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Broken Lock on Duet Whirlpool Dryer
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- My dryer is about a bit over a year old. I am out of my house for 6 to 7 months out of the year. My shirts are send to the cleaner. I am single. All that means that I don't use the dryer that often. The lock is broken, a small piece of the drops into the door. I had it fixed once to the tune of $99.00 on 4/20/2016. It happened two more times since. I fixed it twice and it happened again.

Whirlpool doesn't care one iota about its customers. Talking to customers service is like talking to a wall. It reverberate what you are saying without any results. They know it is a defect but they will not take care of it. I talk through my seminars to thousands of architects and interior designers every year. Plus I give 20 or lectures to the public at large on different subjects.

I now never start on those talks without mentioning the repulsive, disgusting, deplorable attitude of Whirlpool toward its customers. At the end it will cost them a lot more than just fixing those doors. I know that I am not the only one with the problem. We should all get together and get after Whirlpool.

Save Your Clothes, Don't Buy Whirlpool: Clothing Fatality 63+ Whirlpool Doesn't Stand Behind Product Quality
By -

~UPDATE: Finally received a reply from Whirlpool, in short (the way I understood it) they said that no, they will not stand behind their product and that I should be happy with the warranty covering the repairs. Never mind this washer will be useless within months of the warranty being up (just like it's useless now as we wait for them to replace 'all the guts' of it). And never mind we paid several hundred dollars in good faith of receiving a machine that would work for more than mere months and would not destroy thousands of dollars in clothing.

~UPDATE: because of what a serious problem this washer is (and I'm sure will continue to be) I contacted the Whirlpool representative that contacted us through here and asked if there was any way we can return and be refunded for the washer as its an obviously defective model and replacing the parts is only going to last a few months before we start this whole process over again destroying more clothing and shortly having to also pay out of pocket for the repairs. I will update with what we are told.~

Bought May 9th from Menards, a few months after purchase noticed clothing coming from wash holes & started keeping a tally- count is 63 articles (not including from before tally began). Breakdown by family member- Mom: red shirt, pink sweater, green hoodie, blue robe, green tshirt, mama pad x2, tshirt, underwear, sleep shirt, pink shirt, undershirt x2, jeans, black shirt (new never worn). Dad: black shorts, sock, boxers x2, sleep pants, black tshirt x2, gray tshirt, striped sweater, undershirt x2.

Amanda: white tshirt x2, black dress, black pants x2, shirt w/ design x2. Tristian: red turtleneck (new never worn), overalls, black pants, cat shirt, train shirt, Old Navy shirt, blue striped shirt, circo shirt, potato head shirt. Trace: blue shirt, blue pants, babylegs x3, sports romper, onsies x4, sweatshirt, boppy slipcover, goodmama fitted x3, sos fitted & insert, bumgenius insert x2, bummis cover, nubunz pocket x2.

Searching the web I found this is a common revolving problem. UPDATES (click next page to read all): 12/16/10: My Husband got the receipt printed off from Menards & called Whirlpool, they are sending someone out tomorrow; also, discovered standing water under washer & hamper from leaking.

12/17/10: Gentleman came out, washer had balled up a onsie & sock in the metal ring & the items were where water comes in & caused leak; also, ordered part- back ordered til 1/3/11. Said we can use washer while waiting, put small pieces in mesh bag to wash. When I did a load the washer started beeping mid wash cycle & stalled.

12/18/10: Husband called, they said just don't use it til they came out with the part on 1/3/11. My husband said that is more than 2 weeks of not being able to use our 7 month old washer & he didn't think the part was going to fix this issue as it doesn't sound like what the first guy talked about. Whirlpool is sending someone out Monday.

12/20/10: Came out, seems the whole inside needs to be replaced. Said he was basically ordering in the guts to the whole washer and that on Monday 2 guys would be out to replace everything because it was a 2 person job. This is a 7 month old washer!!! The only explanation is just amazingly horrible quality.

12/27/10: Parts haven't come in yet and the washer will not go at all now. Got a phone call saying the parts are back ordered until 1/10/11. 1/4/11: Parts came in (some very large boxes in our house right now taking up room) someone was supposed to come out today but they called because they hadn't scheduled enough people to do the job. Coming out Thursday (1/6/11) instead.

This washer has cost us so much in the way of replacing clothing- plus then time, money & hassle washing when it's not working. The closest laundry mat is 6 miles away- plus having little ones to deal with at the same time instead of just being home doing it. When it's working the choice is between losing lots more money from it destroying clothes but getting to keep our routine or losing less money after paying for gas to get tho a mat (plus the added hassle taking little ones) and paying for the washing but getting to keep our clothes- even though we have a supposedly top of the line 7 month old washer at home.

Finally received an email from Whirlpool 8 days later saying they would not give a refund, see update at top for more info. "It's frustrating to buy something because a company is supposed to have quality products, just to find out that what you bought is not good quality and have it cost you so much more time and money in just months. And to find this is not a new problem, but one that's been occurring with these machines for a while- then again to find the company does not stand behind the quality of their products.

I'm sorry to hear this and am afraid we will not be customers of Whirlpool or any of your related brands for life- as I can no longer trust that what we buy won't cost us hundreds of more dollars, stress and time from inferior quality. So we will never again be buying one of your products. You would have earned us as customers for life had the company stood behind its products and dealt with an obvious quality problem by reimbursing the money we paid in good faith for a machine that would not destroy our clothing or cost us in stress and time just months after being bought. "

In case anyone wants to know, some other Whirlpool owned brands (to my knowledge): Amana, Estate, Gladiator, Insperience, Jenn-air, KitchenAid, Magic Chef, Maytag, Roper, Admiral, Econowash, Menu Master, Glenwood, Danby, Caloric, Imperial, Litton, Modern Maid, Speed Queen, Sunray, Viking... feel free to share more you know.

Whirlpool and A&E Factory Service
By -

Have happily used GE products in my house since 1988. A consumer magazine reported that Whirlpool washer had a great repair record so I went with Whirlpool. Soon after warranty was up, washer stopped in middle of wash and gave a code of F71. Called Whirlpool number supplied with product info. They referred me to A&E Factory Service. Appointment made for 9/2/2010. Charge would be $129.00 plus parts; labor charge supposedly would cover a 90 day period in case related visits were necessary.

Tech came and diagnosed problem ("Part Failure: Needs Interface") and gave me an estimated bill for $129 (Labor performed - Control motor) and $304 (for "Parts Required-1 Sub Kit."). If I agreed to pay this amount, the tech would have ordered the part(s) and installed it at the next appointment with no new labor charge. The decision not to resulted in a number of events none of which has resulted in anything being done to repair my broken washer.

First, I called Whirlpool and they kindly agreed to authorize payment for the part but not the labor I'd already paid. That was the only good news as of this date, 9/13/2010. Next I called A&E to give them the authorization code but they told me the tech had not filed his report and allow 24 hours. Later that week I tried unsuccessfully to call Whirlpool to have them connect me to A&E. I kept getting tied up with their computer answering/questioning device. On 9/7, I finally made contact with A&E and again tried to give them the authorization number and arrange for a follow-up service visit.

The A&E person said that was out of the norm as Whirlpool has to enter the authorization code from their end into A&E's computer system and A&E wouldn't take the word of a customer on the authorization. I asked her for the part number I needed to give to Whirlpool and she couldn't find anything listed for me. I told her I had a 9/2 receipt that listed a part but no number and then she was able to locate the part number (W10300044).

I called Whirlpool on 9/7 and they told me I had the wrong part number; they figured it out and said I had one too many zeros (when the second tech came on 9/13 he showed me his computer and the number had three zeros as A&E had told me earlier. So who is right and are customers getting the correct parts???). They told me the part purchase was now authorized in the system and to call A&E back for an appointment. I told them I didn't have great confidence in the person at A&E as they couldn't find me in their system at first. She volunteered to make the appointment.

She came back online and told me the part was being delivered directly to my house and the appointment for service was being scheduled for one week from now to allow the part to arrive. She twice instructed me that if the part arrived sooner, I should call and ask A&E to come sooner. This Whirlpool young lady actually wanted to do something to help move the situation along. This was the last Whirlpool person to actually try to do anything to help the customer. After one week and no part arriving at my house, it was time for the A&E tech to arrive.

I called Whirlpool to get a tracking number on the part and to see if we should reschedule and this is when the real fun began. First the customer service representative called A&E and told me the part was never ordered and A&E was going to charge me for a second labor visit to diagnose the problem all over again. Then they'll decide whether or not to order the part!!! I asked to speak to the Whirlpool supervisor and she put me on the phone with A&E and we had a three way. A&E claimed that my only communication with them was on 9/2 and I declined the part estimate so no part was ever ordered.

When I said that was old news and there were communications with A&E recently on 9/7 they claimed there were none. The Whirlpool supervisor then began to close ranks with the A&E person and told me I was probably mistaken about the whole matter; Whirlpool never orders or arranges for parts to be ordered (the second tech told me he thought they did), there were no 9/7 communications, etc. When I asked the A&E person how the 9/13 appointment got set up she said it was from the first visit. I reminded her that her own tech's receipts show I declined further work at that time.

I then asked the Whirlpool supervisor if they were recording this call for training purposes as it was beginning to get interesting. I asked A&E if they thought God had set up the 9/13 return visit on my behalf in their system. After repeating this absurd possibility twice A&E acquiesced and admitted there were communications on 9/7. They could now name the Whirlpool person, the date, etc. They still claimed the part wasn't ordered in spite of what Whirlpool had told me back then. A&E also reiterated that the tech visiting today was still supposed to charge me for a visit and start the whole diagnostic procedure all over again.

It would be at a reduced rate and the tech could decide not to charge (he thankfully did not charge). The tech came and said he also expected to find the part and install it. Now that the part wasn't there and A&E was starting the process all over again, he read the codes buried in the washers memory and found F71 (3-4 times) and a new one for me, F61. He told me he now needed to see for himself the washer not working.

I told him it was incapacitated (we couldn't clear the F71 code from the interface) since my call to Whirlpool on 9/7 but last night we turned the circuit breaker of and then on in the basement and the Washer codes cleared and we were able to do a wash. He tried twice to get the code to appear in the middle of a cycle and it didn't so he called the Whirlpool tech service and they and his office (A&E) refused to give him permission to order the part (they also dispute the part ordered by the first tech and wold start with a more expensive part first).

So to sum it up, I have computer diagnostic codes (F61 and F71), an A&E diagnosis paid by me from 9/2 that is being ignored (part failure; needs interface), I have a part number recommended at that time (based on A&E's interpretation of the tech's report) which Whirlpool has graciously given me permission to buy at their cost.

The part number is different at Whirlpool and A&E, a second tech recommends a totally different part, and the second tech would change the Control motor first but can't order it as he couldn't duplicate the problem which incapacitated my washer three - four times recently and for more than one whole week from 9/6-9/12. Now we are back to square one and will have to wait until the problems occurs for the fifth time and ask for a third visit by A&E and hope that when they get here and see F71 that will be good enough.

Whirlpool Duet Front Load Washer Woes
By -

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- We bought a Whirlpool duet washer and dryer set in April, 2006. It was replacing our 20 year Kenmore working washer and dryer set. I wanted to be more "green" and use less energy and water. Big mistake at this point. Within the first year the turn knob broke to the washer. I said to my husband, don't worry we can find a replacement knob, they probably sale them at Lowe's. No they didn't carry one and by the time we contacted Whirlpool, of course the manufacturing warranty was no longer available. Next the clean cycle (July - 2008) went out. We tried fixing the problem using the book suggestions and a phone call service with Whirlpool.

It never worked, next the dryer turn knob also broke, and the tumbler spin cycle would only work on certain cycles. After finding a repairman, in our area to come and look at the washer, who was recommended by Whirlpool. He charger $65 for the first visit. The second visit cost us a washer pressure switch and hose, plus labor another $100.00. The replacement knobs cost $60.00 plus shipping and tax. Guess what? The washer still doesn't work. Now, he says it is the mother board user and sensors. He is estimating another $250 - $300 for the part plus labor.

At this point I think the washer is really a lemon and would like to purchase another washer having no confidence in this particular washer at this part. We paid $792 (sales tax no included) for the washer less than 4 years ago. In the last three years we have paid $130 for repair washer estimate visits, $120 for parts and $45 for labor. The next repair if it works will cost between $300-$400. I contacted Whirlpool in hopes they would cover 50% of the repair or offer more for a new washer. They only offer 15% for a new washer and only 50% on the mother board part. It is a shame that a company like Whirlpool can not stand behind their products more.

I can't believe the problems we had the washer after year one. We followed the operating tips like using the HE detergent, letting the door to the front loader and detergent area remain open when not in use, using the clean cycle as recommended as well as taking the detergent door out and cleaning the mold. The rubber band around the front loader is covered with black mold and even with bleach cleaning I couldn't get it clean. Our story is no product or repair satisfaction, no customer service satisfaction.

Buyer beware, and these days I recommend buying the extended warranty because the parts or the installation are probably not made in the U.S. and although technology has advanced, pride and reliability in Craftsman and manufacturing has not with Whirlpool. n It is now 1-2010 and we have been without a working washer for over 8 weeks, and before that only had 2 cycles working. We will not buy Whirlpool again nor will we put any more money into this 4 year old model, which started failing after the first year.

Whirlpool Duet Front Load Washer Rips Clothes
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased this washer in the summer of 2011. By winter 2012, I noticed holes, tears, fabric indents and huge rips at times on clothes, blankets etc. I thought I was possibly overloading but no matter how few items I washed it was Russian roulette not knowing what would get ruined. Looked up model on line to find out hundreds of other consumers have same exact problem.

Called Whirlpool customer service who informed me since it was past the 1 year manufacturers' warranty, it was at my expense to have one of their technicians come do a diagnosis for $300 and then parts and labor to fix. I asked if there was any recall or product defect reported since so many others have had the same problem. Customer service informed me there was not and nothing further they could do.

What a disgrace that a washer slightly over a year old that should last for years has a defect like this! All consumers who were duped into purchasing this defective product need to get a class action lawsuit against Whirlpool. This huge corporation has decided to look the other way while consumers pay the price for not only the cost of a new washer but all the clothes it has ruined and stress it has caused me and my family.

I was forced to eat the expense and purchased a new Samsung washer I am very happy with. Made sure to do my homework on this one instead of trusting what I thought was a well known brand name like Whirlpool. NEVER BUY WHIRLPOOL/MAYTAG APPLIANCES! They have lost me as a customer and have been spreading the word to anyone who will listen to avoid having consumers support a company that thinks so little of them! Thank you for taking the time to read this :)

Never Again on Whirlpool
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a lemon washer from Whirlpool (WFW9600AT01)! Instead of the F35 error, I received an F70/71 error code. The machine is less than 5 years old. I bought Whirlpool as I thought it was a solid name. I paid $1600 for it. We are a 2 person adult household... no major usage. Usually, 3-4 loads a week. I never expected the issues I am having.

The first time I called in was Dec 2012 and I was told to push some configurations of buttons and use a different cycle to wash. That worked for a few more weeks. Then, I had to call for service again. The guy came out in January and said we need to order a part that would run me around $500 parts & labor and that it might not fix the issue. If that part did not work, then I would have to order another one around the same price quote. I got a second opinion.

I called another repair man who was a referral from a friend. The guy came out and said he could have it repaired within a couple of weeks and we would only have to replace one part... just under $500 and it would be working. I thought OK, I can do that. I understand that parts break. We replaced the part and guess what, the first repairman was correct! Now we needed to order another part which had an original estimate for delivery in Feb, then March 25th, then June 22nd.

Today, when I called Whirlpool for assistance, I was told the date has moved to July 19th and there is no guarantee. Now, we are renting a washer to do laundry until said part arrives. I complained and was basically told, it has been documented but we are sorry there is nothing we can do because of the age of the appliance. I will be posting everywhere I can to let all know - Do Not Buy Whirlpool! Customer service was not helpful and as a consumer being without a washer for more than 6 months and told that I should have ordered extended warranty is basically a slap in the face. So much for the reputation I thought Whirlpool had.

Service Getting Worse
By -

In 2007 we purchased a new HD duet washer for about $800. Within 2 years the rear tub, bearings and gaskets had to be replaced - essentially the main guts of the machine! After many hours talking to several service reps we found a sympathetic supervisor that agreed this should not happen on a HD washer in 2 years and gave an authorization # to have it fixed at no cost.

The parts alone to fix the problem were over what we paid for the new machine - we questioned if it would be cheaper to switch the machines. It has been only a little over a year since the parts have been replaced and we are now having the same problem - the main tub and bearings are all shot - it sounds as if the machine is a jet taking off! We have called Whirlpool - 1 hour on wait to talk to a warm body - and will not acknowledge the fact that even though the machine is several years old the new "guts" of the machine are only a year old. This should not happen to any washer - especially a machine touted as a HD machine.

The main components replaced twice in 4 years. I told the supervisor this is not what we expected out of a Whirlpool product and they seemed to care less. They are only offering to pay a small percentage of the new parts cost - probably over $900, when I asked the supervisor if she would spend $500 -700 on a machine that has failed twice before she had no answer. Why is this so difficult for Whirlpool to understand that we expect their products to last more than 3-4 years.

And if they don't to please pay for the parts to fix them. People would flock to a manufacturer that lived by these standards, I guess it does not matter to them anymore as is evident by the numerous posts. I have always recommended Whirlpool ( we own several other of their appliances) to people but now I doubt that I will.

Death, Taxes and the F-01 Error Code
By -

In March of 2010, I decided to surprise my hardworking wife with a new washer and drier. The snazzy yet costly features of the Whirlpool Duet series washer seemed justified, as the washer and drier combo promised to save her considerable time doing laundry. Turns out, the pricey pair have proven to be the most dreadful purchase I have ever made (really). The washer has failed 4 times in 10 months, with each failure resulting in considerable downtime (more than a month total), painful exchanges with customer service, and time out of our busy schedules waiting for service teams to “fix” our unit. Needless to say, the only thing actually cleaned by my Whirlpool washer has been me.

What is most frustrating is that with each failure, Whirlpool has been content to simply replace the failed part with an identical, soon-to-fail part. As if the 3rd cpu will suddenly work where the previous two have failed. I get the distinct feeling Whirlpool is simply hoping to push me beyond the 12 month warranty period so they can begin charging me for their bait-and-switch part exchange program. Right now, I am being told to wait a week as an engineer reviews my problem. I don't need an engineer and a week to diagnose the issue and offer a solution; the washer represents a full-failure of modern technology and I deserve a new model.

I have three wardrobe-busting kids, one with honest-to-God, medically-treated sensitive skin. We are supposed to wash his clothes and bedding frequently to avoid rashes. Unfortunately, the flashing “F-01” error on my washer makes that difficult. While the problem is not funny, I jokingly call any rash popping up on my son during washer-less periods “Whirlpool Rash.” I may start forwarding his dermatology bills to Whirlpool. What's worse, another of my children is currently battling pink eye. The doc told us to wash everything he contacts to avoid spreading the misery. Ha. Not sure he meant hand 5 in the retention pond across the street.

Anyway, to anyone considering a Whirlpool washing machine, I urge you to run like the wind. I know my wife wishes I had in March 2010. Honestly, I long for the errorless el-cheapo's we had prior to this God-forsaken Whirlpool. The only thing I appreciate about the growing pile of clothes in my laundry room is that it eventually blocks the flashing F-01 error code that haunts my dreams at night. I know I am not alone. That is why I have purchased and am planning to launch to serve as a forum for people suffering from their own “Whirlpool rashes.” Should I find not satisfactory resolution to my problem (new washer), I'll launch the site lickedy-split.

Whirlpool Is Not What It Used To Be
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Rating: 2/51

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- 4/2013: Contacted Corporate office AFTER 1.5 year old Duet washer needed new control panel at the cost of $940. When using the washer, there is and always has been a severe vibration and the machine walks out of place. Repair person # 1 came just after washer install and told me nothing wrong. N/C. Repair person # 2 several months later, the repairman told me the same thing, but advised me to put a commercial grade non slip rubber mat under the machine, which I did, at the cost of $80 + $99 service chg.

4/2013: Told that I need to have $940 work & advised me to take the unit OFF the pedestal to reduce the excessive vibration in the machine. It was this vibration that caused the need to replace the control panel. The repair man told me that this is a common problem with these machines and not an isolated incident. Cost of pedestal: $263.67.

After speaking with your customer relations people in the executive office, ** gave authorization to pay for the panel replacement but not the removal of the machine from the pedestal. If Whirlpool had placed the correct panel in the correct box, I would have had only one service call to repair this on 12 April. However, I had to stay home this afternoon to wait for the repair man to come again to bring the correct replacement part. Not only have I spent money for the repairs, I have lost money by having to take off the time working to wait for the repairman and I am losing precious storage space.

One would think that a washing machine of this quality would not be problematic in the first 2 years. Would you recommend a Whirlpool after having this experience? I believe that Whirlpool should take responsibility for these problems and compensate me not only for the repairs but also lost hours at work.

The people selling this merchandise need to be aware of the conditions where these machines are going to be used and advise customers accordingly. I would have NOT bought the pedestal had I know I was going to have vibration problems and soon need the replacement of the control panel. The washer itself does an excellent job of getting the clothes cleaned, better than any machine I have used previously. I am sorry to have experienced these problems.

Warning: Do Not Buy A Whirlpool Product
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON CHARTER TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN -- I purchased a Whirlpool Duet Front loading washing machine on November 21, 2011 for around $1200.00. By April, (5 months later) it stopped working. I called Whirlpool since it was under warranty and I was told they were contacting an independent repair company that they have a contract within my area to schedule a service call. I was told the next available appointment was a week later. When the repairman showed up, he said the motor went and it would take another week to get the part. He would be back on the following Friday.

After waiting home all day and taking off a day of work, I was shocked to see a package from a local Sears show up and no repair man. When I called Whirlpool to ask what it was, I was told it was the new motor for my washing machine and now they can schedule a repairman to come to my home. Why did I have to wait one week to receive a part from a store that was 10 minutes from my home? Five days later, (that was the first appointment they would give me and they guaranteed the first appointment of the day), a different repairman shows up at 2:00 in the afternoon and spends 2 hours trying to fix the washing machine.

He seems as though he has NO CLUE as to what he is doing and concludes that it's not the motor (which he just replaced), but the mother board in the machine, "he thinks". He will order the part and when it gets delivered to my home, I should call Whirlpool to schedule a service call. I now have 2 MISSED DAYS OF WORK, will be out of a machine for at least 4 WEEKS if they can figure out how to fix it when they come back, and Whirlpool couldn't care less.

I spent $1200 on a piece of junk that the service company WHIRLPOOL contracted with can't repair. I have no other options. I am at WHIRLPOOL's mercy because the product is under warranty and I am forced to use the company that they contracted with. Can someone please help me? What can I do? STAY AWAY FROM WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTS!!!!!

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