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Brutally Bad Customer Service at Lowes!
Posted by on
GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLORADO -- I wanted to purchase a GE Profile Gas range from Lowes for which I placed an Order at the Store

Phone: (303) 220-8737
Fax: (303) 220-8562

1) The day I made the purchase I was told that They can get the Gas Range on the following Friday.

2) The day after I made the purchase I got a Call from an associate at Lowes Thanking me for the Purchase. That's when I was told that the Range would be there the Following Friday (28th Of April 2006) and Since I had requested the Delivery and Install on a "Saturday" he said That, that was possible and would be done that way.

3) So came Friday(28th April 2006) and I called Lowes and No One Had any clue as to when my Unit would be delivered. In fact the Install Service Rep gave me the Phone number of the Installer and asked me to schedule an appointmwnt with him directly. I left the installer two messages. He finally called me in the evening and told me that He was not working for Lowes anymore. I asked him, since When? and he told me "Since about a month ago". So I called back the Insall Service Dept of Lowes and the Guy (cannot remember his name) told me that " This was news to me!". No one was aware that their installer (at least whom they thought was their installer) was no longer working for them.

4) I made repeated calls that day and then Saturday and then Sunday which is when I had the Worst Customer service Experience Ever by The Install Rep named "Gary" . His Tone was the most Rude I had ever Heard and rather than solving my problem he was trying to intimidate me. He constantly kept on saying " if you interrupt me once more I will disconnect the call Okay" And then I said "Yes" To which he repeatedly kept on asking me me "Okay?? Okay??" Just intimidating me in the most DisRespectful fashion.

5) So Then I yelled and ended that conversation. I was extremely frustrated by then and called Lowes Main Customer service number: 1-800-445-6937 So that I could cancel my order. The lady who answered my call was good and she redirected me to the Operations Manager of that Lowes Store named "Anissa".

6) Anissa offered me a 10% discount so that I did not to cancel my order, which I didn't. She told me that the 10% discount was for the inconvinience caused to me.

7) I also Asked her that I cannot take any more days off so I needed the Delivery and Install on a Saturday. She promised to call me on the following Monday (May 1st 2006) which she didn't. So I called instead at 5:00pm and I was told that she was out for lunch (yes at 5:00pm) and that I should call back later. I specifically asked the Customer Service Rep who answered the call as to How long she would be working there and I was told till the close of the day (10:00pm). So I called back at about 8:45pm and I was told that she had left for the Day.

8) So then I called the following day (Tuesday - May 2nd 2006) to talk to Anissa and I was told that she was in training and that she would be back in on Wednesday May 3rd. I left a message for anissa with the Customer service Rep with my name and bunch of other relevant details about my order.

9) So then I called on May 3rd (Wednesday) and she was not in that day too. I asked for the Store's manager and got to talk to Bill, Which I was later on told that he was the Store's Zone Manager. Explained the Whole situation again to him and he promised to get it resolved. He also told me that he will Definitely call me back that Day.

10) I did not receive a call from himthat Day. So I called up the very next morning (Thursday May 4th 2006) and spoke with Bill and he said he had called and even left me a Voice mail. I am still waiting for that Voice mail till date). I am sure he dialed the wrong number. Anyway He told me that He is still trying to figure out who the installers are.

11) The next day (Friday 5th May) I called up the store again and spoke with Anissa and she told me that Michelle was working on getting the installers figured out since there was some messup with the installers. She kind of indicated to me that the ball is out of my court now. Please be calling Michelle which to me is a great indicator of Poor service.

12) Its 8th May (Monday) today and I have still not heard about my Order.

13) So I made another call (Don't even know what Date now. and spoke with Michelle in the Install Department. She told me that I would have to work directly with the Installers which was now even more frustrating to hear. So I told her that I have dealt with enough of this and I need answers upon which she softened her tone and told me that she would find out what's going on with my delivery and get back to me (I think another tactic to get rid of a customer rather than helping one).

14) I waited for about 2 hours for Michelle to call me back but nothing. I was by then running out of patience and being given the Run Around. I then made a call to the Lowes Main Customer Service Number again and told them about my problem. They went over my Order and the Notes so far and apologized to me about the treatment given to me so far. This was the first time I think someone from Lowes as a Company had apalogized to me for the Bad treatment and service that I had got. They said they will look into the matter.

Guess what? Michelle called me back within about 5 minutes of me making that call to Lowes Main Customer Service. She told me that She contacted the Installer who Sub contracted with another Install Company in Colorado. This Subcontractor installer did not get a copy of the Insall Order. So she contacted the Main Install company and they too did not receive the install Order but Michelle remembered faxing it to them. Another Mess at Lowes? Someone dropped the ball somewhere AGAIN! So she Faxed them the Install order again.

15) At this point I was so frustrated that I just wanted to order the same GE Gas range from Home Depot. So I ended up making a Call to the main Customer Service Line at Lowes again and asked them to cancel my order. They transferred me this time to the Store's Manager (don't remember his name). This time it was the Store's Manager and not the Store's Zone Manager. I requested him to cancel my order. He asked me to explain to him why I wanted to cancel my order upon which I told him "NO Sir, I will not Explain this Whole thing again. I have already done this three times. I just want my order cancelled". He then I guess found the Notes on my Order and started going through and stalling me. He asked me if this was a special order upon which I said I don't think so. So since there was no way to save this order he asked me in that sarcastic tone, "U sure you want to cancel this order? I said yes, he said OOOOOOKaaaaaayyy. Yeah Just like that in that tone".

It seemed like at that Lowes store no one seemed to care about my problem. Everyone just wanted to give me Some BS answer and get off the phone as quickly as possible.

As the old axium goes, if you make your customer happy you've made one person happy. But if you mistreat your customer, he will share that experience with 9 other people. Or maybe worse, on a forum board or Boards on the internet.

BTW I have ordered a the Gas Range from Homedepot and I cannot even BEGIN to describe the Difference in treatment and the smoothness of operations (with the 10% discount) between the two stores. Home depot was WAY WAY WAY Better in service Quality and Customer care. I think they understand what the Word Customer Service means whereas Lowes in my opinion Absolutely does not.

Note: I will not be doing business with Lowes anymore. My experience in Totality was Extremely extremely Poor.

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User Replies:

Anonymous on 2006-05-23:
COPY your Lowe's receipt and type out your complaint emphasizing your problem with "Gary" then submit your letter by certified mail to - Customer Care
Lowe's Companies, Inc.
P.O. Box 1111
North Wilkesboro, NC 28656
Did you get your money back ? I'd call you credit company and flag Lowe's from doing any transcations, provided you got all your money back.
Doc J on 2006-05-24:
There are so many complaints about big-box appliance stores and their delivery service/policy. Rent a small U-Haul, get some friendly neighbor boys to help load, and hire an independent contractor (look under "handyman services") to hook up the appliance. Might cost a total of $100 (including pizza for the helpful boys). But it's done on your time and it's done right.
beanbagbritches on 2006-05-25:
I can't believe you thought Gary was rude because he asked you to stop interrupting him. You even admit to yelling at him. No wonder you didn't get anywhere.
Thirdsession on 2006-06-01:
Yesterday I bought a garden hose container and it clearly stated on the container "For 5/8" garden hose. Today I returned to Lowe's Home Improvement on Rte 44 in Taunton, Ma. because the fitting on the conecting hose was for a 1/2" faucet and would not attach to the faucet on the house which is 5/8". The salesman said the only way to make it fit was with a 5/8" adapter. That was fine with me but since it was clearly stated on the container "for 5/8" hose", I want it included in the price of the container. He stated that he couldn't do that but he would get the manager. The manager came down promptly and I explained the situation to him. He stated coldly, "so buy the adapter". I explained to him that his attitude would only result in my returning the entire container for a refund and a lost sale. I then pointed out to him that it clearly states for 5/8" hose. He stated that neither he nor Lowe's printed that statement. With that sophmoric statement and attitude, I did raise my voice a couple of octaves and asked to speak with his superior. He then grabbed his badge on his shirt, stuck it in my face and said, "I"m the boss here now". His badge said, "CHARLES, SALES MANAGER". The adapter is only $2.97, a small price indeed, but the principal of false labeling and a cocky, juvenile attitude by the manager will not allow me to pay for this item. After I left the manager's presence, a customer came up to me a told me that he purchased the same item last week and met with the same results. Has Lowe's stooped to deceptive tactics to sell merchandise? Does Lowe's not care about its customers? Is this the way everyone will be treated at Lowe's? Are Lowe's salaries so low that they can only hire managers who just want to exert their authority and don't care about Lowe's good standing? Tell me, what is my next step? I am a 68-years-old retired executive and I don't believe anyone should be treated like that and Lowe's should stand behind what is printed on the label whether they printed it or not, they are selling it and thereby vouching for its accuracy.
Bodashustatas on 2006-07-14:
Moan, moan, moan. Gripe, gripe gripe. If you are going to take your business elsewhere...then do it!!!!! Why do you feel the need to broadcast it to the world, like anyone cares about your problems! Do what ya got to do and move on! If they are that bad, hit them in the pocket book! Take your business where ever you like. If others agree, they will go out of business, if not, they won't. Are you trying to sway public opinion? Whatever!
BestCashier on 2006-10-28:
That is so true if your not happy with the customer service at lowes then go to wherever your heart desires! And PLEASE PLEASE don't do the "Oh I'm going to go to Home Depot now" speech in front of the lowes employees because guess what as an employee there I can tell you we couldn't care less!
chancesr on 2006-12-19:
Lowe's employees do care less and boy does it show! Maybe when Lowes goes down because of such lousy customer service, you'll be on here. And I think this is to warn the public about what an awful company Lowes is. I will never shop there.. don't want to meet the evil people that work there.
nataligirl8698 on 2006-12-28:
Alain on 2007-06-14:
BestCashier seems to represent Lowes and how they feel about customers. So that's Lowes answer to your complaint.
Ann Margaret on 2007-06-26:
I feel for this person, because she is getting the same polite run-around that I have been getting with a repair on a refrigerator for over three weeks that I purchased from them. Had I known that Lowe's was so poor with their service I never would have purchased this item from them. So I think it is great to read about other people's experiences with various businesses. Maybe if we all woke up and refused to frequent these places they would change their policy.

Just call up their repair service, and all you get is how they are a "Customer Care" company. Well if waiting over three weeks for a repair is caring, then they don't know what the meaning is.
great-grandma is M-A-D on 2007-07-06:
not glad to see others had problems with Lowe's, but, glad it wasn' just me. Not glad that people can't understand if they don't have problems then no one does. They will someday and no one will understand, only criticize. What a shame. I do wish my run-around had been polite, I went all the way up to the executive customer service in the home office and she was the rudest of them all. Basically, catch us if you can. I EXPECT new appliances when I buy them, tell me they are refurbished (as in new compressor installed before my pruchase) and if I then choose to buy, to bad; so sad for me, but, that wasn't the case. I asked the right questions but was fed lies and never would have known had it not completely broken down and had the door hot as hades = I just wonder if it would have gone on fire had I not gotten up during that night? Only God knows, but, I am sure that others will say that is dramatic now that I see they have been treated well or work there...good for you, AND GOD BLESS EVERYONE...I am not vindictive at all. Just want what a paid for A NEW fridge.
Until you walk in my shoes...yadayadayada
great-grandma is M-A-D on 2007-07-08:
do any of you think that 'T' should be added to the Lowe's name ? lowesT
great-grandma is M-A-D on 2007-07-09:
Bodashustatas - people come on here just to do what you seem to think they have no right to do...complain about services, so why, may I ask, do you put your 3cents in if you have no interest. You go elsewhere, this site is for complaining, if there were no problems, then no complaint site would be needed. someone has to wake up Lowe's and such to the fact that if you think customers are ALWAYS wrong, you best think again.
Jezzicka on 2007-07-26:
I currently work for lowes and I have been for almost 4 years I understand that the problem that you are having is very agravating but yes....looking at us and telling us that you wish u had gone to Home Depot does not make us want to help you any better in all reality it makes us care less...you be rude to us we will be rude back...that's with every person..not just lowes employees. btw what MOST people don't understand about retail...we got to "Lunch" when we get a chance...not everyone goes to lunch at 12 especially if you don't get there till later...but I'm glad you have decided to go to Home Depot because since this situation happened you will never find lowes to ever suit your needs so have fun shopping at Home depot!
Alain on 2007-07-31:
I keep on hearing managers talk about customer service and then doing their best to make sure it can't be done. Oh well, they pays us and we hide as best we can.
bluesplash on 2007-09-06:
I have a hard time with Lowes service also. I am a great believer that as a customer my sales person reflects back to me what I am sending out but I swear the people at my local Lowes just have no idea what customer service is and are PLAIN CLUELESS about any products in the store. I have been in customer service (waitress, Kinkos, and now my own painting business) and if at any time I acting like the people in Lowes acted I would have been fired. And to the people that work at Lowes on this site I think you should look at all the people all over the country that complain constantly about Lowes service and maybe you can suggest improvements in your store. Thank you
BruceWayne on 2007-12-19:
A lot of times customers take store/retail employees for granted. They think that by calling someone up at the store and yelling at them and/or bullying them around they think that they can get what they want out of them. That is not true, in reality you come off as looking like an idiot. I have worked in retail for several years now especially in the home improvement/hardware business. Customers like you are few and far between. You make up about 0.01% of customers big box retailers receive and frankly we couldn't care less whether you spent your money with that company. It takes more time and effort to try to reason with you than it does with a normal person. Now, if you called the store and tried to reason with an associate, that is one thing, not everyone working in that store knows what is going on all the time. So you may have to explain your story many times. But being rude by yelling and screaming at employees over the phone does not help the situation and does not make you a bigger man. You make the situation more difficult for not only you, but for the store and employees as well. So don't be surprised by the service you received at Lowe's. If someone treated you the way you treated those employees, how would you react to that? Quit trying to be tough and suck it up!
doityourselfgal on 2008-02-02:
I sit here laughing a bit because I really wonder how exaggerated this story is. Knowing how Lowes works and their policies I truly believe this story to be a "bit over the Top". I also wonder how cooperative you were with Lowes. Through the years of flipping houses I have shopped all the Big Box stores and experienced problems with all. The overrideing difference between the stores was that, given the chance, Lowes took care of me while the others did not. Mistakes happen, it is a part of life and business. I have found that Lowes will do whatever it take to correct the mistake. It is not always easy and fast because there are many times outside Vendors etc. to deal with but, they take care of you. One more question, When was the last time you went on a site and blabbed about a GOOD experience you had?
anthony2009 on 2009-09-04:
I work at Lowe's. I do think the system could be a little better, though. It seems as if ONE PERSON drops the ball, everything goes downhill.

The system works perfectly about 93% of the time. You just had a bad experience.

You must be in an area where there is a Home Depot with really good staff. The Home Depot here SUCKS!

Backlash2 on 2010-02-03:
I must say that some of the products I buy from Lowes have been defective, for example I purchased a Cusinart coffee pot $99.00
it leaked after 3 months use, I bought and Electric Fireplace $500 it stopped working after 6 months use.I have found too that by going on their website and sending an Email regarding my complaint to their customer service that they always get back in touch with me in a couple of days and they have always gotten in touch with the manager from the store that I purchased the items and had him call and offer to replace the item or refund my money
Pakettle on 2010-05-03:
We moved in January 2010. We bought a washer and dryer from Lowes. In the past we made many large purchases at Lowes and never had an issue (until now).

Recently we bought a new entry door with oval glass insert. When we hadn't heard anything about the door and it was after the date expected, we called Lowes and was told the door was lost in shipment and they are trying to find it. They tracked it down and the installer (Lowe's contractor) called us to set up the install.

The installer took out the old door and framed in the new one, but when he went to attach the door to the frame he noticed damage. He said he would have to install it, but would contact Lowes about ordering a new door. He said it appeared that the door was dropped. There was a slight dent which is covered by the door knob and when he removed the panel holding the oval glass, many of the glass supports (plastic) we broken.

The problem is that Lowes (the local store) has put us in the middle of their dispute with the installer. I got fed up and called the office of the CEO because I don't understand why this cannot be resolved between the store and the installer. The installer is claiming that Lowes is making him responsible for the damage and Lowes is telling us they asked the installer to repair or replace the door at his expense. I paid for a new door, not a damaged and repaired door. If Lowes won't replace the door, I want a discount on the 1200 I paid (in advance because it was special order).

Am awaiting a response from the CEO's office. Depending on the outcome, I may never shop Lowes again.
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Extended Service Plan Ripoff and the Big Fat Liars Who Work For Them
Posted by on
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- At 1:30, March 11, 2010, I was told by "Ste__" (who conveniently no longer works for Federal Warranty Service Corporation, according to his supervisor, "J__ain-I-cannot-reveal-my-last-name-for-security-purposes" when asked for his last name..."J__ain" is probably made up, also) that the KitchenAid Extended Service I was purchasing on my 3rd KitchenAid in the last 5 years was for 10 years if I purchased that day. I was to receive an email verifying the length of time within 24 hours. "Ste__" even put me on hold to verify it with his supervisor...came back on and said, "yes" it would be for 10 years, expiring 12/08/2020.

March 15, 10:30 A.M. spoke to "Mel_____", CSR, looks on computer and says, "Yes, it is for 10 years"...puts me back over to Sales to see why my confirmation has not been emailed. "Lau___" in Sales @ 10:32 A.M. tells me that as of March 15, I have a 10 year extended total replacement plan.

Still nothing received by 11:40 on 3/16/10 and "An__" reconfirms in the CSR Dept. that the computer shows that a contract for 10 years was sent to me.

"Sa__" on 3/26/10 @ 10:00 A.M. said the actual contract was sent to the "wrong place" by the CSR Department and that a new contract would be sent and take 7 to 10 days...and yes, confirms again my contract expires in 2020.

"Na____", on March 29,2010, is from the same town where I live (40 + miles from the Indiana office on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River) and works in CSR office, I believe. He also confirms that the computer screen shows that my contract is for the 10 years. I know his family, so he will tell me the truth...he went to the same school as my children and we know the same people...he will not tell me something that was a lie. He told me that I should get a cover letter for the contract that states that my Total Replacement Plan is for 10 years.

May 14, 2010, receive another contract with a THREE YEAR TOTAL REPLACEMENT PLAN...NOT THE 10 YEAR I WAS SOLD!!!!! Call @ 11:45 A.M. and speak with "A___" who says it is for 10 years and puts me in touch with the Sales Dept. and tells "Jai___" the situation and she says that it shows that it is for 3 years and cannot be changed, but she will ask her supervisor,"Lis____", and explain the situation. "Lis____" tells me it is for 3 years and it cannot be changed. I ask to speak to the supervisor's supervisor (this is now going on for 45 minutes).

NOW, get this...I have had 7 (seven) plus the original approval from a supervisor who say my contract is for TEN (10) years...the "I-cannot-give-you-my-last-name" supervisor today tells me that the company NEVER had a ten year contract...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...WOULD SOMEONE TELL ME HOW I KNEW ABOUT THE 10 YEAR CONTRACT AND 7 PEOPLE EMPLOYED AT THIS OFFICE SAID I HAD IT...BUT TODAY, I AM TOLD THERE WAS NO SUCH THING??? When pushed, the latest "final" supervisor told me they had had a 10 year contract in January, but I could not get that one...

Now, get this...when I told him the number and names of the employees who had verified that I had a 10 year contract with them, he told me they were all lying to me...why would 7 different people lie to the same caller on different days, months, etc.? He told me he was going to go back to all of them and tell them they should not lie to me. I was not born yesterday, but this little weasel said he would not change it even though that is what I was sold...he then tried to explain that verbal agreements were not contracts...I asked if he happened to have a law degree, as he was making incorrect law determinations...the monies were sent from Kentucky and sold over the state line as a 10 year contract from Indiana...they have not only broken a moral code (this young generation generally has no idea what that is)BUT they lied and cheated a customer to get my funds.

I am going to Shout the following: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH WHIRLPOOL, FEDERAL WARRANTY SERVICE CORPORATION, KITCHENAID EXTENDED SERVICE PLANS LOCATED IN INDIANA AND LOUISVILLE, KY. The supervisor is now telling customers they do not get what they were sold...it is their "code" of conduct.

I am contacting the state attorneys general in Kentucky, Indiana, and their location is also, according to their contract, in Atlanta, Georgia. What I thought was funny was the Complaint Dept. for this Indiana branch is not in Indiana, but across the bridge in Louisville, KY. They refuse to give you a street address, but the supervisor gave me a post office box and incorrect zip code...when I questioned him on the zip code, he then gave me a correct one...I guess he was trying to pull a fast one again.

When asked for the President's name, he fumbled and gave me J. F.'s name, the President of Whirlpool...but he did not have an address or a phone number...
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User Replies:

Alain on 2010-05-14:
Whirlpool World Headquarters and North American Region, 2000 North M-63, Benton Harbor, MI 49022-2292 General ph#269-923-5000.
Slimjim on 2010-05-14:
It sounds like you should amend your complaint as perhaps the target should be this Federal Warranty Service Corp. They look to be the warranty insurers and man,they seem like real pieces of work. They give you the name of the President of Whirlpool??!? Too funny when it's their warranty and BS. One of the biggest flags that fly is when a company's service reps don't want you to know their last name. Trust me, this is not a department that sees a lot of compliments. I would go online and file complaints with both In and Kentucky's Attorney general's office. That;s two AG's that will be looking for a response on how Federal is going to solve your problem.
Druckemiller on 2014-05-05:
I for one will never spend another dime on a Whirlpool product or any other brands related to Whirlpool. Over the last 10 yrs their brand name has diminished, their product is no longer worth the cardboard box it comes in.
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Rebate Rejected - Sorry There Is Nothing We Can Do
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I submitted a $400 rebate for the Whirlpool Ice Collection. This rebate was rejected because the postmarked date was 5 days past due. The rebate was postmarked 6/4, but should have been postmarked 5/30. I explained my situation to the rebate team, but they said that no exceptions can be made. I explained that I was told by HHGregg to wait to submit my rebate until the appliances were delivered on 5/25 and they said HHGregg told you wrong and you should have submitted the rebate before you received the shipment. So this left me only 5 days to submit my rebate as well as remembering that my rebate should be sent in the next few days.

To make matters worse after I moved into my new house, my basement was flooded within a week of moving in. The rebate team did not sympathize with me and told me that no exceptions can be made. I talked with a manager and found out that the rebate team isn't even Whirlpool employees. Now things are starting to make more sense, no wonder the rebate team didn't care that I said I would take my business elsewhere in the future, because they don't even work for Whirlpool.

I asked them how I could get in touch with someone from Whirlpool because I would assume Whirlpool would want to keep a customer for the long-term. They said you can submit a fax to the Exceptions Department. Later, I found out from another manager at the rebate team that the Exceptions Department is really just a Complaint Department that doesn’t make exceptions on rejected rebates. I need to get in touch with a Whirlpool employee. I tried calling Whirlpool's Customer Service Department, but they refused to work with me because this is dealing with a rebate rejection and they said that I need to work with the Rebate Department.

So here I am posting a complaint with a sole purpose of trying to get in touch with a Whirlpool employee to get my rebate. I spent over $4,600 for my Whirlpool appliances and all I want is the promised $400 rebate. I have purchased 8 Whirlpool appliances in my life and I’m only 30 years old. Imagine how many more Whirlpool appliances I will purchase if Whirlpool keeps me happy. I’m having a very difficult time understanding why Whirlpool won’t just fork over the $400 to keep a customer. Whirlpool’s customer service department needs to think long-term not short-term.

I was curious how other appliance companies handled this situation, so I called GE’s Online Rebate Center (1-800-871-8893) and mentioned that my GE rebate was rejected because it was 5 days past the postmarked date. Mark, the GE customer service agent that I spoke with, mentioned that he would be able to make an exception for me. He specifically mentioned that he could make an exception as long as the postmarked date isn’t 20 days past the final due date. I didn’t have to ask to speak to his manager or send a fax in requesting for an exception. GE made this process simple and I think their customer service department does a good job at making their customers happy.

When Whirlpool responds to this message, I would ask that a ticket number is provided as well as a phone number. I would love to get this simple complaint resolved and continue being a happy Whirlpool customer that speaks highly about Whirlpool appliances.
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User Replies:

Old Timer on 2013-07-09:
Whirlpool will probably not see this message. You need to post to Whirlpool's web site for a reply.
Jay on 2013-07-09:
Whirlpool, nor any large corporation, no longer thinks in terms of long term customers or loyalty. Their concept of "long term" does not extend beyond the end of the next quarter. The profit shown at that point in time is the one, and only, consideration and concern.

Yes, they may lose you as a customer but they will gain another from another company that mis-treated their customer. It's a perpetual customer exchange.

Your complaint should really be against HHGreg for mis-leading you.
CU on 2013-07-09:
I don't see fault with either Whirlpool or HH Gregg. OP had five days to mail the rebate form. The appliances were delivered ten days before the postmark.
Monica Clark on 2013-07-10:
Hello Michael-

My name is Monica Clark. I work at Whirlpool and I'm sorry to hear about your experience!! Please email me at Monica_T_Clark@Whirlpool.com and I'll do my best to help!
michaelhade on 2013-07-11:
Whirlpool called me back and discussed this issue with me. We were able to come to an agreement. I will continue being a loyal Whirlpool customer.
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Whirlpool Oven did not last
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
OHIO -- I think the following chat is self explanatory:


I have 2 Whirlpool ovens model RBS276PB, set in the wall on top of each other (not a double oven but two separate units.) I purchased these units from HH Greg approximately 3 years ago.

I use the bottom oven 99% of the time for daily cooking. My wife uses both ovens when she bakes cookies. She used the top oven about a dozen times in the last three years.

Recently, I decided to clean the ovens using the self cleaning feature of the oven.

Unfortunately, when finished, the top, hardly used oven was broken. I called out a factory authorized Whirlpool repair person who informed me the computer in the oven had burned out and needed to be replaced.

I am highly upset. As I said, this unit was used only about a dozen times and broke the first time I went to clean it. While I know the oven is out of warranty, I am asking if you have had this problem in the past with these ovens, and determined that you need to stand behind your product?

Amanda L: Thank you for contacting Whirlpool! My name is Amanda L. I will be with you momentarily.
Amanda L: I am sorry to hear that you're having this trouble with your oven, Mr. Jaffe. I am a consumer myself, and certainly understand and appreciate your feelings and frustrations. When a product fails to meet a consumer’s expectations, it concerns us. We make every effort to ensure only the highest quality materials are used during manufacturing.

Based on your model and serial combination there are no ongoing recalls or service issues. Therefore, if the unit is beyond the manufacture's warranty there would be no financial assistance that Whirlpool can offer. I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

andy jaffe: Amanda, besides these 2 ovens we have a Whirlpool dishwasher, a Whirlpool refrigerator, a Whirlpool washer, and a Whirlpool dryer.

andy jaffe: If you cannot help us, please rest assured that as the units need to be replaced, it will not be with a Whirlpool product.

Amanda L: In an effort to administer our warranty fairly to all customers, Whirlpool Corporation complies with our legal, written, product warranty. Once a product warranty has expired, any costs for maintenance, service, or component replacements are then within the owner’s time frame of responsibility. Since there are no ongoing service issues with your unit the charges for the service call would be our responsibility.
Amanda L: *your

andy jaffe: Thank you for your form answers. I am sorry that I will no longer be a Whirlpool customer, and that I will be posting this chat to review web sites for other consumers to choose their manufacturers.

Amanda L: I apologize for your displeasure and regret that you are not completely satisfied with the resolution that I’m able to provide at this time. Your comments have been documented in our files and are available for review should it become necessary for you to contact Whirlpool again at a future date.

It has been a pleasure to assist you today. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Thank you for choosing Whirlpool. We appreciate your business. Have a great day!
Amanda L has disconnected.
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WP2008 on 2012-06-06:
Hello Andy. My name is Melanie and I am a representative of Whirlpool. We apologize about the frustration you have experienced with your range. If you would like us to look into this further, please provide your name, the name of the site you were contacted on (My3Cents), your user ID name (andy44333), your phone number, your address, the full model and serial number, and email the requested information to Whirlpool.Digital@whirlpool.com. We would be happy to review your concerns further. Sincerely, Melanie.
Beth Kljajic on 2014-07-01:
You're not alone! Everyone across our country and Canada has posted these same self cleaning problems. The class action law suits in several states have attempted to address the problem, too.

My new Whirlpool wall oven made it almost 36 hours in my new home. 7 weeks and counting without an oven now. Whirlpool doesn't care, manufactures a defective AND dangerous (the glass pops out of some of their ovens on self cleaning 'feature') product and they are unwilling to provide parts, assistance, compensation or care when their customers, both new and out of warranty, are left without a working appliance.

Shame and shame on IKEA for selling them. If the low end price point appliances can not support the high temperatures of self cleaning don't put that 'feature' in the ovens. If you want to pay more you get the higher level ovens that actually work.

I've only had two electric ovens previous to this experience: Wolf and Miele and I never had a problem with self cleaning on the many occasions I used it.

Whirlpool: you represent the USofA. Please allow us to hold our heads high with your competitors in Europe and Asia. That's not happening now.
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The WORST Customer/Repair Service
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I purchased a new Whirlpool Side-by-Side Refrigerator from HH Gregg in May of 2010 when we bought our new house. In January of 2011, my husband opens the freezer and notices that everything had defrosted. After further investigation, we discovered that neither the freezer or refrigerator were cooling. What a mess! I called HH Gregg and they connected me with the Whirlpool warranty repair department to schedule for a contracted repair person to come repair the problem. The earliest I was told a repair man could come was a few days out and they gave me an estimated arrival time of 1:oo-5:00 pm. In order to insure that someone would be home, I had to take a day off from work to sit at home and wait. 5:00 came and went with no sign or word from the repair company. We I called to see when they were coming, all I was told was that they needed to reschedule. This was on a Tuesday and the next earliest available day for service was going to be on Saturday! I called Whirlpool back and told them that Saturday was NOT acceptable because that would be 2 weeks without a working refrigerator. The gave me the name and number of another repair company that could process warranty repairs but the only problem with this company is that they only come to the city I live in 2 days a week! I went ahead and set up an appointment with them for Thursday (after all that is 2 days earlier than Saturday). When the reapir man came, he said that the compressor had gone out and that he would have to order the part. Great! Now the earliest we can get this fixed will be on Tuesday. Another 5 days without a refrigerator. Tuesday came and went...nothing! Thursday came and went...nothing! We are now at 3 weeks without the refigerator. I called Whirlpool back demanding that they get this problem solved. They looked into the situation and said that they product was on back order, but that they had one they could ship to the repair company. I'm not really sure how something can be on back order yet they have one they can ship, but that is what I was told. They were so polite as to offer to ship the compressor overnight to the repair company, so they would have it on Friday. That really doesn't do me any good since the company still won't come to my house until Tuesday! Whirlpool has not and will not make any extra effort to help me out. They won't give me a credit toward the appliance that isn't even paid for. They won't do anything to compensate for the food that was lost or especially the inconvenience of being without a working refrigerator for nearly a month! I have never been more surprised and disappointed in such a HUGE lack of customer service in my life. Needless to say that I will NEVER buy from Whirlpool again!
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Circuit panel replacement for double wall oven by Whirlpool
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I Cannot believe the run around we have been getting from Whirlpool regarding getting a replacement part for our double wall oven. We bought it in 2003, have already replaced the circuit control panel once before (ORIGINAL PART #83001917 IS NOW PART #10244191) and now again the top oven controls went out first then two weeks later the bottom oven has done the same thing. We had a hard time locating the part the first time, and now we can't find it anywhere in the USA. (Exact words from the Whirlpool phone Rep.) who I must say had attitude. I said I will look into having the part repaired if that was the case, he said they cannot be repaired. Told me that they have stopped using certain vendors, when I asked what country these vendors were in that they were dealing when he said he was not at liberty to tell me. I still have the original part that we replaced before, and the sticker on that one said it was manufactured in Mexico. I have been trying to locate the part since August, with the same results as one of the other people who posted a message on this website. Each time you call you are told another month out. We are now being told end of January. Which we don't believe will happen. What a sorry tale this is, I have a wonderful looking wall oven that is a piece of crap and not worth a dime. There must be something that the government consumer protection agency can do about a company as large as Whirlpool, not having the parts available to repair appliances that are less than 10 yrs old. I said this to the last girl I talked too from corporate office and she told me they are obligated to have the parts available for the term of the warranty on the appliance. I don't believe that. So after the warranty you are on your own. I am ready to call to see what can be done by the government regarding these issues. Like the others have already said, to have to go out a spend another $2000. on an appliance that is only seven yrs old is absurd. The ovens I replaced with this piece of crap were over 25 years old, working fine, and the only reason I changed them was color. Boy did I make a terrible mistake. Holidays were no fun in our house. We are a large Italian family. No cookies this year. I already sent a registered letter to corporate office regarding this issue and when I heard from them two weeks later was a call from some secretary telling me what I already knew. That the part was not available. I ashed to talk to a higher company representative and she said she was told to call me a tell me there was nothing they could do. The part was on back order. I know that already, it has been on back order for over five months. I am a real estate agent and I deal with people all the time looking to makeover their kitchens. The first thing out of my mouth is stay away from Whirlpool appliances. I told the phone representative to tell the corporate heads to go on the computer and read all the negative reviews from unhappy consumers like me. I TRULY FEEL THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.
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Venice09 on 2011-01-11:
Forget the government. Take control yourself by not buying expensive appliances in the future. Spending more money doesn't mean better quality or longevity. While it's not exactly environmentally friendly, It's a lot less painful when you have to prematurely replace an inexpensive appliance than one that broke the bank.
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Whirlpool branded hot water tank issues
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BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- In August 2008 we purchased a gas, a 40 gal. hot water heater from Lowes that was branded as "Whirpool". We have had great success with Whirlpool appliances in the past, so we though this was a no brainer.

This past week, the tank started to fail. Each morning we woke up to no hot water and found the tank not functioning. Each day we called Whirlpool and had them walk us through relighting the pilot light. The tank would heat up normally. When we got home from work, the tank would still be functioning. Then, the next morning we were back in the basement, on the phone with Whirlpool trying to get the tank relit. Why did we call Whirlpool instead of just relighting it our selves? We called and had them walk us through it so there would be a record of the problem, the frequency, etc.

Yesterday, the operator had me light the tank then shut it off and so we could pull wires and test the firing. With the phone to my ear, she had me pull the white and black wires to the thermocoupler, hold the wires together, then with the other hand expected me to push the RED button down, hold it and then concurrently click the spark switch rapidly. After a minute, the tank failed to relight relight. She then had me plug everything back together, and try the relight process again. Nothing. And again we tried, and nothing.

I just got fed up, and said to the operator on the phone - who, I have to say was super nice as are all the people at Whirlpool who we've spoken to - and said that this wasn't acceptable, and that this was apparently a larger problem than just a pilot light going out. She said that the tank was covered for parts, but not service. I said that when you buy a Whirlpool, you expect something better than that solution considering the unit was not even two years old.

The operator immediately said that Whirlpool would cover the repair - meaning parts and service costs. They gave me the name of a local heating contractor and I scheduled the relpacemet for the defective part which happened today. The repair man said that they could NOT guarantee the part, and that there were problems with the replacement parts as well.

I looked up "Whirlpool gas hot water tanks" sold through Lowe's and I discovered that not only were tanks NOT made by Whirlpool, but were "branded as Whirlpool. I also found that many, many people have ongoing issues with parts failing. Most of the complaints have stated that the parts failed shortly after installation - our failed after approximately 20 months. But in all fairness, when the unit operates properly, it performs in a flawless manner.

So we are going to watch this appliance very, very carefully. If it fails again in an unreasonable amount of time, we will replace the tank with high efficient on demand system from a reputable plumber, and we won't be quite so certain of future appliance purchases from Whirlpool.

I am really disappointed in this product. If the product is as problem riddled as I have found, and those complaints are accurate, then Whirlpool needs to make it right to everyone who bought one of these units. As I said, when you buy Whirlpool, you expect peace of mind. I'll no wonder every morning IF we have HOT water, or IF we'll have to go through this again.
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Alain on 2010-06-05:
From what I've seen, Whirlpool has become increasingly unreliable. I wouldn't have fooled with having an unknown operator (tech or not, I don't know their qualifications) walk me through pulling wires and trouble shooting the tank, either. Your solution of hiring a contractor and getting what they recommend (except Whirlpool) sounds like an excellent idea.
stude62 on 2010-06-06:
Well, I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt because she was being nice and wasn't being perfunctionary (she was following her trouble shooting guide), and I can't fault her for doing her job. In fact, I have to compliment her because she didn't give me any guff about comping the whole service call. My issue is with Whirlpool and the manufacturer of these tanks.
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Quality and Customer Service Nightmare
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In April of 2009 we purchased several Architect Series stainless steel KitchenAid appliances from a local authorized dealer including a diswasher, microwave, stove, warming drawer and a 36" cooktop and downdraft unit (~$10,000 of product). When the cooktop unit arrived it was installed by the local dealer's service technicians. During the installation we discovered that a number of pieces were missing from the cooktop including burner tops that prevented us from using the cooktop.

After 3 to 4 phone calls to Whirlpool and about 2 weeks later we finally received the parts and discovered that Whirlpool (owner of KitchenAid brand) had sent the wrong parts. After several more phone calls we were finally sent what we thought were the remaining correct parts. After the technician arrived to install them he found that we were missing more burner parts from the high capacity burner and that using the burner without these parts had scorched the cooktop slightly. At the same time we discovered that the downdraft system activation button was not working correctly and more new parts for both items were ordered by the technician. A new cooktop was ordered and then installed about 3-4 weeks later by the local dealer. After the cooktop was installed we discovered that it was scratched badly and ordered another.

About 2 weeks later the parts for the downdraft arrived and were installed by the local dealer technicians. The next day the downdraft system got stuck in the up and on position and could not be turned off. Another cooktop arrived several weeks later and was installed. I called the local dealer frustrated at having paid for a new cooktop in April and still not able to use it fully in late July and was told by the owner that we had to wait to have a Whirlpool authorized 3rd party technician come to our house to evaluate the unit before Whirlpool would do anything to replace or repair the downdraft unit. Meanwhile, after 4-5 phone calls and being transferred around in Whirlpool's "customer service" bureacracy of divisions we tried to get a replacement unit and were told by Whirlpool that they would send us one but that they were on backorder and it would be mid-August before one could be delivered to our home. We asked them if they could find one at a distributor or retailer and have that unit sent to us and were told by the "customer service" person that they don't do that. They furthermore said that we could try to do that on our own but that they would only refund exactly the discounted price that we paid from the local retailer and not what we would have to pay to get one delivered from somewhere else in the country to our home.

I run a manufacturing business that sells products in the same price range as these appliances through distribution to retail stores. We occasionally make mistakes as do all companies. When a customer has a problem, our customer service ensures that the customer is taken care of immediately either through a local retailer or directly from us. We see a problem as an opportunity to have customers rave about our service levels to other potential customers and realize that service attitude and responsiveness pays for itself several times over in the positive word of mouth versus the negative that would occur if we didn't do this. Whirlpool had a huge opportunity to have my wife and I telling a wonderful customer service story that would have positively influenced other potential customers in an affluent community where many of our friends and neighbors are upgrading kitchens. Instead I will be telling as many people as I can both verbally and online about my experience and the impact to their sales will be 10-100 times what it would have cost them to be nice to us and try to solve our problem. I hope that someone in the management of Whirlpool someday gets this message and uses it to change the company for the positive. Meanwhile, I suggest that if you can, you should avoid buying any of the brands that are made and serviced by Whirlpool.
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qualityappliance on 2009-07-23:
You deleted your earlier post after I responded, so here we go again.

After a lot of reading I came across "discounted price that we paid" and began to wonder why it was discounted. Was the unit a display model, scratch and dent, open box, etc? That would explain a lot. If it was not then it sounds like some installation problems to me. Very rarely are there parts missing out of the box but they could have been packed in bubble wrap stuck to the cardboard that only an experienced installer would know about.
qualityappliance on 2009-07-23:
You deleted your earlier post after I responded, so here we go again.

After a lot of reading I came across "discounted price that we paid" and began to wonder why it was discounted. Was the unit a display model, scratch and dent, open box, etc? That would explain a lot. If it was not then it sounds like some installation problems to me. Very rarely are there parts missing out of the box but they could have been packed in bubble wrap stuck to the cardboard that only an experienced installer would know about.
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Don't trust Whirlpool Rebates
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Rating: 1/51
Whirlpool appliances had a rebate promo going on from April 1-30, 2013 called Sleek Style, Beautiful Savings Offer #691-955 with an expiration date of May 30, 2013. You could get $400 in rebates if 4 select appliances were purchased and you followed the directions. On April 12, 2013 I purchased 4 of the eligible appliances with my credit card...all in the same transaction for a total of a little over $4,000. and sent in all required info, i.e. the rebate form, the serial numbers, and the receipt to the correct address, all within the required time. I have copies of all paperwork. This was not the first rebate promo I had participated in.

Instead of getting a rebate of $400, I got one for $250. Recently I ran across the file with the info in it and realized I had not been given the entire rebate. When I called the number of the rebate center I was told the rebate offer had expired, that it looked as though I had not paid for the microwave (this is not correct-all appliances were paid for at the same time and delivered together) and that's why I didn't get the entire rebate. There was no recourse she said, because the promo had expired.

So...even though I show a receipt from my appliance store where I paid for all 4 appliances at the same time, within the promo times, and even though I sent the information required for the rebate in well before the expiration of the rebate...I lost out on $150 of rebates I should've gotten.

Needless to say, I am extremely disappointed in Whirlpool. I own rental property and will not be buying appliances from a company that does not stand by its promises. In fact, due to this experience, I will no longer participate in future rebate programs. If you can't trust a company, don't give them your hard earned money.
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Shaun on 2014-01-30:
As a consumer I'm a big fan of mail-in rebates (MIR)s. I utilize them whenever I can. In my opinion, though, I suggest maintaining a process to stay organized. Many people mail in rebates. They may or may not keep track of what's been sent and how much is expected back, but just as important -- when the rebate is expected back. The process I use seems to work well.

First, if the rebate is advertised within the store, I snap a photo of the sign or display. If advertised in printed form, a copy of the ad does just as well. This may seem needless, but it does insure that one can show that the rebate was promoted by the merchant. In most states, this means the merchant becomes just as responsible (legally) to fulfill the rebate provided, as the consumer, you can show that all steps have been followed for rebate fulfillment.

Second, I make sure to have extra copies of the receipt made to fulfill the rebate. If the UPC barcode is required (which it is not with appliance rebates), then I keep a copy of it. Finally, a copy of the rebate form PROPERLY filled out. All of this goes into a simple rebate file.

Next, I mail the rebate at the post office and request a 'Receipt of Mailing'. This is an actual receipt stamped by the post office to show that they've received the parcel and when they did so. Did you know that it's a federal law that the U.S. Postal Service cannot make an error? It's true. Giving an item to the USPS is (legally) the same as handing it directly to the recipient. The rebate center cannot claim that they refuse to cover the rebate because it was never received.

Finally, I simply track the rebate by using either a calendar or personal day-planner system. Many new smart phones are wonderful for this. Set a reminder that the rebate (including the amount) should show up within the documented time-frame
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Unfortunately You Will Have to Wait!
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Rating: 1/51
WESLEY CHAPEL, FLORIDA -- We purchased a Whirlpool refrigerator, stove and dish washer. Even though we have never had appliance issues, we went ahead and bought the extended 5 year warranty. We purchased all 3 appliances due to a rebate Whirlpool offered. We filled out the forms mailed them in and nothing. Called Whirlpool about rebate, got run around and eventually just forgot about it only to have our 7 month 1800.00 refrigerator to stop working. Called Whirlpool and yet not to my surprise we treated extremely poorly. The woman said we had our fridge for 2 years. I replied impossible I have the receipt. Then I added we also purchased the extended coverage. She quickly let me know I would need to fax her a copy or we would have to pay out of pocket.

Livid with that response I then phoned Famous Tate where I actually made my purchase. Jeff the manager was extremely concerned and made every effort to get a repair tech out that same day. Diagnosis unrepairable. Again I called Famous Tate he said he is waiting to hear from Whirlpool. He said he would replace our fridge but sometimes Whirlpool does it directly.

I then called Whirlpool and I was told someone would call me in 24-72 hours and they are closed on weekends. Sooooo that means my family of 5 is without a fridge for several days. I felt that was unacceptable! I was passed through many Whirlpool associates voicing my thoughts on their policy of thinking it was OK to dismiss our family needs of a refrigerator. Who can possible be without a fridge for that many days. The most upsetting part is they actually believed it was good customer service. The final representative Kathy said "unfortunately you will have to wait" Threw out this entire process Jeff with Famous Tate did everything he could to stand behind the product he sold only to have Whirlpool not carry their responsibility for the product they made. Would never purchase another Whirlpool product or recommend them.
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FoDaddy19 on 2014-01-06:
Waiting 24-72 hours for a response from a large company is pretty much par for the course these days. I'm not saying it's right, but it is what it is.

"Who can possible be without a fridge for that many days. "

A couple years back when a hurricane came through I was without power and hence without a fridge for nine days during the summer. It's inconvenient, but surmountable.
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