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Worst Customer Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

After spending hours searching for specific shoe cubbies I decided to order 4 from Lowe's. I had never ordered from Lowe's or purchased items from their store before. Well Lowe's has succeeded in convincing me to never purchase or order anything from them EVER again. I am also making it my personal mission to tell all of my friends and family member (all homeowners like my husband and I) to steer clear of Lowe's and take their business to Home Depot.

First only two of the items arrived. I waited 24 hours hoping maybe they had been shipped separately. When the other two did not arrive I called Lowe's to ask where they were. The rep's response to my question was "Did you reject the package?" WTF!? If I'm calling to say I did not received something why would the first ** question be whether I'd rejected it.

When I pointed out the inherent idiocy in that question, only then did the nitwit think to check with their shipper (UPS). I was then told that UPS had decided to return the other items to Lowe's b/c they had been damaged in transit. I asked for a credit and was told I could not get one until they received the item back. So, if UPS failed to return merchandise I never received they'd get to keep my money?!

Even so being desperate to complete my project I asked if any stores nearby had two in stock that I could buy that day. Initially I was offered stores 2-3 hours away from my home when one is just 10 minutes away (Ugh!). They did find two and the neighborhood store and I foolishly went out to pick them up. Note that I had to pay for these--they would not even count them as replacements for the two that UPS sent back. Upon arriving at the Lowe's store I was faced with a gauntlet of the most RUDE, apathetic and condescending in-store personnel I have ever encountered in any retail setting. I still managed to purchase the items.

Next day we open the boxes to begin assembling the items only to discover missing pieces. I called customer service again (glutton for punishment). I proceed to spend half an hour on the phone with a representative and then a supervisor who both insisted that they could/would not address the missing pieces issue b/c the initial two items received by mail had been shipped from a store in Mississippi and that I'd have to speak to the manager of that store. I live in New Jersey!!!

When I tried to question why they would not make the arrangements to either expedite replacing the item they told me that since my order was filled by a Mississippi Lowe's, that it was Lowe's policy that the customer had to directly resolve such issues with the sourcing store. HUH!? Reminder--at least three stores in my state had the items in stock. In essence Lowe's logic is that if you order from Lowe's it's the luck of the draw where you may need to resolve issues based upon which store Lowe's chooses to ship the item(s) from -- maybe Guam??

Suffice it to say I informed the supervisor "Sara **" that I was returning all of the items in my possession and hung up. Within 15 minutes I was at the local Lowe's returning all four and am now disputing the charge for the two that were returned by UPS with my bank. THE WORST, THE WORST, THE WORST. NEVER EVER AGAIN!

Does Not Stand Behind Their Advertisements
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Rating: 1/51

BRISTOL, VIRGINIA -- On the Lowe's Website, the Bristol Lowe's has the James Hardie Cedarmill Lap Siding, Item # 26892 for $1.83. I wanted to buy 138 pieces, however the Bristol store only have four pieces and refuse to sell anymore than four pieces at the sale price. They have more of the same identical item in stock, but they refuse to sell it to me at that price. The sale ad did not say that this item is discontinued, or limited quantity.

I contacted the Corp office and they basically told me that they did not have to honor their ads. Now they have replaced that ad. It is identical ad except now the board is on sale until July 15th, 2014. Why are they advertising and extending the sale date for a product they refuse to sell?

Poor Consumer Help and Does Not Stand Behind Products
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Rating: 1/51

LAUREL, MARYLAND -- On June 4th contacted Lowe's about my air conditioner. I was told we needed a new furnace and heat pump. A few days later a salesman from Lowe's and another man who said he was with Trane came to our house. I am 65 in very poor health and need air conditioning for COPD, heart problems, etc. My wife is 73 and we have our house up for sale since July and have a contract on it.

On June 12th or the 13th the furnace and heat pump cost us $5482.00. Prior to signing the contract my wife did not go over the full content of the sales assessment or sale sheet. We put $500 on a debit card, $3030 on our Lowe's credit card and the rest on our Capital One credit cards.

I am on a small social security, when I was declared disable in 2007. My wife has a small pension from the Federal Gov't. We signed the forms believing everything was on the up and up. On one of the forms it said reuse lines and in another space it read reuse/flush existing lines. We were under the impression that everything was good to go. On August 24th, 2012 I went to my family room and water was slouching in my carpet. My wife called All Pro who installed the furnace and heat pump, made an appointment and a friend of ours said "you have a leak, get a plumber."

My wife called All Pro back and cancelled the service call. I contacted a Plumber Fred and Son and he was at my house in 40 minutes. He cut a piece out of the ceiling and the ceiling was dry. He cut a piece of drywall from the wall where the pipes are and he saw the water coming back in from the condensation line. He said "you need to flush the line and have it snaked out." He charged us $120 for the service call. I then went to the phone book and called Michael and Son's. They came out and charged us $89 for a service charge and they said the same as Fred did.

I looked at All Pro Services bill and it said heating and air conditioning also plumbing and fitters. I called back All Pro and asked a lady name Louise to send someone out and was sorry for the mix up. A service man showed up looked at the wall and the leak and stated "we don't do that kind of work." His name was Jerry. I said to him "how in the hell am I going to sell this house to a lady who put a contract on it. I will lose the house." He said "I do not get into those kind of issues."

I called my realtor and put her on a speaker phone and he walked into another room. At this point it cost $209 for two estimates. I called Lowe's on several occasions and all I got was from them "someone will call you back." This was on a Thursday from 10:00am til 4:00pm then I asked for the Corporate Office. I must have spoke to 12 different service providers. I called All Pro Services back and asked to speak to Bill. He is busy. Call back.

An hour later I called and was told to send him a fax so I went to Staples and sent him a fax, still no reply. On Friday I called All Pro Services again and a lady named Laura told me Bill was out of the office. I called back 2 hours later and was told by some man that Bill was busy.

Finally I called the Lowe's store back and spoke to an assistant Manager and he told me he discussed this with his Manager Frank and he provided me with a claim number and a phone number and to call the next day. On the 26th I called and was transferred to the legal department and spoke to a John ** who was not polite or how are etc. in a business. I asked him about the claim number I submitted to him and his reply was "it was denied." I told him my situation about my house and that the work was not done properly then Lowe's and All Pro Services should stand behind their work and word.

I was so upset I could not do anything that day and passed out from the aggravation and my blood pressure was 188/108. I was in bed 402-A at Laurel Hospital as my wife had to call 911. I was released from the hospital 21/2 days later and I called the store again and spoke with a Donna who gave me a new complaint number. I can and John got on the phone and I told him I have a new claim number and he said I am denying that. I asked if he was a lawyer, a heating and air conditioning person, a plumber and electrician and he said no to all of them.

I asked him then "how do you know who to approve and not to approve. I have contacted the BBB in Washington, DC area, 2 TV channels, 7 on your side and McGinty's mailbag on channel 9. I have also posted on Angie's List, Consumer Complaint Agency. My home insurance is not paying for a plumber but is replacing all my carpet, paint the entire family room, had a restoration company to bring in large fans and a dehumidifier till Tuesday.

Not only did I pay the $120, the $89, the $250 deductible plus $503 to the plumber and $25 to Consumer Complaint agency. I called Lowe's credit card Company GE money and told them I am disputing my balance on my bill. If the Corporate office is willing to reimburse me $989 for what I have paid out of pocket I will be glad to pay the balance of my bill.

Rudeness Disrespect
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Rating: 1/51

SANDY SPRINGS GA -- Today (July 18) at about 1:45 pm, I went to your store in Sandy Springs on Roswell Rd regarding a sign that I thought your company would be interested in. I've attached a photo of the sign. Given what happened at this store earlier this week I thought that Lowe's would be interested in the sign as a reminder for people to CHECK their cars before entering one of your stores.

Obviously not only was I wrong but your "associate" was very rude and condescending to me. I believe his name was Dan and he couldn't have been more rude to me as I showed him one of my signs. I have to assume that Dan is a reflection of your overall corporate attitude towards your customers being that if the customer isn't buying, then "we (Lowe's) ain't got time for that customer."

I'm not upset that you aren't interested in the sign. I AM UPSET at the snotty condescending reception I got from Dan, who is probably a very low level person. He showed no interest in even giving me the name of the right person at Lowe's to talk to. A Lowe's marketing person maybe? Dan couldn't get rid of me fast enough!! He was rude and snotty for no reason. He made me feel as if I was homeless person that had just come in off the street wanting a handout.

In case you weren't aware: a shopper at your Sandy Springs store left her child in her hot car while she went into your store. After a few minutes of hearing the commotion by folks trying to free the child, she ran back out to her and drove off. A store employee got her tag and she was arrested today, I believe. I saw my sign as a very simple and cheap way for Lowe's to remind folks about the DEADLY consequences of leaving a child/pet in a hot car. I also thought that since this story was all over the news channels down here, Lowe's might take advantage of providing a public service and enjoying some free "great" publicity as well.

Two things are quite clear to me now. 1) Lowe's doesn't give a damn about their customers, 2) Lowe's is penny wise and pound foolish. No one should be treated as NASTILY as I was by ANYBODY!! I am sorry that I thought my sign would help the public and therefore increase sales for you. How stupid of me! I am a retired Inv. Banker and in 30+ years in a rough and tumble business, I NEVER treated ANYONE the way Dan treated me today. FYI, there were a couple of female associates who were present as well. HOME DEPOT HERE I COME!!!

Canceled Fridge Purchase
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Rating: 2/51

PINEVILLE, LOUISIANA -- Recently purchased a new stainless LG refrigerator from Lowe's in Pineville, LA. The best delivery day we could get was scheduled for an afternoon delivery a week later. The driver called about 10:00 AM on delivery day and said he was on his way to our home. I made a mad dash home (30 minutes) and waited an hour only to watch a disgruntled employee beat and bang our new fridge to the rear of the truck. I saw that the plastic trim piece across the lower front was all twisted.

After pointing it out, the driver said "it's just a piece of plastic." I told him I paid for a new fridge and expected like new condition. He shoved it back in the truck and said someone would have to re-schedule. I stopped by the Lowe's store in Pineville, LA. on my way back to work and was assured we would be put back on the original afternoon schedule and we would be the first ones on the schedule when the driver came in.

The store called about 6:00 PM to report that they likely couldn't deliver the unit without damage because even the one on display was damaged. I asked them to simply remove the front trim piece before loading since it only had two screws holding it on. They agreed and said if it was delivered damaged they would swap the part out later. I said that would be fine. They called back at about 7:00 PM and said the driver was not coming as he was sent off in a different direction. I canceled my purchase.

The story goes on, but let me say, the purchase was easy... finding someone that cared was the challenge after things went wrong. I swear, the delivery guy must have been the manager's pet. Not one person attempted to make things right.

Worst Management Ever
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Rating: 1/51

MERRILLVILLE, INDIANA -- I came into that store weekly as I was fixing my rental house. I spoke with the girl at the paint desk every single day. I stopped seeing her there, but being the voyager she is I thought maybe she was off traveling. I ran into her at Home Depot not too long ago to find out she quit, because they were trying to fire her. Not only do I serve as witness that the department manager conducted a lie against her, but I serve as a witness to the fact that she was the only competent person in the paint department.

The department manager reported that she told another customer that the "mylowes" is a waste of time. She said no such things. I was standing on the other side of the mountain of paint cans stacked at the paint desk, while she was printing off "how to" guides for me. The customer asked her to look something up and she said she couldn't at the moment because she was helping another customer (me) and she didn't have the iPhone to look anything up on the phone.

The department manager then came up in a rage, clicked out all her pages. She looked at me and I looked at her. No one said a word. But I'm pretty sure we were both thinking the same exact thing. The lady was quite ** and I do not know if she didn't see me or if she just didn't care. I will not shop at an establishment that treats their employees with complete and total disrespect. She is not the first employee to be mistreated by those ruthless apes and I highly doubt she will be the last. But I will NOT give my business to a place that cannot conduct its business with integrity and understanding.

Online Pickup Order - Lost, After Waiting an Hour
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Rating: 1/51

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered one piece of deck trim that wasn't on the floor. And after getting a call that it was in, I returned their call to tell them that I would be by after work the next day. So, I get there at about 6 pm, and go to customer service. It's not too busy and I get helped quickly. So, I wander around the store - hardware to determine if I need special nails. I wander back to customer service, and I don't see the trim piece there. I wander over to light bulbs, trying to justify the cost of LED bulbs. Back again but still no trim. It's been about 20 minutes and she calls again, talks on the phone, and says it should be here shortly.

Another 10 minutes pass, and my customer service person is going to lunch. But she did tell me that this other person would continue to help me. I again provide the details of my order, and she makes some calls. Another 15 minutes pass, and I ask what's happening. She says she doesn't know but another customer service person will walk over to that area.

After 15 minutes, she doesn't reappear, so I ask to see a manager. In a couple of minutes, he walks up and says,"We've lost it but someone had seen it yesterday." So I say, "it takes one hour for you to tell me that you've lost it?" And he, in a condescending tone, says, "well, if you'd let me finish..." Now, this was after I asked to see him, not him finding an issue, then coming to explain it to me. He then offered me some options, of which I picked "Deliver it when you find it." Very frustrating that they could lose a special order, and then to be treated like a 12 year in a temper tantrum just made it even worse.

What Customer Service? Embarrassed By Clerk And Manager
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Rating: 1/51

APPLE VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- I spent 1.5 hours shopping at the store in apple valley Ca. and had over 200.00 $ in merchandise and when I was to check out the clerk saw that my card had my wife's name on it and refused it. I explained that I had lost my card yesterday and both cards are identical except for name and offered to show her an expired card with the same number on it. When she refused to even look at the card she got quite snotty and I said I would pay cash but this would be the last time in this store since Home Depot is across the street.

At that time she walked off with my card and started telling everyone with a red vest on what had happened, I have been embarrassed before but not in a store by a clerk telling the world that I was attempting a fraudulent act. At this time my wife was on the phone and heard all of it, I offered to put her on the phone but the clerk was to busy making sure that customers and employees within earshot could hear her.

At this point I said I would never come back to a store that intentionally embarrasses their customers. However I needed several items badly and returned to pay cash. When an assistant manager came up and when I told him what happen he did not apologize or solicit my cash purchase. He just said the clerk did her job, Since when is an embarrassed customer part of a clerk's job.

At this point I said verbatim "this type of customer service is ridiculous and she can kiss my ass" then the manager took offense to a phrase spoken on broadcast TV, radio and is not in my opinion vulgar or offensive and was not directed towards him. HE ORDERED ME OUT OF YOUR STORE AND SAID NOT TO COME BACK!

I have pulled my receipts for 2013/2012 totaling 13,563.82. I gather this does not matter to the company so I have no choice unless an apology at the least is given and on second thought an apology coming from a man who is so thin skinned in an environment of contractors should be looking for a job.

After my experience I expect nothing from their company so Goodbye, and I have lost faith in the chain so good luck, may Karma pay the Apple Valley store a visit, Treating customers this way has a way of getting around.

No One There To Help!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

EASTON, MARYLAND -- I went to Lowe's Home Improvement in Easton, MD. I wanted to buy a washer & dryer. Unfortunately, I came at 6:00. Didn't know that someone was going out for dinner. So, a woman whose name is Jean, was asked to help me. I could tell she was a little nervous, not being in her dept., but she was soooo nice. I already had downloaded from "online" the washer and dryer I wanted (thank God for that!). So, she called the warehouse because Easton was just now getting in LG appliances and she wanted to make sure I could get them.

Meanwhile, 1, then 2, then 3, customers started lining up behind me. No one to help them. My transaction was taking long; I needed the hoses, the venting, electrical hookups, etc.; I told Jean not to worry, that I had to wait at the grocery store, too, meaning the customers there could wait, too. She was actually shaking and I really felt sorry for her. She need the manager's # whatever that is to override a problem on the computer and she didn't have that # so she had to call for HELP.

Meanwhile, all these customers (for kitchen cabinets, appliances, plumbing) are waiting. I have to say that she was never rude, unpleasant, anything but nice and accommodating. I am writing this because I feel compelled to. We have always purchased out appliances from Lowe's because the prices are reasonable, plus they offer free delivery from us and we have done so for decades. BUT, there is NO ONE in the store to offer efficient SERVICE. Luckily, I had the model numbers of the appliances which I had gotten from the internet.

This woman, Jean at Easton, MD, needs to be commended. Not once, did she show any agitation, etc,. I, the customer was agitated. I was buying over $2,000.00 of appliances and equipment!!! This was today, Monday, Jan 25. I hope you pay her what she is worth. God help me if I ever have to be in her shoes.

Personally, I feel it is the fault of the manager; he left her with no one to back her up, plus, she didn't have his "number" to override a cliche in the system. She had to call for another manager from "afar" to help her while there was a line of people waiting for help.

She did a great job under the circumstances in completing my order, even though this store didn't even have the LG product on display that I was ordering!!! And if you think I have the time to write every company I am dissatisfied with, you are WRONG!!! But I feel I owe it to this poor woman to report this.

Lowe's Has Destroyed My Life
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Rating: 1/51

ST. MARY'S, GEORGIA -- It is impossible to put into words how angry and helpless I feel towards the Lowe's company. I am speaking of the huge hardware chain, the company that sponsors Jimmy Johnson in Nascar, that Lowe's. Last year my wife and I were shopping in our local Lowe's store, in St. Mary's Georgia. We were walking down an aisle and my foot was caught up in some plastic wrap that was left behind when the pallet was removed. The plastic wrap was sticking out into the aisle and was weighed down by a bag of fertilizer.

After the fact it looked as though an employee had taken the last bag of fertilizer off of the pallet, leaving it in the aisle on top of the entire piece of plastic wrap that had originally been wrapped around the whole pallet of fertilizer. The plastic wrap was bunched up under the fertilizer but plenty was sticking out from under it.

My foot had gotten caught in it, and stopped very abruptly. I was pushing a basket and fell so fast that I did not have time to soften the fall with my hands. I fell directly on my tailbone, lower back. The pain I experienced was extreme, I could not move, it was a scary experience. I felt pain throughout my entire lower half of my body. At least 10 Lowe's employees gathered around me, trying to make me comfortable as I lay on my side. My wife sat by me holding my hand in shock.

An ambulance came and put me on a gurney and wheeled me out to the ambulance. It was the most painful ride of my life. They belted me down on my back, gave me an I. V. and a shot for the pain, it did not help at all. The E. M.T. put a mask on my face and told me to breathe in as hard as I could and whatever I was breathing in would help with pain, it did not, but it did make me drowsy. They drove me to a hospital 45 miles away.

We arrived at the hospital where the doctors took a quick look at me and sent me for x-rays, after giving me some pain medication. It felt like forever. They took every x-ray known to mankind, it was horrific. I would not wish this pain on my worst enemy.

After the hospital stuff, I was referred to Brunswick Brain and Spine Clinic. I went through numerous spinal injections to try to relieve the pain I was feeling. I had numerous MRI's and other tests, this went on for months. I was being medicated with morphine, klonipin, oxycotton, suboxone, and multiple other drugs. I am unable to bathe myself, or anything else that requires a back and legs.

Finally, the neurologist suggested that I get a surgically implanted Spinal Stimulator to get relief of my pain. We set the date and it was done. A Spinal stimulator is a lead wire that is attached to your spine, about 3/4's of the way up your spine, it is attached with hardware that can never be removed. The wire then comes down your spine, of course under your skin, it is connected to the stimulator and battery, that is implanted in your flesh, a lot of cutting of skin is involved with this operation not to mention the risk of being paralyzed.

I now have a controller that I can control the power output of the stimulator. The stimulator is supposed to block pain signals from the brain. Today I go to a pain management doctor every month, to be monitored. I am still on morphine and other powerful drugs to help with pain. And will have extreme pain for the rest of my life, there is not anything left worth trying for pain relief. I have a wife and 3 children, my wife had a stroke 18 years ago and cannot move her right side of her body. Lucky family aren't we?

I don't sleep, I cannot drive, I cannot, nor ever will I be able to get an erection again, I could go on forever, you get the picture. I am on Social Security Disability, I receive $1200 a month, I am 5% of the man I was before Lowe's. I did get a lawyer to get what I could out of Lowe's, what is your life worth? My lawyer called me today, 12-7-2012, Lowe's offered me $15,000. That don't even cover half my bills, I guess I will have to sue them.

In my opinion Lowe's is a pathetic company, unwilling or unable to care about their customers. On my mother's grave, I swear Lowe's will feel my pain. All I want is to provide for my family, we will lose our house, we have lost our vehicle, if it were not for my family I would be gone from this Hell. All I ask is for your prayers that Lowe's stands up and does the humane thing, and compensate me for their mistake that ruined my family's world. If anyone knows of an organization that could help me, make Lowe's compensate me for all they have taken from me please contact me.

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