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Unprofessional and Incompetent
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SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- 1) Appliance Heros came on June 18! They were suppose to get the parts within 3 days. That means Friday or Monday June 20th or 22nd. They did not call me at all. I called them on Monday and they said it would come on Tuesday. No call from them. I called back again, they said on Tuesday it did not come in. Wednesday rolls around, no call from them. I call them and they tell me it finally came. Fine sure I'm being patient it happens. Because it's so late already they say they can come on Friday June 27. Finally they come on Friday. By now it's been 9 days. The technician can't fix it, he says it's the main board that's defective. He calls his supervisor and says the part is defective the family has been without a fridge for a week, can we expedite the order? The supervisor says yes ok I'll get it ordered and expedited.

2) I call on Monday June 30th to Appliance Repair Heroes. First they put me on hold and tell me the parts department is busy. Then after 1 hr I call back and say I'm still waiting. This woman named Lisa Desoux answers and tells me my part is due in on Wednesday. I get very upset as they promised expediting it on Monday. Now we're promised delivery by July 2nd (2 days before July 4th) I call Lowe's and am very upset. I told them I need it expedite it's going to be 4th of July and I need my fridge. I tell Lowe's that it is unacceptable I want my refrigerator fixed. Lowe's tell me sorry Appliance Heroes are closed. I tell Lowes the story and they say they can't do anything until they contact Appliance Heroes. Still nothing from either businesses. Finally I get a call on Tuesday from Appliance Heroes saying that they cannot expedite it but want to schedule me in for Wednesday or Thursday. Appliance Repair Heroes tells me that they will try to get it to me and asks me for more flexibility. I tell them I can have someone home all day. Appliance Repair Heroes says great. On July 3rd, now it has been more than 15 days. I call them on July 3rd to ask what time they are coming, they said oh we're coming between 3-5 from what you told us originally. Ok what the heck?! I asked my family to stay home so you could have flexibility to come earlier! Ridiculous. Ok fine, I wait until 3-5, the technical comes over still can't fix the fridge, tells me that he will get his office to fax the paper in when he gets back. I call Lowe's and they tell me that they cannot accept my paper and need to contact Appliance Repair Heroes. Guess what?! As I said before I told Lowe's it's cutting too close to July 4th.

3) Now instead of accepting a copy of the paperwork from me so that you can replace my refrigerator, you want to call the Appliance Repair Heroes and get back to me in two business days.

4) Now I have been without a fridge for 19 days. By Tuesday July 8th it will have been 20 days! I am completely unsatisfied with your service.

Worst Customer Service Ever
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After sending hours searching for specific shoe cubbies I decided to order 4 from Lowes. I had never ordered from Lowes or purchased items from their store before. Well Lowes has succeeded in convincing me to never purchase or order anything from them EVER again. I am also making it my personal mission to tell all of my friends and family member (all homeowners like my husband and I) to steer clear of Lowes and take their business to Home Depot.

First only two of the items arrived. I waited 24 hours hoping maybe they had been shipped separately. When the other two did not arrive I called Lowes to ask where they were. The rep's response to my question was "Did you reject the package"). WTF!? If I'm calling to say I did not received something why would the first [snip] question be whether I'd rejected it. When I pointed out the inherent idiocy in that question, only then did the nitwit think to check with their shipper (UPS). I was then told that UPS had decided to return the other items to Lowes b/c they had been damaged in transit. I asked for a credit and was told I could not get one until they received the item back. So, if UPS failed to return merchandise I never received they'd get to keep my money?!?!

Even so being desperate to complete my project I asked it any stores nearby had two in stock that I could buy that day. Initially I was offered stores 2-3 hours away from my home when one is just 10 minutes away. (Ugh!) They did find two and the neighborhood store and I foolishly went out to pick them up. Note that I had to pay for these -- they would not even count them as replacements for the two that UPS sent back.

Upon arriving at the Lowe's store I was faced with a gauntlet of the most RUDE, apathetic and condescending in-store personnel I have ever encountered in any retail setting. I still managed to purchase the items.

Next day we open the boxes to begin assembling the items only to discover missing pieces. I called customer service again (glutton for punishment). I proceed to spend half an hour on the phone with a representative and then a supervisor who both insisted that they could/would not address the missing pieces issue b/c the initial two items received by mail had been shipped from a store in Mississippi and that I'd have to speak to the manager of that store. I live in New Jersey!!!! When I tried to question why they would not make the arrangements to either expedite replacing the item they told me that since my order was filled by a Mississippi Lowes, that it was Lowe's policy that the customer had to directly resolve such issues with the sourcing store. HUH!?!!? Reminder -- At least three stores in my state had the items in stock. In essence Lowe's logic is that if you order from Lowe's it's the luck of the draw where you may need to resolve issues based upon which store Lowe's chooses to ship the item(s) from -- maybe Guam??

Suffice it to say I informed the supervisor "Sara B." that I was returning all of the items in my possession and hung up. Within 15 minutes I was at the local Lowes returning all four and am now disputing the charge for the two that were returned by UPS with my bank.


Lowe's Doesn't Care About Their Customers!!!
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DICKSON CITY, PENNSYLVANIA -- On July 4th in the evening our Whirlpool dryer broke - no heat. We purchased the dryer for $673.20 on 10/4/08, model #WED8300SW. Along with the purchase in good faith of them standing behind their product, we additionally purchased a 4 year extended warranty for $99.97.

First thing on July 5th we called the extended warranty department and was initially told they couldn't come out until July 10th, I felt that was a long time to wait - we have a family of 5 doing an average of 2 loads of laundry per day!! They found an appointment for me on July 8th between the hours of 12 & 5. I took the day off of work and the gentleman (Dorsey). I called Mr. Dorsey myself and was told that Lowes never emailed him the information to service our dryer. He stated that he could come service our dryer on Wednesday the 10th at 2pm. I took another day off of work, Mr. Dorsey never showed again!!!! I left him 2 messages with no return call.

I called the extended warranty department and was told that now that it is Wednesday and nearing the end of another week, the soonest they could get someone to come now to service our dryer was on the 18th or 19th of July. I set up the appt for the 18th - was never sent an email confirming this appt yet again!!! I called the manager (Ryan) at our local Lowe's in Dickson City, PA and was told he would see what he could do. He calls me back and states that he called the extended warranty department and that Mr. Dorsey would be calling me to come for service sooner - well of course Mr. Dorsey never called again!!

I then proceeded to call and speak with a supervisor at the warranty department and was told no one was available and would call me back shortly and again I never got that call either!! On July 11th I called the warranty department again and insisted on speaking with the supervisor and after insisting on holding, several minutes later, a supervisor came to the phone and basically said there was nothing they could do more than schedule service.

I insisted on speaking with corporate and was connected with the Customer Care Center and was told that the best thing to do was to file an official complaint and I would be contacted back within 24 hours. Well again that phone call never came!!! I called back on July 12th and got the run around and again and after being transferred to several people was connected with Sarah, she states she is in the executive department of Lowes under the President. Explained my situation to her and she told me she would investigate and call me back. When she called me back, she basically said the best option she could do was to have Lowes come pick up our dryer on the 14th and service would be done at Lowes on the 17th and they would return to us.

I expressed that I have lost 2 days of work up to this point due to the no show's of Mr. Dorsey in additiion to the time away from my family and the extra money I had to pay to take my clothes to the laundry mat to have them dryed!!! In total I have lost around $450 due to loss time at work and laundry expenses!! She basically told me that they do not compensate for lost work time. I requested them giving us a new dryer and was told that wasn't going to happen- her words were "you are not getting a new dryer" that we didn't qualify for one under the terms of the warranty.

We were sickened by the thought of a large company of this manner allowing their company to make numerous errors with hiring incompentent contractors for their service work and allowing their upper management to just ignore phone calls of their customers. I then sent an email to the president expressing my concerns on the 14th of July and on July 15th of course I had the pleasure of speaking with Sarah again. I told her that since I lost 2 days of pay due to the contractor not showing up - no my fault - I was at my home waiting for service that we wanted to be compensated with a refund on our warranty or a gift card to the store and was rudely denied!!

Commercial Services Desk
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SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA -- I applied for a commercial account because Lowe's is trying to attract commercial customers and are luring them with a 5% discount and $20 deliveries. Well, you don't get the discount if you don't ask for it. No one told me that when I signed up for my commercial card, causing me to have to get in line at the service desk, get the amount refunded to me, then recharge the item to my card with the discount.

90% of the time I need to place or check on an order, when calling the commercial desk, the phone rings and rings, then goes back to customer service. Customer Service transfers me back to the commercial desk, then it rings and rings until it goes back to customer service. They transfer me back to the commercial desk and it rings and rings. You get the point. It is almost impossible to get anyone to answer the phone, let alone get an order in.

Once I went into the store for a few items once for my project. Stock was completely out on all but one of the items I came for. I only left with one thing I needed that night for my project. I had to special order the rest and wait a week to receive them.

I had to re-order a 50 gallon drum of slurry seal that never got ordered. When it arrived, they told me that my 5 gallons of slurry seal had arrived. I had ordered 50 gallons. Had to wait a few more days for the 50 gallon drum to arrive.

I waited on a delivery for days because their truck had broken down not once, but twice that week.

I had negotiated quantity discounts that I never received, and also noticed I got taxed on a delivery charge on my recent statement. So I attempted to call the commercial desk to get it resolved. Got bounced back and forth between the commercial services and customer service desks no less than 7-8 times, then got hung up on. Called back and got bounced back and forth from desk to desk, and finally someone picked up the phone that could help with my billing questions. He then told me that he couldn't help. He explained that I had an account manager and gave me another number to call. ??? I called that number and it was a heavily accented Indian lady who told me that she didn't have our account number in her system and that she couldn't help me. She explained that I needed to call the store again.

My project is pretty small compared to many other contractos and their projects. I'm about to throw the card in the trash. I don't have time to get bounced back and forth from desk to desk trying to talk to someone whenever I want to give them business. If their truck is broken, why not rent one so they can provide seamless service? They have lost many of my orders because Home Depot is cheaper, even with the 5% discount, and they have what I need in stock.

I have given Lowes constructive feedback when things are going wrong for them, trying to improve my future experiences as well as those of others. Deaf ears. Commercial in Sunnyvale needs some work. Lowe's is clearly not ready to service commercial accounts effectively.

Employee Resorts to Prostitution to Secure Sale.
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ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA -- Before I begin, one has to understand where I come from. I put a lot of stock in my faith. My family, the members of my church, our pastor, and the contractors with whom I am networked (who are either from within my church or of like faith) all hold the concept of integrity, honor, and fidelity very sacred. This is why I post this today, and why I am shocked and disgusted that a company such as Lowe's would condone such actions from within their staff.

Toward the end of February, the network of contractors I work with were picked for a project for a client at three different locations; a project that will take us well through the spring, summer, and into early fall. To give this client the best possible estimate, an associate of mine (my Church Pastor) and I visited the Lowe's Store #0615,10580 Duke Dr., Alpharetta, GA 30004. I went straight away to Commercial Services while my pastor went to a couple different departments to find what we'd needed for this project.

I was met by ******. She was young; too young to be knowledgeable for what I was looking for, in my opinion. Surprisingly, she was very helpful and was able to answer my questions as they came up. However, she seemed very eager to secure my order right then and there after I'd already explained what it was I was trying to accomplish at that point in time – only comparative shopping for the sake of the project at hand. She then became visibly frustrated, and began to flirt with me quite aggressively. I made certain that she caught sight of my wedding band, but it was obvious that she paid no mind to such things. She made it evident that she was going to try any tactic she could to secure this sale then and there.

As I was trying to politely wrap up this visit, my Pastor joined us. In an apparent final act of desperation, this ****** then leans in, quite leeringly, and asks, “What would it take to get you to secure your purchase here, today, and now? I'll do anything to ensure you both leave happy and with everything you'd both want as men.”

Already uncomfortable with the situation, I politely advised her that we do NOT operate our business in such a manner, bid her good day, and left the store IMMEDIATELY. As we turned to walk away, this young lady also muttered a very UNLADYLIKE dismissal that readily described what she intended to do with us to “secure” this sale. We left, disposing of the notes taken during this visit and proceeded to discuss our other options as we walked to our vehicle. As we were standing behind our truck, discussing our next destination, and answering/returning a couple of phone calls, ****** was either leaving for lunch or leaving for the day (it was between 3 and 3:30 pm). She made a point to drive clear across the parking lot, directly to where we were, and then waved a very inappropriate, one fingered hand gesture at us as she sped away. I think I need not tell you which finger.

A day or two later, I phoned this location to speak with a manager about the incident. I was left on hold for fifteen to twenty minutes. Someone returned to my call, asked for my contact information and what the call was in regard to. When I spoke of the situation, I was hung up on and have not heard back since.

I then submitted my complaint to the corporate offices, who have since returned my correspondence with requests for repetitive accounts of the incident, as well as other information not relevant to the subject at hand; obviously not willing to take the matter under investigation or do anything about it.

Our Pastor, having witnessed this incident first hand, has since called for a full church wide boycott of Lowe's and their subsidiaries, and has passed the call to his colleagues who serve churches/congregations of similar faith and denomination. I know I'll never shop Lowe's again, nor will my family.

It's a shame that a company as big and well known as Lowe's would encourage their employees to resort to prostitution to make a profit. However, after reading the complaints posted on websites such as this, I can see why their reputation is so bad.

Stay away from Lowe's Delivery
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GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND -- On October 9th I ordered from Lowes.com a Bosch Washing Machine for $854.10. The washing machine was for a rental property in Baltimore, MD. The on-line confirmation told me the estimated delivery date was October 25th and that I would be contacted within 24 hours to schedule delivery. That evening I received a voicemail telling me that the washing machine would be delivered tomorrow, October 10th. This delivery was allegedly coming from the Lowe's store in Glen Burnie, MD. I was very surprised by this, so I called the Shipping Department back and was assured the item was in stock and ready to be delivered on October 10th between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. I was also told that I would get a phone call on my cell phone when the delivery was close by. I then promptly notified my renters and they told me one of them would hang around the house all day and wait for the delivery. I did the same and was planning on meeting the delivery with some friends at the house as the washer needed to be moved to a 2nd floor. The delivery or call never came. I attempted to call the delivery department several times later that afternoon and got no answer. The next day on October 11th I called the store to see what had gone wrong. I talked to Store Manager #1 and he seemed very surprised by this chain of events. He said they definitely did not have the washer, it was definitely not supposed to have been delivered the previous day, and that from what he saw it would not be arriving at the store until Oct 25th. He said this was probably a “computer glitch” and this happens sometimes. This was the beginning of the major communication gap that seems to exist between the Lowe's store and their Shipping Department.

Later on during the week of October 11th I called the Lowe's store and talked to Store Manager #1 again. I informed him that I was going to be out of town for a few weeks and to please call my two renters when the item was ready to be delivered. They would then coordinate the delivery. I gave him both of their cell phone numbers. I informed my renters to expect delivery on October 25th and to expect a call beforehand. I gave them the proper paperwork in case there were any questions.

While I was gone here is part of the fiasco the renters went through - on October 24th the Shipping Department called me and the renters saying the item had been damaged while being off loaded from the truck, and there will be no delivery. She then said the item would not be delivered until November 11th.

However, during the week of October 25th Lowe's calls my renters and sets up a new appointment for October 30th between 1:30-3:30. Apparently the washer had come in. On October 30th the driver calls the renters at 1:45 and tells them he is 10 minutes away. The driver never shows or calls back. However I get about 3 messages on my cell phone (I am still out of town) from the driver saying he is outside MY residence (not the rental property) and that there is no one home. I have no idea how they managed to attempt to deliver to my address. My renters call Lowe's later that afternoon to find out what the story is and the store in Glen Burnie says it is “out of their hands” and they should contact the Shipping Department. They attempt to call contact the Shipping Department several times and get no answer.

The renters get a hold of the Shipping Department again on November 2nd and setup the delivery for November 3rd. The renters hang around all day for the delivery and it never comes and they receive no phone call. They call the Shipping Department later in the day and are told the appointment for November 3rd had been deleted by the Lowe's Manager by accident. It is then setup for November 4th. Again, the delivery never comes and when the renters talk to the Shipping Department they are told the washer had been taken off the truck at the last minute. As before no call was made to the renters (or me) to tell them the delivery was not coming. At this point the renters have raised the white flag and were done dealing with Lowe's. On November 4th I attempted to get a grasp on this nightmare.

On November 5th I talked to Store Manager #1 from the Glen Burnie Store and explained to him the charade that had been going on the past few weeks. I made a request to have an exact time on when the washing machine would be delivered. He said he was not able to do that, the best he could do was say the delivery would happen between 8am-12pm on Saturday, November 6th and that I would get a phone call when the delivery was getting close. I explained to him to please make sure to call me first when the delivery was about to take place as I lined up three workers for that morning who were going to assist me in carrying the washer to the 2nd floor (as I had done on the previous deliveries). I never received a phone call. However, that evening I receive a voicemail from one of the renters stating the washer had been dropped off at 3:00 pm. The Shipping Department stated that they were not able to remove the old washer because of liability (the washer has to be lifted onto a 2nd floor deck to get it up and down the 2nd floor). I totally understand this and that is why Lowe's was supposed to call me first (and show up between 8-12) as I had the workers lined up and we were at the rental property all morning. Instead they don't call me and they show up three hours late. Very, very frustrating. There is a total lack of communication between the store (and what they're putting into the computer) and the Shipping Department.
Next I talked to Store Manager #2 on November 9th and made him aware of the situation. I asked him if someone can come over the weekend of November 13th and disconnect the old washer, connect the new one, and haul away the old one (as stated in the contract). He stated the Shipping Department was gone for the day but that someone would call me on the morning of November 10th to set up the appointment. I never get a phone call from Lowe's. At this point I decided to call my local plumber and have him disconnect the old one and connect the new one. Lowe's is just too unreliable to deal with.

On November 11th, I called Lowe's and talked to Store Manager #1 again and they said they would come on November 13th to pick up the old washer. I then called Customer Service on November 12th and told them that some funny noises were coming from the washing machine. They then put me in touch with Store Manager #1 again (Glen Burnie store) and he said it was most likely because the shipping bolts were probably still in the washer. I received a call the evening of November 12th from the Shipping Department and they told me they would come the next day between 12:30-2:30. Again they don't contact me (as they said they would the previous night) or the renters, but for the first time they do show up on time. They then actually removed the shipping bolts and took the old washer away.

I then e-mailed the Lowe's Customer Care line. They apologized for the issues I had and they said they would forward the situation to senior management at the store. The next day I get a call from Store Manager #1, the same guy who was part of the whole problem. He apologized and asked if everything had been resolved. I asked if he had read the 3 page report I had e-mailed to them and he said he had not. He said he just wanted to make sure the washer was in and he stated they had fixed the problems with the delivery department (no details of course). I then contacted Customer Care again saying the whole point of writing the 3 page timeline was so Senior Management at Lowe's could be alerted of this debacle. Customer Care said this was Senior Management. However they then sent an e-mail that the issue would be pushed to the Regional Manager. The following day I received a call from the Regional Manager and for the first time it actually seemed like someone cared about what happened. He said he had read the letter three times and was in disbelief about what had occurred. He said this was not how business was done at Lowe's and that he was going to the store later in the week and would try and get to the bottom of what happened. He also sent me a $100 gift card. I haven't heard back as to what corrective measures have been taken. My experience with Lowe's was a nightmare and I would advise people to stay away! I have used Sears and Home Depot in the past and they seem to be much more reliable.

The most amazing part of this experience was the number of no calls and no shows. Sitting around on 4 different days and getting no phone call after the appointment has been scheduled is fairly incredible. Even towards the end, when you think the issue would be a priority, Store Manager #2 tells me I will get a call the next morning to address the issue. I never receive the phone and have to instead call them the day after. Unbelievable. I know Lowe's is a big company but I would advise consumers to stay away. This was one for the books!

The Mower Purchase From ****
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GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Saturday I went to Lowes to buy a riding lawn mower.

So I get there about noon. I picked out the mower that I thought I wanted. So I get up on it and sit and start playing around with it. I decide that I don't like where the clutch is because of my hurt knee. So the lady tells me that she has an automatic mower. But they have just come off the truck and they will have to take one out of the cart. So with my purchase of the new riding lawn mower, today I get a cart that you pull behind the mower to move things around your yard. It was a nice crate. About 90.00 in cost. Nice.

The lady in the mower department puts my purchase in the register and I am supposed to tell them at the front about it.

I tell the lady that there is no way I will be able to get a riding lawn mower into my building that has a 42 inch deck on it. So she tells me about these chains that they use that can't be cut with bolt cutters. So she says she will meet me at the front of the store with the cart and the lawn mower. So I head over to get the things I need from hardware. I get to the front counter, and the lady rings me up. I am not paying any attention to the cost of these things because I have a 20% competitors coupon with me which Lowes accepts if it has a bar code. I had paid for 800.00 worth of the mower on one credit card I had with me but knew that one wouldn't hold It all. So then I reach in my purse to get another credit card, one which isn't there. Oh my gosh now I had to run to the bank right down the road to get some cash. So I left my friend standing at the register while I went to the bank. I was back within 15 mins.

Lowes Troy-Bilt Automatic Lawn Mower Engine Lowes Troy-Bilt Automatic Lawn Mower

So when I got back, I ask my friend if he had seen any signs of my mower. He said no I have not. I said oh there comes my cart never mind. The man that was pulling the cart said it wasn't mine. I said oh yes it is. I said I just paid for it and the lady in the back put It on a cart just for me with a gas can. Which happens to be the last cart in the store. He said hold on I will be right back and pushed the cart in the corner of the store where I couldn't get it. After about two minuets this man comes up grabs the cart and heads for the door. I said hey wait that's my cart. The man said no I just paid for it. And I said yeah and you took it off a buggy that had a gas can with it. The man knew what I was talking about. But he said well I just paid for it. Any way out the door he went with it. While the other people there just looked at me going oh my gosh he stole her cart. So then the manager saw what happen and ask if I could use a cart already put together. I said sure, that's a good thing cause then I don't have to put it together.

So then I ask where my lawn mower is? They said we don't know. I told them about the lady saying that she would bring it up to me. They tell me that she has gone home already. So finally they bring up a mower. However it is the first mower that I had sat on and decided against. And I tell them "No this isn't the mower that I want." So then it takes them another 30 minutes before they show up with the right mower. So they decide it cost more money than the first one. So here we go again. Return and repurchase. So then my friend and the Lowes guys put it on the truck. I ask my friend if he can think of any thing else that I should get before we leave Lowes. And he said did they give you the pin that goes in the cart so you can pull it behind the mower. I said no they sure didn't. So I March right back into Lowes to retrieve one from them. The lady had told me that one comes with it. So it took another 30 minutes or so before they find me a pin. I have now been here for over 3 hours trying to get a lawn mower.

Now we take the mower to my house, after stopping by the gas station and filling it up. We get it off the truck. I get on it and start it up. Or at least I thought I was going to start it up. It wouldn't crank and made the worse sound you ever heard. Sounded like you was taking some old chains and clanking them together. Oh my gosh. So I called my neighbor at work. He owns a machine shop. So he says to put it on the truck and bring it to him. OK will do. Take it to him and they take the top cover off so they can see the motor because he says it sounds like the crank something is messed up. Well to our surprise it was broken and all under there was rusted. Wait isn't this supposed to be a brand new mower?

So I get on the phone to Lowes and get a hold of a real manager this time. I tell her the whole story. She told me to bring it back and she will give me another mower and add an additional 100.00 off the mower for all my troubles. Boy that was a hard days work. Took about 8 hours to get a brand new lawn mower from Lowes. Boy I wish we had a home Depot so Lowes would treat their customers better. Most of my problems were from the lady that didn't do her job well. Then went home with it undone and didn't get anyone to replace her. Boy just my luck. And about 100 miles. Its 50 miles round trip X 2.

Abusive/physical Assault
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ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE -- Recently I wrote a review on Lowes Home Improvement store manager in Elizabethton TN for physically assaulting me. There was a lot of negative responses, saying that I was lying. So here I'll fully tell you the entire story. First I was a military policeman for 18 years. I retired because of physical conditions, arthritis in both knees, left ankle, two major surgeries on the right knee. For those of you who thing your doctors, in your early twenties the spine completes it growing and then a covering grows over the lower part of the spine, if it doesn't close completely such as my case its called spina bifida occulta, in some cases accompanying this condition is that the vertebra creates a misalignment that causes a false joint. So sudden movements or unexpected jars can cause extreme pain. The reason that I have blood clots is due to a genetic inherited condition, that I was completely unaware of until recently. However most people that due a lot of sitting, long distance driving or long flying miles are subject to getting blood clots. I'm on the cumadin to slow the clotting time of my blood, it does not make the blood thinner as some may think.

As being 70% disability rating is a combined rating from all these injuries, conditions being combined. As for being a college graduate, I was retired at 44, I could have stayed home an drew my pension, however the Department of Veteran's Affairs provided the opportunity to return to school to be retrained from offering physical/manual labor which is what I had to offer to potential employers, to using a more refined education that would rely on thinking, problem and solution skills to employers. I graduated from East Tennessee State University Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Social Work. Now as for Lowes, first I own my own home free and clear, I was very money aware while working and saved and paid for my home and my debts, before I spent on luxury items. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy life, its just that I try to be financially responsible.

In 2005 I bought a Troy-Built riding mower from the Lowes in Elizabethton. After using it for les than 3 month's a "cast iron" piece on the mower cracked. I called the Lowes Service Center and for 1 month I didn't hear from them again. I called the Lowes Service Center after 4 weeks had passed, and was promised and given a pick-up date for my mower. If your wondering why I waited so long, is that I had another Murray riding mower that I could used to mow. Anyway, on the promised day, I waited that day, no one came or even called, I waited two more days. Than I called the Lowes Store and complained, told the manager of the service that I hadn't received. The store manager said that she would pay to have my yard mowed, I mow a large yard, which includes my mother's and grandmothers as at that time we lived on a large farm that was divided into sections. No one came to mow the yard, which wasn't the point to begin with, it was the principle that I bought in good faith a mower, and purchased an extended warranty for an additional $189.00 but it seemed I wasn't making any progress with repairs.

Eventually the store manager called and said to bring my mower back and a new mower would be given me. This made me feel bad, So I called the manager at Lowes and said if they would just send someone to repair the mower, I would be satisfied. But there was an insistence to bring in the mower. So in June 2006 I returned the mower back to Lowes and received a mower at the same cost as the one that I had purchased, again with an extended warranty. So now I have another mower in June, calculating that most people mow every 7-10 days from June to Oct I used the mower 7 or 8 times at the most, before placing the mower in storage out of the weather. 2007 Late April I changed the oil, plugs regular maintenance to begin mowing season. I mowed twice when the deck blade belt started slipping, I figured it was worn and stretched, no problem I thought I would just go to Lowes and buy a belt. No, the belt that I needed was no longer available from the manufacturer MTD, I had to return home and search the internet and MTD websites to find the belt that replaced the original belt that came on my mower. This belt cost $43.00 I replaced the belt, mowed twice and the belt broke.

On May 9th I called the Lowes Service Center and here is where the story starts, the person at the Lowes Service Center told me that it was the beginning of mowing season and there was no telling when they could get a repair service to pick-up my mower for repairs, than laughed and hung up. So truthfully that really just got my goat, not the repairs the laughing. (Why because my lifestyle had drastically changed, I went from being bread winner, physically active, happy go lucky, to a house husband, Because of my age companies are interested in spending time , money and effort on older employee's, who have s short shelf life when it comes to the time between employment and retirement. So I compete from among young college graduates that have possibly 20-35 years for a company to my 15-17 years). So I went to the local store to air my grievance. There response was that I could call around to all the local repair centers, tell them it was a "Lowes repair job" and see if I could get the mower in to be fixed quicker. Somehow I don't think that should have been my job. I wrote letters to the CEO, President and Executive Customer Service Representatives. On May 11th, the Lowes Customer Service Center called and actually set a pick-up date.

I waited on the appointed day, than the rest of the week no-one ever came or called about the mower. So I bought another $43.00 belt on the mower used it carefully, the belt still slipped occasionally, I just got off and placed it back on the pulley. Sometime at the end of May around the 25th the district manager called about the mower, I told him that it still slipped but I was able to use it. As a token of their appreciation and the lack of attention from the Lowes Service Center I was sent a $25.00 gift card to use at Lowes. July the mower broke the belt, and the deck had starting cutting my grass uneven, one side lower than the other. I called the Lowes Service Center and this time they actually sent a repair service to pick up my mower. Would you like to know why I hadn't received any service until now, the repairman said that they were given the wrong home number for my residence and unable to contact me. Storm Service Center took my mower and keep it until July 31, I remember the day its my sister's birthday. I started the mower, and since my yard was in need of mowing I began to mow. As I was mowing I began to notice sparks coming from under the engine, I stopped the mower, looked and seen at that time nothing that could cause the sparks. I resumed mowing, and every time I lifted my Blade up to go around or over obstacles in the yard, sparks would fly from underneath the engine compartment. Again I stopped the mower, this time I raised the deck and noticed it proximity to the main pulley underneath the engine. I had my wife come and start the mower and left the deck, that's when I saw the front top of my mowing deck was striking the pulley underneath the engine that drives the mowing deck belt, I also saw that there was no guard on the front engine pulley.

The sparks came regardless if the blades were engaged or not. If you follow the weather, here in TN there is a severe drought, everything is dry and I was using a potential fire threat, even if the time between my mowing had lengthened because of the drought. It just takes a spark and some favorable weather conditions to start a fire, and I live on the fringe of the Cherokee National Forest. I took the mower back myself to Lowes in Elizabethton, I brought the Department manager for Mowers out to show him the problem. He agreed that sparks from under the engine was a serious safety hazard, and stated not to worry it could be taken care of by the service center. The mower was unloaded on Aug 11th, The next week I was called and told that there was two different type of blades on my mower, that the shafts on the mowing deck had been damaged, causing the pulleys on the deck to spin unbalance causing the belt to come off.

The problem that I returned the mower for wasn't even addressed, and still hasn't. Well luckily for me any repairs over $255.00 dollars had to be approved by me before the mower's blades could be repaired, with me paying for the repairs. I declined to have the mower fixed and asked for it to be returned to me. Actually I went on a Saturday, and spoke with an assistant manager, told him who I was, where my mower was, and that on the following Monday I would be there to pick up my mower in the early afternoon. And if it wasn't there I would report it stolen (this because earlier I was told I would have to pay $300.00 dollars to have an unrepaired mower returned to me by the store manager, which I thought was absolutely ridiculous) SO Monday came, I went to pick up my mower, it wasn't there, I asked if he was going to return it to me, the manager said no. I then stated that the mower was stolen if Lowes had the mower and refused to return it, so I would have no recourse but to contact the Elizabethton Police Dept.

He asked if I could dial 911 or did I want him too, I said no I could call, he provided the telephone. I called and reported the mower stolen. After calling I did not stay in the store to cause any further disruption within the store, nor to become involved in any further actions with the store manager. Not one harsh word was spoken by either of us. The police arrived listened and decided it was a civil matter that needed to go before the court for resolution. I left the grounds of Lowes, returned home and called CON8 the Executive Customer Service Representatives. My mower was returned to the Lowes Store in Elizabethton the next day for me to pick up. I called the Executive Service Rep thanked her for her assistance, and told her I considered the matter resolved. I would just avoid shopping at Lowes.

Two month's later at the Football Game, the home team being the school I attended, I was standing personally alone as no one accompanied me to the game. When the store manager came up behind me, asked my name, then began his tirade, and yes I listened and when he asked why I thought Lowes should have repaired my mower that I had damaged, my anger did flare up. But when he moved purposely in front of me baiting me into an altercation, "fight or flight" instincts kicked in, and I will not apologize for standing my ground, because when you start accepting and allowing people to treat you as they like, where and when do you draw a line that you won't retreat. Listen I have no lies to tell, I take responsibility for all that I do, even the misspelling contained within this statement. But I'm sorry there is no reason for any person in a position of management, for any corporation to come up to someone that had a dispute with the companies policies, and take it upon themselves to approach anyone in a free nation to extract retribution because they took the dispute personally. So believe it or not, that's your right

Poor customer service for store credit card
By -

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I am getting harassing phone calls from GE Money collections, and continuing to be charged late fees over a store credit card balance that was paid in full three months ago (in February 2007), after an phone agreement with customer service, which I took notes on. One late fee of $30, the only one owed, was waived at that time by the representative I spoke with. I asked for the store credit card to be closed in that phone call, and was assured that it would be. I called customer service in early May over the continued collections calls and letters from GE Money people (with Indian accents, so I assume this is an oversees contractor) in which the callers did not have a record of my original purchases, or of the customer service record. The Lowes customers service rep said I should put the dispute in writing, which I promptly did. This is the text of the May 4, 2007 letter I sent them, which they have acknowledged receiving.

Dear Lowes customer service:

I purchased a storm door on June 2, 2006 at the Lowes store on Roxboro Rd. in Durham, NC and at the same time signed up for your store credit card which offered 12 months of deferred interest on the purchase. The total for purchase was $337.00. I received your monthly bills in months that followed, but ignored them since they said I did not owe anything until the deferred interest period was up.

On Dec. 14, 2006 I purchased a small refrigerator for $374.49 at the same Lowes store, and they charged it to my Lowes card.

I forgot that I had made this second purchase on the Lowes card, since I usually shop using my bank debit card, and as a result I did not open the next Lowe's bill, assuming it would say the usual that payment could be deferred.

When the minimum payment for the refrigerator purchase became 30 days past due I received a call from a collection agency representing Lowes informing me I was past due. (This was alarming to me since I have a very good credit rating (over 700) and I am in the habit of paying my bills on time.) When I then opened my Lowes bill, I saw that I was being billed for both items, with finance charges and late fees accruing, since missing a payment on the fridge had led to the loss of my deferred interest offer. Once I understood what was going on, I asked the customer service representative if he would waive penalties if I paid everything owed on the two purchases right away, and he agreed to that. The person on the phone and I were in agreement on the total which was $711.49 (374.49 + $337) I promptly wrote a check for the amount of $711.49 and mailed it. The date on my check was Feb. 21, and the check number was 902.

However, I received another bill after that showing late fees and finance charges continuing to accrue, as if our phone call and my payment had never taken place. So on March 13 I called the customer service number on the bill and told them about the payment made and the earlier payment agreement. I also asked them to close my account. I wrote notes on my copy of your 2/28/07 bill and my notes show the date of call (3/13), the calculations, that penalties were waived, and that the representative agreed that the account was paid in full and closed. (see photocopy attached)

However, I have just received yet another bill from Lowes showing late fees and finance charges continuing to accrue, as if my two phone calls with your collections dept. had never taken place. This morning I spoke with three different customer service representatives, none of which even had a record of my prior purchases at hand, nor information from the previous phone call agreements, although the last person I spoke with did verify that Lowes had received the $711.49. He recommended that I put my dispute in writing and send it to you so it could be resolved.

Hence this letter. I am writing to ask you to review your phone call records (or those of whatever agency you engage for collections) regarding my account and abide by the agreements that were made with me in previous phone calls. Also, I ask that my account be closed, as I do not want anything to do with your store credit card in the future. It is very unusual for a corporation to contract with a 3rd party collections that calls customers over a 30-day past due account (not 2 months, or more, but 30 days!!) and then that person makes arrangements with customers, but apparently has very poor communication with the store billing dept. which continues sending bills with added fees. This is sloppy and unprofessional.

If you want me as a customer in the future and you should since I have a property management business and make many purchases at home repair stores in the course of a year please honor your agreements. I would appreciate a response in writing.


In the last 4 days I've received 4 more calls, 2 of them this morning, from GE Money, and although they acknowledge having a record of my payment they claim to have no information from the prior agreement, nor of the dispute letter, nor prior conversations I've had with them and customer service back in April and May.

What's more, this collection harassment began with a phone call over an initial missed payment that was only 30 days past due -- I was astonished that Lowes would go after people with a collection agency over one missed payment in the first place. The crossed communications between Lowes and GE Money, and the treatment I have received, long after paying the bill for the 2 purchases made (one of which would not otherwise have had even interest accruing until June 2007) -- leads me to believe Lowes is acting in an unethical and punitive fashion. And I am a customer with an excellent credit rating (over 700), someone with a PhD who is a college professor and who owns a house renovation/rental business with no other outstanding consumer debts, and who would otherwise be spending $1000-2000 in Lowes stores. In short, the kind of customer Lowes should be interested in treating well.

I strongly advise all Lowes customers against signing up for the store credit card offers; and I personally plan to take my business elsewhere in future years. I intend to notify the Better Business Bureau and the NC State Attorney General's office of this harassment and poor service. I would be interested to hear of other customers who have been treated in this manner, and would like to know what legal or other recourse we have.

Brutally Bad Customer Service at Lowes!
By -

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLORADO -- I wanted to purchase a GE Profile Gas range from Lowes for which I placed an Order at the Store

Phone: (303) 220-8737
Fax: (303) 220-8562

1) The day I made the purchase I was told that They can get the Gas Range on the following Friday.

2) The day after I made the purchase I got a Call from an associate at Lowes Thanking me for the Purchase. That's when I was told that the Range would be there the Following Friday (28th Of April 2006) and Since I had requested the Delivery and Install on a "Saturday" he said That, that was possible and would be done that way.

3) So came Friday(28th April 2006) and I called Lowes and No One Had any clue as to when my Unit would be delivered. In fact the Install Service Rep gave me the Phone number of the Installer and asked me to schedule an appointmwnt with him directly. I left the installer two messages. He finally called me in the evening and told me that He was not working for Lowes anymore. I asked him, since When? and he told me "Since about a month ago". So I called back the Insall Service Dept of Lowes and the Guy (cannot remember his name) told me that " This was news to me!". No one was aware that their installer (at least whom they thought was their installer) was no longer working for them.

4) I made repeated calls that day and then Saturday and then Sunday which is when I had the Worst Customer service Experience Ever by The Install Rep named "Gary" . His Tone was the most Rude I had ever Heard and rather than solving my problem he was trying to intimidate me. He constantly kept on saying " if you interrupt me once more I will disconnect the call Okay" And then I said "Yes" To which he repeatedly kept on asking me me "Okay?? Okay??" Just intimidating me in the most DisRespectful fashion.

5) So Then I yelled and ended that conversation. I was extremely frustrated by then and called Lowes Main Customer service number: 1-800-445-6937 So that I could cancel my order. The lady who answered my call was good and she redirected me to the Operations Manager of that Lowes Store named "Anissa".

6) Anissa offered me a 10% discount so that I did not to cancel my order, which I didn't. She told me that the 10% discount was for the inconvinience caused to me.

7) I also Asked her that I cannot take any more days off so I needed the Delivery and Install on a Saturday. She promised to call me on the following Monday (May 1st 2006) which she didn't. So I called instead at 5:00pm and I was told that she was out for lunch (yes at 5:00pm) and that I should call back later. I specifically asked the Customer Service Rep who answered the call as to How long she would be working there and I was told till the close of the day (10:00pm). So I called back at about 8:45pm and I was told that she had left for the Day.

8) So then I called the following day (Tuesday - May 2nd 2006) to talk to Anissa and I was told that she was in training and that she would be back in on Wednesday May 3rd. I left a message for anissa with the Customer service Rep with my name and bunch of other relevant details about my order.

9) So then I called on May 3rd (Wednesday) and she was not in that day too. I asked for the Store's manager and got to talk to Bill, Which I was later on told that he was the Store's Zone Manager. Explained the Whole situation again to him and he promised to get it resolved. He also told me that he will Definitely call me back that Day.

10) I did not receive a call from himthat Day. So I called up the very next morning (Thursday May 4th 2006) and spoke with Bill and he said he had called and even left me a Voice mail. I am still waiting for that Voice mail till date). I am sure he dialed the wrong number. Anyway He told me that He is still trying to figure out who the installers are.

11) The next day (Friday 5th May) I called up the store again and spoke with Anissa and she told me that Michelle was working on getting the installers figured out since there was some messup with the installers. She kind of indicated to me that the ball is out of my court now. Please be calling Michelle which to me is a great indicator of Poor service.

12) Its 8th May (Monday) today and I have still not heard about my Order.

13) So I made another call (Don't even know what Date now. and spoke with Michelle in the Install Department. She told me that I would have to work directly with the Installers which was now even more frustrating to hear. So I told her that I have dealt with enough of this and I need answers upon which she softened her tone and told me that she would find out what's going on with my delivery and get back to me (I think another tactic to get rid of a customer rather than helping one).

14) I waited for about 2 hours for Michelle to call me back but nothing. I was by then running out of patience and being given the Run Around. I then made a call to the Lowes Main Customer Service Number again and told them about my problem. They went over my Order and the Notes so far and apologized to me about the treatment given to me so far. This was the first time I think someone from Lowes as a Company had apalogized to me for the Bad treatment and service that I had got. They said they will look into the matter.

Guess what? Michelle called me back within about 5 minutes of me making that call to Lowes Main Customer Service. She told me that She contacted the Installer who Sub contracted with another Install Company in Colorado. This Subcontractor installer did not get a copy of the Insall Order. So she contacted the Main Install company and they too did not receive the install Order but Michelle remembered faxing it to them. Another Mess at Lowes? Someone dropped the ball somewhere AGAIN! So she Faxed them the Install order again.

15) At this point I was so frustrated that I just wanted to order the same GE Gas range from Home Depot. So I ended up making a Call to the main Customer Service Line at Lowes again and asked them to cancel my order. They transferred me this time to the Store's Manager (don't remember his name). This time it was the Store's Manager and not the Store's Zone Manager. I requested him to cancel my order. He asked me to explain to him why I wanted to cancel my order upon which I told him "NO Sir, I will not Explain this Whole thing again. I have already done this three times. I just want my order cancelled". He then I guess found the Notes on my Order and started going through and stalling me. He asked me if this was a special order upon which I said I don't think so. So since there was no way to save this order he asked me in that sarcastic tone, "U sure you want to cancel this order? I said yes, he said OOOOOOKaaaaaayyy. Yeah Just like that in that tone".

It seemed like at that Lowes store no one seemed to care about my problem. Everyone just wanted to give me Some BS answer and get off the phone as quickly as possible.

As the old axium goes, if you make your customer happy you've made one person happy. But if you mistreat your customer, he will share that experience with 9 other people. Or maybe worse, on a forum board or Boards on the internet.

BTW I have ordered a the Gas Range from Homedepot and I cannot even BEGIN to describe the Difference in treatment and the smoothness of operations (with the 10% discount) between the two stores. Home depot was WAY WAY WAY Better in service Quality and Customer care. I think they understand what the Word Customer Service means whereas Lowes in my opinion Absolutely does not.

Note: I will not be doing business with Lowes anymore. My experience in Totality was Extremely extremely Poor.


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