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Kitchen Counter Redo
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Rating: 1/51

Do yourself a favor, use other companies than those 2, there is other alternative………..
I feel I have to share my story, so you don't end up in the same situation.

I went to Lowes and planned to redo my counter top and install a farmer sink. I have an extremely small condo kitchen. It shouldn't have taken so much time and be so bad! I have been disappointed, frustrated, mad, discouraged, fed up!!!!!

*The day before Thanksgiving, my husband and I had chosen the new counter top and sink., still, we wanted to order a sample of the counter to bring it home. After 2 weeks of waiting for the sample, we called to find out the product was discontinued. We also had chosen a stainless steel farmer sink but had to return to Lowes to look at other possibilities since they did make it in the size fitting the counter. I took 4 weeks before the sink arrived, and go figure no one called us to let us know it was in store. So we called, went to pick it up.

During the waiting time we went to Stone-Systems of Arizona (counter top) manufacturer to choose a new counter top.
*From Lowes we had a plumber come to our place for measurement and estimate to install the new sink. The first person did not call did not show! The 2nd person came took measurement and 2 weeks later Lowes and us are still waiting for the estimate…..the company (plumber) associate with Lowes never turned in an estimate and dropped us. Another week passes and we are sent another plumber also through Lowes and again never came….really! Another appointment was made and this time again the estimate was not turned in.

Our project kitchen representative came to do the work himself, because so far he felt bad about all the service challenges we encountered. He returned to our place 4 individual times to work on it. Finally the support for our new sink was built (we thought). But, by the time the counter technician came to take the measurement he informed us that the sink was too low and we had to raise it. So at this point I asked a family friend to fix this and paid him $150. For something I already was charged to by Lowes.
At last we are finally ready for the counter top but it will take an additional 3 weeks “Without Plumbing” in the kitchen.

When the counter top people from STONE SYSTEMS of Arizona are due to come, I got a phone call 2 hours prior to the install time to let me know that the counter top is defective, bowed and they could not install. How can this be, after waiting for 3 weeks.

I called Lowes and Stone Systems of Arizona back and they tell me they are trying to find out what happened and they will get back to me in the next 24 hours. The next day I received a phone call from the Stone Systems of Arizona Mgr. which tells me that they are working on a new counter for me and I should have it in the next 5 days. I was a little suspicious as it took 3 weeks to work on the first one and now they could turn around and do it so fast. On the day of the install. I'm at work but my husband is home. I get home after work very excited to see my new counters.

I cannot tell you how many things were wrong about it. It had so many defects on it, it was a joke. I immediately took pictures and called the Stone- Systems of Arizona and invited them to come over and see for themselves what kind of product they gave me, and that is without mentioning that one side of one counter was cut reversed and did not fit!.

Two days later, a representative from the Stone Systems of Arizona came home to take pictures and see the product. She returned and showed it to the GM who agreed it was unacceptable (the least to say). I received a phone call the next day to let me know they would redo the work and suggested that I stopped At Lowes to see a different product stone that look the same, and is the same color apparently and is superior. So I did and went with their suggestion. Again we have to have the plumbing reconnect and disconnect.

I inquired from the manager the date of the new installation, she texted me that it will be the March 15th at 3pm. At 4pm that day, I texted her to let her know no one was at my place and I was worried… find out …she says oh no it's not today, it's the March17th. I responded, look at your text and see the time and date you gave me, I can't believe you guys Disappointed me AGAIN. Now I have to again call the plumber schedule to come and reconnect everything that he can't, and we need to reschedule. So Again another no show!!!

Unfortunately, the timing with the reconnect had to be another five days after we received the new counter because I or my husband could not miss more time from work for people that don't come or show!
The final product is nice but was it worth the headache, the aggravation from the day before Thanksgiving to March 22nd?.................NO WAY!!!

I addressed both Lowes and Stone –Systems of Arizona, demanding compensation and on a product of one sink and counter top of a value of more than $4000.00,for a kitchen counter the size of 25 inches deep x 77 inches long and for 2 stove sides of approx.. 25 inches x 16 inches. They agree to pay for the plumber ONLY!!!!!!!$ 400.00

It does not pay for all the time we took off from work when no one showed up. The aggravation, the headache and they think they were fair!

I wish someone at Lowes would have told me that Stone-Systems of Arizona has mediocre products that should not be on the market as well as better one. I would have taken the best one…money was not an issue!!! All we wanted is a great kitchen and great experience.
That is far from what we got!!!!! I hope my testimony will make you go elsewhere!
For your own sake!

Horrible, Installer Do Not Know the Product They Are Installing, Store Manager Is a Liar
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Rating: 1/51

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- The installer did not know how to install Pella Windows which Lowe's sold as only windows they carry. The installer claim to be certified but it was obvious he did not know how to install these windows. Cause lots of damage to home and Lowe's will not take responsibility. They installed a broken window and refused to replace or give credit. Corporate office makes no decisions - they let themselves go by what store manager claims. They plainly steal from their customers, they hire these cheap installers and then would not take responsibility. I will for sure never set foot on a Lowe's store. Even Home Depot treat their customers better I hear, I've never had a problem with them.

Unprofessional and Incompetent
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Rating: 1/51

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- 1) Appliance Heros came on June 18! They were suppose to get the parts within 3 days. That means Friday or Monday June 20th or 22nd. They did not call me at all. I called them on Monday and they said it would come on Tuesday. No call from them. I called back again, they said on Tuesday it did not come in. Wednesday rolls around, no call from them. I call them and they tell me it finally came. Fine sure I'm being patient. It happens.

Because it's so late already they say they can come on Friday June 27. Finally they come on Friday. By now it's been 9 days. The technician can't fix it. He says it's the main board that's defective. He calls his supervisor and says "The part is defective. The family has been without a fridge for a week. Can we expedite the order?" The supervisor says "Yes. Ok I'll get it ordered and expedited."

2) I call on Monday June 30th to Appliance Repair Heroes. First they put me on hold and tell me the parts department is busy. Then after 1 hr I call back and say I'm still waiting. This woman named Lisa ** answers and tells me my part is due in on Wednesday. I get very upset as they promised expediting it on Monday. Now we're promised delivery by July 2nd (2 days before July 4th). I call Lowe's and am very upset. I told them I need it expedite. It's going to be 4th of July and I need my fridge. I tell Lowe's that it is unacceptable. I want my refrigerator fixed. Lowe's tell me sorry Appliance Heroes are closed. I tell Lowe's the story and they say they can't do anything until they contact Appliance Heroes. Still nothing from either businesses.

Finally I get a call on Tuesday from Appliance Heroes saying that they cannot expedite it but want to schedule me in for Wednesday or Thursday. Appliance Repair Heroes tells me that they will try to get it to me and asks me for more flexibility. I tell them I can have someone home all day. Appliance Repair Heroes says "Great." On July 3rd, now it has been more than 15 days. I call them on July 3rd to ask what time they are coming, they said "Oh we're coming between 3-5 from what you told us originally." Ok what the heck?!

I asked my family to stay home so you could have flexibility to come earlier! Ridiculous. Ok fine, I wait until 3-5, the technical comes over still can't fix the fridge, tells me that he will get his office to fax the paper in when he gets back. I call Lowe's and they tell me that they cannot accept my paper and need to contact Appliance Repair Heroes. Guess what?! As I said before I told Lowe's it's cutting too close to July 4th.

3) Now instead of accepting a copy of the paperwork from me so that you can replace my refrigerator, you want to call the Appliance Repair Heroes and get back to me in two business days.

4) Now I have been without a fridge for 19 days. By Tuesday July 8th it will have been 20 days! I am completely unsatisfied with your service.

Does Not Stand Behind Their Advertisements
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Rating: 1/51

BRISTOL, VIRGINIA -- On the Lowe's Website, the Bristol Lowe's has the James Hardie Cedarmill Lap Siding, Item # 26892 for $1.83. I wanted to buy 138 pieces, however the Bristol store only have four pieces and refuse to sell anymore than four pieces at the sale price. They have more of the same identical item in stock, but they refuse to sell it to me at that price. The sale ad did not say that this item is discontinued, or limited quantity.

I contacted the Corp office and they basically told me that they did not have to honor their ads. Now they have replaced that ad. It is identical ad except now the board is on sale until July 15th, 2014. Why are they advertising and extending the sale date for a product they refuse to sell?

State They "Can Not Find $1000.00 Flooring Underrlayment" That Was Returned
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Rating: 1/51

HOWELL, MICHIGAN -- I purchased 1870 sq-feet of Cali Bamboo flooring and was given the according underlayment for the flooring I purchased. My total was $9400.00. It was delivered on September 26, 2015 into the basement of our new construction home. My father who was present when it was delivered said, "This is the wrong floor, this is click-lock - you need tongue and groove so it can be nailed down." So to make a long story short - I returned to Lowe's and told them my dilemma. They said, "We do not give recommendations about products, we only order what you say."

This was because I asked why they would sell me a click-lock floor when I had them look at my blueprints and stated it was a wooden sub-floor. So, I admitted my mistake and they re-ordered the correct floor. I returned home that night and mulled over the fact that they did not mention the underlayment. I was told by my father that we would use asphalt paper, not the impervious $1000.00 dollar underlaymnent.

So I set up the pick-up for the return of the flooring and it was picked up October 1, 2015 at approximately 1:00 pm by the delivery drivers. So after the return I waited a few days and went into the store to ask about the underlayment. They assured me I was not billed on the new order and I said, "That's good but where is the refund?" Lowe's told me to come back and see a separate person the following day.

I returned 3 times and finally got a person who gave me a name of a supervisor. She in turn looked into my claim and stated that they would count the boxes of underlayment to see if it was actually returned to the I have been exercising patience - you see that, it is now NOVEMBER 12, 2015. She called me yesterday and said that the department manager said that it was not returned because "you need it for the re-ordered floor." I told her that "NO I do not need it for a nail down floor - I need asphalt paper - and besides the delivery men did pick it up and wherever it went from my home, I do not know."

So, as I sit here today I have $8000.00 worth of flooring waiting to be delivered and I am also waiting for them to find the underlayment and refund my money. So far the experience has been horrible. I guess you cannot trust ANYONE. I will keep you updated.

Do Not Purchase a Wooden Privacy Fence From Lowes
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Rating: 2/51

BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- They hire subcontractors who do not call to let you know when they will be scheduling your installation. It took multiple calls to my "project manager" to even get it scheduled (over a 2 week period). When it was finally installed they left the white tags at the bottom of each board. They did not refill the holes with the dirt they removed when they set the new posts in concrete. They left coffee cups and used my water hose, which I had unhooked from the spigot due to the weather getting colder. One of the rails across the top of the fence is not straight and two of the posts on section of fence are not the same height.

There were also several boards that right away had golf ball size holes through them. Even though I am supposed to have a 1 year warranty, it again took me sending pictures and multiple phone calls to get them to come out. After a week, I called and asked my project manager why I hadn't been contacted. He told me the installer came out and replaced the holes in the boards, noted that my gate was locked but everything else was fine. I questioned how he was able to see that being that the problem was on the inside of the fence, of course it would be locked and that why he would need to contact me first in order to come out when I would be available to be there.

He then told me that my rail was not straight because my yard was sloped and it needed to be that way. My yard is completely flat. The fence that was there before had all the posts the same height and all the rails were straight on every section. There is no reason for that rail not be straight. I also wanted to know why they continued to come on my property without notifying me first.

Finally the installer called me the next morning and set up an appointment to come out to meet me the following Monday. He didn't give me an exact time but said he would call when he was on his way. I told him I would arrange to be at home that day. Monday comes, nobody shows, nobody calls.

Satisfied Customer
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Rating: 4/51

NORWICH, NEW YORK -- I do not have a complaint about Lowe's. They were very courteous and very helpful! The quality of wood that arrived was great!! Much better than what many reviewers stated here and online. I anticipated getting some knotty, rough looking stuff, but it was only a 3-sided, no floor run-in for the horses that I'm building. It didn't much matter as long as it was strong enough to hold up in winter.

I guess if I had a complaint (which I did let the store manager know), I kept getting rerouted when I was trying to find out what time my delivery was going to arrive. It took 3 calls (as I kept getting disconnected after being on hold), but the lumber arrived with all the equipment needed to take it to the 'hard to get to by truck' location. The delivery driver was awesome!! He informed me that (4) pieces of Tuftex roofing material was not in stock and would be delivered it as soon as it was in stock, which should be this week, per the driver. It's fine. It's the last thing going on anyway. I have another 4 weeks. He also informed me they gave me an extra piece.

When they loaded it on the truck, they realized (1) piece broke at the edge. This would not interfere with the roofing anyway, but I got an extra piece. My husband did not hear him say this and was a little upset until I informed him that he did tell us... twice! Once when unloading with forklift and 2nd time when we were going through it to make sure it was all there. He went through everything twice, upon arriving and leaving! That to me is exceptional service!! My husband and I are starting to build it (ourselves) and couldn't be happier with how this was all handle! Good Job Lowe's!!

Rudeness Disrespect
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Rating: 1/51

SANDY SPRINGS GA -- Today (July 18) at about 1:45 pm, I went to your store in Sandy Springs on Roswell Rd regarding a sign that I thought your company would be interested in. I've attached a photo of the sign. Given what happened at this store earlier this week I thought that Lowe's would be interested in the sign as a reminder for people to CHECK their cars before entering one of your stores.

Obviously not only was I wrong but your "associate" was very rude and condescending to me. I believe his name was Dan and he couldn't have been more rude to me as I showed him one of my signs. I have to assume that Dan is a reflection of your overall corporate attitude towards your customers being that if the customer isn't buying, then "we (Lowe's) ain't got time for that customer."

I'm not upset that you aren't interested in the sign. I AM UPSET at the snotty condescending reception I got from Dan, who is probably a very low level person. He showed no interest in even giving me the name of the right person at Lowe's to talk to. A Lowe's marketing person maybe? Dan couldn't get rid of me fast enough!! He was rude and snotty for no reason. He made me feel as if I was homeless person that had just come in off the street wanting a handout.

In case you weren't aware: a shopper at your Sandy Springs store left her child in her hot car while she went into your store. After a few minutes of hearing the commotion by folks trying to free the child, she ran back out to her and drove off. A store employee got her tag and she was arrested today, I believe. I saw my sign as a very simple and cheap way for Lowe's to remind folks about the DEADLY consequences of leaving a child/pet in a hot car. I also thought that since this story was all over the news channels down here, Lowe's might take advantage of providing a public service and enjoying some free "great" publicity as well.

Two things are quite clear to me now. 1) Lowe's doesn't give a damn about their customers, 2) Lowe's is penny wise and pound foolish. No one should be treated as NASTILY as I was by ANYBODY!! I am sorry that I thought my sign would help the public and therefore increase sales for you. How stupid of me! I am a retired Inv. Banker and in 30+ years in a rough and tumble business, I NEVER treated ANYONE the way Dan treated me today. FYI, there were a couple of female associates who were present as well. HOME DEPOT HERE I COME!!!

Lowe's Has Destroyed My Life
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Rating: 1/51

ST. MARY'S, GEORGIA -- It is impossible to put into words how angry and helpless I feel towards the Lowe's company. I am speaking of the huge hardware chain, the company that sponsors Jimmy Johnson in Nascar, that Lowe's. Last year my wife and I were shopping in our local Lowe's store, in St. Mary's Georgia. We were walking down an aisle and my foot was caught up in some plastic wrap that was left behind when the pallet was removed. The plastic wrap was sticking out into the aisle and was weighed down by a bag of fertilizer.

After the fact it looked as though an employee had taken the last bag of fertilizer off of the pallet, leaving it in the aisle on top of the entire piece of plastic wrap that had originally been wrapped around the whole pallet of fertilizer. The plastic wrap was bunched up under the fertilizer but plenty was sticking out from under it.

My foot had gotten caught in it, and stopped very abruptly. I was pushing a basket and fell so fast that I did not have time to soften the fall with my hands. I fell directly on my tailbone, lower back. The pain I experienced was extreme, I could not move, it was a scary experience. I felt pain throughout my entire lower half of my body. At least 10 Lowe's employees gathered around me, trying to make me comfortable as I lay on my side. My wife sat by me holding my hand in shock.

An ambulance came and put me on a gurney and wheeled me out to the ambulance. It was the most painful ride of my life. They belted me down on my back, gave me an I. V. and a shot for the pain, it did not help at all. The E. M.T. put a mask on my face and told me to breathe in as hard as I could and whatever I was breathing in would help with pain, it did not, but it did make me drowsy. They drove me to a hospital 45 miles away.

We arrived at the hospital where the doctors took a quick look at me and sent me for x-rays, after giving me some pain medication. It felt like forever. They took every x-ray known to mankind, it was horrific. I would not wish this pain on my worst enemy.

After the hospital stuff, I was referred to Brunswick Brain and Spine Clinic. I went through numerous spinal injections to try to relieve the pain I was feeling. I had numerous MRI's and other tests, this went on for months. I was being medicated with morphine, klonipin, oxycotton, suboxone, and multiple other drugs. I am unable to bathe myself, or anything else that requires a back and legs.

Finally, the neurologist suggested that I get a surgically implanted Spinal Stimulator to get relief of my pain. We set the date and it was done. A Spinal stimulator is a lead wire that is attached to your spine, about 3/4's of the way up your spine, it is attached with hardware that can never be removed. The wire then comes down your spine, of course under your skin, it is connected to the stimulator and battery, that is implanted in your flesh, a lot of cutting of skin is involved with this operation not to mention the risk of being paralyzed.

I now have a controller that I can control the power output of the stimulator. The stimulator is supposed to block pain signals from the brain. Today I go to a pain management doctor every month, to be monitored. I am still on morphine and other powerful drugs to help with pain. And will have extreme pain for the rest of my life, there is not anything left worth trying for pain relief. I have a wife and 3 children, my wife had a stroke 18 years ago and cannot move her right side of her body. Lucky family aren't we?

I don't sleep, I cannot drive, I cannot, nor ever will I be able to get an erection again, I could go on forever, you get the picture. I am on Social Security Disability, I receive $1200 a month, I am 5% of the man I was before Lowe's. I did get a lawyer to get what I could out of Lowe's, what is your life worth? My lawyer called me today, 12-7-2012, Lowe's offered me $15,000. That don't even cover half my bills, I guess I will have to sue them.

In my opinion Lowe's is a pathetic company, unwilling or unable to care about their customers. On my mother's grave, I swear Lowe's will feel my pain. All I want is to provide for my family, we will lose our house, we have lost our vehicle, if it were not for my family I would be gone from this Hell. All I ask is for your prayers that Lowe's stands up and does the humane thing, and compensate me for their mistake that ruined my family's world. If anyone knows of an organization that could help me, make Lowe's compensate me for all they have taken from me please contact me.

Bad Business
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Rating: 1/51

HUNTERSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- We went to Lowe's and pick out the flooring we liked. Scheduled a time to be deliver at our home which they said that on May 1, 2016 was open that day. Then we set a time between 4-8 pm. Needless to say no one showed up. On Monday my husband called around 10 am and spoke to someone and they said they would call him back, no call!! Around 12:30-1:00 pm he called them back still no one would give him a answer about delivery, said again someone would call us back.

Around 3:30 pm my husband called them again and still nothing! So if this is the way do business no Thank you!! We cancelled our order. I guess they don't need our hardworking money! And we also are gutting our master bathroom and they won't have my business there either.

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