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Do not stand by their products
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I recently purchased Shenandoah cabinets (made for Lowe's by American Woodmark). These cabinets are horrible. I have received several bad parts. The shelves were crooked (I had to place a cardboard spAcer between the shelf and some pins) and the cutlery drawer did not move freely (upon further inspection, pieces of the drawer were cut to the wrong size, putting pressure on the wheels). Also many of the shelves are far too narrow. I would never buy these again. Lowe's refused to stand by their product. When I mentioned these problems to Lowe's, the only thing Shenandoah offered was a $100 credit. Horrible!
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canucks1 on 03/24/2011:

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Poor service from salespeople
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On several occasions, my husband and I wanted to purchase large items from Lowe's, such as kitchen cabinets, carpeting, tile, lumber, etc. In every case, the salesperson would begin to serve us courteously and helpfuly. However, when another customer entered the department or if the phone rang, the salesperson would leave us to help the other person, claiming it would only take a minute--which it never did. Recently, in the Hudson, Massachusetts store, the woman salesperson in flooring insisted on taking care of another customer whose order was actually almost the same as ours (2 rooms of carpeting) even after the customer told her she was not in a hurry and should continue to wait on us, since we had been there first and were in the middle of receiving the price estimate. Clearly, there is discrimination, however unintentional, against someone with a large order or someone who is closer to purchase. In other words, any new customer coming into the department gets priority. On one occasion, the salesperson in flooring left us for a full 20 minutes to wait on someone else. When we complained to the store manager, he claimed to be very surprised, explaining this was not store policy. However, that cannot be true. When we were ordering cabinets 4 years ago in another Lowe's, we had made 3 separate appointments with the cabinet salesperson, yet we were continually; interrupted each time. He confided to us that he would get into trouble with his supervisor if any customer was seen wandering around the department without being helped. So, he HAD to continually interrupt our meeting time. In the end, we did not buy the cabinets even though we loved them. In all of our Lowe's experiences, there was only one exception from a young man in the Hudson flooring department. Because of him, we may still buy the carpeting there when he is on duty. He never allowed himself to be distracted or take people out of turn. I wish the rules would allow me to write his name here and give him full credit..
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Ytropious on 07/03/2010:
I can believe they get in trouble for not helping every customer, even if they are with one. Of all the places I shop at Lowes is the worst about every single sales person asking if you need help. Today we were asked 5x. My husband started getting visibly angry by the 4th time. I know it's their job but seriously, they could lay off, especially if they are already with a customer.
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A nightmare and more
Posted by on
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I'll never buy from Lowes again.
Simple thing really. Change the Oven Cabinet, add an island in my kitchen, and replace the countertops.

Bought in December before Christmas 2005. TO DATE, the following has occurred:

- Wrong Cabinet was ordered and delivered. Installer found out when it was sent to the house to be installed.

- All the trim was wrong. All of this and the cabinet had to be reordered.

- Cabinets had to be "levelled" to install countertops. Turns out the Countertop folks, who know what is needed, aren't 'authorized' to touch cabinets... didn't realize I was dealing with a "union shop" but the contracts with their installers stipulate this.

- Lowes install folks take NO responsibility or oversight of the project even though I'm spending thousands of dollars with them.

- We've had cut up countertops for weeks, we have had to find two additional contractors for work, including an electrician which Lowes won't recommend (not sure I'd want them too frankly), and it's just nightmare after nightmare.

We're not done with the project yet so I'm sure there will be more to come.

Bypass these folks... I have no idea if Home Depot is any better. Perhaps it's really time to go back to specialists who stand behind their work rather than the "home disimprovement" stores.... I'm thinking that was my biggest mistake
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KitchenQueen4U on 02/15/2008:
The critical information in this problem is who was the installer. At Lowe's, countertop installers are different people than cabinet installers.

Did you pay to have Lowe's install your new cabinets? If you did then Lowe's would be responsible for making sure the new cabinets were level. Lowe's did not install your old cabinets and has no obligation to make sure the old cabinets are level. Just because you are spending a lot of money with Lowe's, that does not obligate them to correct mistakes or problems that are caused by independent installers or old installations.

Countertop installations are usually part of the purchase price for every kind of countertop except laminate. Countertop installation is limited to fabricating and installing the top and takes a certified installer who knows how to work with the materials being used. These people are not trained as plumbers or electricians and should not be expected to perform those services. These countertops must be placed on level cabinets or else the warranty is voided. Older cabinets are often not level and do need to be adjusted before a countertop will be installed.

Unfortunately because of the problems associated with lawsuits, Lowe's will not recommend outside installers who have not been vetted by Lowe's and hired through the Lowe's company. If Lowe's made a recommendation and a problem resulted, most customers would just decide to sue Lowe's because of the recommendation.

I'm sorry this has been so frustrating to you and hope that you will finally have the kitchen of your dreams. I would like to gently say that just because you bought the cabinets from Lowe's does not mean they should correct problems that were pre-existing or caused by someone who did not work under the Lowe's umbrella.

I hope that people reading this will again realize how very important it is to understand exactly what services are covered when they make a purchase at Lowe's. The better prepared you are to ask questions, the better your service will be.

The Lowe's designer should have clarified these items during the purchase process. As a designer at Lowe's I know how hard it is to remember to tell the customer every little detail or to prepare them for every problem that might come up. It is even more difficult if your customer is in a hurry to get the process done as these types of designs and contracts often take several hours.
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You Have A Bad Attitude
Posted by on
SAVANNAH, GEORGIA -- "You have a bad attitude," said the Manager of Lowe's Home Improvement of Savannah when my business partner called to complain that her cabinets had not only been ordered incorrectly, but the correct parts were not ordered for another month after they were notified.

Her story is common enough. My wife and I placed our cabinet order on July 20th of this year. Today is October 24th and we have learned this morning that the Lowe's "Specialist" (i.e., ability to read and write on a 6th grade level) ordered the wrong parts for the second time. Furthermore, we also learned that an additional order we placed over a month ago was never ordered at all.

And finally, a MD friend of ours ordered cabinets from Lowe's (Beaufort, SC) in June of 2005. When they arrived six weeks later he opened the boxes to find he had been sent some other poor victim's cabinets. His cabinets were MIA. When Mike called to complain the Specialist told him the cabinets would have to be reordered from scratch - another six weeks at best. He laughed and told them to come get the wrong cabinets refund his $16,000. He is currently pursuing the matter through the BBB.

I write this review to help other people. So far I have yet to meet one person that ordered cabinets from Lowe's Home Improvement and had a positive experience. Generally, you will save a little money buying from a large chain, but in the end the service and follow up will be so poor that you would have gladly paid twice the amount just to have cabinets. Keep in mind (regardless of what the Specialists tell you), if the project goes smoothly you are looking at two to three months from start to finish. And this is for a smooth project...I read one review where the customer had no cabinets eight months after making a $13,000+ payment to Lowe's (So. Calif.).

One thing we all laugh about...you will NEVER get a call from Lowe's when your project is complete to ask if you were satisfied. You won't be and they know it already.

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Brian on 06/12/2014:
I have had 2 different kitchens installed from the new philadelphia lowes in ohio and never had a single problem. They always contact me about anything they can do to help and walked me thru the entire process. I found ur comments to be very immature. I understand ur frustration. But in most cases ive ever heard of problems with kitchens is because the customer doesnt know what they are doing as far as ordering and measuring. They have no idea what they want and just expect the designer to figure it out. My guess from your review is that is the case here. You have to do homework and research this information before ordering. About every review I read on here, this would apply to..
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So, so great!
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OVIEDO, FLORIDA -- I haven't even received my cabinets yet and I'm very confident in the Oviedo, FL Lowe's staff. Both the manager and install manager stopped by and introduced themselves. Elaine was always courteous and patient as I came back several times to choose styles, colors and different options, and work with me until I finalized my kitchen design. My assigned installer Mario called me immediately, discussed details with me and took charge to contact Lowe's back to ensure everything was coordinated. They even gave me tips in what to expect to make my renovation go smoothly. Hats off to a great crew at the Lowe's in Oviedo, FL and I look forward to my install!
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Alain on 12/17/2010:
Nice to hear and please give us an update when your project is completed!
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Horrible Service - Total Waste Of My Time
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1625 11TH AVE NW, WASHINGTON -- Loews Issaquah Wa store. About 6 weeks ago, We tried to make an appointment with the kitchen cabinet dept. every time we called that dept. the phone just kept rang and rang, after 1 1/2 week, it took another dept head walked over to the kitchen cabinet dept to made me an appointment So we got an appointment a few days later with this woman Miranda. We spend more than an hour to draw up the pictures, lay out. With the counter top that we like, it's going to be at least $11,000 without installation, she said she will finalize the layout cabinets detail and call us back. after a week with no phone call, we saw her in the store, she said she is still working on the project. well, I can not believe after 4 weeks now, not a phone call. I have never deal with a company just make you wait and not even a courtesy call, they just don't care. I don't know how can Loew's run a major dept. like that.

I need to find out how to contact the main office to complain. Total wasted of our time. WHAT A JOKE!! I think I waited long enough, time to shop somewhere else.
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Great Kitchen Home Improvement
Posted by on
OCALA, FLORIDA -- Ordered Cabinets 01/20/10 projected delivery March 2. Followed progress on line from factory. Cabinets were made on projected day 02/23/10, completed 02/25/10 sent to delivery co. 02/26/10 delivered 03/02/10. I had a weeks notice before delivery. Cabinets were delivered and stacked the way the installer had asked for. Inspected same day by Lowes people and installer, on 03/02/10. Rip out and install completed on 03/03/10. Other installers, plumber, and Micro hood, all completed on 03/04/10. Yes, there were a couple of minor glitches, that Lowes has already ordered and will be taken care of on the next couple of weeks. But I cannot believe that we had such a terrific experience. Who thinks all this can happen in a couple of days. It took me longer to empty out and refill my cabinets than it took to do the work. My hats off to, Mark, my salesman, Susie, the install coordinator, Tim and his team the installer, Ray the Micro guy, done in 30 mins. and Bill my plumber, for the sink and d/w. What I thought may become be a hassle was hassle free. Thank you all, you know who you are.
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Very Good Experience With Lowe's
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PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK -- I purchase custom cabinets from Lowe's and my son-in-law was going to install them. Pete at the Plainview or Hicksville store was excellent. If it wasn't for him I would not have purchased the cabinets since I was looking for a different cabinet. He asked me questions and made lots of suggestions and that's how I purchased the beautiful cabinets. They arrived as planned in perfect condition. The granite was installed by Lowe's and again a perfect job and the granite was beautiful. When you have informed and dedicated people working for you it makes the customer's purchase much more pleasant and the outcome is great. I am a completely satisfied customer and will continue to do business with Lowe's for other projects and other items.

Keep up the good work and Pete is someone to learn from.
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Lawsuit - Breach Of Contract And Fraud
Posted by on
I placed an order for custom kitchen cabinets with Lowe's - they made many, many, mistakes - through multiple redesigns (after initial order), delivery of wrong cabinets, etc. Delayed my new house construction which during this time the builder abandoned. I am suing Lowe's for breach of contract and fraud as I have heard this happens many many times. This is a very expensive and long-term venture.

Would love to have seen a class action suit against Lowe's to stop them from selling something they clearly can't deliver.
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User Replies:
MRM on 08/21/2008:
Anonymous on 08/21/2008:
Anonymous on 08/21/2008:
Any attorney worth his/her law degree will tell you broadcasting a lawsuit on a public site is not smart.
BobJohn on 08/21/2008:
Did Lowe's make "... multiple redesigns..." or did you? If Lowe's did, why would they make a redesign on their own?
WWYD on 11/27/2008:
Exactly what contract? And what exactly did Lowe's do that caused you such problems? Why did your builder abandon you?

For things to be so bad that you're suing Lowe's for fraud and breach of contract, there are amazingly few details here.
Richard on 07/13/2013:
I am having contractors from Lowes do a double deck at my house and so far they have done horrible the wood is cheap and they have already had to take the deck apart twice and rebuild and it is still not how I wanted it on the designs
SteveS on 08/26/2013:
Lowes, a company trying to go out of business. Remember HQ?
My issue is with their Valspar paints. I pained three preprimed metal exterior doors...new doors I thoroughly cleaned and then gave an alcohol rub down to be doubly sure. I then used Valspar semi gloss. After three days, they are still sticky and the paint can be easily scratched off with my fingernail. One of the doors I pained one side with another brand of paint and this side is hard and I can’t scratch off the paint.
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Lowe's Refuses To Issue My Gift Card For Kitchen Cabinet Installation Rebate
Posted by on
LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA -- I purchased $11,000 worth of kitchen cabinet installation service from Lowes on 4/5/2008. There was a rebate program that ran from 3/3/08 through 4/6/08. I mailed in the gift card request AND Lowe's receipt on 5/1/2008. The rebate from stated that I would receive my $750 gift card within 6-8 weeks. Well, I never received it. When I contacted the Lowe's rebate center and sent them a copy of my form and receipt on 7/21/2008 they said the rebate period had expired and refused to give me my gift card. They also said that mail occasionally gets lost and they are unable to process my request.

This is not the end. I will pursue other avenues to obtain my gift card. I suggest anyone purchasing anything from Lowe's that has a rebate to get the rebate at the time of the purchase.

Lowe's rebate center SUCKS! They have lost another LOYAL customer.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/24/2008:
If you have positive proof of the date that you mailed the gift card request and receipt then you have a good case. I usually advise people with large rebates to submit the forms via return-receipt. At least that way the rebate processing center can't say they never received anything.
Anonymous on 07/24/2008:
Small Claims court is always a good way to make them step up to the plate in a case like this.
Ponie on 07/24/2008:
My usual attitude when someone doesn't get a promised rebate is 'So what?' But $750 is nothing to sneeze at. Good luck. Ken, wouldn't the poster have a bit of a problem trying to prove this case in Small Claims? I think I can see the possibilities on both sides.
woodsk1 on 07/24/2008:
Just a question- The promotion ended in April and you mailed in May- I know they usually give you extra time to mail, but was the 5-1 date passed the deadline?
WWYD on 11/27/2008:
In general, Lowe's rebates must be postmarked by one month after the end of the promotion date, so if the promotion ends 4/6, the postmark date, in most cases, is 5/6.

Did you contact the store to assist, or just the rebate center? As with most things, the rebate center is a company contracted to handle Lowe's rebates. When you call, you are not talking to an actual Lowe's employee.

This is "secret" information, but there is a special rebate number Lowe's EMPLOYEES may call to reach people with authority in the rebate center. These are different people than the public gets when they call the numbers supplied with the rebates. And before you ask your local store, they are ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN from giving this number out. It has been made 100% clear that if the public start calling the employee-only line, that line will be discontinued.

The store employees (even low-level employees) calling this number can instruct the rebate center to process your rebate, provided they have the date of purchase, invoice number, total sale amount, method of payment, etc. In short, they need your receipt. HOWEVER, there is another strict limit on these calls. There is a limit to how long a rebate may be expired and still have the rebate center process the request. I believe the limit is 6 months, although it could possibly be 3 months. I don't remember right now, sitting at home.

On occasion, provided that you can find a sympathetic ear, a store manager will go to bat for the store to provide the rebate to you at its expense. However, for anything over $500, a District Manager's approval is required.

Your best bet is to stay calm and cool. Gather all your documentation on the amount of money you've spent and call the store. Request to schedule a specific time to meet with the store manager to discuss the issue.
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