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Extended Warranty Is Worthless
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Rating: 2/51

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchased the extended warranty on a Whirlpool refrigerator. After 2 years of trouble-free service, I now have a small problem. I have called the phone # listed 9 times and have been on hold for a total of 4 hours... and have yet to speak to a human. This phone # is the ONLY way to contact them and they refuse to answer! A product is only as good as their service and Whirlpool's service is non-existent...

Terrible, Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

The worst customer service ever! We purchased a set of wall ovens in October 2014 for our new home. Went to do a self clean cycle for the first time on January 14, 2016 (I keep my ovens very clean, so it wasn't needed until this time). When the self clean cycle was finished the power went dead on the oven unit and the oven door remained locked.

Of course, the breakers were checked, they were not tripped. I call Whirlpool and was told even though they were just 12 weeks out of warranty there was nothing they could do for us. They were able to offer us an extended service warranty for $298! This would extend the warranty for 1 more year and cover repair costs. We purchased this and they scheduled a repairman to come out on Monday, January 18th between 8-12. Waited all morning for him to come, never came.

At 5:30 that afternoon he called and told me he would be there in 1 hour. At 6:30 he shows up, looks at the ovens, says they need a new fuse and he would order the next day. He said it would be a week or so before they would come in. During this week I tried to call him several times to see if the fuse was in but no answer and did not return my calls. Called Whirlpool the following Monday to see what was going on.

They tell me that the guy who they sent to my house does not repair wall ovens and he closed the ticket out. So to Whirlpool that meant the repair was completed. Of course they apologized and scheduled another repair company to come out that Wednesday between 8-12. I wait at home again, all morning. 12:00 comes and goes and no repairman. I called his company and the answering machine stated office was closed. Call Whirlpool, they tell me "oh we are sorry, that company declined the work ticket on Monday and no one called you". WHAT!!! Are you kidding me.

OK now I'm 2 weeks without ovens and I paid $300 to Whirlpool for extended service... what a joke!!! Wednesday afternoon January 27th, they tell me they are contacting dispatch to find another repair company. I call on Thursday to find out what the status is now. They tell me they are working on it and a company will call me within 1 business day to set up an appointment. So by Thursday night I call again for an update and they give me the number of the service company.

I call them Friday morning to set up an appointment. Earliest they can get to me will be Tuesday Feb. 2. So if this appointment goes through, it will be a minimum of 3 weeks without ovens that are only 15 months old. Pitiful, just pitiful. We could not be more disappointed with Whirlpool! Please do yourself a favor and never purchase a Whirlpool product.

Brand New Gas Oven Lights Inconsistently Despite Three (3) Service Calls
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Rating: 3/51

OHIO -- We moved in to our new home June 20, 2014. In November the gas oven on our brand new Whirlpool range (WFG510S0AS2) began to turn off in the middle of cooking ribs - twice. Then it would spark repeatedly but only turn on intermittently. In December when I tried to light it to do my Christmas baking, it refused to ignite. We tried the remedies suggested in the owner's manual but were unsuccessful in getting the oven to start. I contacted Whirlpool Service and they set up an appointment for four days later, on or about December 11. The serviceman replaced the igniter after telling us this was a very rare occurrence in a new stove.

In February 2015, the oven began to repeat the pattern - sparking a number of times, lighting or refusing to light. I contacted service again February 16 and they sent a repairman on the 19th. He adjusted the gas tube in case it was too far from the igniter. He left. The oven continued to balk at lighting. I sent an email to the repair company and they returned February 26, cleaned and readjusted all the parts. Repairman checked it right before leaving and it didn't start! So he worked on it again, then declared that he had done all he could.

My husband then sent an email to Whirlpool explaining the difficulties we are experiencing. Whirlpool's response: "Unfortunately we do not know what is causing that issue. You may want to check the power hookup... we can only recommend a follow-up service call." This stove is eight months old. We cook and bake at home. Having a reliable, working oven is important to us. Is it possible we simply have a lemon? Shouldn't the company do more than suggest we check our power hookup? The service people on the phone and in person have been exceptionally nice, but we still have a stove that may or may not light when we need it.

Terrible Customer Service and Very Poor Quality Products
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON -- If I could give Whirlpool products and their customer service zero stars, I would! We built our beautiful home that was complete in June 2015. Our builder was installing Whirlpool products in the homes he was building at the time so we decided to accept the microwave, dishwasher and drop-in gas range that he offered. We had never had Whirlpool kitchen appliances and no reason to respectfully decline the brand. We bought a french door Whirlpool refrigerator as well so the handles would match our open concept kitchen.

In addition to the poor quality overall, the microwave makes a terrible buzzing noise that has been "fixed" two times thus far. The refrigerator is so loud at times that it's difficult to hear the television when sitting in the living room. The dishwasher does not dry the dishes on any setting to include "heat dry" hours and hours after the cycle is complete. This forces us to hand dry our dishes prior to putting them in the cupboard. The cast-iron grates on the drop-in range already look terrible because the enamel is coming off after only four months of use. I clean all the appliances as recommended by Whirlpool and like to keep our home beautiful as it is our place of solace and comfort.

As stated prior, our kitchen and living room are open concept so I now have to contend with an eyesore in the middle of our home's hub because Whirlpool considers this manufacturing flaw as "cosmetic" and won't cover it under warranty. To add insult to injury, these poor quality products are the higher end available from Whirlpool. We plan to wait for the year end warranty to expire and replace the four appliances with a brand that has always offered excellent customer service and has been very reliable and trustworthy for us. As a consumer, I will never purchase another Whirlpool appliance again!

Extended Service Plan Ripoff and the Big Fat Liars Who Work For Them
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- At 1:30, March 11, 2010, I was told by ** (who conveniently no longer works for Federal Warranty Service Corporation, according to his supervisor, "**-I-cannot-reveal-my-last-name-for-security-purposes" when asked for his last name..."**" is probably made up, also) that the KitchenAid Extended Service I was purchasing on my 3rd KitchenAid in the last 5 years was for 10 years if I purchased that day. I was to receive an email verifying the length of time within 24 hours. "**" even put me on hold to verify it with his supervisor... came back on and said, "yes" it would be for 10 years, expiring 12/08/2020.

March 15, 10:30 A.M. spoke to "**", CSR, looks on computer and says, "Yes, it is for 10 years"... puts me back over to Sales to see why my confirmation has not been emailed. "**" in Sales @ 10:32 A.M. tells me that as of March 15, I have a 10 year extended total replacement plan. Still nothing received by 11:40 on 3/16/10 and "**" reconfirms in the CSR Dept. that the computer shows that a contract for 10 years was sent to me.

"**" on 3/26/10 @ 10:00 A.M. said the actual contract was sent to the "wrong place" by the CSR Department and that a new contract would be sent and take 7 to 10 days... and yes, confirms again my contract expires in 2020. "**", on March 29, 2010, is from the same town where I live (40 + miles from the Indiana office on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River) and works in CSR office, I believe. He also confirms that the computer screen shows that my contract is for the 10 years.

I know his family, so he will tell me the truth... he went to the same school as my children and we know the same people... he will not tell me something that was a lie. He told me that I should get a cover letter for the contract that states that my Total Replacement Plan is for 10 years.

May 14, 2010, receive another contract with a THREE YEAR TOTAL REPLACEMENT PLAN... NOT THE 10 YEAR I WAS SOLD!!! Call @ 11:45 A.M. and speak with "**" who says it is for 10 years and puts me in touch with the Sales Dept. and tells "**" the situation and she says that it shows that it is for 3 years and cannot be changed, but she will ask her supervisor,"**", and explain the situation. "**" tells me it is for 3 years and it cannot be changed. I ask to speak to the supervisor's supervisor (this is now going on for 45 minutes).

NOW, get this...I have had 7 (seven) plus the original approval from a supervisor who say my contract is for TEN (10) years...the "I-cannot-give-you-my-last-name" supervisor today tells me that the company NEVER had a ten year contract...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...WOULD SOMEONE TELL ME HOW I KNEW ABOUT THE 10 YEAR CONTRACT AND 7 PEOPLE EMPLOYED AT THIS OFFICE SAID I HAD IT...BUT TODAY, I AM TOLD THERE WAS NO SUCH THING??? When pushed, the latest "final" supervisor told me they had had a 10 year contract in January, but I could not get that one...

Now, get this... when I told him the number and names of the employees who had verified that I had a 10 year contract with them, he told me they were all lying to me... why would 7 different people lie to the same caller on different days, months, etc.? He told me he was going to go back to all of them and tell them they should not lie to me.

I was not born yesterday, but this little weasel said he would not change it even though that is what I was sold... he then tried to explain that verbal agreements were not contracts... I asked if he happened to have a law degree, as he was making incorrect law determinations... the monies were sent from Kentucky and sold over the state line as a 10 year contract from Indiana... they have not only broken a moral code (this young generation generally has no idea what that is) BUT they lied and cheated a customer to get my funds.

I am going to Shout the following: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH WHIRLPOOL, FEDERAL WARRANTY SERVICE CORPORATION, KITCHENAID EXTENDED SERVICE PLANS LOCATED IN INDIANA AND LOUISVILLE, KY. The supervisor is now telling customers they do not get what they were sold... it is their "code" of conduct.

I am contacting the state attorneys general in Kentucky, Indiana, and their location is also, according to their contract, in Atlanta, Georgia. What I thought was funny was the Complaint Dept. for this Indiana branch is not in Indiana, but across the bridge in Louisville, KY. They refuse to give you a street address, but the supervisor gave me a post office box and incorrect zip code... when I questioned him on the zip code, he then gave me a correct one... I guess he was trying to pull a fast one again. When asked for the President's name, he fumbled and gave me J. F.'s name, the President of Whirlpool... but he did not have an address or a phone number...

Noisy ovens
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Rating: 1/51

ANYWHERE, FLORIDA -- Whirlpool makes Maytag, KitchenAid and many other named appliances. My Maytag NEW oven whistles when operating and for 30-45 minutes after turned off. I object to the whistle as it is very annoying. I don't mind if the cooling fan make air noise, like a normal fan, but the whistle drives us nut.

3 service appointments, including a new fan did NOTHING to fix the whistle. The "Factory Certified Repairmen", all 4 of them, said the whistle is NORMAL for my oven and is due to the manufacturer, (Whirlpool) putting in a 2 strong fans to fix the design problem of overheating the electronics! Whirlpool/Maytag effectively says "tough luck" if I do not like the noise. They refuse to eliminate it or to refund my purchase, as they say the oven is working as it should!!! BUYER BEWARE, WHIRLPOOL/MAYTAG AND ALL THE OTHERS THEY MAKE, care not at all about customer satisfaction!!!

Whirlpool HE low water washer smell bad and destroy clothes after washing.
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Rating: 1/51

I bought Whirlpool Cabrio washer two months ago. (Model number: WTW7300DW0) They indicate washer use less water and clean better, but that is not true. Some clothes on top of the load were not even getting wet and clothes smell bad after washing. Even worse is that clothes got holes in many places and some clothes were totally destroyed after washing. In just two months, I have to throw away many of my towels and clothes.

I don't believe this kind of washer should be sold again. This should be a recall to give us a replacement ASAP and remove any products still in the market. There are many complaints online. I hope someone will stop this and do the right thing.

Defective and Poorly Built Washers and Dryers
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Rating: 1/51

Whirlpool Oasis HE top loaders model 110.28062800. If you have this model they have many issues. Do not pay to have fix put towards a better machine (not Whirlpool). Bought 5 years ago, now both are scrap. On washer tub replaced only 2 yrs. later. Now electrical control panel gone, dryer drive is gone too and noisy as hell. No kids living here just me and my wife. Yes as described by service techs on the show market place Whirlpool holds the monopoly on appliances and they are built to fail.

We can blame Sears all we want but Whirlpool is the culprit. That's my 3rd Whirlpool in 9 years. I have very good luck with (Bosch) my dishwasher 13 years old and running strong. PS. My Whirlpool high end fridge is only 4 yrs. old and is the age for that for crapping out too.

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Rating: 1/51

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- My trash compactor, which is less than 1 year old, stopped working. I thought no problem, still under warranty. So I called Whirlpool. They have now sent out a technician to my house on 4 separate occasions. So I have to take a half day off work 4 times. The technician was here today for 2 hours and it has gone from bad to worse. Nothing works. He is ordering more parts (I've heard that before) and looks like I am headed for another half day off work.

The customer service department is terrible. You call, get put on hold, transferred to someone else, sometime disconnected, and then get to repeat your story all over again. It has been a very poor effort by Whirlpool. I would not recommend them to anyone. Problem still not fixed and no one seems to care on their end.

Oven Door Glass Shattered. KitchenAid "Approved" Vendor Cannot Find a Non-Defective Replacement
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- My KitchenAid oven door glass shattered. I called and got the name of their local "approved" vendor. I paid for the replacement part but when the technician tried to install it he found that it was defective! The glass was not centered in the stainless panel and there was a 1/8" gap on one side and the glass overlapped on the other so that the part was too thick for the attachment screws to hold the door together. They had the same defect on several other replacement parts and were going to call Whirlpool for help.

That was over six weeks ago. STILL NO PROPERLY MANUFACTURED PART IN SIGHT! Whirlpool obviously negotiated the lowest cost vendor -- probably in China -- and KitchenAid owners have to suffer as a result! KitchenAid was a good brand when Hobart owned it. Whirlpool is trying to milk the reputation but is unable to support their products. They certainly are no longer worth the premium price. CAVEAT EMPTOR (let the buyer beware), select another brand and make sure that Whirlpool does not own that brand too.

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