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Cabinets ordered wrong three times, poor kitchen "design"
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My experience is very similar to the one posted by Barbara. The kitchen "designer" had no clue. Cabinets had to be re-ordered three times due to her mistakes, causing the work to be delayed about three months altogether and the end product was pieced together instead of designed (kitchen by reaction, not by design). Many mistakes were made that didn't have to be "lived with" if the designer had known what she was doing. Can't count the number of times she gave me wrong answers when she should have said she didn't know (and better yet, would find out).

When I finally realized she had no idea what she was doing, I quit working with her, but then I had to deal with all the fall-out, extra time for plumbers, electricians and other tradespeople to re-do work, time taken off over and over again from my own work to deal with the issues that arose.

The Lowe's cabinet installer himself, who bragged over and over again about how good he was, installed the upper cabinets 1/8 inch too high and my handyman who did the moulding had to move all the doors down (I paid him four hours extra for that). (The moulding was on premises and was given to the cabinet installer so that the cabinets would be installed in the correct place.)

Then, at the very end, all that we had to do was to install the dishwasher. The space the cabinet installer had left was 1/8 inch too narrow. The cabinet installer claimed we had moved a cabinet (!!!) and then the manager from Lowe's who came out when we complained loud enough said the door of the dishwasher was bent (!!!). REALLY??? The Lowe's manager belt-sanded our NEW cabinets down the little bit it took to get it installed. The irony is that there was a three-inch filler piece in-between two cabinets just to the right that could have been 2 7/8 inches so that we never would have had the problem.

I would never, ever, ever buy any major products or services from Lowe's. In fact, because of all the problems we bought all the appliances from Home Depot and had Home Depot do a major insulation project that we decided to do when we took out the ceiling of the kitchen and we had to remove all the old insulation. The granite came from another vendor entirely. We had planned to do it all with Lowe's -- so they lost about $20,000 in business because of the kitchen designer.

I could have even taken the problems with the cabinet installer if we hadn't already had so many problems with the others. Perhaps these kinds of problems could happen with any kitchen designer. I would ask serious, direct questions to the designer him/herself and find out how much experience and training they have. If you have any qualms at all, walk away. There is too much riding on the early design.

Poor service from salespeople
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On several occasions, my husband and I wanted to purchase large items from Lowe's, such as kitchen cabinets, carpeting, tile, lumber, etc. In every case, the salesperson would begin to serve us courteously and helpfully. However, when another customer entered the department or if the phone rang, the salesperson would leave us to help the other person, claiming it would only take a minute--which it never did.

Recently, in the Hudson, Massachusetts store, the woman salesperson in flooring insisted on taking care of another customer whose order was actually almost the same as ours (2 rooms of carpeting) even after the customer told her she was not in a hurry and should continue to wait on us, since we had been there first and were in the middle of receiving the price estimate. Clearly, there is discrimination, however unintentional, against someone with a large order or someone who is closer to purchase. In other words, any new customer coming into the department gets priority.

On one occasion, the salesperson in flooring left us for a full 20 minutes to wait on someone else. When we complained to the store manager, he claimed to be very surprised, explaining this was not store policy. However, that cannot be true. When we were ordering cabinets 4 years ago in another Lowe's, we had made 3 separate appointments with the cabinet salesperson, yet we were continually; interrupted each time.

He confided to us that he would get into trouble with his supervisor if any customer was seen wandering around the department without being helped. So, he HAD to continually interrupt our meeting time. In the end, we did not buy the cabinets even though we loved them. In all of our Lowe's experiences, there was only one exception from a young man in the Hudson flooring department. Because of him, we may still buy the carpeting there when he is on duty. He never allowed himself to be distracted or take people out of turn. I wish the rules would allow me to write his name here and give him full credit..

Disaster kitchen cabinet experience
By -

SEDALIA, MISSOURI -- We were ready to remodel our kitchen at our lake home 2 hours away from where we live in Kansas City. Very excited we measured our existing kitchen footprint and went to our awesome Lowe's store near our city home. After much work with a very competent cabinet salesperson, we were ready to go--or not. When we went to place the order with this wonderful salesperson who had worked with us so diligently we were told Lowe's has a strict policy of store proximity to the installation, and as a result we had to work with the Lowe's store closest to our lake home.

So we took our designs to a very lucky Lowe's salesperson at the store closest to our lake home (we ordered over $10,000 of product); all she had to do was order the product and schedule our installation. It took us 3 different trips, 2 hours away, to go back so she could learn their ordering system; she continually said "can't do this, we don't do none of these here..." We should have run fast. Instead, we weighed our options and remembering our wonderful Lowe's experience in Kansas City decided to give the Sedalia store a try.

8 weeks later, I have half of a kitchen installed, a store salesperson who refuses to call us back, and no kitchen countertops (only to find out from the countertop company that the salesperson at Lowe's didn't give them the order until yesterday, when we were assured it was done weeks ago.) The salesperson will sometimes have the unfortunate luck of actually answering the phone when my husband or I call, only to turn around and literally hang up on us or say "I can't talk I have a customer."

We never get a returned phone call. I called Robert Niblock's office today (CEO of Lowe's) and actually spoke with a reasonably educated, polite, customer focused person on the phone who agreed to help us. We are waiting to hear back, meanwhile I have $10,000 invested in cabinetry that is half finished, no countertops for what appear to be weeks to come, and the Sedalia, Missouri Lowe's store refuses to deal with us in any way. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM THAT STORE AND ITS KITCHEN CABINET EXPERTISE, they have none!

If we had it to do over we would have had a custom cabinet maker do the cabinets as so many people recommended we do. We have signs all over our street at the lake house warning people against doing business with the Sedalia Lowe's store, and are actively telling our many friends who are rehabbing homes in the Lake of the Ozarks area to pursue any other alternative than the Lowe's store in Sedalia. Oh, and three of our neighbors at the lake are lawyers... who at the very least are assisting us in our complaint to the Attorney General's office, and perhaps pursue further action against the Lowe's in Sedalia, Missouri.

Do NOT buy your cabinets/counter tops from Lowe's
By -

FLOWER MOUND, TEXAS -- My husband and I recently moved and we purchased a home that needed some updating so we decided to give Lowe's a try. (we previously had used Home Depot to do our last kitchen with ZERO problems but did not like the nearby HD store and loved the look and choices at Lowe's.) At first things went rather slow, but we felt we were partially to blame as we changed our plans a few times. It took nearly 4 weeks to get a final plan drawn. However, once we finally ordered the cabinets and they were delivered (took another 4 weeks) is when the problems started.

The cabinets were delivered and the store was informed of the delivery day. I again confirmed delivery once received. It took a week for the installers to call and schedule an appointment to inspect the order. When I threatened to go to another installer, the installer was there the next day. When all boxes were opened, one cabinet was cracked and unusable, one was the wrong cabinet completely, and one was the wrong measurement. They all had to be reordered--2-3 weeks, rush delivery. (now remember, I have NO kitchen by now as it was all removed for new install)

Next was the counter top. We wanted to go with the Zodiac Quartz. Three days after partial cabinet install a guy shows up to measure. He took measurements I could have taken and given over the phone. Two days goes by and Lowe's calls to set up the appointment for making a template--for the NEXT week. AND they tell me it will be 6 WEEKS before the counter top is back and then another week (?) before it can be installed. And only then can the rest of my cabinets be installed because some of the uppers sit on the countertop.

At this point, they have delayed my kitchen install by 6-8 weeks. And of course, I have been bumped off my painter and electrician's schedule as they have other work to do which means, I will be behind even longer once they can get me back on schedule.

I found a local store that carried the Quartz and although they were slightly higher, they could have it templated and done in 7-10 days, just about the time my cabinets come. Like I said, I have done a kitchen with HD and they were MUCH more on top of things, MUCH more professional, and MUCH more satisfactory all around. I will not buy one more thing from Lowe's. Ever.

Worst Customer Service Ever!!
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Rating: 1/51

SENECA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I have been going back and forth with the staff at the Lowe's in Seneca, SC since the end of March. I am still dealing with problems and the management including corporate are no help whatsoever.

They were running a special on custom ordered cabinets. Customer would receive a VISA card with a credit in the same amount your cabinetry came to. Due to their negligence with delay after delay I lost out on their special; losing $600.00. To date (May 21) cabinets were ordered wrong which delays the granite to be ordered, electrical to be done and plumbing installed. Now I have to wait another 4-6 weeks for the correct cabinets. Basically, the entire kitchen project at our house.

Other than one sales associate in the blinds/window coverings department, the department manager has no clue what they are doing. She doesn't know the products nor how to place an order. I spent over $2,000 on blinds and they are wrong. Another problem we are dealing with. Ordered several appliances and because one was on back order instead of waiting for the item, they cancelled my order altogether. Had to reorder the item and wait another 3 weeks. Another delay in the kitchen.

I don't know what is going on at the Lowe's Seneca, SC store but it is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Not only are their employees not training properly to order the correct merchandise but their department managers and assistant store manager can care less. At one point I was told, "I am sorry but your order has been closed with us and if you have a problem you will need to contact the manufacturer." It's been delay after delay yet my Lowe's card sure did get charged a hefty $18,000 which I am making payments on!! I will never shop there again and if any of you are working with them on a remodel job make sure you invest in valium!!

Never Buy From Lowe's - Kitchen Cabinets
By -

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I will try to shorten this as much as I can. My husband and I decided to redo our kitchen. We took out a home equity loan so we could pay for this. We decided on "diamond" brand. They were rated #3 on Consumer Reports and Lowe's is the only company in Sacramento that carries them. We met with the "kitchen specialist" on 4/16/05. We went over some things and paid the $70 measuring fee and made the appointment. I took half the day off from work just to get home and have a message saying ** (k/s) called in sick so we would have to reschedule.

I called and asked if anyone else could do the measurement because I took the time off work so I would be home. They told me no, so I rescheduled. I should have known then that that was a bad sign. On 5/14/05 we paid (in cash) $13,918.32 for our cabinets. ** the so called specialist (joke) told us not to tear out our kitchen until we receive a phone call about a week before the new items would be delivered.

On 6/6 I received a call from ** trucking saying my items were in and they were going to deliver them the next day. I told the women that we were told we would get about a week's notice before delivery. She said they would have a truck in my area and they would be coming and someone had to be there to receive them. We do not have a garage so they put them in the backyard. Well just my luck it rained that night and my husband and I were up at 4 am trying to get as many as we could in the house. I was so upset I couldn't go to work that day I was trying to get all the cabs. out of their boxes to make sure they were OK.

I called ** that morning to let her know. I looked over the packing slip and saw that the trucking company was located in Sacto. so they could have held on to them for a couple of days so we could be ready, also the slip said the truck was in 2 accidents. I told her all of this and she said she was sorry and gave me the contractor's phone # so that I could set an appt. with him to come and inspect them.

The contractor ** and 2 other men started on 6/21. He said he had to leave at 10:30 to pick up his kids. If we had known that they were only going to work for a few hours my husband wouldn't have taken a whole day off, also on the first day one of his workers cut the molding wrong so ** said he would let ** know so she could reorder. He said she was in computer training all week but would leave her a message. I called her on Sat. and she was at lunch. I left a message for her to call me and she didn't.

I called her Sun. and she said she was with a customer but she got **'s message and place the order first thing Mon. morning. I was off work that day so I decided to go in and talk to her in person, come to find out she didn't work again until Wed. I told ** another (k/s) all the problems that I was having with the contractor and her not returning my calls. Long story short it is now 9/30 my kitchen still is not done!

I wrote a letter to the corporate office sent e-mails talked to 4 different store (shift) managers trying to get to the head person in charge. On 9/6 ** came over with a new contractor to see if he could fix all the mistakes that the other contractor made. They talked about patching holes and covering mistakes with skins. I told her if they were not going to replace the product that I wanted part of my money back. She told me to call her the next day and let her know how much I wanted, only after that did the store manager speak to me. So now we are waiting for new cabinets to come in.

I decided to check the new contractor's license and it checked out OK. I checked on the first contractor's and found out that his license had been suspended and he received a new one under a business name that he created. The website also lets you check on their employees but he was the only person with a license. I called and spoke to the California state board and come to find out he is the ONLY person that should have been doing work in my home. He worked the first day, the rest of the time he had a couple of other guys (I did not get there names) and ** doing the work.

Well according to the state board as of 9/2004 ** does not have a license and ** has no employees listed and holds no insurance so they said that he should have no one working with him. I called ** (store manager) at Lowe's to inform him that they are having an un-licensed contractor work for them. He said he would look into it (ya right!) I also called their customer care service to let them know that they are false advertising and that I have a signed contract stating that my kitchen was supposed to be done 7/30.

I have been lied to, put of and am out over $15,000.00 (including counter tops, handles and pulls) and my kitchen is not done. I have two kids. We have no kitchen floor just the sub-floor because we cannot put that in until the rest of the work is done. My advice is to NEVER shop at Lowe's. They have the worst customer service I have ever seen!!

Complain about Kitchen Cabinet Product
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Rating: 4/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I bought last October/November Kitchen Cabinets by Lowe's, (Lowe's brand.) The Sample where I looked at in the store was pretty good, so I ordered for approx. 4000.00$. When the cabinets are installed I'm not so happy with the quality. I regret I've not bought by IKEA because for the same price I would have a better quality. I would never buy this product (Potomac...!!) again, maybe later I'll replace with a better quality of my choice. The Lowe's sales person did a great job with helping me to get all the measurements and with some replacement where I ask to exchange.

Shenandoah Cabinets -- Horrible Experience With Lowe's
By -

FLANDERS, NEW JERSEY -- Started remodel in Jan 2011 -- ran into issues in NJ needing permits/custom order patio door off kitchen which caused months of delays (not Lowe's fault). Shenandoah cabinets came poorly assembled -- ordered a bath vanity that the front was poorly glued and not straight, doors were installed crooked, stain was inconsistent (one door lighter and the other door noticeably darker). Lowe's installer did not install scribe molding on top cabinets leaving the cabinets looking unfinished, also was in a rush and job reflected mediocre install.

Install services department so far has been less than responsive here in North NJ. Would never buy Shenandoah cabinets again with the quality issues noted between staining, crooked doors and a vanity base that wasn't straight -- these were mid line Shenandoah cabinets and very disappointed across the board with Shenandoah, Lowe's and the subcontractor...

Do Not Stand by Their Products
By -

I recently purchased Shenandoah cabinets (made for Lowe's by American Woodmark). These cabinets are horrible. I have received several bad parts. The shelves were crooked (I had to place a cardboard spacer between the shelf and some pins) and the cutlery drawer did not move freely (upon further inspection, pieces of the drawer were cut to the wrong size, putting pressure on the wheels). Also many of the shelves are far too narrow. I would never buy these again. Lowe's refused to stand by their product. When I mentioned these problems to Lowe's, the only thing Shenandoah offered was a $100 credit. Horrible!

So, so great!
By -

OVIEDO, FLORIDA -- I haven't even received my cabinets yet and I'm very confident in the Oviedo, FL Lowe's staff. Both the manager and install manager stopped by and introduced themselves. ** was always courteous and patient as I came back several times to choose styles, colors and different options, and work with me until I finalized my kitchen design. My assigned installer ** called me immediately, discussed details with me and took charge to contact Lowe's back to ensure everything was coordinated. They even gave me tips in what to expect to make my renovation go smoothly. Hats off to a great crew at the Lowe's in Oviedo, FL and I look forward to my install!

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