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Whrilpool Electric Water Heater Does Not Work Well
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Rating: 1/51

After flooding in 2016, I purchased a Whrilpool 38 gallon electric water heater to replace the unit that flooded. I wanted a Rheem, but this was the only low boy unit I could find in my area. I've only had this unit installed a year and a half and it was problematic from the beginning. There are only 2 of us in the house and if both of us took a shower at the same time, the water would go lukewarm or we'd run out of water altogether. Our previous unit was a 40 gallon Rheem and didn't have this problem.

I called the phone number on the unit and after talking to the support representative, he thought I might have a bad lower element. It was still under warranty for parts, so I decided to replace it myself. He sent me an email and told me to go to any Lowe's (where I bought it from) store and show them the email and they would give me a new element for free under the warranty.

When I went to Lowe's, I showed them the email and they put something into their computer and found no record of it and had to get a manager to help me. He said he couldn't give to me under warranty because it wasn't in their system, but he would do so anyway and just mark it in the book that they used it on a display item and since it was only a $7 part, it shouldn't be a problem. He also told me they don't even sell the Whirlpool water heaters anymore, they now sell A.O. Smith, which he suspected were probably the Whirlpool units with a different name on them.

I replaced the element and found the lower element was corroded, which didn't make sense on a unit that had only been in operation a little over a year. This didn't help with the problem much, but we still ended up with lukewarm water halfway through our showers. A plumber suggested it could be bad elements or thermostats, so I bought a "tune up kit" at Home Depot and replaced the top element and both thermostats, but the problem persisted. Even setting a higher temperature didn't help.

After a year and a half, we had enough and ordered a Rheem unit from Home Depot, had a plumber install it, and put the Whirlpool out on the curb. After our experience, we don't recommend a Whirlpool water heater and after having to jump through hoops for a $7 part, I wouldn't recommend buying a water heater from Lowe's either.

Gas Water Heater
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Rating: 1/51

I bought a Whirlpool Water Heater dated November 2004. Of course it is out of warranty, but I need to share my horrible experience and tell why I will never again purchase a Whirlpool product. The thermocouple on my Flame Guard Water Heater (WH), needed to be replaced. This t-couple made by Whirlpool is LEFT hand threaded. I guess I should have known that, and after trying to remove it for a long time I then noticed that that there was a very small tag on the thermocouple (T-couple),that says that it is.

Ok, my bad. So I go to Lowe's where I bought it for a replacement. The guy at Lowes says that I can only get that t-couple from Whirlpool. He said that since Lowes had so many problems with Whirlpool WH's that they stocked conversion kits themselves. He would need a special number from Whirlpool. Mind you, Lowes was willing to GIVE me the conversion kit for FREE!

So I go back home and call Whirlpool. Tech support said they no longer make the t-couple and that I would need a conversion kit. I told him that I needed a number for the kit for my guy at Lowes. Tech guy at Whirlpool didn't know what I was talking about, but he gave me the part # for the conversion kit. - Q: Why would Whirlpool make a 'back threaded' that was available only from them, and then stop making it long before any of the WH's would become outdated?

So I go back to Lowes and the guy said that was not the number he needed. So he calls Whirlpool himself and gets the number. This conversion kit was the only one that the guy at Lowes did not have in stock. So I go back home can call Lowes again. The conversion kit costed my about $44 including shipping. (Over night would have been about $80). And of course this would be on a Friday so I had to wait over the weekend during the coldest days of the winter.

When the kit arrived it was only then that I found out that while I was tightening the old t-couple trying to remove it, I STRIPPED THE VALVE on the WH. This means that now the entire valve had to be changed. That part costs $190 alone! So to make a long story short, a job that what should have cost me about $8 for a t-couple ended up costing me $230 in parts, and more in labor.

In case you are wondering why I did it, this was still cheaper than the cost of a 50 gallon tank and installation by a plumber. Whirlpool just lost a customer because the bean counters don't care about people. The conversion kit should have been made available for free to any one who owns the tank warranty or not because Whirlpool knows they screwed up. NEVER AGAIN Whirlpool!

Company Response 12/05/2017:

Whirlpool water heaters are manufactured through a licensing agreement with American Water Heater Corporation. Per their legally binding agreement, they have requested that all customer concerns be directed to them. You can use this link, or you can call (877) 817-6750 for further assistance.

Whirlpool Hot Water Heater... Lousy E-Smart II system... Nothing Smart About It, or Their RUDE Customer Service!!
By -

Purchased on 09-19-2011, had it installed 09-23-11, woke up next morning 09-24-11. Had no hot water, check heater had a code of E02, read manual, followed directions. Everything was working till next morning 09-25-11, yep... you got it "no hot water". Checked hot water heater, same code. Called Whirlpool Customer Service... TO SAY I RECEIVED HORRIBLE SERVICE IT PUTTING IT LIGHTLY!!!

They had my husband take the unit apart, go get a volt meter and test the elements and plugs... Might I add this is a BRAND NEW HEATER, he checked what the c/s advised, then he was asked if he had a thermostat tester. OK at this point he said, "NO, you need to send a technician out here or give me an RA# to return it." Keep this in mind LOWES will not take it back without an RA# from Whirlpool. So we are stuck!! Waiting on Technician to come out some time next week, to work on our brand new E-Smart Hot Water Heater purchased from Lowes. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM WHIRLPOOL BRAND!!!

UPDATE: 09/25/11 contacted Whirlpool c/s, was given an authorization # to provide to their recommended repair Tech., set-up an appointment for him to come out between 8am-noon today 09/26/11. My husband took a half a day off work to get this resolved. Tech called around 11:30 stating he is stuck on a job and will be there around 1pm, he also stated he has not worked on this model. It is now 1:24 and he is not here. Also, I posted the exact post from here on Lowe's website. Got an e-mail stating they - Lowe's rejected my post. So I gather negative reviews are not allowed to be posted on their site. I guess that is why Lowe's has great reviews on their product.

Hot Water Tank Pilot Goes Out
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Rating: 1/51

JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE -- I am a small apt building owner. In as such, I upgrade and take care of each unit. New appliances as well as the structure upgrades. One tenant brought forward that the hot water does not seem to last very long. I also have an energy efficient washer that uses the same hot water. (I pay the hot water-gas service and water folks) And since the tank was going on 8-9 years old, I decided to replace with a larger unit. I purchased the item from Lowes, but it took me about 2 months to install due to time factors.

After installing within the first month the pilot light went out about once a week. Could not figure it out. Called my plumber and he did some adjustments and worked OK. This last week Friday evening at 9 pm, a call from the tenant, the hot water is out. Since installing, I've moved from the area and now live 2 hours away. Saturday morning off to the building. Hot water tank lights but yellow flame. Out with the install guide, viewing various trouble shooting. Yellow flame, seems like not enough air or otherwise. Call to the plumber. Team tag to read online reviews. Call to Whirlpool 800 number and this is where I've now made the decision to NEVER purchase another Whirlpool product.

The representative was so demeaning, unhelpful, and just a big bully. Treated me as an idiot. She called the installation and guide instructions as the "manual". I tried multiple times to ensure that what I was looking at was her version of "manual". I am very detailed oriented and wanted assistance with step by step, and I wanted help not attitude. I asked her at least 5 times to slow down so that I could view what she was saying. Absolute futile conversation if you could call it that. The kicker was that she told me that the unit needs servicing every 3 months to operate correctly.

Now, with 4 other water tanks in line and in service for over 8 years without one issue.... do you think I want this kind of hot water tank that needs servicing every 3 months? After the horrid customer non service, I spoke with the plumber and the unit is being replaced today with a Bradford White. The Whirlpool model is less than one year old. So beware of Whirlpool, the way to teach a company like this is to STOP buying their appliances. As a consumer, is it too much to ask for a bit of empathy and respect on the phone? Be forewarned.

Water Heater...2 in 2 years
By -

I purchased a water heater in late December 2008 (day after Christmas), from Lowe's. Being winter and cold in NE OH, needed replaced as soon as possible. Well, purchased the water heater, paid Lowe's $250 installation charges. Now, I find water all around heater.

According to Whirpool, sounds like liner may have developed a hole (after two years?). OK, so now what. The kind gentlemen I spoke with said he would give me a Return Authorization code which he did. All I have to do is disconnect it, drain it, get it back to Lowe's and they would replace. That's all well and good, but I'm a 5" tall, single, 50 year old female. How do you expect me to do that? OK, will figure it out, but that is not the issue.

The issue is that I now must spend ANOTHER $250 to have the new one installed! Are you serious? They do not reimburse installation even if it's under warranty or... or any reason. Let's see, Dec 2008 installed properly by plumber, product failure in 3/2011 (9 year warranty), will send new one, but you have to have it installed, pick it up at store, take aback old, pay, pay, pay... Whirpool should cover all costs.

More cost efficient would be to work in tandem with Lowe's give them Return Authorization Code, have them (installation team) deliver it to the house, remove the old, replace the new. Whirpool picking up all charges. Instead, I have to have tank removed, drive it to Lowe's, show them authorization code, get replacement, have it driven back to house so it can be installed. UGH!!! Don't feel I should have to pay the installation charge. The installation was done proper in the first place. Just want my installation charges reimbursed also. That would make it all right.

Anode Rod/Sulfur Odor
By -

On 9-5-2010, my old hot water tank started to leak. My husband sent me to purchase a new one. Thought I was getting the best 12 yr warranty, 50 gal electric tank model # EE3J50RD045V Serial # 1033T428288. My husband and I got it installed. He read about the anode rod after it was installed. By Nov, the water was starting to smell, we also have a water softener on our well. By the middle of Dec, it was really smelling of sulfur. Called Lowes' and they told me that I would have to get a special rod for country water. Ordered the part from the Whirlpool Co. That was another 68 dollars.

After New Year's we installed the new rod. The instructions said to drain out 5 gal water, after shutting off the elec. and taking the other rod out what a job it was covered by 2 in of foam and under the metal covering, which my husband had to cut it back to get to it. Then everything was crooked and we had to drain all the water out and disconnect the plumbing and electric. Then had to tip it sideways to get a breaker bar on it to get it broke loose. This rod was about 4 ft long and we only had about 2 ft of overhead space. Got it all back together, by the end of Jan. the water started to smell.

Boy what a joke! Can't afford to replace this every 2 months when its supposed to last for 2-3 yrs, now we have filters added for odor removal. Boy I wish someone had posted a complaint before I bought this brand. The only complaint I found was about the gas hot water heaters. I hope this helps somebody, none of the labor or the rod was under warranty.

Costly Repairs after 1.9 years of service
By -

Dear Sir or Madam: On June 15th, 2002, I purchased your Whirlpool Gas Water Heater with Flame Lock Safety System (model number FG1H4040T, product number 0730138, serial number 0215119499) at Lowe's. The exact store location is 5125 West Main Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 49002. Their phone number is (269)345-2110. Cost of the unit was $268.00, and there was a rebate at that time, although I do not recall the exact amount of the rebate. I installed the water heater per instruction and it has worked perfectly until last Thursday, March 4th, 2003.

My wife noticed during that day that the hot water coming out of the faucets was luke warm. I checked the water heater and found that the pilot light was out and the burner was not operating. I attempted to reset the pilot and restart the water heater. I followed the instruction per the operation manual for re-lighting the water heater. I held the reset button down and depressed the igniter button until the pilot relit. After holding the reset button down for 1 minute, I released the button, which caused the pilot to go out. I attempted this several times.

After several unsuccessful attempts to restart the water heater, I contacted the gas company to check the lines. They did, and everything was in working order. I then called a local heating and cooling company to come out and service the unit. The company was not an authorized Whirlpool repair facility, but because they were local and might be able to locate the problem easily in addition to not knowing it needed parts for the repair, we requested that they take a look. After they inspected the gas lines and found one small leak in a shutoff valve (Which they replaced), they were also unsuccessful in being able to relight the water heater.

They believed that the Flame lock Thermocouple was bad and suggested that it be replaced. Since Whirlpool uses reversed thread thermocouples, they did not have a suitable replacement part. My wife contacted your customer service department and they provided her with an authorization number ** for a replacement thermocouple at no charge to us. I was able to pick one up at Lowe's. The thermocouple was replaced, but the pilot light would continue to go out when the reset button was released after being relit. This repair occurred Friday evening.

On Saturday, March 6th, we made several calls to Lowe's and your customer service department in an attempt to locate a Whirlpool authorized service provider. Because of the weekend, it was difficult to find a service company open; however we were able to locate Northside Heating and Cooling in Muskegon, Michigan. They were an hour and a half away. Knowing that the service call would be more expensive for that reason, as well as being a weekend, we still were happy to have them come repair the unit. ** from Northside came out to repair the water heater.

Per his description of the work, the water heater was not sensing flame. He replaced the gas valve and installed a second thermocouple. He checked the gas lines, draft, plus the unit and found them to be good working order. He was able to restart the water heater. Although the parts were covered under warranty, labor for the repair was $393.75. I find that amount outrageous and far more than what I paid for the water heater itself. To add insult to injury, 30 minutes after he left, the unit failed again, and I could not get it relit. With the same symptoms as before, I contacted ** again, and was told that he did everything he could do to repair the unit.

He suggested I contact Whirlpool. I did, and I spoke to a customer service rep that stated to me that he obviously did not fix the unit and to have him come back and do so. When I mentioned that this unit had a 9 year warranty, I was told that the warranty covered the tank only. Obviously, the tank is not the issue. I contacted ** again, and after some trepidation on his part, he agreed to come back Monday to look at the unit again.

This means that either my wife or I will miss a second day of work waiting to have the water heater repaired... hopefully repaired. We also contacted the Lowe's store where we purchased the water heater to inquire what recourse we have with this faulty unit. They took our information, and were going to inquire to Whirlpool for resolution.

So here's where I'm at. I will wait until Monday and see if Northside can get the water heater functioning again. If they can not, then I am forced to replace this unit. After 4 days of cold water, and a water heater that is only 1.9 years old, I am extremely displeased with the level of reliability and service I have received from Whirlpool. I appreciate not having to pay for parts, but the lack of assistance and outright poor attitude from Whirlpool has given me a bad taste. If I have to replace the water heater, I promise you it won't be a Whirlpool.

The name Whirlpool will never again grace this household. In addition, I will find every internet based consumer advocacy group I can find and post this letter. I would not wish this level of frustration upon my worst enemy. I hope no one has to go through such a finger pointing exercise. I do not expect much of a response from Whirlpool, if their customer service is a reflection of the company's attitude. But I'm writing this letter in as much for the therapeutic effect as for any kind of resolution it might bring.

Three Weeks With No Hot Water
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- We replaced our gas water heater with a Whirlpool brand less than a year ago. Three weeks ago we woke up to no hot water. My husband saw the pilot was out and tried to relight it. It would not light. We called a local plumber. He said he does not work on Whirlpool appliances and now we know why.

We found a Whirlpool approved repairman. He came out, stated it was the flame guard, and had us order one from Whirlpool. They said the part was free, but charged us 60.00 for shipping. The repairman charged us 50.00 to come out. One week later, not the three days promised, the part arrives. The repairman can't come out because he is swamped. We call another Whirlpool repairman. He comes out, replaces the part, but the water heater still does not work. He informs us that it is the wrong part, and it is Whirlpool's fault since their diagnostic procedure is wrong. We order another part. This time Whirlpool says they will pay, but we still have to give 180.00 to repairman.

The new part was supposed to be delivered yesterday. It wasn't. I just called Whirlpool. They did not ship the part because they want to talk to the repairman first. They haven't bothered to call him. They didn't inform us until we called to tell us the part wasn't shipped. We have been without hot water for three weeks and we are out 290.00. I am very unimpressed with their level of customer service and will never buy another Whirlpool product.

Whirlpool Gas Water Heater With Flame Lock Safety System
By -

We purchased a Whirlpool gas water heater with flame lock safety system from Lowes. It was installed 9-1-09. Model No. BFGIF4040S3NOV. The pilot light won't stay lit. Our first call to Whirlpool was April 13, 2010. Whirlpool sent someone out to check the water heater. The gas valve needed replaced. Since then I have called Whirlpool MANY times. Some of the representatives were nice, but now when I call they are NOT so nice. They are tired of hearing my complaints.

Last call I made I talked to a very nice and concerned representative. She felt it is the manifold door. She sent the part out to us. We are still having problems with the hot water heater not keeping the hot water hot and the pilot light won't stay lit. I feel these hot water tanks are a piece of junk. There are so many complaints about these hot water heaters.

I feel Whirlpool should reimburse every consumer who bought one. These hot water heaters are faulty as seen in THE MANY complaints. Whirlpool has told me so many different things could be wrong with it. From not being installed properly to being to close to the furnace to dust making the pilot light go out. All I know is we are Very Dissatisfied and Very unhappy with this hot water heater.

Poor Customer Service
By -

MACON, ILLINOIS -- I purchased a flame lock water heater on March 13, 2004 from Lowes in Forsyth, IL. We installed the water heater Nov. 19, 2004. On Dec.31, 2004 the thermocouple burnt out. I called my son-in-law, as luck would have it, he was at Lowes and stated he knew what the problem was and he would pick up a thermocouple and he installed it for us. The reason he knew what was wrong, he owns the same water heater and has now replaced 4 thermocouples in less than 7 months. The last one lasted 10 days. I went to Lowes a few days later to speak with the manager about the problem with the water heaters, and was told he was in a meeting.

I talked with a zone manager and preceded to tell him about the defective water heater, and asked for Lowes help to resolve my issue. I explained I was told by Lowe employees that this is an ongoing issue and they have passed out hundreds of cases of thermocouples. I also advised him that I did not want to have to drive 40 miles round trip to replace the thermocouple every 6 weeks. He was quite nice and took my name and number and stated he would call Whirlpool and let me know what they said. I told him I was calling Whirlpool also. He refunded the money I paid for the thermocouple, and gave me a spare, and apologized for the inconvenience.

I sent Whirlpool an e-mail because they were closed for the Holiday. I did receive a call from American Water Heater Co. which I found out makes Whirlpool water heaters. He asked me a series of questions to determine why the thermocouple burned out. He had me to do a draft test to determine if there was enough air flow. He stated the flame should be going directly into the vent. Since I only had a lighter and not a match to test, it was difficult to determine because I had to turn the lighter sideways, and the flame only wanted to go straight up.

He determined that it was an installation problem. I explained to him about all the thermocouples they were replacing at Lowes and there was no way, that all of these water heaters were improperly installed. I stated to him I believe it is a design defect or a manufacturing defect. He stated that was my opinion and we hung up. I contacted Whirlpool customer service again by phone and was transferred to Am. Wtr. Htr Co. again. The CSR told me the same thing. It is an installation problem, advised me to send copies of the water heater, the area it was in, my furnace and the vents.

I sent these over 3 weeks ago, and still have not heard from anyone. Eight days ago I contacted Whirlpool again by e-mail and have not heard from anyone. This is the poorest customer service I have ever encountered. I am going to return the water heater back to Lowes and get my money back. I would not recommend Whirlpool products to anyone, and I will never buy another one of there products.

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