dishwasher to balance out the corner cabinet on the right of the sink (not our “want or need”, there is a cookie sheet drawer under the wall oven). The salesperson made certain, we knew we couldn't increase our stovetop dimension but…….. the one thing, the installer thought to mention, when he was done, was the surprising result: an opening for less than a 28” custom single sink.

It's been weeks now since the Lowe's installation started and we've no idea when Lowe's will be finished. Our credit card company quickly credited our account upon dispute against Lowe's. Maybe if we're lucky…. a Lowe's supervisor might come out in the next week or two. We're feeling we'll be paying someone else to finish, and settling with our credit card company.

We're just glad we didn't write a check. Lowe's wants all their money upfront. Don't forget the headaches from cabinet off-gassing. But it doesn't matter that the cabinets shipped before the paint was dry. Delivered in 2 weeks from order date. Maybe that's why the paint is missing from many doors.

Cabinets ordered wrong three times, poor kitchen "design"
By -

My experience is very similar to the one posted by Barbara. The kitchen "designer" had no clue. Cabinets had to be re-ordered three times due to her mistakes, causing the work to be delayed about three months altogether and the end product was pieced together instead of designed (kitchen by reaction, not by design). Many mistakes were made that didn't have to be "lived with" if the designer had known what she was doing. Can't count the number of times she gave me wrong answers when she should have said she didn't know (and better yet, would find out).

When I finally realized she had no idea what she was doing, I quit working with her, but then I had to deal with all the fall-out, extra time for plumbers, electricians and other tradespeople to re-do work, time taken off over and over again from my own work to deal with the issues that arose.

The Lowe's cabinet installer himself, who bragged over and over again about how good he was, installed the upper cabinets 1/8 inch too high and my handyman who did the moulding had to move all the doors down (I paid him four hours extra for that). (The moulding was on premises and was given to the cabinet installer so that the cabinets would be installed in the correct place.)

Then, at the very end, all that we had to do was to install the dishwasher. The space the cabinet installer had left was 1/8 inch too narrow. The cabinet installer claimed we had moved a cabinet (!!!) and then the manager from Lowe's who came out when we complained loud enough said the door of the dishwasher was bent (!!!). REALLY??? The Lowe's manager belt-sanded our NEW cabinets down the little bit it took to get it installed. The irony is that there was a three-inch filler piece in-between two cabinets just to the right that could have been 2 7/8 inches so that we never would have had the problem.

I would never, ever, ever buy any major products or services from Lowe's. In fact, because of all the problems we bought all the appliances from Home Depot and had Home Depot do a major insulation project that we decided to do when we took out the ceiling of the kitchen and we had to remove all the old insulation. The granite came from another vendor entirely. We had planned to do it all with Lowe's -- so they lost about $20,000 in business because of the kitchen designer.

I could have even taken the problems with the cabinet installer if we hadn't already had so many problems with the others. Perhaps these kinds of problems could happen with any kitchen designer. I would ask serious, direct questions to the designer him/herself and find out how much experience and training they have. If you have any qualms at all, walk away. There is too much riding on the early design.

Poor service from salespeople
By -

On several occasions, my husband and I wanted to purchase large items from Lowe's, such as kitchen cabinets, carpeting, tile, lumber, etc. In every case, the salesperson would begin to serve us courteously and helpfully. However, when another customer entered the department or if the phone rang, the salesperson would leave us to help the other person, claiming it would only take a minute--which it never did.

Recently, in the Hudson, Massachusetts store, the woman salesperson in flooring insisted on taking care of another customer whose order was actually almost the same as ours (2 rooms of carpeting) even after the customer told her she was not in a hurry and should continue to wait on us, since we had been there first and were in the middle of receiving the price estimate. Clearly, there is discrimination, however unintentional, against someone with a large order or someone who is closer to purchase. In other words, any new customer coming into the department gets priority.

On one occasion, the salesperson in flooring left us for a full 20 minutes to wait on someone else. When we complained to the store manager, he claimed to be very surprised, explaining this was not store policy. However, that cannot be true. When we were ordering cabinets 4 years ago in another Lowe's, we had made 3 separate appointments with the cabinet salesperson, yet we were continually; interrupted each time.

He confided to us that he would get into trouble with his supervisor if any customer was seen wandering around the department without being helped. So, he HAD to continually interrupt our meeting time. In the end, we did not buy the cabinets even though we loved them. In all of our Lowe's experiences, there was only one exception from a young man in the Hudson flooring department. Because of him, we may still buy the carpeting there when he is on duty. He never allowed himself to be distracted or take people out of turn. I wish the rules would allow me to write his name here and give him full credit..

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